Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 7, Episode 8 - Episode #7.8 - full transcript

The previous night's Tribal Council plays on the minds of quite a few castaways. In true Tribe Swap fashion, not everything is rosy, as strong personalities struggle to navigate a new environment.

on Australian Survivor...

..tribe swap saw some of the biggest
players in the game

reunited with their loved ones.

Is Mama Bear
going to cramp your style?

Kind of have a feeling she might.

But when Mark
had the choice to play with Sam...

I feel like there's going to be
some blood in the water today,

and I think
I'm going to join the Bloods.

..he left her high and dry.

At camp, despite still being
on the same tribe as sister KJ,

Sophie found herself
surrounded by some old enemies.

SOPHIE: Sam was an integral player

in orchestrating a blindside
against me.

It's not looking too good.

At the immunity challenge...

..mother and daughter
struggled to work together.

Jordan, pull a little more up.
No, no, no, no.

They're going the wrong way, baby.

But the Blue tribe
put their differences aside

to take out the win.


At camp...

You know today is day 16.

I know. I know.

..Mel was the weakest link.

We can't even walk certain places
without Mel tripping.

Hopefully we can go in that
direction and avoid me and my mom.

But when Nina's alliance wanted
to blindside the queen...

Do you reckon they'll tell her?
Don't say anything.
No. had to be
a top-secret mission.

If you strike at royalty,
you better knock them down.

At tribal council...

It's day 16 and I'm still here.

I wouldn't be surprised
if I got a couple of votes my way.

..Nina faced an impossible decision.

Nina, how about you and Sandra?

Mmm. I don't know.

Let me look into her eyes.
Don't look at me. Look at him.

Sandra, what's the vibe
you're getting now?

That I'm in trouble.

But to prove her loyalty,
she made the ultimate sacrifice...

Sandra. That's six votes. the day 16 curse
came true yet again...

No, don't worry about it.

..bringing the queen's reign
to an end.

The tribe has spoken.
I know.

Play to win.

And if it doesn't benefit you,
don't go along with just any plan.

18 are left.
Who will be going home tonight?


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NINA: I can't believe
that I wrote my mom's name down.

My mother, Sandra the Queen,
went home.

Was I surprised it was my mom? No.

Do I wish it was somebody else?
Of course.

Oh, man, that was crazy.

We sent Sandra home.

There's a bit of apologising
to be done.

This morning I remembered the beans
were soaking, so I put them on

and, yeah,
just playing around with fire.

It's so, like, calm, though.

It is very different. Quiet.

Where's Nina?
She's been gone for ages.

It's definitely tough. It's tough.

Coming into Blood versus Water,

I knew I had to put my emotions
to the side.

Last night, I had to make the choice,

do I play with my emotions
or strategically?

And I chose strategically

only because I can deal with
my emotions on my own.

I was stuck between a rock
and a hard place.

Up until the last second
of walking up to write her name down,

I was really debating
on "What do I do?"

And I was like, "You know what?

"We said we'd go to therapy
if we needed it."

But I thought to myself, screw it,
I'm going to write her name down.

Writing my mom's name down,

I definitely think
I could add to my resume,

just showing everybody I mean what
I say when I say, "I'm with you."


Good one.
Well done, babe.

Great catch.


Last night,
by not upsetting the applecart,

Nina really proved her loyalty.

Really good one.

Look at you. Survivor gold.
I know. I'm so happy.

I was the mastermind
in Sandra going home.

Oh, man, I can't believe this.
This is the best day ever.

For me,
Sandra was a scalp that I wanted.

That's huge for my game.
She's, like, the queen of Survivor.

Oh, what a day.

I don't ever want to compete again.

I just want to stay here
and fish.

Sandra going home last night,

it's my plan in action.

What is it?
Go, go, go!



You beauty.
Oh! That's a good one!

I'm hoping, on a surface level,

people see me as fun
and easy to get along with.

That is a good-size fish.
Look at that.

(LAUGHS) That's sick.

But hopefully they don't realise

that I can manipulate people
if I want to.

Are you gonna kiss him?
Uh... Mm...

Come on. Just a little kiss.

Oh! Jordie!


You're not supposed
to make out with it.

I meant just give it a... (LAUGHS)
You weren't supposed to shove it.

Try and bring him back to life.



I'm the joker.

Oh, m... Oh, mate.

"Why so serious?"


So far, I've managed
to, you know, work hard

on building strong relationships.

My allegiance lies with you guys.

JORDAN: Where do you see
Mel fitting for you?

We'll put her at the top
of the list, then.

If you want to.

She's smart.
Let's do it.


When you're laughing, no-one thinks
you're talking about strategy.



Three, two, one.

Let's turn on Channel 10.

KHANH: Hi, guys.
Welcome back to Survivor Kitchen.

My name is Khanh Ong

and I will be showing you how to cook
one of my favourite dishes today -

barramundi caught fresh
in the banks of the Australian bush.

I have a special guest here.
Sam, come on in.

Yeah, welcome.

Sam! Welcome to Survivor Kitchen.


It's cooked to perfection.
To perfection.

Things feel pretty good here.

But there's this
ever-present kind of unease

with Sophie being around.

We can't let a player like Sophie
gain momentum in this game.

She's volatile, unpredictable,

and we voted her out last time
with an epic blindside.

Now she is out for revenge.

I'm like, I've got this
(BLEEP) burning inside me.

This is the first time
I've really felt worried.

KHANH: Sophie does lie a lot.

I've never actually met someone
who's lied so much.

She's a wildcard, so...


Imagine that you evicted someone
out of a house...

..because they've been squatting
in your living room...

..and somehow, they found
their way back in.

Even though I've intruded
into Sophie's place...

..she's the intruder in this game.

I'm really happy
my sister's on the other side.


KJ: My sister, Sophie, and I
are playing very different games.

Mine is purely based on
building relationships

and having a core network.

And it's quite understated.

I think Soph's is more out there.

Oh... I just said I loved you, and
you didn't say "I love you" back.

Oh, sorry. Love you too.

Like, "It's fun."

How you feeling, Kayjie?

I'm good.

How you going, Soph?

How you going?

Yeah, good. Good.

What's your premonition
on who went last night?


Would you just want me gone, Sophie?

To be honest, it depends.

If you were gonna be after me,
of course I'd be after you...

..because that would
just make sense.

There's a lot of people
that expect us to do that.

So there is an opportunity
to play very smart there, too.

Well, that's the question.

I'm saying to play
a Mat Rogers and a David.

I feel like the chicken
in a sandwich right now.


Yeah, no, I know. I've just gotta
take things, like, hour by hour.

She stood there going, "Oh, no,
no-one would try and get Jordan out
'cause Josh is there."

and I'm like, "Sam, but
you're trying to get me out."

Everyone thinks you're
just gonna be a pushover.


This is where you've now gotta
start thinking of threats.

Yeah, I know what I have to do.

I just haven't started doing it yet

'cause I've been focusing
on just getting to know the people

that are surrounding me first.

At this stage, I don't even know
if my own sister is in my corner

because she doesn't want
to jeopardise her own game.

My sister, KJ,
is sleeping with the enemy.

And it hurts.

Come on in!

Blue, get your first look
at the new Red tribe.

Sandra voted out
at the last tribal council.


You relieved?
It's good for us, yeah.

I mean, that works for all of us,

considering it's none
of our loved ones.

Chrissy, how would you feel
about your tribe taking out Croc?

Not very happy.


So, Nina, how are you feeling
about that last tribal?

Yeah, so, it wasn't easy.

She kind of went out with a bang,
to be honest. (LAUGHS)

But no, I don't feel that bad.

And when I say I'm here to play
my own game, I actually mean it.

So her being gone doesn't affect
my plan and my tribe, so...


You ready to get to
today's immunity challenge?


Here you go, mate.

I'll need to take that back.
Take him back.

Thank you.

Once again,
immunity is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge,

you're going to stand
side by side in a human chain,

holding up a disc
between each of you.

As time goes on, your arms will tire,

you'll drop your disc,
and break the chain.

Last tribe standing,
holding up at least one disc...

..wins immunity - safe from the vote.

Losers - tribal council,
where somebody is going to become

the seventh person
voted out of this game.

I'll give everyone
a minute to strategise,

and we're gonna get it on.

So, I've played this one.

The trick to try to win it is
move your arm.

Just keep your arm moving -

it'll go numb
in the first five minutes.

Just keep it moving,
keep the blood going through it,

high and low,
just talk to your partner.

Alright, everyone,
go ahead, pick up your disc.

Ready? Three, two...

Ooh, this is gonna suck.

Alright, everyone's in position.

For immunity,
this challenge is now on.

All you gotta do is keep both feet
in your perch, both hands on a disc.


You must keep those discs
at shoulder height or above.

You cannot put your fingers
on the edge of the disc - arms only.

Pretty simple challenge,

but you know how this goes
in Survivor -

the simple ones often turn out
to be the most painful.


we're only seconds into the challenge

and you already look
like you're in pain.


Chrissy not happy.


Not much comfortable
about this position.

Your back and your shoulders
are screaming at you.

Really gonna have to dig
to push through.

Where you placed your tribemates
in the chain

could make all the difference
in this challenge.

Slightly different strategies
between the two tribes -

Red have stacked all their men
in the middle, women on the ends.

Blue have mixed it all up.

We'll see which strategy pays off.

Push a bit harder, brother?

Yeah, there we go.

Keep talking - if you need to move,
make sure you tell someone.

Up, up, up, up.

Oh, my God.


Oh, my God!

Just like that,
Red drops two, out of nowhere.

Amy's out. Mel is out.

Not even a minute in,
and Red is already in trouble.

Croc, Croc, Croc, Croc, Croc!
That's not good.

Push, push, push, push.

And just as I say that,
Blue drops one.

Push. This way, Sophie.

Push this way.
Push this way, Sophie.

Croc drops!


Did not expect this.

Michelle, pressure!

No, too much! Too much!

And Blue drops another one -
they're down to five discs now.


Everyone's struggling
early in this challenge.

That speaks to how 18 days out here
can take its toll.

Now we're even again - five each.

Red have dropped another one.

Red are down to four now.

Keep going, mate. Keep going.

You're good. You're holding.

And Blue drop another one.
Blue down to four.

Sam and Khanh struggling
down the end there.

Ben in the middle
with Jesse and Sophie.


Jesse is in a lot of trouble.

He's out.

Blue's down to three now.

Oh, (BLEEP).

No. It's alright. OK.

Red are down to two!


Dropping like flies!

Mark and Jordan looking strong.

Chrissy and KJ still in it for Blue.

Fingertips. Fingertips. Not palm.

Sorry, guys.
Khanh and Sam drop out.

Now we're down to two each.

Push. Yep.

Ben and Sophie working well together.

Can't be horizontal.
Push your fingertips up.

Nice communication
between Chrissy and KJ.

Mark and Jordan looking strong.

David and Jordie still struggling,
but still digging.

No, no. Up. up, up.

But just tilt it towards me.
Tilt it towards me.

Up, up, up! Up! Up! Up! Up. Up. Up.

I need to redo my hand.
Sophie struggling now.

Panicking a little bit.

Trying to get it back into position.

Really wants to prove her worth
to her new tribe.

Ben and Sophie struggling
to keep control of that disc.

They are all over the map.

Oh, I can't!
Up, up, up, up. Yes, you can, mate.


Yes, you can.

They lose it.

Blue are down to their last disc.

Kate, this is it. It's alright.

It's all come down
to Chrissy and KJ for Blue.

The fate of their tribe
literally on their shoulders.

Can you give me a little bit
of fingertip?


OK. We're gonna do a cycle into me.

And you push me.

Mark and Jordan looking solid.

Winners. Winners.

Don't even look at them.

We could be here for another hour.

Mark looking pretty casual.

Last time we did this challenge
was Season 2.

Mark, do you remember who won it?
I do.

Who was it?

It may have been me and Henry.

Dropping. Dropping.
Lean in.

Jordie and Dave
looking wobbly out there,

but they pull it together.

You guys got this. You guys
readjust. Y'all look beautiful.

Nice save.

Let's go another push towards you.

Push me.

Push to me.
Yep. All the way in?

It's a wobble from Chrissy and KJ.
Can they get it back?

(BLEEP). Kayj...

Communication needs to be precise.

One wrong move and you'll lose it.

You gotta push into me, bud.

Nice, aunty!

And they get it back.

Chrissy breathing a sigh of relief.

Good girls.

Imagine Nick, Billy boy, Scoutie
and Bronts watching this.

And all the way up.

Red desperate not to go back
to tribal council.


Can you stay there?

OK, listen, listen, my fingertips
are too high.

Oh, no! I twisted the wrong way.

Oh, a twist from Chrissy.

Has that put her
in a compromising position?

They're all over the place.
Can they save it?


And Red wins immunity,
sending Blue to tribal council!

You did so good. So good.

No, don't be sorry. That was epic.

So good.

Well done! You guys were so good.

Smashed it. Smashed it.

That was your moment.
You were the last ones.

You smashed it, honey.

You smashed it.

Hey, babe.

That was a pretty solid effort.

Reds, congratulations.

Immunity is yours.

Alright. You are safe,
nobody going home.

Grab your gear, head on out.

Enjoy your evening off.

Good job, guys.
Good job, guys.

Good luck.
Love you.

Alright, Blue,
tribal council tonight,

where one of you will become

the seventh person
voted out of Blood versus Water.

Head on out. I'll see you tonight.

I hate losing.

But maybe it's not the worst thing
in the world

that we have to go
to tribal council tonight.

Getting Sophie out
is the number one target tonight.

Sophie seems to have luck
on her side in this game.

This time it's up to me

to make sure that Sophie's torch
is actually snuffed.

The question is,
what's KJ going to do?

Bad luck, everyone.

I think it's fair to say definitely
everyone gave it their best effort.

I agree.
Yeah. KJ, you did so well.

SAM: The vote tonight,
it's about getting a player

who has the potential to create havoc
with my game...

..and that is Sophie.

Life would just be easier
if, like, she wasn't here.

Yeah, because it's not, like,
Sam against Sophie -

it's the majority against Sophie.


It's clear we all want
to vote her out.

So we vote her out, but don't cause
a shitstorm in your wake.

That's what I want to see.

So the thing is,
she might have an idol.

Or she might get one.

I need to talk to Croc, Chrissy,
Khanh, Ben and Michelle

so I can put into action
a plan to get Sophie out.

The thing is we need to get clear
on who's writing what name.


There's nine people in this tribe,

so it looks like we have the majority
numbers right now.

We want to put most of the votes
on Sophie

and then there'll be a split on KJ.

She could be collateral damage
for Sophie's chaos.

Do you wanna come for a walk with me?

Are you going to swim?

I'll swim later.


But that's just because...
not that I don't trust him,

I just don't know him.

He's got a big target on his back.

Look at him. Look at that sexy show!

Yeah, Khanh, baby!

SOPHIE: While Sam is the obvious vote
for tonight,

I would never have the numbers
to vote her out.

So tonight KJ and I
are gunning for Khanh.

How I plan to flush Khanh's idol is
to get my very expensive magic wand

and I'm going to wave it
in Croc and Sam's face,

and I'm going to actually hypnotise
them so they fall under my spell

and believe me that it should be
a marvellous idea.

Yeah, good.

Yeah. If it means getting
the right people out.

I'm happy for you to play
the "Soph's checked out. She's done",

like it's an obvious choice.

Especially because of the stuff
between us.

I feel like if your language
was smack bang on to him...


SAM: Meaning...?
Your..."I can't stand her."

"We're all voting her out."


I've got the numbers
to make this plan happen.


So the tribe would like to
vote out Khanh,

and they'd also like
to flush his idol.

If we're going to pull this move off,
there needs to be a split vote.

And I know that's going to be me,
so play the sacrificial lamb,

hoping that if we do pull this off,

Khanh doesn't play that idol
and he does get sent home.

We're going to get Khanh to trust us
enough to not play his idol.

You good with that?
Yeah, yeah.

Well...yeah, I guess.


So at the moment, I am doing
a sneaky little bit

of smoke and mirrors.

Taking out Khanh is very smart
and very reasonable.


..we just want to make sure
that we finish the job

and Sophie goes home.

BEN: Done.

OK. Yep, yep, yep.


So the plan to flush Khanh's idol
is a great decoy,

and that's the story
we need to run with Sophie

to make sure that she's not aware
that we're going to vote her out.

So to me, tonight's vote is simple.

However, I just hope that fake plan
to take out Khanh

hasn't been confused for anyone,

because if we don't get it right
then we could be in trouble.

It's the first plan.


Unless I'm in the wrong game.

But what...what happened to Khanh?

So it's majority on S...?

What happened in that?

To me, it makes sense
to get rid of an idol.

Yeah. I think that makes more sense.


That means Sophie stays.

OK, so the plans are...

..load up on Soph -
she hasn't got an idol.

Split a couple with KJ just in case,

because, God love her, she's her
sister, she's the next best thing.

But now they're saying don't even
tell Khanh he in the mix of it

and smash him for the votes

and give Sophie a couple
of little funny ones.

So who are you writing?


It's a hot mess,
and I bet you - you watch -

I'll stuff it up.

I'll stuff it up. (CHUCKLES)

Shit. We're unclear, guys.


So who are you writing?


Shit. We're unclear, guys.

It's a hot mess
and I bet you - you watch -

I'll stuff it up.

I'll stuff it up. (CHUCKLES)

Uh-huh! (SQUEALS)

I realised that the fake plan to vote
for Khanh has confused Chrissy,

even though we'd already
had a conversation

saying that the votes
were going on Sophie and KJ.

That's not the plan?

I was just checking. Yeah.

However, reminding Chrissy
a second time,

I think it was pretty clear,

so...fingers crossed
Sophie goes home.


The only concern I have

is that Sophie is a very smart
strategic player.

Benny's on board.
90% certain he is.

I'm worried that she could
potentially flip the switch

and save herself.

That could be a disaster.

Come on. Something stand out to me
that's not a snake-infested pile.

Benny, I can feel it in my...
We're getting closer.

We're looking for idols now.

It's my name on.
Do you know what I mean?

So she's not actually...

She's not thinking -
like, if she looks for an idol,

everyone's gonna go, "Alright, we'll
split the vote and put votes on K."

Have you talked to her?

No, because she runs off.

She won't actually face me.
OK, that's heavy.

You might need to have a D&M
and say, "Calm your jets

"because you're putting me
on the line."

Is that what you mean?

Yeah, that's what I mean.

My biggest fear out of all of this
is just... ruining the relationships
that I worked so hard on building.

Who's voting for me?

I don't mind.

And then the remaining on Soph? Yep.

OK. Alright.

It sucks, hey.

Too nice for trouble.

I know, it sucks.

Crazy, crazy game.

I don't want to just be
an easy vote off

because of the behaviour
of my sister.

It's a really hard position to be in
because as her big sister,

like, I'm so protective of her.

But, like, how far do I go?


I'm just like...I'm over, like,
the drama and the distraction.

Yeah. You just want to be here.

You just want to...
Just want to be here so much.

Of course I want to be loyal
to Sophie.


It does put me in
such a tricky position

because I've got to be loyal
also to my tribe

because I'm going to need them
to move forward in the game.

You need to think about what's best
for your game in the long run.

I know. I can see that.

Yeah. You got to play
what's best for you, right?

I think she will understand.

You're OK, yeah?
I'll be fine.

You'll be fine.
I hope she's OK.

Come on.


What, you got something or not?

I've found it.

It's the best feeling in the world.

SAM: Shit.

The plan is send Khanh home tonight
with an idol in his pocket.

If anyone knows that it's not over
till it's over in this game so far,

it is me.

So hopefully it turns into a bit
of chaos at tribal council.

I may have to prove loyalty
to my tribe...

..but she's my baby sister,
she's my blood.

How do I write her name down?

It's a huge moral dilemma tonight
and it's going to be tough.

SAM: Having an idol
in your possession,

that's the only way
you're secure in this game.

But if Sophie does have an idol,

she would essentially
be sending her sister home.

Hopefully, everyone's sticking
exactly with the plan.

Keep up to date with the game,
with the 10 Play app

like never before.

So, Chrissy, after the endurance
challenge, you go back to camp.

What's the vibe?

Um...the second we got back there,

we were scattered.

Everyone was all over the place.

So a few plans got put into place,
I believe,

and now we've just gotta see
if they get executed.

So, Ben, is that true?
A lot of plans?

There was a few going around camp,

but, um, one that I'm going
to stick with.

Khanh, do you feel like you're in
trouble tonight or not?

I have an idol.

Everyone knows about the idol.

I think it makes perfect sense
that I should be worried.

Like, people don't want an idol
kind of just floating about.

So there could be votes on me.

So, Sophie, you've been
voted out before.

So, for everyone else here tonight,
this is their second try,

but this is actually your third try.

How are you finding it?

Um, not much has changed,
to be honest.

What I will say is

that I've continually proven
time and time again my loyalty.

There's a lot of people that
sit here and talk about loyalty -

actual people that have
stabbed me in the back.

So, I wear my heart on my sleeve,

I am an emotional person,
but my morals are intact.

I give you my word and I mean it,
and I give my tribe everything.

I don't believe some of the things
that Soph has said.

I never broke my word to you. that...



I just have never seen
so many...lies...

Lies come out... You're looking
in a mirror, darling.

KJ: Stop.
I have absolutely...

No, no, no, but my point is...
Please stop.

I know, I know. Just...
I am not going to sit here and lie.

I am not lying.

KJ, I could see you
with your head in your hands

and trying to deal with the anxiety.

Yeah, I'm rattled.

It's alright, darl.

What's going on for you?

I don't like seeing Sophie
get upset,

I don't like seeing Sam get upset.

I, um...I've been
in the middle for...

A couple of days now.
Yeah, a few days now.

It's been a tricky position
for me to be in.

I love my sister so much
and it's just hard

to see the experience not be what
I think we both wanted it to be.

And I've also formed some really
great connections with people,

and if I'm going to be here

I need to keep them intact as well.

So it's... I just feel backed
into a corner sometimes.

So, Chrissy, that is a real dilemma.

You want to work with your loved
one, but at the same time,

you want to maintain
the relationships

that you've established
for the past 15 days.

Yeah, it's tough.
I feel for her big time.

And I know that I'd be way less
controlled than this right now,

if it was me.

I'd be up.

I don't know how she's doing it.
It's been ongoing.

I'm tired.
I'm...I'm really tired of it.

Um,'s enough.

Just don't want to see you
get upset.

I'm not upset. It's OK.

I'm OK. You're OK.

So, Sophie, if it isn't you tonight,
who should it be?

Obviously, it's very easy
for me to say Sam.

I feel like time and time again,
she's still just had it in for me,

no matter what
I feel like I've done.

But there are many more
bigger threats in this game
right now than me,

physically and socially.

Khanh, you came in tonight thinking
that all the heat was on you,

but the discussion
hasn't been about you at all.

It's been over there.

Was that a relief?

Yeah, it's really nice.
(LAUGHS) I like it.

Let's just keep it that way.


I feel as though there's a lot
of truth in the conversations

that I've had with people today,

meaning that I feel
a little bit more secure

because I can trust
in my new blue tribe.

So that public immunity idol that you
have burning a hole in your pocket,

you don't need to use it tonight?

Didn't say that.

There's an opportunity for
an idol/multiple idols to be used.

There's a lot going on right now.

Croc, a well-played idol

can completely change
the dynamics of a game.

Is that a concern
with tonight's vote?

Yeah. If there is
multiple idols played,

then the situation
could change drastically.

Sophie, that's exactly
what you're hoping for, right?

We'll see.

KJ, how do you feel about
the possibility of an idol

or multiple idols
being played tonight?

Well, I definitely
don't have an idol,

so if there's two out there,

I think my name...yeah,
my name was brought up,

so it would look like
it would be me going home.

Because it was...yeah, us two
against each other tonight.

So, Sam, what do you think is going
to happen with tonight's vote?

It's...I feel like
it could be a surprise,

whether it's because of idols

or different plans
actually coming to fruition.

When we're in front of you,

things just seem to get
a little topsy turvy,

and maybe it's the effect of you,
the fire or the ambiance...

Or all three.

Alright, well, with that,
it is time to vote.

Alright, well, it is time to vote.

Sam, you're up.

It's just a plan B.
I hope you don't go home tonight.

I think under
different circumstances,

we could have been
really good friends,

but I need to vote with the tribe.

I'm so sorry, baby sis, but...

..I'm really backed into
a corner here,

and I have to wake up with
my tribe tomorrow.

And I can't write their name down,
and I love you so much.

And I'll play this game
for the both of us.

I'll go count the votes.

If anyone has a hidden immunity idol
and they would like to play it,

now would be the time to do so.


Alright. I'll read the votes.

First vote...


Sophie. That's two votes Sophie.

Oh, who did me a love heart?

KJ. Two votes Sophie, one vote KJ.

KJ. We're tied - two votes Sophie,
two votes KJ.


Two votes Sophie, two votes KJ,
one vote Khanh.

Sophie. That's three votes Sophie,
two votes KJ, one vote Khanh.

Sophie. That's four votes Sophie,
two votes KJ, one vote Khanh.

Seventh person voted out
of Blood versus Water...

..Sophie. That's five votes.
That's enough.

You need to bring me your torch.

Bye, darling.

Bye, darling.

Stop being a big sook.

Come on.


Don't give me another twist,
because I cannot handle it.

Thank you.

Would I do that?

Give me that thing
and I'll zhoozh it out.


Sophie, the tribe has spoken.

Thank you. Bye, guys.

It has been an absolute pleasure.

Kate, I don't tell you enough -
I'm so proud of you.

I'm proud of you too, babe.

I love you. Bye, guys.
Eat food for us.

I'm going to get chippies!
Sucked in!


Well, there's nothing
that ignites a storm

quite like a sibling
who steals your thunder.

In this case, it was two strikes
and you're out.

Grab your torches, head back to camp.


Tomorrow night
on Australian Survivor,

can KJ step out of Sophie's shadow?

I made the ultimate sacrifice.

Now I'm going to bring out
everything I have to win.


..will cousins Josh and Jordan...

We will be close to unstoppable. the next pair torn apart?

I just want to make things chaotic
to regain control of the game.

I do have a message
for my sister KJ,

and it's that
she's always doubted herself,

and her self-confidence
has always been her lowest,

but what I've seen in the past
nearly three weeks of being with her

is she's really in her element.

This is...this is everything
she's been working towards.

She's been a fan of this show
her whole life.

She's so incredibly smart

and she's doing better
than she even thought she would.

I have full belief
she can make it to the very end.