Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 7, Episode 5 - Episode #7.5 - full transcript

The gruelling barrel Immunity Challenge is back. Castaways must withstand the heat while holding their weight. In an epic battle, one person dials up hero mode and wins the challenge for their Tribe.

on Australian Survivor...

After using his half of the Super
Idol, Dave was in damage control.

Dave called me a social butterfly.

It was interesting to see
that my tribemates had my back.


Meanwhile, Khanh's half...

..kept the target on his back.

Does it really?

At the immunity challenge...

Give it all you've got.
Pull, boys! Pull.

..the Blue tribe pulled together.

Right side up!

And despite Alex's
ongoing back injury...

Three, two, one.

That's it!

..they claimed victory.

At camp...

..Sophie led the charge
to get the vote on Dave.

But when she tried to pull rank
over the queen...

It's like you just tell me
what to do.

..Sandra turned the tables on her.

I'm going to break up that whole
Sophie, Ben, Croc, Jordan alliance

that thinks
they're running this tribe.

But to pull it off,
she needed Jesse and Sam to flip.

At tribal council, with their
loved ones watching on...

We are a very strong, loyal tribe.

I know where I'm voting. And
hopefully that's the way it goes.

..Sam's betrayal
left Sophie blindsided.

Fourth person voted out...Sophie.

But a shocking twist...

Voted out of your tribe
but you're not out of the game.

..saw Sophie reunited with her sister

on the Blue tribe.

Wow. You be loyal to everyone
and look what they do.

21 are left.
Who will be going home tonight?


-== [ ] ==-

You know what? I'm going to start
doing a chores list tonight.


Great recovery.

JORDIE: Ahh...big day.

What the hell did happen
at tribal council last night?

I had absolutely no idea that
my name was even in discussions.

But I'm shocked that one of my
closest alliances from day one,

who has constantly
expressed her love for me,

was one of the main culprits
that did that last night.

Sam? That hurts.
That's the one that hurt me.

To do that and not be able
to look me in the eye

I think is a really
appalling decision.

But all of those people
who voted me out,

I'm now here
with their family members.

I think everyone needs
to watch themselves.

I've been given a second chance
and I'm here for revenge.

Can you get my purple T-shirt
out of my bag?

KJ: Competing against your loved one
in Survivor

adds so many more different layers.

You guys look very similar.

I think it's just, like, if you guys
had the same hair colour,

it would be very obvious.

Normally, Survivor is played
without emotion.

You have to flick that switch off.

You have to leave your heart
at home.

This time,
everyone's brought their hearts.

Ooh, yep.

Oh, really? Oh...
They've lost their nightly massages.

How good's that?

I have to analyse the implications
with having Sophie on my tribe.

Sophie and I are playing
very different games. puts a target on my back.

I don't really get that.

I think they want to split us up.

Get rid of one of us.

I didn't think of that.

It's a really strange feeling.

I'm so happy to have her here

but I hope she doesn't go in
all guns blazing.

That could jeopardise my game.

I really didn't care about
the others.

It's a game. That's Survivor.

But when Sam did that
I was like, "Wow."

It's different.
Ooh, I didn't expect that one.


I don't think
your mum was the mastermind,

but I think her experience
would have contributed.

That would have given them
the confidence, I think.



I can't remember who it was, said to
me that perhaps Sam got convinced,

which wasn't the case at all,

but that perhaps she
was on the bottom of our six.

Someone said...

She's been so persuaded to say, you
know they're going to chop you first,

which I would never
have ever done to her.

So I'm just sad
she didn't talk to me about it.

You know, no bad blood between me
and you. You're a different person.

Unfortunately for the brainiacs that
tried to vote me out, in doing that,

they've handed the lioness
over to their own family

and they've made her really angry.


What do we do?

I have a huge influence

on what happens to the Water tribe
moving forward,

so I feel like
over at the Blood tribe

there might be a little bit of panic
happening at the moment

because I can vote off
their family members.

Does everyone want one nut
to celebrate...

..we're still here?

Do we have a nut each?

I've been out here for 10 days now
and the game is on.

Last night at tribal council,

I orchestrated getting rid of Sophie
and it was a blindside.

Have you ever woken up
with a nut on your forehead?

I bet you she has.

The Survivor gods are great that
I've woken up with a nut on my head.


No. This actually was the first.

I couldn't believe

that when Sophie went to get
her torch snuffed by Jonathan

that he told her she was going
to be a member of the Blue tribe.

It was like a stab to the gut.


Here we are,
trying to get rid of this girl

and she's still in the game.

No. She's not.

Yes. Yeah.

Her sister's, like, the complete
opposite of her it seems like.

SAM: Sophie is a powerful woman.

And the moment
votes were going her way,

I could just feel her gaze
coming to me.

And she was burning into my soul.

Was she looking at you
when they read the votes?

When she walked out,
she just looked at me

and she was like this...

She shook her head?

She was so mad at me.

She's fire. She just reminds me
of, literally, a lioness.

Sophie is going to go to that tribe
and play the victim.

Which is why it's imperative
that when we get to the next reward

we get communication across to
our loved ones that she's gotta go.

I wish all votes
could be easy like that.

'Cause that felt not, like...

We actually thought
that was going to be hard.

Just the aftermath, yeah?

As far as I know,
there are two groups,

which is Sandra, Michelle,
Amy, myself, Jay and Jesse and Dave.

I feel like I'm in a safe, loyal
group of people. Because we are...

They're... That was shaky by them.

My goal with the Sophie vote
was to not just get her out

but it was also to destabilise
what I call the big boy alliance

of Croc, Benny and Jordan.

And this is the first time
in this game

that those guys feel that they're not
in the majority and in a safe place.

They're the one
that you want to watch closely.

Sophie was voted off last night,
which was a massive blindside

that Ben, Croc and myself
had no idea about.

I was freaking out all last night.
Did not sleep.

I was just like (BLEEP),
I'm on the bottom.

At the end of the day,
like, if you and I stepped back

we would have been like,
"OK. Let's put her name down."

But there was no time
to explain that.

So, that's what I'm
sort of thinking of as well.

We now have to pick up the pieces
on the Red tribe.

So we need to figure out
where our position is,

see if we can build
some new relationships

and hopefully create a new alliance.

What do you reckon our best
game plan is from here, Mama?


Because I told you from day one
what happens in this game.

I said the weak will outnumber
the strong and take you out.

I reckon your name right now
is being thrown out. Do you think?

I think you guys need to work on
building relationships

that you haven't built

because the ones that you have

..are probably
not the ones that are here.

Yeah. All you've got in this game
then is bloody trust.

You've got to build it fast.

Priority number one right now
is distance myself from Sophie.

I don't want to be the next person
going home or blindsided.

And I think
at this point in the game

you either take control
or you go home.

JONATHAN: Come on in!

Sophie, after a pretty ruthless
eviction from your old tribe...

Yep. does it now feel
to be part of Blue?

Well, personally I think blue
suits me a little bit better.

Yeah. Look, I'm excited.

I've been given another opportunity.

I love this game.
It's all in good fun.

That was an epic blindside

but unfortunately
it didn't go too well to plan

because I'm now in bed
with their family members

and I have a great influence
over what happens to them.

So, game on.

Sam, that was a shot
right across the bow.

But when the majority
of those people put your name down

and they're our loved ones,
they also have influence as well.

Might have hurt their game
a little bit too, though.


So, Jay,
Sophie may have a new tribe,

but should she be worried

that they may try and finish
what their loved ones started?


If she's learned her lesson, no.

Those people I gave my word to,
I held.

I protected those people
and I loved them.

Alright. Are you ready
to get to your next reward challenge?

ALL: Yeah.
Let's go.

For today's challenge...'re going to square off,
one-on-one, sumo style.

Using a padded bag, you will attempt
to knock your opponent off a deck

and into the water.

First person to do so
scores a point for their tribe.

First tribe to three wins reward.

Want to know what you're playing for?

ALL: Yes.

A very well stocked,
very delicious cheese platter.

Oh, my God. Is it true? Stop.

With cheeses, crackers, meats, dips

and sparkling refreshments
to wash it all down.


Worth playing for?
ALL: Yes.

Blue, you have an extra player,

you're going to need
to sit someone out.

What do you reckon?


All good with that?
Are you OK with that?

You sure? Cool.

Alex, you're on the bench.
Everyone else, let's get to it.

Alright. Here we go.
First round is for the men.

Red, you won the toss.
Who are you putting up?



Oh, up against King Kong. Damn.

Come on, Markie.

How do you feel watching?
It's alright.

It's just, he's fit.
So Mark needs to do something early.


Go, Jesse!

All over him, Mark.

Alright. First match-up.

Jesse for Red...

..taking on Mark for Blue.

Survivors, ready?


There's a definite size difference.

Mark just pins him to the deck.

He's just a mountain of muscle.

Take your time, Jesse.

Keep it up, Mark. That's the way.

Keep fighting, Jess.

Yes, Mark! Yes, Mark!

What's the next move here?

Come on, get up.

Jesse flips over.

Back on their feet.

Oh! Big hit from Mark.
He almost loses balance.

Jesse spins around,
he's fighting back.

Mark has him on the edge,
catches him off guard.

Jesse goes in.

Blue leads, one-zip.

Oh, bro. Hey? Good work.

All you had to do, mate. Good work.

That was so good.

Alright. Next round's for the women.



Yeah, Sammy. All day. All day.

It's Sam. Come on up.

Come on, Sammy!

Come on, Soph.

Let's go, Water.

Alright. Next round we have Sam
for Red taking on Sophie for Blue.

Who clearly has a score to settle.

Survivors, ready?


Go, Sam.
Get her, Sam.

Look at that. Get low.
Get low. Get low.

Yeah, Sammy.


Whoa. Big hit from Sophie,
takes out Sam.

Hold your ground.

Go, Sam.

Big push from Sophie.

Knocks Sam off balance again.

They break apart.

Yeah, Sophie.

Sophie lets her up.

You're a fighter. Sammy.

Go at it again.

Oh, out of nowhere,
Sam has Sophie on the run.

Go, Sammy. Use it, Sammy!

Sam trying to push Sophie
to the edge now.

And she has her on the edge,
can she get her there?

It is close.

Big burst of energy from Sam.


Another burst of energy from Sam.

She does it!

Sam pushes Sophie in.

We are tied, one-one.

Wow. What a round.

That was a good effort.

Alright. Next round is for the men.
Red, your pick.

Jordan? Blue?

A-ha. Yes.

Josh, come on up.

You got it, Josh.

Alright. First blood match-up.

We have Jordan for Red,
taking on Josh for Blue.

Josh would love
to get one on his cousin.

All those years
of pillow fights at bedtime

put to the test right here.

Survivors, ready. Go.

Nice friendly tap in the middle.

Josh, early,
trying to hold off Jordan.

Get low, Joshy. Low, Joshy.

Take your time. Take your time.
Take your time.

Big push from Josh.

Jordan holding him off.

Josh attacking but Jordan is a wall.

Come on, Jordan.

Jordan just continues
to try and wear out Josh.

It was the same last time.

He pushes him in.
Jordan takes the point for Red.


Red leads, two-one.

Alright. This round is for the men.
Red, who are you putting up?

Ben. Blue?

Jordie. Ben and Jordie, come on up.

Come on, Jordie.

Alright. Next round.

We have Ben for Red,
taking on Jordie for Blue.

Go, Benny.

Ooh, he's angry. He's angry.

Fire up, big guy.

Survivors, ready.


Oh, hard out of the gate from Jordie.
And just like that he is in. Wow.


What a fast round.

Jordie takes the next point
for Blue. We are tied, two-two.

Alright. We are tied two-two.
Next round's for the women.

Blue, who are you putting up?


And Sandra.

Alright. Come on up.

Win this round, the delicious
cheese platter is yours.

Focus, Nina. Focus.

Think about anything else.

Show her where the honey at, Sandra.

Yeah, Mama.
Yeah, Mama.

I'm gonna get grounded after this.

I ain't buying her shit
for Christmas

and I'm not paying for her wedding.


That's OK. She's gonna have 500K.
She's good.



Another blood showdown - Nina for
Blue, taking on Sandra for Red.

This is for the win.

Survivors, ready?

Come on, Nina.

Mother and daughter going at it.

Nina has the upper hand,
right out of the gate.


Pushes mother in just like that.

Well done.

And Blue wins reward!

Blue, congratulations.

You've won a very delicious
cheese board.

But... will not get to enjoy it
at your camp.

Instead, you will be enjoying it
at Red's camp.

You will all be able
to enjoy each other's company.

Alright, Red. Why don't you
show your guests the way home.

Head on out. Enjoy.

I am so looking forward to taking
home this reward challenge

with my new Blue tribe.

And I can't wait
to see the Red tribe

and look them all
straight in the eye.

I want to let them know
I'm out for revenge.

MARK: So, Blue won
the reward challenge.

Not only did we get a cheese platter,

we get to go to the other tribe
to spend time with our loved ones

for the first time this whole game.

Being separated on two different
tribes, I'm missing Sam heaps.

To get a big kiss and a hug,
this is awesome.

And at one point she pulls
out a photo that's little Harry.

I miss him.

Family is everything to me.

Let me see it again.

It's actually really...
It's really moving. It means a lot.


Oh, it tastes so good.

Today, the Blue tribe
won an amazing challenge,

cheese platter,
all sorts of amazing food.

But the twist was
they had to eat it at our house.

That is so good.

It was like a family event except
we are not allowed to touch it.

We have to sit there
while they just gobble it all up.

Shay's been vegan for seven years.

Turned around,
she had a sausage in her mouth.

Sorry, Ben.

If I died now,
I'd actually be OK with it.

Yeah. Me too, man.

Come and get some of this.



That's what you're after.

No. No. There's heaps there.
You eat it. Eat it.

SOPHIE: I wouldn't say
that I relish in drama,

however, I don't shy away
from confrontation.

I feel like, as someone
who came into this game

with nothing
but integrity and loyalty,

I've been thrown to the kerb.

And now my boys, Jordan, Benny and
Croc aren't even looking at me,

let alone speaking to me.

Jordan's not talking to me.

I know that there will be
a line drawn in the sand.

Whether or not my boys
got back there last night

and started sleeping with the enemy,

I need to get to the bottom of it.

Sophie's going ballistic.

I know. I told her just to
keep it low key and...

This is my worst-case scenario
come true.

Sophie has come in here
all guns blazing.

It could potentially
blow up my game.

She's not actually realising it's
affecting me on a personal level

and it's affecting me
on a relationship level.

Yeah. Definitely.

Yeah. I get that. So tell her.

Just focus on what's ahead.
We can't change what's happened.

It's done. And it's going to happen
to other people.

Sophie is bold and she's confident.

She just says what she thinks, and
they're really admirable qualities.

But she's hurt and she's burning
and I can see it.

And she wants revenge.

We're just having a talk.

It hurts me
that I showed you my loyalty.
I know.

Why are the people who I have given
my absolute word to,

who I've shown
nothing but loyalty to,

are the ones that have hung me out?

All my friends turned against me.
I know.

That hurt. I don't care.
I love this game.

Good blindside. I don't care about
that. But that one hurt.

I just wish you had looked at me
and just said, "I'm sorry."

Wow. OK.

There's a lot going on
in this moment.

I mean, a part of me
just wants to walk away from Sophie

and spend time with Mark.

But Sophie is all-consuming.

Jordan's not talking to me. Can you
not see what's happening here?

All it reinforces to me
is that Sophie is drama.

And so early in the game

you want to extract yourself
from the heavy drama

that Sophie
seems to fill the room with.

Going in the water.
Going in the water.

Yeah. Absolutely.

My mission now
is to get the Blue tribe

to finish the dirty work
that we started.


Come on in!

Chrissy, what was more delicious -

the cheese
or trading gossip with Croc?


You didn't even
have to think about that.

I knew that was the answer I'd get.

Sophie, you've only just left Red.

Was it like coming home or was it
more like visiting a bad ex?

Um, no, it was like coming home
a little bit.

Had some really good conversations
with some of my ex-tribemates.

But my focus was just on enjoying
the reward with my new Water tribe.

What about you, Alex?
How was it to reconnect with Jay?

Yeah. I was feeling pretty down

because, you know,
the back's been playing up a bit.

But as soon as I saw his smiley
face, his mischievous ways,

it was good.

I loved it.

So you've still got the back issue.

Yeah. Yeah. The back's spasming
pretty bad at the moment, yeah.

OK. But you sat out yesterday

which means you're going to
have to compete today.

Are you OK with that?

I'm ready to give it a red-hot
crack, give it all I've got.

Get 'em, son.

Are you ready to get
to today's immunity challenge?


First things first. Who has it?

Ah. Thank you.

Once again,
immunity is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge

you will each hold on to a heavy log

that is tied
to that of your tribemates.

If at any point you tire, you can
drop out, but your log will fall,

adding to the weight your remaining
tribemates are holding.

Last tribe standing wins immunity,
safe from the vote.

Losers, tribal council,

where somebody is going to become the
fourth person voted out of this game.

Blue, you have an extra player,

you're going
to need to sit someone out.

We've established it cannot be Alex.
Who's it going to be?

It'd be me, Jonathan.

KJ, you're on the bench.

Everyone else, a minute to strategise
and let's get on with it.

Alright. Here we go.

Everyone's in position.

For immunity,
this challenge is now on.

Everyone is locked and loaded,

each holding a heavy log
that is tied to your neighbours'.

The weights are connected
and so are you.

As time goes on,
if you tire, you can drop out,

but then you're out of the challenge

and in doing so you're only adding

to the weight that the rest
of the tribe will need to deal with.

So you really need to hang on
as long as you can.

Drop your log and it could be a real
stinker for the rest of your tribe.

If you're not confident, talk.

This challenge is not just about
strength, it's also about strategy.

Where you placed your strongest
players in that line-up

will be critical
in outlasting the other tribe.

Both tribes have stacked their ends
with their strongest players -

Ben and Croc for Red,
Mark and Jordie for Blue.

Need to keep both feet
behind the line

and hands behind that wooden disc.

Makes it tough.

Not much rope to hang onto there,
especially if you've got big hands.

Right, Ben?
Bit of grunt work. Grin and bear it.

Am I right, Red tribe?

Alright, guys. Get in the zone.


Another hot day out here.

You guys have been up there
for 15 minutes.

Ben already sweating out here.

Mark just smiling away, loving it.

That's it, baby.

Shay, how are you feeling?

Cruisy. We're under an umbrella on
the beach, waiting for a cocktail.

Chrissy, are you visualising
a tropical location right now?

Waterskiing. That works.

It's all fun and games
until we get to tribal council.

You're looking steady, guys.
Well done.


I just wanted to check.

Jordie, are you checking
your brother's still in it?

Oh, he does this thing
where he shuts his eyes

and he, like, focuses
and starts breathing

and I just want to make sure
he's not doing that yet.

He is.

If he's trying to psych me out,
Jonathan, it means he's in pain.


The sun is pounding down.

Well, we might make this
a little bit harder.

Dang it!
Here we go.

We're going to limit you to one hand.

Count you in, you need to choose
a hand and stick to it.

Oh, shit.

Here we go.

Five, four,

three, two,


Well done. Good work, guys.

And just like that,
big boy Jordan drops out.


Red is down to nine.

I'm slipping, I'm slipping.
I'm slipping, guys.

Amy slips. She's out.

Red are down to eight.
This is going quickly now.

Michelle's gone. Michelle's gone.

Wow. Michelle's out.
Red is really in trouble.

Hang on, guys. We've got it.

Immunity is on the line.


Arrgh! I'm gone, Mama.

Oh, God.

Croc drops, Sandra drops.

We're down to five on Red.
Blue has everyone.

Keep holding, guys.

Jay is digging deep.

Come on, Jay.

Jay drops.

Jay just dropped.

Four left on Red
and they are digging deep -

Jesse, Sam, David and Ben.

Carrying a lot of weight.

No-one has dropped from Blue yet.

Oh-oh. I'm gonna slip.
No. You're not.

No. You're not.
As in, like, literally...

Alright. Alright. Alright.
And just like that, Mel is out.

Oh! Nina drops out for Blue.
Blue starting to struggle now.


Can Red hold on long enough?


Can he hold on long enough?

Come on, Benny.

Blue still have eight. One left
on Red. This is incredible.

All you, Benny.

Stop talking.

No talk. No talk.
He needs to focus.

I'm slipping. Sorry.

Shay drops out.

Oh, it's slipping. It's slipping.

Jordie is on the raggedy end.

Now he drops out.
Brace. Brace. Brace.

They're dropping. They're dropping.
We've got it. We've got it.

Mark drops out. Chrissy.

Hang in there, mate.
The big fella's out.

Keep holding, Benny.
Come on, Benny. You got this.

It's Khanh, Josh, Alex and Sophie
holding it up for Blue

and Ben all by himself for Red.


Wow. Ben is still in this. Amazing.

One more, Benny. One more, bro.

Come on, Benny, you've got this.
Khanh's losing his grip.

You've got it, mate. You've got it.

Sophie, breathe. They have
one person. It's too heavy.

Benny, this is amazing.

Ben, showing the strength
of 10 tribemates.


What a showdown.

Guys, mine is starting to slip.

You're alright. Keep holding.
Do not give up.

I'm slipping as well, guys,
just so you know. I'm slipping.

Come on, guys.
I'm slipping. I'm slipping.

Do not give up.

I'm slipping. I'm slipping.
Josh drops. Khanh drops.

Down to Alex and Sophie.

Keep holding. Don't give up.

Alex is holding on,
clearly in a lot of pain.


Hold it. Hold it. Hold it. Hold it.

Keep holding.

Alex's out! Sophie's out!


And Ben takes it for Red!

What an incredible comeback!

Red wins immunity,
sending Blue to tribal council.


Ben, that was an incredible effort
to bring the win for your tribe.

What's the feeling?

'Cause I noticed that you were pretty
emotional at the end there.

Jonathan, I gave it everything.

I just wanted to do it for my team
and my tribe

and show
it's not just a one-horse race.

We're in it together.

Alright. Well, congratulations, Red.

Immunity is yours.


You guys are safe,
nobody's going home.

You can head on out,
enjoy the night off.

Alright, Blue, it was a great effort

but unfortunately it's still
tribal council for you tonight,

where somebody will become

the fourth person voted out
of Blood V Water.

Grab your gear, head on out.
See you tonight.

MARK: Sophie is nothing but trouble
and she's a snake.

She's caused a lot of havoc
in the camp,

so it's time that we put it
to an end. She has to go.

I don't even know the answer to that.

He killed it.
He's a freak.

Today was a huge challenge.

It was, physically, beyond tough.

Is it still the same pain?

And all of us fit, healthy people
are struggling.

I need your magic hands on my back.

Yeah, we can work on that.
Get me up and going.


Off of the back
of today's challenge,

obviously, my back isn't great.

When you do that,
it makes it worse, doesn't it?


It's such a terrible feeling,

but I think my tribemates are, you
know, impressed with my performance.

I was a bit underrated
to begin with.

But, yeah, I feel like
I've really proved myself now,

even having the injury.

MARK: What are you guys thinking?

JORDIE: Dunno.

KHANH: Yeah.

She's probably gonna self-implode
no matter what she does in the game.

Yep.'s probably the most

KHANH: Tonight's vote
is really straightforward.

Sophie is the obvious vote.

She's new to the tribe,
so it'll be a clean vote.

So, what we were saying
at the well was,

we're gonna put everything on Soph.

Me, you, Jordie and Mark.

JOSH: I can pull Nina too.

Oh, Nina? I love Nina.

KJ and Sophie will be
the random votes.


So it's gonna be 9 to 2.

Right now, I've got a public idol.

I've had my idol for 10 days now

and I've kind of grown
attached to it.

I don't want to see it go.

So, if everyone votes Sophie tonight,
then I get to keep it.

How big is that on my resume?


KJ: So, I'm sitting back,
watching someone over there,

listening to this conversation,
analysing what people say...

(SIGHS) It's not an easy one.

..and I know
they're gunning for Sophie.


It's very tough, because Sophie
is the easy option for the tribe.


I'm trying my best
to fight for Sophie.

The protective elder sister -

it's what I'm naturally going to do.


..everyone's being pretty brutal.

It's a hard one.

That's just where
Blood V Water gets so messy,

because if I go too hard
I paint a target on MY back.

So it's going to be
a really delicate balance.


Everyone knows that Khanh's
got an idol.


So the focus should be on the fact
that he's a huge threat.


So, to save Sophie, I'm gonna have to
convince the rest of the tribe

to send the game's
most dangerous player home.



KJ: There's been so much talk
of this idol that Khanh has.

So my plan tonight
is to get the numbers

to make sure that Khanh
is in the firing line.

But, for this to work,
we will use Sophie as a distraction

so that Khanh
doesn't become suspicious.

Well, girl, I feel bad, but...

..probably your sis.


Yeah, OK.

Yep. Righto.

Guys, I know I'm fully
expecting to go home.

That's why I'm not, like,
having conversations with anyone.

But I would love to be here,
but I'm also...

We were just saying...


Big man bring fire!

It's Superman! Look at this!

What are you guys doing?

Right now, it's five on Khanh,

three on Sophie,

three on Shay.

Shay will definitely play her idol.

So I need to make Khanh
feel comfortable enough

that he doesn't
play his idol tonight

and then he goes home
with that idol in his pocket.

King Khanh is gonna get dethroned.




I might chuck on a few tears,
and be a bit downcast, be a bit sad,

and so he'll be pretty sure
that Sophie is going home.

And I know how desperate he is
to hold on to that idol.

Gonna sit and...
OK. Cool.

Do you have any water?
Let's get some rice going.

There's quite a number
of tribemates doing the same.

Everyone's talking up the fact

that, yep, Soph's going home,
it's a done deal.

So just planting that seed
might be enough.

No, I expect...

Like, I know.
I'm not stupid. Like...

But it's still hard.

ALEX: Yeah. I can't imagine.

Yeah. Yeah.

Guys, can we not to a strat talk

while I'm literally
stirring the pot?


KHANH: The plan,
to my understanding,

is that everyone is putting
all their votes on Sophie

and that's who's gonna be
going home tonight.

But there's a lot of communication
happening right now.

There's a lot of people talking.

NINA: Comfortable.

I spoke to her after...

..Josh convinced her not to...


Yeah, of course.

People are whispering.

There's a lot going on.

I'm cooking - that's my role.

But now I'm like, "Maybe I've been
spending too much time cooking

"and not enough time
speaking to people."

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

I'm starting to get a bit paranoid
that the tribe might flip on me.




We had to try.

Yeah. No, just, like...
'cause I'm like...

No. No, no. Come in.

Yeah, cool.


I am.

I think having an idol definitely
brings a sense of paranoia.

It makes you go,
"OK, can I trust these people?

"Are these conversations real?"

But now I'm freaking out, because
I think everyone's lying to me.

SHAY: Khanh's paranoid
this afternoon, but rightfully so,

because we want to flush his idol
or get him out.

So I need to help him keep his calm,

which is probably going to be hard.

So, I just wanted to make sure
that we were all going Soph

and that's definitely
what was happening.

Cool. Sweet.

See? All good.

I'm still expecting it,
but hey, it's worth a shot.

It's worth a shot.

Go down swinging.

Tap dancing.

Skating on thin ice?
You might as well tap dance.

This game is about
blood versus water.

It's about that bond
and that connection.

And I feel like my sister
is doing everything she can

to protect me right now.

If Khanh plays his idol tonight,
then I go home.

If Khanh doesn't play his idol,
he goes home.

I don't feel like I'm ready
to leave this game yet.

I'm not just here for myself now.

I'm here with my sister.

And it gives me
so much more to fight for.

KHANH: So, today, the options are...

..I don't use my idol,
I get blindsided.

Another option is, I don't
use my idol, it stays in my pocket

and I move further in the game.

The third option is
that the votes are on me,

I use my idol, I save myself...

..but then now I can't trust anyone,

and that's a horrible feeling.

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So, Shay, it's been a while
since you guys were here last.

Does that make you feel
a bit nervous about tonight?

Very nervous for tonight.

There's some idols in play,

and there's just some tension.

Strength is, obviously, critical
in this game.

And at the challenge today,

you mentioned that your back
is still an issue.

How are you feeling right now?

Yeah, look,

it's no secret that my back's
been a pretty big issue,

mentally and physically.

I felt OK going into
the challenge today.

The back was, obviously,
still hurting

but, you know,
I felt like I could do it.

And it wasn't until it got
down to the last few logs,

when they were kind of pulling off,
and it kind of jolted me.

I kind of downplayed it
at the time, but, you know,

I got a fair bit of pain
through my back.

And it's really making me question
a lot of things, you know,

because my body's struggling
at the moment.

Sophie, why are you nervous?

Oh, I'm well aware of the fact
that my name has been thrown around.

I've accepted that.

KJ's had a good 10 days
to get her groove on in this tribe.

Do you feel like you might be
crashing her party?

Um, yeah, absolutely.

I didn't choose to get booted out,
and I certainly didn't choose

to come over here
and intrude on her style.

So, um, no,
I know, as my big sister,

she welcomed me with wide-open arms,

but, at the end of the day, this is
where the 'blood' factor comes in

and I would never want
to do anything

to jeopardise my own sister's game.

KJ, having your sister here -
is that an automatic ally for you?

Yeah, it is.

Like, on a personal level,
it was so nice to have her here,

and we could talk about
our families back home,

and, you know, it brought
all the warm and fuzzies.

And then, from an entirely
different perspective,

you're automatically thinking,
"Target on my back.

"They're gonna want to split us up."

So, it's been a real hectic
couple of days, to be honest,

and, yeah, my mind's
just been spinning.

Khanh, KJ has a great point -

it's great to reconnect
with your loved one

but, as the only pair in the tribe,
does that make them a target?

I don't think that's the reason
why anyone is gonna be a target.

Especially because I think
they play very different games.

They're very different people.

I don't think that your sister being
here makes you a target at all.

Thank you.

So, Khanh, these two may be
the only pair in the game

together at the moment,
but you've all had a chance

to reconnect with your loved ones
at that reward.

What happened when you caught up
with your sister, Amy?

I cried for like 15 minutes first.


Yeah, there was a lot of tears.
It was kind of cute.

Like his outfit.
Like his outfit, yeah.

Oh, I've been saving this
for a night, and...

Just for a special occasion?

And I thought
I might go home tonight.

So, it's gonna be comfy
athleisure for me.

Why do you think
you might go home tonight?

Because everyone knows
I have an idol.

And an idol makes you a target.

So it would be silly of me
to think that I'm not a target.

You said, "Hey, I'm gonna put on
my great outfit tonight

"because this could be
my last night."

It's paranoia.

Paranoia happens to every
single one of us sitting here.

Definitely to me, it does.

Like, when I have
a moment on my own, I go,

"Could it be me?
Did this person speak to me?

"Did that person speak to me?
Were they lying?

"I don't think they were lying.

"Do I trust them enough
to let it go?"

And I'm like, "Do you know what?

"Just in case, here I am."

Shay, what's your level
of paranoia tonight?

Up there.

It is?

Probably slightly higher
than Khanh's.



I also have an idol
that everyone knows about.

A nice public one.

Thanks to Jordie. (CHUCKLES)

Very open family over this side.

So, Jordie, is that a concern,

that you have two tribemates
in your tribe that both have idols?

Uh, not really.

Not at this stage, anyway.

I mean...

That's not true, actually.
It's always a concern.

It's always a concern.

When there's idols in play,

you don't actually really know
where it's gonna go.

You can have an idea.

But then, the second
that idol gets played,

depending on who's split votes -
and that can come down to one vote -

someone else can go home.

So, it's... Yeah, it's a problem.

But Sophie, being honest,
and fessing up that you have an idol,

does that make you less of a target?


No, I don't think so.

It's a known fact people want
to flush idols as well.

So, I dunno.

You're doomed if you do,
you're doomed if you don't.

I know I don't have one, so...

Alright, well, on that,

I think it is time to vote.

Alex, you're up.


Yeah, going into tonight,

I really had a pretty big
decision on my mind.


And that decision is that I want... guys...

I want to be voted out.


I want... guys..., you know, collectively... me out.


Is your back...?

Do you feel like it's getting
better or it's getting worse?

You know, there was a stage there
where it was OK.

Um, but, like, I really try
not to make it an issue,

like, around camp, and bring it up,

but mentally it's been
getting to me,

and physically it's just,
like, killing me, like...

Yeah, like, I don't want them
to feel bad

for, you know, voting for me.

Like, I want them to.

So, it's so hard
for me to even say that

and, like, think about it,
and want it, but, like..., deep down, I know that's
what I do need, and what I want.

Who here would be willing
to grant Alex his wish?

MARK: I don't think so.

I would at least give it
till tomorrow.


Mm. Yeah. It's just hard.

Sorry, mate.
Nah, it's...

Well, Alex, if this is really
that painful for you,

no-one is expected to stay
in the game if they don't want to.

What's your decision?

I need to leave.


Alright, Alex, you've quit the game.

That means we're not gonna
vote tonight.

Your journey in this game
has come to an end.

Sorry, guys.

It's alright, mate.


..if you can take your buff off
and toss it in the fire.


I love you all.

Love you, mate.


I miss you already.

See ya, bud.

Love you, buddy.
You did a great job, bro.

You did a really good job.

I love you. Alright,
I'll give you a little kiss.

Alright, guys, thank you.
ALL: Bye!

See ya.

Well, tonight, a wounded bird
fell from the nest.

My advice - count your blessings
and hatch a new plan.

Grab your torches, head back to camp.


Alright, mate.

It's OK.

Tomorrow night
on Australian Survivor...

I'm gonna start calling myself
the Wicket Witch of the Outback,

who they just can't kill.

As Sophie unleashes hell...

Because no-one would ever
expect us to work together.

..rumblings to topple the Queen...

AMY: This move is going to be huge.

The Queen cannot reign
over Australian Survivor.

..could end with a royal blindside.

If you're coming after me,
I'd better not find out.

I don't forgive, I don't forget.

An eye for an eye.