Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 7, Episode 4 - Episode #7.4 - full transcript

When one member from the losing Tribe is invited to the winning Tribe's Reward Challenge treat of croissants and sweet things, it's a long overdue reunion for one cute pair.

JONATHAN: Previously on
Australian Survivor,


..were pitted against each other.


But when their partners
lost the fight...

Andy leaving the game makes me feel
a lot more vulnerable.

..they were forced to go it alone.

Now Briana is gone, it's game on.

With his daughter
no longer in the game,

David was out for revenge.


"You have found the Super Idol."

And with his new-found power...

"Each half is
a Hidden Immunity Idol."

..he put a target on King Khanh.

At the Immunity Challenge...

Hold! Hold!

..the blue tribe finally
tipped the scales in their favour.

Blue wins immunity,

sending red to Tribal Council
for the first time.

At camp,

David was gunning for
a royal flush...

..while Sandra was working on
her own blindside.

Dave gets on my nerves.

If all goes well,
Dave goes home tonight

and it will be a shocker.

But not everyone was on board.

DAVID: I'm seeing
too many conversations

I haven't been involved in.

If you're not involved in
those other conversations,

it probably means you could be up.

At Tribal Council...

One thing I know is that Australians
like to do blindsides.

..Dave's paranoia took hold...

It's interesting, Jonathan,

'cause Sam's the social butterfly
of the group.

..and after taking aim
at his closest ally...

Why was there so many plans?

Your name got brought up. A few
of us tried to get you out of it.

..he played his Hidden Immunity Idol

to save himself.

Third person voted out of
Blood v Water...


The tribe has spoken.
They have.

21 are left.

Who will be going home tonight?


-== [ ] ==-

WOMAN: Come on, little fishies.

MAN: Oh, my God. We've got fish?

Get one of those big ones.

And then we chuck it
under the coals.

Smoke it.
Oh, yes!

Gosh, I'd love that.
I'll just roll out the Kambrook.


Oh, he had it!
It went through your bloody hole.


SANDRA: Last night, it was my first
Tribal Council in Australia.

And it was a hot mess.

It was between a shitshow
and a three-ring circus.

You never go to Tribal Council

and just mess up your game so bad

that every single person there
wants to vote you out.

But Dave did that,

and somehow he's still in the game.

I was not happy.

So now David needs to watch his back
if he wants to survive.

The damage is done
and he's a loose cannon.

DAVID: Last night at Tribal,

I was gunning for Sandra.

But I lost my nerve -
I became paranoid

and I started throwing
a few grenades around.

I focused in on Sam in particular,

which blew up in my face,
put a target on my back.

And I had to play my Idol
to save myself.


Now I'm very much on the outer
with the tribe.

So I've gotta spend time
rebuilding trust here.

But I do believe it's recoverable.


Anyone had that feeling
after a big night?

That you ---- up?

MAN: Dave...

I've got that feeling.

Um, and I do owe apologies
to everybody, really,

because I was throwing grenades

So a major apology to Sam.


I need to just let the waters cool,

let people forget the past,
and we can move on.

The conversations that everyone's,
you know, been so gracious about.

Last night, Dave called me
a social butterfly,

and what was kinda scary
about that is

Dave actually categorised my game

in exactly the way I'm playing it.

Yeah, same.

An incredibly social game

that allows me to make
strategic moves.

And so to hear David say that
shocked me,

because I don't wanna be a target
for being too social.

Dave ruffled a few feathers and now
people are really on edge with him.

So I'm gonna throw
so much shade on Dave

that he is untrustworthy,

'cause that's someone that's less
trustworthy than I am right now.

That was Dave just...
MAN: Yeah.




KHANH: Guys, I'm just gonna say
the taco's working.

WOMAN: Are you serious?
It's working.

I'm crushing up the beans.
It's going in as filling.

It's working!

It's day 8.

We didn't have to go to
Tribal Council last night

so I feel like
everyone's really chilled.

And I'm feeling pretty good.

It was nice to have a night off.

Like, the anticipation of,
like, who is it?


So at the last reward,

Dave from the other tribe and I

both came out with an Idol.

And David and I have both decided
that when we see each other,

if I use the Idol,
I'm basically just gonna

tip my hat back behind my head
while I'm looking at him.

He's gonna do the same.

But my plan is to keep the Idol
for as long as possible,

because having this major advantage
makes me more confident.

Not gonna lie - you're a bit chuffed
with yourself, aren't you?

I'm loving this. I have no idea
how this has happened!

MAN: Oh, Khanh.
JORDIE: Oh, my God.

You're so thoughtful, mate.

Strategically, I have told my tribe
about my Idol

so everyone thinks that
they can trust me.

WOMAN: The judges taste.

Oh, she's straight in.

Nice crunch?



I give it, um...10 out of 10.

Yay! There you go!

Super crunchy.

I think the way I have been
playing this game

is working for me so far...

Oh, my God!

..because within the blue tribe,
I've created my own little family.

I've got Chrissy.

Mmm! Oh, yeah.

I've got Jordie and Joshy with me.

And I've also got a really nice
connection with Mark.

And I'm the one pulling the strings,

so I'm feeling like I'm very much
at the top of this tribe.

It's great!


We've got it.
I think we've got it.

I'm, like, everyone's morale's,
like, real high this morning.


And we just had, like,
a nice big meal.

The best fish taco ever.
Without the fish.


That is gonna win us today. Yep.

MARK: I was in the SAS
for six years.

I learned a lot about
human psychology,

which means I'm very observant

and I can get intel
from how people act.

I literally drenched every single one
of my items of clothing.

As in, like, in the perfume.

I was, like, "I'm gonna
be out here, hopefully,

"for, like, the whole time."

I still wanna smell like myself
at the end of it.

I've noticed Khanh is
the king of this tribe

because he's very social,
very smart,

does all the work around camp,

disarms people - very charming.

It reminds me of, like, being at home
and being normal.


And he has an Idol,

so that and his social game
make him incredibly dangerous.

Just going to get some wood, guys.

What happens if we lose?

What do we do?

Are we going for strength
so we can stop going to Tribal?

Should we flush...Khanh?

Good point. If he has an Idol...

I reckon he's one of the most
dangerous in our tribe.

Yeah, he's really dangerous.

I have fish. I have two fish!

MARK: Yep.

He's one of the most dangerous
in the competition.

But I have...

And I did it for a reason.

It was so we had a link to him
when we need to.

So to play it safe,
I'll also play with Khanh.

Yeah, for sure.


Don't...don't freak out.

Yeah, of course. Yeah. Yeah.

I've worked with Khanh once.
He now trusts me.

And I'm gonna use that to convince
him that he's not a target.

'Khanh' means 'king' in Arabic.

Does it really?

It does.

And there's a proverb -

if you strike at the king,
you must kill him.


'Cause if you don't, you'll be
hung, drawn and quartered.

We'd better get it right.

At this point in the game, if you
make big moves and you screw it up,

you become a target.

So we've gotta make sure
the timing is perfect

before we strike at the king.

Oh, my God, that's so gross!





Come on in!

Blue getting your first look
at the new red tribe.

Kate voted out
at last night's Tribal Council.

Nina, are you relieved

to see that your mother
made it through the night?

I'm super relieved.

I don't think anybody really thought
that she wasn't gonna be first,

but I'm super relieved
that she wasn't, for sure.

Sandra, that was a, uh...

..pretty interesting
Tribal Council last night.

Um, I'll let you pick if it's
a three-ring circus, a shitshow...

But I didn't come out unscathed.

I did get a vote against me.

But I think I'm gonna be OK.

Ready to get to today's
Reward Challenge?

ALL: Yes.

For today's challenge, one on one,

you are gonna face off in a trench.

On my go, you're gonna race to
a bell on the opposite side

while your opponent will try
to stop you any way they can.

First person to ring
their opponent's bell

scores a point for their tribe.

First tribe to three wins reward.

Wanna know what you're playing for?
ALL: Yeah!

A very civilised...

..morning tea.


Oh, my God!

Oh, my God!

With croissants, butter, jam,

and, of course, coffee and tea.



Worth playing for?

Red, you got an extra player.
You're gonna need to sit someone out.

Cannot be the same person
in back-to-back challenges.

Who's it gonna be?

I'll sit out? Yeah?
Yeah, I'll sit out. Yeah.

Yeah. Yeah.

Amy, you're on the bench. Everyone
else, a minute to strategise.

Let's get to it!

Just stay... Everyone stay low.


MARK: Yep.

Alright, here we go.

Just a reminder,
when you reach the rope,

wrestling's over, OK?

Blue, who you putting up?




C'mon, Croc!

Let's get him. Let's get him!
Let's go!

Mate, he's slow. He's slow.

He's slow as!

King Kong v Godzilla.

MAN: Go, Mark!
Get one on the board, bro.

MAN 2: Go, Croc.

Alright, here we go. First round.

We have Mark for blue
taking on Croc for red.

The battle of the big boys.

For reward.

Survivors, ready?



Go, Croc, go!

Oh, both boys hard out of the gate.

Big push from Mark.



Croc trying to take him down.

Mark trying to put Croc
in a death roll.

Yes! Yes, Mark!

Croc not having any of it,
just fighting back.

Get him, Crocker!

It is savage out there.

Come on!
Come on, Marky!

But Mark is a brute.
He's like a wall of muscle.

Mark gets to the rope. That is it.

He has the rope. Let him go.

He just needs to ring the bell.

Yes, Marky!

And he does it.


Taking the first point for blue.

Well done, Croc.

Blue leads 1-0.

Nice, bro!

Alright, next round is for the women.



Shay. Come on up.

Well done, Shay. You got her, mate.

Go, Sammy!

Alright. We have Sam for red

taking on Shay for blue.

The trench might be deeper than
these girls are tall.

Sammy's angry. Gotta watch her.

Survivors, ready?



Wow, Sam stumbles!

Go, Sammy!

Both girls not bothering
with each other.

Go, Sammy!

Sam just skipping across
the outside of the trench.

Shay stumbles.


Sam just whips up,
takes the point for red.

We are tied, 1-1.

Holy shit!

Alright. Next round is for the men.



Aha, yes!

Jordan. Come on up.

You got this!

Love you, bruh.
Love you, bruh.

Cousins with a score to settle.

You got him, bro.

First blood match-up.

Let's go!

We have Josh for blue
taking on Jordan for red.

Survivors, ready?


Both boys hard out of the gate.

Sizing each other up.

Go, Josh!

Josh attacking.

But Jordan is a wall.


Ooh, it is savage out there!

Wow, they both have
each other locked up.

They both go down.

Jordan comes up.

Trying to hold
his cousin, Josh, down.


Jordan grabbing Josh's shorts.

Pulling him back.

Giving him a wedgie!

Let's go!

That's how you do it to your cousin!

Josh returning the favour...

Yeww! That's what we wanna see!

..with a nice wedgie.


Come on, push off!

Joshie, push!

Yes, Jordan!
Yes, pull him! Pull him!

This is quite the battle
between the cousins.

You've got this, Josh. Come on!


Jordan just tosses Josh to the side.

Come on!
Get the rope!

Tries to break away.

But Josh tries to
pull his shorts off.

But Jordan gets to the rope.


And it's over.

Jordan...taking the next point
for red.

Red leads 2-1.

What a battle.

Let's go, baby!


Hey! Hey! Hey!


Another blood showdown.

Nina for blue

taking on Sandra for red.

Is Mama Bear gonna give it up
to her cub?



Family fightin' words right there!

Let's go, Mama!
Go, mama queen!

Survivors, ready?

Go, Nina!


Nina aggressively out the gate.

A little more apprehension from Mama.

You're all over her, Nina!

Sandra trying to take down
her daughter.

Go, Nina! Keep pushing!

Nina trying to break away.
Go, Nina!

You're already there, Nina!

Sandra's got her locked up.

Nina trying to shuck her off.

Dragging her closer to
her side of the trench.

Go, Nina! Just go slow!

Sandra has a grip on her leg,

pulling her back from the rope.

Keep going, Sandra!
Keep going, Sandra!

Yes, Sandra!

Nina gets away.
Go, Mama Sandra, go!

And she gets the rope.


Yes, baby!

Daughter defeating mother
and she likes it!

Nina ties it up for blue.



Alright, final round.

Blue, who you putting up?




Come on up.

This is for the win.

You've got him, Jesse.

Let's go, Khanh. Nice and quick.

Nice and quick. You're good.

Alright, next round.

We have challenge beast Khanh
for blue

taking on Jesse for red.

This is match point right here.

Let's go!

For a very civilised reward.

You got it, bro.

Survivors, ready?


Both boys fast out of the gate.

They're not even gonna
deal with each other.

They're just gonna go
straight for the bell.

Who's gonna get there first?

Come on, Khanh!
Khanh, come on, Khanh!

Jesse gets to the shore.

Up you go, up you go!
Come on, Jesse!

Jess, you got this!

And that's it!

Jesse takes it for red.

Red wins reward!


Alright, red. Congratulations.

Your morning tea will be waiting
for you back at camp.

But before you go...

(CHUCKLES) can choose
one person from blue

to join you.



Who's it gonna be?

We'll go that little lady, Shay.


Come on over.


Alright, red and Shay.

Head on out. Enjoy.

Go easy on the coffee.


Blue, good effort, but... nothing for ya.

Head on back to camp.

We took home the Reward Challenge

and now Shay is coming over
to the Blood tribe.

Even though we get news
about our loved ones,

the dynamic in this group
is gonna shift

and it's gonna get this game
well and truly going.






Oh, croissants!
Oh, there's jam!

Red tribe is ecstatic.
We won today's challenge.

It was a muddy brawl.
It was super fun.

And this croissant
and jam and butter

and coffee, it's gonna be so good.

Smell it.
What the hell?

We're winners. Winners are grinners.

That was fun. Thanks so much, guys.

Really good team effort. Super fun.

Oh, my God!


Chef's kiss.

I'm sorry I smell so bad.

Get in there.

I don't care.

It's so nice 'cause it's you!

It's you in the flesh.
It's me!

For me, today's reward
is very special.

We got to bring a loved one
over to our tribe.

Your tribe is so nice.
They're nice, huh?

I wanna stay here.

Shay, she's my whole world.

It's amazing to have her around
this afternoon.

What's your dance that you do?
My dance?

That's from Jordan, that one.

The "Eh!"


After the kerfuffle at
Tribal Council last night,

this is exactly what
the doctor ordered.

What's... So, what's...

Blood v Water is so different.

I mean, normally in Survivor,

when you win a reward
or you win a challenge

and you get to share that
with a member of the opposite tribe,

it's all about securing
as much information as possible

so you can use it to your advantage
in the game.


But because it's our loved ones
playing on the other side,

like, we genuinely wanna know
how they're doing.

And you, I haven't spoken to you!

How's Mark going?
How's Mark? How's Mark? Tell me!

Um...yeah, no, he's really good.

Of course being physically separated
from Mark is difficult,

but I knew at the very least
I had no intentions

to bring Mark over for this reward

and take him away from his tribe.

I will.

Emotion is dangerous,
and at this point right now,

it's not good for Mark's game to
come over here and give me a cuddle.

Like, he's my husband.

I've got a lifetime of cuddles
awaiting me with him.

Right now he needs to play his game,

I need to play my game,

and the best thing that we can do
is play hard enough and smart enough

to get to merge together

and become Sole Survivor, one of us.


I am a natural-born leader.

And it is uncommon for me to be
in a group environment like this

and not have the loudest voice
and not be giving the direction.

Talk to me, then.

Don't say 'we' and not say who.

Just trust me.

In Survivor, it is gonna be a
challenge for me to bite my tongue.

But I am really watering myself down

to stay a bit quiet here.

I'd be that lady. "Guys! No!"

I'm just simply trying to blend in
as best I can right now.

Are we doing our goodbye song?

Let's go!


'Bye, Shay!

I think my strategy
has been working really well

because I've developed some
really beautiful friendships

with the likes
of Benny, Croc and Jordan,

who I know have my back
and will protect me.

They're like big brothers for me.

So I feel good where I'm sitting
in the Blood tribe.


Yeah, so...

This early in the game,

no real set alliances
have been formed,

but I think the alpha boys and I
can be really powerful

moving forward together,

especially with a strong leader
like me leading the pack.

That works for me.
I was thinking that.

So I'm not sure if the rest of
the tribe know how strong we are

as a four.



Yeah, just gotta trust each other.
Let's just keep doing...

Just don't tell anyone.
Yeah, of course.

No, you're right.

I told Sandra that
we all want her here.

Yeah, of course.
We want her here.

She's the queen!
She's the queen.


SANDRA: I've been watching
these rookies making rookie moves.

Especially Sophie.

The issue with Sophie is that
she lacks self-awareness.

We don't even have to pretend
we like each other at some points.

Oh, I can't do that, bro.

Obviously she's really tight
with the alpha males,

but she's very vocal about it,
and you can't do that.

Benny bonfire!

Even though Dave is kinda
like easy pickings,

right now, I'm paying attention
to Sophie.


I'm like an American eagle

just flying around in the sky,

watching these little mice scurry...

..until I can pick 'em off
one by one by one.


Come on in!


So, Ben, how was your
reunion with Shay?

It was...speechless,
to say the least.

I'm very full. We're all very full
from lovely croissants.

It was good to have Shay as part of
the crew for a minute or two.

And I thank everyone here for
welcoming her with open arms.

Well, Shay, I'm guessing your
tribemates have told you

all about their loved ones.

What was it like to finally
get to meet them in person?

It was pretty cool - it was like
walking into the same tribe,

because everyone plays
the same roles

as their partner or their loved one

and then there was also
a look-alike.

So that was interesting.

Sandra, what would you say

is more valuable
at this point in the game -

spending quality time
with your loved one

or spending quality time
with your tribe?

Spending quality time
with your tribe.

You still have to continue to bond
day after day.

Um, and you know your loved one.

You know, so it's more important to
continue to stay with your tribe.

Alright. You guys ready to get
to today's Immunity Challenge?



Oh, you're gonna make me work for it.

Once again, immunity
is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge,

you are gonna work together
to open a heavy gate...

..releasing a boat...

..that you'll paddle out to retrieve
a set of puzzle pieces.

You'll then head back to shore
and use those pieces

to solve an arched word puzzle.

First tribe gets it right,

wins immunity, safe from the vote.

Losers, Tribal Council,
where somebody's gonna become

the fourth person voted out.

Red, you have an extra player.

Gonna need to sit someone out.
You know the drill.

Cannot be the same person
in back-to-back challenges.

Who's it gonna be?



Sophie, you're on the bench.

Everyone else,
a minute to strategise.

Let's get to it!


Alright, here we go!

For immunity.

Survivors, ready?



You all need to grab that rope,
start pulling together

if you wanna get that gate open,

because it is heavy.

Go! Go!

Wow, Mark is a machine for blue!

Pull! Pull!

Pull! Pull! Pull!

Both tribes digging deep.


Blue has it. Red has it.

Come on!

Grab these handles.

What have we got, what have we got?

Down there.

Let's go!

One, two, three.

Now you need to grab your boat,
take it down to the channel.

Go, go, go!
Watch your back, watch your back!

We are neck and neck
in this challenge.

Jump in! Jump in!


Four of you in,
the rest of you dragging it

all the way down to the lake.

Go, go, go!
Hey, we need one on this side!

Run, run, run, run, run!

Wow, it is close.

No-one wants to go to Tribal tonight.

This is where we're gonna see
how well you work together.

Alex, jump in.

Great communication from blue.

That's no surprise
with military man Mark in charge.

Khanh, jump in. Jump in.

In, in, in, in!

Everyone needs to go
under that frame.

And stroke. And stroke.

Better paddling now.

Blue right behind them.

Right side!
Right side, right side, go!

Here! Dave, Dave, Dave, Dave!

Red go off course.

Requires precise communication.

Backwards. Backwards.

OK, forward!
Forward, forward, forward, forward!

Red zigzagging their way
to the puzzle pieces.

Blue, they're good.

WOMAN: Pass them back!

Starting to unload.

MAN: Just make sure we
don't drop any pieces.

Someone else, come and grab it.
Both tribes there now.

You need to have all
your pieces in the boat

before you can come back.

Keep going, keep going!
Let's go, let's go.

One more piece for blue.
They're good!

Yeah, we're good. Go, go!

Paddle, paddle, paddle.

Blue have all their blocks.
Red taking their sweet time.

Need to pick it up, red!

This is not a day at the beach!
Come on, let's go!

Right side, paddle.
Blue heading back now.

Left side, left side!
Make right, make right!

Blue trying to correct course.

Now go right, now go right!

And row!

Finally, red have all their pieces.

They're heading back now.
Yeah, Sammy.

Blue coming back under the frame.

Paddles ready.

Using that frame
to get some momentum.

Paddle. Paddle!

One. Two.

And go!
SAM: And stroke!

And go! And go!
And stroke! And stroke!

And go!
And stroke!

And go...
And stroke...

Sam taking the lead,
trying to lift her tribe.

And stroke!

Alex, into the channel,
into the channel!

Blue are back at shore.

Good work, good work!
Powering up the channel now.

Let's go. Yep, yep, yep!

Red have made up some ground.

Go! Pull, boys, pull!

Go, Dave, go, Dave, go, Dave!

They were dropping behind.
Let's go, let's go!

But they're closing the gap.

Give it all you've got, boys!
Give it all!

This is the last bit of effort!

Again, not much in it.

You're killing it, guys! Keep going!

Keep going!
Nina, lean forward!

That's it, up the front.

Blue are a well-oiled machine today.

Can they keep it going?

Go, go, go, go, go!

Blue, you're good!

Start unloading your pieces.

KHANH: Here, here!

Letters that way! Letters that way.

OK, here! Dave! Letter!

Red, you're good. Start unloading!

Letter! Letter!

15 blocks,

five of which spell a word.

Letter, letter! Croc! Letter!

With all them in their
correct position,

they will form
a self-supporting arch

with the word in the middle.

Nina putting in
the first piece for blue.

Let's go!
Jordie has a piece.

It is a self-supporting arch.

You gotta make sure it stays.

This is gonna require
some engineering here.

Nah, wrong way, wrong way,
wrong way.

It's going upwards!
It's going upwards.

Croc recognises that they do not have
correct technique.

Trust me, trust me.

Drop, drop, drop and reset.

Go the other side.
I've got it.

Croc wants them to switch
their pieces to the other side.

Benny, it's down!

Sophie offering some advice
from the bench.

Yes, Benny! Yes, yes!


Hold that.
Yep, yep. We got it.

OK, hold this joint.
These two joints.

You have 15 blocks
but only 10 players.

It's gonna require a system...

KHANH: Mark, can you see
if it's flush?

Hold that frame. get them up into position.

Wait! No, no, no, no, no, no.
Pause, pause.

Blue working together very well

throughout this entire challenge.

Oi! Someone step back
and check the spelling.

Red not so much.

Let's go! Let's move!

Remember, you need to spell the word
correctly on both sides.

One of you guys needs to get out.

People need to get out.

No! Go, go, go!

Careful, careful, careful, careful!

Blue are pulling ahead.
Trying to put in their last piece.


Hold 'em. Hold 'em! Hold!

And blue's arch crumbles,

taking out Chrissy!

A complete disaster for blue.

Look. No?

Guys, let's go, let's go!

That opens the door for red.

Let's go, Jesse! Move!

Can red use this opportunity

to win this?

Slow, slow, slow. Good.

Benny, Benny! Lift yours up!


Guys, steady.



Ben in the middle is
struggling to hold two.

Benny, Benny, yours isn't steady.


And red loses half their arch.
What a disaster.

Can blue capitalise?

OK, reset and hold.

It's alright. We've got it,
we've got it. Breathe, breathe.

Focus, focus, focus.

Alright. Ready for the next one,
ready for the next one.

Hold it, hold it.

Put one hand back, Alex.

Blue trying to remain calm.

Let's go, Marky.
Make sure it's right.

Hold it, hold it.
Go, Marky.

They'd love to send red
back to Tribal Council.

The 'O'. Where's the 'O'?

Move the blocks, move the blocks.

Blue taking their time now.

OK, this side, lift it higher.

Red trying to pick up the pace.

Trying to close the gap.

SOPHIE: Quickly, quickly!
Let's move!

Almost there.
Come just a fraction.

Blue struggling to get it
into position.

It needs to stand up
for three seconds.

Let go, let go.
OK, step back.

Blue are gonna give it a crack.

Step back. Step back!

Do they have it?

Three, two, one.


And blue wins immunity,
sending red back to Tribal Council.



Blue, congratulations.

Immunity is yours.


You guys are safe.
Nobody going home.

However... will not be having
the evening off.

Because you'll be joining me
at Tribal

where you will bear witness
to red's Tribal Council.


Here we go!

In a game where information is king,

that's a huge advantage.

Grab your gear, head on out.
I'll see you guys tonight.

See you tonight.


See you at the party.

Alright, red.

Tribal Council tonight,
where one of you

will become the fourth person
voted out.

Grab your gear, head on out.
I'll see you guys tonight.


It's a bummer that we lost
today's Immunity Challenge,

but I have my alpha pack

and the way I see it,
tonight, we will be the ones

that decide who is going home
at Tribal Council.


How did we do, Sophie? I mean...

It was so close.

It was one of those ones...
We were just missing one.

MAN: It's hard to reshuffle
that whole thing.


SOPHIE: So, red tribe
has lost immunity today,

we are heading to Tribal Council,

and, you know,
tonight we have an audience.

We have the Water tribe that will be
sitting there watching on.

We've got a jury tonight,
we've got viewers, so, like,

how do we manage that?

Um, we behave ourselves.


DAVID: Looking at me?
MAN: Yeah.


Oh, wait, wait, wait, actually,

here's a really good question
to ask.

Dave, is there anything
you want to talk about first?

SANDRA: Oh, damn.

SOPHIE: The actions of David
at Tribal Council the other night,

his outburst, and how he sort of
came out firing unexpected,

I feel like we're all in a position
to be sending him home tonight.



'Cause we're such a family,
it's gonna be crap regardless.


Dave's the most dangerous person.
Yeah, he's gotta go tonight.



Now that I know Croc,
Jordan and Benny

are on the same page as me
to make this plan happen,

I need to make sure
that everyone else knows

exactly whose name
they're writing down.

Gonna vote for Dave?

Yeah, absolutely.
No, I know, thank you.

Of course, no questions asked,
I have Sammy,

who I give my whole heart
and all my trust to.

What name are you putting?


Like, for me, at the moment,
it would probably be David, like...


He rubbed a few people
up the wrong way

when he made that comment.

Yeah, he's lost Briana,

so he's clearly emotional.

100%, and I know
that Croc, Benny, Jordan...

..and Sam, obviously...'s, like, we're all on the same
page if that's what has to happen.

Yeah, I'd be keen for that as well.

Now that I have Jesse onboard,

there would be six
voting against Dave tonight.

So that's the majority.

You're good with us.
Very good chat.


DAVID: No-one is talking
to me directly,

so I'm 100% sure that
the hunt's on for me.


After my blow-up at Tribal,

it sort of...there's a lot of heat
on myself.

I've got a lot of damage control.

If I can remind one of the alphas

that I'm actually an asset
to the tribe,

maybe if I can pull that around.

Today would have been difficult
without me.






SANDRA: Sophie might be able
to tell them what to do

and these guys
will just follow along.

But it's not something

that you should do so early
in the game.

You shouldn't think like
you're running the show

or that you're the puppetmaster,

or that you dictate
who goes and who stays.

Oh, no!
You're teaching me!

You're teaching me.

Everyone is thinking
that Dave needs to go home.

But I need to turn it around.

Well done!

It's cold over here.

So, Sophie, you're in trouble
and you're next.

Because there is only one queen.


I was in the water just now
with Jordan,

Sophie, Croc and Ben.

They said to me, "Just write
Dave's name down tonight."

They didn't say nothing else to me.

It's, like, you just tell me
what to do.

Yeah. Always told what to do.


I'm gonna break up
that whole Sophie, Ben,

Croc, Jordan alliance

that thinks
they're running this tribe.






I want Sophie out of the game.

So I have to get six of us
to vote for Sophie.

But I need to be as subtle
as possible.


OK, perfect, then let's do it.

AMY: I think

eliminating Sophie at this point

is really good for my game,

because she's a huge social threat

and she manages
to just lure people in,

and some people may fall for that,
but I'm not falling for that.


All good, all good, all good.

We all good.




The big boys and Sophie
don't know.


I'm gonna let Amy

get everyone else to vote for Sophie.

That way, Amy gets the blame for it.

You know, like, by doing that,

then I won't get a big target
on my back.

I've always done sneaky things
every season and never got caught...

Imagine that!

So I want to seem like
I'm just sitting there,

chilled, not making moves,

which is gonna be easy for me.




(LAUGHS) He's not possessed
anymore, so it's all good.





Very true.
Very, very, very, very, very true.

Now that Jay's
onboard with this plan,

I know he will get Dave
to vote for Sophie,

and to make it, you know, 100%,
I do need to speak to Sam and Jesse.

But Sam is quite close
with Sophie at the moment,

so it's going to be really hard,
I think.



JESSE: So it'll be an easy vote.

This is gonna be really hard.

I know.

Like, Ben, Croc and Jordan...
Jordan. I know.

..are gonna be furious.

And you and I are in
the most dangerous position

of being seen like the flippers.

Yeah, yeah.

At the moment,
Sophie is the queen figure

of the alphas' alliance.


What name are you putting?



At least two or three, I reckon.

I'm on.

Someone's gotta do it.

David is an absolutely
potential vote for me tonight,

I mean, David

threw me under the bus
last Tribal Council.

He's a shaky guy. He doesn't have
faith when words are given to him.

And that's hard management.

JESSE: All that matters to me
is that we're tight.

So I'm just gonna take
your lead tonight,

'cause I don't want to
balls anything up.

With 11 people in this tribe,

Jesse and I
are in the deciding vote tonight.

So I could take a little bit
of subtle power into my play

and vote out Sophie.

Or I could go for Dave
and keep that big boy alliance,

including Sophie, on my side, which
could work well into the future.

So I've got a lot
to weigh up tonight, and...

I don't know. I don't know
what I'm doing right now.


SOPHIE: Everyone knows exactly
who they're supposed to vote for.

It's a no-brainer.

So I am confident we have
the numbers to get David out.

I was just waiting for my opportunity

to lead an assault in this tribe,
and today is that day.

If all goes well, Sophie goes home

and I'll get the last laugh

without anyone even knowing
that I did it.

So let's see what happens
at Tribal Council.

to unpack all the latest
Blood v Water action

every week on 10 play.



Alright, just a reminder,

blue is only here to observe tonight.

They will not be participating.

So, David, before we get started,
is there anything you'd like to say?


We're quite happy at the moment.
You're all sorted.

We'll see how this goes.


That's exactly how
the last Tribal started.


So, Amy, you walk
into the last Tribal

thinking that it's gonna be
a calm and easy vote.

It was anything but.

What are you expecting tonight?

Well, if it's going to be
anything like last Tribal,

you guys better strap in.

'Cause you're in for a wild ride.
DAVID: Really?

Wow. Is that what
you're expecting again tonight?

Um, I hope not.


So, Sophie,
last time you came here,

it seemed like
you guys had a specific plan,

but by the end
it was completely different.

Are you surprised how things can
change so quickly in this game?

No, I'm not surprised
how quickly they can change.

We were just all a bit surprised

at the David that we saw
last Tribal.

He hadn't existed before then,

so it was a bit of a shock,
that's all.

Well, Croc, Sophie brings up
a good point.

David kind of put a target on himself
that night.


Is he in danger again tonight
because of that?

He blindsided himself,
then he saved himself.

And he's still here.

And there were...there were
some wounds that were opened.

I think there may be

some more damage that could be,
you know, repaired as well,

so it'll be interesting to see if
any of that comes to light tonight.

There's a lot of tiptoeing
around here.

I think David knows
of course he's at risk again.

That's just the reality.

Um, as we've touched on many times,
we are a very strong, loyal tribe.

Then it was just
really unfortunate -

I've said this to you -
that there was just a few cracks.

Alright, so if he is the easy vote

what would be the benefits
of actually keeping him?

I don't think anyone here
can question

David's dedication
to the challenges.

He is a great contribution
to our tribe, absolutely.

But, Amy, on the other hand, what
would be the risks of keeping David?

Well, we all saw Dave
the other night.

And he is a bit chaotic.

So we don't know if he's gonna
explode at any time.

So, Sandra, has David been able
to redeem himself,

or do you think too much trust
has been lost?

We're all here. We know
what happens at Tribal Council.

When you think you're safe,
you're not.

Even I'm foolish to think

that I might not get a vote tonight,
you know?

You described the last Tribal
as either a three-ring circus...

BOTH: Or a shitshow.

How would you describe
today's challenge?

I couldn't even begin to say
where it all went wrong,

because from my viewpoint,
where we were standing,

everything was right,

so I don't know what happened and
how it happened and how we're here.

Jay, when I was watching,
you couldn't even paddle straight.

Is there a leadership problem
in this tribe?

We definitely do have
a leadership issue.

And I don't necessarily think
we need a hierarchy that's clear.

This season, Blood v Water,

really has added
so many different layers.

It's made it so complicated.

There are so many relationships
to consider.

Your relationship with your tribe.

Your relationship
with your loved one.

Your loved one's relationship
with their tribe.

Jordan, how do you manage
all of that?

You've just gotta play
what's in front of you, Jonathan.

So the way I'm managing it is,
as far as I'm concerned,

I'm red tribe right now
and this is my family,

so my main focus is here.

Sophie, does that mean there are
no distinct groups in this tribe?

Um, not that I'm aware of
at the moment.

We can tell you the same thing
over and over again.

We are such a united force.

Amy, if it is one big happy family,

how do you decide
who is gonna go home?

AMY: I don't know.

It's extremely hard
to decide who goes home.

Do we base it on
keeping the tribe strong

or keeping it united?

But we'll see.

So, what's the vote about tonight
for you?

I think my vote's based on
keeping the tribe united.

What about for you, Sandra?


Sophie, what's the vote about tonight
for you?


Sam, what's the vote about tonight
for you?

It's gonna be a new beginning.

With one less player,
it's a new team,

and the votes will tell.

So, Sophie,

do you think anyone's gonna be
surprised by tonight's vote?

Uh, look, I can't answer that.

We know how this game goes.
I know where I'm voting.

And hopefully
that's the way it goes.

If we're going to beat
this formidable side over there...

..we have to be working as one.


Alright, I think it is time to vote.

Alright, I think it is time to vote.



BEN: David.

Don't mess with my tribe.



Adios, mate.




I'll go count the votes.


If anyone has a Hidden Immunity Idol
and they'd like to play it,

now would be the time to do so.


(LAUGHS) If only.

Alright, I'll read the votes.

First vote - David.


David. That's two votes David.

David. That's three votes David.

David. That's four votes David.




Sophie. Two votes Sophie.

Sophie. That's four votes David,
three votes Sophie.

Sophie. We're tied.

Four votes David, four votes Sophie.


Oh, my God.

That's five votes Sophie,
four votes David.


Fourth person voted out.

That's six votes. That's enough.

Sophie, you need to bring me
your torch.

(SOFTLY) What?




I love you.
You're gonna be so great.

OK, look after her, please.

Thank you, guys. Have fun, guys.
JORDAN: See you, Soph.


Sophie, you've been voted out
of your tribe,

but you're not out of the game...



..because tonight you'll be joining
the blue tribe.


You can take off your buff,
toss it in the fire.

KJ: Oh, yes!
Toss it in.

Here's your new one. Go ahead.

Grab your torch and go ahead
and join your new tribe.

Hear, hear.


Alright, blue, your work is done.
You can go.

Wow. You be loyal to everyone
and look what they do.

Thank you, darling.


Oh, my (BLEEP) God.

I need to stop swearing.
Stop swearing.

Well, tonight's vote proved
that you're willing to strike,

but when you knock a spider
from its web,

you better hope it doesn't come back
to bite you.

Grab your torches. Head back to camp.

MAN: Ay, yi, yi!


Tomorrow night
on Australian Survivor...

SOPHIE: Together with my sister, KJ,

I'm ready to start
playing this game hard.

Sophie makes a splash
at her new tribe.

The brainiacs
that tried to vote me out,

they've handed the lioness over
to their own family

and they've made her really angry.

But will this family reunion...

She's not actually realising
it's affecting me.

..tear the game apart?

I just don't want
a target on my back.

And when she gets on the warpath,
you don't want to be in her way.