Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 7, Episode 3 - Episode #7.3 - full transcript

A new day, a new Reward Challenge, with a trip to the coveted Survivor Shop. One person from the winning tribe is able to take someone from the other tribe along with them.

JONATHAN: Previously
on Australian Survivor...

..Blood v Water
dealt its first blow.

When I noticed Andy'd gone home,
my heart sunk.


And when it was sink or swim...

Go, blue team! clawed their way to victory,
claiming their second reward.


At the red tribe...

Andy's gone. I feel Kate, she just
knows more than what she plays out.

..with her brother
no longer in the game,

all eyes were on Kate.

Andy was a fierce returning player
that was not loyal,

and his style of game play
influences his sister.

But Queen Sandra wasn't fazed.

SANDRA: I've played with the most
villainous players

ever in the history of the show,

and I beat 'em every single time.

At the Immunity Challenge...


..a nail-biting race...
Come back this way. To the side.

..saw both tribes neck-and-neck.


Red wins immunity,
sending blue to Tribal Council.

At camp...

BRIANA: After what I did
first Tribal,

I kind of think
I'm on the chopping block.

..Briana frantically searched
for an Idol.

It's the beginning of Survivor,

playing this hard really
puts a bigger target on her back.

My vote's on Briana. I'm gonna
find out if she has an Idol.

But when her closest ally, Shay,
found an Idol...

You found it.
My mouth is so dry.

Well done.

..Khanh took control.

I need to make sure that Shay
doesn't use her Idol for Briana.

At Tribal Council...

If anyone has a hidden Immunity Idol
and they would like to play it,

now would be the time to do so.

..Shay followed orders...


..and Khanh proved he was king.

The tribe has spoken.

22 are left.

Who will be going home tonight?


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NINA: What happened? Oh, day 6?
Day 6!

Gotta put a 'B'
up there as well.

Do I have to hit it?

Just put it on there
and rock it back and forth.

Day 6.
Day 6!

I'm still here!

She lives to fight another day.

You think you can get
a 'B' in there?

Yeah, I can carve a 'B'.

What's a 'B'?
OTHERS: Briana.


Yeah, go back to the...
No, we're doing the alphabet.

We're doing the alphabet.

CHRISSY: No, we're not doing
the alphabet!

Yeah, the alphabet!

No, we're not!

CHRISSY: Briana played hardball,
and she was out for blood,

and she was gaining
a lot of momentum.

She was just
tick-tick-tick-tick-tick, you know.

So, yeah, her going,
it's gotta be positive for me.

Oi, how was Bri, like,
went to pick up her bag yesterday

and she grabbed mine,
put it over her shoulder,

and I was like,
"Oh, that's actually mine."


For all we know,
she's probably coming back.

For all we know, she's on an island
somewhere right now with Andy.

Oh, wait.

I only just learned that
'blindsided' word, so...

I think Briana was definitely
blindsided last night.

And masterminded by King Khanh.

He even got Shay to vote for Briana.


SHAY: Oh, my gosh, I...

Yeah, that and also...

He's just a fricking god.

Khanh and I have
a very unique relationship.

Him and I have no written words,
or nothing's been said,

but I can tell he's got my back.

What is it?
That was a spider.

And that was the bravest thing
that I've ever done. Ohh!

It is quite daunting to move
into a new environment,

and I just have, like,
12 personalities.

It's funny 'cause everybody
seems like they're actually...

Yeah, that's what I feel as well.
Enjoying the conversations.

Like, the only person I thought
that wasn't the case has left.


What do you mean,
I'm not thinking about resume,

like, I'm just here to,
like, play Survivor.

I'm not here to make it
to the end and win

by making big moves
like getting Briana out.

Behind. Yes, sure.

'Knife', 'corner'.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.

I always say that - "Knife!"

But they yell it, don't you?
Yeah, but you have to.

If you're polite about it, no-one
hears you and people get hurt.

Yeah, when I first started
washing dishes in the kitchen,

I got in trouble
for being too quiet.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I used to be.

At the beginning, when I was
first at the restaurant,

I was like, "Behind,"
and now I'm like, "Behind!"

"HOT behind!"

I think that the blue tribe
has a really good group,

which means that there are
a lot of people on this tribe

that I would like to work with.

Saying that, I can't
work with everybody.

I think I need to find
a strong player in this game

that I think that I can trust,

that can help me
move further in the game.

I've had my eye on Mark

as someone I've wanted to work with
from the beginning,

especially because he's
played the game before.

I know that Mark is the kind of
strong, silent type,

but he looks like a guy...
or a man of his word,

and I respect that.







I wanted to see what
his kind of motives were,

how he wanted to play the game,
the type of game he wanted to play.

So, like, I'm not saying
that, like, besties.

Just think of it like
I need someone I can rely on

that I don't have to
talk to all the time.

Dude, let's do it.
Yeah. Yeah.

Because, you know,
I feel like we've connected

but not enough that
people are gonna suspect...

Exactly, so I feel like...

Let's go for a walk.
Yeah, so if yours or...


'Khanh' is Arabic for 'king'.

Khanh is the king of this tribe.

This is a smart move,
it's a long-term one.

Khan is really clever
and really intelligent,

has a good read, has connections
with all the females as well.

So he's a really dynamic player.

I think I wanna keep
a close eye on him.

As long as we're on the same page,
we don't have to talk all the time.

Just little looks -
"You're in? You're in?"

I'll cover you.
Sweet. We're done.

I'm not here to play a safe game.

I don't understand why people
are here to play safe games.

It's more fun when you play
Survivor this way.

You wanna take risks,
you wanna make moves,

and that's what I'm here for.

That's him.
That's me.

(RAPS) # Croc sleeps by the fire
'cause he's really hot

# I cried a lot to Jordie
'cause I'm not... #


You thought, "Oh, Briana,
I was waiting for you."

# Yesterday at the challenge
we played as a team

# Two nights ago
Sophie had a wet dream... #


It's day 6, and we've avoided
the past two Tribal Councils,

so I feel great.

I feel great that we haven't had to
put ourselves in that situation

of writing someone's name down,

and the tribe is pretty united
because of it.

Who's that?
Ah, ah, ah!

One, two, three, four. Go.

# Ah-ah

# Ah-ah... #

What I love about this tribe
is we know how to have fun.

It's like a festival out here.
Red tribe is the party tribe.

We're one big happy family.


The difference between the way I play

and I notice that
the Australians play

is that they like
to play a nice game.

Everyone's happy, smiling,
getting along.

I am the total opposite of that.

(LAUGHS) Dirty Americans!

We're just lowdown.

What is 'morals'?
That doesn't exist!

But I'm gonna go along with it until
we have to go to Tribal Council.

Hey, D?
Team work makes the dream work.

I'm just gonna stay
in the background,

I'm gonna pretend like I'm not
even here, let them forget about me

because I know I have
a target on my back.

I'm the queen for a reason,

and I'm ready to vote them out,
one after the other, mate.

Briana knows
she is on the chopper.

She is a good talker,
very convincing.

Why do you think that
Briana is going?

It wouldn't affect me.


If she knows the game well,
she might've had an Idol.


She's a smart thinker?
Mmm, definitely.

In the red tribe,
the first person I look at

and think they're a fish out of water
is definitely David.

He's only here 'cause of her. Can
you imagine if she went home first?

He'd be heartbroken,
he'd be devastated.


He was telling me that it was
Briana's dream to come to Survivor,

he doesn't know much about it,
so I suspect that

he'll be making rookie mistakes
very early in the game.

He's an easy vote.

So I'm just gonna try to push them
in the direction of

"David needs to go," if and when
we lose an Immunity Challenge.

MAN: I'm gonna eat, like...

Who do you reckon will go?

I don't know.


Yeah. Yeah. Who's done?

Here's the double-edged sword
of Blood V Water

is that the tribe
has saved themselves,

yet every single one of us has got
a loved one on the other side

that's up for the potential axe.

Definitely keeping me up at night.


Knowing Briana, she is a force
to be reckoned with,

and she can come on
maybe too strong.

If we need to go to Tribal, like,
has anything been...


'Cause we haven't had to go there,

I don't feel like anything's
really spoken about...

JESSE: Pretty relaxed.

Do you have any thoughts, anything
you've been pondering, Dave?


Not really, huh?
(LAUGHS) He's like...


DAVID: If I lost Briana, I will be
one of the sitting ducks,

so I've made a decision
to do something.

I think we're in good shape,
like we're...

The thing with us is
we haven't had that point

where we've had to
make the decision.

But in my mind, it's...Sandra.

Big dog.

Yeah, which, from what I'm
gathering, there's people either

want her here long-term
or people want her...

I think it's dangerous
to have her here long-term.

She is wicked.

She...she will manoeuvre.

AMY: She's gonna destroy...
And you get her...

She's gonna be like,
"I'll tell you what Survivor is!"

Get her and her daughter together...


Biggest risk player here,
the one with the most experience

and the one that can
outmanoeuvre us all,

is Sandra, so in my eyes, always
go for the biggest threat first

and make it a clean kill.

If we go through a Tribal
and she's still in,

and divisions start happening
because it's life and death now,

all of a sudden, you haven't got
numbers to get a big dog,

and she can actually be clever

and manoeuvre her way through
to merge, get with Nina,

and off she goes, so...

SANDRA: If I find out that
someone's after me,

forget it - it's over for you.

I turn the tables on them
really, really quick

and I take them out.

I don't forgive, I don't forget,

I have zero mercy for anyone.

There's nothing that I've never
been willing to do to win this game.

I'll do it all,

from backstab, to lie, manipulate,

betray, you name it,
I'm your girl.



JONATHAN: Come on in.


Red getting your first look

at the new blue tribe.

Briana voted out
at the last Tribal Council.


David, are you surprised
that Briana's gone?

Uh, super surprised,
Jonathan, really. Yep.

As a father who wants to protect
their kid,

is it hard not to take
this one personally?

Oh, yeah, it's personal, mate.

Yeah, we're gonna get in there
and do our thing.

I know exactly how he feels.

That kind of love is totally
different than other kinds of love.

You know what I call it,
this is the transfer of a dream.

So Briana had a dream,
she's just transferred that.

So now it's up to you
to carry the flag.


Alright, you're ready to get to
today's reward challenge?


For today's challenge,
one of you will swim a rope

out to a pair of pontoons
loaded with sandbags,

allowing the rest of the tribe to
pull the pontoons back to the shore.

You will then carry the sandbags
up the hill

and over a series of obstacles

where you'll build a pyramid that
you'll climb up to light a flare.

First tribe to light their flare

wins reward.

Wanna know what you're playing for?


A trip to the Survivor storehouse.

Where you will get to choose
from an array of items

guaranteed to make your life at camp
that much better.

Worth playing for?


It's a good one.

It's a good one.

Red, you have two extra players,
you need to sit two people out today.

Who's it gonna be? Show of hands.

OK, Michelle, Sandra,
you guys are on the bench.

Everyone else, let's get to it.

Alright, here we go.

For reward.

Survivors, ready?



Everyone charging down to the shore.

Jesse quick out of the gate for red. with the rope for blue.

Jump on the other side, bro.
Get a rope. Get a rope.

Jesse, the triathlete,
pulling ahead of blue.

The other way. The other way.

MAN: Yes, Jesse.

Jesse gets there first. He clips
the rope onto the first pontoon.

MAN: Let's go!

Red start pulling it in.

MAN: Nice and steady.
Nice and steady.

Wasting no time.

MAN: Go, Khanh. Go, Khanh.

Khanh gets there. He clips it on.

Come on, guys, pull.
Blue trying to catch up.

Pull, pull, pull.

Red have their first pontoon back.

MAN: Release, release, release.

Jesse going out again
for their second pontoon.

Alright, pull, pull, pull. Pull.

That's it.

Blue have their pontoon back.

Second, who's that?

WOMAN: Who's going?
Arguing about who's going to go next.

Go, go, go, go, go. Jordie.
Jordie goes in.

Hey, take the rope.
Jordie, take the rope. Jordie.

Jordie, take the rope.
He forgets the rope.

Go. Go, go, go, go.

Costing blue precious time already.

MAN: Keep it coming. Work. Pull.

Red quickly pulling back
their second pontoon.

MAN: Come on, back. Come on, back.
Come on.

WOMAN: Slack. Slack. Slack.

Jordie's signalling
to the rest of his tribe.

MAN: Slack, guys. Slack.
Come on, bro.

He needs some more slack.

He gets there. He clips it on.

Go, go, go, go.

Blue pulling now.

Trying to make up for some lost time.

WOMAN: Pull.
Go, go, go.

Red have their second pontoon.

MAN: Start unloading.
MAN: OK, got it.

You're good, red. Start unloading.

Let's go!
Pass me.

Alright, get in.

Jesse, Jay, Sam
first up the hill for red.

MAN: Pull!
Blue have their second pontoon back.

You're good, blue.

Go, go, go.
Start unloading those bags.

Unload these bags.

20 kilograms each.

70 bags in total

that you need to drag
up a steep incline

in blistering heat.

Jay over that first hurdle.

Wow, I think that bag
weighs more than Sam

and she is whipping through it.

Under the next one.

Nice work.

Jay dumps the first bag for red.

Sam right behind.

Jesse there now too.

Wow, David is a man on a mission.

Mark's first up the hill for blue.

Shay coming up now.

Chrissy feeling it already.


Good work. Keep going. Keep going.

Take a drink if you need it, guys.

Don't gas yourself.

Make no mistake, this challenge
is as brutal as we have ever seen.

KHANH: My God.

The sun is burning,
the struggle is real.

Alex really hurting now.

His back. Clearly in a lot of pain.


You said you wanted to play Survivor.

Well, this is it.

Right, good work, guys. Let's go.


This is as hard as it gets.

MAN: Good job. Good job, blue.

Red four bags ahead of blue.



14 bags left for red, 24 for blue.

Blue are gonna need to pick this up
if they wanna close the gap.

(MAN PANTS) Good work, blue.
Keep going. (PANTS)


Let's do it.

Kate collapses on the ground.

Red now just walking.

MARK: They're gassin', they're
gettin' tired quick. Keep going.

Mark calling the shots for blue,
trying to get some momentum.

Go, Jordie. Go, Jordie.
Keep going. Keep going.

Josh coming in with two bags.

Blue have made up some ground.

They're closing the gap.


Sam helping out Kate.


Wow! David looking strong. Fighting
for his daughter. What a beast.

This could be where red pulls away.

MAN: Last ones.

Last stretch. Let's go.

Red have all their sandbags,
just need to get them to the top.

MARK: Come on, blue.

Keep pushing. Keep pushing.
Let's go!

MAN: Pick it up! Pick it up!
MAN: Let's go.

Red can smell victory. They have all
their sandbags over the hurdles.


They just need to get them
on the pyramid.

MAN: Bring us home, bruh.

Ben with the last two sandbags.

Go, Dave. Over to you, brother.

David goes up.

DAVID: Boom!

Red wins reward.

MAN: Good, mate.




Red, congratulations, you've won
a trip to the Survivor store,

where you will get to choose
from an array of items

guaranteed to make your life
in this game that much easier.

However, you cannot all go at once.

So choose one person
to shop on your behalf.

DAVID: I'll go.

You guys sure?

Who's it gonna be?

I think it's me, Jonathan. Yeah.

David, it's you.

David, it's no fun shopping
by yourself.

So choose one person from blue
to join you.


Who's it gonna be?

Oh, I'd have to be looking at Khanh
over there, I reckon.

MAN: Yeah.



Alright, Khanh, David,
head on out. Enjoy.


My strategy was to come in
as a good bloke.

Now Briana's gone, it's game on.

I want to make them pay
for what they have done.

I chose Khanh because, to me,
he's a trustworthy guy.

And I wanted to understand
why Briana was targeted.

To me, the game has started.


KHANH: Oh, my God.

So red have just won the reward

and David got to go to it

and he picked me to go with him,

which is horrific,

because I just voted Briana out.

So I feel like it's
a little bit awkward.

Alright. What have we got here?

"Welcome to the Survivor store.

"As winners of today's challenge,

"choose three items for your tribe

"or choose two items

"and allow your companion
to choose one.

"Any advantages found
will not count as an item. Enjoy."

Righto. Let's go.

Are you giving me one?

I'll have a look first. (LAUGHS)

It is a full store.

There's everything you could need.

I see herbs, I see spices,
I see salt and pepper.

I see canned goods.

Nuts, sardines, soap.

Hey, wait.

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God. Hold on.


"You have found great power
in this game.

"It is made of two halves.

"Each half is a Hidden Immunity Idol.

"If these halves find their way
back to each other,

"they can be joined together
to form one Super Idol."


"The Super Idol can be played
after the votes have been read,

"guaranteeing your safety."




So the normal Immunity Idol,

you must play that
before the votes are counted.

A Super Idol, made up of two Idols,

you can actually wait,
and if your name comes up,

you play the Idol.

So I'm bloody happy about this.

And if I use this right,

this can be a game-changer.

"It can help both your games." OK.

Thank you for bringing me.


Let's have a look.
Oh, gosh.

So I'm guessing you're the red one.


Um, now...
I like that.

Are you gonna give me an item?

Probably not.

No-one's gonna believe me

if I go back empty-handed.

I think that'd paint
a really big target on my back.

Would you give me
an item for information?

Can't do it. No deal.

(CHUCKLES) I got no-one
in camp there anymore, so...

I felt angry

and revengeful.

And I wanna make them pay
for what they have done.

What's this?

I can't believe you wouldn't
give me one.

So I've got the fishing net.

I've got the proteins

with nuts and beef jerky.

And...I got this.


The Blood Idol.

How are you feeling?

Oh, devo.

I thought Briana would have been
a key element of the team,

to be honest,
so I was a bit shocked.

Um, when we came back from
the fishing challenge,

Briana ran for a tackle box

and she went through it
with everyone seeing.

So straightaway...

Alarm bells.
..alarm bells went off.

She went out really gracefully.

Like, she was really lovely.
Was she?

Yeah. But...

It was just she got caught,
do you know what I mean?


But you're alright?


Gotta...gotta continue on, mate.
It's Survivor.

As of right now, Briana's out.

My rules are the rules of Survivor.

And that's whatever it takes
to get to the end.

Before we actually
have to split up...


What are you gonna do?
What are you gonna say?

What do you wanna do?

People are gonna be suspect about...
Of course.

You can, honestly, just say
that I did find the clue.

'Cause I'm gonna say that.
You ripped that off.

Yeah, I'm literally gonna say
that you found the clue.

So I think it's gonna be
quite believable.

If I play...

Yeah, we need a code.

Do you always wear your hat
in challenges, at the beginning?

Yeah, I wear it coming in.

We wear it coming in,
but look at each other

and take it off
if one of us has used it.

I'll take it off in front of you.

Yep. Yep.

Maybe see you at merge.
Yeah, mate.

Let's do it.


I sent Khanh home with nothing.

He's my grenade that
I'm just rolling into camp,

ready to let off,

because everybody will be suspicious
that he's got something.


Khanh's back.

Khanh? Oh!

What did you get?

I'm so sorry.
MAN: Oh, no.

I didn't get anything.

Um, I was gonna hide it,

but we haven't hidden
anything from each other

as a tribe so far.

Oh, shit. Wait, wait.

This is the most serious
we've ever all been.

So I have an Idol.


No way!

Did you get it before he did?

No, we both have one.

I kind of only actually showed them

half an Idol, like that,

to pretend that it was a full Idol.

And it worked.

They believe that I have a full Idol
and that's all that it is.

We appreciate your honesty.

Everyone would have done the same.

I literally was, like,
"I can hide this

"or I can, like...or I can not."

I feel as though if I'd tried to hide
it, you guys would have known.

My game plan is to make the tribe
think that I'm really honest

and that they can trust me,

because it means I can actually
make it to merge

with the Idol.

The con about this being

if they find out about
the true power of this Idol,

that's a massive target.

MAN: Yew!


WOMAN: Lovely to see you.

What you got?
Oh, yabby creek time!

We got yabbies, fish.
Nuts and...

So this is for the vegetarian
over here.

Protein. And everyone else.

Now, I haven't gone glamp either.
Is that jerky?


Jerky. So I've gone...

I've gone performance.

Proteins, for advantage, over luxies.

There was soap, there was...
Nah, we don't need that.

We got leaves.
We smell pretty already.

SANDRA: I'm waiting to see
how much truth he tells us

because there's no way
he went to the Survivor store

and didn't get something
for himself.

Anyway, um,

we rock on in and, um,

it basically said you could pick

three items only

but I could choose
to give one to Khanh.

And he's gone...he's gone...

"Are you gonna give me one of
the items?" And I said no.


And he's just gone...

He's just gone...

"No, seriously," he says,
"what do you need to know?"

I said, "I've got no-one over there.
I need to know nothing."

Good on you, Dave.

Once I'd sort of selected
the things there,

it a bit 'mantic'.

And at my foot drops
this little...package,

and I thought, "That's it,
I've got the...I've got the clue."


And then I'm looking,
feeling this thing,

and I'm going, "Oh, hold on.

"That's bloody soap."


It was soap tied up in the paper?

You know the ones
they find in a log, it's all tied up?

Like, instantly, I saw it at my feet,
I've just gone, "Da-dum."

Like, I was impressed.

Well, if it was there,

I haven't got it.

'Cause... And I reckon... So I...

(GROANS) He's tricky.

He's bloody tricky.
Like, I couldn't read him.

I was just all over him, going...

SANDRA: I don't believe
his full story.

He might have an advantage
or a clue.

I think he does.

If we lose immunity

and we end up going
to Tribal Council,

I'm definitely gonna
do everything in my power

to go for Dave.

Because I know I have
a target on my back.

I know I'm the queen for a reason.

I know they want me out.

But it won't happen.

Come on in!

Khanh, your tribe had just
voted out David's daughter.

Was it a little awkward
going on that shopping trip?

He was so savage.

Like, he just wouldn't give me
anything and I practically begged,

but he would not budge.

So you didn't get those spices
for your kitchen?

Absolutely not.

Alright, you ready to get
to today's Immunity Challenge?

First things first...

Thank you.

Once again,
immunity is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge... are gonna race through
a series of hurdles in a mud pit.

You will then chop down
two huge logs,

first to create a bridge,

then a ramp
to get to the top of the tower.

Once everyone's down the other side,

you'll work together
to unravel enough chain

to move a chest of blocks
to your tribe mat.

You will then use those blocks

to spell two words while balancing
them on a giant seesaw.

The first tribe who gets it right
wins immunity, safe from the vote.

Losers, Tribal Council
where somebody's gonna become

the third person
voted out of this game.

Red, you have two extra players.
You need to sit out two people.

It cannot be the same
in back-to-back challenges.

Who's it gonna be?

MAN: Yeah, sit out. Yeah.

Jay and Kate,
you guys are on the bench.

Everyone else, I'll give you a minute
to strategise and we'll get to it.

Alright, here we go.

For immunity. Survivors, ready?



You need to go
under that first one.

Over the next two. Under the last.

Military man Mark helping everyone
over that middle hurdle.

It doesn't have
to be pretty on Survivor.

You just need to get the job done.

Sandra struggling.

Blue are through. You're good.
Start chopping, blue.

Mark chopping first for blue.

Come on, reds!
You need to pick this up!

Let's go! Dig deep!

You're good, reds. Start chopping.

Croc for reds.

That axe is all about technique.

WOMAN: Go, Croc!

Wow. Croc is just whacking away
at his log.

Oh-ho, Mark and Croc going at it.

Croc is a beast.

WOMAN: Keep it up! Come on!
MAN: Yeah! Yes, Croc!

That's it. Croc has his.

OK, red, one at a time
across the log.

Croc, he's across. Jesse on next.

SANDRA: Slow and steady.
Slow and steady.

WOMAN: One more!

Mark's still
whacking away at his log.

One more!

Dropping! Yes!

NINA: Go! Go, Mark! Go!
Marky, go first!

Mark has it. He goes across.

Red have a small lead.
Can they keep it going?

Sam taking her time for red.

Alex whipping across for blue.

Josh going across now,
wasting no time.

MAN: Nice. You got this. Easy.

Khanh goes across.

Twin sisters Michelle and Mel
on the bridge now.

We are neck and neck at this stage.

MAN: Faster, faster, faster!

Ben last for red. Shay last for blue.

The complication of Blood v Water
playing out right here.

WOMAN: Go, go, go, go, go!

Shay just whipped straight across.
We are neck and neck.

Gotta do the same thing
all over again.

Rinse and repeat.

JESSE: You go, Big Dog! Go!

Get him! Get him, Jordan! Get him!

Cousins Jordan and Josh
punishing their logs.

This is a family
hatchet job right here.

Josh showing no mercy.


Just like that,
Josh does it for blue.

Jordan struggling
with the second log for red.

Come on! You got this!

Josh, he's good.

KJ going up now for blue.

Blue's starting to pull away.

Jordan still struggling for red,
opening the door for blue.

Can they capitalise?

Mark, he goes across.

Oh, no!

Big setback for blue.
MAN: You got it, you got it!

Mark slips off.
Come on, Mark. Come on, brother.

MAN: Alright. Right, right, right!


That's it. Jordan has his.
You're good.

Mark steps up again.

Gonna take his time.

Mud from the mud pit
on the bottom of your shoes

makes that bridge perilous.

Immunity is on the line.

Someone is getting the chop tonight.

Sandra going up now.

MAN: Nice and steady.
MAN 2: You got this.

Sandra cautiously making her way up.

Go, Sandra.

Sandra struggling.

I got your hand. Give me your hand,
give me your hand.

Give me your hand.
No, no. I can come.

We can pull you up, though.

Shay on the bridge for blue,
wasting no time.

MAN: Look at that form! Yes, Shay!

One left for blue.

Mel going up now.

Once she's up, blue can move on.


Blue's good. Alright, move on, blue!

Oh, my arse! Oh!

MAN: Go, go, go.

Blue has been
to the last two Tribal Councils.

They do not want to go a third time.

WOMAN: Let's go!

Big hit for Mel.

You're good, blue.
Start unravelling that chain.

Josh, Alex, Mark and Jordie.

Nice and tight.
Whipping around that post.

You need to get enough chain
so you can reach your tribe mat.

You guys are good.
OK, red, down you go!



Big hit for Sandra.

Red's good.

Jesse, Jordan, David and Croc
on the chest for red,

trying to catch up.

This is a close challenge,
not much in it.

It's all gonna be decided
on that end game.

WOMAN: Go, guys!
MAN: One more! One more around!

Do two more!
One more. Check the chain.

One more. Check the chain.
You don't want to come back.

Does blue have enough chain?
They're gonna test is right here.

WOMAN: Go, go, go!
You're good, blue!


Start unpacking those blocks.


Red still trying to get
enough chain to reach.

Let's move it, let's move it!

Go, go, go, go!

Will this be it?

WOMAN: That's it!
Not quite.

You're gonna need some more.
It needs to be on your tribe mat.

Red needs to go back
for another turn,

opening the door for blue.

You're good, red.
Start unpacking your blocks.


WOMAN: Face up, face up, face up.

You have 10 blocks,
you need to spell two words...

SANDRA: It's Blood v Water -
'blood', 'water'.

..while balancing them
on a giant seesaw.

CHRISSY: Listen to my count.

Three, two, one. Place.

No, up, Shay.
Sounds easier than it really is.

Come back. Reset.

Shay on Mark's shoulders.

Nina on Josh's for blue.

Amy on Jordan's shoulders.

Sam on Ben's for reds.

Listen for my count.

Three, two, one. Place.

WOMAN: Next one. A, A, A.

This end game requires teamwork
and communication.

That's what it's gonna come down to.


Blue can spell out a win right here.
They are looking sharp.

Red - a different story.

WOMAN: Wait. Yep. Next one.

Three, two...
Wait! No, no, no! Get in, get in!

Guys, this is it!
Just slow. Hold, hold, hold!

No, no, no, no! Sam, Sam, Sam, Sam!

This is now a high-stakes
balancing act for red,

but time is against them.


CHRISSY: Three, two, one. Place!

Blue are a well-oiled machine today.

Three, two, one. Drop!

Blue has all their blocks up,
but can they get it to stick?

Hold! Hold!

That's it!

Blue wins immunity,

sending red to Tribal Council
for the first time.


WOMAN: Close, close, close.

Blue, finally, immunity is yours.



Thank you.

You guys are safe, nobody going home.

Grab your gear. Head on out.
Enjoy your night off.

NINA: Thank you.

Well done, guys.

Alright, red, Tribal Council for you
tonight where one of you will become

the third person voted out
of Blood v Water.

Head back to camp.
I'll see you guys tonight.

SANDRA: Oh, my God.

I think everyone right now
is on pins and needles.

I already have a huge
target on my back.

I've been Sole Survivor
twice before.

I know what it takes
to get to the end.

But right now,
it's self-preservation

and I need to preserve
my spot in this game.

I'm a pro at throwing people
under the bus.

Anyone but me. (CHUCKLES)

Having lost the Immunity Challenge

and coming back to camp
was craziness.

We haven't had to scramble yet.

We haven't had to think about
the game Survivor.

We've been on a glamping trip.

Oh, man. I'm so disappointed for us.

WOMAN: It was nothing in it.
Like, everyone did well and...

DAVID: I'm feeling confident

because holding that Super Idol
in my hand,

it does give you a sense of,

"Oh, I can actually play this game
'cause I've got some confidence."

At some point, you've gotta make
some big moves.

Wow! That came out of nowhere.
WOMAN: Yeah.

It is critical that we strike
the big dog now.

Guys, wanna have a chat?
MAN: Yeah.

Wanna chat?

What do you guys all feel?

Who's your most dangerous player
of all?



It's gotta be a heavy strike, hard.

She would think
"Aussies are the dumbest"

if we didn't go for her first.

She would say that.

There's always a potential
for an Idol,

so you always have to allow
a contingency plan.

We've agreed that it'll be
a split vote with Kate.

Kate basically
was the vulnerable one.

She'd lost Andy early.

You know, she was on the outer.

'Cause this is our first one,
keep it simple.

I was just thinking big boys - Kate.

One, two, three.

Everyone but those.

We've had a discussion and the big
boys - Croc, Benny and Jordan -

will vote for Kate.

And the rest of us will be voting
for Sandra.

Which means Sandra going home,
end of story.

But at the same time, I'm definitely
worried that Sandra could find out

and it's a very scary prospect.

It has to go to plan
or I could be in trouble.

Yeah. I'll go as well.

SANDRA: So the first Tribal Council,

and there's definitely groups
already forming.

I most likely will be
the biggest target out here.

But I'm the one that knows Survivor.

I have the experience
and the know-how.

I'm 47 now.
I won my first time at 29.

I've played this game
for a very long time.

I was telling Jesse,

next time it has to be somebody
who can actually pick me.


I value alliances.

Without an alliance,
you can't play this game.

No-one can play
and win this game alone.

Alliances has to be
your number one priority.

You have to be with the majority.

If not, you're not going anywhere.
You're just gonna be picked off.

I feel like having such a big target
for various reasons,

I just have to see who comes up to me

and tells me what
and then I'll go from there.

I always align myself with the
alpha males, with the strong guys.

I want them around.

And then I just stay in my lane.

They'll come to me
when the time is right.

Hey. How you doing?
How you feeling?

I'm good, I'm good.



I hate that David
is throwing my name around

but he's not smooth.

The fact that he throws out names
early in the game

tells me he does not know shit
about Survivor.

Just climb.
Just climb. (LAUGHS)

I need to play an invisible game.
I need to lay low.

I don't need to look like
I'm scrambling.

But the plan is to get David out.

It's time to lead an assault
on Australian Survivor.

I will always be the queen.


SANDRA: I hate that David
is throwing my name around.

Dave gets on my nerves.

I can't stand to sleep next to
somebody that's wanting me out.

And that (BLEEP) wants me out.

BEN: Yeah, has to be
a blindside.

We have to have the numbers -
we'll divide and conquer,

grab the majority and keep it moving.




Right now I need them
to do my dirty work.

No matter what,
I'll get the last laugh.

I'm gonna make sure that
David goes home tonight,

and it will be a shocker.

BEN: So, I told Sandra that
her name has been mentioned

because I don't wanna see her go.

I don't wanna play it safe anymore.



I think now's the time
to make some big moves.

I'm gonna go with my gut
and really trust in Sandra.



Two, four, five.

Because Dave lost Briana
at Tribal Council,

I feel he's a little bit
of a loose cannon.

When he says something,
it's very abrupt,

and it's very,
"Need to do it this way,"

and that kinda got under my skin.

OK, Dave, Dave's pissed.


My idea of defending the queen is,

"Take me under your wing
and show me the ropes."

I'm 1,000% confident

that we have the numbers tonight
to pull this off.

And it should be Dave going home.


SAM: Yeah, like I thought.



I mean, um, Ben and Sophie...

Want Dave. Mmm.
..want Dave.

I don't want Dave to go out.

There's a few people that
I feel like I have some kind of

close trust with at the moment,
and Dave is one of them.

JAY: Can't send Dave home.

He's Blood strong,
so, like, I don't mind.

But he's so loyal.

It's better to have
a threat that you know

rather than a threat you don't.


He's an asset.

I think there's a chance that Dave
is gonna cop some votes tonight.

But...there are potentially
few opportunities in this game

to get Sandra out,
and this could be that moment.

What do you think of
Sandra, though?

She's (BLEEP) dangerous.
So do I.

That was my main thing as well.
She's dangerous.


Nah, or...

Yeah, I think we've gotta get her,
I think we stick with the...

..OG, yeah.

Sandra, I mean, she is
the biggest threat out here.

She's played the game multiple
times. She's won the game twice.

We've got to get her out.

What do you think?


Are you?

No way, Dave.
Yeah, no way.

There's no way we want Dave out.



I've... I've just got...

At this point in the game, there's a
couple of people on the target list,

and that's Kate and Sandra.


But I can see something's not right.

Currently, right around me,

I'm seeing too many conversations
I haven't been involved in.


Did Sandra?

And if you're not involved
in those other conversations,

probably means you could be up -



And all of a sudden,
I became paranoid.

From being not on the target list,

I felt that people
are just gonna go for me.

And the best way is a blindside.

It's conflicting
because I've got an Idol,

so I've got some power here,
and I know there's stuff going on.

At the same time, Briana's out,

so all of a sudden, you feel like
you're not one of the others,

you're on your own a bit.

So I'm going in with
a bit of charge.

I'm gonna expose this tonight,

and let's see how that rattles
the little comfy camp.

I'm ready to let shit blow up.

Bring it on.

Every time I've played Survivor,
I create chaos.

There's gonna be a lot of fireworks
at Tribal Council tonight.

I'm not scared of hurting
anyone's feelings.

I'm coming to play my game my way.

In previous seasons, everyone that
wrote my name down, nobody won.

So there's a curse - you write
my name down, you go home.



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Behind each of you is a torch.
Go ahead and grab one.

Come forward, dip it in and get fire.

This is part of the ritual
of Tribal Council

because in this game,
fire represents your life.

Once it's gone, so are you.

So, Sam, you've had a week to
get to know everyone.

How would you describe this tribe?

Uh, we've been a very
'kumbaya' tribe so far.

Um, there hasn't been a huge amount
of strategy chat until today.

Sandra, how is this Australian tribe

different from the ones
that you've been on in the US?

Exactly what Sam says.

Usually on the US versions,

by minute one or hour one,
the strategy starts.

People align themselves,
they want to be in the majority.

But here everyone just wanted
to wait and see what happened.

And Australians
like to do blindsides.

So no-one is ever safe.

They value strength...

..and they love blindsides.

So, Jay, is it gonna be
a difficult vote, then, tonight?

It's still gonna be harsh
sending someone back home,

but we want to stay pretty strong.

Unfortunately, by the sounds of it,

moving forwards stronger,
that leaves me out.

Kate, immediately
right out of the gate,

that's how you read Jay's comment?

You think he's talking about you?

I wasn't part of the plan
or the conversations.

And so to me, if you're not part
of the plan, you are the plan.

That's how I read the situation.

Well, Sam, Kate makes a good point -

if you're not part of the plan,
chances are you are the plan.

Oh, but there was, like,
so many plans. (CHUCKLES)


It was a shemozzle.

Because we hadn't been
talking strategy... was all over the place.

I heard lots of different names.



How many plans
have you heard, Sandra?

I only heard two plans

and it actually scares me that
there are so many plans out there.

Do you think you might be part
of one of those plans?

It's possible.

The only time you're not
part of the plan

is because you're
safely back at camp

and you won the Immunity Challenge.

David, how are you feeling
about tonight's vote?

Uh, it's interesting, Jonathan,
really interesting

'cause I only knew one...
one game plan,

but I'm not surprised
there's a couple out there

because Sam's the social
butterfly of the group.

She flits from person to person.

She's actually... Yeah.

So that worries you?

I know there's convos
that were specifically about me

and "blindside juicy Dave"
sort of has a ring to it.

I can't believe it. I'm so shocked,
Dave. I thought we were close.

Yeah, we were. We are!

I have never said your name.

If I'm betrayed,
then it's fire up the place.

I would love everyone here to say
if I have ever said Dave's name.


I have been rallying for you.
I... Yeah.

I've never said your name.
That's good.

I can promise you
she has not once said your name.

Never said your name.

So, Sam, when you came
in here tonight,

did you have a plan set, ready to go?

Yes, and it didn't involve Dave.

Is your plan changing?

Well, unless Dave can say
anything compelling to me...

I am actually...

..the loyalest person you'll get...

..if I feel that I've got loyalty.

The moment there's
distrust or a betrayal...

WOMAN: But there was no betrayal.
There was no betrayal.

Why was there so many plans, then?

Because it was quite
straightforward and I thought...

Because your name got brought up
and I tried...

And a few of us
tried to get you out of it.

It's the paranoia.

Can we forgive it or are we gonna...

Is it too...too much?

I know it's, um...

I know it... Yeah, sorry.

I just had to throw it
out there to understand.

I know, and I threw your name
out of the mix today

and you put my name in.

So what a misjudgement of mine
to do that to you.

Kate, you're loving this.

WOMAN: Yeah, 'cause she's...

Because you came in worried, but the
discussion is not about you tonight.

Everyone's talking about
84, 60, 300 plans...

I came in with zero plans,
so I'm totally confused.

But, you know,
if everyone's confused,

who knows how
it will work out for me?

Wow, Jay, so Sam is now going
around to everyone else in the tribe.

Do you know what's going on?

To be honest, like, Sam's right.

Sam actually did
stick up for Dave today.

So, like, that's not Dave's fault
that he didn't know that

because a lot of this stuff
happens over in corners.

(WHISPERS) Everyone else is Dave.

Sandra, what do you think
the tribe should remember

before we go up to vote?

We have to just band together,
stick together and do...

..what's in the best interest
of the entire tribe.

That's what I would say
is the correct way to go.

You guys ready to get to it?

MAN: Yeah.

Alright, I think it is time to vote.



Alright. I think it is time to vote.

Sandra, you're up.


Well, you shot yourself in the foot.

You dug your own grave.

Adios, mate.


Kate, love ya, but the kids'll love
ya more when you get back home.

I will protect those I love

more than I'll ever protect myself,

and I hate what you just did to Sam.

On the off chance that
Dave and Kate have an idol,

this is...collateral damage.

But, Dave...I hope it's you.

I'll go count the votes.


If anyone has a Hidden Immunity Idol

and they'd like to play it,
now would be the time to do so.


Yeah, I might play one of those.


Who do you wanna play this for?

That'll be for me.

This is a Hidden Immunity Idol

and any votes cast for David
will not count.

I'll read the votes.

First vote.


Does not count.


Does not count.


Does not count.

David. Does not count.


Does not count.

David. Does not count.

David. Does not count.

David. Does not count.

Kate. That's one vote Kate.

Kate. That's two votes Kate.


Two votes Kate, one vote Sandra.

One vote left.

Third person voted out of
Blood v Water...


You need to bring me your torch.
That's OK. It's a game.

I knew it. I told you.

CROC: I know, we were so close.




Kate, the tribe has spoken.

They have.

'Bye, guys. Good luck. Have fun.

I'm off to KFC.



That was rude!


Well, when you're hunting together,

it pays not to separate yourself
from the pack.

It can be a long walk home
for a lonely, wounded wolf.

Grab your torches. Head back to camp.


Next week on Australian Survivor...

MAN: Let's get him, Jesse!

..bigger challenges...

No mercy!
Yeah! Let's go!

..bigger games...

Pull! Come on!
..bigger blindsides...

SANDRA: I'm like an American eagle

watching these little mice scurry

until I can pick 'em off
one by one by one.

..and a twist so shocking...

There's a real storm coming,

and in this mission,
I'll be the grand commander. threatens to undo
even the tightest family ties.

Emotion is dangerous in this game.

There's going to be fireworks.

KATE: Survivor is rough.

The hardest part of playing Survivor,
for me personally,

the physical challenges.

(LAUGHS) They were...intense.

(WHISPERS) Sorry, Kate.

You're a lovely person,
but someone has to go first.

I think Andy would be...

..a little bit disappointed
that all the puzzle training

we did do, I didn't get to show.

But he would be so happy for me

spending all that time with Sandra.

(LAUGHS) Like, following her around
like a little puppy dog

with my big tongue hanging out.