Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 7, Episode 2 - Episode #7.2 - full transcript

Battle lines are drawn with one castaway is on the outs with the Blue Tribe. Then, when an idol is found, someone at Tribal Council tries to flush it. Will they succeed?


An ancient wilderness,
home to deadly creatures...


..and extreme weather conditions

so intense these players needed
a loved one to help them survive.

MAN: As brothers, we've got
this bond that's unbreakable.

How far will they go
to become Sole Survivor?

ANDY: This time
I brought a secret weapon -

my sister Kate.

Say goodbye to your loved one.
You're gonna be playing against them.

Oh, God.

SANDRA: If me and my daughter
have to go head to head,

I'mma beat her down.

Queen stays queen.

At the first Reward Challenge...

SURVIVOR: Let's go!


..loved ones faced off
against each other.


But it was Princess Nina
who beat down Queen Sandra,

winning valuable fire for her tribe.

This game is on!

At the first Immunity Challenge...

I don't think I'll be able
to do the challenge today.

..Alex's injury left the blue tribe
a man down.

That's it, guys!
Go, blue!

And when they hit a wall...

ALEX: Keep trying!

Go, go!


..the red tribe claimed
their first victory.

Sending their loved ones
to Tribal Council!

At camp,

returning player Andy took charge
to get the vote on an injured Alex.

But Princess Nina had her own plan.

We stick to Andy
but Andy thinking it's Alex.

I will orchestrate
the biggest blindsides.

I'm Andy. You're Andy as well.
Andy, yep.

If my mom's the queen, then
I'm the rightful heir to the throne.


At the first Tribal Council,

when Chrissy beat Shay
to the Hidden Immunity Idol...

(SHAY LAUGHS) You win.

..fiery Briana took aim.

So you don't think Chrissy
gave it everything today?

BRIANA: I think Chrissy gave it
everything she's got,

but you've only got
so much to give sometimes.

..flushing Chrissy's Idol.

But when it came to the vote...


..Nina's plan reigned supreme.

The tribe has spoken.

23 are left.
Who will be going home tonight?




SHAY: I've woken up a little anxious.

It's so hard not knowing

how our loved ones are going
on the other tribe.

It's all day around...

I'm really thinking about Ben
and how he's doing

and wondering if they got fire
and wondering if they ate.

Man, I'm so hungry.

SHAY: Right now, the only way
to keep sane for me

is to bring part of
my outside life here.


So, welcome to yoga.


Being a yogi - what an epic way
to start the morning.

Everybody, close your eyes.

Try and feel less stressed
and just go with the breath.

Teaching yoga is definitely
a foot in the door

with building stronger bonds
and relationships.

So you wanna really, like,
curve over like an angry cat.

Yeah, yeah. One session.

CHRISSY: Got a yoga instructor
in Shay.

She's so Zen
and 'goddessly' in the sunlight.

Kills me.

And your big toes are touching.
Ooh, Jesus.


Is that tight?
Oh, bum!

CHRISSY: She's a yoga freak.

Keep pushing, keep pushing.

CHRISSY: Can stand on one toe.

I can't even stand on two legs.


Hasn't been pulled
for a couple of weeks.

Oh, it's a hot mess!



I'm gonna beef her up, make her
leave here a fatty! (LAUGHS)

And I'm gonna cut her hair
with a machete. (LAUGHS)

Thanks for joining me. Namaste.
Thank you!



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SOPHIE: Oh, I need some shade.

Oh, my goodness.

It's really hot today.

I feel like today's the hottest day.

You can watch Survivor
your whole life

and think that you understand it.

But until you are here,

living and breathing the pressures
of this environment,

you'll never understand.

Out here in the Australian outback,

we're all in a place
where no-one else wants to visit.

Oh, where's our...
Have we got a holder?

Day 3 in Survivor,
we still don't have fire.

In the game of Survivor,
fire is life.


SOPHIE: We need to get
this fire going.

Everyone pumped to go?


We're depleted.

And our energy levels
are dropping so fast.


Keep going.
Hold on.

Keep going, Jay.

Longer, longer.

Ember. Ember, ember!

Oh, yeah, it's nice and orange.
Tip it on, bruh.

It's coming, it's coming.

Just keep going.

Keep it on, bruh. Keep it going.
Relax, relax.

Yep, it's burning.

Chill, chill, chill!

Keep it coming. Keep it coming.
Nice and tightly.

Yes, Dave!

Come on!

Come on! (LAUGHS)

Yeah, baby!
Come on!


Good as gold!

Yep, let's go. Over here, over here.
Go, go.

Yep, yep.
Perfect, perfect.

Come on, come on, come on. Yeah!

We have fire!



It felt like this moment
was never coming.


It is just such
a sense of accomplishment

that we can finally sit down together
round the camp fire...


I can't believe we're eating.
This is unbelievable.


Oh, my gosh.



Sandra, there's a lot of people here

that wanna learn from
your experience.

Oh, that gives me...
Yeah, I...I...

That put a smile on my face,
to be honest with you.

SOPHIE: Having someone like Sandra
come into this game

and being able to play with her

is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Once you're here, it's like
you're in the thick of things.

You know what I'm saying?

Like, you're not just gonna
come and lie down.

SOPHIE: She has won this game twice,
and for a reason.

So whilst on one hand it's incredible
to learn from someone like her

and to share this experience,

she's also one of the game's
biggest threats.


SANDRA: I've played with the most
ruthless, villainous players ever

in the history of the show

and I beat 'em every single time.

But Blood v Water, it just adds
a different element to the game.

I'm scared for today.
Are you?

Yeah. I just think I'm gonna walk in
and Andy's not gonna be there.

Everyone right now
is on pins and needles,

waiting to see who got voted out
from the blue tribe.

Whoever we see gone today,

I think that's gonna change
the dynamics

of how that person's loved one's
gonna play as well.

Like, how they're feeling.
You think so?

They're gonna feel different

because they know they've got
one person less.

'Cause they know, if they go to merge
or tribe swap,

they don't have that extra person
that we might have.


SANDRA: If we went to the challenge
and my daughter was not there,

I'd be more angry
than anything else.

I just turn into, like, this...
like the Incredible Hulk.

He's nice until someone comes
and does something to him,

and then it's on.

I come for the jugular.

Like, you're gonna see me coming

because I'm gonna tell you
I'm coming for you.



And we have the little one.
New clothesline, guys.

So good!

That's awesome. So much better.
Team effort.

It was day 3.

It's definitely really hard not to
be able to check in with my mom.

We're so on top of this!
Fire's going, shelter's on.

My mom's given me tips
about camp life.

Fire and shelter...

There's a big hole here.

Do you feel something, Chrissy?

Well, I can see the sky,
so it's not ideal.


We've been checking a few holes

to make sure that if it does rain,
nothing comes through.

But it's pretty solid.


What's that?
That's... Something's hitting...

Yep. Mate, go back. Look out.

I frickin' knew it!

It's only that...

Get out of there.
Calm down. Calm down, bro.

Put that under.

I thought that was going
straight down.

Not quite enough.
Which one is it?

The very bottom one.
It's the main branch.

NINA: Put a rock under it, you think?
That'll give it some elevation.

I think I'm the perfect person
for the perfect game in the world

because I have that knowledge
from my mom.

That's actually got a bit of weight
on it now.

Teamwork, hello!
It's nice and safe.

But I'm not her.
I wanna play my own game.

I knew coming out here, I was like,

of course people are gonna ask
about my mom.

People would either like her
and wanna play with her

or wanna get rid of her.


Last night, Tribal was crazy.

My plan plan

and we got rid of Andy with
a really awesome blindside.

Andy wanted to get rid of Alex...

NINA: He's the easy vote.

He got injured day 1.

MARK: But while you're injured
with a spasm like that,

you'll probably be able
to come back.

You just need a bit of rest.
Yeah, yeah.

Everyone in camp
is surprisingly nice.

I really like Mark.
Alex seems really nice.

Jordie seems really goofy.

I really wanna get to know him.

And Khanh...

I don't know yet.

Can I push it in a bit?
Which ones?


'Cause he's, like...he's got
everyone wrapped around his finger.

It is, like, so twisted.
Nice play.

BRIANA: King Khanh,
he is, like, an absolute genius.

That's so your style.

I love it.
Especially with the jury.

That's nice.
Yeah, we're in. It's happening.

NINA: King Khanh is somebody
who's really competitive.

Makes good social connections, but... gotta keep in mind
he's a threat too.

Don't let him get too comfortable.

If Khanh is the King,
then I'm the Queen 2.0.


I'm going for a shower. Anyone else?

CHRISSY: Last night,
Bri was gunning for me.

She played hard ball

and she was out for blood
and she got mine.

She said I was the weakest
in the challenge.




I'm still here and singin', so...

If I'm gonna stick around for longer
than a few more days,

I need to really buckle up.

Here I am, Old Mother Hubbard.

I'm still very new to this game.

I only have one strategy...
(LAUGHS) ..for this game

and that's just to play social.


If someone wins me over, you're good.

But it doesn't take much
to get on the dark side.

Bri's on my radar.

Comin' for ya.

This is Survivor,
not bloody 'Play School'.

Charcoal scrub.

This is outback heaven.
I'm diggin' it.

SHAY: This is quite scratchy.
Yeah, this is rough. Rough as guts.

Shay and I hit it off
from the get-go.

What if it doesn't come off?
If it doesn't come off, I'm screwed.

BRIANA: We're both kind of
fit chicks or similar vibes.

I've got my Survivor
pencil skirt going.

Yeah, look at that!

High-waisted, long... I could
wear this as business attire.

You could definitely wear it.

BRIANA: I think the way
I live in general

has prepared me for the game.

I'm not a minimalist.

I'm a maximalist.

I'm a rainbow-wearing,
rollerskating, warrior woman.

And what that means is I fight.


I'm playing with my hero,
aka my dad.

He's taught me how to love life
and live it to the fullest.

This is a dream come true.

I've literally been planning this
my whole life.

I'm a real competitor.

Most people from first impressions
think I'm pretty cute,

which I don't mind.


Coming off as someone
who's not particularly threatening

in appearance,

it's quite fun when someone does
come up to try and challenge me

because they can be taken
a little bit off guard.

They're not prepared
for how much fight lay inside.


MARK: At Tribal?

I've gone in swinging at Tribal
last night, gunning for Chrissy.

I like to think I always act from
a place of integrity.

But sometimes,
you're someone else's bad guy.

You had a swing
because you had an opportunity.

Like, who on Earth
is gonna begrudge you that?

Even though you're gonna cop
a heap for it, though.

What would you rather do,
sit there and do nothing?

No, that's it. It's not my style.

What's better than having enemies?
Keeping your enemies closer.


So I need to go into damage control,

protect my position.

If you're gonna attack a snake,

you need to chop off its head,
otherwise it's coming for you.


I feel like we...I feel like we...

It's pretty hard-hitting day 2.

Well, that's it.
Like, the game had to... Yeah.

That's why I'm like,
"What's going on?"

Well, that's it.

Like, I think, like, the whole thing
is, like, yeah, the game...

Like, the game's started. Like,
this is a game. It's gonna happen.



I think that's where
the game starts.

Yeah, 100%.

Learn some new rules.

You know, I feel like I'll have it
coming. We'll all have it coming.

Yeah, everyone will have a crack.
No, that's good. Good chat.

Oh, man, Briana's intense.

We don't click. Let's say that.

Put me on Hayman Island, please.
Like... (LAUGHS)


CHRISSY: If I have to be
deadset honest,

it's game on.

She came for me.

Oh, my gosh. Red rover.
No, you don't get to do that.

I think Chaos Chrissy's
gonna have to come out.

And she needs a couple of Enos.



Come on in!


Red, get your first look
at the new blue tribe.

Andy voted out
at the last Tribal Council.

Kate, what's the feeling

seeing that your brother's
been voted out already?

It's hard. It hurts.

It's all hard, Jonathan.

Just, um... Yeah.

But we know what we signed up for
and that's how the game goes.

KJ, you have a sibling in this game.

Can you empathise
with Kate's position?

We did think of Kate
and our hearts broke for Kate,

but at the end of the day we had to
make the right move for our tribe.

And I'm pretty confident
that we did.

He's a threat.
He's a massive threat.

Um, I just hope that they don't
need him to finish challenges.

His puzzle skills
and his throwing skills

are just, you know, beyond
exception, so it's their loss.

Makes it easier for us
to win challenges.

Alright, are you ready
to get to today's Reward Challenge?


Alright, for today's challenge,

in pairs, you are gonna
face off in a cage.

On my go, you're gonna race
to get out of the cage

and grab your tribe flag

while your opponents will attempt
to stop you any way they can.

You can only escape that cage

by climbing your tribe's
coloured net.

First person to grab the flag
scores a point for their tribe.

First tribe to four wins reward.

Want to know what you're playing for?

ALL: Yes!

Winning tribe will get...

..awesome fishing kit.



To help fill your bellies.

In addition...

..comfort items.


There they are! There they are!

To make your life at camp
a little bit nicer.

That's a tarp to lay on.
Oh, my gosh.

Worth playing for?
ALL: Yes!


Alright, red,
you have an extra player.

You're gonna need to sit someone out.

Keep in mind it cannot be the same
person in back-to-back challenges.

Who's it gonna be?
SAM: Oh, yeah, I'm cool.

As long as you're happy with it.
I'm gonna sit out.

Alright, Sam, you're on the bench.

Everyone else,
a minute to strategise.

Let's get to it!


Alright, first round
is boys versus boys.

Red, you guys won the toss.

Who are you putting up first?

Jesse and Croc. Blue?


Mark and Khanh.

Come on up.

WOMAN: That's it.

MAN: Go, Croc.


Remember, you can only escape
that cage

by climbing your tribe's
coloured net.

Alright, we have Croc and Jesse
for red

taking on Khanh and Mark for blue.

Two choices in that cage -

go after the flag
or go after your opposition

for a very civilised reward.

Survivors, ready?



MAN: Go, Jesse!

Oh, it is getting scrappy
early in this round.

Khanh desperately trying to get out.


Jesse trying to pull him down.


Khanh's breaking away.
WOMAN: Get him!

Jesse's trying to get up
and catch him.

Come on, Jesse, go!

Khanh is up. Can he get the flag?

And he does it!

WOMAN: Yeah!

Khanh taking the first point
for blue!

Blue leads one-zip!


Upper body.

Alright, next round is for the women.

Blue, who are you putting up?

Nina and Briana. Red?

I'll jump.
Alright, I'll go with you.

Kate and Sophie? Come on up.
Let's go.

MAN: Go, Kate!

Alright, next round.

We have Nina and Briana for blue...

Come on, girls!

..taking on Kate and Sophie for red.

Survivors, ready?



Both sides quick out of the gate.

WOMAN: Stay there!

BRIANA: Nina, I need
to take her down.


Let's go, Kate! Let's go, Kate!
Come on, Sophie!

Keep climbing, keep climbing!
Go, Briana!

Sophie has Briana in a body lock,
trying to rip her off.

MAN: Good work, Soph!


Nina trying to pull Kate
off the net.

Pull her down!



Nina pulls Kate off the net.

She's going over
to her side of the cage now.

KHANH: Nina, get up, get up!

Nina having a crack at it now.

She could do it right here
if she can just get to the top.

Go for her, Soph!
Grab her foot! Grab her foot!

Sophie grabs at her foot!

Nina breaking away.



..grabs the flag,
takes another point for blue!


Blue leads two-zip!

What a battle.

BEN: Well done, girls.

That was a solid effort.

My baby beat you up.
Great work.




I was, like...

Alright, here we go.

Next round is for the women.

We have Amy and Sandra for red

taking on Chrissy and Shay for blue.

Survivors, ready?



MAN: Come on, girls! Let's go!

MAN: Chrissy!

Shay goes straight for the net.

WOMAN: Come on, Shay, climb! Climb!

Amy ties her up.


Chrissy is all over Sandra.

Sandra's helping out,
trying to pull Shay off the net.

MAN: Good, Sandra!

And locked up in a long chain.

Come on, Sandra, you got this!

Shay trying to pull everyone
up the net.

Wow! She is a beast out there!


MAN: Stay tight. Good work, Sandra.

Sandra giving it a good effort today.

MAN: Good, Sandra!
MICHELLE: Come on, Shay!

Shay breaks away.
WOMAN: Go, Shay!

Go, Shay!
She's going for it.

MAN: Go, Shay! Yeah, Shay!

Shay gets to the top.


Eyes it up.

And that's it!


Shay continues blue's lead.


Alright, next round is mixed -
one man, one woman.

Blue, who are you putting up?

KJ and Khanh.


David and Michelle. Come on up.

WOMAN: Go, David.

First tribe to four wins reward.

Red needs to win it to stay in it.

We have KJ and Khanh for blue

taking on David and Michelle for red.

Survivors, ready?


Khanh goes for that net early.

David trying to defend.


Huge breakaway from Khanh.

Big effort. He's digging deep.

Go, Khanh! You're through, bro!

David's holding onto his shorts!
KJ's holding onto him.

Don't let go, Dave. Don't let go!

Go two hands, Dave.

Michelle has a hand on Khan's leg.

WOMAN: Go, Khanh!
You got this, Khanh!

WOMAN: KJ, pull!

KJ, pull!

Michelle, get my sister off!

David is pulling his shorts off!

CROC: Keep holding on.

Hold, Michelle! Hold, Dave!

Khanh struggling now to hold on.

Wow! He is holding up the weight
of three people.

JORDIE: Hold him, Dave!
Hold him, Dave! Hold him, Dave!

Hold him, Dave!

David loses his grip.
So does Michelle!


Khanh going for the win!
Come on, Khanh!

And he does it!


Blue wins reward!

Khanh is a beast.

MAN: Good job, good job.

Well, congratulations, blue.

Second reward win in a row.

Fishing gear and comfort is yours.

But before you come grab it...

My mother has always taught me
that sharing is caring.

So, I'm gonna give you a choice.

You can take everything
that you've won

or you can give up one of them

to the other tribe
of your loved ones

and keep the other.

I'll give you a moment
to think about it.


Yeah, yeah.

What do you reckon?

Sounds good.

We'll keep the fishing gear
and give them the comfort.

That seemed like
a pretty easy decision.

What was the discussion?

The fact that they were
struggling for fire,

and we've actually been
quite comfortable.

They need it.

Thank you so much.

Alright, blue, well, congratulations.

Come up, grab your fishing gear.

Love you!

MAN: Good work.

BRIANA: Logic of giving
the comfort items to red -

I think it was just sheer emotion.

I think it is proof
that blood is thicker than water

because we're willing to just

hand over an advantage
to the other team.

But I went hard
in that first Tribal Council.

The vibe I picked up
is go hard and go home!

So, I feel like
I've shot myself in the foot.

Here's hoping I've got enough
bandages in my kit to do some work.

I am relentless.

NINA: Blue tribe
won the challenge today

and everybody is so excited.

I mean, we killed them today.

How good!

How lucky.

Incredible work, team.

Everybody's just excited
talking about it.

KHANH: I'm so excited. A knife.

MAN: How good's that?
So good!

Well done.
Well done.

NINA: I feel so good about
having won some fishing gear

because I feel like it's a time for
everybody to relax and come together.

Oh, it's so good!

NINA: But everybody knows in the game
of Survivor

when you win a reward
or anything like that,

there tends to be
hidden compartments,

a hidden message, whether it's for
an Immunity Idol, an advantage,

so everybody's waiting to see
who finds what, if there is anything.

We can fish!
Finally, we can fish!

Right now, I'm just hogging
that fishing box...

..because I'm pretty sure
my name's coming up.

So I need to scrap and find an Idol.

After what I did first Tribal, I kind
of think I'm on the chopping block.

I went for Mama Bear

and that's clearly been a bad target,

so, crap - I've gotta hustle.



Oh, yeah, we'll take the boat
and stuff and then go out.

This looks good.

Hey, I need an Idol
to stay in this game.

Look, me dialling it back,

I don't think it's quite
my normal mode.

Dude, I was watching you.


Alright, team, do I need
to dive down the bloody...

KHANH: I reckon you do.
Suss out where the fish are?

KHANH: Oh, my God.

Briana's intense. (LAUGHS)

Wait, is it day 4?
Or is it day, like, 20?

Yeah. It's like a switch.
'Cause, like, it seems...

And it's just, like, on.

Briana's playing this game
really hard.

There's insecurities at play.

It's the beginning of Survivor.

Playing this hard really puts
a bigger target on her back.

And that's the only reason
the pressure is on her right now.


She's, like, tagging her.

They're both
really hard game-players.

I know!

I think everyone's on edge now

'cause they're like,
"There was something in there."

I'm trying so hard to not let Briana
know she's on the chopping block.

I am going to play the game
how I want to play it.

And I'm just kind of there,
kind of pulling the strings,

but not obviously.

I just put the fire on
and make the rice and beans.



MAN: So close. I feel like
we're gonna get there.

We're gonna get there.
MAN: Exactly.

KATE: When we lost
the Reward Challenge today,

we were upset.

WOMAN: We got a tarp.
MAN: Two massive blankets.

But blue tribe gave us
their blankets.

MAN: That was generous, eh?

WOMAN: That was very generous.
Very, very kind.

A little bit of comfort in this game
goes a long way...

WOMAN: That looks so good.

..especially with Andy gone home.

We can fit, like,
pretty much everyone on here.

MAN: Yeah.
MAN: Yeah, obviously...

MAN: Right, let's get some food on.


MAN: Yeah, obviously...

KATE: When I got to the challenge

I noticed Andy wasn't walking
onto the mat.

My heart sunk.

Really, really hurt inside.

I thought it was...

Honestly thought it was gonna be...
Thank you.

I honestly thought
it was gonna be someone else.

Oh. It's OK.

I feel sorry for them, though.

They're missing out on a great player
that they didn't give a chance.

Let's go get some firewood.

KATE: Andy leaving the game
makes me feel a lot more vulnerable.

No longer having a loved one
in the game makes me an easy target.

There's no connection.

MAN: It's cool.
BEN: I'll come too.

KATE: I see groups go off
for little chats.

Yeah, I had a thought this afternoon
coming back from the challenge.

KATE: I'm not part of
the conversations,

so not part of the chats.

So, you know,

you're not part of the plan,
you are the plan.


Andy was
a fierce returning player,

and you can't help but think

that his style of gameplay
influences his sister,

which then makes her
a very threatening player.


SAM: As a person,
I'm incredibly driven.

I really love to play on the edge.

My career as an endurance athlete
takes me to some of

the most extreme and inhospitable
places on the planet.

I can't even describe
how brutal this game is.

It's kept me up at night,

many, many nights thinking of
all the things that I did wrong.

Have you heard anything
about my name?


Everyone who goes into this game

knows that there's an element
of deceit and paranoia,

and it definitely threw me last time.

Would you tell me?
You wouldn't tell me.

You can start to make
some really silly mistakes.

Sam, the tribe has spoken.

I went into Survivor last time

ultra-focused, or so I thought.

And then I got distracted. (LAUGHS)

But I've got a family now
and I'm married and I've got a child,

so I don't have regrets at all.

But that's done now.

I've met my man.

Now my eyes are on the prize of being
the Sole Survivor of this game.


This time, I want to pay more
attention observing other people

than consumed with anxiety,
paranoia and fear.

This time round,
I have learnt my lesson.

And I am back for redemption.

BEN: Do you guys have
someone in mind?

Andy's gone. I feel Kate...

Like, she just knows more
than what she plays out.

You want to tell the group?
Whose name do we want...

Do we also want to start that
paranoia with her when she starts...

I don't think you need
to say anything now.

SAM: I typically kind of get

about a lot of situations.

I'm playing a solo game.

The goal right now is to get myself,
and Mark to get himself, to merge,

and so we can ride it out together
and play it hard to win.


CROC: Sandra, is there
a point in the game

where people start to go, like,
mentally crazy

and start getting paranoid?

If you're secure in your position,
you don't get paranoid.

But somebody's always paranoid
if they think they're on the bottom.

So there's paranoia,

but just different individuals
at different times.

I don't think it has to do with
the game in general.

It has to do with being on
the right side of the numbers,

or if your name comes up,
then you're like...

"Who wrote my name down?"
Yeah. "Who wrote my name down?"

Or, "Who's saying this?"
And, "I didn't say that."

Or, "Who's trying to set me up?"
And blah, blah.

SAM: Paranoia is real out here

because there's a reason
to be paranoid.

Everyone is talking about everybody.


Survivor is a human game of chess.

When people get too paranoid,
shit hits the fan.

This game is a 24-hour game.

You're thinking about who's with who,

what conversations I had
during the day,

the, you know, relationships that
you have with your own tribemates,

with your partner on the other side,

and then the relationships
that they're having

and how that affects
who you have relationships with...

..whilst also doing it
really casually

and making it seem so organic
and natural.

This game of Blood v Water
is incredibly complex.

It's a mind explosion.

Survival in this game
is harder than ever before.


Come on in!


Briana, how'd you make out
with that fishing gear?

Hook anything good?

Yeah, we caught a massive fish
about this big.

But everyone was so full.

That was it, huh?

That was it for now, yeah.

Sophie, how did you enjoy
blue's gift of comfort?

Are you rested
and ready to crush them today?

We were certainly warm,
so thank you so much.

We all were covered
by both of those blankets.

Yeah, we're rested, we're full

and we're ready to get this baby
back where she belongs.

Alright, are you ready to get to
today's Immunity Challenge?


Let's do it.

First things first.

Thank you.
Thank you.

Once again,
immunity is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge,

you're gonna work together to drag
three barrels over hurdles.

You'll then collect
three more barrels

that you'll manoeuvre
through a series of obstacles

and up to the top of the tower.

Finally, you'll roll them down
the other side,

attempting to knock targets
off their posts.

First tribe
to knock off all their targets

wins immunity, safe from the vote.

Losers, Tribal Council,
where somebody's gonna become

the second person
voted out of this game.

Red, you have an extra player.
You'll need to sit someone out.

Cannot be the same person
in back-to-back challenges.

Who's it gonna be?

Well, it's strength and endurance.

MAN: Strength, endurance.



Alright, Sophie,
you're on the bench.

Everyone else, let's get to it!


Alright, here we go.

For immunity.

Survivors, ready?


MAN: Take that rope, take that rope.

MAN: Let's go.
Quick, quick, quick.

First thing you need to do
is grab that rope,

start dragging those barrels.

Good, good, good.
Keep going, keep going, keep going.

Go, go, go, go, go!
Come over, come over.

Jesse, help him, help him, help him.

One at a time.
Steady, steady.

This challenge
is gonna require teamwork.

OK, one more, one more. Come on.

Communication is key.

Alright, alright, alright,
settle, settle, settle, settle.

Hold it, hold it.
Steady, watch out.

You're gonna need to pull,
push, wrestle those barrels

over those hurdles.

They get progressively higher
as you go.

Up, up, up, up, up, up. Let's go.

We are neck and neck at this stage.

Are you alright to lift this one?

Careful, boys! Ready?
Yeah. All good.


Push, push, push!
Push, push!

Push, push!

Mark just wrestling that barrel over.

Blue gets over first.

Alright, now you need to clip on
three more barrels.

Good work.

Here we go. We got three?
Quick, let's go.

One more, boys.
Keep going. Keep going.

Red's there now.

Next you need to get the barrels
and your tribe

through that narrow chicane.

MAN: Pull, pull, pull!

Through like a chain.
Passing through like a chain.

Keep going.

Now you got a lot more rope
to deal with.

More down here. Pull, pull.

Blue, like a well-oiled machine.

MAN: We're leading, guys, come on.

Slow down at the front!
Slow down at the front! Front!

Slow, slow, slow, slow!

Things are falling apart for red.
Give us some slack, bruh.

Give us some slack!

They're getting stuck in the chicane.

Get some slack.
Hold it, hold it, hold it!

WOMAN: Lift and pull!
Lift and pull! Lift and pull!

Blue pulling ahead now.

Digging straight through.
Go, girls. Go, girls.

Through the corners,
through the corners.

Now you need to dig
under that hitching rail.

Straight through there.
Through there. Go, go, go!

Through there.
Mark clearly taking charge for blue.

That's it. Start digging.

Trying to whip his tribe into shape.

Go, go, go!

Lift it up, boys, lift it up.

Red still struggling
through the chicane.

Go, go, go, go.
Almost through.


Good, red! Start digging!
Go, go, go.

Go to the side.
Everyone digging away.

You need to get the whole tribe
and your barrels

under that hitching rail.

Get four on the other side.
Get half on the other side.

Croc calling the shots for red,
trying to get some momentum.

Got to get the middle done.
They need to catch up.

Let's get a barrel up
and measure it.

Blue are gonna give it a crack.

Go, go, go. Through the side.
We're going through.

Is it deep enough?
Go, go, go, go, go.

That's good, good.
WOMAN: Yeah, got it.

Blue get the first barrel through.
Good, good, keep going.

Blue have won
the last two reward challenges.

Watch the sand.
Yet to win immunity.

Keep going, keep going.

But the central dilemma
of Blood v Water

is that winning immunity puts your
loved one at risk of going home.

Keep pulling now.

Red having a crack at it now.

Will it be deep enough for red?

OK, pull.

No, they're gonna have to back it up.

Back here, back here, back here.
OK, back, back, back, back, back.

All good.

WOMAN: Let's go! Who's ready?
MAN: Yeah, yeah, I got it.

Blue are through. Now you need to get
nine people to the top of the tower.

Let's go.

Pilot Josh is a beast.

Hurry up! Go, go, go!

This could be where blue pulls away.

MAN: Pull, pull, pull, pull!

Red get the first barrel through.

Desperately trying to make up
for some lost time.

Alright, let's go! Hurry up!

Everyone and the barrels
need to go under the hitching rail.

Got to go under.

You're good, red!
Get up to the top of the tower!

Come on, Jesse, up, up!

Yeah, bruh.

Well done. There you go.
Go, go, go.

Jesse first up for red.

WOMAN: Yeah, Sam.

Sam going up, just reaches that rope.


Yes, Marky, come on!

Yes, Marky!
Well done!


Mark goes up for blue, leaving Jordie
and Khanh at the bottom

to manage the barrels.

Let's go!
Right on the back!

Pass it back!

Go, go, go, go, go!

Pass it back, bruh!
Get tight, get tight!

Blue have their first barrel up.

Red still struggling to get
their people up to the top.

Blue whipping
the next two barrels up.

Guys! We're almost there!

Blue have three barrels left.

Red have all six barrels
to get to the top.

Up, Benny! Up, Benny!

Ben throws up the rope.
Back, back, back, back!

Go, go, go.
Up, up, up.

Keep coming, keep coming.

Stand and pull. Stand and pull.

Red picking up the pace.
They have two barrels up now.

MARK: Go, go, go, go, go!



Blue digging deep,
just ripping those barrels up.

One more barrel for blue
and they can start rolling.

Alright, guys.

Come on!
Come on!

Blue going up
with their last barrel.

WOMAN: Joshy, push hard!

You need to pick it up, red!
Come on, come on!

Go! Let it go, let it go! Let's go!

Now you need to roll the barrels
and hit the three targets

to win immunity.

Josh rolling the first barrel.


And just like that,
he takes out the first target.

Blue leads 1-0.


Chrissy rolls the next one.

It goes off course.

Let's go, Josh.

Josh goes again.

No, hits a barrel.
Josh! Line up, line up!

Go this side. Go this side.

Give me some slack!

Red have almost caught up.

They are pulling up their last two.

Let's go!
All the way to the left!

Red are up!
Give it a big push.

Jesse rolls.

It goes wide.

Alex rolls.

Watch out! That's a wild one!

Jesse rolls.
Yeah, bro.

That's it! Come on!


And red gets the most difficult one,
the one at the back.

Straight down.

Chrissy rolls the next one.

Blue gets another one.

Blue leads 2-1.

Blue have used all their barrels.
They need to reload.

All six need to go up
before you can roll again.


Jesse, take a breath, brother.

Red gets another. We are tied 2 each!

Two! Go!

Go, go, go!

Red were at the bottom of the barrel,
but look at them now.

Roll back.

Jesse could win it right here.



And he does it!


Yeah! Yeah!


Red wins immunity

sending blue to Tribal Council.


MAN: Bad luck, everyone.

So good, everyone. So good.

Alright, well, congratulations, red,
you've done it again.


You guys are safe.
Nobody going home tonight.

Head on out, enjoy your night off.

Alright, blue,
same old story for you,

Tribal Council tonight,

where one of you will become
the second person

voted out of Blood v Water.

Grab your gear, head on out,
I'll see you guys tonight.

BRIANA: I'm definitely worried
I could be in trouble tonight.

But I am a go-getter, I am a fighter

and I will fight to get what I want.

There is business to be done
when I get back to camp

and I'm not afraid
to crush some skulls.

Going into Tribal Council tonight
for the second time,

I am a hot mess.



I think I'm gonna spew.
You're fine.

I'll be like this, though.
I'll be like, "Who did...

"What is going on?"

It's me!

I need to just make sure that
I'm not next on the chopping block.

Where are you at, Mel?
What are you thinking?

She's an easy vote.
She's a big threat.

She's caused some fire in the tribe.

(SINGS) # Doo-doo-doo-doo. #

You know, we need unity,
but that's the game.

This is huge.
So game on. Let's do it.

But it's, like, you've got
some good odds there, I reckon.

She's too much of a threat
and, like, she's good physically,

but no...much better than
anyone else, I don't think.

She came in way too hard,
she came in way too fast,

she put a target on her back,
so she's got to go

'cause she's gonna be savage.

God forbid she finds an Idol
or a clue.

Let me assure you,
I shadowed yesterday

'cause she would not drop the box.

MEL: That's not smart.
No, someone's got to tag her.

Oh, he got it! Bloody hell!

CHRISSY: In terms of numbers,
I reckon the power lies with us.

Our numbers are me, Joshy, Marky,

Mel, Jordie and King Khanh.



She's a sweet little thing,
but she's gonna have to go.

It feels scary,
heading to second Tribal Council.

I could definitely be a vote, but...

I think it's a terrible idea
to vote me out

because I'm someone here
who's actually here to play,

I'm here to compete,
I have a lot of skills,

I'm someone you can do
big strategies with.

I know the game of Survivor,
so I just need to play my game

and play hard.

The person I trust the most is Shay.

WOMAN: I have no idea.

I'm feeling like I've got work to do
and I just need to play it smart.

This is, like,
the rip the bandaid off moment

where it's like, "Scheisse,
we actually have to play the game."

BOTH: Yeah.

Like, I don't wanna go,
like, this is a dream.

Nobody wants... Yeah.

Um, OK.


The plan is to vote for Chrissy.

I think if Chrissy's out of the game,

there's less of a target on me 'cause
she's the person I've offended.

I don't know where her head's at,

but I reckon she would vote
against me.


BRIANA: However,

I'm trying to touch base
with everyone.


MAN: Who have I heard?


BRIANA: But no-one's giving me
a straight answer.


Chrissy, right?

Have you heard anyone else?
Did you chat with Khanh?

People being so tight-lipped
and chilled before Tribal Council,

that's a red flag.

I don't know.


I feel like there's something
that's not quite right.

I'm definitely worried
I could be in trouble.

Shay and I genuinely
need to find an Idol.

I might ditch this, but do you
want me to meet you somewhere...

..or do you wanna come?

I'll just be up round here.
OK. Here.

Onboard with...


KHANH: I think a plan is in place.

I think that it is all locked in,
and I think

that Briana's going home tonight.

OK, I'm gonna step out of this.
My vote is on Briana.

I'm gonna find out
if she has an Idol.

KHANH: But the only thing is

we can't let Briana and Shay
find an Idol.

I'm watching Briana.

But then...


KHANH: Briana comes back into camp.

Now Shay's out there
looking for the Idol by herself.

This is stress.

Tell her, quick, real quick.

Otherwise we'll get stung.


SHAY: Are you serious?



SHAY: You won't believe
what I found.



SHAY: You won't believe
what I found.


(BLEEP). How did that happen?


Oh, great!

I've been here
for a good 10 minutes.

I've literally been at every angle.

BRIANA: OK, do you want me
to have a crack?

Here, I'll hold this end.
You just... You just operate.

KHANH: Briana then jumps in
and helps her.

Do you wanna operate
and I'll just hold the end?

But I can't let Briana
get a hand on this Idol.

I'm a Scorpio.

We're the most dangerous
and manipulative star sign.

So I think I need to
play the game harder now.

Yep, yep, yep, yep.
Have you got it?

MAN: Oh, that was almost it.
Was it?

If you hook the...
Yep, yep, yep, yep, yep!

Up. Up.


It's alright, it's alright,
it's alright.

Oh, my gosh.

KHANH: I had to grab the Idol
and give it straight to Shay.

So that everyone knows
it's Shay's Idol.

Also...also teamwork.

We're like... That's the plan.
Thank you, guys. Oh!

KHANH: Briana and Shay
are super close.

Oh, look at it!

So Briana will try and make Shay
use that Idol on her.

I need to stop that from happening.

It keeps safe
if we can keep it in play.

But you gotta see
how you're feeling.

So I reckon we gotta listen.
Listen to your gut.

We gotta look at each other.

And Shay makes the call.


'Cause you're her number one ally,

and it felt like
she was gonna take it.


I need to make sure that Shay
doesn't use her Idol for Briana.

I need to get Shay
to flip on Briana.

I mean, she's a feasty...
feisty player.

Yeah, I know. Literally.

You're gonna be fine.

Having the Idol, it's funny,

I didn't realise there'd be
this much pressure.

I'm not silly. It's obviously
just Bri and I on the bottom.

And I'm clearly next, like...

Briana is expecting me
to play the Idol for her

because we're tight.

I am stuck in the middle.

Tonight I'm choosing
between sending Briana home

or Chrissy.

The advantages of keeping
Chrissy around is that she,

yeah, she's the mum of the camp,

and so things are quite united
when she's around.

Briana is overly strategic

and potentially just too much
right now.

There's a real tango going on
between head and heart.

CHRISSY: Oh, great!

Shay's got an Idol.

Everyone's (BLEEP) now.

I could be in trouble tonight.


OK, what we need to do
is listen to anyone who's not us.


I'm definitely gonna be a hot mess
going into Tribal Council tonight.

It's so nerve-racking.

If Shay plays her Idol for Briana,

game over.



You reckon we're good, Al?
Yeah. Yeah.



BRIANA: I'm feeling excited
heading into this Tribal tonight.

I'm gutted that Shay found the Idol
and not me,

but it's the next best thing
that she did

because she can play it for me.

And I feel like we're really tight
and I can trust her,

so Chrissy's going home.

SHAY: My head is going in so many
circles, it's just mental.

The fact that I found
this Hidden Immunity Idol

means do I play it for Brianna
or not?

My decision will affect things
going forward.

I'm here to play the game,
so tonight I'm playing

to work towards my future
in this game.


or on the 10 play app.



Another loss, another Tribal Council.

Well, Alex, last time we were here,

you were pretty sure
that you were going home,

yet here you are.

ALEX: Yeah, you're not wrong.

It's, sucks to be here
for a second time,

but I'm feeling a hell of a lot
better than I was last time.

Are you grateful that
they decided to keep you?


Like, yes.

Well, Josh, Alex was pretty injured.

What does it say about this tribe
that you decided to keep him?

It showed us that we're a tribe

that's ready to make
some big moves early,

um, but also probably more
prioritising cohesion

and respect for each other
and, yeah, and just our bond.

Briana, who would you say that
you're right with in this group?

A lot of people.

I think it's great 'cause
I can go up to absolutely anyone

and have a conversation
and everyone's very open and caring.

But, I mean, it was no surprise
when I did a box-out last time

for old Shay, so...


..she's definitely one of them,
but, yeah, many, many, many people.

After the last time you were here,

did you get a better idea of
where everyone stood in this tribe?

Yeah, definitely.

I mean, it's always scary
the first time

because you don't know
people's poker faces yet,

you don't know
if people can be trusted,

so I think having gone through
one Tribal

and having us collectively
pulled off something really big

shows that there are people here
who can be trusted.

And where do you think you stand
in this tribe now?

Jonathan, putting me on the spot!

Um...I'd like to think
I'm a valued part of this tribe.

Chrissy, do you think Briana
should be concerned

about receiving more votes tonight?

Uh, I think
everyone should be concerned

about receiving a vote tonight.

How concerned are you?


Well, after last time... (CHUCKLES)

So, you think last time
put a target on you?



Yeah, but I think
I'm ready this time.

You think you're ready this time?

Well, Jordie, everyone did so well
today in the challenge,

how do you pick
who's gonna go home tonight?

This vote is not so much about,
um, you know, challenges.

When everyone's performing equally,

all you can do is
go off tribe cohesion.

That's what happened last time.

That's what's gonna happen
this time.

So, Chrissy, trust is
also about being heard.

Do you think that this tribe
trusts your opinion?

I think the people that I trust
trust my opinion.

Might have some suspicions

that my name might have got
thrown around a little bit today.

Scares me.

If I didn't have the Idol last time,

I reckon there would have been
way more Chrissys on the paper.

So, Mark,
if there is an Idol in play,

how do you make sure that your plan

is the one that gets
executed tonight?

I think, Jonathan,
you just gotta make sure

that you've got the right people
to work with that you believe in

and you've had
the right conversations with.

That's all you can do.

Do you think tonight's vote is
an emotional one or a rational one?

I think it's a rational one.

The discussions that I had were all
based on kind of logic and reason.

What about for you, Briana?
Was it a straightforward decision?

It seemed like most people
were on the same page.

So how confident are you

that the plan that you had
agreed upon this afternoon

is going to be executed tonight?

You know what, actually,

I'm confident and I trust the people
I've spoken to.

So you're pretty confident?


What about you, Chrissy?
How confident are you in your plan?

No, I'm not confident
in my plan one bit.

I'm confident in my people
and their word.

As a mother, are you good at telling
when people are lying?

I hope my kids don't lie.

I hope you guys don't lie too.

I've gotta go with my gut.

You know, I've got some people
in here who I think have got my back

and I'm just...God, I'm just praying
it comes through tonight.

Khanh, it's so early in the game.

How can you determine who you can
really trust in this game?

I actually think that I know
exactly who I can trust.

There's a couple of people
that I have conversations with

where I totally am fine with them
running off,

doing whatever they want,
knowing that they have my back.

That's starting to make me
a little nervous.

Based on what Khanh just said?

You know, he said a few people,

so, you know, you'd like to hope
you're part of those few.

But you think maybe you're not?


What gives you that feeling?

Oh, maybe tonight here at Tribal,
being reminded of things,

all these questions going around,
it really can make you doubt things.

I've noticed a shift
since when you first came in tonight,

you seemed quite confident
about what was going on,

and now I notice that
perhaps you're not.

Yeah. I think that's
a pretty...pretty fair observation.

But, I mean,

there's been discussions
that I've had with people

and if we are going ahead with
those discussions, then I'm happy.

But otherwise...we might have to do
something crazy.



I don't like crazy.

Alright, well, I think it is time
for this big happy family to vote.

Alright, well, I think it is time
for this big happy family to vote.

Khanh, you're up.

I didn't vote you last time

and I really hope there's no funny
business between you and Khanh.

I'll go count the votes.


If anyone has a Hidden Immunity Idol
and they would like to play it,

now would be the time to do so.

Alright. I'll read the votes.

First vote...



Two votes Briana.


Two votes Briana, one vote Chrissy.


We're tied.
Two votes Briana, two votes Chrissy.


That's three votes Briana,
two votes Chrissy.


That's four votes Briana,
two votes Chrissy.


That's five votes Briana,
two votes Chrissy.

Second person voted out of
Blood v Water, Briana.

That's six votes. That's enough.

You need to bring me your torch.


Briana, the tribe has spoken.

Time for you to go.
Alright. Thanks. See you, guys.


Well, it sounds like you got rid of
one bad apple to save the bunch,

but if you keep coming back
to Tribal,

it'd better be you
who takes the first bite.


Grab your torches, head back to camp.

Tomorrow night
on Australian Survivor...

MARK: 'Khanh' is Arabic for 'king'.
He's the most dangerous player here.

As Khanh continues to
build his kingdom...

DAVID: Briana is out. I wanna make
them pay for what they have done. David makes a mother of a move.

Khanh, he's my grenade
that I'm just rolling in to camp.

And at the red tribe...'s time for the queen to rise.

SANDRA: I'd be afraid of me.

I'm gonna win their hearts over

and then I'm gonna vote them out
one after the other

and be the queen
of Australian Survivor.

I actually saw that coming! Damn it!

I whispered to Shay, "They're
gonna play all the votes on me,"

hoping she'd play the Idol.

Briana, I feel like
I had no other choice.


BRIANA: I'm a pretty
assertive person

and I think I was just
a little too...guns blazing, hey?


Look, watch out for King Khanh.

He is definitely running the show.

Stay in there, Dad! Do it for me!