Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 7, Episode 6 - Episode #7.6 - full transcript

In another epic Immunity Challenge, two Castaways push themselves to their limits, leading to potentially dire consequences for their Tribes. Then, one Castaway breaks ranks and warns a friend.

on Australian Survivor...

..KJ's sister, Sophie, was the newest
member of the Blue tribe...

But Sam - that hurts.
That's the one that hurt me.

..after being voted out of the Red
tribe by some of her closest allies.

Unfortunately, they've handed the
lioness over to their own family,

and they've made her really angry.

At the reward challenge...

..Sophie came out guns a-blazing... the Blue tribe
muscled their way to victory.

Blue wins reward!

At camp...

We get to go to the other tribe
to spend time with our loved ones

for the first time
in this whole game.

..the happy reunion
didn't last long...

..when Sophie
confronted her old tribe.

No. Jordan's not talking to me.

Can you not see
what's happening here?

Sophie's going ballistic.

I told her just to keep it low-key.

At the immunity challenge...

Oh, my God!



..injured Alex pushed himself hard...

..and Sophie fell short.

Red wins immunity,
sending Blue to tribal council!

At camp...

..Sophie was the obvious target.

But her sister, KJ,
had a plan to blindside King Khanh.

He'll be pretty sure
that Sophie is going home

and I know how desperate he is
to hold on to that idol.

But an emotional tribal council...

It's no secret that my back
has been a pretty big issue.

The challenges
are getting harder and harder

and my body's struggling
at the moment.

..saw Alex
make a heartbreaking decision.

I need to leave.

Alex, your journey in this game
has come to an end.

..allowing Khanh's idol
to stay safely in his pocket

and saving Sophie once again.

20 are left.
Who will be going home tonight?

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Oh! It's so good.


I'm not sunburnt. I'm rosy.


Whenever I get an opportunity
to bring a bit of fun to our tribe,

I will do my best.

How's the kid feeling?
Kid's feeling good.

My tribemates have really hung on
to the fact that I'm young

and they've called me 'the kid',

and I'm stoked with that.

Jesse... Yeah.

Matches your boardshorts.


I want to be remembered in Survivor

as having an awesome crack
at the game

and having an absolute ball
while I'm doing it.

Can you do your own
boom box and dance?

The kid has been underestimated
this whole game,

but I'm fine with that because
it means come later in this game,

I can start to pull some big moves
without people seeing it coming.

Are you going to do it to Jordan?


I've stood in front
of the smartest generals on Earth

who are like, "This is the plan,
this is going to work,"

and they've had no idea
what they were doing.

People get all these Machiavellian
plans and they just go to shit.

Whereas you can
if you do have loose plan...

Loose plans. put in place.
Nice and loose

Play it as you see it.


Day 13, I am the
Wicked Witch of the Outback...

..who they just can't kill.

Last night, I yet again survive
another night at tribal council.

I knew that as a new Blue tribe
member, I was on the chopping block.

So it was such a huge surprise

when poor Alex quit
because of his back pain.

I know that you two are, like,
doing the mother vote

like you want the best for him.

So I was like,
if he really needs it.

And he's... Like,
to me, he was begging.

He definitely wasn't making us.
He was begging us.


I'm safe for another day,
but I know I'm on the bottom.

However, playing on the same tribe
with my sister, it's amazing.

We are the first couple
that are reunited in this season.

It's annoying me how much
of an advantage we have,

but how much of a curse it is too.

It's a double-edged sword.

Shit sandwich.

It's an immediate threat
for other people,

which immediately puts a target
on our back.

I've been voted out before,

so I know people
are going to come for me again.

And I worry that
that's going to implicate KJ

in a way that I don't want to.

King Khanh.

He's a great strategic player
and a great social player.

But at the same time,
Khanh also is a target

because he has an idol
in his back pocket.

I need to take advantage of it.

We could work together
without anyone knowing.

And that would really
shake up this Blue tribe.

When I came...
when I first came here...

Again, I didn't choose to come here.

I didn't...

I didn't want that.

And I was told very quickly
that you had an idol.

The word that I've heard,
that I would be first

and then if your idol was flushed,
you'd be next.

I just had thought no-one would ever
expect us to work together.


Might be something to think about.

No chance.

I see right through that.

And I'm not going to fall for it.

I wouldn't ever work with her.

Do you know what? I can start
putting beans on and stuff.

Sophie and KJ tried
to flush my idol last night.

She's just scrambling
because she's on the bottom.

Everyone knows it.

Having a conversation with Sophie,

in the river,

just about the votes and stuff,

and she's like, "If we work
together, no-one will expect it."

She's sneaky.

So get rid of...get rid of Soph.


Well, that's a plan.

In the game of Survivor,
you want the position of power.

I feel Sophie is a bigger target
than me.

In a tribe swap situation,
Sophie could be a real handful.


No. She's going.

Yeah. That's what I was thinking.

I'm a Scorpio with a Leo moon
and a Cancer rising.

Really vindictive,
but quite strong.

I feel like I have
a lot of control right now.

I didn't ask for the control.
It's just happened that way.

And here I am.


She's gone.

Catch it, Sandra.

Oh, my God.

It's going to our changing room.

No, no. I wouldn't get too close.

No, they're actually...
Their mouths are nasty.

They've got weaponry claws.
And they run.

Life at the Red tribe
right now is pretty smooth.

Surely she is...

Just with two idols

I think anything
could have happened last night.

Reckon they would have flushed them?

Yeah, they were trying to.

At the Water tribal council
last night,

Sophie most likely was voted out.

Oh, it's pretty good.

Oh, big call.

I can't believe
that I'm two weeks into the game

sitting here
in the Australian outback.

I've participated in five Survivors,
and I've been Sole Survivor twice.

If it wasn't for Survivor,

I wouldn't have the things
that I have right now.

I put my daughter through college.

Survivor has given me the ability

to give my family
more than I ever had.

We always used to...
out there in Samoa and Fiji,

the mussels would be on the rocks,

all you had to do
was just knock them off.


Throw them in a pot of water
and just chew on them.

They were like gum.

I know what it takes
to get to the end.

I still have what it takes
to outwit, outplay and outlast

and win for a third time.

It's trial and error.

Is that what you've learned
from, like, a lot of this stuff?

Yeah, but you have to try
to do something.

It's not going to come to you.
You have to go get it.

But at the same time,
today is day 13,

and I have the day 16 curse.

Day 16 for me is when my tribe loses
immunity and I go to tribal council

and get sent home.

It's happened to me twice
before, only on day 16.

If I could just keep this target
off my back,

I'm positive I'm going to make
it beyond day 16.

Here's to not going
to tribal council.

Oh, yeah. That's the mission.


What if we do?

Then somebody has to go home.

Do you have any preference, Amy?

If you had your choice between
the boys, which one would you want?

Dave doesn't have anyone
on the other side.

It would be, like, easy.

You don't ruffle feathers because
there's no feathers to ruffle.

The minute Dave wrote my name
down at tribal council,

I knew I needed to send him packing.

What do you think about Dave?

I like Dave. I think he's good.
He's good to have.

Yeah, he's nice.

No-one else really, like,
talks to him really.

I don't have no issues with that.
I don't have issues talking to him.


But at the same time, you know,
there's just so much you can say

to someone who you believe
wrote your name down.
Wrote your name down.

He's coming after me
because I've won before.

What he doesn't understand
is that to win Survivor

I will throw down.

It doesn't matter who you are.

There is only one queen.

No matter what,
I'll get the last laugh.


You wrote my name down.
An eye for an eye.

How did you and me become enemies?

DAVID: We're not enemies.

You wrote my name down.

ALL: Ehh...

Is that what happened?
Don't forget the curse, Dave.

Don't forget the curse
of writing my name down.

You're looking for trouble,
and you're going to find it.


At the well, Sandra mentioned
that David would be an easy vote.

But I don't want David to go home.

Are you happy to be on this?
Oh, 100%.

Oh, yeah?

I'm close with David and Jay.

David is very loyal.

And I trust him.


I am shit-scared
to go against Sandra.

She is scary.

She's strong. She's strategic.

She's obviously won twice
for a reason.

But I feel like
if I don't do something

she's going to go hard for David.



Just play...

Yeah, cool. Great idea.

They've stuck pretty close.

Those three?

That's dangerous.

You've got to eliminate them.

Dave, Jay and Amy
are a throuble trouble.

I mean, always somewhere
whispering to each other.

David's coming for me.

I know it's me.
With them?

Yeah, with them.
I know they're talking about me.

They're scared.

So, those three, essentially they're
just the three you'd get rid of

before you get to swap?

If we had to keep going to tribal?

That's the only right thing to do.

But which one first?


If I find out that someone's
after me, I don't forgive,

I don't forget,
I come for the jugular.

And you guys feel confident
with all the boys?

I don't know.

In order to get the numbers and get
David out, I need the alpha males.

Ben, Croc and Jordan,
after what happened with Sophie,

those three are now on the outs.

And I'm going to use that
to my advantage.

Remind them that,
"Hey, you need me, you know."

This is good.

And then she was like,

"One of the three big guys
has to get separated,

"but not Jordan,
because I like him."

CROC: I find myself at the bottom
with Benny and Jordan,

so to be thrown a lifeline
to stay in the game by Sandra,

I think that is something
we should consider.

However, there may be
some trust issues there.

And I'm still not confident
with my position in the tribe.

I just want to prove myself

and make sure
that the rest of the tribe realises

that I'm still an asset
to this tribe.

Played rugby league
for 13 years professionally.

I've been retired from rugby league
now eight years.

I really wanted to go on Survivor
because I lost my purpose.

I lost that confidence

of being able to throw myself
into any position

and...get the best out of it.

Walking away from here
as the Sole Survivor

would be the ultimate achievement
for me individually.

Everything I've ever done
has been team related,

so this game
is going to help remind myself

that I've got the ability
and courage and confidence

to do whatever I put my mind to.

And I should not
have ever forgotten that.

So I'm going to prove
to my teammates

that I am an asset in challenges.

I will go as hard as I can.

There will be no holding back.

I'm determined to do my best and win.

Come on in!

Red, getting your first look
at the new Blue tribe.

Alex, quitting the game
at last night's tribal council.

Mark, would you like
to fill Red in on what happened?

Yeah. We went to tribal last night

and Alex decided
he couldn't continue in the game.

He had a lot of physical injuries

and we tried to talk him out of it,
but he took the choice to leave.

Jay, nobody wants to lose
a loved one in this game,

let alone quitting over an injury.

So, what's the feeling right now?

We didn't know he was struggling,
and to go as long as he did

and, like, even be in the top couple
yesterday in that challenge

was huge.

And I'm still just...
I'm really proud of him.

He never quits.

So, yeah, to be here that long
is huge. So, good on him.

Well, it is never easy
losing a loved one in this game,

no matter the circumstances,
but the game continues.

Shall we get on
with today's reward challenge?

ALL: Yeah.
Yeah, please.

For today's challenge

you're going to face off
three-on-three on opposing ramps.

On my go, you're going to race
to grab a ball in the water

and attempt to get it
to the top of your ramp

while your opponents
try to stop you any way they can.

First to get the ball
to the top of their ramp

scores a point for their tribe.

First tribe to three wins reward.

You want to know
what you're playing for?


A classic... sandwich.


You beauty.

Crispy bacon, lettuce, tomato
and a juice to wash it all down.

Oh, juice!

Worth playing for?

Alright, I'll give you a minute
to strategise,

and let's get it on.

Alright, Red,
you have the first pick.

This round is for the men.

Who's it going to be?

Ben, Croc, Jesse?


Probably us three for height.

Yeah. Us three.

Mark, Josh, Jordie.

Yes. Come on up.

Little brother Jesse
taking on big brother Jordie.

This is why we paid
the big bucks for these tickets.

You can hold it, throw it.

We stay back a little bit from him.

Alright. Here we go.

First round,

we have Croc, Jesse and Ben for Red

taking on Josh, Jordie and Mark
for Blue.

There's a lot of beef on deck.

This could be an interesting round
for a very nice reward.

Survivors ready?


Hard out of the gates.

Jesse gets there first,
tosses it back to Croc,

Croc to Ben.

Go, Benny!

Looking for an opening,

Jordie shuts them down.

Josh gets the ball.

Jesse tried to take him down

Croc's like a crocodile
attacking a buffalo.

Mark getting in on it, trying to get
the ball. Josh breaks away.

He goes for the ramp.
Croc takes him down.

CHRISSY: Jordie, we need you
up there.

Josh and Croc,
two rugby beasts tied up together.

Jordie, get your arse up there.

Jordie goes up for blue,
waiting for the pass.

Josh, are you going to send that?

Josh still has the ball,
he passes it off.


Blue takes the first point.

Jordie! Good boy.

Blue leads, one-zip.

Alright. Next round's
for the women.

Blue, who are you putting up?

Nina, Chrissy, Sophie.


Yeah, yeah.

Amy, Michelle, Sandra, come on up.

Go, girls.

Be gentle.

You taught me how not to be gentle.


Next round, mother and daughter
about to clash again,

this time they have some backup.

Survivors ready?


Big hit from Michelle and everyone
charging through the water.

Sophie gets there first,
she scoops it up.

Chrissy's free.

Until Sandra tries to take her down.

Hold her, Nina.

Tosses it on to no-one.
Get hold of it, Michelle.

Michelle grabs it and tosses it
back to Amy

Amy's free, she breaks away.

Can she get there
before Sophie hunts her down?

Sophie takes her down.

Ball's free again.

Sophie grabs it.

Sandra has Chrissy all tied up.

Mama Bear
means business out there.

Sophie wrestling with Michelle,
she tosses it up field,

Nina breaks away
while Sandra holds Chrissy back.

And like a star quarterback,
Nina lands the touchdown for Blue.

Blue leads, two-zip.

Go, Nina. Well played.

Everyone's gassed.

It's like the walking wounded
out there. Chrissy can barely stand.

Next round is for the men.

Hi, Mark. Hi.

Oh, he's a redhead.


Next round, we have Jordan,
David and Jay for Red,

taking on Josh, Mark and Khanh
for Blue.

Khanh, you don't look so happy.

No. This is petrifying,
but let's do it.


Jordan's loving it.

There is a lot of testosterone
out there.

This could be interesting.

Survivors ready?


Go, boys.

Everyone charges in.

Jay scoops it up, passes it to David.

Big tackle from Josh.


Wow. Jordan is ferocious.

Ball is free, Josh scoops it up,
gets tossed on.

Josh dives for it.

Jordan is all over him
like a cheap suit.

That is some blood rivalry
right there.

Now Jay has it.
He's looking for an opening.

Khanh takes him down.

Khanh scoops it up.

Khanh has that ball,
he's not going to let it go.

Hold it!

Josh going to the top of the deck
waiting for the pass.

Jordan is there now.

He rips it out of Khanh's hand.

Ball's free. Jordan gets it.

Taps it off to David.

He's free.


All David needs to do
is get to the top of the ramp

before someone else gets to him.

Jordan taking out Khanh and Josh.

David struggling to get to the top.

But he gets there.

Putting Red on the board.

Blue still leads, two-one.

Tiring. Very tiring.

That was a great job.

Alright. Here we go. Next round.

We have Croc, Jesse and Jordan
for Red.

Let's go, boys.

Taking on Mark, Jordie and Josh
for Blue.

We have cousins.

We have brothers.

And we have titans.

Go, boys.
Go, boys.
Go, Red. Go, Jess.

Blue leads, two-one.
Blue could win it right here.

Survivors ready?


Jess gets there first.

Tosses it back to Jordan.

Jordan is trying to barrel
through his cousin,

but Josh is having none of it.

Takes him down. Wow.

He wants blood.

Come on!

Cousins Josh and Jordan,

no strangers to facing off
on the footy field.

Mark and Croc are locked up.

Brothers locked up
in the back of the field,

a little blood rivalry right there.

Jordie casts aside little brother
Jesse with a shrug.

All this just for a sandwich.

This is what Survivor is all about.

Nothing comes easy.

Brothers and cousins
in a feeding frenzy.

There is blood in the water.

Cousins just going at it.

It's vicious.

Josh is all over him.

Push up!
He is relentless.

Mark getting in on it.
He has the ball now.

He tosses it back to Jordie.

Jordie breaks away.

And he does it!

Taking it for Blue!

Blue wins reward!


Well done, guys.
Well done.

Blue, some great battles today.

Congratulations, your club
sandwiches will be waiting for you
back at camp.

Head on out. Enjoy.

Alright, Red, great effort today,
but got nothing for you.

Head back to camp.

MARK: Massive win
against a massive team.

It was epic.

That was one of the most brutal

kind of hand-to-hand battles
I've ever had.

Reward challenges are so important
because you really do need that food

to be able to think straight.

So, hopefully these club sandwiches
are worth the effort.


I currently feel on top of the world.

We just won reward.

And there's ice.
Is there ice?

You beauty!

We walked into such a feast.

I know. It's amazing.

Oh, my God.
Look at the ice!

Bloody big jar of juice.
Big, juicy sandwiches.

Oh, wow!


Well done, everybody.
We deserve this.

This is so good.
Everyone gave 100%. It was awesome.

ALL: Cheers!

KHANH: Wait - do You want me
to tell you what we're eating?

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

So, we've got an artesian white loaf
made from house-milled wheat,

the pork is a 24-month cured
Australian from Otway,

with a little bit of iceberg
and some tomatoes.

Thanks, Khanh.

Oh, God!

This is gonna be heaven.

Ohh! That sandwich.


There's something crunchy.

It was so juicy,
and then the bacon...

Oh, my God.

Very proud of you, team.
Absolute fire today.

We really wanted that, didn't we?
Really wanted it.

MARK: Oh, yum.
It's toasted, too.

Mark's halfway through already.


A reward win like this
gives you a bit of time and space.

All of a sudden, you've got
a bit of food in you, you can think,

you can start getting the wheels
spinning on some options.

Because, if we lose tomorrow,
we don't want to be scrambling.

So, the dilemma is this -

Khanh has an idol, and we've
thrown around the option

of trying to get Khanh out
with the idol in his pocket.

But right now,
it's a super risky play.

On the other hand,
Sophie's a volatile player.

She's a strong, opinionated person.

And that's normally fine.

But in Survivor, that makes
an easy target.

So we have to come up with a plan
to get Sophie out.

And everyone's looking around

'cause they know there might be
a clue somewhere.

But I can't risk Sophie
getting an idol.

You guys. Hey.

Do you guys mind if I do something

I've always wanted to do
on Survivor?


Nothing under it.

Epic effort, everyone. We didn't
get the club sandwich, but...

Beans and rice all day, baby.

Probably weird sauce
on that club sandwich, anyway.

Yeah, when you jump in the water,
take it easy.

Next job, team,
we want that immunity.

Tomorrow's the only one
that counts, baby.

We pretty much got smashed
that challenge.

DAVID: I had that ball.
Josh just wrangling me under water.

Oh, he did well.

Amy, Jay and Dave felt the need

to come to the watering hole
alone first.

Dave did really well.

However, I do think Sandra
wants David to go home.

That's problematic for me.

I need him to stay in this game,

'cause Jay and David,
I'm really close to.

SAM: Do you think
those guys have any idea?

Those three?


AMY: It's really hard
being out in the bush.

Everything looks the same here.
Everything's brown.

SANDRA: Definitely looking.
SAM: Definitely.


We've gotta watch out for Amy.


Oh, my God.

Michelle and Sam are coming over.

Which is really frustrating.

And I immediately think

I have to find that idol
before they do.

There's this red pole.

Obviously, there's something
in a tree up high.

What's this red p...?

And then I see Michelle and Sam
kind of figure out the same thing.

It'll be high. That pole's, like...

So I'm just staring down
every branch.

I'm not leaving
until I find this thing.

What about in there? Can you see
anything in that wide bit?

Give me the pole now -
quick, quick, quick!

Got it.

I found a hidden immunity idol!

Oh, my God. This is crazy.

I can't believe I found it.

Apart from the croissant
I had the other day,

this little idol is the sweetest
treat I've had in the bush so far.

If we lose the immunity challenge,
it makes me feel confident.

I definitely think it is a bit scary
if we do target Sandra.

But I think you just need
to go for it and risk it.

You've gotta make those moves.

You just can't sit back
and just take the easy route.

(SIGHS) Oh. I can rest now.

Come on in!

Croc, last time they won reward,
you won immunity.

Does that mean you have it
in the bag today?

Yeah. Plan is, no reward, no tribal.

We don't need to eat. We're good.

Alright, you ready to get
to today's immunity challenge?

ALL: Yeah.


Thank you. I was gonna say
it looks good on you, but...

Thank you.

Not THAT good.


Once again,
immunity is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge,

you are gonna divide into
shooters and swimmers.

On my go, one by one,

you're gonna swim out,
climb a net up a cliff face,

where you will collect a ball,

jump back into the water
and bring it to shore.

You'll then
pass it to your tribemate,

who will attempt
to shoot it into a goal.

First tribe to land five balls
wins immunity, safe from the vote.

Losers - tribal council,
where somebody's gonna become

the fifth person
voted out of this game.

I'll give everyone a minute
to strategise,

and we're gonna get it on.


Here we go.

For immunity.

Survivors ready?


Now, Jordie for Blue taking on
little brother Jesse for Red.

We're gonna see who paid attention
in those swim lessons as kids

and who was goofing off.

They are pretty even - neck and neck.


Both get to the net at the same time.

That is a long climb.


Hand for hand, they are even.

Wow! They are in lockstep.

Jordie gets the upper hand
on the ledge.

He grabs his ball, he goes in.

Jesse jumps in.

He loses his ball!
It's going backwards!

That is not the direction
he wants to go on the first leg.

Go! Jordie, go!

This is a relay race today, in pairs.

Jordie, come this side, mate.

One shooter, one swimmer.

Jordie coming in for Blue.
Let's go! Run it out! Run it out!

Jesse a couple of metres behind.

Pass me the ball.

Jordie, passing it to Sophie.
Alright, Soph.

Takes a shot. She's short.

Oh, (BLEEP)!
Takes another shot.

Let's go, Jesse! let's go!

Every miss
is an opportunity for Red.

Jesse's back now.
He hands it to Michelle.

Michelle's in on it.

And Sophie takes
the first point the Blue.

Blue leads one-zip.

Josh is in the water now for Blue.

Blue pulling ahead.

Come on, Michelle.

Michelle, struggling
to land that ball.

But she does it.
She puts Red on the board.

We're tied one-one!

Ben going in now for red.

Go, Benny!
He is fast in the water.

Get him!

Can he catch up to Josh?

Great work, Benny!

Ben just whipped through that!

Those long limbs
coming in handy today.

Beg steps, Joshie! Big steps!

Ben is like a spider on that net.

Slowly closing the gap.

Breathe, Joshie!

Josh is on the deck.

He grabs his ball.

He's in!

Nice bomb from Josh!

Ben finally gets to the top.
He grabs his ball.

Nice entry from Ben.

Can he continue
to close the gap for Red?

Keep going, Benny!

Josh handing his ball to Chrissy.

Chrissy takes a shot.

On the rim.

Big breath.

And another shot.

On the rim again.

Giving Ben an opportunity
to catch up.

Ben is back.

He hands it to Amy.

Go! Go, Ames.

Chrissy still struggling.

But she gets it.

Blue leads two-one!

Khanh going out for Blue now.

Go, Khanh!

Amy struggling with that shot,
allowing her brother to pull away.

But she gets it.

We're tied again, two-two.

Sam goes in now for Red.

Go, Sammy!
Come on!

Khanh wasting no time on that net.

Sam is there now.

Go, Khanh!

Khanh is up.

He grabs a ball.

Nice pin-drop from Khanh.

Sam is almost there.

Legs up!

Khanh slow to retrieve his ball.

You've got time, Sammy!

Opening the door for Red.

Let's go, Sammy!
Sam is there. She grabs a ball.

She's in!

Go, Khanh! Go, mate!

Khanh is gassed on that return swim.

He is all over the place,
swimming into Sam's lane.

Khanh! Come over!
Khanh, get up!

Sam has almost caught him.

Wow. Blue had the lead,
but they've just lost it.

Sam has taken it back.

Come on, Khanh! Let's go!

Khanh is completely gassed
in the water.

He's trying to walk it back.

Great swim from Sam. She's back now.

Run, Sammy! Go, Sammy!

Go! Go!

Sam passing it to Sandra.

Come on, Sandra.

She hits the rim.

Khanh hands the ball to KJ.

And she does it! She gets it,
taking the lead back for Blue!

Shay's in now. Blue leads three-two!

Lines it up, takes the shot.
Hits the rim.

The gap is big.

Come on, Sandra! Yes!

And Sandra finally does it
this time.

Croc is in the water now for Red,
and he's trying to chase Shay down.

He does not want to go back
to tribal council tonight.

Both are fast in the water.

Shay gets to the net first.

Come on, Shay!

But she does not have
a long reach like Croc.

Will that be the difference
on the net?


Shay is wasting no time on that net,

proving me wrong!

She's at the top.

Come on! Go, go, go!

Yeah, girl!

Go, Shay!


Croc, meanwhile,
is struggling on that net.

That is a lot of beef
to get to the top.

Shay continues
to extend the lead for Blue.

Croc is at the top of the deck,
but he is gassed.


Shay handing off the ball to Mel.

She does it! She gets it!

Mark going out now
for the last ball for Blue.

Go, Croc!
Go, Croc!

Finally, Red have their
second-to-last ball.

Croc coming back now.

Come on, Mark!
Yes, Mark! Nearly there!

Nearly there!

All that combat training
coming in handy on the net.

Go, Mark. Let's go,
let's go, let's go.

Croc almost back for Red.

Really good work, mate.

Croc hands it off to Jay.


Jay really wants
to make this one stick.

Deep breaths.

Mark has the last ball for Blue.
In he goes.

Jay struggling to make this one work.

But he gets it.

In, and out.
Water on your head, bro.

Jordan out now, powering
into the water,

not giving up hope for Red.

It would take a huge mistake
from Blue now

for them not to win this challenge.

Come on, Marky!

Mark taking his time,
breaststroking it back.

Jordan wasting no time,
trying to close the gap.

Awesome, Jord!
Jordan at the net.

Mark is back.
Here we go.

He hands it to Nina.

Will Nina bring it home for Blue?

She takes a shot.

That's it!

Nina does it for Blue!

Wins immunity,
sending Red to tribal council.


Alright, what's uh...?
CHRISSY: It's alright.

Just breath. Just breath.
He can't catch a breath.

Gotta drag 200 kilos up the rope.

Good boy. There it is.

That's better.

Couple more, though.
You're not finished. Couple more.

Thank you, Frankie.
You gonna be OK, big fella?

Yeah? Alright.
He's perfect.

Give him some space.

CROC: I'm going for a walk.

Can you walk?

Let's just walk. Let's just walk.


Well, that certainly was a very
dramatic ending to the challenge.

Croc, you clearly gave it everything

to try and keep your tribe
in this challenge.

What happened with you?

I just need to do some
swimming practice, I think.

I was gassed after the first one

and, yeah, trying to pull myself
up that rope was tough.

And, yeah, sorry
I let the team down.

No, you didn't.
No, not at all. Not at all.

Well, I think today really speaks
to how tough it is out here

to compete in these conditions.

Anyway, great effort
from everyone today.

Blue, congratulations -
immunity is yours.

You guys are safe,
nobody going home.

Head on out. Enjoy your night off.

Alright, Red, tribal council tonight,
where one of you will become

the fifth person
to be voted out of Blood V Water.

Head on out.
I'll see you guys tonight.

SANDRA: I am not happy that we lost,

because I know David has been
throwing my name around.

I know the throuble want me out,
but it won't happen tonight.

It's time to lead
an assault on the throuble.

David needs to go.

BEN: That was hard, man.
SAM: I reckon.

We had a crack.

So, we just lost
our immunity challenge.

That was hard.

Oh, we played with a lot of heart,
like every challenge.


Just remember, they've got a
club sandwich and a fruit platter...

Yeah! their belly.

That sustenance makes, actually,
a huge difference right now.

Good point.
Yep. Totally.

But it's OK, because
I already have a plan.

The plan?
Is to vote out Dave.


Do you think it's too early?
(BLEEP) no.


In Puerto Rico, we always
swing on a hammock.


Just talking about, like,
our plan with, like, you know...


Hell, yeah.

This is a good move.

We only need six people.

I'm ready to do this.
Like, I'm ready to send him packing.

BEN: You good, huh?
Want to sit down?

CROC: I'm nervous.

Don't be, bud.
Don't be.

Something that does work for me
is when I plant seeds.

I've already talked to
the alpha males,

Jordan, Ben and Croc, together,

and they'll be, like, totally in.

Well, you know he wrote my name down,

so I'm ready for him to go.

Yeah. He's gotta go.


Dave's still dangerous. He didn't
admit to writing down your name.

It was just a strange decision
not to just own it at the time.

He went off the rails.

And Sam is really tight with Jesse.

SAM: I think, you know,
Dave makes sense.

OK. Oh, yeah. Yep.
I'm putting him down.

Yep. Cool.
Yeah? OK.

I love Dave as a bloke,
but he shot himself in the foot.

Yeah, because the damage is done,
and he...

No, he knows...
He's a loose cannon.

I don't forgive, and I don't forget.

Done deal.

Dave is going home.

AMY: Nothing is ever simple
when it comes to Survivor.

You just have to consider
so many factors.

You know, I do have an idol,

but it's a blessing and a curse
at the same time.

At one end of the spectrum,

it gives me so much power
that it keeps me safe.

But then, on the other end,
it's like, if other people find out

that puts a huge target on my back.

So, obviously,
I need to keep it a secret.


Far out.

Seeing Sandra talking to
the three alpha males is scary.

I do see Dave as an easy vote.

He's been on the chopping block
for the last two tribals.

But I trust him
and I know he's loyal

and I really don't want
to go down that path.

I don't know.

I mean, this time,
it's gotta be Sandra.


Everyone knows that Sandra
is a really big player.

She's won twice.

But, at this point in time,

we need to have more numbers
to get her up.

We desperately need to talk
to the three alpha males.

Because they were so closely
aligned with Sophie,

I know that those three boys,
you know, they're on the bottom.

We need them to come on board
with this plan.

Now's the chance we can
get out Sandra instead.

Who would you rather -
Dave or Sandra?


Dave's chill now.

Sandra's under the radar.

Sandra's a threat and, to be honest,
like, not great in the challenges.

So, I was sort of waiting
for someone to say it.

Like, I feel like we all have
an absolute crack.

Do you know what I mean?

I agree.

AMY: I definitely think
it is a bit scary

if we do target Sandra tonight
and she does not leave.

But I think, if we work together...

Tonight is about
big risk, big reward.


CROC: Woke up this morning
on the bottom,

and now I've got two options

other than just putting
all my eggs in one basket

and hoping that pays off.

I'm very surprised.



Tonight, I'm weighing up my options.

It's gonna be
a tough decision to make.

Just gotta weigh up what's gonna
be best for me in the future.

What people forget when they...
when they try to go after a person,

they alienate them.

And you can' have to be...


We're just... We're acting,
like, completely normal.

Sandra is, you know,
the bible of the game.

She is the queen.

She has played this game a lot

and I feel like I can learn
a lot from her.

Sandra told me that if you find
an idol, you keep that to yourself,

'cause, you know, you don't want
to share that out to everyone else

'cause they'll just want
to flush it out.

But I saw Amy find
that hidden immunity idol.

I can help you now.


Amy - she has an idol.


That's what I thought.

SANDRA: Oh, my God.

Amy's idol changes everything.

I'm not happy with that.

Amy is new to the game.

She thinks because she's pretty
that it's gonna carry her through,

and because she cuddles at night
with the guys

that that'll carry her through.

But I'm looking to split that up.

Forget it. It's over for you.

SANDRA: So, Michelle just told me
Amy found an idol.

So, um...


I've been around the block
a few times

and I know Amy, she might play
the idol to save herself.

But she knows the plan to
take out Dave.

So she might play the idol for him.

SANDRA: We'll split votes on Jay...

..and Amy.

What do you think?

And then scare Amy into play
her idol.

I think it's the right plan.

(SIGHS) It is hard
not being in control.

But in the game of Survivor,
you're never fully in control.

You know, Benny, Croc, you know,
I feel very tight with those two.

Then again, on the flip side, Amy
and myself, you know, we're just...

I see her as a really good friend.





You need to play it. OK?





Oh, my God.
I don't know what's happening.

Jordan pulls me to the side and is
telling me to play my idol tonight.

That's making me feel really scared.

Now I probably will have
to use my idol.

You good, kiddo?


My plan for tribal council tonight, I
thought, you know, I had the numbers.


..yeah, I dunno.


What have you heard?

So they'll put votes on me
to flush the idol.

Who told you this?


JAY: What's happened?

Who are you going for?
Who are you going for?




Huh? On you?

Who said?



If I'm safe, who's going home?




I'm so confused.

This is suss.

This doesn't add up.

Everyone's starting to feel like
they're running into trouble.

But you are not in trouble.

Amy asked me if she was in trouble,
she's not in trouble.

I'll end up asking you in an hour
if I'm in trouble.

Hopefully, I'm not in trouble.

SANDRA: It's time to take out
the throuble - Jay, Amy and David.

Mark my words,
I will always be the queen,

regardless of what Survivor
I'm playing on.

I'm here to reign over everyone.

Is it A-M-I-E-E or A-M-Y?

It don't matter.
Jonathan will know how to read it.

AMY: I want Sandra to go home

but I don't know which one
of us three

are going to be getting votes
tonight so I have to make sure

that I play my idol
for the right person.

It's a very hard decision to make.

I get along really well with Amy
but I think Sand...

..I do believe there could be
a good working relationship.

What I'm weighing up is my game,
moving forward.

I dunno, it's pretty hard.

and Jury Villa

or on the 10 Play app.

So, Jordan, I want to talk
about that challenge today.

I mean, not only was it brutal, but
it turned out to be pretty extreme.

Were you surprised?

Yeah, that was definitely
one of the...hardest challenges

I've probably seen
and, yeah, been a part of.

Just the water into the swim
with the heat is just, yeah,

you can't explain it. Just...

You can't get any relief anywhere.

You know, your upper body's gassed.

Then you get onto the net,
your legs are gassed

and then you hit the sand.

That was definitely very tough
today. Very tough challenge.

Ben, last time you were here
at tribal council,

there was a lot of talk about...

..the tribe being
one big happy family

but you seemed pretty shocked
by the vote on Sophie.

Were you blindsided by the blindside?

Look, I think there was a couple of
people blindsided by the blindside.

So who else was blindsided
by the blindside?

Yeah, a couple of people.


Did that vote solidify your
relationship with Jordan and Ben?

Absolutely. Yeah.

Did that vote draw a line
in the sand?

I don't think it actually did.

Like, we got back to camp
and straightaway,

we were gelled instantly, I think.

Like, camp was a bit more unified,
it was more calm.

Jay, do you think a line was drawn
in the sand?

Uh, I think that they understood

that we had their best interests
at heart

so I thought it just
brought us closer.



After the challenge today,
you go back to camp.

What was the vibe?

Felt like a really...big scramble,
to be honest.


I think multiple conversations...
were happening... the space that we had to chat.

But, Sandra,
we're two weeks into this game.

Is it possible that everyone
is on equal footing?

Absolutely not.

Like, last week, I was told,
"You're gonna get two votes,

"Jay's gonna get two votes,
you gotta vote with us,

"we gotta vote Sophie out."

Well, today, and just like Kate
when she went home,

when you know it's you,
everyone stops talking to you.

Amy usually talks to me.

Said, "Jay, when are you gonna tell
me what's up? What are we doing?"

"Oh, I'll get back to you
before tribal council."

Not a word today about
who we were voting out tonight.

I would say
I was getting votes tonight.


So your Spidey senses are pinging
like crazy tonight?

My experience tells me.

Because I've been here, done this.
I know exactly how it works.

And they forget, hey,
when you're gonna vote someone out,

maybe you should make that person
feel comfortable,

not leave them on the out.

And I was left on the out.

Sam, was that your experience?

People were in a lot
of different directions.

Uh, lot of different things
were being said.

So where are you at with it now?

Is it going to be a simple vote
or is it somewhat complicated?

It's always complicated...

..but I'm sticking to what I said.

Amy, were there more than one player
floated tonight?

Well, I definitely heard my name
being thrown out there

so that's why I was a bit confused

and I was trying to figure out

what's gonna happen
and what should I do.

So, Amy, why do you think your name
came up this afternoon?

SANDRA: Say it.

Say it. This is the place to say it.

Some little birdie told these
little people that I've got an idol.

First rule of Survivor -
don't tell anyone you have an idol.

I didn't tell anyone.
I didn't tell anyone.

Well done.

Been looking for ages.
What did you say, Jay?

She's got an idol.

Are you surprised that she has?
I am, yeah.

So you didn't know?

You too or were...
No, I wasn't party to it.

Again, you're left out of the loop.

Wow, we got lots of people
being left out of the loop - you...


SANDRA: You cannot trust a soul
out here in this game.

Because you have something we want,

you have something that's gonna push
you closer to the end and so...'s gotta go.

Or you gotta go.

Jay, how confident are you that
the plan you think is in place

will happen tonight?

I hope it goes to plan
because it makes the most sense.

The plan that we've come up with,
I think, moving forward, 100%.

Amy, what are your criteria
for tonight's vote?

Well, just sticking to, you know,

what you told the people
you talked to you were gonna vote.

Sam, how do you think this tribe will
be different after tonight's vote?


A line might be drawn in the sand
of who's working together.

Croc, what would you like to see
happen with tonight's vote?

I think good opportunity
to build some trust.

We write down the names that we said
we're gonna write down

and once those names come up
on the parchment then...

..we'll know who's sitting where.

Jay, could we see
another blindside tonight?

Of course we can.
This group, who knows.


Alright, well, I think it is...

..time to vote.

I think it is time to vote.

Amy, you're up.

Sorry, but I have to save my people.

Jay, I think
you're one of the funniest people

but unfortunately, I don't see you
part of my long game.

I don't have a stitch of mercy
when it comes to voting tonight.

We're flushing out your idol.

Adios, mate.

I'll go count the votes.

If anyone has a hidden immunity idol
and they'd like to play it,

now would be the time to do so.

I'll play mine.

Because not tonight, Satan.



With style.

Who are you gonna play it for?


this is a hidden immunity idol

and any votes cast for Amy
will not count.

I'll read the votes.

First vote...

..Amy. Does not count.

Amy. Does not count.

Amy. Does not count.


That's one vote Sandra.

Sandra. Two votes Sandra.

Sandra. Three votes Sandra.

Jay. That's three votes Sandra,
one vote Jay.


Three votes Sandra, two votes Jay.


We're tied.

Three votes Sandra, three votes Jay.

One vote left.

Fifth person voted out
of Blood V Water...

No way.

Need to bring me your torch.

Good boy.

Pleasure meeting you.

See ya.

Jay, the tribe has spoken.

Love you, mate.
See ya, guys. Enjoy.

See ya, mate. Cheers. See ya.
Well done.

Well, the thing about
picking off low-hanging fruit

is that the next bite
is likely to be rotten.

Grab your torches,
head back to camp.


Sunday night
on Australian Survivor...

Everyone, drop your buffs.

..a game-changing tribe swap...

My heart started pulling strings,

thinking, "Please Croc.
Just please, give me Croc."

..that will tear families apart.

I feel there is gonna be some blood
in the water today.

And the epic moment royalty reunites.

SANDRA: I trust in my daughter.

I have to get over
this day 16 curse.

How far will a daughter go
to protect her mother?

Tonight is gonna be
the ultimate test.

We'll definitely find out if blood
is thicker than water out here.

JAY: It was harder than I thought.
It was actually a lot harder.

People were guarded
and two weeks felt like three months.

My gut, coming here,
felt something was off.

And I think Sandra, Michelle and Sam,

they've gone in and grabbed the boys.

I think being connected
to Dangerous Dave did not help.

Losing Alex didn't help.

Obviously, Sandra,
this is why she's the queen.

Well played.