Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 7, Episode 20 - Episode #7.20 - full transcript

Fallout from the last Tribal Council divides the remaining tribemates. From playing in the middle to striking from the top, one castaway proves they were merely biding their time to make big moves.

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JONATHAN: Previously
on Australian Survivor...

We're back.
Let's liven the joint up.

..Jordie, Shay and KJ
returned from Purgatory.

We need to tear them apart
from the inside out.

But Jordie's band of misfits
was in the minority.

We've got a strong three,
but we need to gather numbers.

Then at the Survivor Auction,

KJ bid on a mystery item...

Ooh! A cup of tea is nice!

..and walked away
with a sweet advantage.

Turns out the world's
most expensive cup of tea

came with a little extra sugar.

Oh, my God.

Heading into Tribal Council,

the majority alliance expected
a straightforward vote.

I'm Jordie. Jordie, Jordie, Jordie.

With Sam and Mark even leaving
their idols back at camp.

The idol's gonna be in my shoes.

But when KJ dropped her bombshell...

There you go.
Thank you.

..the balance of power shifted.

This advantage allows KJ to choose
three people to leave Tribal

right now.

Chrissy, Mark and Josh
got the early mark -

unable to vote or be voted out.

(WHISPERS) Sam. Sam.

Sam needed
the remaining tribe members

to believe that Mark

had passed her his idol.

Her performance was so convincing...

It is time to vote.

..she moved the target
off her own back...

15th person voted out
of Blood v Water...

..and onto Jordan.

The tribe has spoken.

Eight are left.
Who will be going home tonight?


CHRISSY: Mark. Oh, God.



MARK: Jordie.




Words can't describe how pissed I am.

I'm...I'm fuming, bro.

Mate, they're all paying
for this one.

Because of KJ's advantage tonight,
my cousin has gone home.

Um, Dave flipped on us
and it's very hard to deal with.


JORDIE: That's a good call.
SHAY: What do they call it?

SAM: Hey, Davey, it's a really
big play to flip on your alliance,

so, like, credit to you.

All they've done is
load up on Jordan.

Me, Mark, Sammy and Chrissy
are all pissed.

And now we're coming for 'em.

So, dumb play. They think they're
all geniuses but they're dumb.

They've got a very...

We've got an idol.

I'm angry right now and, you know,
the best way to handle this

is to just go to sleep

and, you know, think about it
clearly tomorrow.

But sleep or not,
I know where I'm gonna be at

and, you know, I just found out
that I'm gonna be a father soon.

That gave me a little bit of fire
in the belly.

But now, blindsiding my cousin,

I'm pissed
and I'm getting my revenge.

So, last night's Tribal
was an absolute doozy.

KJ's advantage meant that
she could send home three people.

So, she sent home
Josh, Chrissy and Mark,

the majority of the majority,
you know?

And she left Sam and Jordan just
sitting there squirming, you know,

trying to work it out.

The Purgatory 3
managed to band together.

Finally we got David to flip
and we sent home Jordan,

Josh's little wingman,

his...his right-hand man,

his little puppy dog.

So, you know, full credit to KJ.

Finally I got her out of her shell,
you know?

She's ready.
She's here to play now, hopefully.

CHRISSY: The worst part
is when Jonathan said,

"And tonight, three people
will be asked to leave."

I was like...

Literally thought
that meant, "You're out."

Like, not "leave"...
JORDIE: Oh, yeah.

And I was, like...
SHAY: Any three people.

"Three people are leaving?

"I just missed the top six."


JORDIE: So we were gunning
for Sammy, but Jordan had to go

because, you know, if we loaded up
on Sammy and she played her idol,

one of the Purga 3
would have gone home.

So, yeah, that's why Jordan
copped the votes last night.

I'm really, really proud of the
little band of misfits, you know.

I managed to bring them together and
finally I got them to do something.

You know, we have got control now.

JOSH: Well, game on, folks.

SAM: Day 40. Day 40.

I'm coming for ya, Kage.
CHRISSY: Go. Yeah.


That's all good.

I expect nothing less.
Just...just to be clear. To be clear.

You've had two swings at me now.
You know that.

You're gonna be disappointed.

Everyone's saying, "Game on, Kage.
No worries, mate. It's been on."

I've been on the end of it,
I've been on each side of it,

and last night I played it.

SAM: Yeah, you played...

Good move. Like...

Been wanting to get involved,
so I had a crack.

Josh is very clearly gutted.

Poor dude, but, you know...
And I've been there before.

When your loved one goes home,
your whole game changes.

You feel like options are open.
You've got nothing to lose.

So I know that feeling.

I need to get in there
while he's vulnerable

and finish the job on Sammy.

There is only one couple left
in this game now

and that is Mark and Sam.

All I've wanted to do
since Jesse got sent home

was tear apart
that strong group of pairs

and I've got one of them.

Now I'm coming for the next one.

If Sammy doesn't come back
from this challenge

with the necklace around her neck,

I'm coming for her.

SAM: I thought there was a potential
my life in this game was over.

Last night, Mark and I
had made a decision

that we were gonna keep
the idols at home.



I could have been
in real big trouble

if I didn't bring out Acting 101

and pretend that I was
gonna play the idol for me.

What people might not realise is

I did a double degree
in performing arts and law.

Not only do I know how to argue
a point across very strongly,

I also know how to bring out
some Acting 101.

"I'm gonna play an idol tonight!"

What we've got to decide is, tonight,
whether we take an idol or not.

I know.

I think now we bury...
If we did leave it here, we bury it.

Gotta be careful

'cause people might see it.

Well, yeah, it depends what you do,

but, yeah.

I really don't wanna leave it here.

Someone will scoop it up.
We're gonna lose two idols.

It kinda feels ridiculous

that Mark and I are the final
remaining couple in this game

and we also contain two idols
between us.

Um, I feel like two people
shouldn't have so much power.

But we do. (LAUGHS)

I just wanna give ourselves
the best shot

at getting back in the majority.

So, Joshy really wants KJ.
MARK: Yeah.

But I still don't know
if that's the best move for us.

It's not.

Mark and I are
the really powerful couple.

Well, we want to keep
our alliance a majority,

and so we need
Josh and Chrissy onside right now.

As long as Jordie's in this game,

he's gonna keep talking about the
fact that I have this second idol.

It is in his interest

to make that the wedge

that breaks apart the alliance.

Tonight, I would really like

to get rid of Jordie.

We should go back.

We should go back.
Because... Yeah.

There's a potential
that me bluffing the idol

could have made them
put down Jordan's name.

All I keep thinking is
I hope Josh doesn't find out.

JOSH: I thought I'd try
and sleep on it last night,

see if I could calm myself down,
but I've woken up just as pissed.

I felt the full wrath of
the Blood v Water concept, you know,

this...last night and this morning.

It is, uh... It's still
burning in me, actually.

You have to really...

It's not like you've had a member
of your alliance blindsided.

Like, this is a family member,
a loved one, that I'm protective of

and, um, I want revenge,
you know, so much.

It's just another way
that Blood v Water

throws all these curveballs
into the game.

So, it's very interesting.
Hard to navigate.

Played a dominant game, you know?

Myself, Mark,
we've taken control early.

I mean, I've been sitting right there
directing everything.

So, you know, I'm a bit frustrated
that you lose control,

but I'm not someone to sit around
and cry in the shelter all day

and I'm not gonna
sit around and mope.

I'm, uh...

I'm ready to go out, compete,
get that necklace again today

and, um, I'm gonna take control
of this game again.

This is all I've got in my head.
I've had time to think.

It's uber big.

There are possibly two idols
and they're a couple.

With the knowledge that I've got

and the scrambling

that's been going on,

I feel like I could spew three times
right now.

Till this point, I don't even think
my vote is 100% heart.

I'm going with that, and everyone
else does what I'm thinking.

Like, everyone else
is thinking what I do.

So then I think
it must just be right.

But now, we're at the pointy end
of the stick.

We're seven days away

from announcing
who's gonna be Sole Survivor.


It might be time to strike on Sam,

if nothing else
but to flush the idol.

I'm trying to get him...

I'm gonna tell him, like, "Bro, play
it for Sammy. You have to play it."

And then we vote Jordie out.

And then that way we keep clean.

If the idol's flushed...

Yeah, yeah.
..and Jordie goes.

And then we have four to their three.

The power tonight is
unquestionably with Marky and Sam.

They literally have each other.


The idol...

Oh! And I'm still protecting them.

Oh, my God!

Wake up and smell the roses,

I don't know if there's many
opportunities left to split them up.

But would you not consider...

So, if Sammy goes, then it's me,
you, Juice, KJ, Jordie.

Like, are we gonna work
with KJ and Jordie?

We're gonna beat them.

We're gonna beat them over Mark.
Could be me.

If you wrote it and we somehow... her...her idol, the couple...
We won't get...

..are we not considering that?
Yeah, well, we have considered it.

But the thing is, um...

No, I don't think
we've considered it enough.

Josh drives me up the wall!





Come on in.

Mark, was it tough
waiting to find out

if Sam was gonna survive
Tribal last night?

No, I was pretty relaxed.
I knew she was alright.

She's pretty wily,
she's pretty tough, pretty smart.

And she outsmarted them.


You lost your copilot.

How's it feel to be flying solo?

Mate, I'm not gonna lie.
I'm still fuming.

You know, I've got
revenge on the mind,

but I've gotta drop all that
and focus on today.

You all ready to get to
today's Immunity Challenge?


Josh, gonna need it back.

Once again, immunity
is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge...'re gonna roll a ball up a ramp

and race to line up blocks
one at a time on a table

before that ball rolls back down.

If you don't catch your ball in time,

it'll knock over your blocks
and you'll have to start again.

Once you have all your blocks
lined up,

you'll roll your ball down the ramp

and attempt to have them
fall like dominoes

with the last block landing
in a bucket.

First person gets it right

wins immunity, safe from the vote.

Losers, Tribal Council,
where somebody's gonna become

the 16th person voted out
of Blood v Water.

Alright, let's draw for spots.

Let's get it on!

It's gonna be so hard!

Alright, here we go.

For immunity.

Survivors, ready?


You're gonna roll your ball
up the ramp,

race out,
collect one block at a time.

Bring it back,
line it up on your table

before that ball rolls back down.

Need to find just the right spacing

so they fall like dominoes.

Not too close,

not too far apart.

This challenge is about speed

and precision.

The faster you go,
the higher the risk.

Do you take your time

and protect your line of blocks?

Or do you just go for broke,

try and get it done
before everyone else?

If your stack falls over,

you can restack it,

but you have to have
your ball in the ramp.

Shay having trouble
just getting it up the ramp.


Hits herself in the face.

Pretty even at this stage

between Mark, Jordie, Josh.

Josh, Mark and Jordie

neck and neck.

Jordie picking up the pace.
He really wants to close it out.

Oh. Jordie knocks over
his entire stack.

He's gonna have to rebuild.

Sam loses half of her stack.
She's trying to rebuild.

Oh, what a disaster!

Sam loses her ball
in the back of the course.

Mark has the early lead.

Mark has a nice rhythm going.

Dave is working quickly now.

He's trying to close the gap.

It is very close.

KJ loses half her stack.


Mark takes his eye off the ball,
knocks his stack.

Every time you lose your stack,
it's gonna cost you precious time.

It's gonna be exhausting now.

Thighs are gonna start burning.

I'm havin' a heart attack!

Tribe is clearly split in two.

Which side is gonna
get that necklace?

It's Josh in the lead now.

That's how quickly things
can change in this challenge.

Just as I say that,
Josh loses his entire stack.

He's out of it now.

Mark has quickly rebuilt his stack.

Mark picking up the pace.
He really wants to close it out.

But David not far behind.

It's Mark...

..and David neck and neck.

Jordie trying to catch him now.


And Jordie launching himself
at that ball.

Stops it just in time.

Jordie slowing down, taking time.



David loses his entire stack.
He's out of it now.

That opens the door for Jordie.

Mark has all his blocks on the table.

Mark is in the lead again.

But now he needs to go back

and readjust the spacing.

Jordie trying to catch him now.


Oh, and disaster for Jordie.

He loses half of his stack.

This opens the door for Mark.

Mark taking his time.

Wants to get that spacing correct.

Jordie right behind, trying
to re-establish his stack.

Again, Mark and Jordie neck and neck.

Mark's gonna go for it.

Will his spacing be correct?

It's looking good.
Is it gonna make it to the end?


Mark wins individual immunity!


Hey, well done. You didn't give up.

Good try.

Mark, come on over.

Thanks, everyone. Thanks.

Another one.


Individual immunity is yours again.

Safe at Tribal Council tonight.
Cannot be voted out.

Guaranteed a one-in-seven shot

at winning this game.

As for the rest of you,
Tribal Council tonight,

where somebody's gonna become
the 16th person

voted out of Blood v Water.

Won't be you. Well done.

Head back to camp.
Well done, mate. Great job.

Thanks, everyone.
I'll see you tonight.

CHRISSY: The power tonight is
unquestionably with Marky and Sam.

They literally have
the immunity necklace,

possibly two idols

and a couple.

You know, they're powerhouses
without all the jewellery.



JOSH: Marky. Whoo!
Good job, our soldier.

That's how you do it.
Thanks, guys.



The vibe in camp is pretty tense.

The game has definitely stepped up.

There's already been
a hand-to-hand combat

and now it's gonna get
even more serious.


We're in a pretty good position.

I've got three idols on me
at the moment.

I think I need, like, an idol caddy.


SAM: Tonight's an interesting one

because we could actually
get back the majority.

We can...we can 100% get it back.

And then it's about
us sticking loyal to the end.

There's no chance in hell

I'm aligning with
the second chance alliance.

That's what I've been calling them.
Second chance alliance.

CHRISSY: B-team.
They're here.

And this is my argument -
they're here because they're liked,

whereas this four is here
because of skill.

We haven't had anything given to us.

We've fought the whole way.

MARK: Jordie's the biggest threat
to Sam and I.

I've lied about the second idol.

Jordie knows I have two idols,
and that makes him dangerous.

I'm saying I want her gone.

I said there'd be consequences
for KJ.

Emotions are high. I know
what it's like to want revenge.

I've gotta play the rational game.

Josh has a fair bit of emotion
in his game now.

We need to convince Josh
to vote for Jordie.

Could be four a side.
JOSH: Mmm.

It could be four a side.

MARK: My pitch to Josh is

I don't think Dave is
fully with the other alliance.

He's a swing voter now.

He's a rational man. He knows
he's dealing with some flaky players.

And the aim is to try
and keep him on our side,

because if we have a 5-3 advantage,

we're gonna wipe out the minority
and go all the way to the end.

Um, Dave said to me this morning...

..he said he's coming back
to the dark side.

SAM: Oh, yeah.
I wanna see where he's at with me.

He wants to talk to you.
He'll be back on board, I reckon.

MARK: Josh is now the Harvey Dent
of our team.

And I'm the Dark Knight,

so between us
we're gonna knock out the Joker.


You wanna work that out for us?
Yeah, mate, absolutely.

Just chuck it right here.


Oh, yeah.

The vibe in camp right now
is pretty weird.

You know, like,
this is sort of the first time

we've had even numbers
in each alliance,

so that means no-one really knows
where the vote's gonna go today.

This is the moment where
the game could turn on its head,

or it's the moment where it relapses
back to the old narrative

and the old majority take over again.

So, tonight, I've got Sammy
in my sights.

You know, she's gotta go.

She dogged my brother. She dogged me.

She pinched his idol.

The best thing that could happen
right now

is Sammy going home
with an idol in her pocket.

Myself, KJ, Shay and Dave

are gonna put votes on Sammy.

And we need one more.

That's an awesome play.

JOSH: Yeah.

JORDIE: Right now,
I've got nothing to lose.

I pitched to Josh to send Sammy home,

which is risky.

But that's what we came here to do -
take risks, play hard.

You know, don't go with
the status quo.


So think about it, bruz.

Yeah, but...

Yeah. Good.

JORDIE: Once again,
the Joker is risking everything.

If I can pull this move off,

it's possibly the best move
I've done so far.

No-one will see it coming.

Mark and Sammy are not
going to expect anything.

They think Josh is on their alliance,
Josh is on their side.

Little do they know I'm in his ear.

The Joker's whispering in his ear.

Knowing that the difference between
me or Sammy going home tonight

is my brother's idol,

it's huge.

You know, there is
a level of poetry to that.

DAVID: I'm gonna talk to Josh.

I've allowed him
to emotionally cool down,

because he did call me a Judas,

and fair enough.

But I want him to understand
how that went and know the truth.


Hey, mate.

I owe you a chat.

Um, so last night was, um...

..was awkward as it gets, at best.

And you don't...

You know, that's not the way
I would have wanted it to go down.

Just so you know, when Mark said
Sammy outsmarted them,

she absolutely did.

She said,
"I'm playing the idol for me,"

which left Jordan scrambling there

and left him out to dry, pretty much.

She did, she outsmarted us.

Sam is just...just too tricky.

She's gotta go before Mark.

Oh, sure.

People were saying that she'll cave
when Mark's gone.

Mate, last night, she...

She thrived.
She thrived, mate.

And did you see this morning?
She's coming alive.


The acting capabilities
to convince us she's got an idol...

DAVID: Sam's decision
not to play the idol last night

was balls of steel.

Like, this is...this is a guts move,

or is it an arrogant move?

They are saying
they didn't even bring the idol.

They were so confident that
they didn't bring the idol,

which is mind-blowing
and unbelievable.

She knew she was sacrificing Jordan,

so she's responsible
for Jordan going home.

She's an absolute game master.

Not to be trusted.

Then she said to me,
right before the vote,

"I'm playing the idol for me."

So she threw him under.

Oh, she threw him under, completely.

And then she didn't even have it.

Didn't even have it.

I couldn't believe that.

I'm telling you,
whatever she's telling you,

she is good.


I'm shattered that I don't get to
push to the end with my cousin.

Jordan was 100% collateral
for Sam and Mark's idol last night.

So, yeah, there'll be consequences.

I'm gonna be a lot more ruthless.

And I want revenge.


JOSH: I'm honestly shocked that Sam
threw Jordan under the bus last night

by saying,
"I'm playing the idol for me."

She didn't even try to make it a...

..a suggestion.

Look, you know,
there might be a 50-50 chance here.

I feel, you know, pretty betrayed.

Now that I know this information,
it changes the dynamic of my game

and I've got to choose between,
you know, um, my head and my heart.

It's more of an emotional decision

if I had to blindside those guys.

Like, I have played
the whole game with Mark.

We've got a great connection.

They're the guys that I trust
the most at this stage of the game.

My cousin's gone. He misses out
on his shot of $500,000.

Yeah, I'm gonna do what I have to do
to get Sole Survivor now.

You know what I mean?
Yeah. Yeah.



The thing is this vote is important
because it change...

If we have majority,
it changes the face of the game.

If we come home with the minority...
We're in trouble.

..everyone's gone.

So that's also something
important to consider.

The four -
myself, Mark, Chrissy and Josh -

it's about consolidating
our alliance right now

and turning it into
a majority alliance in the next day.

So we're planning for all of
our votes to go on Jordie tonight.

I think someone will still flip.

I still think...

I still think he would flip.
You think so?

He's rational.
He's gonna vote Jordie.

Pretty confident.

He's not silly. He doesn't even like
the alliance's women.

Doesn't even like them.

So did he come up to you
and say he was gonna do that?

'Cause the girls are confident
that he is with them.

He's not.

And just remember he had, like,
a long conversation with Josh. So...

Yeah, he's...
So he would have told Josh.

And Josh is relaxed.
So don't worry about it.

We know that Dave wants to get at
Jordie. He sees Jordie as a threat.

And so whilst, you know,
Dave didn't vote with us last night,

hopefully common sense will prevail

and he'll at least vote
with us on this one.

We're in a very good position

You're not gonna go home tonight.

You've got two idols.

So tonight you've got them...
you've got them both on your hands.

Yeah. I'm super nervous about that.

Yesterday when we went
to Tribal Council,

we left both idols back at camp.

We've changed that today.

Taking these idols with us
at Tribal Council,

not only are they safe
in Mark's hands

'cause he's not going home tonight,

but it gives us choice.

Well, I'll have both of them, so
we don't...we don't have to worry.

If we really need to, we can.

It's just that they are probably
not gonna put my name down

because of the idol.

We need to win this one.

It's weird, 'cause, like...
It's really important.

..for this alliance...
Yeah, we're done.

Breaking it.


What are you?

Aren't we?
SHAY: Yep.


So tonight,

myself, KJ, Shay and Dave

are gonna put votes on Sammy.

And maybe we can get Josh over
to vote with us.

That's the plan -
to get to the majority.

DAVID: Oh, today I spoke to Josh.


How exciting!

This is crazy.
It's gonna be...

It's gonna be thrilling.
But this is what we came for.

Right. Loosen their web.
Not the obvious thing.

Really riding them hot.

Gotta do it.
We've just gotta do it.

I've been...risking it from...

This is it.

Once again, I am risking
my life in this game.

The aim is to try and send home one
of the biggest threats in the game

or at least flush an idol.

However, if the idol gets flushed,
it could mean I'm going home.

So, I'm willing to
take the risk, though.

That's Survivor.

Like, you try everything
and then get in there and risk it,

put your body on the line
and hope you can trust the... the people
you're working with.

What I'm hoping to gain
from tonight's Tribal is a majority.

We take out one of theirs.

There's four of us,
there's three of them

and they come begging to us tonight,

like they always do
when they're on the back foot.

They won't be so cocky.

They'll be coming to us,
cap in hand,

asking for their lives
for another day in the game.

That's what's gonna happen.


We'll now bring in our jury.

Khanh, Mel, Jesse,

Michelle and Jordan,

voted out at the last Tribal Council.

Looking very sharp.


So, Josh, you lost your wingman
last night.

I did.

Do you feel vulnerable now?

Yeah, definitely. It's...
The game is ramping up.

And, you know, I lost
a solid number.

And now we're in a, you know,
4-4 situation here,

so if you don't have that necklace
around your neck,

you can be in trouble.

So you just gotta trust in,
you know, your guys


just keep pushing forward.

So, Josh, at the challenge today,

you said you were out for revenge.

Is that still the case?

Yeah. Yeah, it is.

And...and control again, you know?

Last night, it was
taken away from us

and it was a pretty hefty advantage
at this stage of the game.

They've had their advantage.
It's up now.

And watch us take control back


Last night, the majority alliance
lost one of its members.

What was the fallout from that?

Uh, it was a fairly uncomfortable
entrance back into camp, obviously.

Um, Jordan is a great friend
of all of ours,

and a great person.

And unfortunately, it was
a snooker call with the fake idol.

Well, the no-idol being said
to be played as an idol.

So it, um...fell on poor Jordan,


Sam played the whole field here,
walked up and down,

and did a great job.

Once again, acting academy stuff.

It was Oscar nominations.

So, Jordie, what do you think
about last night's move?

Oh, it was a tricky one, mate,

but as I said,
it was sort of me or one of them,

so in the end,
it was actually quite simple.

Um, you know,

these guys had taken part in

sending me to Purgatory, so...

It's a dog-eat-dog world
in Survivor, mate.

You know, everyone's
gotta have a dig

and there's no unfair play.

DAVID: 100%.

Wow. Mark, there are a lot of
discussions going on

early in this Tribal.

MARK: Yeah, it's good.

Are things shifting?

No, nothing's shifting.

It's easy to see

how things are gonna unfold

during things like this,

but we've got a solid plan,
so we know what we're doing.

Hang on, you said it's NOT easy
or it IS easy

to see how it's gonna unfold.

No, it's fairly predictable,
how things are gonna unfold

in this one.

How do you think
this is gonna play out?

Well, I think you've got
two alliances of four each.

You've got us and you've got
the crew over there.

And we're gonna go to a vote
and it's probably gonna be...

..probably gonna be four apiece.

I mean, Mark's in
a good position here.

He's positioned his clan very well.

I mean, he's won that immunity,
did a great job.

And he came up trumps with that

and they've got
the not-so-hidden idol, so...

They've bunkered down.
They have a good Tribal tonight.

'Cause they're pretty much... the target list,
if you would look at it,

based on the powers
that they've got.

So, Mark, you won the necklace again,

which means that
you're secure tonight.

But that leaves Sam vulnerable.

Is that a concern?

Yeah, tonight's an important one
because it'll determine...

It's not necessarily
about Sam and I.

It's about who's gonna walk away
with the majority after this.

Which of these two alliances
are gonna walk away with it?

'Cause that might determine
the fate of

the next half of the merged game.

So, David, Mark's assessment is

that the tribe is split
down the middle

and it's gonna be a 4-4 vote tonight.

That would seem apparent.

I mean, there's new alliances
and there's old alliances.

And, um...

And, uh, if they just keep true,

then it's a 4-4

and then we go from there.

Jordie, where do you think Josh

sits in the tribe now?

Um, I think after last night,
Josh very much sits

as far to our right as he could get,
you know?

He's a loyal man and one of his boys
got sent home last night,

so he's gonna do everything
in his power

to not let that happen again,
you know?

He's, um...

..true to his word, so...

..he's not a man that can be swayed.

Sam, would you agree?

Um, Josh has been nothing but loyal.

You can only judge someone
based on their past behaviour

and how you feel your current
conversations are boding with them.

And, yeah, I feel
confident that Josh... not necessarily
gonna work with people

who voted out his cousin last night.


Shay, Mark has held onto his idol
for so long.

What do you think it would take
for him to play it?

I don't know. They know
they're running out of time.

But they do have two, so...


JOSH: Oh, look,
the game is getting wild

and you have to take whatever
options are available at the time

and you gotta do
what's best for you at the time.

So, what's the vote about tonight
for you, Jordie?

For me? Uh...

Tonight, the vote for me is about,
um, sort of reinstating that trust

that we built on last night's vote,
you know?

And trying to...

You know, I haven't been back
for a long time.

It's been a long time since
I've had any sort of alliance.

Um...10 days, in fact.

So to finally feel like I can build
some trust with a crew is important.

So tonight's about, um,
continuing on with that.

What's the vote about tonight
for you, Mark?

Securing a majority.

If we get that, it's gonna be
a very different game.

SAM: 100%.

Sticking with the alliance,

holding our nerve,

doing what we say and...

..hopefully coming out with a
majority alliance at the end of it.

This is gonna be so good!

Well, on that note,
should we get to it?

Alright, it is time to vote.



It is time to vote.

Jordie, you're up.


I tell you what,
if it doesn't work this time,

I don't know what else to do.


Mate, finally looking forward
to taking down the Joker.

It's been a long time coming.

This one's from the Dark Knight
and Harvey Dent.


I'll go count the votes.


If anyone has a hidden immunity idol
and you'd like to play it,

now would be the time to do so.



(JOSH WHISPERS) Do it, bro.

Do it.



You've got to.

I'll read the votes.


The first vote - Sam.



Jordie. We're tied.

Two votes Sam, two votes Jordie.


Jordie. Tied again.

Three votes Sam, three votes Jordie.

Sam. That's four votes Sam,
three votes Jordie.

One vote left.


The 16th person
voted out of Blood v Water -



Need to bring me your torch.

SAM: Ah, you scallywags.


I'll try and keep...

I'll miss you, sis.

Sam, the tribe has spoken.
Thank you.



Guys, it's a game.

Play it hard. Give it your best.

And I look forward
to joining all you guys.

KJ: Good girl, Sammy.
JORDIE: See ya.

MARK: See you, hon.


Well, you can hold all the cards
in this game,

but if someone calls your bluff,

you might just lose your queen.

Grab your torches.

Head back to camp. Goodnight.


Did you enjoy that?

That was flipping epic.

Sunday night
on Australian Survivor...

MARK: Jordie is a dead man walking.

..Mark is out for blood.

MARK: If it bleeds, we can kill it.

He's a trained gardener.

I'm a trained killer.

But it's not just the Joker
Mark needs to watch out for... a new dynamic duo
shakes up the game.

JOSH: You got the Joker
and now you got Two-Face.

Let's see what mayhem
we can create together.

With old alliances crumbling...

They're coming for me.

..battlelines are drawn.

The Joker thrives on chaos.
Bring it on.



You know, when you roll the dice,

sometimes it's gonna go
in your favour

and other times it's just not.

But the goal for Mark and I

is to have one person
in that final three.

Does it sting a little bit?
Of course.

But the heat has been on me
for the past two weeks,

and there's this other side of me

that's happy to just wash it off

and to not be, you know, public enemy
number one for a little bit.

Hopefully you play your idol

but there's just too much
suspect stuff going on with you two

and I heard you threw the bro under
the bus a little bit last night.

So, hopefully Jordie goes,

but you gotta be careful.

SAM: Blood v Water
is an intense theme.

I mean, the big question is,

should I have revealed
that I had an idol?

And deep in my gut I believe

that once an idol is 100%
public knowledge as being gospel,

it loses its power.

I was holding onto that

even though I was having to
claw onto it being not real

because I wanted to make a play.

And now that's up to Mark.