Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 7, Episode 21 - Episode #7.21 - full transcript

Reeling after the latest Tribal Council, the remaining castaways take stock of what's occurred and where it leaves them in the game. A Reward Challenge side deal leaves some tribemates on the outer.

JONATHAN: Previously
on Australian Survivor...

..with his cousin Jordan
voted out of the tribe...

Jordan was 100% collateral
for Sam and Mark's idol.

..Josh wanted answers.

So she threw him under?
Oh, she threw him under, completely.

I'll do what I have to do
to get Sole Survivor now.

Sam and Mark continued
to dominate the game.

SAM: I feel like two people
shouldn't have so much power.

But we do. (LAUGHS)

And their grip tightened
when Mark added an immunity necklace

to their swag of idols.


Mark wins!

MARK: I've got three idols on me
at the moment.

I think I need like an idol caddy.

But even their closest allies
knew it was time to strike.

There are possibly two idols
and they're a couple.

The power is unquestionably
with Marky and Sam.

At Tribal Council...

If anyone has a hidden immunity idol,
now would be the time to play it.

..Sam and Mark ignored warnings
to play their idol...

..and the game's
last surviving couple...

Four votes Sam, three votes Jordie.
One vote left.


16th person voted out
of Blood v Water,


The tribe has spoken.

Seven are left.
That was flipping epic.

Who will be going home tonight?


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Oh, you good?

MARK: Sammy is not here.

I feel a bit devo'd, actually.


We decided before we even went there
we were not gonna play the idol.

But it's unfortunate that my wife's
out and I feel responsible.


JORDIE: Are you gonna be OK?

DAVID: The guy is burned.
We just burned his wife.


I can't believe that Josh was gonna
write down Sammy this whole time.

I had no idea.

Well, no, I got Josh across the line.

What else?

It's amazing that it happened.

MARK: I thought that Josh
was gonna vote with the alliance...


..of me, Sam, Chrissy, Josh.

He didn't.

He voted for Sam,

which was the swing vote
and that got Sam sent home.




It's alright, it's alright.

Josh couldn't hold his nerve and
now our alliance is on the bottom.

You know what I mean?
Yeah, I know.

What are we gonna do?

I know. I know. I know.

Losing Sam,
we're in a difficult position

'cause it's a block of three,
a block of three,

and then Dave in the middle
as a swing vote.

I'm concerned 'cause...
I'm (BLEEP).

..what are we gonna do?
I know we gotta strike.

We can't trust...

You can't trust (BLEEP) Dave.
I know.

They got you.



I know.

Nah. Dude...

Yeah, that was...that was the...

So, we're in deep shit.

Survivor is a war zone.

And this point in the game,
look out.

They think Jordie's hard to deal
with and he's a trained gardener.

I'm a trained killer.

I'm out for revenge.



KJ: It's a really lovely morning.


JORDIE: I feel like he's joking.

I feel like he's stirring us up.

Looks like it's a jacket pocketful.

KJ: Is he just a little happier
this morning?

JORDIE: Ohhh! Look at this!

Are you serious?

DAVID: Hold on, hold on, hold on.

No way, Dave!

Here's my cunning plan.

A fig compote.

CHRISSY: Like a paste?
A fig paste?

CHRISSY: In the black pot?

Rice with it... Yeah. Basically...
Do it. What have we got to lose?

Like a jam?
Jam, yeah.

Go for it, Juice.
Yeah, let's try something different.

Why not?
Like a Sunday morning brekkie.

Jacket's coming off.


How many days have we got left?

Poor dude.
Feel sorry for him in a way.

JORDIE: Finally.

Finally, I got my revenge.

Sammy's gone home.

Sammy and Mark
stitched up Jesse so hard.

Pinched his idol.

And now she's gone home
without playing Jesse's idol.

It's like...

It could not have played out
any better.

I'm so happy!

It's crazy.

CHRISSY: What day is it? 41 or 43?
SHAY: 41.


JORDIE: Day 41.

Still here. The Joker is still here
laughing through the chaos.


Oh, shit.

Currently, myself, Shay, KJ and
David, we are the majority, right?

And then you've got
Mark, Josh and Chrissy

in the minority on the bottom.

But Josh...Josh is
the interesting one

because last night, Josh flipped.



So before we went into Tribal
last night,

I had a conversation with Josh
to work together.




I was able to rally
my band of misfits.

We managed to bring over Josh
to send Sammy home.

The only problem is...

..that Mark has now got both idols.

Even though no-one believes me,
for some reason.



Yeah, 100%. Yeah, yeah.

Josh and I are on
separate alliances.

(LAUGHS) And now we're both stuck
in the same position

where we're right on the edge here,
either of us could go at any moment.

We're both big targets.

We're physically threats
and strategically we're threats.

If you're sitting there at the end
with either me or Joshy,

you're gonna struggle to win.

Man, I just don't
wanna get picked off.

Oh, so dangerous. So then...

We gotta win today.
Yeah, we gotta win.

But if we can work together, we'll
be able to get through to final 4.



JOSH: Yeah.


Mark's dangerous, especially
after winning two immunities now.

If Mark's left in the game
with two idols,

he's basically won it
there and then.

You're target number one, my friend,
and you know it. (LAUGHS)

MARK: Sam and I were really nervous

coming back a second time
on Survivor.

And we didn't want to be that pair
that gets a second chance

and flubs it.

And Sam really swung for the fences.

She worked hard.

She blindsided people.

She stole someone's idol

in what has to be the most ruthless
move in Survivor history.

But I could have saved her.



(CLEARS THROAT) I wanted to give up
my game for Sam because...

..she played so well.

But this happened last time
I was on Survivor. I got...

I didn't want to see Sam go.
I did last time.

It just, um...

It's horrible. I just get...
I get my wires crossed.



..there is a...
there is a path ahead.

There are seven people left
in this game

and I have...

..these two characters
around my neck.

This is unheard of.

So standing in the way
of me getting to final Tribal,

there's three people.



And Jordie.

Having this much power, they don't
realise I'm coming up with a plan

to knock them all
out of the park, so...

..I'm gonna make Sammy proud
and now I've gotta get the job done.

What are you thinking,
moving forward?


We're in a funny position.

In fact, yeah, mate,
I can't, you know,

I don't want to ask you to play
your idol for anyone, but...

There's that option.

..that's...that's probably
the only way that we'd be able

to wrestle back some control,
complete control.

Right now, our control
is relying on Dave and Chrissy,

so we don't have the power
like we had before.



To play this game out the way
I see myself getting to the end,

I do need Josh.

My strategy so far

has been pushing Josh forward
as the leader of our alliance

and making sure people knew
he was a threat.

So, I'm not thinking about revenge.

But what I'm thinking is
he can take the heat off me

and be my shield going
to the end part of the game.

So I've got to keep him on side.

I've got to make it look like
I've moved on.

He is in a really strong position.

Yeah, he's...he's in the middle.


Dave is becoming
more and more of a threat.

His skills which involve persuasion,
negotiation, soft skills, pitching,

they're actually really
coming to the fore now.

He's becoming a bigger threat.

SHAY: Yes!


We just gotta play along with it.

'Cause there is...

..the, um, girls plus Dave.

I only came here to win.
My strategy was to win.

And everything I've done
has hinged off that one idea

that winning is possible.

So I'm trying to weigh up who is
a bigger threat - Jordie or Dave.

I tell you what's gonna keep me
going in this last bit -

thinking about Sam,
thinking about my boy Harry

and thinking about...

..all the crap I've gone through
in my life.

I've had to fight tooth and nail
to achieve or to survive.

I lost probably six
of my nine lives overseas.

So to come here and play

and to really play hard
for the last six or seven days,

if I get to the end of the game,

I'm gonna win.

Come on in!


So, Mark, you're the last person
to lose a loved one.

Did that make it any easier
to see Sam go home?

No, Jonathan, it's horrible.

Um, everyone here knows it,
you know, knows what it's like,

so it's tough,
but I'm not gonna complain,

Sam and I, you know, we left
a trail of bodies in our wake.

Jordie, the Joker
lives to see another day.

Are you running out of lives?
Uh, you can never run out of lives.

The Joker never runs out of lives.


Sammy was a fierce opponent.

Just luckily the numbers
fell in my way.

Josh, has the game changed again?
Is it now everyone for themselves?

I think everyone's had their trust
broken a little bit

by everyone here now, so
the game is very dynamic right now

and it's about to heat up, I think.

Alright. You ready to get to
today's Reward Challenge?


For today's challenge,
you're gonna hold onto a rope

and lean back over water.

As time goes on, your arms will tire
until you can no longer hold on.

Last person left standing
wins reward.

Wanna know what you're playing for?

A night away from camp

at the Survivor spa...

Oh! I knew it!

..where you will relax in a jacuzzi,

sleep in a real bed,

eat fresh seafood and juicy steak...

Stop it!

..and sip on champagne.

Worth playing for?

Yeah, you bet it is.

If you win it, you can choose
two people to help you celebrate.

Alright, let's get to it.

Alright, here we go.

Everyone, take up your rope.

Step onto your platform.

I'm gonna count you in.




Here we go.

We got any water-skiers here?

David engaging those newly found abs.

(LAUGHS) They might have
always been there.

There's been no beer for 40 days.

This is a perfect reward
for the final week of the game.

This is your opportunity
to get nice and clean.


Shave our legs.

Shave your legs.

JORDIE: Imagine.
SHAY: Oh, my God.

CHRISSY: Brush your teeth.
Wash your hair.

Brush your teeth.

MARK: Clean the blood
off your hands.

Seafood, steaks.

Oh, Jonathan!
Hey, it could be yours.

All you need to do is hang on
longer than anyone else.

Now it's getting a little hotter.

41 days out here. There's not
gonna be much left in the tank.

Your hands are probably trashed.

How long?
Really gonna feel it in those hands.

In the core.

(LAUGHS) I'm in trouble.

Oh, shivers.

Chrissy starting to look worried.
Go away.

That rope is gonna start
cutting into those hands.

Lots of readjustments from Josh.

Trying to get some relief
in those hands.

Mark readjusting now.

Jordie trying to wipe the sweat
from his hands.

You alright, Chrissy?
No, I think I'll...

Oh, alright.
..I'll wrap it up.


There's just no way.

There's always a way, Chrissy.
No, look.

You're, like, one arm wiping
your arse. I'm literally shaking.

Chrissy not happy.

Keep going, Chrispy. Just a little
bit longer, babe. Just try.

It's, like, tearing.
Chrissy wants to tap out.

Alright. It's a wrap, peeps.
I'm gonna go cheer.

JORDIE: Oh, Chrissy.
KJ: Have a swim.



Chrissy jumps in the water.
She is out of the challenge.

Well done.

David giving it everything he's got.

Lean. Just keep leaning.

Keep going. Keep going, Kage.
Keep going.

Well, you need...
Don't stop, Kage.

KJ in a lot of pain now.

My hands.


KJ pushing through the pain.

Not gonna give up.


Ah, yi, yi, yi! Ahhh.

Come on.


Nah, I'm done.

After 28 minutes,

KJ can no longer hang.

She's out of the challenge
and we're down to five -

Mark, Josh, David, Shay and Jordie.

David shaking out his hands.
Still in it.

Giving it everything he's got.

Fighting to the bitter end.

JORDIE: Poor Davey.
David giving it everything.

Not sure how much longer he has.

How long is it?

30 minutes.

I'm gonna leave it to the athletes.

You haven't tried switching
your elbows out, have you?

Yeah. Yeah.

After 30 minutes...


Gonna do a back slap.
..David decides he's had enough.

In he goes.
JORDIE: Good boy, Dave.

Great job, mate.
Oh, I'm out.

Have a good one, Joshy.
I'm gonna go.

You off, bro?

See you soon.
Alright, mate.

And out of nowhere,

Mark decides he has had enough
and we're down to three -

Josh, Shay and Jordie -

battling it out
for that very nice reward.

CHRISSY: It's like...

KJ: Come on, Shay!

I've got an idea.

But you know I promised the girls.
I can't...

Oh, did you? Oh, alright, then.

We'll all just say
we made a deal up here.


You're in?





The boys go in

and Shay wins the reward!

Good work, guys.
Take your time.

Steak and fries, baby.

Shay, come on over.

Well done, babe.

That was fun.

That was fun?
That was fun. Yeah.

Well, congratulations.

You've won a night away from camp
at the Survivor spa.

But it's no fun going by yourself.
I mean, let's be honest.

No, it's not.

So, go ahead and choose
two people to join you.


Josh, come on over.
KJ: Well done, Josh.



Thank you.

Almost got me on the lips.

So, this was always part of the deal.

The girls were the deal.
The girls were definitely the deal.

And then standing up there,
we realised how hard it was

and we weren't sure
we could go further,

but I thought I'm...I'm gonna
stick this in for the girls,

and then the boys got in my ear
about, um, making a deal.

It sucks 'cause...yeah,
I'm super close to the girls,

and, um, but I really...I...

I don't know. I just did it.

CHRISSY: It's all good, mate.
Yeah, I did it.

Chrissy, is it frustrating
that the deal changed?

No, it's fine.
It bought us some time.

You're good with it?
Yeah, it's fine.

What about you, KJ?

Deals are changing out there daily
at the moment,

so you roll with it.

Alright, Shay, Josh, Jordie,

Your Survivor spa awaits you.
Head on out.

Oh, my gosh.

Thank you.
You bet.

Have fun.
I love you, girls. I'm sorry.

CHRISSY: Yum! Yum!
MARK: Have a champers for me, mate.

CHRISSY: Eat up, bub.
DAVID: Get that lobster in you.

I was standing up there.
I had a lot left in the tank.

I could've won that.

But I didn't want to. That paints
an even bigger target on my back.

Instead, I've been able
to manipulate Shay

into bringing me and Josh.

This could be one of the best moves
I've ever made.

A reward is the perfect opportunity
to cement a new alliance.


Are you kidding me?

Oh, my gosh.
JOSH: Wow.

JORDIE: Just unreal.

I won! (LAUGHS)

Jeez, it's got a fireplace too!

This is gonna be
the best night of my life.

What on earth is going on?
This is stunning.

Oh, my gosh!


Oh, dudes!

Nail clippers.

The opportunity to come here
and, like, shave my legs,

brush my teeth, shower...


Oh, my face, man!

Look at a mirror and see...
(LAUGHS) ridiculous we look.

I look like Jesus right now!

Oh! So much dirt
just came off my face.

Oh, my gosh.
This is a dream come true.

How good is this, man?
Feels so good, eh?

A bed. Like, there's this big
feathered mattress and pillow.

41 days of sleeping on the ground,

some of that at Purgatory,
where is was basically cement.

Like, I literally have tears
in my eyes.

Oh, look down there.
There's this bloody jacuzzi.

Whoa-ho! What?


Oh, my gosh,
and then I saw the food.

Yes! Oh, my gosh!
JOSH: Whoa!

Joshy, are we eating or what?
Yeah, let's go.

Oh, champers.
Yeah. Drink first.


That was sick!

Well done.

Dude, this is amazing.
This is the best reward.

Dude, I can't believe it.

And we're here all night.
Look at that bed.

Oh, I could actually cry.

Honestly, I'm in heaven right now.
I can't even...

Dude, I can't believe it.

Have a look at me.
I feel like Ron Burgundy.


Cheers, guys.

Best night ever.
Thanks, guys.

Not only the fact that we're here

and we've received all this
beautiful food, all these comforts.

You know, like, cheers.

I'm gonna put my hair up
in the mirror.

The fact that I was able to convince
Shay into bringing me and Josh

is even sweeter!

(LAUGHS) Are you joking?

Mate...apart from you, I've done
second best with the rewards.

Me and you together have had a run.

We should have had a run, bro.
From the start too.

Shay is perfect because
she's part of the Purgatory 3,

and Josh, a member of the enemy -

I wanted to bring Josh all along.
I need to cement that alliance.

The Joker and Two-Face.


Josh and I understand we are on
separate sides of alliances

and I suggested
we can work together.

The Jokes creates Two-Face
in the 'Batman' series, right?

It's perfect. It's beautiful.
Like, it works so well.


Cutlery, the plates are beautiful.
Let's rip in.

I tell you what,
this is as good as it gets.


Thank you, Shay. Thank you.

Yeah. Yeah.
Honestly, thank you.

We get to have a break
from the rest of those yahoos.

Yes. That's probably the best part.
How are you guys feeling?

So much better
now that Sammy's gone.

She was...
She was intense.

I was nervous as, bro.

Like, I've just had this great
relationship with Mark

and so when you've got to do a move
and put his wife out of the game,

when we've never broken each other's
trust before, it was, like, "Ooh."

It was nerve-racking.

I sent home Mark's wife,

so I'm not unaware of the fact that

it would be hard to trust someone
that's done that.

I was trying to make Sam and Mark
play the idol.

For them not to do that

shows that maybe they didn't trust me
enough there

and they sort of forced my hand

and now does Mark still
want to work with me?

So I'm a really sticky situation.

This is the best thing
you could have done.

And I know I keep harping on
about it,

but Marky now has two idols
and that is crazy.

I think the idol situation
is Mark has one idol,

but Jordie's still
sticking to his story

that Mark has two sitting in his bag.

Either way,
it paints Mark a big threat.

But they are treating that thing
like Gollum. You know?

Like 'Lord of the Rings'.

Like holding, holding, holding.

Last night, I was like,
"Mate, play it. Play it."

They went, "No. Why? Why? Why?"

Well, just do it.

I've had enough -
you're getting to a stage where

you've gotta vote out
people you like.

For your game, you do what's best.

You're getting close to 500 grand.

You know,
it's one in seven right now.



Mark's rolling around
with one guaranteed idol.

You know, two idols.

Plus Mark's ability to win necklaces.


Mark is gonna be paranoid now
because we got rid of Sammy

and the more we wait, the, you know,
the more dangerous he becomes,

so, you know, I think it's time
after my move on Sammy,

it's time to cut a deal
with the Joker.



I'm not gonna promise
the top three, da-da-da.

But we can work
for the next couple of votes

to make sure that we don't cop any.

From both sides.

I know you guys are tight as with KJ.
I'm tight with Chrissy.

But everyone else,
I'll be happy to move on.

So then who's left?
It's pretty much Dave.

Juice. Juice and Mark.

Oh, yeah, but if we got Mark next.

See, if we could somehow convince...
(CLEARS THROAT) ..the next vote

to be a Juicy/Mark split.

Yeah, the main vote would be on Mark.
Oh, yes, correct.

And then we just make sure the split
wasn't on me, him or you.


Yeah, I'm keen to work with Jordie
and Shay for the next two votes

at least 'cause I know that
if I don't win the immunity necklace,

if I've at least got Jordie on side,
who's likely to win a necklace,

he'll keep me safe
and we can vote for David or someone,

so it keeps the heat off me.

We'll do a cross-handed shake.

Yeah, it's a good deal to make.
That'll do. Alright, cheers.

Cheers, you mad dogs.

Well done.
Thanks, Shay.

Thank you.
Good deal.

Another deal!

You know, ideally what we're gonna
do tomorrow is load up on Mark,

he's gonna play an idol.

Let's go scratch some of the cheese
off our bodies.

We're gonna blindside the Juice.

I'm gonna win more trust with Jordie.
He'll think he's in.

Oh, my God, I look ratty.

Look at that.
It's gross, man!

You've got the Joker
and now you've got Two-Face.

Let's see what mayhem
we can create together.

What a joke, man!

This is sick.


CHRISSY: Home sweet home.

It's gonna be so quiet.

When Jonathan said "day spa",

I just went weak at the knees.

Uh...for him as well, but...

Imagine that -
Jonathan and a day spa on Survivor.

Break the internet, that.

We don't need to get clean, anyway.
Why would you want to get clean?

KJ: Hmm.

MARK: Did you guys think
you were heading on there?

Told we were.
You both did?

She said to Kage and I, if the
girls go, we'll take the girls.

And then all of a sudden...
She was rock-solid too.

I needed to go to the day spa.

I just don't think
she thought it through.

No, she didn't.

Um... Wow.

I have had no shampoo, no soap,

my nails are a hot mess,
my hair's falling out.

Where I don't want hair to grow, it
is growing at a rapid rate. (LAUGHS)

Josh's hair's gonna be clean.
Need juice and water.

And they're gonna come back
smelling so good

and I'm not gonna tell them either,

I'm gonna pretend I can't even tell.

I know. So thought
you were there?

She told me while I was on the rope.

Yeah. (LAUGHS)
Oh, my God.

This is hilarious.

I don't think she realises

that every action right now
in this point of the game...

She's had a shocker.
..has a consequence.

You know, I'm absolutely rattled
from that decision.'s gonna get messy

and Shay's decision
could be detrimental.

The Purgatory 3,
it was great while it lasted

and, you know, I'm maybe reacting,

but there's been alarm bells.

There's been some
really big alarm bells for me.

You can tell I'm sulky.
I'm owning it.

No, babe, I just...
I thought you were going.

I thought you were going. Like,
you haven't been to one, have you?

It changes things in a game sense

because it makes me question
if I can work with her anymore.

It makes me question
if I can work with Jordie.

And that is very worrying
for my game.

Jordie must just be crying laughing.

No, no, he's done that
so that she makes the...

So he's not the baddie.

He didn't want to choose.

He's set Shay up with Josh.
Oh, so he...

So now she's... Yeah. You're right.
He's gone, "You make the decision."

And then she's now the bad guy.

Jordie, he's just cunning!
Oh, that's so clever.

Jordie is an absolute gun
at this game. He has set Shay up.

Jordie knows the worst position
you can be in

is choosing the players
to take on reward

because the other people
come gunning for you.

Jordie set her up big-time.
Oh, Jordie.

She just...she just did a deal
with the devil.

Another underestimating of Jordie.

He's tenacious.

It's getting to the business end of
the game and this is our opportunity.

Let's do it.

Once and for all,
we've got to get rid of him.

Is Jordie getting another life
or are we all in on this?

Jordie is a dead man walking.

Do you agree, Kage?
KJ: I'm in.

MARK: It's a good haul of beans.

Remember I said about Jordie.

If it bleeds, we can kill it.



Thank God you like me.

I would be very, very scared
every night.

Jordie has been identified
as a massive threat.

It's gotta be his turn to go
out the door once and for all.

Goodbye, Joker.


(SHAY LAUGHS) Oh, my God!

Does it feel good?

Ahhh! (LAUGHS) It's so nice!

Oi! Stop it!

It almost hurts, it feels so good.

Wanna flick that light off?
Righto, bro.


SHAY: Oh, my God! (LAUGHS)
JORDIE: That's pretty cool, eh?

Day 42. Like, that is amazing.

Not only am I feeling very pretty,

but figuratively,
I'm also sitting quite pretty.

Today is, yeah. It's massive.

Josh has agreed he's gonna
keep my name out of the vote.

As long as I can rally the troops
and get the Purgatory 3

and potentially Dave
to make a move on Mark.

If he does play the idol,
Dave goes home.

We just cannot let him win.

Today, it is really important
for Mark to not win immunity.

If Mark doesn't win,
that means we can make our move.

The timing is right.
We've got to take control now.


Marky, watch out.

The Joker's gonna have
the last laugh, for sure.



Come on in!


We'll now bring in the winners
of the spa reward.

So, Shay, tell me about that spa.

Uh, it was pretty comfy.

Everyone had a pretty big sleep,
so that was nice.

But it was nice to
shave the old legs

and, um, yeah, just sit back
and chat, have some champagne.

So, Chrissy, that spa sounded like
the holiday that Croc promised you.

Oh, that had my name all over it,
but was it worth 500 grand?

I don't think so.

So you think that was
a 500-grand decision?

Yeah, or just under maybe.
No change.


Alright, you ready to get to
today's Immunity Challenge?


Mark, I need it back.

And you're not gonna make it easy
for me, are you?

There we go.

Once again, immunity
is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge...'re gonna race up a net
to collect a bag of sandbags

and carry them
over a series of obstacles.

You're then gonna toss
those sandbags into a barrel,

lowering it to the ground so you can
reach in and grab puzzle pieces.

You're then gonna use
those puzzle pieces

to solve a word puzzle.

First person who gets it right

wins immunity, safe from the vote.

Losers - Tribal Council,

where somebody's gonna become the
17th person voted out of this game.

Alright. Let's draw for spots.

Let's get this thing rolling.


Alright. Here we go.

For immunity...

..survivors, ready?


Day 42 and we are at the pointy end
of the game.

Sure would be sweet

to have guaranteed security
tonight at Tribal.

Everyone untying their bags.

1o knots in total. Mark has it first.

He comes flying down,
wasting no time.

Jordie on his tail.

Shay's down now.

Everyone on fire today!

Desperate to get that immunity.

Now you've gotta high-step
through the grille.

Josh has made up some ground.

Chrissy, KJ and Shay
coming up the rear.

All the boys through
to the next stage.

Gotta untie your bag

and start tossing those sandbags
into the barrel.

Jordie's first.

Need to load up that barrel
with at least 10 sandbags

to lower it down to the ground.

Keeps firing
but cannot make them stick.

Toss after toss
not going in the barrel.

Chrissy gets one in.

Shay's in on it now. KJ's in on it.

Everyone tossing their sandbags.

Chrissy missed out
on the reward yesterday,

but that is not
holding her back today.

Jordie and Josh
lowering their buckets.

A couple more will do it for Chrissy.

Chrissy's on fire!

Chrissy, you're good! Good!
Go, Chrissy!

Lock it in.

Was way behind in this challenge,

but now she has the lead.

Mark is good. Lock it in!

Mark chasing down Chrissy now.

Josh, you're good!

Jordie getting close.

How's that, mate?
Jordie, you're good! Go, Jordie!

Chrissy even sticking pieces
down her bra.

That's how you do it!

Alright, Dave, you're good.

Shay, you're good.

Here's KJ, the last
to bring down her barrel.


..on the table.

Josh is there now.

Jordie still collecting his pieces.

Chrissy first at the table.

You got a bunch of letters
and you're looking to spell...

..a five-word phrase.

Mark thinks he sees something now.

Finally, KJ's on the table.

Jordie just staring at it
like it's a blank page.

You can spell a bunch of
different words with these letters,

but only one five-word phrase
is correct.

Oh, man, that's tough.
I've got three fails.


Shay quickly changing pieces around.

She thinks she has something.


I can't do this.

Chrissy has something,

but it is correct?

KJ's last to get on the puzzle.

Will she be the first to finish it?

Josh thinks he sees something now.

He's working quickly.

Suddenly, Josh has something going.

He's picking up the pace.

He thinks he might have it!

What does it say?
"Safe from the vote tonight."


Josh wins immunity
and is safe from the vote tonight.

Well done.
Well done!


Josh, come on over.


Yet again, immunity is yours.

Safe from the vote tonight.

Guaranteed a one-in-six shot
at winning this game.

As for the rest of you,
Tribal Council tonight,

where somebody's gonna become

the 17th person voted
out of Blood v Water.

Well done, mate.


DAVID: The storm is coming.

Jordie's lost immunity,
he's sitting vulnerable,

he's had his laughs,
he's had a second chance.

It's time to go home.
See ya later, Jordie.


SHAY: Well done, Josh.
MARK: Well done, man.

That was the only puzzle...


I saw you had words
like 'fort' and stuff.

I had 'fort', 'storm'.
Ah, military mind, man.

(LAUGHS) "Storm the fort."

Being safe at Tribal Council tonight
is a huge relief.

I've never been in a situation
where I have a one-in-six shot

at half a million dollars.

I'll just put the rice on.

KJ: Ohhh!

Happy day!

But you can feel the tension
in the air at camp.

Me winning that necklace
gives me power.

I have full control now of this vote
because I've made a deal with Jordie.

I mean...

I said, "How about for the next two
votes, we just keep each other safe?"

Jordie's still swearing
that Mark's got two idols.

We're done with that.
Well, either way, it's gotta go.

Yeah, 100%. Get rid of the idol.

Get rid of the damn idol.
We get rid of the idol.

Chrissy is a huge, huge part
of my game.

She has been all the way through.

But now it is crucial she knows
that Mark's too powerful right now.

It's gonna come time
we have to draw swords.

But at this stage of the game,
I still want to work with Mark.

It would be much easier
for our working relationship

if we're just even
without idols.

How's this? Let's...

This is how we can take control
of this whole game, right?

Juice, KJ...

..Shay, Jordie all go for Mark,
trying to flush the idol.


He plays it, he's safe.

But me and you,
we can flip it onto whoever we want.

Love it.

Tonight Mark has to be forced
to play his idol

and I've put myself, Mark and Chrissy
in the swing vote situation

where we can direct
where split's gonna be.

We can smoke Juice. That puts me,
you and Mark back in power.

But where's Jordie?

Jordie's still in.
I want him out.

I'm done. Don't you reckon?

Aren't you sick of him?

Uh, the thing is
Juice is dangerous in gameplay-wise.

And I've cut a deal with Jordie...

..that he's gonna keep
me and you safe.

Alright, so, look, moving forward,
you and me...

I haven't been able to do this
without you.

We're in control.

I've always had you there
to trust 100%.




SHAY: Josh, Jordie and myself,
we came into a really good promise.

For the next two votes,
we'll look after each other.

Keep each other's names
off the chopping block.

However, the choice I made to
break the promise with the girls

definitely has repercussions.

I knew there'd be some work to do
to rebuild trust with KJ.

When you looked me in the eye
when I'm hanging there

and say, "Yeah, I'm taking you..."

Yeah, 'cause I was.

And then 12 minutes later...

It was really humiliating.

I just didn't want you to be

pressured by the boys
into something.

Like, you're a strong woman.
You had your mind made up.

And then two guys got in your ear...
(LAUGHS) I know.

Well, ended up being more strategic
than I could have planned for,

having just those two there.

Josh wants to, hopefully,
get rid of Mark tonight.


And moving forward,
we'll protect Josh one more vote.

That's the end of our trust.

Then we can fight each other
if we want to.


Which means Josh and Jordie
will probably bang heads and...



Yeah. Yeah.

The boys are too focused
on each other.

There's these four men here.
Their egos are gonna get in the way.

They all want to be
the last man standing.


So the good thing
for you, me and Chrissy

is to just take a little step back,

let the boys fight it out,

'cause they don't want
too many men at the end.

Yep. Yeah, yeah, of course.



So, what did KJ say to you?

She said, "I'm voting Mark."

And I was like, "Oh, cool."

OK, so she knows.

Which means I'll go and talk to Dave
about Mark.

Right now,
I need David in on it as well.

How are you feeling within the four?
Are you feeling good?

Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Yeah.
Yeah? Good.

Keep the majority, mate.

Majorities rule.
That's right.

Dave doesn't know
that he's the split vote.

But I need him as a number
for voting Mark out.



Yeah, we gotta just keep peppering
the guy until he's out.



Ah, interesting. OK.

I think you're right.

I think he's...he's gonna
play the balls game

because if he can hold
one more or two more...

That he's got in his bag.

..then he's in.

Like, so why blow it now
on a...on a maybe?

Yes, correct.
Yeah, yeah.

Yeah, yeah, that's right.

If Mark doesn't play his idol,
this is great.

It means I've got my clear revenge
on Mark and Sammy.

They blindsided Jesse.
I blindsided Sammy.

Now I want to blindside Mark.

Oh, perfect.

Holler, holler.

So, we were just saying, this arvo,

we'll have to be
just keeping Mark happy.

Yeah, which we know how to do.

We've done it.




Jordie still believes
we've got that alliance going.

But the problem with that is
you're dancing with the devil.

We'll see what happens, but, um...

However, Jordie doesn't know
that he's the real target.


So the plan is...
should be just straightforward.

We need Jordie gone.
Oh! Yeah.

Jordie's the number one threat

because Jordie could win immunity
right through to the end.


Yesterday I convinced KJ, Chrissy
and Mark just to get rid of Jordie.




You happy with that?
Fine. I like this.

Time is running out,
but it is critical

that we strike the right people now.

So, just back on business.
Everyone's on to get rid of Jordie.


David's still gunning for Jordie.

I'm gonna say yes
because that's Survivor 101.

Someone pitches you, you say yes

and then you go do
what you think's right.


I want to stick with players
that I trust.

But the problem is
there's not many options left.

Dave is a shady character
and can't be trusted.

He's not aligned to anyone.

And, most importantly,
he was the reason

why Josh flipped his vote
from Jordie to Sam.

And with Josh coming back
from the reward,

I'm a little bit nervous
the numbers might have turned.

So, I've got a lot less trust
in him now

because I know we're at the point
in the game

where he's gonna act
in his own interests.

But I know the B team's gunning
for me. I can feel it in the air.


And I trust my instincts.
I know they're planning something.

When I was in the military,
I learned a lot about interrogation.

So if someone is not telling me
the truth, I can see it.

So do you think... I'm thinking
about playing my idol tonight.

Do you think it's worth playing
or not?

Um...I don't really... Like...

If I were you, I would play my idol.

So they'll come for me?

Well, it'd be silly not to assume.

Because everyone wants
to flush your idol.

Because... (LAUGHS)

So, uh, yeah, it's...

To answer your question,
I don't have an answer.

But if you want to give me
your idol... (LAUGHS)


Loose lips sink ships and Shay
revealed a little nugget to me.

They're coming for me.
I can almost guarantee it.

MARK: I have three opportunities
left to play the idols.

I have two idols.

What I'm weighing up is,
on one hand,

I play my idol and try
and get through to the next round.

On the other hand, I don't play
my idol and I leave two idols intact

for votes six and five,
and secure a top four spot.

Tonight, basically,

it's going to either be
Mark, Dave or myself.

So this is gonna be crazy!

The pressure's on.

We're so close to the end.

I just have to have faith.
I have to have faith.

But I'm still here.
The Joker's still here.

And the Joker thrives in chaos.

Bring it on. (LAUGHS)

JONATHAN: Go beyond the game
with extended Tribal Councils,


or on the 10play app.



We'll now bring in our jury.

Khanh, Mel, Jesse,

Michelle, Jordan...

..and Sam,
voted out last Tribal Council.

Shay, let's talk about that reward.

You got to wash away 41 days of dirt.

Was that the best day for you
on Survivor so far?

Yeah, it was definitely
the best day.

It was really nice
just to step out of the game

and into a beautiful day spa
retreat turned nighttime retreat.

It was really nice.

So, three people left camp
for a whole night,

effectively splitting the tribe
in two.

What kind of impact
does that have on the game?

Sure, it definitely comes
with, um...


Um, but there was...

It was more strategy than
what it looked like on the outside.

So, David, you think that reward
carried risk.

Oh, definitely.

At this point,
the pointy end of the stick,

I think you have to think about the
impact of who you're leaving behind

and who you're taking.

You can actually break alliances
or make alliances,

and depending on your game and your
relationships, a critical decision.

Well, Chrissy, on that note,

Shay had said that
she promised to take you and KJ.

Yeah, I mean, she did promise that
and I'm still a bit funny about it

because, you know,
KJ and I were pumped for that.

We were ready
for a bit of a girls day.

I think maybe they started talking
a bit of smack out there

and she took the offer too soon.

Well, at the challenge, you said that

that may have been
a $500,000 mistake.

Yeah, I think it was
an expensive day spa.

I thought it was a brilliant play
by Jordie.

Jordie's been through the experience

of having to split a tribe on
a reward and knows the consequences.

So how do you get on a reward
without bearing any consequence?

You set someone else up
for the fall.

Pretty clever.
Um, ingenious, really.

Jordie, what you say about
David's take on the situation?

Oh, look, I don't think
that one reward

should mean that poor Shay
is under the bus.

You know, there are other targets,

other people who are far,
far more dangerous in the game

than one person who changes her mind
about who goes on a reward,

um, personally.

What we need to remember is there
is two idols in one person's hands.


This person has also won
the same amount

of individual immunities
that I have,

the same amount that Josh has.

There is a lot of danger coming from
the big man in the leather jacket.

But if you're thinking
about long-term,

you're thinking about the game
of Survivor, not about day spas.

For me, it's about
eliminating threats.

So, Josh,
Jordie just laid it all out.

In his opinion, the biggest threat
in this game is Mark

because he has not one but two idols.

If Mark has two idols,
he's a big, big threat.

Mark, for sure, has one idol.

Makes him a big threat.

Um, and he's very capable
of winning challenges.

So, you know, this late in the game,
it's an accurate assessment

and, um, yeah, we'll see
what he does tonight with them.


There are only so many Tribals left
when he can use the idol or idols.

Yep. And if he, uh,
wins the necklace again,

then he doesn't have to use it.

And so that, you know,

it guarantees him a lot of safety
in the future of the game.

Right, he marches all the way
to the final four.

It's, um... It's a high-threat
situation for us.

And you have to make sure that,
you know,

everyone in the tribe has to play
for their own benefit.

Tonight you gotta hope
that you picked the right option

and you're taking a gamble
either way.

So, Josh, who do you think's
a bigger threat - Mark or Jordie?

JORDIE: Yeah, Josh.

Yeah, yeah.
Tell us.

Tell us what you really think, Josh.

Both massive threats. I... You know,
and, really, it's a flip a coin.

If Mark's on your side,
he's less of a threat than Jordie.

If Jordie's on your side,
less of a threat than Mark.

So you just have to figure out
where you stand

and go from there.

So, Mark, should the tribe
be threatened by your idol?

Um, Jordie's done well.
He started this story a while ago.

Oh! stuck.

Honestly, it doesn't matter how much
I try and fend it off,

the mud has stuck.

And so there's only gotta be doubt,
and perception becomes reality.

So, I've got to be smart with it.

I've got three opportunities
to play it.

Um, the question is, when I play it
and who I play it for.

So, Mark, what's the vote about
tonight for you?

I think, uh, dealing with threats.

Trying to figure out where
the loyalties lie at the moment.

DAVID: Everyone here
is here to play till the end.

And you have to get rid of threats.

And there's still threats remaining.

Jordie, how confident are you

that the plan is gonna go
as you expect it to go?

Uh...I trust in the people
that I spoke to before Tribal.

Um, and I trust that
their word is their word

and their promise is their promise.

But... (LAUGHS)

..anything can happen -
you know that.

You know, I'm talking to you here.
You know?

So, we won't actually know
what's gonna happen

until you read those votes.

So...yeah, bloody hell.
We're gonna see what...

We're gonna see what happens now.

Alright, well,
I think it is time to vote.


It is time to vote.
Jordie, you're up.


I'm confident you're gonna play
your idol tonight,

but...I'm having a dig.

Good game, mate.

You're the biggest threat
as far as I'm concerned.

I'll go count the votes.

If anyone has a hidden immunity idol
and they'd like to play it,

now would be the time to do so.

Yeah, sure.


You guys have been hassling me
about this for weeks, you know?

This is the... This is the General.

Finally we get to see
the General, huh?

The General.

And, uh, tonight I'd like to play it
for myself, Jonathan.

Play it for yourself.

This is a hidden immunity idol

and any votes cast for Mark
will not count.

I'll read the votes.

First vote - Mark.

Does not count.

Mark. Does not count.

Mark. Does not count.



One vote Jordie, one vote David.


That's two votes Jordie,
one vote David.

One vote left.


We're tied. Two votes each.

Alright. This is how it's gonna work.

We're gonna re-vote.

So, Jordie and David,
you will not vote.

Everyone else, you can only vote
for Jordie or David. Clear?

KJ, come and grab the urn.

I think this juice has gone off.

We're sending you out to pasture.

See ya later.


I could be in a massive amount
of trouble here.

I'll go count the votes.

Good luck, brother.


Yeah, good luck, mate. Well done.

I'll read the votes.

First vote - Dave.


One vote Dave, one vote Jordie.

Dave. Two votes Dave,
one vote Jordie.

17th person voted out
of Blood v Water...


Oh, well.
That's three votes. That's enough.

You need to bring me your torch.

Catch ya.


I'll miss you, mate.

Enjoy the beer, enjoy the beer.
It's all good, mate.

Dave, the tribe has spoken.

Seems so.

Well, the badge I'm going out with,
if you think I'm a greater threat

than some of the players here,

that is fantastic,
I'm going home with that.

Juice signing out.
Yeah, Juicy!

See ya, Juice.

Tonight you spilled the juice.

Time will tell
if it was worth the squeeze.

Grab your torch.

Head back to camp. Goodnight.

Tomorrow night
on Australian Survivor...

JORDIE: Now that Josh is
working with me, we're in heavy.

We have the numbers here.

He's been working both sides.

What about Jordie?
I want that four. Us four.

But the time has come
for Josh to make a call.

You can see why I'm nervous, right?

100%, bro. You're trusting in me
to not flip on you.

Will Josh line up with a soldier...
We've got to stop this chaos.

..or stake his game on the Joker?

I've played the best game in here.

As Survivor's biggest secret
is finally exposed.

Need to know if he's got that idol.
I'm telling you he's got it.

Right. Mark's dead.

DAVID: Juicy Dave
was born in Survivor

and I'm very proud

of the game I played.

We've always said it wasn't my dream

to be on Survivor.

It was Briana's.

And she transferred that dream

when they sent her home early.

(SOBS) I know I would have loved
for her to be there.

That's why I fought so hard.

I still can't believe it.

There's some powerful players there,

and if they think

I'm more of a threat than Jordie,

holy smokes.

Wow. Fools.