Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 7, Episode 19 - Episode #7.19 - full transcript

As castaways return to camp from Purgatory, alliances are seemingly reformed, A tribemate selflessly gives up their reward, and the game is flipped once more as Tribal Council sees an advantage played.

JONATHAN: Previously
on Australian Survivor...

"One more will join you,

"but only three
will ignite their game."

Jordie, KJ and Shay plotted
their return from Purgatory...

JORDIE: Some of the strongest
players in this game

get a second chance.

..reinventing themselves
as a potent new force in the game.

We'll come out of here
with a strong alliance.

Let's do it.

Back at camp...

People do believe you have an idol.

People do believe it?
I think so.

..Sam worried that rumours
of her secret second idol

would make her a target.

Whether they believe it or not,
there's doubt.

But when husband Mark won immunity...

And Mark lands it just like that!
Yay! seemed Survivor's power couple
was back on top.

I've got this necklace, Sam's idol
and my own idol in my bag.

That is three immunity idols
in one hit.

JOSH: Mark and Sammy
are too powerful.

Cracks started to appear
in the majority alliance.

But in the end...

Fourth person going to Purgatory...

..the tribe chose the safe option.



SAM: Oh, my God. a challenge
of poise and patience...

Jordie drops it in.

And he secures the first spot
back in the game!

Shay the second position.

KJ securing the final spot!

..three big players won their way
back into the game.

Your time in limbo is over.

Nine are left.
Who will be going home tonight?


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JORDIE: Today is do or die.

It's day 37

and...the Joker's back.

Purgatory gave me a lot of clarity.

It reminded me how lucky I am
to be here.

You know, you don't get
second chances in Survivor.

That doesn't happen.

This is an opportunity that was
gifted to me by the Survivor gods.

Before I got sent to Purgatory,
Sammy stitched me and my brother up.

Sammy convinced him he didn't need
his idol, she'll put it in her bag.

Sent Jesse home packing.

Then everyone was working
against me.

Not only were they trying
to vote me out,

but they were calling me out,
saying that I was the liar.

You know, no-one believed me.

Jesse did not get a second chance.

But I do.

I'm coming in for revenge.

I'm coming for Sammy.

We're back.

Let's liven the joint up.

This game, mate, this game.

It's crazy, huh?

You guys thought you got rid
of three of them,

and now you gotta do it
all over again.

Exhausting, huh?

Can I do anything, Chrispy?
MARK: Sit down, mate.


CHRISSY: You are a visitor.

You're gonna leave again soon.

You are a temporary visitor

with an expired visa.

Before ending up in Purgatory,

my battle was to break up
the majority...

..that are just painting
the same narrative.

By gathering up
this band of misfits...

You can't put it into words,
can you?

People are like, "What was it like?"

We've got a strong three.

But we need to gather numbers.

Josh is the linchpin here.

Jordan's just Josh's assistant.

And Chrissy is locked and loaded
with Josh.

Jordan, Josh and Chrissy
are tight as.

If we can get Josh over to vote
with us, then they'll follow suit.

And we're gonna flip the majority
on its head.

We need to tear them apart.
Tear them apart from the inside out!



But she can't stop, eh?

CHRISSY: A couple of times.

No. All it does
is plant a little seed.


JORDIE: So my plan
is to create chaos.

I just don't want you
to leave it too late, you know?

Especially if she's getting...
Top six.

Like, snookery.
Like, we're getting snookered.

You know what I mean?

You just, like, stand up to them.

Dancing with the devil, mate.

You are, bro.

The Joker.


Hey, Davey.

What name are you hearing
that they wanna go for?

DAVID: Oh! What do you reckon?

Be either me or Mark.

You've got idols.
'Cause they...

Oh, yeah. Yeah.
That same old thing.

JORDIE: Sammy doesn't cope
with chaos.

She just wants to know what
everyone's doing all the time,

'cause she's paranoid.


How are you feeling?

It's been, you know...
it's hard work to stay motivated

'cause every day, you know,
it's virtually your last one.

But it's fun because...

..every day is your last one.

So you've got nothing to lose.

Just do anything.
Yeah. That's right.

It's like I'm living
like I could die.

You know?
Well, what's...

What do you plan to do?
I don't know.

'Cause I've run out of options,
so let me know.

Am I your last option?
Yeah, well, yeah. Pretty much.


So, you know, if there's anything
you want to do, let me know.


I will never, ever work with Sammy,

but I'm gonna continue
to make her paranoid.

And you guys know that
you've only got so long

before they get too nervous
about even just...


'Cause they don't believe me
about two.


They'll be getting...
getting nervous about one.

Mmm. Yeah.

So at some point,
something's gotta happen.



SAM: Jordie coming back,
it is worst-case scenario.

MARK: What's up?

(WHISPERS) So, Jordie
said that obviously...

He goes, "Oh, let me know
if you have any thoughts."

Then I go, "Am I your last option?"
And he goes, "Oh, pretty much."

So he's still gunning for me.
Yeah, of course.

'Cause he's saying
we've got both idols.

So, obviously wedging it hard.

Jordie knows I stole Jesse's idol

and I betrayed him and his brother.

He is gonna want to get revenge.

And past performance has shown us

when someone feels
like they're on the bottom,

they are willing to do anything
to stay in this game.

CHRISSY: Yeah, definitely.

The concept that two of us
in one couple have two idols

is one of the most dangerous things

that has ever happened
in Australian Survivor.

Which is why Jordie needs to go
before the idol is revealed.

JORDIE: Alright, are we ready?
MARK: Let's do it.

JORDIE: I'm coming back in
harder, hotter

and I'm gonna have much more fun.

They thought they knew the Joker,
but they haven't seen anything yet.


JONATHAN: Come on in!


It's so an auction.

Yes! Wallets!

JORDIE: Here we go. (CHUCKLES)

Oh, yeah.

This is what you've been waiting for.

Jordie, when you got back to camp,

did it feel like you were coming home
or was it more like crashing a party?

Oh, it's a bit of both, you know.

It felt like there was a party in my
own house that I wasn't invited to.

That's what it felt like.
(LAUGHS) That's funny! I like that.


So, David, does having them back

feel like it's a fresh start
for the tribe?

Six was very comfortable. Um...

That felt great. Now we've got nine.

So, just adjusting accordingly
and, yeah, we had a great night.

Josh, was it nice to have them back

or should they just keep
their bags packed?

JOSH: Oh, look, regardless of
the gameplay, they're great people

and it is good to have a chat
and catch up with them again,

so it was all, you know,
we put it aside

and hopefully have
some fun today together

and we'll just wait and see
how the game plays out.

Jordie, you're feeling the love, huh?
Always feeling the love, Jonathan.

It's a game, mate. Bring it on.

Alright, well, in case
you hadn't already noticed,

welcome to the Survivor Auction.


You each have $500.
Bidding is in $20 increments.

No sharing of money,
no sharing of food, unless I say so.

And the auction will end
without notice.

So, if you see anything you like,
I suggest you bid on it.

Alright, shall we get to it?
Yeah. Let's do it.

First item.

Meat pie and sauce.

A meat pie?
Yum! That's pretty good.




$100 to Chrissy.

Anyone else
who wants to get in on it?

Going once, going twice... Sold!


Thank you, sir.
Thank you.

JORDIE: Well done, Chrisp.
That looks great.

That looks so good!

Oh, my God! That hurts my heart.


Alright, next item.

Chicken parmy and chips.


You're gonna need a Neck Oil
with that.








Jordan just closes it out at $500.

Don't risk it.

$500, yeah.

Going once...going twice...

JORDIE: Well done, bro.

Come on up!
All your money. That's it.

You're up. You want to
have a sip of that beer?

Cheers, mate.

Neck it! Neck it!
Don't you dare neck it.

No! Savour!

There's a salad!

Oi! That is massive!

That's huge.

It's intense, isn't it?


I'm suffering.
I'm really suffering here now.

I didn't realise how hungry I was!

Alright. Jordie, you wanted to know
how it could get any better?


That is a burger with the works,
tomato relish.

Stop it!



So, Josh and David...

..went straight to
the maximum bid of $500.

I'll retract that.

No, I'm not risking rocks.
I'll retract my bid.

Alright. Going once, going twice...

Come on up.
Oh, God! (LAUGHS)

Look at the size of that.
That is huge.

Yeah. Wanna take a bite of it?

Why not?

JORDIE: How good's that, mate?

That's sick!


Mmm. Bacon.


Plenty of sauce.


JOSH: Yeah. Yeah.

Next item...

..will remain covered.


And Jordie is in for $500.

What if it's an egg?
It could be.

$500. (LAUGHS)

Anyone else?

OK, you know how this works now,

So, you go to the maximum bid,

we've got two people
with maximum bids of $500

means you're gonna have to draw rocks
to decide who gets the item.

Come on up.

Good luck, guys.
Good luck, boys.

Good luck, boys. It's an egg.

Take a rock each.

Keep it concealed.


Alright. Hands forward.

Purple rock wins, OK?

Three, two, one.


Oh, dude. Dude, I feel bad.
Oh, mate.

Oh, it's alright.
I actually feel...

That's alright. That's the game.
Sorry, mate.

Wanna see what you got?

A steak and chips!

Damn it.
Oh, my God.

And a soft drink.

Jordie, that is yours.

Appreciate it.
That's your $500 rock.

Thank you!

Might be a lucky rock, Jordie.


It's all fair in love and war.
Oh, here we go.


Pretty good, right?
This is good steak.

That's good steak.
It's a good steak.

That was worth $500.

Alright, next item... a whole pizza.

Which is nice.

But it's even better...

..with a glass of red wine.
CHRISSY: Oh, my God.


Shay at $300. Going once...

CHRISSY: Oh, nice, Shay.
Going twice...

Shay, come on up.

Oh, thanks, guys,
for not outbidding me.

(LAUGHS) I probably should've
started a bit lower in hindsight.

Nah, that's good.

Alright, next item
will remain covered.






Go to $500. Go to $500.

Whoa! Sam at $500.

Anyone else?

Going once, going twice...
Sold to Sam.

Nothing's gonna be
underneath this bad boy.

Alright, this is what
$500 bought you.

Vegemite toast.

Better than nothing.

I'll take it.

SHAY: Better than nothing.
Better than nothing.



Alrighty. Let's move on.

Next item...

..will remain covered.

Oh, God.

Shay jumps straight to $200.


KJ at $220.

Going once, going twice...

KJ, come on up.

$220 and it is yours.

CHRISSY: Get it, girl.

Oh. Ooh!
SAM: Tea?

CHRISSY: Oh, lovely!

A cup with milk and sugar.
CHRISSY: How civil.

A cup of tea makes everything better.



Try not to spill it.

Next item.

For that final push in the game,
a little love - a letter from home.


KJ: $60.



Shay closing it out at $200.

You're it!

Come on up.


You worked hard.

Shay taking her letter for $200.

Shay, there's your letter.

But...there is a dilemma.

Now, you can keep that,
'cause you gave me $200 for it,

or you can give it up...

..and give everyone else
their letters.


I knew you'd say that.

Oh, I'm so... I don't need it.
But if everyone else wants it...


Are you gonna give it up?

DAVID: Oh, my God.
Shay, Shay, Shay.

Think about it, mate.
Think about it.

JOSH: Shay, Shay, Shay, take yours.
Nuh-uh. Decision's final. It's OK.

I can imagine what it would say.

CHRISSY: Oh, no.
SAM: Shay...

You didn't have to do that.
Oh, it's easy numbers.

A number game, right?

Josh, there you are.
I appreciate it.

I think I'd actually be happier
seeing you all reading your letters

than just me...

..crying over mine.

You want to give her hers too
just to be kind?

No easy choices in Survivor.


Alright, well,
I hope everyone got what they want

because this auction is now over.

Oh, no!

Grab your gear, head back to camp.

KJ: The Survivor Auction - wow!

Turns out the world's
most expensive cup of tea

came with a little extra sugar.

Hidden under the teapot was a clue

and this could not have come
at a better time for me.

I can't wait to see

how this is going to unfold.

This is what my game needs

right now.

SHAY: What a reward.

The Survivor Auction was huge!

Everyone has come back with a letter
from their family except for me.

The last bid was mine
and I got to, you know,

grace everybody else
with a letter from their family.

It was was a tough decision

when I gave up my letter from home
for everybody else's,

but when I realised
it was either eight happy faces

or my one happy face,

it made sense to pick
eight other people over myself.

SAM: My letter was written
by both my mum and my dad

and being able to receive
a piece of home

has been something that I have been
craving for long in this game.



JORDIE: Give us a look.


DAVID: Give us a look.

SHAY: Oh, my gosh!

He's changed so much.


"Harry has been a delightful boy.

"He's very good at going to bed

"and sleeps 12 hours
in his own bed (mostly).

"Harry is enjoying the new kinder
and he always finds the mud pile.

"He wants..."

CHRISSY: Be brave, Mumma.

"He waits for Mumma each morning
at the door..."


"..with his bag."


It's alright, babe.


SAM: Mark and I have put ourselves
through all of this

to make the life of our family
and the life of Harry better.

The most important thing to me
is the welfare of Harry.

I have made some pretty big moves.

I've swung. I haven't rested.

And so to receive that letter

and to see particularly the photos
of him thriving and bigger,

it was everything.


Dad... This is Dad's handwriting.


Oh! I can't even start it. Ooh!
Come on.

"Hi, Jordie. I can't tell you
just how excited I am for you.

"Of course..." (CLEARS THROAT) Brrr!

"..I'm not surprised you've done
so well and achieved so much.

"I'm also...

"I am also doing great."


MARK: It's good.


"I will never be able to
thank you and Jesse enough

"for being there in the trenches. "

Come on. Breathe in deep.

"..for being there
in the trenches with me

"through recent tough times...

"'ve both carried me through."

My stepmum... (SIGHS)

We lost her just before, um...

..coming out here,

so the thing I've been most
worried about in here is, um...

..uh, Dad being OK, you know?

'Cause we only had a couple of weeks
together before coming out here.

So we barely got a chance
to regather ourselves.

So hearing that he's been
doing really well,

that's the best thing
I could have heard.

CHRISSY: How good's that?

Oh, thanks so much, Shay.
SHAY: My pleasure.

I said I didn't need it,
but I did, I reckon.

The decision to take everybody
else's letters and not mine

was a no-brainer.

"Bronte, Scout and Billy

"miss you like crazy."


SHAY: It is tough being away
from loved ones,

so they could all do with a boost.

"I miss you doing my hair so good
for school.

"I can't do it myself that well.

"But the thing I miss most..."

(LAUGHS) " all your
shouting and yelling."


JORDAN: "I've always
looked up to you, bro."


"And the way you are -
confident, kind, loyal..."

SHAY: Seeing the effort
of the handwriting

and seeing the effort
behind writing those letters,

it was so beautiful to see.

DAVID: "We are...

"..are so flippin' proud
of your efforts out there.

"I can only imagine how hard it is
to stay in the game."


I'll tell you about that later.



JOSH: Thank you, Shay.

To be without contact,
it's a strange feeling for me.

I'm really starting to miss
my fiance, Saige.

Before I came in,
we were about to start IVF.

I wanted nothing more
than to start a little family

and we went for our initial round
of testing and, um,

in one of the tests, Saige found out

that she's got a big cyst
on her ovary.

So I was looking forward
to any contact from Saige.


JORDIE: Oh, no, no, no!

No! Oh.

Oh, my God.
No, mate.

Oh, mate!

Oh, no way.

Oh, what? Oh, you're kidding?

Oh, my God, mate!

Yeah! Bro...

Well done, mate. That is awesome.
Mate, that's excellent.

Oh, man!


DAVID: Oh! Bruh!
That's awesome, dude.

DAVID: Unbelievable.

KJ: That's crazy.

"To my dearest Josh,

"Quite literally for you,

"your dream has come true
and you're going to be a dad."

Oh, mate.
"And I'm nine weeks pregnant."


CHRISSY: Oh, a baby.


Oh, shit.
Oh, (BLEEP).


"When I was getting
all the tests done for IVF

"and a potential operation,

"I was in fact pregnant
the entire time and it was..."

That is...

"We are counting down the days
until you are home,

"but don't come home any sooner
than to be expected

"because now you have a baby
to win for."

Oh, I can't believe it.

"I miss you so much and love you with
all my heart. You got this. Saige."

JORDIE: Oh, dude! (LAUGHS)
Thank you.

Mate, that is amazing.

Thank you, Shay.
JORDAN: That was so amazing.

Seriously, if you didn't
sacrifice that today,

I wouldn't have read that.

SHAY: That was the news.
You're a dad, dude.

You're gonna be a dad!
What a hot dad.


That was worth it.

I'm so happy.
Dad. Dad.

Coming to this point of the game,
there's, like, zero energy left

and it would have given me
that boost

to want crave
making it to the end.

I can only imagine the effort my dad
would've gone to to write a letter.

And I don't have a letter.

But I got, like, yeah,
plenty of happy tears. (LAUGHS)


My energy levels are a bit restored

after just seeing the joy
in their face

and uniting a bit as a tribe.


JORDAN: I can't believe
you got toast! That's...

Even...even me going up against
Jordie was not a smart play.

Risking it to get the biscuit, man.

I was definitely risking it.

I think it was a smart play.
I don't know.

There was no, um...
no clues or anything.

Dude, there was nothing...
There was only four full-sized meals.

No clues.

KJ: Today's auction for me
was more than just a bucket list.

It came with a cup of tea
that has literally changed my game.

Hidden under the teapot was a clue.

So exciting.


"You won an advantage that is hidden
to the right of the well.

"You won't miss it."

"Congratulations. You've found
an advantage in this game.

"This advantage allows you
to choose any three tribemates

"to leave Tribal Council
before the vote is cast.

"Those three people
will return to camp immediately.

"They cannot vote
and they cannot be voted for.

"Beware this advantage
is short-lived.

"It must be played at one
of the next two Tribal Councils

"or it will lose its power.

"Who you to choose to save will
have a great impact on your game.

"Choose wisely."

Oh, my God!



This is the chance to get the power
back in my hands.

Get some food, Kage.


I've decided to keep it to myself

and really put some thought
into what happens next

because I have to play it right.

I didn't go through Purgatory
to come out the other side

and, you know, waste
this advantage away.

I'm here to fight.

They won't see me coming.


Come on in!

So, Josh, how'd you all enjoy
your letters from home?

Mate, um, that was one of
the best moments of my life

to find out that I'm gonna be a dad
when I get out of here.

Thank you.

Does that get you all fired up
for the last leg of the game?

It does and it doesn't,
funnily enough.

Like, I just want to get home
and see my fiancee,

but, um, also now I've got
another person to play for,

so I have to tap into that side of
it and lock in and let's go for it.

Shay, you gave up your letter,

but in doing so,
you may have given everyone else

the boost they need
to get to the end.

Yeah, I'm thinking that. (CHUCKLES)
It was worth it.

So, Jordie, has anything
changed for you

or do you desperately
need that necklace?

Oh, I think we're all
pretty aware... (LAUGHS)

..I'm in a bit of strife tonight,

so I'm going to be going 100%,
but I go 100% every time.

Alright, shall we get to it?

First things first. Mark.

Are you coming back for this?

Once again, immunity
is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge...'re gonna race down a slide
and swim to shore...

..where you'll make your way over
a series of obstacles

to a grappling hook.

Then use that grappling hook to snag
a bag of puzzle pieces

to solve a three-level puzzle.

Lightest pieces on the bottom,
medium pieces in the middle,

darkest pieces on top.

Each level has six columns.

You assemble those blocks
in the correct order,

you will build six columns
of equal height.

Then you can move on
to the next level.

First person gets it right
wins immunity, safe from the vote.

Losers - Tribal Council
where somebody's gonna become

the 15th person
voted out of this game.


Let's get to it.

Alright, here we go.

For immunity, survivors, ready?


Day 39.

It's gonna take everything you've got

to get through the first part
of this course.

Josh out of the water first.

Jordie and Mark right behind.

You need to get low under that net.

It will take off skin.

Josh whipping through this course.

And it's Mark

and Jordie

and everyone else coming up the rear.

Josh gets to
the grappling hook first.

Takes his first toss.

Mark is gassed.

He just walks to the grappling hook.

Sam is there now. Shay's there.

Jordie's in it.

Jordan's in it.

KJ last to get in on it.

This is not something you would
normally do in your everyday life.

It takes some practice.

David gets it first out of the gate.

David has his bag of puzzle pieces.

He can move on.

Jordie has it! He's good!

Josh has it!

Shay has it now!

Get in!
Chrissy has it.

Now you need to unpack your pieces.

You are looking to build
a three-level puzzle.

Lightest pieces on the bottom,
medium pieces in the middle,

darkest pieces on top.

Each level has six columns.

When you assemble those blocks
in the correct order,

you will build six columns
of equal height.

Then you can move on
to the next level.

KJ is in on it now.
SHAY: Good girl, KJ. Amazing work.

Gonna start little.

Mark snags his bag.

Nice, bro.

He's in on it now.

It's Jordan and Sam...

(GRUNTS) the back of the field.

Construction manager Dave
looking to build on his lead.

Working quickly on that first level.

Jordie close behind.

Immunity on the line.
Somebody is going home tonight.

Chrissy taking a look at David's.

KJ taking her time organising
her pieces on the ground.

This endgame is difficult.

It's still anyone's at this stage.

This challenge requires the ability

to visualise height

and level.

Lots of trial and error,

trying different combinations.

Dave feels like he's close.

Trying different combinations.
Switching blocks.

Dave has his first level. He's good.

Dave can move on to the next one.

Everyone else taking a peek at David.
How the hell did he make that work?

Jordie starting to panic,
drops a piece.

Mark...picking up the pace.

Trying to chase down Dave.

David quickly working
on that second level.

KJ: Do we have to use every piece?
SHAY: Yeah.

That's the hard part, eh?

Shay working quickly now.

All two and one three.

Looks nice.
God, this looks...

And Shay has the first level

She can move on to the next one.

Josh... the zone.

Now we have a challenge!

It's Dave in the lead.
Shay and Josh chasing him down.

Everyone else still working
on that first level.

Dave has a nice rhythm going here.

Josh trying not to panic.

Shay working quickly.

Dave switching pieces.

Josh methodically working through.

Jordie trying to look at David.

Still stuck on that first level.

David...tries again. Still not right.

Getting close.

Not close enough.

Jordan finally has his bag
of puzzle pieces.

He can move on!

Sam the only one not in the puzzle.

Who's gonna get
that second level first?

Pilot Josh flying through
his puzzle now.

He's good.

And Josh completes the second level.

It's Josh in the lead now.

Dave and Shay trying to chase him.

Dave had the lead,
but he's given it up to Josh.

As Josh continues to methodically
work through this puzzle, not fazed,

everyone else feeling the pressure.

Immunity is on the line tonight.

Someone is going home,
that much I can guarantee you.

What is going on?

Josh almost has
his third level in place.

Shay and David still stuck
on that second level.

Sam still at the back of the field.

Josh continues to pull away.

Rearranging pieces.
Trying different combinations.

Taking a step back.

Trying to find out
where the problem is.

Immunity on the line.
Somebody is going home tonight.

He switches a couple of pieces.

Will this be right?

And it is!

Josh wins his first
individual immunity!

Daddy! Good job, that, Dad.

How'd you go?
Oh, awful.

So bad!

Josh, come on over.
Well done, brother.

Congratulations. First individual
immunity win. How does it feel?

Amazing, mate,
I wasn't sure if I'd get one

with this epic tribe of
challenge beasts, so I'm stoked.

Well, well done.

You're guaranteed a one-in-eight shot
at winning this game.

As for the rest of you,
Tribal Council tonight

where somebody's gonna become
the fifth member of our jury.

Won't be you. Well done.
Thanks, mate.

Grab your gear. Head on out.
I'll see you tonight.

JORDIE: Take us out, Josh.

JORDIE: Today, Josh won immunity.

That's bad for me
because I didn't win.

However, it's good for me
because Sammy didn't win immunity.

Tonight is really the turning point
for the game.

I've got Sammy in my sight. She
dogged my brother, she dogged me.

She pinched his idol.
She's gotta go.

SAM: We finished
the Immunity Challenge.

The necklace is firmly placed
on Josh's neck.

JORDAN: Good work, cuzzie.
Dominated, bro. Well done.

Thanks, brother.

Which means
every single other person

is in jeopardy
of going home tonight.

KJ: That was awesome to watch.
I watched you more than I did mine.

MARK: That was a hard one.
Good on you.

SAM: I am worried

because Jordie has been
gunning for me

since the moment that Jesse was gone

and he's trying to expose me
for having this idol

that I stole off his brother.

So, it's critical
that Jordie goes home tonight.

CHRISSY: Oh, good, you're here.
Come in. Come on in.

Straight up.
Straight up.



The plan that I'm on board with
tonight is to vote out Jordie.

The majority alliance,

which is made up of myself and Mark,
Josh and Jordan, Chrissy and Dave,

plan to heavily place
all votes on Jordie.

JOSH: So...
You're Jordie.

I'm Jordie. Jordie, Jordie, Jordie.


MARK: Happy?


We're done here.
DAVID: I like it when it's simple.

Simple wins.

SAM: The Joker needs a firm stand
out of this game.

I think it's best
that Jordie goes home tonight.

JORDIE: Unfortunately,
Josh won the immunity necklace

which means that
I'm in a lot of strife here.

MARK: He's cleaning up his
damaged goods for the second time.

Return to the store.
Return to sender.

(LAUGHS) Return to the store.

There's obviously a majority of six

and they all know
that I'm next to go, right?

That's what Sammy
would like to see happen.

But they haven't got me yet and
I'm not going down without a fight.

KJ: Yeah.




JORDIE: It can either be
the majority sticking together

and thinking
they'll be safe till the end

or my band of misfits
that I've led from the fire

could take over
and create a new majority.

Create a new narrative.

We need to get Jordan and Josh
to realise that.

They're sitting there
in the majority

with the two most powerful players
in the game.

Both played before
and both have idols.

It took me a while to get it.
Dudes, two seconds? Can we...?


They're gonna regret it
if they don't make the move.


Tomorrow, there are
eight people left.

JOSH: Mm-hm.

That means they only have
three more moves to play two idols.

That's all they've got
and, bang, they're through.


If it doesn't happen tonight,
it is too late.

You might as well write
your own names on the parchment.

So what do you suggest?

We go at four-four-one.

Right now, I'm suggesting
to Jordan and Josh and Dave

a four-four-one split, right?

What that would mean is

we put four on Sammy,
we put four on myself,

and then one on, say, KJ or Shay.

What this means is
the worse-case scenario for them,

Sammy plays an idol,
I go home, right?

No skin off their nose.

At least you had a crack,

because after this,
you are running the gauntlet.

If Sammy doesn't play her idol,
it goes to a re-vote,

bang, we send her home.

I just don't think they've got...
I still don't...

You don't believe they've got two?
I don't know.

It's just a huge, huge call.

Go for it, lads.
Let me know how you go.

I've laid it out for Josh.

I've laid it out
for everyone, basically.

If you don't make a move with me
now, it's going to be too late.

And I'll be sitting
on the jury bench

as you're blindsided by two idols,

laughing my head off.

You know, like, yeah, it's hard
to make a deal with the Joker.

I get it, I get it.

But you'd rather make a deal
with the Joker

than two Oscar-winning actors.

JOSH: Jordie's returned
from Purgatory

and there's no surprise
he's going hard

and he's still going for Sammy and he
still swears that Sammy has an idol.

So there's potentially...
the couple have two idols.

JOSH: If you allow them
to have that power

of even having one confirmed idol,
let alone two,

they're gonna march
all the way to the top.


But Jordie's still in the game.

He's way too good.
He's too good at challenges.

If he gets a run on late in the game,
he'll march all the way to the end.

So, that's what I'm weighing up,
it's a tough call

and probably one of
the most important decisions

in my game so far.

SAM: At the moment,

I have assurances from people
in the majority alliance

that they're gonna be
writing down Jordie's name.

But I am worried that my name
could be on the chopping block.

I approach this game
in a commonsense way.

I go, "Well, what would the people

"in my alliance
be thinking right now?"

They probably are petrified
of the idea

that they're getting into top six

with two people who might hold
a massive key to the endgame.

no matter what happens...


The moment that idol gets revealed,

people are gonna know
how hard I played this game.

And that's gonna make me even more
of a threat than I currently am.

So I just cannot let Jordie
be vindicated with the honesty.

MARK: I think you should take one.

Do we...

I just think it's really too risky
to go there without them.

OK, well...

Do not...
If we take one, we have 50-50.

SAM: Mm-hm.

But, I mean, it's up to you.
If you're going...

I guess if you leave them...
if you leave them both here,

you're gonna have two,
whoever comes back.


But, like, you've got to be prepared
or one of us can go home tonight.

Well, I don't... If you don't want
to do this play, I'm fine.

I think it's smart
'cause it's just one person standing,

and you've got two idols.

What Sam and I decided to do tonight

is to leave the idols behind at camp.

If one person gets voted out,

the other person has two idols
to come home to

and then it's an open game.

I'm happy for you...
if you want to make a change...

No, we've gotta decide now
and hold our nerve.

Let's do it.

Let's lock it in. But you've got
to be really smart with this.

The idol's gonna be in my shoes.
I have socks stuffed in each one.

I'll hang them up.

Where are you gonna hang them?
Probably in the clothes line.


This is the last stage of the game

and in any mission you do,
the last phase

where you try and get out of the
area is the most dangerous phase.

That's when you get hit.

And I can feel it now.

There's small numbers
and there's high stakes.

SHAY: Yeah.

This majority has dictated the votes
for that long

and we've had to lay down
and we've had to take it.

It's been so frustrating.

I don't understand it. Like, it's so
frustrating to watch, you know? Why?

Because they have more social trust
with each other than they should.

But after finding my advantage which
allows me to remove three people

out of Tribal
before the vote is cast,

my mind's been racing,

figuring out how to use it
to the best of my ability.

I have to play it right

because this could potentially
take me from the bottom

right to the very top.

And I need to be very wise
in who I choose to align with.

SAM: Can we all have a chat?

100%. Let's do it.
Shit. Let's go.

I'm going the majority.
I'm going Jordie.

SHAY: Yeah.

So, say we go with the majority
tonight and write down Jordie...

Yeah. you see any chance
in the future

for anything changing
for Shay and I?

Or is it gonna be...
Exactly what I wanted to ask.

..or is it gonna be
the dominoes again?

No, because there's still time and
I think keeping your options open

with a larger group
is better than sealing fate.

Yeah, of course.

This is really tricky now

because if I go with the majority
and really gain their trust,

that safe six could get me
to the end.

I feel like we're all in a place

where having wagers and moves
and conversations and...



But I was obviously
betrayed by the majority.

They voted me out
and I haven't forgotten that.

If I can have five minutes to...
Yeah, I'll let you guys... Yeah.

SHAY: Then we'll talk a little more.

It's a huge decision

and it's not one
that I'm gonna be taking lightly.

I came out here
to give it everything I have.

I just need to focus on
making the right move for me.

JORDIE: I don't know
if I've done enough

to convince Josh to vote with us.

However, I have done everything
in my power to do it.

I'm literally risking everything.

If we pull this off,
the Joker's going nowhere

and that strong six
is gonna be left in pieces.

This is going to be the biggest
night in the game so far.

This will be huge.

to unpack all the latest

Blood v Water action every week

on 10 play.



We'll now bring in our jury -

Khanh, Mel, Jesse and Michelle.

Josh, this is the first time

you've been at Tribal Council
wearing that necklace.

How do you feel about
your position tonight?

I feel pretty safe tonight.

(LAUGHS) Um...

It was nice to be able to relax
a little bit today, this afternoon,

and...and just kick back and what's gonna unfold.

Do you feel like,
because of the necklace,

you're in the driver's seat tonight?

Um, I think a couple of plans
have been floated

and, as I say,
it's nice to just know that

I'm not gonna be
on one of those plans.

Is there any unfinished business
you'd like to take care of?

I'm not gonna sugarcoat it,

there is unfinished business,
you know.

You work very hard to get,
you know, someone like Jordie

sent out of the game or to Purgatory

and, you know,
now we have an opportunity

to finish the business tonight.

I'm shocked!

You know, me and Jesse knew

that we could have ridden
that alliance to the top

and, you know, got to the end, but
that's not what we came here to do.

We didn't come here to coast by

which is why we tried to
sort of find a crack

in that alliance originally.

And that's still what I'm doing -
finishing off his work.

And we'll do our best until
I get sent over there with that mob.

So, KJ, is it as simple
as that tonight? It's Jordie?

I mean, we were out at Purgatory

and we sort of knew we were
coming back to a pretty strong unit.

And it's been pretty tough

and me, personally,
I've got three little cubs at home

that I'm trying to
play this game for

and I think they might have poked
the mother bear one too many times

'cause I'm not happy.

(LAUGHS) But my mum always said that
when things are getting too much

and you're getting overwhelmed,

you should always sit down
and have a nice hot cup of tea.

And I did have
a nice hot cup of tea

and it came with
a little extra sugar on the side.


There you go.
Thank you.

Alright, so this advantage allows KJ

to choose three people
to leave Tribal right now.


That means those three people
will be immune from tonight's vote.

It also means they will not partake
in tonight's vote.

It was a very nice cup of tea.

So, KJ...

..who would you like to choose?

So I've read the tea leaves
on this one.


And I've had a really good think

and the first person I'm going
to be sending back to camp is... girl Chrissy.

Uh, the second person
I'll be sending back is...


And I know Josh said

he wanted to sit back
and watch what unfolds tonight,

but Josh will be heading back
as well.

OK, Chrissy, Mark, Josh,

you can stand up, grab your torch,

head back to camp and relax.

MARK: Sam. Sam.

KJ: I think I just took out
the majority of the majority.

It would seem that way.
It would seem that way.

So, Sam, a third of the tribe
has just walked out...

..leaving you behind.

How do you feel about that?

I guess it's...

(SIGHS) You know, I'm... Yeah.

I'm speechless.


It's gonna be interesting,
what happens.

So, KJ, what is your goal?

It's simply putting myself
and the people I wanna work with

in a better position.

If I had sent us three home,

I don't think Juicy
may have been sitting here.

It's our opportunity now
to change the narrative.

It's our opportunity
to have a crack.

And, yeah, we're ready to go.
We're ready to rumble.

What was in the well at Purgatory?

There was no water at Purgatory.

There was absolutely no water.

Maybe they just didn't
see me coming.

I'm that translucent,
aren't I, Jonathan?

Ohhh! She's on fire!

Sam, a compelling pitch to David.

Yeah, but, you know, the six were,
and I still believe,

are very tight. support an alliance.

Jordan, so how do you think
this is gonna play out?

It looks, yeah, looks
pretty obvious it's me.

Looks like a three on three.
So you think this could be a tie?

I'll stick to my vote,

but there could be multiple things

coming out, so I don't know.

No, I'm happy with my plan.


We shall see.

I think the idol
may have just been exposed.

Uh, she said, "I've got the idol."

I said I've got Mark's idol.
No, you said "the idol".

(SCOFFS) I said Mark's idol,
but that's OK.


She's a bloody Oscar nominee,
you know.

I've been told in person multiple
times that they had Jesse's idol.

She works it and works it well.

You know, even tonight,
we're witnessing her doubling down

on a lie that she's told,
but, you know, she's good at it.

So, Sam, you're trying
to shift things tonight?

Well...I just received something
when Mark walked away, so...

So, Shay,
if I'm hearing Sam correctly,

she's saying, "Hey, I've got an idol,
so don't even look at me."

Is just the threat of an idol
enough to change your plans?

I've believed Jordie this whole time
about Sam's idol.

Either flushing that idol or sending
someone home with it in their pocket

would be...a great...
this is a great time.

It's about to be our first
and only chance to do that.

Jordan, I see the wheels turning.

Are you starting to wonder
if there is a second idol?

I don't think there is.

But someone's gonna be the best...
someone's gonna win an Oscar here

and I'm either gonna be on the
right side of it or the wrong side.

I've had an alliance
that's pretty solid

and they haven't broken
my trust yet,

so I've got to stick with it.

Dave, you seem to be deep in thought.

The...the cogs are turning.

Look, here's how I see it.

You've either got
the Oscar nomination over here,

the greatest liar on Earth.

Or the Oscar nomination over here,

the greatest liar on Earth.

So, it will be shown
at some point in time.

Can't wait.

(LAUGHS) Just play it out.
Let's see what happens.

Alright, it sounds like Juicy
wants to get to it.

Let's ride the lightning.
Let's ride the lightning.

It is time to vote.



It is time to vote. Sam, you're up.
JORDIE: Let's do it.

DAVID: Let's go.


Mate, I am riding
the gauntlet tonight.

Um...well, I'm actually happy that
we left a certain thing back at camp

because Mark may need it.

On the other hand,

they may have put into play
the idea that I have an idol.

I don't know.

Let's hope it works this time,
big fella. You're an absolute beast.


I'll go count the votes.

If anyone has a hidden immunity idol
and they'd like to play it,

now would be the time to do so.

OK. I'll read the votes.

First vote - Jordie.



Oh, here we go.

Oh! No way!


We're tied -
two votes Jordan, two votes Jordie.


That's three votes Jordan,
two votes Jordie.

One vote left.

15th person voted out
of Blood v Water...


I had no idea. Oh.

Well played, guys. Well played.
You need to bring me your torch.


I had no idea.

DAVID: See ya, brother.
See ya, Juice.

Well done, brother.
I'm sorry, bruzzie. I'm sorry.

No, don't be sorry.

I actually had nothing.

Oh, you didn't bring it?
I have nothing.

That's my proof.

Jordan, the tribe has spoken.
They have.

I just wanna say well done, guys.
That was bloody awesome.

You guys rip in there.
I'm interested to see what happens.

Right? See you, guys. Love you too.
See you, guys.

Well, tonight the copilot
was grounded by lightning.

I'll leave it to you to, uh,
break the news to the captain.

JORDIE: Whoa! Yeah!

Grab your torches. Head back to camp.


Tomorrow night
on Australian Survivor...

This four is here because of skill.

..a tribe split down the middle.

I'm coming for ya, Kage.

There's already been
a hand-to-hand combat

and now it's gonna get even...
even more serious.

One couple holds all the cards.

I feel like two people
shouldn't have so much power.

But with a Joker in the pack...

I'm dancing with the devil. Let's
see what mischief we can create.

..the Survivor deck is about
to get one almighty shuffle.

JORDIE: This is the moment where
the game could turn on its head.

No-one will see it coming.

Definitely didn't see this coming.

Like, we did a lot of work to
get those guys out of the game.

They fought their way back in
and then now I'm gone.

So, respect to KJ.
That was an amazing move.

Sam not playing an idol
is very interesting.

They've either planted it back at
camp or she's got nerves of steel.

I don't think Sammy's got
nerves of steel like that.

The time has come, mate.
You played a... You had a good run.

This will be huge.
I've seen Dave's jumped across.

So, looks like there's gonna be
a four-four heading back to camp.

It'll be interesting to see
how the other guys react.

Josh is, uh, definitely
not gonna be happy.

So, come on, cuz, bring it home.
Do it for both of us.