Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 7, Episode 16 - Episode #7.16 - full transcript

It's all fun and games until an Idol comes between a couple of Castaways. After one of the toughest Immunity Challenges yet, could new alliances lead to a voting tug of war at Tribal Council?

on Australian Survivor...

That's how a group works.

..Jordie betrayed Mark's trust...

He's got some loose lips.

Unfortunately, he's
going to have to go.

..fracturing the majority alliance
and creating a whole new six.

At the reward challenge,
Chrissy and Jordie

engineered a feast of fried chicken.

Chrissy and Jordie win reward!

But the real prize...

This is everything.

..appeared after lunch...

Are you joking?

..with the brothers budgie-smuggling
a crucial advantage.

Don't mind me.

Jordie's winning streak continued...

Oh, very close. the immunity challenge.

And Jordie wins immunity!

But his success left
brother Jesse vulnerable.

Mark and I are not on the same page.

You know, it's not
an easy move to betray

my best friend in the game.

Jesse's best play was
to find the idol.

You have found a hidden
immunity idol.

But he misplaced his trust
and his idol...

Just let me check...
let's try my sarong.


..when at tribal council, Sam pulled
off the ultimate blindside...

Feel something in the water, perhaps
that's a little bit of blood.

..joining the majority
to vote out Jesse...


..and commandeering his idol
for herself.

10 are left. Who will be
voted out tonight.

-== [ ] ==-

Sorry, babe.

It's very well done.

Welcome to the singles club.

I just can't believe the day
I've just had.

Jesse went home at tribal council.

I somehow managed to get
the idol in my possession

and I voted him out
with that idol in my pocket.

Wow. I'm just so shook.
That is amazing.

Perhaps it's one of
the biggest moves

that the Survivor franchise
has ever seen,

and it was done by me,
exclusively me.

No-one else was in on it.

That was, yeah.

But at the same time,
I'm here to play this game,

and that was the biggest
move that I could make.

My husband has an idol.
I stole an idol.

Hopefully we can keep it a secret
for a little longer.

The complication now that it's this
Blood versus Water season

is that Jordie knows
that I have the idol.

Sorry, bro.
It's alright. It's alright.

It's alright. It's part of the game.

We liked Jesse.
I know.

I decided I'm going to make
a proposal to him.


Well, it's not really going
to benefit me in any way.


Right now I'm willing
to do a lot of stuff

to get forward in the game.

Which is such a departure
from who I am in my normal life,

but I feel like I've unleashed

a little bit of a beast
out here right now.



MAN: Do you reckon Jesse's
eggs Benning?

Smashing a...
Oh, he would have now.

See, that's the double side
of it, eh?

Now I'm actually a bit jealous.


Every time someone leaves,
I'm just like...

You're just thinking
what they're doing.

JORDIE: Last night,
I was really in shock.

We copped a blindside
of a blindside.

Jesse got sent home.

I think if it wasn't going
to be Jesse, it would have been me

if I hadn't worn
the immunity necklace.

Can't believe it.

You know, since day one,
I've been the guy to say

you can't let it affect
you emotionally,

you can' can't let things
get to you, it's a game.

But since he left,
I've been on the edge of tears.

You know, it's crazy.
Yeah, of course. Of course.

It's crazy.

I thought you were going
to bawl your eyes last night.

You know, we thought we had it,
and then I have to keep remembering

that we wanted to make moves

and we wanted to go hard and
we were in on this together.

This was what we wanted
to do, you know?

And so we had a red-hot go.

It didn't work out, but we said
if we wanted to go out,

we wanted to go out swinging.

So he did.
That's good.

You've got a really good
head on you.

It's good perspective to have.

Have to try. Have to try.

Blood versus Water
complicates everything.

Little J.

Under here.


Under the one. Probably about, yeah.

Bye, Jesse.

Bye, Jesse the kid.

You're trying to look after a loved
one, especially a younger brother,

like, I'm very protective of him.

Like, I love the dude to bits,
he's my best mate,

and to see him get dogged
like that, it was rough.

He wouldn't want me
to just sit back.

He would want me to get
in there and rip in, mate,

like, do a bit of damage.

With Jesse gone,
I know I'm on the outs.

I realised that I'm
one of the singles.

Oh, right.

I thought it was good,
but I think what really plays,

and everyone could attest to this,
you think you're in a good spot,

and then the people that you think
you're close with are having chats

with people that you thought
weren't part of any plan.

And it tricks your mind thinking,

"Oh, the next one's going to be my
blindside, and it doesn't happen."

Oh, well, no, but now the
next one is my blindside.

And it's just that for 47 days.

That's the biggest problem,
is that this lingering thought

of, like...

But the thing is...

..Sammy is solely responsible
for Jesse going home last night.

Right before he left, Jesse whispered
in my ear that Sammy's got the idol.

Sammy doesn't have an idol,
Sammy has Jesse's idol,

and that doesn't sit right with me.

That was just a dog act.

Last night, when we got back,
Sammy and Mark sit me down

and they go, "Right, if you
just stay quiet now about the idol,

"we'll help you, you know,
we'll take you to the top.

"Trust us."


Do you trust the people
that stitched you up?

I don't see how you can.

Do you really think I'm going to let
Mark and Sammy,

both with idols, just walk to the top
after she dogged us?

Mark and Sammy are dangerous,
especially with two idols.

That is the most powerful
thing in the game right now.

But you know what is potentially
even more powerful than that?

Being the only person that knows it.

We get to see our loved ones
every two days.

It's good, isn't it? It's refreshing.


I'm looking forward to seeing him.

Now that Jesse's gone, I don't
have to worry about my game

accidentally affecting his game.

How are you holding up?
Good, man.

You're good? Yeah, good.
It is what it is.

VOICEOVER: The opportunities
are endless.

You actually look better today than
what you have the last few days.


And I think because I know
that I'm probably next,

it's sort of, like...

It's freeing in a sense, like,
I'm going to piss in your pocket.

You know, like, you've got
to scrap and go for it.

VOICEOVER: I've been told
I'm next to go.

Like, they have said that to my face.


It's sort's freeing.

They stitched me and my brother up,

I'm not letting them
get away with it.

So watch out, for Jesse's sake,
it's time to rip in.


It's... I didn't believe her
when she told me.

She stole someone's idol...

..a tight number two's idol.

It's a's a low blow.

But in the midst of all this,

we have to protect ourselves
as a couple.

One thing that Sandra said is do not
tell people if you have an idol.

Mm. Yeah. And Jordie's played ball.

Yeah, he has played ball currently.

But he won't when it suits him.
Won't forever.

I'm just keeping Jordie close.

Making him feel like,
you know, he's got a chance.

That is ruthless.

You guys are solid.

Josh is solid. Dave's got a solid.

He's a solid.
Chrissy's solid.

There's six are solid.

After last night's vote,

I feel more in control of
the narrative of the next move.

For the first time of this game,

a very clear line
has been drawn in the sand.

There is a six majority
with Jordan, Josh, myself

and Mark, Chrissy and Dave.

'Cause that's both of you guys.



Having loose ends in this game
is a really dangerous thing.

I promised Jordie that I would look
after him for as long as possible

if he can keep his mouth shut.

But I blindsided his brother,
I took his brother's idol.

I'm not a fool, I know that
Jordie will be out for blood.

We should just finish the business
that we started last night.

It's time that his game is done.


I've got Jesse's shorts on.

Hopefully, I perform like Jesse.

I'm just gonna rip in
and have a laugh, you know.

Like, who knows how many
more of these we've got left?

The next immunity challenge
is super important.

I actually do not have a choice
but to win today.

Because it will guarantee me
another day in the game.

That's another day to try
and manipulate the strong six.

I've got a lot of information
that is actually useful.

I could use it in some way,
just for Jesse -

one last-ditch effort for Jesse.

There's gonna be chaos.

And who am I? I'm the Joker.
I thrive in chaos.

So bring it on.

Come on in!

Sam, interesting tribal.

So, when you got back to camp,

was there blood in the water,
like you predicted?

It was murky,
but there was also clarity.


So, Jordie, obviously,
you and your brother are very close.

What did it feel like to be
back at camp without him?

It was surprisingly hard, actually.

I didn't think
it would be that hard.

But it's alright.

We sort of had a couple
of conversations about it

and got on with the job.


You ready to get to
today's immunity challenge?

Jordie, you're going to
have to give it up.

Not for long.
I need this back, desperately.



Once again,
immunity is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge...'re gonna stand on
narrow footholds

while holding onto two ropes.

At regular intervals, you'll move
further down to smaller footholds,

making it more difficult.

If at any point you step off

or you let go of the rope...'re out of the challenge.

Last person standing wins immunity,
safe from the vote.

Losers - tribal council,

where somebody's gonna become
the 14th person voted out.

Let's draw for spots.

Let's get to this.


Everyone's in position,
looking good.

For immunity,

this challenge is now on.

It's a pretty simple challenge.

All you need to do
is stand on a narrow foot peg...

..longer than anyone else.

You know how this works
in Survivor -

the simple ones often turn out
to be the most painful.

DAVE: You're not wrong.
Oh, yeah.

It's only going to get worse.

As we move on,

those pedestals are going to start
grinding into the soles of your feet.

That discomfort
soon is going to turn into pain.

Lots going on
in that last tribal council.

Power in this game
is definitely in flux.

That translates into uncertainty.

So, if you think there's any chance
you could be in trouble tonight... may want to stay up there
as long as you can,

push through that pain.

The only guarantee
that you will see tomorrow

is to walk out of here
wearing that necklace.

Chrissy, how are you feeling?
What's the pain like?

Not today, Jon.
Not today?

No chitchat with me?

What about you, Mark?

How are you feeling?

This was not designed for big boys.

On the other hand, Sam, this is
definitely designed for you.


Alright, you've been up there
for five minutes.

It's time to turn up the heat.

We're going to move down
to the next peg on my count.

Remember, this is a live transition.

You slip, let go of the rope,

you're out of the challenge.

You got that, Jordie?

Roger that, big guy.

Roger, Roger.

OK. Here we go.






Everyone survived
the transition. Nice.

Jordie's got his game face on today.

Locked in.

You think you need to walk out
of here again with that necklace?

There is not a chance I'll be here
tomorrow if I don't win.

It's cool, though.
It's part of the game.

If they wanna target me,
they can target me.

So win.
Yeah, I'm going to.

Sun just pounding down.

Another hot day out here.

It's definitely
going to be a factor.

All it takes is one slip
and you're out.

We are 15 minutes in

and we're going to move on
to the final footholds.

I'm gonna count you in. Here we go.






Everyone is on that final peg.

Everyone's stretched out.

And we're going to stay there
until we have a winner.

DAVID: Oh...

I'm out.

And just as I say that,

Dave has had enough.

He steps down.

No shot at immunity.


The pain was terrible before,
but now it's unbearable.

Feet quivering.

And out of nowhere, Josh,
had enough, he steps out.

Now we're down to eight.

Chrissy, how are you doing?

Shakes her head,
wants me to bugger off.

Nah, I'm all good. (GRUNTS)

You alright?

And after 20 minutes...
MICHELLE: Good job, KJ.

..KJ steps off.
Well done, Kage.

She's out of the challenge.
Well done.

No shot at immunity.

(GROANS) Sorry, mate.

Wow! Another one!

Not long after KJ,
Mark has decided he's had enough.

He steps out.

Jordan drops out.
Thanks, guys.

Sore. Sore as, man.

Lots of movement from Michelle.

Michelle, had enough,
steps off the challenge.

Chrissy, re-adjusting her feet,

trying to find
something comfortable.

CHRISSY: I gotta get down.

I can help.
Put your hand...

put your hand on the beam.

Jump straight down.

Chrissy decides to step out
of the challenge.

No shot at immunity.

Nice work, Chrissy.

We've got one more to beat.

We've got this.

And after 35 minutes,
now we're down to three -



..and Jordie.


You don't really need it.

You trust your people.
I do trust my people.

What about you, Shay?
Do you have people?

I'm doing this for me today.


Does this feel like heaven,
hell or purgatory?

Purgatory at the moment.


I was told today, Jonathan,

"Your only hope
is to win that necklace."

Someone told you that straight up?
Yes, sir.

Who said that to you?

One of the big guys down the end.

It's alright. He's just honest.

He's honest.

You gotta go hard. Good luck.

Go for it, man.
Keep going hard, both.

That's going to drop.

I'm going to go down.


After 70 minutes...

..huge effort from Sammy,
she's had enough.

Now we have a showdown...

..between Shay...

..and Jordie,

both vying for that necklace -

guaranteed safety
at tribal council tonight.

Two people left in this challenge
with two questions -

how long can you stay in there,

and how long before
the other person drops?

How are you feeling, Shay?

Pretty average.

Still up there.


Just need to be
the last person standing.

Jordie, so much pain,
but he is not going to give up.

Mark of a true survivor.

After an hour and 20,
the showdown continues.

Who can push through that pain
the longest?

Just sheer willpower.

Jordie's feet starting to shake now.


This is what Survivor is about -

never giving up,
finding a way to win.

Shay, really struggling now.

Trying to breathe through the pain.

Yeah, I think I'm
going to go in a second.

And after a monumental effort,

Shay finally...

Oh! Hey. Lay her down.
Lay her down.

Oh, my God.

Can we have a medical in, please?

OK, just lay her down. Lay her down.

Come on, It's alright.
Just lay down.

Shay, how are you doing?
I'm OK.

Yeah, a little bit wobbly there?

Just going to pop a little blood
pressure machine on you, right?

Can you count backwards
from 10 for me?

Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five,
four, three, two, one.


You can count. Fantastic.

Well done, Shay.

After a huge effort from Shay,
90 minutes, she almost passes out...


..helped down from the challenge,

and Jordie wins
individual immunity again.

Thank you.

Thanks, guys.

Shay, that was a huge effort today.

Why did you push yourself so far?

I just really wanted to wear that
fine piece of jewellery tonight.

Are you surprised
that you couldn't take Jordie?

Oh, no, he's a beast.

He...he has a lot of drive.

So, no, I'm not that surprised.

Jordie, come on over.

Congratulations -
second individual immunity win.

You said you needed it today.

How does that feel?

It feels unreal, mate, yeah.

I needed this.
Good man.

Well, you are safe tonight,
cannot be voted out.

As for the rest of you...

..tribal council, where
somebody is going to become

the 14th person
voted out of this game.

Well done.

Head back to camp.
I'll see you tonight.

I went into the immunity challenge
knowing I was on the chopping block.

So I had no choice but to win -
and that's what I did!

I'm stoked, because
today is not just about me.

Today is about Jesse.

You know, Jesse got done over.

Now, absolutely, it's revenge.

100% revenge.

The Joker's going to have
the last laugh.

Let's have some fun!

That was rough.

It's always the way, isn't it?

That was rough.
Well done, Jordie.

Well done, Sammy.

Epic, man.
Thank you very much.

Thanks, guys. Appreciate it.

Jordie won the immunity necklace,

which means I can't get
Jordie out tonight.

And I'm a little bit pissed off.

Appreciate it. Appreciate it.
Amazing, man. Amazing.

To do the...

She was tough, man.
I thought you had no chance.

Oh, so did I. I was done.

And then when I saw her step down,
I thought, "Oh, thank God."

The Joker. The Joker.


It's an interesting vote right now.

We've got 10 players
left in the game,

there is a six majority.

This majority incorporates
two couples -

myself and Mark, Jordan, Josh -

with two singles Chrissy and Dave.


Come on, love.

But together, the singles
outweigh the couples.

So tonight, my focus is getting
those singles numbers

down as much as possible.

We literally are just gonna
all load up on Shay.

Every single one of us.

I'm in.

Because we're, like,
it's actually the way we know

if anyone's deviating.

And it's, like, solidarity and...

My only concern is Jordie.

I blindsided his brother,
I took his brother's idol.

I'm not a fool, he should
be going after me

and I expect that to be the case.

This is intense, man.

It's nice knowing I'm not going,
but it's intense because...

Yeah, it's intense now.
We're at the business end.


JORDIE: I'm not going home.
I won immunity.

This means I have nothing to lose

and it's time to start
tearing it up.

I feel like the Joker.

Let's cause some chaos.
Let's get in there.

So my plan is to try
and gather up the singles

to take down one of the doubles.

There are more singles here.
We've got the numbers.

So now I just have to try
and convince people to make a move.

If the numbers are good enough
we could go...

And we just have a crack.

Otherwise, if you guys want
to just stick with the status quo,

go for that, but...

..we're all going to get
picked off anyway.

That's true.

So, all's I'm saying is...


I don't actually think
they would expect it.

I can't trust them
after what they did.

Of course.
There's no way.


There is nothing more that I would
like than to get revenge on Sammy.

They stitched Jesse up.

However, I'd like to take Mark.

He's a bigger challenge threat.

And Sammy's going to self-implode
without Mark around.

She'll cause chaos and she'll
end up going home anyway.

I sit down with a bunch of sticks
and, like, look at the numbers

because I can't...I'm not
very visual, but I could...


So, I've got myself,
Shay, KJ and Michelle

that are willing to
make a move on Mark.

I need David to come along
for the ride.

Let's do something, mate. Like,
I need him as a number for this.

Hey, Jordie.
Guys, how's it going?

Nice work.
Good, mate.

Got some pieces stuck...
It's getting there.

Those ants aren't off.

So, I'll tell you quickly.
We don't have long.

As singles, we need to
take control now, right?

This is our last chance.

If one of us gets taken,
it's game over.

We're going to get picked
off from the top.

So, you're going next?
So we try and ride the next.

It's so hard because, you know,
if you look from the outsiders,

it just looks like we're just going
to get picked off one by one.

And that's what it really
looks like.

So what do you think about
the numbers, though, mate?

So when one of us goes, as singles,
what are you going to be left?

What are you thinking?

So, I don't wanna go
into the plan now.

But there is a plan.

But there is a plan,
and the next vote has to be...

So you think we'll have the numbers
for the next one?

Yep, sure do.
Like, you...

You know, you know, you're a
smart man, we'll get picked off.


I tried pitching to David
that we need to make a move.

He turned it down. He's too scared.

He wants to wait.

He said not yet.

I've got one last opportunity
to try something.





I let slip that Sammy's got an idol.

As singles,
we need to take control now, right?

This is our last chance.

If one of us gets taken,
it's game over.

We're gonna get picked off
from the top. Right?


We'll get picked off.



Ah... Don't...

Keep that...a secret.

Dave is imperative to this vote,

and what's more convincing than
a power couple with two idols?

But I don't really know where Dave
stands at the moment.

So I'm gonna tell everyone
that Sammy's got an idol.

I want to see what chaos I can cause.

I love chaos.

I love it.

I thrive in chaos, so bring it on.

This is where the Joker thrives.

He wanted to do it later.

It's too late to do it later.

Here's the deal, though, right?

Sammy convinced Jesse
to put the idol in her bag.

She's got the idol.

Both Mark and Sammy both have one.
Oh, shit.

That's while we've been
running around looking for it.

I was just about to go look for it.

She came up to me
straight after that tribal and said,

"I am going to look after you if you
don't tell anyone what Jesse did."

And so I kept it a secret for
a few days, sussed the vibe.

They're not gonna look after me.

They'll vote me out straightaway.
No, definitely.

Lost my head.



They are dodgy as (BLEEP)

I've planted the seeds.
They need to get to work.

I know my days are numbered here

if I don't really do
something drastic.

So I hope that my chaos
created cracks.

Sammy convinced Jesse to put
the idol in her bag before he left.

She's got the idol.

So Mark and Sammy both have idols.

You serious?
That's straight up.

I'm just having fun.

This is the most fun
I've had in years.

Don't tell anyone.

I'll talk to Josh.

Bring on the chaos.

Because Sammy doesn't cope
with chaos. She can't handle it.

Good effort, brother.
Thanks, man.

I just wanna...

Like, Jordie's obviously
pitching something.

I wish they would just tell us
what it was.

He just keeps going over there,
so obviously...

MARK: He's gonna try
and cement an alliance together.

That's the smartest move.

The move would have been
to get Dave across today,

but the best, better move is to get
a pair over, and they're probably...

Jordie's probably gonna say,
"Sam's gonna go against you,"

or "Mark's gonna go against you,"

He's gonna say everything.

I don't know.

Sam's getting paranoid.
Like, she's worried.

And she's right to be paranoid

because people are gonna do things
at this stage of the game.

But it's important for Sam and I
to remain calm

because we have two idols.

The rest of the tribe find out...

..we will attract unnecessary heat.

Sammy's got to take it easy.

Just a little bit.
She's making me nervous.

Making me nervous.
Yeah, just a little bit, Marky.

Because I swear to God,
I've got you. Like...

Yeah, I know. Same.

But lots of little things can mount
and I don't want it to mount

because I don't want to have to
go there.


If the gameplay from here is to
hold tight our alliance,

a strong six,

Sam and I have to hold our nerve

and make sure Shay
is on the chopping block tonight.

I guarantee you there is a plan
in place to break up our alliance.

And it's a good one.


It's just about working out what you
guys want to do within that majority.

DAVID: Like, I've gotta give it
to Jordie.

He's a survivor, and now he's
coming up with all sorts of reasons

why we've got to break down
Sam and Mark because

not only have they got one idol but
they've potentially got two idols.

Like, it's... It's no joke.

It sounds like a ruse.

It sounds like a classic Jordie fib.

But you know, all of a sudden
we've got Sam

and she's acting really erratic.

So you just start thinking,

has what Jordie's telling me
got some merit?

So I've got two options.

I can either stick with
the majority,

the safe six, sending home
a challenge beast, Shay.

Or rattle the cage,
split the power couple,

which will just flip
the game on its head.

This is gonna be an interesting
night ahead.

JORDIE: I've tried everything.
I've given everything ago.

My last opportunity

was to try and tell everyone
that Sammy's got an idol.

It worked.
Everyone was flustered.

So tonight at tribal,
I'm gonna go hell for leather.

You know, I'm the Joker.

I'm gonna cause some mayhem.

to unpack all the latest
Blood v Water action

every week on 10 Play.

We'll now bring in our Jury.

Khanh, Mel

and Jesse - voted out
at the last tribal council.

So, Dave...


I think we saw a pretty huge
blindside last tribal.

How would you describe
the state of this tribe right now?

The tribe is in a lot of flux,
I would say.

Like, there's obviously
moves been made.

Today, I think the battle lines
were drawn out on the field,

and some people threw their body
on the line there today, so...

Jordie, that would be you.

That's me.

How's it feel to be sitting here

with the security
of that necklace tonight?

After me and Jesse got stitched up,

it became very clear
where the lines were, and...

..and, so, I knew
what I had to today.

So, I got in there,
got the job done.

Nothing more dangerous than a man
with nothing to lose, Jonathan.


Jordie, from where I sit,

it seems like the majority fractured
at the last tribal council.

You've got no idea, Jonathan!

So, where exactly is the division?
I'm getting a pretty good idea.

You can see it, actually.
From your description.

There's a little line right here.
Right there.

The two couples
are sticking together strong.

And that...there are
a couple of people surrounding them

that feel pretty safe.

Shay, what do you make
of that assessment?

The singles that are
on the couples' side

have that faith that
that six is strong enough

to just sit back
and pluck off the singles.

But I think there's a bit of danger
in that move,

in staying in that comfy spot,

because, um, before they know it,

they might themselves
get blindsided.

I think it's
a very underrated game play

for a group of six people

to hold their nerve
and stick together

when a lot of chaos
is happening around you.

There are less than six people
that sit at the end, though.


So, two or three people
within that six

have got to do something
at some point.

We have the numbers. Technically, as
singles, we have the numbers here.

We could have a majority.

I'm a man with nothing to lose,
you know?

Dave, it's often said that
one of the biggest mistakes
you can make in Survivor

is not making a move when you
should have and you could have.

That is a fact.

What's interesting here
is this is Blood v Water.

Some people have got partners
that are over here.

And all of a sudden, you're seeing,
he's actually playing the game

because he's actually...

Hasn't got his mate.
..he's felt the loss.

Some others haven't felt the loss.

I'm liking Jordie,
what he's doing here,

because he's actually knowing
what I felt many moons ago,

and he's fighting hard.

You know, I respect that.

We've all got to look at our...
where we sit, and our games

and, um...and play OUR game.

KJ, with only so many days left
in the game,

is there a risk of waiting too long
and missing an opportunity?

Absolutely, there is.

Um, timing is just
such a vital part of this game.

It's gonna be interesting
to see what happens.

We've also been playing for 32 days.

Two-thirds through.

There's times when you just...

..holding the line is a different
version of a game play as well.

Shay, with only 15 days left,

there are really only so many moves
that can be made.

Feels like it, yep.

Um, which probably makes it
more exciting

because it's forcing people
to potentially play a little harder

or play more like Jordie would like.

I think the six will crack
before they need to

in order to...for some of them
to get something up their sleeve.

Soon, it'll be too late.
I'm not gonna lie.

And people know that and
I've spoken to people on that side

and they go, "Yep, I know that."

So, let's rip in, you know?
I came to play.

This is an unpredictable game.

And to have a bit of predictability
and calmness

is a virtue as well.

She's good. She's good.

Their job right now
is to create cracks.

I would be disappointed
if they weren't doing that.

They're doing a good job.
They're doing a good job.

So, Shay, what do you think is
going to happen with tonight's vote?

Yeah, as Sammy said,
this game's so unpredictable.


It looks like Jordie's
just gonna leave us.

I don't know, um...

I think that there will be
three different names written down.

And that's in...

Cool. Good chats.

So, Mark, what do you make of
Jordie's last-ditch effort?

It's good. It's what you gotta do.

Yeah. You gotta fight.
And it's never... You never give up.

It's not over until
you're walking out the door.

JONATHAN: So, shall we get to it
and see where this lands tonight?

Let's do it.
Let's go.

I think it is time to vote.

It is time to vote.

Mark, you're up.

My army needs more grass-fed steaks.
Thank you.



Sorry, big guy.

I'll go count the votes.

If anyone has a hidden immunity idol
and they want to play it,

now would be the time to do so.

OK, I'll read the votes.

First vote...




That's one vote KJ, one vote Mark,
one vote Shay.


Two votes Mark, one vote KJ,
one vote Shay.

Shay. We're tied. Two votes Mark,
two votes Shay, one vote KJ.


Three votes Shay, two votes Mark,
one vote KJ.


Four votes Shay, two votes Mark,
one vote KJ.

14th person
voted out of Blood v Water...


SHAY: Well done.
Five votes. That's enough.

You need to bring me your torch.

Keep playing the way you're playing.



Shay, the tribe has spoken.


Thanks, guys. So fun to play.
See ya!

Bye. I love you all.

Well, with 15 days left in the game,

if you think you're playing
a team sport...'re probably running
in the wrong direction.

Grab your torches, head back to camp.


Oh, my gosh.

(READS) "Your torch
may have been snuffed

"but your fate is not sealed.

"Follow this path to Purgatory

"for a chance to bring your game
back to life."



It feels incredible

to have been given a second chance

in this game.

It just ignites
this real keen sense of game mode.

There's so much more to do
in this game

and there's so many more angles
to take.

There's a fair few people in there

that are gonna be sorry
that they wrote my name down.

JONATHAN: Sunday night
on Australian Survivor...

SHAY: It's so mentally challenging

to not know how long
I'll be here for.

..Shay fights for survival
in Purgatory.

I think that this would crush
a lot of people

but it just ignites
this real keen sense mode.

I have got unfinished business.

Who will be next to join her...

It's clear that Jordie's a threat
in this game. Sam and Jordie's showdown...

JORDIE: If I play my cards right,
Sammy's gonna get blindsided.

..reaches breaking point?

I'm willing to risk my game
to blow up Sammy.

I'm going down swinging.