Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 7, Episode 17 - Episode #7.17 - full transcript

Backlash from the most devious move in program history hits camp. Desperate to win the Immunity Challenge, one castaway is looking strong, but will they be able to hold out?

JONATHAN: Previously
on Australian Survivor...

In a stunning act of treachery...

SAM: Perhaps one of the biggest
moves Survivor has ever seen.

..Sam voted out close ally Jesse...

And it was done by me.

..and pocketed his idol.

I mean, I've never done anything
so savage in my entire life.

Jesse's brother Jordie
was out for blood.

That was just a dog act.

At the Immunity Challenge...

I was told, "Your only hope
is to win that necklace."

..Jordie knew his game
was in the balance...

..hanging on... save himself.

Second individual immunity win.

With Jordie safe from the vote,

the majority needed
to find a new target.

Let's all load up on Shay.

Jordie searched for cracks
in the ruling alliance.

As singles, we need
to take control now.

This is our last chance.

Revealing Sam's big secret.


At Tribal Council...

Us singles,
we have the numbers here.

..Jordie kept working the angles...

..but he couldn't say the singles...

14th person voted out
of Blood v Water...

..and Shay...
The tribe has spoken.

..and her game were cast into limbo.

"Your torch may have been snuffed,
but your fate is not sealed."


Nine are left.
Who will be voted out tonight?

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SHAY: I have no idea where I am.

I am extremely exposed
to the elements out here.

I'm scared shitless

to be out here alone in Purgatory.

With not a single soul,

just the crickets

and whatever freaky animals
are out here with me.

I don't know what awaits me.

But I'm just hoping
I survive the night,

don't get attacked my something.

I'm pretty scared.



Last night's Tribal, I knew it was
my head on the chopping block.

I think I was voted out because

of just the challenge asset
that I am.

Everyone has their own level
of grit,

but I think that mine
proved to be quite strong

in the last few challenges.

I'm feeling rough, rough as guts.

I feel very alone and scared
and, like, empty on all levels.

The tribe's been gunning for me.

First, they took Ben, my partner.

Now I'm here at Purgatory
and it's really lonely.

It's just bare. There's nothing
but rocks and hard dirt.

And even though I've got nothing
left and I'm so depleted,

I just feel like my soul
is rejuvenated

and ready to give it
another solid crack.

That's exactly what
I will be thriving off

to get me through to the other side

and hopefully back in the game
nice and strong.

I'm not doubting that it's gonna be
the hardest challenge yet.

It's gonna be
the absolute fight of my life.

I think that this would crush
a lot of people,

but it just ignites
this real keen sense of game mode.

And the biggest thing I can do
is plot my revenge

and look at the cracks
in people's relationships

and remind myself of why
those people should be gone

and how to get rid of them.


JORDIE: Last night
went into Tribal Council

and thought...
"Might as well have a dig."

Start throwing some bombs,
create a bit of chaos

and see if I can find any inroads

and convince the singles
to vote with me,

but it wasn't so.


MAN: Oh, it's nice to get to,
though, which...

JORDIE: I wanted to blow everyone up!
I know! But I thought we were...

..thought, weren't
gonna do that then.

So, it's, um...



Oh, doesn't it kinda show you

when you think a little bit
too far ahead sometimes

it can be a tiny bit of undoing?

Sam has said that she would play
Jesse's idol for me. Bullshit!

Last night at Tribal,
me and Shay have put a vote on Mark.

That was to make Mark and Sammy
feel as though I'm gunning for Mark,

when realistically
I'm gunning for Sammy.

I would love to get revenge
for my brother.

33 days, guys.

Sammy has Jesse's idol

and I've spilled the beans
to everyone,

but no-one believes me.


JORDIE: So...let's get to the well.

CHRISSY: Alright.

So, Mark and Sammy...

They both have idols.

I don't know.
Jord, I gotta just take your word.

You do.
Why didn't you get the idol back?

How was I supposed to get it back?
"Just give me my idol."

'Cause it's not mine. Once you've
got it in your bag, you claim it.

That's the rules.

She's not gonna think
we're gonna go for her.

She thinks we're gonna go for Mark
'cause he's got the idol.

I'm telling you now,
I need to speak to Jordan and Josh.


The other thing is I'm in alliance
with Sammy, Mark, Jordan and Josh,

which I was under the impression
you just...that's your alliance.

Yeah, correct, but the thing is, um,
when you've got two idols in play...

The idols are the biggest fear
to me.

I don't know.
I'm a little bit nervous.

Jordie swears by some stuff
and I believe a lot of what he says.

It's a big risk to have the people
who have been on Survivor before,

they're together and
they potentially both have an idol.

I'm aware of how bad that is.

I've played this whole game

loyally, truthfully,

like the complete opposite
to what Survivor is.

So if I find out that this is true,
it's's a dog act.

I'm not about it at all.

But I have not gone to Sam
about this idol

'cause I don't think
she'd tell me the truth.

Alright, well, you'll just have to
leave me for a bit, Jord.



Not yet, bruh.

Something to think about. I know.

It's hectic. It's hectic.

It's a crazy situation,
but, I don't know, at this stage...

You know?


It's a real battle
to get them to believe me,

so I'm not gonna give up, you know.

I will keep trying every option.


SAM: Right now, Jordie has
the most gravitas with the jury.


Why wouldn't you?

Is it a winning formula?
Possibly not.


Yes. Good point!

CHRISSY: Keep playing.

Good point, 'Chrispy'.

He currently looks like
the biggest player.


Well, he probably is, actually.

Right now he's the biggest player.
He's got nothing to lose.


Yeah. He's good.

Individual immunity.

SAM: It's clear that Jordie's
a threat in this game.


Particularly if he makes it
to the end

and he's pitching his case
to the jury.

I mean, last night at
Tribal Council, the jury loved him

because he showed
that underdog spirit

and that could be enough
to get him the votes

and win Sole Survivor.


With power comes a degree of burden.

With this kind of treachery
that I have committed,

it's left seeds of paranoia
and doubt in my mind.

She manipulated the whole thing.

I just didn't know how to attack it.

But now we do. Yeah.

He's gonna be looking
and penetrating cracks

as much as he can do so.

Me too. Yeah, yeah. Me too.

If the knowledge has gotten out
and believed

that I stole Jesse's idol...


..there'll be so much broken trust,

but the bigger thing is

there's no way they're gonna
let a couple with two idols

stay in this game.

That would be the most dangerous
thing in their minds.

Serve up. Wanna serve up?

I just sway. I sway.
It's what I do. I do. I sway.




CHRISSY: Sammy's
like a headless chicken.

I think she's sort of lost the plot.

You know, it's not paranoia
when it's actually true.

It's not paranoia.

It's like people,
it kinda feeds into that whole,

"Oh, that woman has a mentality
of, like, you know, she's crazy."

But actually she's not crazy.

This nut...this nutjob?

But, like, those are all
very, like, logical things to do

when you're feeling the way you feel
because of what people are saying.



Come on in!


So, Jordie, you were pitching hard
at last night's Tribal Council.

Did you get any takers
when you went back to camp?

Uh, not at all, Jonathan.

It was hard, but you've gotta
have a dig, don't ya?

That's what Survivor's all about.
There's always a way.

David, did anything that
Jordie pitched resonate with you?

Oh, look, what he did do

is demonstrate
what a good player he is,

highlighting the opportunities
and threats out there.

And Jordie, to his credit,
threw up a few beauties.

Alright, you ready to get
to today's Reward Challenge?


For today's challenge...'re gonna race
to free bags of balls from a rope

by unwinding them
from a balance beam,

a spool and a high frame.

Once you have all your bags,

you will then roll your balls
down a frame

and attempt to land them
in a series of goals.

The first person
to land all five balls...

..wins reward.

Wanna know what you're playing for?
ALL: Yeah.

I think you're gonna like
this one today.

Alright, let's bring it in!

JORDIE: Oh, bruh, it's a car.
DAVID: Holy hell!

Is that the new Isuzu MU-X?

That's the MU-X, bruh.

(SIGHS) Look at that beauty.

I'll need to find a car park space.

Top-of-the-range Isuzu MU-X.

Now, I know that's worth playing for.

I can fit all the kids in there.
It looks like a beauty.

Jordie, I know you're a car guy.
What do you think of this reward?

To be honest, I've had my eye
on the Isuzu for a long time now,

so this is huge for me,
this is massive.

Alright. Let's draw for spots.
Let's get to it.

Come on, man. Let's go.

Alright, here we go.

For a fantastic reward...

..survivors, ready?


First thing you need to do
is unwind that bag from the beam

as you attempt to navigate it
across that mud pit.

If you fall in,
you'll need to go back.

Jordie...almost there
with his first ball bag.

Josh right behind him.

Jordan falls in. He needs to go back.

Michelle falls in.


Dave's struggling
on the balance beam. He goes in.

Everyone looking a little unsteady.

Jordie moving on
to the second obstacle.

Whipping through that spool.

Josh on his tail now.

Mark close behind.

Chrissy's in it now.

Sam's in it.
Finally Jordan's getting in on it.

Jordie has two bags.

Now you need to work both bags
to the top of the frame

where you'll pick up your final bag.

Mark moving on to the high frame.

Chrissy right behind him.

Jordie zooming through this challenge
like a V8.

Jordie has all his ball bags.

He can move on to the end game.

Mark has all his bags.
He can move on.

We have Mark and Jordie

on the end game.

All you've got to do is roll those
balls one at a time down the frame

and attempt to land them
in those holes at the end.

All that adrenaline that you use to
get through the obstacle course

is not gonna help you here.

You need to take a breath.

This end game requires a soft touch.

Any sudden movements
will end in tears.

Meanwhile, Sam, David, Chrissy,

KJ and Michelle in on the frame.

Cousins Josh and Jordan

are still stuck

at the second obstacle.

Here we go, Jordan. Here.

Make sure you loosen the bag
from both ends.

Loosen it from both ends.

Jordie's started to figure it out.

He lands the first ball!

Mark just going for broke.
He's just rolling them down.

Sam is in on it now.

Patience is required here.

to figure it out.

KJ's in on it now.

Michelle is in on it.

The only person not in on it
is Jordan.

He is nowhere in this challenge.

Jordie working on his second ball.

This end game is not easy.

He lands his second ball.

Three more to go and
he drives out of here in that car.

David! Got something going now.

And he lands one.

David's in on it now.

Jordie has two, David has one.

Oh! (BLEEP)!
Chrissy upset she missed that one.

KJ yet to work it out.

David is slowing things down.
He's trying to chase down Jordie.

Jordie can feel the pressure.

David now cool, calm and collected.

Trying to coax it.

Oh! So close.
He misses the second one.

Mark has one now!

It's Jordie with two, David with one,
Mark with one.

Everyone else trying to get in on it.

Sam trying some speed.

And Jordie lands his third one!

Jordie pulling away.

David working on his second one.

David lands his second ball!

It's Jordie with three,
David with two, Mark with one.


Everyone else is still
struggling to work it out.


David trying to land...and he does!

He ties it up with Jordie!

Three each!

Jordie working on his fourth one.

Getting close.

And he lands it! Jordie has four.

David has three.

David working on his fourth

David lands his fourth.
We are tied again.

Four each. Jordie has four.

David has four.

Jordie working on his final ball.

Trying to settle his nerves.

Can he land his ball in
that little hole before David does?

David's on the board now.
He's trying to catch Jordie.


David hoping Jordie makes a mistake.

Jordie can feel the pressure.

That would be a huge reward to win.

And that's it! He does it!

Jordie wins the Isuzu!

Oh, my God.

Jordie, come on over.

Thank you. Thanks.

You beauty! (LAUGHS)

A brand-new Isuzu MU-X is yours.

But every new car
deserves a test drive.

So, you are gonna take it for a spin
to the local drive-in cinema...

Oh, stop it!

..where you will enjoy nachos,
margaritas and a fun movie.

But going to the movies alone
is kinda sad,

so you can choose one other person
to help you celebrate.

Oh, man, this sucks!

I have to take Jordan.
Jordan, come on over.

Thanks a lot, bro.
You know what?

There are plenty of seats in there.
Choose one more.

I have to take Dave -
he came second

and he was right there
the whole time.

Come on over, Dave.

Love you, man.

You know what, Jordie,
I think there's room for one more.

Is it just one more
or what have you got?

Choose one last person.

Do you know what?
I think I'm gonna take Michelle.


That's OK.

Alright, Michelle, David, Jordan,
Jordie, jump in the car,

head on out, enjoy.


Alright. Seatbelt up.

Let's do it!

See ya! Love you, Jonathan!

Holy dooley!

This is sick!

Oh, my God. I can't believe it.

I stuck around and won a car.


The choice was hard,
but I picked some lovely people.

However, that's not the only reason
I brought them along.

If I can expose Sammy
for being a snake in the game,

I will be driving off into
the sunset in my brand-new Isuzu

with Sammy in the rear-view
sitting in her pool of lies.



JORDIE: Whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo!

This is perfect.
Bruh, epic, mate.

It's so cool. I can't believe it.

You've been talking about this
the whole time.

I've been talking about this car!
Literally talking the whole time.

It's my dream car.

I can't believe it.

I'm still in shock.

Like, I don't...I don't
actually believe it yet.

I've wanted this car for so long
and I've just won it.

So cool!

Push this button here
and it keeps it within the lanes.

So it holds itself within a lane.

Unreal. Look at all the four-wheel
drive stuff.

So good.

Turn her off.

Oh, she's a beauty!


Mwah! Mwah! Mwah!

This is amazing, man.

Oh, you beauty!

Let's see this boot space.
That's amazing.

I can't... I can't believe....
Actually, I could cry, man.

You're joking me?!

You are kidding!

Finally, guys. We did it. We did it.

Oh, my...

Thank you, Jordie.
No worries, guys.

Oh, my gosh.

And this is the single best day
of my life.

Four challenges in a row.

Win the MU-X.

I'll bring it to you. Sit down.

Oh, my God! Yes!

You've got to be joking me!
How did I end up here?




Four in a row, baby!

That's pretty epic, mate.

What are we watching?
Yeah, what are we watching?

We're eating the food and I'm going,

"Oh, what's this movie
Jonathan's got us watching?"

Oh, shit! Oh, my God, that's my dad.

Oh, my God, that's my dad.

Oh, serious?

All of a sudden I see my dad's
ugly mug pop up on the screen.

Hey, Jordie.

Congratulations, mate.
I'm so pumped for you guys.

So proud of you.
So incredibly proud of you.

Proud of who you are.

Your...your genuine care and love
for people, your compassion

and, um, of course
your humour as well.


Keep going, buddy. Love you. See ya.

Thanks, Dad.

Love you, mate. Oh, shit.

What a good day.

The day just got better, mate.

That is amazing. That is amazing.

And we've been through a lot
in the last little while

and it's good to see
he's doing well.

I miss Dad heaps. Heaps.

The thing is we lost my stepmum
just before coming out here.

So, me and Jesse never
really got a chance to,

let alone debrief with each other,

but debrief with our dad

who we haven't spoken to
for 33 days, you know.

And he lost his wife.
Like, it's hectic.

And by seeing him on the screen,
I could see he was happy, you know?

And that meant a lot,
seeing that he's OK, you know?


Oh, man, he looks happy. It's great.

I'm so stoked.

To my bro...

Oh, my little brother.
Here we go!

Oh, my little brother! Oh, shit.
MICHELLE: Who's that?

My little brother.
You're shitting me.

Just a message to let you know
how proud I am of you

for making it this far.

I love you, bro,
and I miss you a lot, man.

And I hope you come back with the W.
That's my man.

Oh, far out.
That's awesome, man. That's so cool.

Hi, Michelle.

Oh, God, it's my mum. (CHUCKLES)

I'm so proud and happy
that you're still in the game.


Keep your spirit high.
We love you lots.

And hope to see you soon. 'Bye.


Dadda, how are you,
you bloody legend?

Hey! That's Briana!

Missing you heaps.

It's been really hard
'cause you know I'd give anything

to be out there playing
with you now.

But I'm so proud of you, Dad.
That's what keeps me going.

I want to say you've been
such an awesome father, friend

and, of course, a husband
and you so deserve this.

We love you. You can do it. 'Bye!

Well done, mate. That's awesome.

That's so good.
They're so proud of you.

They're so good.
So proud of you.

That was the best movie, guys.

That was cool, eh?
That was cool.

And I like actually putting,
like, faces to names now.

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.
Yeah, Mich.

Seeing family and loved ones
on the screen, it's incredible.

Yeah, Dad said, "Keep going, mate."
That's what I'm gonna do.

Actually, I just wanted
to get this out of the way.

Yeah, mate.
'Cause I don't want to...

I don't want to... I don't want
to, like, talk about it too much,

'cause we want to enjoy
ourselves here,

but here's my pitch, OK?


Sammy stitched up Jesse hard.

She found Jesse finding the idol,
tricked him into giving him...

How the hell?
..her idol.

That's crazy. I don't know.
He trusted her with his life.

She's now got the idol,
you're saying?

She's got it. It's in her bag.
I thought Jesse would hold that.

No. He trusted her.

He didn't actually really have
anywhere to put it either,

whereas she was wearing a sarong,
so she was able to trick him.

Mark and her have both got idols.

So they're going through,
they reckon.

I know about Mark and the idol.

Which is dangerous, but...
Oh, so you think I'm full of it?

Oh, no, I'm just...
You want to... You want to prove it?

You guys,
obviously without seeing it,

it's like trying to
believe in a religion.

But I promise you, because Jesse
told me at Tribal that she's got it

and then she came up to me
as soon as we got back from Tribal

and she said, "Don't tell anyone
and I'll look after you."

If I find out she's got it,
both fully got it,

that changes everything.

Yeah. Fair enough.

In this game,
you don't give anyone an idol.

I know how smart Jesse is,
so it doesn't make sense.

I don't know
whether to trust Jordie.

I believe the clue
because Jesse was acting hell weird.

I definitely think
that Jordie is telling the truth.

You know, I just feel
even more disappointed

with Sam right now because

to me it's pretty ruthless.

Some people may say
great strategic play,

but I say it's pretty...'s crossing
the ethical guidelines for me.

It sounds a tall story, but...
It does, doesn't it?'s got to break.

Well, it's always gonna break.
It's Survivor.

See, why would you...

Like, here's the deal, right?

What I'm suggesting is
we put votes on Sammy, right?

Let them put votes on me.

If we can convince her
not to play it,

so good, send me home Tribal, whatever.

But if she does play it,
I'm happy to risk my game.

Like, that's how honest I'm being
with you guys.

That's a major...
That's awesome move.

If I play my cards right,
Sammy's gonna get blindsided.

I'm going down swinging, alright?

If I'm going out,
I'm going out swinging.

Two idols is extraordinary.

It's a power that can
take you straight to the top.

Gotta do it.

Got to do it or I promise
you will regret it. I promise.

If I can send home Sammy with
Jesse's idol, I'm gonna be stoked.

I just have to win immunity

and then I'm gonna blow up
Sammy's game tonight.


Come on in!

Jordie, did that new car
help you make some new friends

or were they just along
for the joy ride?

Everyone here is a good friend,


Sam, are you concerned
that a reward like that

could inspire some juicy ideas?

Oh. "Juicy".


Anytime you're in a smaller group,

the conversation seems to
flow more...juicily.


Nice way to finish that.

Shall we get to it?
Alright, let's give it up, brother.

Thank you.

How does it feel to be naked?

Feels... Yeah. It's been
a little while. It feels good.

Once again,
immunity is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge,

you're gonna stand on a narrow beam

while balancing a statue
on a long pole over your head.

At regular intervals, you're gonna
move further down the beam,

making it more difficult.

If at any point you step off...

..or you drop your statue,
you're out of the challenge.

Last person standing wins immunity,
safe from the vote.

Losers - Tribal Council,

where somebody's gonna become the
15th person voted out of this game.

Alright. Let's draw for spots
and let's get to it.

Let's do it!

Alright, everyone,
take your position.

Lift it all the way up.


Everyone's in position.

For immunity,

this challenge is now on.

Trying to balance on a narrow beam...

..while balancing a statue

at the end of a very long pole

that you need to keep
above your head.

After 34 days out here... might be more difficult
than you think.

There's not a lot of wiggle room
in this challenge.

Won't take much to lose that statue.

Oh, the wind!

Wind picking up.

Mother Nature getting in on it.

Stay out of it, Mother!

Chrissy, David, and KJ

starting to wobble.

Oh, shit!

Four minutes in, KJ drops. She's out.


Chrissy's out.

Oh, man!

Dave can't hang any longer. He's out.

No shot at immunity.

Six minutes in

and we're down to six.

That's how quickly things can happen
in this challenge.


Just as I say that, Michelle drops.
She's out.

Sam's starting to wobble.

Lots of movement from Sam.


Sam drops. She's out. Wow!

Dropping like flies!

Now we're down to four.




and Jordie.

Someone is going home tonight.

If you're worried about your safety
in this game,

you're gonna want to dig deep.

Immunity hanging in the balance.

It'd be so nice turning up

to Tribal Council tonight

with the security of that necklace.


Mark's starting to wobble.

Shoulders gotta be on fire about now.

Mark drops! Out of the challenge.
No shot at immunity tonight.

And now we're down to three.



and Jordie

fighting it out for that necklace.

Let's do it, lads!
Let's have a bit of fun!

Alright, you've been
at this for 10 minutes,

which means we're gonna move on
to the next section.

I'm gonna count you in.
It is a live transition.

So if you drop during the move,
you're out.

OK. Here we go.


Tell me where my feet are.

A bit higher at the front.



CHRISSY: Joshie, slower.


Josh, hey, your 11 o'clock.
Your 11 o'clock. Josh!

Ohh! (BLEEP)!

Josh drops. No shot at immunity.

And now we have a showdown.

Personal trainer Jordan

taking on landscaper Jordie,

battling it out for immunity.



You two have been up there
for 20 minutes.

You know what that means.

Means we're gonna move on
to the next section.

Here we go.



MARK: Two steps.

Right foot's over.
A little bit further.

Keep going.

One more step with your left foot.



This is the most focused
I've ever seen Jordie in this game.

Jordie in a full press.

Locked and loaded.

Jordan is gonna match him.

Feel good.

Jordie - is he moving?

This is it. You fight your own race.
Don't worry about him.

You gotta ride it out.

CHRISSY: Careful. You're moving,
you're moving, you're moving!

Reset, reload.

Jordan getting precariously low.

Steady. Steady. Back up.

That's good.
The lock position's good.

Mark offering some encouragement
to Jordan.

That's it. Bring it up
a little bit higher. A bit higher.

Not so much to Jordie.

Listen to him cheering him on.

It's hilarious. Everyone.

He's gassing.

Stay with it.

Been at this for 40 minutes.

Jordie starting to struggle.


Jordie really digging deep.


Legs are wobbling.

Giving it everything.

Jordan is in the zone.


Jordie's pole is starting to sway.


He's trying to bring it
under control.


Pain on Jordie's face now.


Really struggling.


Digging deep.

He's not gonna give up.

Giving it everything he's got.

Jordie...big wobble.

Nice save!


Jordie finds something extra
in the tank.

What a battle!

Jordie fighting for that necklace.

Doing everything he can.

Meanwhile, Jordan looking very solid.

Locked in one position.

Just watch it. You're good.

Just hold.

Some movement from Jordie now.


Jordie's statue continues to wobble.

Jordie really burning now.

Working to pull it back together.


Jordie drops!

And Jordan wins individual immunity!



Well done.

Jordie, was that a tough one to miss?

Yeah, mate. Having said that,
though, you win some, you lose some.

I reckon maybe five in a row's
probably a bit too much to ask for.

Um...he outperformed me
and that's that.

Jordan, come on over.

First individual immunity win.

Well done. You are safe tonight.
Cannot be voted out.

As for the rest of you,
Tribal Council tonight,

where somebody's gonna become the
15th person voted out of this game.

It won't be you, mate. Well done.

Head back to camp.
I'll see you tonight.

JORDIE: I just missed out
on immunity!

But I've cooked up a plan
to get revenge for my brother.

It is never too late.
There's always a fight to be had.


SAM: Jordie finally lost
an Immunity Challenge.


SAM: I'm concerned

that Jordie will probably
tell everyone about the idol

'cause Jordie
cannot keep his mouth shut.

And so if it's public knowledge,

I am in big, big trouble.

MARK: Um...


You know what I mean?

The plan is simple.

Jordie is the number one target
for us tonight.

This is the time now to strike.







Oh, yeah.

Yeah. Yeah.

It is...


You can lose everything,
and that's it, mate.

JORDIE: So today I lost
the challenge, which is devastating.

I'm definitely
on the chopping block.

I'm really worried

about Tribal tonight.

I think that

after the reward yesterday,

I've managed now to convince
Dave, Michelle, almost Jordan

that Sammy has to go.

But guess what,
I'm just getting started.

So now I've got to get to work,
you know?

I am going to turn this game around.


So, obviously...
Yeah. know where I'm at, right?

The thing is, right, they want me
to look dangerous, right?

'Cause we did.

We tried to make a move.
It didn't work.

They played the exact same move
but on me and Jesse.

And theirs worked.

Far more dangerous.

And they've got two idols.
Yeah. I know that.

If we can blindside Sammy...

..that's fabulous.
'Cause she's number one.

Yeah. Done!



They're smart.
They're smart.

But surely they know
two idols at top six is just...

It's done.
..their worst enemy.

Yep. Yeah. (LAUGHS)

SAM: Jordie is a tornado.

He goes in every which direction.

He's unpredictable.


He's dangerous.

And I can feel something's going on.

So...the thing is...

..I'm willing to risk my game
on it, man.

I know that if they're
both gonna play it, I will go,

and I promise you,
you are going to see it come out.

I promise you.'s there.
I...I swear on my dog's life, man.

That means you've just halved your
chance of getting to the top five.

None of these guys will do anything
unless you do it. None of them.

They're all waiting to hear
what you and Jordan are gonna do.

Yeah, 'cause we're
the linchpins and all.

Yeah. Correct.
You need us.


So we get to pick...
You guys now get to pick.


If you do this, this move,

I'll stick with you, man,

and then pick me at the end,

Jordie is fighting for his life
and creating chaos.

No. That's awesome.

Alright. Good work. Sweet.

I'll just leave it. I'm not gonna
keep chatting to everyone.

Jordie is definitely talking
about Mark and I heavily.

I can see that he's lobbing a vote
against Mark or myself.

Uh, Mich?

Uh, oh, you guys are gonna walk?

I wanna get... I wanna use this...
Oh, 'cause Jordan...

Is it just you two? Are you fine
for me to come? Or do you...



I can just sense
that there are certain people

who don't want to talk to me
right now.

I've always believed that if a plan
is not being discussed with you,

you are the plan.


Yeah, it's pretty hard. Pretty hard.

SAM: Mark...

With who?


SAM: My Spidey senses
have been on high alarm.

I am freaking out.


KJ: Sam, she's starting to get edgy.

She runs around
to every conversation.

She can't not be involved
in a conversation.

She's getting paranoid.

Are you for real?
I am not saying anything.

She is unbelievable.

Yeah, what happens if...

..KJ and Michelle
didn't go with Jordie,

do we still have the...
enough numbers?

They can't make four
unless one of you guys

decide to do it
at the very end and go across.

What will we do about the two idols?

What's your thoughts?

I mean, the thought of Sam
pocketing Jesse's idol is ruthless.

They don't know we know
they've got two idols?

Yeah. We're just
gonna keep it that way.

You've never mentioned anything?
Never mentioned it.

Doing the math, being a couple
with two idols is dangerous.

Jordie's also kamikaze.

He has nothing to lose,
so I need to see the numbers

and see where people
are actually voting.

Um...really keen to
the blindside now.



Here we have Sam racing around
like a blue-arsed fly,

acting really erratic

and...and getting over-controlling
and wants to know everything.

She's really getting paranoid.
Is she hiding something?

Like, obviously if you guys
are wanting to cook up a plan,

you must have an idea
of where you want that to go.

Where do you guys
want to put tonight's vote?

When no-one's talking to you,
you know they're talking about you.

And I have observed
and dissected human behaviour

for every day that I'm out here
and something has shifted.


JOSH: Watch her blowing things up.

Obviously you're gunning
for Mark and I 'cause...


Mark? Yeah.

Yeah, 'cause you're
not chatting to us.

You know that guys
are all confident in your alliance

and there's nothing I can do.

But I'm trying everything, you know?

Well, you're trying everything
except not trying to work with us.

No, because you guys stabbed us
in the back last time

and you convinced Jesse
to give him your idol, so...

You don't know
what happened there, so...

Hey, why are we having
this conversation?

Why not?
Why are we having this conversation?

Because we can have
the conversation.

Everyone else
is having conversations.

Yeah, but what's this one going to
do for us? How is it productive?

Um...well, I guess, yeah, the...

I felt there was always an opening
for us to work together,

but now you've said no, there's not,
so, OK, cool.


Good, Sammy.
Alright. Good to know.


Sammy is the weakest link.
I can see she's cracking.

She's like wigging out
and she's wigging out hard.

So if I can try and push that
and feed that a little bit

just enough to make people go,
"Ooh!", this is gonna be crazy.

You know, like, what a move!



But I think it may not be you.
It could be me.

Could be, yeah.
Who cares?

You can just then play your idol.
Like they know that.


Sam's getting paranoid.

She's worried because this is
the most dangerous part of the game

we've played so far.

The...the only way we're gonna figure
this out is by watching...

Yeah. Yeah.

So you need to watch Chrissy,
who'll give it away.

And Jordan and Josh.

It's good having two idols and
everyone thinking I've only got one.

But if people find out,

this is gonna make us
an intolerable threat.

So, Sam and I have no choice
but to keep lying about this idol

'cause we're too far gone.

And if we find a way
to use it properly,

it will be all the more spectacular.


OK. Good.

I've got a feeling
I'm gonna cop some votes tonight.

I'm hoping that my alliance
right now stay with the plan,

which is keep all of our votes
on Jordie.

I'm scared.

JOSH: Definitely looking forward
to going to Tribal tonight.

I'm not sure which way I'm gonna go
with the big move.

This is where it gets
to the pointy end

and one wrong move can send me...
you know, can end my game.

It would be the sweetest revenge
if I could get Sammy to go home.

It'd be sick.
I've got the numbers with me.

It's a fight. It's a real battle.

But it's not about the size
of the dog in the fight,

it's about the size of the fight
in the dog.


And I'm the underdog!

JONATHAN: What goes on
when the torches go out?

where the game never ends.

Exclusively at



We'll now bring in our jury.

Khanh, Mel and Jesse.

Hey, look at this cutie.

I was expecting a fourth member
of the jury tonight,

but they're not here.

So, Dave.


Things got pretty juicy
at the last Tribal.

Should we expect
some more juiciness tonight?

Tonight's an interesting one
once again.

I think Jordie
in the challenge today

exemplified why he's such a threat.

But, Jordan, Jordie proved today that
he's not infallible in challenges.

He did,
but he's, uh...he's also shown that

in the last few challenges,

he's dangerous across the board
in all types of challenges.

And you saw what he did yesterday
by winning the Isuzu.

So, he's a bit of a weapon, so...

JORDIE: Oh, mate.


He's a beast across all challenges
and that's, uh...that's dangerous.

Jordie, you gave it all today.

It ended up not being quite enough.

But does it feel like
your goose is cooked?

The goose is never cooked.

Well, the goose will be cooked
at some point. That's not true.

We've got a long way to go.

Sam, is it difficult to make plans

when the Joker
just keeps stirring the pot?

Jordie fights for his life
in every capacity in this game,

whether it's the physical,
whether it's the social,

whether it's the strategic.

So, he's been, you know,
having lots of conversations.

Um, and you also know that

if he's not pulling you aside
for a conversation,

there's probably a reason to that
as well.

And what do you make of that?

Well, if you're not being
spoken about a plan to,

you're probably the plan.


I don't know what
she's talking about, Jonathan.

Well, Jordie, let me ask you this.

Do you think the majority
is as still rock solid

or were you able to find some cracks?

Uh...there were cracks.


Big cracks.

Grand Canyon-size cracks.


But I've been painted
as a target, right?

You know, as dangerous.

And, but...I tell you what's even
more dangerous than one bloke

is two people with an idol.

I don't understand why
I would be more of a threat

than two people who very clearly
know how to play as well.

They've been here before.

Jesse trusted Sammy with his life,
you know, in this game

to the point where she was able
to convince him

to put his idol in her bag.

And I know he can't speak,

but I know he'd agree to the fact
that Sammy has his idol.

And this is exactly
what we expected.

Can I redact a few statements
I said earlier, Jonathan?

Yeah, sure.

This is gonna get juicy.
It already is juicy.

It doesn't even pass the pub test.

Oh, so you guys are gonna keep
saying that you don't have it?

Dude, empty her bag.

Do you want to?

You want me to empty my bag?

Well, if you don't have it...

I'll empty my bag to the people
who are left at camp tonight.

Straight from here.

So, Josh, on the one hand
you've got Jordie saying,

"Hey, look, if this happens..."

And on the other hand you've got Sam
saying, "That's a load of crap."

Very interesting dilemma we have,

Um, on the one hand you have the
Joker, who's fighting for his life,

telling you a story about his
brother who's a very smart man

placing an idol, when he knew
he was about to pull off a big play,

in someone else's bag.

And then on the other hand,
you know,

if Mark and Sammy both have idols,
it is a scary prospect.

But right now you have to trust
the people you've been working with

that have never strayed away versus
someone that tried to blindside me.

And so it's simple for me.
My doubt is low.

JORDIE: It's funny.
Like, this is so funny.

Because you're all gonna watch
this back and go, "Oh, my God!"

Everyone has their own ideas
of how this works,

but at some point, you're
gonna see they've got two idols.

Why do you think I haven't been
running around looking for them?

'Cause I know where they are.

You know, I'm not gonna sit here
and try and convince people

of something
that they don't believe.

You know, like, it's fine.
I know the truth.

And these two know the truth.

And I'm not gonna sit here
like a crazy man

and just keep going on about
this idol that no-one believes.

So, I'm...I'm done with it. I'm...
He's retreating.

Alright, well, I think
it is time to vote.

Alright, well, I think
it is time to vote. Sam, you're up.

And the Oscar goes to Sammy.

I'll go count the votes.

If anyone has a hidden immunity idol
and they'd like to play it,

now would be the time to do so.

I'll read the votes.



One vote Sam, one vote Jordie.



That's three votes Jordie.
This is not good.

One vote Sam.

Jordie. Four votes Jordie,
one vote Sam.

15th person voted out
of Blood v Water, Jordie.

That's five votes. That's enough.

Need to bring me your torch.

I think we'll see you again.

Alright. Ahh! Well, well, well,
you got him, the Joker!


Oooh! Here we go.

Bit nervous now.
Are you?

Yeah, very.

Jordie, the tribe has spoken.

They have.

CHRISSY: 'Bye, Chrispy.
See ya, guys.

Hey, this has been awesome.

Thanks very much, guys.
DAVID: Good onya, mate.

Might see you around, eh?
KJ: Yeah, I think we will.

Thanks, big guy.
Well done, mate.

See you later. Thanks.
See you, Jordie.

Well, you might have wiped the smile
off the Joker's face,

but he might end up
having the last laugh

because you are voting out... more person...

..right now.


It is time to vote again.



Come grab the urn.

Good luck.

OK. I'll go count the votes.

If anyone has a hidden immunity idol
and they'd like to play it,

now would be the time to do so.

OK. I'll read the votes.

First vote - Sam.



That's one vote Sam,
one vote KJ, one vote Mark.


Mark. We're tied.

Two votes Mark,
two votes KJ, one vote Sam.


16th person voted out
of Blood v Water...

It's OK. It was coming.

Need to bring me your torch.
See you, sweetie. Ooh!

Hell day.



..the tribe has spoken.
They have.

See you, guys!

DAVID: See you, mate.

Well, looks like lightning
just struck twice.

Question is, will you take cover
or walk into the storm?

Literally a storm.

Grab your torches. Head back to camp.

Let's go.


What is going on?


What has happened?

I thought I'd join you.
Do you know what's going on?

I have no idea what's going on.
Come read this. Read this thing.

What have we got?
Read this.

"Your torch
may have been snuffed..."

"..but your fate is not sealed."

We're back!

"Follow the path to Purgatory

"for a chance to bring your game
back to life."


We're still in it.
Oh, that's awesome.

We're still in it.
Alright. Let's go. Come on.


You go first.

Oh! Yes!

Oh, that's the best bit about this -
I get to see their faces again.

I can't wait.

Tomorrow night
on Australian Survivor...

Here we are - Purgatory.

This is the epitome of a shithole.

..Jordie's growing band of misfits...

Whatever you do,
we need to break them up. ready to unleash hell.

We can come out of here
with a strong alliance.

This is the moment, right?
Let's do it. Sam and Mark's alliance...

Do you want to make a play tonight?

..threatens to unravel.

This could be the chance

to absolutely flip the game
on its head.