Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 7, Episode 15 - Episode #7.15 - full transcript

After winning everyone's favourite finger-licking good reward, one of the Castaways snaffles an Idol clue for themselves, but has the lucky find been spotted by their alliance?

on Australian Survivor...

..a puzzling immunity challenge...

Come on.

Careful, Joshy.

..had everyone run off their feet.

That's it! Shay wins immunity!

At camp...

The strong six
set their sights on Mel.

SAM: They know it's the two of them,

they just don't need to know
the split.

No, I think people respect honesty.

And with Sam struggling to find
her voice...

The boys that I'm working with
think, "We've got a strong six,

"the lines have been drawn."

If I am trusted to kind of go along,

am I actually playing
as an individual anymore

that has some kind of sway?

..cracks in the alliance
began to form.

At tribal council...

Josh is a serious threat, guys.

..Mel took aim at Josh.

He's got a strategic mind.

Someone needs to catch him
because he's gonna win it all.

He's got great relationships
with mostly everyone here.

The boys are tight.

Don't be just a number.

But it wasn't enough to save her.


Leaving the twins torn apart.

Mel, the tribe has spoken.

11 are left.

Who will be going home tonight?


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Feeling alright, Dave?


CHRISSY: He will be mad at me.

I kept him awake all night.

Tell the truth.


You lie. Such a liar.

Can you put a bit of that
on my brow?


Listen, if you're making me
look like a damn clown...

No, tell me the truth.
I'm not. (LAUGHS)

I'm making you look so...

Making you look so good.

Give me your other eyebrow,
otherwise you'll be wonky.

And then you watch,
I'll go in the water.

I'll have to go in the water today,
do a mud dive.

Come up with a moustache.


Yeah, get your brows done.

Where we...

Brows and chat.

They're all pests.

MICHELLE: Last night's tribal
council, it was public knowledge

that my sister and I were
going to be the split vote,

and with her having the majority.

But Mel went out swinging, calling
Josh a big threat in this game.

Do you think that, like, the...

..what Mel..., said out loud
at tribal helped to...

KJ: Yep, absolutely. put thoughts...

I turned to her, I said,
"That's what you needed to do."

She was brilliant.

Without Mel in this game,
I am in the minority

against the big, strong
majority alliance.

They say that it's a committee
and that people have all equal say.

But the head of the committee
is Josh.

JOSH: Need water or anything?


Do we need water?

Last night, tribal was pretty wild.

I got revealed as
the big mastermind,

the strategic threat in the game.

I am a smart, strategic player
and I am a threat,

but I'm trying to downplay that now.

The alliance of six
that I am in holds the power.

We're calling ourselves a committee.

That's myself, my cousin Jordan,
Mark, Sammy, Jesse and Jordie.

But I'm also tight with Chrissy
and David.

Then there's a few on the outer.

KJ, Michelle and Shay.

So just down there?

I have a lot of trust
in my alliance.

But there's just something not right
with one person.

Yesterday Jordie came to me with the
information that Mark had an idol.

Jordie's got some loose lips
and is untrustworthy.

I have to work with people
I can trust.

That's how a group committee works.

You need to tell Mark.


MARK: Yep.

You know, of course,
when someone's got an idol,

you're like, alright,
well, is he gonna tell me?

Does this become a threat?
So you have that discussion.

But that's as far as it went.

I didn't tell her.

Well, this is what I found.

So did you just tell her just then?

No, first day we got here.

No, you did not. Jordie told me.

OK. So...

So here's the thing.

Jordie, you know, he's burnt
his bridge with me, unfortunately.

He's gonna have to go.

SAM: Out of nowhere,
Josh wants to target Jordie.

His brother Jesse is my number one,
with the exception of Mark.

We have played together solidly
since day two.

I am holding my tongue.

To be honest, once again
I feel like I am being told

what to do by a group of guys.

What's wrong?
I have a thought.


Who do you feel would be less likely
to tell you a lie right now?

Probably Josh.


One thing is, like, Josh has played
the biggest game,

and Josh knows it too.

We're the only two people
who probably are 100% sure

and we're very clear
on who they're putting it on.


Well, I think we've just got to
keep listening.

Don't make a decision yet.

Just keep your ears open today.

You'll be fine.

One more kiss.

You know, it's not an easy move
to betray someone

who has had your back
from the beginning.

And you have to remember that Josh
is a wise, logical player.

I need to have a talk to Jesse
before I potentially go against him.

JESSE: We're 29 days in.

I know, it's day 29.

We have not been caught out.

Look how close we've been.
It's crazy.

So, I'm really torn between
which is the best first move.

Joshy's smart in this game,

and me and my bro really think that

we need to chop the head
off the snake.

And we definitely feel Josh is
the snake, more than anyone else?

Yep, yep.

And already now Josh has been
identified as the leader as well.

So whether it's just perception,

it's now become
part of everyone's reality.

And he's gonna start getting nervous
the longer we leave him in as well,

because he knows that he's been
kind of telling people what to do.

So what's gonna happen, then,
is if Josh is gone...?

We are safe.

We flippin' made it to final four.

Two pairs, Blood vs Water,
make it to the end.

We started together from day two.

I know.
We make it...

That is all a possibility.

We've got to get Josh out and we
have a flippin' solid run to the end.


You head back. I'll wait
for a little bit and then go.



I have to kind of spend more time

working out my gameplay
at this moment.

Jesse, he is my number one
alliance in this game,

but he's got a sketchy brother
who can't keep his lips shut.

Or do I work with Josh

and this group of people that
I don't really know,

who Mark has been predominantly
working with that seem more stable?

I mean,
that's my conundrum at this point.

Come on in!


Mel threw you under the bus
last night.


Do you think the committee
will vote to protect you?

I hope so.

You have to put trust in them

and I hope if we can grow
the committee by another number

that's always a bit more safety,
so, yeah,

I've just got to put faith
in my committee.

Jesse, do you think the committee
will stand by its committee members?

I do, because it wouldn't be
a committee otherwise, would it?

Could be a faithless committee.

We've talked
a lot about faith in this tribe

and I don't think that's breaking
any time soon.

Alright. You ready to get to today's
reward challenge?

ALL: Yes.

For today's challenge, you're gonna
be tethered together in pairs.

On my go you're gonna race to collect
a series of blocks

and attempt to stack them
on a wobbly platform.

First pair to
stack their blocks wins reward.

Want to know what you're playing for?


A trip... the KFC Billabong Lounge.

Where you will kick back and relax
and enjoy a KFC feast

of chicken, chips, coleslaw,

and top it all off
with a billabong spritz.

Worth playing for?

ALL: Yes.

because we have uneven numbers,

one person is gonna sit out today.

But that person will get to
bet on the pair they think will win.

Get it right,
will join them on the reward.

Fair enough?

Come on. Come on.

Alright. We'll draw for pairs.

Get to it.


So, the pairs are Shay and Jordan,

KJ and Sam,

Mark and Michelle,

Jordie and Chrissy,

Josh and Jesse.

And Dave picked the unlucky rock.

He's on the bench.

Who are you betting on today?

It's a tough one.

But I'm gonna go with J and J.

Jesse and Josh.

For a very nice reward,
Survivors, ready?


Everyone scrambling to get
that first block.

CHRISSY: That's mine, that's mine.

This guy is a nightmare.

There is engineering
involved in this challenge.

You have 30 blocks in total.

Grab it.

All of varying sizes and shapes.

You need to work out how to best
fit them together

in one stack

that will stay upright for three
seconds on your wobbly platform.

There's multiple ways to do that.

Only need to find one.

DAVE: Doing well, boys.

A lot relying on this.

Everyone working quickly.

Everyone wants to
get their hands on that reward.

Must be a gap between your blocks
and that outer rim.

If there isn't,
you're gonna have to fix it.

It's harder than it looks.


Communication is key today.

I got it.

Not only retrieving the blocks
but how you stack them

is gonna be critical.

Let's put that there for now.

J and J quickly building their stack.

Does it have enough engineering in it

that will stay upright for three
seconds on a wobbly platform?

Jordie and Chrissy
trying to work it out.

Jordie thinks he sees something.

Looks like they should fit.

They don't quite fit.

A number of different approaches
emerging here.

Everyone's got a different strategy
how to put this together.

CHRISSY: I love it.

Put yours there.

What's the best approach?

Jordie and Chrissy looking good.

KJ and Sam making some progress.

All those pieces,
it's got to get confusing.

J and J are doing really well.

Keep going. You're ahead, boys. Go.

Chrissy and Jordie back
with another two pieces.

Stack is starting to get wobbly now.

We've got a wobbly platform,
making it more difficult to balance.

J and J getting all tangled up.

KJ and Sam building up their stack,
but it's looking a little wobbly.

So is Shay's and Jordan's.

You cannot have a block
touching the outside of the rim.

I reckon we do a well.
Come round here. Get this guy.

Chrissy and Jordie have a very nice
rhythm in this challenge.

That was really good.
Yeah, good one, Chris.

I got it. Get yours up.
Good thinking, mate.

Sam and KJ picking up the pace,

coming back with a couple of blocks,

trying to straighten out that stack.

KJ and Sam are on a roll
in this challenge.

Can they take it out?


Good. Go, go, go, go, go, go, go.

Chrissy and Jordie
catching up to KJ and Sam.


Getting all tangled up,

trying to reach a block.

Picking up the pace.

Let's go, come on.

Stop, stop.

They think
they might have something going.

How's that going to sit?

Sam and KJ working quickly now.

It is going to be close.

Happy days. Let's go.

Jordie can taste that chicken.

We're going to win this.

KJ and Sam closing the gap.

Can they take it out?

Oh, no.

KJ and Sam lose part of their stack.

They're going to have to rebuild,
opening the door for J and J.

Anything? Any suggestions?
They can taste that chicken.

We've got to be careful
or it's going to fall that way.

Go, go. We got it.

Jordie and Chrissy
down to their last two blocks.

They can close it out right here.

Keep going.

Yep, good, bro.

Everyone else hoping
that they make a mistake.

Now come here!
Can they do it?

Go, go, go, go, go. Wait.

Settle. Settle.

Chrissy places her block.

I love that.
Yeah, nice.

J and J right on their tail.


Jordie places his block.

Three, two, one.

Yeah! (LAUGHS)
That's it!

Chrissy and Jordie win reward.

We did it, mate!
Mwah! Mwah! Mwah! Mwah!

We did it.

I can't believe it.

Oh, well done.

We got close, though.
We did, man. We were very close.

We were.

Chrissy, Jordie, come on over.



Your KFC feast awaits.

But there's really too much food
for the two of you.

Go ahead and choose two more people
to join you.

I don't know.
Did you say your...?

I feel like if I don't pick Jesse,
I'll get in trouble.

Yeah, boy!

CHRISSY: I'll take the huge soldier
in the back row, please.


Mark, come on over.

JORDIE: Sorry, guys, sorry.

But you know what? There's really
enough food for a party.

So go ahead and choose one more.

You reckon?

Josh, it looks like it's you.

I'm so sorry, everyone.

This is the hardest thing
I've ever had to do in my life.

Alright, Chrissy,
Jordie, Josh, Jesse and Mark,

your KFC feast awaits you.

Head on out. Enjoy.

See you, guys.

Alright, Sam, KJ, Shay,
Jordan, Dave and Michelle,

got nothing for you.

Head back to camp.

Enjoy your rice and beans.

SAM: Jordie could be creating
another plan

with a new group of people.

I'll definitely be keeping
an eye out. Like, that's the game.

The game isn't to go and eat KFC.

So, I have to trust Mark tells me.

But he didn't tell me
about that idol. So who knows?

MAN: Go, go, go, go!


CHRISSY: Today's the best reward

Buckets of chips,
buckets of chicken.

Spicy or original. You get to pick.

There was bread rolls.
There were drinks flowing.


Give them to me!

I'm a pig in mud literally.

Looked like a wedding for us five.

(LAUGHS) And I was the only bride!

What is going on right now?

Everyone, rip in. Let's go.

Let's go, baby.

Oh, yeah.

How good is this chicken?

Unbelievable, man.

I could... Honestly, I could die now
and I'd be happy. Thank you, darl.

This is everything.

I don't think it couldn't have
looked better.

It couldn't have smelt better.

I am so happy. I can't even deal.

I like the taste of winning,

so I'm happy to go to tribal

if I get to eat my chicken drumstick
on the way.

It's the best day ever.

I feel for Jordan. Like...

Only because he would love this.

I feel so sorry for him, man.

This is just one of
the best things I've ever...

I think it's the best thing
I've ever eaten.

Look at the day beds.
There's a lounge.

Just never leave, yeah.

I've been craving, dreaming
of chicken for flipping so long now.

I did not expect this.

You know?

Things have gone alright,
haven't they?

MARK: We're enjoying KFC,
but the game doesn't go anywhere.

Everyone knows there's a chance
there's a clue around

and Jordie's been sketchy around
camp, so we'll have to watch him.

How rich?
I feel like I'm at a hotel in Bali.

Oh, yeah.

JORDIE: Are you joking?

Oh, man.

I don't actually believe it.

I found this clue.

No. No. First in.

Hurry up.

Alright. Well, this makes it worth
it, because it's been a hot mess.

Love you.
Cheers, bruz.

Good job, partner.
Cheers, Crispy.


Could you bring the bowl
of popcorn chicken down?


MARK: No, thanks. Not yet.

I'll have a little bit.
Sit down here.

I'm just psyching myself up
to go back.


Oh, how soft's that towel?

It's the fluid, man.
I don't usually drink and eat.

What are you up to, Crispy?

You know exactly what I'm doing.

What is she doing?

I don't even know
what people are asking.
Is she looking?

Poke around. Check behind the bar.

We'll raid the whole joint.

I was thinking that.

Should we tear the joint
upside down?

When everyone's finished.

We're having,
you know, conversations.

I'm not present.
I'm not even in the room.

No-one is home.

Just me focusing on what I'm going
to do about this clue.



I slightly just tucked it
into the back of his budgies

and then I was scared he was going
to go, "Oi, get out of it."


I was like, "No, they're gonna
laugh, 'cause..."

No, just a bit enthusiastic.

There's got to be something here.

And whoever finds it
rock, paper, scissors, OK?


JESSE: Everyone breaks
to have a search for a clue.

I want to get up and pretend
that I'm looking for it as well,

so that it's not too obvious
that we've already got it, baby.

The clue, it's in a fairly
obvious position,

so had to do something about it.

I really hope Chrissy didn't see it.

Don't mind me.

Here we go.


I'm super stoked. I'm buzzing.

Because now we've got real power
in this game.

Go have a swim.

It does feel like home,
don't you think?

It does. We're home, bro.

Jordie's gone by himself.


There's this chance that Jesse
and Jordie have something.

That's not great.
That could be the clue.
That's not great.

Who wants to run after him?

Let's just start walking.

Jordie comes back from reward
and now he's acting suspicious.

I've got a feeling
that Jesse and Jordie

might have found a clue
at the reward.

My tightest alliance
this entire game has been Jesse.

But since Jordie's come
to the scene, I feel us separating.

Josh wants to get rid of Jordie,

but I don't want to cut off the head

of someone I've cared about

without trying to see if they're
going to tell me the truth.

Mate, it has been interesting since
you guys came back from reward.

Everyone's in many little pockets.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

You know...

I think stick to our plan in that,


What screws up the plan
is Josh getting an idol.

Guys, you were both at reward.
Was there anything there?

And please tell me if there was,
that you guys got something.

No, I didn't it.
I couldn't see anything.

I didn't get it.

A strength I have
is the ability I have

to spot someone
who is not telling me the truth

because my life
used to depend on it.

When I was in the military
I learned a lot about interrogation,

things like pupil dilation,
pulse rate, respiration rate,

where his eyes look,

whether he averts his gaze from...
all those things tell you a story.

I'm a soldier trained to detect
people who aren't telling the truth.

My head is telling me
total and complete failure.



He's clearly lying.
And now I've got him in my sights.

I'm going for Jordie.
He's got to go.

Come on in!

Sam, it sucks
being left out of reward.

How did it feel to be
a loved one left behind?

The further you go in this game,

the more you see those food rewards
as essential nutrition and calories

to beat our bodies up again
the next day.

So it wasn't them,
it was the situation.

Alright, you ready to get
to today's immunity challenge?

MAN: Yeah.
First thing's first.

Thank you.

Once again,
immunity is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge,
you're going to stand on a post

while holding onto two ropes

to balance a ball on a hanging track.

At regular intervals you'll move
further back to smaller posts,

making it more difficult.

If at any point your ball drops,
you're out of the challenge.

The last person standing
wins immunity, safe from the vote.

Losers, tribal council,
where somebody is going to become

the 13th person
voted out of this game.

Alright, we'll draw for spots
and we'll get to it.


Everyone's in position.

For immunity,
this challenge is now on.

This first position is the easy one.

Give you a chance
to get used to the mechanism.

Immunity is on the line.

This challenge requires patience,
poise, a lot of focus.

Jordie may be in trouble in this one.

Thank you, Jonathan.

Jonathan, can you do something
about that wind?

Yeah, it's not super good.

Wind kicking up,

going to add another element
to this challenge.

We're gonna be here for 10 minutes
before we move on.


..already on the run.

What is wrong with me?

It's a heavy ball.

Concentrate, woman.

There's a lot of momentum
once it starts rolling.

Mark, trying to centre his ball.

Jordan doing the same.

Need to keep your track...

..within that white zone.

As we move back,
it's gonna get more difficult.

You're gonna have a smaller perch

to try and find your balance,

more rope to contend with.

Oh, piss off, fly! (BLOWS)

I know, when they touch you, it's
like, "Get out of it, you bastard."

Oh, gor!


And just like that,
Michelle drops out of the challenge.

No shot at immunity.

Lots of adjustments from Josh.

The grip, man.

The grip's burning.

Hands are hurting?
That's the part.

That's the hard part.


Gripping a small rope.

And out of nowhere, Sam drops.

She's out of the challenge.

No shot at immunity.

One lapse in focus,

and immunity will roll away from you.

Alright, you've been up there
for 10 minutes.

It means we're going to move on
to the next post.

And even before we get to that,

Shay drops out.

Bad luck, Shay.


This is a live transition,

which means that
if you drop your ball

or you step off your post
when we make this move,

you are out of the challenge.

I'm going to count you in on 10...

KJ can't hang. She's out.

9, 8, 7, 6,

5, 4, 3...

Oh, you son of a gun!

Dave drops out.

..2, 1.

And now we're down to six.

Josh, Jesse, Jordie,

Jordan, Mark and Chrissy
still in it.


SHAY: Chrissy, do it for the girls.

Chrissy locked and loaded
down the end.

Good job, Aunty.

I should have lost more weight.


Sun peeking through the clouds now.

Another hot day out here.

That's gonna factor into it.

In this heat,
every second is amplified.

Immunity on the line.
Somebody is going home tonight.


You got white line fever again today?

I always like to win, Jonathan.

So it's not too bad seeing
people drop out so quickly.

Been at this for 20 minutes now,

which means we're gonna
move to the next post.

Again, a live transition.
SAM: Use your best foot.

Here we go.

10, 9,

8, 7...

Oh, no!

Chrissy cannot make the transition.

..6, 5,

4, 3,

2, 1.

One only one foot on that post.

Mark is on the run. He's trying
to get it back under control.

He's on the raggedy edge.
SAM: Nicely done.

CHRISSY: Nice save. Focus, regather.

Everyone on the third posts.

There's only room for one foot
on that one.

It's going to be much more difficult
to maintain your balance now.

Jesse struggling with his balance,

ball's on the run.

Lots of momentum on that ball now.

He almost overbalances.

Working hard to get that ball...

Come on, mate.
..under control.

What's going on?

Brother Jordie
offering some encouragement.

Whoa, very close.

Struggling with his balance.

Jesse drops his ball.

No shot at immunity.

Immunity on the line.
Somebody is going home tonight.


Hold it, Joshie.
Wind picking up now.

Jordan's ball's on the run now.

He's trying to get it under control.

And Jordan steps off the post.

He is out. No shot at immunity.

30 minutes in.

And we are down to three.

You know what that means.

It means we're going to move on
to the next posts.

10, 9,

8, 7,

6, 5...

..4, 3...


And Josh drops out.


Josh could not survive
the second-to-last transition.

He is out of the challenge.

No shot at immunity.

Immunity hanging in the balance.

We now have a showdown
between Jordie and Mark.

Who would have thought, eh?

Who would've thunk
a SAS soldier verse Jordie?

Lots of movement from Jordie,

really sweating out there now.

Mark's looking solid again.

That is a small post.

Really difficult
to maintain your balance now.

Jordie starting to struggle,

but he is still in it.

One slip, that's it.

No shot at immunity.

Hold it, Jordie.
Yep, good, bro. Good, bro.

Just focus, Marky.

The central dilemma of Blood v Water

is that winning immunity

puts your loved one
at risk of going home.

Mark struggling.

And that's it, he's out.
And Jordie wins immunity.

WOMAN: Jordie!

No way!
MARK: Well done, brother.

Oh, guys! Are you alright?
Yeah, mate.

Oh, guys.

Wow, I just won immunity.

No way!


Jordie, come on over.


First individual immunity win.
How does that feel?

I don't understand
what's happening right now.

That was... I didn't expect that.

I didn't expect it either.
Come on, mate.

(LAUGHS) Congratulations,
you are safe. Cannot be voted out.

As for the rest of you,
tribal council tonight,

where somebody is going to become
the 13th person

voted out of Blood v Water.

It won't be you. Well done.
Thank you.

Head back to camp.
I'll see you tonight.

Today has been the best day.

I've won individual immunity.

Yesterday, I found a clue
for an idol.

And today I'm taking down
the biggest threat in the game.

Josh is going home.

It's worked out perfectly.

And...three, two, one. Scramble.

Look at that.

Thanks, guys.

Solid. Thank you, mate.

Yo. Didn't expect that, man.

Yeah. Did not expect that.

As soon as I saw the challenge.

You're good.

They're not all going
to be like that, though.

That was tricky.

Jordie's now got individual immunity

and we have a clue
to finding an idol.

So, we're really confident.

That sounds about right.

What do you reckon, boys?

The sole purpose of throwing Shay
and even KJ's name out there

is to make Jordan and Josh
feel comfortable

that we are working with them,

and we have no incentive
to deviate from that majority.

That last bit.
Once you go, you're gone, eh?

You just can't...

Josh thinks
that he's leading the tribe

and it's time
to head for the Big Dog.

He's someone
we should be voting out.

We're in a Mexican stand-off
right now,

and the first pair
that pulls the trigger

will have the power in this game.

Have we got the plan?

The first person I approach is Sam.

Other than my brother, Sammy
is my closest ally in this game.

Josh has been the one
pulling the strings.


It'll be, either... You know,

I mean...
Are you nervous?

I'm nervous.


It's OK if we're ever in doubt,
we know, first and foremost,


So that's all that matters.

Happy days.

Yeah. Alright.
See you soon.




Yeah. Don't worry about it.


See you later.


JESSE: Tonight, myself, my brother,
Sammy, Mark, KJ and Michelle,

we have the majority
and the majority is going on Josh.

MARK: So, if I'm voting
with Jesse and Jordie,

the vote will be on Josh.

Jessie and Jordie think I'm good.

I don't trust them.

Sam and Jesse are tight,

but I trust Josh and Jordan more.

I need to talk to Josh and try
and find out what he's going to do

now Jordie has
an individual immunity.

You know what they'll do,

this plan on you
has been circulating.

I've only worked with you guys.
I only trust you guys.

I want to keep it that way.

We don't have a choice obviously
because of the immunity idol.

This is going to be...
This is a big one.

This is the deciding one.

Happy with that?
Yeah. Are you sure?

I'll tell you about
Survivor balls of steel,

Jordie and Jesse
are targeting me tonight,

and they've been trying
to pull an alliance of six

and turn Mark and Sammy onto me.

So I'm putting myself out there
as bait so we can blindside Jesse.

I'm going to cop votes tonight

and I'm going to trust Sammy and Mark
are going to have my back.

I don't have a choice anyway.

Jesse is going to pay the price
for his brother's misbehaviour,

and it's going to be great.

We're going to send him home

and we're going to get rid
of a real challenge threat too.

Sam's tight with him. And I just
need to know how she's going.

There's a few layers in this one.

What did Dave and Josh
have to say just then?

Um, it's going to be Jesse.


You're definitely going to do that?

Just remember, Josh and Jordan
had the chance to knock me off.

For three tribals.

And they didn't do it.

And same as Jordie, though, as well.

No, he lied to the guys
and told them about my idol.

Yes, I know.

So if you're talking about
who's trustworthy...
Yeah. can only look at that.

This is now where it gets serious.

Mark and I are not on the same page.

Jesse's like my kid out here.

I've got my husband
and my child out here.

But Jordie and Jesse are voting
against the committee.

Because I actually care for Jesse

you know, it's not an easy move.

Where does that leave me
and my game play?

This is a yucky situation for me.

It's an easy vote. Let's go.

I'd rather take a chance
with those guys.

I think it's already set.

I don't think there's much more
people can do.

You know what I mean?

They're cooked.

By voting, Jesse,

I'm essentially going to blindside
my best friend in the game.


JOSH: I've heard that Jordie
and Jesse are targeting me tonight.

I think things
are starting to heat up.

But we're going to actually
flip it and blindside Jesse.

Yeah, I haven't heard anything.

Nuh. Me neither.


I'm putting my full trust in Mark
and Sam to back me here,

but we've got to start making
big moves and this one's pretty big.

We just need to keep Jordie
and Jesse in the dark to pull it off.

The sarong club.
Is this a Mauritius one?

This is from Mauritius. Yeah.

I was trying to barter in French,

but my French is poor.

I can't believe
we went to the same area.

JESSE: The mood at camp
is definitely a little bit too calm.


I'm a little bit nervous about that.

My brother
has his immunity necklace.

We've got a clue, and I want to find
this idol before someone else does.

An idol in our pocket

could just cement our chances
at getting to the end.

The clue tells me to search
in the arches for a powerful tool.


Now I have this,
like, I'm unstoppable.

And a secret idol is a powerful idol
and a public idol is often a burden,

as we've seen in this game.

(READS) "Congratulations. You have
found a hidden immunity idol.

"If you are voted out whilst holding
the idol, it will lose its power

"when Jonathan...


Got one, baby. Got one.

I can't believe it. I didn't want
anyone to know about this.

But if there's anyone in this game
that I'm happy to know

that they know I have an idol,
it's Sammy.

How did you find it?
Were you just looking?

Yeah, I was just looking.

I was like,
"They've got to be out here."

Oh my God. Oh my God.


We got one. That's good.

Have to try and hide it.

Let me check.

Everyone's going to be looking
for you because you've been away.


That's pretty good.
Let's see.



Just put your shirt over the top.

Yeah. You can tell.

You can tell.

Take your buff off.

But then why am I...?

Why am I all of a sudden
not carrying...?

I'm just trying...

Just let me check...
Just try my sarong.

Because you've been away.

And I said that I was...
People were worried about you.

So I said...

Go and just check.

If... When we get back
the story is...

You've been upset.
You're quiet today.

I was just flat and I just...

Hold this and I'll redo my thing.

OK. Chuck it there.

This is OK right now.

Everyone's going to be
looking at you, not me.

Sammy's been my trusted ally.

It's my idol, and she knows that,
and she will respect that.

I don't think I need it
for tribal council tonight.

Our majority
is going to vote Josh out.

But if anything goes wrong,
Sam is right there.

JOSH: I'm feeling as good as you can

when you got your head
on the chopping block.

I am counting on my alliance

and mainly Mark and Sammy
as the swing votes

to put Jesse's name
on that piece of paper.

Jesse's going home tonight.

or on the 10play app.

We'll now bring in
the members of our jury.

Khanh and Mel,

voted out at the last tribal council.



So, David,

what's on the committee's agenda

It's just one of those standard
committee meetings, Jonathan.

Just went through the numbers,
went through the logistics

and came up with the nomination.

So, Sam, with so many people
on the committee,

is it possible there are
subcommittees within the committee?


I've been hearing discussions
of factions amongst committees.

Instead of calling it a committee,
let's call it a majority, shall we?

Whatever you want to call it.
Probably easier.

There is a majority

and there are people that are
sitting outside of that,

So that means
we have a minority as well.


Josh, would you agree?

There's obviously
a majority and a minority.

Decisions need to be made

and you have to pick who you're
going to work with moving forward.

And we've been doing that very
successfully leading up to this... it's understandable that there
are going to be differing opinions.

We're literally doing the exact
same thing as last time.

The majority's coming together.

They've decided on someone

that they would unfortunately

like to leave the game

and it's going to be executed

and we'll go back to camp and...

..go to bed.


So, Mark,
at this crucial stage in the game,

do you think idols
are on the agenda?

Yeah. I think there's definitely
idols on the agenda.

I think they're in play.

Question is
how they're going to be used

and when they're going to be used.

It's not if, it's how and when.

Well, Jesse, if idols are in play,

what are the chances
we could see one tonight?

It's always possible

and you can do what you can

to make sure you've got a Plan B,
but this is Survivor.

Things can change very quickly

and idols make a big difference in
this game if they're played well.

Sam, on that note, an idol has not
been effectively played yet

in this game.

So, how do you make the most
of an idol in this game?

It is quite hard to get a gauge
of when would be the right time

to play an idol
in order to save yourself

or to serve the interests
of your alliance.

It's not a solo game,
even though there's a solo winner,

you need numbers.

And so I guess preserving
your alliance members

preserves you in the game as well.

Jesse, would you agree?

Yeah, very much so.

Especially at this point
in the game,

you need to have the relationships

and the trust with people
that you can work with

to get to the end of the game.

So, how confident are you

that the plan that you've signed
up for tonight will happen?

I'm very confident, Jonathan.

I'm always confident in
the relationships that I've built,

and I have a lot of trust

that that will come through
once again

because they have
time and time again.

So there's no reason to think
tonight will be any different.

Josh, how confident are you
in your plan?

Yeah, I'm right with Jesse.

We've just been building this thing
along nicely

and my trust hasn't been broken yet.

And so I'll stick to what's...

Stick to the conversations I've had
and trust my guys and ladies

and, you know, and you pray
that you're on the right side.

So, Sam, typically when there
are uneven numbers in a tribe

is when we see a move,
could we see a move happen tonight?

The conversations today make me
believe that a move is possible.

At some point there's going to be
a break amongst this committee.

The question is when is that?

Is it going to stay big committee

for a vote or two or so more?

Or is it going to rumble
and tumble a bit early on?

And I don't think
anyone truly knows.

They feel something in the water,

and perhaps
that's a little bit of blood.

On that note,
I think it is time to vote.

Well, I think it is time to vote.

Wow. Let's do it.
David, you're up.

Jesse, mate,
it's time to get on your bike.

It's time for the kid to take
charge of a new majority.

It's time to disband the committee,
and you're the leader, so...

Thanks for the idol.

I'll go count the votes.

If anyone has a hidden immunity idol
and they'd like to play it,

now would be the time to do so.

OK, I'll read the votes.

First vote, KJ.






That's four votes, Josh.
One vote, KJ.





We're tied. Four votes, Jesse,
four votes, Josh,

one vote, KJ.

Jesse. That's five votes, Jesse,
four votes, Josh.

One vote KJ.

One vote left.

13th person voted out
of Blood V water...


You need to bring me your torch.

Sorry, bruz.

Nice try, boys.


I'm going to talk to him tonight.

Well played, Jesse.
Love you, mate.

We gave it a go, mate.
We gave it a go.

We gave it a go.
You played hard.

You played well, bro.
You played really well.

Well done, Jesse.

Hoo, hoo, hoo.

What a stitch-up.

That's amazing.


Jesse, the tribe has spoken.

It has.

Well played, bro.
You played really well.

Goodnight, guys.
Good work, man.

Well done, Jesse.
See you, bro.

Love you, bro. Love you, mate.

Well, it looks like this committee

has just experienced
its first hostile takeover.

You just better make sure
that the next dirty deal is yours.

Grab your torches,
head back to camp. Good night.

Tomorrow night
on Australian Survivor...

I'm here to play this game.

And I feel like I unleashed a little
bit of a beast down here right now.

..the joker and the thief
go head to head.

Sammy doesn't have AN idol.
Sammy has Jesse's idol.

She is solely responsible
for Jesse going home.

But who will get the last laugh?

What are you thinking?

Do you really think
I'm going to let Sammy

just walk to the top
after she dogged us?

Watch out! It's time to rip in.

JESSE: I'm very confused
with what's going on right now.

I really believed that I didn't,
even if I had the idol in my hand,

I wasn't playing it tonight, 100%,

because there wasn't any need
for me tonight.

I'm now pretty worried
about my brother to be honest.

because it's clear

that Sammy is not working with us
right now.

Unfortunately, your brother's
loose lips have sunk your ship,

and thanks for the idol.

I'll be wrapping my brain
around that for a long time to come.