Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 7, Episode 1 - Episode #7.1 - full transcript

Located in Far North Queensland, 24 castaways face off with their loved ones to see who has what it takes to be crowned Sole Survivor.


the Australian outback,

witness to a brutal battle
of brain versus brawn.

Where extreme conditions...

..were matched only
by the extreme game play...

..until one remained standing
on the red earth,

crowned Sole Survivor.

Now the game moves from the desert...

..deep into an ancient wilderness

a thousand miles from civilisation,

where pristine beauty

teems with some of the world's
most deadly creatures.

And the only thing more dangerous
than the wildlife... the unpredictable weather.

The conditions
will be more demanding.

The challenges more brutal.

It will be a game so intense that you
will need the help of a loved one

to help you through.

This is Australian Survivor:
Blood v Water.

47 days,

24 people,

one Survivor.

MAN: Blood v Water.

Everyone knows blood is thicker
than water.

As brothers playing in the game,

we've got this bond

that's unbreakable.

And it's going to take us
to the end.

Our dynamic is competitive...

..and yet friendly.

Like best mates.

JORDIE: If we were choosing
who to lead us into battle,

you would take Jesse.

If you were choosing who to lead you
to the pub...

..yeah, you'd choose me.

I think together, really, Survivor
hasn't seen anyone like us.

That's a big call.

I think it's true, though.

WOMAN: Playing with my sister, the
fact that we know each other so well

is a positive,

but it can also be a negative.

PRODUCER: Would you say
you're both alphas?

Yeah, I would,
but in different ways.

I'm very direct.

I'm very sneaky.

And she's sneaky,
and I think we...

..we don't like that
in each other.

If we had to battle in a physical
challenge against each other,

I'd win with my eyes closed, so...

I reckon you might rub a few people
up the wrong way...

No, I know that.
'Cause that's what she's known for,
and people respect that as well.

So maybe...
They hate it or they love it.

Kate is a smiling assassin,

and while she would have, like,
stabbed so many people in the back,

she's gonna position
near the front, like...

Take her out, take her out!

But it's actually her
in the background doing it.

I'm just the one that says it.

She's my puppet

and I'm just pulling the strings.

JONATHAN: For the first time, players
will enter the game with a loved one.

Identical twins.

The in-laws.

A couple.

MAN: If she gets voted out...

..Australia is going to see
the big man cry.


Blood demands loyalty.

But how far will they go
to take the crown?

MAN: I'm gonna tackle Survivor the
same way as my tackling philosophy.

Soon as I'm onto that battlefield,

I'll be competing as hard as I can.

I played rugby league for 13 years

Soon as I cross that white line
onto the field,

the red hair in me came out.

I was an aggressive player.

If there was ever any action,
I was always amongst it.

I'm playing the game with Chrissy,
my sister-in-law.

Me? Kiwi?

Like, couldn't get more botox
and filler

and (BLEEP) blonde hair if I tried!

And I'm unco!


Ladies and gentlemen,
Christine is here.


Get me up.

I'm learning as I go.

I've got to...I've got to cram in
how to play this game.

What's it called?
Tribunal. Tr...


Tribute council?

Tribal council.

My job is to raise the kids,

and I just keep it all together
at home.

Were you too busy eating hot chips?
No, she was...

My kids are adopted.

We've got three babies.

One from the UK,
one from Vietnam and Cambodia,

and one from the Cook Islands.

Like, it's pretty full-on.

I don't know the game enough yet,
but I think my competitiveness

will get me over the line.

WOMAN: I've lived in Khanh's shadow
all my life,

and I'm always known as
Khanh's little sister.

I'm so excited to be playing Survivor
with Khanh.

It's a once-in-a-lifetime
opportunity, and to do it with him,

it's even more magical.

Oh, I love it.

Magical! She thinks playing Survivor
with me is magical.

It's going to be hell.


People may know me from MasterChef.

I've lost MasterChef twice.

It's my turn to win now.

I don't think people expect me
to be ruthless.

What is a better way of winning
Survivor than saying...

..I cut my own family member
to get to the end?

JONATHAN: Bound by blood...

..the father and his daughter...

..the pilot and his
personal trainer cousin.

MAN: I was born for this.

And then there are others...

..back for redemption,

and driven by a hunger for victory.

MAN: Survivor is
unfinished business for me.

First time I played,
I loved the game.

Andy could win it for
the Contenders right here.


The Contenders win immunity,
sending Champions to tribal council.

The game didn't love me back.

13th person voted out of
Australian Survivor.


..the tribe has spoken.

What everybody seems to remember
is my parting words

to good buddy Dave.

Thanks, guys.

Dave has an idol.

LUKE: Whooooooaa!

Not everything went wrong last time,

but it was the social game
that let me down.

So this time...

..I brought a secret weapon.

My sister, Kate.

You're a strategic genius,
but you've just got to work out

how to use that socially
and put it together.

How to use my powers
for good instead of evil?

It's an incredible opportunity
to combine her social game,

my strategic game,

into the dynamic duo.

WOMAN: Five years ago, we came
and played this game as water.

And now we're back playing as blood.

And it gives us a unique advantage
in this game.

We met in a barge

in the South Pacific,

playing the game of Survivor.

MARK: I was checking her out
on the barge.

And I was like,
"Hmm, good-looking girl."

And then I got distracted.

We got booted off really quickly
for being the power couple.

Most important thing that's happened
to us is we've created a family.

We have a little baby boy
called Harry

and he is the light of our life.

Sammy and I have played before,
we know the traps

and you've had years to think
about it and debrief it.

I want that title,
so we're coming back to get it.

This is a mission.

When you have to contest something
as serious as this...

..I will not fail.

Come on in!

Welcome to Australian Survivor:
Blood v Water.


It's great to see some familiar faces
as well as a lot of new ones.

Well, whether you've played before
or this is your first time,

no matter how well you think
you know this game,

I guarantee you
it will be unpredictable.

What's that?

Do we hear a chopper?

And it will surprise you in ways
you never could have imagined,

starting right now.

Let's bring it in.



Who's in the chopper?

Oh, my God!

Anyone that's a Survivor fan knows
that the Queen of Survivor

is none other than myself, Sandra.

I'm the first two-time winner ever
in the history of Survivor,

and now I'm the queen.

I'm excited to come to
Australian Survivor

because I have a secret weapon.

My ride or die, my baby girl Nina.

Y'all better look out
because I taught her well.

Every time I played Survivor

there's always something
that I did to create chaos,

from dumping Rupert's fish
on season seven...

I didn't do it! burning Russell's hat
on season 20.

In Game Changers it was Sugargate
when I ate all the sugar.

MAN: Damn sugar's gone.

To the Survivor fans everywhere,
I'm gonna show them

that I'm a new Sandra.

I'm ready to play, I'm ready to
participate and I'm ready to win.

NINA: I've been watching her play
Survivor since I was five.

We've been playing Survivor

we've been playing Survivor
with a baby shower.

It's very incorporated
into our lives.

My mom has really helped me
by telling me,

"Leave the morals at the door."

If me and my daughter have to go
head-to-head, I'm beating her ass.

I'mma beat her down.

Don't forget...

..queen stays queen.

Welcome to Australia.

Sandra, wow!

That was quite the entrance.

I'm really excited to be here but
I'm not gonna lie that I'm nervous.

But everyone here looks ready
to play, give it their all,

and we're just excited.

Well, it was a fitting entrance
for the queen of Survivor,

who has won not once but twice.

Do you think you can do it again?

I think I can do it again.

I wouldn't be here
if I didn't think so.


Are you gonna let your mother take
the crown for a third time?

Um, I don't know about that.


But, you know,
we'll play it by ear, we'll see.

But I definitely am here
to also do that.

Gentleman in the checked shirt,
what's your name?


Is there any part of you that feels
even a little bit intimidated

going up against returning players?

Crocs don't get intimidated
too easily.

However, you look along the line
and, yeah,

people have been here before
and experienced it,

obviously there's a little
bit of an advantage for them.

Well, usually Survivor is about
making and breaking bonds

with a group of strangers.

But this is Blood v Water,

which means you're gonna start
this game with a loved one.

Someone who you know
and who you can trust,

which is a huge advantage
in this game.

But it could also be a disadvantage
because you care about them,

so that makes you vulnerable,
you might let your guard down.

Hell, they might even know
how to manipulate you.

Leaving the real possibility that
the person who sends you home

could actually be standing
right next to you.

Well, the good news is,

you will be experiencing Survivor
with your loved one.

The bad news is...'re not gonna be playing
with them.

You're gonna be playing...

..against them.

Oh, my God.

I came here to play Survivor
WITH Andy.

Without me, his social game is gone.

So, say goodbye to your loved one,

and if you're on my left,
I want you to move over here,

and if you're on my right,
I want you to move over here.

See ya, big dog.

Have fun, mate.
Remember, have fun.

MARK: Sam and I didn't think we'd
come back to Survivor again,

so when the chance came up for us
to play together we jumped at it.

So now we have to survive
until we get to merge.


You are gonna need these, your buffs.

Red, representing the blood element
of the game.

Yes, yes.

And blue representing
the water element of the game.

You ready to get to your first
reward challenge?

This is how it's gonna work.

Going head-to-head
with your loved one.

You're gonna race down a slide
and battle it out for a ring.

First person with one
hand on the ring,

one hand on their tribe pole,

scores a point for their tribe.

First tribe to three wins reward.

Want to know what you're playing for?

ALL: Yep.

Winning tribe
will arrive at camp to find...

..a blazing fire pit.

Stocked with firewood,
a flint to keep it going,

even some comfy seating
for your tush.


This is a real kick-start
in this game.

Worth playing for?


Let's draw for spots.
Let's get this thing on.


Alright. First round.

Come on, Jordie!

All you. All you, Jord.

Yeah, Jess.

Overalls are gonna sink.

All you, Jordie!

JESSE: First challenge
and I'm against my brother Jordie.

A little sibling rivalry
right out of the gate.

We both have that competitive fire

and we both really want to win
to impress our tribemates.

Come on, Jordie! Come on!

This is absolutely ripping me apart.

We have little brother Jesse for red.

Taking on big brother Jordie
for blue.


It's a day one Survivor bro-down.

For reward...

Let's go, Jord! Whoo!

Survivors ready...

Let's get him, Jesse!

You want those bragging rights,


It's neck and neck.


Little brother Jesse
gets there first.

Checks his brother.

Jordie's having none of it.

Aggressively grabs the ring trying to
drag Jesse and the ring to the pole.

He is without mercy.

Jesse digging in.

It is a Blood v Water bloodbath
out there for big brother Jordie,

outmuscles Jesse.

Takes it for blue.

Blue leads, one-zip!


That broke.

Next round.

Here we go.


Let's go, KT!

Let's go!

We have little sister Sophie
for red...

Go, Sophie!

..taking on big sister KJ for blue.

Let's go, KJ!

SOPHIE: My tribe will not lose
today. I am a competitive beast.

Go, Sophie!

I'm going to give absolutely
everything for my tribe.

But it still hurts when, you know,
you have to beat someone you love.



Here we go.

Survivors ready.



Ohhh! A hard hit for KJ.

Both sisters neck and neck.

Sophie gets there.

KJ blocks her.

Quickly dragging little sister Sophie
over to her tribe pole.


It is scrappy out there.

Sophie's having none of it.
She is digging in, getting momentum.

This is just brute force.

KJ slowly losing ground here.


And she does it!

Sophie takes the point for red.

We are tied, 1-1!

All good, all good! Good job.

Next round...

Let's go, Andy!

Let's go, Kate. Little steps, Kate.
Let's go.

NINA: You got this, Andy!

We have younger sister Kate for red

taking on older brother Andy
for blue.

Let's go, Andy!


Rookie versus returnee.

Survivors ready.



Andy quick off the slide.

Looks back at his sister.

Casually walking over.

Toss it if you want to.

Andy tosses the ring around her.

Easily gets to the pole,

taking another point for blue.

Good on you, babe.

Blue leads 2-1.

That was so good.

Oh, my God.

Alright, next round.

Go, Croc!

We have Croc for red.

Taking on Chrissy for blue.

Go, Chrissy!

CROC: On the field,
I'm perceived as rough and tough,

but in real life,
I'm a big teddy bear.

You know, I love my family.

Go, big dog!

I knew it was gonna be hard.

I knew it was gonna be something
that you cannot prepare for

and it's gonna be harder
than I thought it was gonna be.

Competitive in-laws
about to settle a score.

You got this, Chrissy!

SANDRA: You got it, girl.

I'm in trouble here.

Let's go, Croc!
Come on, Croc!

Survivors ready.


Go, Chrissy!

Oh, big leap from Croc.

Pulling way ahead,
skimming across the water.

Chrissy catches up. She's not gonna
let him get away with it.

Come on, Chrissy!
Drag it! Come on! Drag it!

Chrissy's got a firm grip
on that ring, though.

Getting momentum.
Come on, Chrissy!

She's dragging Croc over to her pole.

This is impressive
'cause Croc is a big fella.

That's it!
Keep using your weight, Chrissy!

Chrissy could win it for blue
right here.

Maybe Croc's just toying with her.

Slowly dragging her
over to his tribe pole.

He gets there
and he takes it for red!

We are tied 2-2.

You got this.
Yeah, you've definitely got this.

Let's go, Queen!

Go, Queen.

You've got it. You've got it.

Go, Sandra!
No mercy, Mum.

Mercy, mercy!

Next round,

We have Queen Sandra for red...

Go, Sandra!

..taking on her princess, Nina,
for blue.


We are tied 2-2.

First to three takes the reward.

Go, Nina!
Go, Neen!

Nina could win a very nice fire pit
for her tribe right here,

with firewood and flint.

This could really set up your game
moving forward.

Survivors ready.


Come on, Nina!

We know the queen
does not like challenges,

but she's off the slide first.

Nina right on her tail.

She would love to bring it home
for her tribe.

Come on, Nina!

Both of them struggling
to get the ring off the hook.

Don't let go of it.
Don't let go of it.

They have it now.

Power! Power, Nina!

Mother and daughter
tussling over that ring.

Little steps, little steps!

Come on, Sandra!


Daughter rips the ring
out of her hands.

Go, Sandra!

That's it!
Nina takes it for blue.

Blue wins reward!

And this game is on!

That thing twisted in my arm.

I know. I did it on purpose.

I am in a world of trouble.

I'm so underprepared,
it's not funny.

My fake tan's coming off.
I have terrible footwear.

I don't like the outdoors.

I don't really like
sand and dirt and water.

See, now I'm saying this out loud,

it's making me really question
what I'm doing.

But here I am.

Let's go.

WOMAN: Oh, my gosh.
WOMAN: Oh, look at that.

WOMAN: It smells like fire!
MAN: So good. Hell yes!

This is home.

Not complaining.

Hey, guys. Team effort today.


We won the challenge.
Everyone is so pumped.

How good is this?

We've got a beach.
Got a stack of firewood.

But Croc and I have been separated.

I'm gutted.

I thought it was going to be
him and I versus the world.

He is a professional NRL superstar.

And I'm just a hot mess.

47 days out here.


This is ridiculous.
What am I, Bear Grylls?

I would describe myself
as a very social character,

a little bit out there.

I'm quite loud and opinionated.

If I had one wish now, I would
have this cordial.

I don't want to eat four-bean mix
out of a can.

I don't want to eat rice.
I've seen the show.

What do you reckon, guys?
Just a cheeky swim....

WOMAN: I actually think, so, yeah.

I definitely would not be in the
outback sitting here on this hard log

if it wasn't for Croc, the bastard.


(GASPS) Something's biting me.

What is it?

Oh, God, I think a green ant
just bit me.

I'm Chrissy from the Sunny Coast.

I've got three daughters, a hubby,
and a sausage dog.


I'm Nina. I'm from North Carolina
in the United States.

And I work
in a chicken processing plant.

WOMAN: Chicken?
So... Yes, chicken.

I'm not downstairs, though.
I'm upstairs.


I'm Khanh. Hi. I'm a cook.
I have a restaurant.

I came here with my little sister,
who I love.

She was so pissed off at me
at the end.

I eye-contacted her.

She was not looking at me.

I'm Briana and I'm from Brisbane
in Queensland.

MAN: Brisvegas.
Yeah, Brisvegas, baby. Whoo!

And, yeah, I'm here with my dad.

I'm Jordie. I'm 25.


What were the questions?
What do you do?

WOMAN: Yeah. So I want to know
what you do, where you're from.

Just recently moved to Melbourne.

I'm a landscaper and also
a part-time radio host.

Any more questions?

MAN: How come you're so handsome?


WOMAN: What's her name?

Her name? No, single.
Currently single.

Oh... Awesome. I'm Andy!

WOMAN: Hi, Andy.
Hey, guys.

My background is marketing
and advertising.


Yeah, so I'm a freelancer.
I'm a freelance writer, actually.

A lot of travel and golf stuff.

Is that the real me?

I'm basically a con man.

Coming back, people know who I am.


There are gonna be people out here
who have seen me play before,

so obviously there are some things
I can't lie about.

What I need to do this time is try
to build a connection with people.

So I do play a lot of golf.


Ah...what else can I tell you? Yeah.

If I had to describe my strategy
in one word,

it would be Mike Tyson,

who famously said once

everyone has a strategy

right up until the point
they get punched in the face,

and I just need to be ready
for every hook and cross and jab

this game throws.

Hi, everyone. Mark.

41, I'm from Melbourne.

We played in Samoa in 2017.

My brother is a full nerd
about your whole life.

Oh! Is he a superfan?

Yeah, big-time.
Yeah. Yeah, he loves it.

And you're in the military?

I was in... Yeah.

I'm a former SAS officer.

So I was in...I was in the army
for about 16 years. Yeah.

When I was in special forces,
I was a troop commander.

I had to plan and lead
all the missions

and we'd have to do all the hard work
to make it happen.

I went to Iraq, Afghanistan,
Lebanon, a lot of war zones.

If you're not constantly thinking
about what your enemy is doing,

you're not going to get
ahead of them.

Once I lock onto a target,
I won't stop...

..until the mission is done.

We're called special operators

..not because we're special,

but because we do the basics
better than anyone else.

Probably the main job we have is
actually intelligence collection.

So the first thing I'm doing

is making sure I get to know
every single person in the tribe

in the next 24 hours.

Jordie's a super funny guy,
really gregarious,

and he's a bit of a joker.

Alex is kind of the baby
of the tribe. He's a young fella.

Shay's lovely. She's fit.
She's a bit of a beast.

Josh is a really stand-up guy.

He's like tattooed,
physical, athletic.

Nina is the daughter of the queen.

I see Sandra as a dangerous player,

and so her daughter has probably
picked up a tip or two from her mum.

I want to keep Nina onside.

I recognise Khanh straightaway,

and it's going to be super good
to have someone

who's pretty handy on the tools
when it comes to cooking.

Andy... Andy's Andy.

Yeah, so, I reckon we build it
facing the fire.

I actually haven't taken a leading
role in building the shelter.

Andy has.

Yeah, one of the one of the tricks
we learned was to

try to not denude any of the trees,
like, really close to camp.

But I think...I think we're probably
going to have to build something

from some younger wood.

Even though I have a military
background, I've done survival,

I'm super happy
Andy has taken the lead.

I was just saying
to a couple of the boys

we'll need some...some younger wood
that we might need to chop.

Because you don't ever want to be
tagged as a leader in this game.

And then the trick is we're going
to map out how much space we need.

So, like, sort of 12 people across.

Alright, we need some volunteers.

There's no way on earth I'm going to
walk around camp directing traffic.

Huddle up a bit. Closer.

It's going to be cold.

It's a good way to highlight your
visibility as a target right away.

JESSE: Blue unfortunately
won that first challenge.

It's absolutely ripping me apart
that my brother Jordie beat me.

And we both really wanted to win
to impress our tribemates.

We both have that competitive fire.

That was devastating.

But being on the tribe with Sandra
is just an absolute mind-blow.

Here we go!

Sandra is a big game player

and I'm an absolute massive fan
of hers

and super starstruck
to be around her.

She's won this game twice.

MAN: Go, Jess, you got it.
Oh, jeez, throw me under the bus.

What a stitch-up!
WOMAN: Tell us about yourself.

Oh, OK.

I'm 21. I live in Canberra.
So the heat's beautiful.

Bit of a change.

And I'm a triathlete.

Nice one.

I'm Croc. I'm 41.

Working with cranes. I'm a dogman.

Love the game.
Excited about the challenge.

Hi, guys, I'm Amy. I'm 23.

And I'm a beauty therapist.

My name's Sam. I'm a mum.

I live in the Dandenong Ranges

and I have not seen sunlight
for a long time.

(LAUGHS) So I may get burned.

MAN: Sandra, tell us about yourself.


I'm Sandra, and I was hoping that not
a single person would know who I was.

You came in a helicopter.

Gonna say, this could be our...
No, this one's too big.

JESSE: I'm scared.

I've seen Sandra's game,

and I understand that she can be
very ruthless.

Everyone should be worried
that Sandra's here.

If you're not worried,
then you're basically already gone.

I gotta say...I'm going to be
starstruck for a few days,

so it'll take a while.

Who's starstruck?

It's you.

I honestly can't believe it.

I'm just a regular person
trying to fit in,

trying to not be noticed.


(LAUGHS) Coming... Trying...

You have to always be
playing this game.


It's just how you choose
to go about playing it.

Right now I'm just playing along.

So, Sandra, I have a question.

What was Rupert like?

Rupert is a really nice guy.

I'm going to be very friendly
at the beginning

because I have to be
very strategic...

..and not play too hard too fast.

She knows what she's doing.

How's the queen going?

I've seen
all the Australian Survivors,

and I know for a fact
that the players are strong.

The game is very physical.

I know that they're tough
and they can dish it out,

and I know they can take it.

And the Australians do it
really, really good.

I know they're going to want me out
just because not only am I American,

but I'm the queen of Survivor.

But believe me...

..when the time is right...

..I will lie, cheat, steal.

I will scrap, I will throw down.

It doesn't matter who you are,

I have zero mercy for anyone.

I will betray you,
your mama, your daddy.

Not give a damn who goes home.

I will take out anyone but me
to win Survivor.

Nah, it's so deep.

First night in camp

was probably everything
I expected it to be.

It was horrible.

I had something lick my face.

I instantly thought of
the most venomous deadly snake

that was coming to eat me alive.

I felt heaps crawling on me, and
I was like, "Just get used to it.

"You're gonna have to
get used to it."

But then the lick of my face.

But guess what -

I came here to put myself
out of my comfort zone.

I came here to play Survivor.

I am a natural born leader.

That's by far the most smoke
you've had.

My strategy is really to give
every person in my tribe a chance.

In life, I always try to learn
more about people,

I try to associate with different
people than I normally would.

But also, if you're an idiot,
I'll let you know.

I'm very often perceived
as very intimidating,

very vocal,

very dominant and very strong.

I've been underestimated
a lot in my life

and I'm a lot smarter
than people think.

I first came into the public eye
when I was 22.

My boyfriend was Jaryd Cachia.

He was on an AFL list,

so I did fall into the WAG category,
if you want to call it that.

And now I find myself the owner
of a multimillion dollar company.

Recognising that my relationship
with Jaryd was over,

that was really difficult
and it was really sad.

But that sort of took me to a whole
new world of discovering women

and my sexuality towards them.

And now I'm so in love with
my beautiful partner, Maddie.

There's nothing much
I'm bad at in life.

Anything I want, I go get it.

I am very vocal,

I am very opinionated,

and I'm absolutely unapologetic.

Mm, come on.

But this game is about building
alliances, building relationships.

Once we've got fire,

we are just gonna have,
like, an absolute feast.

This is one scenario

that I'm actually going to have to
pull back quite a bit

and bite my tongue for now.

I've actually surprised myself that

I haven't told anyone to
get (BLEEP) yet, which is great.

Doesn't it?

If you close your eyes,
it tastes like mashed potato.

That's a good clump.
That's good. That was a good clump.

You're going to be able to
grab that like a chicken nugget.

And just bite into it.

I'm a massive fan
of Australian survivor.

And so to be here, it's such
a massive dream. Like, it's so crazy.

Get it, girl!


Is it wet?
Nah, it's fine.

You've got it, you've got it.

I don't know if it's the right wood,

but it feels less paperbarky.

Playing with my partner, Ben,

has been a dream of mine forever.

Yeah, yeah.

We just have this
innate strength between us.

And, yeah, and now we're separated.

Put on opposite tribes.

It's really tough to not
have that emotional support

and tough to not have
my, like, back spoon.

Already, I'm feeling like
this game is going to be

light years harder than I expected.

My partner, Ben, and I
met in the surf about 11 years ago.

I would surf just to bump into him.

To have such a strong connection
with Ben is definitely a strength.

Now it's been made
stronger than ever

because of the trust
in our relationship

and just the tightness of our bond.

Ben reconnects me to my soul,
I swear.

It's something deeper
than I can even explain.

It's mind-blowing to think
that we have two shots

to actually win Sole Survivor.

But now playing the game separated...

..I need to be able to draw on my
strength, my competitive mindset

and my social game.

I've got to survive
until we hit that merge

then Ben and I, we have a chance
to really shake things up

and win this game

at all costs.

So, how did you and your beau meet?

We dated for a bit.

Without Ben in the game
with me now,

I've been feeling super vulnerable.

He's the fit one. Eugh!

But in the blue tribe,
I've really drawn towards Briana.

Well, this will be
the ultimate test, shall it?

I know.

She has such a loud personality.

She's that girl that you just,
you know, you want to be her friend,

but you also,
in the game of Survivor,

need to have an eye out for her

because she could
make it really far

just by being that
really strong social player.

It's funny, I'm actually not really
worried about the strong men.

I think it's being a strong woman
that's more the...




I just have to keep reminding myself

that this game really can
just erupt at any moment.

Things can change.

My heart is thumping so hard.

This is so surreal. This is crazy.


I have found... (LAUGHS)

It's actually so surreal.

I've found the first
hidden immunity idol clue.

"Congratulations. You've found a clue
to a hidden immunity idol.

"This idol demands you be daring."

Oh, no.

"It is hidden at tribal council
on the front of Jonathan's podium.

"Look for a symbol of
blood and water.

"To activate this power,

"you must remove the idol
from Jonathan's podium."


"Beware, this is not the only copy
of this clue.

"To control the idol, you must
be bold and claim it first."

Oh, my God.

It says there's a second clue.

So someone out there
may have found the other clue.

We don't know, but we know
another clue exists.

I don't know.

So if someone else found it,
they could sit down

and instantly get up and get it.

So we'd have to
just beat them to it.

It could be game on.

There could be a race to
Jonathan's podium to find this idol.

Oh, my goodness!

Shay has done me the biggest solid

and I-I actually can't believe it.

She's pulled me over
and we've found...

..well, she's found
the hidden immunity clue.

I'm gonna go this way.

But we need to find the other clue

or find out who has it.

Oh, my God.
That's amazing.

I sort of looked down and
saw this little bit of paper.

I thought, "What is a piece of paper
doing out the back of Woop Woop?"

I know that these are good.

I'm not stupid.
I knew...I knew it meant something.

You got it?
I got something.

What have you got?

What are you doing?



No, Briana.

There's nothing to report here, sis.

You can see it
poking out of your top.

It's my cleavage.

It's a love letter from Jonathan.

No biggie.

I was like, "Yah!"

I found a hidden immunity idol clue.

"This idol demands you to be daring.

"It is hidden at tribal council."

So I don't know what that means

'cause, well, I don't think
that's where we're...

..where we're staying now.

That's our tribe.

This is huge for my game!

I can't believe it.

As long as I can beat
whoever else has got one.

I love it!

Come on in!

Oh, man, look at this. Look at this.

Awesome. Yeah?

Alright, Alex, you had
a lot of trouble getting here.

It looks like
you're in a lot of pain.

What's going on?

Yeah, in a lot of pain, Jonathan.

Walking here, I bent over and
a huge shock went through my back

and it kind of seized up

and, yeah, in a bit of pain now.

OK, well, today's challenge
is a very physical one.

What's it going to mean for that?

I don't think I'll be able
to do the challenge today.

Jay, it's only day two,
and already Alex is injured.

How does that make you feel?

Um, just rattled see that.

Yeah. We came here revved up
and, yeah, it feels very strange.

Does that speak to
how tough it is out here?


Chrissy, you were not happy

when you got separated
from Croc yesterday.

Are you surviving OK without him?

I'm surviving good.

I love our tribe at the moment,
but I'm super worried

that he didn't get a feed
last night.

He's a big boy. I'm nervous.

Why are you nervous?

Just means he's going to be angrier.

We might have poked him
too hard early.

But here's the thing,

if your tribe wins, Croc will go
to Tribal Council tonight.

Yeah, I'm not thinking about that.

Croc, what about you?

I mean, on the other hand,
if your tribe wins,

then Chrissy
could be in trouble tonight.

Yeah, well, everyone's in trouble
when you go to tribal,

but I think she'll be fine.

I think she'll find
her little groove,

and she's got great charisma,

so hopefully she's found her peeps
over there.

Alright, shall we get to your
first immunity challenge?


For today's challenge...'re going to work together

to carry a heavy battering ram
over a ramp...

..and smash through
a series of walls.

You will then use that battering ram
as a ladder

to climb up and over a tower.

Finally, two of you will use hammers
to smash a series of targets.

First tribe to smash
all their targets...

..wins immunity.

And this... the immunity idol.


This is what you want in this game.

With this back at camp,
your tribe is safe.

Without it, you're vulnerable,

because you're going to see me
at tribal council,

where one of you will become

the first person voted out of
Australian Survivor: Blood v Water.

Nobody wants to be that person.

Alright, Alex, because you're
sitting out, red tribe,

you need to sit out someone today
as well to make it fair.

Who's it going to be?


I'm going to sit out, Jonathan.

Alright. Kate, Alex,
you guys are on the bench.

Everyone else, I'm going to give you
a minute to strategise,

then we're gonna get this thing on!

Alright, the complication of Blood
v Water playing out right here.

We have the lovebirds,

we have cousins,

mother and daughter
about to clash again.

Here we go.

For first immunity.

Survivors ready.

Go, go.

Everybody charging up.

You each need to grab a rope,

lift up that ram
and carry it over the ramp.


Both tribes neck and neck
at this stage.

You can feel the adrenaline.

Everyone scrambling down.

Good, good, good, good. Good.

Blue first off the ramp.
They have a slight lead.

Quick to that first wall.

Red's right behind them.

Now you're gonna need
to work together

to smash through that wall.

Gonna need to coordinate a rhythm,
generate enough power.

One, two, three!

Go! Get it!

Blue makes quick work
of that first wall.

Blue at the second wall now,
but they're struggling.

One, two, three!

Red breaks through. Wow.

Croc calling the shots for red,
trying to get some momentum.

Red is ferocious on their wall.

Go! Yes!

Red is pulling ahead now.

Now you need to flip up that ram
to the tower.

Climb up one at a time.

Croc going up first for red.

Jay following him.

Everyone needs to get to the top
before you can move on.

Blue struggling on that second wall.

Swap sides.

It is hot out here.

Blue is exhausted.

Blue needs to find a rhythm.

Blue looks demoralised.

No-one wants to go to tribal council
on the first night,

but the central dilemma
of Blood v Water

is that winning immunity puts your
loved one at risk of going home.

Ben last to go up.

You guys are good.
OK, red, down you go!

Everyone needs to get down that net.

That net is nasty.

It will take off some skin
if you're not careful.

Let's go, let's go!

Blue still struggling
on that second wall.

They are gassed.

Red continues to pull away.

Let's go, red!

Ben bringing up the rear.


Red, they have a huge lead.

Mark clearly taking charge for blue.

Second wall is more difficult.

It has an extra brace.

It would take a miracle for blue
to get back in this.

On three!

Yeah. Watch your hand.

Blue just cannot break through
that second wall.

This would be an embarrassing loss
for blue.

Come on, Chrissy. You can do it.

Let's dig deep.
Dive over the finish line.

Jordan and Croc
throwing on the hammers.

Let's go, team. Let's go, Blood!
Let's go!

Five targets in total.

Croc lines it up. Fires.

Croc hits one, but it doesn't break.

That was close!

Jordan's throwing now.

Jordan takes out one!

Red leads one-zip.

Keep going, boys. Keep going.

Both boys keep firing away.

They have all the time in the world
to take out those targets.

Come on! Immunity. Let's go!

Ben switching in now.

Jay switching out for Croc.

Go, Jay.


Jay takes it out.

Red leads two-zip.

Both boys keep firing away.

Come on, come on, come on, come on.


Jay takes out another one.

Red leads three-zip.

OK, we're gonna hold it
and we're gonna do softer hits.

We're just gonna keep hitting it.

Up! Go! One!

Again! Again!
Blue continue to pound away.


This has become much more than
just about getting through that wall.

Blue's getting close.

Oh! Again!

Wow. They are not giving up.

That is the spirit of Survivor.

Keep going!

Oh, I hear wood cracking.


That's it! Blue are through!

Go, go, go!
Come on, blue,
you need to pick this up!

You need to flip that battering ram
up to the top.

Let's go! Dig deep!

Red can feel the pressure now.

Ben's in now.

Sophie's in.

Two targets left for Red.

That's all it's going to take.

Every time they miss, it's an
opportunity for blue to catch up.

Keep going, keep going!

Hands! Gotta watch your hands!
Get out!

Ben connects!


Red leads four-zip.

Sophie can win it right here.

She winds up.

Come on, let's go, Soph!

She's done it!

Red wins immunity, sending their
loved ones to tribal council!


Well done, guys. Come on in.

Come on, honey.


Jay, is this a bittersweet moment?

I mean, you won, but Alex
is injured, so he's at risk tonight.

Yeah, you literally
stole my sentence.

But he's...he's tough and, like,
he'll...he'll be completely fine.

He's a fighter,

and we'll see him next time
we go for a challenge, hopefully.

He's got a long way to go.

Well, congratulations.
Yeah! Yeah.

Immunity is yours.

You guys are safe tonight.
Nobody going home.

Grab your gear, head on out.
Enjoy your night off.

Thanks, mate.

Later, Joshie.
See ya, big fella.

Alright, blue.
Different story for you tonight.

Tribal council, where one of you

will become the first person
voted out of this game.

Grab your gear, head back to camp
and see you guys tonight.

Alex, we'll get the doc
to look at you on the way out.

The fact that one of blue
is going home first,

that's not the plan.

My plan is to get to a swap
with numbers.

Alex cost us the challenge.

That's something that we can't
afford to have repeated.

We'll get crushed.

So tonight, he's a natural target
for votes.

Losing the immunity challenge
today hurt bad.

A, we still don't know how we lost.
We were hitting that thing so hard.

That was not through
lack of effort, guys.

B, we're heading off to tribal.

We've got to go battle now.

Everyone's going to be
under the pump.

But do you know what
the worst part is?

Alex has done something to his back.

He's in pain.


He can't walk.

Hold on, let me just
check something.

We've got a chiropractor over there
and she's saying,

he's in...he's in a world.

Is it really sore in the lower back?


And I'm nervous
because I'm a big fan of that kid.

Legendary, thank you.

He's a sweet boy.

It's like I'm at a day spa.

Just caring.

He's not loud. He's not a show-off.

He listens.

He's a perfect tribemate.

Same. That's shit.

ANDY: I'm not sure I ever enjoy
tribal council,

but I still relish it.

That's where the game
is truly played.

That's where people get voted out.

We saw in the immunity challenge

that being a man down
cost us the challenge.

Not good if he's not there.
Yeah. I agree.

So much as it pains me,
because I think Alex is a great kid,

if he can't contribute,
he's a natural target for votes.

We need to cool down, yeah?

I'm not going to take risks early.

I just need to get through
tribe swap and merge.

Survivor's unfinished
business for me.

I'm back just a couple of years on.

A little bit older, a little bit
fatter, maybe a little bit slower,

but hopefully...

..just a little bit wiser.

We're going to have to make some
decisions this afternoon, kiddos.

Sucks to have to do it.
What's your vibe?

Well, it would suck
to vote Alex out,

but if he is going to be in trouble

then it has the potential
to hurt the whole tribe,

because if he can't
participate in challenges, know, we could be finding
ourselves in this situation...

I'm going to cast my vote
for Alex tonight

because we do need
to keep this tribe strong.

All going well,
we might have 10 votes tonight.

Let's go right in here.

What do you think?

Not gonna lie, I am freaking out

knowing we are heading
to tribal council.

But also, Shay has found
the hidden immunity clue.


This is a clue
to a hidden immunity idol

at the first tribal council.

But problem is, there's two clues.

OK, so, Chrissy's got it.

So we have to beat Chrissy.

Can you run, or do you
need me to do it?

Oh, I can run. I can... Yeah, yeah.

'Cause we have to get that.

Alex is the vote that's been
brought up as a simple vote,

but an idol means we can
play big moves straight up.

Yeah, I figured that.

Chrissy was clearly the one who
struggled most with the challenge.

Shay and I would both
like Chrissy out,

and we can use this idol to do it.

OK. This is out there,
so don't kill me.


She was the one who kept
dropping the thing, right?


She's struggling with the heat,
struggling with everything,

and I love her to bits,
but, like, we don't need a mum.


If Alex comes back,
we need that strength, OK?

Yes. I agree.

So, we're going Chrissy?


Tonight the plan is
Alex or Chrissy is going home.

But I have a different view
on things.

I may be a rookie coming into this,

but my mom has really taught me
how not to make rookie mistakes.

Don't do something just because
it benefits somebody else's game -

you need to think about your own.

And what I'm seeing around camp...

..I don't see myself
working with Andy.

A lot of people definitely
are letting him lead

and asking him questions
and seeing what he wants to do.

But having watched him play,
my gut tells me don't trust him.

And if other people
aren't on the same page,

maybe I can get them on that page.

I can see Mark helping my game.

Mark's been out here before

and he seems tuned in to everything,
he's very observant.

And I really want to use that
to my advantage,

but without making it obvious
what I'm doing.

I'm just planting that seed.

You could pitch
keeping the tribe strong,

which I've never loved.

You know? Like...
Yeah. I've never liked it.

Because, if I get injured,
then I'm just gone, like...

Yeah, I feel like he would be
an easy vote, but not the right vote.

Honestly, tomorrow, he's probably
gonna feel 10 times better.

The only player I think
that's the least trustworthy is...



So, we want Andy gone?


..of all the players,
he is the most dangerous.


I grew up in the Survivor world,
and it's in my blood.

I will orchestrate
the biggest blindsides.

If my mom's the queen, then I'm
the rightful heir to the throne.

So, you want Andy gone?


..of all the players,
he is the most dangerous.

Shush! Shush-shush-shush!


Sorry. I'll wait over there.

You guys finish...

You honestly came up
at a really good time.

A bit of shop talk.

Oh. What are you thinking?
What's the vibe?

Oh, we're just
throwing around options.

You know.

Do you know where you're going yet?

It would be Andy.

That's the direction I'd go.
And I'm not against it.

Fair enough.

He's shifty, you know?

Like, he might try
and come up with something.


My feeling from everybody
in that camp,

he was the only person that
I actually felt, like, unsure about.

Everybody else, I was like,

"Click, click, maybe not so much,
I don't know, we'll see."

Him, I was like, "Ooh."

I'mma check in with KJ and Mel...

..and see where their heads are at.
Let us know.

But I'm leaning towards Andy.
So, we're thinking...?

Get Joshie and Alex.

I like Josh and Alex a lot.
They're great.

And what do we tell Andy?

The vote is on Alex.

So, we stick to Andy,
but Andy thinking it's Alex.

The plan tonight is to throw smoke

and pretend like we're tribe strong -

we want a strong tribe,
therefore, Alex, you've gotta go.

But Andy's the target,

so we need to make sure
he doesn't see this coming.

Do you want a pillow?
ALEX: Nah, I'm...

Nah, I'm seriously so sweet.


It actually feels good,
being a flat surface.

Jay and I were so excited
to go into this together,

but then, going into the first
immunity challenge, I'm injured.

I'll try to get up soon
and see how it feels.


How you going?

Yeah, good. It's just hard.

Yeah. It's a tough one.

Someone that's injured
isn't a strong tribemate.

I really feel like
I'm going home tonight.


Obviously I'm not in
a very strong position.

I don't want to go.

It's not a given.
We just want to see you walk.

Yeah. Yeah.

If you can just give us, "I'm in,"
you'll be good to go.


First survivor voted off?

Definitely makes me, yeah,
pretty...pretty upset.

Just rest up, mate.
Yeah, I will. Thanks.

But, yeah, there's not much
I can do right now.

I'm literally
at the mercy of the tribe.

It's hard to call shots
from down here.

How shit.

CHRISSY: I feel terrible.

Can I write Alex's name down

knowing that that kid would be
so loyal and so fierce?

We've got to write
something down, right?

KJ: Yeah.

Oh, shit.

I've got some thinking to do.

Let's just collect
as much as we can.



What did Mark say?

After talking to Mark and Jordie,

they're leaning more towards Andy

because, of everybody,
he's the least trustworthy.


How do you feel about that?

You and I...

Um, ish.

But I really didn't want Alex
to have to go home

because of an injury
that may not be lasting.

I want to play
with people I vibe with.

And I don't vibe with Andy.

I've chatted with Khanh,
Mark, Jordie, KJ, Mel...

Yeah. Yeah.

..and everybody seems to be
on the same page.

Andy is super sneaky.

I'm just gonna have to
keep my eyes out.

That's what we're tossing up.

If we think Alex is really
not gonna be able

to continue to participate, then...

Because we don't know
when he'll be fine.

That's right.

Yes. Yes.




Alex. 100%.


ANDY: I'm gonna cast my vote
for Alex tonight,

and that's because we do need
to keep this tribe strong.

We saw what happens
if we're a man down.

Control in this game is built slowly,

but tonight should be the first step
in complete control of this game.

NINA: In the game of Survivor,
the first tribal is so important.

If everything goes to plan tonight,
then I'll know they trust me.

If not, it's gonna definitely be
a rough one for me.

I'm so nervous going into
tribal council,

and I'm sad, 'cause I think
I know what's happening.

But I found a clue,

so I'm going to be daring tonight
and grab the bloody thing.

And if I can execute well
and get it...

A solid plan.

I am expecting a lot of chaos
from this first tribal tonight.

There was a lot of chats
going around camp

and, look, I think there's gonna
be several different votes,

but we've gotta beat Chrissy
to the idol...

..and then we can play it for Alex.

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Behind each of you is a torch.

Go ahead, grab one.

Dip it in the flame and get fire.

This is part of the ritual
at tribal council,

because in this game,
fire represents your life.

Once it's gone... are you.

Alright, Alex, look, no-one wants
to get injured on Survivor,

but when it happens just
before an immunity challenge,

that's terrible timing.

Do you think that's made you
vulnerable tonight?


I think, you know, walking
into tribal council injured

is like walking in
with a target on your back.

What do you make of that, Alex?

As I was lying in the shelter,

..I heard a lot of people
coming to and from.

I heard a few whispers
that someone was, uh...

..maybe, um, saying
a lot of different things,

so I don't know
how it's going to play out.

In front, in front,
in front, in front! Run!

In front!

(LAUGHS) You win.



Andy, what the hell just happened?

I have a feeling somebody may have
just gained themselves an idol.

Chrissy, is that correct?

Yes, it is.

Nice work.

That is quite a start to tribal
council for Blood v Water.

That certainly is.
First tribal council.

That was a pretty bold, crazy move.

Like, if you didn't know what game
you were on, you know now, don't ya?

Andy, the fact that Chrissy
has the idol now,

does that change your plan tonight?


..for me, actually, no.

Did it change anyone's plan?



You got to put votes on someone

if you want them to play
the idol sometimes.

Chrissy, the look on your face
is priceless.


So, Jordie, what do you think
is going on with this tribe?

It's going to be pretty heavy.

Tonight is a lot about, you know,
what does the tribe hold important.

None of us are gonna fully be
on the same page, I don't think.

So you're saying there's
a division in this tribe?

There's definitely...people have
different ideas of what's important.

There's a real theme of
"keep the tribe strong",

and there's other themes of, like,
"I really like this guy."

You know what I mean?

And I think stamina
is important too.

So, you know, just not giving up...

..until we finish the challenge.

Do you think anyone gave up today?

No-one gave up,

but maybe we took a few more rests
than we should have.

"We" or someone did?

I think Chrissy gave it
everything she's got...

..but we had to keep saying
"Keep going, keep going."

You know, we had to keep getting
everyone in, and I think...
Yeah, but...

..where we got momentum
was when we kept just hammering it,

and it's like, you know,
die over the finish line.

So you don't think Chrissy
gave it everything today?

No, I think she did, but you've only
got so much to give sometimes.

So, Chrissy...

..seems like it's a good thing
that you got the idol tonight.

Yeah, maybe.


Andy, you know what it takes
to have a winning tribe.

What do you think is missing?

I don't think there's anything
missing, to be honest.

I am so impressed with this tribe.

Honestly, just a remarkable,
remarkable group of people.

But there may be some truth in the
fact that just having a man down

may have distracted us slightly.

I think a lot of people
in this tribe

recognise that there's a vote
that we have to take.

So, Chrissy, do you think Alex
is right to be worried tonight?

Yeah, a little bit.

I think he could be in
a little bit of trouble, maybe.

Alex, that's not very reassuring.

"A little bit of trouble, maybe."

Yeah, what's life
without a bit of risk?

Nina, I see you nodding on that one.

We all know how the game goes.

A lot of times
when people are injured,

it's kind of like, "Oh, guys,
we got to think about this."

For me, tonight's vote
is really, really important

to see where everybody else is.

To solidify for me,
"Who will I be working with?"

Of all the conversations I've had,

which ones actually
followed through?

Trust is always what's on the line
at tribal council.

People that I've had conversations
with today

are people that I plan to work with
for the rest of the game.

If the trust is there,
it'll be demonstrated tonight.

Alright, it is time to vote.

Alright, I think it is time to vote.

Andy, you're up.


Coming into this game, I knew I was
going to follow my gut instinct,

and, Andy, you need to go.

I'll go count the votes.

If anyone has a hidden immunity idol
and they want to play it,

now would be the time to do so.

OK, who do you want to play for?

I would be very silly not to
play that tonight for myself.

This is a hidden immunity idol,

and any votes cast for Chrissy
will not count.

I'll read the votes.

First vote Alex.


That's two votes Alex.



We're tied. Two votes Alex,
two votes Andy.


Two votes Alex, two votes Andy,
one vote Briana.


That's three votes Andy,
two votes Alex, one vote Briana.


That's four votes Andy,
two votes Alex, one vote Briana.


That's five votes Andy,
two votes Alex, one vote Briana.

First person voted out of
Australian Survivor: Blood v Water,


That's six votes, that's enough.

You need to bring me your torch.

Andy, the tribe has spoken.

Time for you to go.
Take care, gang.


Well, this is Blood v Water,

and if tonight's vote is anything
to go by, the sharks are circling.

Just be careful
you're not the next victim.

Grab your torches, head back to camp.

Tomorrow night on
Australian Survivor...

I know we may have just voted out
Andy, but game's on.

..the most brutal challenges...

You've got to fight
for your own survival.

..put the closest bonds...

My sister, if someone hurts her,
then I will take them out.

Revenge in this game
is a whole new level. the ultimate test.

The worst place to be in this world
is between a mother and her child.

If she goes home, every
single person I'd come after.

That was the consummate blindside.

100% surprised.

Total shock.

It's really hard to say
what went wrong.

I built a pretty good shelter
on day one.

For whatever reason, they decided,
you know, I'm the first to go.

I knew you had to go at some point
and this is my opportunity.

I'm a returning player,

these guys are all playing
for the first time

and they pulled the wool
over my eyes amazingly well.

I really, really hope that someone
from this tribe

loses to my little sister, Kate.