Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 6, Episode 24 - Episode #6.24 - full transcript

Who will outwit...outplay...and outlast the other to become the ultimate Sole Survivor in the final episode of Brains Vs. Brawn?

next week. Good

next week. Good night.

..home to a new breed of player.


GEORGE: You don't need big muscles
to fight.

The strongest muscle
is the brain.

..versus brawn.

MAN: The gladiator style of
competing, it's in my blood.

Go, go, go, go, go! Let's go!

Here to outwit...

Go, go, go!

Well done!
Give it everything!


Come on, Survivors! Push it!



Come on!

For 48 days...


I am the puppet master.

Bring it on, baby.

ALL: Game on, moll!

..through the most loyal alliances...

My guardian angel is here!

It's Big D's time.

Spicy baby!

I have two idols.

..spectacular blindsides.

I am unstoppable.


Did you know it was coming?




One by one, they were voted out.

For reals.

And now just three remain.


I came here to raise the bar.

It doesn't matter how much it hurts,
I'm gonna get that crown.


You have to believe in yourself.
You have to be strong.

I have been preparing for this
my whole life.

I have pushed so hard

and I am ready to take out the title
of Sole Survivor.


I'm fearless, I'm courageous
and I'm so brave.

I've sacrificed so much
and I'm not giving up now.

Tonight, one will be crowned
Sole Survivor.

FLICK: It's day 47
and I've made the final three.

And to think that I've outlasted

21 other Survivor contestants
is insane.

But here I am

and I'm proud to represent
the last Brawn standing.

My physical game
has been incredibly strong,

but I've played a great social game.

I have really relied on making
genuine connections with people

and I pride myself on that.

But when I think back
to my experience out here,

I think my journey has been
very different to everyone else's.

I came in here knowing that

I would pride myself
on my physical abilities,

never backing down
from a challenge,

putting my body on the line,
and I know I definitely did that,

but I think the real strength
for me out here

was definitely my mental strength.

There's been
so many points in this game

where I have been at breaking point,

but I know that my mum
would have wanted me to stay...

..and that's what I've drawn on

as inspiration
to keep going in the game.

I have come up against
the hardest circumstances

and I'm still here
and I'm still fighting.

And knowing that drives me
even harder to win today.

For the past two weeks here
I've been fighting for my life

and it hasn't been easy.

But we've been out here for 47 days

and the winner will be crowned
in less than 48 hours.

And if I have the opportunity
to pitch to the jury,

I feel like I would have their vote.

I'm definitely ready to put my body
on the line,

to fight to get
all the way to the end.

GEORGE: I've had a plan
since day one -

it's to be
a smooth political operative

running a well-oiled campaign.

And that's what I've done.

Gathered cold, hard facts,

campaigned for votes.

And, more importantly,

I've always been one step ahead
of the opposition.

People might think I've gotten
lucky, but I didn't get lucky.

I worked hard
to pull myself from the bottom

and shake the target off my back
every single day.

What I've proven is that
a man with a plan

and a big brain like myself

can outlast a whole heap of
muscle and brawn to succeed.

I have physical limitations,

but I'm not gonna let that
be my downfall.

I might not have won
a single immunity challenge,

but the final challenge
is the only one that matters.

I am really determined to win today.

If it's me in that final two,

I'm in the box seat
to win half a million dollars

and get that crown
that I so rightfully deserve.

But if I lose,

Hayley or Flick
take the power away from me.

I'm not gonna give up
at today's challenge.

It doesn't matter how much it hurts.

I need to get to Election Day,

and that's tomorrow.

So I'm gonna grit my teeth

and I'm gonna get the job done.

My campaign and fight isn't over.

HAYLEY: It is an absolute dream
come true to play this game.

I started watching this game
20 years ago.

I have been researching
and preparing for this moment
my whole life.

And now I'm here.

I have a one-in-three shot
of being the Sole Survivor.

It is unbelievable to think about.
I pinch myself.

Now there are only two people left
to get past.

But my competition is fierce.

King George
is the epitome of Brains,

and he's played almost
the perfect strategic game.

Flick has been
the ultimate Brawn out here.

She has been
a huge physical contender

and built
amazing social connections.

But what they don't know

is that I'm the perfect mix
of brain and brawn.

That's a dangerous combination.

This final immunity challenge

is the most important challenge

because it secures you a spot
in the final two

and gives you all the power
to decide who you sit next to.

It could be the make or break

between you
and half a million dollars.

Come on in, guys!

In the real world, I research pain.

I've been studying pain for years,

so I know what it takes
to overcome pain.

I know how to push myself to
the edge and how to get past that.

And I'm willing to use all of
that knowledge to help me win today.

Oh, my God.

That looks like torture. (LAUGHS)


Well, congratulations, guys.

You made it to day 47.

You've endured gruelling conditions

and you've outlasted
21 other people to get this far.

Well done.

Now, are you ready to get to
your final immunity challenge?


Flick, I'm gonna need it back.


It'll be coming back soon.

For the last time,
immunity is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge...'ll each step into a chamber

standing on very narrow pegs
on the floor

while holding on to spikes
on the ceiling.

At regular intervals,
the ceiling will drop...

..making it more difficult
for you to hold that position.

If at any point
you fall off the pegs or step off,

you're out of the challenge.

Last person standing wins immunity

and a guaranteed spot
at that final tribal council

where you'll have the chance
to pitch to the jury

why you deserve
the title of Sole Survivor

and the half million dollars
that goes with it.

Plus, you'll get to decide

who will be sitting next to you
at that tribal council.

Now, this is a tough challenge,

there's a lot on the line,

so we figured that you might need
a little extra love from home... help you through this.

Hayley, you ready for this?

Come on in, guys!




OK, so, Hayley...

So I know their names,
but who are they to you?

This is Jimmy, my boyfriend,
and Kate, my best mate. (LAUGHS)

So, how does it feel to see Jimmy
after 47 days?

Oh, my God. It feels so good.

It's just weird for them to be like
actually here and can touch them.

It's so good. It's so nice.

Jimmy, are you surprised
that Hayley is still here?

Yes and no.

She's absolutely amazing
and incredible and so strong

and, oh...I'm just, like, so amazed.

Hayley, those are all the correct
answers, right?

Yeah. Keep saying nice things.

What would it mean to Hayley
to win this game?

Oh, it would would be

She's already done so amazing.

So anything beyond this
is just an absolute bonus.

So, George.

Who is it that you'd love
to see today?

I've really been missing my mum.

It's just kind of been building,
so, hopefully she's there.

Well, let's find out.

Come on in, guys.

Oh, my God.

(WEEPS) I'm so close.

Hello. Hi.

Look at you. Look at you.

Alright, George, can you
give me an introduction?

This is my mum, Maria,
and this is my sister, Pamela.


So, Maria.

When George came to you and said,
"Mum, I'm going to go play Survivor,"

what did you think?

I wasn't that surprised,

because I know once he puts his mind
to anything, he can do whatever.

Day one he stood in front of me
in his bowling whites.

They're bowling dirty browns now.

You're going to have to wash them
in a few days.

That's fine. That's fine.
I look forward to doing that.

So, George, how much have you missed
your mother?

I have missed my mother.

Whilst I'm physically depleted,

I'm here for you guys, so...

And we're here for you.




I know this game has been
especially tough for you.

So let's get you some love.




MAN: It's so good to see you.


It's hard to keep it together.

That's alright.

It's really hard to keep it

Alright, Flick,
who do you have here?

Oh, I have my beautiful partner,

Who I haven't seen
in four and a half months.

So it's amazing to see him.

My beautiful best friend who I've
been friends with for over 20 years.

What does it mean to have these guys
here with you today?

Words can't describe
for me right now.

Like, it's hard enough being out
here away from your family

and losing my mum
while I've been here.

And all I wanted is the people
I'm closest to,

for support, and not having that
has been incredibly tough.


..just to see their faces.

Oh, I couldn't ask for anything
more. I really couldn't.

Mitch, after 47 days, Flick
is still here, still fighting.

Does that surprise you?

Not at all. No. She's amazing.

I would have been surprised
if she didn't get this far, so...

She's just...just incredible.

So, so proud of her. Yeah.

She's the strongest person I know,
by far.

Very strong.

OK, loved ones, you guys are going to
be cheering on from the bench today.

Hayley, Flick, George,

we're going to get to it.

I'll just hug you.

I'd forgotten how tall you were.


This is the time to do it, George.

Alright, guys, let's step up
into position.


Final immunity.

This challenge... now on.

So here we are,
we're down to two Brains... Brawn.

All you gotta do

is outlast two other people,

and you will have a chance

to pitch to the jury,

a shot at that half million dollars.

You could move around
that bed of nails.

Left to right.

Front to back.

At some stage,

I'm going to lower that ceiling.

Making it more difficult
to hold your position.

Fall or step off the pegs...'re out of the challenge.

No pressure.

15 minutes into this challenge.

George, how are you feeling?

Well, I'm glad I lasted more
than four minutes today.

Yeah, me too. (CHUCKLES)

I've been waiting 47 days
for my turn to do it!

Let me win!


So, you gonna let me win, Flick?

No, I need this.

I don't think I'm going to final two
if I don't.

You guys been up there
for 30 minutes.

So, that position was pretty easy,

I think it's time to make it
a little more interesting.


On the count of three,

I'm going to lower that ceiling.

Oh, wow.

Here we go.




Oh, my God.

Oh, shit.

On the count of three...

..I'm gonna lower that ceiling.

Three, two...

Impossible to stand up straight now.

Without your head
bumping into those spikes.

Everyone's got
a slightly different take

on how to deal with
this new position.

Flick squatting down,
stretching her arms out.

George leaning forward.

Tippy-toes, eh?

Hayley on those ballerina points.

Those pedestals are gonna start
grinding into the soles of your feet.

Like hundreds of tiny knives.

The pain is only
increasing at this point.

Every time you move your hands,
every time you make an adjustment... risk slipping off.

Just tiny adjustments,
that's all you can make.

I'm joking.

Fresh dust in the afternoon.

I love a bit of dust
in the eyeballs.

Flick, why are you smiling?

Oh...I just find it funny.

Like, why am I doing this to myself?

So, why are you doing this, Flick?

I am doing this for my family.

They are my biggest inspiration.

I mean, that's the reason I'm here.

That's why I wanna win,
I wanna win for them.

What about you, George?
Why are you still up there?

I'm here for my family as well.

I've proved what I needed
to prove here already -

that I'm a great operator -
but I'm now here for them.

We're here for you.

I would have given up by now.
No, no, don't give up.

Keep going.

Hayley, why are you up there?

I just wanna prove to myself
I can do it.

I feel like I can,
I feel like my body can do it

and my mind can do it,
and I just wanna hold on.

I think we should turn it up
a little bit.

Or in this case, turn it down.

We're gonna bring it down again.




Those quads.

Not too many comfortable
positions now.

Fewer and fewer options
the lower that ceiling gets.

It's just like
you're on a surfboard.

Yeah. (LAUGHS)

God, look at the sky behind us.


Oh, that looks so good.

That will be someone's last sunset,

Guys, you've been up there
for 3.5 hours.

Everyone checking each other out.

Wondering who has the most
in the tank on day 47.

We're now at the point where it
switches from a physical challenge

to a mental challenge.

Those pegs have gotta feel like
daggers in your feet now,

boring through the flesh.

Nothing easy about Survivor.


George clearly in a lot of pain now.

Come on, George.

Moving around...

..a lot now.

Trying different positions.

Looking for anything
that will offer some relief.

We believe in you, George.
Keep fighting.

You've got this, George, come on.

I'm right here.

Everyone still in it.

Everyone still with a shot
at that necklace.

George continues to fight.

Stepped away from a couple
of other challenges.

Not this time.

How long can he keep this going for?

I think I've gotta do it.

I can't do any more.

Well done, George.
Good job, George.

And after over 4.5 hours,
George has had enough.

He's out of the challenge.

Yeah, great effort, George.
That's amazing.

I'm so proud of you.

My hands couldn't hold on anymore.
That's fine, son.

You did so good.
That's fine.

It's now down to Hayley and Flick.

We now have a showdown.

Fighting it out for that necklace.

A guaranteed spot final two.

Incredible effort from
both Hayley and Flick.

Now it's time to drop those spikes
one last time.

Hold on, Hayley. You got this.

I'm gonna count you guys in.


Oh, shit.

It's now exactly one metre...

..between the peg
and the spike above your head.

Very little room to move around now.

If it was painful before...

..this is gonna become
a whole new level.

JIMMY: Keep going, Hayley.
Keep going.


Flick, really struggling.

Gasping for air.


Pain is just unbearable.

Meanwhile, Hayley is like a statue.

Eyes closed, super focused.

An expert on pain management.

If Hayley is in pain,

she's not showing it.

Maybe that's part of her strategy.

I don't know
if I can go much longer, hey?

WOMAN: Yes, you can. Come on.
A little bit longer.

MITCH: Come on, Flick.

Flick in excruciating pain,

really trying to push.

Flick's arms failing her now.


Doing everything she can to hang on.

Getting dangerously close
to the end of those spikes.


WOMAN: Come on. dig deep.

Find that strength, Flick.

That last little bit.



Come on, we're all here. You're OK.

You're OK.


You've got this.
Keep breathing through it.


Stay there, Flick. Stay in the zone.

That's good.

Amazingly, Flick is still in it.

Finding something in a reserve tank.

MITCH: That's it. Keep it up.

You're strong. You can do this.


Hayley's body shaking now.

Who's going to reach their limit

Keep going, Hayley. Keep going.
So strong.

Yeah. Come on, Flick. Come on!

Literally nowhere to go.

Nowhere to hide.

It's just you and the pain.

I need help. I need help.
I need help.

Getting off.
Getting off?

Yeah. I need help.

Well done.

Are you right?

After five hours and 17 minutes,

Flick can no longer endure the pain.

Well done, Hayley.

Hayley wins immunity.

And guarantees herself a spot,

in the final tribal council.

That was amazing.

It really was amazing.

Oh, my God.
Good job.

Hayley, come on over.

MAN: Well done.


Individual immunity is yours.

Guaranteed a 50% shot
at winning the game

and the half million dollars
that goes with it.

One big decision left,

which of these two is going
to join you at that fund tribal?

And which is going to become the
ninth and final member of the jury?

Unfortunately, you won't
have much time to think about it

because we're going
to go straight to tribal.

We'll see you soon. Well done.

Good job, Hayley. Amazing.

Oh, thank you so much for coming.

Whatever happens happens. OK?

I want you to be happy
that you got this far.

Yeah. I am happy.

You're OK.

FLICK: Losing that challenge
was really devastating for me.

But my time
is not up yet in the game.

And I still have one more chance
to convince Hayley

to take me to final tonight.

See you, guys.

See you. Love you.
Bye, George.

And I'm not going to go down
without a fight.

I'll now bring in the members
of our jury.



Laura, Emmett,

Andrew, Dani,


and Cara, voted out
at the last tribal council.

Well done, Hayley.

Well done today, guys.
I mean, that was a brutal challenge.

And you guys gave it everything.

But after five hours and 17 minutes,

it was Hayley
who took that necklace again.

Hayley, you seemed confident
from the get-go in that challenge.

Did your confidence ever waver?

Oh, I knew
that it was going to be gruelling

because these two guys
really wanted it as well.

And I took everything
that I have ever learned about pain

and I used that today

to make sure that I was the last one
wearing this necklace.

So, I'm certainly
very proud of this win.

Honestly, it was an amazing
performance, like, incredible.

Well, Flick and George,

you should both
be very proud of your efforts today,

but, Hayley, you now have
the difficult decision to make -

who are you
going to send to the jury

and who are you going to take with
you to the final tribal council?

What's going through your head
right now?

There's a lot of things
going through my head.

I think ultimately this decision

has to come down to
who do you think you can sit next to

and convince the jury that you have
played a better game than them.

But both of these guys
have played great games.

Yeah. And so
it's a tough decision for me.

Flick, let me ask you this,

why should Hayley take you
to the final two?

I don't know if I've ever seen
anyone play like George before.

I look at George
and his game is amazing.

And I would be worried
about coming up against someone

who is so wise with their words.

And I feel like
that is what has the power

to sway the jury in the end.

So, George, Flick has laid out
all the reasons

why Hayley shouldn't take you.

Why shouldn't Hayley take Flick?

Because if Hayley
wants to win $500,000,

she should try and beat me.


Are you saying that Flick has a
better chance of winning than Hayley?

I think that Flick has more
locked in votes with that jury.

And based on that, you have
to navigate a very thin line

to get to the crown.

My understanding is that there
are votes up for grab on that jury,

but not all of them.

And you have to factor that
into your decision tonight.


I disagree. I don't think
I have locked in votes.

I don't think anyone
has locked in votes.

I mean, yeah, everyone here
is closer to certain people

that are sitting over there
on that jury.

But we can't expect that just
because we're close to these people

that they're going to vote
for us in the end.

Alright. Well, Hayley,

tonight, your vote
is the only one that counts.

And before we go and do that,

George, what do
you want to say to Hayley?

Queen Haley?

What is a queen without a king?

Save me
from the guillotine tonight

and take me
to your final two tomorrow

and let the king and queen
battle it out for the crown.

Flick, is there anything
that you wanted to say?

Oh, well...

..for me to get to the end
would be a massive achievement...

..with everything that I've
experienced on this crazy journey.

Just to know that I never gave up,

no matter what challenge
I was faced with.

It would just reinforce
why I'm here

and give me the satisfaction
that I made it to the end.

But tonight, the power
lies in Hayley's hands

and Hayley will do
what is best for Hayley tonight.

And I hope that's me.

Well, Flick and George,

you should both be very proud
of your efforts today,

but Hayley, you now have
the difficult decision to make -

who are you
going to send to the jury

and who are you going to take with
you to the final tribal council?

It's time for you
to cast that vote.

Oh, man...

I'll go collect the vote.

I'll read the vote.

22nd person voted out

and ninth and final member
of our jury...


You need to bring me your torch.

I'm sorry.
No. It's all good.

It's all good.


Thanks, George.
You really did.

Thanks, George.

Proud of you guys.

I'm just so grateful and thankful

to have made it to the top three
with you guys.

Thank you.

Flick, the tribe has spoken.
Yes, they have.

Time for you to go.


Well, congratulations,
you are the final two.

You've gone as far as you can go
in this game

and now the power shifts
to these guys, the jury.

So, I suggest you get some rest

and think about
how are you going to convince them

that you deserve the title
of Sole Survivor

and the half million
that goes with it.

Grab your torches and head on out.
GEORGE: Oh, yeah. I need that.


See ya.

Goodbye. See you.


Oh, finally!

Oh, my God.

BOTH: Bacon.

Oh, my God. More bacon. Eggs.

Oh, my God. Oh, yum.

Last night,
I won the final immunity challenge.

I had the necklace
and I got to choose who went home.

And I sent Flick home.

To send her home was
the most difficult thing

I've had to do in this game.

I grew really close to
Flick in this game,

but it was the only thing
I could think to do

to give myself a chance to win.

This is the moment
I've been waiting for.


Top two.
Let it pour.

I think that my game stacks up
against George's.

His strategy has been incredible,
but what he missed out on

is playing a physical game,

and he's kind of rubbed
some people the wrong way.

To 48 days of fun,
and good luck tonight.

Yeah, may the best man win.
BOTH: Cheers.

I have a winning game because it
encompasses all aspects of Survivor.

Let's cook.
Let's get started with the food.

I've been incredibly physical.

I took out four
individual immunity necklaces.

I've played very smart, strategic
moves and taken out big players.

And I've made great social bonds.

Now I'm at the end because I have
come up against 22 people

and I outmanoeuvred them.

Last day in Survivor.

I know. This is gonna be a fun day.

I've spent a lot of
the last decade studying

because I wanted to have
a career that helped people.

But it means that I've had to
sacrifice so much.

Half a million dollars would
completely change my life.

I can buy a house, buy a car.

It would be incredible.

To start a family.

That would mean the world to me.

I didn't win many rewards off
Fire tribe, but do you know what?

I'm happy to get to day 48,
top two breakfast.

Never in a million years would
I have thought on day one,

when I stood on that mat in my white
Bankstown Sports Club outfit,

that I would be getting ready
to make a pitch to the jury

at tonight's tribal council.

Well, if my mum was proud of me for
doing that final immunity challenge,

wait until she sees me
stirring tomatoes.


Yesterday's immunity challenge
reminded me why I'm here.

It's my family.
I came here for them.

My hardworking father and mother,

they've been working for over
40 years, and they've worked enough.

I came here to win half a million
dollars that clears their debt

and allows them
to finally enjoy their life.

My family have been there for me
and I wanna be there for them.

I'm gonna make sure that
I can deliver for them.

Breakfast of the king and the queen.

We need this breakfast 'cause we've
got a battle ahead of us today.

It is gonna be a huge tribal.

I've had a target on my back
for almost every single day

here in the game.

People have been firing shots at me

but they haven't been able
to hit me,

and that hasn't been through luck,
it's been through sheer hard work.

I knew I had to outwit
and outplay people to outlast them,

and that's what I did.

Almost every single person
is sitting on that jury

because I orchestrated
their elimination.

I'm hoping that that jury
doesn't have grievances.

What I need to do with the jury
tonight is show them

that you don't need to like me
to vote for me,

you just need to acknowledge

that what I've done
is worthy of the title.

That's it for the Fire tribe.
That's it.

King George against Queen Hayley
truly is a battle royale.

And I'm going to snatch the crown
that I so rightfully deserve.

Then there were two.

I'll now bring in the members
of our jury.

Baden, Gerald,


Emmett, Andrew...

..Dani, Wai...

..Cara and Flick...

..voted out
at the last tribal council.

So, here we are...
Yeah. 48 and your
final tribal council.

You guys have gone as far as you can
possibly go in this game.

Tonight the power now shifts
to the jury.

Nine people that you had a hand
in voting out either directly

or indirectly will now decide
which of you two

deserves the title of Sole Survivor

and the half a million dollars
that goes with it.

This is how it's gonna work. You'll
each make an opening statement.

This is your chance
to pitch to the jury

why you think you deserve
to win this game.

Then the jury will address you,
they'll ask you questions

and you'll answer them.

And then they'll have a chance
to respond to your answers

in an open forum.

Once everyone's had their say,

the jury will then go up to vote

to decide who wins Australian
Survivor: Brains v Brawn.

George, this is the moment
you've been waiting for.

You now get to address the jury.

Well, good evening, jury.

To my friends and my frenemies,
what a journey we've all been on.

I came here as
a political operative.

I've never been camping before.

When I stepped on that mat in
day one and saw the lot of you,

I told myself, "What the hell
have I gotten myself into?"

But I've been overcoming personal
barriers since the very start.

And it worked like this, phase one
was controlled dysfunction,

it was controlled chaos.

I realised I was in a minority
from the outset.

That tribe had a dynamic that was
gonna pick off the physically weak.

That's why I had to change
the tone of the game

at the very first Brains
tribal council.

Because if it relied on
an interpretation

of physical strength as
being the key criteria,

I would be right at the bottom
of the pecking order.

I made a decision to save
who I thought needed saving.

Giving Wai a second chance
made sure that I got here.

My game moved to a second phase
at tribe swap. It was maintenance.

And at the maintenance phase,
I had to rely on my social game.

I became an honorary Brawn

and that set me up for
the final phase of my game.


When we got to the merge I realised
my best prospect of success

was going back to the Brains.

Because the Brawn alliance
had what I don't -

its physical prowess.

So I had to cook up
a very, very risky plan.

I was playing two alliances
as a covert agent.

I risked my entire future in the
game, when I was in a comfortable,

safe Brawn majority, to help all the
Brains, because I was Brain strong.

And in working with the Brains
I carried a minority to a majority.

I'm not ashamed to say that
I took opportunities to strike.

You were all a threat.

Because if I didn't strike at you,
you would have striked at me.

I came here to show that
brains can trump over brawn

if you have a good strategy.

A man with a plan is dangerous,

and I've been very dangerous
in this game.

I've been frank, I've been fearless,
but I've also been 100% me.

I know I'm not perfect, I know I'm
not gonna win Miss Congeniality,

but I've given it my damn all

to outwit, outplay and outlast
22 players.

And the only thing that my game
is missing is my crown.

This is my election day.

This is your time
to go to the ballot box

and give me the crown that
I think my strategic game deserves.


Hayley... it's your shot.

Hey, jury.

I'm sitting here
in front of you today

and I am genuinely proud of the game
that I have played.

I started in the Brains tribe
and I was in a majority alliance,

but I always knew what
the minority alliance was doing.

And I had the power to swing
any of those votes.

And that is where the power
lies in this game.

It's not the person at the top
who is dictating who goes home,

it's the person who sits in the
middle, who has all the information

and can decide
if they wanna swing or not.

When it came to the vote for George,

I made a decision that
I wanted to swing and take out Joey.

And Baden and Wai came with me
on that vote

and we took out one of the biggest
players in the Brains tribe -

amazing Joey.

And the timing for that was perfect

because it was just before
we went to tribe swap.

But... Survivor goes,
tribe swap is a little bit of luck,

and we didn't end up with that luck.

We were in a tribe with
four Brain and five Brawn.

Luckily, at that point, I had found
myself with my public immunity idol.

And that idol that I found,

I managed to play to maximum effect
over three different tribals.

First, we were in this minority,
but I had a choice -

I could let Baden go home
and use the idol to save myself,

or I could tell the Brawn
I am going to flip a coin,

one of us will use the idol
and you're gonna have to break.

And it worked.

And suddenly we had control
of the game, and Shannon went home.

Next, it was the Simon vote.

Someone who had two idols
in his pocket.

I needed to play my part
in that vote,

and that was
I needed to hold that idol.

I had to trust in these
new relationships I had made...

..and I needed to trust
that if I held it,

then he wouldn't play his
and he would go home.

Finally, it was the Kez vote, and
George did leak information to me,

but I'm the one who had to
execute that move.

I had to make the decision
if I wanted to expose myself,

risk playing an idol for someone
who wasn't me, play it on Laura,

save her, and then cover it all up
by saying that I was the oracle.

That idol lasted three votes
and got me much further in the game.

But no-one plays a perfect game
and I ended up at Redemption Rock.

That was a really crucial
turning point for me.

I was playing hard and fast
and really strategic.

I had to adapt my gameplay.

But first I had to
get back in this game,

and I was up against Baden,
a Tour de France winner.

And winning that
redemption rock challenge

gave me the confidence to
really test myself physically.

I came back thinking maybe that is
something that I CAN lean into here,

and I ended up winning the
immunity necklace four times -

the most out of anyone here.

And I'm really proud of the way

that I've managed to play
a physical game.

I know that this game
is about outwitting socially,

outlasting physically
and outplaying strategically...

..and I think I am
the one person left here

who has done all three of those
things really, really well.

And I'm really grateful
and proud that I'm still here.

Very good.

Alright, jury, you have heard
two very excellent pitches.

Now it is your turn to ask questions.

Alright, jury. You have heard
two very excellent pitches.

Now it is your turn
to ask questions.

Laura, wanna go first?


Well, on behalf of all of us,
I want to say congratulations.
GEORGE: Thanks.

This has been an epic journey

and to make it all the way
to the end is bloody incredible.

And just so you know, I have not
solidified anything in my mind.

So, to hear your pitches tonight,

but also your answers
is really important to me.

And I know it is
for a lot of other people here.

George, what have you learnt
about yourself in this game?

Thank you for your question, Laura,

and I think
it's a very good question.

So, every night when I lie down
wide awake in the freezing cold,

I do reflect on what I learn
every single day.

I'm just a boy
from suburban Bankstown.

I don't think anyone
would ever have expected

that I would last 48 days
in these harsh conditions.

But I've done it.

And what I've learned

is that I can do anything
when I put my mind to it.

I've come up with a lot of
innovative ways to survive out here

because I couldn't
just rely on my body.

I gathered intelligence
like a secret covert agent.

I listened to Gerald and
Flick talking to Dani by the pool.

I was literally hanging
on the edge of a cliff.

I listened to Hayley and Wai

talking at the well.

Andrew didn't realise that I was
lying down like a snake in the grass

on a rock right behind him.

I just learned to survive,
and I'm really proud of that.

OK, Cara. You're next.

Hayley, did you come in intending
to lie, manipulate and deceive,

or did it just come about

I came into this game
as a really big fan,

and I absolutely knew that a part
of this game is lying and deceiving.

And to be honest, that's a part
of what I do in my real world.

Like I'm a researcher
and I run experiments on people.

We have to run placebos.

That means we have people
coming in

and we're giving them
entirely fake treatments.

And I wanted to bring those skills
into this game.

And I had absolutely
no worries in doing that.

If you have a plan in place, you
can't let someone else have a plan

that is going to counteract that.

You have to misdirect.

So I am really happy and proud

about the ways that I have managed
to misdirect people

and lie and deceive.

It's not a dirty word to me
in this game,

and I feel like I'm sitting here

because I managed to do that really
well at just the right times.

Alright, Andrew.

Oh, right, it was about
six weeks ago that I said,

"You know what? George and Hayley,

"they're definitely the most
dangerous characters in this game."

And, yeah, I don't know what part
of the memo youse didn't get, but...

I believed you.
There it is.

I'm going to keep it
short and sharp.

What regrets did you have
and what would you do differently?

I'm going to be frank.
I don't have any.

Because every move I've done,

despite being risky,
has got me to this seat.

I do have some regrets in this game,

and the one that I think
is the most obvious for me

is the one that landed me
at Redemption Rock.

I made the decision to expose George
as the double agent

and Emmett told everybody else
and my game was blown.

So I think that if I could go back
and do that again,

I would have only told that
to Dani.

It would have been
a very different outcome.

I'm glad you mentioned
that you've got regrets

because at the Outback Retreat,
you sat next to Flick and I

and you told us
that you were all in.

You had all the power in the game.

So what was the point
at poking us even further?

And do you regret it
now that we now have the power?

I knew that if I didn't say
that I was going to work with you

and give you confidence

that you would start swinging at me
and it would risk my game,

so I had to misdirect you

so that you didn't
come up with an alternative plan.

It was hard to have
to deceive you in that way,

but I don't regret it.

I think it was necessary

because I don't think
you would have gone down easily.

I appreciate the honesty and my vote
is up for grabs tonight

and I want to see people owning
their lives

and owning their gameplay,
no matter who gets stung by it.

Alright, Gerald, what have you got?

Alright. Um...

Awesome work on getting here, guys.

So, my question to you is,
if this game restarted right now

with the 11 people that are here,

who do you think would work with you
on this jury right now?

Gerald, for me,
knowing what you've all seen

and how I've played this game...

..the answer should be none of you,

because whilst on first impressions,
no-one expected me to be a threat,

look at me now.

I am going to take almost
the opposite approach to George

in saying that I feel like I would
work with all of you

if I came back in this game.

And I think
that you would all work with me

because you all wrote my name down

and somehow I came back and you
still trusted me to work with you.

I think that that shows
that I have the ability

to adapt my game

and to get you to trust me
even when maybe you shouldn't.

I think you're probably right.

I couldn't really see you
coming back from Redemption Rock.

I congratulate you
on proving me wrong,

but I think you believed it too.

Alright, Dani.
What do you want to ask?


So, I... being a challenge beast
and also a Brawn,

you can appreciate that I respect
physicality and never giving up.

And when it comes to challenges,

you decided not to play a big part
of the game, the outplay.

I've been saying the whole time,
you can't just be strategic.

You'd like to believe that you are
one of the best players

in Australian Survivor history.

So when you sat down on challenges,

explain to the jury why you gave up
on such a big part of the game.

So, George, me being a challenge
beast and also a Brawn,

you can appreciate that I respect
physicality and never giving up.

And when it comes to challenges,

you decided not to play a big part
of the game, the outplay.

You'd like to believe that
you are one of the best players

in Australian Survivor history.

So when you sat down on challenges,

explain to the jury why you gave
up on such a big part of the game.

Thanks, I appreciate your question,
Dani, about my physicality,

And I'm happy to provide an answer
to you.

So, I know what my strengths
and weaknesses are as an individual.

I know I'm not good enough
if the only criteria is physicality.

I know that. That's my weakness.

And I papered over my weaknesses
this entire game because I had to.

But my greatest strength
is my strategy.

It's my ability
to be a political operative.

Alright, Flick. You're up.

OK, so, Hayley,

we've had many discussions,
none of which I think were truthful.


Why did you
never want to work with me?

Oh, I did want to work with you.

Ultimately, the aim was that
we would work with you, come merge.

But we got there
and you didn't come with us.

And then we got so far into the game

that it was no longer
about who would I like to work with.

It was about who do I think
that I can beat.

And I know I got called a flipper,

but I know that when I did flip,
I flipped at the right time.

When George had exposed himself
by using his idol for Cara

and we were all thinking
of voting him out,

I decided that instead
of going with you, Dani and Emmett

flipped over to George, Cara and Wai

because I knew
if I was with the four of them,

I was the strongest
physical player there.

So that set me up to be sitting here
in the final two.

And I think that was one of
the most important moves I made.


So, George, how much have you relied

on lying and manipulation in this
game to get you to where you are?

I would say when you assess my game,

you should look at the intent
of my actions

and the intent of the outcome.

I had to do what needed to be done.

So in terms of the degree of lying
and manipulation,

I thread a very fine line,
but I had to do it.

It's Survivor.

Alright, Emmett.
What do you got, brother?

I'm going to start off by saying,

George, the cockroach of Bankstown
couldn't squash him,

couldn't figure out
how to get you out of the game.

And I'm sure these Brains crew

couldn't figure out how to get
you out of the game as well.

So I respect you for that.

And I think you've done
an amazing job

at evading near-death experiences.

And I love all the powerful moves
that you played.

But from my perspective, the thing
that I'm going to touch on

in terms of your comparison
between the two of you

is George, you've burned bridges
with everyone.

You've not only deceived people
and lied to people

and voted people off,

but you've done it in a way that's
rubbed so many people the wrong way.

If you had the chance
to do this again,

would you play the game the same

and still be spinning lies

and destroying relationships
with everyone in the game?

That's my question.
Thank you. Thank you, Emmett.

And that's a very tough question,

but I appreciate
the level of thought and detail

that you put into it.

The difficult thing about Survivor

is that fine line between strategy
and what's interpreted as lying.

I don't shy away from the fact

that I caused
each and every one of you

to be there in some degree
or another, except for Baden.

I own that.

I still feel like
you're beating around the bush

of what I'm actually trying to ask.

I accept what you're saying,

but the decision
that you have to make tonight

is based on who you think deserves
the title of Sole Survivor.

I think I deserve it.
I'm proud of my resume.

I don't know how the hell else
to say it, man.

But, like, my question was,
if you had a chance to do it again,

would you push yourself
harder physically

or build more relationships
without burning so many bridges?

I don't think so.

If it's not good enough for you,
that's fine,

we're all entitled to our opinion.

But I reiterate,
I wouldn't change anything.

I needed to do what I did
to get here.

And that has resulted
in eight of the nine jury members

sitting on that bench.

I've put you there.
I blindsided you.

And I'm sitting here right now
with the best resume in the game.

And if that's the criteria that
you're gonna assess your vote with,

give me your vote.

So, Hayley, how do you see your game
and George's game differently?

And why did you decide to ultimately
take George to the end,

because you both have such
strong strategic games?

My game is not just about
having a resume strategically.

I think that my game
is way more rounded.

I knew that I would be up against
a formidable speaker

and someone who is funny
and engaging and charismatic.

But I still back my game
in sitting next to him tonight.

I have played
a really strategic game

and I know I've played
a really physical game

and I also played
a really strong social game.

But if you have all of those things,

then you're probably
going to end up on the jury.

So I had to cover up
some of my strategic play

and I needed to manipulate my threat
level so that I could get here.

There's no point playing a big game

unless I can get to the final two
and prove that my game was good.

I feel like there is a number
of moves

that I was really proud of
in this game.

But the physical aspect

is what surprised me
the absolute most out here.

I came up against
some huge endurance athletes,

some challenge beasts,

and I managed to outwrestle
an MMA fighter,

I managed to outbalance
a big wave surfer,

I pushed myself past the point

that I possibly thought I could

in some really tough
endurance challenges.

And lastly,
on that very crucial challenge,

I used everything I knew
about pain to win.

I think that my game encompasses
what it means to be a Brain,

but what it means to be a Brawn.

It is about
giving 110% in the physical,

in the social and in the strategic.

And I have done that.

Alright, guys.

You should have all the information
you need now to decide

who you think deserves the title
of Sole Survivor

and the half million
that goes with it.

Remember, tonight,
you're voting for a winner.

For the last time,

it is....time to vote.

Alright, guys, you should have
all the information you need now

to decide who you think deserves
the title of Sole Survivor

and the half million
that goes with it.

Remember tonight,
you are voting for a winner.

For the last time,

it is...time to vote.

Baden, you're up.

George, the cockroach
that never dies.

I'm actually voting for you
to win tonight.

I think you've played
an amazing, mastermind,

covert game of Survivor.

The only thing I can say

is that, Hayley,

you outwitted, outlasted
and outplayed.

So congratulations, babe.

Both of you had really
compelling arguments,

but I had to go with you.

I think you have been an amazing
player in the game strategically.

I'll go count the votes.

Well, there is no doubt

that this has been
an incredible season.

The only thing left to do,
Hayley and George,

is read the votes.

But...a moment like this
really should be shared

with the people you love the most.

Come on in, guys.


Come here. So good.

Yes. proud are you
of your son right now?

There aren't enough words
to tell you how proud I am of him.

I love him very much.

Pamela, this seems to be
a really emotional moment for you.

I'm just so proud of him
for making it this far,

and no matter what,
I love him very much.


George, what's
going through your head right now?

No matter what the outcome is,

there's gonna be a deserving winner.

I'm hoping it's me. I've got
my fingers and toes crossed.

I'm praying to the Survivor gods,
Macedonian Jesus,

anyone who'd listen.

And I'm just hoping
that I can get the job done.

So, Jimmy, do you think Hayley
deserves to take this one out?

Yeah, of course.

But I'm incredibly biased. (LAUGHS)

Kate, you've known Hayley
a long time.

What do you think it means to her

to be standing here
living out her childhood dream?

Hayley had a Survivor themed
21st birthday

back in the day,

tiki torches and everything.

I know it just means
everything to her to be here.

Wow. True Survivor geek.

(LAUGHS) I was hiding that.

Hayley, what's going
through your head right now?

I never even dreamed
I would be able to play this game,

let alone stand here at the
final two and have a chance to win.

And I am so proud
to be standing here,

I'm proud to be standing
next to George.

He's played a phenomenal game.

And, yeah, I can't wait to see
what's in that urn.

Alright, guys, let's get to it.

Remember, these votes
are for a winner.

And with nine jury members,
it only takes five votes.

I'll read the votes.

First vote...



One vote Hayley,
one vote George.


That's two votes Hayley,
one vote George.


We're tied.

Two votes Hayley, two votes George.


Three votes Hayley,
two votes George.


Four votes Hayley,
two votes George.

Winner of Australian Survivor
Brains versus Brawn, Hayley.


Oh, congratulations!


Hayley, congratulations.

Not only are you
half a million dollars richer,

but you are Sole Survivor,

Brains versus Brawn.

GEORGE: Well done, Queen!
You deserve it!


HAYLEY: I am in complete shock
at what's just happened.

I am the Sole Survivor.

I have learned that I can do
way more than I think I can.

I survived for 48 days.

I made massive blindsides.

I was a physical beast out here

and I never thought I would be.

Well done, Hayley.

I'm proud of being able
to come out here

and play a really big strategic game.

I didn't want to hide
in the shadows.

I wanted to make big moves
from the start and I did that.

I think the relationships
surprised me most about this game.

I thought I could come in here
and deceive people and vote them out

and I wouldn't feel bad about it.

But the truth is, you make
really close friendships here

and it really is difficult
to vote someone out of this game.

Oh, Wai!

I have wanted to play this game
for so long

and half a million dollars
is gonna change my life.

And just never, ever, ever giving up,
I think is the secret to winning.

I believe that
the winner of Survivor

should be someone who possesses
physical, strategic and social game.

And, Hayley,
you tick all the boxes.

Hayley, I think your game
was the most well rounded.

You've put a foot forward
in everything.

You've worked best
with so many people

that would still be on your side
at any moment.

You outwitted, outlasted
and outplayed.

Well played.

I had to go with
what I think a true survivor is.

And to me, that was you, Hayley.

Not only am I so, so impressed

by your social, strategic
and physical game,

I'm amazed at how you owned
every single moment of that.

And I am so proud
to call you friend, ally

and hopefully
Sole Survivor after this.

Captions by Red Bee Media