Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 6, Episode 23 - Episode #6.23 - full transcript

As we near the end of the competition, will the game's longest lasting power couple, finally have to turn on each other?

have you with us. Thanks. Cheer

Previously on Australian Survivor...

..the top five were on a mission...


Yeah! get their hands on immunity.

Cara has stalled.

But Hayley did it again.

Hayley wins immunity!

HAYLEY: Third time
with this necklace

means I'm going to be in
the top four.

At camp,

the Brain alliance agreed to dump
all four votes on Flick.

There's four days to go.

Why would you
change the strategy now?

But then George became suspicious.

Why is Flick not searching
for a hidden immunity idol?

He knew if Flick played an idol

and they didn't split the vote,

her one vote could send him home.

I'm voting for Wai tonight.

I need you to vote for Wai tonight.

I always have a plan.

George is not going home.

At tribal council...

I might play
my hidden immunity idol.

George's Plan B was his salvation...

Oh! Wai became
the seventh member of the jury.

The tribe has spoken.

Four are left.

With one vote until
the all-important top three,

who will be going home tonight?

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Oh, who's that?

You scared me!

Well, I meant to get a bit of
a reaction on that.

I actually didn't see you.
I know, that was the point!

The combo of George and I,

are quite like head and heart.

He is my closest ally
and my most trusted confidante.

I'm just here deep thought going,
"What's happening in my life?

"What am I gonna do with myself?"

And I'm like,
"What just touched my nuts?"

(LAUGHS) Oh, did I?

George and I have always
had each other's backs from day dot.

I love him to bits.

Ah. Oh!

Jump on properly,
so we can go together.

And our bond has probably been

one of the strongest
and most unwavering

that Survivor has ever seen.

Three, two...
Oh! Oh!

Here, like this.

Come on. Oh!

There we go.

But now that
we're down to the final four,

we're getting down to
the pointy end of the game.

Oh, this is kind of working.


Hold on. It's like a challenge.

It's like a challenge.

"Today's immunity challenge -
survive a hammock."

I hope it's George and I
together till the end.

We need to get to the final two

so we can battle it out
for the title of Sole Survivor.

OK, let's get up.

This is gonna make me nauseous.

I'm getting seasick.

It's day 45 and there's only
four of us left, which is amazing.

Last night's tribal, Wai went home

and I played an idol
to save myself.

I definitely think I would have
gone home if I didn't have it,

but I'm still here!

45 and still alive.

I'm excited
to be in that final four

but the other three people here

have tried to get me out,
like, the last three tribals.

I am the last Brawn standing.

I know it's kind of
do or die for me.

I definitely need
to win the next immunity.

It's imperative that I win
to stay alive in this game.

I came out here
to play for my family.

And since being out here,
my mum passed away.

And I made the decision to stay.

I know that my mum would want me
to continue playing, and...

..I'm doing this for her.

So I am more motivated
and determined than ever.

I'm built for this.

I'm Brawn because I'm fearless.

I am the toughest person I know.

I'm not going to go down
without a fight.

And I'm here to win.

I kind of really want it.
I am still hungry, though, are you?

Oh, always. Always hungry.

There's four of us left,

and Hayley and I
are both individuals in this game,

but George and Cara
are still joined at the hip.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

I've tried to get rid of George
for the last three tribals,

and I need to take him out now
before he gets me.

This is my opportunity to convince
Hayley and Cara that he needs to go.

Yeah, I know.

I know.

And the way he speaks,
like, he can sell ice to Eskimos.

There is no way

that we are going to have a chance
against his politician mind

and his politician walk.

This is a now or never thing, people.

If we don't act

and take out one of the biggest
strategic threats in the game,

he beats us all at the end.

I know. I totally get it.

Yeah, yeah.

Right now, George, Cara and I

are planning to take out Flick.

She has incredible relationships
with people on the jury,

and she's been
an incredible physical player.


But if she wins
the next immunity challenge,

there needs to be a plan in place
where I'm not the next target.

I would just make sure that the plan
could be good if she's not involved.

But I don't know if Cara
would ever write down George's name.

I'm worried that she has made
a plan in her head,

she's taking him to the end
and she's not going to change it.

FLICK: It's very hard for me to see
Cara separating from George,

but at some point she's going to
have to break away from him

if she even
wants a shot at winning.

George is the biggest threat.

And I feel like no-one
compares to his game at all.

Like, no-one does.

It...he is...

It's been amazing.

So it is about treading
super carefully with this move.

It does depend on, obviously,
who wins immunity.

Yeah, yeah.

But, like, the only person that,

if we're gonna pull off some sort
of a big blindside like this...

Mm. I'm the key.

You are the key.

You are the person
that's closest to him.

You've built the most trust with him.

And it would honestly, it would be,
like, an amazing big move.

Like, it would be incredible.

Flick is telling me that she thinks
I'm the main one to take out George.

There's so many ways
you can skin his cat, right?

I just know that
we have to get rid of him,

then we all have...
then it's more even.


And I'm listening to her,

but, in fact, I actually
just want to take her out.


That sounds like I want to kill her.

Oh, right, Cara,

Duchess of Double Bay.

King George has made the top four.

And I bloody deserve it.

I've reigned over this Fire tribe
since it was created when we merged

and I've been reigning
over the outback for 45 days now,

and I'm not gonna stop

until that crown and that
half a million dollar cheque is mine.

It's getting...getting to
the pointy end.

King George has been
powerful in this game,

but I needed the Duchess
of Double Bay to be by my side,

because I can't rule alone.

So let's run through...


Don't vote me out next, George.

We're good. We're good.

The game plan for me right now
is quite simple.

At all costs,

stop Flick from winning immunity.

I'm crossing my fingers and toes

that me, you or Hayley win immunity.

Flick, like a lot of people,

has been trying her hardest
to get rid of me.

I don't want to come fourth, Cara...

I don't want you
to come fourth either.

..if she wins immunity.

What's worked for us to date
has been we're binded together.

Yeah, yeah.
We are half the vote.

You don't go in any situation
because I don't write your name down.

Mm. Mm.

Hayley realises
we're binded together.

She'll have no choice
but to vote for me.

Then my destiny is
beating Hayley in a fire challenge.

If Flick and Hayley vote for George

and George and I vote for Hayley,

it's gonna be a split decision

and it's gonna go to fire challenge

and the winner of that
will go through.

But...George is not the best
at making fire.

I've never made a fire in my life.


Like, I actually just think

I should show you how to make fire
super quickly.

I know how to do it.

You get the flint, you do
the magnesium first on the husk,

and then you go, bang, bang, bang.

No, I'll show you a different way.

I'll just...

Cara did a lot of preparation
for this game.

She studied everything,

including how to make fires.

I know, I know.

So when people do this...


sparks, but they go everywhere.


So you do it like... a lawnmower almost.

And they go... Oops.
Go that way. Sorry.

They go... (CHUCKLES) want to just...

If I did it right... (CHUCKLES)

And Cara can't get it started!

This is a bit like
the blind leading the blind.

I can't remember
how I did it before.

I'm getting a fire-making lesson

from a lady who can't start a fire.

And if it comes down to
a fire challenge,

I'm going home.

It wasn't working.
It worked before for me, though.

Wait, that's the magnesium side.
Oh, you gotta do the other side.

See that?

Oh! Oh, no, that's better.

I might win a fire challenge, Cara.
Thank you.

Do you love me?
Yes, I do.

Oh, my God, Cara.

And that's...
Oh, look at this!

I know, mate.

The Duchess of Double Bay
knows how to make fire.


Oh, my God. I'm going to make
the top three.


Oh, my God.

No, no, no, no, no, no.

I'm just kidding.

The reign of King George
isn't ending any time soon.

Don't put my name down!
In the back!


And I'm gonna rule
right to the very end...

..when JLP
reads out my name as the winner.

Come on in, guys.

GEORGE: Hello.
Good morning.

So, Flick, no more urns,
no more idols...


Is that necklace the only thing
that can save you today?

It does feel like that necklace is
the only thing that can save me.

These guys have tried to get me out,
like, multiple times,

but I'm still here.

I'd be very surprised that
if I do not win that today

that I made it to
the final three.

Hayley, are you feeling the pressure
to keep that necklace today?

Oh, yeah.

Um, I know that Flick feels like
she's a bit unsafe,

but we all feel that way.

There are four of us left

and this is the only thing
that can save us tonight.

There are no more idols,
it's just this necklace.

Are you guys ready to get to
today's immunity challenge?

ALL: Yeah. (LAUGH)

Alright, Hayley.

Once again,
immunity is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge, you're gonna
race up a net to collect balls

that you will use to
knock over puzzle pieces.

You'll then use those pieces
to build a staircase

that you will climb
to retrieve a bucket.

You will then use that bucket to
transport water over hurdles,

to fill a barrel, in order to
open a gate releasing six balls.

Finally, you'll attempt to
roll those balls up a ramp

and into a series of pockets.

The first person to land
all six balls...

..wins immunity, safe from the vote.

Losers, tribal council,

where somebody's gonna become the
21st person voted out of this game.

Alright, let's draw for spots.
Let's get to it.

GEORGE: Alright, good luck, girls.

Alright, here we go.

For immunity, survivors ready?


The first thing you need to do
is collect

all your balls from
the top of that net.

Flick gets there first.
Makes quick work of it.

Hayley right behind.
George is right there.

Cara's right there.

Now you need to collect the balls

and start throwing them
at that wall of puzzle pieces.

Flick connects.

And another one for Flick.

Hayley gets one. Cara gets one.

George gets one.

12 pieces in total that you need
to knock out.

Everyone wants to win today

and guarantee themselves
a spot in the final three.

We're now neck and neck
between Hayley and Flick.

Both have three left.

Flick connects.
She's now down to two.

And Hayley gets two more!
She's down to her last piece.

And she gets it! Hayley can move on.

Now you need to collect your pieces,

start building a staircase
one piece at a time.

Each of those pieces only fits
in a specific position on the ramp.

Determined by the orientation
of those pegs.

That's it, Flick does it.
She's moving on.

George connects. He's down to three.

Cara down to her last piece.

Hayley has four pieces
on the ramp now.

Flick has one.

It's still anyone's challenge
at this point.

And that's it, Cara gets her
final piece. She can get in on it.

George firing away
on that last piece.

He would love to get in on this.

Hayley placing her seventh piece.
She continues to pull away.

Flick has three pieces on the board.
Gonna try a fourth piece.

Cara placing her second piece.

Finally, George has his final piece.
He can get in on it.

We know that George
is good on puzzles.

He's putting the pressure
on everyone else.

Hayley going back for her last piece.

FLICK: Oh, God.

Cara and Flick neck and neck
with four pieces on the staircase.

Hayley coming back
with her 12th piece.

That's it, untie that bucket,
move on to the next stage.

Hayley has a nice lead.

Everyone else scrambling,
trying to catch her.

She has her bucket.

Now you need to fill it with water,

make your way under,
over those hurdles

and fill up that barrel.

When you have enough water
in your barrel,

it will lift the counterweight,

open the gate and releasing those
balls that you need for your endgame.

Hayley has a huge lead.
Can she keep it going?

George almost caught up
to Flick on the staircase.

Flick places her ninth,
and Cara her final piece.

That's it. Cara moving on.

Hayley coming back with
her second bucket of water.

Will this be enough?

And it is. Down goes the gate.

She has her balls.

Now you need to roll them up the ramp
and into those pockets.

Another one of those carnival games
that require a little bit of skill

and a whole lot of luck.

Hayley has two balls on the board.
Far out.

She needs to land four more.

Flick gets her final piece.
She's moving on.

George can feel the heat.

Immunity is on the line.

Nice to walk out of here
with that necklace

and guarantee yourself
a spot in the final three.

Flick has overtaken Cara
on the hurdles.

Hayley is super focused.

Does not want to give them
a chance to get in on this.

And she lands another one.

Flick flying over the hurdles now.

She's a woman on a mission.
Trying to close the gap.

George struggling on his ninth
puzzle piece on the staircase.

This is stupid.

And that's it,
Flick has her gate open.

She can start working on the ramp.

And Hayley lands the fourth one.

Two more to go.

Cara, she has her gate open now.
She's in on it.


It's now Hayley, Flick
and Cara on the endgame.

Flick lands her first one.

Cara gets one.
Trying to close the gap.

Flick lands her second ball.

Hayley had a huge lead
on this challenge.

This would be an incredible comeback
if they could pull it off.

And Flick gets another one.
She has three on the board.

Hayley has four, Flick has three,
Cara has one.

George is untying his bucket,
trying to catch up.

Cara lands another one,
and another one.

Hayley in the lead with four,
both Flick and Cara have three.

And Flick lands another one!

We're tied.
Oh, Flick!

Hayley and Flick with four each,
Cara with three.

George still bringing water back,
not giving up.

And we have a showdown
between Hayley and Flick.

And Hayley lands another ball.

She's down to one left.

Flick with four.

Flick with five now. Oh, my God!

Hayley and Flick one ball away from
a guaranteed spot in the final three.

Oh, so close for Flick.

Hayley going for the win.

Not quite.

Whoever lands that ball will walk
out of here with that necklace.



She takes out the immunity,

guaranteeing herself
a spot in the final three!

You're through! You're through!

So good.

Oh, far out!
Great comeback.

Flick, come on over.

GEORGE: Well done, Flick.
Well done.

Amazing comeback.


Immunity is yours
just when you needed it the most.


Definitely need it, and I definitely
did this for my mum today, and...

And I've been thinking about her
the whole time I've been out here,

so this is really special for me.

This goes for my mum.

Well done. Well done.
Thank you. Thank you.

You are safe tonight,
cannot be voted out,

guaranteed a one-in-three shot
at winning this game.

As for the rest of you,
tribal council tonight

where one of you will become
the eighth member of our jury.

Alright, guys, head back to camp.
I'll see you guys tonight.

GEORGE: Lead the way, Flick.

Flick winning immunity today is a
catastrophe for my Brains alliance.

Tonight, it's gonna be the end
of the reign of either

King George, Queen Hayley or
the Duchess of Double Bay, Cara.

GEORGE: Oh, congratulations, Flick.
FLICK: Thank you.

Well done, darling.
Thank you.

What a one to win.
Thank you.

Guaranteed top three.
Thank you.

So proud of you.
Thank you.

Emotional. (LAUGHS) Thank you.

This necklace changes everything
for me.

I have been on the bottom
for so long.

Wear it. Don't take it off.

Why would you take it off?

And I honestly can't wipe
the smile off my face

because the three people left,
George, Cara and Hayley,

have all been sitting pretty there
at the top for so long.

And now the snake is finally
going to start eating itself.

This necklace gives me power

I have tried to get rid of George,
I think, for the last three tribals.

However, the final challenge
is usually endurance.

And my biggest competition there
is Hayley.

I don't like my odds against her,

so now I just think that

my sights need to shift
from George to Hayley.

CARA: What's happening tonight?

Oh, OK.

Right, OK. Yeah, yeah.

No, but I'm...


It's really exciting.

Look, Hayley is a massive threat,
not only...

She's strategically a threat,
but physically.

In an immunity?

Yeah, yeah.

Knowing that if I can take out
Hayley tonight,

who would be my biggest
physical threat,

I know I have a good chance
at that final immunity challenge.

And if I win that...

..I get to choose who I want
to sit next at the end.

So we're good? Well, OK.
I'm happy if you're happy.

Yeah. Cool. Yeah. Cool.

HAYLEY: Flick winning immunity
is definitely

the worst-case scenario for me.

George and Cara have been supertight
this whole game,

so they're not going to vote
for each other

and they'll probably vote for me.

And now I'm feeling
very vulnerable tonight.


I've been at the bottom for so long

it's almost a weird feeling

to actually have
some sort of control.

Good. I'm...

Actually it puts me in a bad
position, but I am happy for you.

What a one to win.
Oh, my God.

If I was going to win any...
Jesus Christ...

That's the one.

I know that Flick wants
to get rid of George

because he has had
an incredible strategic game.

I'm really glad that I'm here
with you yesterday

and had a conversation,

because to me that is so clear
what needs to happen tonight.

And so I really need to keep pushing
this narrative with Flick

that George is a huge threat
to win this game,

because I don't want her
to target me.

It's going. It's going.
Here we go.

Oh, there you go, Cara.


Fire queen on the Fire tribe.

HAYLEY: With four people
left in camp.

there's only so many conversations
you can have.

I have zero energy.

I think that Flick is going
to vote for George.

If Cara would also be willing
to vote for him,

that would be the best-case scenario.

Yes. Yeah, if that's
what she's saying.

Is that what you want to do?

Did she really?


Cara told me

Flick doesn't want to go up
against me in the final challenge.

What do you think? Are you
tempted to...just take me out?


And then George and Cara
have been tight this whole time,

so it looks like all votes
are going to go on me tonight.

It's a real dilemma.
Isn't it?

But you can't give up.
You can never give up in this game.

As long as there is a way
for me to stay,

I'm going to fight my arse off.

Did she really?

I'm feeling really nervous
about tonight.

Cara told me Flick is going
to vote for me.


Flick's won immunity

and then George and Cara have been
tight this whole time,

so it looks like all votes
are going to go on me tonight.

It's a real dilemma.
Isn't it? It's tough, yeah.

The only way I can save myself

is to convince George and Cara to
crack open and vote for each other

so they don't vote for me.

So, what are you thinking?

Well, the thing is, if you win
immunity, you would take me.

I know. That's exactly right.
I know. I know.

I know. But then I've got George.

But Cara has been working so closely
with George,

I'm not sure if she wants
to break ties.

I know voting out George is
something that plays on your mind.

But you have to make a move
that's more impressive

than the moves he's made.


And he's made the most impressive
moves in this game.

Yeah, definitely.
Like, without doubt.

I think he's, like, the best player
ever on Survivor I've seen.

I think that George
has played by far

the best game in Survivor history.

It will be a massive move
to vote him out of the game.


..I just don't know
if I'm emotionally ready.

George and Cara have saved
each other in this game,

and they are such close friends.

I'll take you now, Cara,
the Duchess of Double Bay.

But I need one of them to go.

So now I have to convince George

that tonight is the time for him
to take out Cara.

George, come sit on our throne.
Let's be as quick as possible.

Because, my queen, I fear that

either the king or queen
is going home tonight.

I'm the only person in this game

that has won three
individual immunity challenges.

So I want George to know
he needs me here at the final three

to win that challenge
and take him to the final two.

It'll be suicide for you
if I go tonight,

because the next challenge,
Flick is going to win that

and she will take Cara.

She won't take you.

George is a really strategic player,
and he thinks many steps ahead.

If I go tonight, Flick...

She's won the game,
she's won the half $1 million.

If I get through
tonight's tribal council,

the prospects of winning the final
immunity challenge are poor.

I mean, Flick's a beast.

She's an athlete, I'm a pen pusher.

No-one even touches her
in that final challenge.
I know.

If that happens,
all I'm playing for is third.

And that makes me really nervous.

I didn't come to the Olympics
to win bronze. I came to win gold.

So I...I think it is essential
that we both vote Cara tonight.

So I probably won't talk to you
again this afternoon,

but my vote will be for Cara
and I'm hoping yours is the same.


Good chat.
Fingers crossed.

I have a real dilemma tonight.

I can back my heart
and side with Cara...

..or I can back my head
and side with Hayley.

At the end of the day,

Cara has been my closest friend
and ally in the game.

Do I really have it in me
to vote her out tonight?

I'm still hoping it's us
in the top two, Cara.

Wouldn't that be nice?
It would be nice.

You're, like...

Truly, I reckon you're the best
player they've ever had.

Ever, ever, ever.
Thank you.

Like, no...
I like to think about that myself.

But, yeah, see, this is what
the Labor Party does to you.

It takes your soul at 15 years old
and it turns you into this.

I have a tough decision
to make tonight.

Do I vote for my loyal friend, Cara -
Cara, who saved me -

or do I vote for Hayley?

I just hope... I hope this happens.

I really hope it does.
Yeah. I know.

This decision for me to vote
between George and Hayley

is so, so...hard for me.

George and I have been
on this journey from day dot.

Like, we've had
this amazing journey together.

That's what it's about, Cara.

I am so utterly, completely torn.

This is by far the hardest decision
I've had to make in this game.

It's nearly ready.

Whatever happens tonight,
it's been an amazing journey,

I legitimately love both of you.

I'll do a group hug. The loser's hug.

The Brains, the final Brains.
The Brains hug.

One of us will be going home
tonight, that's for sure.

I always knew that
we had to keep Brains strong,

and here we are
almost at the end of the game.

I think that Flick
is going to vote for me.

So this afternoon,
I've done everything I can

to break up George and Cara.

But they are two peas in a pod,

and I almost can't imagine them
voting each other out,

so tonight at tribal,

just got to fight
to stay in the game.

or on the 10 play app.


Oh. Feels so empty.

We'll now bring in
the members of that jury.

Baden, Gerald, Laura, Emmett,

Andrew, Dani and Wai...

Oh! Red lipstick!

You've got it, Wai!

..voted out last tribal council.


So, Flick.

You said you needed to win it
to stay in it,

and that's exactly what you did.

I know, I know.

Oh, today was...imperative for me.

Like, my name has been on
the chopping block

the last three tribals.

I've just survived.

I smashed the right urn,
I played an idol,

and today I needed to win
individual immunity.

I mean, I just honestly
can't believe that it happened.

Um, it was a really emotional win
and it's definitely for my mum.

And yeah, it's inspired me
to keep going

and hopefully taking this confidence
into tomorrow.

So, George...

..if Flick didn't win today,
was she going home tonight?


I think so, to be honest with you.

But here we are.

The royal family of four got reduced
to three at the last tribal council,

and either the king, queen
or duchess is going home tonight.

So, Hayley...

..all three of you have played
very different games,

which means that you all have very
different pitches to win, right?

Yeah, that's...that's true.

We would have different pitches
when it comes to the jury.

But you have to get there,

and the vote tonight
will take you to three,

but you still have to
get past three to two

and be aware of
who you're sitting next to.

So I would pitch to the two friends
here sitting without necklaces,

if you take me out tonight,

then the two of you will face off
against amazing Flick

and her challenge prowess.

And based on previous experience,

I would probably put my money
on Flick to win that.

And if Flick does win, then you
better hope she chooses you for two.

And if she does, you better hope
you win against her at the end.

If you don't think
that's gonna happen,

it's a pretty nice argument
to keep me in the game

because I might be able
to challenge Flick.

And if I can, then maybe I pick you

and your chance against me
at the end

might be better than against Flick.

George, that's a pretty
forthright pitch.

Well, it's an improved pitch

compared to the last time that
Hayley was on the chopping block,

so we'll call that an improvement.

But what Hayley forgot to mention

is that she is the supreme
physical asset on the Fire tribe.

And that she's worn the necklace
more than anybody else.

And if my chances
aren't good against Flick,

should I make it tomorrow,

they're also equally unlikely
against Hayley.

So, Cara, what do you think
of Hayley's pitch?

I actually think it was
a very good pitch.

I really do.

I thought it was more than
an improvement.

I thought it was top-notch,

and I would give her
a five star rating.


But if you were enticed by Hayley's
pitch and you went with it...

..that would leave you no choice
but to turn on your closest ally.

Is that even an option for you?

We're down to
the pointy end of the game

and moves have to be made.

And everybody here
is worthy of getting to the end.

I'm comfortable
with the decision I've made

and I'm gonna stick with it.

So, George, let me ask you...

..out of you three,

who do you think has the highest
chance of reaching the final two?

Well, if Hayley's here tomorrow,

given that she's won
every endurance challenge

of the four contenders
that are left,

probably Hayley.

I think that's a fair assessment,

but I don't think
that should be a bad thing to hear

for the two people
sitting next to me,

because I think
that we should all be concerned

about sitting next to Flick
at the very end.

So, Flick, if I'm hearing
Hayley correctly,

she is saying, keep me

because she thinks she's the only
one who can beat you.

Yeah, that's what I'm hearing,
for sure.

OK, so let me ask you this.

How much of tonight's vote
is about taking out the person

who you think you can't beat
in tomorrow's challenge?

That's not what my vote tonight
is about.

My vote tonight is probably
a more strategic move.

One of the more strategic moves
that I've made,

for myself going forward.

What Flick said makes me nervous

because when she said words
to similar effect

at the last tribal council,

I got her vote.


So please don't vote for me tonight.

I haven't said in a while to people.

So, George,
Hayley mentioned that, you know,

everyone's had
a final two discussion.

Are you sticking with
your final two promise tonight?

I...I think I am.

I hope it can happen.

So, Cara, are you sticking
to your final two promise?

Yes, I am.

Hayley, you guys obviously have
been talking about this recently,

but can you trust
those conversations?

Maybe people are just telling you
what they think you want to hear.

Oh, people are telling you
exactly what you want to hear,

because I do think that there are
three smart people here

who will make decisions
that are in their best interest.

Alright, Hayley,
before we go up to vote,

what should the tribe remember?

Remember my pitch.

Think one step ahead of three,

because think of the likely outcome
of the challenge at three

and then who will be there at two.

I think that's something
worth thinking about.

Alright. It is time to vote.

Alright. It is time to vote.

Flick, you're up.

Tonight, I'm voting for you,

This is my strategic move.

I think you've been
an amazing player in the game,

strategically, physically.

Hopefully it goes through.


I don't think
you bought my pitch tonight,

but I'm hoping that George did.

I'll go count the votes.

I'll read the votes.

First vote.



That's one vote Hayley,
one vote Cara.


One Hayley, one vote Cara,
one vote George.

One vote left.

21st person voted out of Australian
Survivor Brains vs Brawn

and eighth member of our jury...



Need to bring me your torch.
Oh, my God.


Love you, Cara. OK? Love you.

I get to go to jury!

Love you. Love you.
Good luck!


Cara, the tribe has spoken.

For reals.
Time for you to go.

Well, Survivor has always
been a numbers game,

and as it stands,
we've got three great players,

two gruelling days left,

and one worthy winner to crown.

Grab your torches,
head back camp. Goodnight.

Let's go, girls.

Sunday night
on Australian Survivor...

I've been outwitting and outplaying

but my work isn't done.

..two Brains...

I am so hungry for this and there is
gonna be nothing that stops me. Brawn.

This is when you put your body
on the line,

and if anyone's good for that,
it's me.

Get ready for the ultimate showdown.

Which one will become Sole Survivor?

This truly has been
just a dream come true.

Like, beyond. Beyond.

And I'm really proud of
what I've done,

in terms of the relationships
I've built.

I'm proud of how I played the game.

George and I have been tried
and trusted the whole way.

Sorry, Cara, but I'm better off
with Hayley right now.

He's a funny guy.
I love him to bits.

If George is in there,
he might go all the way.

Arrivederci from
the Duchess of Double Bay.

Looking forward
to returning to my homeland.

Captions by Red Bee Media