Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 6, Episode 22 - Episode #6.22 - full transcript

Day 44, The four former brains have formed an impenetrable alliance leaving Flick, the only remaining brawn on the outer. Little do they know she's getting ready to shake things up.

on Australian Survivor.

Only six remain.

Four Brains.

HAYLEY: Right now,
the plan is to stick together.

Two Brawn.

DANI: Flick and I are
well and truly in the minority,

but I'm not going to stop fighting.

True to her word...

(ALL CHEER) an overnight reward,

Dani fought to convince Hayley
to turn on George.

So you're in, Hayley?
I'm in.


Then at the immunity challenge...

WAI: Oh, boy, I can't even lift it.

In a spectacular comeback,
Wai surprised everyone...

Oh, my God.

She's working very quickly now.

..when she nailed the puzzle
in record time.

Wai wins immunity.
Oh, my God!

This reaffirms that
I've earned my spot.

At camp...

..Hayley was still working
both sides.

Me and Wei have all the power
to dictate who goes home tonight.

Meanwhile, Flick's lot continue.

FLICK: A hidden immunity idol.


So scary, but...I've gotta trust
in Hayley's word.

At tribal council...

I give my trust to people
when the time is right.



..the time wasn't quite right
for Dani.

Dani, the tribe has spoken.

Five are left.
Who will be going home tonight?

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(WHISPERS) And here we are.
Only four more days.

Exactly. Four more sleeps.

Last night's sunset was the best
we've ever seen.

WOMAN: That was amazing.

That's, like, such a, like, massive,
memorable life experience.

Yeah, it was really pretty.

How are you, Hayley? Cold?

I was cold, but I just got,
you know, spoony.

Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Last night, Dani was blindsided.

And a huge threat was sent home.

I don't know what was going on
with that champagne,

if I was actually feeling it or not,

but when we first got
in that hot tub, like, I was...

You couldn't shut me up.

I was like... (BURBLES)

When I went to the reward,

Dani and Flick were trying
to bring me over to their side

and they were explaining that

they would never want to vote
for George, Cara and Wei

at the final tribal.

They thought I was working with them,
but I lied to them.

I had to do it because
Dani has the most friends on the jury

and she was a really strategic
and physical player.

But after last night,
relief that Dani has gone

because she's just wiped the floor
with all of us.

GEORGE: No, it's true, though.

Anyone loses next to Dani or Flick.

You can't work with someone when
you go up to them, talk to them,

and then they deliberately try and
blow it up for no strategic purpose.

And that's why I had to vote for her
last night.

She actually...
She would've blown me up.

This has been a big game of chess

and I have been outmanoeuvring

The strongest position in this game
is actually to be the person

with all of the information.

So that's what I've done,
sitting myself right in the middle,

and getting information
from both sides.

Information is power here.

I've used that information to get rid
of the biggest threats in this game.

When I get to final two
and I'm pitching to the jury,

I want to own all the big moves
that I made.

I want to explain why it was
necessary that I lied when I did,

I flipped when I did, and I had
the best timing in doing it.

The real problem with
putting Dani on the jury

is the problem we have
with the other jurors.

She's just an automatic vote
for Flick.

I want to vote Flick tonight...

..because she has incredible
relationships with everyone.

Her best friends are sitting
on the jury.

She hasn't had to burn people

in the same way a lot of us
have had to do.

So I'd be really scared to
sit next to her at the end.

FLICK: At last night's tribal,

pretty much my best mate in the game
went home, Dani.


And for me, it's not good news,

because I was working
with her closely

and now I'm in a minority of one.

And that one is me.

I am really gutted that
it is just me left for Brawn.

I was really hoping
there would be more of us.

And especially when we came
into the merge, we had the numbers.

The Brains have worked
their brain magic...


..and they've strategised their way

so that they have the majority
in the end.

We could just do
the next vote as Flick.

We all happy?

Oh, of course. It's not even
any question for me.

Now's the run for the gold.
We're nearly there.

There's four days to go.

Why would we change
the strategy now?

It's good.

It's just that
if she wins immunity,

then we're all obviously going to
have chats with each other, and...

..there's going to be one
disappointed person out of the four.

But you cross that bridge
if we lose.

Otherwise, Flick's gone.

Without hesitation.

I don't trust anyone that's left
at all,

which is a difficult position
to be in.

They've made it very clear
that they're sticking Brain strong.

But the positive about
this situation is

that I actually have an idol,
which no-one knows about.

The next trial is the last
opportunity I have to play it,

so it means a hell of a lot of power.

It means that I know I'm guaranteed
top four, which is awesome.

I think the reason why I am
the last Brawn standing comes down to

building a great foundation

of strong relationships throughout
this game that are genuine.

But also I made my own luck.

I looked for an idol. I found it.

I picked the right urn.
I saved myself in the game.

So my ability
to perform under pressure

is why I'm the last Brawn standing.

I have persevered through

some of the toughest
personal circumstances out here.

And I have shown that I have
incredible mental strength.

I think that I genuinely want this
the most.

I'm fighting for this
with my heart, my soul,

and I'm here to win.

Knowing, yes, I get to make it
through these tribal, like... (SIGHS)

Am I going to be able to crack them
after this?

Look, I've got to try something,

because I feel like if I don't,
I'm next.

The way I see it happening...
Mm-hm. that if you guys
move forward...

Yeah.'ll pick me off
and then Hayley will be next

because Hayley is a physical threat
and then you'll be vulnerable.


The only thing I see right now
is, like, I'm that extra number

that if you did want to make a move

and take out George...

..I could be that person.

And I've been thinking about that
as a five,

because five is where it's key...

..and where we would go
with the final three.

So transparently, I think...

I...I really agree with that.

I'm more for it.

I think we still have to work
on Hayley a little bit.

She knows that George
is a huge threat,

but she also thinks that...

She's more liked than what George is.


Yeah, so let me think about that
a little bit.

Mmm. Yeah, yeah.

Go get wood... No, but thank you.

I appreciate the honesty
and insight.

I have to try, because otherwise,
what am I doing?


It's kind of therapeutic
going and...

Definitely throughout this game,
I have felt so out of my element.

I'm usually sitting in front
of a computer dreaming up worlds,

not participating in one of
the harshest environments ever,

to tackling physical challenges that
are way beyond my capability.

Do you feel different
to when you started as well?

I know you've had a massive growth.

These conditions
where it is about survival

have pushed me a little bit more.

There's this rebellious,
huge, rebellious part of me

that just wants to take
this whole thing.

I'm like, I don't want to play
by the rules anymore.

I want to make this mine.

Do you know what I think
you're doing?

I think you're the linchpin
to all this.

I'm easily physically
the weakest person in the tribe,

but I've never given up

and I think my resilience
has really carried me far.

Now it's all about making
smart moves at the right time.

Right now, today, I think
George is the biggest threat,

but from the way
he's played the game,

I think he's also quite vulnerable.

I've been brought up in my community
being flat-out mean and callous... a complete red line.

I think George believes what he says
when he says he's not mean

and that he's this glorious champion
for the underdog.

But there are lots of things

that I kind of wish
that George would see

with a kind of objective eye.

I think sometimes
you've been pretty mean.

I...I think I've been close.

You know?

I'm a bit mindful of that line.

Since George saved me
on that first tribal,

I have felt that I owed him.

I never thought I would have
to think about final two,

but that's a real possibility now.

And it's been strategically
optimal to vote out George.

George has been
an amazing strategic player,

and that jury is going to respect
that game play.

It's something that I really have to
make the right decision on.

GEORGE: I've managed my game
pretty well so far.

Yes, of course, I've ridden my luck
from time to time...

..but my Survivor resume is looking
pretty gold standard right now.

I've executed more moves
and more operations in 44 days

than other players have in
two seasons of Australian Survivor.

I escaped the noose time after time
because I'm working harder

than the rest of the people
here in the outback.

My timing's been spot-on and
my decision making has been perfect.

But I still need to get to the end.

There are only four days left,

and I'm not counting any chickens
before they hatch.

I'm going to think long and hard
about who I take to that final two.

You don't make friends in politics,

but if you want to survive,

you have to make the right decision
at the right time.

Like, that would be the most
simple thing that Flick goes next.

As in because...
Yes, of course.

It's a case of just, like,

navigating the best route
to the finale right now.

I'm going to be really frank
with you.

My only hope of winning, even though
I still think it's limited,

is against you.

I don't mean that in a bad way.

You're my best hope of
clearing my family's debt

and getting half a million dollars.

If there's a hierarchy
of likely winners,

Hayley and I are on the bottom.

We're the bottom two.

And I need Hayley to know that.

With Flick, I have the same result
with Kara and with Wai.

They're not disliked.
They're not disliked.

So they have an immediate advantage,

They can win Emmett, Gerald,
Dani, Flick.

Yep. Yep.
I can't.

Yeah, yeah.

And I'm relying on the same pool
of voters that I would with you.

I'm surprised at how much this game
has come together for me.

Dancing with the devil
and playing with George

all the way to the end of this game
is perfect.

He does believe that he stands
a chance of winning against me.

If he wants to test that theory,
good luck.

I am the phoenix that has risen
from the ashes.

I got voted out and fought my way
back from Redemption Rock.

In a game of chess, the queen
is the most powerful position,

and I am the queen of the Brain
tribe and I'm still here fighting.

So I think that my resume really
will stack up against other people.

Flick is the biggest threat
in this game at the moment.

She's a big physical contender
to beat me

at the next few immunity challenges.

If she doesn't win immunity,
Flick will be going home.

Come on in, guys!


Hello again.
Hello again.

So, Flick, here we are, top five,
you're the last Brawn standing.

I know. (LAUGHS)

I know. It feels surreal.

It also...

It's a weird feeling because I have
got mixed emotions at the moment.

I'm in a minority
and the population is one.

And that's me.


I feel like it's imperative
that I win today.

So, Hayley, on the flipside, the rest
of you guys are original Brains.

We are, yeah.
Original Brains. Four at the end.


And, yeah, I don't know
if I would have predicted that.

We had some pretty strong
contenders in the Brawn.

I think we were
the favourites from the outset

because you've got to think
here in the outback,

you've got to know what to do,

and the four of us
have out-fought the Brawns.

Except one.
Except one.

Alright, you guys ready to get to
today's immunity challenge?

ALL: Yes.
First things first.

Thank you.

Once again,
immunity is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge,
you're gonna crawl across a pole

to retrieve a bag of sandbags

that you will then use
to knock off a series of blocks.

You will then push those blocks
along a beam to release a key

that will unlock a grappling hook.

You will then attempt to snag bags
of puzzle pieces to solve a puzzle.

GEORGE: There we go.

First person gets it right
wins immunity, safe from the vote.

Losers, tribal council,

where somebody is gonna become the
20th person voted out of this game.

Let's draw for spots.

Let's get this thing on the road.

Alright, here we go.

For immunity.

Survivors ready?


First thing you need to do is crawl
upside down along that pole

to retrieve your bag of sandbags.

Hayley whipping across.

Flick whipping across.


Flick, George,

and now Cara.

All untying their bags.

Oh, shit. Ah!


Not strong enough.

Wai falls off. She needs to go back.

How do I do this?

Everyone unpacking their sandbags.

Wai still trying to
get across that pole.

She falls off again.

Come on, Wai. You can do it.

Flick starts throwing.

Hayley starts throwing.

Cara starts.

Big hit from Flick.

She takes out at least
half of her blocks.

Hayley connects.

She has a bunch down.

Who's gonna knock off
all their blocks first?

Oh, big hit from Cara.

She takes out almost
the entire stack.

George connects again and knocks
off a huge amount of blocks.


Wai giving it another crack.



GEORGE: Hold on.

Hold on. Hold on.

No, George! George.
I'm doing it. Do it, go.

Do it. Do it.

George is gonna help Wai across,

taking time out from his blocks
to help Wai.

You made it.

Thank you.

That's the spirit. Wai's across.

She can get in on it now.


Thank you. Thank you.

HAYLEY: That was very cool, George.

Flick down to one block now.

Cara does it!
Cara has all her blocks.

She's moving on.

Good job, Cara!
Flick knocks off her last block.

Hayley connects with her final block.

She's through.

That last block taunting George.

Oh, that was...



George connects with his final block,
and he's through now.

Now you need to collect all your
blocks, take them over to the beam,

and start pushing them along
one at a time

until you knock off the key
at the end.

The trick here is to keep them moving
as straight as you can.

Once they start drifting off centre,

it's very difficult
to make corrections.

Everyone fighting for a guaranteed
spot in that final four.

Flick slowing down.

Cara getting close.

Hayley starts to pull ahead.

Getting close to that key.

Hayley is very close.

Cara working quickly,
getting close to that key.

Between Hayley and Cara now.

Who's gonna get there first?


And she loses the middle section of
her stack, opening the door for Cara.

And she does it!

Cara has her key. She's moving on.

Now you need to unlock
that grappling hook

and try and snag
those bags of puzzle pieces.


And Wai gets her final block.

She can start on the beam.

Cara tosses the hook out.

Can she hook it?

Almost. On and off for Cara.

Nice toss from Cara.

Can she make it stick this time?

And she does.

Cara has her first bag.

All she needs is one more bag
and she can move on to the puzzle.

Hayley working quickly again.

Very close to that key again.

Alright, this is not looking good.

Flick really feeling
the pressure now.

Desperate to wear that necklace


Cara tosses again.

Nice toss this time.

Can she hook it?

And she does it!

Get it all the way back.

It's looking good.

And she does it.

Cara has both her bags.

Cara can move on to the puzzle.

Cara dragging her bags
over to the board.

Hayley getting close.

One more block will do it.

And that's it. Hayley has her key.
WAI: Well done, Hayley!

Thanks, mate.

Hayley's moving on.

Unlocking her grappling hook.

Cara wants to take advantage
of all this extra time.

She knows that Hayley is on her tail.

Hayley starts tossing.

Nice first toss.

She gets it.


Hayley has the first bag.

One more bag
and she'll be in on the puzzle.

Pressure's on Cara now.

She's working quickly.

Hayley trying to get that second bag.

Can she hook it?

Come on.

And she does.

Can she get it all the way back?

It's looking good.

Hayley has her second bag.

She's in on it now.

Cara picking up the pace now.

She can feel the pressure.

She thinks she knows what it is.

She still needs to finish it.

Can Hayley catch up?

Quickly pulling all those pieces
out of her bags, wasting no time.

George getting close to his key.

George has his key.

He can unlock his grappling hook.

Go, George!
Thank you.

Flick, frustrated,
pulls off her entire stack.

She's gonna start again.

Cara puts in a piece.

And another piece for Cara.

Hayley working quickly now.

Trying to close the gap.

Another piece for Cara.

George quickly hooks his first bag.

He's in on it now.

Cara pulls out a piece.

Swaps it for something else.

Something's not right.

OK... Where does this go?

George has his second bag.

Do it now.

George has both bags now.

He's in on the puzzle!

Cara's confused.

She starts pulling pieces out.

Hayley has an opportunity here.

Cara has stalled.

George is on the puzzle board now.

Just trying to get these out
to start. Come on!

Cara, she has everything in
but something's not right.

What if you went there?

That looks good there.

That's pretty good.

It's now come down to Cara
and Hayley.

Who's gonna get there first?

Cara changing some more pieces.

Hayley switching pieces around now.

Trying something different now.

That's right. That's way better.

One more piece for Hayley.

She thinks she has it.

And she does!

GEORGE: Well done, Hayley!
Hayley wins immunity!

Oh, mate. Well done you.

Good on you, Hayley.

WAI: Oh, well done, Hayley.
Well done.
Thank you so much.

I'm just happy I got through.

Hayley, come on over.

Congrats, Hayley.

Good job, Hayley!

Great comeback.


Immunity is yours.
You are safe tonight.

Cannot be voted out.

Guaranteed a one in four shot

at winning this game.

No pressure.

As for the rest of you, tribal
council tonight where one of you

will become the seventh member
of our jury.

Well done.

Head back to camp.
I'll see you guys tonight.

Lead the way, Queen.

FLICK: So, I lost.

But I have got
a hidden immunity idol.

It's gonna guarantee me
a spot in the final four.

I am looking forward
to tonight's tribal.

It'll be the looks on their faces,
it'll be the realisation of,

"Oh, my God, one of us
is finally going home,"

and I'm breaking up that
strong four, which is good news.

It's time to take down the Brains.

Today, I just won immunity!

This necklace could not have come
at a better time.

This is the last chance
to use immunity idols tonight.

That means I'm definitely
going to be in the top four.

Well done, Queen Hayley. Super work.
Thank you.

Queen Hayley has won
the immunity necklace,

and that's fantastic for my game,

because the only mission

that needed to be successful
at today's immunity challenge

was to stop Flick from winning.

You deserve it, Hayley.

You're very good at these
all-rounder challenges.

My plan is quite simple
for tonight's tribal council.

The alliance of four -
Hayley, myself, Cara and Wai -

we're all voting for Flick.

Ooh, instantly.
Now we're cooking.

Flick's going home
at tonight's tribal council.

There's no doubt in my mind.

It's crucial that we don't falter
now, so close to the end.

This alliance of four has been
working really, really well,

and I've got to make sure
that nobody drops the ball.

You should be looking for an idol.

Because obviously the votes
are coming on you tonight.

Oh, yeah.

I'm not the kind of person that

looks the person who's the target
in the eye

and says there's a different plan.

Yeah, love that. Thanks for that.

I do wish you luck in your hunt.
Thank you.

Your one vote
might punch someone out tonight.

Oh, I doubt it. Seriously.

I, um... I need to get looking, so...

So, good luck.

George has told me
that it's me that's going home.

I have no doubt
they'll be coming for me.

They've been coming for me
for, like, the last three tribals.

I'm in a minority of one.

But I have got
a hidden immunity idol,

which no-one knows about.

So, I'm gonna use it tonight.

It's going to take me to final four,

and hopefully it's going to be
a big move in sending George home.

George is a massive threat.

He's played amazing strategic game,

and if he is to make that final two,
I have no doubt -

he has such a great way with words,
he's a politician -

he is going to have
the most amazing pitch.

He will convince the jury
that he should win.

So, I have to act now.

After I play my idol tonight,
and send one of them home,

I want to be the best.

I want to be up against the best,
knowing that I've made final two.

But I need to break up the alliance
of the Brains to achieve my goal

to make it that far.

To know I've made it this far now
is pretty amazing.

I didn't know how I would go
coming into Survivor,

but I have played
an incredible social game

and I've built great foundations
and connections with people.

Naturally and authentically.

And that's why I'm here.

I'm proud of everything
that I've done

and knowing that I've drawn on
some serious mental strength

to get me through one of
the hardest times in my life.

I'm doing it for my family
and I'm doing it for my mum,

so that's the reason
why I'm not going to give up

and I'm just going to keep pushing.

And I'm going to play
my idol tonight

and then I'm going to win
individual immunity after that.

I see Flick across the billabong
and my instinct is telling me,

"Hold on. Something isn't right.

"Why is Flick not searching for
that hidden immunity idol?"

And that does make me nervous.

The one thing that being out here
has taught me

is always back your first instinct.

If Flick has an idol,

I need to spring into life
and come up with a plan B again.

I need to talk to Cara.

I have a plan for tonight
that I need to tell you about.

'Cause it only involves me and you.

What are we doing?


I'm not gonna risk
either of us going home...

..on one vote from
a hidden immunity idol.

Oh, OK.

So, I'm voting for Wai tonight.

I need you to vote for Wai tonight.

I'll be a split
between Wai and Flick.

If she doesn't have an idol,
then we go back and vote for Flick.


So, I'm voting for Wai tonight.

I need you to vote for Wai tonight.

I'll be a split
between Wai and Flick.

If she doesn't have an idol,

then we go back
and vote for Flick.


If she does play the idol,
Wai goes home rather than me or you.

She's not gonna have an idol.
She might.

I don't want to risk it.

My Spidey sense is saying
that Flick has an idol.

I'm not taking the risk
that Flick plays her idol

and her one single vote
gets rid of me or Cara.

And there's a simple way
to stop that -

if Cara I split our votes
and put two votes on Wai.

It saves me and you.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.

And then we get Flick out.

And then Wai starts to...
Flick or Wai goes.

If Flick plays an idol,
Wai goes home.

If Flick doesn't play an idol,

then Cara, myself and Hayley
will decide who goes

between Flick and Wai.

We want Flick to stay?

I know, but Flick can stay if she
just pulls out the idol, Cara.

Flick doesn't have an idol.

You don't wanna risk it.

I trust George. He's proven
himself time and time again.

But the reality is the simpler
we can keep the vote,

the better it is.

We've been four Brains strong.
So, I am worried.

This is gonna freak Wai out.
Does it matter?

But if she gets freaked out,
she's going home next.

Are you gonna fill Hayley in
on this one?

I don't think I need to, because
the plan involves a vote split.


I'll fill Hayley in
at tribal council

when she looks at me surprised
and go, "It's still Flick"

George doesn't want to tell Hayley,

but the reality is
I don't want to blindside people,

because when people
are under the pump,

they just might make
an emotional decision.

What's the benefit
of telling Hayley?

She would say, "Don't do it."
She could start getting distrustful.

So, then we get two-two at the end.

And then what?

Me, you and Hayley
vote in the revote,

and we stick with Flick.

It's just a safe way of doing it.

I understand the plan.

I'm just worried about
the relationship.

It's my plan again.
Yeah, but I have to go along with it.


OK, let me just think about this.

I do...I do want to do the plan,

but I would like to tell Hayley
about it.

I want to maintain
my trust with Hayley,

and so I want to let her in
on this plan.

I don't want to spook her and Wai.

This is the hard thing
between you and I,

'cause I'm a trust player
and you're... obviously
have all these strategies.

It's just... It guarantees me
and you top four, Cara.

Mm-hm. Yeah. Yeah. I know that.

With you on board...
I think I'm on board.

I just... It's just the Hayley part.

What I'm weighing up in my mind
is how to work with George

because he can feel like
a loose cannon sometimes.

But also Hayley and Wai
have a solid alliance.

So, if I don't tell Hayley,
I could be in trouble.

It's either we're doing it
or not doing it.

Whichever way I vote
is gonna be a risk.

It's all good.

Once again, King George is calling
the shots on the Fire tribe.

I always have a plan
and I'm a fixer.

I fix things.

And I'm going to fix one outcome

at tonight's tribal council.

George is not going home.

I have to convince everyone that,
you know, I'm struggling right now.

I don't have an idol.

I'm searching for idols.

I'm trying to, you know,
talk strat with everyone.

The person I've probably spent
the most time on is Hayley.

And I still somehow feel like
because we're both physical threats,

maybe there's a crack there
that I can exploit.

But also, you can't go in
with one plan,

because something could happen
in the blink of an eye

and you have to be flexible,
you have to be ready.

I can be a number for you and Wai
to take down George.


My understanding is, like,

I had a conversation with Wai
earlier this morning

that I feel like, "OK, I get
knocked off tonight, I'm the target."

And there's four.
Then there's four. And you'll be...

I feel like you're the next target.
Do you reckon?

Yes. You're the biggest
physical threat.

You're the only one that's going
to beat them in that final endurance.

Like, I honestly feel like
they're going to pick you off next.

How do you see yourselves
going forward as a four?

What's gonna happen?
You're gonna come to a standstill.

Like, you don't want to break
from Wai, and that's fair enough.

And George isn't gonna want to
break from Cara.

Like, what's going to happen?
I know, I know.

The Brains alliance of four

has stayed strong
for a lot of votes.

It has to break at some point,

and I think that will be
at the next vote.

So, I am a bit worried
about what will happen.

I have thought about this,

that, like, this could be a point
to do that.

Well, can we work together now?

I was really hoping to come back
and have a chat to Wai

and just see what she was thinking,

but it would have to be something
that she would want to do as well.

I am willing to be as cutthroat
as I need to be

at this stage of the game

to vote out any alliance member
that I need to

to make sure I'm the Sole Survivor,

because I expect they would do
the same for me.

I will...I will definitely
have that conversation.

If you do, let me know.
Yeah, absolutely. Yeah.

I want to talk to Wai first,

because Wai and I have been working
together for a lot of this game.

If Wai wanted to do this,
I would think about it.

WAI: Now is a critical time
to make a move.

But because George helped me today
in the challenge,

I actually do feel like I owe him.

But he has played
such an amazing game

and is a huge strategic threat,

and to not vote him out
would be silly

at this point in the game.

It's a big decision to me,
knowing I have this much control.

And, yeah, it's exciting,
but also terrifying

because I don't want to
make a mistake.

HAYLEY: George is a massive threat.

So, tonight, I have to decide,
"Do I want to go against George,

"whose strategy has been incredible,

"or do I stick with my alliance
and vote out Flick?"

GEORGE: I'm going to make it
very clear tonight

that I make the decisions.

I rule this kingdom
and I know what's best.

And what's best is that I continue
by getting rid of Flick or Wai.

I have been close to George
from the start,

and I know he has my back,

but he does complicate things
and overthink them

and I'm usually the cool water
underneath his fire.

So, sometimes,
I just need to calm him down.

I really don't think
she has an idol.

FLICK: I really don't think
they see it coming

that I'm going to have this idol.

And tonight, I'm so excited that
one of those four is going home

and they don't even know it!

Tonight could possibly be the time

that King George of Bankstown
actually goes down.

I hope to God we can pull this off.

as they unpack the week that was

on Australian Survivor:
Brains vs Brawn,

on 10 play.

CARA: Good evening.

GEORGE: Hello.

We'll now bring in the members
of our jury -

Baden, Gerald,

Laura, Emmett, Andrew

and Dani...


..voted out last tribal council.


You guys look great.

So, Hayley, here you are again.

third time this season
wearing that necklace.

It's got to feel pretty good
at this late stage of the game.

Yeah, it feels especially good

when we only have five people
left in the game.

It's getting scarier
every time we come here

and we're getting closer to the end,

so we're all starting to hope
a little bit.

So, it feels nice
to have the safety tonight.

What about you, Wai?

What did you make of George
leaving his lane to come help you?

It was a really, really...

Um, I wasn't expecting it, but
it was really, really lovely to see,

and I think he's a lovely person.

And I think it's a side of George
that we haven't seen

as often as I think he would
typically be in real life.

Wow, that was big praise from Wai.

George, why did you leave
your position in the challenge today

and go back and help Wai?

I...I could hear Wai struggling

and I just wasn't gonna
literally leave her hanging there.

And it took 30 seconds of my time
to give my friend a helping hand.

And, um, I...I think
I did the right thing.

So, Flick...

..Hayley pulled out
another win today.

Left you vulnerable again tonight.

I'm most definitely vulnerable.

I think, out of everyone here,
I definitely needed it the most,

especially to survive tonight.


So, I mean, it's pretty devastating
not to win today.

So, George, is there anything
that Flick can say to save herself?

I'm...I'm a straight shooter,

and I told Flick

that I don't see her
making it to Day 45, essentially.


Just very encouraging words.

It's hard to hear that, right?

Oh, definitely, but, I mean,

this is something I've been
playing over in my brain all day.

Like, unless someone's
gonna change their mind,

which...stranger things
have happened,

uh...I just don't like my chances.

So, Haley, if it is Flick tonight,

it's inevitable that you four have to
turn on each other, the next tribal.

Mm-hm. That's true. Yeah.

Yeah, it is inevitable. Um...

(LAUGHS) Yeah.

And, you know, that's why
this is a precarious situation,

because you have four people

that will have to
turn on each other

and it is a good position
if someone is willing to crack.


Yeah, but you just have to find
that right crack.


And I've tried all the cracks.


So, Flick, let me ask you this.

When these guys do fracture,
and they will...


..where do you see
the split happening?

Possibly, there might be
a girls' alliance form.

And they might turn on George.

In other news, possibly...

..I think Hayley might want to sit
next to George at the end, maybe.

But I-I don't know,
because they have stuck so strong

and haven't really shown
any weakness -

all four of them together.


God, like, when I go tonight,
it's, uh...

..and I'm sitting over there
on the next tribal,

it's gonna be interesting.

Honestly, I...

I look forward to watching that.

You might have an idol.

So, George...

..could Flick be a number
for a pre-emptive strike tonight?

I think, unfortunately for the
position that Flick's in tonight,

it's not of a benefit to me
at this point in time.

So, what about you, Wai?

Have you considered using Flick
as a free agent?

I've been thinking about
these numbers

and now is, like,
a pretty important time.

And it does scare me a little bit
about what we're gonna do next,

where we have to turn on each other.

And I think that,
yes, tonight is an opportunity.

However, if you don't
do it correctly,

you could put your own head
on the chopping block.

So, George, do you agree with Wai

that if you don't
time your move correctly,

it could be you going home?

Timing is everything,

but we have to get to
that final stage of the race,

and that's when we can break apart
and say, "Game on."

So, Flick... doesn't sound like
it's good for you tonight.


So, what do you think will happen
to this tribe tomorrow,

after tonight's vote?

It's just a ticking time bomb,
really, isn't it?

It's gonna be pretty explosive,
I think, when it does happen,

because, um, Cara and George have
worked together for quite a while

and so have Hayley and Wai.

So, when a person actually does
make that decision

to turn on their pair,

it's,'s probably not
gonna be that pretty.

So, Hayley, there aren't
many more tribals left.


How important is tonight's vote
in your march to the final two?

Tonight's vote is very important,

as in if you make
the wrong choice tonight,

then you could be
ruining your endgame

and you could be the next one
going home.

It's crucial that the vote tonight

is in the best interest
for each individual person.

And that is complicated

because, for someone, it won't be.

I think tonight
is the night to be risk-averse.

You can't be scared of making
a decision here in Survivor

and I'm not scared of
making tonight's one.

Alright. Well, on that note,
I think we should vote.

On that note, I think we should vote.

Flick, you're up.

If I play my idol
and everyone does vote for me,

hopefully you do go home.

I do have a plan B tonight,
and it's you, Wai.

I'll go count the votes.

If anyone has
a hidden immunity idol...

..and they want to play it,

now would be the time to do so.

I might play
my hidden immunity idol.

Oh, my gosh!

Oh, that's so...


Maybe next time, huh?

Oh, that's so good.

I assume you're playing this
for yourself.

I'm playing it for myself. Yes.

Yeah. Do that.

This is a hidden immunity idol,

and any votes cast for Flick
will not count.

I'll read the votes.

First vote - Flick.

Does not count.

Flick - does not count.

George. That's one vote George.


One vote George, one vote Wai.

One vote left.

20th person voted out of

Australian Survivor: Brains vs Brawn,

and seventh member of our jury...


Oh, thanks so much, guys!
GEORGE: You are a champion.

Aww! Flick...

You have been absolutely wonderful

and I thank single one of you
for everything.

So, thank you.




Thank you.

I'm so proud of you.
Thank you.

GEORGE: You're a champion, Wai.

Oh! There you go. Oh!

Wai, the tribe has spoken.

Thank you. Thanks so much.

GEORGE: See you very soon.

What a legend.

Can't wait to hear the story.


Well, there are four of you left,
but not the four you expected.

So, with four days to go,
this game is now wide open.

Grab your torches, head back to camp.


Tomorrow night

on Australian Survivor...

..they've been there for each other
through thick and thin.

CARA: Our bond has been one of the
strongest Survivor has ever seen.

But that's about to come to an end... the biggest betrayal
in Survivor history.

Which member of the game's
greatest power couple...

No. Don't vote me out next, George.

..will send the other home?

This decision is so hard for me.

WAI: Oh, my God.
That was the most epic blindside.

At this pointy stage in the game,

this is definitely
gonna shake things up.

So, who knows which one of them
is going to be the next one out?

I'll be a little sad tomorrow

knowing that, you know,
I'm not in anymore,

but I'm proud of myself, really.

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