Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 6, Episode 18 - Episode #6.18 - full transcript

George and Cara have stuck by each other through thick and thin, however, when the rest of the Tribe realize, will the King and Queen of Survivor's reign be over?

me. We are off to Survivor right

me. We are off to Survivor right
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on Australian Survivor...

It was an emotional camp with
the news of Flick's mum's passing.

But with her family's blessing,
she made the tough decision to stay.

I'm gonna keep pushing on
for my mum.

And I'm gonna do her proud.

At the immunity challenge...

Come on, survivors! Push it!

..they all dug deep.


Andrew won the necklace...

Alpha male.

..and Wai, Dani, Laura and Cara
were up for elimination.

What a challenge, eh?

Back at camp, the only name being
floated around was Cara.

When I hear Laura and Hayley agree

that the vote's going on Cara

my stomach's starting to churn.

But George was holding the key
that could save her.

"This is a key to an immunity
idol hidden at tribal council."

Once again, I have all the power.

At tribal council, not even Cara
knew about George's secret idol.

You'll survive one more day.

And to the entire tribe's shock...

This is a hidden immunity idol.

Any votes for Cara will not count.



It was Cara's vote that held
all the power.


The tribe has spoken.

Eight are left.
Who will be going home tonight?

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Oh, wow.

What...what a night, man.

What's going on?


CARA: Last night's tribal
was insane.

I should have gone home
but I'm still standing

like the phoenix rising from the
ashes and I can't believe it.

Yeah, it's funny how quickly you can
go from like really...

GEORGE: Feeling like shit
to feeling fabulous.

Everyone voted for me
unanimously at tribal.

Except me.

I voted for Laura,
and that one vote,

so much power in that one vote,
sent Laura home.

And it was all because of George,

Glad you're here, Cara.

Watch your head.
I know.

I don't need to get concussed again.

Maybe that's why
I played my idol for you.

You played your idol so we can...

..we can take each other along
a bit further.

He found, prior to tribal,
a hidden secret immunity idol

that goes into the urn
and he wrote my name on it.

Now here we are.

I know...
Two new covert agents...

He told me he'd had a plan and I
knew he had my back and it paid off.

That's what my husband calls me.

It's funny that it comes
a full circle.

I saved George, George saves me

and we're still both here
to fight another day.

What do you mean no?

as in that the actual key that...

That was the key.

I played my secret immunity idol
for Cara for one simple reason.

I know what gives you strength
here in Survivor.

And it's when you have a trusted ally

that is willing to sacrifice
their game for yours.

Cara did that for me
and I've done that for her.

And moving forward,
that's all that I need.

I need Cara to claim this move.

I can't risk the Brains alliance,
Andrew, Wai and Hayley,

knowing that I played the idol.

Let's just go to camp.

Because if the Brains turn on me
and Cara right now,

our collective gooses are cooked.

DANI: Cara,
did you find the hidden immunity?

Show us away.

My hands are kept clean

and I have no damage with
the other Brains on the tribe.

Oh, there's a keyhole.

Right. Sick.

Yeah. Pretty cool, huh?

Well, I'm happy for you, Cara.

I'm happy for everyone
to think it was me

because frankly it protects him
a little bit more.

He protected me, I protected him.

We keep doing this little
dance of protection,

which is protection for all.

I found a key.

Tribal council did not go to plan
last night.

Everyone wanted to see Cara leave.

Ah, but instead someone played
a hidden immunity idol to save Cara.

It's a bloody good thing to find,
isn't it?

Cara has tried to claim
the moves as her own.

I don't think that's
the whole picture.


There's a lot of social and
strategy play which is happening

at the moment.

If George is in the Brains crew,
I might have to flip sides.

This could break up the Brains.

The unfolding of an alliance.

HAYLEY: I would really like to hear
what you think,

Andrew, about what actually
happened last night.

I'll hear from you guys first.

It seems George played that
for Cara.

I am pretty shocked about
what happened last night.

Somebody has played an idol.

I'm thinking maybe something's up.

I know.

That's... 100%.

Coming into this game, I've always
had this ability to survive.

That's what I do.

Now, I need to use my ability
and my skill set to evolve and adapt.

This is definitely
a predator-prey game.

And I need to remain a predator.

When there's a potential prey,
I need to fire back.

GEORGE: Two more bottles here.

Oh, thank you very much. Thanks.

Who played that idol last night?

Cara played that idol last night.

Mmm. Nah.

I don't know.

It was, Andrew.

Based on a number of things that...

..I could see in terms of her
personality, her energy, her...

..the way she carried herself
to and from that voting thing,

I can almost say with 100% confidence

that she did not play that idol
for herself, George.

Well, I think she did.

I think not.


You're allowed to think that.

Well, I'm dying of thirst.

I came to fill up water.

OK. Here you go, mate.


I don't believe them.

I know it was a sinister plan by him.

I just don't trust George.

I want him out.

I have lived my life, you know,
catching snakes in the wild

and George is the biggest
snake in the game.

Actually gonna scull the water.

I woke up with a very,
very dry mouth today.

It's done.

Let's head back, then. (LAUGHS)

do you mind if us four just, um...

..respectfully have a chat together?

Out of respect, please?

Is that OK?

What's the issue with me being here?

I just...I just would like to talk
to these four individuals alone.

There is something private which
I would like to discuss with them.



OK, Andrew.

That is honestly the most
blatant lying.

It was George.

It seems clear to me that...

I hadn't realised I think they've
been working just the two of them

the whole time.
Of course they have.

From day one.

And the whole plan has been
pit Brain against Brawn...

Yep. Yep. Yes.
..and be the swing vote
that is essential so no-one... you never look at them.
Yep. I figured that out yesterday.

Every single vote since merge
has been George and Cara.


We've just been played
the last five tribal councils.

We've really got to
talk about a plan.

Both of them are, in my opinion,
they're gone.

Obviously George,
that sneaky little cockroach,

was involved in this mastermind plan
to save his freakin' cat ally.

But Laura going home was actually
a good thing

because Andrew and Laura were tight

and now he wants blood
for Cara and George.

I think that we come together, we've
also got to bring Wai into this.

And Dani.
And Dani.

FLICK: Yep. They'll be keen to vote.

Andrew is infuriated.

He wants revenge.

He wants to find anyone who is keen

to help him get rid
of George and Cara,

and me and Flick,
we're happy to go and help him out.

Why not?

They've burned both of us.

Yeah. They keep going back
and forth between the two.

And they've relied on us pitting
Brain against Brawn and we cannot...

We have to...
No, I agree. I agree.

So I've spent the last few days
trying to get Andrew and Hayley

to want to work with us,

and now George has totally blown up
the Brains' game plan.

No, I think it is too.

He's taken down two of my best mates

Let's go get him.

He's the cockroach in this place.

Just chasing him around the kitchen.

And once we all come together
to get rid of George and Cara,

all the old Brains are on my side
and I'm back in the majority.

And I couldn't be happier.

Reach across the aisle...

I would like to just say that
I would like to apologise...

Yeah, same.


Come on in, guys!

You guys ready to get to today's
reward challenge?

ALL: Yes!

For today's challenge, with one hand
you are gonna steady

a balancing board

while simultaneously building
a house of cards with the other hand.

First person to build
a house of cards high enough

to reach the finish mark wins reward.

Want to know what you're playing for?

I think you're gonna
like this one today.

Come on in!


It's a car!

You're kidding!


Oh, baby.
I'm taking you home today.

Top of the range Isuzu D-MAX.


Now, I know that's worth playing for.


Alright, let's draw for spots.

Let's get to it.

Wow. OK. That's early.

Alright. Here we go.

For a very sexy reward.

Survivors ready.


All you need to do is get a card
high enough to break the plane

of that red finish mark
and that D-MAX is yours.

That is a very sweet ride.

Fully loaded,
all the bells and whistles,

including a very powerful
3 litre turbodiesel.

Andrew off to a quick start.

A number of different approaches
emerging here.

Everyone's got a different strategy
how to put this together.

Wai just stacking them on their face.

Flick working a triangular structure.

Completely different
from everyone else.

FLICK: Always.

Hayley, slow and steady.

Dani quickly stacking her cards.

Emmett is right there.

What's the best approach?

Make sure your house of cards is
strong enough to reach that mark.

Andrew has an early lead
working quickly.

Definitely a learning curve
to this challenge.

George drops.

He needs to start over.

Every time you reach for a block,
you need to keep your base stable.

It's difficult to keep that
board stable

because it kind of moves in opposite
direction to your handle.

It's harder than it looks.

Andrew loses everything.

He needs to start over.

Dani in the lead now.

Emmett chasing her.

Her house is looking a little wobbly.

And she loses it.

Now Emmett's back in the lead.

Hayley chasing Emmett now.

That's how quickly this
challenge can change.

Wai, slow and steady,
stacking her cards face down.

But will she have enough
to reach the mark?

WAI: Oh, shoot!

And Wai loses her stack.

Emmett loses everything.

He needs to start over.

Dani quickly rebuilding.

Takes back the lead.

Flick not far behind.

Hayley on her tail.

George trying to get back in it.

Wind is kicking up.

That's gonna be a factor today.

Dani and Hayley and Flick,
neck and neck.

Dani really taking her time.

Andrew working quickly,
loses a couple of blocks.

Hayley putting the pressure on.

Flick dumps.
She's gonna have to start over.

Dani getting very close.

Everyone else hoping that
she'll make a mistake.

And she does!

So close to the mark.
She loses everything!

Opening the door for Hayley
and Andrew now.

Emmett loses everything.

He's gonna have to start over.

Andrew loses everything.

Now Hayley's back in the lead.

Dani working quickly now
trying to get back in it.

Hayley has run out of her blocks, now
not quite sure what she's gonna do.

Risky move.

She's gonna step off,
try and pick some up.


And she loses everything.

We almost have a level
playing field again.


And the wind kicking up now.

Emmett now in the lead.

Flick right behind.

Cara also there.

And Emmett seems to have found
a rhythm, starts to pull away.

Flick still on his tail.

Cara also.

Emmett would love to drive
out of here in a D-MAX.

Zen master at work.

Slowly but surely
working his way to that mark.

Hayley working quickly now.

Dani's caught up now.

It is gonna be close.

We are card for card at this stage.


Emmett loses everything,

opening the door for Dani.

She's trying to keep it stable.


Hayley loses everything.

The wind is a handbrake
in this challenge.

Dani has a huge lead.

She's been exactly in this
position before.

Hasn't quite made it.

Dani is getting close.

She just needs to break that mark.

And that D-MAX is hers.

Three, two, one.

And that's it!

Dani wins the D-MAX!

WAI: Well done. All good.

Dani, come on over.
FLICK: Yeah, girl!

Yeah, Dani!

How does it feel?

I am actually speechless.

I drive a beat up old Pathfinder
back at home

with the paint peeling off, so...

This is amazing.

Yeah, I'm feeling speechless.
I don't know what to say.

Well, you're not gonna be driving
that anymore, 'cause congratulations,

you are now the proud owner
of a brand-new Isuzu D-MAX.

Of course you're gonna want
to take it for a spin.


So in a moment you're gonna take it
out for a celebratory picnic.

No way.
Yes way.

But, picnic's no fun with one person,

so you can choose three people
to help you celebrate.

Flick, come here, babe.
Come on, Flick.

You didn't even have to
think about that.
WAI: Awesome.

Oh, my God!
Get in my car!


Emmett, get in.


You bloody beauty!

One more.


Damn, I'm gonna have to go
two boys, two girls.

Andy, come on down.

Oh, there you go.

Let's go!

Alright. Dani, Flick, Emmett, Andrew,
get in the D-MAX.

Head on out.

WAI: Have fun, guys!

And enjoy that picnic.
FLICK: Oh, my goodness. Wow.


Alright, Hayley, Wai, George, Cara.

Got nothing for you.
Grab your gear, head back to camp.

GEORGE: By Dani taking Andrew
confirms what I suspected.

I got rid of Laura and now Andrew
is working with the Brawns.

This is dangerous for me.

If Andrew and Emmett take control of
this tribe, it's bad for everybody.

And this is my chance to let
Hayley and Wai know that.


Hey, Dani!

Dani just won a new car!

Guys, I cannot believe. This is
my absolute dream car, seriously.

Jumping in the Isuzu D-MAX...

Oh, that thing is beautiful inside.

The leather, oh, it is amazing.

I've never had a car
that has a push start.

Stick it in four-wheel-drive.


This has been the biggest reward.

You're sleeping in the dirt,
you're eating rice,

and now I've just won
a brand-new D-MAX.

Dani D-MAX.
Dani D-MAX!

That's your new nickname.

I can't even explain
how excited I am.

I am still in shock.

It's pretty funny because the three
of you have actually previously

voted me out.

And look at you now!

I'm not sure if I'm just rubbing
it in your face or whether I'm...

No, I am genuinely stoked
and I'm glad I picked you guys.

I think you guys are all massive
contenders and awesome game players

and I actually admire the way
you play the game.

Thanks, Dani.
And... Yeah.

I can't wait to share this
experience with you.

This is about building that trust

and sharing those moments
with your tribe.

Introducing Dallas the D-MAX.

ALL: Whoo-hoo!

He's all mine.

Let's go celebrate, hey?

What have we got?

Oh, wow. Wow!

Oh, we've got wraps, sandwiches.

How good is this?

Thank you so much, Dani.

You guys are so welcome.

To Dani, winning the car, mate!

Cheers, Dallas.

Oh! Oh, my God.

Taste of heaven there, eh?


Today I decided to bring Andrew
along with me

because I want to pull a Brain
over to the dark side

to get rid of George.

I love how the game also shapes

and creates alliances
without the people doing it.


So like, certain rewards
can bring people together.

Certain immunities or...

That's it. That's exactly it.
That's exactly it.


Last night it was just...
There was a saturation point.

It was quite a silly move
for someone who is so smart.

I don't know,
it's to his own detriment anyway.

Good for us.





This is great for us.

We've got Andrew jumping on board
for the George vote.


Old King George, it's time to go.

WAI: No car for us, but you know,
I'm very excited for Dani.

I think...

GEORGE: Who needs a top of the range
Isuzu D-MAX anyway

when you can just eat more rice?

As disappointed as I was
not to be at reward right now,

when one door closes,
another one opens.

Dani's left me in camp
with Hayley, Wai and Cara.

I'm very happy.

It's the best possible thing
that could happen.

This is a golden opportunity for me
to get Hayley and Wai on board.

I've been working with Hayley
and Andrew and Wai

to get the Brains this far
in the game.

But now Andrew's out.

And if he's out, it's only the four
of us that can work together,

and nobody else.




All you need in Survivor is trust
and information.

So I'm gonna extend an olive branch.

I want them to know
that I look after my people.

And the way that I looked after
Cara, I am gonna look after them.

Just so you know,
I found a key near the well.

It unlocked that secret immunity
idol at tribal council.

At the last minute
I decided to play it for Cara.

And I could have been greedy
and been interpreted as a villain

or I could return the favour,
Cara did a good deed for me,

I do a good deed for her.

Given how Andrew reacted
in the morning, I just denied it.

What a surprise.

George has just admitted that
he did play the idol for Cara,

which of course he did.

But he blew his whole game up.

And now George looks panicked.

They've both made themselves

and I need to use it
to my advantage.

If this is the top four,
I'll be popping champagne corks.

Yep, yep.

Yeah, I think there's, you know,
there's a lot for us

to all think about.

There are eight people
left in this game

and we need to start thinking about
the best way to get to the end.

And for me, the best way
is to play double agent.

I need both alliances to think that
I am totally with them.


If you two go into spy mode,
all we need to do

is know where we're voting tomorrow
and then we're the top four.

In terms of physicality, it goes
Emmett, Andrew, Flick, Dani.

George wants to take out Emmett.

Information is power.

And I have all the information.

So I decide what happens.

Well, you're the King and the Queen.
Isn't that how it works?


Come on in, guys!

ANDREW: Torture.
DANI: Yeah.

More of it.

Alright, shall we get to
today's immunity challenge?

ALL: Yeah.

Yep. It's all yours.

Thank you, sir.
No worries.

Once again,
immunity is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge, you are going
to stand on very narrow footholds,

while holding a rope
to steady yourself.

At regular intervals, you'll move
further down to smaller footholds,

making it more difficult.

If, at any point,
you fall or step off,

you're out of the challenge.

Last person standing wins immunity,
safe from the vote.

Losers, tribal council,

where somebody is going to become the
17th person voted out of this game.

Alright, let's get to it.

Come on!

FLICK: Back onto
the pain train again, eh?

CARA: Good luck, everybody.

Alright, everyone,
take your positions.

WAI: Oh, God. Oh, God.

Everyone's in position?

For immunity,
this challenge is now on.

This challenge is designed to test
both physical and mental endurance.

Nothing comfortable
about that position.

Those pedestals are going to start
grinding into the soles of your feet.

That discomfort
soon is going to turn into pain.

Mine's there.

At some point, this challenge
will become soul-destroying.



George, not happy.


Alright, help me down, please.

Really? Just like that?

I feel like I'm gonna fall.

I can't get down. It's too high.

Alright, then.

Four minutes in, no shot at immunity.

Completely vulnerable
at tribal council tonight.

That's not a good position to be in.

I feel like this ankle
wants to snap in that way.

Dani shuffling around,
looking for a comfortable spot.

JLP, can I have a piggyback?

You... What?
You saying you're out?

Wow, another one.

Dani's decided she wants out.

How do you even get down?

That's it.
That's it.

No shot at immunity. Wow.

GEORGE: Join us, Dani.



Yeah. I trust...
Yeah, I reckon. Let's do that.

Because no-one wants to
be in the pain.

WAI: Oh, jeez. Don't look down.
Don't look down.

Who can push through that pain
the longest?

It's no fun and there is no relief.

Just sheer willpower.

I'm thinking I might drop.

I'm quite terrified.

HAYLEY: It'll be fine.
It'll be totally fine.

I'm done. Alright.

No. I'm coming down.

Yeah, I'm coming down.
You're out?

I'm out.

How do I come down?
HAYLEY: Lean on the bicep.

I got you. Take those steps down.

Down steps. Oh!

Good luck, guys.

GEORGE: Join us in the, uh...
the spectators lounge, Wai.

I'm done.
Great corporate box.

DANI: Good work, Wai.
Just have a...just have a break.
Well done.

This challenge has been on
for 30 minutes.

We're down to five.

Hayley, Cara, Emmett,
Andrew and Flick.

Alright, now that you guys
are all warmed up,

we're gonna move on to the next rung,

and I'm gonna count you in.

This is a live transition,

so if you fall off, step off,

you're out of the challenge.


On three, two, one...

Everyone now down to
the second footholds,

which is about half the width.

Does that foothold
feel any different?


Have you thought about tonight
or not really?

Um, in terms of?

In terms of
if Andrew or Emmett are available.

I think it's just
whatever happens here,

we'll make a...
we'll make a decision, right?

I know.

45 minutes in.

We still have five on deck.

Flick, Hayley, Emmett,

Andrew and Cara.

CARA: Quite sore.

Lots of movement from Cara now.

Trying to find something comfortable.

But I'm still battling.
HAYLEY: Go, girl.

Huge effort, Cara.

You guys have been at this
for one hour.

HAYLEY: Oh, my feet
are getting sore now.

I'm gonna count you guys in,
then we're going to move on...

Here we go. the final footholds.


My feet are really starting to...
HAYLEY: Are they?

Just do whatever
you think you can do.

This one's gonna hurt now.

OK, here we go.

On five...

..four, three, two and one.

Now we've turned it up to 11.

CARA: Guys, I think I'm gonna drop.

Think I'm gonna do it.

GEORGE: Good on you, Cara.

Come on down, join us here.


Yay, Cara.

After one hour,
Cara has decided she's had enough.

GEORGE: Huge effort, Cara.

Join us, Cara.

DANI: Join us.

One hour and we still have four left.

Andrew chose to take his hand
off the rope.

Loses his balance.

After an hour and 15 minutes,

Andrew is out of the challenge -

no shot at immunity.

I reckon we should
take our hands off.

How do reckon you'd be
able to balance without the rope,


'Cause, honestly, Hayley,
I reckon...

I reckon you've got it in you.
..I could be here for hours.

And you could be here
for hours, too.

What's to not stop you
just grabbing the rope again?

Well, it's only our word.
FLICK: Yeah, but we trust you
for that.

I'm not gonna grab the rope.
If I fall, I fall.


The final three have decided
to take it into their own hands.

Alright, so, you both ready?


Hang on a sec.

You just let us know when.

Three, two, one...

Taking their hands off.

Little wobble from Emmett.

WAI: Whoa. Well done, guys.
It was his idea.

He's looking a little wonky.

Flick, Hayley, looking solid.

Wind's picking up,
getting in on the action.

Emmett... out of the challenge.

CARA: Well done, Emmett.
Good job, guys.

We now have a showdown
between Hayley and Flick.

DANI: Flicky, I believe in you.

For the first time this season,

a girl is gonna
be wearing that necklace.

WAI: Oh, yeah, I like that.
ANDREW: Good job, Emmett.

Being a surfer...
CARA: Well done.

That was really inspirational.

Flick shifting her weight, trying
to find something comfortable.

Almost overbalances.

Nice save.

Hayley, locked into one position.

Flick quivering...

And out of nowhere, Flick falls.

Haley wins individual immunity!

Oh, well done!

CARA: You guys are inspirational.

Hayley, come on over.



First individual immunity win.

Safe at tribal council,
cannot be voted out.

Guaranteed a one-in-seven shot
at winning this game.

As for the rest of you,
tribal council tonight,

where one of you will become
the fourth member of our jury.

Well done.

You've given me goose bumps.

Grab your gear, head back to camp.

We'll see you guys tonight.

HAYLEY: Right now, I'm playing
in the middle of two alliances

and having the immunity necklace
around your neck

makes you more powerful.

There are some clear threats
in this game.

And this could be the perfect
opportunity to make a big move.



Whoo! Whoo! Whoo! Whoo!

For today's immunity challenge,
it came down to myself,

Flick, Andrew and Hayley.

And we decided that we didn't want to
stand around for six hours

on those painful
little pieces of wood,

so why not spice it up
a little bit?

Take your hand off the rope,

and ultimately Hayley took out
individual immunity today.

You did great.

You looked so solid
when you were balancing.

Yeah, I was kind of waiting.

I was, like, maybe you guys
are, like, faking it out

and you're about to, like,
fall off, but you're like,

"Nah, you're gonna win."

While I was out there standing
on a tiny, little bit of wood,

I realised that I've got a solid
team of four, we got this.

I could have been out there all day

but I believed there was a chance
for us to forge an alliance

and an opportunity to show
Hayley our loyalty,

and now we can get rid of
George and Cara.

George is the self-proclaimed
cockroach of Bankstown.

You just can't kill him,
you can't get rid of him.

He's creeping around,
whispering into everyone's ear,

trying to find a way to
stay in the game.

And he's causing chaos out here.

We can't get caught out again.

Wai, you've gotta tell us
how we're going to do these votes.

How do we divide it? What's the best
way of doing this strategy?

I think we should split the vote,
go four-two.

So four on George would be
my thought.

Me too.

I would love to write
George's name down.


I know, is so much more on George.

GEORGE: Hayley won today's challenge,
which is great.

Finally we have a chance to
target the one threat

that I need to eliminate
to get ahead in this game.

The safest person to get rid of
today is Emmett.


He's still the biggest
physical threat.

Yeah, he is,
'cause he's better at swimming and...

Yeah, all-round stuff, so...

At tonight's tribal council,
there's only one obvious choice.

Everyone should vote for Emmett.
The guy is a beast.

We need to get rid of him
before he wins every challenge

and strolls his way to the top three.

If people don't vote for Emmett
tonight, they're stupid.

I think Hayley wants to make
a big move, and the reality is...

They're on the bottom.

She is in the power position.

Good to have on a resume -

to take out the biggest
single threat in Survivor.

I think our fate is in their hands.

This alliance is a golden ticket
to the top four.

They need to know that
we can work together,

pick off the strongest players
and then we'll last to the end.


Neither can I!

HAYLEY: Tonight's vote
is really crucial.

We have eight people left in the
game, and I've got the power

to take out one of the biggest
game players out here.

Who goes out tonight will set up
the endgame, so we have to make sure

we're making the right decision
about who to send home.

Everyone knows that everything
is out in the open.

There's no secreting, it just
comes down to internal trust and...

What do we want to do?

So the votes have been split,
so you're meant to be?

I'm supposed to be Cara.
And I'm meant to be George.

So we could follow either plan.

Right now I'm sitting in the middle
of two different plans.

I can go with George and Cara
and Wai and we can take out Emmett,

or I can move with the six
and just get rid of George.

George might feel good,
to get rid of him.

Long-term it might not be good.

Whereas strategically
it might not be.

So if we stick with the six,

there's you, me and Andrew,
there's the three of the Brawn...


That's the only trouble
with that plan.

George has been swinging to
one side, swinging to the other

and just knocking us off.

And keeping such a strong strategic
player this close to the end

is just as dangerous as
keeping a physical threat.

And I know I can't trust him.

Well, that's exactly it.
He beats everyone.

I wanna...
Get George out tonight.

I think we try it.
Happy with that.

GEORGE: Lying in that
snake-and-cow-poo-infested grass

for 20 minutes,
listening to Hayley and Wai,

I tell myself I'm
in big shit tonight.

I, um...I went into crazy George
stealth mode again

and laid down in the grass
near the well,

listening to Hayley and Wai speak
for 20 minutes.

CARA: The plan tonight
is to vote out Emmett.

He is a physical threat,
he's playing a very good game,

and George and I
trusted Hayley and Wai.

But right at the last minute,
thank God for trusty

"ears out on the ground" George to
find out that they can't be trusted.

EMMETT: She's chilly today!

It's gonna be super cold
at tribal tonight.

That's good.

Did you look over here?

CARA: George and I are both
on the chopping block again.

Emmett's gunning for George.


Aw! That nearly hit my foot.

And then they'll come for me.


We are so desperate
to stay in the game.

I'm gonna be looking under
the coasters at Bankstown Sports Club

going, "Is there
an idol under here?!"

You can't leave any stone unturned.

Perseverance and persistence.

You've just gotta do that
in this game.


And we can't give up.

Hey, that's a wasp
right near my feet.

(LAUGHS) An idol.
I can't believe it.

Oh, my goodness me.

This is the key to my game.
It's so important.

It's a guaranteed step forward.

More power to me.

At the end of the day,

there are two people that hold my
future in their hands right now -

Hayley, if she decides to
actually get rid of Emmett,

because whatever Hayley does,
Wai will do,

and then Cara,
my best friend Cara...

..who I saved at the
last tribal council,

who's found another immunity idol.


DANI: I don't know.

At this point, my trust lies within
Flick, Andrew, Dani, Wai and Hayley.

But I'm getting really worried.

George is the most dangerous
player out here

and I know that he has a plan,

and I just need to make sure that
Hayley is actually 100% with us.

For me, honestly, it's become
less about me personally winning

and more about the five people at the
end that I could actually be happy...

That would be there.
..winning the $500,000.

Then whatever happens from there...

..fair game.


HAYLEY: Fifth position in the
alliance. That doesn't work for me.

I would never settle for that.

I love and I breathe this game
and I wanna win.

When it gets to that stage,
everyone's just going for themselves

and it's gonna be a matter
of, like, you know...

Fighting it out.

Yeah, like, game on
and let the fireworks go.


It's not often that you get a shot

at a big challenge beast
like Emmett.

Tonight could be a vote
that completely sets me up

for the rest of this game.

EMMETT: Tonight I'm going to cross
my fingers that we can finally crush

and squash
the cockroach for Bankstown.

GEORGE: At tonight's tribal council,
my neck's on the line.

But my campaign
and fight isn't over.

And I'm gonna fight against the odds

and I'm gonna fight tooth and nail
to stay in this game.

HAYLEY: Tonight is a crucial vote
to set my game up for the end.

A lot can happen between now
and the final two...

..but I need to make sure I have as
much power as I can at this stage.

And I get to decide tonight
if George or Emmett goes home.

and enjoy Australian Survivor

and exclusive extras
like never before.

Now bring in the members
of the jury.

Baden, Gerald,

and Laura...


..voted out
the last tribal council.


I'm (BLEEP) showing!


So, Hayley, again, congratulations

on your first-ever
individual immunity win.

Thank you.

Girls are now on the board.


How does it feel knowing
that you've made the final seven?

Yeah, that feels awesome.

I was kind of emotional when I won.

I didn't expect it to be like that.

I felt like
such a big moment

that I didn't think
I would ever get to have.

So, George, we've had six immunity
challenges so far,

and only Emmett, Andrew and now
Hayley have won them.


Is that a concern?

Oh, it's not a concern. I just think
it's the reality of the situation.

We've seen since the merge
has happened that Emmett and Andrew

are the two alpha males of the pack.

Andrew, you had a reaction to that.

Ultimately with that challenge,

Hayley was still going to be
left standing.

It was the perfect, perfect
challenge for Hayley.

Well, now you're sitting here tonight
for the first time in a while

without the security of the necklace.

Are you worried at all
that the rest of the tribe

might seize this opportunity?

Um, yes and no.

Tonight, willingly, I stepped down.

It was a leap of faith.

You've got to pick your wins at
times and just trust in your word.

And I think
that's what happened today.

Actions were louder than words.

What about you, Emmett?

Are you feeling naked again
without that necklace?

I do, mate.

But there's a moment in this game
where you're going to have to trust

some people here, and I trust
the people that I connect with.

And that's sort of where
I'm putting my trust in tonight.

I think what Emmett was saying
was code.

I think a dirty deal's
been done, JLP.

By Andrew?
Is that what you're saying?

No, by all of them.

Except Cara.

My problem from day one
has been I put my faith in people.

I exposed myself
to help other people.

And then you have turncoats
like Andrew

just change their mind
at the drop of a hat

and attach themselves to the person
that's handing out candy

and patting them on the back.

And it's remarkably different over
the past three days with Emmett

than it was over the first 34 days.

Are you saying Emmett's behaviour
has completely changed

or your relationship has changed?

Emmett's behaviour has changed.

He said at the last tribal
when he was sitting right here,

"I have new friends to make,"

and unfortunately for me,
I think he's made them.

Maybe that was when
you voted Gerald off.

Maybe that's when it changed,

Emmett, you had a reaction to that.

There's people that I trust

and the people
that I genuinely connect with,

I'd celebrate and be happy with
if they won.

And if other people
don't agree with me,

want to go back on their word

and flip on...on sort of
the agreements we made...

..then that's their call.

I'd rather work with people that
I believe are deserving of the win

rather than backstab and fight
and lie and deceive everyone.

And at the end of the day,
be stuck with someone

who I don't think
is worthy of winning.

Hayley, if your alliance falls apart
because of a move,

then isn't that
what you're supposed to do -

try and find some new friends,
a new alliance?

Yeah, that's exactly
what you meant to do.

You may have an alliance that you
think you'll stick with one minute

and then something blows up and then
you do have to make new friends.

It's difficult
because there are histories

and we have learnt a little bit

about how people operate
in this game.

You have to make sure that you trust
the people that you're working with

and they're going to be stable
and work with you.

But it is good to kind of
have everything as an option.

So, Hayley, with 11 days to go
in this game,

have you thought about
how to get to the end

or are you just concerned
about getting to tomorrow?

From what we have seen, if you're
not planning tomorrow clearly,

then, yeah,
everything can fall apart.

And you may have a plan for the end,

but I'm sure it won't work
the way you think it will

because things change so quickly
and we're always surprised.

So, George, before we go to vote,

what would you like to say
to the tribe?

Oh, I've said a lot to the tribe,
including tonight.

And I'll just re-emphasise

that I have been consistent
through day dot,

I have helped people at my own
expense with no regrets,

because I put people first,
I put my community first.

And that's what I've been doing
here on Survivor.

Alright, well, I think
it is time to vote.

Alright, well, I think
it is time to vote.

Andrew, you're up.

George, we had an alliance
and you voted off my friend,

so I had to make some new friends

and hopefully tonight
I can get rid of you.

(LOUDLY) Do you know what, Emmett?

If my only talent in life was
standing there and looking pretty...

..I'd be bitter as well.

But lucky I'm not.


(QUIETLY) Emmett,
thanks for offering me a fifth

in your five-person alliance,

but you don't know much about me.

I'm not interested in that.

I want to win more necklaces, and
I can do that when you're at home.

I'll go count the votes.

If anyone has a hidden immunity
idol and you want to play it... would be the time to do so.

OK, I'll read the votes.

First vote - Cara.


One vote Cara, one vote George.



That's three votes George,
one vote Cara.


Three votes George, one vote Cara,
one vote Emmett.



We're tied. Three votes George,
three votes Emmett, one vote Cara.

One vote left.

17th person voted out on Australian
Survivor - Brains versus Brawn

and fourth member of our jury...


Need to bring me your torch.

Well done, guys.

That was a good one, team.

Emmett, the tribe has spoken.
Yes, they have.

Good luck to you all.

Time for you to go, brother.
Peace out.

Alright, mate.
See you, guys.

See you.
See you, Emmett.

Well, when making new friends
in this game,

better make sure
they're the right ones.

Grab your torches, head on back
to camp. Goodnight.

Sunday night
on Australian Survivor...

FLICK: I have come up against
the hardest circumstances

and I'm not giving up.

..the finish line is in sight.

DANI: When your back's
up against the wall,

you've just got to start swinging.

Who will outplay...

ANDREW: My sole mission is to win
every single immunity challenge

and get George out of the game.


HAYLEY: I'm going to give it
absolutely everything I have.

..and outlast the rest...

WAI: If you're not playing to win,
what are you playing for? become Sole Survivor?

GEORGE: I'm going to win that title,

no matter what.

I had a strange suspicion

that tonight was going to be
the fork in the road moment,

but I needed to trust the strong
physical threats in the game

and hope that they were going to
vote with me.

And obviously, Hayley and Wai

have decided to flip
to the other side.

If Hayley had've worked with me,
Flick and Andrew,

I would have probably progressed
all the way to the final three

and probably would have
won this game.

So I think she did well
to get rid of me now.

I came out here to win as many
challenges as possible,

and I would love to go down as one
of the greatest plant-based superman

challenge beasts ever.

Captions by Red Bee Media