Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 6, Episode 17 - Episode #6.17 - full transcript

It's Day 34 in the Australian Outback, and the feeling at camp is excitement for Brains, who now rule the camp. The biggest KEY to playing Survivor is to keep your closest allies safe.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
when Dani, Flick,
Gerald, Laura and Wai

won a visit
to the Survivor Outback Pub...

Dani saw her chance
to make another game-changing move.

If Emmett lost
in individual community...

Have to vote him out.

And at the immunity challenge,

when Emmett couldn't manage
four in a row...


Andrew wins individual immunity. was game on.

It's super important,
Emmett has no idea

that this blindside is coming.

Back at camp

Gerald and Flick were
staying loyal to Emmett.

And they had a plan of their own.

I agree.

But George was ready
to defect for good.

The Brawn are turning on each other.

I see an opportunity

to get the Brains
to pick them off one by one.

I think we should vote for Gerald

because he won't have an idol
played for him

and we take control either way.

Today's the day that the Brains
take control.

At tribal council...

Playing it for Emmett tonight.
Thanks, Flick.

..Flick played her idol

Gerald. That's four votes Gerald.

And George and the Brains
joined forces...

15th person voted out of this game
and second member of our jury:

..with a blindside

Oh, my God.

..that blew the others away.

Nine are left.
Who will be going home tonight?

Oh, pain, pain, so much pain.


Here you go.


And that is the whale.

There you go.

Did you invent that?

I've done it in a lot of nightclubs
and been thrown out too.

What's your dance move? Go on.
I don't have a dance move.

Yes, you do. The reverse duck one.

Now it's like a robot thing.

You've gotta do it better than that,
with the hands.

My hamstrings are dead.

EMMETT: It's Day 34. The betrayal,

the backstabbing sabotage
in this game.

I got totally outplayed by George.

Let me try like this.

George told the other side

that Flick was playing the idol
for me and they all voted Gerald.

So Gerald went home.

So majority is George, Andrew,

Hayley, Laura and Wai.

And this is an official marker

that OG Brawn has crumbled to pieces.

You got me good, eh.

It's like he lied,
staring straight into my eyes.

I'll never forget those
little cockroachy eyeballs.

Now that I'm in a minority,

it's been a long time
since I've been in this position.

There's only three GO Brawn left -
myself Flick and Dani.

Flick and I
tried to get rid of Dani.

So Dani
is not happy with Flick and I.

Flick and myself
are in a lot of trouble.

We've called a truce before,

Last night, I was literally
the person at the bus stop

that was chasing after the bus.

I had no idea. Just hailing.

Just like, "Don't leave me behind."

Turns out they were just like,
"We got you.

"We'll come back round for you
next time."

So, yeah,
I'm happy to see Gerald gone.


It's got a ring to it.

I'm definitely the minority
inside the minority,

which leaves me
in a very vulnerable position.

Stop bad things from happening,

which is what I saw
was about to happen.


And you would have been the victim
of treachery.

If I don't win
the immunity necklace today,

I am guaranteed
to be on the chopping block

next tribal council.

And, you know, if they're firing
stray bullets everywhere,

one of them might actually hit.


After last night's tribal
and voting for Dani

and her still being here
in the game,

I'm realising
it was probably a really dumb move.

My position in the tribe
has always been Brawn strong,

and I've lost my way a bit
by voting for Dani.

My integrity
is really important to me,

and I have really relied
on making genuine connections.

I pride myself on that.

I just...I love you, hey?
I honestly do.

Except for the winning.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Final three, maybe.

But honestly, I love you so much.
I love you, too.

I think this is one of the things
that I struggle with the most

with this game.


You do things out here

that in the real world
are usually considered bad,

like lying, cheating, manipulating.

And at the same time

you're also forging these
relationships with people.

And it's really hard to distinguish

between what's the game
and what's real.

I'll always love you, no matter what.

I could walk away with 500,000,
I could walk away with nothing,

and I still know
that I walk away with you.


The more
you get to know these people,

the more they become
like your family.

I've sacrificed a lot to be here
and I am here for my family.

I'm missing them a lot.

Knowing that I have my brothers,
my dad

back home, all rooting for me...

..definitely gives me the strength
to keep on going.

But I couldn't be prouder
of where I am right now in the game.

And I know my mum
would feel the same.

We got together as a family
before I came here

and had to make
all those hard decisions and...

For the last six years now,

my mum has been living
with early-onset dementia.

She's in a home and is non-verbal.

My mum has been definitely one
of my biggest inspirations.


Yeah, exactly.

That's what I thought, too.

Like, if we're going to be able
to raise awareness about it

and especially even just dementia

I'm out here doing this for my mum.

Hello, family.

A diagnosis like this puts
everything into perspective,

You're wonderful.

It makes you really realise
what's important, which is family,

and to make every day count,
every moment count

because nothing is guaranteed.

Hang in there, mate.

There's been so many points
in this game

where I have been at breaking point,

but I know that my mum
would have wanted me to stay.

And that's what I've drawn on
as inspiration

to keep going in the game.

I know.


GEORGE: How are you feeling, Dani?

Oh, I feel great.

I know the feeling. Trust me.
So does Laura.

Scrape it out.
So does Wai.

And Hayley of course,
who's gone and come back.

HAYLEY: When I got voted out,
I burnt my bridges

with my original Brain alliance.

And so now I'm in this game

it's all about building up my trust.

Having come back from Redemption
Rock, I'm trying to redeem myself.

So, last night I voted with George
to get rid of Gerald,

but I never know if George is just
going to turn on me tomorrow.

So, you've got to be careful
with everything.

I don't attack people, but I'm happy
to launch a very swift counterattack

if I see it happening.

And I did see it happening.

I like people like George who want
to play big, bombastic games.

That's how I think
that you should play Survivor.

I'll be back in a second.

George loves this game
and he wants to sit at the end

with this huge resume of these
interesting things that he's done.

But I'm hoping that George is flying
a bit too close to the sun right now

by exposing himself as this
incredible game player,

because all of us can quite simply
come together and vote him out.

Every step of the way now
things can change the game.

This game is ramping up

because people can see
the finish line is just ahead.

It's within their reach and they all
want to be the person to win.

(READS) "Secret power in this game
has been hiding in plain sight.

"The key to obtaining this power
is hidden in camp.

"Find a double trunk tree
in the clearing near the well,

"dig at its base and find
what you need to unlock a power

"that can turn
the tables in your favour."

Double trunk tree near the well.

Oh, my God.

"This is a key to an immunity idol
hidden at tribal council.

"In the voting hut underneath
the voting papers is a keyhole.

"Insert this key, an idol will pop up
that can be played in secret."

"You can play for yourself
or anyone else."

This key to the secret idol,

it's going to keep me safe.

Or I could play it for someone else,
keep them safe,

and no-one will know
it's because of me.

"To play correctly you must write
the name of the person

"you'd like to use it on
the back of the idol

"and place it in the voting urn."

With hidden immunity idols,
you have to stand up and play it.

But this secret idol has no risk.

I can do it in secret.

"The power could shift the game
in your favour

"and you could walk away
with clean hands. Good luck." Yes.

I really do have to give more money

to that Macedonian church
in Cabramatta.

Yes! Yes!

I can do some serious damage
with this secret idol.

I'm going to make a big move with it

and I'm not going to tell a soul
this time.

DANI: There's been
a little bit of game talk,

but we're all in the same headspace
and we just are enjoying life as is.

You know, just chillin'.
It's really nice.

I notice that Flick is missing...

..and I have no idea
where she's gone,

and I really hope
that everything's OK.

we knew something's gone down.

We're all absolutely devastated
to hear that Flick's mum has passed.


FLICK: Receiving this kind of news

when you're not with your family

My heart
is absolutely breaking for Flick.


Flick has known for a while

that, you know, inevitably this
disease will take her mum's life

and she's been preparing herself
for that.

There's part of me, that all I want
to do is just teleport back home.

Then the other part of me knows that
my mum would want me to be here.

She's the very reason
I am playing this game.

And the reason
that I do anything in life.

CARA: I feel for her so much.

It's really tough on her family.

It''s tough on everyone.

We've just met Flick and know what
a wonderful, wonderful woman she is,

and I know her mum would be proud.

This isn't a decision
that I'm making lightly at all,

but I've spoken to my family members

and they're all saying
that I should stay.

And that I should do it for Mum.

She's such a strong woman,
such an admirable woman,

and we just want to support her
in whatever way we can.

Before I came here, I knew
that this was possibly going to be

the last time
that I went and saw her.

As hard as it is to come to terms
with something like this,

the fairest thing
is that and the easiest thing

is that she's out of pain, you know,

because there's been
so much suffering.

For me, it's like I said
goodbye to my mum years ago.

Flick is one of the strongest women
I've met in my entire life.

She has had the opportunity
to speak to her family.

I've made the decision to stay and..

..I'm going to keep pushing on
for my mum

and I'm going to do her proud.

Flick has just found out
that her mum has passed away

and it is completely heartbreaking.

I can't imagine the kind
of strength that she's put up

to continue to fight.

Flick's so incredibly strong
and she's decided to stay.

I know this is not going to be easy,
but I also know she'll dig deep.

She's just so resilient
and such a powerhouse.

I'm sorry to hear your news.
Thank you. Thanks.

Just know that we're here, OK?

We're here for you.
Thank you.

Thanks so much.

Alright. Well, it's clear that this
has had a major impact on the tribe.

And while our thoughts are with Flick
and her family, the game continues.

OK. You guys ready to get
to today's immunity challenge?



Once again,
immunity is back up for grabs.

Today's challenge is simple,
yet brutal.

You're going to race up a hill
to collect puzzle pieces

and bring them back down
one bundle at a time.

When you have all your pieces
back down the hill,

you will then use them
to solve a vertical puzzle.

First person gets it right,
wins immunity, safe from the vote.

But this challenge
isn't just about winning

because the final four people
to finish this challenge today

will be the only people
up for elimination at tribal time.

Everyone else will be safe.

This is one you definitely
want to win and don't want to lose.

We'll draw for spots,
and we'll get started.

GEORGE: Alright.
Good luck, everyone.

Alright. Here we go.
For immunity, Survivors ready?


Everyone fast out of the gate.

Eager to get to the top.

You have to get
all the way to the top,

grab a bundle of puzzle pieces
and come all the way back down.

Four bundles.
That's four round trips.

Just under three kilometres
in total.

Emmett leading the pack.
Andrew, not far behind.

Cara and Wai coming up on the rear.

Andrew, whipping down,
almost losing his legs.

In some ways, it's harder
coming down that hill,

you don't want to get so much speed
that you trip and fall.

Oh boy, why is this so rocky?

Andrew back with his first bundle.

Emmett was very fast out of the gate
in this challenge

but Andrew has taken the lead now.

Three more to go, brother.
Thank you.

Hayley coming down quickly now
in third place.

Flick coming in in fourth,
looking strong.

George, back now.

He's still in it,
currently in fifth position.

Can he keep this pace up?

You do not want to be
in the bottom four today.

Yeah, Wai.
I know.

Down is bad.
Down is good.

Take breaths.

Last four to finish this challenge

are the only ones that can receive
votes at tonight's tribal council.

You do not want that to be you.

Laura is back with her first.
Dani's back with her first.

Cara here now.

This sucks! (LAUGHS)

Wow. Andrew is powering through this.

Coming back with his second bundle.

This is a blistering pace.

Emmett on his tail,
trying to close that gap.

Wai back with her first.
Currently in last position.

After 35 days out here,

you are mentally
and physically spent.

Holy moley.

There can't be much left in the tank.

A couple of trips
up and down that hill,

you got to be running on fumes.
Oh, yeah.

Everyone pounding up and down
that hill, just over 15 minutes.

It gets very steep up there.


I suspect the pain
has already started to set in.

This challenge
is a metaphor for this game.

It is a marathon, not a sprint.

It means you've got
to stick out the pain, the heat

to wear that necklace tonight.


Andrew whipping down
with that last bundle.

His strategy has been to run as fast
as he possibly can on the way down.

He has a big lead
on this puzzle now.

Come on, Flicky,
Andrew can't do puzzles.

Each piece
is exactly the same size,

but those pegs are spaced
slightly differently.

It's a lot of trial and error
to find the right position.

Emmett's back
with his final bundle,

he can get started
on the puzzle now.

Hayley back with her final bundle.
WAI: Great work, guys.

Puzzle up.

Wai finally back
with her second bundle.

Flick, George, Cara, Laura,

and Dani, all have three,

heading back up that hill now
for that final bundle.

First five people to finish are safe,

bottom four, not so much.

How did I get here?

Flick coming down
with her final bundle.

Not giving up.

We have a challenge
for that first place

and to wear that necklace tonight.

Andrew has a big lead
in this challenge.

All that running may have paid off.

Hayley's working quickly,
trying to close that gap.

Emmett gets a piece.

Andrew, three pieces left.

And another piece out.

Hayley closing the gap.

One piece left for Andrew.

And he's good.

Andrew wins individual immunity.

Good job, buddy.

Race you to second, Emmett.

Hayley finishes. Emmett finishes.

Two positions still up for grabs.

Top five will be safe tonight,

bottom four are vulnerable.

Oh, man.

George coming down the mountain
with his final bundle,

still maintaining
his fifth position.

You got this, George. Good job.

Laura, picking up the pace,
putting some heat on these two.

Dani back with her final bundle.
She's in on it now.

Flick still has an opportunity here.

She just needs to get that puzzle
completed before anyone else.

Yes, Flick. Good job. Good job.
Just two. Just two. Just two.

Really coming together for Flick

EMMETT: Go, Flick.

Laura struggling to make them fit.

One more piece for Flick.

And that'll do it.

Flick is safe tonight.
Yeah, Flicker, good job.

One more spot open.

One more. I'm gonna finish it.

That's it, Wai.

Wai going up for her last trip.

George, Laura and Dani all fighting
for that final spot.

A lot of work to get this far.

You'd love to have guaranteed safety
at tribal tonight.

My fingers don't work.

Cara is back now.

She has all her pieces.

Oh, dammit. Where do you go?

Laura had something going, but she
stalled, opening the door for George.

Dani getting a few pieces now.

Cara yet to work one out.

Everyone desperate to stay
out of that bottom four.

Just keep walking.
Just keep walking.

And another piece for George.

Down to his last piece.

And that's it.

George is good.

George takes that fifth
and final position.

That's it.

Andrew, come on over.

Alpha male.

Well done. Great effort today.
Thank you.

Immunity is yours,
you are safe tonight,

along with Emmett, Hayley,
George and Flick.

Thank you.

So that means, Dani, Laura, Wai,

Cara, you guys are the only ones

that can receive votes tonight

and one of you will become
the third member of our jury.

Grab your gear, head on out.
I'll see you guys tonight.

GEORGE: Nine players left.

After tonight, eight players left.

I'm not going anywhere.

I finally have immunity

after that sterling performance
in the Survivor marathon.

But this key guarantees me
top seven.

My dilemma is this.

Do I save someone tonight

or do I save myself
at the next tribal council?

ANDREW: Today's challenge was...
It was a tough one.

You know,
having to run up a 45-degree hill

in, you know, 40-degree heat.

It wasn't easy.

What a challenge, eh?


I was lucky enough to receive
the immunity necklace today

for coming in first.

Thoroughly tremendous effort
by everyone.

We could tell you were chasing
a kangaroo in your mind, man.

Yeah. I was. That, or...
Up and down.

..a good female.
Yeah. Hello.

Unfortunately, within the bottom four

came Dani, Laura, Cara and Wai.

And essentially it means that
they are up for the vote tonight.

My alliance is strong.

It is myself, Wai,

Hayley, Laura

and George.

I know who I'm going to be voting
for at tribal council tonight.

Look. Yeah, we've just got
to keep together, you know.

Cara is a massive threat,

master manipulator.

She's always floating between
one group to the other.

She just can't be trusted.

It's time to go.

I agree. I mean, I'd prefer
to have the vote on Cara.

We just have to be very careful.
Yes. We'll have numbers.

Right now, the power really does lie
in the Brains' hands.

We have majority numbers
within this tribe

and we can afford to knock off an
OG Brain and still have majority.

I don't want to go home.

Cara has been jumping ship
at the drop of a hat.

Tonight, I'm basing my vote

off people
that I can work with in the future

and people
that have been loyal to me.

If we balls it up, you can have my
rations. Actually, no, you can't.

DANI: Last night,
I received four votes,

which meant that the old Brawn
completely turned on me.

I'm definitely worried.

I need to work hard
on creating a new alliance.

I think Cara because
I've seen the things that she does

and the ways in which she tries to
build relationships and connections.

I see it. And it keeps growing.

These ones.

And the hugs
and all this very orchestrated

personal building blocks
that she uses.

Dead men walking.

Oh, my God.
Yeah. It's shithouse.

I am definitely relieved someone
else's head is on the chopping block.

So, I'm voting tonight in cahoots
with the Brains alliance.

There is someone
that has been on the outside.

Is very quick to jump very fast.

So Cara.

Um... Yeah.

EMMETT: Oh, man, me old mate, Cara.

she's been loyal, voting with us,

and now that I'm in a minority,

I've got to try
and form new relationships

to build some trust with Andrew

and to hopefully
keep myself in the game longer.

Um... But I just know
I don't want to go home.

It's that situation, right?

I know how it feels.

You're not going home. You may
just go and hang out with Baden.

Yeah, thanks. Thanks for
that vote of confidence there.

I would ideally
like us five to stick.

Yep. OK.

When I hear Laura and Hayley agree

that the vote's going on Cara

my stomach's starting to churn.

I saved Dani with that operation,
but she's not a Brain.

Cara going home affects my game

because ever since she saved me,

she's been my closest friend.

If you guys say Cara,
I'm not going to say a word.

I need to say as little as possible

so I didn't blow the fact
that I have a hidden immunity idol.

Yep. OK.

Worst-case scenario for me tonight
is losing my ally, Cara.

But this key can save her.

The key to the secret immunity idol
hidden at tribal council.

I'm worried about the here and now,

and my game is stronger
because Cara is still in it.

I don't know, Cara.

I don't know how tonight's going

Tonight is the perfect opportunity
to make a risky move

because nobody knows
about the secret idol.

I can vote for Cara.

Everybody will see that every vote
went on Cara

and her one vote
gets rid of someone else.

Cara's voting for Wai.
I need to shift that.

Wai's too important to my game,

because it's always good to have
someone that's on your side.

But it makes sense
to get rid of Laura

because she's still not close to me.

Cara likes to make decisions
at tribal council.

She looks for wicks.
She looks for knots.

And at tribal tonight,

I'm going to give her a very clear
message, make sure that it's Laura.

But I just can't tell Cara
about the plan.

I can't risk her blowing it.

LAURA: Going into tribal tonight,

I'm pretty confident
that Cara will be going home.

I think almost everyone
in the tribe is on the same plan

so that we don't have
to split the vote tonight.

So let's just get to tribal
and see how it all plays out.

GEORGE: Tonight's decision on whether
I use my secret idol

to save Cara or not is going to
depend on signals at tribal council.

If I play this key right,
it will change the game completely.

We'll now bring in
the members of our jury,

ALL: Aww...

..and Gerald.
There you go.

Voted out at the last tribal council.

Making us hungry.

So, Andrew, you won the necklace
for the second time in a row.

How do you determine
who is the biggest target tonight?

Look, I've got confidence
in the people around me.

I've got confidence
in the values that they have.

And I think with that,

that's how I'll be going
with my vote.

So, as a result
of the challenge today,

only four of you
can receive votes tonight -

Dani, Wai, Laura and Cara.

So, Cara, your chances of going
home have gone from one in nine

to one in four.

So, if it isn't you,
who else should it be?

Well, that's a hard one. We all
deserve to be here, I believe.

I'm certainly
not going to vote for myself,

so maybe I should just draw rocks


..maybe I'll just wing it
at the time.

Wai, is Cara correct

in being worried?

Things aren't always black and white
and things are never 100% clear.

I think there's always possibilities

and things that can change
how the votes come down.

But, Cara, if you're fighting
for your position in the game...


..isn't part of that, like, shifting
the target on to someone else?

Well, 100%. I'll be shifting
the target on someone else.


But, Hayley, surely you don't want
to keep people in this game

who are dangerous at this stage?

It is still a game
where you have to work with people,

and, yeah,
you may want to get rid of threats,

that might be some of the choices
people are making today around that.

But it might also just be
sticking with the people

that you have said
you will stick with.

Cara, you've made no secret of
your loyalty to the Brawn alliance.

Are you worried that the Brains
could target you for that tonight?

People pretty much know, you know,

essentially where I'm going to go

try and be good and true.

But good guys probably finish last
in this point.

Emmett, would you agree with that?

Yeah. I think Cara
is very trustworthy

and I've had a great time
working with Cara.

And, yeah, since George
blew up our previous alliance,

I'm just trying to put together
the pieces of our sinking ship

and forming new allies.

And tonight, I'm just voting to try
and prove my loyalty and trust

and see
if I can hang out with a new crew.

So, Cara, I guess that's a concern
to hear that he's moved on.

I'm a trusted and loyal person

and George knows that.

Cara was willing
to sacrifice herself for me

very early on in the game
with the Brains tribe.

Cara is definitely
a trustworthy tribe mate.

Cara's an empath.

I think she's very in tune
with reading people's emotions.

I think the key to Survivor
is a bit of luck,

but it's also building trust
with people.

It's being open and honest
with people.

But of course,
the key is sometimes luck as well.

it's right in front of you.

What about you, Laura? Well, you've
had kind of a roller-coaster ride.

Yes, I have.

You've been up, you've been down.

Where do you think you sit
in this tribe now?

Who knows until my name
comes out of that urn again.

I'm just cruising at the moment,
just enjoying the ride of Survivor

and the roller-coaster it is.

So, Dani, in your assessment,

who would you say is the most
dangerous out of you four?

Clearly the four slowest runners


Everyone knows
that I've played some big moves

and I've clearly been a threat
in the past, so...

Why not be me?

Dani, what do you want to say
to the tribe tonight

before we go up to vote?

I have faith in the words I say...


Good luck to everyone tonight,

especially the four slowest runners.

Alright. Well, as difficult
as it is, it is time to vote.

Alright. It is time to vote.
Hayley, you're up.

(SIGHS) The key to Survivor...

I'll go count the votes.

If anyone has a hidden immunity idol
and they want to play it,

now would be the time to do so.

OK. I'll read the votes.

This is a hidden immunity idol.

And it is being played for Cara.

Any votes for Cara will not count.

HAYLEY: What?!

First vote, Cara. Does not count.

Oh, my God.

Cara. Does not count.

Cara. Does not count.

Cara. Does not count.

Cara. Does not count.

Cara. Does not count.

Cara. Does not count.

Cara. Does not count.

It's with a 'C', guys,
for next time.

One vote left.

Oh, oh, oh.

16th person voted out of Australian
Survivor: Brains versus Brawn

and third member of our jury...


You need to bring me your torch.

Oh, my God.

Oh, oh, oh, oh.

Whoa. (BLEEP)

Mate, what just happened?


Laura, the tribe has spoken.

It's time for you to go.


See you, Laura.
See you guys. See ya.

Well, after tonight,
one thing is clear,

in Survivor, there's no
such thing as a fait accompli.

Grab your torches. Head back to camp.

GEORGE: You're the new cockroach,

Cara's the cat.
You're the cockroach, George.

Tomorrow night
on Australian Survivor,

they've played both sides
with masterful precision...

They've been working
just the two of them...

Of course they have.
..the whole time.
From day one.

..but the jig is up.

EMMETT: Got everyone
in the freaking tribe on board

to finally get rid
of George and Cara.

Is this the end of the game's
greatest power couple?

I think a dirty deal has been done,

Or can George rise from the ashes
yet again?

At least I could say
I was true to myself.

Captions by Red Bee Media

Bloody Cara. She really
is the phoenix that keeps on rising.

You've looked after me
and what goes around comes around.

I don't think she was seeing
that coming tonight,

but my name was the only other one
on that card tonight.

And here I am. I'm gone.