Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 6, Episode 19 - Episode #6.19 - full transcript

George survives tribal by the skin of his teeth to regain the majority, but his ability to stay in the game lies in the hands of one person, Wai.

album. Stay

album. Stay safe,

Australian Survivor... was definitely a reward
worth fighting for...

..but it was Dani's nerves of steel
that won her the prize.

Dani wins the D-MAX!

Then, at the immunity challenge...

Oh, jeez. Don't look down.
Don't look down. came down to Hayley
and Flick, but...

Flick is out of the challenge.

..Hayley was the last one standing,

claiming her first
individual immunity.

We've really got to talk
about a plan.

Back at camp, after discovering
George and Cara's double deception...

They've been working
just the two of them.

Course they have.
The whole time.

..Brains and Brawn wanted blood...

We've got everyone
in the freaking tribe on board

to finally get rid of George
and Cara.

But luck was on Cara's side.

And George appealed to Wai and Hayley
to switch their vote to Emmett.

He's the leader of the Brawns.
He has to go.

At tribal council...

If I go home tonight,
at least I was true to myself.

..Emmett's amusement
didn't last long.

Fourth member of our jury...

And after a perfect blindside...

Tribe has spoken.
Yes, they have.

..the tribe was more divided
than ever.

Seven are left.
Who will be going home tonight?


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Last night at tribal council,
Hayley and I flipped.

It means the old alliance -
Andrew, Dani and Flick -

are now in the minority.

I get it.

Flipping my vote to Emmett was
very much a last minute decision.

I was able to kind of
just look at the numbers

and recognise that if we had voted
for George and Cara,

it would put us in a kind of
precarious situation

where we wouldn't know where we sat
in that other majority alliance.

How are you feeling about...
Your traitorship?

(LAUGHS) I feel...

I feel that people don't change.

Why we sided with them yesterday

was not trying to screw you
personally, Andrew.

It was more just that... didn't feel like you wanted to
stay with me and Wai anymore.

No, well, that was the thing is...

A huge one,
because if that was the case,

then why would I have got you guys
embroiled with these guys in bed.

Well, it kind of felt like...
it's nice being embroiled in a six,

but I felt like you were in a four

and then it was me and Wai
at the bottom of that.

No, definitely not.

That move last night certainly
ruffled some feathers around camp

Right now, I think Andrew
has felt like I have burnt him

one too many times.

I burnt him on the Joey vote,

and now again,
I've done a vote without him,

so I think it'll be pretty tricky
for Andrew

to want to trust me again.

Andrew feels
like he's on the bottom,

but when you're in the bottom,
you can never give up in this game.

People can develop new relationships
or blow up old ones.

Anyone can get voted out next.

GEORGE: I escaped last night's
tribal council

through the skin of my teeth.

Hayley and Wai saved me last night.

Emmett, who's been gunning
for me for three days, is out.

And even better, Cara still
has her idol in that pocket.


I'm very fortunate
and grateful to be in a position

where my new allies might save
and have my back.

But I'm not going to rest
on my laurels.

The game's heating up and you've got
to be thinking about that final two.

Anything can happen in Survivor,

and I'm going to fight
till the very death.

Come on in, guys!

George, interesting tribal
last night.

It was.

Another fascinating tribal council
here in the Outback.

But I'm not going to lie,
it was a good outcome for me.

My head was on the chopping block.
I survived again.

You seemed to have more friends
than you were letting on last night.

Oh, you know, friends come and go.

I'm hopeful that the people
that backed me

at last night's tribal council
are there for the long haul.

Andrew, you seemed pretty surprised
by the result last night.

Oh, yeah, look,
when hasn't it been a surprise?

I know where I stand

and I know the importance
of what it's going to take

in moving forward.

Alright, you guys ready to get
to today's reward challenge?


Alright, for today's challenge,

you're going to be divided
into two teams of three.

On my go, you're gonna work together
to remove poles from a high frame.

You will then use those poles
to make your way over a balance beam,

retrieve bags of sandbags

and get across a mud pit.

Finally, you're gonna attach baskets
to those poles

and attempt to land the sandbags
in them.

First team to get a sandbag
in each basket wins reward.

Wanna know you're playing for?


The winning team will be
whisked away...

..for an Italian feast.


Your dream!

Where you will enjoy pasta,

pizza, lasagne,

garlic bread, red wine,

and top it all off
with copious amounts of tiramisu.

Ohh! That's my one!

Worth playing for?
ALL: Yeah.

Alright, now,
because we have uneven numbers,

that means one of you
will be sitting out.

However, that person
will have the chance

to pick which team
they think will win.

You get it right,
you get to enjoy the reward as well.

Fair enough?

Alright. We're going to draw rocks
to figure out the teams.

Don't look at it.
Don't reveal it.

This is a good one.

Three green rocks, three white rocks,
and one unlucky red rock.

Or maybe it's lucky.

Alright, Cara,
guess you're the sit out.

Let's have a look at the teams.


Alright, green.
Let's do this, green.

Best friends!


Alright, we've got Andrew, Hayley
and George on the green team.

Flick, Dani and Wai
on the white team.

Cara, sitting out.

Who you gonna go with, Cara?

I'm gonna go with white.

Sorry, George.
That's alright, Cara.

Alright, let's get to it.

Let's hope we win.

'Cause I am absolutely famished.


After the rock draw, we have Andrew,
Hayley and George on the green team,

Flick, Dani and Wai
on the white team,

Cara's on the bench.

She's put her money on
the white team for the win.

Survivors ready?


First thing you need to do

is remove those three poles
from that high frame.


Wai on Dani's shoulders,

quickly removing those poles.

The white team has all of them,
moving on to the balance beam.

Well done, guys.

Andrew struggling
with that last pole.

They have them.

Go, go, go, go.

They need to lock those poles
into position.

As you move across the beam,
one pole at a time.

OK, you go first
and I'll pass you this.

Just bang the side of it.

White team struggling
with that first pole.

Green team pulling ahead.

Perfect, yep.

Hayley putting those poles
into position,

wasting no time.

Don't worry. Take your time.
I got it.

George really taking his time.

Mate, you got this. Beautiful.

This is all going to come down
to your slowest player.

One on both.
Now I can help pass.

Both teams
pretty close at this stage.

Keep it up, guys!

If you fall off the beam,
you need to go back to the start.

Huge food reward on the line today.

Be nice to win it.
Give you that boost.

We're all good. No stress.

For that final push to Day 48.


White team picking up the pace.
Almost have their last pole.

White team's good. You can move on.

Now you need to build a ladder
to reach those bags.

Flick going up for white.

She grabs the first bag.

Moving on to the second one.

Green team still struggling
with that last pole.

Finally, they have it.
You're good, green. Move on.

And this one to the next.

Go, go, go!

I'll take the bottom one off.
Got it.

White team, have their second bag.
They're moving on to the mud pit.

I'm taking the bottom one off.

Andrew goes up this time for green.

They have both their bags.

Go, Hayley. You've got it.

Now you need to use that pole to help
you balance as you cross the mud pit.

Gotta get across first.

You fall in, you need to go
back to the start.

Flick's across.

Hayley's across.

Come on, Wai. You can do this.

Keep it straight.

We've got this, guys.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Wai almost loses her balance.

Nice save.

Hold your hand forward, OK?

Wai's struggling.

You've got this, Wai. Keep pushing.

Keep pushing, babe. Keep pushing.

I'll focus on Hayley.
Let me look at you.

George slowly making his way across.

I'll tell you when you need to lift.
Now you need to lift.

On both sides. Beautiful.
I've got it.

Just keep looking at me.
Straight across.

This is still anyone's challenge
at this stage.


Hayley, thank you.

You've got it, Andrew.

Wai almost there. She's across.

Andrew last to go over for green.

Dani last to go across the mud pit
for white.

You got this, Dani. Easy peasy.

Trying to close the gap.

Alright. Good job.

Green's across.

Now you need to attach those baskets
to the pole,

set them into position
and start tossing your sandbags.

Everyone working quickly
on those baskets.

Hayley racing out with hers.

George taking his out.

Dani has hers done.

White team have their baskets
in place.

Green team have theirs in place.

We're ready. Come back.

You can start tossing
your sandbags now.

Let's go, Andrew.

Dani tossing for white.

Andrew for green.

Almost for Andrew.

Dani tossing again.

Big high lob and she lands one!

White lead...
And she lands another one!

White lead two-zip.

One more will do it.


Green need to get one
on the board.

Oh, close. Nice.

Nice! Yes, Andrew! Good one!

Green land one.
Nice. You've got this.

Green working quickly.

White still leading, 2-1.

Dani going for the win,
comes up short.

And Andrew does it! Ties it up.

We are tied, 2-2!

That's it.

Whoever lands this is going to win
this reward.

Dani v Andrew -
who can bring it home?

So close!

And Dani does it!

White team win reward!

Thank you, thank you,
thank you, ladies!

Congratulations, white team.
You've won a very nice reward.


Cara, you can join
Flick, Wai and Dani.

Head on out. Your feast awaits you.

Yeah! Whoo!

Let's go!

Girls rule!

Reward challenges always offer up
more than what they seem.

It's an opportunity
to make alliances

and change your game play.

Wining reward means
that I've got Cara and Wai -

the two people
who are closest to George.

So I need to take this new
opportunity to bring them on board

and hopefully make some big moves.



Walking down the riverbank,

instantly get hit with
this waft of garlic

and you're like, "That's Italian."

So exciting!

Ladies' lunch!

Ladies' lunch.

Oh, my God!


You've got pizza and pastas and wine!
Oh, my God, wine.

And Dani, you're a gun.
Beanbag straight in.

I gunned that. That was definitely
everyone's game.

It was... Just everyone worked
really well together.

And I'm glad we could bring home
the penne!


Oh, my God. This is incredible.
Well done.

If there was one reward
that I wanted to win,

it was this one for sure, yeah.

Let's do a little cheers.
We will.

Official cheers.
To the girls.

ALL: To the girls!
To the ladies' lunch.

Thank you so much, you guys,

'cause I obviously did very little,
except cheer.

I'm really proud of you.

I love that this competition
is filled with badarse women,

such as yourselves.


Badarse women should surround
themselves with more badarse women.

If you look at anything, like
the track record of what's happened,

you know, there's way more girls


I was actually thinking that.
I really was thinking that.

I honestly would love the idea of
all us five women...

..being there at the end.

Like, wouldn't that be really...

It would be awesome.

Guaranteed, like,
a girl was going to win.

Yeah, that'd be sick.

If it's not me,
I want a girl to win it.

Like, I feel like we're all
great women and...

Strong women.
We are.

In different ways.

I did talk about
an all girls alliance, didn't I, Wai?

You did, yeah.

We need to convince the girls
it's time to strike.

This is dog eat dog

and we all have to vote
for each other eventually.

And that George is the biggest
strategic threat in this game

and that we need to get rid of him

How do you guys feel about

Playing it day by day

is transparently
how I've been doing it.

I looked at today's reward

I'm like, I'm kind of glad
Emmett wasn't there.

Like, I'm just going to
say that right now.

Yep. He needed to go.
He was a threat.

I see that.

Was a pretty
last minute decision.

It was actually
on the way to tribal.

Up until that point,
I was completely locked in.

I was like, no... Sorry, Cara,

but it's honestly
what was happening in my brain.

I agree - I was locked in
on your guys side...

..I overheard Wai and Hayley
at the well,

and they're voting you out next.

We never said that.
He's totally making things up.

When it comes to George,
he is too much of a liar,

so we cannot trust him at all.

So he will spin a story
whatever way he wants to sell it.

You know, he's...he's a politician.
That's his job.

And, you know, Cara's been
his right-hand woman,

and we just wanted to let Cara know

that it's not all rosy
over on the George side

and that she's in prime position
to take him out.

You look at it from our perspective,

it's like George is causing
some chaos by throwing...

And he likes chaos.
He loves chaos.

So why wouldn't we want
that out of the game?

This is where you need to decide
whether you play your game

or George's game.

We are in prime position...
to strike.

So I have never played
George's game, just so you know.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

I've played my own game.

George has had my back.

And I've had his.

But there have been
lots of conversations

where I will literally go,
"I don't agree with that.

"I don't want to know..."

There's gonna come a time

where we're going to have to,
like, separate.

But the reality is,
he's actually the only one

that's actually told me the truth.

I wasn't really super surprised

that Cara's not too keen
on flipping on George.

However, I think Wai
could potentially flip,

only because she's been on board
to vote George out before.

I always felt I was on the bottom
when I was aligned with George.

At some point before all this,

you remember exactly
what that point was,

I realised I felt it was
the alignment with George

that was causing the problem.

I don't trust George.

I know that he would vote me out

if that was
what was going to benefit him.

Would you vote for me?

I'm just going to ask you, like,
point blank.

Potentially, but the reality is,
like, if I say yes,

then I'm next.

I think this is a good opportunity
for us to realise, you know,

there is a lot of power
for the women in this game,

and I think if we bond together,

I think that something
really good can come from this.

I'm excited. I really am.




GEORGE: Maybe this will bring me luck
at the challenge.

Oh, look at you go.

I always said the white
was my lucky clothes.

You look very fancy.

I just think it's just,
like, not practical enough.

Good, compared to the...
Oh, George.

If you look good, you feel good.

Is this day 40?


39, guys.

At the ladies' lunch yesterday,

Flick and Dani really wanted to try
and separate me from George.

But the reality is right now,
I just want to stick with George.

He's trusted, tried and true,
and they are not.

Where's Andrew?
Andrew went to the look out.

Oh, right. OK.

And Wai's getting wood.

So... OK.


I'm 100% staying strong.

And I expect that Wai will too.

I do trust Hayley right now,

but Wai always concerns me

that she might flip
at the last minute.

She's quite an emotional voter.

I think what happened is
it's swapped a few times,

so, like, when we were working,
the four of us, she was 100%.

You know?

And then she comes back
to talking to the majority

and then she's a bit like,
"Oh, maybe that's the better idea."

And then...and then...

I think George has to be careful
not to annoy Wai.

Wai and George were an alliance
at the bottom two

and she flipped on him.

We just have to be careful
to keep Wai on track.

Yeah, she's not good at pushing.
Yeah, I realise that...

Moving forward, I know exactly how
I need to deal with Hayley and Wai.

The reality is, we allow
Wai to have space to speak,

which she likes to do.

Try not to interrupt, George.

Then we just speak to Hayley

and Hayley feeds information to Wai.

I would say...


Oh, hi.
Thank you so much, Wai.

We were just having a quick chat

a very easy chat about...

My thoughts were...


Well, um...

My first thought is Flick.

Only because, and I know
strategically it makes less sense,

but I'm still
quite protective of Andrew.

But if you're protective of Andrew,

then it becomes
three against us two.

That's my...

Well, at the moment...

You know, I know that puts a bit
of a target or whatever, like, OK,

Wai's not always on the same page.

I can, every day,
it changes a little bit.

Oh, right.

How have they pitched to you
moving forward?

Oh, basically
they didn't even really pitch.

It was mainly Dani and I
because Dani and I were like,

"Let's see what we can
get out of the next move.

"Like, are you ever going
to want to vote out George?"

Cara was like,
"I've never... not lied,

"I've always told the truth,"

It'll be them two at the end,
you know that.

Yeah, I know. I don't know.

It sounds like, to me, that Wai
wants to vote out George next.

We've just discussed everything.

I know they've been pitching
who they've been pitching.

I really don't want to
play their game.

'Cause what I said...

Because they're pitching
to vote you

and then I know they're pitching
to you to vote me, you know? So...

Yeah, but then they're probably
gonna vote me to blindside.

Yeah, you know?
That's what I said.

I think that they're going to take
the four that they've got

all the way to the end.

But Cara is the ace in the pocket
to George.

They're the ones which are just
going to follow through to the end.

And unless someone
does something now...

That's what... I know.

And it's hard because
we're in the minority,

but unless someone
does something now,

I'm going to guarantee right now
those two will be in the final.

George is the mastermind

and the only thing stopping George
from winning at this point in time,

is probably me.

Gotta get rid of him.

And my sole mission
from today onwards

is to win every single
immunity challenge

and get George out of the game.

Come on in, guys!


Mm, it's cold.


That's a bit brisk.

Cara, a long time between rewards
for you.

It was such a good reward.

It was the perfect reward for me.

The cheese, the wine,
the Italian fiesta,

the company, the girls lunch,
girls long lunch.

So I feel quite reinvigorated.

Dani, how was the girls-only lunch?

The girls-only lunch was the best.
I'm all about girl power.

Yeah, the girls. And, um...
yeah, nah, it was really nice

to sit down and enjoy a meal
with some cutlery and some glasses.

Crystal, no less!
Yeah, crystal.

So civilised.
And a little bit of wine, yeah.

Hayley, a pizza's nice but
that necklace is better, right?

Yeah, look, I love pizza and pasta

and it was really hard
to lose that reward,

but I'll eat that when I get home

and I'd rather
have this around my neck.

You guys ready to get to
today's immunity challenge?

ALL: Yes.

You're not going to help me, are you?
No way!

Pry it out of her cold, dead hands.


Once again,
immunity is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge, you're going
to stand on two wooden planks

that you will hold up
by hanging onto a handle.

If you let go,
the planks will fall,

and so will you.

The last person standing
wins immunity, safe from the vote.

Losers, tribal council,

where somebody is going to become
the 18th person voted out.

Alright, let's get to it.

Oh, God.

Alright, here we go.

Want everyone to pull down on
their handle to release the safety.

GEORGE: No way.
I'm just dead already.

For immunity,

this challenge is now on.

Pretty simple challenge -

you're pulling on that ring
to hold yourself up on the planks.

But as is often the case in Survivor,

the simplest challenges...

..can turn out to be the hardest.

Let go of that ring,

you're in the drink,

no shot at immunity.

It's going to get tiring.

This is a very unnatural position.

It's difficult holding it
for an extended period of time.

It's not too bad right now,

but at some point you're going
to feel it in the shoulders,

forearms, hands.

It starts off
all about physical strength

and it ends up being about
mental strength.

Who can push
through that pain the longest?

We are getting down to
the pointy end of the game now.

Everyone has their eye on the prize.

Can you trust your fellow player
at this stage?

Maybe...but it's getting harder.

Shaky, shaky.

Only thing you can really trust

is the power of that necklace.

That necklace will not lie to you.

Dani, you feel like
you need that necklace tonight?

You know, I'm 100% sure
that if I don't get that necklace,

that I'll be going home.


Wow. Flick hanging out
over the edge.

Come on, Chichi! Hold on!

Flick is that pasta
helping or hindering now?

Hindering. I'm definitely heavier.

And the picnic.

Hayley, this could
work in your favour

that you were not
a part of the luncheon.

Yeah, no rewards
mean I'm a bit lighter.

How are you feeling, George?

Oh, I'm getting there.

That's good, because
we're only two minutes in.

Oh, is that all?

Felt like an eternity.

Cara...already struggling.

I think I'm gonna be first to go.

Yeah, I'm really feeling sick
with it.

Cara's on the tips of her fingers.

Good on you, Cara.

Cara can no longer hang in,

drops in the drink,
out of the challenge.


And out of nowhere, Wai drops.

Are you alive?

She's out of the challenge.

Good luck, guys.

15 minutes into this challenge
and we have five left.

We've got Hayley, Andrew,

Dani, George and Flick.

Andrew, how are you feeling?

Yeah, good.
All day?

I reckon I can go
a couple of hours, yeah.

A couple of hours?

Hayley, that's not good news.

I don't doubt
Andrew can go a couple of hours.

Good old Hayley over there.

You guys have been at this
for 40 minutes.

Shoulders feel like they going
to be ripped out of his sockets.

Everyone is shifting
from hand to hand...

..trying to get
a little bit of relief.

George, good effort from you today.

What's keeping you up there?
There's no food.

I'm always target number one
on this tribe, Jonathan.

Nothing's changed.

You think that's the case
again today?

I'll be definitely copping votes
tonight, Jonathan,

if I'm not immune.

George struggling now.

How are you going, George?
Oh, not good, Dani.

George, trying to pull up
on that mechanism.

George constantly moving
from arm to arm now.

Dani - nothing but pain on her face.

Really digging.

Groaning, pushing through that pain.

George, shoulders
got to be on fire about now.

He's digging deep,
giving it everything.

George is out.


Peace out, world.

Dani's had enough,

drops out of the challenge.

No shot at immunity.

Well done, Dani.

We are left with three.

Hayley, Andrew and Flick

battling it out again
for that necklace.

Everyone starting to sweat.

It's gonna get harder to hang on.

Your arms are completely numb.

Every position just hurts.

It's all mental now.

Who has enough left in the tank
to crush the others?

Lots of movement from Flick.

Nothing but pain on her face.

Andrew shifting from hand to hand,

trying to get a little bit of relief.

Hayley looking solid,
locked and loaded.

The only way you can guarantee
waking up at camp tomorrow

is to leave here
wearing that necklace.

Alright, you guys have been up there
for an hour and a half.


We're gonna make it
a little more interesting.

Oh, here we go.

You're gonna move on to one hand.

Argh! (LAUGHS)

You need to pick a hand and stay
with that hand from here on out.

It's getting real here
in the river.

I'm gonna count you in on five.






I feel sick already.

Things just got
a little more intense.

Now, all that weight is going
through one arm, one hand.

No way to get relief now.

Flick really struggling
with one hand.

Oh, man.



That's it.

She drops in.

Flick is out of the challenge.

Huge effort, Flick.

We now have a showdown
between Hayley and Andrew.

How are you going, Hayley?

Oh, you know, it's probably
not all day anymore.

Andrew and Hayley digging deep,
trying to outlast the other person,

Hayley proving she is
a force to be reckoned with.

Andrew's in a lot more pain
than he's letting on.

Andrew struggling to get
a grip on that handle.

Just at the fingertips now.

Andrew! He falls in!


And Hayley wins immunity!


Well done, Hayley!

Hayley, come on over.
GEORGE: Well done, Hayley!


Second individual immunity win.

Safe at tribal council tonight.

Guaranteed a one-in-six shot
at winning this game.

As for the rest of you,
tribal council,

where somebody is going to become
the fifth member of our jury.

It won't be you. Well done.

Grab your gear, head on out,
I'll see you guys tonight.

Let's go.
Let's go. In the water.

Hayley's won
the immunity challenge today,

and I couldn't be more delighted.

This has just opened up the door
for a golden opportunity

to get rid of the only male
physical threat to my game, Andrew.

And I can't wait to see him
finished tonight.

Yeah, well done.
So amazing!

That was like...

Well done. Looks good on ya.

It was unfortunate
that I lost this challenge today.

Looking over at Hayley, you know,
she probably weighs about 32 kilos

and is, like, 94% muscle.

She's like a whippet.

So she was always going
to be a hard person to beat

at that type of challenge.

I'm in a minority.

There's myself,
there is Flick and there is Dani,

versus majority, which is
George, Cara, Wai and Hayley,

and one of us is going to end up
on the chopping block next.

You know what I mean?

I feel like
I'm on the chopping block

because I'm a mentally and physically
strong player.

They've quoted me as the head wolf,
the alpha, the alpha of the pack.

If I was on their side,
would I vote me out? 100%.

I'm not worried about
being on the bottom at all.

Brains think
they have all the power,

but power changes
from day to day in this tribe.

From the Italian feast,

I'm pretty confident that Wai
was on board to vote George out.

She is a little assassin
in the cupboard, I reckon.

She's gonna come out and
make some headshots real soon.

My single priority
at tonight's tribal council

is to get rid of Andrew next.

I need to get Wai on board,

but the problem I have is
I don't know if I can trust Wai.

She was on the reward
with Dani and Flick,

and she says this morning
that she wants to protect Andrew.

If she decides to vote for me,
my goose is cooked.

I'm not going to let that happen.

In politics,
you need to be persuasive.

You need to be strategic,
you need to be cunning,

and you need to have
that ability to survive.

And you do that by convincing people
to vote your way.

I'm campaigning for me
and I'm campaigning to win.

All that matters to me is winning,

and if I need to get my hands dirty,
so be it.

Andrew's apparently
put my name up for next to go.

He apparently
now sees me as a threat.

I'm surprised. I've never
thought about voting him off.

There's an emotional punch.

It was like, "Oh, OK,
this is where we are at now."

So it kind of reframes
a little bit of my thinking

about how protective
I feel about Andrew.

Um, I'm...
I'm always open to conversations.

You know, I'm direct and frank
and minimal in my words.

I know they're going to be
voting for George.

Thank you, Wai.

I'll see you soon.

If I were to join them,
it's a good opportunity for us

to really kind of turn the tables

and secure our futures
for the rest of the game.

I've got to really think carefully
about what I do now,

but at this point in the game,

I mean, if you're not
playing to win,

what are you playing for?

I think at this point, I could go
with Dani and Flick to the end.

But on the other hand,
I've worked with George before

and he might still be
the better option.


I really don't wanna...

I have to make sure that I make
a decision that is correct.

It's about the endgame.

It's who I want to sit with
in the final two.

Exactly right. I was just listening
in the grass again.

I don't know why I keep doing this.
It's become an addiction.

They don't have an idol.

George has played
an amazing strategic game...

Thanks for the compliment.
For God's sake.

..but it's no secret that George
tells lies to get what he wants.

He told me Andrew's apparently
put my name up for next to go,

but I'm not sure I believe
his story.

Andrew has been
very protective of me

throughout our time
working together,

so I don't think
that he would vote me out.

Hayley, we're good at different
things. You're good at challenges.

I'm good at lying down in cow poo

and getting the information
that I need.

I love that.
Lying down in the grass and going...

It was, like, in the first week
I came to you,

and I was like, "Give me lessons
on finding an idol."

But I did!
I know!

You've been teaching me
this whole time.

And I told you stop being a pawn
and start being a queen,

and now look at you -
Queen of the Fire tribe.

So much of my gut is telling me
to vote for George

because since day two,
he's caused so much chaos.

Alright. Now I can eat and relax.

But if I do choose
to vote Andrew tonight,

it is just a testament
to what this game is.

It hurts emotionally sometimes.

But this isn't an emotional game.
It's strategy.

And Andrew is
a huge physical threat,

and I know that taking out
physical threats is essential

because we're at that
pointy stage in the game.

But I voted for George before.

And I can vote for George again.

Everything's the same.

Tonight, I'm putting my trust
in three people -

Hayley, Wai and Cara.

I'm confident
that I've convinced Wai

we need to be focused on
the same goal.

Now that Andrew's vulnerable,

me and the girls
are going to get him out.

as they unpack the week that was

on Australian Survivor:
Brains vs Brawn on 10 play.

Well now bring
in the members of our jury.




and Emmett - voted out
at last tribal council.

You look like a baby face!

OK, so there are only seven
of you left in the game.

You guys have got this far
through grit, determination

and a little bit of luck.

Well, tonight, there's a little bit
of extra luck

in one of those urns.


Three of them contain nothing.

One of them contains a save scroll.

Whoever is voted out
can choose an urn to smash.

If the save scroll is in that urn...'re safe.

You get to go home
back to camp with your tribe.


So, Hayley, this twist tonight
is good for the target.

But what about the people
who are doing the targeting?

Oh, sure.

Like, if you write
someone's name down

and they come back into this game,

that can be something
that isn't fun for you.

But I've benefited from a twist like
this, where I'm still sitting here.

But it did mean that when I came
back into this game, you know,

the moment I got here,

I was thinking about it
from this individual standpoint

because everyone
had written my name down.

So I kind of had reason to do
whatever I needed to do

to stick in this game.

When you 100% think
you're going home

and then all of a sudden
you're back in,

it really does set
a little fire in your belly.

It's's like a phoenix
rising from the ashes,

and you do really reset
your priorities and your gameplay.

But, George,
surely at this point of the game,

if you shoot, you don't want to miss.

Then don't miss.

Just shoot again and again and again

until there's no person
left standing.


So, Dani, at the challenge today,

you thought you were in trouble

Does the urn give you hope?

Oh, it does.

We've got a little bit of extra hope
in the urns,

but I'm not going to sit here
and be a sitting duck.

And while I've got the floor,
if I may,

tonight, I just wanted to
talk to you as individuals

and I want to let you know this.

You need to start thinking about
your individual game,

the endgame...

..and the numbers you've got.

Majority lies with the numbers.

And I'm a number to you.

Wai, there's a reason why you and I

haven't written
each other's names down,

and it's probably because
we admire how each other plays.

So, Wai, does that pitch
make you think about

potentially working with Dani
in the future?

I mean, I'm always open.

I've always wanted the chance
to work with Dani.

At the end of the day, this is
getting to the pointy end of things,

and, you know,
as much as we'd love to think

that we could keep going at this,

we just have to factor in
what endgame looks like.

And, you know,
we're getting to the point

where we kind of have to make
some pretty, like, strong decisions.

So, Andrew, what's your position?

It does become a dog eat dog game
at this point in time,

and it does become
a very individualized game,

regardless of what alliance
or what connections you've got.

There was no way that Hayley

was going to go let go of
that bar today,

regardless of the connection
that she's got over there.

I see these four
sticking strong together,

but eventually you will have to
start picking off each other.

And I am also here as a number.

Much like Andrew probably is too.

Well, Andrew, if it is you tonight
and you do end up going home,

George would be
the last man standing.

Have you thought about it, or do
you think he's thought about that?

Oh, I'm sure he's thought about it.

George has played his own game,
and he's said that from day one.

You know, he came in here
to play his own game.

And sometimes in nature,
the animal that survives

is the one which is unpredictable.

It doesn't follow the way
of the herd.

And I think that within itself
is probably something

to take into consideration.

I mean, at the end of the day,
it's all well and good

if I'm hypothetically
the last man standing,

but these two ladies on my left

held up that body weight
longer than I did,

particularly this one on my right.

I think the last man standing

just means the girls' alliance
has come together

and the, you know...
he's the next one. Whoosh.

Dani makes a good point.

I've gotta watch out.
I know Dani's ruthless.

I wouldn't rule anything out,

but I've had a target on my back
since day one,

and I will always
feel the snipers pointing at me.

You feel vulnerable tonight?

Is that what
you're trying to tell me?

Well, I'm not wearing
Hayley's necklace

and as great as coming fifth
at challenges is,

again for me today,

that didn't result in immunity
for me.

I think the only person that knows
they're not going home tonight

is Hayley.


I think everyone bar Hayley
should be concerned.

You know,
they've all been tight-lipped,

which, you know, they have.

They've been hard to crack
all afternoon.

But that doesn't mean that that,
you know,

someone's already thinking
outside the box.

Ships, you know, sail great
when they're sitting in a harbour.

You've gotta test them
when they're out at sea.

That's when you really know
if you've got a good ship.

So, Wai, does that give you pause
about your plan tonight?

Of course it's not ever
going to be simple and easy.

I think that, you know, different
things have happened and transpired

since last tribal that have us,
you know, kind of, you know...

It's an individual game.

Anything can happen.

Alright, well,
before we go up to vote,

just to remind you
that the urns are in play.

Whoever is voted out
will choose an urn.

If the save scroll is in that urn,

you get to go back to camp
with your tribe.

It is time to vote.

It is time to vote.

Hayley, you're up.

Andrew, Survivor is
MY natural element.

I think you should stick to YouTube
next time.

You're a strategic player
and one of the biggest threats.

I'll go count the votes.

Anyone has a hidden immunity idol
and they want to play it,

now would be the time to do so.

OK, I'll read the votes.

First vote...





We're tied.

Two votes George, two votes Andrew.



Three votes Andrew, two votes George,
one vote Flick.

One vote left.



Andrew... will choose an urn
and smash it on the tile.

If it contains the save scroll,
you are safe,

you get to go back to camp
with your tribe.

If it doesn't...

..I snuff your torch,
you join the jury.

You've got a 25% chance.
You do have a 25% chance.

OK, we're going to see
how lucky you are.

Not very lucky.

Choose one urn.

OK, pick it up, come forward.

Smash it on the tile.

Alright. Here goes nothing.


Sorry, Andrew.

Unfortunately, no luck tonight.
That's alright.

You need to bring me your torch.

Andrew, the tribe has spoken.

Time for you to go.

Alright, take care.

Bye, Andrew.
See you.

Well, luck definitely
plays a part in Survivor,

but Survivor is much more
than just luck.

Grab your torches, head back to camp.

Thank you, JLP.

Tomorrow night on
Australian Survivor...

As Flick and Dani
hang on by a thread...

..George is feeling unstoppable.

I'm the last man standing!

Can the final two Brawns
outsmart the Brains...

She's on board. bring down the king
once and for all?

The fuel's on the fire,

now it's time to light the match.

I got outplayed, I got outlasted,
I got outwitted in the end.

Andrew, I enjoyed learning so much
from you in these 39 days.

It's been real. All the best.
And thanks for everything.

My vote for Flick
was to save myself.

You've got this huge majority
which is breathing down our neck

and the only thing that I can do
is to align myself with those votes

which are coming our way.

But...I got voted out.

It was definitely George and Cara
that was behind it all.

It was only a matter of time
before they would seek control.

But I'm going to be sitting,
listening, watching, and hopefully

I can still have an impact on
who wins this crazy game.

Captions by Red Bee Media