Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 6, Episode 14 - Episode #6.14 - full transcript

In an Immunity Challenge with a twist, there are three Immunity Idols up for grabs. Whoever scores one will see Tribal Council swing in their favour, or will it?

Previously on Australian Survivor... was the moment they'd
all been waiting for.


And at the immunity challenge...

..Emmett was first to win
individual immunity.

Laura, tonight she's going home.

At the new Fire tribe, the six
old Brawns were back together.

I am giving my trust
and loyalty to all of you.

And with George and Cara on board,
they had a majority.

But George was playing both sides.

I'm willing to tell Hayley
when and how to play her idol

to get rid of some of
the Brawn on this tribe.

And when Kez found an idol...

You dirty dog! Yeah!

..she was the Brawn
he wanted gone first.

Only pitch Dani, vote for Kez.

Play the idol to Laura,
that's all I'll say.


These Brawn idiots
aren't gonna suspect a thing!

At tribal council...

It's time to put this idol to use.

..George's plan worked perfectly...

For Laura.

..flushing Hayley's idol and...


..sending Kez home with hers.

Until she secretly passed it
to Flick.

The tribe has spoken.

12 are left,
who will be going home tonight?

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CARA: Day 28, guys.
WOMAN: 28.

Day 28.
MAN: 20 days to go.

GEORGE: After last night's tribal
council, one thing's very clear -

King George of the Fire
tribe has arrived.

That was my coronation moment.

I'm here now
and I'm in complete control.

The best possible scenario was
for Kez to go home with an idol,

Hayley to use her idol on Laura,
two idols out.

Hayley gets credited for the
operation and my cover isn't blown.

It went off perfectly.

I always thought I'd be
a good politician,

but after last night's
covert operation,

I might need a career change,

I'm a good spy.

Nobody from the old Brawn tribe
knows my role in this operation,

except Cara.

And Cara's my number two.

Cara's my confidant.




I know who I can really trust
to execute a covert operation

here on the Fire tribe.

Cara, who's my key adviser, and
Baden, who's backed me in previously

and can keep his mouth shut.

I'm in control now.

Both alliances are realistic
options for me and I just have to

play my cards correctly
and I'll get to the end of this game.

OK. Done.

BADEN: I think I'm in
a very good position right now.

I'm close with George and Cara,
and George, he's got my back.

George is playing both sides.

At the moment,
it's like he's the puppet master.

I give him credit,
he's a mastermind at this game.

You know, he's a big player,
so at the moment I trust him

and I'm happy to
play along beside him.

I know that the Brawn alliance
wanna vote me or Hayley.

Cara and George and I agree
that the three of us

are gonna stay strong
and move forward together

and we're gonna try
and go to the end.

So I have to keep convincing
Hayley and Andrew

and the others that
we can trust them.


But George is very unpredictable
and he's thinking strategy 24/7.

And he is definitely
a dangerous player.

I just wonder how much
deeper his plans go

and what other stuff he's got
cooking underneath.

I'm all over him
and I'm keeping a close eye on him.



Last night's tribal council
didn't go to plan at all.

Eight votes went down the drain
when Hayley played an idol for Laura

and Kez went home.

I would like to believe it's a pure
fluke from Hayley, but I don't really

believe in coincidences,
so I think we have a snitch.

In the game of Survivor,

how lucky do you have to be
to pull something like that?

Deep down I just don't believe it.


As a correctional officer,
snitches get stitches in my world.

But, hey, in the game of Survivor,
you just put a target on your back.

If there's a snitch in the majority
seven, I'll be coming after them.

And Hayley's
also at the top of my list.



It is warming up.

We can't give the Brains an inch.

So next tribal council, we can't
afford to mess things up

because in this game,
if you can see out the windscreen,

you're either driving the bus
or you're about to get hit by it.

Come on in, guys.

So, George,

after last tribal council,
what was the vibe like back in camp?

It was acknowledged
and it was processed

and we got on with our tribe life.

So, Baden, after that move at tribal,

have the original Brains
had a chance to shake things up?

Ah, it's a little bit
of a shake-up.

It was very satisfying
for a plan to come off so well.

Very well executed
and a bit of luck involved.

We're still a minority,
but a little bit less of a minority.

But hopefully if we keep, you know,
playing smart and playing hard,

we can even up the numbers
and take control.

OK, well, let's get to it. Emmett.

Getting spicy.

Once again,
immunity is back up for grabs.


Ha-ha..., there is not just
one necklace up for grabs...

..there are three.


Which means that three people
will walk out of here with immunity.

Three people will be safe
at tonight's tribal council.


MAN: There you go.

Three people will be the only ones

with the opportunity
to cast a vote tonight.

ALL: Oh!


Oh, my God. That's...



Today's challenge is going
to take place over three stages.

Stage one, you're going to
barrel walk across a field.

The first eight to make it across
will move on to stage two,

where you'll traverse a beam

while untangling a rope
attached to a monkey fist

that you'll attempt to land on
a hitch and use to climb over a wall.

First five to make it over the wall
will move on to the final stage,

where you'll race to manoeuvre balls
through a table maze.

First three people to land
all three balls... immunity, safe from the vote.

Losers, tribal council,

where somebody is going to become
the 13th person voted out.

Alright, let's draw for spots.
Let's get to it.

Alright, here we go.

For immunity.

Survivors, ready...


Need to walk your barrel
all the way across the field

without falling off.

Hayley has a nice lead.
She's figured it out.

Powering across.

Emmett on her tail,
Andrew right there.

Whoa! Huge fall from Dani.

Baden is doing well.

Only the first eight will move on
to the next stage.

Hayley gets across.

She's moving on to the beam.

Emmett's good.

Baden's there.

Chelsea's there.

Andrew's there.

Looking for three more spots
on the beam.

Need to get across the beam

while unwinding that rope
without falling off.

If you fall off,
you gotta go back to the start.


Three more to go.

Laura's across.

Dani's across.

Cara is across.

Alright, we have eight. That's it.
No more spots on the beam.

Gerald, Wai, George, Flick,
out of the challenge.

How do I get down?

Hayley has her monkey fist.
She moves on.

Emmett has it now.

Only the first five to get
over that wall will move on.

Chelsea has her rope now.

Andrew has his monkey fist.

Baden has his rope.


Dani has her monkey fist.
She moves on.

Andrew getting close.

Laura's in on it now.

WAI: Come on, guys!

And Emmett, first one
to hook the monkey fist.

MAN: Go, Emmett!

Emmett goes over.
He's moving on to the table maze.

Emmett has a big head start
on that table maze.

Everyone else feeling the pressure,
trying to pick up the pace.

Emmett working his way around
the most difficult part,

getting close to dropping
his first ball.

Emmett has the first ball
on the table.

GEORGE: Laura's got it!

Laura lands her first. She's making
her way up and over the wall.

Well done, Laura. Look at that.

Andrew gets his.

Dani gets hers.

Looking for one more spot.

One more table is open.


Chelsea, Baden, Cara and Hayley
fighting it out for that final table.

Emmett getting close
with his second ball.

In the hole, Emmett.

And he lands it.
Emmett has two balls now.

Laura struggling to get around
that final obstacle on the board.

Oh! You're kidding!

Goddamn it!

And Andrew lands his first one.

Good job, Andrew!

Baden's over the wall now.
He takes the final table.

Everyone else out of the challenge.


First three people
to land all three balls

win immunity, safe from the vote.

In addition,
you will be the only ones

with the opportunity
to cast a vote tonight.

WOMAN: Yeah, you're really good.
Take your time, Dani.

WOMAN: Take your time.

Emmett has had a huge head start
on this maze.

Can he seal the deal
with that final ball?

Trying to ease it into place.

He's almost there...

And he does it! He drops it!

Emmett secures the first immunity.

WOMAN: Well done.

Looking for two more.

Andrew very close
with his second ball.

And he lands the second ball.
Andrew has two on the table.

Dani trying to make her way
around that final obstacle.

Getting close...

And she gets the first one to drop.

Dani has one on the board now.

Baden and Laura, yet to get
that first one to stick.

Come on.

Andrew working on his third ball.

Would really love to secure
that second spot.

And he does!

Andrew securing the second immunity.
One left.

Baden, Laura and Dani fighting
for that final spot.

Baden has one on the board now.

Dani working on her second ball now.

So close.

And she lands the second one.

Dani has two on the board.
Yeah, Dani, let's go, girl.

One more will secure
that final immunity.

It's a race between Dani and Baden.

Come on, Baden.

And he lands the second one!

Baden has two on the board,
Dani has two on the board.

Small movements. Good work.
Small, small, small.

Dani is closing the gap
with her third ball.

Baden getting close
with that third one.

Hoping that Dani will mess up.

WOMAN: Come on, Baden, you got this!

MAN: Go, Dani.

But she's getting close
to that third one.

So close. It's on the edge.

She's trying to shake it into place.


And she gets it to drop!

And Dani gets the third
and final spot with immunity.


Alright, Emmett. Come on over.

Give me back that big
butt-ugly necklace, brother.

Looks good on you.
Thank you.

Andrew, Dani. Come on over.


Also looks good on you.

Congratulations. Emmett, Andrew,
Dani, you guys are safe tonight.

You will be the only ones
with the opportunity

to cast a vote tonight.

As for the rest of you...

..your fate is in the hands
of these three.


Grab your gear. Well done.
Head back to camp.

I'll see you guys tonight.


Oh, mate. Lucky you got there, Dani.

There's nothing more precious
than this necklace right now.

With great power comes
great responsibility,

and, uh, it's all in Brawns' hands.

So, tonight should be interesting.

Danny has had it in for me
for a while,

and now her and Emmett
have all the power

and I feel like I'm the one
who might go home

because after that last tribal,

my head is firmly
on the chopping block tonight.

Today at the challenge, Emmett, Dani
and Andrew won individual immunity.

That's insane.

But I'm not worried because I still
have my big five Brawn alliance.

Emmett will have my back, and as
long as I'm under his protection,

I know I can sail through tonight.

Yeah, have fun tonight, everyone.


We're gonna have the night off.

EMMETT: Yeah, Dani, wanna
go for a walk to the well?

I'd like to go for a walk
to the well.

Let's go for a walk to the well.

Um, so, tell me
what you're thinking.


I'll hit you straight-up. Um...

Yeah, nice.

Hayley is a massive
threat in the game.

She is a great player, she's good
at lying, she's good at creating

stories and manipulating people, so
it's about time we get rid of her.


I've got another idea.

Baden is probably my second.


Obviously Gerald and myself have
been working with George and Cara.


So, Baden was in, like,
their alliance,

and I don't know if you've noticed,
but they're talking to Baden a lot.

Yeah, they are.

And the only person that
they're tied to is Baden.

As I suspected after
last tribal council,

we've got a couple of
snitches on our tribe.

Not so Brawn-strong, Cara and George
have been having lots of little

late-night chats with Baden, and
Emmett confirmed it today with me.

I was right,
so now I'm completely pissed off.

Because they're in our alliance,

I don't know if we're gonna be
able to get another chance to,

like, to get rid of him
before they try and flip him.

And that makes me nervous.

Yeah, I agree.

I'm with you 100% Brawn-strong

that that's definitely
up here s a priority,

and then the rest is pretty much
just which Brain we get rid of.


When it comes down to voting tonight,
it's between Hayley, my arch-nemesis,

because she's so smart,
so strategic, you know,

you want her out of the picture
as soon as possible.

The next biggest thing in line
is probably Baden

because it turns out
I have some snitches on my team.

ANDREW: Um...we are
in the minority now.

We need to stick together.
I agree.


ANDREW: So, yeah,
there were three immunity necklaces

and I was fortunate to snag
one on the way.

But, look, this is only going
to save me for tonight.

And, as it sits, the other
two individuals which won these

immunity necklaces happen
to be in an alliance.

What name am I putting down?
'Cause I don't wanna stuff this up.

I think Gerald.
I think Gerald.

I agree.

Um, my vote is pretty
much a burned vote.

If they really wanna get one
of us out, it will be her.

Today at the immunity challenge
there was a huge twist.

Three immunity necklaces
were up for grabs,

and Emmett, Andrew and Dani won them.

And then we found out that
those three are the only three

casting votes at tonight's tribal.

And I'm really worried because Dani
has had it in for me for a while,

and now her and Emmett
have all the power.

Right now I feel like it's
going to be me tonight.

And so I go to George,
who has been helping me along so far.

I am feeling pretty mad
because I've helped him before

and now he's giving me
absolutely nothing.

Alright, well, I'll keep looking.

George is a double agent.

I've still got game.

My only option is to
sell him down the river

and maybe that will save me tonight.

If I give up George as the spy,
he might go home.

But if he doesn't,

it means that I might be here
with enemies all around me.

George won't work with me,
my alliance might be mad,

and then I'm left with no-one.

But I am desperate enough right now

that I'm willing to blow this game
apart to try to save myself.


Shoot, go.

This is a risky move.

I just hope it doesn't
blow up in my face.

All I can see as my option tonight is
to find a way to make sure that Dani

and Emmett don't write my name down.

And the only thing I can
think to do is expose George

for being a double agent.


Shoot, go.

Dani has been burned by me before,
so she might not believe me.

Yep, go.


Um, well...


We were told exactly what to do.

Say again?
Are you saying George and Cara?

I didn't say that.


100%. I think that would be fun.

I think I've actually gotten her
to wanna work with me.

Dani has now suggested
that I work as a spy

for her and Emmett in their alliance.

So if I'm here tomorrow,

I owe them my life and I'm ready
to be the new spy on the camp.


Just wanted to jump in
before we...depart.

WOMEN: Yeah.

What's going on?

I'm just trying to put
a pitch in to stay.

I would like to throw
something else out there.


That if Dani and I decide
not to vote for you tonight,

that you consider it
a very important favour...

It would be an incredible favour.

And that if anyone throws our name
out in the future...


I will

I can't believe that Dani
and Emmett wanna work with me.

When your back's
against the wall like this,

you've just gotta do whatever
you can to stay.

I'm telling Dani and Emmett
whatever I need to tell them

to sway their vote away from me,

so I can get myself
another day in the game.

Yeah, please.

Oh, just pitching that
pretty much exactly that.

She was like,
"Please don't put me down."

I was like, "I ain't gonna
promise you anything."

I really don't trust Hayley at all.

She has been an absolute
weapon in the game.

She will tell everyone
and anyone whatever lies or stories

she can to keep herself in the game.

This could be the only opportunity
we get to strike

and vote her out next.

HAYLEY: It feels really scary

knowing that I don't have the power
to vote tonight.

So to be walking in tonight

and all of my future is in
someone else's hands is terrifying.

GEORGE: At the end of the day,

I don't know what's gonna happen
at tonight's tribal council.

I didn't expect three people
to win immunity and I didn't

expect those three immune people
to only have the votes that count.

So expect the unexpected.

I'm just praying that Dani
and Emmett vote as a block

and vote off Hayley.

DANI: My vote tonight is purely
putting a kink in the snitch chain.

You know, one less messenger,

it means that all the other
snitches are on alert.

and enjoy Australian Survivor

and exclusive extras
like never before.

So, Emmett.


Congratulations, brother.
Another win for you.

That's got to feel pretty good.

Feels amazing.

And it feels even better that my
home girl Dani got a win too, man.

Well, Dani, how does it feel
wearing that necklace?

It's pretty amazing.

Pity I had to share it
with Emmett, but...

No, it's pretty cool.

It's one of those Survivor

that you have to tick off.

What about you, Andrew?

So I noticed that Emmett
called Dani his main girl

but he didn't call you his main boy.

I'm absolutely astonished.

No, look, it was a great challenge
today and there's no real way

of being able to anticipate
what's around the corner.

Baden, you got close
to winning today,

but now your fate is in their hands.

How do you feel about that?

Yeah. Now I'm one of...

..four that will be going home.

One of these four.

These four, yeah.

George, that must feel pretty good.

It does feel good.

I mean, like everyone else,
the other nine people,

my fate isn't in my hands tonight.

I can't influence a vote
that I'm not participating in.

So don't vote for me tonight,

So Hayley, how worried are you

that these guys have all the power

It's part of Survivor
that you can't predict.

It is something that makes me
feel very worried, yep.

Baden, how do you plan for a vote
that you can't vote in?

You can't.

Other than producing an idol,

there is absolutely nothing
you can do other than, like,

begging or telling stories,
which I'm not about to do.

What about you, Hayley?
Was begging beneath you?

Oh, no.

I did talk to both Emmett and Dani

and explained that I really want to
be here

and I don't know how much
that helps or hurts my chances.

I used up a lot of luck last time
I was at tribal council

and I'm hoping that there is
a little bit of luck left.

Well, Dani, Emmett and Andrew,
while you guys are the only ones

with the opportunity to vote tonight,

only one of you
will actually be voting.

You three are gonna compete
in a fire making challenge.

Oh, my God.

And whoever wins that challenge
will be the only person

who will get to cast a vote.


So Dani,
how does that change things for you?

I am putting my faith in myself
and Emmett to make wicked fire.

Yeah, let's do it.

Right on.

So Andrew...

Fire making could be possibly the
most important skill in Survivor.

Would you agree with that?
Um, yes, definitely.

Yeah, it's gonna be interesting to
see who can get one going first.

So Hayley, how do you feel now that
your whole game potentially

is hanging on one of these guys?

Um, yeah, my heart is racing,
my palms are sweaty.

I'm nervous.

It's a lot of power
for one person to hold.

But I feel a bit better

because Andrew spends a lot of time
making fires in the outback

and I would back him
in this challenge.

So your money is on him.

My money is on Andrew.

Baden, who are you
putting your money on?

I think Andrew will win.

I mean, Emmett seems to be
good at everything

but I think this will be
right up Andrew's...

No offence, Dani.

No, none taken.

I think Andrew,
this is what he does.

So do you think your odds
have improved now?

Yes. Dramatically.

So Emmett, these guys are all
putting their faith in you.


How are your fire making skills,

Yeah, pretty good.

I made one with my shoelace
and a bow and a bit of pea bush.

I'm wishing that
I had done a bit more practice

with the flint before
this fire making challenge today.

But I'll be watching Andrew closely
and trying to follow

a bit of his lead and then take him
at the end, I think is my strategy.

Yep. Sorry I'm here, guys...

I'm not competing at all,
so clearly... (COUGHS)

Well, Dani, how important is it
for you to beat these other two?

I'm just gonna beat them.

You know, the catalyst to form
a good spark is all to do with

a little bit of technique and anyone
can pull that off tonight.

But you're still gonna crush them,

Well, I think we should find out

exactly how good
your fire making skills are.

It's gonna be interesting.

Alright. Here we go.

Dani, Emmett and Andrew.

The goal is to build a fire high
enough to burn through the rope

and raise a flag.

Just so we're clear,
you guys are safe tonight

and whoever wins this challenge

will be the only person
who gets to cast a vote.

You guys ready?

Alright. Survivors, good luck.

Come on, Andy.

And begin.

You each have the same supplies.

What you do with them
is what matters.

Andrew working very quickly.

Organising his husk, his kindling.

Dani feeling the pressure already.

Emmett taking his time.

Andrew going for a spark already.

ANDREW: Oh, kidding. Mine broke.

EMMETT: Yeah! Unlucky, bruh.

And right out of the gate,

Andrew breaks his flint.

Going for a spark right off the bat.

Everyone's got a slightly
different technique.

Dani and Emmett trying to gather
some magnesium.

Andrew trying to get that spark
to catch.

Dani not panicking, still scraping.

FLICK: Come on, Emmett.
You got this!

And out of nowhere, Emmett.

Good job, Emmett.

Gets his husk to catch.

That's quite a big flame
he has going already.

It's so good, Emmett.

Starts loading it up with kindling.

But it goes out.


Trying to nurture it,
trying to get it to come back now.

Blowing on it.

Andrew continues to strike,

desperate to get something going.

He can feel the pressure.



Emmett gets it back again.
Gonna need to keep it going.

You need to work quickly to get those
bigger pieces of wood to catch.

Andrew and Dani
yet to get something going.


As I say that, Dani has a flame.

Yeah, Dani!

Building up a little teepee
with her kindling.

GEORGE: Oh, my God. Dani!

She's going for broke.

All of her husk all at once.

Fire licking the rope.

Yes, Dani!


And out of nowhere,

Dani burns through the rope

and wins all the power tonight!

Amazing! Amazing, Dani!


Well, Dani, your vote tonight could
change the game in a huge way,

so what are your criteria
for tonight's vote?

Just thinking smart.

I made it this far
by trusting my instincts

and voting on who I think is
potentially heading in a direction

I don't want it to head in

and so for that
I'm gonna put a stop to it.

Alright, well, on that note, Dani,
I think it is time to vote.

EMMETT: Ye-hew!

I'll go collect the vote.

If anyone has a hidden immunity idol
and you want to play it,

now would be the time to do so.

OK. I'll read the vote.

13th person voted out of Australian
Survivor: Brains versus Brawn...



Need to bring me your torch.

See ya.

Yeah. (LAUGHS)

Good luck, man.

Baden, Dani has spoken.

OTHERS: Oohhhh!

Good luck, guys. See you.
See ya, Baden!

Well, in Survivor, ultimate power
can be an unpredictable thing.

It can light up your game
or it can burn it down.

Grab your torches, head back to camp.

GEORGE: It was a bit tough, but...
EMMETT: That was epic.

Congrats, Dani.
Honestly, thinking outside the box.

Absolutely killed it.

(BADEN READS) "Your torch
may have been snuffed

"but all is not lost.

"Follow the path to Redemption Rock.

"Wait there and prepare for your
chance to re-enter the game."

I'd love to come back in
and blindside them all

and pop up out of nowhere.

It's not all over yet.
I'm still in the hunt.

Tomorrow night on
Australian Survivor...

One great Brain
pitted against another.

Hayley will do anything
to create a wedge.

When she's under threat,
she gets really, really desperate.

But when it comes to manipulation...

..who will outsmart who?

Don't throw me under the bus.

My bus is bigger and badder
than yours.

Captions by Red Bee Media