Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 6, Episode 15 - Episode #6.15 - full transcript

The Immunity Challenge tests our hangry castaways on spelling and balancing, with a challenge beast setting their eyes on the prize. Plus, at Tribal Council, a double agent is outed.

there were three immunity necklaces
up for grabs.


And the winners would be
the only ones with the chance

to vote at the next tribal.

GEORGE: Go, Emmett!

Emmett continued his winning streak,

along with Andrew and Dani.

With great power
comes great responsibility.

Dani and Emmett were holding
the power and they had their target.

EMMETT: Yeah. Nice.

But Hayley wasn't about to lay down
and die.

The only thing
I can think to do is expose George.

I'm ready to be the new spy
on the camp.

Then, at tribal council...

Only one of you
will actually be voting.

..a fire making challenge would
determine who that person would be.


And when Dani won,

it was Baden who paid the price.

Dani has spoken.

But on Survivor,
expect the unexpected.

"Follow the path to Redemption Rock.

"Wait there and prepare for your
chance to re-enter the game."

I'd love to come back in
and blindside them all

and pop up out of nowhere.

12 are left.

Who will be going home tonight?

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BADEN: Waking up at Redemption Rock,

I actually am a bit dazed
and confused.

It's all coming back to me
what happened last night

with the tribal council,
the fire making,

getting voted out with one vote.

I get my first chance to look around.

There's this magnificent rock gorge,
into a little oasis.

Absolutely stunning.

I've got some unfinished business.

I wasn't ready to go home.

I don't know when I'm going to get
a chance to get back in the game.

I'm here to win.

I can be the Sole Survivor.

It is nice to be alone
just so I can have a good think

and figure out my strategy.

Four original Brains in the alliance.

We have Cara and George,
who are swing votes.

We have me.

I'm not finished with this game.

I'm gonna fight my way back in
and shake this game up.

Last night's tribal
was absolutely mind-melting.

Little did I know that Dani
is the fire making queen.

She just chucked all the
coconut husk on there and boom!

And more importantly, we still
got rid of one of the old Brains.

DANI: Day 30, guys.

We cracked the 30s!


We have a solid majority alliance
with the Brawns,

but last night after tribal,
Chelsea got taken away by the medic.

She looked super sick.

She was obviously in pain.

We have no idea
what's going on with her.

WAI: No, God no.

DANI: I'm missing my mate Chels.

She's not here to keep me calm

when you don't know
who to trust in this game.

So I just thought we'd have
a little recalibration.

We've got a seven at the moment.

They've got a four, yep?

So as long as we stay solid
and don't do anything stupid,

we just need to keep
picking them off.

We have a majority alliance
of the OG Brawn -

myself, Chelsea, Dani, Flick,

George, Cara, and Gerald,
in a seven.

ANDREW: Right,
so they're all having a group chat.

HAYLEY: Is it just us?

This is all that's left.

And now on the other side,
we've got the OG Brains -

Hayley, Andrew, Laura, and Wai.

GEORGE: I'm feeling
on top of the world.

I know I can rely on the trust that
I've built with the Brawn alliance.

But at the end of the day,
there's only one person

I truly trust on this tribe,
and that's Cara.

CARA: Oh, I'm gonna wash your undies.

I'll wash your undies.
Don't worry about the undies.

It's fine. I've got kids.

She's got a real strategic mindset.

I'll do the undies and socks.

I bounce ideas off Cara
and I keep her close.

I know. Ditto. Ditto.

Like, I need someone
to brainstorm with...

I know, and I'm that person,
and vice versa.

But I like to have
multiple options going,

so I've been leaking sensitive
information to the original Brains.

Last night, Flick confirmed that Kez
gave her the idol when they hugged.

HAYLEY: This is great.

Information is power here.

Obviously, the best thing you guys
can do is find an idol.

Alright, I better get back.

You guys just keep looking.

I'm gonna use any information
I get to help myself

because I'm worried
that my days are numbered.

I'm playing a really dangerous game.

I threw a bunch of grenades
out there to save myself.

I had told Dani exactly what
George and Cara have been doing.

I sold them down the river.

I felt like it was the only thing
I could do to stay in this game.

But I'm pretty nervous about it

because it's really important
that every move is the right move.

This could easily crumble
all around me.

DANI: I'm definitely
missing Chels today.

I only trust my girl Chelsea.

It's been a really, really hard day
to try and navigate all the stories

and deceit and lies without her.

You need to tell me what's going on.

Let's go this way for a second.

I had heard a story from Hayley

that George and Cara
were snitching with Baden

and that's why
they ended up getting Kez out.

I don't know who to trust right now.


I know, and I feel so terrible
today, like...

I sent Baden home instead of Hayley.

But now I definitely have doubts.

It was my decision.

She is smart, she's sneaky,

she is such a big, strategic player.

I don't know if I can believe her.

Hayley is a very,
very dangerous player out here.

She has a crazy social game,
strategic game.

GEORGE: The idol hunting
has commenced.

I know, right.

I need to find out
some more information

and figure out what's going on.

I need to get to the bottom of this.

Well, I guess we can
have a look too, mate.

Yeah, I know.

Wanna go down there?
There's no harm.

Two minds are better than one.

Dani did speak to Hayley.

Hayley basically said that either
you or Cara were leaking information

to Baden.

Of course I'm the leak.

But I'm just gonna deny it.

That's a lesson you learn
in politics.

Deflect blame.

I'm gonna make sure that
I deflect it back onto Hayley.

Hayley is destabilising.

I knew Hayley would try and make
you guys turn on Cara and I.

My bed is in your camp.

Hayley just will do anything
to create a wedge.

And when she's under threat,
she gets really, really desperate.

Now Dani's fired up so I'm just
gotta try and chill her out.

George has one version of the story.

Hayley had another
version of the story.

Someone is not telling the truth.

Hayley could tear my alliance apart.

She could continue
to spread doubt about me.

Hayley ratted us out right at the
last minute before tribal council.

Emmett doesn't believe it.
CARA: Yeah.

He told Dani not to believe it.

So we just deny it.


Hayley, don't throw me
under the bus.

My bus is bigger
and badder than yours.

Come on in, guys!

Alright, so, as you guys know,

Chelsea didn't return to camp
last night.

She wasn't feeling well
after the tribal

and the medical team
decided to pull her temporarily

for further investigations.

Now, as per the rules,

she can leave the game for 24 hours
without forfeiting her position,

which means she's not
going to be at tribal tonight.

Dani, I know that you were close
to Chelsea.

Are you worried?

Uh, yeah.

You know, no-one wants to be sick
or hurt out here, so...

..yeah, I want her to come back.

Are you confident
she'll make it back?

Absolutely. That girl is an
absolute beast, so she'll be back.

Well, we all hope
that you're correct.

In the meantime, the game goes on.

Shall we get to it?

Let's hit it!

Emmett, do you think you can make it
three for three immunity wins today?

That's what I'm here for.

It's my plan with everything -
win as much as I can.


I'm going to need back
all that jewellery.

Thank you.

These guys are no more.

Once again, individual immunity
is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge,

you're going to negotiate
a rocking beam

while attempting to balance blocks
on a wobbly ledge.

First person
to stack all their blocks

and spell 'immunity'

wins immunity.

Losers, tribal council,

where somebody is going to become the
14th person voted out of this game.

Alright, let's get to it.

Alright, guys, take your positions.

Alright, here we go.

For immunity, survivors ready?


This challenge is all about balance
and patience

and, when you need it,

the right amount of speed.

It's going to be easy at first.

But the higher that stack gets,
the harder it's going to be.

Oh, no.

Hayley struggling
with her first block.

She needs to start over again.

This challenge is more difficult
than it seems.

The smallest movements
can upset the balance.

Andrew coming in with his second.

Emmett placing his second.

Dani places her second.


Oh, these flies are killing my life.

Those flies!

That's going to make it
a little more difficult.

Not much we can do about it out here.

Andrew in the lead with his third.

Emmett placing his third.

Wai cautiously coming back
with her second.

Hayley has two.

George places his third.

Andrew in the lead right now,
coming in with his fourth.

Getting the hang of it,
picking up the pace.

And Andrew loses everything.

He's going to need to start
all over.

Emmett in the lead.

Taking his time,
not going to risk it.

Emmett placing his fourth.

Hayley working quickly now.
She has three.

Dani has three.

Dani loses her three.

Hayley placing her fourth.

Gerald loses his blocks again.

Ah! Shoot!

Wai loses everything.

Cara loses hers.

George dumps for the first time.

Emmett slowly coming back
with his fifth block.

Three more to take
that third straight immunity win.

Hayley placing her fifth now.

Making quick work of it.

Hayley and Emmett,
both with five blocks.

Two very different techniques.

Emmett barely even moving.

Slowly inching his way back.

This is speed versus precision.

The faster you go,
the more risk you take.


Hayley loses everything.

Everyone chasing Emmett again.


Laura dumps.

Flick has four now.

In second position.

Emmett back with his sixth block.

Two blocks away
from wearing that necklace again.


Flick loses everything.


Dani has five now.

Andrew back with his fifth block.

Everyone has lost their stack
at some point except Emmett.

Slowly coming back
with that seventh block.

It's looking precarious.

Can he hold it together?

With Andrew and Dani

challenging Emmett.

He is going super slow, it's almost
like he's not even moving,

giving everyone else
an opportunity to catch up.

But that means they're gonna
have to go a little bit faster.

Andrew coming back with his sixth.

Looking a little wobbly.

He's trying to pick up the pace,
trying to catch Emmett.

Emmett placing his seventh block.

One block away from victory.

He's just playing his own game,
ignoring everyone else.

Dani placing her sixth.

Emmett in the zone, trying to not
get caught up in that energy,

desperate to keep that stack up.

Andrew has five blocks,
coming back with his sixth.


And Andrew loses everything again.

Dani the only true challenger now
for Emmett.

Can she catch up?

Emmett reaching for that final block.

He has it. He's heading back now.

Dani loses everything.

All he needs to do now

is to place that final block

and get back across that line

and that necklace is his.

Hayley placing her fifth...

..hoping that Emmett
will make a mistake.

Emmett ever so carefully inching his
way forward with that final block.

Going for his third straight
immunity win,

and nothing is fazing him.

Emmett placing his final block.

Now he needs to get back
across that line.

Both feet behind the white line.

Taking his time now.

He knows this is his unless he makes
a catastrophic mistake here.

Emmett so close.

Inching his way back ever so slowly.

Almost has one foot
behind that line.

Taking his time,
not going to risk it.

In the zone.

Zen master at work.

Got one foot behind the line.

He is one foot away

from taking that necklace
for the third time in a row.

And he does it!

Emmett wins a third straight
individual immunity.

Well done.
Thank you.

Oh, well.


Come on over.

Thank you.


Third individual immunity win
in a row.

Safe tonight. Cannot be voted out.

As for the rest of you,
tribal council tonight

where somebody is going to become
the 14th person voted out.

It won't be you, brother.

Let's do it.
Well done.

Grab your gear, head back to camp.

I'll see you guys tonight.

GEORGE: Congrats again, Zen master.
Thanks, guys.

Lead the way.

Unfortunately, Emmett won again.

Since I have exposed George's plan
to Dani and Emmett,

I am really worried
about my position in this game.

I know I'm in the bottom.

But I'm going to fight as hard
as I can so that I can be safe.


Yet again, I took out
individual immunity.

Three times in a row!

The plant-based superman
has become the Zen master!

You can't touch this!

Ah, well.
That was fun.

at the immunity challenge,

unfortunately, Emmett won again.

So, tonight
is the third tribal council

where I'm sitting in a minority,

and it doesn't seem to be changing.

What are we doing, man?
Why are we stressing?

There is a strong alliance
of six original Brawn members,

four of us Brains,

and you can't rely on a holy grail
of an idol to get you through.

I need another plan.

But I'm worried that
I have put my foot in it

and my neck could be
on the chopping block.

Can they hear or not?
'Cause I'm quite...

No. Laura's that way,
Andrew's that way...

I've got thoughts on the situation.

Hayley really exposed my cover
as a double agent.

She's a very intellectual academic,
a very smart person.

She could continue
to spread doubt about me.

I need to re-establish trust

and convince my alliance
Hayley's a threat.

After Hayley screwed Cara and I
at the Brains tribe,

she tried to throw us
under the bus last night.


She's the most destructive
threat here.

I'm just worried about
Hayley tearing us apart.

Because doubt
is the most powerful thing.

You will beat Andrew
at every challenge.

I think they're both dangerous
in their own way.

I would rather
just get rid of Hayley.

Exactly. Yeah, exactly.
Oh. OK.

So that's...

Plan A/Plan B is identical.

George said that Hayley
needs to go home.

Which is also very convenient,
considering that Hayley was the one

telling the majority that
George was leaking information.

I still don't know
if I believe George,

but we still need
to keep George and Cara close

to help us form a majority
and get rid of all the old Brains.

I am 100% loyal. OK?

I know what's good for me.

If I break my loyalty, I'm out next -
that's what keeps me loyal.


Every conversation is crucial.

And I'm gonna revert
to what George does best -


Without Chelsea,
we can't do the 4-4-3 split.

I'm playing a non-emotional game.

My votes are never emotional -
they're always strategic.


I'm gonna start spinning a web

and convince the old Brains members
to turn on Hayley

and send her packing in a landslide.

I needed to talk to you privately.

Hayley sold us all out last night.


Each and every one of us.

She made a deal to be the eighth
person in the Brawn alliance.


In exchange for that deal,
she shopped your name around.

What I'm gonna try and do
is change the vote from you to her.

Who should we be voting for, then?

I think you should vote for Hayley
and not tell her,

to be honest with you.

Are you also gonna put
your name down for Hayley?

Yes. Because the group will
vote for Hayley.


Hayley's gonna learn a very harsh
lesson in politics tonight -

when you play with a big fish,
you better have a bigger bite.

HAYLEY: George seems to be
talking to everyone.

He's been avoiding me all afternoon.

I'm worried that George
is continuing to smear my name.

He is putting a target on my back.

But I'm not gonna sit there
and get picked off,

especially when I have
some dirt on George

that I could use
to try to save myself.

EMMETT: Oh, life's bloody tough
out here, isn't it, Flick?

(LAUGHS) Yeah.

Everyone else is stressing out...

..and you guys are having
a freakin' foot spa.


Everyone knows that George is one of
the biggest game players out here.

But I want to make sure
that they know

exactly how devious he really is.

George was behind the master plan

for me to play my idol for Laura
and send home Kez, their friend.

And I know that Flick has an idol.

When Kez got voted out,
she handed it to Flick.

And the only reason I know that
is 'cause George told me.

George had better watch out,
because I'm about to blow things up.

And who would you two
want to see go home next?



HAYLEY: Right now, George is running
around camp, chatting with everyone.

I'm worried that he is putting
a target on my back.

Cara and George, they've been
working with the Brawn.


But what George doesn't realise,

he's given me all of their secrets.

This game, information is power,
and I have all the information.

I need to take George out.

EMMETT: Survived last night.
Survived a couple nights.

Yeah! Dodging bullets, eh?

Well, um...

..I don't want to sit
at the bottom of a sinking ship.

I'm not an oracle. (CHUCKLES)

Put it that way. Like...

FLICK: Right.



So, someone told you directly?

Yeah, right.

So, who was it?

Who told you that information?


Two people in your alliance
that aren't really in your alliance.

So if you want to kick them out
and put me in...

The best thing is
if you just vote Andrew.


Alright. Alright.


No, we'll...
Oh, now. I'll go. Yeah, yeah.

Yeah, we'll have a chat.

Alright. Awesome work, mate.

The plot thickens.

Flick, Gerald and Emmett
have given me a lifeline

to vote for Andy
and come join the Brawns.

To be honest...

..I don't know if I believe it.

How's it going, Lauz?

See any way out of this predicament?

We're thinking we'll all
stack votes on Gerald.

You're all good with that?


That's one, two, three, four...
That's five.

That's five votes.


I don't... I trust...

It's really hard
to trust anyone at this point.

Not even my Brain alliance.

I feel like
it's going to be me tonight.

GEORGE: How is it all going?

I'm starving.
That's what I can't wait for.

The vote is gonna be
very simple tonight.

Hayley really exposed my cover
as a double agent.

Hayley has burnt bridges.

And after tonight,
I'll be burning hers.

I have no doubt
George is gonna play hard.

But I'm here to play this game
and I'm gonna fight even harder.

I know I have
all the information in my hands.

I'm gonna make sure as hell
I survive tonight's tribal council.

Even if I just throw out
some grenades to do that,

I'm willing to do it.

EMMETT: Good evening.

Hello again.

So, George...

..since merge, we've voted out
one Brain and one Brawn.

What does that say about this tribe?

Um, I don't think that speaks
to the real dynamic of the tribe.

If we call a spade a spade,

there's a very clear and stable
alliance on this tribe.

I'm very grateful to be
a contributor to that alliance.

So, Hayley, is George talking about
what we've always had?

Since merge, you guys on the end
versus these guys?

I think that is exactly
what George is talking about.

The four of us
are dwindling in numbers

and it's not looking good for us.

And so how's the trust level
in your alliance right now?

You know, we have
been through a lot.

We have been sitting on this end
of these stools for quite a while

and, you know, we are strong
because we have to be.

So, George, how's the trust level
in YOUR alliance?

I judge a person on what they do
when they're under pressure.

That's how you know whether
you can trust someone or not.

That's when people's true colours
come out.

Do you think you alliance trust you?

I hope they do.

Because I've been under pressure
for a very long time in this game

and I haven't caved in to pressure.

To use one of George's analogies,

we'll call a spade a spade

and there's been some pretty big
body-shaped holes dug lately

with those spades.

This afternoon,
Hayley come to us to pitch.

We were told that there wasn't quite
as much luck as would first appear

the other night, when
our good friend Kez was sent home.

And that there may have been
conversations across the floor

and some information spilled.

I don't know if you want to bring it
out or not, but I'm happy to.

Yeah, it's been interesting to sit
here on this side of the stools

with this big alliance over there,

knowing that they're not
as tight as they say they are.

George and Cara have been
working on both sides.

I would love to claim
to be an oracle

and to have known perfectly
where to play that idol

but I was told
exactly where to play it.

And that was on Laura.

And I was told to play it for Kez

because she had an idol,
and to throw another one on Dani.

So we orchestrated the plan
as we were told to do and...

..thought that that meant

that George and Cara would be
working with us after that

but...we've been high and dry.

So you're saying that George and Cara
orchestrated that move?

Well...either that
or I'm very, very lucky. (CHUCKLES)

George, what would you say to that?

I think I'll revert
to what I said before -

there are times when people
buckle under pressure

and I don't buckle under pressure.

I know who I'm aligned with
and that's what I focus on.

So am I lying?

You're buckling under pressure,

Am I?
I mean... At the end of the day,

you've gotta question
what will you do to survive?


..that alliance can decide what
they wanna do with that information.


Oh, wow.

Alright, Emmett, what do you wanna do
with that information?

You know, buckling under pressure

isn't quite calling someone out
for lying.

So if Hayley is actually telling
a lie, then I think you should...

..tell the truth, man.

Either tell her that she's lying

or tell her that you did
give her some information.

I think what's important
is who are you loyal to in the game.

(LAUGHS) Politician.
Of course.

And everybody knows
who I'm loyal to.

When other people are on the bottom,
they try and create wedges of doubt.

I don't create doubt,

I do what's best for the alliance
at all times.

So if Hayley wants to try and
create a wedge tonight

and that's her final roll
of the dice, that's up to her.

Spoken like a true politician.

So am I lying or am I not,

is the question.

Well, you know if you're lying,

Am I? I know that I'm not lying.

I'm not gonna get caught
in a tit for tat.

Alright. You are caught in it

and I don't think you have
a choice about that.

No, I'm not caught in it
because I know who I'm loyal to.

Us or them?

I'm loyal to my alliance.

OK. Alright, well, you weren't
when Kez went out,

so...that's interesting.


Wow! That was good.

That was fun.

So, the other thing
that I have is... three people around me

and maybe they would like
to clarify some of this.

There's obviously conversations
and obviously information flowing

and everyone wants control.

It sounds like there were...
in that desire to control,

there were assumptions
that were made

and yes, I was privy to the
conversation that Hayley refers to

and I'm gonna back her here.

So, Laura, Hayley is saying that
when she played the idol for you,

she got that information from George.

Do you believe her?

I back the people in my alliance.

What about you, Andrew? Wai is
backing Hayley, do you back Hayley?


I felt personally
a little bit let down.

As in let down
because I shared information

that you wanted to keep secret?

I can't control what you're
going to do.

That was your decision.

When I give someone my word,
it's my word

and that's just the way
I've played this game.

I understand why Andrew
doesn't want to say anything.

Because George has promised

that he's still working
with the four of us tonight.

I haven't promised that, Hayley.

And I can assure you one thing...
Has he promised that to you?

I'm most definitely not
working with you.

I know you're not working with me
anymore. I know that. (LAUGHS)

So, George, just let me
ask you straight up,

'cause I'm really curious.

Is Hayley speaking the truth or not?

I think Hayley spins very big webs
to save Hayley.

I think I look after people.

I think I look after my allies
and they know how I look after them.

Dani, I see your head in your hands.

What's going on?

It's really hard to know
who to believe in this game.

I hate being literally right
in the middle of this...

..this massive blow-up.

I believe everyone.

I can still hear everyone talking
behind me, which is really hard.

I can still hear everyone
talking beh...

I mean...

Believe that?

You'd like to believe something

and sometimes you get proven wrong.

Just to elaborate on what
I just said then.

One more piece of proof that I know
is that when Kez left,

she passed her idol to Flick.

And the only reason I know that
is 'cause George told us.

Hayley, I applaud you for trying

but it's just not gonna work

Is that true, George?

Because I didn't know
that Flick had Kez's idol.

I knew that Flick had Kez's idol

'cause I was standing next to them
when it got passed.

So how do I know?
Because you probably saw it, Hayley.

I did not see it. You told us.

And now everyone knows, 'cause
you've run your mouth, Hayley.

You just throw everyone under
the bus at the last second.

So, Dani...

..another bombshell,
more information.

Oh, man.

You look really torn tonight.


How do you establish trust
if you don't have truth?

It's extremely tricky to do.

So, Emmett.

There's still 18 days left in this
game. A lot can happen in 18 days.

What do you think's gonna happen
with this alliance?

I think tonight will be
the real fork in the road.

If people are shaken by what's
going down tonight and freak out,

then I think it will divide
our alliance.

(CHUCKLES) Sounds like it's
very well up in the air!

I kind of would have expected
that some information like that

would make them think a little bit
about what's going on, but...

(EXHALES) There must be
some stories being told.

So, Hayley,
do you think it's you tonight?

Ooh, after this?

There's a real, real chance
that it could be, yeah.

George, should she be worried?

I think everyone should look
at each other's track record

and that will be how I judge tonight
and cast my vote.

Alright, well...

..on that note, it is time to vote.

Alright, well, on that note,
it is time to vote.

Alright, thank you.
Wai, you're up.

Mate, it looks like it's gonna be
you or me tonight. Good luck.

Queen Hayley,
your very short reign is over.

I'll go count the votes.


If anyone has a hidden immunity idol

and you wanna play it,
now would be the time to do so.

OK, I'll read the votes.

First vote - Andrew.


Hayley. That's two votes Hayley,
one vote Andrew.



That's four votes Hayley,
one vote Andrew.


14th person voted out of
Australian Survivor: Brains v Brawn -


That's six votes. That's enough.
You need to bring me your torch.

I'll take a hug.

You'd better do it.


Hayley, the tribe has spoken.

Time for you to go.
Thanks, guys. Have fun.

See ya, Hayley.
See ya, Hayley.

See ya.


"Your torch may have been snuffed,
but all is not lost.

"Follow this path
to Redemption Rock.

"Wait there and prepare for your
chance to re-enter the game."

(SIGHS) Alright.

Alright, let's do this.

Yeah, I want redemption.

Yeah. I feel like
that was so unfair.

All I did was tell the truth
and they voted me out.

George sat there and lied
and he's gone back to camp,

and that doesn't feel fair to me.

I'm gonna make sure as hell
I get back in this game.


Redemption Rock.


So, you know how George
was trying to help us?


Yeah, I did.

But then when we went to tribal,
they just didn't believe me.

They just, like, totally believe
everything George is saying.


I thought that exactly this
would happen.

Would happen, yeah, yeah.

Even if they believe it,
they would still vote you out first.


Because they're gonna go be like,
"Well, you're a rat - go."

That's exactly how it was.
And then deal with him afterwards.

You were in on something
and then you're ratting him...

What a way to go out.
Everyone turning on you.


It blew up in my face.

But I'm gonna prove to them all...

..every single person there
who wrote my name down,

that they were wrong in doing that,

and I'm gonna take them out
one by one.

or on the 10 Play app.

I wasn't surprised
seeing Hayley at Redemption Rock.

She'd really put a target on herself

when she'd upset everyone
trying to drag George under the bus.

HAYLEY: Well, if you get back,
it'll be a great story.

Voted out and
won a challenge to get back -

like, that adds something
to a resume for you.

I think I'd be in a much stronger
position than before I left...

..if I went back now.

We know we will get a chance
to re-enter the game.

I don't know how. I don't know when.

I have no idea what I'll
be able to do to get back in.

I reckon our old group
wouldn't want to work with me.

Andrew's off me.

Hayley's a big player.

She's got the courage
to play a hard game

and she's a threat, being so smart.

And that's why everyone
wants her out.

You might actually now have
a good chance of coming second.

Don't wanna come second.
Not everyone gets to win.

Yeah, but you PLAY to win, right?
Yeah, 100%. But...

It's not like Tour de France -

like, someone in your group's
gonna win, and that's OK.

It's not like we want someone
in our alliance to win -

it's like, YOU wanna win.

I've burnt a lot of bridges,

but if I can get back in the game

I'm gonna be working double time
to make sure

people see me as someone they want
to move forward in this game with.


Oh, my God.

ANDREW: That actually
would've been funny.


Maybe I'll do that.


That would be a box-ticking moment.

EMMETT: There was two sides
to the story last night.

And ultimately, I had to choose
which side I wanted to sit on.

And I decided to trust George,

even though I still believe that
George and Cara may be up to no good.

Changing your vote
at the last minute...


But I had to get rid of Hayley

so that I could get rid of
one of the old Brains

and keep our majority strong.


It's been over 24 hours
since I've seen Chelsea in camp

and I'm getting really worried
that she may not be coming back.


Just saying, about Chelsea.

Oh, yeah.


DANI: Her not being here has really
sucked over the last few days,


..I am desperate
to have her back by my side.


He's coming down the...


EMMETT: Where's Chelsea? What
have you done with Chelsea, mate?

So, as you know,
she hasn't been feeling well.

So we took her to the hospital
to do some tests.

And basically, what they found

is that she's temporarily lost
her sense of balance.


And, for obvious reasons,

the doctors felt that she
couldn't continue in the game.

Now, she's in good hands,

she's gonna make
a complete recovery,

so I don't want you guys to worry.

She's happy with the decision

and she's happy to go home.

Oh, my God.

Her only regret is that
she couldn't be here to say goodbye.

Oh, man. That's brutal.

Dani, you OK?

It's, um...

It's heartbreaking, you know?

She doesn't get a chance
to continue the game, and...

I would've liked
one last chat, but...


Yeah, well, she really
wanted to be here,

but it's just not how it worked out.

We thought she was coming back
for sure.

FLICK: Yeah, definitely thought so.

Just rest assured, she will be fine.

She will recover.

EMMETT: Alright.

Alright, guys.

I'll see you soon.
Catch ya. (CHUCKLES)

See ya, mate.

It's so hard to lose

the one person that you actually
trusted in this game, you know?

My sounding board is gone.

And the advantage that we had
of having each other

and knowing that we'd never
vote each other out

was a massive advantage in the game.

And now that's gone.

That sucks, eh?
Sucks a big one.

It really sucks.
Sucks a big one.

I don't have Chels. Now I'm alone.

It actually really hurts, you know?

It's a bit of a bummer
that Chelsea's not coming back.

Because we need as many numbers
as possible.

But we have the majority in our
Brawn-strong little alliance.

We can still keep ticking off
all the old Brains.

Come on in, guys!

Well, there is a challenge today.

But you will not be competing.


You will be watching.


Come on in, guys!

Oh! God! I can't believe this.

I've been praying
to my Macedonian Jesus.

I don't want to see Hayley
back in the game.

Baden and Hayley
returning from Redemption Rock.

We all thought that
Baden and Hayley were gone.

But she's back.

JONATHAN: Baden and Hayley
returning from Redemption Rock.


So Dani...

..last time you saw these guys,
you were voting them out.


How do you feel about seeing them
here again today?

Uh, it's a little bittersweet.

When you cast their final vote,

you kind of don't expect
to see them again.

So, Baden, what's going
through your head right now?

I can see that there's a good chance
for me to come back

and really make an impact
on this game.

I don't want to let it go to waste.

So, Hayley, you feel redeemed?

I feel ready to take another shot
at this.

And I'm ready for whatever that is.

Because I don't wanna go home.

Well, this is how it's gonna work -

you two are gonna fight it out
in a duel.

The winner returns to the game,

the loser leaves the game for good.

Alright, guys, today's challenge
is very simple.

All you gotta do is hold on
to that suspended pole

for as long as you can.

You let go, fall in the water...'re out of the challenge.

This is your only chance
to get back into this game

and have a shot
at the title of Sole Survivor

and the half million
that goes with it.

Huge stakes, so let's get to it.

Alright, here we go.

You guys are in position
for a spot back in the game.

Come on, Baden!

This challenge is now on.

Pretty simple challenge.

All you gotta do is hold on
for as long as you can.

Initially, it is all about
physical strength,

but as time goes on,
pain is gonna set in.

Who can last the longest?

Two original Brains,
two former allies,

fighting for one spot
left in the game.

You've got this, Baden.

Keep it up.


Baden, how long's the longest stage
of Tour de France?

Oh, about 250.

About 6.5 hours.

6.5 hours.

Think you have an advantage?

(CHUCKLES) I dunno.

What about you, Hayley?

I could do this all night, Jonathan.

All night?
All night.


Baden is not happy.

Nothing comfortable
about that position.

Come on, mate.

Pain has already started to set in.

You do not wanna slip

in this challenge.

(CHUCKLES) Literally.

Nothing to see here, right?

You guys have been up there
for five minutes.

Get a nice comfortable position

'cause you're gonna be here a while.

Baden and Hayley literally hanging on
for their life in this game.

Who can push through that pain?

Go, Baden.
Come on, Baden.

Not much to grip onto.

Those ropes offering
about a half inch.

Lose your grip...'ll be in the drink... shot at getting back
in the game.

Baden readjusting.


Hayley, locked and loaded.

Finally, a readjustment from Hayley.

You guys have been up there
for just over 15 minutes.

Every position just hurts now.

Come on, Baden!


Fingers, then the arms,
then the wrists,

those ropes grinding into your feet.

There is no end to the pain.

Keep going. You got this.

Hayley, head down, laser focus.

Sorry, did I wake you up?


Baden, grimacing in pain.

Trying to hang on.

Baden goes further down on the pole

to the lower rung.

Once you're down that low,
it's difficult to recover.

Hayley, super solid.

Baden, really in agony now.

Huge stakes in this one challenge.

Come on, Baden!

Baden, starting to falter.

Oh, Baden!


After a 20-minute struggle,

Baden is out of the challenge

and Hayley wins her spot
back in the game.

Good job, guys.

Well done.

Hayley, congratulations - you've
earnt your spot back in the game.

Go ahead, grab that torch,
dip it in the flame.

You now have life again.

Rejoin your tribe.

Baden, sadly,
after 31 very tough days out here,

your game has come to an end.

I'm gonna have to get you to take off
your buff, toss it in the fire.

Unlucky, Baden.

But before you go,
it's not all bad news.

Because you are the first member
of our jury.

You can head on out.

All done.

See you soon!
Go have a beer for me.

As for the rest of you,
the battle continues.

Grab your gear, head back to camp.

Thank you, Jonathan.
Thank you.

See you.

Sunday night
on Australian Survivor...

I'm not here to play it safe.
I'm here to take out big threats.

..the endgame is on,
as alliances crumble...

I'm just gonna vote for Dani.

..and loyalties are betrayed.

Emmett has to go.

We've gotta strike
while the iron's hot.

But who will make the move...

GEORGE: The Brawn
are turning on each other.

I'm 100% sure.

..that will shock the entire tribe.

It's time for a blindside.

The time is now.

Captions by Red Bee Media