Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 6, Episode 13 - Episode #6.13 - full transcript

It's the moment the remaining Castaways have been waiting for, Tribe merge. Not everyone knows who to trust and with a couple of Idols in play, tonight's Tribal Council is anyone's game.

on Australian Survivor...

Slip, slip, duck... the Brawn camp, Simon made a big
mistake trusting Chelsea and Danny.

I have two idols.

DANI: He's got everything he needs
to win this competition.

Simon needs to go.

At the immunity challenge...

Step one, throw a challenge.

..Dani put her plan in action.

Come on, guys, you're doing great.

And just like that...

Brains win immunity!

Brawn was off to tribal.

Back at camp...

If we pull this off, it's going to
be the biggest blindside

in Survivor history.

I need everyone to be on board.

..Dani was calling the shots.

But Hayley wasn't falling in line.

I'm all happy for Simon to go home.

But if Simon plays his idol,
his one vote on Flick

could mean that Flick
is the one who will go home.

And I don't want that.

At tribal council...

Cara, you and George
cannot receive any votes,

but you can certainly cast a couple.

Dani's plan wasn't quite
as brilliant as she thought.

And though she got her blindside...


Did you know it was coming?

..she was far from happy... Simon left the game
with two idols in his pocket

Say it, mate.

Simon, the tribe has spoken.

13 are left
who will be going home tonight?

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There we go.

Let's get this fire going, eh?

Let's get back into it.

Oh, what a night.

At least we had the plan
and we followed through.

Yeah. That's amazing.

Well, one of us
didn't quite follow through. of us.

I think that...

The Blindside played out
as I wanted. Simon got sent home.

three votes for Dani came out.

If Simon had actually
played his idol,

I would been the one going home.

What were you thinking?

I was thinking that I kind of want
to hang with Flick.

That's how I was thinking.
But I saved Flick today.

How did you save her?

Because I could
have written her name down.

But we were all...

Flick flipped
on our first alliance.

Oh, I'm just curious, you didn't
have the numbers, that's all.

That was interesting.
To get you out?


I think that
what my thoughts were...

You just want
to throw the scent off.

I just wanted,
if he played his idol

I didn't want Flick to go home.

OK. Alright.

The next one in line is Hayley.

She's way too smart
and way too cunning.

And now I know where she stands...

..I'm out for revenge.

Come on in, guys.


ALL: Morning. Hi.


Oh, yeah.

Brains, as I'm sure you already know,

Simon was voted out
at last night's tribal council.

Emmett, what do you think
about Simon being sent home?

I think a lot of people
have been wanting him gone

for quite a while.

Flick, is that correct?

Very much so.

I have wanted that move for about
the last two and a half weeks.

He's an amazing player in the game,
both physically,

and he just revealed
he's amazing in puzzles as well.

But I think in the end,
his ego maybe got the best of him.

He got a bit complacent
and didn't play his idols.

Went home with one
of the biggest blindsides ever.

So, Dani, how would you characterise

how Brawn has played this game
so far?

Everyone played a role last night

and it just united us even further.

We all wanted it. And I think
Brains wanted it as well.

And I think, you know, you're
welcome. That's all I've got to say.

So, George,
how would you characterise

how Brains have played in this game
so far?

I think the Brains tribe
has been evolving on a journey

and it's been getting better
and better

as the days have gone by
here in the outback.

I think this tribe is going
to be peaking at the right moment,

which is in the second half
of the game.

Well, I'm glad that both tribes
have found their groove

because after 26 long days,

that no longer matters.

Brains and Brawn...

You're kidding.

..are no more.


How are you?
Good. Good.

Now we can finally talk.

Guys, drop your buffs,
we are merging.


It's so pretty!

Up until now, you guys
have played as Brains and Brawn.

And you've put your minds
and your bodies to the test

and you've survived
some of the harshest conditions

we've ever had
on Australian Survivor.

But now, as individuals,

you're going to need both physical
strength and mental prowess

to make it to day 48,

because only the strongest player

with the smartest strategy

will win the title
of sole survivor

and become a half million dollars


Dani, what would you say

to the 12 other people
standing between you

and the title of Sole Survivor?

Well, I think there's only one thing
to say. Game on.

That's it?

That's it.

Game on.

Wai, what would winning mean to you?

Oh, look,
I am really grateful to be here.

It would be epic to think
about winning.

But right now I'm focused on what's
ahead right now, right this moment.

And I'm stoked. I'm ready for it.
So let's go.

George, I think it's no secret
you've had some pretty close calls.

How does it feel to have made merge?

Great to make the merge.

I mean, it's a key target

of everyone that comes
and plays Survivor.

And now it's
a real test of character

who is worthy of being here
and who isn't.

I guess we'll find out in 22 days.

You guys ready to get to your first
individual reward challenge?

ALL: Yes!


For today's challenge,

on my go, you're going
to dig up a bag of sandbags

and then use a catapult to attempt
to land them atop a series of poles.

When you land a sandbag
on two of your poles,

your challenge is over

and you get to choose one item
from the merge buffet table.


Now, there's
some really juicy items, OK?

Like a steak, a burger.

There's some less appetising things
and a few hidden surprises,

and there's even a phone call home.

But it's first come, first served.

So I suggest you get on it,
that you get the challenge done.

GEORGE: There you go.

Worth playing for?
ALL: Yeah

Alright. We'll draw for spots
and get to it.


Alright. Here we go.

For reward.

Survivors, ready?


First thing you need to do
is dig up that bag of sandbags

dust going everywhere.

It contains 10 sandbags.

Gerald has his.

Baden has his.

Emmett has his.

Laura is in it now. Dani's in it.

Gerald making an adjustment
to his catapult.

Gerald starts firing. Close.

Definitely a learning curve
to that catapult.

Kez is in it.

Emmett lands one.
He just needs one more.

Andrew's in it now.

Hayley's in it.

George is in it. Flick is in it.

You have to land a bag
on two different poles.

Two bags on one pole
does not count.

The sooner you land two bags,

the better your choices
will be at the table.

Chelsea and Wai...

.. (BLEEP) find it.

..are the last
to find their bags, huh?

Oh, George, he lands one.

Finally Wai has her bag.

Chelsea is still struggling.

No-one said Survivor was easy.


George has two!

George's first to pick.

Now, there's some really juicy items

and a few hidden surprises.

Burger, please.


There you go.
Oh, thank you very much.

George has taken the burger.

Alright. Nice choice.

Hayley has one.

Hey, George, how's that burger?

Mmm. Really good, thanks.

Still lots of good things
on that table.

Next person to land two sandbags
gets the next choice.

Baden gets one.

Everyone picking up their pace now.

We got a lot of people
with one sandbag on the board.

Oh, yes!
And Hayley does it.

Come on up, Hayley.

Hayley coming up
for the second choice.
You got the cheeseburger?

I got the burger.

So, what is it? Like, a steak?

And a beer. Oh, my God.

What are these ones?

Oh, well, you know, they're mystery.
They could be bad.

They could be good.

Oh, my gosh.

You're gonna go for the steak?
Oh, yeah. Wow.


Steak and beer for Hayley.
Nicely done.


Now we can actually talk.

Chelsea starts firing.


Chelsea finally lands one also.

Everyone except Gerald
has one on the board.

Still some very delicious items
up for grabs.

And of course,
there's that phone call home.


Oh, Chelsea does it.
She lands her second one.

Coming up for third choice.
Good job, girl.

As much as I'm hungry...

I'm going to take the phone.
The phone is yours.

Thank you.

We're going to get to it
after the challenge.
Yep. Yep.

Dani does it.

She gets the second one to stick.

Baked potato and all the trimmings.

There you go. Enjoy.

Oh, and Wai.
She gets her second one to stick.

She gets pancakes!
Oh, yeah. Come here to mama.


Cara, working on that second.

Cara. She does it.

There is a pizza here somewhere.

OK. I'm gonna try my luck.

Very nice. Doughnuts.


Oh, my goodness!

Seven people left.

Emmett, Laura, Kez, Gerald, Flick,

Andrew and Baden.

Seven items left on the table.

Yay, Emmett!

Finally Emmett does it.

Risk it for the biscuit.

Under this one.



Now we're all getting lollies.
Lollies for everyone.

Six people left.

Baden does it.

ALL: Aww...

Baden wins one boiled egg.

Oh, Baden...
Always going for the big one.

At least it's protein.

Sorry, Baden. I feel bad for you.


And that's it. She does it.
She gets her second one to stick.

Laura wins...

..a pizza!

And a nice glass of red wine
to wash it down.

And finally Andrew gets it to stick.

Avocado smash for Andrew. Enjoy.

Wow, Hayley, you're determined
not to leave anything.

There'll be nothing left
on this bone.

Oh, wow.
That looks fantastic.

Laura, how good's that pizza?


Now we're down to three -

Kez, Gerald and Flick.

Finally Flick lands her second bag.


Wow, Flick takes the rice.

Something's better than nothing.

A banana and a bottle of milk left.

Which one do you want?

Uh...the banana?

There you go. Well done.

Go guys!


GEORGE: Three litres of milk a day.

Alright. Now that the challenge
is done,

I hope you all got what you wanted.

There's one important thing
left to do.

Chelsea, you're going to call
your boyfriend Jake.

Alright. Go ahead.

Oh, my God.

I've been waiting to talk to Jake
for so long.

I miss him so much.

Jake and I are inseparable.

So it's so hard
to be apart from him.

I'm the biggest foodie there is.

And I still chose the call home

because I know that I needed that
to keep going.

It's me. It's me, babe.

Oh, my God.

It's so good to hear your voice.

I've honestly been a hot mess
for the last two weeks.

Babe, me too. Me too.

Just wandering around.
I miss you so much.

I know. I miss you too.
We all miss you heaps.

We're all so proud of you. Chel.

Your mum, dad, me.

We're all super proud.

Thanks, babe.

I hope you've made some good friends
out there you can trust.


Hi, Jimmy.

I love you so much.

I love you.
Love you.

Bye, Jimmy.

ALL: Bye, Jimmy.

Hi, everyone!

A call from home

has just given me so much
more drive and determination

to win this game.

It filled my heart.

I'm glad I could actually speak
and not just cry.

Well, congratulations, everyone.

You guys can head back to camp.

Thank you.
Thank you.

Enjoy your new digs.

Oh, my God, that burger and chips,

it's everything I wanted.

And now I've gotten to day 26
because I've worked my butt off

with what matters here on Survivor,

talking to people to plant seeds
that are finally sprouting.

I want to be in control.

I started from the bottom, I crept
my way up through the middle.

And now this is the final race
for the goal.

And I'm starting the race in front

and that's where
I'm going to finish.

Merge is finally here.


Back with my girls.

We've been separated so long now
and we're finally back together.

Day of remembrance!
Day of remembrance.

Welcome, welcome!

Our new home!
Hey, wow.

How exciting.
I've missed you.

Come and hug me.

Oh, my God!

Careful of his hugs.
Emmett's had all of it.

He cracked my sternum.

It feels crazy to have
so many people again.

I know! It's like, "What? Are
we back at the start again? What?"

I know.

I didn't think I'd make it this far.

You know, after day two
I was gonna go home at any moment.

Here I am, I'm in the top 13
in one single tribe.

Oh, it's good to see you, George.
I missed you.

Look, it's just like you left it.
I know, it's beautiful.

I don't know where your
black blanket has gone.

It's gone on the roof.
It went on the roof.

Oh, OK. There you go.

Go find another blanket.
We'll wake up to this hole.

It's so good to be back together.

Seeds you love.
The Love Tribe.

I feel just at peace, man.
It's, like, absolute bliss out here -

coming back,
hanging with my old crew.

There's six of us - myself, Gerald,

Kez, Flick, Dani and Chelsea.

And there's seven original
Brains - George and Cara,

Hayley, Andrew, Baden,
Laura and Wai.

So there's seven Brains,
and six Brawn.

I'm just so overwhelmed
by the reset.


But, lucky, I still have
a majority alliance...

..because up my sleeve we have
my old friends George and Cara.

Hello, I'm George.

Nice to meet you.
I'm 31, I'm from Bankstown.

I'm Kez.

They've been working with me,
and I trust them.

I used to be a political staffer.

My first 26 days of camp in my life
were here.

I don't make fire,
I don't do things like that.

They don't come to me naturally.
I've been trying.

We have the majority,
we have the numbers.

We're going head-to-head
and I'm gonna take one of them down.

I wanna go down as the Brains killer.

Just destroying all of the Brains
out here to become Brawn-strong,

to go into the jury with a bunch
of beautiful Brawn sitting there,

voting me to win sole survivor.


So, what are we gonna
call ourselves now?


What happens when Brains
and Brawn gets together?



The Love Tribe.

Well, the Love Tribe
sounds like something else, eh?

Yeah. George, what have you
got for names of the tribe?

Well, I have a great suggestion.
Ooh, please tell me what it is.

Let's call the tribe
Queen Elizabeth.

Let's not.

Could we go with something like
Unity, or that's too cheesy?

Yeah. No, that's not
going to fly either.


Making it to merge
is such a milestone

because it means that
you've played hard.

I've made it this far and pulled
off two of the biggest moves ever.

I'm pretty stoked with myself

Why don't we go elemental,
like Fire Tribe?

Fire Tribe.
Fire Tribe.

I like it.

Now I've got some of
my old allies with me,

plus the two ring-ins
George and Cara.

We have the majority at the moment.

OK, we are now the Fire Tribe!



But in the game of Survivor,
the moment you feel comfortable

is when you're gonna
get knocked out.

Hayley is super sneaky, super smart.

She took my brilliant plan
and flipped it on myself.

If it messed up, I was going home.

They all voted for me last night,

so if he had played it,
I would have gone home.

Yeah, Dani would have gone home.
Yeah, right.

Hayley's a snake in the grass
and has an idol.

Hayley's a massive player.
She is so smart.


We've got to get rid of her.


No, no.

Hickory dickory dock,
three mice ran up the clock.

The clock struck and the Workers'
Trade Union come out in force.


HAYLEY: Dani's not happy that
she was the split vote last night.

She thought we were working with her,

and Dani's someone that you
don't really wanna cross.

And I'm nervous because right now,
after merge, I'm in a minority.

Yeah. Yeah, I need some
of what you've got,

just that quiet confidence.

I know that I have the four Brains
that I went to tribe swap with -

Andrew, Baden, Wai and myself.

We're gonna bring on Laura,

but it looks very clear to me
that it is gonna be

five of us Brains in a minority and
everyone else is gonna be against us.

We are up against eight other people.


We need to find a way
to take control.

Dani has to be our next target and
we need to get the numbers to do it.

That means we need two people
to flip and come with us.


I showed my trust to Flick by making
Dani the split vote last night.

And Flick and Gerald are two peas in
a pod, if you get one, you get both.

Um...I know that you guys
probably don't wanna

stick your head up too high,

but we're, like, an open book
for whatever you wanna do.

My proposal is that the two of you
come and join us.

I feel a bit like we went
out on a limb to save you,

because what Dani wanted
was you to be the back bump.


So if you wanna jump on board,
chuck a vote down...

The whole group that you're with
have already got amazing resumes.

Dani's got that claim on Simon,
Emmett's been running the show.

George is amazing that
he's lasted this long,

and he looks impressive
for having done it.

I feel like if you're gonna stick
with them and ride that to the end

you're just gonna be the goat who
doesn't have a name for yourself.

Like, you have to do something.

I know we're pretty desperate,
but, yeah,

desperate people are
the greatest people to use.

We are, like, pawns for you now.

Mm-hm. Mm-hm.

The next tribal, it's absolutely
crucial that you get your vote right

and you get your alliance right

because lines are gonna be
drawn in the sand.

And from then on in, it's gonna be
very hard to move across that line.

Like, what have the chats
been like with Hayley?

Yeah, yeah, on the Brains side.

Yeah, definitely.

But, obviously,
I'm gonna with Brawn.


I knew she was trying to pull you
over and I was like, "Yeah,

"but she's gonna do that
and then completely blindside you."

Yeah, I know.
You know what I mean?

Oh, yeah, I know.
This is gonna be freezing.


Three, two, one.

You're nice and bronze.
Oh, really? I think it's just dirt.


I'm gonna find it really hard
to sway tonight.

At the moment it's a no.

OK, yeah.

Because I wanna work with you...
Yes.'s just scary for me
to pull away right now.

I understand, I totally get that. OK.

And I promise you,
I wanna work with you.
Yeah, I believe you.

It's just a little bit
too soon for me right now.

Yeah, I totally get that.
Thank you for telling me.
OK, yeah, yeah.

We've tried to bring on
Flick and Gerald,

but they're not working with us.

Our backs are against the wall.

We're gonna need a miracle
to get out of this.

At the moment it's a no.

And I promise you,
I wanna work with you.
Yeah, I believe you.

It's just a little bit
too soon for me.

I totally get that.
Thank you for telling me.

OK, yeah, yeah.
Alright, I'm going to the well.

It seems like there's no way in.

We've tried to bring on
Flick and Gerald,

but they're not working with us.

It's really frustrating for me
that we have this

five-person Brains minority
coming in to merge.

I worked really hard after tribe
swap to get rid of Brawn, so that we

would have more Brains come merge,
but the other group didn't do that.

My earwax feels terrible, people.
Good to know.

The five of us are left thinking,
"What are we gonna do?"

Um...see, us as a tight five
is our best way of getting through.

If any one us split away,
they'll split the vote

and we can't do anything.

GERALD: And they know
you've got an idol.

All eight of this majority alliance,
they're just this solid unit.

Let me go join my party.


And we're left on the bottom.

I'm hoping that people slip their
tongue during the rest of the day,

we learn a little bit about
what they're going to do.

But if we get a consistent story
and we know where they're gonna vote,

I'm happy to chuck
the idol in that pot.

I feel like I have to use my idol.

I need to either use it to save
myself or play it on the one person

that they're trying to target,
so we can take out one of the Brawn.

And then I think we all need
to play a part in this.

There's no point us
sitting around camp.


Let's do it.

I'm starting to panic because
I have a one-in-five chance of using

my hidden immunity idol correctly,
and that's not very good odds.

If I get it wrong, I lose one
of my only five alliance members.

Or be going home tonight.

I'm in a strong position.
I'm a Brawn on paper.

Actually, can you start cooking
dinner tonight? Thank you.


There's a Brawn majority
on this tribe.

But now it's not about
tribe against tribe.

I know what's important
at this stage of the game.

The only thing that matters
is information.

Let's just...just go over here.
Let's go this way.

Are you sure?


People give me information and I
use that information for my benefit!

I'm at my best when I can
execute plans to precision.

When I can work my skills
as a political operative.

Well, thanks for showing me
the well, guys.

I'm gonna be as brief and as quickly
and as direct as possible.

Yeah, go on.

Because on paper,
I'm one of the Brawns.

We know.
But is your heart still with us?

I'll explain very quickly.

I've been planning to
act as a double agent.

The time is now.

I'm willing to tell Hayley
when and how to play her idol

to get rid of some of the Brawn
on this tribe.

So this is how it works.

The unit of Brawns, they invited me
in very, very quickly.


The Brawn plus Cara have been very
good to me, and I do favour loyalty.

But the thing is this, Hayley,
I promise you on my dog

if you have my back,
I'll have yours.


We just have to vote together, OK?

I can still be loyal and vote in a
certain way and you play your idol

and then one of the actual
threats go out.

I would love to play it correctly,
so, like, if you can tell me

when to play the big game.

Like, off the record,
I'm willing to do that for you.

Alright, I'm gonna head back.

So let's head back.
OK, cool.

That's where it's all at.

Just when I thought our back was
against the wall and there was no way

out of this minority,
George comes in, our guardian angel.

He is planning to be a double agent.

And we're gonna have to trust
in George if we wanna save our necks.

Come on in, guys.

So, Cara, do you guys
have a name for your new tribe?

We do. Fire tribe.

Fire tribe.

How did you arrive at that?

We thought that was most appropriate
fire, obviously,

means life out here.

And we're all trying to survive
for our lives.

Sounds perfect.

So, Emmett, how's the Fire tribe
getting along so far?

Life is so good back
at the old Brawn camp.

It's just been amazing
to get back into the old digs

and I feel like I'm at home.


You guys ready to get your first
individual immunity challenge?

Yes, bring it.

Chelsea, I need that back.

Thank you.
Thank you.

Tribal immunity is no more.

Hey, hey, hey.

From now on...

..this is what you seek...


..individual immunity.

With this around your neck,
you are safe,

you cannot be voted out
at tribal council.

Without it, you're vulnerable.

Alright. For today's challenge...'re going to hold a bar
over your head

to keep a ball
from rolling out of a chute.

If at any point your ball drops,
you're out of the challenge.

Last person left standing
wins immunity

and is safe from the vote.

Losers, tribal council,

where somebody is going to become the
12th person voted out of this game.

We're going to draw for spots.

Let's get this thing rolling.

Alright. Here we go.

Everyone assume the position.

Push up to release the mechanism.


For immunity,

this challenge is now on.

Pretty simple challenge,

just need to apply enough upward
pressure to keep that chute level

prevent your ball from rolling out.

But as is often the case
in Survivor,

the simplest challenges
turn out to be the hardest.

You need to keep both hands
on that bar at all times.

Going to get tiring

keeping your arms above your head
for an extended period.

There's no relief,
you can't shake out one arm,

give the other arm a rest.

Very quickly, your arms and your
shoulders are screaming at you.

It starts off
all about physical strength

and it ends up
being about mental strength.

Who can push through that pain
the longest?

One lapse in concentration,

relax a little bit,

that chute will tilt,

and your ball will roll out.

No shot at immunity.

First tribal council since merge.

Can be a tricky one.


How nice would it be
to rock up to tribal tonight,

feeling completely safe, not having
to worry about any of that?

It would be pretty sweet, Jonathan,

you know, coming into merge,
it's dog eat dog out here.

And I'm walking away
with that necklace.

Another day in the game.

Slipping. (GRUNTS)

Gerald's not happy.

I'm out.

Bad luck, Gerald.

Gerald drops the bar, first one
to drop out of the challenge.


Wai way right behind him.

This is a very unnatural position.

It's difficult holding it
for an extended period of time.

The fly gets in your eye,
nothing you can do about it.

Hayley struggling.

Hayley, she drops also.

Wow. Did not expect that.

Dani decides she's had enough.
She drops out.

The strain starting to show
on Laura's face now.

Arms shaking,
really trying to push through.

Oh, I'm done. My shoulder.

And just like that,
Laura out of the challenge,

no shot at immunity.

(STRAINS) Don't think
I can last much longer.


Cara drops out.
She's out of the challenge.

10 minutes in, we're down to seven,

Chelsea, Baden, Flick,

George, Emmett, Andrew

and Kez.

Someone is going home tonight.

If you're worried about your safety
in this game,

you're gonna want to dig deep.

Lots of movement from everyone.

Oh, my God...

This is the first endurance challenge
as individuals,

first time to get to scope out
your competition

to see who has what it takes.

Big wobble from Kez,
trying to shake out a leg.

Wait. No. No. No.

Kez cannot hang any longer.
She's out.

Flick has had enough.

Baden, right behind her.

Now we're down to four,




and George.

George looking pretty good.

I've learned the hard way

that anything can happen
at tribal council.


If you want immunity tonight,

you've just got to outlast
three other people.

15 minutes in.

Lots of movement from Chelsea's ball.

I'm just doing
some shoulder presses.

Chelsea turning this challenge
into a workout.

Some movement from George now.

Employing Chelsea's strategy,
doing an occasional press.

Chelsea, you don't want
to go too deep with that press.

George Ball's on the run.

Shoulders got to be on fire
about now.

Big effort from George.

But after almost 20 minutes,
George is out.

My left hand went numb.

Now we're down to three.

Chelsea, Emmett

and Andrew.

One original Brain

taking on two original Brawn.

Three different strategies.

Andrew, locked and loaded,
solid like a statue,

Emmett doing an occasional press,
trying to get some relief.

It's all mental now.

You just need
to push through that pain.

Who has enough left in the tank?

Lots of movement from Chelsea's ball.

I'm still doing my presses.

Risky strategy.
We'll see if it pays off.



Oh, no.

Chelsea just goes a little too deep
with that press,

a little too much momentum
on that ball and it drops.

Good luck, guys.

We're down to two.

We have a showdown
between Emmett and Andrew.

Both fighting it out for the first
individual immunity of the season.

Anyone got their money on Andrew?

Baden you're in on Andrew?

Old tribe mates
sticking by their old tribe mates.

Trying to get some blood pumping
through my body, man.

It is a miserable position
to hold for this long.

Where are you feeling it, Emmett?

I can't feel anything
at the moment, actually.

You mean you've gone numb?

Yeah. Just can't feel a thing, mate.

Just... I'm just hanging out.

How much longer do you think
you can keep this up?

My goal is an hour.

Emmet trying to do a deal.

What do you think about that,

I'll go till that sun goes down.


You guys been at this for 40 minutes.

And the showdown continues

between Emmett and Andrew.

Andrew is tiring.

You have this, Emmett.

Emmett has his ball on the run
for the first time.

Emmett really straining
to have a look at that ball.

Emmett trying to push it back.

Emmett really trying to stretch.

ALL: Ohh.... Emmett.

Big save from Emmett.

God job, Andrew. Lift it up.

Lift it up. Up, up, up, up, up, up,
up. Lift it. Lift it.

Oh, Andrew's in trouble now.

Lift, Andrew. Lift it.

Again. Again.
On his tippy toes.

He's digging deep,
giving it everything.

He's alright.

Andrew trying to march
through the pain.

That's it.

Andrew, really in trouble now.

It's there now. Keep it up.

Lift it. Lift it.

The ball is moving
all over the place.


Lift. Lift. You've got this.

Andrew, doing everything he can.

That ball is getting
precariously close.

Andrew continues to fight.

Right on the edge...of his chute.

How much longer
can he do this?

Lift it. Up, up, up, up.

ALL: Aww...

That's it!

After 42 minutes, Andrew drops out

and Emmett wins
first individual immunity.

I tried.

Emmett, come on over.

This one's for my Swedish goddess
back in Margaret River, brother.

Alright. Alright.


First individual immunity
for the season. How's that feel?

It feels fantastic, man.

You are safe tonight,
cannot be voted out.

As for the rest of you,

tribal council,
where one of you will become

the 12th person
voted out of this game.

It will not be you, mate.
Thanks, brother.

Grab your gear. Head back to camp.
I'll see you guys tonight.

Thanks, guys.
Good job.

How do you shoulders feel, Kezza?

Emmett's won individual immunity,
and that suits me to a tee,

if Hayley's desperate,
I can make them do what I want.

I'm here as a political operative
to show you how it's done.

EMMETT: The first individual
immunity challenge,

finally I unleash
the Plant-Based Superman.

In my lime-green speedos.

This is why I came to Survivor.

Amazing effort.


Thanks, mate.

Well done.
Thanks, brother.

From here to sole survivor,
my plan is to win every single one.

Thanks, mate.

You deserved it.

And to be rewarded with this
super chunky-ass necklace.

Fashion. Very fashion.

I'm looking forward
to tribal tonight,

knowing that it won't be me
going home.

How are you going?
FLICK: Good, good.


Yeah, exactly.

The first vote after merge is
super important for our alliance

because it's an opportunity to
bond together the eight of us,

including six OG original
gangsta Brawns

plus me old friends George and Cara.

In the minority,

we have five people -
Andrew, Hayley,

Laura, Baden, Wai.

Dani wants to take down Hayley.

But Hayley has an idol.


Again, we voted off her
two best friends, but...

Yeah. We've got experience.


So, we've already been slipping
in some words that Hayley's a threat

and that we're gonna be voting for
Hayley, so that she uses her idol,

but we're gonna actually
vote for Laura.

That's my plan.

I'm in.

Laura, I love you as
a human and everything you do

for the environment,
but out here you're indestructible.

She's been on my OG Brains hit list
since I got tribe swapped,

and tonight she's going home.



Oh, I've got one sock in my hand.

Hey, yeah.

Have a small handful. We'll try
and make it last the next 20 days.

Oh, where's the lift?

GERALD: I can't get my fingers in!

Caucus, can we convene the meeting?

Am I the convenor of this meeting?

Who wants to move a motion
for the elimination of a player?

OK, Gerald.

I move the motion that
Laura goes home today.

Who wants to second that?
I second that.

OK. The ayes have it. Done.

Caucus meeting.

This is what Labor Party
branch meetings are like.

Convene...convene the meeting.

And I would just like to say that

I am giving my trust
and loyalty to all of you.

Each of you guys.


So as long as we keep it cool
and we're smart about it

and we stay strong, getting
rid of all the old Brains,

that's all I wanted to say.

So let's go tear it up tonight.
Cheers to that.

Yeah, gum ball!
ALL: Cheers.

Well, what a plan I've cooked up
for tonight's tribal council.

The old Brawns have banded together
to vote off Laura.

But I am going to act
as a double agent.

I'll tell Hayley when and how
to play her idol

to get rid of a target
that I choose.

I've worked my butt off
to get to this stage.

The cockroach of Bankstown, George.

These Brawn idiots aren't
gonna suspect a thing.

The Brains, half of those people
have stabbed me in the back before,

or weren't willing to work with me,
but I'm willing to help them.

They're my people,
at the end of the day.

But I can only help the Brains...


How are you feeling?
I'm feeling alright.

..if my cover doesn't get blown.

I've got an idol that will be
out of my pocket tonight,

and then tomorrow I'm exposed.

It's best we don't talk right now.

I'm gonna explain everything
in about 10 minutes, OK?

And then I'll speak to you
and I'll tell you

what actually has to happen, but it
has to be executed with precision.


It feels really scary knowing that

we are all putting all our trust
into George.

He is not really telling us anything.

There's always a chance that
George is trying to play me.

But we don't have any other
options at this stage.

She was like,
"I just wanna make the jury."

When she came to me and Cara at the
water, just "Please do anything.

"I'm gonna play the idol
for me tonight."

I go, "Well, you should, Hayley,

"because you're gonna be
copping some votes tonight."

I think her idol will be flushed
and they're targeting Dani.

That's who they're shopping.

Yeah, in that case
we stick to the plan.
It's that simple.

Dani, everyone's starting to
shop names around.


And it's you who's being
shopped around by Hayley, OK?

The white rock?

Who's that? Hey, Kez.

I'm saying that to you
because you could be a future ally.

Which white rock?

It looks suss.

Are you gonna go for a swim?

(BLEEP) beauty. You dirty dog!


Kez starts screaming,
"I have an idol!"

And I'm going,
"Oh, my God, I can't believe this."

Go, you good thing.

That was a great spot for it.

Is it actually an idol or a clue?

Well done, Kez.

"Congratulations, you've found
a hidden immunity idol."

This is great.

I don't want Kez having an idol.


You dirty dog!


Whoo! I found an idol again!


I feel like I'm a queen.

I've got an idol,
I'm in the majority.

What's happening?
I don't know what's happening.

Found it.

And I've merged.

Who's gonna stop me now?

It's like the ring.
It's like the ring!


It does something to people.


GEORGE: This is a tricky situation
for me.

I don't want any idols in play
moving forward.

Hayley, with the idol
in her back pocket,

is relying on me
leaking to the Brains

who the target
of the Brawn alliance is.

She's been thinking Dani.

But the right target is Kez

because she has
a hidden immunity idol

and I need her out
before my cover's blown.

This is my critical chance
to strike.

I saw Hayley scurry back
to the old Brains members.


Listen very closely.

I have 45 seconds
before I'm spotted.

Kez found a hidden immunity idol.

You guys are voting for Kez

but you guys need to pitch Dani.

We've got it.
Don't talk anymore.

Only pitch Dani. Vote for Kez.


Play the idol to Laura.
That's all I'll say.


Run, run, run, run, run, run, run.
Start scrambling.

"Hayley, play your idol for Laura

"or Laura goes home."

Old Brawn will think that
Dani's getting the Brains' vote,

but really it's gonna be Kez.

Two birds with one stone.

Kez to go home with an idol,

pincer movement on Hayley

and my cover isn't blown.

I'm going for a swim.

I crowned Hayley the first queen
of the Brains tribe.

She can rule by my side
as the queen of the Brains.

But there's only one king of
the Fire tribe, and that's me.

He wants us to put all our votes
on Kez because she has an idol.

George, he'll have my back
if I have his.

And I want to trust George,

but I don't want to lose
this hidden immunity idol

if this is all a lie.

There is a part of me
that's very nervous

because all that has to be wrong

is a little bit about that plan
could be wrong

and I could be using my...

It will be his plan,
so that's why it will be true.

In the real world I manage pain,

and that's all about
manipulating threat.

And I brought that into this game.

I kept my threat level
low at the start.

And then I poked up
and made some big moves.

But now we've made it to merge,
it's a minefield.

I think...

..we have to trust George.

That's the thing that I'm not sure.

It's just to get rid of
someone else with an idol.

It feels very George focused.

And my options tonight
are to either lose an idol

or lose an alliance member.


If he can act as a double agent,
that's great for his...

And so I just want to make sure
this plan makes sense in his brain,

therefore it makes sense for me.

All of it relies on me
trusting George...

..someone who a lot of people
within this small alliance

have tried to vote out before.

But we can always
blow George's game up if we need to.


Yeah. Yeah.

Truth is, I'm still gonna be
thinking about this

all the way up to tribal.

EMMETT: I feel sorry
for the minority.

They're going to be fighting
tooth and nail to try and sway us,

but...Laura will be going home.

So the Fire tribe is gonna be
seeing some fireworks tonight.

I didn't come on Survivor
to be the cockroach of Bankstown.

I came to rule this tribe.

And when I pull this off tonight,

blast out the two idols...'ll be the start
of King George's dynasty.

JONATHAN: Join People's Champ
Luke Toki,

ex-Survivors and super fans
as they unpack the week that was

on Australian Survivor:
Brains versus Brawn on 10Play.

Emmett, you're clearly
not in danger tonight.

You've got the safety
of that necklace.

Oh, yeah. Just what I want after
an hour under a bloody bar, mate,

this thing hanging off my neck.

A little too heavy for you?


I'm happy sitting here
with my necklace on.

I've got my homies.
I'm feeling at peace.

I'm feeling great, man.

Baden, on the surface,

we've still got seven old Brains
and six old Brawn.

Is that still a possibility
or is that dead?

I think we've lost a couple
to the other side.

But, you know,
when the tribe swap happened,

they had to fend for themselves
and make an alliance with the Brawn.

And they've decided
to move forward with that.

But us five are out in the cold.

George, I mean, clearly there's
a lot of different relationships

between these 13 people.

How would you describe
this tribe now?

I think it's a very diverse mix.

I don't think it's a case
of the original Brains and Brawns.

Relationships and bonds
have been formed.

And from my perspective,
they've embedded.

And that's a good thing.

And now we're going to see
how strong those relationships are.

But from my perspective,
they are genuine and they're strong.

And that's what I'm focusing on.

Kez, is tonight's vote

just going to be the result
of two alliances fighting it out?

There's definitely a split
in the tribe at the moment.

I'm just here for trust and sticking
to my word with my alliance.

What about you, Dani?

How strong do you think your
relationships are in this tribe.

Jonathan, I'm always confident
when I come to tribal council.

I put my loyalty down and tonight
is just proof of where I stand.

Emmett, what do you think makes you
a target at this stage of the game?

I think the biggest target or threat
is the crew down the end there

who I haven't worked with
in the past.

Mmm. Interesting.

..that doesn't seem to worry you.

Oh, look. Look everybody knows
I have my public immunity idol.


I have been holding on to.
Wear it. Wear it like I did.

It goes good with the yellow.


So, there is some form of hope

sitting at the end of this line
of people tonight,

and that hope sits in this.

So, George, with an idol in play,

how important is it that the majority
alliance picks the right target?

I think it's very important

and I think what's even
more important than that

is not deviating
from what's been agreed to.

If you stick to your guns,

and that's what I think tonight
is about, sticking to the plan,

there's nothing to stress about.

Kez, are you sticking to your guns

like George is sticking to his?

Always. You got to stick to your
guns and remain fully loaded.

Emmett, do you think
that your alliance is solid tonight?

100%, man?

I think that tribal is a place where
forging your alliance is the key.

You know, I can trust the people
that I've worked with

and the people
that have backed me up.

So you trust that everyone
in your alliance

is on the same page tonight?

Confident. I like that.


Flick. Do you value loyalty
the same way that Emmett does?

I do.

It's so hard in this game

because this game
is based on deceit.

But to succeed, you have to trust.

I mean,
that's what I'm doing tonight.

You have to put your trust in
the people that you're aligned with.

What about you, Laura?

Hayley said there was some
hope tonight.

Are you feeling any hope?

There's always a little bit of hope
in an idol,

but you've got to play it right.

And I've been in that situation
where I was lucky.

I, you know, had a 33% chance
of playing it right.

And I managed to do it.

But who knows?

Hayley, if that alliance
does stay strong,

how do they pick a target?

I have no idea how they pick,

and it might just be that, to try
to make it as random as possible,

so we have absolutely no idea.

So you just have to...
you have to take a risk.

Kez, what do you think's
going to be the consequence

of tonight's vote?

You always hope
when you come to these things

that everyone stays strong,
sticks to their word,

and there's no-one
slipping over to the other side

and you've got to stay confident.

So, how confident are you that
everyone's going to stay strong?

Trust is a big thing for me. So I...

I believe that everyone's
going to stay strong tonight.

Hayley, how do you think this vote
will define the game moving forward?

It seems like we have some pretty
clear divisions in this tribe,

and all I have to say is that one
person is going to win this.

There won't be eight people
winning this,

you're not going to win
this amazing game

by just picking people off
at the bottom.

So, if that's the game
you want to play,

good luck to you for the very end.


Well, I think it's time to vote.

I think it's time to vote.

Dani, you're up.

Laura, I've tried getting
rid of you once.

Hopefully tonight
you will be going home.

Every time I vote for you, Laura, I
don't actually want you to go home.

See you in camp tomorrow.

I'll got to count the votes.

If anyone has a hidden immunity idol
and you want to play it,

now would be the time to do so.

Time to put this idol to use.

I have a one-in-five shot
of getting this right.

I'm going to use this idol...

..for Laura.

This is a hidden immunity idol...

..and any votes cast for Laura
will not count.

I'll read the votes.

First vote...

Does not count.

Laura. Does not count.

Laura, does not count.

Laura, does not count.

Laura, does not count.


Laura, does not count.

Laura, does not count.



That's one vote Dani.


Kez. Two votes Kez, one vote, Dani.

12th person voted out
of Survivor: Brains versus Brawn...


You did it. You guys got me.

That's three votes. That's enough.

Oh, my God, Kez.
I know.

Oh, my God.

Yes. Yes.
Thank you. I love you.

So, Wai...

All the best.

You need to bring me your torch.

Oh, did she get pants?

Rachelle's pants.
Oh, that's so sweet.

Kez, the tribe has spoken.

I love you all. See ya!

See you.

See ya.

Well, if an idol means hope
in this game,

it looks like hope springs eternal.

Grab your torches, head back to camp.

Tomorrow night
on Australian Survivor...

King George
of the Fire tribe has arrived.

..George is on top of his game.

But with no idol to protect her...

I might be here
with enemies all around me.

..will Hailey's paranoia...

You have a mole? George's downfall?

I am desperate enough right now,

that I'm willing to blow this game
apart to try to save myself.

I have no idea what just happened.

I'm in shock.

There was a one in five chance

that she could have picked
the right person to play it on.

That was just crazy odds.

I applaud you, but I'm not sure
why they picked me.

I passed my immunity idol to Flick.

So I hope
she can do some damage with it

and get Hayley out, hopefully.

Captions by Red Bee Media