Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 6, Episode 11 - Episode #6.11 - full transcript

Even when you think your private conversation won't be heard by others, it almost always is. The other castaways use the overheard information to their advantage among their own tribal alliance.

on Australian Survivor...

Go, go, go, go!

..a dusty immunity challenge
in the heat of the desert...


..pushed the players to new heights.


But challenge beast Simon...

Let's go, Sim!

..smashed it out of the park.

Brawn wins immunity!

Back at the Brains camp...

Welcome. Thanks for coming.

..the minority three, Georgia,
Rachel and Laura, weren't giving up.

ALL: Game on, molls!

Their hope was to get Kez
to flip on Cara.

Keeping in people
that are physically weaker than us,

I don't really get it.

KEZ: One of my best mates
has gone home because of Cara.

It's time to vote her out
and stay strong.

But at tribal council, Kez was
still sitting on the fence.

I'm just a big, mushy
ball of playdough.

And both alliances fought to get her
to jump to their side.

Which way are you going, Kez?

Because I feel like
you're just following.

She can do whatever she wants.

Oh, God.

In the final count,
Kez stuck with Emmett...


..leaving Rachel and Laura
more vulnerable than ever.

Bye, guys.

ALL: Bye!
Bye, Georgia.

15 are left.

Who will be going home tonight?

-== [ ] ==-




At last night's tribal council,
the plan came off without a hitch.

Good morning, everyone,
if you're all awake.

Hello, George.

The big five alliance pulled it off,
and Georgia was sent packing.

Long night.

It feels great to be in a majority.

But I didn't get lucky.

I worked hard to pull myself
from the bottom

and shake the target off my back.

I'm playing Survivor.

This is my childhood dream.

If you work against me,
you're gonna go.

And every single one of my enemies
on the Brains tribe

has been eliminated.

Mitch was gunning for me.

He's gone.

Joey was gunning for me.

He's gone.

Now Georgia was gunning for me.

She's also gone.

Watch out, you could be next.


It's all part of the fun
and games, right?

The big five alliance
on the Brains tribe -

Emmett, big Kez, big Gerald,
myself and Cara,

my closest ally in this game.

We have the numbers
and the alliance is working.

There are now two more targets
left here on the Brains tribe

that are gonna be
picked off one by one.

Rachel and Laura.

Rachel and Laura are so far
on the bottom of this tribe,

it doesn't matter
who we pick off next.

It's day 22 today and I think it
feels like the hardest day.


When Georgia went home last night,
it wasn't a surprise to me.

I knew it would either be
Georgia, Laura or myself going home.

Today's a tough one after such
a challenging tribal council

last night.


I'm exhausted.


You know,
it really challenges your humanity.

And it's tough.

Especially when you're tired
and hungry and dirty.

The five of them
are too tight for us

to even be able to find
a small crack or a small way in.

I really miss my family.


I don't want this to end.

I want to keep going,
I want to keep pushing myself.

You need to roll with the punches

and change things up
as you go along.

So this is my...

This is my last cast.

I'm gonna try.

I need to use my social game

to try and find a crack in
the alliance that is against me.

CARA: Have you been fishing before?

Yeah, heaps.

So you let them run a bit,
to get it right in there?



Oh, good girl!

You're a gun.

All of my life experiences have
led me to right here and right now.

In 2020, I was awarded
Queensland Australian of the Year

for developing an anonymous online
reporting tool

that schools use that we know
has saved many, many lives.

And that was very, very humbling.

I am 50 and there is a strength
and courage in being 50.

I want to win Survivor so badly.

I have a lot to prove.

CARA: Good-looking fish.
Good-looking fish.

Good-looking dinner.

May I have a crack, if that's OK?

So you watch the line.

Like, if it's a little fish
it'll just bounce around like this.

If it's a bigger fish it'll actually
start to take its own direction.
Right, right.

Leave it a sec for it
to take its own direction

and then pull on it.
Then jack it. OK.

I've been an educator for 26 years.

It's about empowering people to know
that they can do something

that, you know,
five minutes ago they couldn't do.

Right, see?


That's my first fish! Yay!

That's insane.

I've never, ever done that
before in my life.


Another tick on my list.

I want Cara to feel like
she can work with me.

That's exciting.

I'm gonna play the social game
little by little.

This is exactly what I need
to further my game

and keep myself here
for a little bit longer.

I'm ready to cause a bit of chaos.

HAYLEY: It's day 22 and I feel like
I am a new woman on this new tribe.

It's like a fresh start.


We've got a really strong tribe.

The women are really
running this camp.

I feel like Amazonian woman.

That's it.

We're bonding over
trying to catch fish.


Taking on all this, like,
survival role within the camp.

Tighten it.
Yep, exactly.

It's like building
a little stepladder.

I'm feeling surprisingly secure
in this new Brawn tribe.

I can bond really easily
with these girls.




Are you guys making bracelets?

ALL: Yep.

WAI: It's like in primary school.

Would you like one, Simon?

I can see that Simon has this big ego
and he thinks he's running this camp.

Did you put the B on
at the start?

Like, how many loops is that?

Round here.


He thinks he can just sail to merge

but that's a pretty big assumption
to make.

I want to think about having the most
amount of people at merge

that I can work with.

If Brawn want to stay together,

then the next best step
would be to take one of them out,

and right now Simon is painting
this juicy target all over his back.

But he is also a really close
with Chelsea and with Dani.

But I don't think Brawn are as tight
as they say they are.

I've already seen some cracks

and I'm pretty sure we can drive
a wedge into those cracks.

If we haven't caught all the fish
already in here,

I think that they'll be floating
to the surface.

Yeah, exactly.

Is that what's gonna happen to them?

Slowly and slowly as the water
starts receding,

is the fish become
more and more cannibalistic,

as the volume decreases, you know?

DANI: Yeah. Kinda like Survivor.


When it comes to Dani,
she is a bit of a hard nut to crack.

She is pretty strongly held to
the alliance that she is with.

I really need to find a way in.

You scare the shit out of me, Dani.


You think I'm the alpha male?
I think you might be the alpha male.

Hey, mate, I can stand up to
the plate if you...

..if you're too scared.

A massive part of this game
is knowing

when is the right time
to get really close to someone.

It's a social game.

You've got to work with people
and have conversations

and hopefully we can find a crack
to divide the Brawn.

And what's Gerald like? Softie?

I think that I've got a really good
read on people.

I can tell that Dani is someone who
is willing to play this game hard.

So I decide to just go for it.


Yeah, yeah, yeah.

I'm all about...

I think especially when...

Go on.

That's nice. I like it.

Dani tells me that she has this
grand plan to blindside Simon.


Off with his head.

My strategy from day one has been to
come in and to be someone

who is really trustworthy so that
I can get all of the information.

And it's working perfectly.

I'm gonna have to sit on this

and think about how to move forward.

HAYLEY: We've been out here for three
weeks now, sleeping in the dirt,

eating nothing,
getting paranoid about gameplay.

It's rough, it's relentless

and we have heard nothing
from people at home.

And it's really hard not to know
what's going on.

What's this?

Today when I arrived at the well,
I saw that there was a letter written

for everyone in the camp
and a little scroll.

"Survivor is not easy,
but you've made it to day 22.

"The good news is, your loved ones
are thinking of you."


Oh, my God.

Hey, guys,
I've got a treat for you all.

Oh, my God. What have you got?

I've got letters from home.

Oh, my God!

Yeah, one for everyone.

Oh, my GOD!

I'm already crying.
I'm already crying.

To have the privilege of being able
to take those letters

and share them with everyone
was so special.


I had a letter from my mum
and from my sister

and then one from my boyfriend,

Jimmy is a really fun and smart
and loyal person.

We've been together for three years

and he knows how much I wanted
to play the game

and he's just behind me
in doing that.

I see a future with Jimmy
and I'd like to have kids

and to move back to Adelaide
and to start a family there.

Ohh! OK.

"To my dearest darling,
gorgeous Hayley.

"I'm so proud of you, Hayley.

"I can't wait to see you again
and hear all of the rah-rahs."

I just, rah-rah-rah-rah on anything.
He calls it rah-rahs.

"We'll talk it all over on a bench
with a sea view

"and a bottle of champagne
once you get back."

Have I told you about that?
Yeah, go for it, babe.

"Bench day" is kind of code for us

for taking the next step in our
relationship and getting engaged.

So let's see what happens.

But now I have this to look forward
to when I get home.

"Lock it in and put it in the diary."


To have letters where your loved ones

are telling you that they're
really proud of you

is just so important.

And it just fills you with energy

to move forward into the hard part
of this game.


This my nephew
and his little drawing.

That's so cute. I love that.

"First and most importantly,

"Freddie continues to
be the best cat..."

"Mind over matter, baby.
You are the definition of stubborn."


To see people let their guard down
and to share

such personal letters was
really something special.

Green paper.

My daughters are my Achilles heel.

There's Luella, who's eight,
and Halla, who's four.

They really are my everything

and I miss them immensely.

That's been the one thing

that has been making being out
here in the outback so hard.

I guess I don't even know if the
girls are missing me that much.

"Dear Dad...

"..I see your face in the moon..."


"I hope you see my face too.

"I've hope you're going
really well."

Gee, she's writing well.

"And making lots of friends."

"Halla and I miss you all the way
to the stars and back.

"Love from Luella and Halla."


"Halla loves Daddy."


It's really nice to know
that they're thinking about me

and they've put so much thought
into it.

It was everything I dreamed.

They would want me
to push as hard as I can

and get as far as I can

and do as well as I can
out of this Survivor experience.

It's so amazing to receive
letters from home,

it's just the boost
we need right now

to think of our loved ones at home.

It's from my family.

"I can't tell you enough how much we
all miss you, especially Dougie.

"Every time he sees a car
in the driveway

"or hears the garage door open,

"he gets so excited
thinking you're home." Oh.

"I've taken him up for walks
to the park."

Oh, that's good.


It's from Johanna my fiancee.


Which is "my love" in Swedish.

Got me already.

I miss Johanna so much.

Having my fiancee at home
and not being able to talk to her

is a very, very challenging
situation to be in.

"I cannot wait to be back
in your arms

"but I know you're doing
this for us."


How's everyone feeling?

Pretty emotional.
Pretty emotional, eh? Yeah.

When I woke up this morning,

I didn't know how I was going
to get through today.

And there's an irony in getting
a beautiful letter from home.

And now I feel like I can stay.

Happy days.

That was beautiful.

I feel stronger.

There is a lot left in here to go,
I assure you that.

One of the reasons I wanted to talk
to you before was because this is

actually our opportunity to go
in there Brain strong.

Rachel's chatting to them two.

There is no way Rachel can get away

with any sneaky behaviour
on my tribe.

I'm the mastermind in this alliance.

If they wanted to,
they could take a 4/3 majority.

Yeah, they easily could.
And they could vote us off.

I'd like to think that they're
going to be loyal to us.

The only reason why we're working
with George and Cara

is because they have motivation
to work with us.

They've been voted off
by the old Brains

and they don't want to work with
the old Brains.

But, ultimately,
we need to just win.

It's not even about this side,
it's about the other side.

Like, because when we win,

we lose numbers out of there.

We need to go into merge
with more Brawn than the Brains.


So, I've realised that
it's actually kind of better

for me, Kez and Gerald if we keep
losing immunity challenges,

because it's just a matter of
picking off the old Brains,

getting through the Brawn strong

And once we hit merge, that's when
a whole nother games starts.

The biggest thing for us
down the track

is that we need to get rid of
all four of them eventually.

Yeah, yeah.

I don't think it's in my nature
to throw a challenge.

But, at this stage,

we're in a pretty good position
in the majority at the moment,

so we keep losing immunities,
we keep picking off the old Brains.

Happy days for us.

Come on in, guys.

Brawn getting your first look
at the new Brain tribe.


Georgia voted out at last night's
tribal council.

Hey, guys.


So Rachel, how was the vibe
back at camp the last 24 hours?

I'd say the last 12 hours has
probably been a bit better than

the first 12 hours.

Definitely feel much better this
morning now than I did yesterday,

that's for sure.

Alright, you guys ready to get
to today's immunity challenge?

Hell yeah!

First things first.

Thank you.

Once again,
immunity is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge,

four of you have got to work together
to slide a series of blocks,

to untangle ropes to release a key.

The whole tribe will then push
a giant box through a tunnel,

where you will use the key
to unlock three rings

that you will work up and over a pole
to release bags of balls.

You will then carry the balls
through a mud pit

and finally attempt to roll them
down a beam into a bowl.

First tribe to land all three balls
wins immunity, safe from the vote.

Losers, tribal council tonight
where somebody's gonna become

the 10th person
voted out of this game.

Brawn, you have an extra player.

You're gonna need to
sit someone out today.

Cannot be the same person
in back-to-back challenges.

Who is it gonna be?

I'll sit out. I'll sit out.

Yep, I'm gonna sit out.
Alright, Flick. You're on the bench.

Everyone else,
a minute to strategise.

Let's get to this.

Alright, here we go.

For immunity.

Survivors ready?


WAI: Alright, start with that one.
Where do you want it?

Over here.

First thing you need to do is
figure out the simple slide puzzle.

GEORGE: Pull through, Laura.
Emmett, you're next.

Once you do it's just
a matter of repeating the sequence...

..until you untangle your rope.

Now this will come
all the way across.

And then you'll have your key.

OK, this one goes back over there.

Dani, Hayley, Wai and Simon
for Brawn.

This one is gonna go over there.

I'll do it, you watch,
just direct us.

Interesting strategy from Brawn.

Now where Dani is,
that goes to the top.

Wai not doing any moving.

Just directing everyone else.

OK, good.

This one is gonna come over here.

Brawn are whipping through it.

And muscling those blocks
into position.

These two both come across again.


It's puzzle by committee
over at Brains.

Emmett. Yep.

Doesn't seem to be working
so well for them.

Where are we going?

CARA: This one, that one.

No, no, that was wrong.

I knew it was. I knew it was.
It should have gone there.

Should have gone that way.

No, this one back.

Pull this one back.

Their tangle seems
to be getting bigger.

No, no, that was...

Here. That was to go here.

Everything's come to a standstill
at Brains.

This one to here.

While Brawn continued
to plough through it.

Getting close.

Yeah. Now these two go over there.

Wai thinks she can see it.

A couple more moves should do it.

Go all the way across.

That's it! You're good, Brawn!

Whoo! Alright!

Push, push, push.

It's gonna take everyone to muscle
that big block through the tunnel.


Everyone's on it.

Except Wai and Hayley.

Push! Push!

Who's got the key?

Brawn through the tunnel.

Dani working the lock with that key.

There's three locks
to unlock three rings.

You need to work one ring at a time.

Up and over that pole.

OK, now. Alright, Dani, start.

Simon on the first ring.

Yeah, Andrew.

Andrew going up on
Simon's shoulders now.

We know that he's comfortable
with heights.

Almost there.

He has the first ring off.

Go. Go, go, go.

That one to here.
That one to here.

Everyone talking,
no-one moving at Brain.

You're next, Emmett.

Emmett, you're next.

Get this out of the way.

Standing around, scratching
their heads, looking at that tangle.

Emmett, go. Emmett, go.

Meanwhile, Chelsea working on
that third ring.

Fast hands, Hammer.

Good for something! Ha!


Andrew almost has that third ring.

Alright, you're good, Brawn!

Get through that mud pit!

Keep nice and low, guys.

Come on, guys.
Push it, push it, push it!

Andrew encouraging
the rest of the tribe.

You can move on.

Brains still struggling

back at the slide puzzle.

Brains looks slow and defeated.

Put it over there.

That one out over there.

You right there?
Yeah, I'm good.

Brains have all but given up.

It's almost like they wanna
see me again at tribal.

Give her a second, mate.
Give her a second.

Brawn tossing the balls down a beam
and into a bowl.

Simon having a crack at it.

Don't give up. We're good.

You've got time, guys.

You've got a lot of time.

All that adrenaline getting through
the first part of the challenge.


Just like that, Simon has it.

Another shot.

And he gets the second one in!

Simon is on fire.

One more.

Come on, come on, come on.

Simon would love to bring it home
again for Brawn.

Stand there and look at the...

Oh, close.

All it's gonna take is one more ball.

Handing off to Andrew now.

Winds it up, can he land it?

And he does!

Andrew wins immunity for Brawn.

Sending Brains back to
tribal council.

You guys smashed that.
You smashed it.

What's up, guys?

I miss you.

Get to the merge. Get to the merge.

Well, Brawn, congratulations.

Immunity is yours.

You guys are safe.

You guys are safe tonight.

Nobody going home.
Grab your gear and head on out.

Enjoy your night off.
Thank you.

Bye, guys.

See you, guys.

Stay safe.
Oh, yeah.

Alright, Brains,
tribal council tonight

where one of you will become
the tenth person

voted out on Australian Survivor
Brains Versus Brawn.

Grab your gear and head on out,
I'll see you guys tonight.

See you tonight again.

See you tonight again, eh?

Surprise, surprise.

The weaker tribe has gone down
in today's immunity challenge.

The game is going perfectly to plan.

And our goal is to get rid of
all of the Brains

starting with Rachel, Laura,

then eventually getting rid of
George and Cara.

Oh, life is so much easier
with the Brawn.

At the challenge, the plan
seemed to work out perfectly.

And tonight we're going to tribal.

Here we go again, team.

Back to tribal.

It could have gone better.

LAURA: Uh, yeah.
It could have gone better.


Couldn't have gone much worse.

I am super stoked that one of these
Brains will be going home.

I actually wanted to get muddy.

Alright. Well, I'll get on
to cooking, fire and cooking.

Since I've landed here

and I've figured out how to play
the old Brains against each other,

even though they could potentially
have the majority right now,

we have the majority.

We've got George and Cara
on our side.

We've got them in our pockets.

We've got them voting with us.

And they are just as keen to see
Rachel or Laura go home tonight.

I would like to just figure out
what we're doing

so we can get on with the plan.

GEORGE: Do you know
what we'll be doing today?

It'll be guys on one,
girls on the other.

I think we should pick
who we want to go home.

I think Rachel's
the more strategic threat.

Based on the fact that...
she's very good at talking.

So, just...

What do you think, Gerald?
Doesn't worry me either way.

You think Rachel?
Let's vote then.

Are we still comfortable
with the plan?

Rachel, Rachel, Rachel,
Laura, Laura?

I'm Laura. That's all I know.
One word. That's it. Done.

CARA: Done.

My plan for George and Cara
is to keep them close

and to get us through
at least till merge.

That's as far as it goes.

Well, what are you thinking?

Are they still here?

They can't see us.




For tonight's tribal council
it's quite simple -

Rachel will be going home.


..pick them off one by one, man.
That's the plan.

RACHEL: My position in the game
at the moment is pretty dire.

I'm on the bottom with Laura

and we're just being picked off
one by one.

But I am not going to go down
without a fight.

I have fought through so many
difficult things in my life.

And our time to mourn is over, man.

We need to put our crowns back on

and we need to fight
as hard as we possibly can.

Arrgh. It's so hot.


I have been for more than a week

playing a highly emotional game
towards Cara and George.

And I think it's really important
that I leave emotion aside

and make a strategic decision.

This is our moment.

We're putting our crowns back on.

And we're gonna fight
to the last minute.


Emmett would be a great person to
vote out because he calls the shots.

And right now I really need
to convince Cara and George

that if we take out Emmett now,

that will weaken
the original Brawn alliance.

And that's the absolute best
strategy for all of us Brains

moving forward right now.


We've got four original Brains,
so tonight is THE night.

I'm down.

Let's do it.
We've gotta find George.

Oh, there he is.


I've got a one last pitch idea.

Pitch away.
Pitch away.


Everything aside, I do know that you
came here to play a big game.


If we lose the next two,
which, you know, we have been,

the next person...
I know what happens if we lose two.

If we lose the next two,
it's Laura then me.

Gerald, Emmett and Kez
will never split.

We can flip that, George.

You and Cara and Laura and I
work together tonight

to blindside Emmett,

and that's what we all came here
for man, was to make big moves.

We came here to make big moves.
And there's no reason why we can't.

We can go in there tonight

and we can turn this whole game
that's happening here upside down.

And tonight we come back here
four strong.

Oh, here we go again.

I'm not gonna sit down, George.

I've gotta fight till the end.
Well, fight to the end.

I deliberately wanted the three boys
on the tribe to vote for Rachel

because that left me with a
backdoor option to vote for Emmett.

If I flip my vote,
Emmett gets voted out.

Cara and I can defect
to the old Brains.

But Cara
doesn't need to make her mind up.

I can still defect to the old Brains
without her.

Plan A is simple.

I told Brawn alliance
to split the vote

three votes on Rachel,
two votes on Laura.

Rachel and Laura will be putting
their two votes on Emmett.

Optimising gut health
through rice and beans.


So, if I'm one of the three people
voting for Rachel,

all I need to do
is change my vote to Emmett

and he'll never see it coming.

I know.

Cara believes Emmett and I don't.

And that's the key difference
between our games right now.

Our tribes are about to merge
in the next couple of days.

The only thing that shows
true strength here in the outback

is strength in numbers.

That's why
I'm a political operative.

I maintain control,
keep my options open.

And make a decision
that suits me best.

I am not worried for tonight's tribal
because I am king of the Brains tribe

and I shall
be plucking out the brains

of all the remaining tribe mates
and saving my fellow Brawn members.

RACHEL: I'm hoping that George
considers my pitch.

We could completely flip the game
upside down.

We could blow it apart.

And we're gonna blindside Emmett.

GEORGE: It's quite simple right now.

I have options.

I hold the power in my dirty hands
in terms of who will go next.

And I might just get rid of Emmett.

Watch every challenge,
power play and blindside

of the ultimate Survivor showdown

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So, Gerald,
last time you guys were here,

there was a pretty clear division
in the tribe.

Is that still the case tonight?

Oh, look, I don't think
too much has changed

other than we lost the challenge
by a bit more than last time.

Other than that, I think everything
around camp's reasonably the same.

So, Rachel, is that true?
It's the same old equation?

You and Laura are on the outs?

Dead straight.

So, George, is that true?

It's true, the factions
on this tribe haven't changed.

They're set in stone and

we're here at tribal council
again, which is disappointing.

So they're definitely set in stone.

I'm not counting my chickens
before they hatch.

I am now on night 23
in a strong and stable government.

And we are starting to write
our platform,

so whether you call that plain Jane
and boring

or whether you call that being
clinical on Australian survivor,

well, you know,
I'd go with the latter.

So, Emmett, on the surface there's
three old Brawn and four Brain,

does that mean much anymore
at this stage of the game?

Ah, not to me, mate.

We're aiming to get to merge

and the goal is to take
me old mates down the end,

to take them all the way
through to merge

and build that loyalty now
so that when we do hit merge,

we've got a strong five
that we can build on.

I don't think it's necessarily
a smart thing

as far as numbers are concerned,

because if we go back to base camp,
base level,

there are actually
four old Brains here,

and merging with the other side
would mean that

we would go into that eight strong.

Which...which I think is something
that...that, you know,

needs to be considered.

It's true.

Look, I had a good chat with Rachel
today and Laura,

and I think it's difficult
every time to vote someone off,

but somebody has to go.

It's unfortunate,
but it's what happens.

All I want to say to you guys
is that we do have your back

and when we do merge, we would love
to bring you into whatever other

people that we can
form an alliance with,

because it's better to have
five people, six people,

seven people, eight people,
when we first merge

than it is to have
not that many people.


So, the more the merrier
when we get to merge.

So, firstly, we got ya.

On that note, I think
that it's seriously understated

just how much of an integral part
George and Cara are in our alliance.
Of course.

And moving forward
towards the merge.

How much of an integral part
they will be going through to merge.

I don't think it'll last
that long, to be honest.

What do you think will happen?

I think the three to my right
realise that George and Cara

are at the bottom
of their alliance

and that when they go to merge,
they'll unite with their ex Brawns.

And that these two
won't necessarily fit into that.

You know, they've got strong ties
over there too,

and they've come in from day one
saying Brawn strong, so...

You know, I don't think
you really understand

what's going on in the Brawn tribe.

Before we came over, it was
a bit messy, like the Brains,

you know, like every tribe.

It's a big muddy puddle as well.

So, Emmett, how would you
characterise this alliance of five?

You know, I'm just trying to remain
calm and stick to the plan

and get to the merge
at least five strong and... know, take it from there.

So, Rachel, it sounds like
it's one of you two tonight.


Have these five agreed, do you think,
on who it's going to be?

Well, I don't know, Jonathan.

I'm sure they definitely have.

How they agreed, I don't know.

But we're just going to have to
wait and see.

Alright, well,
I think it is time to vote.

Alright, well,
I think it is time to vote.

Gerald, you're up.

I think you're a really cool guy.

I just wish you'd let other people
play their own game.

I'll go count the votes.

If anyone has a hidden immunity idol
and you want to play it,

now would be the time to do so.

OK, I'll read the votes.

First vote...



That's two votes, Rachel.


Two votes Rachel, one vote Laura.


Two votes Rachel, one vote Laura,
one vote Emmett.


We're tied.

One vote Laura, two votes Rachel,
two votes Emmett.


We're tied.

Two votes Laura, two votes Rachel,
two votes Emmett.

One vote left.

Tenth person voted out of Survivor
Brains versus Brawn.


Need to bring me your torch.

Good luck with everything, Rachel.
See you.

Rachel, the tribe has spoken.

Time for you to go.
Thank you.

Game on, molls.

Well, it's clear this tribe
is happy to pick off easy prey.

Question is, what happens
when you have to eat your own?


Grab your torches, head back to camp.

Thank you.
Thank you.

Tomorrow night on
Australian Survivor,

with merge in sight...

I have carried my team
through every single challenge

that we have been in.

..Simon is feeling indestructible.

I have an alliance which is probably

the strongest alliance in this game
at the moment.

But is he about to make
the biggest mistake...

I have two idols.

..of his life?

Sending Simon home with not one,
but two idols in his backpack

would be the most epic blindside
in Survivor history.

Simon needs to go.

I think they did make a mistake
voting for me.

George and Cara,

it would have been really great if
you had the courage to flip things

and mix things up a little bit.

I don't think you're going to have
much luck

when you get to the other side.

I feel disappointed that
I didn't get to make merge,

but my heart feels happy

and I feel proud of the way
that I've played the game.

Captions by Red Bee Media