Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 6, Episode 12 - Episode #6.12 - full transcript

Desperation is setting in for one tribe, with members gunning for one person in particular. Now to flush their idol. And a good old-fashioned blindside sees one castaway scratching their head.

JONATHAN: Previously
on Australian Survivor...

..with her idol
still in her pocket...

..Hayley continued to shake things up
at the new Brawn tribe...

I'm gonna need help to pull it off.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.

..but Simon was holding on
to his own secret.

Two hidden immunity idols.

I am unstoppable in this game.

At the immunity challenge...

Push it! Push it! Push it!

..Brawn couldn't be seen for dust...

Andrew wins immunity for Brawn!

..and Brains was off
to yet another tribal.

Here we go again, team.

Back at camp,
Rachel and Laura were sitting ducks

but they weren't cooked yet.


Rachel appealed to the politician
in George.

We can go in there tonight

and we can turn this whole game
that's happening here upside down.

But at tribal council...

The factions on this tribe haven't
changed and somebody has to go.

..George stuck with the numbers...

Rachel, the tribe has spoken.

..and Laura was left out in the cold.

Game on, moles!
ALL: Bye!

14 are left.
Who will be going home tonight?


-== [ ] ==-

I think, last night, despite the
lack of wind, was the coldest night.

Well, last night was the first night
that my feet have been cold

in me boots.


Day 24!

Halfway! Yoo!

LAURA: Tribal last night,

Rachel had her plan to bring George
on side to blindside Emmett.

And George didn't want a bar of it.

So, Rachel, unfortunately,
went home last night

and for me now
that means that I am

the last one on the
very bottom of this tribe,

waiting to get kicked out.

There's only six of us left, and five
of them are in a very tight alliance.

Emmett, Gerald, Kez, Cara and George.

And then there's me, all by myself.

I'm gonna keep fighting.

I'm here,
there's no point in wasting time,

so I want to see
if I can find some cracks,

and that one crack could send you
from the bottom straight to the top.

GEORGE: Should I go check on Laura?

If you want to, mate. Go for it.

Alright, I'm gonna go
check on Laura.

The dynamic is quite simple.

In the Brains tribe it's clear
that we have a big five plus Laura.

Oh, perfect timing.

Just on time.

I know where I stand
in the pecking order.

Emmett's first,
followed by Gerald and Kez,

then Cara, then George.

It suited me great
working with these people

picking off the ex-Brains members.

But they're almost all picked off.

And if we lose two
immunity challenges,

Laura will go, then I'd go.

I think this will be the only chance
I'll get to talk to you.

Just talk here?

So I'm gonna focus on reaching out
to Laura today.

Laura's been loyal to her people

and I hold no ill will with Laura

and I want her to know that.

So, Emmett thinks I've come to
supervise you.

Really I need to have like
a decent chat with you.


I'll be very quick

because they're gonna think
we're gonna walk back soon.

It's you, then me.

I know we haven't been on
the same side, maybe not yet.

I don't rule out anything.

I have no ill will
or bad blood with you.

..depending on what happens.
I'm down for that.

Exactly, which is why
I wanted to pull you aside

whilst I'm supervising you
on Emmett's instruction.

Alright, well, let's go.

So, let's just go.
Good supervising done.


George has flipped back and forth
like a dead fish on the sand.

I don't trust him.

So, for me, I'll always be wary of
George and what his intentions are.

Oh! Oh, dear.


All that hard work makes me gassy.

I need to find myself
a hidden immunity idol fast.

Hey, check out this kangaroo
down here.

Like, going down for a drink.
It's fully on the rocks.

Oh, wow. Yeah, look at him.

He's a big boy. (WHISTLES)

To reach the halfway point
is amazing

and I've worked my butt off
to get there.

I can be a little bit reflective
and look back

and be quite proud
of what I have achieved

and where I sit at the moment.

I have two idols in my pocket.

I am a proven challenge beast.

I have an alliance of three,

which is probably the strongest
alliance in this game at the moment

with myself, Dani and Chelsea,

combining with Hayley,
Baden and Wai

to form a really strong six.

Flick's gonna be the obvious vote

and I feel like we'll be able to
combine together

to get her out of here
pretty quickly.

One, two, three, four.
Slip, slip. Roll. Roll.


I've found myself as a leader and
the alpha male within this tribe.

I have carried my team through
almost every single challenge

that we have been in.

And I have stepped up to the plate

and I have delivered
time and time again.

So, to now be here,
have those idols in my pocket,

my claws of fire...and fury.

To have a good alliance...

Slip, slip, duck, duck.
Rip, uppercut. Yes.'s a pretty good spot to be in.

I am feeling pretty untouchable.

One, two, three, four.
Slip, slip, duck, duck.


Yeah, that looks terrible.

Dani's not supposed to punch me
in the guts.

Dani, Chelsea and I
are really close.

Water? I'll do a well run.

There's a long way to this endgame.

These are my two tickets
to half a million dollars

and I need these girls
to help me get there.

So, I think now is the right time
to bring Dani and Chelsea in

on my second idol.

Can I let you guys in on a secret?

I have two idols.


Interesting, hey?

I need you by my side
in the final three.

Yeah, I'd love for us
to go final three.


But we're the only ones that know
about your double idol.

Yes, and that has to stay...
Yeah, yeah. 100%

Ooh. Let's do this double.

We hold the power.

It's huge.

Oh, my God.
Simon just made a huge mistake.

Having one idol was, you know,

yeah, that's OK, that's normal,
we can deal with that.

Having two idols...

..he's now the biggest threat
in the game.

He's got too much power,
and if he does make it to merge,

he's got everything he needs
to win this competition.

Can you do the
one pec, two pec thing?

Getting there.

Simon clearly trusts me completely.

But, little does he know,

my whole game plan
from the beginning

was to stick close to the alpha,
right by his side as his 2IC.

So that when the crucial moment

I'm close enough to swing the sword
and take his head off.

And a crucial moment has come.

(CHOPPING SOUND) Bye-bye, Simon.

JONATHAN: Come on in, guys!

Brawn getting your first look
at the new Brain tribe.

SIMON: Emmett, Laura.

DANI: Where's George? George.

George is there.

Rachel voted out at last night's
tribal council.


Hello, hello.
Good morning.


SIMON: How was family therapy?

EMMETT: Fantastic.

Hayley, does Rachel being voted out
give you any insight

as to what's going on over at Brains?

It looks like that the new Brain is
voting off the old Brain one by one.

I hope that there's a mix-up soon

because that would be a pretty
dull way to see the game play.

So, Dani, we're halfway through
the game today.

If you could switch out rice
for anything, what would it be?

I'm glad you asked.

Burgers, beers and chippies, please.

George, what would you like
to see on the menu?

Everything that Dani said, plus
sweets, desserts, cakes, doughnuts,

vanilla slices.

Anything you ask, Jonathan,
I'm happy to receive.

Alright, you guys ready to get
to today's reward challenge?

ALL: Yeah!

For today's challenge,

on my go,

you're gonna row out to collect
rings from pontoons.

When you have all your rings,
you'll make your way back to shore

and attempt to land them
on a series of paddles.

First tribe to land all their rings
and spell 'reward' wins reward.

Want to know what you're playing for?

ALL: Yes!

A trip to the Survivor...

..candy store.


Chock-full of treats
for every sweet tooth.

Worth playing for?


Definitely worth playing for.
Can't wait.

Brawn, you have two extra members.

You're gonna need to sit out
two people today.

Who are they gonna be?

SIMON: Wai. I think this one...

This one's you.

I'm happy...
I don't have the best arm strength.

Who's sitting out?

Wai and Hayley.

Wai, Hayley,
you guys are on the bench.

Everyone else,
a minute to strategise.

We'll get to it.

Alright, here we go.

For a very sweet reward.

Survivors ready.


Everybody racing out and grabbing
a paddle, heading to their raft.

Brawn quickly on their raft.

LAURA: I can't get up.

Brains struggling to get up.

Costing them some serious time.

EMMETT: Even balance. Even balance.

I'm good now. I'm good.

On your knees.

Hey, guys. Hand on the top.
George, hand on the top.

Finding it easier lower.

George, you'll get more leverage
on the top of the handles.

You're gonna need to work together
to get that raft

to go where you want it to go.

George! One hand on the top, mate.
It's easier like this.

Go! To us! To us!

Brawn at the first pontoon.

Chelsea grabbing the first
set of rings.


They're moving on
to the next pontoon.

Finally, Brains
are at the first pontoon.

Emmett grabbing
the first set of rings.

EMMETT: Call it, Kez.

You call it, Kez. Gotta go right!

It's gonna take some coordination.

Brawn continue to extend their lead.

BRAWNS: Stroke! Stroke!

DANI: Keep going!

OK, go!

Brawn get to the second pontoon.

Chelsea has the second lot of rings.

Don't paddle backwards.

Turning the raft around.

Stroke! Stroke! Stroke!

EMMETT: You guys keep
paddling around, alright?

Finally, Brains get to
the second pontoon.

But Emmett has the last set of rings.

EMMETT: Here. Grab that.

GEORGE: Yes, go, Emmett! Go!

Hold it.
I'm holding it.

Go, row, row, row. Let's move.

Brains trying to pick up the pace
now, trying to close that gap.

George, your timing!

Row! Catch!
Ready. Row, catch!

Row, catch! Row, catch!

Brawn had a nice lead
but Brains have really picked it up.

GEORGE: We've got this, guys.
We've got it.

Wind is pushing Brawn off course.

Push! Push!

Struggling to get it back on.
That has opened the door for Brains.

Come on!

We are almost neck and neck now.


Simon's in for Brawn
giving them a push.


Emmett's in the water now
pushing for Brains.

EMMETT: Gerald, jump off!
Gerald, jump off! Jump off!

Gerald jumps in.

Brawn gets ashore first
just ahead of Brains.

Racing up to the ring toss.

Everyone needs to be on the mat
before you can start tossing.

Run, guys! You got it!

Alright, you're good, Brawn.

Andrew goes in first.

Take your time.

Come on, Brains. You need to pick it
up if you want to stay in this.

Andrew hooks the first one.

Keep going, keep going.

GEORGE: Go, Emmett. All you.

All day, Zen master.

Emmett starts tossing for Brains.

He gets the first one just like that.

We're even.

Go up... Andy, go up this end.

Andrew gonna work on the other side.

DANI: Let me know
when you need to swap.

Emmett taking his time.



ANDREW: Alright, who's next?

Dani in now for Brawn.

She goes long.


Dani hooks it but it falls off.

Emmett gets the second one.

Brains were behind in this challenge
but now they've caught up

and they're in front.

And just like that,
Emmett gets a third one.

Dani gets a second one.

Yeah, Dani.
Nice and easy.

Brains are still leading
with three letters.

Brawn has two.

Emmett goes again.

And he hooks another one!

Emmett is on fire!

Brains have four.

What a great comeback.

Brawn had a huge lead
at the start of this challenge

and they're feeling the pressure now.


Brains have five letters.

One more and that will do it.

DANI: Does anyone else
want to have a go?

Simon tapping in for Brawn.

Really feeling the pressure.

And his first toss and he hooks it!

Brains still lead with five,
Brawn with four.

We have a showdown
between Emmett and Simon.

We've seen this rivalry before.

Simon can feel the pressure.

Tosses a ring and he misses.

Who's gonna bring home the chockies?

Brains are one away from winning.

Can Emmett bring it home for Brains?

And he does!

Brains win reward!


EMMETT: Take me to the candy shop!


HAYLEY: All good. Good job.

Brains, congratulations.

The candy store is open for business.

Before you go,
here's your golden ticket.

Thank you.

Read it
when you get back to the store.

GEORGE: Alright, thank you.
Well done. Head on out. Enjoy.

Enjoy it.

ALL: Bye!

Have fun.

Brawn, once again,
got nothing for you.

Head on out.

GEORGE: When JLP handed us
this golden ticket,

I told myself there might be
an advantage or an idol there.

And I'm desperate
to get my hands on something.

EMMETT: Chocolate! (LAUGHS)

LAURA: I want Maltesers.
Oh, Maltesers!

KEZ: This is the happiest moment
of my life.

As soon as Jonathan lifted up
the reward and was like,

"It's candy store!"

That's my ultimate dream,

is just to have a candy store
and just go crazy in it.

Where's the candy at?

So... "Congratulations.

"You've won a trip
to the Survivor candy store."


"Inside the store there are many
delicious treats for you to enjoy.

"One by one you will visit the store
and have your fill.

"But it's up to you as a tribe
to decide unanimously

"on the order in which you visit.

"Have a great time."

KEZ: Whoo!


We can only go one at a time.

I told myself there might be
an advantage or an idol there,

and I don't want Laura
going near the top.

So I pick up the biggest stick
I can find out of Kez's fingers.


Oh, he's got a bloody long one.

Yes! I'm going first or second!

I'm gonna get the chocolate
before everyone else,

and the hidden immunity idol.

OK, I'm second...

KEZ: Laura...
No, Laura's second.

No, second. Oh, yeah. So...

I'm first, Laura's second.
First, second... I'm last, am I?

Oh. So we were going
longest to shortest?

Shortest first.

That was the whole thing.

Shortest first.
That's what she said.

And then the news gets
broken to me - shortest first.

It's Cara, then Laura.

What's the order, then?
What's the order, then?

Cara, Laura...

Me, Gerald, George...



LAURA: I'm going in number two,
which is great,

because I'm hoping, fingers crossed,

that there is a hidden immunity idol
somewhere in that candy store

that I can get
my sticky little fingers on.

Because I really need it
in this tribe.

If we lose tomorrow
at immunity challenge,

I am outta here.

Enjoy it, Cara. Off you go.
That's right!


Go get 'em, girl!




I am so excited for this reward.

Mmm. Mmmmmm!

It's just like a colourful carnival,
like, sensory overload.

(MUFFLED) Oh, my God!

You see one thing...


..and then you start eating it,
and then you forget...

(MUFFLED) Oh, yes!

..and your brain's
looking at something else,

so you're just shoving in
everything! (LAUGHS)

Oh, my God!



Oh, God.

"Congratulations. You have found
an advantage in the game.

"The advantage is for a VIP ticket
to the next tribal council

"for two people.

"There will be two extra votes that
could flip the game in your favour."

Oh, my God.

I think this advantage
is so powerful.

I get, basically, two extra votes.

It's way more exciting
than an idol, frankly.

Way more important, too.

Oh, my God!

I've been on both tribes,
and knowing how each tick.

But the reality is, there's a bit
of something-something going on

between the two tribes
and within the tribes

that I'm not privy to.

So this may change everything.

EMMETT: ..then just eat it.


Was it good?


(LAUGHS) I don't even know
where to start.

Oh, my gosh.

I really, really need to find an idol

if I want to save myself
and make it to merge.

I was focused, headstrong
on getting my hand stuck in jars,

seeing if I could find an idol.

Sorry, guys - I'm gonna stick
my whole hand in here.

Because if we lose tomorrow,
I'm going home.

Unfortunately, all I got was
chocolate fingers, and no idol.

We need to win this bloody immunity
challenge, so that I can stay.

It's like an immediate sugar coma.



Come sit down
and tell us what you ate.
Yeah, come tell us, Laura.



Hopefully, there wasn't one there, or
it hasn't already been found by Cara.




Candy! (LAUGHS)

Ohh, baby!

I couldn't believe what I saw.
I just, like...

My mind blew up.

(MUFFLED) Oh, my God.

All that I'm craving out here
is calories.

It's energy.

I'm super-plant-based superman,
but out here

I can't help but get amongst
whatever food is thrown my way.

Oh, yes.

My only plan was to eat as much as
I could of everything that I could.

Oh, my God!

When I was, like, you know,
choking on doughnuts,

then I'd drink some white chocolate
to try and flush it down.



I was trying to figure out
how I could extend my time in there.


So I started smearing the icing
of all of the chocolate brownies

all over my arms

so that I could lick it and then
savour it all the way back.

(LAUGHS) This is
what it's come down to.

Not looking forward to coming down
off this sugar hit, brother,

because, uh...I'm feelin' LIT!

Oh! Those doughnuts are to die for.

Oh, strawberries.

Oh, my God.

GEORGE: I'm someone that's been
sticking to a pretty good diet,

to improve my body,
for the past six months.

But I do enjoy some sweets.

But I have to look
in every single jar and vase

for an advantage,
for a hidden immunity idol.

And I tell myself,
"Stick your hand in the cookie jar.

"Stick your hand
in the chocolate milk.

"Stick your hands everywhere."

Ugh. No idol. Damn.

Didn't find an idol.

But I found some very good sweets,
and that was good enough.


I'm last.

I don't have to keep it clean.
I can go crazy.


This is the happiest moment
of my life!



Doughnuts, doughnuts,
always doughnuts.

I don't think anything
can get better

than going to a candy store
and being a pig.


GEORGE: Was it as good
as you thought it'd be?



I found nothing,
and I was quite happy with that.

To come out of there
covered in chocolate

and still continue eating...

..was fine with me.

DANI: Ugh.

Nice swim?

Was the water cold?
It smells, like... know, like...
Oh, nothing really smells clean.

It smells, like, dank.
Yeah. Like, staley water.


Yeah, it's all dank.

Yesterday, Simon pulls
Chels and I aside

to let us know that
not only has he found one idol -

he's found TWO idols.

Which means he is now
the biggest threat in the game.

If he's got two idols
in his back pocket,

of course we're gonna send him home.

But, if this is gonna work,
it has to be the most epic blindside.

And the whole tribe
has to be onboard.

I'm gonna get changed down here.

I think I can work with Hayley,
because she is sneaky,

and I like that,
I actually admire her gameplay.

And also, she is the queen
of the other game players.



Two? It's not fair.

It's not fair.

My heart is breaking.
I didn't realise that.

Hearing that Simon has two idols
is terrifying.

I know.


Oh, my God.

Dani is hellbent
on getting out Simon.


That is insane!

She's willing to throw
the challenge.


But it'll be worth it
to send Simon home

with all those idols in his pocket.



You're kidding.

DANI: Everyone is definitely on board
with getting rid of Simon,

but we have to move quickly.




For the first time ever, today's
challenge is not about winning.

We want to lose today - throw the
immunity challenge, blindside Simon,

send him home with two idols
in his back pocket.

I need to get rid of the alpha.

Simon needs to go.

Come on in, guys.

What do we have here?

Oh, my God.

Kez, fill me in on the candy store.

Was it as sweet as you imagined?

I...absolutely went crazy.

Like, I couldn't get enough food.

There was, like, food everywhere.
Doughnut, brownie.

Smearing it on myself
so I can save it for later.

Chocolate and lollies down my top. was crazy.


Simon, you guys have managed to avoid
tribal for a while now.

What effect does that have
on the tribe?

Yeah, obviously, not going to tribal
is a massive win for the tribe.

That means we can stick together
and stay strong

and I tell you what,

I'd trade in any amount of tacos,
any amount of sweets,

for another day with the
immunity idol under our belt.

I didn't come here
for a little bit of sugar.

I came here to win.

And that's
what we're gonna do today.

Alright, you guys ready to get to
today's immunity challenge?

ALL: Yeah.

Andrew...thank you.

Once again,
immunity is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge,

standing on a beam,

you're gonna pull on a rope
suspending a disc.

You'll then work together to balance
six balls on that disc.

If at any point you or the balls
fall, you'll have to start again.

The first tribe to finish
wins immunity,

safe from the vote.

Losers, tribal council,
where somebody's gonna become

the 11th person
voted out of this game.

Brawn, you have two extra. You're
gonna need to sit out two today.

Who are they gonna be?

For balancing?

I trust you guys.

Simon and Baden,
you guys are on the bench today.

Taking one for the team.

Everyone else, I'll give you
a minute to strategise,

then we're gonna get it on.

For immunity, Survivors ready?


Take it easy. Oi, oi, oi.
Take it easy.

DANI: Alright, so the tension's
gotta come towards us

and come off Hayley.

So, pulling that way...

This challenge is all about

Everyone pull
a little bit harder this way.

Working together.

Keep that disc level.

Uh, Kez, George, Cara...

..pull up a bit, pull a bit.

DANI: That's it.
Andy, give me a little bit.

Hayley coming in with the first ball
for Brawn.

That's it, that's it, that's it.
Slowly, slowly.

Hand over hand stuff.

Flick, pull.

Dani taking charge for Brawn.

Hayley places the first ball
for Brawn.

SIMON: Keep going. Keep going.

There you go. You're in. You're in.

Looking good.

Well done, guys.

Maybe not.

Falls off.

They need to start again.

SIMON: That's alright. That's OK.

Do it again.

Gerald inching his way forward
with the first ball from Brains.

Gerald stretching.
Ooh, that is a long way across.

Gerald drops the ball.

Need to go back to the start,
go again.

So now, can I go higher
on you, Dani?

Hayley going again.

Hayley has hers on again.

SIMON: Well done.

Hayley needs to get all the way back
before the next person can go.

Couple of steps back, Hayley,
and you're home.

Kez, you take the lead.
I'll have a go.

Exactly. No stress here, mate.

Kez and Gerald switching positions.

I'm going out.
OK, let's bring it this way for Kez.

Kez coming in now
with her first ball.

Nice, Flick.
Nice, nice.

Flick coming forward now for Brawn.

Attempting to place that second one.

I got it. I got it.

Flick places the second one.

Great work, guys.

Nice one, Flick.

Almost loses her balance.

That's a surprise.

Brawn have two, Brains have none.

Kez placing the first for Brains.

She places it.

Can they make it stick this time?


Yeah, if I release my rope, can you
guys hold that tension right there?

Brains have one on the board.

Now Kez needs to get all the way back
before the next person can go.

Andrew coming out with the third.

Arms out. Give yourself balance.

Steady. Yes!

Nice, Andy. You're right.

Andrew has the third.

Emmett coming out with
the second ball for Brains.

Uh, bring it up, please.

Emmett, stretching, trying to get
that second one in place.


Emmett, successful
with the second ball.


..approaching with the fourth ball
for Brawn.

Nice, Chels.
Nice, Chels.

Keep going.

There you go, you're in.

..placing the fourth.

Good job, Chels.

SIMON: Well done, guys. Great
communication. Well done, Dani.

Brawn have a nice lead.
Can they keep it going?

Well done.

Seem to have a nice rhythm going
over at Brawn.

Oh. Chelsea.

Come on, in the zone, guys.

And out of nowhere,
Brawn drop a ball.

You're gonna have to reset
and go again.

Hey, that's alright.

That opens the door for Brains.

Yeah, take some time.
Take some time.

You guys been at it for 30 minutes.

EMMETT: There you go.

Hands out wide like...

Yeah, hands out wide. That's it.

Cara stretching.

Places the third ball for Brains.

Good job, Cara.
That looked beautiful.

Take your time now.

Hayley going again.

SIMON: No big pulls. Nice and easy.

Trying to reach.

Can't quite get there.

Come on, guys. Stay strong.

George does not want to upset
the good work

Brains have done so far.

Oh, there's a fly in my ear,
for God's sake.

George successful

with his fourth ball for Brains.

Hayley in again with the first ball.

Nice and easy when you're taking
that tension off.

Brawn drop again.

Frustration building.

Hey, that's alright. That's OK.

EMMETT: Three, two, one.
Brains in the lead with four.

Hold it, hold it.

..coming in with the fifth
for Brains.

Holding here. Gerald, tiny bit more.

Brains have a nice lead.

Just needs one more
to take this home.

Five on the board, Laura's back.

Hayley going again.

Brawn have nothing.

They're gonna have to work quickly
to catch up.

I need more from you.
A little bit more.

You guys pull higher.

So I can drop that there.

I got it. I got it. I got tension.

Yep. Yep. Yep.

Need to reset and go again.

SIMON: That's alright.

You guys are doing so great.

Come on, guys. Doing great.

GERALD: Nice and steady, guys.

Gerald coming in with
the sixth and final ball now.

Got it in his right hand,

he needs to switch positions... be able to reach.

Trying to get it to stick.

Two, one, slowly, centre.

Alright. Hold it.

And he's good,
but now he needs to get back.

Hold it, hold it. You guys focus.

Gerald struggling.

Two, one. That's it!

Brains win immunity!

Brains, congratulations.

Immunity is yours.

Great work, guys.

You guys are safe tonight -
nobody going home.

Excuse me. Excusez-moi.

I'd like to cash in my VIP golden
ticket for two to your show tonight.

Ohhh. Wow.

Where did you get that from?

How good.

OK, so, this is an advantage.

And Cara can choose two people
from Brains

to attend Brawn's tribal tonight.

They cannot receive votes,
but those two can cast votes.


Oh, wow.

So who do you want to choose?

I'm gonna choose myself.

And I'm gonna choose George,
if you guys are fine with that.

I'd be delighted
to attend tribal again.

OK, so Cara and George,
I'll see you guys tonight...

See you again. Brawn's tribal.

In the meantime, head on out, enjoy.

I love you, Cara.
You always have surprises.

OK, see you, gang!


Well, Brawn at tribal council
tonight, where one of you will become

the 11th person voted out of
Australian Survivor: Brains v Brawn.

Grab your gear, head on out.

I'll see you guys tonight.

Thank you.

DANI: I've got this
well-oiled machine,

this perfectly laid out plan.

Worst case scenario is,

Cara and George come along
and mess the entire thing up.

Back again.

Oh, today's challenge was...

(GROANS) painful.

I was sitting on the bench and I have
to just suck it up and just be...

(SIGHS) ..stand by my tribe.

I honestly don't know
if we ever would have finished it.

But tonight, I finally get
to send Flick home.


Do you want me to go now?
Yeah, go.

Flick is a real danger to my game

because she has voted against me
a number of times already.

I know that Flick will run back
over the other side

if she makes it to merge

and stay tight with Gerald and Kez.

And then my head is gonna be
straight back on the chopping block.

I need her gone
before she gives me the flick.

Ooh, I think we need all six of us
to load up on Flick, to be honest.

Yeah. We'll get our six.

With myself, Dani and Chelsea

combining with a few
of the original Brains tribe -

Hayley, Baden and Wai -

we can form a really strong six
and dominate when it comes to merge.


I have two idols in my pocket.

Everyone knows about one of them
and I'm gonna use that to ensure

that if they're thinking about
voting for me,

I can use that to protect myself
and derail all their plans.

I'm voting for Flick.
Chelsea and Dani will vote for Flick.


Andy and Baden are onboard
to get rid of Flick.

I feel like this could be
a simple one tonight.

Step one was throw a challenge.

Step two is now
executing Simon's departure

in the most epic Sandra Bullock
blindside you've ever seen.

He is not gonna see this coming.



Yep. Let's go.



The tribe are all working towards
a common goal today...


..making sure this blindside
goes to plan

and Simon doesn't find out
what's going on.

Chelsea's hot on her heels.

That's good.

We're all on the same page.

We're all gonna load up on Flick.




I'm gonna return the favour 'cause
she followed me around one day.


DANI: Simon is completely
focused on Flick.

He is following her around, making
sure she doesn't find an idol.

I am returning the favour.
That's fine.

Not the way I wanted to play it,
but here I am.

We finally agree on something.
We do.


It's so funny
'cause he's just opened himself...

Just he thinks he's doing
this crafty move, following her,

and it's just given us
all this time to talk. (LAUGHS)
To talk about it.

We can smell merge in the air.

We know it's coming
and Simon is a huge threat

and especially because he's got
two idols in his back pocket.

We can't have him
make it all the way through.

If I was him, I would play it.

That's the thing.

If I've got two, I'd play it.

He's gotta be very, very

We've gotta act our arses off.


If we pull this off,
it's gonna be the biggest blindside
in Survivor history.

I reckon. 100%.
The alpha.

Two idols.
Two idols.

Oh, here we go.

HAYLEY: Right now,
Dani is hellbent on getting out Simon

and claiming it as her move.

And are we still splitting on Flick?

Like, or are we just gonna put
everything on Simon?

If we all go on Simon...

I'm all happy for Simon to go home,
but if Simon plays his idol,

his one vote on Flick could mean that
Flick is the one who will go home.

And I don't want that.

If we're gonna pull this blindside,

I don't want Flick to be
collateral damage.

I want it to be Dani.


HAYLEY: Dani has been taking the lead
on this blindside against Simon.

She's called it the Sandra Bullock.
She's been dreaming of it for weeks.

How's my blindside look?


Simon is the main target,
but if Simon plays an idol,

Dani is happy if Flick goes home.

I'm not going with a plan
that she wants

just because she thinks
it's a good idea.

We'll be sweet.

I trust you guys with my life in
this game, and that doesn't change.

I'm keeping mine in my pocket.

Oh, could you fill mine up.

Oh, cool, thank you.
We don't need to.


..if we send Flick home...

I want Flick to be working with the
old Brains before we get to merge.

I can let Dani do
all the running around

and then just flip
the second vote onto her.

Um, yeah, so that whole conversation
I had about...

Flick? That's bullshit.

So, like...

I'll do Dani as well.
OK, cool, so that's two.



At immunity challenge, we found out

that Cara and George are both gonna
be attending our tribal

and voting at our tribal,
but we can't vote for them.

As soon as we got there...

Yep. You're the only one
that they actually trust still.


I have my trust in Baden to get the
message across to George and Cara.

Which means we have two more votes
hitting Simon.

We're gonna have one vote on Flick.

Baden, Andrew and myself
are gonna be voting for Dani.

And Dani, Chelsea, Flick and Wai
are gonna be voting for Simon.

He's the real target.

I'm good. You good?

George and Cara coming in could
potentially jeopardise the plan

to get rid of Simon.

That's why it's important
I speak to George

and get him well on board
with our plan.

Dani and Chelsea, they seem to think
that they are running the show.

I don't know why, or what the hell
they're thinking.

They're not.

At the moment, he's bought it
hook, line and sinker.

Yep. Because he's not trying to...
He's not trying to watch us.

Sneaky, sneaky.

Well, I spent a lot of time
building trust with him.

Just to go, psshhww!


Dani and Chelsea,
they're in big trouble

and none of them seem
to realise that.

Uh, they seem to be
very comfortable.

And we need to keep them
happy and comfortable

until we get to tribal council.

ALL: Yep.



I'll be a good actor.

The plan tonight,
everyone plays a little role.

Brains, plus me,
is actually controlling this.

But Simon is like the Terminator
out here - he just won't die.

I have been going after him
for so long

because he's such
a big threat physically

and a massive strategic threat.

Now it's finally becoming apparent
to everyone.

I just want this plan to work.

I'm not a vengeful person,
but there is something so, so sweet

about putting a nail in the coffin

of someone who has been
hunting for you.

And I'm really excited that I'm
gonna be able to do that tonight

and send Flick home.

But I definitely will play my idol
if anything pops up.

DANI: I can't afford to have a hidden
immunity idol coming out tonight.

Especially from Simon.

I worked too hard to get his trust,
and worked all day and all night.

This is the biggest move
for my endgame.

It's taking out the alpha
of the alpha tribe,

not one but two idols
in his backpack.

It's going to be epic.

I think tribal tonight
will be fireworks.

Cara and George are coming,

and we're hoping they'll vote
with us tonight to blindside Simon.

Dani is not in control
of this blindside

and now, when we pull it off,

she'll find out that, actually,
I'm in control of tonight.

JONATHAN: Go beyond the game
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unseen moments and jury villa

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Good evening.
Good evening.


Alright, so, Cara,
thanks to your advantage,

you and George are sitting in
on tonight's tribal.

And I'm still nervous!

Are you nervous?

Well, let me reassure you,
you cannot receive any votes,

but you can certainly
cast a couple of votes.

OK. I think it's going to be
a tough vote.

Have you decided who you're gonna
vote on tonight,

or do you need more information?

The situation is,
we don't know who to vote for.

And I'd like to listen
before I make a final decision.

Me too.

So, you're both saying
that your vote is up for grabs.


I mean, we're gonna help
decide who goes home.

Your heads are on
the chopping block,

so throw something out there,

Convince us, why should
we vote for someone?

And let the party begin.

I think George is just trying to
turn this into a bit of a circus,

and that's not how Brawn operate,
sorry, bro.

No offence to you guys.

No, no, none taken.

You get to sit in, you get
to watch, cool, but

as great as George's beard is
right now - I'm truly impressed -

I don't see their two votes

making too much of a difference,
to be honest.

OK, but, Flick,
their votes are up for grabs.

They totally are. And I'm at the
bottom of this tribe, I honestly am.

I am very much here with
my back up against the wall.

So you feel like you're
in trouble tonight.

Oh, yeah, I do.

I was running around,
looking for an idol this afternoon

and was unsuccessful,
so that sucked.

I don't know, I really feel
like I've exhausted all my lines,

and I'd be forever grateful.

I kind of need a miracle, I guess.

Or a lifeline.

Dani, should Flick be concerned?

(LAUGHS) Uh...

That's an ominous laugh.

Our alliance has been strong
from the beginning.

Flick may or may not have flipped
earlier in the alliance,

and may or may not be
on the chopping block.

If I was Flick I would be worried
because Flick is on the bottom.

Thanks. (LAUGHS)

Wow. He just laid it out
for you, Flick.

Oh, yeah, yeah.
We've been at it all afternoon.

So, Baden, is this
a straightforward vote tonight?

Pretty straightforward.

I think at the moment there's
one straightforward person

to vote for to ensure that the
rest of us move forward as planned.

Dani, if it's such
a simple vote tonight,

do you think anyone will be

I don't think so, but I've also
been in the minority before

and been very surprised,
so anything goes at tribal council.

But you're not in
the minority tonight?

Oh, no, no, I'm good.

So you're comfortable
in your position?

I'm comfortable.

Hayley, there's a lot
of confidence over here,

but do you think anyone on this tribe
knows where ALL the votes are going?

I think everyone thinks
they know where the votes are going.

But the reality is someone
is going to be going home.

I have my own idea of where
I think the votes will land tonight,

but tribal council is delicate.

And, yeah, I think everyone
has their own reasons

to feel worried tonight.

Simon, do you agree
that tonight it's delicate?

Um...not necessarily.

I think Flick said before...

I think Flick acknowledged
her position

on the bottom of this tribe.

We made a decision as a tribe.

Hey, guys, you wanna say something?

Sorry, Baden, I didn't
mean to interrupt.

It's alright.

Having a couple of other people here
can derail everything.

I don't think many people come to
tribal council and not be worried.

Are you worried?
Yeah, I'm always worried.

But you have to put trust
in other people,

which is so difficult
in a game of individuals.

And, yeah, I'm excited
about what the future holds for me

and those people I'm working with.

So, Simon, when you walk up
to the voting booth tonight

and you put pen to parchment, what's
going to be going through your head?

I can only stick to the plan.

But until the votes
come out of that urn,

Flick's flame still sits behind us,

and it's not over

until we all write it down
and you read out a name to us.

In the back of my mind
I just hope it's not me.

There's crazier things that have
happened in the game of Survivor.

(LAUGHS) And everyone loves
a blindside, don't they?

Yeah. Who doesn't love
a blindside, right?

Alright, well,
I think it is time to vote.

I think it is time to vote.

Cara, you're up.


That's not a good sign.

Flick, in this game you cannot
afford to make mistakes.

And whether it was your mistake

or my mistake to trust you
in the first place,

I guess we'll never find out.

But I hope this is
the nail in your coffin.

So, I'm voting for you, Simon.

And I even put two X's next to
the name so you know who it's from.

Dani, thanks for doing
all the legwork

on this blindside against Simon.

I'll take the reins now.

I'll go count the votes.

If anyone has a hidden immunity idol
and you want to play it,

now would be the time to do so.

OK, I'll read the votes.

First vote - Flick.



That's two votes Simon,
one vote Flick.

Simon. That's three votes Simon,
one vote Flick.


Three votes Simon, one vote Dani,
one vote Flick.


That's three votes Simon,
two votes Dani, one vote Flick.

Dani. We're tied.

Three votes Simon,
three votes Dani, one vote Flick.


That's four votes Simon,
three votes Dani, one vote Flick.

11th person vote out of
Australian Survivor: Brains v Brawn -


That's five votes. That's enough.

You need to bring me your torch.

Well done, guys.


Well done.
Yeah, well done.

Good luck, guys.

Did you know that was coming?

Yeah. No, it's alright.

I must be one of the first people
to leave with not one

but two idols in my back pocket.

That one hurts.

You are correct. For Australian
Survivor, you are correct.


Say it, mate.
Simon, the tribe has spoken.

Come here, brother.
Thank you so much.

Well done.
Thanks, guys. Good luck.

I hope you forgive me one day.

Deary me, two idols.

That's big. That was big.

Well, to quote Simon, everyone
does indeed love a blindside.


Grab your torches,
head back to camp. Goodnight.

How dumb can you be, Baden?

Sunday night
on Australian Survivor...

We are merging!

..the Australian outback
is about to get even hotter.

Game on.

Who will rise...
Dirty dog!

Who's gonna stop me now?

..who will fall...

Right now our backs
are against the wall.

..and who will become Sole Survivor?

There's only one king of the tribe,
and that's me.

Oh, that is absolutely

To be the first person in
Australian Survivor to go home

with not one
but two idols in my pocket.

(LAUGHS) That one really hurts.

Sorry, Sim.
You're too much of a threat.

Dani and Chelsea flipping on me,

maybe they did throw
the challenge today

and they made the most of
the opportunity

to get rid of a massive threat
when the time was right.

Unfortunately, you can't trust
anyone in the game of Survivor.

Take it from me.

Captions by Red Bee Media