Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 6, Episode 10 - Episode #6.10 - full transcript

One tribe think they have it in the bag, but a surprise outcome means full bellies and a good night's sleep for the overall winners. Firm alliances rear their heads at a heated tribal council.

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on Australian Survivor...

Drop your buffs.

With tribe swap
came a whole new game.

Cara was back in the Brain tribe
with George.

Far out!

But this time,
she had her Brawn friends with her.

Just relax and enjoy the journey.

Then, after she messed up the vote
that sent Big D home,

the original Brawns wanted her out.


But Emmett knew
they still needed her as a number.

So he turned the vote on Laura.

Tonight is definitely not the night
to make a big move.

Over at Brawn...

I've got an idol that's burning
a hole in my pocket

and I definitely plan to play it
for me or Baden.

Ex-Brain Hayley tricked the original
Brawns into turning on each other.

I needed them to think
that they had no options.

And it worked.

At a special double tribal council,
both tribes cast their votes.

Laura and Shannon, you've both been
voted out by your tribes.

But in a final twist...


..the four who had won individual
immunity decided who would stay

and who would go.

This is so hard.

Shannon, both tribes have spoken.

16 are left.

Who will be going home tonight?

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(YAWNS) Yes, everybody
was so cuddly last night.


Wai, how warm's Hayley, hey?

Hayley is very warm.
Hayley is so good.

Oh, I was so warm last night.

I slept, like, all through
the night. It was so good.

SIMON: Waking up on day 20

is probably the best feeling I've had
waking up in this game so far.

I have finally dethroned the queen.

Last night was the perfect blindside.

Everyone voted for Shannon
except for Flick.

To see her torch gets snuffed,

and please excuse me
while I gloat for a little bit...

(CHUCKLES) God damn it was good.

I might...I might get to work
on this shelter, eh?

Oh, yeah, we were gonna...

We'll start...
See all these branches and stuff?

Take them all off.

Yeah, just pull them all up and
we'll start stacking them over here.

(LAUGHS) Yeah!

We're renovating.

Shannon going home last night

means that we are not gonna be
staying Brawn strong.

But we are gonna be able to use these
Brains to build relationships

and to use them as a vote.

And I'm excited about
what I can make of this.

The cherry on top is that Flick
is now on the bottom.

So this morning, Dani and I need to
ensure that Hayley's on board

to vote with us moving forward.

Good cover.

I managed to get away.

I didn't have a chance to thank you
so much for voting...
I know! How good.

That was so good.

That was awesome. I was so happy.

I was, like, so nervous in it
because I wasn't sure if, like,

you guys were all actually a five
and screwing us

and I kept looking over

and Dani's like, "You're good!"
I'm like, "OK."

Look, if you had have pulled
out your idol to play it,

I would have told you not to.
Oh, would you?

Yeah, and I'm like,
don't play your idol,

and that means
I don't have to play mine.

Yep. Yeah, exactly.

At tribal council last night,

I bluffed my idol
and said that I would use it.

That caused the majority to start
fighting with each other

and Shannon went home.

And I've still
got my idol in my pocket.


Flick is obviously someone
that we need to get rid of.

Yeah, yeah.
She's the lone duckling now.

And if we work together it means
that we can both go through to merge.

DANI: Flick would be the choice
purely because she flipped on us

in the beginning and she was
in the alliance with Shannon.

Now it's broken up, she's minority.


Let's keep it that way.

I'm still surprised that the five
Brawn were so easy to crack open

and vote out one of their own.

It was a bad move, wasn't it?

It is so important.

I know with Shannon gone,
Flick is gonna come to me,

and my goal now is to bring Flick
into this new alliance

with Andrew, Baden, Wai and myself,

so we can work together
with our numbers

to get rid of Chelsea, Dani
and Simon.

How are you feeling?
Oh, man.

I mean... Last...

It was such a shock to me, obviously.

I had no idea.

I have come to accept that
Shannon's gone. That's fine.

That's been and that's done and
dusted and I'm, like, more than happy

if you had me to work with you.

I just feel like, with Simon,
he's crossed me like a few times

and I'm just like,
you know what, mate?

Like, you don't have a number in me




(LAUGHS) It's funny.

It's kind of funny that she assumes
that because she's like,

"We made this massive move on
Shannon, it was the best move ever."

And I'm like, it was really dumb,

because now you're assuming
the four of us

are gonna go with the three of you
and just leave Flick out.

Why would we do that?

My plan is to just be like,
OK, cool, whatever.

Like, you know, we're just really
grateful that we're with you.
Like, whatever.

We don't want to rock the boat.

We're with you.

I promise we're with you.
Yep, OK. Yep.

That move of deciding
to tell the tribe

that I would use my idol
changed the game last night.

Andrew, Baden, Wai and myself
can take Flick on board

and have a five person majority.

We're now in control.

It's so good.


Oh, there's a cow. You see that?

A bull.

That's a big one.

Is it a bull or is it a...

A girl? A cow.
I have no idea.

Girl cow.

Can't tell from this far away
and we can't tell up close either.

EMMETT: OK. Here we go again.

Oh, we're all still here.


Oh, good morning, cruel world.


What do you have in store for us

It's day 20
and I'm still bloody here.

Tribal last night did not go the way
I thought it would go.

I went in with the intention
of voting for Cara

alongside Kez and Gerald and Emmett
and that just did not happen.

They all switched it up
and voted for me.

I can't believe I'm actually
still here right now.

I can't believe that.
I was...shocked.

Yeah, me too.

At first and then I was like,
you know what?

Maybe I'm not really shocked now.

So Emmett and Kez and Gerald
sit at the top with Cara and George.

And then Rachy, Georgia and I
sitting on the bottom.

They have really drawn
this solid line through the sand

between the ex-Brawns
and the Brains.

No-one around us?

If Georgia doesn't come back,
as long as both don't have an idol,

we're safe,
because we split the vote 3-2.

There's five of us and two of them.

Unfortunately for us,
Georgia's been really ill

and she's been taken off
for further assessment.

Without her, we are super vulnerable
to being voted out.

Like, doesn't really make sense.

And I think Cara's weaker
than George.

GEORGE: Your hair looks good.
Hair looks great.

It actually looks like
you straightened it.

Thanks. Great.

You can tell the hand
I used to brush with.

My strategy so far has been
to play a social game.


I just need to keep those
social connections open.

RACHEL: That actually
makes me feel a bit sick.

Because things do change
really quickly within this game

and it's not over
until that torch is snuffed.

At this point in the game,
I am in the majority alliance,

which is great.

Like, being an empath,
today I sensed a bit of fear.

I see Kez and Laura growing closer
in their relationship.

And it worries me a little bit.




Kez is keeping close to the girls
and keeping away from me.


But maybe that's just
'cause she's young.

I'm starting to sense that
Laura's a threat.

She's a lovely girl

and she can probably charm
anyone into voting her way, I'm sure.

The relationship between her
and Kez could prove problematic.

Two tribals ago, I made an error

because I didn't know
which plan to do.

And Big D unfortunately went home.

It does cross my mind
that the ex-Brawn tribe

don't trust my reliability.

Good that Cara figured it out, eh,
and voted for the right person.

Cara's fine.

I know, just...

I don't... I really don't know how
she got it wrong.

I have no question
about her loyalty at all.
Yeah. That's good.

That is all that matters
on Survivor.

The possibility of Georgia's return
hinders my game.

Win for Georgia.

That triangle of Laura, Georgia
and Rachel,

I think they're dangerous
all together.

We can't allow them
to gather more troops

into their little power triangle.

So, with Kez getting closer to Laura

means potentially that she might be
able to flip the alliance

so I'm no longer in the majority.

And that's a dangerous
position to be in.

Come on in, guys!

Alright, guys, first things first,

I just want to give you
an update on Georgia.

She is still with the medical team,

so we should know soon
if she's fit enough to return.

So Laura, your tribe tried
to vote you out last night.

I'm guessing it wasn't all happy
families when you got back to camp.

I might still be on the
chopping block. That's cool.

But while I'm here
I'm gonna give it my best shot

and do my best for my tribe
and that's all I can do.

So Flick, yesterday was New Brawn's
first tribal since swap.

Do you have a better idea

where everyone stands
in your tribe now?

it seems like I have no bloody idea.

I was the only one that didn't
really know what was going on.

So you were blindsided by that?

I was definitely blindsided.


After 20 days, you're still the only
person who hasn't enjoyed a reward.

I know.

Is today gonna be the day?




This girl's hungry too.

Alright, you guys ready to get to
today's reward challenge?

ALL: Yes!

For today's challenge,

three members from each tribe will
hold a pole across their shoulders.

At regular intervals,
weight will be added to that pole.

The decision
as to who gets that weight

will be made by the other tribe.

When the weight gets too much
to bear, you'll drop a pole,

you're out of the challenge.

Last person left standing
wins reward for their tribe.

Want to know what you're playing for?


A visit to your camp

from the Survivor

taco cart.

Oh, this is a dream!

Tacos of every flavour,

and margaritas... get the party started.



That is worth playing for.

That's good.
Yes, it is!

Brawn, you have an extra player.
You're gonna need to sit someone out.

Who's it gonna be?

HAYLEY: Sit me out.
I'm not gonna be doing it.

I don't mind. Yeah, easy.

Yeah, I'll sit out.

Alright, Hayley, you're on the bench.

Everyone else,
a minute to strategise.

Let's get to it.

Alright, guys, take your positions.

Holding the weight for Brains,
we have Gerald, Emmett, and Kez.

And for Brawn,

Baden, Simon, and Chelsea.

Go ahead, grab your bars.

Get in position and get comfortable.

Each tribe is gonna put the weight on
their own tribe members to make sure

that it's evenly placed,

but the other tribe is gonna decide
who actually gets it.

Alright, Brains.

Who do you want to put
the weight on first?




OK. Come on up.

I'm gonna count you guys in.

Make sure you place the weight
at the same time.

Three, two, one.

Place your weight.

Each bag weighs 5 kg.

That means you get 10 kg each round.

I wish we had some music to do some
dance moves and some exercises to.

Alright. And pump it.

One, two... (CHUCKLES)

Baden, you feel like dancing?

All good.


Alright, Brawn, who do you want to
add your weight to?




Alright, guys. Get to it.
Bring it on!

Alright, here we go.

Three, two, one.

Place your weight.

Nice. Perfect.

Good job, girls.

Chelsea, how does that feel?

Like nothing went on
in the first place.

Easy money, baby.

Alright, Brains,
who do you want to hit now?


Starting to load up Chelsea. Brawn?


Tit-for-tat at this stage.

This challenge is about endurance
and strategy.

As to how much weight can you stand

and who do you put it on?

Alright, Brawn.





30 kg each so far.

Simon and Kez waiting to get in it.

Just gettin' a tan.

Working on my tan.

Hot day today.

It's gonna become
a factor at some point.

GEORGE: Baden.




Finally, Kez has 10 kg.





50 kg for Chelsea now.

Well done, Chels.

Not much comfortable
about this position.

Starting to see a divergence
in the two strategies.

Brains targeting two people

Brawn loading everyone up.



Finally Simon gets some action.

Place your weight.

Got it?

You guys have been doing this
for 30 minutes.

RACHEL: Nice work, guys. Well done.
GEORGE: Well done, everyone.

Kez has 30 for Brains.

Baden has 50.

Gerald has 50.

Emmett has 30.

Simon has 10.

Chelsea has 50.

Back and your shoulders
are screaming at you.

Unload that weight.

Really gonna have to dig to
push through.

A little wobble from Chelsea now.

Chelsea clearly in pain now.

Brains would love to take a reward
away from Brawn.

Yes, we would. Please.
Yes, we would. Please.

Please, please, please, please.


Big wobble.

Just trying to hold it together.

Big adjustment.

Great save.

Really digging deep.


Trying to push through that pain.

I'm so sorry.

Chelsea out of the challenge.

After 35 minutes,
Chelsea finally drops out.

You did amazing, Chelsea.

Last person standing wins reward
for their tribe.

Baden grimacing in pain.

And just like that, Baden drops out.

It's all up to Simon now.

Brawn still have three people
to take down.

Brains only have one.

ANDREW: This is good, Simon.

You've got a half an hour
head start on these guys.

They're gonna be cooked.

Kez now holding 40 kg.

Kez really struggling here.

Digging deep.

Pulls it together.

Kez grimacing in pain.

Just like that,
out of nowhere, Kez drops.

DANI: One down, two to go, brother.

You got this.

You are fresh.

You are not gonna lose to them.

Brains have been at this
for 45 minutes.

Simon's been at it for 20.

Simon looking solid.

Feeling good, guys.

Gerald now with 70 kg.

The most anyone has held
in this challenge so far.

An uncomfortable position.

Emmett with 60,

Simon with 60.

Everyone in the zone.

Trying to push through that pain.


Oh, and just out of nowhere...

..Gerald drops.


We've got this, Sim.
In the bag! Whoo!

Suddenly this challenge has flipped.

Brains had a clear lead
in this challenge.

Damn it.

Now we have a showdown between Emmett
for Brains and Simon for Brawn.

Former tribe mates, now head to head.

Guys don't have a choice anymore.

I'm not hurting.

Both boys with 70 kg.

DANI: Yeww!

Simon thinks he can get to 100.


Big reward on the line today.

Delicious tacos.

And unlimited margaritas.

You guys have been at this
for one hour.

80 kg.

Wow. Good job.

Both boys in the zone.

Both looking strong.

Both would love to bring home
the tacos for the tribe.

Former tribe mates,
now battling it out.

That is 90 kg for both boys.

Sweat starting to make it
a little more slippery.

Both boys holding up at least -
probably more -

than their own body weight.

That's a lot of weight to manage
on your shoulders.

Emmett in the zone.

A little readjustment from Simon.

Could be a risky move.

And Brains win reward!

You're a bloody legend!
You're a bloody legend!

Big smile from Emmett!

Good job, dude. So good.

It's OK. It's OK.

Brains, great effort today.


Your taco cart will be
waiting for you back at camp.

Head on out. Enjoy.

Well done. Smashed it. Enjoy!

Enjoy those tacos, Cara.

Brawn, I know you're not used to
hearing this,

but got nothing for you.

Grab your gear, head on out.


Ohhh, coming up against Simon,
head to head, mano a mano.

I knew he had nothing on me.

It was an absolute pleasure
to take him down.

Margaritas, Mexican...

Oh, bring it on!

It's Pluggy's Tacos.

Pluggy's. (LAUGHS)


Nice work, team!

Thank you, thank you.

Thank you so much for putting
your bodies on the line

for our tastebuds.

We've won the reward challenge

We get margaritas and tacos!

A margarita jar!

"Hard or soft with
pulled beef or bean mix."


I've already made a pact with Cara.

We're sculling our margaritas
as quickly as possible,

and I can't wait to get
the party started.

(SINGS MELODY) # Tequila! #

Cheers, legends.
Well done, legends.

Cheers, kids.
Cheers to the Brains tribe!


Down the hatch.


Oh, my goodness.

Oh, my God, George.

My God.
That was good.


Drinking that margarita
felt euphoric!

And then we were having
the time of our lives.


It's like I haven't eaten...

It's like I haven't
eaten for decades.


They're amazing.

Everything's amazing.
Oh, so flavourful.

Oh, cheers.

Can I have a bite?

Oh, capsicum!


Who's going to do the most helpings?
Kez, I reckon it's going to be you.



My first reward in 20 days is beyond.

Yeah, girl.

Yeah, now we're talking!



Your sound effects,
like a little monitor.


The lettuce is so good.
The lettuce is so good.

Mmm. Oh, God.
I wanna bathe in it.

I'm not kidding you.

Holy shit! Look what
the cat dragged in.

Oh, my God!


Are you back?!
She's alive!

Oh, my God.
Oh, my God, you look so much better.

A lot's happened in
the last 24 hours for me.

I've been pulled from the game,

I've been admitted into hospital
with lower abdominal pain

and I was in a pretty fragile state.

Oh, I missed you all so much.

You look so good.

Yeah, I feel better.
Come... Can you eat?

Are you allowed to eat?
Good to see you, mate.

After staying in hospital overnight,
the medics have cleared Georgia

to come back into the game.

We've got tacos!

It was awesome to see Georgia
looking so much better.

Not only is she my tribemate
and she's in my alliance,

but, more than that, I've created
a close bond with her.

She's a really great friend of mine,
and having her back in the tribe

means so much more than
just an alliance number.

To Georgia's good health
for the rest of Survivor.


It felt so, so good to be
welcomed back to the tribe.

I really missed my Survivor family,
especially Rach and Laura.


I'm sure there are
a couple of people

who might have been hoping
I would not make a return.

Yeah, just gotta think about
what happens next, would be nice.

I know, it's scary.

GEORGIA: But having a second
opportunity to get back in this game

has really given me the fight
to get to the end.

Honestly. Honestly.

It's made me hungrier, thirstier
for the win more than ever.

ALL: Game on, molls.

Get chopping.
Get chopping, baby.

EMMETT: Georgia is
one tough cookie, mate.

I knew that she'll do
whatever it takes

to be reunited
with the Brains tribe.

But she's proven herself
to be a threat.

GERALD: Which way are we
going to vote next time?

100%, in the long run.


And we don't have to
think about it until it is.

No, no, that's right.
Literally just walk past me.

But if we make a plan, we
don't need to talk about it then.

Yeah exactly. You can just
walk past each other

and be like, "This name, this name."

"OK, cool."

EMMETT: I don't know how many lives
these cats have, mate,

because we've been trying
to get rid of these three

for so long
and they still keep coming back.

So tonight, we've got
the majority five again,

and we're hoping
it's third time lucky

that we can finally send
one of these chicks home.

WAI: And here we are.

Come on in, guys!

Here we go again, eh?


Hi, Jonathan.

It's great to see you.

I'm glad the medical team cleared you
to continue with the game.

How are you feeling?

Feeling much, much better.
Thank you.

Just grateful to be back.

Grateful to have another opportunity
to fight another day.


Are Brawn as happy about Georgia
coming back to the game?

Oh, Brawn love a bit of competition
any day of the week.

So, if Georgia's back,
Georgia's back.

Alright, you guys ready to get
to today's immunity challenge?

Hell, yeah.

First things first.

Thank you.

There you go.

Individual immunity is no more.

Once again, tribal immunity
is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge,

you're gonna push a heavy sled
under a low cargo net,

climb up and retrieve sandbags
from a high frame.

When you have all your sandbags,

you'll throw them
through a net tunnel.

Finally, you'll use a slingshot

to fire the sandbags
at a series of targets.

First tribe to smash all five targets

wins immunity, safe from the vote.

Losers - tribal council,
where somebody's gonna become

the ninth person
voted out of this game.

I'll give you guys a minute
to strategise, and we'll get to it.

Alright, here we go.

For immunity.

Survivors ready?


First thing you need to do is
get that heavy sled under the net.

Come on.
Duck, duck, duck, duck, duck!

Drag it, pull it, push it,
whatever you need to do.

Bulldust kicking up everywhere,

making it difficult to see
and breathe.

Watch your head.
Brawn are through first.

Pull, pull, pull, pull, pull.

Yep, yep, yep.
There. There.

OK, now support...
we'll support Andrew

Now you need to work together

to boost someone up to that
first stash of sandbags.

Up higher?

Andrew going up for Brawn.

Andrew making quick work
of those sandbags.

Good job.

Get in, Gerald. Out of the way.

Finally, Brains are there.

Come on.

Emmett going up now,
on Gerald's shoulders.

As if they aren't sore enough
from yesterday.

Trying to feel
for all those sandbags.

Pull this way, Gerald.

Pick me up higher.
Up higher?

Simon and Baden really giving
Andrew a high boost.

Brawn have all their sandbags.

They can move on.
OK, come on!

You're good, Brawn!


Push it!

Oh, there's still more.
Still more?

Emmett, desperately trying
to reach those last sandbags,

Can't quite get high enough.

Meanwhile, Brawn are working
on their second lot of sandbags.

Good job, Andy. We're way ahead.

If you need to readjust, readjust.

Brains still struggling
with their first lot,

costing them some precious time here.

Alright, we're good. I'm good.

They have their first lot
of sandbags.

You're good, brains. You can move on.

Push! Push!

Good job, Andy.


Brawn have their second lot.
They're moving on.

You've gotta push it down.
Push it down.

Go, go, go, go, go!
Push it down, let go.

They send their cart down the ramp.

Right, so...

Is everyone ready? One, two, three.

Brains - finally, they get there.

Emmett doing all the heavy lifting
for Brains.

He goes up again
for that second lot of sandbags.

Mind the sides, someone.
You're right.

Trying to make up for lost time.

This way. Up.

Simon, tossing the bags
through the net tunnel.

The further you get them
down the tunnel,

the less work you're going to have to
do to retrieve him at the end.

Nice, Simon.

Any more?
Nah. We're good.

Alright, push it off...
Everyone, off.

Get out, get out.
Get out.

Finally, Brains have
their second lot of sandbags.

Alright, you guys go first.
Give me a sec breathe.

Emmett gassed from
all the work he's done so far.

You're right.

Simon keeps firing away.

Underarm with his tosses.

80 bags in total.

That's a lot to get through
that tunnel.

So good, Simon.


Laura, overarm. Missing a lot.

Every bag you miss,
you gotta go pick it up.

Go, Rach. Have a crack.

Rachel subs in now for Brains.

Higher, Rach.

She's having trouble
getting bags into that tunnel.

Not hard enough, Rach.
Gotta get some power in it.

Yeah, it's alright.

Well done.

Wow. Brawn really have
a nice rhythm going.

Simon is on fire.

Come on, like at the fair -
hitting those clowns.

Emmett in now for Brains.

He starts pegging those bags.

Nice accuracy -
gets one all the way through!


Is this the last one?
Here. Here.

Simon has the last bag for Brawn.

Having trouble
getting that last bag in.


Finally, Brawn have
all their bags in the tunnel.

Now you need to work together
to move those bags down the tunnel.

Everyone in on it now for Brawn.

Meanwhile, Emmett trying
to pick up the pace for Brains,

trying to close the gap.


Brawn have all their sandbags
on the table now,

ready for the slingshot.

Brawn have a nice lead.

Brains can feel the pressure.

ALL: Oh!

Close, but not close enough.

And she smashes the first tile!

Brawn lead, one-zip!

Dani goes again.

And Dani gets another one!

Brawn leads, two-zip.

You're almost done, mate.
You're almost done.

Cara feeding bags to Emmett,
trying to speed this up.

Getting close.

They really want to get in
on the slingshot.

Last one.

Finally, Brains have all
their sandbags in the tunnel

Hit it with your fists!

Brains working frantically now,
trying to get back in it.


Dani goes again.

She hits a tile,
but she needs to smash it.

Finally, Brains have all
their sandbags on the table.

Gerald on the slingshot.


Just take your time. Aim.

He takes out a branch from a tree!

Bit lower, mate.

Take your time, mate.

You can feel Brains
starting to panic.

Alright, ready to swap?

Yep. Yep, here.
Good job.

Simon is subbing in now for Brawn.

Lower it. Lower it.

Go straighter.

And Simon connects for Brawn.

Brawn lead, three-zip!

Can I have a shot?
I'm gonna... OK.

Good job.

Emmett subs in on the slingshot now.

He has done every part
of this challenge.

What an effort.

Desperate to turn this around
for Brains.


Finally! Emmett gets one for Brains.
Yes, Emmett!

Brains are still in this!

And again! Emmett gets another one!

Brawn still leads, three-two!

Let's go, Sim!

Brains were so far behind
in this challenge,

but they're getting close
to catching up,

And he does it!

Emmett gets another one!
We're tied, three-three!

Again, Simon and Emmett
battling it out.

Show us who's boss, Emmett.

Former tribemates.

Old friends.

This is so exciting.

Yes! One more! Just one more!

Brawn leads, four-three!

Simon going for the win!

And he does it, in fact!

Brawn wins immunity!


So close. It was so hard.

WAI: Oh, you're so amazing!



Oh, my God!





Thanks, brother.
Cowboy Simon. Well done.


She's coming home!


Congratulations. You guys are safe
tonight - nobody going home.

Grab your gear, head on out.
Enjoy your night off.

Thank you, Jonathan.
Thank you. See ya!

Bye, guys. Don't have too much fun.

Bye, guys!

Alright, Brains.

Tribal council tonight,
where one of you will become

the ninth person voted out of
Australian Survivor: Brains V Brawn.

Grab your gear, head on out.

I'll see you guys tonight.

See you again.
See ya, Jonathan.

Almost a very nice comeback.

LAURA: Rachel, Georgia and I
are in trouble tonight.

But I've got a good
relationship with Kez.

She could bring us another number
to help save our butts.

Kez is my secret weapon.


Back to tribal again.

(GROANS) The Brains, going
down in another immunity challenge.

Back to tribal council.

Feel like tribal council's
almost my second home at the moment.

Well, you were a gun again, Emmett.

Sorry to let you down, guys.
Oh, no.

No, you didn't.
Just wanted to win and...

..make sure we didn't have to go
back, and keep everyone here.

I'm sure a lot of people get worried
out here going to tribal,

but for where I'm at,
it doesn't feel stressful.

Because we have the solid five,

which is myself, Gerald, Kez,
George and Cara...

..up against the minority -
Laura, Rachel, and Georgia.

We just need to get rid of them.

Bring it in, bring it in,
bring it in, bring it in. OK. So...

They don't die, man. Tried voting off
Rach, Big D went home.

Tried voting off Laura,
Shannon went home.



GERALD: Georgia?

Well, yeah, OK. Fine.

The reason why we need
to get rid of Georgia

is because she's proven
that she has what it takes

to get back into the game.

She's a super-dangerous player,

and the sooner
we can get rid of her,

the more chance we have of getting
rid of all of the old Brains.

G, G, G, G, G.
Yeah. Done.

All G?

Good luck, everyone.
You're welcome. Thanks for coming.

That was easy. Good caucus meeting.

I'm glad that caucus meeting
is over. Let's go to parliament.


Currently the tribe
is divided into two.

I know myself I'm in the minority.

I'm sure I've got
a big target on my back.

Of course.
Just one on one?

Yeah, of course.
Alright, thanks.

My plan is to go
and have a chat with Emmett.

He's clearly the head of the snake.

He's the one I need to speak with

before he makes the decision
as to who's going next.

We haven't really had the
opportunity to have any sort of...

No, it's been...
..strategy chats.

It's been crazy, mate, yeah.

I need to make some magic, because
I want to be here more than ever.

How do you feel working with...
with Cara?

I'll say that they are...


They're both very emotional,
very unpredictable.

So, do you feel like
you can trust them?

What other options
do you have in mind?

Well, I guess consider
who you are working with.

You're an honourable guy.
You stand up for what's right.

You're principle-based.

And, can probably taint how
you appear, working with...

Rachel wants to come in.
..certain individuals.

Well, I'm proposing
is you work with the good guys

and not with the bad guys.

And strength.
Physical strength as well.

I mean, it's pretty simple.

I am definitely using my skills
as a forensic psychologist.

I wanted him
to see that I respected him.

People in a position of power

often like to see someone
confront an issue straight on.

The thing is, Cara and George,
there's absolutely no trust.

You can't trust
what they say they're gonna do,

and they flip and they're emotional.

I mean, you saw exactly what
happened when, you know,

Cara was meant to vote
a certain way, and Big D...

Big D's at home.

They are.
They are very unpredictable.
They're crazy.

So if we go with you...

Like, everyone wants to make it
to merge, you know?

Of course. Absolutely.

And I know that...I know Simon
wants to pick me off at a point.

We'll support you.
'Cause he's got a...

Like, 100% going in to merge,
we'll have you guys' back.



I'm just saying,
look at the bigger picture.

We have the majority over there,
you know?

It's a very interesting discussion.
I'm glad that you came to me.

Georgia made a strong case

about getting rid of the volatile
couple that is George and Cara...

..and bringing in
a bit more stability.

But ultimately...

..that's not good for my game.

I get your point on this,
uh...this debate.

But we're working with George
and Cara because you voted them off.

At this stage in our majority,

it still doesn't make sense
to flip on George or Cara.

Working with them is the best way
to get myself to merge.


Emmett is holding all the cards
out here. I'm so frustrated!

He is an immovable object.

What I'd like to see is
Emmett's Superman cape ripped off

and torn into pieces.

I want to take him down
a couple of pegs

and show him
that he's not running the show.

What I need is for Kez
to align with us.

Don't underestimate me.

I've definitely got the brainpower
to completely shake things up.

It really bugs me how a male
who is physically strong

ends up in power.

Just saying.

It really bugs me.

Emmett is definitely leading
this tribe and leading the vote.

I don't want to call it an alliance.

I'd call it a clique of five

and a couple of hangers-on
at the end

battling desperately for our lives.

I tell you what. I don't care.

I'm putting Cara's name down.

It's just... It's done.

The same. Same. Same, same.

I just...
Him holding all of the cards.

It's just frustrating the shit
out of me.

My game plan at this stage
would have to be to pull a big move.

I need to get Kez onside.

Kez is still, like...

She seems workable.

If I could get Kez to flip,

we would actually have four...
four apiece in each alliance.

I think we work the angle of, like,

having her back when we got
to the other side.

That's... Because that was
the first question that she asked.

But I'm happy to have her back
if she's...

Yeah, hell, yeah.

Emmett can be super smug at times.

I want to break up the alliance.

It's time things need to amp up
and get a little bit exciting,

and it would be nice

to wipe a little bit of
that smugness off his face.

Long one?
Quite heavy.

I know that you guys are all
working as a team with Cara.

Well, I feel like you guys have all
pledged your allegiance to Cara.

Oh, just...
I'm still a bit salty on..., the last tribal.

Very salty.

Honestly, I've been biting my tongue
this whole time.

I know she's apologised
and everything like that,

but I believe
Survivor is a game of trust

and alliance, friendship and trust.

I'm torn.


You guys all talk about being strong

and keeping in two weak people
into a team

that are physically weaker than us.

Like, personally,
I don't really get it.

KEZ: Laura made a very valid point.

They're the weak ones. Why keep them?

And it got me thinking, like,
why DO I keep them?

Are you starting to copy
my tricks now?

Cara isn't a reliable member
of our alliance.

You know, one of my best mates
has gone home because of Cara.

It's time to vote her out
and stay strong.



EMMETT: I'm pretty worried
that tonight

there's something else at play.

I think that Laura and Rachel
has been chatting to Kez.


Kez is itching to get rid of Cara.

And I'm just trying
to keep her chilled

and help her understand
the fact that

the goal is actually to get Kez,
Gerald, and myself to merge.

And the best way I believe
to do that

is to keep George and Cara
on our side.


I think that's the best chance...

Do you understand?

Yeah, I understand.

Emmett's really
sticking me straight.

Like, "No, Kez, come on.

"If you want to make it all the way,

"you've got to vote for Georgia

But Cara cannot be trusted.

Trust is everything in this game.

So I'm voting for Cara tonight.

It's a bold move because we could go
to rocks tonight at tribal council...

..but they'll make things


Join people's champ Luke Toki,
ex-Survivors and super fans

as they unpack the week that was

on Australian Survivor:
Brains versus Brawn on 10play.

We're back.
Yes, you are.

Back, back, back again.

You guys have been here a lot lately.

Is this tribe in need of
that much therapy?


So, George, it's pretty clear that

this tribe has been divided
for a while.

Is that still the case tonight?

I wouldn't use the word 'divided',

but like all political parties,
there are factions in this tribe.

There have been from the outset.

Isn't that a division?

No, we're part of the one team.

So when we go out to battle
we're the one team, one tribe,

one party, but like
all things in life,

there are different
perspectives and groupings.

Rachel, is that how you see it?

Um...not really. (LAUGHS)

There's a definite division.

So you three are on the outs?

Emmett, did these girls
approach you today?

They did, mate. We had a good chat,
and ultimately...

..I didn't break.


I think if we call a spade
a spade here,

Emmett kind of rules
that roost over there...

..and it comes down to
a numbers game for them

where George and Cara

are bottom of the pecking order
in that alliance.

They're fourth and fifth,
they're easy numbers for them.

And so by knocking us out,

it gives them the numbers
to go through to merge.

And then George and Cara,
being the weakest links are...


Which was spelt out for us today.

OK, well, thank you for your
fire-breathing session there.

That wasn't what I said.

That wasn't what I said, team.

What I actually said was,

I believe that you two have
more value and trust in us,

in us as a five than bringing
those three girls in...

..where who knows what could happen?

So, Cara, Emmett says it's not true,

but just hearing it from these three
girls, does that give you any pause?

Well, no, it's no surprise.

George and I have been
on the bottom forever.

Like, it hasn't changed.

And I feel safer on
the bottom of this crew

than that crew, frankly.

George, what do you think
about what Laura had to say?

This is the third tribal council
of the Brains tribe 2.0

and I like what I see from
the new Brains tribe members.

They say something to you
and they deliver.

That gives me comfort.

So, Rachel, it would seem that
you three are on a sinking ship.

How important is it to keep

to make sure that you're
still here tomorrow?

It's really difficult,
even at the moment,

just going into a challenge,
because we are expected

to put our bodies on the line,

knowing that we're just going to
get picked off anyway.

Well, if you actually try and you
win, then you won't get picked on.

Hang on. I worked my guts out
today, Emmett.

I know. I'm not saying you don't.

So why did you say why...
"if you actually tried"?

I didn't say "if you actually try",

I said if you don't go
into it with the mindset,

what's the point of trying,
and you...

No, you actually just said
"if you actually tried".

They are criticising us

because we're just
picking off their numbers,

but they're just
laying down their swords

and just saying, "Here you go."

George and I weren't approached
for alliances.

It might have been something
that you might consider.

You could have approached
perhaps other people

if you were trying to play
a fighting game, perhaps.

So, Laura, Cara's assessment is that
you three are just laying down.

No, we've approached,
we've approached people in our tribe

to work with them.

It just feels like a boring numbers
game, though, at the moment.

Yeah, it's just bam, bam, bam,
see ya later...

..without thinking
the three of us here

do bring strength to this team.

It's kind of a contradiction

to everything that these Brawn
members have said in the past

to then just pick us off.

Kez, what would you say to that?

Oh... (SIGHS)

Oh, God.

Jonathan, I'm like playdough, right?

I'm just a big, mushy ball
of playdough.

And I do agree with Laura,

it is an easy way out.

Yes, you can go the easy way,
yes, you can go the hard way, but...

Which way are you going, Kez,

because I feel like
you're just following.

Are you saying you're in the middle
of these two alliances?

Like I said, I'm playdough.

I'm always jumping the fence.

So, Laura, that's got to
give you encouragement,

when you hear that she's willing
to jump the fence.

It's Survivor. It's a game.

You never know what's going
to happen at tribal.

Well, if Kez is playdough,
as she claims,

can you mould her into something
that you want tonight?

Well, I don't want to mould Kez,

but I want her to be a strong,
empowered woman

that makes her own decisions...

..rather than following
a numbers game.

So, Kez, did you come into
this tribal having made up your mind

or are you open?

I always leave my book open.

Kez, at the end of the day, it's
your...your vote and your decision,

and I've told you that
from the start.

You're your own person.
You can do whatever you want.

But I think it would be
Survivor suicide

to jump off a steady ship that's
going to take everyone to merge

and jump on a sinking ship
that may just vote you off anyway.

And I've laid it out what I think
is the best-case scenario

for us as a five.

The languaging is interesting,

"I've laid it all out for you."

I have told Kez
that she is her own person

and she can do whatever she wants.

I love the interrogation methods
from everyone over that side.

I think that you girls
are getting very fiery down there

and trying to turn
this whole thing on me.

And I've made my choice.

And unfortunately, it's not
going to be going your way tonight.

For my vote anyway.

On that note... is time to vote.

On that note, it is time to vote.

Gerald, you're up.


Georgia, it's not personal,

but we've got a majority
and you need to go.

I'll go count the votes.

If anyone has a hidden immunity idol
and you want to play it,

now would be the time to do so.

OK, I'll read the votes.

First vote.





That's three votes, Georgia,
one vote Cara.



We're tied. Three votes, Cara,
three votes, Georgia.


Four votes Georgia,
three votes Cara... vote left.

Ninth person voted out of
Australian Survivor: Brains V Brawn,


You need to bring me your torch.

Oh, love you.



I'll see you soon, hey?
Stay safe.

GEORGE: Have a cheeseburger.
I'll have three.


Georgia, the tribe has spoken.

They certainly have.

Time for you to go.
Thanks, Jonathan.

Bye, guys.
ALL: Bye!

See you, Georgia.

In Survivor, as in life,

trust is the hardest thing to build,

and the easiest thing to lose.

Grab your torches, head back to camp,

Hopefully it'll be a while
till the next one.

Don't be so sure about that.


Tomorrow night
on Australian Survivor...

They say to keep
your friends close...

..and your enemies even closer.

We need to get rid of
all four of them eventually.

These Brains,
pick them off one by one.

That's the plan.

And most importantly...

..always watch your back.

We came here to make big moves
and there's no reason why we can't.

I'm not going to go down
without a fight.

Coming back into the game
after 24-hour medical treatment,

it's hard to now be leaving again.

I was really hoping I would
come back and fight to the end.

But I'm proud of myself that I came
back and went out the right way.

Captions by Red Bee Media