Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 5, Episode 7 - Episode #5.7 - full transcript

After not one but two unexpected departures, one tribe member wakes up especially confident that they have a hold on the game.

on Australian Survivor...

..24 all-stars arrived...

Oh, my God.

..and, having learnt
from past mistakes...

Being likeable
is so important in Survivor.


..wasted no time...

..building strong alliances.

There's young,
good-looking people

and there's the older, more mature,
also good-looking people.

Secret pacts have been made.

We are the most unlikely alliance
in this game.

And Mat felt even stronger
when he found his second idol.

The look on everyone's face, priceless.

At green tribe, Mokuta...

My plan
is to surround myself with strength.

..the sporty alliance has been
determined to weed out the weak.

We need to be able to compete
and beat the other tribe.

But when they tried
to get rid of Shonee...

My God, Shon.
Oh, my heart is racing.

That's the best!

..she outplayed them.

Playing this for?

But in the last Immunity Challenge... was John who came up short.

Vakama wins immunity, sending Mokuta
back to Tribal Council!

Despite who was at fault...

I let me teammates down.
I'm spewing.

Don't worry about it.

..Abbey was still fixated on Shonee.

If we want to stay strong

and actually have a shot at winning
some challenges, she's got to go.

But a shock announcement
at Tribal Council...

The two people
with the highest number of votes

will be going to Exile Beach.

..threw them into a spin.

You get it wrong and they
come back and all they think about

is the person
who's been writing their name down,

it can get real messy real quick.

In the end...

..Shonee was sent to Exile
along with Zach.

Let's go.

19 are left.
Who will be going home tonight?

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Oh, my God, that was crazy.

There's ***.


Sons of ***.

Even though we could have done

a massive, amazing blindside tonight
with five of us,

I was voted out,

only I came to Exile instead.

And Zach came with me.

Just look at this dump.


Even this tree's ugly.

Creepy-lookin' tree.

If I go back into the game,

I will not stop until I get revenge
on Abbey, Lee, John and Lydia,

and Sharn, for good measure.



I don't know if I've told you
this before, Shonee...

What, you don't like spiders?
..I hate... I freaking hate spiders.

You know what? It could be worse.

Instead of being at Exile Beach, I
could be at Mokuta with those jerks.

How'd you sleep?

I slept good.

And then I had a beautiful sleep-in.
Exile's great.

Zach and I are an unlikely duo,

but we get along great,
we're having a great time here.

We come home, he sets up the fire,

I lay out my sarong.

We cook rice.
We've got beans soaking right now.


We're drinking coconuts.
Celebration nation.


All the water's gone.


This is what happens
when you don't practise cooking.

I feel like a face mask,
really get us ready for our day.

I don't know, it's pretty coarse, hon.

I need that skin lookin' fresh
for whatever today brings.

Scrub away the bad vibes.


Your soul is feeling cleansed already.

It's a beautiful view.


Not a liar in sight.

Do you want to see me throw?

Target practice.

What are you trying to hit?



Go harder, go harder.

Yeah, harder.


This morning, I look around

and there's Lydia and Abbey
and there's Lee.


And then it hits me...

Ooh, yes!

..I lost Shonee.

Vakama getting a look
at the new Mokuta tribe,

six members, two in Exile

and John hanging on
by the skin of his teeth.

I lost Shonee, voted out, sent to Exile.

I feel like I've stuffed it up.

Like, it's my fault.

And I'm praying to the Fijian gods

that we can come back together
and be reunited.

Wonder how
they're going this morning.

I'm in the minority.

The group calling the shots
are the heroes, the challenge beasts.

I'm just glad it wasn't
just Shonee in that situation.

Oh, totally.

Like, she's got Zach,
who's probably the best one

that you could possibly have
out there in terms of mass.

Yep. Just...


My record is still at 100%.

Every name that I've put down on paper

has been the person going
at that Tribal Council.

I feel that I do have a lot of
control in this Mokuta tribe.

I managed to navigate my way
through the votes.

Shane went home, Michelle went home,
Henry went home.

And I really pushed for Shonee
to be sent home last night.

I've got a solid core group
that I'm working with.

Lydia, who is an absolute beast.

I've got Lee. I've got John.

I'm really happy with where I'm at
at this point in the game.

I call him 'Bachie' because
he's gonna be the next Bachelor.

Yeah. Walk.
This is your Bachelor walk.

Thumbs in! Thumbs in! Thumbs in!

Oh, your thumb's in. You got
watermelons under your arm.

Steel-look face,
watermelons, watermelons.

Yep, nailed it. Yep.
What is that face?

You look like
you're about to have a fit.

Is soy really bad for you?

- Yes.
- Depends on the person.

I do oat milk. Yeah.

That's very New York.

I love soy, though.

Like, I love the taste of soy.

I would have a soy latte every day.

Is that too much?

I have an almond one every day.

Yeah, right now
the tribe's divided.

There's no question.

I don't like almond.
You need to try Milk Lab.

Trust me.
Yeah, Milk Lab is good.

Is it?

I mean, there's a bit
of an older brigade,

you know, Jacqui, Tarz, myself,
and Mo's a bit of an old soul.

And then there's the younger brigade,

you know, the Locky, the Brooke,
the Phoebe, the Flick.

I used to play Track & Field
on Nintendo 64.

- Did you?
- Did ya?

- Yeah.
- Donkey Kong Country 2.

Super Nintendo.

Diddy Kong's Quest.
Nobody played that, AK.

Everyone played that.

Like, sickest.

But you know what?

Right now, in terms of an alliance,

I have a real tight four people
that I can trust... know, Tarzan, Mo, Jacqui
and myself.

I've got the idol in my pocket

and I'm working with David
behind the scenes.

We're in separate alliances.

He manages one side,
I manage the other.

We're pretty much running the game.

You know, it's such a good place to be.

Makes me feel strong.

Hopefully, we keep winning...

..or at least come up with a plan

and we pick people off one by one.

You know, like, I want to
play the game, so let's do it.

Come on in, guys!

Vakama getting their first look
at the new Mokuta tribe.

Zach AND Shonee...
Zach AND Shonee?

..voted out
at last night's Tribal Council.

- What?
- Oh, my God!

No way!

- Something's up.
- What's happened?

- Wow!
- What's happened?

Zach and Shonee
were voted out of their tribe...

Far out.

..but not out of the game.

They spent the night on Exile...

..but their games
are about to change.

But then again, so are yours.

It is time... drop your buffs.

We are switchin' things up.


Alright, guys.

You know the drill.

One buff each.

I feel sick.

Feelin' lucky, punk?


Don't open it up yet.

Go ahead, open 'em up.

If you get a green buff,
make your way to the green mat.


Yellow buff,
make your way to the yellow mat.

If I had to pick a worst result
for a tribe swap, I couldn't.

My three alliance members,

Tarzan, Jacqui and Mo,
picked different colour buffs.

They're gone.
You know, I've... I've lost Dave.

I'm stuck by myself with
Locky, Brooke, Flick and AK,

four people that are against me.

Harry comes over, who's one of
the sneakiest players in the game.

I'm not aligned with Lydia.
I mean, there's no question of that.

I blindsided Lydia in my last series.

Like, if you had to pick worst-case
scenario for tribe swap for Mat... just happened.

Alright, now
that we got that sorted,

let's bring in Zach and
Shonee from Exile.

There they are.

Good morning.

Hey, guys.

So, how was Exile?
It was actually amazing.

I highly recommend it.

Well, in case
you hadn't already noticed,

a lot has happened
since you were away at Exile.

These guys dropped their buffs.

Now it's time for you guys
to do the same.

Shonee, you get to join Vakama.

Oh, OK.
You can drop your old buff.

Right now?

Right now.
Oh. Rightio.

Hey, guys.
Hi, Shon.


Zach... get to join Mokuta.


Shonee, are you happy being on
a tribe where people voted you out?

Absolutely stoked.

No hard feelings?

Oh, never.

That grin.

Alright, you guys ready
to get to your first Reward Challenge

- as new tribes?
- Yes.

For today's challenge...

..members from each tribe
will face off

in a good old-fashioned tug of war.

The goal is to gain enough ground

so the person at the end
can grab a flag.

Each time you do,
you score a point for your tribe.

First tribe to three, wins reward.

- Want to know what you're playing for?
- Yes.

Winning tribe will get
a nice advantage in this game.

But it's gonna be contained inside
of Pandora's Box,

which you will get to open
back at camp.

In addition, you will also get
a nice grazing plate

to enjoy while you're there.

- Worth playing for?
- Yes.

Vakama, you have an extra player.

You're gonna need to sit someone out.
Who's it gonna be?

I can deal with it, I can
cope, but I'm probably a bit...

I can push through if you need me to.

Nah, yours are pretty messed up.

Yeah. Good?
If you're OK.

Alright, who's sitting out?

Brooke, you're on the bench.

Everyone else, a minute
to talk about it. Let's get to it.


First round is for the girls.
Three on three.

How about we go Flick at the end
for reach?

Yeah, I've got long arms.
Yeah, yeah, perfect.

You're going at the back?
Yeah, yeah.

- Alright.
- Let's go, girls.

Here we go.

We have Sharn, Phoebe, Moana for Mokuta

taking on Lydia, Abbey and Flick
for Vakama.

Survivors, ready...


Both sides digging in.

Lean back, Flick.

The goal is to drag
the other tribe far enough

so that you can grab your flag.

Pretty even match up at this stage.

That's awesome! Awesome, Mo!

Moana on all fours.

Get low.
Flick is on the ground now.

Former tribemates now battling it out.

Who's gonna overwhelm the other side?

Lydia just diggin' in deep.

All her muscles rippling.

This is the kind of challenge
that Lydia dreams about.

Good girl.

Three, two, one, Lyd, pull!

Both sides really giving it everything.


Strain on Phoebe's face.

- Agh!
- Pull, Phoebe.


Mokuta getting a little edge.

They have a lead of about a foot.

- Go! Go!
- Yeah, Mo!

Moana crawling her way to the flag.

Pull again. Dig in, dig in.
That's it, Mo.

Go, go.
Flick starting to slip now.

Mokuta starting to overwhelm Vakama.

Pull! Pull!

Go, keep going!
Keep pulling!

Phoebs, Phoebs, come on, Phoebs.

Phoebe not giving up.

This is what Survivor's about.

- Pull, pull!
- That's it, Mo.

- And again, Mo!
- Keep going!

Moana can feel victory.

Vakama trying to hold them off.

Pull hard! Go, guys! Pull!

Just inches away.

Can Moana get to it?

One more! One more!

One more. Keep pulling. She's there.

Moana reaches up.

Not quite close enough.

Don't give up.

Three, two, one, pull!

Go, go, go!

Moana gets the flag
and Mokuta scores the first point!

Mokuta leads one-zip.

Well done. That was so good.

Great work.

- Flick, did you grip?
- Yeah.

And pull?

So you didn't use your hands, then?
I was trying at the beginning

and then I tried just pulling.

Alright, next round is gonna be mixed.

It's four V four.
Two girls, two boys.

Mokuta, who you putting up?
I'll pull, you be anchor.

Yeah, yep. Alright, Mo?
You got this, Mo.

You're good to go again?
You sure you're OK?

Your hands should be alright,
because you haven't pulled.

Yeah, I want to win. Let's just win.
Come on, guys.

We've got this one. Come on.
Let's go, Shon.

You'll be right.

Shall I go after you?
Yeah, I think so, yeah.

Alright, next round
we have Jacqui, Moana, Nick,

David on anchor for Mokuta,

taking on Mat, Shonee, Flick,
Locky on anchor for Vakama.

Nice and low, Shonee.

Low. Low.

Survivors, ready... go!

This is all you, Shonee.
All you, Shon.

- Come on, Shon.
- Shon, lean back into it.

Come on, guys.

Everyone getting down low, digging in.


Mokuta, big pull.

Shon, get low. Get low, Shon.

Three, two, one, pull.

Mat would like to prove his worth
to his new tribe.

Locky panting at the end there.

Attaboy, Lock.
Well done, Locky.

That's a lot of weight you're
carrying on that belt as anchor.

David and Locky, former tribemates,

now battling it out as anchors
for opposing tribes.

Let's go. Pull.

Come on, Shon.

Mokuta give it a nice dig.

- Agh!
- Keep the pressure on.

Keep the pressure on. They're
sliding, they're sliding now.

Vakama give a dig back.

Who's gonna overwhelm the other side?


Yes, Locky!


Come on!

Arghh! Agh!

- Go, go, go, go, pull.
- Yeah, Dave.

Yeah, Dave.

David giving it everything.

Mokuta inching their way to that flag.

Can Vakama hold them off?

The new Mokuta working very well
together as a tribe.


So close! He reaches up!

Almost there. Almost there.


..can get it, and he gets it!

Scores another point for Mokuta.

Mokuta lead two-zip.

- So proud.
- Amazing. Amazing.

So amazing.
You killed it, mate.

Bloody hell.

Next round is for the girls.
Two V two.

I'll go, yeah.
Who else is coming with?

I'll go, I'll go.

You want to anchor?
Yeah, I'll be anchor.

Alright. Here we go.

We have Lydia and Abbey for Vakama...

Oh, my God,
they're all professional athletes.

No, no, you're fine, Phoebs.

..taking on Phoebe and Moana
for Mokuta.

Vakama needs to win it to stay in it.

Survivors, ready...



Go, girls.
Ooh, big pull from Mokuta

right out of the gate,

trying to knock Lydia off balance,

- and they almost succeed.
- Go, Phoebs.

Come on, Lyd.

Agh! Agh!

Go, go, give it hard, yeah.


Oh, go, girls, go, go, go.
They've fallen over.

They've fallen over. Go, go, go.
It's just dead weight.

- Go, go, go, go, go.
- They're dead weight.

Go, go, go, go.
They're dead weight, dead weight.

Go! Go! Go! Go!

Mokuta trying to seize the opportunity,

digging in deep,
trying to overwhelm them.

Guys, you got so much
good ground there.

- Phoebs, get in that hole, Phoebs.
- Get in that hole.

Come on. Pull.
Lydia and Abbey

crumpled at the end of their rope.

They're in a precarious position.

Crawl it! More! Drive, Mo!
Mokuta continue to pull.

They start gaining.

Yeah, guys! Got 'em now!

Can they take advantage of this?

Can they bring it home for Mokuta?
Lydia's not even on the rope!

Lydia tries to get back up on her feet.

Phoebs, take two grips forward
and pull!

One, two, pull!

Mokuta get a little extra ground.

Three, two, one.

Oh, big pull from Vakama!

They get Mokuta off balance.

Keep pulling, keep pulling.
And they're gonna strike.

Can they drag them to the end?

Oh, really digging deep.

- What a turn of events!
- You got 'em, you got 'em.

Can they get there?
Come on, pull!

Really pulling hard.
Lydia and Abbey almost there.

- Mokuta in trouble now.
- Agh!

So close.

Yeah, come on.
Can Abbey get there?

Yes, go.

She reaches up.
One more big push will do it.

Keep going, guys.
You can do this.

- Another big dig.
- Come on, grab it.

She reaches up, she grabs it,
putting Vakama on the board!

Wow! What a round.

Brilliant, Abs. Mwah.

Mokuta still leads two-one.

Never gonna happen.

Alright, next round is three boys.

Go heavy.


And... yep.

Come on, Haz.

Oi, big dog, do you mind if I anchor?

I got the tightest fingers.

Alright, here we go.

Next round we have
Harry, AK and Locky for Vakama

taking on Lee, Zach and David
for Mokuta.

Vakama needs to win it to stay in it.

Survivors, ready...


Everyone digging deep.

Go, he's slipping!

AK, get that other leg in.

Mokuta really giving it everything.

They want to seal the deal.

That's it, front and back.

They want to prove that they're
the tribe to be reckoned with,

the new Mokuta.

- Come on, boys, come on.
- Hold it, hold it, hold it.

Slowly inching their way to the flag.

One more, one more, one more.

Yeah, Davey, Davey, Davey.

Come on!

David grabs it! Mokuta wins reward!

Yeah! Ha-ha-ha!

Mokuta, congratulations.
Pandora's Box is yours. Come grab it.

Go, big Zach attack.

Yeah, it looks like you could do
some curls with that.

You guys are gonna need this, also,
instructions of what to do with it.

Don't open till you get back to camp,

Head on out. Enjoy. Well done.

See ya.

This tribe swap

is a very scary/delicate position
to be in for me.

I'm in the minority.

Zach is also here, and I've been
trying to get rid of him.

I need an advantage on Survivor.

This Pandora's Box is new for me,

and I am super pumped
to have whatever is inside.

Home, sweet home.
Home, sweet home!

Welcome home, guys.
Welcome, newbies.


This is really cool.
Welcome to hell.

- This is our kitchen.
- Oh, that's comfy.

That's good.
We've got our spoons and our bowls.

Losing the reward today
absolutely sucked,

but we've just experienced
the tribe swap.

So the game's been turned on its head.

We are tribe Vakama.

And that's what we need
to be thinking about.



It is a very even split
for this new Vakama tribe.

There is five pre-existing
Vakama tribemates,

five Mokutans.

But we are not a tight five.

Oh, it's not too bad.

A little bit of seaweed.
Nah, this is alright.

Little bit rocky.

How are you feeling?
Yeah, alright.

I'm feeling good.
Yeah, same.

Yeah. I'm comfortable with the swap.

Yep. I like, yeah, Brooke
and, yep, Locky and...


I've got Lydia, which I'm rapt about.

I've got John, stoked.

I've got Harry...

..and then Shonee.

It's very awkward because last night
I voted her onto Exile Beach.

Nothing inspires vengeance
more than Exile Beach.

Oh, my God!
It's quite hot, actually.

Wow! It's not even cold.

I am so stoked.

I'm on a tribe that's not Mokuta.

Mokuta tried to vote me out last night,

but I'm back, bitches.

I have no ties
with these old Mokutans anymore.

I am done with them.

They just tried to vote me out twice.

Now I'm gonna come after them

and I'm not gonna stop
until I'm gone or they're gone.

When's your birthday?
April 26.

What are you?

My social game
inside the game of Survivor

is even better than
my social game outside of Survivor.

I'm just like an easygoing, relaxed,
fun girl.

Who doesn't want to be
friends with that?

And how old are you? 26?

When's your birthday?

Are you Aquarius?
Feb 25th. I'm a Pisces.

Pisces. Oh, my mum's a Pisces.

A new beach, just beautiful, man.

It's just like a Zen haven
of beautiful picturesque Fiji.

Welcome to Mokuta!

Welcome, guys.

Bula. Welcome to Fiji.

- Oh, this is sick, you guys.
- This is sick.

And this is our fire.
This is so good.

Like, I'm finally in Fiji.


There's a grazing plate
to get us started.

Oh, I don't even know what to do here.

And we've got a dope camp.

And it is...
it is rainproof, too.

There's no leaks.
There's no leaks in that.

- This is a great start.
- Mmm.

This is good.

But Mat's not in my camp anymore.

And literally the only person
that I'm tight with is Phoebe.

Yeah, we're in a two-seven minority.

The wild card in this situation is
a disgruntled ex-employee named Zach,

who's probably coming back to Mokuta
with some serious, serious baggage.

How are you going?
Oh, proper...

And welcome back, Zach.

I'm trying not to be
too full-on with him.

I want to give him
a little bit of space

just to, like, acclimatise.

I just want to be, like,

"You know, Zach,
you like lifting weights, do ya?

"Cool. I like lifting weights, too."

Just get a little bit of common ground

before I hit him up too hard with,
like, "Let's kill them all!"

- OK.
- Shall we?

Let's do this. Let's do this.
Oh, dear. Alrighty.

Ah, here we go.

you've won Pandora's Box.

"Inside is a great advantage
in the game,

"but you'll need to get to it first.

"The box is locked
and there are two keys

"hidden somewhere on your beach."

"Either key will open the box."


"Be sure to start your search soon
because, if you want that advantage,

"you'll need to find a key
before someone else does."

It's go time, baby.

It's go!

We got this, yeah.

- Sharn, is that you?
- Yeah.

Has anyone found anything?

No. Have you?


Is the lock still on?


Found it!

My heart is just, like,
pounding out of my chest,

absolutely crapping myself.

You need what's in that box,
you need what's in that box.

I need to make my move right now

because if someone else
finds the other key,

it was all for nothing.

Anyone? Anyone? Found anything?

I'm definitely going to use
this advantage to pull Phoebe in.

So, what do we do?
Go... let's go this way.

Why go against each other
when we can work with each other?

I found it. I found it.

What do we do?

Now I've got to quickly slither
my way into camp

and get out before anyone can see me.

Oi, did you look at
the size of the keyhole?

Yeah, but I think it'll just be
like a skeleton key.

Do you reckon it'll be in a package
or anything? Or, like...

Could be anything, Phoebs.

I looked inside all the,

Got it?

Oh, good on ya.

How close was that to the...

Oh, good on ya.

♪ Whoop, ba, badi, ba, ba, ba! ♪

Good on ya, Jacqui.

Gone. You never knew I was here.


Oh, my God, it's open!

- It's open?
- Someone's found it.

Oh, my God! Yeah, it's open.

Jacqui just found the key
and we went to open it.

Where did you find it?

It was up there in, like,
a little hole of a tree.

So it was already open

by the time I got back.

Everyone is like,
"Well, what happened?"

So, who unlocked it, then?

It's not me, mate.

Well, it wasn't us two.

I'm standing there
and I'm, like, unrolled my buff

and I'm, like, holding it over my pants

because I'm pretty sure
it's the clue poking out the side.

And I'm just standing there, thinking,

"Please no-one
look at me too closely."

- Zach.
- It's not me, mate.

No. No.

Yeah, it's not me.

OK. Unless you found both of them.
I'm out!

You're all suspects!
I'm out.

Somehow these idiots have no idea
that I have it in my pocket.

- And now the paranoia begins.
- Wow.

I'm here with the smoking gun

no-one's even noticing,
and it's so good.

I was just going slow and steady

and I was in this hole
on one side of the tree,

she went,
"Oh, my God, look, there it is!"

Slow and steady
does not win the race, it seems.

Oh, well, good luck,
well done, whoever got it.

"This parchment is an extra vote.

"It allows you to cast a second vote

"at any Tribal Council
before the merge."

It feels so good.

My advantage is an extra vote.

That is amazing to me.

There are so many things
that you can't control,

but I know
that I can guarantee two votes

will go exactly the way
that I want them to

without interference from anyone else.

As far as I am aware, no-one saw me.

I pulled off the perfect crime.

Come on in, guys!

So, how's everyone getting along
at the new Vakama tribe?

Really good.

- Yeah, love it.
- Much more calm.

Yeah, we're actually talking
and staying up late, having chats.

It's been great.
It's Kumbaya.



OK, so, David, I'm dying to know,
what was in Pandora's Box?

I don't know.

You don't know?
But someone knows.

But I don't know.

Sharn, do you know what was in it?

No, I don't know what was in it.

It's a mystery.

Alright, you guys ready
to get to today's Immunity Challenge?

First things first...

- ..Mat.
- Fwooh!

You look like a warrior
with that sword.

Once again,
immunity is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge,

seven members of your tribe will pull
a heavy cart along a course,

collecting puzzle pieces as you go,

while two members of the other tribe
will attempt to stop you.

Once you get your cart
across the final line,

you will then use the pieces
to solve a giant cube puzzle.

First tribe that gets it right,

wins immunity, safe from the vote.

Losing tribe will join me
at Tribal Council tonight,

where one of you will become

the sixth All Star
voted out of this game.

Vakama, you got an extra player.
You're gonna need to sit someone out.

Cannot be the same person
in back-to-back challenges.

- Who's it gonna be?
- Shon?

Shonee, you're on the bench.

Everyone else, I'll give you
a minute to strategise.

Let's get it on.

How are we gonna do this?
It depends how the defending works.

Me, Mo and... Right, right, OK.

Do you want me to, uh...
do you want me to pull?

I think you need to pull.
Um, uh, who's stopping?

Needs to be blokes.
Two really strong guys.

I can jump in that, man.
That's me.

Mat, I can hold. I'm happy to.

OK, so, guys,
let me just explain this puzzle.

Each side has the same thing but
different colours, different shades.

When we get the puzzles to the end,

it's about holding them out
so we can see the logo,

ready to go, and communicating...

Nick, you... you just take the lead.

Alright, here we go.

John and Mat as anchors for Vakama

with Jacqui and Moana
as anchors for Mokuta.

For immunity.

Survivors, ready...
Come on, guys. We got this.


Anchors getting onto the rope,

trying to slow the progression
of the other tribe's cart.

Go! Boys, go! Go!
Vakama powering ahead.

They're at the first loading zone.

All four wheels need to be in the zone

before you can pick up the pieces.

Mat and John
trying to hold Mokuta back.

- Start loading, start loading.
- They've gone over. OK, go.

Tarzan, yeah, go, up, up.

Keep pulling, girls.

Come on, guys!

..showing the new tribe
she has what it takes.


Vakama at the first station,

making quick work of those pieces.

Well done, guys. That's perfect.

AK and Harry bringing it over.

- Get in, in the middle.
- Middle.

Vakama, you're good. You can move on.

Go left, go left.

Come on, boys!
Two more stations.

Jacqui and Moana struggling as anchors.

Really struggling to stop
the progression of that cart.

Finally Mokuta moving on
to the second station.

Mat and John really diggin' in,
making it difficult for them,

really slowing them down.

David and Zach, big muscle
boys for the new Mokuta.

Come on!

Meanwhile, at the second station,
Vakama are whipping through it.

Locky picks up one piece by himself.

That piece is heavy. Wow!

- Mokuta almost at the second station.
- Phoebs, start loading.

Let's go.

Vakama have their next bunch.
They're moving on.

Run! Run! Run!

We need you, big man.

Mokuta have their second
batch of pieces. They're moving on.

Mat and John doing a good job
of slowing 'em down.

Hold, guys. Try and hold 'em.

Mokuta's got a lot of work to do
to catch up.

That's it.

Finally Mokuta's at the third station.


Vakama have their final puzzle pieces.

Locky again with one piece by himself.

He is a machine!

AK and Harry
on the last piece for Vakama.


They're moving on.
Guys, this is the last bit here.

Cart is heavy now
with all those pieces.

It's gonna make it more difficult
to drag along.

Run, run, run!

Keep going! Closer!
Vakama's good.

You can start unloading your pieces.

They're ahead, they're ahead.

Well done, guys.

We've got this, guys.
We've got the momentum.

Mokuta have all their pieces.
They can move on.

- Come on.
- Last pull, come on.


Mokuta determined to close the gap.

Almost there.

They're really struggling
with that heavy cart now.

Pull it closer, closer, closer.

John and Mat diggin' in,

trying to get a grip,
trying to get a purchase.

- OK.
- Keep pulling up. Closer.

Mokuta in the zone now.
You're good! Start unloading!

You need to get all the pieces
off your cart

before you can start building.

Everyone is gassed.

This is a 3 D puzzle. You're gonna
have to work together as a tribe.

Let go, let go.

What are we doin'?
Yep, that's a corner.

AK puts the first piece in position.

On top of there. Here.

- Here it is, here it is.
- Quick, bring it out.

Mokuta have all their pieces unloaded.

They start working on their puzzle.

Does that look good?

Vakama have two pieces in place.

Hey, spread it around
the sides there, Lyd,

so we can see every one for what it is.

Vakama have a nice lead,

but can Mokuta catch up?

We need this one, this one, this one.

This is the very top.

There are 13 pieces.

They only fit together one way
to make a giant cube.

We need the corner ones. Anything
that's got two is the corner.

Nick taking charge for Mokuta.

Now this goes here.

Immunity is on the line.

Which tribe's gonna come out
on top today?

Perfect. Yep.

Someone's going home tonight,

don't want it to be you.

It's the first Tribal
after a tribe swap.

It can be a tricky one.

New relationships
mixed in with old ones.

Just when you thought you had
a solid alliance and you were safe,

maybe you're not anymore.

Be nice to have immunity tonight.

Is this that?

Hey, this is the bottom.

- Guys, this is the bottom.
- This is the sky.

Alright, this is it, guys.
Now keep building from here.

Alright, next.
Go, go, yep, you're right.

Go through, go through.
Finally Mokuta has two pieces.

Here, here, here, here!

This, this... No, this is this.

They now have three pieces in place.
Push it. OK.

Mokuta quickly closing the gap.

Keep going, guys. You're
going well, you're going well.

Guys, come on, we can do this.
Guys, help Brooke! Help Brooke!

Vakama have five pieces in position.

We need an incomplete handle
with a lime green background.

This one.
Lime green. That's dark green.

Let's just see if it fits first.

It does!

Vakama have another piece in place.

Yes, there, there, there,
there, there. Slide it that way.

That works.
OK, now, where's that other ball?

Mokuta get another piece in place.

This bit's the bottom of that.
That one slides straight in.

Guys, this slides straight in.
Hang on, hang on.

This is facing... Oh, so there's
got to be a piece under it.

Well, that's on the bottom over here.

- It's Brookey's.
- This has to be the top.

It is.
'Cause we've got... See this side?

It's here.

- This is the top of this.
- Now what?

Yes, yes! That's exactly right!

Can Nick bring it home for Mokuta?

They were so far behind
in this challenge.

Not only have they closed the gap
but they've taken the lead.

AK, this side
needs to be rotated around

- because this goes here.
- Come on, guys!

Vakama had a nice lead,
but they have stalled.

This side is wrong.

No, no, no, that side's fine.

Everyone trying to work it out.
It's on this...

No-one quite coordinating
their communication.

Lydia, the one you have is upside down.

Oi, that one there on top
is totally wrong.

Push it in under that.
That's one's wrong.

Under that.

Vakama's confused
where they go from here.

Push that one in.
This has got to go up.

I know, AK!

- We need to get the bottom.
- Here, quick, quick!

But, wait, don't put it in place

'cause we need to slide
something else in there.

Quickly coming together for Mokuta now.

Come on, guys.
You got this, you got this.

You got this. They're
nowhere. They're nowhere.

I'm telling you.

Vakama feeling the pressure,
trying to pick it up.

Under there, that needs
to move out of the way.

That's it.

Puzzle is the great equaliser
in Survivor.

- Lift that up.
- That's a top piece.

Push it in.
That's the top.

It's the top.
It doesn't go. It doesn't go.

- That's the top of that.
- Yep.

Alright, pull it out, pull it out.

Vakama undoing their entire build now.

This is here, guys.
Hang on, this one is Brookey's.

It's Brookey's. Hang on.
Hang on, hang on, hang on.

We're ***.
Is that the top for there?

This on top.
That's gotta go in there.

Mokuta have their last piece.

That's gotta go in that hole.
Lift it up, Zach.

Up, up.
Let me take it, Nick.

Come on!

Vakama can see victory slipping away.

Come on, guys.

We need to keep going. Guys,
bring this around the other side.

Quick, quick, quick!

Nick on the top of their cube...


..trying to shuffle those pieces
into position.

David trying to put
some shoulder into it...


..trying to slam that last piece in.

Do they have it?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!


Mokuta wins immunity,
sending Vakama to Tribal Council!

Good stuff, guys. Tried hard.

Green machine! We're back!


Well, congratulations, Mokuta.

Immunity is yours.

Good boy.
Well done.


We slay the Mokuta curse.

You guys are safe, no-one going home.

Grab your gear, head back to camp,
enjoy the evening off.

See ya, son.

Good job, guys.

Vakama, Tribal Council tonight,

where one of you will become
the sixth person

voted out of
Australian Survivor: All Stars.

Grab your gear, head on out.
I'll see you guys tonight.

See ya.

Vakama lost
the Immunity Challenge,

but when the chips are down, that's
where All Star legends are made.

Top of my priority list
is getting revenge on Abbey.

She's all about physical strength,

but that doesn't work for my game.

Time to send her packing.

Oh. Bad luck, all.

Not what we wanted, but...

..we had such a good head start.

We did, didn't we?
I know.

Oh, just two shapes to go
that were almost identical.

Yeah. Bugger!

We lost again.

Coming off a tribe swap,

that's a bit of a kick in the guts.

Lydia and I are over it.

We want to win challenges.

We don't want to go back to Tribal
Council and send home one of our own.

Somebody's got to go home tonight.

That, for me, is very simple,

Shonee is by far
the weakest link in our tribe.

She's got to go.

Oh, that makes me angry.

You know what I want to do.

Like, I want to keep
the strong people together.

First priority to me
is making sure we've got the numbers.

And we know that there is
a strong alliance going on

of AK, Locky, Brooke and Flick.

We need that group of people.

Oh, she works in the media
and plays footy, so...

Oh, how good.
Yeah, it's pretty crazy.

One thing I learnt from my season is
that I needed more shields around me.

Strategically, once merge comes,

I've got shields in front of me

that are gonna want to
pick off each other

before they would even
look at somebody like me.

- We had a chat this morning.
- Yep.

I would love to, like, just stay strong.

And then just, like, take people out.

We've got so many challenges to go,

..we need to win.

I've been on the other end
of voting someone out

and having them stay in the game...

- ..and they're just against you the
whole time. - Yeah.

Good thing on our half
is, like, gonna get it done...

..and that way, bad blood's out.

Yeah. And then
we've just got a strong tribe.

I'm happy with that.

Myself, Lydia, Locky, Flick and Brooke

are all gonna vote for Shonee.

And then John and AK,
they're gonna vote for Mat.

That's a pretty good buffer.

I feel like
I'm in a really good position.

We've got the numbers.

Hopefully we can band together

and keep the strength
surrounding this new tribe.

We CAN do it.
It's, like, toasted coconut popcorn.

Kind of, like, real, real small...

Like, coconut.
..yeah, and then toasted.

And it gets, like,
a little crispy on the edges.

Oh, my God.
And then it goes in the rice.

Crunchy popcorn...
Oh, my God.

My greatest skill in Survivor
is my social game.

It looks very, like, jungle-y.

Leave it. It looks good.

I have solidified
some good relationships already.

And now I need to make sure
that all the old Vakamas

know that Abbey
was in charge of Mokuta.

I need them to know
how dangerous she is

and that she is the one
that holds everyone together.

If they get rid of Abbey,
that's how we weaken Mokuta.

Abbey is, like, literally the leader...

..of Mokuta.

Yep. It'd be so dumb to go after you.
It'd be the dumbest and...

It'd be the dumbest thing.

'Cause I'm the one that has no,
like, you guys are my numbers now.

Yeah, exactly.
I am Vakama.

I need at least four Vakamas
and then myself and Harry.

Abbey, Lydia and John are hell tight.

- If you want to get Mokuta...
- Yeah.

- ..I am the one that's not included.
- Yeah. Yep.

If you get rid of me,
you're just helping them...

Yeah. Oh, yeah. stay strong.

Abbey, Lydia and John would
definitely be throwing my name out.

But who do you want to take out?
The ringleader?

People don't even vote
without her consent.


I know.
They're putting your name out there.

Are you close with Harry?

Yeah, I can get Harry 100%.

Oh, you can?
I know I can.

I need to talk to my little group,

But if you want to weaken Mokuta,
then you keep me.

Yeah, no, 100%.

How's your hustle going?

Mine too.

It's crazy.

We've got all these players
that are like,

"Keep the tribe strong,
so we can win challenges."

We're not winning challenges.

It's not battle of the athletes
or battle of the ex-footballers.

It's All Stars. It's about Survivor.

You can pick any one
of the five you want.


But I think it makes sense
to go Abbey and Lydia.

Lydia is full-on dangerous

and Abbey is really good
at the single game.

Yeah. It makes sense.


It's pretty delusional
that they think that...

..why would the opposition
want to help them get stronger?

Chatting with Shonee, I absolutely
believe what she's saying.

I mean, she was voted out twice.

I think right now
the safest thing for me to do

is work with her and go over
to the former Vakama members

and give us the majority.

That is my saving grace right now.

Me too. It's good to be back.

Anyone need their bottles filled?

I'm all good.
Yeah, why not?

I don't even know where mine is.
I've just filled up.

All good?

Mine's empty already.

Thanks, Flicky.

That's alright.


Are we sure
everything's good?


On my side,
the girls are just... and AK,

they just talk to everyone,
like, they're so...

..they're all 100% in,

they just have to know everything.

I'm putting a lot of trust
in Lydia, John, Locky,

Brooke, Flick and AK tonight.

After a tribe swap,
you can never be certain,

particularly with All Stars.

But I'm really confident
with the conversations I've had

at our tribe this afternoon.

Shonee is a cat with nine lives.

She's on the chopping block,
she plays an idol, sends Henry home.

She's on the chopping block,

gets sent to Exile,
comes back into the game.

She's a threat.

And the best thing
for Vakama moving forward

is to keep that strength there,
and Shonee's our weakest link.

We've swapped tribes.

And the old Mokuta tribe members
are definitely fractured.

We can pretty much
control the votes how we want them.

Shonee's someone that
I want to work with

'cause she's been rejected
by her previous tribe.

She doesn't have many other options.

You feel good?
I feel really good.

I hope that I'm not, like,
getting over...

Oh, no.
..'cause I'm, like, feeling calm.

Shonee, Shonee, trust us.

But what we don't have is
the muscle mass compared to Mokuta.

The pros of keeping Abbey around is
that she's really physically tough.

If we lose a strong player,

we might be in trouble.

We just need to play it
really, really carefully.

It's really important,

both for tonight's vote
but also for the future.

I want to know
that I can trust these people.

We have to make the right decision.

And it's scary.

So, AK...

..after a swap, there's often
a couple of days of chaos

as everyone's trying to figure out

who they might want to work with
moving forward.

Was that the case with this tribe?

Um, I feel like the guys that
came over fitted in pretty well.

Um, and enjoyed getting to know
each and every one of them.

And, yeah, it was actually
a lot lighter around camp,

which, um, I appreciate.

So, Lydia,

is everyone just
getting to know each other,

or is it more about getting
a feel for each other's game play?

Oh, look, we came together yesterday.

You know,
we went straight into a challenge

and then backed it up
with immunity today.

And yesterday we spent time
getting to know each other,

and that's how I operate.

You know, I get to know people first
and then figure out the relationship

and whether that's gonna work
moving forward.

What about for you, Mat?

How did you feel when you discovered
who was on your new tribe?

Yeah, that was interesting.

A few shivers went down the spine,
I must say.

You know, obviously,

you know, there's a bit of history
between Lydia and I.

Yeah, a bit nerve-racking,
to say the least.

But this is All Stars.

If something happens
and you hold onto it,

it's gonna kill your game.

Like, you just can't,

because you'll miss
what's coming on the other side.

Lydia, I see you nodding.

Yeah, hit the nail on the head.

You come in with some kind of baggage,

whether you were... you got the short
end of the straw in the tribe swap

or you got blindsided

or you're on the wrong side of the vote

or, you know, whatever it is,

everyone I think has had
this experience before.

This is All Stars.

Let bygones be bygones.

So, Abbey, were you worried that
if Shonee did come back from Exile,

she might bear a grudge?

Oh, look, this game has many twists
and turns throughout it.

And Lydia said you've got to be able
to adapt to new situations,

new circumstances.

And, you know,
Shonee's an amazing girl.

We didn't want to see anybody go
from that Mokuta tribe

at our last Tribal Council.

But, unfortunately, that's where
the votes landed, on her and Zach.

And I'm actually really stoked

that she was able
to come back into the game.

Abbey says let bygones be bygones.

How do you feel about that?

We'll have to wait and see.

Do you feel good about being
part of the new Vakama tribe?

I have never felt better
about being a part of a tribe.

But the truth is
you were just voted out.


Some of the people
that tried to vote you out

are still sitting here tonight.

They are, yes.

The first time,
that I had to use my idol,

I decided to forgive and move on.

The second time, the next Tribal...

..that one was, yeah,
a little bit rougher.

But I've got other people here,
other friends,

and I'm really enjoying
getting to know them.

Let's just see what they do tonight.

Do you feel like
you're in trouble again tonight?

Well, possibly, yeah.

Mat, does she have reason
to be worried?

Uh, yeah.

I mean, obviously Shon
was voted out from her other tribe.

And some of them are sitting here.

Harry, what's tonight's vote
about for you?

In my mind, we're entering
the most complicated part

of the Survivor game.

The period between tribe swap and merge

is one where people have
a lot of different ideas

on what's best for their game.

Some people have baggage.
That's true.

But you've still got
a lot of challenges to take on.

There's the idea of keeping us strong.

There's people
that will fight from the bottom.

And then there's some people
looking at the future.

What about you, Locky? What's
tonight's vote about for you?

No-one wants to be here,
like you said.

And, like,
having a strong tribe does help.

But you don't really know
what keeps a tribe strong.

So, my vote tonight
IS to keep the tribe strong,

whether that be which way,
we have to find out.

The Mokuta version 2.0
just swept the floor with us.

Two challenges in a row, so...

Yes, they did.


This is my fourth Tribal in a row,

alongside my version 1.0
Mokuta tribe.

I don't really want to be here anymore.

So, we need to win challenges...

..whatever that takes.

Shonee, you've heard this pitch before.

Many, many times.

I didn't think I would hear it
as much in All Stars,

but I have heard it a lot.

There's other players than
just physical, physical players.

And, yeah, I think it is boring.

Harry, is tonight's vote gonna be
a defining moment for this tribe,

or is it just gonna be
business as usual?

No, I think it will be
a defining moment.

The trajectory that we take from here

will set us on course
the whole way through to merge.

So, Lydia, what should the tribe
remember before they go up to vote?

The past is the past.

It's a new vote. It's a new tribe.

We've got to win some challenges.
Let's go.

Let's do it. It is time to vote.

It is time to vote.

Brooke, you're up.

I hope it's you getting
blindsided tonight and not me.

I swear you have
nine lives in this game,

but sorry, Shon, third time lucky.

I'll go count the votes.

If anyone has a hidden immunity idol
and they want to play it,

now would be the time to do so.

OK, once the votes are read,
the decision is final.

Person voted out will be asked

to leave
the Tribal Council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote, Shonee.


Two votes Shonee.


We're tied.
Two votes Shonee, two votes Abbey.


Tied again. Two votes Shonee,
two votes Abbey, two votes Lydia.


That's two votes Shonee,
two votes Abbey,

two votes Lydia, one vote Mat.


That's three votes Abbey,
two votes Lydia,

two votes Shonee, one vote Mat.

Sixth person voted out of
Australian Survivor: All Stars...


That's four votes. That's enough.
You need to bring me your torch.

See ya.

It's OK.

Abbey, the tribe has spoken.

They have.

See ya, guys.

See ya.

Well, in this game,
the only true strength... in the numbers.

Grab your torches, head back to camp.

Tomorrow night
on Australian Survivor...

I'm so happy. down,

but she's not done yet.

Lydia's tried to get me out three
times now, and I've had enough.

- It's kill...
- Shonee will want blood.

..or be killed.

The time is now to start fighting.

And... Shonee takes aim...
There's just no going back.

..those in the firing line
had better duck for cover.

I feel like I can definitely
get away with murder out here.

I have absolutely no bloody idea
what just happened.

Complete and utter blindside.

I was so confident going into Tribal.

You know, Shonee remains in the game.

Good on her
for managing to pull the votes

and laying a nice blindside on myself.

I just don't know what Locky, AK,
Brooke and Flick were thinking.

I'm sorry I didn't get
much of a time to get to know you,

but I've got to take
this opportunity while I have it.


There are some very, very strong
players in this game.

Obviously they saw me as a threat

and wanted to really nullify
that threat early in the game.

I absolutely adore Lydia,

and I have no doubt that she's
gonna go super far in this game.

And I'll be rooting for her
from the sidelines, for sure.