Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 5, Episode 6 - Episode #5.6 - full transcript

Needing to pull together to ensure success reward and immunity wins, both tribes put their differences aside and fight a hard fight to win.

on Australian Survivor...

..the green tribe was
desperate for a win.

Mokuta wins reward!

But in the challenge
that really mattered...


..they couldn't bring it home.

Vakama wins immunity!

And Mokuta was off
to Tribal Council yet again.

Nick was still keen
to get rid of Henry...

We cannot afford
to keep him around a moment longer.

..and he, Shonee and Harry
thought they had the others on board.

But Abbey and Lydia had their eyes
firmly fixed on Shonee.

I'm just very worried

that we're gonna be back here
in two days' time.

But we can't guarantee
Henry's gonna win us anything.


Henry didn't have an idol.

So what I'm gonna do
is create a fake idol to "find"

at Tribal Council in front of everyone.

What he didn't know...

..Shonee was hiding the real deal.

I need everyone in this
tribe to know that I mean business.

Don't mess with me.

At Tribal Council...

Can I borrow a minute before we vote?

..Henry put his plan into action.


I think he put that before he sat down.

It didn't look big enough
to be an idol.

We'll see.

Shonee decided not to risk it...

Um, OK, I'll play mine.

If yours is real,
you better get it out.

..and blew Henry and his fake idol
out of the game.

Fifth person voted out of
Australian Survivor: All Stars,


19 are left.
Who will be going home tonight?

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Come on. TRX.

I got a tree, we got a gym!

It's definitely
getting annoying,

having lost so many challenges
in a row.

I have a tribe
full of all these strong people

and these strong people
can't even win against Vakama.

Ooh, here we go.
Now he's getting serious.

- Here we go.
- Getting serious now.

Are you tired of lookin' shit

on an island in Fiji?

Well, what you need
is the Zach Attack TRX5000.

Before I bought the Zach Attack...

I never won
a challenge. I never won reward.

..I used to always get beat
by Vakama.

It is hilarious to see
he's created the Zach straps,

you know, TRX5000
or whatever we've called it.

And, you know, he just wants
to get his pecs out, I reckon.

Feel the burn yet?

Oh, starting to feel it now.

Feel the burn!

Thank you, Zach Attack.

I can finally win
that spaghetti bolognese

I've been dreaming of.

At Vakama right now,

it seems like it's a little bit
of a high school clique.

I was gonna... I can normally...

Ready? OK!

The way all kind of like
the pretty girls have got together

and they're like, "Nyah, nyah, nyah!"


- I would've got you then.

On the other side
is the minority alliance,

and that's Mat, Mo, Tarzan and Jacqui.

So there's these two warring factions

and I'm kind of just sittin'
in the middle.

Unbeknownst to anyone,

I actually have a deal going with Mat,

and at the moment
Mat V Locky is the main event.

And that is great. I get to sit
on the sidelines and be the referee.

Like, you just know Lock's getting,

"Nah, nah, no, you're gonna get done."
"We'll get it done."

I'm trying to, like,
make sure Mat's working with me.

I'm trying to make sure
Locky's working with me.

And at the same time, I'm pretty good
across the board with the girls.

So right now
I'm in a really good position.

That is good.

Now I'm really... Oh.

Idol, man!

Such a dick.

Why walk around camp with an idol?

'Cause I can. Pretty simple.
They all saw me find it.

It is pretty cool.

I just want to put it in their minds

what happened last time I went
to Tribal Council with an idol,

one of their alliance went home.

So it's just simply about
trying to create doubt, confusion

in that alliance of six,
maybe crack them.

Little do they know
that I've already got that way in.

Do you want to have a go of it?

Can I wear it?


I actually really love
toying with Locky

and seeing him try to work things out.

He's a born leader.
Like, he's a big, strong leader.

And seeing me every day with this idol

just keeps reminding him that
he hasn't got control right now.

And he wants control, but, uh,
I'm not gonna give it to him.

Yeah, look, being in the position I am,

on the wrong side of the numbers,
doesn't faze me at all.

I've got an idol in my pocket.

I'm working with David.

But when it comes to Locky,
I'll vote him out in a heartbeat.

Um, I'm, like, devvo.

I am stoked that I played my idol
correctly last night,

but now I know
that I'm hanging out with people

who don't even want me around.

This is All Stars,
but yet we have that cliche,

the athletes hanging out together,
let's keep the tribe strong,

which is definitely dangerous
for someone like me.


Abbey is definitely the leader
of the athletes group.

And then there's Lee,



Lydia is, like,
attached to the hip with Abbey.

So it's just like this
massive, lame pile of, like, muscle.

I could definitely be in trouble
if we lose immunity.

So I've got to keep on hustling.

I know.

Harry and Nick
are my best friends out here.

I just trust them 100%.

But we're definitely now
in the minority.

Because that is probably the only way

we're gonna get out of this situation.

Don't you think we can get Zach?
I don't know.

I feel like we can still work him.

We can totally work...
Well, I mean, we have to hope.

We can't just be like,
"Oh, we need an idol."

Oh, no, of course.

The way I see it,
we have three votes already,

we just need two more,

and then we've got five,
which is a new majority.

We can really flip this tribe
on its head now.

And I think I can see
some visible cracks.

Shonee won the battle.

- And now it's time for the Little Rascals
to win the war. - Yeah.

Thoughts are, first of all,
I'm so glad that you're here...

I know.
..because that would've just been...

I am, like, working with you.

I think it's so good
that we actually think...

I know.
..the same things at the same time.

Like yesterday,
when we were finishing off

each other's sentences and things,
I thought that was great, too.

I think Sharn knows that she doesn't
fit into that strong-people alliance.

..being met with that, you know,
"We've got to keep the team strong,

"we're gonna keep coming here
otherwise, rah, rah, rah."

Yeah, yeah.
That's the same for me.

I'm on the chopping block, too.

I know. So boring.
You know?

- Because I'm not muscly and strong
like they are. - Mmm.

Sharn should definitely be worried.

And it's only a matter of time
before they write her name down

and send her packing.

Yeah, yeah.

Sharn, come to me, darling.


I love working with Nick and Harry
because they actually think

outside the box...

..and not just looking towards, like,
winning the next challenge.

Exactly. Um, but I think...

We need Zach.

Zach has been kept out of the loop on
the votes, and that's great for us.

'Cause he has been left out of,
like, every vote, basically.

I know he has.

He's got massive muscles.
He has a massive ego.

And that's something
that we can work with.

I think if we go to him
with the pitch that...

.. "Zach, whatever you want to do."

Yep. Yep.

Zach is in a very interesting
position right now.

He doesn't have any strong alliances.

But that makes him useful,

he's a spare number
that anyone can pick up.

Right now Zach is vulnerable.

He's the perfect person to befriend

and have join us
so that we have more numbers.

It's pretty much the opposite
at this point.

For me, the word All Star
just is the best of the best.

And that's why I'm out here.

I'm a challenge beast.

I'm a top dog, baby.

Last time, I made sure
that everyone understood that.

Ah, don't worry, man.

- Zach.
- Zach not happy.

Don't worry, Zach. It's OK.
Just be positive.

How about you just let me do me,
and you do you? How's that sound?

But this is All Stars, baby.

They're not gonna be like that
this time round.

Doing dishes.

I don't want to go in
playing the same game

because it didn't work
for me last time.

I need to diversify
and do something different.

And then breathe in,
coming all the way up.

I don't just want to be
the alpha-wolf challenge beast.

I also want to be a social animal,
like a meerkat or a flamingo.

Up. Yep.

Meerkats are social AF.

Look, any opportunity that pops up,
I'm open

because that's how you get to the end.


Right now we have Sharn,
who wants to join the numbers,

and I got Zach on board,
and he's ready to play.

So you better watch out.

Me, Nick, Shonee,
we're the Little Rascals,

and we're gonna rock this tribe.

Come on in, guys!

Vakama getting their first look
at the new Mokuta tribe.

Henry voted out
at last night's Tribal Council.


Big moves!

Hey, guys.
Hey, guys.

David, you had a big reaction.

Uh, pretty surprised about that.

But, um... yeah, crazy.

Why are you happy?

I dunno, I thought Henry would
probably be a big threat for me

that I'd have to deal with
at some point.

But lucky, uh, these guys
have dealt with him for me.

You're welcome.

Thank you.
No worries.

Much apreesh.

So, Abbey, you guys have been
out here for two weeks now.


If you could sit down
and enjoy a big meal...

Oh, my God.
..what would it be?

We would be very happy with anything,

just savoury, substantial has been
the words that's been thrown around.

We just want food!

For today's challenge,

tethered in pairs, you're gonna stack
a series of blocks along a beam

while trying to avoid a trip obstacle.

If any of your blocks fall,
you'll need to restack.

The goal is to stack your blocks
so they fall like dominoes...

..all the way to the end.

First tribe to do so, wins reward.
Want to know what you're playing for?

Hit us with it.

A delicious feast at Mama's Kitchen.

Pasta party!
I said pasta!

Pasta, garlic bread, red wine.

All your Italian favourites.
Worth playing for?


Alright, now,
because we're playing in pairs today,

Vakama, you need to sit out two,
Mokuta, you need to sit out one.

Ooh, hang on.

We're gonna have to pair up.
So, what is it? It's just gonna...

Two, oi, two of us have to sit out.
That's what he's saying.

Who are they gonna be?

AK and Tarzan, and Sharn,
you guys are on the bench.


Everyone else, I'm gonna give you
a minute to strategise,

we're gonna get to it.

Alright. Here we go.

Survivors, ready...


You need to work together
to place one block at a time.

Yep, that's it, yep.

Phoebe and Brooke first out
on the course for Vakama.

Hold that. Hold that steady.

This challenge is hard enough,

but when you're tethered together,
it makes it that much more difficult.

Abbey and John for the green tribe,

If you hit that trip obstacle,

you'll knock over your blocks
and you'll need to restack.

Needs to be the spacing.

You happy there?
Yep, yep. Good.

This is speed versus precision.

Faster you go, the more risk you take.

You're looking to stack your blocks
so they fall like dominoes,

which means you're gonna
need to figure out

the correct spacing between them.

There's a big gap. It's fine.

Too close, you won't have
enough blocks to get to the end.

Too far apart,
you won't get that domino effect.

Just measure it, measure it.
Come back more.

Moana and Jacqui using a block
to measure the distance.

Come on!
Jac and Mo, you can't do that!

Just got to guess it.

Locky getting frustrated
with that strategy.

Come on, Mokuta. That's it.

Both tribes neck and neck
at this stage.

- Not much in it.
- Slightly more towards you.

Sorry. OK, how's that?

You need to work together
as you move through that obstacle.

You need to move at the same speed.

You need to have the same step.

Careful now, guys. Careful.

OK, I'm going faster. One.
Yep. Go.

- Two.
- Yeah, boys.

- Synchronised stepping.
- Soldiers.

All it takes is one hit
on that obstacle,

and you'll lose a bunch of blocks.

It's looking good, guys.

Mokuta have a slight lead,
but there's not much in it.

The yellow tribe, Vakama,
right on their tail.

Guys, we need to hurry up.

Pull it back this way a bit. Yeah.


Take the inside track, Abs.

Ooh, ooh, ooh.

Wind is really picking up now,

playing havoc with your blocks.

We're good. Let's go.

Careful, careful, careful.

Last block for Mokuta drops over.

Mokuta, you're gonna have to hurry up.

Someone's gonna need to go out
and fix that.

Harry and Nick out with a block.
Harry fixing the one that fell over.


Vakama have the lead now...

Quick, guys.
Quick, quick, quick, quick, quick!

..again, not by much.

Great work, girls.

Both tribes trying to pick up the pace.

Just be careful
here now, guys.

Oh, man, they're losing 'em.

Bunch of blocks fall over for Mokuta,

really opening up the door for Vakama.

Put on the end one. End one.
End one, Nick.

Mokuta's gonna have to work quickly
if they want to catch up to Vakama.

This way. More this way.

Mokuta slowly taking their time
to restack...

Guys, come back. Come on.
Inside, inside.

..allowing Vakama to pull away.

Careful, girls. Careful.

Brooke and Phoebe
bringing out Vakama's last block...

Get it on that line.

..but their stack
is yet to reach the end.

And on.

Brooke, just... just put it up.
Just put it up.

The big question looming is,
is the spacing correct?

All it takes
is one hit on that obstacle,

and you'll lose a bunch of blocks.

Straight back, straight back.

Mokuta repositioning now.

Both tribes
have all their blocks on the beam.

Come on, guys.
We can do this, we can do this.

Now it's a race
to space them correctly.

Who's gonna get there first?

Just wait, wait, wait.
Let me, let me, let me get...

Quickly, Lee. Come on.
Mokuta can feel the pressure.

We're well short. We're well short.

There's too much of a gap.
Mokuta starting to panic.

Alright, go, go, go.
Keep working our way down.

Come on, come on, come on.

AK, what do you think?
It looks good down this end, bro.

Vakama thinks they have it.

- They're gonna give it a shot.
- Watch the boards, Maty.

Watch the boards.
Watch your shoulder.

Watch your shoulder, Mat.

Oh, ***!

Oh, and disaster strikes!

A whole bunch fall over in the middle,

opening the door for Mokuta.

- Go, go, go, go, go, go.
- This one first.

Vakama gonna have to restack
almost the entire beam.

OK, a little bit back.

Mokuta taking their time now.

- This wind's starting to gust here.
- Just be careful.

Disaster strikes for Mokuta!

Shit. Quick, quick.
They lose half of their stack,

opening the door again for Vakama.

This is anyone's challenge
at this stage.

Guys, take your time.

You've got it on them speed-wise,
so take your time.

Careful, careful, mate. Careful.
This is wobbling. This is wobbling.

Let's go, let's go.

Vakama think they're good again

and they're gonna have
another pass at it.

Will it work?
Will the spacing be correct?

Go, go, go.

Locky gives it a shot.

Oh, no!
No, it doesn't work!

They're gonna have to rebuild,
opening the door again for Mokuta.

Go! Go!
Just wait. Be patient here.

Mokuta trying to
get out of the obstacle.

They're gonna have a pass at it.

- Mokuta goes for their first pass.
- Go! Oh.

No! It doesn't work!

Go, push. Push now.

- Go, guys!
- Push now, push now.

Go, go.
Opening the door for Vakama.

They try again.

Is it gonna be good?

Oh! Come on!

Yes! Yes!

It's almost there. Is it gonna work?

And yes!

Vakama wins reward!

Vakama, congratulations.

Mama's Kitchen's waiting for you.
Head on out. Enjoy.

Thank you.
Enjoy, guys.

- Bye.
- See ya, guys. We will.

Mokuta, tough one to miss out on,
but got nothing for ya.

Grab your gear, head back to camp.

Well, our tribe
is pretty divided at the moment.

Being able to put that to bed
for a moment

and just come together over a meal
and chat about it,

man, this is exactly what we needed.

Bring it on.

Running into the reward,

I mean, I don't think
I could run any faster.

I wanted to get there first.

Oh, yes.
Oh, my God!


Oh, my God, I'm so excited.

Well done today, guys.
Yeah, good work.

There was pasta, there was cheese,
there was garlic bread.

This is amazing.
This is so good.

Let's do a toast first. Everyone
get some wine in their thing.



Good job today.

Oh, my God,
it feels so good to eat food.

We'd only eat like this
back home on special occasions.

You know, love Italian food.

It's bellissimo.

We'll be loaded up,
ready for battle tomorrow.

Won't have to cook tonight.

We get down to business
and we start eating

and then as we kind of look up,

on the back wall, there's photos
of everyone with their mum.

AK, which one are you?
So I'm wearing the Quiksilver T-shirt.

Oh, my God, it is, too!

What a rig.
Oh, my God!

I'm lucky. She's still with me.

She's healthy as a pea.

And, um... yeah, she honestly
does anything for us.

Seeing that picture of my mum,

it took me out of the game.

I would've given anything
just to be back home with them.

I miss her. I miss her.

But it makes me want to fight
and makes me want to win this game.

What's her name, AK?

- Deborah.
- Aww.

AK, how old are you there, brother?

Um, I'll be 15 there.

And I used to pull!

OK. That's my mum and dad
at my parents' house.

It's on Dad's 80th.

That's my dad, Bob, and mum, Helen.

The best part of today's
reward was obviously the food.

The icing on the cake was, uh...

..catching a glimpse of the family.

- Tarzan, you're up.
- Where are you?

I'm the bloke with no hair,
with the chequered shirt on.

That's you?
Oh, wow! Wow!

- Yeah.
- Oh, my God.

Whoa! What?

- Tarz!
- You're sexy!

Oh, my God!
You are a handsome devil.

You're a stud!
You're a handsome devil, mate.

Oh, my God!
Get rid of the beard and the hair.

Tarzan, you look like
Bradley Cooper.

Very handsome, Tarzan.

And there's my mum.

Tarzan's mama.

She passed away not long after that.

But a very special day.


Cheers, Tarz.

I need some more wine.
Is there any more?

- Flick's hogging all the wine.
- Sorry.

Well, um, that's... that's my mum
when I was about 23.

That's at a fundraiser for
breast cancer. I know that photo.

And my mum had breast cancer
at the time

and she's got short hair there

'cause it was just growing back
from chemo and stuff.

I remember the look that she had,

you know, when she
was going through that.

She never complained. She never...
Just an amazing woman.

You know, the kids were always first.

Yeah, I just think mums
are like superwomen, you know.

My dad was, you know,
a rugby league captain of Australia

and through the '70s and '80s,

it's a pretty brutal, like,
rough man's world, you know.

When I, um...
when I made it into footy,

like, I was always trying
to get out of my dad's shadow,

and she said to me one day,
she goes, "You've made it, mate."

And I'm like, "What do you mean?"

She goes, "I'm no longer
Steve Rogers' wife.

"I'm now Mat Rogers' mum."


And, um, yeah, we lost her
about six months after that.

Just such a... a gift
to everyone who met her.

Survivor's really bloody hard, right,

because people are out here,

you're not sure if that's
who they are or who they're not.

That was my first birthday.

About the only time
I wore a dress before I was 13.

Oh, really?

That's my mum in Germany, when
I was playing football over there.

She flew over with her partner
to come watch me play.

She has no idea I'm out here,
or, like, anywhere.

My mum's in the big glasses
with the stripy shirt.

I dunno what to say, she was just
like picture-perfect mum growing up,

like incredible.

I love my mum.
She's an amazing woman.

She's had to put up with a lot, with
me, growing up, as you can imagine.

And she's just always
been there for me.

I grew up in a really close,
tight-knit family,

so just an awesome memory
to see her up there.

And how cool does she look, man.

Those specs, she's just got
the cool glasses, a cool top.

And she just like knows
her fashion stuff.

I'm like, "That's my mum.".

So that's me and my grandma.

Um, and she was in hospital
at that point.

And a lot of my life,
my grandma was always sick.

She honestly was, like,

the most, like, important,
amazing person in my life.

So proud.

When you see those stories
and you hear those stories,

it's just a reminder that, no matter
what, they've still got big hearts.

I don't think I can do it.

You can do it.
Come on.

Just breathe.

Um, I remember that clearly,
on the top left-hand corner,

that's my mum.

That photo was taken
one year after my dad passed away.


..she sacrificed
so much for us kids,

but she's also so unwell right now.

As soon as I seen that photo,
it just... it was just...

You know, I've left Mum at home

and she's, you know, she's mum, but...

..yeah, miss them heaps already.

My mum is probably one of the most
important people in my life.

She sacrificed so much of her life
for me and my family.

I'm one of 14,
so we have a massive family

and, you know,
we grew up in a two-bedroom home.

For me, just to give my mum
that little bit of joy.

With her health,
we don't know how long she has.

So it's just, you know, trying to
make her smile as much as we can.

For her to do all of that,
to be where she is, and... know, I'm out here

trying to win this game
so I can change her life.

That's what motivates me.

Um, I remember that
because she got angry at me

'cause I wore a hat
to a presentation night.

But I did win best and fairest
and she was super proud.

- Aw.
- Yew!

She's pretty awesome.

- Aw.
- Whoo.

- Cheers, Mo.
- Cheers, Mo.

Cheers, guys.

Hey, guys. You know what?

Like, we're four out of
the last five challenges.

Yeah, we've got this.
We're on a roll, man.

We're going good.

Winning a reward like that,
where you get to sit around

and have a meal and talk about
life outside of Survivor,

it can really reunite a tribe.

Especially us lately,
we've been a bit crazy on our beach.

It just shows everyone's normal.

This is a game, but outside of this,
everyone's just human.

Come on in, guys!

Oh, no.

So, John, Vakama have won
the last two Immunity Challenges.

Now with bellies full of food,

are you worried they could
make it three in a row?

Nah, clean slate, mate.
We're all good.

They'll be heavy, if anything.
They might sink.

Well, David, if Vakama does lose today,

are we gonna see more fireworks
at Tribal?

Uh, no, I think we're pretty
one-tribe minded at the moment.

I think we're, uh, all on the same page

and, yeah, we're stronger,
we're ready to go.

Alright. You guys ready
to get to today's Immunity Challenge?

First things first...

Thank you, Brooke.
There you go, Jonny.

Thank you.

Once again,
immunity is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge,

in pairs,
you're gonna swim out to a pontoon,

climb up and over a ladder...

..make your way
across a floating net...

..and dive down to retrieve a ball
from an underwater chute...

..first, by pulling out a pin,

and then pushing it down and out.

When you have all your balls,

the last tribemate will then attempt
to shoot them into a goal.

First tribe to land four balls,
wins immunity, safe from the vote.

Losing tribe, Tribal Council tonight,

where one of you will become
the sixth All Star voted out.

Vakama, you have an extra player.
You need to sit someone out.

Cannot be the same person
in back-to-back challenges.

Who's it gonna be?

Moana, you're on the bench.

Everyone else, I'll give you a minute
to strategise. Let's get it on.

Alright. Here we go.

We have Zach throwing for Mokuta,

AK throwing for Vakama.

For immunity.

Survivors, ready...

- ..go!
- Go, go, go.

Tarzan and Phoebe first in for Vakama.

Lydia and Shonee
in for the green tribe, Mokuta.

Mokuta gets there first.

Lydia helping up Shonee.

She's whipping up the ladder.

Phoebe right on her tail for Vakama.

Wow! Lydia just dives in.

Holy shit! Agh!

Go, Tarzan! Go!
Phoebe's in now.

Come on, Shonee! Big jump! Big jump!

Shonee goes in next.

Tarzan slowly making his way
up the ladder.

Go, Tarzan!
Come on, Tarz!

You guys need to stay together
before you can move on.

Mokuta, the green tribe,
is at the net first.

Yes, Shonee! Go, Lyds!

- Lydia just whips across it.
- Go, Shonee!

Shonee stumbles.

Mine's gonna look
a lot worse than that.

Mokuta's across.

Vakama falling behind.

Come on, Tarzan!

Phoebe's in now. Tarzan's in.

The green tribe have an early lead.
Can they keep it?

Go, Lydia! Good girl!

Lydia goes down for the green tribe.

You need to pull out a pin first
to release the ball,

then push it down and out of the chute.

Lydia with that first ball.

Shonee goes down to help.

Lydia quickly has that first ball.

Got it into the cradle.
You're good! Go, Mokuta!

Go, go, go, go, go!

Sharn and Nick in for Mokuta.

Come on, Sharny.
Big, confident dive from ya.

Straight off, Sharny.


Tarzan and Phoebe are struggling

to get their first ball
for the yellow tribe.

Tarzan comes back up.
He has the ball.

You need to get it
into the cradle first.

OK, you're good, go, Vakama!

Flick and Mat in now for Vakama.

Nick jumps in now
for the green tribe, Mokuta.

Go, Nicko!

Go, Maty, go.
Vakama working quickly,

trying to make up some lost time.

Mokuta getting ready
to go down for their second ball.

Pull it
and push it down hard.

One, two, three.

Nick goes down.
Yep. Go.

Sharn goes down.

Let's go, guys. Let's go.

Mokuta come back up without a ball.

This opens the door
for Vakama to get back in it.

Let's go, guys. We're
getting them, we're getting them.

Mat goes down.
Flick goes down to help.

Mat's down there. Can he get
that second ball for Vakama?

Mat has it for Vakama.
Yep, yep, yep.

Yeah, go!
You're good, Vakama, go!

David and Jacqui in for Vakama.

They've caught up
and they've passed Mokuta.

Mokuta go back down
to get their second ball.

Nick and Sharn dive down.

Get the ball! Behind you, Sharn!

Yeah! Put it down!
Go, go, go!

Mokuta's good.
They've got their second ball.

Vakama have a big lead now.

Abbey and John have a lot of ground
to cover to try and catch up.

Vakama across the net.

They have a slight lead.
They're trying to extend it.


John jumps in for Mokuta.

Abbey scampering up the ladder...

Come on, Abbey! Just jump!

..trying to catch up now.

Launch off, babe! Let's go!


John and Abbey
trying to close the gap for Mokuta.

They're at the final deck now.

Go get it.

David goes down for the third ball
for Vakama.

Comes up without it,
opening the door for Mokuta.

I'm just gonna pull the bar.

Yep, use your feet.

John dives in.

Got to pull out that pin
to release the ball,

then push it down and out of the chute.

It's not really far.
I'm shit at this stuff. I hate it.

Top balls are more difficult to get out

because you need to push the balls
further down the chute.

One, two...

Everyone's exhausted,

but you got to catch your breath
so you can hold it again.

One, two, three.

John and Abbey go down again.

Jacqui goes down.

David goes down for Vakama.

We are neck and neck at this stage.

Not easy getting those last balls
out of the chute.

Who's gonna get the third ball?

Yeah, Jac! Yeah, Jac!
Jacqui, get it!

David has it.
Go! Go!

You're good, Vakama, go!

This could be anyone's challenge.

Locky and Brooke
going for the last ball for Vakama.

Vakama now take the lead.

Can they keep it going?

Mokuta still struggling
with their third ball.

Aim for the ball.
Try and do it, mate.

Aim for the ball.

John starting to panic.
Trouble at Mokuta.

If they can't get this third ball,
it could be a blow-out.

Where is he?

John on the other side
of the platform now.

He takes off his mask. He taps out.

Locky and Brooke at the final deck
for Vakama.

Abbey for Mokuta.

Mokuta still trying to find
their third ball.

Abbey's down there. Can she get it?

All hopes resting on Abbey now
to get that third ball,

keep Mokuta in this challenge.


There you go, Abbey!
Yes, Abbey, yes!

Come up, come up.
Get ready to grab the ball.

Mokuta finally have their third ball!

Go, Mokuta!

Lee jumps in.

Harry's in now.

You guys are gonna have to pick it up
if you want to keep Mokuta in this.

Locky goes down for Vakama.

Come on, mate!

That's it.

Locky gets the last ball for Vakama.
You can start shooting.

Guys, stand at the back,
give me balance.

AK shooting for Vakama.

He takes a shot. He's short.

Harry trying to pick up
some time here for Mokuta.

Come on, Harry!
Come on!

AK takes another shot. He misses.

Vakama have a nice lead,
but can they keep it?


Takes another shot.

Comes up short.
Go, Lee!

Get back, Locky! Get the ball!

AK getting a lot of practice here.

Lee and Harry
trying to close the gap for Mokuta.

AK still struggling
to land one for Vakama.

Come on, AK.


Come on, guys. Come on, Lee.
You've got this.

If Mokuta can quickly get their
fourth ball, they are still in this.

AK takes a shot

and he lands the first one.

Vakama lead one-zip.

Bounces off the rim.

AK going for the second one,

and he lands it!

Vakama lead two-zip.

AK has the hang of it now.

Lands the third one!
They lead by three!

Can he land it?

Oh! Just off the rim!

AK going for the win!

And he lands it! And that's it!

Vakama wins immunity, sending
Mokuta back to Tribal Council!

Nah, nah, it's alright, mate.
It's not your fault, bro.

We win as a team,
we lose as a team, bro.

Vakama, congratulations.
Immunity is yours.

Someone come grab it.

You all good?

Go, Dave!

Great comeback. You guys are safe,
nobody going home tonight.


Head on out. Enjoy your evening off.

Mokuta, Tribal Council again,

where one of you will become
the sixth All Star voted out.

Swim it on out.
I'll see you guys tonight.

Tonight, the Rascals
need to make a move.

And it's time that we broke the back
of this strength-based approach

to the way the Mokuta tribe is moving

and take down a big player
in this game.

It was a very uncomfortable challenge.

Apparently I hate being under water.


I just... I don't know.

- I couldn't stay under that.
- It's fine.

No, it was really... it was awful
being under that pontoon.


No, I didn't anticipate that
I'd actually panic under there and...

It's alright, brother.
Yeah, so...

It's OK.
I let me teammates down. I'm sorry.

No, you didn't. No, you didn't.

It's alright, brother.
It's all good, man.

Well, we lost again,

which hurts at this point in the game.

But, you know,
we weren't far behind Vakama.

Give us another 30 seconds
and we probably would've pipped 'em.

Don't... don't worry about it.
Nah, I'm spewing.

Coming back to camp,
having lost another challenge,

you've really got to nut out
a plan of attack.

Well, look, it's ten-nine, right?

Ten-eight now.
Well... yeah.

It would've been nice
to even up the numbers.

That's for sure.

But there's the chance to come back.

Of course.
No, it's definitely not lost.

My plan is to continue to
surround myself with the strength,

the physical threats in this game.

Are you going to the well?

Oh, you got my bottle already.

Oh, thank you.
We've done the collection.

In our alliance at the moment,

you know, there's myself,
there's Lydia,

there's John, there's Lee.

And Shonee is by far
the weakest link in our tribe

and, yeah, if we want to stay strong

and actually have a shot at winning
some challenges, she's got to go.


Yes, that's true, she is.

If she links up with any of
those girls on the other side...

Yep., she'll go deep again.

Yeah, I agree with that.
I think Lee will be in.


Yeah, definitely.
I don't think Nick would.

Nah, yeah.

OK, well, we just won't say...
Harry won't.

We won't say anything to Nick again?
Oh, no, we will.

Can we just have a plan
and stick to it, though?

Yeah, yeah, let's just do that.
I don't want another...

We won't stuff it up.
..another afternoon like last time.

We need two more, don't we?

Lydia will be in.
Oh, yeah, well, Lydia. Yeah, easy.

Lydia and Lee.
Yep. Yeah.

There's no problem with that.

I personally
don't want to see Shonee go,

but I just tell them, "Yeah,
that sounds good at this stage,"

just to keep them happy.

Is that everyone's bottles?

I feel like I might be
on the chopping block next

because I am the next weakest female,

if you could put it that way.

That seems to be the theme
for our tribe,

that is getting rid of
the weaker players.

Abbey is trying to control this tribe,

and, for me, that's not a good thing.

John's happy to write Shonee.

I'm happy to write Shonee.

Sharn's happy to write Shonee.
What do you guys think?

Well, I mean,
it seemed like the kind of vote

that everyone would want to do,

considering that it was her name
that came up...

..last night, um, last time.


I mean, it's obvious that she's
the weakest out of everyone here.

Yep. Yep.

That's where I'm at.
That's what I'm thinking.

For my game plan,
I need to keep Zach around

because I want the strongest players,

physically and strategically,
around me.

We do need to keep the tribe strong,

so I want Zach to vote with me tonight

and majority of this alliance.


It's one, two, three, four, five
and then Lydia will probably...

And you haven't chatted to Lyds?

Yeah, no, I haven't yet.

She's with Shonee, though, so...
Yeah, OK.


Look, Shonee's an easy vote,
to be honest with you,

because she's not very strong

and the people that are in control
of the vote lately

are all about physical strength.

I've been down that road before.
It leads nowhere.

I'm still keen for what we spoke
about if we got the numbers.

Would you want to do something else?

Well, what are you thinking?

I mean, like...

..I sort of, like, there's part of me
that wants to be a team player

and just get rid of Shonee.

But Shonee is one of the people
that I enjoy their company the most.

- Oh, hello.
- Hey.

This is actually quite good timing.

I've just been taking a back seat
for the last two weeks,

and I'm ready to make a move
and I want to go big.

We have two options.

We can either,
um, accept that Shonee's going

and just sort of try and move on,

or, as a five, which would be
us three, Nick and Shonee,

we could pick someone else to go home.

What do you want to do, Zach?


..John hasn't been performing great.

Just want to break up that top three,

which is John, Abbey and Lee.

Well, I've kind of been voting
with them for a little while now,

but they just keep on telling me
what to do, and I'm just over it.



Like, you know,
he didn't do great this challenge.


Well, actually, I can't really
think of any challenge

he's done great at...
You're actually quite right. be perfectly honest.

He seems to fly under the radar
like that.

It would soften up that top end.

That's true. 'Cause it seems
kind of heavy, don't you think?

The top end of the social ladder,
as well,

'cause he's absolutely at the top

in terms of, like,
people that are very likeable.

And I think if we did
have a tribe swap,

he would just slot in so easily
with other people, wouldn't he?

I mean, it'd be a huge blindside.

It would be big.
No-one would really expect

that to go down.
That would be yours, my friend.

They would not see it coming.
Who have we got?

We've got you, me, Shonee...


That's the majority.
Do you reckon Nick, definitely?

Nick wants to save Shonee, as well.

Do we think that John has an idol
at all?


Let's keep it quiet, though.
Yeah. We'll do that.

I'm writing John's name down tonight.


So, right now,
I need to talk to Shonee and Nick

and get them on board with my plan.

Yeah. So, what do we do?

So this is when things
start to really get interesting

because now Zach has a plan,

and Zach wants to take out John.

Straightaway I'm thinking
we throw Zach under the bus.

We now have a tangible reason
as to why Zach should go home,

he's targeting one of your heroes.

I'm not sure why it has to be Shonee,

when Zach doesn't have
strong connections to anyone.

My plan is to just
throw Zach under the bus completely.

If we push that the weak people go home...

..well, that's a shit narrative for
everyone because there are days...

Yeah, no, I get that.
..when people have bad days.

Yeah, 100%, 100%.

It keeps Shonee
out of the line of fire,

it creates mistrust between
the bigger alliance and Zach.

If Lee is interested...

I came into this game saying

that the most important thing
above all else are alliances.

John doesn't make sense to me.

Everyone likes him.

If he goes, it would create
World War III with the majority.

What I need to do is to keep
the Lydias, Lees, Abbeys on side

and convince them
Zach is the right move.

And it doesn't upset the applecart,

'cause he doesn't have
any social bonds.

Yeah, yeah, true.

Zach's the perfect fall guy
because he's not aligned to anyone,

so everyone should be very willing
to give him up.

This is one crazy plan,

and making a big move like this

would just be huge
at this point in the game,

but it might just work.

And that move
is to take out Johnny boy.

Shonee will be going home.

I want to take out

each and every one of the
social threats in this game,

the social butterflies that manage
to cruise through 50 days.

It's not happening again,
definitely not on my watch.

So, Nick,

last time you guys were here,
Henry went home.

Why do you think he was voted out?

I think Henry was playing
the game way too fast.

And he was trying to play it
on way too many levels.

So, Harry, with Henry gone,

is there a new obvious target now?

I guess, yes and no.

There's obviously Shonee here
that received votes last time.

And it would be quite foolish

to think that
she's in the clear right now.


..Harry just kind of
laid it out on the line.

He said you came up last time,
you're in trouble again tonight.

Yeah, absolutely.
Five people voted for me last time.

And four of them are still here.

But it's nine,
so that means five are left over.

You think you have five
in your favour tonight?

Well, someone came to me
with a very, very good idea.

And all I have at the moment is hope,

so I'm just hoping
that people see that this idea

is something that we should
move forward with and be proactive.

This is All Stars.

You shouldn't just wait around
until you're next.

Sharn, do you know what plan
they're talking about?

Look, there were
so many discussions today

and plans kind of thrown around.

It's difficult to know if I know
the one that Shonee's talking about.

But, yeah, there were
lots of conversations to be had.

So, John, you seem
a little bit anxious tonight.

Are you worried about
there being so many plans?

Yeah, um, you know, my name's
probably been thrown out there.

I didn't, you know, exactly produce
the best performance of my life.

You mean in the challenge?

Why don't you think you performed
well in the challenge today?

Oh, I just didn't.
It's as simple as that.

And, you know, I'd hope

that no-one's trying to make
too much of a move against me.

So, why are you worried, then?

'Cause it's Survivor, man.

You think because of
today's one performance,

you could be on the chopping block?

Well, that's what's happened so far,
I guess, to an extent.

So, Zach, what do you do
in a situation like this?

Do you just jump on a plan
that seems the most feasible,

or do you just scrap all of them
and present something else?

I mean, it's a really difficult
question to answer.

I mean,
I can't speak for everyone here,

but for myself it's about numbers

and being on the right side
of those numbers.

It's not as easy as just loyalty
or performance in challenges.

There's a long game in this.

Well, Lydia,
when alliances start to form,

inevitably, you have to pick a side.

Is it difficult to figure out
which side you align with?

Personally, I move with my gut

and do what feels right.

I've been on the other side
of a really strong alliance

when I originally played
that turned on me,

you know, so...

..nothing is certain in this game,

but I want to move forward
with people that I can trust,

um, and that think similarly to me.

Shonee, do you think anyone here

knows exactly what's going on tonight?

I think eight people here know
exactly what's going on tonight.

So that means only one person
is on the chopping block?

I think so now, yes.

Zach, would you agree that there's
only one name out there tonight?

No, I don't think
I'd agree with that totally...

..from the conversations
that I've had

with a bunch of people earlier today.

John, you agree there are
multiple names tonight.

I reckon without a doubt
there's multiple names.

I'd say, by the sounds of it,
at least three.

Alright, well,
before we go any further,

tonight is a little different.

Ah, man.

Ho-ho, Jonny.

It's OK. You guys are still
gonna go up to vote.

But you're not voting
to send someone home.

Instead, the two people
with the highest number of votes

will be going to Exile Beach...

..where their fate will be decided.

Ah, man.

Harry, I see your face
almost on the ground.

Oh, my God.

That's an absolute spanner.

Absolute spanner in the works.

So, what does it mean to the game?

Another twist means
you've got to play differently...

..especially when there's the chance
of people coming back.

Abbey, does this change
anything for you,

or are you still gonna vote for the
person that you were gonna vote for?

Yep, I'm stickin' to the plan.

Nick, is your plan changing?
No, my plan hasn't changed.

It's about confirming, because
that is what we're about,

cohesion and reliability.

If everyone is doing what
they said they were going to do,

and I believe that everyone is,

then I think we're going to be OK.

Zach, you seem worried.

Yeah, I am a little worried.

In your situation, how important is it

to make sure you send the right person?

Oh, look, it's super important
that you get this one right.


If you get it wrong and they come back

and all they think about

is the person who's been
writing their name down... can get real messy real quick.

Well, let's find out.

It's time to vote.

It's time to vote.

Lydia, you're up.

I'll go count the votes.

If anyone has a hidden immunity idol
and you want to play it,

now would be the time to do so.


OK, once the votes are read,
the decision is final.

The two people with
the highest number of votes

will be going to Exile tonight.

I'll read the votes.

First vote...


That's three votes Shonee.


That's five votes Shonee.


That's five votes Shonee,
one vote Zach.


That's five votes Shonee,
two votes Zach.


Five votes Shonee,

two votes Zach,

one vote John.

One vote left.


Shonee, you have five votes.

Zach, you have three.

That means the two of you
have been voted out of this tribe,

you're going to Exile tonight.

Let's go.

All good. You too.

See ya, guys.
Good luck, guys.

- Keep each other warm.
- Keep each other warm, yeah.

See ya, guys.

Well, while two people
have gone into the unknown tonight... seems that this tribe
is also lost in the dark.

Grab your torches, head on out.


Monday night
on Australian Survivor...

Got the idol in my pocket
and four people that I can trust.

..they say to keep
your friends close...


I do have a lot of control
in this Mokuta tribe.

Not a liar in sight.

..your enemies closer.

I will not stop until I get revenge.

But in the game of Survivor...

It is time to drop your buffs.'s easier said than done.

If you had to pick worst-case
scenario for tribe swap for Mat,

it just happened.