Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 5, Episode 8 - Episode #5.8 - full transcript

Still playing the game in their tribes, the immunity challenge is thrown on its head with not one, but two single immunity necklaces up for grabs.

on Australian Survivor...

Drop your buffs.

..tribe swap threw the game
into turmoil.

My three alliance
members, they're gone.

Moana, Tarzan and Jacqui,

along with David and Phoebe,

swapped their yellow buffs for green.

While Harry, John, Lydia and Abbey

found a new home at Vakama.

I've got Lydia and John,
which I'm rapt about.

But when Zach and Shonee
returned from Exile...

Zach, Mokuta.

Shonee, Vakama.

..Abbey was feeling nervous.

Nothing inspires vengeance
more than Exile Beach.


In their first challenge...

..they all wanted to prove
theirs was the tribe to beat.

Yes, Locky!

But it was the new Mokuta...

..that triumphed.

Come on!

Their reward was Pandora's Box.

"Inside is a great advantage
in the game,

"but you'll need
to get to it first."

It was Nick who found the key
to unlock it,

and, with Phoebe on lookout,

opened the box without being caught.

My advantage is an extra vote.

In the Immunity Challenge...

Yes! It's working, it's working!

..the new Mokuta rose again.

Mokuta wins immunity,
sending Vakama to Tribal Council!

Shonee and Abbey
were gunning for each other.

Lydia and I are over it.
We want to win challenges.

And both honed in on Locky.

I would love to, like,
just stay strong.


If you want to weaken Mokuta,
then you keep me.

Yeah, no, 100%.

At Tribal Council...

My vote tonight IS to
keep the tribe strong,

which way, we have to find out.

..Shonee got her sweet revenge...

Sixth person voted out of
Australian Survivor: All Stars...

..with a blindside
that left Abbey speechless.

The tribe has spoken.

18 are left.
Who will be going home tonight?

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Are you sleeping or not?

You are? That's good.

No shit.

Waking up on the new beach
with new tribe members is awesome.

That's, mmm...
And for you.

..that's the best one
I've had so far.

I love this new tribe.

I especially love this new beach.

But Pandora's Box
is driving me absolutely up the wall!

Who do you think has Pandora?


I'm not so sure.

Yesterday we won the Reward
Challenge, Pandora's Box.

Now somebody has an advantage,
and I want to find who it is.

We're basically sittin'
smack in the middle of a whodunnit.

I would really like to know
if Sharn has the Pandora Box.

I'm like Detective Clue.

Pulled out my magnifying glass,

like, trying to pull
all the information together

to see who I can find out.

Has he got Pandora's Box?

Could be Jacqui.

Could've been Zach.

Maybe Tarzan.

Tarzan's good at finding stuff.

I... It could be anyone!

Hey, look at me, I'm the Golden God.

There is definitely
a wolf in sheep's clothing over here.

Just loving this outfit. OK.

Thanks. I got it from some chump.


- Oh, my God, yum.
- Are they good?

Uh-huh. So good.
- They taste like fake meat.

This is absolutely divine.

You haven't had beans like this?

Waking up on day 18,
I am feeling fresh as a daisy.

My spirit is high.

- Um, there's some more beans here.
- That's for you, Shonee.

I blindsided Abbey last night.

I couldn't be happier.

You're happy, aren't you?

I'm so happy.

Like, try to get me out three times,

and first attempt...


Harry and I voted with
Brooke, Flick, AK, Locky and Mat.

They helped me
to make a great dent in my revenge

up against all those sporty people.

And right now this tribe
feels like the pure joy

of finding a decent margarita
on happy hour special.

I love it here.

I feel like we were just sort of
like lost souls without a home.

- Mmm. - And then now we
finally have a place in the game.

I think so, too.

Looking at the tribe dynamics,

it is five original Vakama,

four original Mokuta.

But I got voted out of Mokuta.

So, as far as I'm concerned,

I'm completely finished
with my old tribe.

Right now it's definitely important

for me to have a close
relationship with people out here,

people like Mat.

His whole alliance is now on Mokuta.

My schmoozing with Mat
is going really well.

He even made me a bracelet.

Shon, you get a bracelet.
Do I?

Oh, excellent.
Watch out.

What went down last night...

..I voted with the majority numbers
to vote out Abbey,

just to show the greater numbers
that I can be counted on.

I don't want to go along
with the numbers.

I absolutely hate it.

But I've got no other people.

I can't go and work
with Lydia and John.

There is a huge elephant in the room,

that is that I was
a part of her blindside

when we played together last time.

I think coming back into this game,

I think she'd like to even the score.

So I'm trying to, you know,
just find some inroads.

The one saving grace
is I've got an idol.

And I can use that idol
just to hypnotise with its power.

Now that Abbey's gone,

it just shows exactly
where myself and John sit,

and that is on the bottom.

I reckon the whole dynamic's
different to what we thought it was.

I think so, too.

Shonee will want blood.

She's just come from Exile.

Tried to vote her out
for the second time in a row.

Unfortunately, we're on the back foot.

But we're two votes,
and that's a good thing.

People need numbers.

Need numbers eventually.

I have to come up with any kind of plan

that can deflect the target off me.

Mat's dangerous.

Gotta have our chats today,
work out where we can sit.


Just start throwing his name out.

My plan is to really drive
the heat onto Mat.

He's been conversing a lot
with the majority of the tribe.

It worries me.

He's thrown mine and...

..he'll throw you under the bus

without even hesitating, so...

The good thing about today
is we can do lots of work.


Mat was largely responsible
for my blindside when I played.

It would be nice to get some revenge

and pay back a blindside
to the Godfather.


Oh, is he? Oh, yeah,
this is a Zach thing. He does this.


Stop lookin'.

He's preparing.

We are two days
into this new swapped tribe.

I still just have this
continual unease about this tribe.

I forget the strategy
behind noughts and crosses.

You've got to get two corners.

Oh, is that what it is?

We haven't been tested yet.
We have not been to Tribal Council.

And I just don't know if everything
is as it seems here at Mokuta.


I win.
Very good.

The hardest thing about being out here

is just not knowing who you can trust.

That moment of realisation...

You just look at me and you're like,
"Great, perfect."

I think what we have in this tribe
is a few voting blocks.

We've got myself, Lee and Sharn
as original Mokutan.

We've got David and Phoebe.

We've got Moana, Tarzan and Jacqui
in an alliance.

And if any of these three clusters
come together,

it could make a top
and push people to the bottom.

Got a little...

Got a little bit of crabby,
so... can all have a bit of a taster.

Luckily for me, the advantage
that I stole out of Pandora's Box

is an extra vote.

And that extra vote
will come in real handy

to help me take control of this tribe.

How good's the water
that we're going to?

Mate, pristine, crystal clear.

You can see a shark coming at 10 feet.

Since tribe swap,
I've lost Mat,

but still got my alliance
of Tarzan, Jacqui and myself.

We're still three strong.

I know, three doesn't sound like
many, but it's a lot right now.

It's funny to say that I spent
the first 15 days in the minority,

dodging bullets,

not getting voted out.

And now I'm on the dream beach,

in a really good place.


***, Tarzan!

Being separated from Mat,

it just means I'm probably
gonna have to make more moves.

I know everything that's happening.

I'm watching everyone
who they're talking to.

I'm ready to play.

The person I'm most wary of is Dave,

always it's gonna be Dave.

Mat is working with Dave,
but I don't trust Dave at all.

Dave never stops thinking about
what move's next.

Yeah, in this game, let's be honest,
Dave would probably

throw his own family under the bus
if it means he won.

And Phoebe's his endgame.


Phoebe's the person at the end
he's gonna sit on a stool with...

..and she's gonna have

zero arguments because she gets
the information 'cause of him.

He makes the moves.

Yeah. He's gonna win if that happens.

Dave doesn't have Phoebe, it's
gonna leave him very vulnerable.

Well, that's where I want Dave.

So, I can't have Phoebe
snoopin' around.

How you feeling about how things
have progressed around here?


Especially 'cause she went over for
a spoon session last night, as well.

Oh, did she?

It's not 'outwit, outlast, outplay',

it's 'outwit, outlast, outspoon'.

'Outwit, outlast, outspoon'.

'Cause that's all they bloody do.

Spoon the people you want in
your alliance, and you are settled.

Shit, no-one's spooning me.

If we go to Tribal Council tonight,

I know who I'm sending home.

I'm gonna be very clever
about taking control of the game.

I mean, they don't even know
I know how to play.

It's not a loud game.

It's just a very quiet, subtle game
that nobody even knows I'm playing.

And I'm here to win.

Come on in, guys!

What is happening?

Oh, my God.

Mokuta getting their first look
at the new Vakama tribe.

Abbey voted out
at the last Tribal Council.


So, John, what was the vibe like
back at camp after Tribal?

I had to pick me jaw
up off the ground to start with

and, uh, yeah,
I had a fair few questions.

But, yeah, I was pretty lost, mate.

Well, David,
maybe you can shed some light.

I don't know.

I mean, I think it just
kind of came down to

who would flip to new alliances

and where collateral damage would land,

and I think Abbey
seemed like a pretty good choice.

Shonee, would you agree?

Yep, I think it was a great choice.

Oh, dear.

Alright, you guys ready
to get to today's Immunity Challenge?

Yes, sir.

Sir Tarzan.

Yes, Lord Jonathan.

Thank you.
No worries.

Today you are not playing
for tribal immunity.



You are playing...


..for individual immunity.


Yew, those look good!


Two immunity necklaces
are up for grabs.

One for each tribe...

..because both tribes
are coming to Tribal tonight.


Oh, my God.

That's full-on.
Oh, my God!

And both tribes are voting someone out.

That's full-on.


Oh, my God!

Far out.

So, unless you snag one of these... could be going home.

Alright, for today's challenge...'re gonna stand
with your arms outstretched,

pressing against two weighted discs
with only the flat of your hands.

As time goes on, your arms will tire
until you can no longer hold them up.

If you drop a disc,
you're out of the challenge.

Last person left standing
for each tribe

wins individual immunity,
is safe from the vote.

As for the rest of you,
no such guarantees

because everyone is gonna be
vulnerable at Tribal Council tonight.

It's a lot to process.

I'll give you guys a minute
and we'll get to it.


Everyone's in position.

This challenge is now on.

Shoulders are gonna start
to burn early in this challenge.

Then the arms, then the wrists.

Don't forget the fingers.


You get locked in that position,

there is no opportunity
to shake something out.

From the JLP torture-chamber file.

You betcha. This is All Stars, baby.
We're gonna make you work for it.

Ooh, a slip from Locky already.

Oh, my arms.
Already struggling.

Ho-ho, Lock.

I do not do good in endurance.

Can't be good at everything.

Oh, my God!

Locky really in trouble.

Drop it, Locky!

That's me giving you the middle finger.

Oh, I'm hurtin'.

You're hurtin'?
Hurtin' already!

It's a pretty simple challenge.

All you need to do is hold up two discs

by applying pressure with your hands.

Palms are OK. Fingertips are OK.

No knuckles. No fists.

Certainly no grabbing
the edge of the disc.

If you grab the edge of the disc,
you are out of the challenge.

There is no better feeling in this game

than walking into Tribal
knowing that you cannot be voted out.

Shonee head down, laser focus.

There is nowhere
to hide in this challenge.

Oh, Johnny.

Oh, and out of nowhere,
John just drops.

He's out of the challenge.


Right behind him...

..Locky's had enough.
Mate, that there's torture.

Not even 10 minutes in
and everyone is hurting.

- Ooh, that scared me.
- Yeah, Harry.

Harry's out for Vakama.

10 minutes in.

Did you put grease on this?

Phoebe twisting and turning...

..trying to get some relief
in those shoulders.

There's just no comfortable spot.

Moana slipping.

Phoebe in pain.

Moana slips again.

Just like that, Moana drops out.

She's out of the challenge.
First out for Mokuta.

Oh, my fingers are going numb.

How are you doing there, Jacqui?
How are you feeling?

I'm going good. All day, Jonathan.
All day?

All day.
Far out.

Lee really struggling,

slipping all over the place.

Come on.

Lee is out of the challenge.

Good job, Lee.
Well done, Lee.

We are 15 minutes in.

Vakama has three out.

Mokuta has two out.

How you going, Sharn?
Yeah, not too bad, Tarzan. You?

Oh, mate, you know,
I've had better days.

Yeah. Same.

Phoebe continues to struggle,
but she is still in it.

Digging deep.

And after a great effort,

Phoebe drops out of the challenge.

You're right, mate.

Oh, disappointed.

You're right, buddy.

Good job. Yeah?

Both tribes have three players
out of the challenge.


Shonee right on the edge now.

It is so close.

Can she bring it back?
It would be a miracle.

Shonee is out of the challenge.

Mat just drops out.

David, he drops.

Vakama down to four.

Mokuta down to five.

You guys have been doing this
for 30 minutes.

At this stage,
everyone's hands have gone numb.


Tarzan struggling.

Big slip from Nick.


Everyone's in excruciating pain.

Now it becomes a mental game.


..thumb touched the edge of the disc.

No. Are you serious?

Yeah, you're out.

Bad luck, Nick.

There is no end to the pain

in Survivor: All Stars.

Got to wait and see.

I... I don't see, like,
a clear path this time. You know?

'Cause I haven't really got my Luke.

Do you think you really need this?


Tarzan drops out.

Good work, Tarzan. Well done, mate.

Only Jacqui...
Ooh, shit.

..Sharn and Zach
still in the running for Mokuta.


Hands definitely have gone numb now.

..Lydia, Brooke and AK

still in the running for Vakama.

Can't feel my left hand.

Lydia really on the edge now.


No, she's out of the challenge.

Can't feel 'em.
No shot at immunity tonight.

Vakama's down to three.

Big slip from Zach.


- Zach...
- Well done, Zach.

- ..after a huge effort...
- Good job, bro.

..and he's out of the challenge.
Massive, massive, massive.

You guys have been up there
for an hour and 15.

Good job, guys.

Nice, guys.

Your arms are completely numb.

Who has enough left in the tank
to crush the others?

One lapse in concentration...

..and that's it.


..put a thumb on the edge
of your disc.


He's out.
He's out. He's out.

Am I out?
Sorry, buddy.


You're out.

Sorry, AK.

That sucks.

Both tribes down to their final two.

It's precariously on the edge now
for Sharn.

All that pressure
through the fingertips.

Jacqui trying to stretch out her back

and Sharn just continues to struggle.

So close.

That's it. She drops.

And Jacqui wins individual immunity
for Mokuta!


- Nice win!
- Nice, Jac.

Safe tonight at Tribal.

I'd raise my arms, but I can't.


Now we need a winner for Vakama.

Old rivals, Brooke and Flick...

..fighting it out for that necklace.

How you going, Brookey?


It hurts?

Well, Flick, you've been
duking it out with Brooke

for an hour and 45 minutes.

Great work, Brookey.

Huge effort from both girls,

in a showdown for that necklace.

It's all mental now.

You just need to push through
that pain.

Brooke looking solid.

Flick really in agony now.

No position is comfortable.

Ooh, Flick has a little slip.

Yeah, girl.
Flick slips.

She's out of the challenge.

Brooke wins individual immunity
for Vakama!

Well done, babe.
Well done.

Thank you. Good work, babe.

Oh, my God!

Oh, well done, mate.

Oh, my God.

- Brooke, come on over.
- Whoo!

Oh, my God.

Individual immunity is yours.

You are safe tonight.

- Jacqui, come on over.
- Yeah, Jac!



Thank you.

..also safe tonight
at Tribal Council.

Good job.

As for the rest of you,
Tribal Council tonight,

where two of you will be voted out.

Grab your gear,
head back to your camps.

I'll see all of you tonight.

Well done, guys. Great effort.
Thank you.

Man, I'm excited for
tonight's double Tribal Council.

And I think
it's gonna get crazy hectic.

And I don't believe Dave at all.
I think he's desperate.

And I'm gonna use that to my advantage.

- What a crazy twist!
- Well done, girl.

That was crazy. Good job, babe.

Jacqui got the other one.
I know.

That was a bit of a surprise.
She did not budge.

That twist is definitely
like two for the price of one.

We get to get rid of two people
out of this game.

One person from each tribe
will be going home.

Oh, it's gonna be
a very interesting night.


Everyone together.

Tonight's vote is definitely
about revenge for me.

We did it once, we can do it again.

And I just need everyone to continue
on the path that I've set

and we're gonna send Lydia home.

Had any chats?

Mmm, not yet.

Lydia's tried to get me out
three times now, and I've had enough.

There's just no going back.

That relationship is completely over.

And if my relationship
is over with someone,

what's the point of keeping them
on my beach?

OK. Done.
That's it. Easy.

The plan for tonight's vote

is to split the vote, Lydia and John,

sending Lydia home.

Yeah. Oh, my God.

Guys, I'm doing what you guys want.
I'm going along with you.

I feel like I can definitely
get away with murder out here.

You know, I idoled out Henry,
I got out Abbey,

and now I just need to
continue this streak

until all my enemies are gone...

..and then no-one will be after me.

Today's immunity
was crucial for me.

I had to win it.

I know I'm on the bottom of this tribe.

And it's gonna be
most likely a split vote

between John and I.

But I'm not the person
that goes down without a fight.

I'm pitching a blindside.

Mat, he's the one that blindsided me
when I played last time round.

And he's been sitting on his idol
like it's a throne.

And now it's the perfect situation
to get rid of him and his idol.

If I run around crazy,

all the numbers are on me,

he's comfortable,
doesn't play his idol.


So, AK, me, you...

..Brooke, Locky.

And blow everything up.

I've been waiting to get my revenge
on the Godfather.

The timing right now
couldn't be more perfect.

I just need to get these votes
and make it happen.


It's a surprise.
I'll just make it up.

Yeah, I know.
Yep, so... And John.

Yeah. I know.

That's a very lazy move for All Stars.

You're tellin' me.

Don't you want to do something cool?

Like, it's such a safe vote.
It's such a, like...

I like to play exciting.

I'm absolutely appealing
to these All Stars' egos.

Like, Harry and AK,
they want to make big moves.

Yeah, Mat. Let's vote mat.


Couldn't be better timing.

It's All Stars! The time is now
to start escalating your game.

Time is now to start adding
to that resume and making big moves.

Lydia's plan is to bring in myself,

John, Brooke and Locky.

If she can get them all on board,

it's the smartest time
to get rid of Mat and his idol.

And you better believe
I'll be taking that shot.


They will, for sure.

This is totally a risky move for me

because if Mat plays his idol,
I'm going home.

But this is All Stars.

This is when big moves happen.

I have to go into
Tribal Council fighting.

Just watching Lydia run around
having a million chats.

I'm nervous about it.

Lydia's throwing my name out.
There's no question.

When we got back into camp,
there was one name, and that's Lydia.

I need to make sure that our plan
is still afoot

because if it's not,
um, it's dangerous times.

Working with Locky, I hate it.

I absolutely hate it.
But what option do I have?

I know. So do I, so do I.
That's why...

I'm just doing what I need to do to
survive in this game at the moment.

That's the bottom line.

Tonight there's two votes.


There's the simple plan,
where Lydia goes home.

But also, I can't trust Mat.

Mat's been gunning for me for a while,

so Lydia's coming to
the right people to try to beg.

I mean, it's All Stars.
Anything could happen.

Tonight's the night I'm getting
a little bit more revenge.

I already got most of my revenge
with Abbey,

but I've still got Lydia to go.

I hope they regret sending me to Exile.

I never thought that
I'd be fighting for my life

and trying to blindside Mat
at the same time.

But if I manage to pull this off,

this will be my biggest move
in Survivor.

I'm so fired up for tonight.

Let's pump this fire.

Mate, you're amazing.
Yeah. Thank you.

That was so good. Congrats.
Well done.

Well, that was a very nice surprise,
winning that.

Since the tribe swap,
we haven't been to a Tribal Council.

So this vote tonight is super important

because it's gonna draw
our tribal line.

There's a lot of unknown,
untested alliances being floated.

The way you vote will set up the rest
of the game going towards merge.

And I got big plans
for this Tribal tonight.

Can I throw something at you
without you freaking out?


The way I see it,
Nick is the original snake,

the pioneer, if you will.

He's a threat to me.

So he's got to go.

The plan tonight, I'll get everyone
voting to blindside Nick.

I'm not gunning hard for any of them.



I will work with you, Dave.

Like, if you want me
to do something, then I can do it.

I mean, it makes sense to me.

This Nick blindside is all set.

I've got Lee, Sharn and Zach.

My girl Phoebs.

But to make sure
I have the numbers tonight,

I know that I need to get
the old Vakama members -

Tarzan, Mo and Jacqui - on my side.

At the challenge today,
Mo kind of throws it out there,

maybe we should work together.


Truth is, is that I'm not quite sure
if I can trust Moana.

Previously, Mo and I have been
pitted against each other

because I want everyone to think

that Mat and I
are pitted against each other.

I'm trusting you with this.

I'm trusting you with this, too.

But it makes sense to keep Mo around
because that'll keep Mat happy.

And my long game involves Mat Rogers.

Is that right?


Dave wants to blindside Nick.

And I said to Dave today

that if I make it to merge,

I will be loyal to him IN merge.

We're not in merge yet.


Tonight I'm making my first big move.

And I'm weakening Dave's alliance
by taking away his right-hand girl.


Dave wants to blindside Nick.

And I want to blindside that blindside.


If I take Phoebe away,
Dave becomes vulnerable...

..which means Dave
will come towards me more.

Puts me in a good position.

Dave just thinks I'm this quiet girl
that sits in a shelter,

so I'm excited to see his face
when he sees this blindside.

David is of the belief that he can
orchestrate a blindside against Nick.

But I can't have Nick
going home tonight.

It was Nick that opened Pandora's Box,

so Nick has an extra vote.

That can be really powerful.

Right now both David and Nick
have a lot of strategic value

for me moving forward.

It's a really tough decision. And
I'm not sure where to put my vote.

No *** idea what's going to happen.

I'm kind of worried.

What's goin' on?

Well, um, what I've heard so far
is you.

Where did you hear my name? Dave.


What did he say?
"How do you feel about it?"

Tonight's Tribal Council
is a bit of a twist.

We've got two tribes

going to the same Tribal.

And knowing that my name
is being thrown out there,

that's scary to me.

I need to get targets off my back,
straight on someone else's.

I want to target Moana.

She is a very smart player.

And at such a critical juncture
in the game,

Moana and her alliance,
they are very tight.

So I need to ensure that
Moana goes home, not me.


Pre Tribal scramble is like
preparing to go into battle.

Do you know who's voting for who?

You are strapping on all your armour,

you're checking your sword
that it's all nice and clean.


You're going through your battle plan.

And you better believe
this is my turn to strike.

So, tonight's
a double Tribal Council.

Both tribes are going to war tonight.

You want to impress the other tribe,

so I'm hoping they see
a big blindside on Nick tonight,

and they know we're for real.

I have an extra vote,
which I found in Pandora's Box.

I don't think
I need to play it tonight.

But I will be bringing it with me
to Tribal Council

just in case I get the sense

that things aren't going
the way we want them to

and I can then
shore up the vote on Moana.

Tonight, Mo's plan
to get rid of Phoebe

is so worthy of an All Stars season.

It is a blindside of a blindside.

If Mo can pull off this blindside
of a blindside tonight,

she's a huge threat in this game.

It's a tight squeeze.
Very tight squeeze.

Hope you guys like each other.


Well, this certainly is a full house.

Yes, it is.

I don't think I've ever seen
18 people at a Tribal Council before.

Nick, help me out here.
Has that ever happened?

No, I've never seen it.

OK. So, Vakama.

Lydia, last time you guys were here,
four names came out of the urn,

one of which was yours.


What was the fallout after that Tribal?

One of my alliance members
was kind of thrown under the bus.

Abbey, you mean?


Which didn't seem very logical.

Why is it not logical?
There are people

that have been working together
through convenience.

Have you been able to find any cracks?

Yeah, there's cracks.

There's cracks.

Mat, you were the other name
that came out.

Yep, I was.

Um, I sort of expected it.

Yeah, I probably expect to
see my name come up there again.

AK, do you think the vote last time

drew a line in the sand for this tribe,

or do you think the sands
are still shifting?

Sand's always shifting in this game.

We know that this game
can never get comfortable,

and who knows
what's going on in this tribe.

Johnny, where do you sit
in the car right now?

In the Vakama car.

There's probably a towrope
around my neck at the moment

and I'm just gettin' dragged...
Are you being dragged?

..behind, yeah.

And it's not a smooth road.

So, yeah, that's probably where
I'm sitting at the moment.

Why do you feel like
you're in that position?

Well, I'm on the outside of whatever
majority there is at the moment.


..there haven't been
a helluva lot of chats my way.

Yeah, basically,
I'm just feeling on the outer.

Would you agree with that, Lydia?
Yeah, I do.

I'm getting dragged behind Johnny.

So you're even more uncomfortable.
Yeah, yeah. Yeah, I'm uncomfortable.

Do you agree there are bigger threats
in this tribe?

Oh, absolutely.

And they can't wait to come out
and play and blow this shit up.

They are just standing by.

And you lose Johnny and myself,

who are really reliable, stable,
logical people

that you can have in your alliance,

and you make way for someone that's
just waiting to exploit the cracks.

Wow. Big call.

Locky, what do you think
about all this?

When the new people came over to us,
there was massive fractions.

I mean... and it just made
the original Vakama,

like, come together, I guess,

'cause there was a divide

and then we just pretty much chose
which is the best course for us.

Do you agree that there are
bigger threats in this tribe

than John or Lydia?

I think everyone's
a huge threat in this game.

We need to fix that out.

So, Mat, when is the right time to
take out a big threat in this game?

Who knows?

You sort of go off too soon,

you're gonna put a big target
on your back.

So, where do you think you sit
in the Vakama car?

Oh, I think I'm in the car.

You're inside the car?

I'm not driving it, though.

So, AK, who's driving this car?

I'm driving the car.
You're driving the car. Yes!

Is that what you wanted?

I don't know who's driving the car.

Um, I don't know.

Maybe we're like a car
from the future and, uh...

No-one's driving.'s driving.

So, AK, how do you think Vakama will
be different after tonight's vote?

I don't think Vakama's gonna be
any different after tonight.

We're just gonna have one greater
space under our shelter to sleep.

Wow. That's cold.

Mat, are you confident you know
where the vote's going tonight?


I... I hope so.
I think... I think I'm confident.

But, yeah, no, I'm not... That,
nuh, that means I'm not confident.

Every time we've
come to Tribal Council...

..someone's been blindsided.

So... probably not so confident.

OK, Mokuta.

Jacqui, it must feel pretty good,

coming into a hellacious Tribal
like this,

knowing that you're not going home.

Oh, look, it's just... it's good
to have a night off that...

..head , can I say?


No, you cannot. Use another word.

It's just good to have a night off it.

So, David...

..first time at Tribal
for the new Mokuta.

And often when a tribe
comes to Tribal for the first time,

there's uncertainty
surrounding the vote.

Yeah, sure.

I think, um, we haven't really
had a chance to test alliances,

and so people are kind of wondering

if those new lines that have
been drawn are gonna stay true.

So, Moana,
I think it was pretty obvious

that at the old Vakama,
quite a bit of discord going on.

Did any of that come with you
when you came into this new tribe?


Uh, it's actually been... like,
yesterday we all went for a swim

and I think it's
the nicest thing I've done.

It was so beautiful,

blue waters, having adult conversations

and just hanging out
was actually well and truly needed.

So, Phoebe, is that true?

None of the old Vakama discord
came over?

I don't know if that's completely true.

Like, I... I'm...

Well, she didn't come swimming, so...

Well, it wasn't my choice.

I think there were fractures
in our old tribe,

and they have been transferred
into this new tribe.

So, Nick, were you able to exploit

any of the fractures
from the old Vakama?

Exploit sounds so dirty, Jonathan.

It can be a dirty game...

..let's be honest.

It's been interesting getting to
hear everyone's side of...

..the first 15 days.

Very interesting.

David, is that true?
There are multiple sides?

Yeah, that's definitely true.
There's multiple sides.

I think, it's All Stars,

I think tribal lines
are blurred immediately,

and especially with these new tribes,

um, it's about forging
lasting alliances

that'll take you further in the game.

So, Phoebe, are you clear as to
where the vote is gonna go tonight?

Um, definitely not clear as to
where the vote's gonna go tonight.

I think there's been
lots of conversations,

lots of names all afternoon,

so I'm definitely unclear.

What about you, Moana?
No, I know what I want.

You know what you want to do?

So, David, there are conversations
going on on this side...

..that don't involve you.

Is that a concern?

No, I mean, I trust in the people
that I talked to today.

I think we had
some really good conversations

and, um, came to a good agreement
and a good name,

and that's what I plan to stick to.

Sharn, do you know how
tonight's gonna play out?

Look, do you... You don't ever know
until the votes are read, I think.

- I mean, you have an idea and you're hopeful...
- Well, that's not what I'm asking.

Do you have a pretty good idea
how it's gonna play out?

I hope so. I hope so.

I always come in hoping
that I know what's going on.

Um... yeah, but that's the best
answer I can give you, Jonathan.


..what's the vote about
tonight for you?

OK, the vote for me moving forward

is based on the people
that I want to work with long-term.

So this is proving
your loyalty tonight.


Moana, do you think anyone's gonna
be surprised by tonight's vote?

I think, it's the first Tribal
Council, everyone will be surprised.

Everyone will be surprised?
Should be.

Nick, that sounds very uncertain to me.

Yes, it's...

I hope that I'm not the one
being surprised.

Whereas I don't know if
you've really gotten to the bottom

of what's happening over here.

No, I haven't. But I'm all ears.

So, who is on the bottom?
I got nothin'.

You got nothin'. You don't know?

Someone's on the bottom.
Someone's going home.

Not Jacqui.
Not Jacqui.

Not Jacqui, that's true.

You can be certain
that you are safe tonight.

Thank you.

Jacqui, do you have
any idea who's going?

I like to think I do.
Um, and I'm gonna stick to my word.

And I hope the cards fall the way...

..I think they...

..plan is, yeah.

On that note,
I think it is time to vote.

But before we do...

..there is one more twist.

See, and you wonder why
I have trust issues.

Two people voted out from their tribes

will be given one last lifeline.

They will face off

in a fire-making challenge.

Oh, wow!

Winner returns to their tribe...

..loser goes home.

It is now time to vote.

Vakama, you're up.

Good luck in the fire challenge, Lydia.

I reckon you'll win it.

OK, Mokuta, you're up.

I really hope it's you tonight.

Nick, man, you paved the way
for all future snakes in this game.

For that, I salute you.

Good luck
in the fire-making challenge.

I'll go count the votes.

If anyone has a hidden immunity idol
and they want to play it,

now would be the time to do so.

OK. I'll read the votes for Vakama.

First vote, Lydia.




Two votes Lydia, two votes John.


That's three votes Lydia,
two votes John.


We're tied again.

Three votes Lydia, three votes John.


Four votes Lydia, three votes John.

Person going to fire for Vakama,


That's five votes. That's enough.

OK. I'll read the votes for Mokuta.

First vote...


Two votes Nick.



That's two votes Phoebe.


We're tied. Two votes Phoebe,
two votes Moana, two votes Nick.


That's three votes Nick,
two votes Phoebe, two votes Moana.


Tied again.

Three votes Nick, three votes Phoebe,
two votes Moana.

One vote left.

Person going to fire for Mokuta...


Alright, Lydia, Phoebe, you can
move over to the fire-making station.

- How's your fire-making?
- Yeah, good.

OK, so you each have
the same fire-making supplies.

The goal is to build a fire
high enough to burn through the rope

and raise a flag.

First to do so
earns their place back in the game.

Loser becomes
the seventh All Star voted out.

This is do or die.



Phoebe has a pile of husk.

She quickly starts scraping the flint.

Lydia spending time arranging her husk,

building a little teepee.

Phoebe getting right to it already.

She has a spark.

Big scrapings. Come on, Phoebs.

Can she turn that into a flame?

Lydia not panicking,

striking her flint now.

Attagirl, Lyds. Come on, mate.

Trying to get it to catch.

Both girls striking their flints,

really working hard
to get something to catch.

Phoebe furiously
scraping the flint now.

And a little spark in her husk.

She's trying to nurture it.

Really trying hard
to get that husk to catch.

- Yeah, that's it.
- Good, Phoebs.

Good, Phoebs.
Keep it closed.

Smoke coming out now.

Getting close.

- Yeah, that's it, Phoebs.
- Yeah, Phoebs.

Now she has a little flame.

But it will burn out quickly.

Go, Phoebs.
Get the rest of your stuff together.

Come on, Phoebs. More husk.

You're gonna need to keep it going.

Lydia still to get a flame,

still scraping.

Phoebe starts building up

a little teepee with her kindling.

That's it, Phoebs. Keep going.

Flame now.

Nice, Phoebe. Come on, Phoebe.
Build it up, build it up.

But it starts to go out.

The wind an obstacle
in this challenge tonight.

Focus on what you're doing, Phoebs.
You got it.


Slowly it starts to die away,

opening the door for Lydia.

Lydia has something going
and she's trying to nurture it...

You got an ember there. Good, mate.
Good, good, good.

..turn it into a decent flame.

Phoebe trying to build it up.

Wind being a real problem.

Phoebe gets it back again.

But can she keep it going?

Good, Phoebsy. Go. Keep going.
Go, Phoebs.

Phoebe continues to build her fire up.

That is a legitimate blaze right now.
Keep building.

Yeah, yeah, Phoebe.
Phoebe using her body as a windbreak.

Fire licking the rope now.

Lydia yet to get something going.

She can feel her position in the game
slipping away.

It's getting close.

Yes, Phoebe.

Fire starting to burn
through her rope now.

It's there, there, there.

Yeah, Phoebs!
Yes, girl.

Phoebe earns her place
back in the game.

And Lydia becomes
the seventh All Star voted out.

Good job, girl.
I'm sorry.

That's alright.

- God.
- Well done, Phoebs.

Thanks to my dad for that one.

I can't believe
I didn't even get fire. It happens.

I know, I thought you had that one, eh.

Nah, it's alright. It happens.
Awesome effort.

Good luck, guys, hey.

Congratulations, Phoebe.
You can rejoin your tribe.

Thanks, guys. Yeah.

Oh. Oh, sick.
Awesome. That was so awesome.

Well done.
Well done.

Alright, Lydia,

you need to bring me your torch.

Great job. Aw.
Hey, love you guys.

Have a ball, hey. Awesome.

Great job.
See ya, Lyds.

Lydia, the tribe has spoken.


Time for you to go.

See ya, guys. Have a ball.


Well, in a game filled with All Stars,

the only way to win, burn
brighter than everyone else.

That's a good one!


That's a good one!

Grab your torches, head on out.

Tomorrow night on Australian Survivor...

I've got basically
no-one I can turn to.

..David has hit rock bottom.

I'm feeling way on the outer.

I need a new alliance quick smart.

And Moana is ready to strike.

No longer holds the power.

It's where I need him to be.

And at Vakama...

There is a blindside in the making.

..the Godfather locks in on Locky.

This island, this tribe, this game
isn't big enough for Locky and I.

Survivor: All Stars is definitely
the Olympics of Survivor.

But at least I did not
get blindsided this time.

I knew the votes were coming my way.

It would have been nice to pay back
a blindside to the Godfather,

but that wasn't gonna happen

when he was sitting nice
and cushy on his idol.

There's so many deserving people
that could win the title.

It's anyone's game at this point.

I was hoping to go out
in a blaze of glory

instead of falling flat on my butt.