Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 5, Episode 4 - Episode #5.4 - full transcript

When both tribes meet at the reward challenge, what they're fighting for isn't what it seems to the disappointment of the winning tribe.

on Australian Survivor...

Push! Come on!

..the all-stars began
more determined than ever.

That sled is heavy.

But it was Henry who
found the first idol.

"Congratulations, you have
found a hidden immunity idol.

"But its power is only valid
at the first three Tribal Councils."

- Go, Abs!
- Do not stop!

But he missed his chance to use it...
Go, Zach! This is you!

..when his green tribe, Mokuta,
won three challenges in a row.

And Henry handed the power over to Mat.

I will be taking control of this
tribe as of Tribal Council tonight.

At yellow tribe, Vakama,

two distinct alliances
had already formed.

You've got the beautiful people

and then you've got the old ducks.

David was leading the majority of seven.

But he was here to settle a score.

I want to get Daisy out,

and I think there's one person
who can help me do that.

Mat's alliance
would put their votes on Daisy

if David told them
who his alliance was gunning for.

And when Brooke found an idol,
David had a plan to flush it.

I want Brooke to think
I'm her number one ally

and I'm scared of going home.

You guys have got my back, right?

Oh, yeah.

And at one of the most epic
Tribal Councils ever...

There's seven of them.
There's four of us.

I'm just nervous.

..two of the game's greatest players...

When things start to get comfortable,

I think you start to maybe
get a little bit paranoid.

You do have to trust people.

..executed their plan to perfection...

I will play it for Jacqui.

Did you do me?

This is in fact a hidden immunity idol.

..flushing Brooke's idol...

I will play it for...


..and sending Daisy packing.

The tribe has spoken.

21 are left.
Who will be going home tonight?

-== [ ] ==-

- Jacqui's shredded.
- Dude, crazy shredded.

She would have, like, 2%, 3% body fat.

You're shredded, hey.

Two years since I've been
on a Survivor beach.

And since I played last time,
I got into female body building.

Can we see
some body-building poses?

Yeah, do some body-building poses.

Dave, you can do yours first.

At 52, I'm one of the oldest here.

Come on, Jacqui.
Come on.

Oh, yes.
Show us how it's done.

But I can bring it just as well
as those young girls can.

OK, so then... I'm a little bit rusty,
but, anyway, here goes.

You just kind of...



Oh, yeah!

Jacqui is jacked.

She is so muscular.

I'm impressed,
as a muscular fellow myself.

I might've learned a few moves,

you know, for when I need to be
displaying my physique.

That's it.

You look amazing.

Alright, who wants to go next?

Just played the perfect idol
game at Tribal Council last night.

I'm actually feeling, like, a little
hung-over from all the adrenaline.

The old blindside comedown.

Like, my heart was thumping,
I was nervous as hell

that someone would give away
that we're voting for Daisy.

Daisy was pretty boisterous.
You know?

So, sort of takes away
a lot of noise or energy.

I don't think we could've
scripted it any better.

To confuse the hell out of that six
and completely blindside Daisy,

it was pretty exciting.

There's just four of us.

So if we can get an idol...

..and we do the same thing again...

..we could have a bit of fun.
Yeah, that's right.

Henry gave me the idol at the challenge.

And now, you know, Jacqui and Mo,
Tarz and myself,

we might be in a minority alliance,

but we're here now
and it's time to play.

This is the side I'd rather be on,
I could tell ya.

Last night
there was so much that went down.

And none of us saw it coming.

So sad.

The sayings she would come out with,

and I'd just be like, "Oh, my God,

"you are cut from a different cloth,
and I love it."

Some fishy business is going on.

I mean, it was just too easy

for Mat to play his idol
for the right person.


I asked Mat pretty much directly,
like, "Is there a mole?"

And he told me
it was just an educated guess,

but things were all just too in place

and too perfect for him to get it right.

What I think happened was
there's a mole in camp.


But it's good, he's exposed now.

Someone told Mat what our plan was...

..told him that
we were voting for Jacqui.

So we need to find who the mole is.

I'm feeling great.

Basically everything went perfect.

I flushed both the idols,

cinched up my alliance with Mat.

I got my revenge on Daisy.

I guess that makes me the mole,

but I prefer to think of it
as an informant more so than a mole.

Mole's such a dirty word.
A dirty, dirty word.

And now the only thing on my mind

is making sure no-one knows
I'm an undercover agent.


I need to try and pull Mat aside
and have a chat to him.

But the whole crux of this plan is
that I don't have contact with Mat,

I stay away from him
as much as possible.

He's running one side of the tribe,

I'm running the other.

If Vakama finds out that I was the mole,

that is gonna ruin the alliance
that I've fought so hard to build.


Anyway, got to let it go.
Onward and upward.

Onward and upward.

We're gonna knight Lee, everyone.

We're gonna knight Lee.

Oh, you're getting knighted.
Cut the shoulder.

Lee, step forth.

Step forth. Kneel.

Lee of Greenslopes, Brisbane,

otherwise known as Sir Lee...

Custard Arm.
..Custard Armington,

I pronounce you Knight the Redeemer
of 'Mokutu'.

It's 'Mokuta'.

Ha, Mokuta.
Nice words, wise words.

- Should we get some rice on?
- Yep.


Coconut rice?
Yes, please.

So yesterday we won
the Immunity Challenge.

I gave Mat Rogers my idol.

It was gonna expire, so I had to do it.

But now I am on the bottom here,

and I'm not certain in this tribe
where I stand.

Water's, um, water is filled up.

And I no longer have
the safety of an idol.

At the moment,
I need to build trust with someone.

To move forward, I need to get numbers.

I can relate to Nick

and I really want to harness
that connection.

It's All Stars.

I'm coming back,
trying to elevate my game,

and I'm hoping Nick,
the snake of season one,

becomes this king cobra,

and we can move forward
and absolutely blow this game apart.

I can't believe it's day eight.

Already such a good position.
Yeah, I know.

Henry, I seriously thought
I was gonna be, like,

the first person to leave.

I... I still don't... I'm still not
having fun on this tribe, bro.

Dude, I was on the bottom
after that vote.

And I'm going... I'm going guns
blazing if I'm on the bottom now.

'Cause, like, I don't care.

I'm not here to sit around.

Henry's a really good Survivor player.

But do you know what's wrong with Henry?

Is that he doesn't know when to stop.

So this is way more strategising
than my season, so...

Oh, really?

Are you serious?

My season, it was on.

Like, normally I'd be able to
come out here and just strategise...

..without a fear in the world.


Like, that's what
gets me going out here.

Henry has shown
that he wants to stick his head

far too high above the parapet.

And he wants to take all these bullets

and go down in blazes of glory.

I'm not interested in that
at the moment.

I'm trying to play a smart, social game,

and Henry is the thing
that's going to derail that.

'Cause, like, you're my number one.

Dude, no question.
You know that?

I know Harry's your number one,
like, as in...

No, no. I think that...

You're Harry's number one.
I hope I'm your number one.

For sure.
Yeah, cool.

When Henry thinks he's
on the bottom, he goes apoplectic.

He is going to tear this beach apart
and everyone on it,

starting with me, his "number one ally".

But, like, you got to
take risks in this game.


So I need to make it seem like
I am actually with him,

keep Henry somewhat close to me,

so that he doesn't ruin my game.

You might look like Jesus...
What was it?

Come on in, guys!

The green tribe, Mokuta,

getting their first look
at the new yellow tribe, Vakama.

Daisy. Oh!

Daisy voted out
at the last Tribal Council.

So, AK...

..another interesting Tribal.

Jonathan, last night was crazy!

And we found out why Mat Rogers
is nicknamed 'the Godfather'.

I mean, like, to have Henry

hand him an idol
at the challenge yesterday...

..and then play the idol last night
the way he did,

oh, my God, the title has status!

- Well, oh, well.
- That's a stitch-up.


So, Henry, did you expect Daisy
to be voted out last night?

No, I didn't.

She's, uh, one of, you know,
their strongest.

She brought in all the challenges.

But she was showing her cards,
as in who she was with,

and, yeah, I'm definitely surprised.

Something went down last night.

John, you've played with Daisy before.

You know her quite well.

Why do you think they voted her out?

Oh, I dunno, mate.

At this stage of the game,
I'd be keeping the tribe strong,

but, yeah, she's one of
the stronger girls.

But her emotions do do the talkin',
that's for sure.

You guys ready
to get to today's Reward Challenge?

Yes, sir.

For today's challenge...'re gonna face off,
pushing against a heavy wooden box.

Push your opponents into the water,

score a point for your tribe.

First tribe to three, wins reward.

Want to know what you're playing for?


Winning tribe will enjoy
delicious, salty... and chips.

Oh! Yum!


- Worth playing for?
- Yes.


Mokuta, you got an extra player,
you're gonna need to sit someone out.

Cannot be the same person
in back-to-back challenges.

Who's it gonna be?
I'll sit out.

Alright, Michelle, you're on the bench.

Everyone else, a minute
to talk about it. Let's get to it.

Alright, here we go. First round,
Mokuta, who you putting up?

I'll give it a whirl.

We have Henry for Mokuta.

Alright, Vakama.

- I'm going.
- Alright, Mat's up.

The idol swapping...

Come on, Maty.

We have Mat for the yellow tribe,

Go, Mat.
Yes, Mat.

..taking on Henry from Mokuta.

Get low.

Get low, Hen.
Shoulder in.

Survivors, ready...


- Go!
- Come on, Hen! Yes!

Go, Mat, go!

Go, Mat, go! Go! Go!

Go! Go! Go! Go!

Mat is giving Henry a run for his money.

Yeah, Mat! Go, Mat! Go, Mat!

Get low, Henry. Shoulder into it.
Henry, shoulder into it.

Henry's not giving up.

Mat struggling to get some grip.

Both boys really digging in,

completely exhausted at this stage.

Go, Mat. Come on, Mat.

- Come on, Maty.
- Use those footballer's legs.

Yes, Mat! Yes, Mat!

Mat pushing back,
inching Henry to the edge.

Challenge beasts.

Come on, Hen! Yes, Hen, come on!

Come on, Hen!

Go, Maty.

Henry's dangerously close.

One final bump and that's it.

Free and easy!


Mat scores the first point for Vakama.

Vakama leads one-zip.

Good work, Maty.

OK, next round.

What's the thinking? Yeah, I'll go.
Zach's up.

Yeah, I'll go.
Zach for the green tribe, Mokuta.

Jac verse Zach.

Bring it on!

Jacqui for the yellow tribe, Vakama.

Ooh, tactics.

He's probably thinking,
"I eat pieces of steak that size."

Go, Jacqui!

Hey, hey, don't take it
for granted here.

She's an animal. She's an animal.

He's a changed man.

This should be interesting.
Give it to him, Jacqui!

Survivors, ready...


Go, Zach! Go, Zach!

Go! Just go! Get it out there!

Zach walks her in.

Mokuta takes the next point.

- Well done, Zach.
- Well done, Zach.

Zach puts Mokuta on the board.

We are tied one-one.

Well done.

Well done, Zach. Nice effort.

Alright, next round.
Mokuta, who you putting up?


We have Lydia for the green tribe,

- Come on, Lyds.
- Come on, Lydia.

Vakama, who you putting up?

Come on, big dog.

AK for Vakama.

She's strong as shit, AK.
Just be wary.

She's a weapon.
You got this, Lyds.

Four-time Olympian
taking on the wedding DJ.

Survivors, ready...


AK, big push right out of the gate.

But Lydia's giving nothing up.

She pushes right back.

That's it, Lyds!

Yes, Lyds!

Both get down low.

Go, AK!
Yes, AK!

That's the way!
Go, AK!

Lydia trying to get some leverage.

Lyds, now! Now! Now!

Keep pushing! Hold it there!

AK, hold it!
Yes, AK!

Go, Lyds!

AK gives a big push.

She's slipping, slipping!
You got it!

Lydia's really digging deep!

Go on, AK! Go!
She has a grip.

She really starts digging in now.

Go! One more push! One more push!

AK gives another push,

gets his shoulder behind it.

AK pushing Lydia inch by inch.

Lydia in trouble now!

Yep, yep, yep, yep, yep, yep!
Yes, AK! You've got her.

You've got her. You've got her.
One more big push will do it.

That's it. Lydia's out!

- Vakama leads two-one.
- Yeah!

Wow! What a round.

Well done, well done.
Well done.

Alright, next round.
Mokuta, who are you putting up?

We have Tarzan for the yellow tribe,

Go, Tarzan.
Let's go, Tarzan, let's go.

..taking on Harry
from the green tribe, Mokuta.

You're a weapon, Harry.
Go now, Haz. Come on, come on.

Push now, go!
Wizard. Wizard Harry.

Let's go, Tarzan!

Vakama leads two-one.

- First to three wins reward.
- Come on, Harry.

Mokuta needs to win it
to stay in this challenge.

Come on, Harry.

Survivors, ready...


Harry has Tarzan on the run.

Tarzan pushing back.

Get that old man strength!

Go, Harry! Come on, Harry!

Go, Harry!

Tarzan proving that age
is not a disadvantage.

You're a machine, Tarzan!

- Tarzan gains a few inches...
- Go low!

..trying to wear out Harry.

Go, Tarzan!

Well done, Tarzan. Let him gas out.

Hold on.

Harry not giving in.

- Go, Harry! Go! Push!
- Yes, Haz, yes!

Neither side wanting to concede.

For the grandkids, Tarz.

You got it. All day.

Both waiting for the perfect time
to strike.

You don't need them chips, mate.

Yeah, I do.


I'm hungry, man.

Go, Tarz, go! Go!
Go, Tarzan!

Stay low!

Oh, no!

Harry has woken up the beast.

- Go, Tarzan!
- Go, Tarz! Go, Tarz!

Tarzan has Harry on the run.

He can win it for Vakama right here.

Gives it a last big push.

And he does!

Yeah, Tarzan!

Vakama wins reward!

He's got that old man strength!

- Fish and chips!
- Well done.

Oh, my God, good job.
Well done, mate.

Vakama, congratulations.

Your fish and chips will be
waiting for you back at camp.

Well done, guys.
Swim it out. Enjoy.

Bye, guys. See ya.

I'm bloody stoked,
we won some fish and chips,

which... I'm vegan,
I prefer not to have fish,

but I'm keen for the chips.

Hopefully there's gonna be
a clue or an idol...

..because that's when all the fun
really happens.

We won reward

and everyone is so excited
to get the fish and chips.

People are starting to feel the pang
of that hunger.

Fish and chips will go down pretty well.


Oh, looks like we're cookin'
and we're fishin'.

- Ohh.
- Got all the fishing stuff.


Thank God I can fish, eh.
No way.

Thank God I can fish, too.

That's mean.

I'm not shocked by anything in Survivor.

So when I rock back and
there's no fish, there's no chips

but a bag of potatoes
and some fishing gear,

I'm not surprised.

OK. "Congratulations on winning reward.

"But there is a twist, this
reward is a DIY fish and chips.

"Everything you need
to make the chips is right here

"and all the fish in the sea are out
there, just got to catch 'em first.

"Good luck and happy fishing."

So I guess you guys get to go fishin'!

Yay, I'm excited.

Great as.

Do we have any reels or is it all spear?

- I can fish with spear.
- Good.

I can fish with line.
I can fish with line.

We got a shit-ton of potatoes.

We've got chairs and tables.

When an idol
gets played in Survivor,

it means it'll come back into play.

So, yeah, everyone was
searching around the reward

to see if there was an idol or a clue.

There's line in here.

There's a pan, though.
We got a pan. That's cool.

There's potatoes.

Who's gonna go out?

I'll go out and catch 'em.
Like, there's no fish here.



Another one. Can you believe it?

The look on everyone's face

when you find an idol
right in front of them...



One in four chance again, guys.


But I could tell that they were furious,

and I loved it.

- Ah, well, pressure's on, I guess.
- Let's go bag a fish, eh.

When is it Locky's time?
I am not too happy.

I definitely can believe
that there was an idol.

I definitely can't believe
it was found that quick

and in front of everyone.

I mean, it was good that it was found
in front of everyone,

but it was just bad
that it was found by Mat.

Mat having this idol, I mean,
flips the whole game on its head.

I mean,

not only can he play it for someone

and make one of us go home in the six,

but we've got a freakin' rat
on our team.

So it just makes everything
so much harder.

Right now my trust, it lies, you know,

wholly and solely with my alliance.

You know, and I do trust them.

I trust Jacqui, I trust Tarzan
and I trust Mo.

David and I are on separate alliances,

but I'm trusting Dave more and more
as the days go on.

- Come here, Nemo.
- Nemo.

David's act of loyalty to me was
helping me play the idol correctly.

That was the first thing
we asked him to do,

and he came through with the goods.

Can't complain.

I know it might seem
like the wrong thing to do,

to work with someone like that.

But you can't move on in this game
on your own.

We're not having
much luck today, are we?

Mat's the only one
that's caught something

and caught a idol.

My closest ally is Mo.

And I don't trust him
the way I trust Mo.

Pays enormous
to have a friend in this game.

And, you know, we've become very close.

I need to talk to Mo about the fact that

I'm getting a lot of great intel
from Dave at the moment

and he could be the one
that gives us the information

and keeps us safe.

I know.
It's pretty funny.

When she understands that,
then I think everything will be OK.

Yeah, same.

So we're one down...
Just... have you spoken to Dave yet?

I think he is, man.

Put it... put it all in a nook
in a tree, bro.

Like, there's a couple
of big trees here.


That's why I said...

I think Mat made the perfect deal
at the perfect time with the devil.

I trust Mat. I don't trust David.

See, trust is hard in Survivor,

and it's definitely something
you have to earn from me.

I don't play a loud game.

But it doesn't mean
it's not a great game.

I'm the biggest underdog out here.

Man, I grew up in housing commission
with 14 brothers and sisters.

My entire life
I've never let anything keep me down.

Every time I've been knocked down,
I just get back up.

I don't let anyone stop me

and I don't let anyone try and
change me or tell me that I can't.

That's the way you got to live life.

No-one's seen me at the top of my game,

so they have no idea what's coming.


Last time I played Survivor,
season three,

got super sick and had to leave,

Oh, you did great. Get better.

Hey, I'll see you on the other side.


I have a lot of unfinished business
on that island.

This time, I'm gonna play the game
but it's gonna be really quietly

and it's gonna be from the shadows,

where nobody knows what I'm doing

because I'm basically
gonna call the shots

with the cards close to my chest.

Last time,
I didn't get to show Australia

what I could do
or how dangerous I could be.

I'm back to go all the way.

You can't trust David,
so you got to stay on your toes.

So I'm gonna keep an eye on him.

Mat finding the idol, like, that
kind of caught everyone by surprise.

I mean, it was a very bold move.

Although I've had a bit of
a secret alliance going with Mat,

I feel like I'm getting a little bit
wary of him becoming too powerful.

I need to make sure that
I have options out here.

So, the second I get a chance,
I steal away in the night...

..grab that tackle box...

..and I go to work on it
with the machete.

Idols give you ultimate power
in Survivor,

especially in All Stars.

And I need to get this done.

Oh, yes!

I really think this looks
pretty good right now.

It's not super solid,

but if I was sitting in a Tribal Council

and somebody put this around their neck,

I would buy it.

A fake immunity idol can be
just as powerful as a real one,

and I think it's gonna rattle
the whole camp.

Come on in, guys!


Harry, Mokuta's avoided
going to Tribal the last two times.

What happens in this game
when a tribe keeps winning?

I mean, a lot of things can happen.

But, for me, I'm not here for rewards.

I'm here for the cream.
I'm here for the dollar bills.

Immunity is everything to me.

I want to go to Tribal
as little as possible.

So, Mat,
what's this tribe gonna have to do

to halt the progression of these guys?

Well, we showed yesterday
that we're strong enough.

And I like to think it's united,

it's uniting us,
it's bringing us more together.

Alright, you guys ready to get to
today's Immunity Challenge?

Yes, we are.
Yep, let's do it.

Thank you, Abbey.

Once again,
immunity is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge,
every member of your tribe

is gonna hold onto a rope
attached to a heavy barrel.

If at any point you feel like you
cannot hold up the barrel anymore,

you can pass it to another tribe member.

But once you've handed over your barrel,

you are out of the challenge.

If anyone drops a barrel, the whole
tribe is out of the challenge.

Last tribe holding up all their barrels,

wins immunity, safe from the vote.

Losing tribe,
it's a trip to Tribal Council,

where one of you will become

the fourth All Star
voted out of this game.

Mokuta, you got an extra player.
You're gonna need to sit someone out.

Cannot be the same person
in back-to-back challenges.

Who's it gonna be?

Yep. Shon.


Alright, Shonee, you're on the bench.

Everyone else, a minute
to talk about it. Let's get to it.

Ooh, excuse me.

Alright, everyone's in position?

Let's just give it everything we got...

..and not go to Tribal.

For immunity, this challenge is now on.

Everyone's locked and loaded...

..holding up their heavy barrel.

26 kilograms, to be exact.

Need to keep both feet
behind the painted line.

If at any point you feel like you can
no longer hold up your barrel,

you can hand it to another tribemate.

But if you hand it over too soon, you
risk overloading the other person.

If you wait too long,
you risk dropping your barrel,

sending your whole tribe
to Tribal Council.

People get worn out 'cause they stay
in the exact same position.

There's gonna be a time
where you're forced

to do the exact same position,
but if you can move, move.

Shonee has the best position today.

Yeah, I'm jealous. I've got FOMO.

David striking a pose.

What's new?

There it... there it is.

Let's see yours, Lee.

Ooh, damn!
That's pretty good.

That's pretty good.

We have a flex-off.

How you doing there, Henry?
Not well.

Not well?
It's heavy.

Yeah, you've been holding them up
for five minutes now.

Everyone trying out different positions.

What's more comfortable? Getting
down low, standing up straight?

Soon nothing's gonna be comfortable.

All it takes is one barrel to drop,

whole tribe is out of the challenge.

You do not want to be the reason
that you end up at Tribal tonight.

Do you want me to take it?

Michelle handing her barrel to Zach.

Michelle out of the challenge.


Good try, Mish.

Zach the first with two barrels.

Mokuta down to nine.

Guys, they're burning.

They're burning so hard.
You're doing so well.

- Mine's getting really slippery.
- On ya, Zach.

How you travelling, brother?

Mate, I'm gonna need
to pass one of these up, eh.

Oi, Lydia, do you want to pass across?

Zach hands a barrel off to Lydia.

Wait. Wait. Wait.

You got it?

You good?

Lydia hands her barrel to Henry.

- Well done. Well done, guys.
- Good job, guys.

Wow. Nicely done.

Phoebs, stay strong.
You've got this.

Just keep going all the way.

I got mad blisters
all over my hands.

My hands really hurt.

Phoebe starting to struggle.

Phoebe decides she's had enough...

That was perfect.

..hands it over to Locky.

Sharn really struggling.

Attagirl, Sharn.

Just stay, Sharn.
You've got it.

Think of it as a heavy briefcase
with all your papers in it.

It's just slippery.

Yep, I think you're gonna
have to take it.


Lee steps in, takes over for Sharn.

Immunity on the line.
Someone going home tonight.

Fourth All Star out of this game.

John clearly struggling over there.

How long can John hold two for?

I got it for a minute.

Got it for a minute?

Lydia with two barrels. Wow.

It's the kind of challenge
Lydia dreams about.


It's not easy.

You guys have been up
there for one hour.

Wow, guys, that's amazing.
Well done. Hang in there.


AK grunting.


AK's beast coming out.
Go, AK.

Alright. Alright.

- Tarz, Tarz.
- Yep.

AK's had enough, hands to Brooke.

Got it?

Brooke back to Tarzan.

Well done, AK.

If you're worried
about your position in the tribe,

you just got to keep holdin' on.

Sharn and Michelle out for Mokuta.

Phoebe out for Vakama.

Lydia continues to look strong.

Got 'em?

Hands it off to Zach.

- Good work, Lyds.
- Well done, Lyd.

Zach struggling to get his hand
on the second ring.

In a very precarious position.

That's a bad move.

Just believe in yourself, mate.

All it takes is one barrel to drop,

and your tribe is out of this challenge.

Well done, Zach.

Now it becomes a mental game.
Who can push through that pain?

My left... my left arm's giving out.

You ready?
You got it?

Tarzan over to Jacqui.
Jacqui back to David.

David back to Locky.
Yeah, I'm good, I'm good.

Lots of quick transfers now.

Those transfers are gonna be critical.

You guys have been up there
for 75 minutes.

Jac, you're doing amazing.

How you going, Jac? Do you need to talk?

Don't talk to me, please.

Keep going, Jac.
You're doing so well.

Don't talk to her.

Jacs, come on. Fight through.

Jacqui's good.
She's holding strong.

We got this.
Come on, stay strong.

Yep, mine. Go. Ha!

John struggling.

Agony on his face.

If you need, just pass it.

Yeah. Swap.

John's in trouble.

Nick quickly jumps in.

He's got nothing in the tank.
Back to Abbey. Back to Lee.

How much does Lee have in the tank?

Looking very uncomfortable.

Guys, keep it up.
We're doing amazing.

I'm losing 'em. Here, Abs, Abs.

Come on, Abs, you got this.
One more, one more, one more hit.

Nick, Nick, Nick,
Nick, Nick, Nick, Nick.

Lee back to Abbey. Abbey in trouble.
She hands it over to Nick.

Well done.

John, John.
Nick's in trouble.

He quickly hands it over... Oh!

Almost loses it on the transfer.

Agh! I can't.

John, John.

And that's it!

We did it, baby!

Vakama wins immunity!

Don't worry about it, Johnny.

Vakama, congratulations.

Immunity is yours.



Well done, Jac.
You guys are safe.

No-one going home.
Grab your gear, head on out.

Thank you. Good luck, guys.
Enjoy your evening off.

Good luck, guys.
Good luck.

Good luck, guys.

Mokuta, huge effort.

Nevertheless, Tribal Council tonight,

where one of you
will become the fourth person

voted out of
Australian Survivor: All Stars.

Grab your gear, head on out.
I'll see you guys tonight.

Ah, dear.

Tonight we go to Tribal Council
and somebody has to go home.

I want to surround myself
with strong people.

Michelle, for me,
it's a very simple vote.

Bad luck, everyone.

It was a huge challenge.

After losing that challenge...

..I am concerned.

This has all...

It's alright, we'll get an ember.

Let's get that happening now.

The fact that I was the first to go,

I know straightaway they're gonna
label me as the weak one

and try and get everyone to vote me out.

Oh, yeah, there we go.
There's some.

Ah, nothing to worry about.

- Don't stress. All good.
- Sweet.

Oh, I... I just... who practises
carrying, like, 30-kilo barrels?

Like, that is not my forte.

My strength is my social game.

That's what I'm backing
to get me through this game.


I'm gonna go get some water.
I'll come with.

A lot can happen in scramble time.

No-one's really
come to any consensus yet.

What are you thinking?

We'll keep you... keep you updated.

Well, I just...

..I just don't want to fall in
the minority tonight, that's all.

No, absolutely.

I'm just grasping at the people
who will speak to me

and throw out a few names,
other than mine.

Well, who... who are you voting?
What are you doing?

Any. Any name other than mine.

Any single name.

I've just got to get to the next point.


Like, I just... I don't have anything.

I don't have anything to go with.

Like, I feel like I just can't even pick.
Alright. Yep.


..when I ask people,
"What are you thinking..."

..oh, they're all not thinking anything.

Yep. Yeah.

I feel like I get nothing from them.

I can just tell
by the look in their eyes...

Yes, ma'am.

..that they're gonna vote me.

Ah, well,
at least we've got fire.

Yep, we got fire.
That's good.

We just needed one of them to go, one,

and then they were done.

Being an AFLW footballer,
I am a competitive beast.

Like, I've got white-line fever.

As soon as the whistle goes,
I'm ready to go.

Losing today just proves that
we really need to keep our strength.

Yeah, and I think we've just got to
think about that at this point.

I mean, look at today's challenge.

Like, that was brute strength.

We need to be able to compete
and beat the other tribe.

Otherwise we will end up annihilated.

We need to stay strong.
We need strong people around us.

We've just got to... yeah.

Look at today's...
look at today's challenge.

Like, what was that, five minutes?

If we lose anybody else, like...


..that digs into our real strength.

Michelle, for me,
it's a very simple vote tonight.


We need weight. We need power and weight.
You're happy to do it?

It just seems like
the obvious choice to me.


It makes so much sense
to knock out Michelle tonight.

Like, get rid of the weak.

She held that barrel there
for, like, two minutes.

But that doesn't matter.
We're playing Survivor.

We're not playing 'who's the
strongest and can hold a barrel'.

Michelle, she's someone
that I can see working with me.

She's got to stay.

So I'm going for Sharn.

Sharn, the best player to play
the game that hasn't won,

without a doubt.

Sharn can appeal to those
trustworthy, loyal hero types,

but she's also got a strategic mind.

She's got to go.

But right now
I'm trying to build an army.

I need numbers in this game.

Sharn is brilliant in this game.

She came second.

So I think it's easy.

OK, do it. Easy.

I'm gonna lie, deceive, manipulate.

Yeah, yeah.

Whatever has to be done,
I'm gonna set this game alight.

And we can't sway.


Henry is going nuclear.

Everyone agrees we're gonna
vote out Michelle tonight.

But he's running around here, like,
trying to set this forest on fire.

That is not OK with me.

I don't want to vote out Sharn.

Sharn is someone who I see myself
working with for a very long time.

So I'm going to switch my vote to Henry.

I have officially decided...

..I'm off the Henry wagon.

He doesn't care about challenges.

He doesn't care about

the conventional stuff
that's easy to predict.

If you want me to do this,
then I'll do it.

That's fine.

What do you want to do?

My preference...

..I really strongly think
that we need to take out Henry.

Well, we can.

And I understand that
he's a challenge asset,

and that's a huge deal.

They coming back?
I know Henry.

- I know Henry.
- Yeah.

I-I just... I know him personally.

And I know how he thinks about
this game better than anyone.

I'm telling you, for the group,

for all of us, for the future,

he's got to go.

Nick is running absolute
rampage through the jungle,

pitching that Henry must go...

..which is crazy.

I don't want to keep coming back here.

No. Absolutely not.
Look at today's challenge.

Yeah, I know.

At this point in time,
we need to stay strong,

we need strong people around us

and we don't want to be
losing challenges.

It doesn't make sense for us
to get rid of Henry tonight.

It will get done.

I just don't think that that one
needs to happen tonight.

Do you want Michelle to go home
or do you want Henry to go home?

I'd prefer Michelle.
Me too.

Moments before Tribal Council...

Well, I think so, as well, for strength.

I would prefer Henry
because he's the most strategic.

..there's... there's a lot of voices.

A lot, a lot of voices at the moment.

I'll vote Michelle.
I'd prefer to vote Michelle.

Who's going Henry?
I'll vote Henry. Can you vote Henry?


There's no clear, "This is
what we're gonna vote for."

It's gonna be... oh, this is
gonna be a messy one.

I think I'm... I think I'll be alright.


I worked my butt off today.

And it's gonna come to fruition
right now with Sharn going home.

I can talk my way
out of anything,

and that's what I'm gonna do.

I'm gonna bring it.

I'm gonna play hard, so watch out.

They're not gonna know what hit them.

Am I missing something?

No hole for you, John?

No, I can't go.

There it is, buddy.
Ah, there it is!

All good.

So, John, at the risk
of stating the obvious,

Mokuta's here tonight
because you guys lost the challenge.

Why do you think you guys lost?

You know, obviously having
two barrels we had to account for,

as opposed to the other team's one.

They quite easily
just moved it down their line,

whereas, uh, yeah, we were depleted
pretty quickly as a result.

Zach, it looked like
you gave it everything today.

Do you think everyone else
in the tribe did the same?

I mean, the other tribe are tough

and I feel like everyone
gave everything they had.

It was difficult.

It's 26 kilos. It's a lot of weight.

Michelle, you were the first
to drop out.

Do you think that might
put a target on you tonight?

Of course.

But if you look to the first challenge,

I think we kind of said
as soon as we got back to camp,

collective win, collective loss, right?

So when you start pinpointing,
if that was the case,

then Lee would've been in trouble
the first week...

..'cause he missed the shots.

But as a team, we've kind of chose
not to do it that way.

Sharn, you dropped out
soon after Michelle.

Are you convinced that
it's collective win, collective loss?

I think we're a tribe and
we have to work together as a tribe.

We never know what the
challenge is gonna be,

some may play to shorter people in one

or stronger people in another

or more agile people in another.

We all bring different
things in different ways.

So I think the tribe
has to remember that.

When you make a football team,

you don't make it with a
pack of Burgess brothers

and just put all forwards.

You've got to have your
wingers, your centres.

You've got to have a team
with a range of skills.

How do you see your skill in this tribe?

Without a doubt, cardio.
I can cardio all day.

I can run, I can swim
and I'm pretty good at balancing.

Lydia, do you think
that there's a clear distinction

between strength and cardio,

or do you think
they kind of go hand in hand?

We do need, as a tribe,
a collection of skills,

whether it's puzzles,
whether it's balance,

whether it's the brute force,
the cardio.

It's all gonna come into play.

It's just a matter of, moving forward,

how are we gonna package up that tribe

to best conquer that other tribe?

You talk about a strong tribe.

What do you consider a strong tribe?

Do you consider
that if there is a tribe swap,

that we're thick as thieves
and we stick together?

'Cause that's important to me.

You're talking about loyalty.

A strong tribe, to me,
is people I can trust,

people I can move forward with

and when I give them my word
and when they give me their word,

I can rely on that.

I didn't want to sit up there
to sunbake.

We gave it our all.

But there are many aspects of this game,

and challenges is just one of them.

What about you, John?

Do you think challenge performance

is gonna have an impact
on tonight's vote?

Oh, for sure, mate.
Like, none of us want to be here.

None of us want to come back here,

But what Michelle's saying
is definitely true.

We want to go into a swap situation
and have people we can rely on.

Henry, I see you agreeing with that.

Yeah, exactly.

I want to move forward
with a mixture of those things...

..but numbers is where I'm at.

You need the numbers
to advance in the game.

Numbers is the thing
that you can always count on.

What about for you, Abbey?

Is loyalty more important
than physical strength at this point?

I value loyalty probably the most
out of everything in this game.

But looking at the other tribe,
they're very strong.

They've got a number of big boys
on their side.

You know, their girls
are incredibly strong, as well.

So, for me,
as much as we love seeing your face,

I don't want to see it this often,

I don't want to come back here
to Tribal Council.

So, you know, strength
does play a factor

in my vote tonight, as well.

But not all the challengesare just strength based.
No, no, no, no, no.

There's so many aspects of it.


But you take all of that
into consideration.

I'm not just saying that somebody
who drops out first is my vote.

I'm just saying that
every kind of... every component

of these challenges
is taken into consideration.

Nick, what kind of things
are you considering tonight?

I'm considering the fact that we
have to move cohesively forward.

That's always been
what I've been talking about.

That trumps strength.

That trumps challenges.
That trumps loyalty.

It's about a cohesive group
of people that want to work together

and can work together.

Zach, if you lose someone tonight
who's strong,

does that mean that you risk coming
back here again night after night?

That's always the risk you take
if you take out someone strong.

I mean, we don't want to be
coming back here all the time,

and you take out stronger players...

..and you're left with

someone that's not quite as capable
in their place.

Yeah, the possibility of coming
back here increases exponentially.

I don't want that.

Harry, what's tonight's vote about?

We've talked a lot about challenges,

but, for me, it's not really
about challenges today.

Tonight's vote for me
is more about the promises I've made

and being a reliable ally

to the people that I've tried to
make bonds and relationships with.

What about you, Shonee? What do you
value in this tribe right now?

Thought you forgot about me.

Tonight I want to vote
and I want to move forward

with people who I can trust

and who I see the bigger picture with.

Nick, do you think a line
will be drawn in the sand tonight?


And if it stays as a line, that's fine.

But if that line goes any deeper
and becomes a crack,

then we've got a problem.

I do not want us to fracture.

We have to get the majority
on the same page in this tribe.

So, Michelle, what should the tribe
remember before we go up to vote?

Think about the tribe

and think about your whole game.

Getting through tonight's vote
is one thing,

but creating a long-term plan
is another.

And know who you can trust.

Henry, what would you say
it's about for you?

Taking a step in the right direction,

and hopefully a direction
that everyone can get on board with.

Do you think you have numbers tonight?

It is Survivor. People lie.

But I put trust in the people
that I put trust in for a reason.

And so I am confident.

Alright, well, I think we should vote.

I think we should vote.


I've never been first.

Good luck.

I'll go count the votes.

If anyone has a hidden immunity idol
and they want to play it,

now would be the time to do so.

OK, once the votes are read,
the decision is final.

Person voted out will be asked to leave

the Tribal Council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote, Michelle.

Michelle. That's two votes Michelle.


Two votes Michelle, one vote Sharn.


We're tied.
Two votes Michelle, two votes Sharn.


Two votes Michelle, two votes Sharn,
one vote Henry.


We're tied again.

Two votes Michelle, two votes Sharn,
two votes Henry.


That's three votes Henry,
two votes Michelle, two votes Sharn.


We're tied again.

Three votes Michelle,
three votes Henry, two votes Sharn.


That's four votes Michelle,
three votes Henry, two votes Sharn.

Fourth person voted out of
Australian Survivor: All Stars...


That's five votes.
You need to bring me your torch.

Michelle, the tribe has spoken.

Time for you to go.
Alright. Good luck, guys.

Well, only time will tell
if tonight's vote

is the glue
that will hold this tribe together...

..or the crack that'll tear it apart.

Grab your torches, head back to camp.

See you, Jonathan.

Tomorrow night
on Australian Survivor...

Go, go, go, we're almost there!

..with Michelle gone...
You need boys!

- ..can the green tribe, Mokuta...
- Let's go!

..overpower yellow tribe, Vakama?

Out of the way, Maty!

Or will they find themselves
back at Tribal?

Oh, Henry!


My goal is to throw Mat under the bus.

..the knives are out...

I need everyone in this
tribe to know that I mean business. these All Stars
prepare for the kill.

I want to be the one
handing out the tickets

to the destroy Henry parade.

I don't think there was
any more I could've done.

But it doesn't take
away the devastation.

I think Harry, Nick and all the
sporty people voted me out.

I think they just want
to play a safe game

and be on the right side of the numbers.

All Stars is as tough as it gets.

You've got the best of the best
out here from four seasons.

Being the winner would've been amazing,

but it's not to be for me.

Last time, I came fourth.

This time, I'm fourth one out.

I will not be using four in any of
my lotto numbers, put it that way.