Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 5, Episode 3 - Episode #5.3 - full transcript

They don't call it All Stars for nothing, and this episode proves just how cutthroat Survivor royalty can be with the most epic Tribal Council the show has seen.

on Australian Survivor...

..24 all-stars returned.
How are ya?

- Old friends...
- What's doin'?

..and staunch rivals... to play
the greatest game of their lives.

Everyone standing here
represents the best of the best

of Australian Survivor.

They were divided into two new tribes.

On the green tribe, Mokuta.

This time my social game's
gonna be out of this world.

This is the circle of trust.
OK, everyone?

The greatest social players of the game

teamed with elite athletes
and challenge beasts.

I'll do anything to win.

At yellow tribe, Vakama,

two distinct alliances
quickly formed...

We wanted to tell you straightaway.
We just...

..with David at the top of one...
I feel golden.

..and 'Godfather' Mat
heading up the other.

I'm ready to play.

Mat, as well as Henry
on the other tribe,

found the first idol clue.

"The idol is hidden at Tribal Council

"in a tree behind where
the torches stand."

Henry got to it first.

"Congratulations, you have
found a hidden immunity idol.

"But its power is only valid
at the first three Tribal Councils."

But at the last Immunity Challenge...

Mokuta wins immunity! was Mat's yellow tribe, Vakama,

who found themselves heading to Tribal.

David wanted Jericho out of the game.

The Cookie Monster's going down.

But Jericho wasn't lying down.

You play hard or you go home.

At Tribal Council...

I'm sorry.

..he put on an impressive performance.

You're supposed to suspend
your values, your morals,

even your feelings.

Sometimes you can't.

But David saw it for what it was.

And another former winner...

Second person voted out of
Australian Survivor: All Stars,


..was sent home.

The tribe has spoken.

22 are left. Who will
be going home tonight?

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I walked two metres away.

Come back here.

It's day six.


With Jericho going home, I'm
even more in the majority now.

And I'm feeling pretty good.

See, this is a good height for
you, too. My tribe boyfriend.

My strategy is to power-couple up.

I like that face. Do it again.


Yeah, I think Locky's my kind of guy.


But I don't think I'm
alone on that front.

Brooke, Phoebe and I are all single.

And we've got this very
eligible bachelor,

chiselled jawline, 6ft,

can make a shelter.

Quick release system.
Locky's quick release.

Is that what they call... Oh.
Locky's quick release.

Ticks all the Survivor female boxes.

Think it's in my eye.


Brooke's definitely my type.

I mean, she's adventurous, outgoing,

uh, fit.

So is Daisy... I think.

I want to have a baby? Yeah, maybe.
But not right now.


I dunno, she's bogan as all hell,
but she's so fun to be around.

Where's Osher when you need him?
I know, right?

Like, I don't know... I can't...
I'm like, this is bad.

It's not 'The Bachelor On Survivor'.

AK, can you come and be Osher, please?

Nah, Locky IS the bachelor of Survivor.

Just pick one winner.



We've had a fantastic 25 days.

But, unfortunately, tonight...

..the experience will
end for one of you.

That's so good!

He just walks off!

Alright, go on.

So it's been a long time.

I've actually had so much fun
with all of you.

So I'm gonna give you...

this. Come on.

Flirting can definitely
help your game play.

If Locky's someone
who sits highly in the tribe

and I'm his right-hand woman,
then that's great for me.

I can't pick.
I'm not... I'm not... I'm not...

Not that I can't pick,
I'm just not going to pick.

Yeah, I hope I'm winning.

Wait, what about now?


Yeah, so how's your day?

So how would you like your hair today?

Just take out the knots, please.

And if there's any split ends,
just remove them.

Do you wear your part to the side
or in the middle?

- Yeah, goddamn.
- Yeah, so much easier.

Thanks, Abs.
You're right.

Using the immunity idol...
That's good.

..for renovations.

No Tribal Council last night.

Dynamics of the tribe
are really good at the moment.

Things are nice and cruisy.

Would you like
a coffee with that, or a tea?

I would love one.

We're playing the best game in the
world. It's a privilege to be here.

Is that...
Oh, mate.

Like, just bloody five days,
they're already tearing part.

Nah, you've had them...

Was that last season, as well?

Every single day,
your mind takes you back to Survivor

when you played last time.

You know, waking up going,
"Oh, that's right,

"my back's really sore.

"Oh, that's right, I've scraped
the hell out of my knees."

Oh, Lee, it's so squishy.

That's bad, bad, not good.

- Oh, it's creme brulee.
- Oh, God.

Look at that.

That's not right.
That's disgusting.

After the first Immunity Challenge,
where I epically failed...

Lee, the ex-cricketer.

It's short.

..there was a nickname
floating around camp,

'Custard Arm Carseldine'.

Lee misses shot after shot.

That is not a great nickname

for someone who used to throw
a cricket ball for a living.

Up, up, up, up, up!

Hopefully that tag can go away.

Oh, do you want to
take another piece? Or...

That almost looks like,
um, Chicago Bulls.


Mate, that's art right there.

Yeah, I haven't had
a lot of chats out here yet.

You know, you don't want to
go too hard, too fast.

There's 50 days in this game.

That's what I'm running with.

He's off his head, Johnny.

People are still finding the people
that they get along with,

who they can relate to.

But since day one, I've built up
quite a rapport with Lee.

I mean, we're connected.

We're both runners-up.

We just want stability and reliability

'cause this end of the game,
that's what you need.

Yeah, you can play your games down...
Yeah. Absolutely.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Like, everyone knows that.

Like, that's what happens at the end
game. But now we just want to work.

He knows that to get so close
to winning, it's devastating.

It really is. Like, it... it was hard
for me to deal with for a while.

I work as a criminal barrister.

I address juries regularly.

It's something I'm very used to
and comfortable in doing and good at.

But the Survivor juries
are very different.

You talk about honesty and loyalty

and you thought Mat's name
was gonna come up.

Did you tell him?

I didn't get an opportunity
to tell him.

In, uh... you know...

Sharn, your mistake cost me the game,

but it also cost you my vote.

To come so close, one vote,

when you worked so hard, it was hard.

And I love Survivor.

I'm a fan. That was a dream.

And it was taken from me.

So that's why I'm back here.

I want to go all the way
and I want to win it.

I was so goddamn close last time.

I-I... I won't settle
for anything less.

The tribe
at this point is divided.

One, two, three, four, five, six.

You've got the beautiful people,

seven of those guys,

with cocky Locky and smooth-talkin',
good-lookin' Dave running that show.

And then you've got
the real beautiful people...

It's a beautiful coastline here,
isn't it?

The old ducks.

We need to get back
to the retirement village.

We've got a solid four of Mat, Moana,
Tarzan and myself.

Got a really strong bond.

We'll never write
each other's names down.

I haven't spread it yet, either.

Is this like a lover's tiff

over your sleeping arrangements, is it?

Like, what's going on?
She's got a sore arse.

Yeah, right.

And, unfortunately,
we clearly sit at the bottom.

But you know what?
I'm putting my fate in Mat's hands.

Mat's used to fighting tooth and nail.

You know, he's... he's been
a team member all his life.

I've got a sexy kit on.

You do.
You're rocking it.

Oh, I had no idea. Did you?
I had no idea it was him.

No, no, they did well, yeah.

Being on the bottom is not fun.

Jericho's gone.
You know, a huge blindside.

Totally caught me off guard.

My alliance is down to four.

But... I'm not gonna go down
without a fight.

I do feel a responsibility for my team.

I'm certainly not just gonna
leave 'em hanging

and us just be sitting ducks.

I was just thinking,
"What can I do? What can I do?"

And then I remembered the idol.

Henry's got it,
and he's on the other tribe.

You know, my plan moving forward,

I'm making a beeline for Henry
at the first opportunity

and just going,
"Mate, if we lose immunity,

"swing me that immunity idol
'cause I need it desperately."

Well, that's good.

Dave, Dave, Dave.

"Dave, Dave, Dave, Dave, Dave."

Yeah, they heard that.
They heard that.

Did they see it?

I've never really been in
a majority alliance before,

so this is a weird spot to be in.

It's like we're ruling
the schoolyard right now.

They're all lookin'.
They're all lookin'.

It happened really fast.

It was all kind of like
the younger players got together.

I mean, that's not me 'cause I'm 39,

but I'm, you know, "Hey, young kids.

"Dave's here to play Survivor.
What's cool?"

I've been doing a good job
of playing with Locky,

getting alongside the girls.

And they've been opening me
with welcome arms,

like, "Come on in, Davey."


Oh, my God, you found it! Yes!

Thing is...

..not a big fan of the old Daisy.

I'm trying to figure out
how to get my revenge on Daisy

just because of what she did to me
last time we played.

15th person
voted out of Australian Survivor,

second member of our jury.

David, you need to bring me your torch.

She blindsided me!

Naughty, naughty.

I want to get Daisy out and
I would like her to be blindsided.

And I think there's one person in
this tribe who can help me do that.

Mat's kind of walking around, like,
"Ehhh, Godfather," doing his thing.

He's running the minority alliance

and maybe I can use this
to my advantage.

Every fibre of my being
is telling me to take Mat out.

But I'm here for revenge.

We are the most unlikely alliance
in this game,

and they will never see us coming.

Oh, yeah.
Do you want some of this?


I know, I feel so fresh.


Right now my trust lies
wholly and solely with my alliance.

But David's pitch, I mean,
it does have some appeal to it.

It really does.

I mean, you think,
"Alright, no-one's gonna see us

"working together
if we're in separate alliances."


That could work.

Could we do it? Could he trust me
enough and could I trust him enough?

I just get so nervous,
seeing the way he's played the game.

But I just also think, "Far out,

"this could be the greatest foil
in Survivor history."

Who's the evil?

Come on in, guys!

Mokuta getting their first look
at the new Vakama tribe.

Jericho voted out
at the last Tribal Council.

- Jericho!
- Oh!


Michelle, are you surprised
to see Jericho gone?

I am. I'm really surprised.

Kind of gives you a little bit of
an insight into how they're voting,

whether they're doing it for strength

or there's alliances already formed.

And, yeah, I'm a bit sad
to see Jeri go, but...

..that's the game.

So, Daisy...

..that was a fun Tribal last night.

Yeah, wasn't it ever. Giddy up.

How's everyone feeling this morning?

Oh. United as one.

Jacqui, are you feeling united?

Jonathan, I'm as pumped as your guns.

Are you guys ready
to get to today's Reward Challenge?


Today's reward is comprised
of three All Star challenges.

You will need to pick players
to compete in each of them.

The first tribe to win two,
wins reward.

- Want to know what you're playing for?
- Yes.

Something I'm pretty sure you've
all been craving out here,

hot, delicious coffee.

That'd be good.

Cup of Joe any way you like it,
with sugar and milk.

I'm a coffee addict.
Oh, my God.

OK, first round...

..two players from each tribe

will work together to solve a puzzle.

Once it's complete, you will then
throw sandbags to knock it over.

The first pair to do so,
scores a point for their tribe.

Alright, who you guys putting up?

OK. OK, so...

I'm happy to throw, and if
someone wants to do the puzzle?

Do the two people
need to do the puzzle?

You're, like, puzzle AND throw.
I've done this one.

Then I can give advice from the back.

Alright, let's get to it.

The first round,
we have Henry and Lee for Mokuta

taking on AK and Locky for Vakama.

Let's go, boys.

Survivors, ready... go!

Go, boys!

So you reckon small Mokuta.

This is a simple puzzle,
only a dozen pieces.

V, V, V.

Where's that V, V, V?

Lee, find the corners.
Nah, no, no.

Oh, yeah, the corner's here.

Yep, M.

Henry and Lee
working well together for green.

Here we are.

Starting to come together.

Are you still
looking for the V?

Vakama a little slower.

Is that it? Nah.
Nah, that's mine.

Yep, got the V, got the V.

Second row, switch those two around.

That one?

That one?

Green have a nice rhythm.
There we are.

Bring the far right one over, Locky!
Bottom right corner!

Yellow not far behind.

Come on, Lock!
Next one, bottom right!

Watch out, watch out, watch out.
Mokuta's green puzzle very close.

Yes! There, up!

Run, run, run, run!
Wait! On the back.

Go, push.

Mokuta's moving it
to the back of the table.

Yeah, push.

Go, go, go!
Good, Mokuta, start throwing!

Come on, guys! You can do it!


Go back! Swap!

Vakama falling behind.

Henry takes a shot. He connects.

Alright, yellow puzzle's good.

Start throwing, Vakama.

Lee has a shot.


Get the bottom,
get the bottom.

Vakama desperately trying
to knock theirs off.

- Come on, boys!
- Come on, guys!


Lee knocks off three blocks in one hit.

Vakama really needs to catch up here.


One block left for Mokuta.

Put some heat into it.

- Nice, AK.
- Come on, Hen! Come on!

Aim it, aim it, aim it.
Mokuta firing furiously.

Can they knock that last block off?

That's it!

Mokuta wins the first round!

Good, boys! Yeah!

Let's go, Hen!
Let's go, Hen! Let's go!

Let's go!

Well done, mate.

Well done, boys.

Proud of you, man.


OK, next round, one member
from each tribe will hold up a net,

while two members from the other
tribe will throw coconuts into it,

making it heavier to hold.

Last person holding up their coconuts
scores a point for their tribe.

Alright, guys, who you putting up?

One, two, three?
Yeah, I can throw 'em.

You two throw, you hold?

Yeah, if you want me to.
I can do it.

- Zach, Zach.
- Zach, you hold.

Zach, definitely.

Alright, guys,
go take up your positions.

Go, guys.

OK, next round, from Mokuta,

we have Zach on the rope
and Lee and John throwing.

Zach will be here all day, Locky.
You're in trouble.

We have Locky on the rope and David
and Mat throwing for Vakama.

It's not about pec strength here.

Mokuta lead one-zip.

If they win this round,
they win reward.

Survivors, ready...


Come on, boys.
Go, come on!

The goal is to load up
the other tribe's net

with as many coconuts as possible.


- Vakama's landed a couple.
- Try it like... yep.

Locky swinging his sack,

making it very difficult
for green to land a nut.

Good strategy, Locky.

Keep going, keep going.

Vakama gets another one in Zach's net.

Yes, Johnny!
Mokuta lands one now.

Mokuta lands another one.

Green lands another two.

John gets one in for green.


No, other way, other way.

Other way. Other way! Other way!

Green is on fire.
Keep going, guys. You're killing it.

David gets one in for yellow.

Mat's short.

John goes again...

..and lands another one for green.

- Yes!
- Yes, well done.

Mokuta can win it right here.

Mokuta has one point already.

Vakama needs to score a point
to stay in it.

Mokuta loading up Locky's net.

It's all mental strength, Locky.


Locky down on the ground now,

- trying to get some leverage.
- Go, Lock.

Locky needs to win it
to keep Vakama in this challenge.

Green machine! That's it.

Locky taking nut after nut.

David lands one.

- Mat gets another one.
- Good job, Mat.

Lee lands one, David lands one.

John lands one.

Hang in there, Lock!

Locky's basket is getting very heavy.

Zach, you've just
got to hold now!

Strain on Locky's face right now.

How long can he hold in there?

Locky's gonna go, guys.

Keep working.

Both boys on the ground now.

Who can outlast the other?


- Zach, he's struggling!
- He's struggling, Zach!

Zach, one more minute!

Locky's really struggling now.


Both boys digging deep.

Zach, just stay strong.

Come on, Locky!

If Locky drops his sack,
Vakama is out of the challenge.


And that's it!

Mokuta wins reward!

Whoo! Ha-ha!

Well done, man! Well done!

Son, I love you!

Well done, brother.
Mate, if you can.

Mokuta, congratulations.

Your coffee will be waiting
for you back at camp.

Grab your gear, head on out. Enjoy.

Good job, guys.

Vakama, got nothing for you.

Grab your gear, head back to camp.

Thank you.

Mat Rogers came to me with an idea
about giving him my idol.

It's weighing up on my mind.

The next Tribal is the last chance
I can play it.

This idol's like a grenade.

Before it goes, I've got to throw it.

Last time I went home, I went home
with an idol in my pocket.

I cannot let another idol
blow up in my own hands.


How exciting!
Oh, my God! What is this?

Winning reward was great.

See this little table set up
with all these mugs

and coffee, sugar, milk.

And I see a magazine.

- Harry!
- Oh, Tribal Life.

Tribal Life.

The magazine was flipping through
Survivor history

by the people who made that history.

So Lee opened up
our little barista coffee shop.

I'm already sweet enough.

Then we got to sit down as a group

and reflect on iconic Survivor moments.


Righto, this is my homeboy Dirty Harry.

The cockroach.

- "Dirty Harry ices the Godmother."
- Ices!

So it's my face
on the front cover

and, unfortunately,

it's not the best look for me.

Harry managed to survive
astronomical odds...

..and stuck it up the Godmother,

once and for all, sent her packin'.

In All Stars, we are dealing with
history and reputations.

But I want to play
a different game this time.

I actually really liked her.

Even though we were trying
to get each other out,


I want to be a guy that is

not necessarily a good guy,
but reliable.

- Show the photo first.
- That's a good photo, Nick.



It says, "Survivor's
deadliest snake, question mark?"

Trying to hide from the tabloids
is not a good idea.

I lied about a idol clue.

I made up a fake poem.

I used my poetry skills for evil.

Good boy!
Can you recite the poem, Nick?

Um, it was something like, um...

- Dig in the ground...
- Near a throne.

..near a throne for a king

An idol... an idol will be found...

And immunity it will bring.

Um... was designed to throw off
three people off the scent.

Um, but it all backfired

'cause then they thought
I was lying to them as well,

which I can see why they felt that.

Yes, I remember what happened,
and it is not going to happen again.

"Long drop for idol."

Oh, no.
This is one of those moments!

OK, so it's "Barrister Sharn Coombes
held in contempt

"for mishandling immunity idol."

Mine represented my most unfortunate
idol-pooping moment.

So I'd hid it
in the back of my pants...

Oh, Sharn!
..and as I've come round,

I kind of went into a quick trot...

Very nicely done. Whoops.

Well, there you go.

'Cause my pants had got so big by
that stage. They were really loose.

It was really special. It was really
nice telling yarns, telling stories.

OK, the headline's "Yoga master
or master manipulator?"

Some were good memories...

"Shonee holidays her way to day 47."

..some were bad memories.

"Lydia loses grip on alliance."

It was an Olympic-sized blindside.

Some were happy...
That's one of the most famous arses

in Australia at the moment, so...

- You got some good glutes on ya.
- He does.

..some were sad.

"Stephen accuses Abbey
of being weak."

"Athletes' alliance is in tatters,"

You switched the vote
and you jumped to the other side,

so that's not a team player.

So uncalled for from Steve.

So uncalled for.

Like, I was just... Oh!

You know, I'm an emotional person.

Like, I will own that.
I don't try and hide it.

Some hard-luck stories.
We got down to the final four

and Jericho said,
"Let's go to fire challenge,"

'cause I think Jeri knew
he would beat me, and he did.

There it is.

Jericho wins this challenge,
sending Michelle to the jury.

It was a good reminder

of how precarious and precious

these inches and minutes and moments
are in the game.

"Lee falls second to Kristie

"in gruelling
six-and-a-half-hour challenge."

I'm so proud of you.


It was one of those ones
where you don't even know

- how you got through six and a half hours.
- Yeah.

Seeing that image really
brought back a lot of memories.

And then Kristie took me

and absolutely annihilated me
in the final Tribal.

Didn't she, Nick?

When I used those words
"trust", "loyalty" and "respect",

I set myself up for failure.

I honestly did.
You seriously did, Lee.

I did.
You seriously did.

But I tried as hard
as I possibly could.

She did a great job.
She sold herself unbelievably well.

Yeah, half a million later.

My understanding of the game
is a lot better.

I have learnt that
I can be honest to my alliance

and try and protect that alliance
as much as I possibly can.

And if that involves lying,
then I'm comfortable with that.

Zach attack!

"Zach blames ladies for losing.


Please explain, Zach.

"..calls female tribemates weak
and creates battle of the sexes."

Why don't you puff
your chest a little more, mate?

You should borrow my sports bra.

Think it is highly possible that a
woman could beat me in a challenge,

but that all depends on what it is.

If it's physical strength,
girl, no chance.

But, you know, if we're looking at,

like, a dishwashing challenge,
I might be in trouble.

Hey, look, man, I was just calling
'em as I see 'em.


No, but, no, but seriously...

- So the beans need emptying and...
- Yes.

I've been doing the dishes here!

I dunno if you guys have noticed!
He has been doing the dishes.

I've been doing dishes!
He has been doing dishes.

Thank you. Thank you.

I definitely had
a clear goal of playing

a much more social game
this time round.

Shonee, Shonee, is Zach different
this time than last time?

Oh, absolutely, 100%.
A whole new person, really.

A whole new person. I'm reformed.
I'm reformed.

I feel like I'm making some progress.

Or some 'brogress'.

- That's everyone.
- Good job, everyone.

Nice trip down memory lane.
That was a good one, guys.

Seven verse four has put me
in a pretty precarious position.

It's... it's tough, but I've got
the chance to get an idol.

Henry has it,

and I'm hoping he'll give it to me
at the challenge if we lose.

But teaming up with David,
I'm unsure, I'm just so unsure.

You know, he says he wants
to shake things up

and I certainly don't want to sit there

and be cannon fodder
for the alliance of seven.

I'm gonna have to go to David
and put my entire game on the line.

We'll be getting picked off
if I don't. Simple as that.

You tell me who you're voting for,
I'll play the idol on them

and then I'll vote out someone
out of your alliance.

You want to work together, this is
gonna be the ultimate trust here.


If Mat does get the idol from Henry,

I'll be able to use it
to put someone out that I want gone.

You got to let go. You got to trust.
You got to trust the golden one.

Come on in, guys.

So, Abbey, with the tribe
doped up on caffeine,

are you guys gonna rip it up today?

Yeah, I reckon we've all had
about 17 cups of coffee

in the last 24 hours,

so we're all itching at the bit
to just get going.

So, Mat, how critical is it
for you guys to avoid Tribal tonight?

It's All Stars and the game's underway,

so we got a strong tribe here,
and we want to keep it that way.

You guys ready
to get to today's Immunity Challenge?

Bloody oath.
Lee, thank you very much.

Here you go, champ.
Nice shorts, by the way.

Thank you, mate. Cheers.

Once again,
immunity is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge,
three members of your tribe

will attempt to push
a heavy wooden ball into a goal

while three members of the other tribe

will attempt to do the same thing.

Now, you can attack or defend,
but full contact is allowed.

First tribe to score two goals,
wins immunity, safe from the vote.

The losing tribe,
Tribal Council, where one of you

will become the third All Star
voted out of this game.

Let's get it on.

Alright, first round is for the boys.

Vakama, you're picking first.

Let's go, boys.

Speed here, boys.
Alright, here we go.

First round, we have Tarzan, Locky
and AK for Vakama...

Come on, boys.
You got 40 kilos on 'em!

..taking on Henry, Nick and Harry
from Mokuta.

Go, green machine!

Survivors, ready... go!


Everyone ploughing their way
through the water.

Locky gets there first.

Harry, trying to pull him off.

That is no easy task.

Go, Harry!
Yes, Harry!

Yes, Harry!
Yes, Harry! Get up him!

Oh, really digging deep!

Locky just throws Harry off
like he was a rag doll.

Hey, buddy.

Tarzan and Henry at it
on Mokuta's green ball.

Stay there, Tarzan, all day.

I'm feeling terrific.

Yeah, Tarzan!
You shall not pass!

Nothing happening over
there, just a lot of love.

Come on, Locky!

Just get him off.

Locky just tosses Nick to the side.

Go, Locky! Run!

Go, Locky!
Go, Locky!

Yes, Lock, yes!

Takes down Harry.

Ohh! That's gonna hurt.


He's such a beast,
like, "Ohhh!"

Locky trying to roll Nick
together with the ball.

Locky, push!

Everyone's locked up at the rail.

Come on, Hen! It's all you!

Henry, you got to help!

Go! Just go!

Go, Henry!

Henry breaks away,

giving Tarzan a free run.

All the way to the corner!

Henry pulls off AK.

Tarzan breaks free.
No, Tarz! No, Tarz!

Go back, Tarz!
Go back to the ball, Tarz!

Tarzan, just hold him there!

Henry, Harry's got him covered!

Henry breaks free.
He's gonna go for it.

Take him off!

Hey, boys!

Harry has Tarzan locked up.

This could be a free run for Henry.

Locky breaks free.

Get back!
Henry, back!

- Henry, go!
- Quick! Quick!

Henry comes over to try
and defend the goal. Can he stop him?

- Raahh!
- Yes!

He does!

Vakama's yellow ball
is stuck on the edge of the goal.

Go, Tarz! Go, Tarz!

Go, Tarz! Push it through!

Tarzan pushes Harry out of the way!

Vakama scores the first point.

Vakama leads one-zip.


Well done, guys.
Good effort. Good battle.


Yay! So good!

You showed them, mate.

Alright, next round,
it's for the girls.

Maybe one, two, three?

- Me, Flick and Brooke.
- Go, girls.

OK, next round we have Lydia,
Michelle and Abbey for Mokuta

taking on Daisy, Brooke and Flick
for Vakama.

- Go, girls. Go, speed to the ball.
- Let's go, girls.

Survivors, ready...


Let's go, girls!

Girls powering through the water.

Who's gonna get there first?

- Flick gets there.
- That's it, Daise.

No, go around, Abbey!

Flick and Brooke tied up
with Michelle and Abbey.

Daisy by herself with Lydia.

Abbey, take 'em out.

Take 'em out! Yes!

- Abbey takes down Flick.
- That's it, Abbey!

Now it's Brooke and Michelle pushing.

- Go, Brookey!
- Come on, Brooke!

Go, Michelle!

Oh! Abbey back in on the action.

Attagirl, Abbey! Grab her legs!

Daisy switches with Flick.
Michelle has the ball.

But Daisy's right on her.

- Alright, this is you, Daise.
- Michelle, get behind the ball.

There you go, Daisy!

Go, Daisy!
You're a beast! Go!

Daisy overpowering Michelle now.

Go, Daise! Now, Daise, now!
Go, Daisy!

Go! Go! Go!
There you go! Keep going, Daise!

You got it.

Lydia! Take her out!

Lydia in on it now.

Lydia has Daisy locked up.
Abbey, you've got to get free, mate.

You've got to get free.
You've got to.

- Abbey breaks free.
- Yes, Abbey, run!

Abbey, go!
Go, Abbey, go!

Brooke on her again.
Go, Abbey!

Come on, Abbey!

Flick and Michelle
locked up down the end.

You're doing so good.

Abbey slowly inching her way
to Mokuta's goal.

Hold her, Brooke!

All you got to do is
hold her here a couple of minutes.

Brooke trying to hold her back.

Good girl, Lydia!
Good girl, Lydia!

Lydia has Daisy all tied up.
Come on, Abs.

Inch by inch, Ab! Inch by inch, Ab!
You're an animal!

Abbey is a machine.

Yes, Abbey! Do not stop!

Go, Abs!
Do not stop!


Mokuta scores. We are tied one-one.

You did it! You killed it!

Good on ya.
Sorry, guys.

No, sorry for nothing.

Abbey, well done, well done.
That's how you get it done.

Alright, final round.
It's for the boys.

We have to win, guys.
We have to win.

We have to.

Zach, H, me.

We have David, Tarzan and Mat
for Vakama

taking on Zach, Lee and Henry
for Mokuta.

We're tied.

Whoever wins this round, wins immunity.

- Come on, boys.
- Come on, Tarzan.

- Just do what you did before.
- You got the speed, boys.

You got it.
Survivors, ready...


- Go, Dave!
- Go, Dave!

David early out of the gate,
gets there first.

Push, Dave, push!
Push, Dave!

Take him down!
Henry tries to pull David off.

How are ya, big fella?
I'm great, mate. How are you, mate?


Yeah, David! Yeah!

David breaks free.

Yeah, go!

Lee is right on him.

Zach coming over now.
It's getting scrappy out there.

No, Tarzan! Go back!

Mokuta ball is free.

Lee goes for the free ball.

David's on him.

We need you, Zach.

Nah, get on the ball.

Oh, my God! Zach takes down Tarzan.

Yes, Zach! Yes, Zach!

Zach, Zach, push.
Zach, push it off him.

Zach smashing through this!

He is a machine.

You're a machine, Zach.
You're a machine, Zach. Push. Push.

Mat trying to get back in this.

Both boys going head to head,

struggling to get a grip.

Lee, come on, mate!

Lee really digging in deep on David.

- David not giving him anything.
- You've got this, Dave.

That coffee's wearing off.

Everyone's gassed.

Whoever wins this round, wins immunity.

Who's gonna make the next move?

Mat not giving up.
Watch out.

He's trying to get back in it.
He's trying to get back in it.

Zach, switch.

- Go, Tarzan.
- Come on, Tarzan.

Come on, Tarzan.

Mate, go, go!

Go! Go!

- Henry breaks away.
- Take him out, Henry.

Take him out, take him out.

Tarzan breaks away to get in on it.

Come on, Tarzan!
You've got it!

Take him out.

Go, go, go!
A lot of action.

Lee switches out with Zach for Mokuta.

Tarzan, go, go!

Tarzan taking down Zach
very close to the goal.

All you got to do is lock it, Lee!
All you got to do is lock it!

Come on, Zach.

Tarzan breaks free.

What's Tarzan doing?
Why did he leave?

Here comes the big rig!

He goes to help Mat
try to pull Lee off the yellow ball.

Go, Henry, Zach! This is you!

Henry's going for it.

David has them both tied up.

Zach is trying to crawl to the ball.

Zach, get up!

Zach can win it right here.

Zach is really struggling.

Go, Zach.

Win it, Mat!

Mat breaks free.
Yes, Mat!

Mat, go, Mat!

Zach breaks free.

Go! Go!

Who's gonna get there first?
Come on!

Zach pushes it across the line!

Mokuta wins immunity...

..sending Vakama
back to Tribal Council!

Yes, Zach! Good boy!

Good boy! We got it.

Hey? Good boy.

You right?

Good boy.
You bloody legend!

Here, give me your hand.
Cheers, mate. Good on ya.

Mokuta, congratulations.

Immunity is yours.

Well earned.

Grab your gear, head on out,
enjoy your evening off.

Good luck.

Good job. Well done, hon. Good job.

Good luck, good luck, good luck.

Yes, Shonee!
Good luck, guys. Good luck.

Vakama, great effort today,

but, sadly, I'm gonna see you guys
tonight at Tribal Council,

where one of you
will be the third person

voted out of
Australian Survivor: All Stars.

Grab your gear, head on out.

I am 100% certain

that Henry gave Mat an immunity idol
at the challenge today.

That's a worry for my alliance.

He could completely blow up this game.

We need to be super careful
about who we're voting for.

Yeah, everyone did amazing.

There's really nothing we can do
or say about that.

So we lost the challenge today.
It is what it is.

Yeah, it's tough,
but I got myself a little idol.

I'm excited that, you know,
we're gonna have some fun.

You were amazing.
I love tackling those big fellas.

You smashed 'em.

In our alliance,
there's Mo, there's Tarzan,

there's Jacqui and there's myself.

I told these guys I'm with 'em,
and I'm with 'em.

- Let's not waste any time.
- Uh-huh.

- Let's do it.
- Alright.

Let's go to our cookie spot.

The alliance of beautiful people

wandered down the beach
and had their chat.

You gonna get in trouble
if you're not in that meeting?

That is the thing, Phoebe.

You know, they're all so smug when
they've got seven in their alliance

and there's four of us.

I didn't even draw these battlelines,

but I tell you what,
I'm gonna redefine 'em.

I will be taking control of this
tribe as of Tribal Council tonight.


We're putting our votes on Daisy.

Um, OK.

I got the idol off Henry.

Jacqui is nervous.

She doesn't know that
I've done a deal with the devil.

She doesn't know that I'm talking
to David behind the scenes.

No, no.

That's what we're doing.

So we got to calm down.
Kidding me?

I'm married.

It's my favourite thing
to be the underdog.

You know, 'cause that's... you can do
things and nobody's gonna expect it.

OK, that's all I need to know.

Alright? No dramas, no dramas.
You got this.

Also, also, also, also we will know
if Nick and Harry are lying t...

You left me behind.
No offence.

Now, can someone fill me in properly
now that we're back,

what happened at the challenge?

Henry's got an idol
and he's given it to Mat.

Mat, yep.

It's just changed the whole dynamic.

We need to either trick Mat
into thinking

it's going into some direction
and play it on someone else...

It's a bit of a shit-storm
at the moment.

What are our names?

Would be my...

He's already gone home
with an idol, he'll be pissed.

OK, so this is the thing, right?

I think Jacqui is the safest vote.

No, me neither.

If Mat has this idol,

we don't think there's any way in hell

that he's gonna play it for Jacqui.

The plan tonight
is to put five votes on Jacqui

and two votes on Mo.

So, what name do we give them that
they're not gonna be able to assess

and think we're blindsiding them?

We got to stick to a unanimous name.

We all say Mo?

We're all saying Mo.
Perfect. Alright.

That's way better. Yep.

Are we good? Are we good?

We really want Mat
to think we're all voting for Moana,

but if everything goes to plan,

Jacqui will go home tonight.

It's gonna be a good Tribal.

I'm just gonna tell it to you straight.

It's the Mo thing.

It's the connection thing, you know.


That's the problem.

Everybody gave me that name,
everybody I spoke to.

The thinking is Mo, so...

"I'm voting for Mo. I'm voting
for Mo. I'm voting for Mo."

The votes are going to Mo, so...

Now, that, to me,
seemed a little bit too obvious.

David, on the other hand,
gave me another story.

Jacqui. I'm like...

I might go to the well
and have a little bath.

Well, actually I might too.

But he's, "Jacqui."

I said, "Jacqui?"

I might, too.


How brown am I?

So, to me, it seems like
they're voting for Jacqui.

So, um... I might just play my idol
for Jacqui tonight.

David gave me a name...

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

..and it was different to the name
that everybody else gave me.

So... fingers crossed that
I'm not getting played by David.

The well?

Are you OK?
Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm good.

It's Jacqui.


Oh, it's gonna be a crazy Tribal.

Yeah, I've been doing a lot of work
to get these alliances cinched up

and to enact my plan of revenge
on Daisy.

It's really, really important

that she doesn't feel like
she's on the out.

I don't usually play
the nervous Nellie,

but, man, I am hamming it up
as much as possible today.


I'm getting sketched out, dude.

Yeah. Don't worry, I'm worried, too.

Like, are they gonna do my name again?

Are they gonna do your name again?
I reckon it's me.

You reckon?
I honestly think it's me.

I'm not scared of people having other conversations...

..but, like, I don't know,

I just, like,
I just think Mat's gunning for me.

Yeah, I don't know.

Working with Dave, for me,
is like walking on eggshells.

Right now we need to stick together
for the vote.

I feel good about Brooke, though.
I feel good about Brooke.

Oh, me too.
I feel good about Lock.

Yeah. I feel good about you.
I feel good about Locky.

I feel good about Brooke.

Sometimes it's better
the devil you know.

OK, I think we need to
get out there and start looking.

In case they've got two.

We can go hard on. Let's go hard on.

Want to go now?
That's a great idea.

Usually I wouldn't be one
to search for an idol,

but this is All Stars.

If there is another idol out there,

we need to find this idol
before the other side does.

Hmm, where would I be if I was an idol?

Alright, I'm gonna get up in this.

The camp is like a madhouse
this afternoon.

People up trees
and running off to get "firewood".

No-one's trying to hide it.

I locked eyes with Locky and
he knew instantly that I'd found it.

Like, my face was lit up.

In the tree.
Oh, my God!


Oh, my God! Whereabouts was it?

I'm so excited to tell
the rest of my alliance about this.

We've got seven people,

we've got the majority,
and we've got an idol,

so you cannot get better than that.

How'd you go, Tarzan?

I got nothin'.

Nuh. Nothing up my sleeve.

We got four of 'em.

- I found the idol.
- Did you?

- Oh, yeah.
- We've got the idol.


Just up there.

So, anyway, this is really good.

This is great because
it's out of their hands.

Yeah, it's good.
This is good.

Majority with an idol. Ho-ho-ho-ho!

I feel terrible right now.
This is the worst feeling ever.


Like, I want that back in play.

I don't want that
sitting in someone else's bag

that could potentially
be used against me.

I got big plans
for this Tribal tonight.

I want Brooke to think
I'm her number one ally.

I want her to think
I'm scared of going home.

You guys have got my back, right?

Oh, yeah.

And I want Mat to plant those seeds

so that she'll play it for me
at Tribal tonight.



If I can get Daisy out AND I can
flush Brooke's idol in the one move,

this could work out good for me.


Yeah, to strike. For sure.

I was born
in the fire of Tribal Council.

Tonight's vote really proves
whether Mat's working with me

So, David...

..last time you guys were here,

there seemed to be quite a division
within this tribe.

Is that still the case tonight?

That's definitely still the case.

Yeah, there's a huge division
in the tribe.

I think, uh,
it's a pretty clear division.

Um, and it's one
I'm pretty happy about.

So, Moana, what's your take?

Is it still split
into two distinct sides?

There's definitely two sides.

But exactly what Dave just said,

HE'S really happy about it.

It's still very much
Dave's group over there.

So he's happy, but you're not happy.

Oh, I'm happy with my four.

I know that, you know,
the people that I'm with

are loyal and they have my back.

I know we're on the bottom,

but it's Survivor, anything can happen.

What about you, Mat?
What's your take?

Well, the, uh, 'Magnificent Seven',
that I like to call them,

um, led by their fearless leader...

..the 'golden god'...

..just seem to be calling the shots
and people are just toeing the line.

You know, people are just scared
to do anything.

Yes. everybody happy in that seven?

Could things change?


There's a lot of discussions going on
with a lot of different people.

I'm getting the impression
that your side

hasn't really worked out
their plan tonight.

It's not that we haven't really
worked out our plan tonight.

I think it's just that, um...

..I mean, I'm not used to
playing in a majority.

So when things
start to get comfortable,

I think you start to maybe
get a little bit paranoid.

I'm not clear.

I mean, you have the majority,
so, why are you worried tonight?

Well, I'm not really worried tonight.

Yeah, I mean, I'm planning on,
you know, doing exactly what I said.

Last time you played,
you found yourself

on the bottom of your tribe
a couple of times.


So how do you turn
that situation around?

Um, by sowing misinformation
and throwing mud

and seeing what sticks, I suppose.

And I think Mat probably did a
pretty good job of doing that today.

No, it's not true.

I'm just nervous.

There's seven of them.

There's four of us.
And I ended up on this side.

I don't even know
how I ended up on this side.

I must've been
making rice or something.

Jacqui...'ve obviously found yourself
on the minority side.

Did you try and find

any inroads with these guys
this afternoon?

Look, I think they're
a pretty solid bunch.

You could have a zillion
conversations with these people,

but if their mind's made up,
their mind's made up.

So, Daisy, what level of trust
are you placing in your alliance?

I have faith in my people big-time.

The first vote
definitely solidified that.

It's not my people
that I'm worried about tonight.

But you have the majority.

If there's something bigger
at play tonight,

then it may not matter
whether we have the majority or not.

So when you say "something bigger",
you mean an idol?

Maybe, yeah.

Have you got one?

Do I have one?
Can I see what it looks like?

I haven't seen one yet.

You've tried.
Yeah, I tried.

So, Brooke, do you think
the idol chatter is real,

or do you think it's just paranoia?

I think it's real.

It's All Stars.
We're expecting idols.

We're expecting advantages

and we're expecting
all kinds of twists thrown at us.

If we're coming into a Tribal Council

not assuming that idols
might be out there,

I don't think we can class ourselves
as All Stars.

I think that's just a by-product

of the fact that
the game's been moving really fast.

And it is All Stars...

Um, you know, you have to be careful

and make sure
you're making the right votes,

uh, with the right people and, um...

Do you know how quick this guy moves?

..even though you are paranoid,
you do have to trust people and...

Locky, for a tribe
that's apparently divided,

there's a lot of chat going on
between the two sides.

Yeah, I know.
Can you share that with everyone?

Hell no!

Are plans changing as we sit here?

Things change all the time,
but it's looking good.

So, Mat, do you think you have
enough information for tonight?

Oh, mate, I'm just...

..sittin' here,
brain rattling around.

Small brain in a big head,
and it does a bit of rattling.

Um, yeah, and we're just
having a crack.

I'm not here just sitting
with an alliance of seven

and just pick people off.

I'm here to play.
Very easy to say that

when you're not
in an alliance with seven.


..but, mate...

..Dave, you-you say a lot.

Maybe just try talking WITH people
instead of AT people.

I was looking for interesting,
and we got it.

I sense this frustration from you.

I feel like you want an opportunity
to work with these guys.

And apparently
eight's too big a number.

And I'd have to leave
my 'Fantastic Four'.

And I can't do that now.

Why not? 'Cause I'm locked in.

You forced that on me
last Tribal Council.

Jeri got blindsided,
we got told it was someone else.

And now unfortunately
I think that someone else

is the person who's gonna
be going home tonight, so...

We haven't forced anything.
This is Survivor.

Stuff changes all the time.

You go in with the attitude that
you want to stick with the minority,

then that's on you, that's
not on anyone else.

Well, I don't change my mind
every moment.

I think they should also think
about the long game.

Got to get to the long game first.

So is the minority in trouble tonight,

or could there be something else afoot?

Oh, you got four idols for us?

Yeah, yeah.

I'll be looking in the bowl
when I get up there, mate.

I'm telling you,
it's not there.

Well, let's go to vote.

You're up.

Well, let's go to vote.

You're up.

I'll go count the votes.

If anyone has a hidden immunity idol,
and you want to play it,

now would be the time to do so.

Well, as much as my kids
loved the last one I took home...

..and so did Vinny, I believe,

I think I'm gonna play this one.

And, um...

..I might, uh,
I might play it for...

..I might play it for me.

Playing this for yourself?

No, no, I won't, actually.

They all gave me the name.

They all gave me 'Mo'.
They gave me 'Mo' last time.

And, uh, I don't think
they'll vote for me.

I'll, uh, play it for...


You're gonna play this for Jacqui?


I'm prepared to put my game
on the line for my guys.

Would any of your guys do that for you?

Thanks, Mat. Thanks.

Alright, this is in fact
a hidden immunity idol

and any votes cast for Jacqui
will not count.



while we're on the topic...

Should've come prepared, but...


Who are you playing this for?

I will play it for...


For David.

This is also a hidden immunity idol.

Any votes cast for David will not count.

Once the votes are read,
the decision is final.

Person voted out will be asked to leave

the Tribal Council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote...


Does not count.

Jacqui. Does not count.


It's me. I know it.

Moana. That's two votes Moana.


Two votes Moana, one vote Daisy.

Daisy. Tied two votes
Moana, two vote Daisy.

Daisy. That's three votes Daisy,
two votes Moana, one vote left.

Oh, babe.

Third person voted out of Australian
Survivor: All Stars, Daisy.

- Need to bring me your torch.
- It's OK.

Come here. Come here. You did such
a great job. Such a great job.

- Bye guys.
- Daisy, the tribe has spoken.

- Bye, babe.
- See you, Daise.

Time for you to go.


- And the plot thickened.
- Bullshit!

Very well played, guys.
Very well played.

Well, the best way to get on
the right side of the numbers

is by reducing the ones on the
other side with a blindside.

Grab your torches, head on out.

That was a blindside. I'm shaking.


Next Monday night on
Australian Survivor...

..the battle intensifies...

- ..Lydia in trouble now.
- these all star survivors...

- Yes, AK!
- I'm hungry, man.

- what they're made of.
- Go, Tarzan!


- ..up against the best of the best...
- I know that Locky's comin' after me.

..they better watch their backs.

I'm dangerous in this game, and if
you don't get me I'm gonna get you.

Hold on tight...

..because this game of
Survivor is about to get real.

He's gonna tear this beach
apart, and everyone on it.

I'm comin' for 'em.

Definitely wasn't becasue of
a lack of a good alliance.

Daisy, I'm just stickin' to the plan.

I knew there was gonna be two
idols most likely played.

I didn't think Mat would play
it for the right person.

Daise, that's right, you do have get to
the long game, and you won't be.

Someone may have leaked the fact that
it was Jacqui that we were putting down.

Ah, Daisy, I hope you enjoy your
blindside as much as I enjoyed mine.

Don't get bitter, get better,
is probably some good

advice that I could take
for myself right now.

Be the bulls balls, take life by the
horns, and yeah, giddy-up.