Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 5, Episode 5 - Episode #5.5 - full transcript

With a romance sparking between two tribe mates, will a power couple be formed and hold strong as the game progresses?

on Australian Survivor...

Get him! Get him, Lock!

..epic All Star challenges

have delivered even more epic rewards.

"This advantage allows two people
to attend any reward

"that your tribe does not win."

Holy shit.


..after losing three challenges in a row...
I'm hungry.

..yellow tribe, Vakama,
was determined not to lose again.

Vakama wins reward!

Yeah, Tarzan!

When Mat got his hands on another idol,

he couldn't keep it secret.

The look on everyone's face, priceless.

Then in the Immunity Challenge...

..Michelle couldn't hold on,

weakening her green tribe...

Vakama wins immunity!

..and Mokuta found themselves
headed to Tribal Council.

Back at camp, Henry was on a mission.

Nick had other ideas.

I don't want
to vote out Sharn,

so I'm going to switch my vote
to Henry.

I'm telling you, for the group,
for the future, he's got to go.

But Abbey was focused
on just one thing.

We need to stay strong.

I'd prefer Michelle.
Me too.

Michelle, she's got to go.

At Tribal Council...

..Nick made a last-ditch effort
to get Abbey's alliance on side.

We have to move cohesively forward.
That trumps strength.

That trumps challenges.
That trumps loyalty.



..although a shocked Henry
received some votes...

Fourth person voted out of
Australian Survivor: All Stars,

Michelle. the end, Abbey got her way.

20 are left.
Who will be going home tonight?

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Right now the mood around camp
is, uh, a little bit sombre.

You know, everyone's in there,
hidin' away from the rain.

But when the heavens open up
and everyone's a bit sad,

someone's got to step up and, you
know, lift the spirits a little bit.

So if it's got to be me, I'll do it.

Nudie run!


So, me and Lee,
we done a bit of dolphin divin'.


The whales!

We even had a little bit of a scrub,
so we're both smellin'...


Ahh... So good.

Oh, I tell you what, Johnny boy,

he's the bogan son I've never had.

They're doing water aerobics.

It's pretty cold, so, you know,
I was a bit nervous.

But he gets me to do things

I otherwise would never, ever
consider doing in the real world.

You know, John just brings out
my inner child.

Yeah, Johnny and I have termed
ourselves 'the Dumb-dumb Club'.

We do actually a lot of dumb things.

But you know what?
Anything for a bit of entertainment.

And it gives a bit of a laugh
amongst the group,

and that's what we want to do.

In all seriousness,
you should get out there for a swim.

It's really nice.
It is spot-on.

Welcome back, guys.

Welcome back.

This is how I remember Survivor.

I don't think it's pleasant.

Day 10, pissing down with rain.

Doesn't really bother me much.

I mean, survival is what I live for.

I love being out here...

..building shelters,

trying to keep the fire going.


So it's really nothin' to me.

Vakama, we are divided.

There's four on the bottom...

..Mat, Moana, Tarzan and Jacqui.

Oh, sorry.

I'm in the majority alliance,

alliance of six,

myself, Dave, Phoebe,

AK, Flick and Brooke.

I mean,
I think I'm sitting pretty good.

I love having Brooke around.
Me and her just get along.

And... it's great to cuddle up
to someone near the fire.

Brooke is just a sweetheart.

I mean, she's absolutely stunning.

We have been at each other's hip
the whole way through.

I mean, she's super attractive.
She's super smart.

We get along really well.

Brooke is definitely
more than a pretty face.

An emotional connection
in this game is huge.

I do trust her,

and hopefully if she feels the same,
we can take this a long way.

It feels pretty good.

But just having an idol in play
just messes with everything.

That *** idol.


It's pretty hard to not have the idol
running through your mind

when Mat's wearing it
around his bloody neck.

We're having fun here.



I mean, it was good that
it was found in front of everyone,

but it was just bad
that it was found by Mat.

So, yeah, I just decided this year
I'm just gonna win.

Wouldn't be a shock to me
if you did.

Locky's got a bit of an obsession
with my idol.

He's seen a couple found
right in front of his eyes

and he's never actually found one.

What do you reckon the time is, Mat?
Idol o'clock?

About 4:00.

They've got the majority,
but they don't have the power.

And Locky hates it.

And it is hilarious
watching him squirm.

That's how I look always at you,

I know.

You know, I've played against
some great teams in my career

and some big guys

and I sort of made a career
out of making big guys look silly,

and I plan on doing that with Locky.

I'm gonna poke and prod the bear
as much as I can.

He is actually the God...

I've got blisters on me fingers.

Oh, just look after yourself.
Watch yourself, watch yourself.

OK, just be careful there, Zach.

Oh. Careful.

Oh, strong like bull!

Yep, smacko.

Dry that out, put that in.
That's nice, nice.

Well, that's a good bit of wood.
Good bit of wood.

Get that one in.
Yes, keep going.

She's good.


Last night was chaos.

No, last night was anarchy,
complete and total anarchy.

We were all over the place.

I wanted to get rid of Henry.

But the sportier people,

they wanted Michelle gone
because Henry's good at challenges.

But basically we spooked Henry

because we split the votes.

So, right now,

Henry's like a nuclear warhead
just waiting to go off.

I have to now kick
my Henry management into overdrive

because he's becoming a desperate man,

and desperate men do dangerous things.

I think that I could be in trouble

because Henry really trusted me,
but I lied to him.

I am feeling really, really, really
nervous at the moment.

It's the first time
I've felt like I'm in trouble.

This tribe,
all they care about is strength.

So I know
that Henry's gonna target Shonee.

But I'm not down for that plan.

Right now I am closest
with Shonee and Harry... I need to get rid of Henry.

That's the goal.

I just think that he's gonna be...
like, he's already told me

that he's gonna be doing
everything that it takes...

..and that includes looking for idols,

so he can't ever be on his own.

He's gonna be throwing people
under the bus...

..he's gonna be making up stuff.

So we can't listen to his bullshit.

Henry is intentionally
trying to cause chaos.

You know, the Harry vote
in the first Tribal,

giving the idol to Mat Rogers,
targeting Sharn.

I don't know what else I need to say.

I don't know how many different ways
I need to paint the picture.

Because he's very vindictive.

He's very vindictive.

Like, he thinks on a different level.

I hope that finally, finally people
wake up to the fact

that Henry is a huge threat
and has got to go.

Otherwise, Henry is going to
burn this tribe to the ground.

Right now I'm at the bottom.

I can't trust anyone.

Everyone has betrayed me.

I love this game so much, like...

It's the strangest thing
coming out here again.

You know, the first time
I'd just lost my mum.

And that was the hardest 40 days
of my life.

And I know I got through that
that time,

but I think this game's
getting a hold of me.

I've swung, swung, swung,

and I keep striking out.

And I could just sit back and hope
they're not gonna vote me out next,


..bugger it,

I'm gonna blow shit up again.

They don't know what they're working
with. I'm a bit unpredictable.

I'm not ready to go.

Right now Shonee is the key
for me getting back in this game

because she's seen as the weakest.

So it's about appealing
to the kind of sporty alliance.

look at the shorts on him.


I might just walk around camp
tensing every muscle in my body.

We need to get rid of...

The weak.
..the weak ones.

Yeah, I know. Big-time.

And we need to get rid of
the weak ones fast.

I have to prove to this tribe
that they need me in it

if they want to keep winning.

I've got to show
every physical attribute I've got

because that's what they base
their decisions on.

So, coming into this Reward
Challenge, I've got to bring it.

Come on in, guys!

Vakama getting their first look
at the new Mokuta tribe.

Who's gone?

Michelle's gone.
Michelle's gone.

Michelle voted out
at the last Tribal Council.

David, we're 11 days into All Stars.

If you could sum up this game so far
in one word, what would that be?



Jacqui, you know Michelle.
You've played with her before.

Why do you think Mokuta got rid of her?

Oh, look, I'm not surprised
that Michelle went, Jonathan.

She's the girlie girl

and these strong women probably
saw her as the weakest link.

So, Nick, are we cohesive now?

I think that we're getting there.

You guys ready to get to
today's Reward Challenge?


Alright, for today's challenge,

you're gonna square off one-on-one.

You'll each hold an idol.

Your job is to knock off their idol
before they knock off yours.

Each time you do,
you score a point for your tribe.

First to four, wins reward.

- Want to know what you're playing for?
- Yes.

Please, come on.
I hope it's burgers.

Soft-serve ice-cream.


- With all the toppings.
- He's in love with ice-cream!

So, Harry, as the ice-cream maker
of the season,

how nice would it be
to kick back and enjoy a cone?

I think if we lost this,
it'd kill me...

Really? be honest.

Like, I need this.
I want ice-cream.

- Alright. Here we go.
- Who we putting up?


Vakama, who you putting up first?

Who's going first?

It's gonna be good.
Come on, Mat. You've got this.

Just have one eye on your idol,
one eye on them.

Don't even worry about attacking.

First round, we have Henry
for the green tribe

taking on Mat for the yellow tribe.

To score a point, all you need to do
is knock off their idol

before they knock off yours.

Survivors, ready...

- ..go!
- Go, Maty. Concentrate.

Mat walks right into the centre.

Go, Hen.
All business.

- Go on, Maty.
- Nice, Mat.

Watch yours, Hen.
Watch yours.

Watch it, Hen. Watch it, Hen.
Henry has a long reach.

Nah, he's good, he's good.
Trying to get in there.

Mat holding him off.

Ooh, graceful, Henry.

Hold it back a bit, Mat.
It's all about balance, patience

and, when you need it,
the right amount of speed.

- Henry being very aggressive...
- Yeah, go for it!

- ..trying to knock Mat off balance.
- Watch yours, Hen.

Come on, Hen.
You got this, mate.

Really working him.

He really wants that ice-cream.

Goes in there and knocks it off!

Henry scores for the green tribe.

Mokuta leads one-zip.

Thanks, brother.

Who's going? Guys, oi...

I'll go.

Yeah, just make sure
you're always holding it.

It's all about defence.
That's what I remember.

Go, Mo.
Yeah, Mo.

Yeah, go, girl.

- Moana.
- Mo's up.

Who's going up, then?
Who do we want it to be?

Who wants Mo?

Yeah, I'll give it a go.
Yeah, go, Ab.

Come on, Abbey.

We have Moana for Vakama...

..taking on Abbey for Mokuta.

Battle of the footy players.

You got this, Mo. 'Mo-jo' on.

Survivors, ready...


To keep that idol balanced while
trying to knock over your opponent,

not easy.

Both girls sizing each other up.

Just play defence, Mo.

Yeah, watch the grab.

Moana, a nice little fake-out.

- Go, go, go.
- Yeah, watch that.

Abbey's trying to get in there,
trying to reach in.

She knocks it down
and scores for Mokuta.

Mokuta lead two-zip.

Who's going?

You've got this, Phoebs.
Go, Phoebsy.

You don't need to attack.
Let's go, Shonee.

No pressure.
You don't need to attack.

Come on, Shon, you've got this.
You've got nice, long arms.

Get it more in the centre,
more in the centre.

Alright, next round
we have Phoebe for Vakama...

Go, Phoebs.
..taking on Shonee for Mokuta.

Survivors, ready...


- Lead with that shoulder.
- Come on, Shon.

Just balance that, Shon. Balance.

This is so... It's actually
really intense eye contact.

Yeah, stop looking at me.

Keep that left arm up, Phoeb.

Gotta get your arm up, your arm up.
Come on, Shonee.

Come on, Shonee! Go, Shon!
Keep your arm up.

Phoebe goes for it...

..knocks off Shonee's idol.

The yellow tribe scores the next point.

The green tribe still lead two-one.

Next round.

We'll go Zach.
Yep, you got this.

You got this, AK.

He's all about offence.
He's just like me.

You just want to smash.

Be careful. He'll tempt ya.

Zach for Mokuta

taking on AK for Vakama.

Survivors, ready...


Go, Zach. No sudden movements.

AK getting right in there.

Who's gonna make the first move?

Watch your idol.
Watch your idol.

What's the strategy here?

Let him dance around, mate.

Play it aggressively
or play it defensively?

- Zach has a nice, long reach.
- Stay low, stay low.

Can he take advantage of it?

- AK trying to swat him away.
- Zach, it's close to the front.

AK being quite aggressive.

You got to have good balance.
You got to be fearless.

Goes for it!

And Mokuta scores the point!

I was a touch too slow.

The green tribe leads...
Well done.

Well done. Good boy.

Alright, next round.

We need to win this.
Who was the best?


You've done it before.
You know what to do.

I'll try.

Yeah, Dave.

- Yeah, Dave.
- Come on, Dave.

- We have David for Vakama...
- Let's go, Dave.

- ..taking on Henry for Mokuta.
- Put it in the middle.

Mokuta leads three-one.

Green tribe wins this round,
wins reward.

Taste that ice-cream, man!

Henry could bring it home
for Mokuta right here.

Come on, Hen. Come on.
You've got this.

David needs to win it
to keep Vakama in it.

Survivors, ready...

Come on, Hen.

- ..go!
- Nice and steady.

Whose idol's gonna
hit the ground first?

Don't let him psyche you out.

Dave is really quick as well.

Both boys have long arms.

Henry trying to swat,

- playing aggressively...
- Come on, Hen.

..desperate to bring home the reward
for Mokuta.

David giving him nothing.

That's looking good, Dave.

Golden ninja.

Go, Dave.

Golden God taunting him.

Oh! Oh!

Henry's in trouble.
He's trying to save it.

He reaches in
and knocks over David's idol first

and scores for Mokuta!

Mokuta wins reward!

That was so good!

That was so good!

Nah, man, it's all good.

That was so impressive.

Oh, my God, I've never seen
anything like that. That was crazy.

Alright, Mokuta, congratulations.

Your soft-serve ice-cream will be
waiting for you back at camp.

Jonathan, just quickly.

Uh, I'd like to play a little
advantage for me and Phoebs.

The ice-cream was way too good
to pass up on.

Oh! Oi!

Oh, no way.

This reward allows Vakama
to send two people from their tribe

to join you guys on your reward.

So, who do you want to send?
Me and Phoebs.

That was from the first reward,
right? Yeah.

Locky and Phoebe.
Have fun, guys.

Come on over.
The reward where they went to the shop.

Hi! Welcome!

Alright, grab your gear, head on out.

I'm looking so good right now

because I won the challenge
for the team.

I look like an absolute challenge beast

and now I'm so confident

because I know I can swing
this tribe into my favour.

Zen Hen's back in a big way.

Today we've won
this huge reward.

- Oh, my God! Ha-ha!
- How good!

Mr Whippy!

We have ice-cream.
We have ice-cream on Mokuta.

Oh, my gosh. Oh, my God!

This is like paradise.

Ice-cream is
the greatest food on planet Earth.

Oh, there's chocolate!

Oh, there's biscuit crumbs!

Everyone is so excited.

They're just all, like,
rushing the machine.

And there's toppings,
you've got cookies, chocolate,

every type of sprinkle you can imagine.

There's these delicious cones there.

- Ah!
- Cheers, everyone.

Cheers, everyone.

It's a good one to win, this one.

And I just go
straight for the soft-serve...


..uh, with just a little bit
of sprinkles.

You want to start it
just sort of natural.

Oh, my God.


And this is a really special thing
on Survivor.

I feel like I've been revitalised.

Delish. I feel sick already.

Jeez, it was good to win
that Reward Challenge,

not just for the ice-cream, but
to start showing my physical worth.

Um, I beat Maty Rogers.

Then, for the win,
against David the giant.

And I hope I'm starting to prove

that I'm an asset in these challenges.

And I'm feeling pretty good
about things.

Go on, Johnny.


God, you're an animal.

John had a bit of fun
with the chocolate sauce.


Whatever it takes,
I'm gonna appeal to their fun side,

try to show the lighter side.

Like, not many people have had
the moustache and mullet combo,

but, hey, there's a first time
for everything.

Oh, yeah, we were starving.
We were starving.

- Cheers, everyone.
- Cheers, everyone.

Welcome to our camp.

Yeah, sorry to crash the party, but...

- No, we're glad. Welcome.
- Thank you.

Thanks for having us.
Happy to stay.

Nice to have you guys here.
It's really nice here.

So Vakama lost the challenge today,

but myself and Phoebe
get to go along, too.

Eating ice-cream, lollies,
socialising, I mean, it's perfect.

Oh, yum! Wow.

It beats the shit out of our beach.
We've got no sun.

It's dark all day.

Really? Never any sun?
All day.

And you can't swim.

Can't swim?

Well, you have to go
pretty far out...

You got sand?
..on low tide.

We got no sand.
There's not a lot.

It's all reef.

I think your side seems pretty tight.

I don't know if there's divisions
or anything.

My goal with this advantage
is to learn about Mokuta's dynamics

and to get as much information
as possible.

What are you guys
talking about?

What's happening over here.

Has there been any, like,
seasonal divides or anything?

'Cause, I mean,
your side seems pretty tight...

Yeah, nah, I don't think so.

..for, like, people...


We've all be getting along pretty well.

- Yeah, same with us.
- Nah. Nah.

Ah, we got nothin'.

Come on, guys.

I mean, yes, you've got obviously...

Friendly sort of things.

They were definitely cagey.

What are youse gonna do?

Sorry, buddy.

Come on, guys.

No juicy goss for you.

Like, we got the fire
going before...

Happy? Is that number two?

Yep. It's just like sugar rush!

It's so good.

The sugar hit's next level.

It's definitely a good reward.

You know, to taste something sweet
after 11 days is absolutely divine.

Did anyone look under this?

This is a reward and normally
there's something floating around.

Cheers, Nick.


Next minute,
I see, like, a little scroll

just underneath the log.

First of all, I do a little
quick survey of the area.

Um, I'm really full.

Ah, what have I done with it?

I'll be two secs.
I'm so sticky.

Yeah, I need to wash mine, too.
My hands are gross.

I think this has been
a quite productive afternoon.

Completely hate myself.

Oh, without an idol, maybe.

I know I've got about
one second to quickly grab the clue.

I think I did it quite swiftly,

so I'm hoping no-one saw it.

I feel sick.

I think I need some topping.
Maybe that'll help.


"Congratulations, you've found
a clue to a hidden immunity idol.

"But while its hiding place
is easy to find,

"it's very hard to get to

"because the idol you seek
is hidden underneath the well.

"So lift it, move it, flip it
or drain it, but it's up to you.

"Just don't get caught
while you do it. Good luck."

Where there's a will, there's a way.

I am so excited about having this clue.

It's my dream to have an idol,
and now I'm halfway there.

I'm gonna go fill up my water.

And I hope I don't get caught doing it.

I definitely have to be careful

because people are searching
high and low.

Oh, this is it.

I've got to lift up a 70-kilo well,

dig under it and then hopefully
there will be my idol.


Thank God.

First things first.

I think every single person
was looking for an idol,

but guess who found it.

And hopefully they aren't gonna
realise that the well's moved.

So I'm feeling really nervous.

But then I see
Nick's little chicken legs.

Are you not feeling well?
Oh, my God, I'm feeling so sick.


And Nick's my best friend out here.

Do you reckon the well looks weird?

No, looks the same.

Oh, no. Why?

I don't know.
I just thought it looked weird.

I can't believe there's been no-one
has actually found anything.

So weird.
Someone has.

So weird.

I haven't heard a single thing.
I know, either.

You look really stressed.

I just moved the well
and dug up an idol.

Yeah! Are you serious?

Shh. It was hard work.

It's under this.

How did you know to do that?

I found a clue.

OK. Shh. Shh.

That's why I asked you
if the well looked weird.

Oh, my God, Shon.
This is the best news.

I know.
Oh, my God, Shon.

My heart is racing.

Nick's freaking out,
which I think is so cute.

I love seeing him run around
sweating in his little short shorts.

Love him.

Pour a bit of water on it to just...

This is actually
the first idol I've ever found,

and it really couldn't have come
at a better time.

Oh, my God. That's the best.
I know. OK.

You know, Henry doing well in
today's challenge puts me in strife

and this takes the pressure off.

OK, see ya
when I'm lookin' at ya, Lock.

Have a good one, man.
See ya when I'm lookin' at ya.

- Thanks for the arvo.
- Thanks, guys.

See ya.
Thank you. Bye.

Thanks, guys. Bye.

It's been wonderful.
Let's go back to hell.

Sorry you can't stay.

That was pretty cool.

Finding my idol at the reward
is the best thing ever.

Now I just need to play this correctly

because I need everyone in this
tribe to know that I mean business.

Don't mess with me.

I've been waiting for this day.

Come on in, guys!

So, Harry, we all want to know... was the ice-cream?

Uh, scrumptious, Jonathan.
But not as good as your ice-cream.

Oh, I mean,
nothing's as good as my ice-cream.

Nick, did you learn anything?

I learnt that Locky and Phoebe
really like ice-cream.

Sorry, did we have too much?

So, David, yesterday you said
that the game was chaotic.

With that in mind,
good idea to avoid Tribal tonight?

Yeah, I think it'd be a really good
idea to avoid Tribal tonight.

Um, I think any time
you can avoid Tribal is a good idea.

You guys ready to get to
today's Immunity Challenge?


First things first...
You can have it.

Once again,
immunity is back up for grabs.

In today's challenge, on my go,

you'll use heavy logs
to build a staircase

in order to retrieve a mallet,

which you'll then use to pound in
stakes at the entrance of the tunnel,

allowing you to pull out
a long wooden plug.

You'll then race through the tunnel
and into a mud pit.

Once you're through the mud,

you'll then attempt to land balls
in a basket using a catapult.

First tribe to land five balls,

wins immunity, safe from the vote.

Losing tribe, Tribal Council tonight,
where one of you will become

the fifth All Star
voted out of this game.

Alright, I'll give you guys
a minute to talk about it.

Let's get to it.

Alright. Here we go.

For immunity.

Survivors, ready...


- Go, boys.
- Come on, John, John, John.

There are 15 logs in total.

Got one.

You need to place one after
the other before you can move on.

- One each. One each.
- Good.

The green tribe
have their first log in place.

Here, here, here.

Now their second.
Working very quickly.

Yep, up, up, up, up. Up, up, up.

Everyone still trying to prove
their worth to their tribes.

Take over. Here.

You need boys.

A little lift.

the yellow tribe is struggling...

Up! Go! Go!

..starting to fall behind already.

One, two, three, go!

Mokuta have five in place.

Vakama have three in place.

The green tribe
are whipping through it.

One, two, three, go!

Zach, John, Lee, Henry
in on the action.


One, two, three, go!

It gets progressively more difficult
the higher it gets.

Keep going!

Tarzan slips.

Ready, set, go! Ready, set, go!

AK slips over.

Vakama just gassed.

I'll hold it down,
you guys push.

- Yep, one, two.
- Come on, guys.

Everyone slipping with the mud.

Come on, guys! You've got that!

It's hard to get a grip on your log
when it's wet and slippery.

Let me get my toes behind it.

Everyone's getting exhausted.

Zach, you push off my shoulder
if you need.

One, two, three, go!
One, two, three, go!

The green tribe have six left.
The yellow tribe have nine left.

One, two, three, go!

Come on, boys.

Mokuta have a nice lead.

Three, go!

David, Locky, Tarzan and Mat
continue to struggle.

Tarzan, Tarzan. One, two.
One, two, three.

Come on, Vakama, pick it up!

Henry trying to get some leverage...

Yep. Now go! the log below.

Digging deep for his tribe.

One, two, three!

AK getting in on it now for Vakama.

Oh, I need strength.

Mokuta continue to open up their lead.

- You got to get it in.
- That's it, guys.

Vakama trying to pick up the pace.

The green tribe only have two left.

Everyone getting in on it now.

It's gonna take a team effort
to get that staircase in place.

One, two, three, go!
Mud making it very, very difficult.

Slide up there. Slide.

Zach, Nick and Lee get that
second-to-last log in place.

Mokuta on their last log.

Vakama on their last three.

Yellow trying to close the gap.

Three, two, one, up, go!

Three, two, one, go!

Go, go, go, go,
we're almost there!

Mokuta get their last one in place.
You're good! Go, Mokuta!

Go! Let's go, go, go!

Henry untying the mallet for Mokuta.

10 knots in total.

Don't give up. Come on.

Vakama struggling
with their second-to-last log,

trying to get back in this.

- Come on, guys!
- One, two, three!

Henry has the mallet for Mokuta.

Vakama on their last log.

Johnny racing out with the mallet.

Makes quick work of that first stake.

Lee on the next one.

He misses.

Finally gets down the second stake.

Zach, Zach, go!
Zach on it now.

One swing, he takes out that stake.

Pull the rope!
You're good, Mokuta.

Start pulling the plug.
You need to get it all the way out.

Go, go! Heave!

Come on, Vakama!
You need to pick this up!

Vakama's good.

- They have their last log in place.
- Go, go, go, get through!

Go, go, go, go.
Go, go.

Locky trying to untie the mallet.


Mokuta scrambling through
the tunnel now.

That's it. Let's go.

Dropping into the mud pit
one at a time.

Oh, ***.

Locky taking his time with those knots.

Come on, come on. Get out of
the way. Get out of the way.

Finally he has the mallet for Vakama.

Go, Lock. Go, Lock.

Locky taking the first swing
for Vakama.

Two swings, three swings, it's down.

Tarzan's in on it now.


Henry tries to leap to the first
obstacle, but comes up short.

David on the last stake for Vakama.

They can pull out their plug.
You need to get it all the way out.

Pull it out, pull it out.

Get out of the way!
Out of the way, Maty!

All the way! All the way!
Keep going!

OK, yep.

Mokuta making their way
under the second obstacle.

Vakama making their way
through the tunnel now,

trying to close the gap.

Dropping in one by one.

Mokuta climbing out of the pit now.

Up to the final deck.

Flick the first over for Vakama.

AK struggling to get over.

Zach last up for Mokuta.

OK. We're on, we're on.

Lee on the catapult for Mokuta.

First to five
wins immunity for their tribe.

More pepper.

Takes a shot.

Oh, hits the rim.

Oh, so close.
Takes another shot.

Goes long.

Be ready. Be ready. Look out.
And another shot.


Vakama scrambling through
the mud pit, but they look exhausted.

It would take a miracle at this stage
for Vakama to get back in this.

Lee takes another shot, comes up short.

Get up, get up, get up!
Get up! Get up!

Finally Vakama are out of the mud.

Mokuta had a nice lead
at the start of this challenge.

Locky on the catapult for Vakama now.

Oh! In and out!

Mokuta really struggling
with the catapult.

Henry steps in for Mokuta now.

Henry takes a shot. Comes short.


Oh, very close for Mokuta, in and out.

Ball! Ball! Ball!

Locky desperate for a ball.

Oh! And Locky scores for Vakama!

Vakama leads one-zip!

Mokuta really feeling the pressure.

Vakama were nowhere in this challenge.

And now they've passed Mokuta.
Can they keep it up?

Oh! And Locky scores another one!

Just like that.

Just like that.

And another one for Locky!

Yellow leads three-zip.

Yes, Locky.

Locky takes another shot.
And another one!

Vakama leads four-zip!

Can he win it for them right here?

- No.
- Come on, Lock. They got nothin'.

Henry takes a shot.

And he lands one for Mokuta!

Vakama still leads four-one!

Locky takes a shot.


Gets it in!

Vakama wins immunity!

Vakama, great comeback. Well done.

- Immunity is yours.
- Go get it, Tarzan.


I now pronounce you winner of immunity.

Look out.

Congratulations, guys.
You guys are safe.

You can head back to camp, get clean.

Yeah, we will, don't worry.
Thank you.

Mokuta, Tribal Council tonight,

where one of you will become
the fifth All Star voted out.

You'll have the afternoon
to work out who that's gonna be.

Grab your gear, head on out.

See you guys tonight.

We've lost
the Immunity Challenge,

once again going back
to Tribal Council.

It sucks.
Henry just couldn't get those goals.

But if we get rid of Henry,

it is going to be
a slippery slope down,

because normally Henry
pulls his weight in challenges.

So, for my game plan,

we need to get rid of
the weakest link of our tribe.

That's what I want to happen.

We've lost
the Immunity Challenge

and my to-do list today

is to go around
and make sure that everyone

is voting out Henry tonight.

And then we'll go for a wash?
Yes, sounds like a plan.

We keep
flogging 'em at things,

and then we just fall away
at the skill-based parts.

- Like, we were there.
- We were through it so much better than them.

But they win.

I just couldn't do it.

Myself and Shonee's game plan

is to continuously reiterate
Henry's threat level

and make sure that they know

that we cannot afford
to keep him around a moment longer.


Because he's Henry, he's crazy.

Come with.

The problem is...

..all these people can think about
is the challenges.

They are thinking with their muscles,
not with their brains.

Oh, not, not... I don't want to,

but what are your thoughts?

Now, obviously Shonee has the idol.

But the ideal scenario would be that
Shonee doesn't have to play her idol.

We're trying really hard
to get them to understand

he is so dangerous.

I know.

Our pitch is that we split the vote
between Henry and Zach,

so that Shonee's name
doesn't even come up

and we can hold onto the idol
for the next vote.


Everyone seems to be on board still
with voting out Henry.

And this is good
for myself, Shonee and Harry.

Us three will win the day in the end.

Come here.

But everyone has to do what they said
they are going to do.

This is not the right move.

It's not the right move, Lyd.

I know it's not the right move.
What are we doing?

Today we got smashed,
absolutely smashed.

Couldn't hit that bloody slingshot.

At this stage, I feel like I'm
public enemy number one over here.

Now I need to act fast.

You're not writing me down?

Oh, thanks, brother.

That means so much.

John's throwing me a lifeline right now

and said basically
he's on side to vote out Shonee.

That means so much, man.
I'm happy with that.

And I'm starting to get
some of that confidence back.

We got rid of Michelle.
Get rid of...


And then we're really strong.
Then we're really strong.

At this time of the game,
we need to win.

'Cause she is strong socially.

Yeah, she is.

Which is dangerous.
That's it. Which is dangerous. Yeah.

Exactly right.

We'll work it out, man, tonight.

You're a legend.

Shonee is one of the most social
players you've ever seen.

But this tribe of athletes
are buying this

'let's keep the tribe strong' message.

Zach, you're on board, yeah?

For Shonee?


Great. That's good.

So we can win.
That was easy.

That was easy. Alright.

Could this actually be?

Could I actually get the numbers in
my favour from being on the bottom?

I am proving why I'm out here.

- Yeah, I just think I'm next.
- You know what it's like.

- Oh, things change.
- Things change very quickly.

Yeah, exactly.

I'm essentially
on Henry watch right now

because I know that
Henry's been going after Shonee.

I want Shonee here.
She's 100% my ally.

Like, we're tight as.

Are you all on the same page
in who you want to move forward with?

Because if tribe cohesion
is the thing, it'll be me.

Like, I understand this stuff.

But I don't think it's that easy.

Well, who would you go next?

Um... well,
depends what you guys want.

If you want strength,
that's why I'm around,

because, to me, now it's kind of like,

if you lose me, you can keep losing.

I'm definitely not the difference,

but I think I'm helping...

..the tribe.
Oh, there's no question about that.

Yeah, that's the thing,
it's not just physical strength.

Henry has sunk his little teeth in

and it looks like
Lee, Abbey and Zach are buying it.

We're all on board, don't worry.

Shonee's in huge danger.

I need to warn her
votes are coming her way.

Like, not comfortable
with the amount of,

like, times your name's been brought up.
Yeah, yeah.

But it's mostly Henry.
Henry, yep.

Where'd you get it?

I had to move the well.

It was under the well?
In my onesie.

It was under the well?

It's just like confetti,
it's the best!

So I'm like,
I just want to find out for real...

Yeah, yeah, yeah.
..if they are, what they're doing,

'cause I can use it.

I'm so excited to have this idol,

but I don't want to play it
at the wrong time.

But it's better to have it
in your pocket for the merge.

So we've got to keep on hustling.

Henry is very dangerous

and it's like weighing up the risks.

He's given one of them an idol already.

I'm just very worried

that we're gonna be back here
in two days' time.

We can't guarantee
Henry's gonna win us anything.

Like, we put him on the catapult today.

He didn't get a single one in.

Would you vote for Henry tonight?

I just want to be on
the right side of the numbers.

I think that will get you
on the right side of the numbers.

Don't go down
with Henry's sinking ship.

He's playing everyone.

He's playing everyone.

And I totally understand that, like,
it's more than just a physical game

and that...
Of course, they do.

And, um, I... everyone wants to
just stay together at the moment...

Mmm. that's why you will be fine.

Thank you. Good.
Yeah. So don't worry about that.

I have been working on my plan
nonstop, and I absolutely love it.

If I can rid of Henry tonight,
it is definitely an All Star move.

Think so.

Yeah, right.

Who's not keen?

Yeah. I can understand the fear.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

So, now I'm worried.
I thought I had the numbers.

I've shown that I'm a physical beast.

But I've been too dangerous.

No, I'm not, but just...
I promise.

You know I've got nothing.
I'm at the bottom.

So that's why I said to Sharn,
I was like, "Alright..."



Appreciate that heads-up.

I've never felt this desperate.

It's the worst-case scenario

that I don't have the people
that I thought I had

and the votes are against me again.

But it's All Stars,

you've got to keep swinging
and swinging and swinging.

And that's what I'm trying to do.

The only problem is I got no ammo.

So what I'm gonna do
is create a fake idol

that I plan to plant and "find"
at Tribal Council

in front of everyone.

No way!

That's about the same size.

This will put doubt in their minds
and they'll be thinking,

"Oh, no, he's got an idol.
Who do we vote out now?"

This is a massive move.

It's in front of everyone,
so the risk is so high.

But I'm thinking,
"Hey, if I can get through tonight,

"I'm a chance
to really get far in this game."

So, from seeing the first idol I got
and how it's packaged,

I've got a good idea
of how to make a fake one.

I've cut my jeans in half.

I get some charcoal from the fire,

ash that in so it looks nice and black.

I also need something to tie it up.

So this cord in my trackpants,
I cut that up

and all that needs to go in there

is just a rock about the same size
as the idol I found.

So it's gonna look the part

and it's gonna be in their minds,
"What's actually in that package?"

This will be one of my best yet
if I can pull this off.

Hopefully I can get out of it alive
and send Shonee packin'.

I have an idol.
I'm basically the CEO of this tribe.

But I'm not playing my idol just yet.

I need to just hold onto it.

I've got the power tonight.

So, Nick,

last time we were here, you wanted
to make the tribe cohesive.


Do you think that's happened?

I think that we're getting there.

I think that tonight
will be the decider.

I'm hoping that after tonight's vote,

we finally have arrived
at that destination

that's taken us 12 days to get to.

But this is the tipping point.

If everyone just kind of
sticks to their guns...

..we can steady the ship.

Abbey, does it feel like
the ship might capsize?

Oh, I don't think it'll capsize,

But it's unfortunate that we've got
a group of 10 people here

who legitimately want to
play this game together.

I'm a very emotional person.

I've never tried to hide that.

So, for me, it's the hardest thing,

is to really try and separate
emotion from votes.

Yeah, but, Lee, on the flip side,
it's just a game, right?

Jon, Jon, Jon, Jon.

No, it's not, Jon.

You go into this game saying,
"Keep your emotions at check."

But the moment
you first step on that island

and you meet these people,

it becomes more than just a game.

You can try
and separate yourself from it,

but you can't
because these are special people

and each and every decision
that's made is very difficult.

But, Lydia... far, this tribe has voted out
its oldest member, Shane,

its least physical member, Michelle.

Is there a pattern developing here?

Um, that's a pattern.
But it changes every time.

For me, the vote tonight
is really revolving around

what the majority want,

and then you have to consider what
is best for you personally, too.

So, Zach,

do you think strength in challenges
is the most important thing

at this stage of the game?

It's definitely critical right now.

I mean, we're down two in a row

and we just need to stay strong

so we can start winning
some challenges, man.

Well, Shonee,
is that a concern for you tonight?

Yes, definitely.

But, you know,
if you look at the maths,

we've actually won
five challenges each,

so it's not as if we have, like,
full of weak people

who can't win any challenges.

We're actually on a tie.

Yeah. That's true.


So, John, is life at Mokuta
a matter of survival of the fittest?

What might be considered
the fittest in one challenge

is not necessarily in the next.

So, who knows?

I mean, I could go home,
Nick could go home, Zach could go.

Anyone could go home right now.
It's Survivor, so...

Henry, if everyone should be worried,

does that mean everyone's name
has been thrown around?

No, there's two names tonight.
We all... we all know it.

It's basically me or Shon tonight.

Like, the writing's on the wall
for one of us,

and it's one of us, I think.

How does that make you feel,

given that
you're on the chopping block tonight?

Yeah, obviously
it doesn't make me feel good,

but, um, I'd just like to pitch myself

as maybe I can do a few more things
in challenges.

Hopefully I've shown that, you know,
over my time in these challenges,

and do a few more different things,

I might have a bit more weight
than she does.

Maybe I can offer more
than what Shonee can.

So, Shonee, what's your pitch
to the tribe tonight?

I already showed them
that I do what I say I do.

I didn't want to create a crack
down the middle.

And I see myself working
with these people in the future,

and that's how I want us
to all get ahead.

I'm a loyal girl, Jonathan.

Do you think you're more loyal
than Henry?

Well, so far, yes.

And I hope people
don't forget that tonight

and throw me under the bus
as soon as they get the chance.

No-one was telling me last time
that my name was coming up.

I've been loyal to the people
that I had conversations with,

and they were disloyal to me, as well.

So it's like a back and forth
kind of thing.

Even though Shonee appears more loyal,

it's not to say I'm not loyal either.

So I'm on the bottom now
and I've got nothing.

I hope I get to show and prove
that I have the mixture of both,

loyalty AND strength.

Let me prove it. Give me a chance.

Nick, I see you nodding.

Yeah, it's a good pitch.
It's a really good pitch.

Henry's really good at this game... is Shonee.

We are all really good at this game,

and that's why it sucks that we lose.

But hopefully tonight
we'll walk out of here

without the craziness

that's going to continue to crack
and split and divide this tribe.

Harry, is tonight's vote
as simple as it seems?

Does it seem simple?

It really doesn't seem simple
to me at all.

There's been a lot of
back and forth today.

And we're sitting at Tribal still
trying to work out what's going on.

I don't know
exactly what's happening right now.

Normally you're pretty confident
about how things are gonna play out.

Put the stick in, the
confidence stick. Get it in!

There's the stick.

No, I'm not confident right now.

Very stressful, Jonathan.

I know this is a tribe
that values, like, strength,

so that's definitely on my mind.

Well, I keep asking that question.

But a lot of people say,
"Ah, it's not that important."

Mmm, well, hopefully it's not.

Let's find out.

Let's vote.

Just before...

..can I borrow a minutebefore we vote?

I need to find something.


Sorry, Jonathan.


Sorry, Jonathan.


I... can I... can I make a suggestion?

I think he put that before he sat down.

Didn't look big enough to be an idol.

We'll see.

I think we should find out.

Let's vote.

Harry, you're up.

Survivor's one dirty game. Gonna
have to catapult you back home.

I'm too stressed
to think about something to say.

I'll go count the votes.

If anyone has a hidden immunity idol
and you want to play it,

now would be the time to do so.


..OK, I'll play mine...

..just to be safe.


Well, there you go.

So, if yours is real,
you better get it out.


I was too stressed.

You're playing this for?


Aw. Well done.

Hopefully my beautiful friends here
didn't try to vote me out anyway,

but you never know.

This is a hidden immunity idol

and any votes cast for Shonee
will not count.

Once the votes are read,
the decision is final.

Person voted out will be asked

to leave the Tribal Council area

I'll read the votes.

First vote...


Does not count.

Shonee. Does not count.

Shonee. Does not count.

Shonee. Does not count.

Shonee. Does not count.



Henry. That's two votes Henry.

Fifth person voted out of
Australian Survivor: All Stars...


That's three votes. That's enough.
Legends. Come here.

You need to bring me your torch.
I voted for Henry.

Zachy boy. Good luck.

See ya, bro.
Have a good one. See ya soon.

Bye, mate.
Bye, Lyds. Good luck.

Yeah, good luck.
Well done, guys.


..the tribe has spoken.
Bloody oath they did.

Time for you to go.
See ya, legends.

See ya, Hen. See ya.
See ya. Bye.


That was sick. Ho-ho!

Hmm! Who voted for me?

Well, sometimes in Survivor,
big moves are rewarded.

But this is All Stars,

so when you go big,
you can also go home.

- Grab your torches, head back to camp.
- Thanks, Jonathan.


Tomorrow night
on Australian Survivor...

..with physical asset Henry gone,
Abbey's fear rises...

We've really got to nut out a plan
of attack. Shonee's got to go.

..and everyone's feeling it.

Abbey is trying to control this tribe.

Go, Lydia!

As a fractured green tribe, Mokuta,

Go, go, go, go, go!

..can they keep their heads
above water...

Get the ball! Behind you, Sharn!

Yeah! Put it down!

..or will they be headed
to yet another Tribal Council?

What a night. What a way to go.

Another blindside to send me packin'.

Well done by Shonee.
She 'idoled' me out.

She's an All Star, obviously.

You're a helluva player,
but I got to kick you out, buddy.

Zen Hen went out way too big
from the start.

I'll be the first to admit my mistakes.

Seeing someone like me, a physical
threat, a strategic threat,

go number five,

I think it's really gonna get
the ball rolling.

It's gonna be blindside
after blindside.

Anything can happen.
And that's why we love it.

It was good to be part of.
But it was mayhem.