Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 5, Episode 23 - Episode #5.23 - full transcript

With the next immunity challenge deciding who will make the final three, it's more important than ever to be on your game, but for one castaway, island life is taking a toll on their body.

Previously on Australian Survivor...

My alliance has gone
from a strong five to just me.

..Brooke was all alone but
more determined than ever.

I have survived all the
way to the final five.

I deserve my place as an All Star.
I'm not going down without a fight.

And in the Immunity Challenge...

Brooke places her final block.

..she took home the necklace
for the fourth time.

Brooke wins individual immunity again!

The worst thing

that could possibly happen to
this alliance is happening.

The time had come to vote
out one of their own.

I know I'm safe tonight
because I have my idol.

But tonight we have to
make a tough decision.

It is what it is.
This is the sucky part.

Yeah, it is the sucky part.

Moana saw Tarzan
as their weakest link against Brooke.

Like, I've helped him come this far.

I just want to win.
Yeah. Yeah, I know.

But David was conflicted.

Tarzan is the most loyal player
to ever play Australian Survivor.

You know where I've always stood,

it's been with either Mo or yourself.

If you take me to final two,

you've got a 90% chance of taking this.

It was an emotional Tribal Council.

I mean, I've been tight with two players

virtually since
the beginning of this game.

So, what are we, 46 days in now?

We got here together.

We've become quite the family,
to be honest.

But in the most difficult
decision yet...

I'm sorry, legend. was a sad farewell to Tarzan.

Namaste, guys. Take it easy.

Four are left.
Who will be voted out tonight?



Yeah. Oh, absolutely.

Far out.

It's a nice day today.

Last night's Tribal Council,
Tarzan went home.

Golden God lives another day.

Mo and Sharn are complete idiots

for not blindsiding Dave
when they had the chance last night.

I think they're gonna regret it later.

But this is crunch time.

If I can pull off another immunity win,

Mo and Sharn will have to vote
with me for whoever it is.

And if that happens,

I could actually
see myself winning this game.

There's only three days until
someone gets crowned Sole Survivor.

Three days left in this game.

There's only one thing in my way...

..sinking the Golden God.

So, you still hell-bent
on getting me out of here?

Brooke making it further
than the last time she played

has not been
because we want her in the game.

We have been desperately trying
to get Brooke out of this game,

but she is a challenge beast!

And so am I.

But, physically, I'm just a wreck.

I am hungry. I'm tired as. I'm sore.

I got a spider bite
on my left butt cheek.

I've never felt my body
feel like this ever before,

which is why I'm in
such a dangerous position.

And I have to tread
very, very carefully.

No-one's gonna work with me, anyway.

Unless you want to do something,

but otherwise I just
got to keep winning.

If she wins
the next individual immunity,

I'm not going to final Tribal Council,

I'm gone.

That's basically my dream
turned into a nightmare.

And that's not a nightmare
I'll wake up from.

I reckon you have a good chance
to win tonight.


And then there's a chance
for you to make a move

if you were to draw me in.

The only issue with taking you

is if you win the fourth one,
you won't take me.

Why's that?

Ooh, yeah!
Oh-oh! Ho!

What a slips catch.

Magic hands.

Yeah, she wants you out bad, boy.
Yeah, I know.

She's putting you under that bus
and driving it.

Oh, dude, it's like she's blinded.

One of us has to take down Brooke today,

so we can make it to top three.

Brooke's proven to be almost unbeatable

in the endurance challenges.

So if she makes it to the final
three in the last challenge,

more than likely,
she's going straight through.

You got those two?

There's not many people that I know
that can actually beat Brooke.

Right now we need Dave.

Dave is a broken little old man.

But I know what this means to Dave.

It's the same as what it means
to me and Sharn.

And we do this for our families.

You guys didn't get one?


And I know that
we're just gonna hit this head-on.

I honestly think that David

is unbeatable at the end of this game,

which is why I've been trying
to get him out for so long.

Yet no-one has been down to do that.

I was blindsided by the vote last night

because I had a plan
with Mo and Sharn to vote out Dave.

And they told me they were solid
with that plan.

Mo even told me, "This is a trust vote."

Then Mo changes her vote,
votes out Tarzan.

And once again, they have proved
that I can't trust them.

I don't have anyone to work with.

I just have to make sure
I keep on winning.

If I make it through
tonight's Tribal Council...

..I can win this entire game.

Coming out here the second time,

I've devoted, like, a full year
of my life to be out here.

Trying to keep my head in the game,
but...'s been so much time away.

I like to say I'm playing for myself.

I like to think I want that title,
I want to be Sole Survivor.

But I find myself
thinking about my sons a lot.

Thinking about my daughter all the time

and I'm thinking about my girl.

And, um...

..they're my motivation
for being out here.

I keep 'em close to my heart,

and that's why I'm doing it.

The game means more to me this time...

I actually
can't even speak right now.


There's been so much I've missed
because I've been away.

And I'd love to bring everyone home
and have a place I could settle.

Family's everything to me.

I want to be closer to my family.

And, uh...

..I'm really playing for them.

That half a million dollars
would reunite us as a family.

And I know I have to win this.

Come on in, guys!

- Whoa.
- Epic.

I don't know what it is.

It's cookin'.

It is hot today.

I can't believe this is it.

I just turned around
to see who else was here.

There's no line behind us.
Just the front.

You guys are it.

Final four, baby.

All Stars.


So, Moana...'ve spent every single day
in the game with Tarzan.

Was it weird back at camp without him?

It was weird 'cause Tarzan
just has this Zen over you.

Like, he's just such a chilled dude.

Definitely missed Tarzy last night,

but we woke up this morning
and it's day 47,

there's only four left, so I feel
like we're a little bit excited.

David, you said it's time
to play an individual game.

How good would immunity be
for that game right now?

Oh, immunity would be amazing, Jonathan.

I think everyone here
is of the same mindset,

that we really want this one today.

And it looks like it's gonna be epic.

Brooke, if you win today,

not only do you guarantee yourself
another day in the game,

but you also break the record

for the most individual immunity wins
in Australian Survivor.

Have you thought about that?

That's huge. It's definitely
something I've thought about.

I would love that title.

I am gonna try my best today
to win to stay in the game.

And if I get that title,
that's then a bonus.

Well, let's find out.

You guys ready
to get to today's Immunity Challenge?

Yes, sir.
We are.

Alright, Brooke.


Nice one.

Once again,
immunity is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge...

..on my go, you're gonna
roll a ball down a chute,

race through a series of obstacles
to catch it at the end...

..and attempt to land it in a high ring.

You're then gonna smash
two targets with coconuts...

..race out
to grab a bag of puzzle pieces,

drag 'em under a net

and use those pieces to build a ladder

to retrieve a bag of balls.

Finally you'll attempt
to manoeuvre the balls

to the top of a vertical maze.

First person to land all three balls,
wins immunity, safe from the vote.

Losers, Tribal Council,

where one of you will become the 21st
All Star voted out of this game.

Alright, let's get to it.

Good luck, everybody.
This is fun.

This is crazy.
Let's go, let's go, let's go.

Alright, here we go.

For immunity.

Survivors, ready...


Everyone racing up their ladder.

You need to get the ball,
drop it in the chute.

You need to get back down,
race through the obstacles,

catch the ball at the end
before it hits the ground.

David has an early lead,
whipping through that obstacle.

Struggling to get under that hurdle.

He doesn't get there.

And no-one else even close.

Now you have an idea just how fast

you're gonna need to move
to make this thing work.

You need to get the ball in the basket

before you can climb the ladder
and go again.

David has it in. He's gonna go again.



David drops the ball in the chute,
goes back down.

Brooke goes again.

David whipping through
that first obstacle,

over the hurdle.

Gets stuck.

Opening the door for Brooke,
trying to outrun that ball.

Can she get there?

Very close.

David drops.

Brooke over the last one.

She's good. She's moving on.

Now you need to land the ball
in that high ring.

Everyone else trying to catch Brooke.


..she's too slow.

David goes again.

Desperate to stay in this challenge.

Every time you fail
on the first part of this challenge,

you get progressively more exhausted.

David's close.

He gets it. He's in it now.

David and Brooke trying to land
that ball in the high ring.

Just like that, David lands
his ball in the high ring.

He can start throwing coconuts
at the targets now.

David's taken over.

He breaks the first one.

One more and he can move on.

Brooke desperately trying to catch up.

She had an early lead, but she is stuck.

Sharn struggling
on the first part of the challenge.

Moana gets close.

She misses.

And that's it, Brooke lands
her ball. She can move on.

Close, but not close enough.

Oh, Brooke connects.

Both Brooke and David
have one more target to move on.

We have a showdown.

David smashing nut after nut,

really having trouble
breaking that tile.

Just cannot quite make it work.

Kidding me?

David really busting a nut
to try and get that second target.

And that's it, Brooke gets
hers, she can move on.

David smashes his.

They're both moving on, racing out to
collect their bags of puzzle pieces.

Brooke and David
neck and neck in this challenge.

Making their way under the net.

Immunity is on the line.

David gets out of the net first.

Brooke struggling with
the weight of that bag.

This is my body weight.

You need to build this ladder
one piece at a time

from the bottom up.

There are extra pieces in there,
but only six of them will work.

Be a certain amount of trial and error.

David gets the first piece.

Brooke tries a piece.

Doesn't work.

David gets another piece.

Brooke gets her first piece,
trying to find her second.

That doesn't work.

David finds his third.

Brooke has her second.

Has her third now.

We are neck and neck again.

Meanwhile, Sharn and Moana still
struggling on that first section.

They are nowhere in this challenge.

David finds his fifth.

Brooke trying to pick up the pace.

Not even close with that piece.

David working on
his sixth and final piece.

He moves on.

Grabs his bag of balls.

Now he can move on to the maze.

The goal here is to manoeuvre
the ball through the maze.

Need to land it
in one of the three holes at the top

without it dropping.

Brooke has her fifth in place,

working on the sixth.

She can move on.

She grabs her bag of balls.
Desperate to get in on it.

Need to have both feet
on that beam at all times.

If you step off,
you'll need to start again.

David slowly making his way
through the maze.

Brooke on the maze now.

Working a little faster,
a little more aggressive.

Neck and neck again.

This part of the challenge
requires a deft touch.

Focus is key.

Small inputs will serve you well.

One wrong move...'ll need to start again.

David and Brooke
battling it out for immunity.

Be nice to walk out of here
with that necklace...

..guarantee you
one more day in this game.

And that's why
you need to keep fighting.

David slowly picking his way through.

Brooke is at the top of her maze now.

Can she land that first ball?

Brooke lands hers.
She's moving on to her second.

David's up there now.

David gets the first one.
He's moving on to the second.

Now, this is a challenge.

We have a serious showdown.

Brooke working quickly
in that first section.

David taking his time.

Two very different techniques.

Which strategy's gonna pay off?

Brooke, big move.

But it doesn't pay off. She drops.

She's gonna have to start over.

Feeling the pressure trying to keep up.

Everything on the line for Brooke today.

David at the top again.

Can he land that second ball?

David lands the second one.

David has a nice lead.
He has two balls. Brooke has one.

Nothin' personal, Brookey.

After 47 days out here, it takes
a lot of energy to concentrate.

Be nice to guarantee yourself
a spot in that final three.

David falls off the beam.
He's gonna have to start again.

Opening the door for Brooke,

moving quickly now.

It would be a terrific comeback.

David halfway up the maze again.

One ball left.

If he lands this,
he takes that necklace.

Slow and steady.

Taking his time, picking
his way through.

Trying to get through
that last part of the maze

is the trickiest part.

Trying to feather his rope.

He is very close now.

Brooke picking up her pace,

hoping that he will make a mistake.

He is right there.
Can he land that ball?

And he does!

David wins individual immunity!

David won.

- Holy crap! Yay!
- Yeah, boy!

Good job. Good job, good job.

Thank you.

Far out.

Well done.

So awesome.
Come on. Come on.

Brooke, you said you needed to win it
today, and you just fell short.

What's going through your head
right now?

I mean, I can't say I didn't try.

There's no better female competitor.

Yep, this one right here.

- There's never been a better male
competitor than Brooke. - Absolutely.

So, David, you pulled it out.

How are you feeling right now?

Man, I feel amazing,

um, just to be able to perform
for my kids, Winston, Hugo, Rei.

Uh... whoar!

But, man, this was
such a huge one for me today.

I had to win it.

And, uh, yeah, here I am.

Well, congratulations. Come on over.

Well done, Dave.

Immunity is yours, my friend.
Thanks, man.

Safe tonight at Tribal Council,

guaranteed a one-in-three shot
at winning this game.


As for the rest of you,
Tribal Council tonight,

where one of you will become
the eighth member of our jury.

Won't be you.
Thanks, man. Thank you so much.

- Alright.
- Well done, Dave.

Head back to camp.

I'll see you guys tonight.

So incredible, you guys.

Unbelievable, man.

I'm so happy.

It's a long time to give up to not win.

To be able to win for my daughter
and for my wife,

who have just sacrificed
everything for me this year,


I've got more blood
in the game this time.

My family's out here riding with me.

And, uh...


And I'm playing for them.

Well done, Dave.
Thank you, B.


Was that an epic challenge
today, or what?

That was so cool.

Got it.

That WAS crazy.

Brooke is a ferocious competitor,

and I finally beat her.

Three times?

I was so cooked on the third one,
too. I was like, "Oh..."

It was so much harder
'cause of the heat as well.


No alliance has gone this deep
into the game before, none.

Oh! It's incredible, man. I'm
overwhelmed with emotions right now.


Hey, epic today, Dave.

Oh, yeah.
So good.

We did it!

You were back on today.

I was on today.
That was you.

So good.

That is just the most
incredible feeling, man.


I know I'm safe tonight.

And I want to extend that feeling
to Moana and Sharn

and let them know, "You guys are good."

Tonight Brooke goes
home and we are good.

Heavy, heavy, heavy.

We're gonna have to do a wood run.

We're gonna have to do a proper wood run

before we get any of this stuff.

Dave has the immunity necklace,

which is honestly the worst outcome
that could've happened.

The only reason I'm still in the game

is because I've continuously won
the immunity challenges.

And I knew that the second that
I lost, I'd be in a lot of trouble.

Man, I was so impressed with your
effort today, Brooke, seriously.

Oh, thank you.
You did so good.

This is where I have to dig deep.

This is where the game is won or lost.

The thing you guys
need to consider is that...


The fact that Sharn is worried
about Mo and Dave's relationship

means there might be an opening
for me to exploit that.

Yep. I mean,
I do notice that they're tight.

Whenever we come back and chat,
they go off first and have a chat.

They go off first.

I would've thought.

I know she's just telling me
what I want to hear.

Would you do that?

She thinks she's my only chance.

But, really, I've got the perfect
plan to flip this game upside down.

You're not gonna take Dave, are ya?


I don't trust Sharn.

I would rather do this with Mo

because I'd rather
sit at the end with Mo.

If I can convince Mo
Sharn is playing both sides,

she'll start to feel like
she's closer to me.

Yeah. Yep.

There's nothing that can happen, right?

Like, I'm the one voting Brooke.
You know you're voting Brooke.

The only thing that could happen
is Sharn could flip, vote me,

go to fire challenge.

I just don't see it.

Brooke probably does have a shot
getting in Sharn's ear,

but I don't think...

..I don't think Sharn would go for it.

Do you?

I don't think Sharn would.
I don't think Sharn would.

You hope Sharn wouldn't.

It'd put her in a tricky spot
for the next one if she does.


We could just imagine
what Brooke's trying to pitch.

I gotta make sure
that Sharn's not flippin' on us.

You're good, right?

On our friendship out here, OK?


As much as it's straightforward,
I'm still a bit nervous.

This vote is super crucial for my game

because this will decide top three,

and then it could
almost guarantee me top two.

I need to make
the right decision tonight.


I don't know, Sharn seems sketchy.

Like, it's a bit weird.


- When you're standing there, is that a
threat with the machete? - Because...

It's a good idea
that we both write Brooke.

Well, I would've thought
that's a threat, with the...

No, she pitched to me.

She's suss on you two
talking without her all the time.

I wouldn't mind going top three
with David and Sharn.

But the fact is I made
the biggest moves.

I aligned with people that nobody
would expect me to align with.

I made massive blindsides.

And that could make them
see me as a threat.

A stick.

I need to make sure
whoever wins that final challenge

will take me to top two.

You are.
I've thought about all this.

Trust me.

Tonight David and Sharn
are voting for Brooke.

But if Brooke votes for Sharn

and I'm gonna write Sharn's name down,

it's a two-and-two draw,

then Brooke and Sharn go to fire.


I got to weigh up
what's best for my game right now.

It's a hard one.

I've been working with her since merge.

But maybe the smart option
is to vote Sharn tonight.

Yeah, exactly.

And you've proven you're loyal.

Like, it's the point of the game now
where this doesn't count.

You gotta do everything for yourself.
You're loyal.

This is your time, and think about you.


If you just give one more vote
for being loyal,

that's enough to cost
you the whole game.

We're out of time.
There's three days left.

Dave has immunity. Dave's gonna win
the next challenge unless I'm there.

Take action now
and secure your spot in the end

against someone you can beat.

Brooke has really been gunning
for me for multiple Tribal Councils.

But I've worked really hard
on these guys, on this alliance,

and we are clearly a tight three
at this point.


..that's why tonight
Brooke will go home.

I've worked for 47 days.

And then looking around me
and only seeing three other people,

I'm proud of my game play.

Which is why this vote
is so important to me.

A half a million dollars
is just around that corner.

I don't want a wrong decision
to cost me the game.

I'll now bring in
the members of our jury.






AK and Tarzan,
voted out at the last Tribal Council.

David, did you ever imagine on day
one that you'd be sitting here day 47

with a guaranteed ticket
to the final three?

Not in my wildest dreams, actually.

And I've had a lot of Survivor dreams.

Uh, this is everything
I've dreamed about,

everything I've promised my family,

everything I've given up to be here

and, uh, I don't even know
how to put it into words, man.

I'm elated right now. It's just
an incredible feeling, yeah.

Well, look, I think it's fair to say

that your playing style
is anything but subtle.

Were you worried that you might
be a target coming into this game?

Yeah, I was definitely worried
I was gonna be a target.

I really felt that coming in
because I'd just played.

But slowly I kind of realised
that this is All Stars,

people are here to play WITH targets.

They're not just
going after the big players,

they want to play with the big players.

To win that necklace today,

you had to beat one of the best
challenge beasts we've ever seen.


How would you describe
Brooke's performance today?

She's just amazing.

She's been performing
time after time after time.

She's great at stamina.
She's amazing at skills.

She's fast.

She, like, just across the board
is good at everything out here.

It's been amazing to watch.

It's also been amazing
to compete against her.

I don't think we've ever seen
anything like that before,

and I don't think we will again.

Thanks, Dave.

Well, Brooke, the last
time we were here,

you were on top of the world,

but 24 hours is a long time in Survivor.

How are you feeling tonight?

Not quite on top of the world anymore.

Um, yeah, that was, like,
rough to lose today,

especially 'cause I know
I really needed to win today.

And it was quite close.

But, you know, Dave deserved it today.

And, unfortunately, that leaves me
in a really horrible position.

Well, you've made no secret that
you're on the bottom of this tribe.

So, what are your options tonight?

Straight up, if you give me
another life in this game,

if you give me another day,
I'll take you to the end.

Straight up.

You know, for me, I just...
I'm struggling to understand

what these two are doing with their game

because if they vote me out,

they're pretty much guaranteeing

Dave will win
the next Immunity Challenge.

So, getting me out of this,
means Dave wins the next one.

And neither of these two
want to sit with Dave at the end.

They both have told me today
that they can't win against Dave...

..and they can't beat Dave
in the next challenge.

Yet they're getting rid of
the only person that CAN beat Dave.

Is that true, Sharn?

Not exactly.

Basically, that was
part of Brooke's pitch...

..that I can't beat Dave.

I didn't say that. Brooke said that.

I don't agree with that.
I don't agree with that at all.

Sorry, Sharn, you've literally
said to me so many times

that you can't beat Dave at the end.

Oh, my gosh. Brooke, you have
been saying that to me.

You straight up said it to me today
and yesterday.

No, when you were saying that to me...

And you approached me.
That is not true at all.

That is true.
Oh, my gosh. Anyway.

Today, what's the first thing
that happened when we got to camp?

You approached me by the fire.

We were left in camp
and you approached me

as I was stoking the fire.

You came over
and started talking to me, Brooke.


Agree to disagree.

I think Dave has a kick-arse story.

Dave is probably the best Survivor
player that we've ever seen,

the world has ever seen.

And that's a big person
to go up against.

I understand the pitch.

But, at the end of the day...

..she's in a desperate position.

I don't know whether she's legitimate.

What is appealing about Brooke's pitch?

Uh, well, it's appealing
when Brooke tells you

she's gonna promise
to take you to final two

because she is fantastic at challenges.

And if she's
in that final Immunity Challenge,

I reckon it's hers,
it's hers for the taking.

She's proven how great
she is at endurance.

She's a challenge beast.

But at the end of the day,
this is something that's come now.

At this moment, day 47,

uh, I've never heard it before.

So that's why a sensible person

would look at that and think,
"OK, is this offer for real?"

Or am I gonna rely on
the people that I can trust

that have got a proven track record?

The people I've been working with
know where I stand.

And what do you think of the pitch,

She doesn't think
either of you two will win

next to David in the final two.

Well, that's, you know,
that's our job to prove her wrong.

Like, I get the pitch.

You know, Jonathan, I believe Dave

is one of, if not, the best players
that's ever played the game.

But until whoever's left
delivers their story...

..and then the jury pick
who they believe has the best story,

you can't say that anyone
in particular is gonna win.

That's not how the game works.

Otherwise, why are we still playing?

If I didn't think I had a chance
with any of these three,

I would've tried
to blindside them earlier.

Sharn, Moana thinks
she can beat everyone else here.

Do you feel the same way?

I feel, yes, like I can back myself.

I feel like I can, potentially,
yeah, beat everyone sitting here.

But ultimately it's the jury's call.

David, if Brooke's assessment is correct

and you don't win,

then you're not going to the final two.

Yeah, I think that's
a pretty big possibility.

No matter who goes through
to the final three,

I think there's a pretty big chance

that I won't be going through
to the final two

if I don't win
the final Immunity Challenge.

I think take someone
who's great to the end,

who has played a strong game,
who you admire,

and who the jury would appreciate
you not taking a goat through.

Taking someone like Dave,

who, you know,
he's played an incredible game

from what we can see.

Now, imagine what we don't see.

I mean, Dave walks around
at night-time half the time.

He does a lot of wacky stuff.

And that's all gonna come out
at the final Tribal.

I would award the money to Dave
right now knowing what he HAS done.

And what he hasn't done
I'm sure is even better.

So, Moana, what are you
basing your vote on tonight?

It's hard for me, Jonathan.

But, for me, every vote I've cast,

it's about my game.

You know, I'm confident
on the way I'm voting.

And if I make it to the end,
you'll hear why.

So, Brooke, has anyone
made a promise to you

that might keep you in the game tonight?

Not necessarily.

People wanted to think about my pitch

and consider all options

and then let me know at some point.

So, that point is now.

Loyalty doesn't pay the bills.

You can't buy a house for your family

just by being loyal for one more vote.

On that note, I think it's time to vote.

Let's vote. Sharn, you're up.

The way that you're playing,
you're gonna end up second again

and without the 500,000 dollars.

I'll go count the votes.

Okay, once the votes are read the
decision is final, the person voted

out will be asked to leave the
tribal council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote, Brooke.

Sharn. One vote Brooke, one vote Sharn.


Two votes Brooke...

one vote Sharn...

one vote left.

21st person voted out of
Australian All Stars,

eighth member of our jury...

Brooke, you need to bring me your torch.

Good luck. Far out. Well done.

Thanks, sweetheart.

Brooke, the tribe has spoken.

- Fun.
- Time for you to go.

Bye, guys, it's been real.
Say hi to your families for me.

See you soon! Food!

- Oh, Jonathan! Bye. Thanks, guys.
Have fun! - Well done. Well played.

Well, after 47 days there are
only three All Stars left,

and we'll soon find out which
of you shines the brightest.

Grab your torches, head
back to camp. Good night.

To be in the top three with two
people that I have so much love for

is amazing...

but now it's time to
break that alliance.

Three staunch allies out on their own...

I've been to this stage
of the game before

Now is the time for me to
rewrite my Survivor history,

that's why I came out here. the greatest battle of them all.

These women are two of the
toughest I've ever met in my life...

..but I know what's on the
line, I know what's at stake,

and I know I can win it.

Monday night...

I've sacrificed more than you can
possibly imagine to be here.

I have to win.

One of these All Stars...

I'm here to prove that
I deserve that title.

..will be crowned sole survivor.

It's time for me to bring this home.

I'm shattered because I
was so close to the end,

that I played such a strong game,
I came in absolutely fighting.

I knew I had the social game
and I had the physical game,

but, strategically I needed help
so I aligned myself with AK,

built my relationship with Locky

and managed to run the
game for a good 30 days.

I continuously won the
immunity challenges,

and I knew that the second that
I lost I'd be in a lot of trouble,

and that's what happened today.

Brooke, I think you are
unbelievable at this game,

you are a challenge beast

and somebody I'm gonna be very
good friends with outside of here.

Your family's gonna be so proud of you.

I think Sharn and Mo are really gonna
regret sending me home tonight.

I can guarantee Dave will win
the next immunity challenge.

I think Mo can give him a
good run for his money,

but I think will beat them in the end.