Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 5, Episode 24 - Episode #5.24 - full transcript

Three become two in an epic showdown of endurance and strength in the final challenge and then, arguments are pitched, and the jury votes are cast to determine who will be crowned the Sole Survivor.

It began with 24 All Stars...

It's the best of the best.

..ready to outwit...

I'm 10 times stronger
going into All Stars

than I was the first time.


I'm going in this
time with vengeance.

I'm not gonna make the
same mistakes again.


Survivors, ready...


Push! Come on!

..the best of the best...

Go, Lydia! the greatest game of
Australian Survivor ever seen.

Brooke wins individual immunity again!

History has been made...

I got two idols and
the immunity necklace.

No one man should have all this power.

..through the most loyal alliances...

It's us three through to merge and on.

To the end.


I'll, uh, play it for Jacqui.

..spectacular blindsides.






One by one, they were voted out...

..and now three allies
must go it alone.


People thought I was
this quiet girl in the shelter.

This is not by accident.

But I've come this far

and I'm not ready
to give it up for anything.


I've been controlling
this game since day one.

I know what's on the line.
I know what's at stake.

And it's so close, I can taste it.


I'm not gonna let anything
stand in my way this time.

I'm coming for it.
I'm gonna take it. I'm gonna win.

Three All Stars

worthy of the title.

Tonight one will be crowned
Sole Survivor.

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I've made final three.

I keep pinching myself,
like, "Wake up, man."

And I'm waking up and I'm here!

Last time I played,

I wanted to make the biggest,
the craziest moves possible.

I'm a Golden God right now.

A Golden God. I am a Golden God.

And I let my ego get away from me...


..and I went home
with an idol in my pocket.

Because of that, I've played
a very different game this time.

I've evolved.

I wanted to make bold moves,

but I also wanted to make
genuine relationships.

And because of that,

I've been a part
of the strongest alliance

that Australian Survivor's ever seen.

I have an immense respect
for Mo and Sharn.

They've both played huge games.

These women are two of
the strongest, toughest women

I've ever met in my life.

They're my Survivor family now.

But I have a real family,

and that's who
I'm actually playing for.

I have to keep telling myself I'm
doing this for my kids, for my wife.

If I win that Sole Survivor title,

I want to move back to Australia
to bring me closer to my sons... reunite my daughter
with her brothers... make sure we can be as one

and as whole as we possibly can when
you're living with a split family.

This money would
give me the chance to do that.

And this is it for me.

I just have to last
one more day in this game

and one more win

and all my dreams come true.

Winning the final
Immunity Challenge

is the most important challenge
of the whole game.

You get the choice who
sits next to you in that final two.

One of the great things
about having a strong alliance

is that it enables you
to get to this end of the game.

But the alliance
is gonna break tonight.

Only two of us are gonna get a shot
at half a million dollars.

The fact that I have been
at the final three,

not only once, but twice,

just shows that
I know how to play this game.

Shane, Sharn,

one of you
is about to be crowned Sole Survivor

and walk away
with half a million dollars.

I have been so close to the title
that it hurts.

Winner of Australian Survivor...


I lost by one vote,

and that is heartbreaking.

But one thing I pride myself on
is being resilient

and being able to move past things
in life, so I did that.

I moved past the fact
that it slipped through my fingers.

Now is the time for me
to rewrite my Survivor history.

Coming into Survivor the second time,

I had a huge target on my back.

So, my plan
was to be aggressively covert,

play both sides, and that's what I did.

I've deliberately
set myself up in this game

as being someone that can go unnoticed,

even though I'm a huge player.

I dreamt of winning
the first time around.

I want this the second time.

This was my dream.
It's been my dream for so long.

So, I'm not gonna let anything
stand in my way this time.

I'm coming for it.
I'm gonna take it.

I'm gonna win.

I've never felt so sick before.

I've tried
and I've tried to push through.

Last time I played Australian Survivor,

I had to leave the game at day 16
because of health reasons.

Oh, man, it takes guts to sort of
come in here just to start off

but to try and tough it out
the way you have... yeah.

You've done an amazing job.
You're making me cry. Don't cry.

Moana, the tribe has spoken.

So, coming back, for me,
was finishing what I started...

..picking up where I left off...

..proving everyone wrong.

I planned to come in here
and play a quiet, strategic game

because I knew there was
gonna be loud game players.

And I just don't want to be
another loud game player.

I wanted to be me...

..which is quiet, sneaky,
a little bit cheeky.

While everyone was strategising early,

I was focused on building strong
and loyal relationships.

People came to ME with information
while I called the shots.

People wanted to protect me
AND work with me

because they wanted the safety
of the loyal alliance that I built.

I didn't come back
just to give it a shot.

I'm back to win.

I've sacrificed more than
you can possibly imagine to be here.

I look after my entire family.

I take care of my mum, who's very ill.

And I'm full-time carer of
my beautiful disabled sister, Vinny.

The last 49 days, I could be at home
taking care of everybody.

But I know that they want me
to give this everything.

And that's why I'm
here, I'm here for them.

A half a million dollars
would be life-changing.

The only thing left standing in the
way of me being the Sole Survivor

is one challenge.

And... I'm ready to take that on.

Sharn, myself and
Mo have a great friendship.


..I know there's a big chance that,
one of them wins this challenge,

they'll take the other
one to final Tribal.

So this final Immunity
Challenge is do or die for me.

$500,000 and the title of Sole Survivor

looming on the back of my
performance in this challenge.

The pressure is immense.

Pressure makes diamonds, baby.

And I plan to give it everything
today, absolutely everything.

That looks epic.

First of all, congratulations
on making it to day 49.

Getting this far in Survivor
is no easy feat.

But to do it in a season of All Stars,

that is a hell of an achievement.

Well done.
Thanks, Jonathan.

Now, the only thing
standing between you and day 50

is one more challenge.

You guys ready to get to
the final Immunity Challenge?

Yes, we are.

Yeah, boy.
Yes, sir, we sure are.

Alright, David, hand it over.
Thank you, brother.

Thank you.

For the last time,
immunity is back up for grabs.
Back up for grabs.

For today's challenge...'re gonna stand
on narrow pedestals

with one hand on an idol

and the other hand holding onto a ring.

That ring is attached to a rubber cord.

It will be constantly
pulling you away from the idol.

If at any point
you step off the pedestals

or your hands come away
from the idol or the ring,

you're out of the challenge.

Last person left standing wins immunity

and a guaranteed spot
at that final Tribal Council,

where you will have a chance
to pitch your case to the jury

why you deserve
the title of Sole Survivor

and the half million dollars
that goes with it.

Plus, you'll get to decide who'll be
sitting next to you at that Tribal.

A lot on the line today,

so we thought we'd invite some people
here to help you get through it.

Yep. a mother, how difficult is it

being away from your kids
for this long?

Words can't describe
how difficult it is, Jonathan.

You basically just have to
try and shut them out

and concentrate
on what you're doing out here

because otherwise I would just
be walking around like this 24/7.

So it's so hard. It's so hard.

You ready to see them?

Oh, my gosh, yes. Yes, please.

Alright. Come on in, guys.

Where are they?

Oh, my gosh, they've all grown!

Oh, buddy!

I love you guys.


I love you guys so much.

Hey, Sharn.
Yes, Jonathan.

Can you remind us
who everyone is, again?

Yeah, OK.
It's quite the clan.

I know, I know.
I've got quite the... the tribe.

So, this is Jack.

Will, my oldest boy.

Amelie, my oldest daughter.
And Bella, my baby girl.

And my gorgeous husband, Damien.

So, Damien, incredibly,
you're standing here

for the second time on day 49.
Deja vu. Yep.

Can you believe that Sharn
has made it this far again?


You can?

That was the correct answer.

Yeah, very, very impressed
but not overly surprised.

So, Will...

..what have you learnt
from your mother,

seeing her achieve so much
in this game, not once but twice?

Yeah, I know. Oh, heaps.

I mean, she's so determined.
She's so courageous.

She's got it all, really.

Oh, thank you, Will.



now, you just got married
before you came out here, right?

Four days, Jonathan.

Four days? Wow.
Are you missing your wife?

I think I've barely kissed her,
Jonathan, since I got married, so...

Now, you're also the primary
caregiver for your sister.

Is it tough being away from her
for this long?

Yeah, Vinny and me
are just inseparable.

So, not seeing or hearing from her
this long has been really hard.

Well, let's bring
you all back together.

Bella, Vinny, come on out!

Bella, don't cry.

Come here!




I've missed you.

Vinny, you look beautiful!

Doesn't she?
She got a new dress for you.

Go give him a cuddle, Vin.

Give him a hug.

Oh, my God.

I was waiting for that.

Oh, no.

So, Bella, was it difficult
being away from her for this long?

Um, this has been...

Oh, Bella, don't cry.

It's OK, it's OK.
It's good tears. It's good tears.

It's been, like, the hardest
two months of my life.

Right, Vin?
Oh, you got Dave.

I can't cry too much
'cause she'll cry.

Did you expect her
to make it to final three?

You did?

I did.

I knew when she went
that I wasn't gonna see her

for a really long time.

And I knew the second time round,
she was coming out here to win.

Vinny, Vinny, you know your sister
better than anyone else.

How would you describe her?

Yeah, yeah, good sister.

Takes care of me.

Um, gave me coffee in the morning.

And takes me to F45.

That's right.

So, Moana, you've often said

that you're playing this game
for your family.

If you do win,
how would it change their lives?

So much, Jonathan.

Like, our family, my family,
Bella's family.

You know, to be able to have that
kind of money would be unbelievable,

and what it could do for us
could change our lives.

So, David, you've played two seasons
back to back.

Yes, sir.

That's a lot of days
away from your family.

How do you think they're coping?

Oh, well...

I know my wife, and she's super strong.

So, I know she's been hanging
in there and doing really great

when I've been gone.

But, uh, yeah, it's been hard, Jon.

Alright, well...

..let's make it happen.

Oh, yes, please.
Come on out, guys!

Go, Dave.



Watch out.


Come on, baby!

Oh, you still got your Champ's buff.

Hey, baby!

Ah... Hey.

Oh, wow, you are beautiful.

Oh, baby Rei!

That's for you, my love.

No, it's for you.
Oh, you brought one for me?

Oh, wow.

You are a sight for sore eyes.


..what did you think
when David came to you and he said,

"Honey, I think I'm gonna
go play Survivor again"?

I said, "Great, awesome."


I was so happy for him
and the opportunity

and he had such an excellent time
the first time.

So I think it was a chance
to do something incredible again.

So, Rei...
Use your big voice.

..does Daddy look different to you?

No. He's perfect.


Alright, you got room
for a little bit more?

Oh, yeah, I think maybe I do.

Well, your two boys from Perth
couldn't be here...


..but they still
want to wish you luck.

Oh, man.


Winston, Go-go, it's Dad!

How are you?

I'm good!

You guys doing well?


I've been thinking about you
every day, guys.

I've got my necklace.

I've been thinking about you every
day, talking about you nonstop.

I love you guys so much.

I cannot wait to see you.

Love you, too.

Alright, boys.

We got some business to take care of.

I love youse
and I'll talk to you real soon.

OK, love you. Bye.
Bye, boys.

OK, families. You guys are gonna
be cheering on from the bench today.

I'm gonna give everyone
a minute to catch up.

And then, Sharn, Moana, David,
we're gonna get to it.

Yep, alright, Jonathan. Thank you.

Mmm! Come in, group hug, group hug!

Aw, you guys!

I can't believe you're all here again!

You look good.

I know, she's got a new dress.
She got a spray tan.

Ooh, girl! You look beautiful.

Oh, baby.

I've been dreaming about this
for 49 days.

Alright, everyone's in position.

For immunity

and a spot in the final two...

..this challenge is now on.

If you only win one challenge
in this game...

..this is the one to win.

Guarantee yourself a spot
in that final two.

Pretty simple.

Just need to keep both
feet on those pedestals,

one hand on the idol

and the other hand on the ring.

And that rubber band constantly
pulling you away from the idol,

making it more difficult
to maintain balance.

The longer this goes on,
the more fatigue will set in...

..body and mind.

All it's gonna take is one
lapse in concentration... break contact with
one of those four points,

you're out of the challenge.

After 49 days...'s all come down to this.

If you only win one
challenge in this game...

..this is the one to win.

Guarantee yourself a spot
in that final two.

You've got this, babe!

You need to keep both feet
on those pedestals,

one hand on the idol

and the other hand on the ring.

Break contact
with one of those four points...'re out of the challenge.

David trying different positions.

There's no good position in this one.

There's not.

That rubber band constantly
forcing you into something awkward.

Yeah, that's a nice touch
this time round, Jon.

It's All Stars, baby.

Moana readjusting her feet.

It is so much harder than it looks.

It's hard, yeah.
The balancing.

Those pedestals are gonna really
grind into the soles of your feet.

David grimacing

as he readjusts that back foot.

Shuffling around on those pedestals
will give your feet some relief

but you also risk slipping off.

Ooh, big slip from Moana.

That's how quickly
you can fall out of this challenge.

Gotta stay focused.

One lapse, and you're done.

Interesting when these waves
start coming in.

The tide's starting to come in now.

Here we go.
Ooh, I felt it.

Eventually it'll get up to the pegs...

..make them wet and slippery,

making it more difficult to get a grip.


Sharn... this harder than
the last final challenge you did?

Um, yeah, I think so,

because it calls on
different strengths.

There's a lot of components
in this challenge

versus the one that I had
as my final challenge.

David, how are you feeling up there?
Uh, really good, Jon.

There's a little bit
of a balance element to it

that could potentially be
the decisive factor, I suppose.

But I'm in this 110%, Jon.

Like, this is life for me, man,
and I will die up here if I have to.

That's one hour, guys.

Good job, guys!


Guys, amazing!

Tightest alliance
in the history of Survivor.

Yeah, boy!

Yeah, boy.

It's gonna have to break tonight,


And that's when we hoped
it would break, Jon.

You know?

At three.

Be nice to be the one who dictates
how it breaks, though.

Yeah, it would.

That's true.

David crouched down,

looking for some kind of relief,

any relief.

So much of this challenge
is psychological.

It's just convincing yourself
to keep going.

Oh, whoa, Moana.

Oh, careful.

Almost loses it.


Oh, Mo!
Mo, Mo, Mo!

Far out!
Oh, my God!

And that's it, out of
nowhere, Moana falls.

Are you alright?
She is out of the challenge.

You OK?


Oh, Mo.

Great effort, though.
You alright?


Oh, OK, OK.

You OK, Mo?

Great effort, Mo.
You did great, girl.

So good.

Well done, Mo.

After an hour and 10 minutes, Moana
slips, she's out of the challenge.

Well done, Mo.

Come here and let me snuggle you.

And we're down to two.

After 49 days,

it's come down to David and Sharn

battling it out
for that final necklace.

Wow, this thing's got serious now,
didn't it? Just got real.

You guys have been up there
for 90 minutes.

Tide is rising.


Those pedestals
are getting very slippery now.

Every readjustment a huge risk.

We're going together?

Alright. Yeah, I'm down.

You on? You on?
I'm on. Like, I'm on.

It makes sense, I think.

I did, I always said at the start,

I wanted to sit with
the best player at the end...

..and I thought,

"What... what am I doing
if I can't live up to that?"

I want my game to be able
to speak for itself.


I want to be able to go against
someone that made big moves

and played an amazing game and
I know will speak well at Tribal.

I know.

It fits,

because I learnt
from my mistake last time.


And I feel like it's an honour
to be here with you, you know.

Yeah, Sharn, I feel the same way.

And that's why it'll be an honour
to sit with you at the end.


Here comes the rain.

Rain starting to come in.

That's gonna make the idol
wet and slippery.


Rain's really kicked in.

That tide's coming up.

Look at that.


Bring it on!

Wow, it's really hammering down now.

It's gonna make that idol
nice and slippery.

Yeah, it has.

It definitely has.

Lots of shifting around now.

Those pressure points
are taking a beating.

Every readjustment
presents a risk, though.

Whoo! Look at that!

Really coming up now.

- Oh, oh, oh, wow.
- Oh, my God!

Waves consistently
hitting your feet now.

It's only a matter of time before
one of these waves takes you out.

Oh, jeez! Oh, man!

And out of nowhere...
Oh, no!

..Sharn slips.!

And David wins final immunity!

Oh, no. I just slipped!

Ooh! Can't even get up.

Oh, man!
Beautiful, girl.

I was so good.

Oh. Oh.


You were absolutely amazing.

Oh, David.

- Oh.
- Well done, Dave.


Hey, baby!


Oh, I'm so sorry, guys.

That's alright. You did well.
I did. But I just slipped.

I just...

It's alright, it's alright.
You're right. Take your time.


guaranteed to see day 50.

How does that feel?

Um...'s everything I dreamed
it would be.

My dreams have come true today.

I feel like I'm asleep.
I'm just dreaming right now.

David, come on over.

Congratulations, buddy.

Congratulations, mate.

Final immunity is yours.

Guaranteed a 50% chance
of winning this game

and the half million dollars
that goes with it.

One big decision left...

..who you're gonna take
to that final Tribal Council

and who's gonna become the ninth
and final member of our jury.

You'll have the afternoon
to think about it.

I'm gonna give you a moment
to say goodbye.

Head back to camp and I'll
see you guys tonight at Tribal.

Well done, mate.
Thanks, man.

Thanks, brother.

Well done, David. So good.

I lost balanced and slipped.

I'm absolutely devastated
'cause I had so much more to give.

I'm OK now.
See you tomorrow night.

But Dave won,

and now he has to choose
between me and Sharn.

This is Dave's chance to prove that
he played a better game than me.

See you. Bye, girls.
See ya, guys.

Bye, guys.
See you.

He said he wanted to go up against
the best player at the end.

By taking me, he could prove that.

Making the decision
on who you take to that final two

is the most difficult decision
that you have in this entire game.

But I am optimistic
that he will take me to the end.

David and I have had
a good relationship.

And, more importantly, today,

when we were out of the challenge,
he promised me again

that there was 100% he was gonna
take me to the final two,

and I'm gonna absolutely
hold him to that promise...

..or there's gonna be
all hell to pay.

I'll now bring in
the members of our jury.








..and Brooke,
voted out at the last Tribal Council.

So, David, big day.

Got to see your family.

Won the final immunity.

Guaranteed yourself
final Tribal Council.

I'm guessing you're feeling
pretty happy right now.

Yeah, I feel amazing, Jon.

It was an incredible day
I think for all of us,

just to get to see our family and to
participate in that final challenge.

And it was a really happy day.

But in some ways, it's a pretty sad day

because I have a heavy decision
to make tonight.

Are you feeling the weight
of ending an ally's chance

at winning a half million dollars?

It's a hard decision,

but it's one that
I'm glad I'm getting to make.

I need to do what is best for my game.

But I have had
real relationships out here

and real friendships
with both of these guys,

and that's honestly
what the harder part of that is.

So, Moana, time spent together
can definitely solidify loyalty.

Do you think that's gonna
factor into tonight's vote?

Since David and I
have formed an alliance,

I've stuck by him
through thick and thin.

And I feel like I've had his back

more than almost anybody in this game.

Well, I... She's not the only one.

They have had a long time together
to form bonds

and that relationship.

But, at the same time, I feel like
once I became part of the alliance

and that friendship was formed,
I've done exactly the same thing.

We have had that strong bond
together, had each other's backs.

I told him I wanted to sit with him
at the end, final two.

In fact, we discussed it today

when we were up
in the challenge together.

What, that you wanted
to take each other to the end?


David made a promise to me
that he would take me to final two,

up there, when we were in
that physically gruelling state.

We both did, we both promised...

..because we want to deliver
best of the best for All Stars.

Moana, has David made
a final-two promise with you?

David has made
a final-two promise with me.

Of course he's gonna do it. He has
to do it. That's playing the game.

So, Moana, how confident are you that
David's gonna keep his promise to you

over Sharn's promise?

That promise doesn't mean nothing.

Dave now needs to make a decision.

It's a tough decision,

but he has to make a decision
what's best for his game,

but he also has to factor in the jury.

And then you've got Sharn,
who addresses a jury for a living.

And she's been here before.
She's addressed them before.

She knows what that's about.

Imagine what she'll do to you
if she went to top two.

Also, Jonathan...
Can I, sorry, just say to that,

a regular jury, yeah.

One that's in everyday life?

But I've had one go at a Survivor
jury, and I failed at that.

And it, yeah, so my track record in
front of a Survivor jury, not good.

So, Sharn, why shouldn't he take Moana?

One of the things when
you've got to consider your pitch

is that if you've been
playing with someone the whole game

or in the same tribe,

that it's gonna be hard
to distinguish moves

if you've had a similar game style

and you've had
those shared experiences.

So, I think
there's a distinct advantage

in taking someone that
hasn't been with you the whole game

because then you can own
those moves easily.

And I think for these guys, the way
I've been seeing them operate,

they've worked together
quite closely on some moves,

and I think I would have
a hard time working out

who was actually running the show
between the moves.

I have got a different game to him,

so that is something
that is clearly distinguishable

for the jury to determine.

OK, Sharn, so why should David
take you to the end?

I think he understands the bond
that we've had and that we've made.


..but, most of all, he did make me
that promise today out there.

That's a big deal.

We were feeling the pain out there...

..and we had
a real moment out there.

I hope it was real to Dave,
'cause it was real to me.

So, David, Sharn is really
leaning on this promise tonight.

Uh, yeah, she is.

But, again, there's a lot of factors
to take into account tonight,

not just that single promise
that was made.

So, Moana, why should David
take you to the end?

'Cause I'm not holding him
to his promise.

But I want that opportunity.
I have played my arse off.

It's no fluke that
I'm still sitting here at top three.

It ain't a fluke. I got a story to
tell, and I want to tell my story.

Sharn's had her chance.
I want my chance.

I'm throwing him a challenge.

I'm saying
take me 'cause I want to verse you.

If you think I'm an easybeat,
take me and prove it.

Prove it to the jury that you're
the best that's ever played the game

and beat me.

So, David, you've made
a lot of promises tonight.

How critical is this decision
tonight for your game?

It's a half-a-million-dollar
decision tonight.


Well, before we go to vote,

Moana, Sharn, your votes
effectively cancel each other out,

so the only vote that
really counts tonight is David's.

David, you're up.

I'll go collect the vote.

OK, once the vote is read,
the decision is final.

Person voted out will be asked

to leave
the Tribal Council area immediately.

I'll read the vote.

22nd person voted out and ninth
and final member of our jury...


You need to bring me your torch.

I'm sorry, girl.

See ya, Mo.

Yeah, I will, darling.

Me too. See ya.

49 days ain't too bad, Jonathan.

Ain't too bad at all.

Moana, the tribe has spoken.

Time for you to go.
Give us a hug?

Yeah, you betcha.

Well played.

See ya, guys. See ya.
See ya, Mo.


Well, congratulations.

You two have gone
as far as you can go in this game.

And, now, tomorrow night
it's gonna be up to the jury.

So, I suggest you go back to camp
and get a good night's sleep

and think about how
you're gonna convince them

that you deserve
the title of Sole Survivor

and the half million that goes with it.

Grab your torches, head on out.

I'll see you guys tomorrow.

Well done.

Can you believe it?

I can't quite believe it, to be honest.

Oh, me either.
The final notch on the tree.

Better make it a good one.
You better.

Day 50! We're here!

What an incredible feeling.

Nice one.


50 days.

So good.
22 names.

I got to put Mo's initials in, yeah?



..last night the decision
was pretty heartbreaking.

Mo's been probably
my closest ally on the beach.

She's become like my sister out here.

So it was a tough decision.


..only the toughest come out here
and win.

Yeah, it was epic.
Feels good to win
that last one, doesn't it?


..yeah, feels amazing.

Yeah. Thank you for...

Yeah, welcome. My pleasure.

It's just awesome to share this with.
..letting me be here.

You don't know how much
it means to me. It's incredible.

I have a fair idea...

..'cause I think it means
a lot to me, so...

Winning the title of Sole Survivor
and half a million dollars

just means the world to me.

I've literally bled for this game.

It's been blood, sweat, tears,
a lot of family sacrifice.

I'm out here making my kids proud.
I'm making my family proud.

They are everything to me.

I used my smarts
to outwit 22 other competitors.

I dug in deep when I needed it.

I stayed calm under pressure.

I made fire from scratch,

from scratch, no flint, no nothin'.

I proved I'm not just a pretty face.

I am worthy of the
title of Sole Survivor.

This is the realisation of my dream.

This is what I worked for,

and I'm not gonna let
it slip out of my grasp.

Oh, listen to that frying noise.


That's a sound that I have missed.
Do you hear this?

Final-two breakfast.


To final two.
Cheers to the final two, Dave.




That tastes good.
It does taste good.


This is it.

Oh, yeah.

Oh, boy.

Thank you for cooking breakfast.

My pleasure.

David chose me last night
to go to the final two

instead of Mo.

But, truth is, I absolutely think
that David's made a mistake.

I am the first Australian Survivor
to make it to 100 days.

I've made it to final two twice.

I've outplayed, outlast,
outwitted all of those people.

And I feel so honoured
to be in that position.

But this is where the
history ends right here

because what I'm gonna change this time

is that I'm gonna be
the winner this time.

Losing last time had a
huge impact on my life.

I didn't have a day where I
didn't think about that loss,

for months on end.

It's hard because I was
so close to it last time,

one vote off.

I'm even more determined to
make it mine this time round.

This time it is the second opportunity.

I've sacrificed so much for that.

To be able to bring that home for
my family just means everything.

I'll be entering final
Tribal Council tonight

with 100 days'
experience under my belt.

I know what to expect from that jury.

I know how they're gonna
come out with their questions,

and I know how to respond to them.

I'm not going to falter
at the last stage.

I'm throwing it all to the wall tonight.

I'm absolutely going
to win that jury over.

I am gonna miss this place...
Yeah, me too.

..and this experience.

It's been amazing.
Incredible, hasn't it?

So incredible.
I've loved every minute of it.

Ready to do this?
I'm ready to do this.

Oh, my goodness.

This is it.

You V me, huh?

So long, Kalokalo.

Yeah, so long, Kalokalo.

This is my courtroom tonight.
I have my case prepared.

I have collected evidence
throughout this game,

and I'm ready to sell that to the jury.

I am going to pitch to that jury

and prove beyond reasonable
doubt that I am the best player

and I deserve that title
of Sole Survivor.

I feel excited about
facing the jury tonight.

I love Tribal Councils.

This is the ultimate Tribal Council.

But I know that Sharn is a barrister.

She's been at a final
Tribal Council before.

This will be 100 days
for her in the game.

I know that Sharn wants
her redemption on this,

but I am hungrier than ever.

Ah, man.
Phwoar, Sole Survivor's right there!

I want to go to Tribal right now.
Let's do this.

Sharn will not be getting
in my way tonight.

Good evening.

I'll now bring in the
members of our jury.









..and Moana,

voted out at the last Tribal Council.

So, here we are,

day 50 and your final Tribal Council.

You two have gone as far
as you can go in the game.

And tonight the power
shifts to the jury.

Nine people you've had a hand
in voting out of this game

will now decide which of you two
deserves the title of Sole Survivor

and the half million
dollars that goes with it.

This is how it's gonna work.

You're each gonna make
an opening statement.

This is your chance to pitch to the jury

why you deserve to win this game.

Then the jury will address you.

They'll ask you questions,
and you'll answer them.

Then they'll have a chance to rebut
your answers in an open forum.

Once everyone's said their piece,
the jury will go up to vote

to decide the winner of
Australian Survivor: All Stars.

Sharn, you want to take it away?

Good evening, everybody.

I am the only person in
Australian Survivor history

to play 100 days of this game.

I've never had my torch snuffed.

My strategy in this game was to
play an aggressively covert game.

The reason for that,

the two winners were voted out in
the first two Tribal Councils,

so I knew very quickly that I
couldn't make any real big moves

that were overt.

So, I assumed the role of
this quiet house mouse

but building genuine
relationships with everybody

so that I could play the
game across the board.

At tribe swap, I saw an opportunity
to build multiple alliances.

I was working with Nick and Lee,

but also, without anyone knowing,

I set up an alliance with Mo and Dave...

..which is a pivotal point in my game.

Then there was the vote on Phoebe.

I controlled that Tribal Council

because I basically could choose
which alliance I wanted to go with

because I knew everyone's votes.

Then we hit merge.

Now, this is when my
game really ramps up.

I wanted Jacqui to go.

The way I did that was
convincing AK, Shonee and Brooke

not to go to rocks.

You all witnessed how I did
that, ladies and gentlemen.

The next vote, AK, Brooke and
Shonee wanted me to vote with them

to blindside David.

I let them believe that that's
what I was going to do,

and I could've done it.

But I saw him as an asset to my game.

The Golden God was the
golden ticket to the end.

He was the greatest
shield I could have had,

and proof is in the pudding.

So, ask yourselves,

why do you think I'm sitting
here again after 50 days?

It's not because I was dragged here.

I have been the puppet master.

I have made calculated moves,

switched alliances when I've needed to

and been adaptable the whole game.

I'm asking you to
consider my total history,

my 100 days in the game.

I've had an incredible
time playing with you all

and it's been an absolute privilege.

Thank you.

Alright, David. Good luck.

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury!

Dudes, it's so honoured
to be sitting here,

have played with the biggest players
in the biggest season of All Stars.

On day one, I was excited to play
with guys like AK and like Locky

because I'd seen their games,
I'd wanted to play with them.

And then we brought Brooke in on it

and we fell into a
really great majority.

But it wasn't enough for me.

I wanted to make sure I was
gonna be safe at tribe swap.

And so...

..I was the mole!

I was the bloody mole on Vakama!

When tribe swap happened,
I was in a little bit of trouble

because Phoebe and I were
put into a minority position.

But I found my first idol on day 17.

And then after the cake shop
reward, Phoebe found a clue.

I used my social game for her to tell me

where the location of my
second idol was gonna be.

It was in a termite mound.

And I took Phoebe to where I thought

there was good termite mounds
in the middle of the camp,

but I knew exactly the
one I wanted to check,

which was the one behind the shelter.

I'm the only person in
Australian Survivor history

to have two idols at the same time.

From there, merge happened.

I linked back up with Lock,

and, I'm sorry, big fella, I
orchestrated your blindside.

You guys know I pushed
really hard for Harry.

There was a good reason for that.

I wanted to be able to sit here and say

I had the most consecutive days played

in Australian Survivor history.

And to do that, I knew that Harry
had to be gone before day 34.

And Harry went out on day 32.

So, here I sit with that title.

Finally, we get down to the real
dirty nitty-gritty of this game.

I had formed really tight
relationships between all of you.

Tarz, man, um...

..I genuinely love you, man,

and we had such a good
connection in the game.

This was such a tough
decision for me, brother.

And basically, at the five, it
was time for me to take on board

what I thought was gonna
be best for my family,

and unfortunately it was
to send you home, brother.

Brooke, challenge beast.

Your performances were just amazing.

I finally got ya.

Now I sat with girls

who I felt like I'd formed
a really strong bond with.

Mo, I got to make the choice, the
hard choice of sending you home.

It's probably the worst thing
I had to do in the game.

But I played big.
I played unapologetically.

I made big, exciting
and interesting moves.

And, in a way, I've played the
most honest game I ever have.

Thanks for this opportunity, guys.
What an amazing season.

And, man, I had a lot of fun.

That's it.

Alright, guys.

Well, you've heard everything that
Sharn and David have had to say.

It's now your turn to ask questions.

Remember, you need to find out
everything you need to know

to make a
half-a-million-dollar decision.


Alright, guys. Congratulations.

I mean, 50 days, it's not an easy feat,

but you both done it,
you both made it there.

And, yeah, congratulations, well done.

My question, the first one is to Dave.

Since day one when we
were working together,

you said, "Oh, I want to make big
moves, I want to cause chaos,"

and stuff like that.

But it seemed to be when you hit merge,

that kind of went out the window

and you sort of sided with
a big, boring alliance.

What I kind of want to ask is,
where did the Golden God go?

Uh, man, the Golden God was still there.

I just kind of had to shed
that skin a little bit.

I felt like my game had
to evolve this time

because the Golden God was
sitting up there at the 10 spot,

and I wanted to sit here.

So, at merge, I thought I was still
orchestrating big moves, brother.

I thought you were,
like, the biggest one.

But I was trying to
protect my information

and keep stuff a bit more to myself

'cause that was a mistake I
made the last time I played.



You're up.


..I've sat here before and
you've sat there before

and you didn't get my vote last time.

So, why should I vote for you this time?

Well, Shonee, I feel like I've
played a real strong game.

I've learnt from the mistakes
that I made the first time.

This time I played smarter.

My design playing this game
was to be aggressively covert

and have those subtle
game-plays on the way

to make sure I get through,
and it worked for me.

And also I built that
alliance with Mo and Dave,

which ultimately turned
into the Mokuta seven

that dominated the merge and became
one of the strongest alliances

Australian Survivor has ever seen.

And that's why I think this
time you should vote for me.

Alright, AK.

You got any questions for 'em?


on day 40... convinced Shonee,
Brooke and myself

not to go to rocks.

And that is the biggest
regret of my game.

And my Survivor mantra
is to have no regrets.

And it was all because you
didn't want to gamble your game.

But to win my vote tonight,

you might have to do just that.

So I have a bag here
with four rocks in it.

Three of those rocks are black
and one of those rocks is white.

And that white rock represents you.

So I'm gonna propose
an opportunity to you.

Would you rather back your game and
back your performance here tonight

and you can try and convince me

as to why I should write your name down?

Or would you like to gamble...

..and when I go to vote tonight,

if I draw that white rock,

I will 100%... your name?


Uh, so, uh...

Go to rocks.

Can I sit on it, or do you
want an answer right now?

I want an answer right now.

Uh... Oh!

I have a bag here with four rocks in it.

And one of those rocks is white.

And that white rock represents you.

Would you rather back your game,

or would you like to gamble...

..and be guaranteed a 25% chance
that I'm gonna write your name down?


Uh... Oh!

It's hard! It's a hard one!

Hat off to you, brother.
That's incredible. I love it.

Part of me is thinking, because I
convinced you not to go to rocks

that, what the hell, you
know, go, gamble it.

But the other part of me
thinks I want to back myself.

I take real pride in the way
that I've played this game.

Uh, so, uh...

Go to rocks.

I'm not a gambling person.
You might be. But I really am not.

But I feel like luck's
on my side tonight.

But I lost by one vote
the last time I played.


..maybe I put faith in my game, AK.

Yeah. I don't want a 25% chance.

And I hope that you can see
everything that I've done

in this game to get me here.


I respect your decision.
Do you respect that?

I respect you as a game player.
I've said it from day one.

When I was asked who the biggest
threat coming into All Stars was,

I said, "Sharn is."

And I think you sitting there
tonight has proven it.

Golden God.

As Sharn said, you know, she has
played 100 days in this game

and she's made it to the end twice.

So, I want to know why you think
Sharn shouldn't win again.

I think I played a better game.

And I was the idol king.

I kept two idols in the game for 19 days

without having to play one.

I had you play an idol for
me at the start of the game.

I had Mat play an idol for Jacqui.

I played an idol for
my main man, Tarzan.

But at no point during the game

did I actually need to
play an idol for myself.

I managed to use my social game
and my important relationships

to help me get to the end.

Um, Sharn...


..uh, on several occasions,

there were moments where
you sort of pulled out

of new alliances being formed.

And it is destructive.

I'd like you to comment on that idea

of, like, destructive
versus constructive.

Well, I think, there, it is
destructive AND constructive.

That is, uh, me thinking
about my options,

getting options out there so I can
change direction if I need to

or if I feel like I need to
move with a different alliance.

And it was a deliberate
thing to do that.

I just want to know if you think
that that was a smart strategy,

considering you lied to a
lot of us here on the jury

and we're all gonna determine your fate.

The damage that I've done along the way

was required because of the
game that I was playing.

That's why I was playing the middle,

because if something happened,

I was ready to shift,
I was ready to adapt.

So then when I had to make a
move, that's what I had to do,

I had to lie to that
person to make the move.

It was a smart strategy
because I'm sitting here now.

To me, it seems like you're focused
so much on getting to the top two...

..rather than the damage
you do to the jury.

You've done a lot of
damage along the way.

Can I ask you a question, Sharn?

Yes, sure, Tarzan.

That particular Tribal Council
that nearly went to rocks...

..when you came back
from the second vote,

you told me to vote for Mo.

And then when we got back
to camp, you denied it.

Why would you do that?

Yeah, I just wanted to test you,
to see where your loyalties were.

But I could've voted her out.
No, if you had done that,

then that would've, no...

But she'd have gone home.

What I wanted was Jacqui to go.

And we'd had some
conversations, Tarzan,

and I just didn't know...
Not against Mo.


So, you wanted to risk my game

to test Tarzan's trust?

No. I didn't. I didn't.

I didn't want to risk your game,

I didn't think he would do it.
I wanted to test that out.

So, now it had a dual purpose.

It d... Well, if he did vote for Mo,
if he did vote for you,

and you did go,
then that would've happened.

But if you want to make a move,
you have to own it.

This is All Stars.
Like, own your moves.

I am. I'm-I'm saying to Tarzan
it had a dual purpose. strategy was
Jacqui going that night.

I learnt that Jacqui wanted to vote
Zach out, that she was gonna flip.

I weighed up whether or not
I should stand in the way

or let the vote go through.

Now, for me, I could see how close
Zach and Dave were.

I knew Dave had an idol
that he could've played for Zach

and saved him,
but I didn't say anything.

I was silent.

So, your big move ultimately
became my biggest covert blindside.

Just to clarify, you're saying
your biggest move in this game

is a move that you did nothing on?

Sometimes an omission
or not doing something

can be a big move.

Like, sometimes there are big moves,

but other times there are subtleties,

to know when to be restrained,
to know when to go big.

I wanted to work
quietly, and I did that.

I think it's a brilliant move,
to be able to do it in that way.

Keep owning that.


Keep owning that.
Yeah. Thanks, Harry.

You're sort of talking about the
big moves, you want the big moves,

but doing it in such a way

that other people
don't have a chance to then rebuild,

it's still really powerful,

taking advantage of a situation.

That's what she did.

Moana, do you have any questions?


I hold nothing against you
for voting me out last night...

..even though I feel like
it was a little bit weak.

You know, you sat next to me
Tribal in, Tribal out,

"I want to be with the best,"

and then you had my torch snuffed

because you didn't want
to compete against me.

But I understand that
you have to put your family first.

But you took away my dream, and that
was to take care of my family.

So, I need to ask you a question.

Were you worried
I played a bigger game?

Was a super hard decision, man.

It ended up being a
selfish decision, Mo.

I felt like sitting here
with you at the end

would be detrimental to my game.

You had a really good chance
of taking votes away from me.

Whilst my heart was with you
and hurts for you and your family... gave me the best
chance to win the game.

It is Sole Survivor,
unfortunately, Momo.

And, um, that's why I made the choice.

Cool. OK.

Um, I need to know exactly
why you need my vote

and that half a million
dollars that we all wanted.

Uh, guys, um, tough game.

I'm sitting in a position
that you all deserve to sit in.

Everyone was such a big player.

I learnt so much from all your games,

about social game play,

about physical game play,

about being yourself,

not being frightened to play.

But I think I had big hands in
putting all you guys on the jury.

When it came to Harry,
I really wanted Harry out.

Harry was a massive threat
to my game last time.

He blindsided me.

Zach, uh, he was a big
part of my endgame,

but got taken out.

And then I really wanted to get some
revenge on Jacqui because of Zach.

That was definitely an idea I floated.

I pitched AK to you guys multiple times,

and I drove that vote forward as well.

Getting Shonee out of the game
was huge, huge challenge threat.

And gives the best evils.

I won the individual immunity
that sent Brooke home.

And then Mo, I made the choice
for Sharn to sit here.

She didn't convince me of nothing.
I made that choice.

And I've been making these choices
through merge.

I'm not here being like, "I'm
the best player that ever played."

Everyone had a part
in people going home.

But I could be the loudest voice
when I needed to.

I hope I'm the Sole Survivor
that All Stars deserves.

It was an honour
to play with you guys.

And I owe you all
a debt of gratitude.

Alright, guys.

Well, you should have
more than enough information now

to decide who you think
deserves the title of Sole Survivor

and the half million dollars
that goes with it.

Remember, tonight you are
voting for a winner.

For the last time... is time to vote.

Alright, guys.

Well, you should have more
than enough information now

to decide who you think
deserves the title of Sole Survivor

and the half million dollars
that goes with it.

Remember, tonight you are
voting for a winner.

For the last time... is time to vote.

Locky, you're up.

I'll go count the votes.

Well, there's no doubt this season
was played at the highest level...

..proving why you guys were chosen
as Australia's first All Stars.

Sharn, David, congratulations
on an incredible game.

All that's left to do now
is read the votes...

..which I'm gonna do
back in Australia.


I'll see you guys there.
See ya, Jonathan.

See ya, Jon.


Good evening! G'day, guys.


Good evening. I'm Osher Gunsberg.

I am sure you weren't expecting
to see me here.

Don't worry, this is indeed

the grand finale
of Australian Survivor: All Stars.

And fear not,
I am not here to count roses.

I'm not even here to count any votes.

Jonathan, will do that.
He'll be joining us shortly.

Just like you, we are doing our best
during this pandemic.

But nothing was gonna stop us
from making this show,

even the fact that a few people
can't be here in person,

including one of our final two,

who is joining us
from her home in Melbourne.

Sharn, g'day.
I'm glad you guys are here. Welcome.


And the man that
even I wanted to see standing here,

Mr Survivor himself,
Jonathan LaPaglia,

joining us via satellite
from Los Angeles, California.

Jonathan, good evening.

Hey, hi, everyone.

How's it going over there, Jonathan?

Oh, look, it's, uh,
it's pretty strange.

I mean, the whole town
is locked down right now.

But I'm super bummed
I can't be there tonight.

This is my favourite part
of the show.

I mean, I don't know about you,

but I love grilling the contestants
about their game-play

and watching them squirm.

So I'm gonna leave that in
your capable hands tonight. Enjoy.

However, there was no way
I was gonna let this pandemic

separate me from this.

I have the votes.

Now, when we decided
to put 24 All Stars on the island,

we knew it was gonna be great.

But thanks to you guys,

we ended up with the best season
of Australian Survivor so far,

without a doubt.

David and Sharn,

you two have done what
no-one else could do,

you have made it to the end.

And in doing so,
you put nine people on the jury,

which might be
the most difficult part of Survivor

because ultimately it is the jury
who will decide who wins this game.

And a jury of All Stars
was never gonna be easy to please.

David, how would you sum up
this season of All Stars?

It was, uh, hard,
understatement of the year.

I think everyone
came to just play hard.

And you saw the result, it just
ended up being an amazing season.

I think we were operating at a level

where every player
was bringing their A game,

and that's what
we've been left with here.

Sharn, what does it mean
to get all the way to the end

playing against 23 other All Stars?

Jonathan, it means everything to me.

To be able to sit here a second
time, I'm super proud of my effort.

And, yeah, it means the world
to be here in this position, again.

But on an All Star season,
even better. It's awesome.

So, Will, did you know that your mum
is the only person in Australia

to play Survivor for 100 days?

Yes, I was well aware.

She's a great player and I don't know
how she's done it twice,

but she's done it.

And I'm proud of her,
regardless if she wins or loses.

Pretty amazing.

Rei, what did you think
about how your dad played All Stars?

Um, well, at first
I was, like, really shocked

and then, um...

..I was really happy

that he got into All Stars for him.


Alright, guys.
Well, the time has come.

One of you two
is about to be crowned Sole Survivor

and walk away
with half a million dollars.

Remember, these votes
are for the win.

For the last time...

..I'm gonna read the votes.

First vote...


That's two votes David.


Two votes David, one vote Sharn.


Three votes David, one vote Sharn.


Four votes David, one vote Sharn.

Winner of
Australian Survivor: All Stars...


Yeah, Dave!

Yeah, Dave!

Yeah, Dave!

David! David!

Absolutely amazing.
Come here, man. Come here.

David, you are the Sole Survivor!

David, you have won $500,000!



An All Star season
deservedly won by an all-star player.

David's proven he is just that.

Thank you so much, Jonathan,

for joining us all the way
from Los Angeles.

Thank you so much, mate.

Oh, thank you, guys.
Congratulations, David!

Thanks, brother.
Everyone else, enjoy the show.

After the break, we will celebrate
all of David's best moments

and ask those burning questions
on the Reunion Show.

Don't go anywhere!

It was kind
of a dream come true

to come back here to play All Stars.

I love this game.
I love being a part of the game.

I love the opportunity
that I got to play it,

not once but twice.

I came into this game
with a pretty specific game plan...

..and that was to make
very unlikely alliances.

I'm trusting you with this.
Yeah, I'm trusting you
with this, too.

Alliances that people thought
would never happen.

We're all good, man.

- We're gonna get 'em.
- Yeah, we are good.

And I relied on my social game
to really bring them in.

We'll keep this one
between us, yeah?


David, I love him.
I love this game, to be honest.

He's got his eyes on everything.

Great at finding idols.


I think he's a great player.

I successfully navigated
my way through this game...

I'm so happy you guys are back.

..because I was able to
adapt myself strategically.

I made some huge moves
when I needed to.

Physically, just pushed me to
the edge, every single challenge.

David determined
to take this reward.

David giving it everything.

I wanted to prove that you
can come into Survivor

and play a big game and still sit
in the final Tribal Council.

He is right there.
Can he land that ball?

And he does!

Yeah, I've played a very
different game this time.

And I shared great moments with people.

You know, I wanted to make
genuine relationships.

Oh, what?

And because of that, I've been
a part of the strongest alliance

that Australian Survivor's ever seen.

It's kind of an
achievement in this game.


To changing my family's life,

to realising my dream...

Hey, come on, baby!

..I'm so proud.

Hi, baby!

I don't think I've played
the perfect game this time,

but, man, I've been pretty close.


All Stars Reunion Show,

where David has just won
half a million dollars

and the title of Sole Survivor.

I am standing in for Jonathan tonight,

who was unable to travel into
the country at the moment.

So, David, how do you feel right now?

I feel really emotional,
actually, Osher.

I think everyone gave their
heart and soul for this game,

and I felt like I did the same.

So, to be able to sit
here as the Sole Survivor

is a dream come true.

And it's a dream come true
in front of my family

and in front of people that are
genuinely close friends of mine.

And I know out on the beach, we go
hard and we go against each other,

but this is a second
family for me right here.

And I just... I'm just so appreciative

I just can't even put it into words.

So, talk about game-play for a second.

In Champions Versus Contenders,
you did play a pretty big game.

So, coming into All Stars,

how would you say your
strategy was different?

I really wanted to
still play a big game.

I'm a fan of the show.

And I love seeing that, love
seeing those big players.

So I didn't want to deviate too much.

But I think the time I
played Champions/Contenders,

I was spinning, like, a lot of lies,
just even about my personal life.

So, what I wanted to do this time
was just to keep my secrets better

and to improve my relationships.

I just tried to be as genuine as
possible, make real connections,

and I think that's the
reason I'm sitting here.

You gave yourself the
nickname 'the Golden God'.

Course he did.

Shonee, what is it like
when you meet someone

who gives themself
a nickname like that?

Yeah, I mean, you have to
be pretty full of yourself.

I kid.

Do you?

I dunno!

Nice one, Shon.

Brooke, let me ask you this.
Why is it...

Like, you obviously knew his game
from seeing him play already.

Why is it that you thought you could trust
him in the early days of All Stars?

I did trust him. I mean,
he's a charming little thing.

I was gonna say something else.

But, um, yeah, I don't know,

he just works it and he
managed to suck us all in,

as much as I hate to admit it.


I hate it.

David, sitting next to
Sharn in the final Tribal

was never going to be easy
because she has done it before.


What was your strategy
going into that final Tribal?

I think, going into final Tribal,

I felt like Sharn having
sat there before,

gave her a good experience.

But, for me, having sat on a jury
gave me just as much experience.

So when it came to reading the room

and knowing kind of what a jury wants,

I actually feel like I
had an advantage there,

just because Sharn hasn't had
that chance to be in Jury Villa.

Well, Sharn has played twice,
made it all the way both times.

And this is how she got
to the end on All Stars.

I definitely came into Survivor

the second time for redemption.

A fire pit!

But I knew that coming
in to play All Stars,

I had a huge target on my back.

So, my game plan this
time has been subtle...

If Dave does something weird
like play his idol for Tarzy,

then everyone goes on Dave, saves me.

..making huge moves, but covertly...

You and you, I got your
back till the very end. I can cement the
relationships I have in this game

so that they can feel like they
can trust me, moving forward.

Oh, my God.

Sharn is so good at playing both sides

and convincing you that she is with you.

Sharn, the best player to play
the game that hasn't won,

without a doubt.

But, at the same time,

I have made some real connections
out there, real friendships.

Your shells will be sparkly clean!
I can see my own reflection in it!

What I've missed the most...

There's my family! seeing my family every
day, being with them every day.

I feel incredibly proud of my game.

I am the first Australian
Survivor to make it to 100 days.

Sharn gets to the buoy first.

I'm owning that. That's mine.

Take a wild shot.

And lands it!

Yeah, baby!

It's been a great experience.
I've absolutely loved it.

Sharn wins immunity!

Sharn is the only Australian
player to play 100 days.

She's won individual immunity
five times across two seasons

and she's reached the
end of the game twice.

Sharn, how proud are you of
your Survivor achievements?

I am so proud, Osher.

I have always been a fan of Survivor,

so this is really a
dream come true for me.

To even play the game for
me is a huge achievement,

no less to be sitting here and
I've never had my torch snuffed.

How awesome is that?
It's incredible.

How was your All Stars game different

to when first time that
you played Survivor?

I went in knowing that people
knew I was a really strong player

and strong strategically and
socially, and physically, too.

So I had to change tact.

So I basically exploited the
fact that I could be trusted

to get myself to the end this time.

And it worked. I got myself to the end.

But, unfortunately, I just
couldn't convince that jury.

Sharn, you made a conscious decision

to work with David all
the way to the very end.

Why was that?

I tried to pitch voting
out David early on

when the first tribe swap happened,

and some people didn't want to
take that option at that time.

So I thought, "OK, well, if
they're not gonna work with me,

"I'll work with him,"

and so I ended up
moving in that direction.

And it paid off because I
made it to final two again.

Well, regardless of tonight's result,

Sharn, we cannot forget, no-one
can take this away from you,

you hold the record of the
most days ever played

in Australian Survivor
history, 100 days.

Sharn, massive, massive result.

So, in a season of All Stars,

it wasn't just the players
who dialled things up.

The challenges, the challenges
were more brutal than ever.

We'll take a look at those next

and we'll be dishing up the 'Shontent'

with fan favourite Shonee.

We'll be right back.

Survivors, ready...


Oh, right out of the
gate, they're into it.

Get him! Get him, Lock!

It is scrappy out there.

Everyone scrambling to get up
and over that first A-frame.

This is All Stars.
Push! Come on!

We've turned it up to 11.

That's gonna hurt.

Oh, it is chaos.

Everyone digging in.

Everyone's getting exhausted.

Go, Lydia!

Yeah, Locky, you beast!

He is a machine.

Shonee wins immunity!


Sharn gets it,
goes for a shot...

And lands it!

You little ripper!

A lot of pressure on Lee.


Lee takes a shot.

It's short.

Come on, you've got
this, Lee. You've got it.

Why show that?! Why show that?

It's all mental now.

You just need to push through that pain.

Brooke proving she is a
force to be reckoned with.

Everyone else trying to catch Brooke.

And that's it! Brooke wins immunity!

Brooke wins individual immunity again.

This is what Survivor's about.


- Aagh!
- Go, go, go, go, go! Pull!

And that's it!

Come on!

All Stars Reunion Show.

Lee, I've got to ask you straight up,

compared to the first time
you played this game,

how would you describe the challenges
you faced in All Stars?

They were absolutely hectic.

Those first couple of weeks, I don't
think we knew what we were in for,

um, apart from, you know,
some throwing mishaps on my behalf.

Yeah, I loved every...

That's what I lived for.
I lived for the challenges.

And to come up against
these big rigs, these big units,

I'm still recovering from it, mate.

Yeah, I was gonna ask about that.

You were a professional
cricket player...

Ex, ex, yeah.

..professional cricket player,

uh, struggling to get those balls
in the goal there.

Rub it in.

Did the tribe
give you any stick for that?

I honestly thought
I was gonna get voted off.

That's how hectic I thought
the game was gonna be.

I thought, "They're gonna be
ruthless, I'm gonna be outta there."

And so I thought, "You know what?

"I'll just go for a walk here,

"just go missing for a while and let
some other names come forward."

So, yeah, managed to get through it.

Well, you didn't get voted off, but
you did get a nickname, didn't you?

Uh, 'Custard Arm
Carseldine', which is... hurts.

It hurts, Osh.

Thanks to Nick, actually. I gotta
thank Nick for giving me that one.

Yeah, bit of payback.

Locky, none of us could possibly forget

you launching yourself face first

at those impenetrable
fortresses of sticks.

What were you thinking?

Clearly, nothing.

That's how I do everything,
don't really think too much.

But, uh, just, yeah,
went headfirst into it

and just as fast as I could.
Did it hurt?

Yeah, I've still got, like,
scars on my back from it,

but, I dunno, it was pretty fun.

Harry, I have to mention the
challenge we just saw there.

I do believe
it is called 'Holy Hell'.

You faced it twice.

- It beat you twice.
- It did.

How did it feel when you saw that

and like,
"Oh, this is what I'm doing today"?

So, it was either a bit of
horrible curse, horrible luck,

um, or just
the Survivor gods hate me.

But the other people
had to share my pain as well,

so, I guess, if I was gonna go out,

that's something
to share with everyone.

Got it.

Brooke, your challenge performance
was absolutely incredible to watch.

You won no less than four Individual
Immunity Challenges in this game.

Was dominating at challenges

a strategy of yours
when you were going into this?

No, to be honest, I really wanted
to downplay that side.

I didn't do a very good job,

I think I'm just too competitive.

Brooke wasn't the only challenge
beast on the island this year.

Shonee, you won
two fantastic immunities as well.

Do you think the people
underestimated you?

I think they definitely
underestimated me.

But, you know, you have these
random leisure activities,

doggy paddling in the pool, Pilates,
but they come in really handy.

Are you really
expecting me to believe

that you just doggy paddling
in your local pool

had you beat the Golden God...

..who looked like he was drowning?


I do that all the time with my
friend. I'm just paddling, chatting.

So I was out there thinking...

♪ Just keep swimming,
swimming, swimming... ♪

That was your song
that you were singing?

Yeah, in my head.
And out loud.

You tread water for two hours.

I watch my kid play water polo
every weekend

and she's treading water
for 24 minutes

and then she's stuffed
for the rest of the day.

Well, tell her to try harder.

Well, challenges
weren't the only thing

that Shonee wanted to take charge of.

I'm so glad, you know.
I was not expecting you to be back.

Shonee is my Survivor spirit animal.

She is the funniest Survivor
that's ever played.

I want the strongest players

physically and strategically
around me.

Shonee is by far
the weakest link in our tribe.

Yeah, if we want to stay strong

and actually have a shot at winning
challenges, she's gotta go.

- John's happy to write Shonee.
- Uh-huh.

Shonee, you have five votes

and you're going to Exile tonight.

It is time to drop your buffs.

Mokuta tried to vote me out last night.

But I'm back, bitches.

Now I'm gonna come after them.

If you want to weaken
Mokuta, then you keep me.

Yeah, no, 100%.

It's a new vote, it's a new tribe.
We've got to win some challenges.

I've got other people
here, other friends.

Let's just see what they do tonight.

I will not stop until I get revenge

on Abbey, Lydia...

Lydia, the tribe has spoken.

..and John.


I'm so happy.

This tribe feels like the pure joy

of finding a decent margarita
on happy-hour special.

I love it here.

Shonee, it appears that hell hath
no fury like Shonee scorned.

Are you that cold and calculating
in your day-to-day life,

or is that something that only shows up

when you're playing for
half a million dollars?

I am a sweet, innocent
cherub in my real life.

But when half a million dollars
is definitely on the line,

then, yeah, the sweet
cherub is out the door.

Well, that sweet cherub came into play.

Your social game has been
praised quite a lot.

How do you go about
getting people on side?

Just chatting, get to know them.

You actually do have a lot in common
with people when you get chatting.

Did you really grow up in Toowoomba?

Um, no, but I was born there.

I was born there.

But I moved when I was, like,
six months old or...yeah.

The moment you said it, I'm like,
"She totally lied to you."

I know about the Carnival
of Flowers, so...

Uh, John, you were on the
receiving end of Shonee's wrath.

What was it like to be there?

Mate, we bit off more
than we could chew, eh.

Her social game was unbelievable.

She was probably thrown a little
bit of a bone with the Exile,

but the way she came back
was just unbelievable.

Then became a challenge
beast as well, so hats off.

Well, in a moment, we're gonna look back

at the most jaw-dropping
moments from Tribal Council

and we will get to the bottom
of that epic alliance

between the Golden God
and the Godfather.

I'm happy to flip on Zachy
boy, but it'll upset the alliance.

But I have to think about my game.

We tried to pitch Jacqui to Zach

and pitch Zach to Jacqui,

and we got caught out.
They're not gonna crack.

Third member of our jury...


Right now my best option
is to blindside Flick.

But if I have a skerrick of a doubt
in my mind,

I'm playing that advantage.

I do not want to play an idol.

I'm gonna play
something else instead.

I guess
the ballsiest play today

is gonna be me putting my faith
in some of these people here.


..the tribe has spoken.
They have.

Shonee, Brooke, AK and Sharn
will all draw rocks.


Best thing
about the blindside

is seeing that person's face go,
"What the heck just happened?"

If you sit there all the way to the
end just doing the safest stuff,

that's just boring...

..and you're not getting my vote.

13th person voted out of
Australian Survivor: All Stars

and first member of our jury...

Shit, eh. Good one.

All Stars Reunion Show.

Let's talk Tribal Council.

Locky, we just saw you say
how much you love a blindside.


Now that you've been on
the receiving end of a blindside,

do you still feel the same?

Yeah, they're still amazing.
They're so cool.

And it was so funny
watching that back.

I looked like such a dick.

But that's what I wanted to see,

and to get it done on you,
yeah, it was kind of bittersweet.

Jacqui, you seemed pretty happy
with yourself when you took out Zach.

How did it feel
to orchestrate the perfect blindside?

Oh, look, um...

How did it feel, Zach?

Yeah, boss.

Look, it felt good.
It's a pretty good feeling.

It's...yeah, it's a...

You want more of it. You get
hungry for that feeling, yeah.

Zach, did you have any inkling at all

that Jacqui was gonna flip
on the alliance?

It was definitely a concern of mine.

Moving into that Tribal,
I'd actually spoke to Dave about it,

and I'm like, "Man, we really need
to stack these votes, hey.

"I don't think splitting the vote's
the right idea."

And he's like, "No, it'll be fine.
I'll play my idol for you."

And at the Tribal itself,
I was feeling pretty good

'cause, you know, these guys
were putting on a pretty good show

saying, "Oh, yeah, nah,
they're stonewalling us,

"there's no way it's gonna happen."

And it wasn't until AK
started saying that,

I started sketchin' out a little bit

because AK never lies down,
you know.

So...but, by that stage,
I don't know, it was a bit too late.

Well, obviously,
not everybody's here tonight.

I'm clearly not Jonathan LaPaglia,

but he was able to join us
via satellite before.

And some people are actually able to
join us via satellite from Melbourne.

Moana's joined us for the night.
So grateful that you're here.

Moana, you played
a very different game

to many of the other tribemates.

You played your cards
pretty close to your chest.

Was that a deliberate move?

If I used that to my advantage,

people wouldn't think
that I'm a big game threat.

And if I wasn't
a big challenge threat,

they wouldn't think
I was a challenge threat.

And then, for me,
it was about making it to the end.

It was about, you know, changing
my life, changing my family's life,

and that was more important
than anything else.

Sharn, in perhaps
the most pivotal moment of the game,

you convinced AK, Shonee and Brooke
not to go to rocks.

- In that moment...
- Yep.

..what is it that you think you did
that changed their mind?

They looked so convinced.

Yeah, well, I think
I appealed to their common sense,

at the end of the day,

because it was a foolish thing
to go to rocks.

And, you know, it wasn't one of...
Like, it was for Jacqui.

I mean, they weren't
working with Jacqui for a long time.

I felt that
if I could persuade them,

they would see that logic and sense,

and they did.

If you had your time again, Shonee,
would you go to rocks?

I mean, I feel like Dave
playing the idol for Tarzan

really did reduce our odds.

But, I mean, I went out next anyway,
so maybe I should've taken a gamble.

Yeah, risk it for the biscuit.

Now, there is one
unforgettable Tribal

that we haven't touched on quite yet,

and that was Daisy's blindside,

orchestrated in secret
by the Golden God and the Godfather.

Being on the bottom is not fun.

Seven verse four has put me in
a pretty precarious position.

I've never really been in
a majority alliance before,

so this is a weird spot to be in.

I'm a big fan of unlikely duos.

We are the most unlikely alliance
in this game,

and they will never see us coming.

I think he is, man.

I'm gonna have to go to Dave
and put my entire game on the line.

You tell me who you're voting for,
I'll play the idol on them,

and then I'll vote out someone
out of your alliance.

If anyone has a hidden immunity idol

and you want to play it,
now would be the time to do so.

I might play it for...


Third person voted out of
Australian Survivor: All Stars...


Now, unfortunately,
because of travel restrictions,

the Godfather, Mat Rogers,
couldn't be with us tonight,

but the Golden God is.

First of all, David, why...

Oh, great acting, by the way.
Great eye acting.

Why go to Mat Rogers with that plan?
Why not anybody else?

Oh, I think, like I was
talking about a bit earlier,

that I wanted to have
really unlikely alliances

and Mat probably being
the biggest villain

that Australian Survivor has seen

and me being the biggest hero,
it just seemed to make sense.

Um, and I really loved
Mat's game-play

the first time I watched him play
on his season.

And then I thought, "You know what?

"This is gonna be
some good stuff here."

Daisy, you were the unfortunate
collateral damage at that Tribal.

Did you have any idea it was coming?

Um, I did keep trying to
tell my sexy seven alliance

that we can't trust him

'cause I've played for a very
long time with Dave in our season

and I knew what
he was like as a player.

But everyone wanted to
keep holding on one more vote

and, uh, I was the collateral damage
and my heart was broken.

Well, Mat and David's partnership,

it would not have been as effective

without the help
of a hidden immunity idol.

But they weren't the only ones
who got to play with idols.

Shonee has the best position today.

In this game,

a hidden immunity idol is your life.

It can potentially save you
from going home...

..or save one of
your alliance members going home.

It's a really powerful tool.


Oh, man, that feels good!

The Golden God
has risen again!


If anyone has a hidden immunity idol
and you want to play it,

now would be the time to do so.

OK. Who are you playing this for?

I will play it for...David.

For David.

You're welcome.

Next minute,
I see, like, a little scroll.

I think I did it quite swiftly.

So I'm hoping no-one saw it.

"The idol you seek
is hidden underneath the well."

You serious?


The look on everyone's face when you
find an idol right in front of them?

That's bullshit!

Priceless. Mwah.

Shonee, when did you actually realise

that the idol clue
was hidden under the bench?

Definitely not
when I was sitting on it.

It happened while I was watching TV

and I was like,
"No, dammit! If only!"

Were you yelling at your telly?

But I also happy 'cause I'm like,

"Uh, meh, don't worry,
you get it tomorrow."

Of course we cannot talk about idols

without mentioning that David
basically stole one off Phoebe.

After the break, we'll see if
they've managed to patch things up.

The first thing that
goes through my mind is,

"Oh, my god there's a doughnut,"

followed by, "where the
hell is the idol clue."

I am going clockwise round the room,

tryin' to stuff my face with cake
and doughnuts at the same time,

and finally I get to, like,
the second last cake and...

..ha! The idol clue is there.


If I was an idol...

..where would I be?!




I actually cannot believe that
Phoebe is telling me about this clue.

- Yeah. It's in a termite mound.
- Oh, man!

Oh! Thank you. Thank you, Phoebe!

It's not down this one.

There's like three right
down the middle path there.

There's one termite mound that
needs to be searched immediately.

There it is!

Such a douche.

This is, like, straight up,
Iron Man's lasers right here.

People gonna be tryin' to blindside
me and I'm gonna be, like,

"Dzrum... dzrum... dzrum... dzrum!"

All Stars' Reunion Show,

we are on the topic of idols.

Phoebe, when you watched all that back,

when you saw how is actually
happened, how did it make you feel?

Oh, I think... it was hard to
relive, if I'm honest. Um...

I had... I had a bit of anxiety
leading up to that episode

because I knew, um, what the outcome
was, and I knew how it ended.

Obviously, David got that idol out
at the tribal that I left, um..., yeah, it was hard to relive,
but at the end of the day, like,

you know, it still took
them a fire challenge

and a split vote to get me, um,

not withstanding David's flip, so,
you know, it was what it was.

So, how would you say things are
between the two of you at the moment?

You know, I'm good.

- Are you guys good?
- I... I mean, I'm good.

No, I think... I think we're
great, man. I, like...

I think part of the...

- I think he was asking her.
- Maybe I shouldn't answer this?

- Yeah, I was asking her.
- OK, I'll just stay out of it, alright?

How are things between the two of you?

Things are great. I mean... I...

..I'm a Survivor fan, and, um,

you know, look, it hurts to lose, of
course. Like, it hurts everything.

It hurts your pride, it hurts
your ego, it hurts your heart.

It really does hurt,
but, at the same time,

that's what the game is, and... David
is a phenomenal Survivor player,

and he... he won,

and I think he has played the
best game that we've seen, so... can't really argue with that.

Flick, what would you have done
if you were in David's shoes?

I mean, I probably would
have done the same thing.

David is... such a
great player, he is...

You would not have done that to me!

Oh, OK, OK, maybe I wouldn't
have done it to Phoebe, nah.

I mean, I probably wouldn't
have done it to Phoebe...

- What about me?
- ..but I would have done it to Brooke.

No, but I definitely think that
what he did was right for his game.

Um, he made a bold move, and
it was a great move, and...

and look where it got him. He...

he got to the end and
he's won the game.

Well, this season wasn't
just intense game play... was... it was highly emotional too.

Even for All Stars players
it's hard to prepare

for such a gruelling time

without your family and
your friends by your side.

Oh, Mo.

We are all out here fighting
like hell to win this game...


She drew our whole family.

- Look at the little dog, Paula, there.
- Oh, so cute.

..but, deep down we're...
we're all human,

we all miss our families, and...

we're doing it for them.

When a moment like this comes
along, and you see people

in this true light,

you know that none of this is
fake, none of this is bullshit,

it's just them and
their families, and...'s a touching moment to see
everyone go through that.

That's... that's my mum...

..when I was about 23.

When I made it into footy,

like, I was always tryin' to
get out of my dad's shadow,

and she said to me one day, she
goes, "You've made it, mate..."

..and I'm like, "What do you mean?"

She goes, "I'm no longer Steve
Rogers wife, I'm Mat Rogers mum."

And then, um... it changes,
just like that. Bang.

What's going on, mate?

What's the matter?

What's happened? What's
happened? What's happened?

What's happened? What's the matter?

Ah, Mum had a major stroke...

- Oh, are you serious?
- ..and, um...

- ..doesn't look like she's gonna make it.
- Oh god, Lee.


Lee just wanted to make his mum
proud and I'm sure he's done that.

Lee, for anyone that has
lost a parent, I mean...

..I can say, I can
only speak for myself,

like, I-I was with you in that moment.

I was, I know exactly what
it is to be that, and, um... was really, really generous of you
to... to grieve so hon-honestly,

um, so that we could be there with
you, and feel that moment with you.

Your mum did end up passing away.

We are very, very sorry for your loss.

How are... how are you
and the family coping?

Yeah, we're good. We're...
we're working through it.

We're, sort of, six months
down the track now, but... know, a situation like
that where you just get... know, yeah, the
grieving process continues

and then you just get
thrown straight back into it,

and, you know, that'll never
be easy to watch, and... know, what I can say, though,

the people around me, that just, the
game stopped, and everyone just...

..rallied around me, not
only my tribe mates,

um, but production and everyone.

and that just is a testament
to the game and to the people.

You know, we're all out there,
we're doing it for our family,

um, and for ourselves,

and, you know, for something like
that to happen is the worst thing

because you've so far
away from home, and, um,

forever I will be grateful for...

..the people around, um,

especially Tarzy, um... get me through that... that time.


- would you describe that
afternoon in camp? - Yeah.

You know, I was just, I was just
happy to be there for Lee, you know.

It was, um...

Everyone plays a role
in this game, and... everyone has said,
what they do, and...

well, I was just happy
to be there for Lee.

- That's it, that's it.
- Well,

Lee that episode resulted in a huge
outpouring of.. of support.

Have you manage to channel
that positivity somewhere?

We have. We, uh, decided to do something
good out of... out of tragedy,

and, um, you know, through the
Stroke Foundation, uh...

Dave and I have worked pretty hard
through the little Towel Challenge

and, uh, that's going gang
busters at the moment.

Uh, we might have to
call you out, Osh. Uh...

I think... I think we already did.

- We already did call you out, Osher.
- Yeah, you did already call me out.

- Are we waiting on that? Is that
happening? - Oh, lost my phone.

Sorry to put you on the spot, mate.

Ah, that's good. Well, you know,
we've raised a lot of money,

but more importantly, uh, we've
raised heaps of awareness

You know, 1 in 4 people will
have a stroke in their life,

and these are numbers, these
are bad stats, and...

um, as I said, we're just
trying to do something good,

and... out of something
really tragic, and, um,

yeah, I can't thank, again,
the Survivor community,

especially David, enough.
For him to reach out, um...

meant so much to me to...
to get this off the ground

and, ah, you know, when... when
David talks people listen,

and, uh, it's been going
really well at the moment.

I couldn't have said it better.

Well, clearly leaving

friends and family behind to
play this game is tough, so...

you really have to make your
time on Survivor count.

After the break we find out if everyone
here got the All Stars revenge

that they came for.

All Stars Reunion Show and...

with a cast made up of returning players

there were bound to be a few old
scores that needed to be settled.

I was the reason why Lydia
was voted out of the game.

I'm super excited that I can
take out my revenge on Shane.

I want her out.

First person voted out of
Australian Survivor: All Stars... Shane.

- It's the first time I've done this.
- Oh, yeah, you've never done this.

First time for everything.

The Cookie Monster's going down
without even getting one cookie.

I think there's some irony
in that, don't you think?

Thing is, not a fan of the old Daisy...

..just because of what she did
to me last time we played.

She blindsided me!

Oh, naughty, naughty.

It's revenge time.

Third person voted out of
Australian Survivor: All Stars...

..Daisy. Need to
bring me your torch.

At least we've worked together before...

- Yeah. We know how each other works.
- ..d'you know what I mean? Like, we...

I know how... what you're
like when you lie now.

The last time I played
Flick told me to my face

she was with me, 100
percent, to the end,

probably the day she voted me out.

I came here to make big moves

and get revenge on someone who
completely destroyed my game.

Brooke, now what?

Now we've gotta turn on
our own, unfortunately.

11th person voted out of
Australian Survivor: All Stars, Flick.

I actually gotta go, uh,
something's come up.

- Brooke, you waited four years to take out
- Yeah.

- your revenge on Flick...
- I did. did it feel to finally
write her name down?

- Oh, it felt... it felt...
- Just say it felt good.

I'm gonna, like, not gonna beat
around the bush, it felt bloody good.

One goal for me was, "Make sure
you get her before she gets you",

and that's just been in my
head for a while, so...

..yeah, it did feel
good, but, I am, I do,

- I am sorry. I love you.
- I love you, too.

Flick, did you expect that Brooke
would try and take you out?

- Yeah, definitely, I did expect it.
- I mean this is All Stars.

I knew Brooke was coming
after me at some point.

Um, unfortunately I couldn't get
to her, I couldn't get the numbers,

um, and look, for her,
that was a great move.

I was a big threat to her game,

I blindsided her in Season
One, and, yeah, she... she

made an amazing choice to get rid of me

so I don't have any ill
feelings towards her,

and I think it was a... a great
move for Brooke to make.

David, you ended up with the
title, congratulations.

What was it like to play this incredible
game with 23 other All Stars?

Ah, phew, I... it's... that's very
hard to explain. I think, um,

it was just a rollercoaster ride,

and as you're on it you think
some things are working,

some things are not working,

and we were playing at what I
felt like was such a high level

that... it was... it
was just really hard,

but to know I was going
up against the best

and still end up with the title is,

uh, is pretty... pretty
flattering, I think.

Well, All Stars has been a season

that most definitely lived up to
it's name in every single way,

As a fan of the show,

thank you all so very much for
putting your lives on hold,

going to the other side of the world
to play this incredible game.

It was magnificent to watch every night.

That is it for this season of
Australian Survivor: All Stars.

Thank you so much for joining us.
Between now and next season

make sure you look after your tribe,

and remember that in the end we
really are all in this tribe together.

Thanks for watching,
good night, Australia.