Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 5, Episode 22 - Episode #5.22 - full transcript

With one tribe member on the bottom of the group, they know the only way to secure their place in the game is to win individual immunity.

Previously on Australian Survivor...

..against the tight-four alliance,

AK and Brooke were
running out of options.

We win immunity and we find an idol.
We find an idol.


But when Brooke won her
third immunity necklace...

And that's it!

- ..AK hit rock bottom. - I feel
like I've put the nail in AK's coffin.

At camp, he searched
in vain for an idol.

What the hell
did you do that for?

AK's vulnerable tonight.
He's not happy.

And at Tribal Council, AK
prepared to meet his doom.

Knowing that Brooke and
I are in the minority

and Brooke winning today,

the writing was on the wall.

But there was a twist.

If you think your name
might be in this urn

and you want to play with fire,

be the first to raise
your hand right now.

All he had to do to stay in the game
was beat Moana in a fire challenge.

Come on, AK.

But, sadly...

Moana's flag is raised.

..for the accountant AK,

his number was finally up...

You played a great game, buddy.
Yeah, you did, AK.

See ya, legend.
Well done, AK.

..and Brooke was on her own
at the bottom of the tribe.

Five are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

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- What else could I do?
- Plait?

Now you look like
Princess Leia, Star Wars.

- All Star Wars.
- Yeah, it's good.

It's cute. It is cute.

Day 45 and I am in the final five of
the All Stars, and it's fantastic.

I feel on top of the world today.

Oh, does it? Yeah?

There you go.

Last night at Tribal
Council, there was a twist.

It allowed someone who thought
they were in danger at the vote

to nominate themselves
for a fire challenge

and save themselves from going home.

AK put his hand up and nominated himself

and everyone chose Moana
to go up against him.

But Moana won, and as a result,
AK was sent from the game.

I can't believe that
I've made it this far.

I thought, day one, people would
be gunning for me straight up,

and I can't believe they
haven't taken me out yet.

So, my next move will be how I'm
gonna get to the end of this game,

and who I want to get there with.



Sorry. I didn't want to interrupt.

I just wanted to come and chat with you.


Am I... am I pulling you out?
Nah, nah, nah.

It was the last round anyway.

Yeah. How's it going?
Yeah, good. How are you?

Yeah, good.

Until this moment, I had
been genuinely planning

to blindside Dave.

He's a dynamic player.
He's smart, strategic.

Taking Dave to the end
could be seen by some

as the biggest mistake you
could make in Survivor.

But at the same time,
such an All Star move,

to take such a big player to the end

and convince the All Star jury
that they should vote for me.

You're it for me.

I want to sit with you at the end.

I'm not afraid of that at all.

And I know you've played
one helluva game

and I know I've got my work
cut out for me...

..but I'm willing to do that

- because I think it's the only way
we get there. - Yeah.

'Cause I think everyone else...
I think so, too.

..doesn't want you there.
Yeah, same.

You don't have to worry, either,
Sharn. OK? I feel really good.

I feel like we've got super tight...

..just being out here.
And I've always felt calm

and comfortable with you.

I came here to prove to myself,
first and foremost,

that I can win this game.

Alright, I'll see you soon.

Thanks, Sharny.
That's OK. You're welcome.

I'm excited.
Yeah, me too.

It's so good.

It's perfect.

I am not frightened
of sitting next to David at the end.

I'm gonna convince that jury
that's my biggest move

and that's why I deserve
the title of Sole Survivor.

Oh, dudes.

This is epic.
Congratulations, everyone.

I'm just, like, soaking this in.

And as it's heating, I'm like, "Holy
cow, we are right at the tail end."

It's cool.

Day 45. Bingo.

I mean, hell,
45 days living in the jungle,

living on rice and beans
and the odd reward.

It's been
an absolutely amazing journey.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, they do that...

Being part of a strong alliance
till the final five

and being recognised
as one of the strongest

in the history of Survivor,

I'm proud of that.

Like, I couldn't be happier.

Coming, Tarz! Oh!

Oh! Come on!

Go. Ready?
See if you can catch it.

Think quick.

When we first hit the island,

Mo looked at me and I looked at her
and she said, "Hi, Tarz."

She said,
"I liked you in your season two.

"I really like the way you play.
Do you want to work with me?"

And I went, "Yeah."

And we have ever since.

Tarzan, look.
That's so funny.

- Put it on your shoulder.
- Wilson!

Yep. But look at his
facial expression, the coconut.

It looks like one of them sloths.

Yeah, I think of her
more as the silent assassin.

She doesn't say much,
but when she strikes...'re out.

David, mate, brilliant at challenges,

brilliant at strategies.

Look, he's just
a fantastic Survivor all round.

You and me,
we're gonna be mates forever, mate.

Then you've got, Sharn, you know,

she's probably like
the brains of the outfit,

you know, in some ways.

But she's a barrister.
They know their stuff.

You want some?

Look at that.

Yep. That's a real hole
in the crack there.

Look at my pants. Look at the...

And let's not forget that
she's been down to the final two.

She's brilliant at what she does.

What does this look like
for my outfit to walk in?


So, you know, then you've got myself.

I don't want to blow me own horn,

but, you know, I reckon
I'm the jam in the sandwich.

I'm the voice of reason.

And I'm as loyal as you can get.

It's probably not commonplace

to have such strong alliance
at this stage of the game.


But we haven't cracked.


The next Immunity Challenge
is imperative.

One of us in the final four
of the alliance doesn't win this,

we're gonna have to pick off
one of our own.

That's why we gotta win.

Just in case, if Brooke does win it,

I need some of my key people on my side

so that my name doesn't come up.

We don't have
anything kind of sharp?

Has anyone found, like,
a piece of wire?

I've connected with David
more like a son and a brother.

He reminds me of my son and my brother.


But I'd dearly love
to play to the end with David.

So, what are you thinking, mate?

In my game, I've been
up-front with all of youse.


You know where I've always stood,

it's been with either Mo or yourself.


So, we're at the pointy end now.

If you take me to final two,

the reality is you've got
a 90% chance of taking this.

You got a better chance at the money
sittin' beside me.


Well, beside all that stuff, man,
I would love to sit with ya.

Oh, yeah, that's the same.

So, if we can go through
and, like, we can stick together...

Yep. can get my back on this vote.

As I've said, sittin' beside you...
Yep. my best speech...

Come here.

I love you, man.
..I would...

Yep. Legend.

Don't stress. We're gonna get it.

- We're gonna get it, eh.
- Nah, nah, I'm not.

We're gonna get it.
I'm just...

You alright?
Yeah, I'm excited about it.

Oh, me too.

I am. Mate, I'm excited about it.

It's day 45

and right now
I am feeling really defeated.

I've lost my entire alliance.

They've been chipped off one by one.

I'm here with people who clearly
want me out of the game.

The only way that I can get to the end

is by winning today's
Immunity Challenge and the next one,

and I've got a fair shot.

The only person
who can give me a run for my money... Dave.

And, so far, I've won
three immunities, he's won one.

So, the odds are in my favour.

I'm extremely proud
of how I've played this game so far,

and I think
my resume's looking really good.

I mean, I managed to charm Locky
and use him as a shield for 30 days.

I blindsided Flick,

which is something that
I needed to do before she got me.

But then, come merge, I have survived
all the way to the final five

being on the bottom.

My alliance has been decimated,

but I'm still here because
I did make those social bonds

and I kicked arse in the challenges.

I deserve my place as an All Star
and I deserve to win this.

Right now it's one versus four.

But I am a survivor.
That's what I do.

I just need someone
who's willing to work with me.

- You never know.
- Yeah.

You never know.
My 'Tiki Tagger'.

Yeah. I know, right?

I was your first ever girl crush.


Mo and I have been
in opposing alliances since day one.

But, deep down, I think Mo and I
have a great connection

because we do share the same values.

She is a strong competitor.

And, ideally, I would like
to take her to the top two.


..I would love a final two
of you and me.

Um, where...
if I'm gonna work with you,

then, um...

..I gotta know that you're legit.

So, right now
it's pretty straightforward.

There's four of us, one of her.

We just got to win one challenge,
Brooke goes home, we're top four.

But in this game, you gotta
try and cover off every base.

Right now, Brooke is a challenge beast.

She's won
so many individual immunities.

She's got a chance
of winning the next few immunities.

If she beats Dave,
I gotta have plans in place

to get me to the end.

See, for me, like,
I gotta be able to trust you, right,

so if I go, "Yeah, sweet, let's flip
on Dave now, take Dave out,"

then you could win
the next challenge and out me

and keep Tarz and take Tarz to the end.

Right now it's about making
the right decisions for your game.

Maybe it's time to work with Brooke

and take out our own alliance.

If that was your goal...

..I'm down with that.

You know, um, if you win, you take me.

If I win, I take you.

I'm down.

This point of the game

is where it reminds me my family
back home is why I'm here.

I'm here because
I want to be Sole Survivor

and I want to win
a half a million dollars.

I want to start a family with my wife.

I want to help take care of Vinny.

I want to do all of that for my family.

I feel like I'm two seconds away
from almost winning this.

I will not walk out without fightin'.

Come on in, guys!

So, David...

Yeah. five.

Top five.

Did you think you'd make it this far?

I didn't, to be honest, Jonathan.
I'm pretty excited about top five.

I think it's a huge achievement for
everyone that's still in the game,

especially considering
this is All Stars.

So, Sharn,
you're the only person standing here

who's made it this far
in the game before.

Does that give you an edge?

Uh, look, I think,
having had that experience, sure.

But it's a different game,

there are different people,
different dynamics,

so, uh, yeah,
it might give me a slight edge,

but I reckon that's about it.

Tarzan... and Moana are the only two
who haven't won immunity yet.


Is that gonna change today?

Well, I hope so, mate.

We've only got a few days left. I'd
like to get one before I go home.

I think I need it more.

You think you need it more?

I think the moment I lose this necklace

is the moment I go to the jury.

Alright, you guys ready
to get to today's Immunity Challenge?

Yes, sir.
Yeah, I think so.

First things first.

Thank you, Brooke.
Thank you.

Once again,
immunity is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge...'re gonna collect blocks
one at a time

and place them on a shelf while
attempting to avoid a trip obstacle.

If you hit the obstacle...

..the blocks will fall,
you'll need to start over.

The goal is to stack your blocks
so they spell the phrase

All Stars'.

First person to do so,
wins immunity, safe from the vote.

Losers, Tribal Council,

where one of you will become the 20th
All Star voted out of this game.

Alright, let's get to it.

Alright, here we go, for immunity.

Survivors, ready...


Everyone heading out
with their first block.

You need to make your way
through that obstacle,

carefully place it
on the shelf at the end.

That shelf is attached to the obstacle.

So, if you hit the obstacle,

the shelf will wobble,
you'll lose your stack.

Blocks drop, you need to pick 'em up,

take 'em all the way back
to the barrel, start again,

costing you valuable time.

This is speed versus precision.

Brooke has an early lead,
heading out with her second block.

Tarzan right on her tail.

Faster you go, the more risk you take.

Goal is to spell the phrase
'Australian Survivor: All Stars'.

Brooke has her third block,
opening up her lead.

Tarzan right there with her.

Just like that, drops his stack.

He's gonna need to pick 'em all up
and go back to the start...

..letting Brooke
open up her lead even more.

Takes a lot of energy
to high-step through that obstacle.

After 46 days out here,
you might not have much of it left.

A very muddy field today.

That's gonna get stuck to your shoes
and make it even more difficult.

One mistake in this challenge,
you'll be right back to the start.

David struggling
with that trip obstacle.

Boys way behind at this stage.

Brooke completing the first word.

Moana placing her ninth block.

Sharn on her eighth block.

Brooke has a nice lead.
Can she keep it?

Brooke touches her frame.

Her shelf is wobbling,
but nothing falls.

Sharn looking for the right letter.

If spelling is not your thing,
this challenge could be a challenge.

It's not my thing.

David realising he made a mistake
with the first word.

It's gonna cost him precious time

trying to prevent Brooke
from wearing that necklace again.

I wonder why.

Brooke completes her second word.

Brooke, three blocks ahead of
everyone else at this stage.

Someone is going home tonight.

If you're worried about
your safety in this game,

you're gonna want to push through.

All that high-stepping
through the obstacle,

it's gonna wear you out,

gonna make it more difficult
to concentrate.

One lapse...

Sharn slips in the mud.

And Moana is the first
to have a huge disaster.

She knocks over her entire stack.

She's gonna have to start again.

She's completely
opened the door for Brooke.

Now it's up to Sharn to chase her down.

That's how quickly
things can change in this challenge.

Brooke has her third word completed

and she does not want to
make a mistake at this stage.

Boys still working away because this
is Survivor, anything can happen.

Sharn trying to pick up the pace.

She's completed her second word.

Brooke starting to work
on the last word.

Moana still collecting her blocks.

She can feel her position
in this challenge slipping away.

Sharn really putting on the pace.
She's working on her third word.

Come on, Sharny.

It's all in the hands of Sharn now.

Can she chase down Brooke?

Sharn whipping through that obstacle.

Brooke has two blocks left.

Placing her second-to-last block.

Sharn working quickly now.

It's a high-risk strategy,
but it's all they have left

if they want to keep that immunity
away from Brooke.

Brooke coming out with her last block.

Sharn desperate
to stay in this challenge,

moving quickly now on that fourth word.

Brooke, in the zone.

Brooke places her final block.

Now she needs to make her way
back to the start

without knocking everything over.

One wrong move, and it's all over.

For the win...

Brooke wins individual immunity again!


Amazing. Congratulations, girl.

Brooke, you said
you had to win it today, and you did.

How does that feel?
Amazing. I'm so happy.

Come on over.

Well done, B.

Four individual immunity wins.

Now you're part of the exclusive club

of the most individual immunity wins
on Australian Survivor.

Wow, that's cool.
Well done.

Guaranteed a one-in-four shot
at winning this game.

As for the rest of you,
Tribal Council tonight,

where one of you will become
the seventh member of our jury.

It's not gonna be you. Well done.
Thank you.

Grab your gear, head back to camp.
I'll see you guys tonight.

See ya, mate.

So, you know,
our alliance has been so strong.

I mean, I think it's a credit to us.

But Brooke winning immunity today
is about to change everything.

The reality is now
is that the greatest alliance

that's ever been formed in
the history of Australian Survivor

is about to be broken.

We're looking down the barrel.

I'm over the moon that I won.

This is the one that I really needed.

If I didn't win today,
I would've been going for sure.

Thank you.

I've never been so excited
for Tribal Council before.

This is my fourth immunity win...

..and I can't wait
to see the jury's face

when they see me with the necklace.

And the fact that I'm safe tonight,
it is an incredible feeling.

But it's even better that, you know,

the loyal four is going to be no more.

They have to crack.

They're sending someone home tonight

and they're gonna see
where the new lines are drawn.

Cheers, everyone.

Cheers, guys.
Cheers, guys. Final five.

Yep. Brilliant.

Thank you.

I'm just hoping
that they use me as a number

to make something huge happen... getting rid of Dave.

This is All Stars.

You need to make big moves
when you get the chance.

Bad luck today, everyone.

Oh, man.

The worst thing

that could possibly happen
to this alliance is happening.

Well, we haven't been
in this position before.

That is true.

It is what it is.
This is the sucky part.

Yeah, it is the sucky part.

It's pretty upsetting because we put
in a lot of work as a tight alliance

and now tonight
one of ours has gotta go home.

I mean, I know I'm safe tonight

because I have my insurance,
I have my safety net, my idol.

And with only five people
left in the game,

tonight is the very last night
an idol can be played in the game.

We have to make a tough decision.


..anyway, that's...
that's where it is.

Yep, no worries.

Like, I just want to get
this Tarzan thing done.

I love Tarzy. He's gonna
be family to me outside of here.

But it's strategically smart
to take Tarzan out

because, you know,
Sharn has got more of a chance

of beating Brooke
at the next Immunity Challenge.

I just want to win.
I know.

Let's win tomorrow.
It was so close today.

Like... like,
I've helped him come this far.

What more can we do?

Yeah. I know.

I feel for him, but.

Man, this puts me
in a pretty tricky position.

Tarzan, he has become
my number one ally out here.

He's someone that I could see
going quite deep into my endgame.

So, to just kind of
have to blindside the dude tonight,

I'm not sure that's
the right decision for me right now.

You 100% with that?


Done. Done and done. Done, done.
Done and done?

Well, I'm gonna go
and have a look around.

If you need to tag me, help out.

I am confident
that the votes will be on Tarzan.

But there's always a concern
and a worry. It's Survivor.

The people that
we've got left in the game

are some of the best players we've
ever seen in Australian Survivor.

David is an excellent game player.

He's always thinking
about the long game.

And at this stage, I'm not sure that
David wants to take me to the end.


Right now I'm voting for Tarzan.
So is Moana.

But if Dave decides
to play an idol for Tarzan,

Tarzan's gonna put a vote on me,

I could be going home.

Yeah, which way do you want to go?

Go this way.


I want to be one step ahead of him.

I've been crunching numbers in my head

because that's very important
for tonight.

He knows we're putting
all our votes on Tarzan.

All he has to do
is play his idol for Tarzan

and that means I would go home...

..'cause Tarzan's gonna vote for me.


But what we can do...

If Dave does something weird,
like play his idol for Tarzy,

then everyone goes on Dave, saves me.


Tonight if Brooke, Moana and myself
put the votes on Dave,

even if he plays his idol
for Tarzan, Dave will go home.

It's an insurance policy.

OK? Do you see it from that perspective?

It's saving my arse.

I understand why
Sharn's worried about it,

and I get it.

You've always gotta have a plan B
when it comes to Dave

'cause Dave's mind never stops tickin'.

B, are you good?

Um, I'm good, thank you.
Mine's pretty full.


So, right now Brooke doesn't know
that Dave has an idol in his pocket.

I need to keep it that way,

you know, making sure she votes
the way we want her to vote.

Yeah. Yeah.
Shall I go and tell her now?

Tell her now. Talk to her now.
Yeah? OK.


Well, well, well.
Look who finally needs me.

Yeah, you could do that. You could.


I cannot swear to you more.

You down?

You write Dave's name
and we can come back here tonight.

And we can talk about our next move.

Our next move to get Tarz.
Yep, yeah.

Oh, my God, I would be so happy if
we pull this off and send Dave home.

That's huge. I mean, that's the best
thing to have on my Survivor resume.

I would swear on my family,
but I'm not gonna do that.

Yeah, and you don't need to do that.
I don't need to do that.

You know.

You know. This is a trust vote.

So, tonight I get to prove
just how trustworthy I am

and get David out of this game.

Today could be D-day for me.

I can smell it.

My number isn't up yet.

The game's not over.

We're still only
just gettin' warmed up.

Still tensing up?

Man, if I'm out of the picture
after tonight,

I've had a helluva run.

But all I can say to ya is it'll
be you against the three girls.

Yeah, I know.

One of them wins immunity tomorrow,
you're cooked.

Yeah, I know, man.
Your idol's spent.

There's no splittin'
the votes on you, mate.

If I'm not kept in this game tonight
for another day,

they're gonna cook you tomorrow.

Yeah, they probably will.

They don't want to take you
to the final three.

I trust Tarzan 100%.

Sharn and I have
a bit of a turbulent relationship.

Sharn has been after me
at different points in the game

and it's always been on Sharn's mind
to blindside me

because it would be
a big move for Sharn.

And I cannot let that happen.

If we knock Sharn out today instead
of me, you've got my loyalty.

Maybe tonight's the night
Tarzan and I vote Sharn

and then just idol Sharn out.

One thing's for certain,
going into tonight's Tribal,

I have to play my idol.

The question is,
should I play my idol for Tarzan?

Or do I play it for myself?

If I play my idol for Tarz,

I could send home
a massive player and a big threat.

I'm basing my vote tonight

on the fact
that I want to get to the end.

I'm not doing it to come second.
It's not gonna happen again.

I'm here to win.

If Dave plays an idol for Tarzan,

then Dave is going home tonight.

I'm gonna put this case to rest,
once and for all.

I'll now bring in
the members of our jury.






..and AK,
voted out at the last Tribal Council.

So good. I'm so happy.

So, Brooke,
first of all, congratulations.

Thank you.

Third individual immunity win in a row,

fourth for the season.

And on a day
when you said you needed it the most.

I really needed it today, Jonathan.

How does that feel?

Oh, I couldn't be happier. I know
I was in so much trouble today.

I thought getting three in a row
was almost impossible,

but I backed myself and here I am.

So, Sharn, I don't think we've seen
a tighter alliance than this four

go this deep into the game.

But that's all coming
to an end tonight.

That's right.

It has to, by virtue of the fact

that Brooke won
individual immunity today.

So, Tarzan, does Brooke hold
all the power tonight?

Oh, I think she's, um, she's
certainly sitting in a safe spot.

You know, there's still
another four of us here

that have gotta work it out
amongst ourselves.

So, David, did you prepare
for this moment?

Brooke has just been a beast.

So if you weren't planning for that,

then it was probably, you know,
you're planning to fail.

Tarzan, you pride yourself
on playing a loyal game.

But you have no choice tonight,

you're gonna have to vote
for one of your alliance.

How does that sit with you?

I mean, I've been tight
with two players

virtually since
the beginning of this game.

So, what are we, 46 days in now?

We got here together.

We've become quite the family,
to be honest.

So, Sharn, what do you think
about Tarzan's position?

I think he has
described it quite aptly.

I am the last one in, in terms of
the people that are here.

They're all original Vakamas.

I'm the only original Mokuta here.

So I do feel like I'm on the outer.

Are you worried about that tonight,

that they have a lot more days
together than you do with them?

because they've got history.

They've got those relationships that
have been for that period of time.

So, yeah, that is certainly
something that I'm aware of.

I mean, look, there's a lot of factors

going into the decision tonight.

You have to consider loyalty...

..yeah, and people
you've been playing with.

But you also have to look at what's
about to happen on the next vote

and potentially the next one...

..because those are
really critical votes.

I don't think I'm out of the woods
tonight yet, either.

I think there's a pretty big chance

that I'll be catching at least a vote.

So, why do you think you're
on the chopping block tonight?

Well, I'm pretty sure Brooke

was throwing my name out there
pretty hard today.

Is that true, Brooke?

Yeah. He's also a beast.
I need to get him out.

You just straight want me out.

I do.

So, Brooke,
you're guaranteed to see day 47.


So, what's tonight's vote
about for you?

Getting to the end with people
that I want to be at the end with,

and these people know who they are.

And I'm just hoping that the trust
I have in them pulls through.

Do you think a big threat
is gonna go home tonight?


So, David, why shouldn't the tribe
get rid of you tonight?

Because I think I still have
a lot to offer the tribe,

and especially if somebody
needs to beat Brooke.

It is amazing that
Brooke keeps winning challenges.

But, in my mind, coming through merge,

she hasn't really been able
to make any strategic moves.

So, I'd like to see her make
a big strategic move at some point.

But I don't think her plan
will work tonight.

And that's gonna probably put her
in a pretty tricky position.

Well, I think it is time to vote.

Sharn, you're up.

You're a hard man to take down, but
this time I really hope it pays off.

I'll go count the votes.

If anyone has a hidden immunity
idol and you want to play it... would be the time to do so.

Yeah, go on, then.

Better to be safe than sorry.

And this one.

And I'm gonna play that
for myself, Jon.

This is a hidden immunity idol

and any votes cast for David
will not count.

I'll read the votes.

First vote...


does not count.



First time.

That's one vote Sharn, one vote Tarzan.


Two votes Tarzan, one
vote Sharn, one vote left.

Twentieth person voted out of
Australlian Survivor - All Stars

and seventh member of
our jury... Tarzan...

need to bring me your torch.

First time it's been written
out and first time I'm goin'.

- Thanks, fellas. Yeah, you willl.
- Best of luck outside. Big ***.

Hey, this is for you, all right?

Good job.

- No worries. Good on ya, Brooke.
- Well done to you, man.


Here we go again, Jonathan.

A lot later this time.

Been a lot of fun, lot of fun.

- Tarzan, the tribe has spoken.
- Cheers.

- Time for you to go. Sure, mate, why not?
- Can I get a hug or what?

- Brillliant. Thanks, mate. Good on ya.
- Cheers.

Namaste, guys, take it easy.

Love your work. I'll
see you buggers later.

- See you, mate. Cheers, thank you.
- Cheers, mate.

Well, the tough thing about
this game; is to get to the end

you have to bury a few friends.

- Grab your torches...
- Ooh, that's dark.

..head back to camp. Goodnight.

And then there were four.

Tomorrow night on Australian Survivor...

I came into this thing with
a huge target on my back...

Nobody expected him to get this far...

..I am a big threat in this game.

..and now there's no
idol to protect him.

If Brooke wins this
individual immunity challenge

my head is on the chopping block.

Can David save himself?

I've devoted a full year
of my life to be out here.

It's a long time to not win.

Survivors ready...

- Or...
- ..Go!

..has he come to the end of the road?

The fact that they dropped
old Tarz out of it tonight,

they lost the jam in the sandwich.

Sad to say that I have to
write this name down today

because our alliance
had to come to an end.

Sharn'll be definitely
turnin' on, uh, David

now he's got no, uh,
idol in his pocket...

I promised you I'd get you through
to the merge if I got there,

but I've taken you as far as I can

but now I've got other
promised I need to fulfil.

..and I think Mo'll follow suit and
Brooke'll be right in there with 'em

and your final three'll be
those three lovely ladies.