Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 5, Episode 21 - Episode #5.21 - full transcript

After missing out on the immunity challenge win, a hunt for an idol ensues and as always with Tribal Council, not all is as it seems and Jonathan has one last trick up his sleeve.

Previously on Australian Survivor...


..after pledging allegiance
to the Vakama three...

..Sharn was holding all the power.

Yes, of course.

Oh, my God.

I sit in the middle of
the tribe right now

because I am the swing vote
between two alliances.

And when David lost to Brooke
in the Immunity Challenge...


You are safe tonight,
cannot be voted out.

..Sharn's vote...

OK, cool.

..was more critical than ever.

Here's my thoughts with David.

You've just got to take your shot tonight.

I have to decide whether
I'm going to vote for Dave

or if I'm gonna vote for Shonee.

To make sure she was with them,

David brought Sharn in on his idol.

This is it. This is me and you.
You are unbelievable.

I will not hesitate to play this...

..because I am not going home with an idol.

At a tense Tribal Council...

Sharn made some promises to us that
I am praying come through tonight.

..Shonee and David
both laid it on the line.

I think Sharn is, like,
playing an All Star game

and, uh, I hope she makes
the right decision.

In the end,

David hung onto his idol,

Sharn made her choice...


..and Brooke and AK
were left out in the cold.

Six are left.
Who will be going home tonight?

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Tribal Council last night
went exactly how I wanted it to.

Sharn, I knew she was gonna
put the votes on Shonee,

sending Shonee home.

Yeah, I never questioned Sharn.

Sharn's loyal to me and
Sharn's my close ally.

We're getting closer to the end.

Maybe she's somebody that I would
like to work with at the top two.

Do you want to have a chat?

I just got to keep her close.

It's gonna put me in
a very good position

to pick off the people I don't
want to be at the end with.

I don't think anyone can
understand what it feels like

to be out here day in, day out,

trying to work out if
someone's gonna backstab you,

who are you voting out.

It's incredibly difficult
on every level,

and when you can't turn around and
get the support from your partner

or a hug from your child,

it just is really tough.

Oh, come here, Sharn.

When you sit on a beach
and this is all you have,

you don't see anyone else
except for your tribemates,

it's hard.

It's really difficult to
be away from your family.

I'm doing it for them, though.
That's why I'm here.

I want to win for them

because I want that money
to help change our lives,

and it will.

I want to show the kids that you can
do anything you set your mind to.

Like, I came so close last time.

Last night at Tribal Council,

I had the choice in blindsiding David,

but I didn't do that.

It's hard to know whether
I've made the right decision

in sending Shonee to the jury

because Dave is a huge player
and a threat in this game.

But the fact that David
brought me in on the fact

that he found another idol

and he's willing to play it
for us to get to final two,

it shoes me that he is so trustworthy

and really solidifying our alliance.

And I'm ready to get
there till the very end.

I want that second chance at that title.

I can't let it
slip through my fingers again.

And I'll do whatever it takes.

It's day 43

and I have outlasted 18 All Stars.

That just sounds unbelievable.

Is this marshmallow from that coconut?

Yeah, I left it for you.
Oh, do you want some?

Nah, I don't eat it.

To be honest, this game has been
a lot harder than my last one.

The challenges are harder.
The social game is harder.

But I am so proud that I have
made it to the final six.


They're standing out at the moment.


So many people.

So many great people.

Last night's Tribal Council,

Sharn ended up voting
with the majority alliance

and sent home my bestie, Shonee.

And I'm shattered.


My alliance has been decimated

and I know that my tribemates
don't want me around

because they are extremely
threatened by my physical abilities.

So I know that I'm next
on the chopping block.

If I didn't have immunity last night,

that would've been me going to the jury.

But if I don't win the next one,
I know that I'm gone.

So this is where I have to dig deep.

I know I'm physically strong,
mentally strong.

I need to keep pushing myself
to stay focused and fighting.

The end of this game is so close.

I need to keep winning

and, you know,
I'm gonna be working my butt off

to make sure that I keep on doing that.

Oh, my goodness, Tarzan.

What the... That's awesome.

But wait, there's still more.

Do you want me to cut one for ya?


Why not?

Two Tribal Councils ago,

Sharn promised Brooke, Shonee and I
that if we don't go to rocks

that she will 100% work with us
at the next Tribal Council.

She lied to us

and I now find myself
in a minority again.

How do you feel
being, like, now, this far in?

Weird, to be honest.
Is it?

Yeah, like, I don't know, I don't
see any clear direction to the end,

so I sort of like,
I just feel I'm just...

..I'm like that dog in the shelter
that's got, like, an expiry date

and no-one's coming to pick it up.

I know that Mo's not working with me.

Tarzan's definitely not working with me.

And Dave was the person
I want out of this game.

That puts me in a tricky position.

But we're not gonna give up.

Survivor's a game that can turn
in a minute, in a conversation.

At some point, that majority
alliance are gonna have to break

and people are gonna
form building blocks.

And when that happens, I'm gonna
find my way back into the game

and turn this game on its head.

Last night's Tribal was amazing.

For me, moving forward,
I'm in a very comfortable position.

I got Tarzan,
who knows I'm his number one.

I've got Dave, who relies on me.

I got Sharn, my closest ally.

They're all three are loyal to me.

I think the only thing
that worries me is Sharn and Dave.

Sharn and Dave's relationship
is too close for my liking.

I'm excited for the next bit, yeah.

She's someone I could take
to the end to go to top two.

So I need to make sure that Sharn is
closer to me than what she is David.


I'm prepared to do whatever it takes
to make that happen.



So, yesterday, Dave told
Tarzan and I about his idol

and he used it to bring Sharn in

just to make sure
she didn't flip on him.

But Sharn doesn't know that
me and Tarzan know about Dave's idol

and that Dave was using it
as a bargaining tool with Sharn.

He's been lying to her.

I'm gonna use that to my advantage.

It just shows her
that I know everything.


So, um, he...


OK. Alright.

OK. Alright.

Survivor, even though you're in
an alliance, is an individual game.

And my ticket to get to the end

is playing a game that no-one knows
I'm even playing

and people have no idea
who's pulling the strings.




I know everything that's happening.

I'm watching everyone
who they're talking to.

I'm putting the pieces into place

so that Sharn's loyal to me
till the end.

Just making sure everyone
is where I want them to be...

..on my side.

And now... next part of my plan

is to take down the old
Vakamas, Brooke and AK.

AK is a very big game player,

probably one of the most
switched-on people here.

Brooke is a challenge beast

and probably
the best social player out here.

But now it's time to take them out.


Thank you.

Oh, what do we do?


Simples. Easy.

How did you go?
So nice.

Did you feel better?
I feel so much better.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

It is.

Oh, Tarzan, thank you.

Given you're such a runner.

Does anyone want some
before I knock it down?

Get into it. You have it all.

You don't want some
before I start sipping?

You need it. Get it into ya.
Yep. Thank you.

Today's Immunity Challenge
is do or die for this alliance.

Brooke is an absolute challenge beast.

If Brooke continues to win all these
Individual Immunity Challenges...

..she will definitely
sit at the end of this game.

He really grazed his back up, didn't he?

We need to win that next
Immunity Challenge at all costs.

Come on in, guys!

So, Sharn, sending Shonee home
was a big decision for you.

How do you feel about it now?

I feel like it was the absolute
right decision to make.

Uh, Shonee had to go and, yeah,
it was important for my game play.


..your alliance is down to two now.

Yep. But I'm still here.

Strong two.

How's it been without Shonee?

Quite sad. Quite dull.

I miss her smiling face every day.

But very grateful that I still have AK.

Brooke and I
are both on the chopping block.

The saddest part about this, though,

is if one of us win, it's more than
likely the other one's going home.

So, right now, if ever, in this game
it's every man for themself.

Alright, you guys ready
to get to today's Immunity Challenge?


I know you don't want to give it up.

I really need this back, Jonathan.

Once again,
immunity is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge...'re gonna swim out to a pontoon,

make your way
across a series of obstacles,

leap off a high ladder...

..and then climb up onto a tower
to collect a monkey fist.

You'll then race out to a hitching post

and use the monkey fist
to retrieve a bag of puzzle pieces.

You'll use the pieces inside
to solve a word puzzle.

First person gets it right,
wins immunity, safe from the vote.

Losers, Tribal Council,

where one of you will become the
19th All Star voted out of this game.


Let's get to this.

Alright, here we go.

For immunity.

Survivors, ready...


Everyone dives in.

Swimming out to the pontoon.

David has an early lead.

David gets to the pontoon first.

Need to go over and under those hurdles.

Brooke up onto the pontoon now.

Brooke on his tail.

David's through.

Moving on to the beam.

First person on the beam
gets the first crack at it.

Everyone else is gonna
have to wait their turn.

That guide rope is slack,

which means you're gonna
hang way out over the water.

Fall in, you gotta go
to the back of the line.

AK finally out of the water.

David's across.

Moving on to the ladder.

Brooke on the beam now.

David extending his lead.

David leaps in.

Brooke is through.
She moves on to the ladder.

David on the cargo net now.

Sharn looking very wobbly on the beam.

David on the deck now,

unspooling his rope
to collect his monkey fist.

Brooke, she's on the cargo net.

Sharn's good.
She moves on to the ladder.

Tarzan on the beam now.

Brooke on the deck, working quickly.

David was first to the monkey fist,

but he is taking his time to unwind it.

Sharn goes in.

Tarzan is through.

Moana on the beam now.

Sharn struggling on the cargo net.

Brooke has her monkey fist first.

Brooke slides down first.

David right on her tail.

Racing out to the hitching post.

Brooke is short.

Moana's through.

AK, last one on the beam.


..comes up way short.

There's definitely a learning curve
on the monkey fist.

Rope management is key.

Tarzan climbing up
to the top of the deck.

David has another crack at it.

Comes up short.

Brooke, way short.

Sharn has her monkey fist.

AK's finally through on the beam.

Sharn races out.
She's trying to get in on it.

AK gassed at the top of the ladder.

Nah, *** don't want to jump.

Tarzan has his monkey fist.
He slides down.

AK stalled at the top of the ladder.

He's gonna have to get into the water,

or it could be the end of his game.

Does not want to jump.

Come on, AK! Jump!

If he doesn't jump,
he'll have no shot at immunity.

Tarzan gives it a shot.

Comes up short.

David's short.

AK's fear of heights
paralysing him at the top.

Come on, AK! Come on!

Brooke trying to encourage him.

Come on, AK!

No-one has managed
to snag their bag of puzzle pieces.

This is still anyone's game.

Come on, AK! You're still in this!

AK, you can do it. One second.

Do it, brother!

Just do it! Yes!

Yes, AK!
AK's in.

David gets close.

AK moving quickly on the cargo net,

trying to make up some time.

Tarzan has another go.

Comes up short.

Sharn is short. Brooke is short.

AK's up on the deck.

Now he's back in it.

David close,

trying to hook it.

David snags his bag of puzzle pieces,
pulling them in.

Go, Davey.

But AK loves a good puzzle challenge.

That could be the difference
in a challenge like this.

Moana has hers.

Tarzan has his.

David empties his bag.

Just like that, three people
have their puzzle pieces.

Moana's right there now.

Brooke feeling the pressure...

Far out!

..really struggling
with that monkey fist.

You have 19 letters

to spell a five-word phrase.

David sorting through them.

Moana trying to get her pieces
out of her bag.

Brooke, AK, Sharn still struggling
to snag their bags.

David starts trying some combinations.

Tarzan doing the same.

AK desperately trying to snag his bag.

Ha! Agh!

***, just slammed my hand.

Tarzan has all his pieces in,

but it looks like gobbledegook
at the moment.

AK gets his. He has his bag.

Brooke still struggling
with her monkey fist.

AK in on it now.

Lots of different words
you can spell with these letters.

44 days out here, your brain
is not as sharp as it once was.

Moana has something spelt out.

But it's not correct.

Puzzle is the great equaliser
in Survivor.

It is an equaliser,
but not when you're this far behind.

Oh, Brooke!

Well done.
Finally Brooke has hers.

Brooke in on it now.

Everyone else has had
a nice head start on this puzzle.

Brooke just getting to it,
unloading her pieces.

Brooke working quickly.

Everyone working quickly
when they first got here.

Now it's slowed down.

AK glances over at David's,

trying to get some inspiration...

..trying to work out
what this phrase is.

Tarzan rearranging some pieces.

Immunity on the line.

Sharn still struggling
with the monkey fist.

David stumped.

Bewilderment on his face.

Phrase needs to make sense.

Brooke... Brooke has
something going now.

Working quickly.

This would be a huge comeback
if she gets this right.

Slotting pieces into place.

And that's it!

Brooke wins immunity!

Well done.

Dammit. Oh, man.

Dude, what did I tell you?
So great.

Well done, Brooke.

I was stuck on 'tonight'.

Well done. Well done.

Well done.

Don't let... Amazing.

Well done.

AK, you're clearly emotional right now.

What's going through your head?

Oh. Mate, I'm just happy for Brooke.

I want to celebrate Brooke right now.

Are you worried that this could be it?

Yeah, man.

Yeah. Oh...

Sca... Nah, I can't even speak.


Well, it's not over till it's over.
You know that. This is Survivor.

Come on over.


Congratulations. Immunity is yours.

You are safe tonight,
cannot be voted out.

Guaranteed a one-in-five shot
at winning this game.

As for the rest of you,
Tribal Council tonight,

where one of you will become
the sixth member of our jury.

Well done.
Thank you.

Grab your gear, head back to camp.
I'll see you guys tonight.

I know that my name's coming out of
that urn tonight at Tribal Council,

so, right now I'm feeling vulnerable.

But Survivor doesn't favour the
strongest, the fastest, the fittest.

It favours the bravest.

No matter how much
my back's against the wall

or the numbers are against me,

I'm gonna fight my way
back into the game.

Congratulations, Brookey.

Thank you.

Well done today.

Yeah, that was awesome, man.
You nailed that puzzle.

Thank you.
Holy cow. Good job.

I think that's 'cause
I was just thinking about that,

just trying to get
one more day in the game.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Oh, back-to-back wins now.
I'm so happy.

Thank God.

Sorry, guys.
I know you wanted me out.

The fact that I'm going
to Tribal tonight being safe

and guaranteed in the top five,
like, I am stoked.

Well done.

You're incredible.

You deserve it.

But this is an extremely bittersweet win

because I feel like
I've put the nail in AK's coffin

because I did win today.

AK and I have been together
since day one

and I don't want him to go home.

So I'm gonna do absolutely
everything that I can

to help save AK.

Brooke won immunity today again,

which is pretty epic,
but it's not what we wanted to see.

We wanted Brooke out

just because she is
a challenge beast, she keeps winning,

and that could be dangerous
if she keeps going towards the end.

Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Yep. Yeah, definitely.

So, right now it's pretty simple.

Four of us, me, Dave, Sharn, Tarzan.

Two of them, Brooke and AK.

And AK's gotta go.


AK is a man of whispers,

but he's also very strategically good
at this game,

and that makes him dangerous.

It is a pretty ballsy move
not to split the votes.

But if he plays an idol

wherever they've put votes on
who's going home, that could be me,

that could be Dave.

But there's no way
I'm gonna let that happen.

Yeah, same.

Like, just, yeah...

AK and Brooke are 100 million
per cent gonna be idol hunting.

I'm gonna have to try and somehow
get a GPS and put it on 'em

because we need to make sure
AK doesn't find an idol.

There's only five people between me
and half a million dollars,

but it's never felt so far away.

Brooke won immunity,

so I know the votes
are coming to me tonight.




Sharn has been playing
the middle ground since merge.

And now that I'm on the bottom,

she's not gonna want to work with me.



If the majority four were smart,

they would understand
if I have a hidden immunity idol,

then whoever Brooke and I put votes on

would be going home.

He's not OK. I'm actually
slightly concerned about him.

I need to go on an Easter egg hunt
and find myself an idol.

AK's vulnerable tonight.
He knows that.

And he's searching around for idols.

Our job is to make sure
he doesn't find one.

Alright, well, you go that way,
I'll go this way,

and then we'll make, like, whatever,
we'll meet in the middle.

I have never felt more frustrated
in the game of Survivor

than I do right now.

I'm so desperate to find an idol

and I've got Mo babysitting me.

Oh. There you go, unbreakable.

So I'm doing everything I can
to break my babysitter tag

and get rid of Moana

because that's the only chance I have

to come out at Tribal Council

and have a hidden immunity idol
wrapped around my neck.

What the hell did you do that for?

Well, that's a bit immature, mate.


AK just cracked the shits
and threw the barrel of water.

He just walked up,
got the whole barrel and flipped it.

And then he said, "There's no rice now."

The best thing
about losing my babysitter

is I've just bought myself

at least 5, 10 minutes
without anyone tagging me.

They're not gonna know
if I find an idol.

Ugh, so many grubs in here.

Things I do for you, AK.

Anything can happen at Tribal Council.

I'm a little bit worried
that AK could have an idol.

He's been out there idol hunting

and he managed to break a tag
this afternoon.

So I need to find out what's going on.

I guess, uh, strategy is not
really his thing on this vote.



Just in case you split.

Oh, you and someone.

David's a massive player,
and I don't put anything past him.

So I'm presenting another plan to him,

and I'm hoping that appeals to him
to make the move tonight.


He's just
stroking his beard. Hmm.


Tonight there is potential

for a huge move.

Sharn is definitely
a big threat in this game,

and that makes her a target tonight.

You do want to get those threats out.


I'm playing the big moves
that I love to see in this game,

and that would be a big move.


Cheers, man.

Sharn is a fantastic player.

She's been amazing social,

strategically, a beast.

She's gonna have a big game
to talk about.

She's gonna have
the resume to back it up.

Sharn can sit at this final Tribal,
which she has experience at,

and really blow you out of the water.

Moments before Tribal Council,

I feel like something's
just not sitting quite right.

Try it.
It's actually the best one.

Have some of that. So yummy.

It's all pretty sedate and there's
not a lot of chatter going on.

It's very awkward,
and I don't like it at all.

I know that Brooke and AK
are very upset with me

in not living up to my promises to them.

They've had plenty of time to hatch
a plan for tonight's Tribal Council.

It only takes one person
from my alliance to flip

and I'm going home.

That's an incredibly scary thought

after all the time and energy
you put into this game.




Absolutely. That's not changed.

He's not flippin'.

That's alright.
I was frustrated as all hell.

It's all good, brother.

I do think it is too easy
to just take AK out tonight.

And I am feeling very worried

that other people
are having other thoughts.

I'm hoping that's not true.

At this point in the game,
I'm not ready to go home.

I never want to sit on a jury.

In real life, I can't do it,
because I'm a lawyer.

In Survivor, I don't want to do it.

I never want to be on a jury.

I have not played for 43 days
to just give up now.

I love this game way too much
to just roll over and die.

And hopefully David
will decide to take that move

and send Sharn home tonight.

If AK has an idol,
he knows he's getting votes

and he'll play that idol

and send someone
from the majority alliance home.

So that is a big reason
to get rid of Sharn.

She's definitely
a big threat in this game.

Hold onto your hats,
bite down on your belt.

This is All Stars Survivor, baby,

we know it's about to get very messy.

I'll now bring in
the members of our jury.





and Shonee,
voted out at the last Tribal Council.

So, AK, you were very emotional
at the end of that challenge today.

Clearly, you're feeling
vulnerable tonight.

Yeah, I am.


..that was really hard
for me to jump today.

Huh. It sucked.

And knowing that Brooke and I
are in the minority

and Brooke winning today...

..the writing was on the wall.

So, what was it about the jump?

I've got a fear of heights
and I've got a fear of water.

So, combining the two
together sort of...

..scared the bejesus out of me,
to be honest.

But you did, you overcame it.

Yeah. After about three minutes.

That's what I keep replaying in my head,

three more minutes
on that word puzzle and...

..maybe I could've been
wearing that necklace tonight.

So, AK, were you torn

when you saw Brooke
win that immunity necklace today?

That's the, uh, the funny part
about this game

is that, for my own game,

I probably would've loved
anyone else bar Brooke

to win that necklace.

But the human side of me

and the relationship
that I've built with Brooke,

I couldn't have been happier for her.

And that's why when the challenge ended,

I didn't want no pity party,
I didn't want any attention.

I wanted to celebrate the fact that

this girl's worn this
necklace more times

than David's worn a T-shirt in the game.

And I'm concerned about the tan
lines that she's gonna get from it.

I think I need those tan lines.

So, Sharn, your alliance of four

have proven to be unbreakable
at this stage.

Given that, is it a done deal tonight?

I don't think it's ever a done deal,
Jonathan, seriously, in this game.

I think people are thinking about
their own individual games.

But I would like to think
the people that I've invested in

and I have been loyal to in this game,

remain loyal in this game.

I put a lot on the line
two Tribals ago to save my alliance.

I remained true to that alliance

and, you know, put myself
in a difficult position for that.

So I do hope that everyone knows
what I've done

to keep our alliance intact.

But, Moana, not everyone in the
alliance of four can go to the end.

So, at some point soon,
someone's gonna have to make a move.

Is tonight the night,

now that you have two easy numbers
that you could scoop up?


..tonight's not the night for me,

I'm a day-by-day girl.

And we have a plan
and I come here with a plan

and I always stick to the plan.

So, Tarzan, AK is plan A.

Brooke has the immunity necklace.

Is there a plan B tonight?

Well, I suppose there's always a plan B.

And, um, it's your
favourite saying, mate,

we'll have to wait till we get
to the votes to find out.

But, um...

..I think we're fairly solid on
plan A, hoping it'll come together.

You hope that everyone's told you
the correct information today.

But, yeah, plan B is not a good option,

I wouldn't have thought,
if there is a plan B.

You might feel like
you're making a move now,

but then, two moves' time,
you could be sitting over there.

So I think they've got
to be very careful

about choices that they make tonight.

What do you think about that, David?

Yeah, I think she's correct
about saying that.

This is a pretty pivotal Tribal for us.

The last one was even more pivotal.

So I think we're just kind of, yeah,
going through a lot right now.

This is super intense.

I've never been down to six before
and it's full-on.

I'm just moving forward
with what I said I was gonna do

with the people I've been playing
with and hoping for the best.

Well, on that note,
I think it's time to vote.

Tarzan, you're up.

AK, it's been a pleasure
playing with you.

Hopefully you're going home tonight
and not me.

I'll go count the votes.


Before I read the votes...

..tonight you have a choice.


OK. Before I read the votes,
tonight you have a choice.


I can read the votes like I normally
would and someone goes home,

or, if you think you might be
the person going home tonight,

you can take your own game
into your own hands

and compete in a trial by fire...

..which means you will go head-to-head

in a fire-making challenge
against another member of your tribe.

Now, your opponent must be chosen
unanimously by the tribe

and is at no risk of going home.

If you cannot make a unanimous decision,

then we'll draw rocks
to decide on your opponent.

All you need to do is make fire first

and you live to see
another day in the game.

But if you lose, I snuff your torch

and your Survivor journey
comes to an end.

So, if you think
your name might be in this urn

and you want to play with fire,

be the first
to raise your hand right now.

Or I can read the votes in this urn

and someone's going home.

AK, you want to go to trial by fire?

I'd love to go to trial by fire.


So, the rest of the tribe,
you need to decide

who you want to put up against AK.

Now, remember,
it must be a unanimous decision

and whoever does it
will not be going home.

If you cannot make a unanimous decision,

then we'll draw rocks.

Who do you want to do?

Me? Do you want to put me up?


You want to do it, Mo?
Nuh. Sharn wants to.


What about Dave go up?

God, no.


Let's just draw for rocks.

Sharn, do we have a decision?
I think we do.

I think Mo's gonna go, I think.

Is that the unanimous decision?
Yeah, I'm happy with that.

Moana it is.

It's Moana versus AK

for AK's place back in the game.


OK. So, you both have
the same fire-making supplies.

The goal is to build the fire high
enough to burn through the rope

and raise a flag.

AK, if you're the first to do so,
you win your spot back in the game.

If you don't, it's game over.




Moana pulling out the husk.

AK's whole game on the line.

This could be a $500,000 fire.

AK going for a spark already.

Both scraping magnesium
from their flint,

trying to get that spark to catch.

That's it, Mo, blow.
Blow, Mo.

Close it, close it, close it.
Close it like a nest and blow.

Blowing on it,
trying to turn it into something.

Lost it. More magnesium.

AK trying to get it to catch.

After 44 days out here,

you should have a pretty good idea
how to make fire.

Come on, AK.

Moana continues to scrape magnesium.

Yep, that's it.
That's it, Mo.

Yeah, that's it, Mo.

AK looks over.

Focus on yours, AK.

I'll keep you updated.
She hasn't got it yet.

Moana trying to nurse her husk.

Can she get it to catch?

There it is. She has a flame.

Yeah, you got it.
Now get those twigs ready.

Alright, get the twigs.
Let's go, let's go.

Little ones, Mo. The little ones.
The smallest ones you can find.

Meanwhile, AK is desperately
striking at his flint,

trying to get his husk to catch.

Now she needs to keep it going,

needs to build a teepee around it.

AK continues to strike,

desperate to get something going.

There he is, he has a little something.

He needs to nurse it now.

- Yes.
- Keep going, Mo.

Yes, nurse it.

Needs to nurse it into something bigger.

Yes, AK. Yes, AK.

Almost there. Lots of smoke.

Finally AK has a flame.

Can he keep it going?

Yes, AK.

Keep blowing, Mo.

Moana's lost her flame.

You gotta get that flame back, girl.

And just lots of smouldering
husk at this stage.

Keep going.

There it is, Mo.
Everything on the line for AK.

He can feel the pressure.

His whole game hinges on this fire.

Moana has a decent flame now.

Her wood is starting to catch.

Don't let it collapse.
It's like Jenga now, Mo.

AK's fire's dying down.

He's gonna need to build this up
quickly if he wants to stay in this.

Keep going, Mo.
You gotta keep building.

Moana's getting close to that rope,

licking the rope.

The wind is pushing it away.

AK can feel the pressure.

He's blowing on it, trying
to get his to build up.

Moana's fire is legitimate right now.

AK's fire comes back now.

Now his is on the rope.

AK shaking as he piles wood on.

Moana's fire is ablaze now.

Getting very close to that rope.

Who's gonna burn through first?

Moana's rope is getting scorched.

And that's it!


- Moana's flag is raised.
- Well done.


Well done.

Yeah, girl, I told ya!

Girl, I told ya!

You did so well.
I'm so proud of you.

OK, AK, unfortunately you are the
19th All Star voted out of this game

and sixth member of our jury.

You need to bring me your torch.

I know I've had an extended stay here,

but can I just take three seconds
to look around?

You played a great game, buddy.
Yeah, you did, AK.

See ya, legend.

I'm good, brother. Thanks, mate.

AK, the tribe has spoken.

Thanks, mate.

Time for you to go.
Cheers, mate.

I'm still pinching myself that
I'm here for a second time.

It's been a pleasure.

All the best to the five of you,

especially Dave,

but especially Brooke.

You guys better be hungry!

♪ Gotta keep your head up ♪

♪ Yeah-eh! ♪

Well, in this game, fire is life,

and that's never been
truer than tonight.

Grab your torches, head back to camp.

Monday night on Australian Survivor...

My alliance has gone
from a strong five to just me.

..she's all alone.

Right now it's do or die.

But she's not giving up.

If I can get in with Mo and Sharn

and convince them that I should
be going to the end with them,

I could have a shot.

I would swear on my family.
This is a trust vote.

Can Brooke defeat the odds...

I am a survivor. That's what I do.

..and get one step closer...

I'm here to witness
this alliance crumble. the title of Sole Survivor?

I'm not going down without a fight.

I was six days away from winning
the title of Sole Survivor.

It's so close but so far away.

I hope that Brooke keeps
winning immunity challenges,

and then the majority four,

they're going to have to
turn on one of their own.

And I can't wait to see that.

I would love to see David
or Brooke win this game.

They've both played strategic
games, social games

and they're both physical threats

and have every attribute
it takes to win this game.

I am proud of the game I've played

and to go down in a
burning flame of glory,

not so glory...

..oh, I'll take it.

There's no better way to go out.