Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 5, Episode 20 - Episode #5.20 - full transcript

Sometimes the swing vote in Survivor is the most powerful position to be in. During Tribal Council, one tribe member is implored for their vote by both sides, giving them the power of the game.

Previously on Australian Survivor...

..David won immunity and...

Oh, wow!
This is amazing!

..a luxurious reward.

Yeah, baby!

After Zach's blindside,
David was out for revenge.

Myself, Tarzan, Sharn and
Mo will be voting for Jacqui.

Cheers, guys.

This is where endgame begins.

Jacqui, get in here.

With Jacqui now on the other side,
it was four against four...

Heads are gonna roll.

..and all signs were
pointing to a tied vote.

Let's go to rocks and
put it on our resume.

Chh, chh, choo!

At Tribal Council, David wasn't
prepared to lose another wingman.

I would like to play this for Tarzan.

In a panic, Sharn tried
unsuccessfully... get Tarzan to flip.

And, after two rounds of votes...

We're deadlocked.

..they'd have to come
to a unanimous decision

or Moana and Jacqui would be safe

and Sharn, AK, Brooke and
Shonee would be going to rocks.

Whoever pulls the odd rock will go home.

We ain't budgin'.
We're going to rocks.

Sharn begged them to vote for Jacqui.

In the end...


..they took the deal.

Sharn was still in the game,

but for how long?

Seven are left. Who will
be voted out tonight?

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Wow, guys.

- That was exciting.
- Was it ever?

Helluva Tribal.
Oh, my God.

Oh. I've still got a massive
rush after tonight's Tribal.

It's not how I wanted it to play out.

I wanted to go to rocks,

but Sharn pitched to
Brooke, Shonee and I

that if we don't go to rocks,

she is 100% on board
with working with us.

And that's what we did,

and we got Jacqui out of the game.

We all live another two days.

Yeah. Yep.

So I think we made the right decision.

We're all back at camp and
we're ready to scrap again.

She did well, huh?

Yeah, yep. I know.


Nah, nah.

Right now I'm a little bit suspicious

because Tribal Council tonight,

Sharn, when she came back
from the second vote,

it looked as if she mouthed
to me to vote Moana.

And I just was like, "Not a chance."

I was sticking to my original,
which was to vote Jacqui.

I don't know what Sharn's playing.
Time will tell.

And, uh, it's not gonna take long
to work out where Sharn's sitting.

And hi. Hi, I'm Sharn.

Uh, that's me.

God, we've made it far.

Seven weeks.
We really have.

That's nuts.

We've outlasted all these mothers.

Congratulations, everybody.

What is that?

Oh, my God!
What animal is that?

It's a deer. It's a goat.

It's a horse. What is it?

Shall we go check what it is?

Is it a cow?

Shall we go walk over to it?
It's big.

Oh, dudes, look, there's a
cow or something on the...

Look down there. A horse?

What is that? A horse?

That's so cool.

Oh, my God, it's coming this way!

It's a stampede!

What is it?

I'd like to pitch to you,
would you join our alliance?

Strong four if you come.


Yeah, come on.
Yes. It's a cow.

Sharn, if you don't move quick,

that cow's gonna steal your
place in our alliance.

Don't miss out.

Who are you voting for? Mo-o-o.


Oh, my God.


Hey, um...

Yeah, you want to...

Yeah, definitely.

Last night was a pivotal
point for my alliance.

We almost went down to rocks.

But Sharn didn't want to go to rocks.

It was her butt on the line.

Danke, Sharn.

She really lawyered up hard

and brought the full force and
weight of her experience down

on the clueless three.

And if there was any wonder as to
why Sharn is a Crown prosecutor,

we found out.

I just did absolutely
everything I had to do,

said everything I had to say...
Yep. get them to believe me.

She promises my head, she
promises whatever she has to do

just to get the Vakama
three on her side.

Kind of sketches me out a little bit.

I think you're in a
really good position.

Well, I'd rather not
be in that position.

I'd rather that everything had
just gone how we liked last night.

There have definitely been times
where she hasn't voted with me,

she proved that she
isn't that loyal to me.

And that makes me nervous.

Do I want to put all my
eggs into the Sharn basket?

Not necessarily.

If you look at it,

the game breakdown now...
Yep. obviously those three...
Yep. four.

But this puts you in a
position where you're like...

Yeah. I make the big move and knock me out?

I played an idol for Tarzan last night.

But I still have a second idol
that nobody knows about.

Well, to be quite frank about it,

I still am fairly committed
to, like, us getting to four

- and I'm committed to sitting
with you at the end. - Yep.

The question is, do I need
to play my idol or not?

And is Sharn still gunning for me?

And that's a question
I've been struggling with.

It is still very hard to get there, but.

Yes, it is. Very, very hard.

Oh, there's some
up-and-coming cute ones.


He'd do this flex and
the snake would move,

and I used to love that.

Last night, well,
it was one helluva... helluva Tribal, I can tell ya.

David played an idol for me.

I was grateful.

But something that's
troubling me is Sharn.

Sharn came back from her final vote,

she mouthed me, "Vote Mo."

And I sort of looked at her
with a bit of surprise.

I was like, "Not a chance."

Like, I don't trust her.

She nearly got ya last night, mate.

I'm saying she wanted me to vote for you

so that it didn't have to go to rocks.

And if I'd have voted for
Mo, Mo would've gone home,

and Sharn could've chucked that on me.

When she said, "Vote
Mo," I was like, "No."

And she's like...

And I'm like... And then I
just turned away from her.

I'm not changing this.

We'll sort it out on the final
challenge and go from there.

I don't believe what Tarzan's saying.

Sharn, she is playing both sides

and she's doing so good
at playing both sides.


I know Sharn. Just didn't happen.

She did write down Jacqui's name.

You know, and I feel like
Tarzan just misunderstood her.

You gotta trust me, she's good.

Yeah, yeah, I trust her now.
I'm trusting her.

I mean, she proved it last night.
You trust me...

The only thing is, though, Mo,
she told me to vote for you.

I know, but I'm telling you,
Tarzan, I don't get it.

I'm just gonna think
it's a miscommunication


..I'm just... I know that she's gonna
do what needs to be done by us

'cause she knows I'm with you guys...

..and she wants to be with us.

And I'm telling you we're a solid four

and we're going to the four together.

Brooke's confident that Sharn is with us

because it makes sense for Sharn's game.

At the moment, she is on the
bottom of her alliance.

This is her opportunity
to flip that around

and actually have power in this game.

Especially so close to the end.

Second place hurts.

Last time Sharn and I played together,

she made it to the final two
and I didn't vote for her.

If she wants my vote this time,

she should vote with me.

I just wanted to chat 'cause
I haven't had an opportunity...

..since last night.

Um, uh, yeah.

So, look, I think
everything's worked out,

like, the way it should...

..and for the best for our games...

..moving forward.

Um, I'm excited because I feel
like we're in the driver's seat...

Yep. the moment, potentially,

for both of our own games...

..and how we then navigate this...
Yep. get us to the end.

I think...

I agree with that.

It's just a question of when...

..and how we do it.

This is all lining up perfectly.

David has now flushed his idol,

and if we go to Tribal Council next

and he doesn't have the immunity
necklace around his neck,

we get a free shot at him,

and we have the numbers to do it,
provided Sharn is true to her word.

I need Dave out of this game.

You know?
I agree.

- I love that we are so aligned in
what we're thinking... - Cool.

..because that's what
I was gonna pitch to you

and I was hoping that you
would be on board for that,

but I think that's right.

OK. Nice one.
Alright, cool.

Hopefully this pans out.

I hope so, too.
Um, yep.

It's exciting.
Alright, cheers.


Gotta do that for real on the outside.

Sharn is holding all the power.

She can choose to stick with her word
and vote with Shonee, Brooke and I,

and then we would have a majority
to vote David out of this game.

Music to my ears.

Come on in, guys!

That we will, Jonathan.

No idea.

It does.

So, Moana,
that last Tribal was pretty intense.

Have things settled down since then?

Last Tribal was pretty epic.

Um, shame these guys
didn't go to rocks,

it would've been even more fun.

But there was plenty of extra food,
that's for sure.

So, Sharn, has the dynamic
shifted in the tribe,

or is it business as usual?

Uh, look,
I think it's business as usual

in terms of
everyone's individual game play.

So, um, in terms of dynamics, that's
never really clear, I don't think.

Uh, but, yeah,
what I do know that is clear

is my individual game going forward.

So, Shonee...

..eight days left in the game.

We're down to single digits.

Can you see that finish line in sight?

I can't even see
after tonight's Tribal Council.

I mean, first I need to get through
tonight and then I'll reassess.

Are you worried about tonight?
Oh, always, Jonathan.

I'm worried every single time.

David, how are you liking
that necklace?

Oh, I like it just fine.

It's a very nice necklace
and it feels good to wear it,

so I'm hoping I get a chance
to wear it again.

Alright. Well, we're gonna find out.

You guys ready
to get to today's Immunity Challenge?


Thanks, Jon.
Thank you.

Once again,
immunity is back up for grabs.

In today's challenge,

you're gonna attempt to keep yourself
wedged between a frame

that's divided into two zones.

At various intervals,
you will move between those zones.

If at any point you touch the ground,
you're out of the challenge.

Last person still in the frame,
wins immunity, safe from the vote.

Losers, Tribal Council,

where one of you will become the
18th All Star voted out of this game.

Alright, let's draw for spots
and let's get to it.

Alright, everyone, take your positions.

Is this for real?

What the hell?

Alright, everyone's in position.

For immunity, this challenge is now on.

Pretty simple. Just need to keep
yourself wedged between that frame.

Everyone in the lower zone.

You need to keep your torso
below that white line.

Might've done something like this
when you were a kid,

wedged into a doorframe.

I'm guessing we might be here
a little longer, though.

- Are your knees bent, Brooke?
- Yep.

Mine are practically straight.


Just like that, AK out of the challenge,

no shot at immunity.

And we're down to six.

Sharn already in pain,

continuously shuffling around,

trying to find where she fits.

Sharn continues to struggle,

slowly sliding down the frame.

Going sideways now.

Why not? Try something different.

Sharn in all kinds of trouble
right now.

Somehow, I don't think this one's
got my name on it, Jonathan.

And out of nowhere, Moana drops out.
She's out of the challenge.

We're down to five.

Oh, my goodness. Holy moly.

Tarzan readjusts.

David looking solid.

Brooke looking very solid.

Sharn a hot mess.

Shonee, eyes closed, in the zone,

digging into her special bag of tricks.

Yep, you know what?

Oh, nah, I can't. Sorry.

And that's it.

After a very painful performance,
Sharn drops out.

She's out of the challenge.

And we're down to four,

David, Tarzan, Brooke and Shonee...

..battling it out for that necklace.

A little slip from Shonee.

Come on, Shon.

Alright, in a minute, you guys
are gonna move up to the next zone.

You'll have 30 seconds to do it.
It is a live transition.

If you fall, you're out.

Alright, beginning now, you have 30
seconds to move up to the top zone.

How am I gonna do...
Ooh, ***. OK.

How does one do this?

Shonee really struggling.

She's all the way down the bottom
of the frame.

Get your arms up.

Get your arms up
and pull your body weight up.

Finding it difficult to get a grip.

David struggling to get up.

Brooke is up in position.

She's up in position already?

You need to be above the white line.

David really struggling.

Shonee's going down instead of up.


Shonee failed the transition.
She is out of the challenge.

Not good.

It's so hard, Shonee.
So hard.

We're down to three,

David, Tarzan and Brooke.

David starting to look uncomfortable.

Tarzan is settled in.

Brooke looking very solid.

You guys have been up there
for 15 minutes.


See ya, guys.
And that's it.

After 15 minutes, Tarzan drops out.

And we have a showdown
between David and Brooke,

battling it out for immunity.

Be nice to walk out of here
with that necklace,

guarantee you
one more day in this game.

AK, who do you think's got this?

Brooke. I just know
that she's gonna win it.

Shonee, you still awake?

Yeah. I'm watching from this angle.

Oh, OK.

And Brooke is looking very strong.

You want her to win today?


So, David...

..everyone's put their money
on Brooke.

Not me.

Moana's putting her money on you.

Thanks, Mo!

Sharn, is Moana correct,
Brooke needs it more?

Yeah, I would think so.


AK, what do you think about that?

Oh, Sharn's entitled to her opinion.

David grimacing.

Big readjustment from David.

Foot precariously close to the sand.

Both wondering how much longer
the other person can hold out.

This tide's coming in really quick.

Little slip from David.

Trying to take some pressure
off that back.

Every big readjustment is risky.

Every time you break contact
with the frame,

you are potentially giving up immunity.

After 60 minutes,

David and Brooke
still fighting it out for immunity.

- Well done. That's awesome, guys.
- Good, guys.

David continues to readjust.

Brooke looking solid.

Just need to stay between that frame.

Last person to do so
walks out of here with that necklace.

David trying to find
something comfortable.

See the pain on his face now.

Keep going, Dave.

You got this, Brookey.

David continues to try and relieve
pressure on that lower back.

Come on, brother.

Readjustment from Brooke.

Another big readjustment from David.

Now on his feet,

switching between them.

Trying to find something comfortable.

And after 75 minutes, David drops out

and Brooke wins individual immunity.


Well done, Brooke!

Nah, I won't slap you on the arse.
Good job.

Brooke, come on over.
Yay, Brookey.

Thank you.

Immunity is yours.

You are safe tonight,
cannot be voted out.

Guaranteed a one-in-six shot
at winning this game.

Well done, Brooke.
Well done.

As for the rest of you,
Tribal Council tonight,

where one of you will become
the fifth member of our jury.

Won't be you.
Thank you.

Congrats. Everyone, grab your gear,
head back to camp.

I'll see you guys tonight.

I'm absolutely stoked
that I won today

because I'm safe tonight

and the plan going into Tribal tonight

is that I'm voting with Shonee and AK

and hopefully Sharn to vote out Dave.

Sharn has promised us
she's on board to get Dave out.

So, either she's with us
or her acting skills are on point.

Good effort, Dave.

With your butt and all.

Where were you sitting?

Were you sitting it on your butt?

Coccyx, yep.

Yeah, that's what I was doing, too.

You looked like you're, like,
sitting with a friend, like...

..having, like, a coffee.

- Oh, you were solid, man.
- Yep.

Today's challenge was so hard.

I did not make the first transition.

But my girl Brooke won immunity,
which is amazing

because now we have a shot at Dave.

Now, are you guys refilling?

Um, alright.

What's in this coconut here?

Oh, they're, um, the crispies
from this morning.

You can chuck them out.

Here's my thoughts with David,
right? We're a seven.

If we don't vote for him tonight,
he gets to six.


He wins the next one,
he's guaranteed a spot at five.


If he finds an idol in the next
however many days or he has one,

he's guaranteed himself a spot at four.

And it's very likely he'll, like...
Yeah, yep.

I am absolutely confident
that Sharn's with us tonight.

Sharn and I have been talking for days

about how we both want to get Dave out

and tonight is the perfect opportunity.

And now Dave doesn't have
individual immunity,

we need to take a shot
while we've got him.


So I just think you've just
got to take your shot tonight.

Yep. Yep. Alright.

I'm happy to lump it

and, yeah, if David's throwing
my name out there, then so be it.

I'm happy to take the risk
on him playing an idol.

- I'd rather try and get him
out of the game... - Yep.

..and not get him,
and then just get picked off

or beaten at the final four
or whatever.

- Yeah. Yeah, OK.
- Yep.

Yep, alright.

Sharn playing with us
was finally like a ray of light.

We can flip this game on its head.

Tonight the plan is
to pile four votes onto David.

We can get David out of this game,

Yeah. Same.

Brooke, Shonee and I
have been on the bottom

since the first vote at merge.

And right now
that alliance doesn't realise

that we are the deadliest trio
in this game.

And we're gonna blindside that alliance

and get ourselves to the end.

OK, cool.

Yeah, absolutely.

Oh, yeah. Well, that's true.

I sit in the middle
of the tribe right now

because I am the swing vote
between two alliances,

and I do have a decision to make.

I have to decide whether
I'm going to vote for Dave

or if I'm gonna vote for Shonee.

Yes, of course.

Oh, my God. Yeah.

I can't believe
you're asking me that question.

No, 'cause I'm, like,
telling these guys,

they're, like, worried and freaked.

And Tarzan won't stop talking about
how you worded my name...

..and lied to me about other stuff.

And I'm like, "Just shut up, Tarzan.
I know she's with us."

Yeah, yeah.

In my previous season,
I played quite overtly.



But this time, I'm doing
everything behind the scenes.

I'm making moves, but covertly,
so no-one knows what's going on.

But Tarzan is a concern.

I suspect he might think
that something is up.

So I need to reassure Tarzan
I am loyal,

that I am going to play
with this alliance

and I'm not gonna deviate
from our position,

because tonight I'm ready to make
one of my power moves in this game.

We will, Tarzan.

Yeah, yeah, and just keep rolling.

We will. 100%.

No problems at all.

Out of my alliance
with David and Mo, myself and Sharn,

Sharn's on the bottom of it.

Like, I don't trust her.

Oh, you can put it on
and then I'll have mine...

It's OK, I'll wait for you.


Anyway, who we vote...

I know.

She'd be writing her own name down
if she did.

Uh, look, I've lost
the Immunity Challenge today.

And I am so vulnerable.

I don't trust Sharn at all.

And right now
Sharn holds all the cards.

But I have this immunity idol

and it's been the best-kept secret
in Survivor.

I can use this idol to take myself
off the table tonight.

We do have
a little somethin'-somethin'.

Tell me if this looks fake to you,

This is what top three looks like,

That's awesome.
Do I bring Sharn in on this?

I honestly think, bro,
she ain't gonna do nothin'.

But it's completely up to you.

Takes me off the table.
You know what I mean?


I need to bring Sharn on board.

I need to show Sharn
that she can trust me.

What I'd like to do is pull her in...

..and be like,

"Sharn, this is it. This is top two
right here. You and me girl, boom."

So I'm gonna show it to Sharn
to be like,

"This will pull us through the game,
we use it together."

But at the same time, I'm also saying,

"I am not going home tonight, Sharn,

"so you better play this
close to your chest,

"you better make
the right decision."

This way we guarantee Shonee goes home.

If she finds out that you've got that,

you won't know she's tellin' the truth.

If she plays for you tonight,
we'll know you can't trust her.

If she doesn't play for you tonight,
she's got me 100%.


And I reckon you'll be sweet.

But even after tomorrow,
we don't even need that idol

'cause we'll be sweet.

Or we could force her
to make me sweet on this one.

And then she has to stay close
on the next one.

Showing my idol to Sharn could be
one of the biggest moves of the game

or it could be one of the worst,
dumbest moves of the game.

I'm hoping it will save me tonight.



We're gonna stop and chat.

Yeah, we're going to our spot.

It's our spot.

It's the right path, remember?

I wanted to say I'm guaranteeing us
a little something special.

Oh, no way, man.

How do you do this?
Number two.

How do you do this?

Just a little sweetener on the deal.
Oh, man.

Are you serious?

That is so cool, Dave.

Here we go.
Far out.

This is it. This is me and you.
You are unbelievable.

This is me and you. Alright?
Top two.

Give me a hug.

Oh, man. This is so good.
We're gonna do this.

I know we are. It's gonna be awesome.
Alright? Alright.

Um, I found it this morning.
I've been jumping out of my skin.

You are crazy.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.

I had a tiny little look,
but I'm like, "There's no way,

"there's no way you... I would've
thought you'd find one that quickly."

So, yeah, that's it.

This is us going through.

We know they don't have it.

OK. OK, good.

Yep, cool. Yeah.

I will not hesitate to play this
because I am not going home

with an idol in my pocket.
Yeah. No, no, no.

Yeah, good.

I can tell David's trying to bluff me

by telling me that he will play
the idol, but he won't.

As far as I'm concerned,
it's the perfect opportunity.

I could blindside him,
knowing he's got an idol,

and sending him off
with the idol in his pocket.

That is massive.

It's so good, it's so good.

Alright, thank you.

And I'm going to make him feel secure
that he can trust me at this point.

And the power is with me
to take him out tonight.

I have a huge decision tonight as to
whether to play the idol or not.

Sharn has a huge decision.

But ultimately it comes down to me.

Do I want to play my idol?

Do I want to guarantee
two more days in the game,

or do I want to test my nerves?

Do I want to test
my relationship with Sharn?

Being blindsided
with an idol in your pocket,

that would be a nightmare,

and I cannot let that happen again.

I'll now bring in
the members of our jury.




..and Jacqui.

So, AK, last time we were here,

you, Shonee, Brooke and Sharn
unanimously decided

to send Jacqui to the jury

rather than risk your game
going to rocks.

How did you guys come to that decision?

It's actually still one
that I'm not sure if I got right.

It was risky,

but I'm hoping that
after tonight I was proven right

that it was the right call to make.

Well, Shonee, it seemed to me you
guys were quite keen to go to rocks.

We were really keen.
We were very keen.

Well, what changed?

Sharn made some promises to us that
I am praying come through tonight.

So, Sharn, can you share the promise?

Yeah, so I promised
that I would work with these guys

and, uh, yeah,
that we would collaborate together

moving forward in the game.

So, Shonee, how would you feel

if Sharn didn't keep
her end of the bargain

and broke her promise?

Well, if I was sitting over there,
yeah, I'd be annoyed.

I mean, I really want her
to work with us tonight.

Sharn, there's a lot
to consider tonight.

Yeah, absolutely.
I mean, this is the thing.

Everyone who is removed
from this game forms the jury.

That's the irony of the situation.
But it's the game.

And I think we all understand
that it's a game

and you've got to make moves that
are appropriate to your own game.

So, do you think your decision tonight

is the absolute best decision
for your game?

Yeah, I do.

I-I really firmly believe that it is
the best decision for my own game,

and that's why I've come
to the decision that I have.

So, David,
you've pitched your case to Sharn?

Yeah, I pulled Sharn aside pretty
much before we came to Tribal

and just, uh, pitched
exactly what I said.

Like, I think Sharn is someone that
wants to sit with strong players

and isn't afraid of strong players.

And that's what
I'd like to see in All Stars.

I think Sharn is, like,
playing an All Star game,

she's playing a great game.

Uh, I hope she makes
the right decision tonight.

So, AK, I'm assuming that
you guys did the same,

you pulled Sharn aside
and gave her the pitch?


I personally think Sharn
is one of the best contestants

Australian Survivor has seen.

And I am hoping that, after tonight,

not only are that side
of the alliance shocked...

..but I'm hoping also the jury's
shocked at Sharn's decision tonight.

She wants to work, play
along big game players.

She has three right here.

So, your and Shonee's survival tonight

really depends on Sharn's loyalty.

Totally. And that's the risk
I was talking about.

Sharn could easily
work with the alliance

that she has never gone against.

She didn't go against them
last Tribal Councils.

And that would leave Shonee and I
in a very vulnerable position.

So we have no other option but
to put our trust into Sharn tonight.

David, what do you think
about Sharn's loyalty now?

Um, look, Sharn is someone
that I want to play close with

moving through the game.

But I am pretty sure
I'm catching votes tonight.

But, yeah,
I feel pretty vulnerable tonight.

So, Brooke, if Sharn has voted
with these guys forever now,

why should she start voting
with you guys?

Because I think our vote
is going towards something

that can help a lot of people
in the game.

Um, it's getting out a big threat.

And if that works for Sharn,
that works for Sharn.

It definitely works for us.

AK, do you think people
are starting to think about

who they want to be
sitting next to at the end?

I think everyone is.

I think the second we hit merge,

everyone was thinking about
who they'd like to sit next to.

But as each Tribal Council goes,

that all rearranges
because some people sit over there,

some people make bigger moves
over here.

So I'm just hoping

that tonight the vote goes
the way I'm hoping it does.

And then I'm gonna rearrange
that order again.

After every Tribal, you rearrange
who you want to be sitting next to?

You have to, because people
surprise you when they come here.

What about for you, David?
Is the list that fluid for you?

Uh, no, not really.

So, you know who
you want to sit next to at the end?

Yeah, I do.

I want to sit with
a really big player at the end.

Um, I have, yeah, someone in mind
that I want to sit with,

and that's a big part of my game
moving forward.

And I've been making
my decisions and my moves

based on the person
that I want to sit with,

the people that
I want to go to four with.

I have proven my loyalty
to those people from the start.

So, what about you, Sharn?

Do you have a fair idea who you want
to be sitting next to at the end?

Yeah, I do.

I think it's really important,
especially for this season,

so I've considered that

and I have something in mind.

All I can hope
is that she votes with us.

OK, well, it's time to find out.

Let's vote.

Let's vote. Shonee, you're up.

You're one of the best players
this game has ever seen.

So I'm honoured to play with you,

but it would be an even bigger
honour to vote you out.

I'll go count the votes.

If anyone has a hidden immunity idol
and they want to play it,

now would be the time to do so.

OK, once the votes are read,
the decision is final.

The person voted out will be asked

to leave
the Tribal Council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote,


That's three votes David.


We're tied. Three votes David,
three votes Shonee.

One vote left.

18th person voted out of
Australian Survivor: All Stars

and fifth member of our jury...


You need to bring me your torch.

You're beautiful, cherub.



Shonee, the tribe has spoken.

They have.

Bye, guys. Mwah.
Bye, Shon.

See ya, Shon. Well played.
Time for you to go.


When you walk in the middle
of the road of this game,

better make sure that
you don't get hit from both sides.

Grab your torch, head back to camp.

Tomorrow night
on Australian Survivor...

My alliance
has been decimated.

..Brooke and AK...

What the hell
did you do that for?

..are hanging on by a thread.

This is where I have to dig deep.

And with the endgame in sight...

..who to trust...

My ticket to get to the end
is playing a game

that no-one knows I'm even playing. anyone's guess.

You can't make one mistake.

I can't believe I've finally
just had my torch snuffed.

I have had so many lives out here.

I am definitely an All Star player.

I found an idol. I went to Exile twice.

I did a tribe swap and got
out my enemies straightaway.

I won two individual immunities.

I've been on the bottom the entire time.

If that's not an All Star
player, I don't know what is.

You're one fierce competitor

and I'm voting for you
tonight because I need Dave.

He is my shield in this game and
I'm gonna take him to the end.

I think Sharn stayed with her alliance

because she is playing it safe,

she can easily get to top four in that.

I just hope she doesn't
get second again.