Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 5, Episode 19 - Episode #5.19 - full transcript

When the reward challenge is a night away complete with spa and bed, it's every tribe member for themselves. Once the winner is decided, those back at camp plan a devious move for the next vote.

Previously on Australian Survivor...

..six players returned from
Exile to fight it out.

Come on, big dog.
Having volunteered to go,

Zach was sure he'd win.

- Yes, yeah.
- That's it! Now get into it!

But Moana...



..and Jacqui were unbeatable...

Well done, babe. Well done.

..leaving Zach, AK and Shonee
on the chopping block.

We have to protect Zach.

David was determined to
keep Zach in the game.

Zach is a big part of my
plan to get to the end.

I have two idols in my pocket.

If I think I need to use it, I will.

But Shonee had gotten into
Jacqui's ear at Exile.

It's the time now to
make something happen.


And Jacqui wanted Zach gone.

He's arrogant. He's rude.
He's gotta go.

She tried to bring in Sharn and Moana.

To turn on her own alliance,
that's a big move in the game.

But the timing wasn't quite
right to make their move... they kept their hands
clean and left it to Jacqui.


At Tribal Council...

I mean, it sucks to be these two.
It is sad to see one of them go.

..Zach and David were
more than confident...

If anyone has a hidden immunity
idol and they want to play it,

now would be the time to do so.



..Jacqui's blindside was revealed...

..and the entire game
was turned on its head.

Eight are left. Who will
be going home tonight?

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Day 39.

I executed the biggest
blindside last night.

And I could not be more ecstatic!

And don't we all look a picture.

I was waiting for something big
to happen, and little old me did it.

My plan worked.
I surprised everyone.

It's a good feeling. And
I'm hunger for that feeling again.

And this'll be the first
of many blindsides.

Move over, David.

Ooh. Oh!

It's become a catwalk strip show.

He might be the Golden God.

I am simply the 'golden goddess'.


I am cranked.


I am pumped.

I'm ready to go because
I'm still here, baby.

And I tell you what, toots,

I said love, I said
poppet, I said love,

I said back to me, I said
I'm gonna win this thing.

Sharn, do you want
some more soup?

No, I'm full, thank you.

Your loss.

Precious soup.

It kind of is also like a smoothie.

Like a breakfast smoothie.

Like a chai smoothie?

It's got a lot of chai to it.

Last night's Tribal Council

was all of my birthdays
and Christmases at once.

You guys are just so funny.

And we're so desperate,

but it's actually one of the best
things I've eaten since day one.

The Exile twist
meant that myself, AK and Zach

were the only options
up on the chopping block.

I would've been sent home last night.

But instead, I have made Jacqui
flip on her alliance.

We blindsided Zach

and I have never been happier.

I got this.

Brooke, AK and myself
are slipping our way

through the cracks of that majority.

Oh, my God.

That is glorious.

Need that bit of salt, don't ya?

Oh, it is...

The odds are now
a little bit more in my favour.

And I know exactly how
to keep it that way.

Jacqui, get in here.
I've been...

I woke up thinking
about the plans this morning.


Jacqui is on cloud nine
after blindsiding Zach last night.

Any spare moment, she will
bring it up and talk about it.

He lost in the fire challenge
to two girls.

He lost in the rope challenge to me.

He gets blindsided, he goes out.
He got voted out by a girl.

Zach is never gonna live that down,
sorry, Jacqui.

She is so excited,
and that's great for me

because I need to take
this enthusiasm into that next vote

and tell her we can do it again,

we can get that same feeling again,

I'm seriously so impressed.
It was just so...

It just was so perfectly executed.
I just gotta do my own thing.


I gotta play my own game and...
Do what's best for you.

..had to be all about the timing.

And that timing was perfect.

She does one blindside
and thinks that she's the Golden God.

And he'd be so ticked off.

It's a bit, like, you know, Maxwell
Smart losing to 99, isn't it?

I've got absolutely nothing
in common with Jacqui,

but I just hope that
it's the beginning of a new alliance

and Jacqui's our newest member.

Beggars can't be choosers.

Last night
was worst-case scenario for me.

What has happened?

I'm, like, so confused.

The plan was to stay tight
as a strong six

and just vote out the Vakama three
one by one.

And Jacqui flipped on us.

Jacqui has just blown up
a majority alliance,

destroying her game as well as mine.

Now that my meat shield, Zach, is gone,

I am in a very precarious place.

This was a big warning sign.

People are coming for me.

My Spidey senses are tingling.

If I lose that next
individual immunity, I am stuffed!

But this is Survivor.

You need to be able
to evolve and adapt.

Zach was a big part of my game.

But I still have Tarzan.

If you can help me support

on one of the sides, bro.
Yeah, yeah, I will, I will.

Look out!

I have a really great bond
with Tarzan in this game.

He really has become
like a big brother to me out here.

I think he really feels
a good connect with me.

Right now
I'm in a very dangerous position.


And I have to tread
very, very carefully.

I gotta make sure my
eyes and ears, Tarzan,

does not consider flipping on me.

Oh, that's a fleshy one.

Thanks, man.

Well, here's to
like a real father and son moment.


I don't even feel guilty.

Why would you, brother?

We keep a nice one
for Mo and Sharn, too, I reckon.


I'm really thankful
to Tarzan right now.

I have put a lot of work
into that relationship.


And in a way, I have always known
that Tarzan will have my back.

And I'd really like
to keep it that way.

Tribal Council last night
was definitely eventful.

It's definitely ruffled some feathers.

What did you get?

- Yay, pawpaws!
- Ooh!

The vibe is different because
right now both Dave and Tarzan

are so frustrated with Jacqui.

They're not great-great.

If you don't want it,
put it back.

No. No, it's just, um...

Jeez, you can be ungrateful sometimes.


But I'm smiling on the inside

'cause I sort of used Jacqui
on the Zach vote.

It was good for me to go to Exile

because it was a wake-up call
for my own self, for my own game.

I thought to myself, "You know what?

"If I go home now,
I'm gonna go home with regrets."

Would've, could've, should've.
Why didn't I?

Jacqui was like my little puppet.

I just pulled the strings
and all the blood lays on her hands.

Nothing's on mine.

I pulled off the ultimate blindside

and I didn't even
have to write a name down.

I feel like I'm in
a pretty bloody good position.

Zach was a big part of Dave's game,

so removing Zach out of Dave's equation

makes Dave nervous
because Dave is vulnerable.

Jacqui's just being an idiot.

Like, oh...

It's like, who are you?

Dave is not a big fan
of Jacqui right now.

She took away his best boy.

She's just loose as, man.

She's loose. I can keep her in line.

Can you, though?
Yeah, well, I thought I could.


I don't have to worry
about Dave going off the radar

or trying to pull a blindside over me

because I've put people around Dave

that I trust more than anyone else
in this game.

So Dave can't make a move with them,
because they're my people.

Dude, yeah.

But, look, I'm so in on this.

Like, I'm dead serious.

Family, endgame, let's go.
Yeah. Yeah.

I feel like I deserve
some kind of Academy Award

for the acting in which
I had to put on this morning.

Dave trusts me even more now.

But I'm feeling like Jacqui
is a massive loose cannon right now.

It could be time
for me to take Jacqui out.

Come on in, guys!


So, David, that, uh, was
an interesting Tribal last night.

Interesting is a big understatement.

Yeah, it was, uh, a really good one.
A big move happened.

And I thought it was pretty exciting,

but definitely a shocker
for some of us.

So, Jacqui, where are we at
this morning? Everyone good?

One big happy family, Jonathan.

You don't sound too convincing.

So, Shonee, after four days on Exile,
what would perk up your spirits?

A trip to the day spa, get clean

and have, like, a big grazing platter.

That's what I'm interested in.

You guys ready
to get to today's Reward Challenge?


For today's challenge,

you're gonna use two handles
to keep tension on a steel bar.

If at any point
you release that tension,

the bar will drop, smashing a tile,

you're out of the challenge.

Last person holding up their bar,
wins reward.

Want to know what you're playing for?

Yes, sir.

Night away from camp
at a luxury rainforest retreat.

Oh, that's what I said!

Complete with a comfy bed, hot bath...

Oh, my God.

..antipasto, chocolates, champagne.

Fully catered breakfast.

And, of course,
you can take a few friends.

- Oh, my goodness.
- Ooh!

Worth playing for?

Yeah, you bet it is. Let's get to it.

Alright, here we go.
Everyone's in position.

This challenge... now on.

Not much room for error
in this challenge.

Already Jacqui slipping a little bit.

You need to apply just enough tension
to keep that bar in place,

but not too much tension
that you wear yourself out

and you can't go the distance.

This is one of those challenges

where you just need
to outlast everyone else.


This challenge
requires concentration, strength

and just the right touch
to keep that bar in place.

The more movement you have on
those handles, the higher the risk.

You release the tension,
and you'll drop the bar.

Oh. Oh, shit.

Big slip from Brooke.

Nice catch.

That's it, she drops.

Not even two minutes in.

Brooke is out of the challenge.


And out of nowhere...

..just like that, Tarzan drops.

That's how quickly
you can fall out of this challenge.

One lapse in concentration
and it's over.

Jacqui on the raggedy edge there.

Nowhere to go on this one.

Not at all.
Let me hang onto a rope any day.

Oh, God.

That's it.

She's out of the challenge.

And we're down to five,






Fighting it out
for that very nice reward.

Yes, very nice. Just what I ordered.

Just what you ordered, for a change.



..risky readjustment.

Yep. Required, though.

Pulls it off.

David like a statue.

Statue of David.

Nice, girls.

This challenge is a lot
more difficult than it looks.

Right, Jacqui?

Oh, look, I can't win 'em all,

I've got to give someone else a crack.

Slip from Moana.

Nice save.

Once that bar goes down,
it's hard to get it back up again.

Another slip from Moana.

That's it.
She's out of the challenge.

Oh, man!
Mine just went, too!

And out of nowhere, Sharn drops.

Well, that was surprising.

And now we're down to three,



and Shonee.

10 minutes in.

- And out of nowhere, AK just drops.
- Oh, AK.

Now we have a showdown.


Again. Between David and Shonee.

Who's gonna take it this time?

It's the land version
of treading water.

David V Shonee.

Are we gonna be here
for another two hours?

Lookin' good, Shon.

David looking over at Shonee.

Shonee looking over at David.

We know how much
Shonee wants to win this.

How much does David want it?

Night away from camp
with a few of your buddies

could be just the ticket.

You guys have been at
this for 20 minutes,

twice as long as anyone else.

Jacqui, who do you think's
got this one?

I think Shonee probably wants

champagne and cheese more than David.

But David probably
wants to do a bit of manscaping.

So I think we're gonna be here
for a while.

Do you think
you're on either invite list?

Well, if they know
what's good for 'em, I am.


David's on my invite list.

Shall we just do a trade, Shon?

What about me, Shon?

But mostly Dave.

Shonee, was that
the beginning of a negotiation?

Dave, bring me...

..if you win.

Or, conversely,
you'll take him if you win.


I think it's about time
Dave and I became good friends.


You guys have been at it
for 30 minutes.

Well done, guys.

Three times longer than everyone else.

Epic effort, you two.

Shonee still in the same position.

Found what works for her and not
gonna risk any kind of readjustment.

My hands are numb, so it's too risky.

On the other hand, David keeps
shifting from side to side.

Looking good, Dave.

Don't break your concentration,
big boy.

Finally, a readjustment from Shonee.

Nice, Shon.

After almost 40 minutes,
she switches to the other side.

Feeling alright, Dave?
Oh, yeah, I feel amazing.


- And that's it, Shonee drops out.
- Davey boy!

- David wins reward!
- Well done!

Good on ya, Dave.

Thanks, Jon.

Oh, you want me
to take that from you now?


David, come on over.

Well done, mate.

Congratulations. You'll be
spending the night in luxury.

But it's no fun sleeping alone,

so, um, pick two people to join you.

Um, I'm gonna take Sharn and Mo.

Go, girls.
Get out of town.

No way.

Bye, guys!
See ya, guys.

Have a good night.
Have fun.

See ya, guys.
Have a great night.

Thank you! Awesome!

You know what? The bed's probably
big enough, so pick one more.

Big Tarz, let's go!


Enjoy, guys.

Alright, David, Sharn,
Moana, Tarzan, congratulations.

The retreat awaits. Head on out.

- Enjoy.
- Have fun.

Alright. Thanks, Jonathan.
See you, guys.

Thanks, guys.

Wash that beard.
Yeah, I'll give it a good one.

Alright, Brooke, Shonee, AK, Jacqui,
got nothing for ya.

Grab your gear, head on out.

Thanks, Jonathan.
Thanks, Jonathan.

Thanks, mate. Have a good day.
See you guys soon.

See you tomorrow.


David didn't waste any time

choosing who he was gonna take
on the overnight reward.

If he had have been smart about it,
he should've taken me.

But more fool him.

If I have anything to do with it,
he'll be the next to go.

A night alone.
I know.

Yes, exactly.

Who even needs a hotel
when you've got this paradise?


Coming back to camp

and knowing
that other members of the tribe

are gonna be having
this luscious overnight stay,

I'm definitely jealous.

But Dave made a big mistake, he has
left me with Jacqui once again.

Does anyone else think
that was really stupid of him?

- So stupid.
- Yep.

Why would he take...

If anything, he should've taken me.

To try and get you back on side.

It's so random.

Like, no-one is swaying Tarzan.

That's the safest person to leave here.
Yeah, that was dumb.

So dumb.
Yeah, such a weird choice for him.

I thought Jacqui was
the first person he was gonna take.

Yeah. Try and get her back on side.

Well, definitely ain't happening now.

Dave sending Jacqui back to camp
with AK, Brooke and myself

is really a gift
from the Golden God himself.

I am now able to bring Jacqui in closer

and let her know that
she really can't stray from me.

Welcome to Shonee's day spa.

Now I'm gonna take you on a journey.

I heard that you didn't win today.

But we're all winners.

Ain't that the truth, sister.

Now, what would you like me
to work on first?

Um, well, I'd just like
an eyebrow tidy.


I can only pay you in coconuts.
OK, cool.

My day spa is free of charge.

All I need is your vote
at the next Tribal Council.

I'm so good at this.

Out of all the players
that I wanted to align with,

Jacqui probably wasn't my first option.

But she was the low-hanging fruit
of her alliance

and I will take
any sort of alliance member I can.

So, what would our best play be?

For the next vote.

I definitely want to vote for David.

Yeah, same.
Yeah, same.

So what we could do
is we could put four votes on David

and we hopefully get someone else
to vote for him.

Do you think there's anyone
over there that would vote for him?


Sharn could.

Mo and Sharn.


David's obviously
the next target, mutual target.

So all we need to do is make sure
that Sharn would be interested.

There's finally room
for me to move in this game.

Time to get some moves happening.

Wonder what they're
gonna try and put together.

Oh, what?!

How gorgeous.

Holy cow. This is...
So good.

Look at that food!

And there's a hammock!

- Oh!
- And an outdoor shower.

Oh, wow!
This is amazing!

Oh, we walk in
and there's like this outdoor hut.

It's like a swami shack

out in the middle of a rainforest
on an island.

And there's just food.

And there's drinks.

And there's pillows.

It's just like this absolutely oasis
in the middle of the jungle.

Oh, I tell ya, it was brilliant.

Nail clippers!

Oh! Perfect.

Oh, a hairbrush!
Oh, there is a bar!

And a brush!

After all that rubbish
that went on with Jacqui,

I'll tell ya, this is the best thing
that could've happened to us.

Oh, it's ice-cold, you guys.

I don't drink champs, but I am today.

Yes, I think you'll
have to make an exception.

Yeah, I think you'd better
make an exception.

This is quite the occasion.

Yeah, baby!


I just want to reconfirm
my commitment to you guys

going through this game.

Just the connection now
with David and Mo and Sharn,

it unifies us as a four.

So, anyway, cheers, toots.

I love champagne.
Cheers, toots.

Cheers, guys.

Let's knock it out of the park.

They're actually everything
you look to in a game.

Jacqui did not look happy at all,
did she?

Yeah, she wasn't stoked, was she?

Well, she made her bed, yeah?

Jacqui wanted this reward today.

You could tell
that it was right up her alley.

So, for David to ignore that fact,

he's missed an opportunity in my view.

I think he's made a mistake,
to be honest.

Oh, yeah!

Uh-huh. Was that good?

This is livin'.

I think he wanted to just enjoy
the night with us, and that's fine.

But I don't think
he thought about it strategically,

and that's a concern for his game
moving forward.

I've just been observing David
and keeping an eye on him.

So good.

Oh, you guys.

Is it good?
It's so good.

Oh, it looks good.

Doesn't it?

Dave or...?

The shower.

I'm not fazed.

But the thing is Dave has no idea
that I'm playing both sides.

I knew that Jacqui was flipping

and I knew that Zach
would be going home.

Never in my life
have I seen a naked man,

and I don't plan to start today.
I'm not looking.

I haven't looked. Maybe... Ooh!

Do you know,
I couldn't kind of look away.

I had a little peek.

Oh-ho, Sharn!

I'm telling your husband.

Wait till I get down there,
they'll all turn around.

The fact that David
brought me on this reward

says a lot about how David
feels about me in this game.

I feel like he does trust me.

And that's great because
if you're gonna blindside David,

you've got to do it when
he's completely not expecting it.

Oh, my gosh. I don't even know
how many washes it's gonna take.

So stiff.

That is good.
Look at you, now look at me.

Look at you...
look at you, now look at me.

I am very aware
that this game has been won and lost

on the decision
of who you take to reward.

So it was very important for me
to make the right decision today.

I know I have two people that
have my back at this stage,

Mo and Tarzan.

I'm trying to draft in a third person
to have my back, and that's Sharn.

So I decide to use this reward
as a way to strengthen my alliance.

It's like you don't want to get out,
isn't it? So good.


Jacqui had the audacity
to threaten me and say that,

"You better take me on that reward
if you know what's good for ya."

Well, I do know what's good for me,

and that's to not take you
on this reward.

I feel like a million bucks.

The thing is, we know
what's happening back at camp.

Brooke, Shonee and AK
have already flipped Jacqui.

Now, where does Sharn fit
into that piece of the puzzle?

Well, Sharn has been talking
a little bit about blindsiding me.

And I chose to keep Sharn
close to me on this one

because I couldn't trust her
to be back in camp

with Shonee and her crew.

I can see my skin again.

Let's get this bugger goin', eh.

Oh, that was a helluva day, huh?


This is it.
This is where endgame begins.

With Jacqui,
I think we're pretty much across

what we're gonna do when we get back.

Yeah. I don't want to give her
any more time than we needed to.

What is the best way
to solidify an alliance

than with an epic blindside on Jacqui.

Are we sure we want to
take Jacqui out at this one?

Yeah. It's definitely my preference.

You're gonna get rid of
that unpredictable element.

Jacqui joins Zach.

Where she belongs.

We'll see how we go.

Everyone is talking
about blindsiding me.

Everyone except Tarzan and Mo
has my blindside in their peripheral.

If I don't win individual immunity
on this next one,

I'm gonna be in a really tough spot.

I need that individual immunity
to pull in Sharn closer to my game,

to lock down Mo and to lock down Tarzan

and to send Jacqui home.

Come on in, guys!

Ooh, this looks fun.
This looks so good.

Wow. Fun.

Fresh hair.


Look at Tarzan's locks.

Looking snazzy.

Don't tell me how good it was.

How are you?

Smells good.
Does it?

Oh, my goodness.

Oh, my God! So clean.

So, David,
how was your night of luxury?

Yeah, I can't lie, it
was totally amazing.

There was a lot of good food,
champagne, bath, shower,

a massive, like, bed, cushions,
the whole nine yards.

It was basically everything
we could've hoped for.

So, Tarzan...

..are you grateful that David
chose to take you in the end?

Absolutely, mate.
I mean, have a look at me.

I think I brush up alright, don't you?

Handsome rooster.

Alright, you guys ready
to get to today's Immunity Challenge?


Sharn, you're gonna have to give it up.

Yep. Here you go, Jonathan.

Once again,
immunity is back up for grabs.

Today's challenge is gonna
take place over three stages.

In the first stage, tethered to a rope,

you're gonna make your way over, under

and through a series of obstacles.

First five people to do so
will move on to the second stage,

where you will construct a pole
to balance a ball,

step through another obstacle

and then attempt
to place the ball in a high gutter

so that it rolls down
and drops into a bucket.

First three to do so
will move on to the final stage,

where you will race to solve a puzzle.

First person gets the puzzle right,

wins immunity, safe from the vote.

Guaranteed a one-in-seven shot
at winning this game.

As for the rest of you,
Tribal Council tonight,

where one of you will become
the 17th All Star voted out.

Let's draw for spots and get to it.

Alright, here we go.

For immunity.

Survivors, ready...


This first stage, you've got to
thread your way along the rope,

through a series of obstacles.

Everyone throwing themselves
over that first rail.

Moana already stuck on the rope.

Rope management is key here,

otherwise you're gonna
get all tangled up.

Whoa, whoa.

Shonee stuck, hanging upside down,
trying to free herself.

How do I do this?

Tarzan is through the first obstacle.
He's moving on to the second.

Everyone else struggling with the rope.

Sharn stranded on the top of that rail.

Brooke throwing herself over that rail.

Jacqui's through.

She's moving on to the second one.

AK's through. Moana's through.

Top five will move on
to the second stage.

Tarzan digging under
the third obstacle now.

David's under the second.
Brooke's under the second.

Jacqui moving on to the third obstacle.

Moana moving on to the third.

Brooke is right there.

Tarzan is through.

That's not good.

He needs to free himself from the rope,

touch the barrel to move on.

Tarzan is good.
He's moving on to stage two.

We're looking for four more.

Brooke is through. Brooke is good.

Jacqui's good.

AK is through.

Looking for one more.

Moana trying to get there.

Who's gonna be first through?

David moves on.

Moana, Sharn, Shonee
out of the challenge.

Take a spot on the bench.

David, AK, Jacqui, Brooke and Tarzan
on the pole now.

Need to connect three sections of pole,

balance the ball on the top,
step through the next obstacle.

Both hands need to be
on that bottom pole.

AK now in the lead.

Brooke right behind him.

AK is through now.

Now AK needs to place his bucket

under the gutter where he thinks
the ball's gonna drop.

Ball needs to land in the bucket
before you can move on to the puzzle.

Brooke is right there. She's through.

She can place her bucket now.
Oh, good job, Brooke!

Now you need to
add two more sections of pole

to reach the gutter, that's
five sections of pole.

Two metres of pole
that you need to manage.

It gets wobbly at that height.

Good man, Dave. Good man.

AK and Brooke still in the lead.

David close to the end of the obstacle.

He needs to get all the way through.

He needs to clear both feet
before he can move on.

That's it, David's good.
He can position his bucket now.

Jacqui, you're still in it.
Don't worry.

David takes his bucket out,

puts it where he thinks
the ball's gonna land.

Tarzan had a nice lead
in this challenge,

but he is really struggling with
that step-through obstacle.

Tarzan and Jacqui,
they're dropping behind.

Good, Jacqui.
That's alright, Tarz, go again.

Jacqui almost through the obstacle.

And that's it, Jacqui's good.
You can place your bucket now.

David slow and steady.

Drops the ball as he connects
that last section of pole.

That wind is strong today.

You're gonna have to
compensate for it somehow.


Brooke gets close to
the gutter, but drops.

You can do that exact
thing again, Brooke.

David reaching for his fifth section
of pole that was on the ground.

He keeps it together. Nicely done.


David has it together now.

Places it in the gutter.

Does he have the bucket
in the right position?


Ball drops short.

Good job, AK.

Finally, Tarzan is through the obstacle,

placing his bucket under the gutter.

This is anyone's
challenge at this stage.

Top three will move on to the puzzle.

Starting to rain now.

That's gonna make it more difficult.
Keep that steady now.

Brooke drops.

Wind is really picking up now....
I'll say.

..playing havoc with that ball.


..gonna get this stick on the ball.

- Ooh, yah!
- Good, Tarzy. Good, Tarzy.

Tarzan is almost there.

This would be a terrific
comeback for Tarzan.

As he approaches the gutter,

does he have the bucket
in the right place?

, yeah!

Yes! Yeah!

And he does!

Tarzan's moving on to the puzzle.

Looking for two more.
Immunity is on the line.

Brooke having a crack at it.

Oh, so close.

So close, Brooke.

Jacqui having a go at it now.

Is her bucket in the right spot?

Oh, so close! On the rim!

She's gonna have to try again.
Almost, Jac.

Tarzan has a nice head start
on this puzzle.

AK getting close to the gutter.

He gets it in.

Is the bucket in the right position?

Oh, just on the rim. So frustrating.

He's gonna need to try again.

David very close to the gutter.
He puts it in.

Is the bucket in the right position?

And it is!

David's good.
He's moving on to the puzzle.

One more spot open.

AK, Jacqui and Brooke fighting it out
for that last spot on the puzzle.

First person to complete the puzzle
wins immunity.

Brooke goes again.

And Brooke is good!
Brooke is moving on.

Yes! Go, Brooke!

AK and Jacqui out of the challenge.
No shot at immunity.

Good job.

Brooke quickly
gets to her puzzle pieces.

Really wants to get back in this.

Tarzan had a big head start
on this puzzle.

Will it pay off?

David has something going now.

Gets another piece in place.
Is it the right piece, though?

David shuffling

his whole puzzle 180 degrees.

He thinks he sees what it is.
Does he have it right?

Brooke attacking
the outside of her puzzle.

That's it, Brookey.
Just process of elimination.

David puts another piece in place.

Tarzan finds a piece.

- Brooke has the border done now.
- That's the girl.

David working on the border now.

Brooke gets in another piece.

Killing it, Brooke.

David can feel the pressure now.

He's trying to pick up the pace.

Brooke gets another piece.
That's it, Brooke.

Brooke was last in on this puzzle.

Is she gonna be first to do it?

It would be a terrific comeback.

Six pieces left for Brooke,
about 10 for David.

Brooke trying to make a piece fit.

Just doesn't add up somehow.

Something not quite right.

David gets a piece in.
And another piece.

And another piece for David.

And another piece.

Really got something going now.

Brooke gets a piece in.

There you go.

Brooke down to five pieces.

David down to six pieces.

David gets another piece in.

Brooke down to four pieces.

David down to five.
Yeah, Brooke.

Brooke puts a piece in,
takes a piece out.

David down to his last two pieces.

Brooke down to her last two.

David down to one piece. Is it right?


David wins...
Come on!

..individual immunity!

Oh, well done.

So good.

David, come on over.

Nicely done.
Thank you.

Congratulations. Immunity is yours.

You are safe tonight,
cannot be voted out.

Guaranteed a one-in-seven shot
at winning this game.

As for the rest of you,
Tribal Council tonight,

where one of you will become
the fourth member of our jury.

Won't be you.
So good.

Well done.
Well done, Dave.

Grab your gear, head back to camp.
I'll see you guys tonight.


David, bloody David
won the immunity necklace.

But there's a point in this game

where the moral compass
just goes whoosh, out the door,

and I need to pull out all the stops.

Who can I blindside?

That was tight, Brookey.

Holy cow.

Good job, mate. I nearly had ya.

You did, man. You're a beast today.

OK, we want to hear
all about your day spa, guys.

Oh, yeah, don't we smell good.

Ooh, I'm feeling pretty good.

Anyway, I was glad you got it, mate.

Thanks, legend.

I've got quite the collection going
at the moment.

I got my original immunity idol...

..her sister,
which I got from Phoebe's clue,

my fake little friend here,
let's not forget about him,

and, of course, individual immunity.

And I'm not sure
which one suits me best,

so I thought I'd better wear all three.

How good is that, Tarzy?

Means you don't have to
touch your idol tonight.

Yeah, sets us up.

You don't have to play it now.
Full steam ahead, big dog.

No one man should have all this power

because it goes straight to your head.

I'm all about revenge this season.

And the plan tonight
is to get some sweet, sweet revenge

on the saltiest lady I've ever met.

I'm burping my breakfast still.

Mmm. Looks good.

Myself, Tarzan, Sharn and Mo
will be voting for Jacqui.

When we were young fellas, we used
to keep an odd dingo as a pet.

Can never quite trust a dingo.

And the only time
you really know you can't

is when the bugger gets in
and kills every chook.

And then you take him out.

Once he eats the chickens...
Yeah. He's gotta go. can never trust him again.

And that's what she did, mate.

She ate the chook.

- Going this way?
- Yep.

Just down there.
Oh, right.

You know...

Nah, no, no.

Hey, good. How are you?

Good, yeah. Is everything cool?

I was just filling her in.
You straight back in?

Yeah, yes. Yes, yes, yes.
Great, great.

Part of this plan tonight
to get Jacqui voted out

is to bring her back to our side.

So we need to figure out exactly
what they've been feeding her

while we've been away from camp.

So, what were they talking about
last night with...?


..'cause this is gonna
be awkward already,


..they just banged on about,
you know, your game and your game

and Mo's game and Tarzan's game
and blah, blah, blah.


AK said to me that
he's not gonna give me the name

until we're sitting at Tribal Council.

Oh, they really want
to play with you, Jacqui.

I know. That's what
I was just saying to her.

So, what are we gonna do?
I would say,

if I had to put my money on,
I want Shonee gone.

I don't... I said I don't...


- I don't care if it's Shonee or Brooke.
Right? - OK.

We want Jacqui to think
it's full steam ahead on Shonee...

..because if she votes
Shonee tonight...

..Jacqui goes home.

Just listen to me, 'cause I want
to get back. Just listen to me.

Um, all I need to do
is I'm voting Shonee.


When we're at Tribal tonight, I'll
be talking as if I'm with them. OK?

Yeah, yeah, do your thing.
Don't worry about what I'm saying.

Same as I did last time.
Talking as if I'm with them.

And I'm gonna get a name.
Yeah, OK.

'Cause I'm actually gonna say,

"If you're not gonna give me
the name, well, what am I good for?

"I'm not chopped liver."
Cool. Alright.

Good, good. Right here. Ah.

Eh, eh, eh.

I'm gonna head back in, as well.
Let's go back and cook lunch.

You good? Good?

Jacqui is still a massive wild card
in the game.

But I think we did a pretty good job
today of making her feel wanted,

making her feel like
she's back in the alliance...

..and safe in this game.

Guys, if you go for a walk,
can you try and find a coconut?

'Cause we need another one in that.

I'm in a perfect position for my game.

I either align with
Brooke, Shonee and AK

or I go with my old alliance
of David, Sharn, Tarzan and Mo.

They both want me.
They both want my vote.

Happy days.

I've thought about all my options.

I could play with you three...

..or I play with those four.

Who makes you feel more included?
I like being the underdog.

I'd rather be on your side.

I could go with them.
I could go with them...

And it's completely up to you.
..and go five-two.

I could do that.
But I'm not gonna do that.

Because I already... They've planted
the seed that they don't trust me.


She's a bigger threat
than Dave.

Yep. Yep.

It's time to do
what Jacqui wants to do.

It's time for me to do me.

And I don't want to be
someone else's pawn in their game

and setting THEM up for the
half million bucks at the end of it.

I need to do stuff for me,
I need to build my own resume,

and that's what I'm doing.

Boom, boom, boom.

Yeah, yeah.

Done. That's it.

Same. How fun is this!

For tonight's vote,
it is Brooke, AK and myself

working together.

And I am praying
with every fibre of my body

that Jacqui is with us
and we will put four votes on Moana.

I don't think she's lying.

I believe Jacqui.

I've got nothing to lose at this stage

and I'm willing to take a risk.

If Jacqui votes
with Shonee, Brooke and I tonight,

we're gonna have four votes,

and that leaves the other alliance
with four votes against one of us.

That's a tied vote.

It's a deadlock.

And if we can't come to
a unanimous decision,

then the two people that
received votes then become immune.

Then the people that remain
all draw rocks

and one person
is gonna draw an unlucky rock

and be sent home.

I'm ready to make risky moves.

And if we come to a stalemate,

I am not changing my vote
and I'm ready to go to rocks.

Like, if I do go out on rocks,
at least I can be like, "Well...

"No-one voted me out."
"..I'm a baller."


I'm happy to roll the dice.

Chh, chh, chh, choo!
I mean, the chance that... Yep.

Yeah, I'd love to.

Sharn is a sensible player.

She likes everything calculated
and precise.

But rocks is not calculated
and precise.

So I'm hoping if the prospect
of rocks is out there,

she's gonna get spooked
and flip her vote onto Mo.

So, what, um, I think
is gonna happen tonight,

either Jacqui votes with you guys...

..and one of Brooke, Shonee or I go home.
Yep. Yep.

Or Jacqui votes with us...

..and it's a four-four split.

Brooke and Shonee...

..are excited to go to rocks.

Because they're like, "This is
exactly the game we've been playing,

"the underdogs, and it's a big move,

"and if it pays off,
like, see you later,

"we then hold the majority
with Jacqui."

So it probably would go to rocks.

It's making me really nervous,
the fact that Jacqui could flip

and that we could end up
drawing for rocks.

It would just take one person
to change their vote on the revote.

Yeah, OK. OK.
That's all it would take.


It's absolutely so risky
going to rocks.

It's the worst-case scenario

because there's no power, no control
in that at all.

So that would be
devastating to my game.

Brooke, Shonee and I
have been on the bottom

since the first vote at merge.

And right now that majority alliance
doesn't realise

that we are the deadliest trio
in this game.

Shonee is the best social player.
Brooke is a challenge beast.

And I'm the accountant
crunching the numbers.

And we're gonna ride this wave,
blindside that majority alliance

and get ourselves to the end.

I am looking forward
to fireworks tonight.

I'll now bring in
the members of our jury.

Locky, Harry...

..and Zach,

voted out at the last Tribal Council.

So, David...

..big couple of days for you.

But I want to skip back
to when you won the reward

where you chose
Sharn, Moana and Tarzan to join you.


Walk me through that decision.

I guess the decision

was probably a little bit related to
Zach obviously being voted out.

There was a pretty major linchpin
in that vote.

Wasn't my favourite thing
that happened in the game so far.

But I think we've moved forward
on that. Right?

So, Jacqui, was he punishing you
by not taking you on the reward?

Well, he only could take three, so I
was obviously his fourth favourite.

AK, what do you think
about David's decision?

David's a smart guy.
He's a smart player.

If I was hoping to get Jacqui on
for the next vote,

I probably would've taken her.

- Brooke...
- Yep.

..did staying back at camp bring
the four of you closer together?

I would like to think so, yeah.

Jacqui did vote with us once, so...

..hopefully she does it again.

It would be silly to flip
on your alliance and then flip back.

Especially since they don't trust
her anymore, after what she did.

I think everyone should be doing
what's best for their own game now

and not just be a little minion.

So, you think
that's why Jacqui flipped?

I think Jacqui flipped

because she was sick of feeling
like she was on the bottom.

Jacqui, why did you flip?

Um, I think sometimes you've got to
have your own voice in this game...

..and stand on your own two feet.

So Brooke's perception is that
you're on the bottom of the alliance,

and that's why you made that move.

Do you think she's correct?

I don't think that at all.

Shonee, you raise your eyebrows
to that.

I mean, I just don't think that Jacqui

is in anyone's endgame over there.

Nah, that's BS, Jonathan.

I've stuck by Jacqui since day one,

even when these guys wanted
to vote her out week after week.

But she flipped on you
at the last vote.

Can you trust her now?

She made an emotional decision.

Doesn't mean Jacqui's on the bottom.

I just find it fascinating, Jonathan,

that we're talking about Jacqui
being on the bottom of our alliance,

but if she's now in that alliance,
where do you think you sit?

Jacqui, how does it feel
having two sides fighting over you?

Well..., the people that
I've worked with know how I feel

and what I'm like.

So, um, I hope they can entrust
in me where my vote's going tonight.

I like to think that Jacqui
has made the smart choice tonight

and is playing with us.

Jacqui and I also had
a relationship from day one.

And she's got a relationship
with Shonee from Exile.

She's got a relationship with Brooke.

We are all thinking
about our own games,

and Jacqui knows that.

So she's starting to realise
that this is an individual game.

If Jacqui is still undecided
which side she's gonna go to,

is there potential
for a four-four split tonight?

That's the stressful part
about tonight.

A four-four vote
still doesn't get the job done.

Could tie things up.

It does.

And right now I'll take a tie
over a loss.

So, Shonee, what's gonna happen
if it is tied four-four?

If it's a tied four-four and
no-one over there wants to switch,

then I guess rocks it is.

Let's do it.
Let's do it.

David, you're safe tonight.

Do you think anyone else here
is willing to risk their game

by going to rocks?

Um, I don't think so.

I think there's people
that you would go to rocks for

and there's people that you wouldn't.

What about you, Brooke?
How do you feel about going to rocks?

I love playing roulette.

I'm all for it.

I would rather go home

trying to better my position
within the game...

..than go home
and being part of a minority.

If Jacqui does vote with us tonight
and we go to rocks,

if the four of us make it back to camp

by not drawing the wrong rock,

then all of a sudden
we're sitting in the majority.

So, Jacqui, you seem
to hold all the power tonight.

Uh, my head's in
a bit of a whirlwind at the minute.

I'm just sticking with
what I said I was gonna do.

So, Sharn, if we do in fact
go to rocks tonight,

could the power shift in this tribe?

Yeah, of course,

because the rocks
determine who goes home.

And that's why I don't know
whether people would be so willing

to do that at the end of the day.

They've spent 40 days out here,

investing their time and energy
into the game,

and they're gonna let a rock
determine that?

I just think it's foolish.
Then vote with us, Sharn.

But if you're on the bottom,
what have you got to lose?

There are always other options.

I mean, before you get to rocks,
you do have other options.

So, you want to seriously
consider that before you get there.

I think everyone works too hard
in this game to leave it to chance.

And I don't know whether people
WOULD be willing to play roulette.

Alright, well,
I think it's time to find out.

Let's vote.

David's got the necklace tonight,
so you can't vote for him,

but everyone else is fair game.

Brooke, you're up.

I'm ready to go to rocks.

I'll go count the votes.

If anyone has a hidden immunity idol
and you want to play it,

now would be the time to do so.

Yeah, you know what?
I think I might, Jon.

I just might.

Tonight seems as good a night as any.

I would like to play this for Tarzan.

There you go, big dog.

Thanks, brother.

OK, this is a hidden immunity idol

and any votes cast for Tarzan
will not count.

I'll read the votes.

First vote,





We're tied.
Two votes Jacqui, two votes Moana.



We're tied again. Three votes Jacqui,
three votes Moana.


That's four votes Jacqui,
three votes Moana.

One vote left.


We're tied between Jacqui and Moana.

OK, we're gonna revote.

Do you want to stick to it?

This is how it's gonna work.

Jacqui, Moana, you will not vote.

Everyone else, you can only vote
for Jacqui or Moana.

Brooke, come grab the urn.

Come on, lucky snake eyes!

Oh, man. I don't know.
This is so hard.

Oh, shit.

I'll go count the votes.

OK, I'll read the votes.

First vote,





We're tied.
Two votes Jacqui, two votes Moana.


That's three votes Jacqui,
two votes Moana.

One vote left.


We're deadlocked.

This is a first
for Australian Survivor.

We're deadlocked.

This is a first
for Australian Survivor.

So this is how it's gonna work.

As per the rules of Survivor...

..the six of you
who didn't receive votes

will now need
to come to a unanimous decision

about who you want to send home
between Jacqui and Moana.

If you cannot reach
a unanimous decision,

then it flips.

Jacqui and Moana will then become safe.

David has the immunity
necklace, so he'll be safe.

He played an idol for
Tarzan, so he's also safe.

That means the four remaining players,

Shonee, Brooke, AK and Sharn,

will all draw rocks.

Yes, we will.

Whoever pulls the odd rock...

..will go home.



- Alright, the six of you have a very big decision
to make. - Good on ya, guys. Brave, brave.

And you need to make it right now.

AK, you know this is a
unanimous decision, right?

We ain't budgin'.
We're going to rocks.

We're going to rocks.

David, you're part of the six.
You don't want to contribute?

I mean, I feel like at
this stage of the game,

if you're risking a 75%
chance of going home,

that's crazy to me.

Do you know what I mean?

So, what, if we do...

Sharn, what's going through
your head right now?

Uh, a lot.

It's us four that are going to rocks,

so I'm talking to these guys.

Stay in. Stay in the game.
Stay in the game.

It's our four lives here, you know?

We can choose here and
now to make it solid.


Seriously. Come on.

Come on.

The issue is if you're
lying to us right now...

I am not lying to you, AK.

You're not going to, I'm telling you.

Why would I do... I'm promising you.

I wouldn't do that to you guys.

I'd be putting three people on the
jury, then, that are angry with me.

I'm not gonna do that.

I won't do it.

Think about it.

So, AK,

where are you at with this?

I'm a gambling man, Jonathan.

Are you gonna... are
you gonna gamble it?

Don't risk it.

Alright, guys, I'm gonna ask you
for an official decision here.

Tarzan, who do you want to send home?




What do you want to do?

Safe in the game right now. No more.

Forged together.




Alright, we have a unanimous decision.

Jacqui, after 40 days,

you are the 17th All Star
voted out of the game...

..and the fourth member of our jury.

Need to bring me your torch.

Jacqui, the tribe has spoken.

Time for you to go.

Don't wait for the O in 'go', guys.

No, mate.

- Bye, Jac.
- Bye, Jacqui.

Well, in Survivor,

when you find yourself between
rocks and a hard place,

there's half a million
reasons not to choose rocks.

Yeah, that's true.

Grab your torches, head back to camp.



Tomorrow night on Australian Survivor...

..she's been playing both sides.

You're with us, right?
Yes, of course.

Oh, my God.

Now it's time to choose.

That's what I was gonna pitch to you.

As the game ramps up...

I need Sharn to believe
that I want to work with her.

..will David make the
ultimate mistake...

Far out. You are unbelievable.

..that will be his downfall?

Sending him off with the idol in
his pocket for a second time,

that will be the biggest
move of my whole game.

If I'm gonna go out with
a bang, that was a bang.

Thanks so much for taking the
heat for me on the Zach vote.

It's been an epic experience
and I can't ask for more.

And I'm just thrilled to be
able to be part of All Stars.

You chose to ignore my advice,

so, can't say I didn't warn you.

Sharn can promise all she
likes to those three,

but she'll come unstuck,

she'll overanalyse everything,
like barristers do,

and she'll be next out.