Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 5, Episode 18 - Episode #5.18 - full transcript

The game has taken a turn and for one player, an opportunity presents itself after a major player is betrayed and vows revenge, looking to build their numbers and blindside the hell out of someone.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
on Australian Survivor...

But back at camp,
no-one was feeling secure.

Three more
are going to Exile tonight.

Right now I'm hoping
that's gonna be Zach and Jacqui.

It'll be like being a gladiator
over there, brother.

But when it came to Jacqui...

which is why it's important you go.

I don't want to go, honestly.
I know. OK.

I'm in a unique position where
I can use this to my advantage.

Her only concern
was David coming back into the game.

The exiled players will have
the chance to get back into the game

Then we're gonna go to Tribal Council.

are the only ones
that can receive votes that night.

She wasn't willing to take the risk.

Round two.

Hey, guys.

Six people were hanging out
on Exile together

Like, choo!

Another stint on Exile,

Love to.

You know what I mean? To volunteer.

I'm ready to lay some beat-downs
and get my butt back in the game.

Zach tells me that he's
volunteered to be on Exile Beach.

And Zach's dumb enough to take the bait.

Zach, why didn't David make this move
if it was such a baller move?

If Zach beats me at the end,
I will eat my own buff.


Oh, my God.

This morning, camp life is so peaceful.

At Tribal Council last night,
Jacqui, Zach and Shonee

were sent to Exile Beach
to join Mo, Brooke and AK...

..and left our tribe
as a number of three.

Day 37. 37.

Well done to us.

It was a huge decision trying to
decide between Dave and Jacqui

to send to Exile Beach.

I chose Dave to stay

because I don't want him to exit
this game because of some twist.

I want to blindside David.

I want to be responsible
for Dave's exit in this game.

That's why I decided to keep him in.

It's a pretty
impressive list right there.

Well, last night at Tribal Council
could not have gone better.

I managed to talk myself
out of going to Exile.

I put the pieces in play with Zach,
and Zach went willingly.

Zach loves that idea
of being like a Viking warrior,

going off to raid and pillage

and coming back from Exile
with all the spoils of war.

Uh... that's great for me.

Things last night... I just
wanted to say thank you again.

That's OK. You're very welcome.

Yeah, 'cause that was pretty epic that...

..I didn't end up having to go to Exile.


But something is a little bit
up in the air right now.


Well, thanks, Sharn. It's...
No, that's OK.

It was awesome.

Last night Tarzan told me that Sharn
was planning to blindside me.

Sharn is not my favourite person

after all this blindsidin' talk
she's been havin'.

Sharn is so sneaky!

She's so sneaky.

Man, you're on the inside.

Gotta go from there.

Sharn didn't go through with it.

But I don't know where
Sharn's head is at with this.

How much work do I have to do
to get Sharn to trust me?

We could probably eat brekkie
if you want.

Yeah, I need to be really careful

about this Sharn blindsiding me plan.

Sharn has definitely not ruled out
the thought of blindsiding me.

It's gonna be
on the forefront of her mind,

and that could potentially
blow my game apart.

This is a very good ration.

This is legit the best rice
we've had since we merged.

Oh, really? It is good rice.

Thank you.
Oh, man.

How do we remove Jacqui
from the kitchen?

But, all things aside,

I'm a little bit concerned
about what's happening at Exile.

Exile does bond people.

There's a chance we come back
with five returnee Exiles

and it's gonna be a five-three

with Tarzan, Sharn and myself
in the minority.

They'll definitely have people in
their ear over there being like,

"Those guys flipped on you,
they sent you to Exile."

Yeah, exactly.
"They've sent you here.

"They don't like you,
they don't want you, rah, rah, rah."

I hope it doesn't play out like that.

Mo is a big part of my endgame.

Zach is possibly the biggest
meat shield in this game.

I need my big meat shield.

I need Zach and Mo back on this beach.

I think if our majority
has a good win today,

we got nothing to worry about.

I wouldn't go that far, Tarzy.

I was gonna say, "Famous last words."

Jacqui's pretty much the only one
that we've sent over

without giving her an option to stay.

Mmm. That's right.

Waking up on Exile this morning,

you know, none of us want to be here.

In a perfect Survivor world,

everybody wants to be
back at the old camp.

Everybody except Zach.

This shelter is baller.

Yeah, it is. So good.
The shelter's just so good.

I thought you'd nailed that.

And we were basically saying, "None
of them know how to start fire."

I'm like,
"Oh, shit, we're gonna get here

"and it's gonna be no shelter, no fire.

"They're all gonna be starving
for the last three days."

Zach thinks that volunteering
to come to Exile,

it's great on paper
and wonderful in his resume.

How have you guys managed
to survive three days out here?

I reckon they've done
a damn good job.

But, mate, you're just a puppet.

You're David's puppet.
He's grooming you for final two.

If you can't see that,
I don't know what's wrong with ya.

Just, uh, where's...

He grinds my gears big-time.

- We got alpha Zach here now.
- Yeah.

You don't need no-one else.

You got the big dog.

Got the big dawg.

Coming to Exile was not my choice.

David, the Golden God,
worked his magic again

and made it very clear
who was gonna be sent to Exile.

Anyone but him.


'Cause he's too busy sitting
on his throne and countin' his money.

Feel like I'm just on a little holiday.

But it's a big slap in the face
and it's a wake-up call for me.

I'm not gonna go down without a fight.

- Ah.
- Blocks the wind.

For you, bruz.

On Exile here, we've got three Vakamas,

Brooke, AK and Shonee...

..and three Mokutans.

This game can turn as quickly
as a woman does on her heels.

If I get back in the game, and
I will get back in the game...

..I'll be coming out swinging
with both gloves on.

Now, that's a proper papaya.

♪ Do it, do it, do it now

♪ Do it now... ♪

I definitely think Jacqui
is dirty about coming to Exile.

It just shows she is
on the bottom of her alliance,

and she is not happy about that.

That's a crack that I can get into.


Are my eyebrows really bad?

Can't actually see.
They probably are.

Oh, yeah, I could do a tweeze.

My social game
is definitely my strength here.

And I'm planning on working Jacqui hard.

Look at this. Can you open your eye?

Look at that.
It's all in one go I got that many.

Oh, my God! I'm like a quilt.

Where there's a will there's a way,
and I WILL come through.

Wow, I'm so good at this.

I woke up, right,

and you guys were walking across
with all these papaya in your hand,

I'm like ***.

Then, like, cut 'em up, one for me.

So, right now
there's six people out here

and we have no idea how long
we're gonna be here for.

Everyone's just, like,
in overdrive making plans...

..because you never know
what could happen.

No, that was because
you got a crush on me.

Maybe, let's be honest.

Maybe that's why I dumped my boyfriend.

I could be going home next.

If I lose a challenge
and then my tribemates vote me out,

I definitely could be going home.

You know what I got so worried about
today when it was raining,

about the letters.

I would've cried
and just been like, "I'm done."

Your picture was so cute.

Yeah. That's Vinny drawing.
So good.

She drew a family portrait.
How beautiful is she.

So sweet.

What's keeping me going

is the thought of Bell, Vinny,
my mum, my family.

I want to do this for them
and I want to make them proud.

I'm here because
I want to change my family's life.

I want to tick
my mum's last bucket list,

which she never thought was possible,

and buy a house.

And I want to see if I can buy a bus

for Vinny's school that I just started

because we couldn't afford to get buses.

So if I can help get a bus for them,
that'd be cool.

But, first, I got to fight my way
back into the game.

The six of us today will go
and compete in two challenges.

And I'm prepared
to do whatever it takes.

If fighting on the bottom for 15 days

wasn't proof that I'm a fighter,

wait till you see me
get off Exile Beach.

Come on in, guys!

I'll now bring in
the players from Exile.

Oh, shit.

Course it is.

So, Brooke...


..this is your chance
to get back in the game.

How are you feeling about that?

This is not my kind of challenge,

But, um, yep, fingers are crossed.

Alright, Sharn, Tarzan, David,

you guys are not competing
in this challenge today.

You're just here to observe.

In addition, you are safe
from the vote at next Tribal.

Everyone else, this is your
first chance to get back in the game

and guarantee your safety
at the next Tribal as well.

- Shall we get to it?
- Yep.

In today's challenge,

you're gonna use sticks and rope
to fashion a pole long enough

to retrieve a flint
from behind a barrier.

Once you have the flint, you will
then use it to build a fire...

..high enough to burn through a rope
and raise a flag.

The first two people to raise their
flag win their spot back in the game

and are safe at the next Tribal Council.

As for the rest of you,

it's back to Exile Beach
to await the second challenge.

Alright, let's draw for spots.
Let's get on with this.

Good luck, guys.

Good luck, everyone.

Alright, here we go.

For your spot back in the game.

Survivors, ready...


Shonee quickly has
her bag of sticks and rope.

Goal is to build a pole that is
long enough to reach the flint.

Really need to think about
how you assemble those sticks.

Bamboo is flexible. How do you
compensate for that in your build?

AK and Zach quickly building
the longest poles they can manage.

Shonee building something
a little sturdier.

Zach first to have a shot.


Comes up too short.

He's gonna add some more to his pole.

This is not looking good.

Shonee's gonna have a crack at it now,

but she has a serious bend in her pole.

You got a floppy pole there, Shonee.

Very floppy pole.

AK's gonna have a crack at it now.


And he drops a part of his pole.

He needs to come around
to retrieve it from the ground.

Zach trying again.
That looks good, Zach.

Come on.


Zach getting frustrated.

Brooke coming out. Shonee coming out.

Everyone trying to get in on it.

That's exactly the technique.
Come on, big dog.


Yeah, Zach.

Gets it through the ring.
Can he hook it?

No, it's out.


Moana takes her shot.

She lunges at the ring.

That's it.
Yeah, yes.

Gets it through the ring.

Now pull.
Turns it.

That's it!
And snags it.

Yeah, yeah, pull.
Now it's on the ground.

That's it.
That's it, slowly.

Keep it in the circle.
Yep, nah, yeah.

Yep, that's it, Mo.
Dig it, dig it, dig.

That's it. It'll go.

Dragging it centimetre by centimetre.

Just gentle, Mo.

Yep, yep.
Little bit at a time.

Drags it a little closer to her.

That's it, Moana has her flint.

Moving on to
the fire-making station now.

There's no wind,
so build it directly underneath.

Moana scraping her flint.

After 37 days in this game,

it's a skill
that everyone should probably have.

You don't need to start striking it, Mo.

Just keep going magnesium.
Nobody else has got it.

More magnesium, Mo.

Get as much magnesium
together in one spot.

She goes back to scraping magnesium
on the advice of her alliance.

Yep, that's it.
Use the corners, too, Mo.

You'll get bigger chunks
from the corners.

Zach still trying to hook his.

- That's it, Zach.
- Mate, come on.

That's it, Zach.
Yeah, Zach.


Moana has a huge lead in this challenge.

Can she keep it?


Brooke having a go now.


That's it, Mo. Blow harder, Mo.

Moana trying to nurse that spark
into a flame.

- Yes, that's it.
- Yeah, there it is.

Keep blowing. That's it.
Keep going, Mo.

You need more wood, Mo.

In this game, fire represents your life.

It's never truer than today.

Zach, that's it.
You've got it now, buddy.

Twist it. Pull.
Come on, Zach. Yes!

Yes, brother!

Zach has his flint on the ground.
He's trying to drag it back now.

That's it, that's it, that's it.
Yes, brother.

Keep it going.
Two spots in the game up for grabs.

Moana has a decent fire now.

It is licking that rope.

Stay focused, ZK.
Good job, brother.

Oh, yeah.

Brooke has her flint on the ground
now. She's dragging it back.

It's only a matter of time now.

Fire's right on that rope.

The wind's blowing.

Wind's pushing it to one side now.

Yeah, that's it.
That's it.

Yeah, that's it! You got it!

That's it!

Yeah, baby!
Moana is back in the game!

Well done, Mo!

Go, Jacqui!

Come here, Mo!

Two spots in the game up for grabs.

We're looking for one more!

Zach drags his flint
back to the barrier.

AK gets his key on the ground.

But his pole breaks.

- You can reach that.
- That's it, come on, reach it.

Just go. Yes!
Go, big dog.

That's it.

Go, Jacqui. Go, Jacqui.

Zach, he's at
the fire-making station now,

trying to build his fire before
someone else gets their flint.

You got plenty of time, big dog.

Finally, Brooke has her flint.

She's in it now.

Come on, Zach.

Get it happening, man.
Brooke's on your tail.

Brooke has her little nest.

She starts scraping magnesium
straight into it.

Zach continues to scrape.
ZK, you know what you're doing.

Brooke methodically
scraping the magnesium.

Into that nest, Zach.

Zach trying to scrape the magnesium
into his little nest.

Come on, Zach.

Brooke trying to get a spark.


Brooke gets a little something.
Can she nurse it?

Gently blowing on it.

Zach goes back to scraping.

Still go, Zach. Worry about
what you're doing, brother.

Brooke adding more husk to it.

Lots of smoke now.
There it is, a flame.

Come on, Zach.

- Get some sparks flying, man.
- Come on, Zach.

You got heaps of mag.
Yep, just start striking, Zach.

Brooke's teepee collapsing a little bit,

trying to rebuild it.

Dude, her fire's
collapsing, brother. Focus.

You can do this, Zach.

That's it!
That's it. Now let it breathe.

Close it.
He has a little flame.

Can he get it to catch?

Lots of smoke.

Hold it down, Zach.
Keep blowing it.

Keep blowing. It'll come.
That's it.

Now get into it.
That's it, he has a flame now.

Brooke has nursed her flame back.

Yes, Brooke!
Oh, my God, you're so close.

- That's it, AK has his flint.
- Yeah.

He jumps in on the fire-making station.

Come on, AK.

Zach has a nice flame,

trying to build it up closer
to the rope.

You're looking good, Zach.
Yeah, man.

Real good.

Brooke is trying to block fire
from the winds.

AK furiously trying
to get a spark to catch.

Zach's fire is legitimate now,

licking that rope.

Brooke's fire
is getting up to the rope now.

Go, Brooke. Oh, my God.
Whose is gonna burn through first?

Zach using his body.

Brooke using her body to shield it.

- Yes!
- Yeah!

Brooke wins her spot back in the game!

Wow, that was close!

Oh, my God!

Oh. Bad luck, Zach.


Such a great effort, seriously.
Oh, my God.

So, Moana, you seemed pretty
emotional when that flag popped up.

I'm here for my family, Jonathan.

Never in my life would I think

I'd actually be able
to get fire from flint

and I didn't do it alone.

I know these guys were great,

but I know my dad was there with me,
so it's a bit emotional for me.

Well, congratulations, Moana and Brooke.

You guys have earned your spot
back in the game

and you're safe at the next vote.

You guys can head back to camp.

- Well done, guys.
- Well done, guys.

- Mwah, mwah.
- Bye, guys.

Thanks, babe.

I feel like the weight
is lifted off my shoulders.

My dad was definitely there with me.

That was for Vinny and my family.

Oh, my God, I just did that.

Zach, that was so close.
What's going through your head?

Massive amount of disappointment.


Should've had that.

Are you regretting
volunteering for Exile now?

Nuh. Still got another shot.

That's the spirit.
That's what I like to hear.

Alright, Jacqui, Shonee, AK, Zach,
you guys are heading back to Exile.

I'll see you soon.
Cheers, mate.

Have a good day.

Mate, just gutted.

Absolutely gutted.

It was my challenge to lose,

and I messed up.

Welcome home, kids.
Thank you.

- Congratulations, guys.
- Yeah, welcome back, you guys.

Back in the game.

Today six tribe members went
head-to-head in a fire challenge.

And Moana and Brooke both won
their spots back in the game.

- What's changed?
- Nothin' much.

Oh, we just did a bit of cleaning up.

I'm very happy Moana's back.

I'm so proud of her.

You, Mo, where'd that come from?

I know.

You did good.

You'd never held a flint in your life
and you smashed it.

I know.

I almost had a panic attack before
it's happened, before I started.

- We could tell. - 'Cause I was like,
"I'm never gonna get this fire...

I know.
"..this is so bad."

Something can over me and I just
felt like maybe that was my dad...

..being like, "Just give it everything."

I've never done that before in my life.

I've never touched a flint before.

And to get fire and come first,

I just felt like my dad
was there with me the whole way

and he was just pushing me along.

I just felt his presence over me
to just block out my anxiety.

It was just so overwhelming.

I'm stoked
that I'm back in the game.

But, in saying that, it is very
awkward being back at this camp.

I'm the only Vakama person here

and everyone seems to be avoiding me.

- See?
- Very nice.

So I'm really hoping AK and Shonee
try and do whatever it takes

to stay in this game.

Well, that was fun.

This isn't how I had Exile
planned out at all.

I was planning on winning today
and going back to my tribemates.

I'd even packed a coconut
ready for the home trip.

Unlucky, Zachy boy.

So close!
Far out.

I can't believe Brooke just came up
from, like, five mins behind...

Oh, me neither.

But I do have
another crack at it tomorrow.

Suppose we'd better light another fire.


Because I haven't done
enough of that for one day.


I definitely have confidence
in my alliance.

But this is Survivor.

It looks much better on the resume
if I win my way out of Exile...

..rather than being able
to just survive the vote.

Make no mistake, I'm dead serious.

I need to win that next challenge and
I'm gonna give it everything I got.

There's nine people left in the game
and I definitely sit at the bottom.

You OK with that, Shon?

I feel like I'm not getting
anywhere, but I don't know why.

I'm getting somewhere,
but just not any...

..just not where I need to be.

Oh. That's where I'm going wrong.

I'm missing all the muscle.

Brooke, myself and AK are up against
a majority alliance of six people.

I need to work some magic,
I need to find some cracks...

..because after the next challenge,
someone will be going home.

I need to make sure that that person
isn't myself or AK.

What about that one in the corner?

Jacqui's kind of just floating around

like a lost puppy at the moment.

That's liquidy.

So I'm gonna give Jacqui all the
love and attention that she needs

and she's gonna feel
so welcomed in my alliance.

Would've you voted for David last night,

or were you always gonna vote for me?

I was gonna vote for you because
I wanted you to come with me.

Oh, so you didn't see that as a...

Did you see bringing me
as a strategic play,

or you just wanted some company?
I wanted to hang out with you.

I have figured out
that Jacqui needs to feel wanted,

so I've been pointing out
some hard truths.

Look at your alliance today.
Who are they cheering on?

They're not cheering on you.
No, that's right.

Just the fact that they're willing
to send you here, but not Tarzan,

it really shows who is in
their down-the-line alliance

and who they're, like,
desperate to keep.

Mmm. Oh, there was no cheering.

I was cheering for myself.
I was going, "Go, Jacqui."

Yeah, yeah, I know. I noticed that.

Everyone just thinks, like,
"Oh, no, Jacqui,

"no, she'll just do as we say,
she'll just do as we say."

Well, no, Jacqui won't be.

No, Jacqui can...
And it was never the plan

to do that all along, anyway.

Coming into Survivor,

I knew that I would be
one of the oldest women here.

So, for me,
it was about showing these young'uns

that I can mix it in with them
and I can beat them.

All we need is one person from
Mokuta to join AK, myself, Brooke...

Brooke and someone else. make...

..well, you, to make a four.

It's the time now
to make something happen.

Mmm. Oh, definitely.
You don't want to be that meme...

Oh, I'm not going home.
.. "Sue's big move".

I'm not going home.

I am not going home.
Either am I.

They shouldn't underestimate me.

Who says that the 52-year-old
can't bring it home? You know?

And I'm gonna show these guys today
that I will bring it home.

Oh, yeah, we just need to see
who wins tomorrow,

but we can definitely
figure something out.

I am cranked, I am pumped,
I'm ready to go.

And I'm definitely not afraid
to get my hands dirty.

I am here to take out the big ones,
the big guns,

and take out that half mill.

Come on in, guys!


Morning, Jonathan.

Morning, Jon.

I'll now bring in
the players from Exile.

Zach, you were so close yesterday.

Ho-ho! So close!
So close!

Like that!

Like a half a second, that was crazy.

Yeah, super crazy, yeah.

Is this a must-win for you today?

Yeah, 100%. I mean, we're all
in the same boat right now.

This is a must-win
for every single one of us.

But, you know, I'm here, I'm ready.

Ready to bring my A-game. Let's go.

Alright, well, guys,

this is your last chance
to win your spot back in the game

and guarantee your safety
at tonight's Tribal.

For today's challenge...'re gonna hold onto a rope

that's attached to a weighted sandbag.

The goal is to keep the sandbags
in the painted zone.

If the sandbags drop out of the zone...'re out of the challenge.

Last person standing,
wins their spot back in the game

and is safe from tonight's vote.

As for the rest of you,
Tribal Council tonight,

where one of you will become the
16th All Star voted out of this game.

Big stakes. Let's draw for spots.
Let's get to it.

- Go.
- Go, guys.

Alright, here we go. Everyone's in
position for a spot back in the game.

This challenge is now on.

Let's go, Z.
Come on, guys.

Let's go, guys.

Let's go, Zach. Let's go, Jacqui.

Pretty simple challenge.

Just need to hold up a weighted bar.

You need to keep it
in that painted zone.

Soon as that bar drops below that line,

you're out of the challenge.

One guaranteed spot back in the game
up for grabs today.

Everyone looking pretty good so far.

35% of your body weight
in those sandbags.

Zach seems happier
about this challenge today.

It's more my speed.
More in your wheelhouse, huh?


35%'s a lot.
It is a lot.

Especially for a big boy like you.
Yeah. 35 kilos.

You're 35 all day, big dog. All day.

All day, baby.

Ain't nothin' for you.
Pain train.

AK already readjusting his grip.

Came in heavier than Zach, Jonathan.

Yesterday's challenge, though,
was pretty good.

Yesterday's challenge was the best.

Shonee's on the move.

I'm with you, Shon.

Starts out easy, this one.

But quickly you start to feel it
in your hands, your arms,

your shoulders, your back.

Jacqui, you look comfortable!

So do you, Zachy boy.

Zachy feeling pretty confident,
doing it one-legged.

Don't muck around.
Don't muck around, Zachy.

No, mate.
Just save it in the tank.

Lots of movement from
AK, struggling already.

Shonee struggling now.

Shonee's in trouble.
Come on, Shon.

Just her body positioning
is completely wrong.

Getting dangerously close
to the bottom of that zone.

Shon, how are you going?

Not good.

Do you want to drop at the same time?


Shonee pulling her bar
back to the top of the zone.

- Well done, Shon.
- That's it, Shonee.

Keep climbing your way up the rope.

Trademark grin turning into a grimace.

AK continues to dance
around on the end there.

Get it up.

Dig deep, AK.

Come on... Oh, AK.

And just like that, AK's had enough.

Drops his bar.
He is out of the challenge.

No guaranteed spot for AK.

Meanwhile, Jac and Zach
locked and loaded.

All day. I like this spot up here.

I like this spot on the hill.

Nice breeze today.

Shonee clearly struggling,
but not giving up.

How long can she last
against Zach and Jacqui?

That is the question.

Come on, Shonee.
Come on, Shon. Don't give up.

Gets a grip,
pulls it all the way back up.

- That's it.
- That's it. Good effort.

Well done.
Good effort.

Digs again.
Come on.


Right at the raggedy edge.

No, that's it.


- Well done, Shon.
- Great effort, Shonee.

Finally Shonee is out of the challenge.

And we're down to two.

Zach and Jac fighting it out for that
guaranteed spot back in the game.

This'll be a while now.
Yeah. Get comfy, guys.


Zach, how would you feel about
being vulnerable at Tribal tonight?

No-one wants to be vulnerable at Tribal.

So, are you questioning your decision
to come to Exile?


I wagered my life for my tribe,

so, hopefully, they're,
uh, gonna return the favour.

What about you, Jacqui? How would
you feel about being vulnerable?

Look, I trust in my teammates.

I've shown them my loyalty, and I
hope that they show me mine tonight.

So, why bother
going through all this pain, then?

I just think you've
just got to challenge yourself

in these situations.

Plus, I'm not just doing it for myself,

but I'm also doing it
for the women in their fifties.

You know, not intimidated by anyone

and I know I can do it.

So, both of you trust
that Mokuta's got your back,

so that means
those two over there are in trouble.


You guys have been at it for 30 minutes.

Time goes fast
when you're having fun, Jonathan.

So they say.

Jacqui getting down low,
trying something different.

♪ Get low, get low. ♪

Think Zach might have it.

Jacqui's starting to fatigue a tad.

Zach having trouble
getting a grip now on that rope.

Can you do that?

What's your problem, Jacqui?

I'm just asking, can you do that?

I mean, besides the obvious.


I just said, "Can you do that?"

Give it a go, see if you can.

Tensions running high
between tribemates.

You don't have to get narky, Zach.

I just said, "Can you do that?"
Who said I was narky?

You just said,
"What's your problem now?"

I don't have a problem.
I was just asking if you can do it.

You need to relax, OK? Just chill.

I'm not getting fired up.
It sounds like you are.

Oh, girl, just relax, OK?

Seems like the rope isn't
the only think causing irritation.

Ah, it burns.

How are those hands, Zach?

Oh, yeah. Seen better days.

Difficult to get relief 'cause
you can only shake out one at a time.


Jacqui looking pretty comfortable.

I don't know now.
I'm confused about who might...

Yeah, Jacqui's starting to get serious.

- Yeah. That's what... Yeah. - I think
Jacqui's got it in the tank all day.

Zach's arms shaking.

He's starting to struggle.


Think so. I think so.

Once you start losing your grip,

it's difficult to recover.

Jacqui, one-handed,

casually looks over,

wondering how much longer
he can keep this up for.

15, 20, at most.

- 15, 20?
- Easy.

Yeah, at most. This is...

Can do better than that, right?

You can do better than that, big dog.


That burn.

Zach struggling to hide the pain that
he's feeling in his hands right now,

trying to push through.

It burns. ***, man.

Come on, baby.

Every position hurts.

Cannot find anything comfortable,

trying to push through it.

How much longer can he keep this up for?


That's it, he lowers the bar
down, he's out of the challenge.

Jacqui wins her spot

back in the game!

Well done, Jacster!

Jacqui, Jacqui!

Unlucky, brother.

That was heavy, man. I was like...

You did well.

Thank you.
Well done, babe. Well done.

I'm proud of you.

Alright, bro.

We got ya.

We got ya.

Jacqui, congratulations. You've
won your spot back in the game.

Safe from tonight's vote. Well done.

Thank you, Jonathan.

Shonee, Zach, AK,
Tribal Council tonight,

where only the three of you
can receive votes,

which means that one of you will
become the third member of our jury.

You'll have the afternoon back at camp

to pitch your case to the tribe
why they should keep you.

Good luck.

Everyone, grab your gear, head on out.

I'll see you guys tonight at Tribal.

See you.
Thank you.

♪ Ah, boom-boom, boom-boom

♪ I won! ♪

And I could've lasted another two hours.

Old Zachy boy over there, "I got
this all day, I got this all day,

"yadda, yadda, yadda, I can do this."

Well, no, you can't 'cause you've
been beaten by a 52-year-old.

Now that I'm back in the game,
my plan is take the big boy out,

which is Zach.

Those wheels are already in motion
and now we're like a freight train.

We're coming for you, boy,
and you're goin' home.

Welcome home, guys.

- Welcome back.
- Welcome back to camp, guys.

The challenge
went perfectly for us.

Shonee and AK dropped out.

Zach and Jacqui were left
in to battle it out,

and Jacqui won.

So now Zach is up for elimination,

AK's up for elimination and
Shonee's up for elimination.

How was the fire challenge, brother?


Zach knows I got his back. He knows
the alliance has got his back.

Which is myself, Zach, Jacqui,
Mo, Tarzan and Sharn.

It's good to be home.

Zach is a big part of my game so far

and he will be a big part
of my game moving forward.

So I think the writing's on the wall

when it comes to the minority alliance.

We have to make sure that we
have three votes on someone...

Uh-huh. just protect Zach.

'Cause on the off-chance
that they're like,

"Why don't we stick together
and do this? Three to the end..."

So, who's gonna vote for who, then?

What do you guys reckon?

- If you guys want Shonee to go...
- Yep.

The plan tonight for my alliance

is to vote three votes Shonee
and three votes AK.

We would like AK to vote on Shonee

and Brooke to vote on Shonee,
sending Shonee home.

We obviously tell Shonee to vote AK,
AK to vote Shonee.

We're splitting the vote tonight

just in case there was
something at Exile like an idol

that gives 'em a little bit of an edge.

I'm gonna get more food...


Yeah, OK.

Shonee is definitely a dangerous player.

It's time for her to go.


I didn't win
the challenge today,

which means I am in
a very vulnerable situation.

But I am back from Exile and while I
was there, it wasn't just a holiday.

I was working Jacqui hard
with my social game.

Yes, good.


My entire plan tonight hinges on Jacqui

and hoping that she's ready to make
a big move and make something happen.

Tonight my alliance
have told me to write Shonee down.

But being told what to do,

I definitely feel like
I've done enough of that.

I'm prepared to turn on my alliance
and vote one of my own out.


I don't want to work with him
one second longer.




He's arrogant, he's rude,
he's self-centred.

He clearly doesn't like me.
I clearly don't like him.

So, this might be very much
an emotional vote,

but I cannot stand the man...

..and he's gotta go.

I've been working with Mo and Tarzan
since day one.

They've always had my back.
I've always had theirs.

I don't want to change that now.

So I need to speak to Moana

because I'm not gonna dog my
alliance without explaining myself.

Plus, you can't burn all your bridges.



Jacqui's got this big idea
that she wants to make big moves.

Zach, she hates him, she wants him out.

To turn on her own alliance,
that's a big move in the game.

But Jacqui is making absolute sense.

Zach and Dave together,
they're like a power couple. Right?

And I need Dave as MY shield

and I can't have Zach and him
making plans.

The problem is me and Dave
have sort of been playing

like a little power couple,
which has been great.

You know, massive blindside on Zach

would break that alliance,
break that trust with Dave.


Super important that Sharn and I
are not exposed to this move

because I need to make sure
I still have Dave on my side.

And then, you know, it's not like
it can come back on us

because we voted AK.

You don't reckon
there's any chance they'll go rogue

- and, you know... - I haven't heard one
whisper. I haven't, um...

I'm not worried about Zach
going home after Exile

because there really is no move tonight.



But just in case
we need to mitigate damage,

I have two idols in my pocket.

If I think I need to use it, I will.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah.

I'm gonna keep my eyes on people,
see what they're doing,

if I sense there's any funny business.

Zach is a big part of my plan
to get to the end.

I need to make sure he's here
to play at the end of the day.

You'll see, we got
your back 100 tonight.

Mo's got your back.

Keep it simple.

I am sick of fighting
from the bottom

and I'm ready to take control
of this tribe.

For my plan to work,
I need the majority alliance

to be splitting the votes
three on me and three on AK.

But AK, Brooke, myself and Jacqui

will actually put four votes
on our secret target,


And if Jacqui isn't with me tonight,
then I'll be going home,

which is a massive concern.

Look, I've got two options.

You know, the good and the bad,
the bad and the good.

I'm happy to flip on Zachy boy.

I can't stand the sight of Zach
one second longer.

I don't want to have another day
with him in this game.

But it'll upset David.
It upsets the alliance.

And you can't burn all your bridges.

So I have to think about my game,

my endgame, my resume
and what works for me.

Emotion will get you into trouble
and you'll make wrong decisions.

I know my neck
is on the chopping block,

but I've got five other people
that are rock-solid.

They're airtight.
They're not gonna flip on me at all.

My boy Dave, he's got an idol

and he said if he smells anything fishy,

he's gonna play that bad boy for me,

and I honestly believe that.


..I'm feeling pretty confident.

I'll now bring in
the members of our jury.

Locky and Harry.


..last time we came to Tribal,
you put your hand up to go to Exile.


And now here we are again,

and you have a one-in-three chance
of going home.

Yeah, it didn't work out so great,
did it?

How do you feel about that?

Actually, I don't feel
too bad right now.

Luckily, um, we're sitting in a vote

where I've got a fairly strong alliance

that I have a lot of trust in.

So I'm feeling confident

that my alliance is gonna do the
right thing by me and have my back,

just like I had theirs
when I put my hand up.

Jacqui, on the other hand,
you backed yourself to win.

Mmm, I did, yeah. So...

How does that feel?

Bloody fantastic.

Just suited me to a T.

Keep 'em coming.

So, Tarzan, you praised Zach
for taking one for the alliance.

Do you feel an obligation to repay...

..that favour tonight?

I'm still in the alliance.

And I see this
as more of a military extraction.

We're gonna go in and get him back out.

I'm gunnin' for him.
He's a brilliant fella.

David, do you have a fair idea
what happened over at Exile?

Uh, yeah, I think I have
a pretty good picture

of what happened during that time.

Tarzan, are you confident that
the alliance didn't suffer any damage

by being split apart like that?

I don't think it suffered
any damage, Jonathan.

But I think in some ways, you know,

it may have even strengthened it
by testing it.

And tonight will be another test
on that again, won't it?

AK, the alliance
being separated like that,

was that an opportunity
to explore any possible cracks?

Well, that's what I thought at the time.

We tried to pitch Jacqui to Zach
and pitch Zach to Jacqui,

and I think they ended up talking
to each other and we got caught out.

What about you, Brooke?

Were you able to find any cracks
when you were over there?

Jonathan, I feel like
talking to these guys

is like talking to a brick wall.

They're not gonna crack,

and I think the last Tribals
have proven that.

Shit position to be in tonight

'cause I feel like one of my
only two allies will be going home.

You think it's between
one of these two tonight?

I think everyone knows
it's between those two tonight.

Is that true, David?

Yeah, I think that's true.

So, Zach, that's gotta feel pretty good.

You're out of the firing line tonight.

It's not unexpected.

I absolutely knew that my alliance
were gonna stick by me

and take care of me.

So, yeah, I mean,
it sucks to be these two.

We've had a lot of good chats, too,
so it is sad to see one of them go.

Shonee, where do you think
Zach sits in his alliance?

Mmm, somewhere up the top.


What's your opinion, AK?

I haven't been able
to get a read on these guys

'cause I haven't been at camp.

But I still think that
the two big alpha dogs

are trying to look after each other
and shield each other.

But then you've got some
tight alliances in there somewhere.


..I hope they all realise, like,
they're all talking to each other.

This isn't just a six that are just
tight and just waiting to get there.

Moves are being made.

Jacqui, do you agree that
Zach's at the top of the alliance?

Obviously, um, certain people
that sit at the top.

But I think we're all valued members
of that alliance

and we're not told what to do,

we're asked,
and our opinion matters, so...

..that's good enough for me.

So, AK, even though
you're on the chopping block,

you still have a vote tonight.
I do.

What are you basing your vote on?
Keeping myself in the game.

I feel a bit deflated, really, about it

'cause I'm gonna be voting
for Shonee tonight.

And Shonee's gonna be voting
for me tonight.

David, how do you think
this tribe will be different

after tonight's vote?

I think for tonight
it's business as usual.

I know AK's talking about
not wanting to feel like,

"Ah, I have to do this
to stay in the game,"

but a lot can happen
in two days in Survivor.

And we are getting to
the very pointy end of the game,

so I feel like self-preservation
at this point

is probably the most important thing
you can focus on.

Alright, well, before we do
go to vote, just so we're clear,

everyone will vote, but you can only
vote for Shonee, Zach or AK.

Sharn, you're up.

This has been the hardest name
to write down thus far.

I'm really sorry, girl.

I'll go count the votes.

If anyone has a hidden immunity idol
and they want to play it,

now would be the time to do so.

OK, once the votes are read,
the decision is final.

Person voted out will be asked

to leave
the Tribal Council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote...





We're tied.
Two votes Shonee, two votes AK.


That's three votes Shonee, two votes AK.


We're tied again. Three votes Zach,
three votes Shonee, two votes AK.

One vote left.

16th person voted out of
Australian Survivor: All Stars

and third member of our jury,


- Well done.
- Yep.

Pleasure playing with you, mate.
See ya, brother.

Cheers, bro.

Far out.

Oh. Well played, guys.

Well played.

Zach, the tribe has spoken.
Yeah, they have.

See ya, guys. Been a pleasure.

Best of luck.
Time for you to go.

Well, tonight was meant to be
a precise military extraction.

But, as it turns out,
it's become a full-blown war.

Grab your torches, head on out.

Looks like a bomb went off, AK.
Head back to camp.

Monday night on Australian Survivor...

..David is out for blood.

I'm all about
revenge this season,

and the plan
is an epic blindside on Jacqui.

The question is,
can he rely on his alliance?

Dave has no idea
that I'm playing both sides.


But in the most intense Tribal yet...

I would like to play this. Sharn's entire game...

..about to implode?

This is where endgame begins.

It definitely bit me in the butt
to put my hand up to go to Exile.

Kind of wish
I hadn't have done that now.

I should've known my alliance
wasn't gonna have my back.

This time round, I just worked a lot
more on my social side of the game,

but obviously still not quite enough.

Suppose I should choose the people

I want to work with a little bit better.

If you want any tips on
grip strength, hit me up.

Shonee and I, we actually
really bonded over at Exile.

She decided to turn on me.

That's the game of Survivor, really.
She got me again.

Hopefully Jacqui is as
ballsy as she says she is

and we can make this happen.

Big dog, alpha wolf, signing off.