Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 5, Episode 17 - Episode #5.17 - full transcript

It may be the end of the game for a contestant after a betrayal gets leaked. With so much now at stake, no one is safe from elimination without winning that immunity challenge.

on Australian Survivor...

- Mate.
- Oh.

..Lee received bad news from home.

And it was a sad farewell...

See ya, Lee.

..for the entire tribe.

I'll be raising my glass
at the end to Lee and his mother.

It made them all want to fight harder.

Shonee's ball has not moved
in two hours.

- Well done, Shon.
- Thanks, guys.

And in the Immunity Challenge...

Up, up!

..Shonee proved
she's a force to be reckoned with.


Shonee wins her second
individual immunity necklace.

The majority six
were splitting the vote.

Keep the six of us strong, you know.

But at Tribal Council,

a shock announcement
threw everyone's game upside down.

The three people with the highest
number of votes tonight

will be going to Exile Beach.

And the same thing's gonna happen
at the next Tribal.


Then those six are gonna compete
in a series of challenges

to earn their spot back in the game.

In the end, Brooke and AK
were sent to Exile...


..and they took Moana with them.

Bye, guys.

With six still at camp, which three
will be going to Exile tonight?

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At Tribal Council tonight,
I was pretty sure I was going home.

But big twist, three
people were sent to Exile,

and I was one of them.

So, here I am.

I couldn't be happier
that AK's here with me,

but, um... very awkward with Mo.

She's not happy.
Hasn't said a word to me yet.

So this is gonna be a long few days.


Being on Exile is not ideal,

but, to be honest,
I would've been going home tonight

and the fact that I'm here
and still in the game is amazing.

So I'm ready to tackle anything,

and I don't think Exile's
gonna stop that.

My game plan now is to survive.

Um... we'll see what it's like
in the morning.

Hopefully, it's this beautiful
paradise when the sun comes up.

Exile is my worst nightmare.

Up until Tribal Council last night,
I was in the majority

and I thought that I had a plan
to take me to the end.

And now I can't believe
I'm at Exile Island,

with the same two people
that brought me here.

But before coming into the game,

I promised myself
I would try and give it my best

to win this for my family.

So I've got to do this for my family.

Hey, you know that thing
they had built at that other camp

- where it covered the fire in case
it rained? - Yeah.

Do you want to make
a big one of those, in case it rains,

and we can just sit underneath it?
For sure.

You have to refresh and move on
after each vote, it's Survivor.

After every vote,
it resets and restarts.

Right now I have no idea
what's happening on the other side,

so I need to start making sure
I got backup plans.

I should be right.

Well, you gotta remember,
all you gotta do is...

Beat one person.
..beat one person.


You never know what's gonna happen.

I'm gonna make sure
that I use this to my advantage.

And I can pull 'em on my side

and use them as votes
for when we get back into camp.

All you can do is give it 100%.

You know, I'm better off
having Brooke and AK

on my side than against me.

Yeah, let's.

Have you got the flint?

Yeah, boy.

At the next Tribal,

another three people
with the highest votes will join us.

But it doesn't worry me at all.

I will do whatever it takes.

I'm gonna go from the bottom
to the top, fight for everything.

Oh, baby.

God, wouldn't that be good.
Come at me.

Who would've thunk it, Mo,

you and I making a team?

Wait till you see me
get off Exile Beach.

Definitely no more salt water,

No, Jacqui.
Oh, no, it's just for me, I meant.

No, not you.

Ah, look at you, you're losing it.

This is so sandy.
I know.

Do you not have
sand in your rice?


Last night's Tribal
Council was beyond wild.

Brooke, AK and Moana
have gone to Exile Beach.

But the next Tribal Council, three
more people will be joining them,

so there's gonna be six people at Exile.

That place is gonna be pumping.

I can't believe there's gonna be
six people on Exile tomorrow.

What's that? Yeah, six.

That's crazy, isn't it?

I've been to Exile, I've ticked the box,

I've taken a picture, sent a postcard,

and I feel like I should let
someone else have that experience.

I'm working against
five people right now,

so the odds aren't great for me.

But I'm definitely still working
it hard with my social game.

Oh, sweet. Thanks very much.

Good work.

Do you want it now?

I'm just gonna use this time to
work my magic as much as possible

because I need every single
inroad I can get right now.

I'm actually having the
best day on day 35.

Aw, good!

Tarzan and Jacqui are
absolutely hilarious,

like an old married couple.

An old married couple...

- We had a big fight when you left and
we broke up. - ..yelling at each other.

Do you ever do campaigns
with celebrities?

Um, Kristen Stewart...
Oh, yeah. probably the biggest
celebrity I worked with.

Shonee's interesting.

I haven't really had much
chance to play with Shonee.

But I see you, girl.
I know what you're doin'.

She's doing a pretty good job,
playing an amazing social game.

What's she like in real life?
Um, she's really cool.

Ooh, really?

But who else plays an
even better social game?


- So we went to Rob's house and Rob has
this awesome house in Los Feliz. - Yeah.

Rob Pattinson's house?
Rob Pattinson's house.

Oh, really?

Being an international supermodel
can be very glamorous.

I partied with the dudes
from The Hunger Games.

Liam Hemsworth was there.


And I think Shonee
likes her some celebrities.

Probably David Beckham is the
biggest dude I've worked with.

David Beckham?
Nice dude, yep.


But, unfortunately for her,
Shonee has to go to Exile.

If you're not in my alliance,
you're on the wrong side.

She's gotta go.

And then I really need to figure
out who else goes to Exile,

because I desperately
do not want to go to Exile.

I still think Shonee should
definitely be the one to go.

To go, yeah.

Like, out of all the people that go,
Shonee should go.


I do not want Tarzan to go to Exile

because I think with Tarzan's
challenge performance so far,

he won't be coming home.

I wouldn't be putting
your bets on me.

Tarzan is a huge part
of my endgame right now.

So then there's Jacqui and Sharn,

one of them has gotta go.

I would kind of like to send Sharn
as well, bro, you know.


Um, and then there's Zach.

Zach might be
one of the largest human beings

I have ever seen in my life,

which is great.

That means that he's gonna
win these challenges at Exile.

And then we've got our pick of the
Vakama alliance to send someone home.

So my game plan basically

is I'm gonna convince Zach
that he should go to Exile

by appealing to his ego,

by appealing to his sense
of being a hero,

how big a move going to Exile
and coming back is...



..that this would be
the ultimate move

for anyone
that backs themselves on challenge.

He's looking a little Clark Kent-ish
with that Jheri curl on the front.

Let's hoping he just wants to pull
that shirt open and be Superman.

Are you good to go?

Oh, mate, look,
neither of us want to go.

But, you know, obviously,

it's just one of those things.


But it would look sick on my resume

and I'm pretty confident
that I can beat 'em.

I'll go down there,
I'll lay some beat-downs, you know.

And, brother, I will play that thing
for you in a second, man.

- Yep, I know. - Make sure you
get your arse back here if you go.


And whatever happens tonight, brother...

..whatever happens, yeah?

Pain train.
And we're both back here.

Pain train's back on. Yep. OK?
Yep, 100%, brother.

Yep, easy, brother.

So, really,
the key to this plan right now

is just making sure
I win individual immunity today.

I desperately need that necklace,

to protect myself, to protect my idols

and to ensure I don't go to Exile.

Probably the most dangerous thing
you could do in this game.

You go to Exile,
and you might not come back.

Come on in, guys!

- Oh, it's a scorcher.
- Bloody hot.

So, Shonee,
you lost your alliance to Exile.

How are you managing without them?

I actually had a great day.

I've had one of the best days
on Survivor so far.

Yeah. It's been fun.

So, David, you seemed really excited
about this twist.

Are you interested at all
in immunity today,

or you want to go straight to Exile?

Look, I'm always interested
in immunity,

but, uh, I think Exile's just awesome.

I'd love to experience it.

I'd love to experience everything
that Survivor has to offer.

So I'm gonna give it my best
in the challenge today,

but I don't think if I lose, it's
the worst thing that could happen.

Alright, you guys ready
to get to today's Immunity Challenge?



Thank you.

Once again,
immunity is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge,

you're gonna hold onto a long pole
that steadies a wobbly board.

On my go, you're gonna collect
three balls, one at a time,

and placing them in grooves
on the board.

If you drop a ball,
you'll have to start over.

First person to balance
all three balls...

..wins immunity, safe from the vote.

Losers, Tribal Council tonight,

where three of you
will be heading to Exile Beach.

Alright, let's draw for spots.

- Let's get this thing rollin'.
- Alright.

- Let's go.
- I don't get it.

Alright, here we go.

Grab your pole.

For immunity.

Survivors, ready...


Just need to balance all three balls
on the board

and get back to the start line.

Everyone out with their first ball.

First ball's the easy one.

Shonee struggling
straight out of the gate.

This challenge is
a lot more difficult than it looks.

Focus on balancing that board.

Sharn trying to reach for her second.

You need to keep one eye on the board
in this challenge.

Tarzan struggling with his first.

Sharn working quickly.

It's a high-risk strategy.

Zach drops.

Sharn drops.

Pace will not help you
in this challenge.

Slow and steady is the key to this one.

Tarzan drops.

There's lots of adrenaline when
you're trying to get that necklace.

You need to calm down.

Shonee drops again.

Shonee struggling with this challenge.

Jonathan, everyone is struggling,
thank you very much.

Everyone struggling
with this challenge.

You're gonna need to
figure out this challenge.

Everyone letting that adrenaline
get the better of 'em.

Half of this tribe
is going to Exile tonight.

Sharn trying to pick up the pace.

David places his second.

David, the only one
with two balls on the board,

heading back for his third.

Super focused.

Keeping that board
as steady as possible.

Sharn working quickly,
getting back in this again.

She has two on the board.

Jacqui has two on the board now.

Jacqui drops.

Tarzan drops.

Shonee drops again.

Zach looking a little wobbly.

Oh, man!

And he drops.

Everyone getting exhausted now.

Exhaustion and frustration...

..not gonna help
when you need laser focus.

David still has two...

..right on the edge.

Slowly making his way back
for his third.

Not anymore.

Sharn reaching for her third.

Seems to have the hang of it now.

I think you might've
jinxed me there, Jonathan.

Spoke too soon.

Everyone out with their first ball...


Everyone struggling
to get past that second ball.

David's on the move.

Really taking his time now.

Sharn places her second.

Sharn has the lead.

Sharn moving ever so slowly.

This is the slowest we have seen
Sharn move in this challenge.

David coming back
with his second again.

Places it.

Super focused.

Slowly making his way back
for his third.

Sharn reaching for her third again.

David really taking his time.

It's a showdown
between Sharn and David.

A very slow showdown.

As she heads back with her third,

Sharn's balls precariously
on the edge of her board.

David moving ever so slowly.

No-one wants to drop a ball
at this stage.

Sharn placing her third ball.

Now she needs to get all the way back
to the start.

If she can do that,

she will win immunity.

David, the only real challenger
to Sharn at the moment.


Sharn can smell victory.

Needs to get both feet
on that black line to win.

David coming back with his third.

His balls are right on the edge.

Sharn... close.

She is a mere two feet away
from that line.

She does not want to drop now.

David drops!

He needs to start again.

This is Sharn's to lose.

Sharn wins immunity!

Yes! Oh, my God!

Well done!

Oh! Wow!

That's so cool!

Oh, thank you, guys.

Sharn, congratulations.

Well done, Sharn.
Well done.

- Immunity is yours.
- Woo-hoo!

You are safe tonight.

As for the rest of you,

Tribal Council, where three of you
will be voted out to Exile Beach.

Grab your gear, head on out.
I'll see you guys tonight.

Sharn wins
individual immunity.


And I am desperate
to get myself out of Exile tonight.

Now I got some serious work to do.

I got to work my socials,

gotta pour out the old coffee
and do some schmoozin'.

It is awesome that I won immunity.

Good job, Sharn.

Thanks, Tarzan. Thanks, buddy.
It was a toughie, eh.

- Bloody oath, it really was a tough
one today. - Yeah.

Tonight's Tribal Council,

three people
are being voted off to Exile Beach.

But because I have immunity,
I'm safe from the vote.

It's good the fire's still going.

To send half the tribe to Exile Beach
is really awkward.

But winning immunity today means that
I'm in a really powerful position

in being able to choose
who to send to Exile Beach.

I could use that to my advantage.

That's not a bad idea.

The plan is to send Shonee to Exile
because she's not in our alliance.

And that's an easy decision.

But we do have to send
two other alliance members to Exile,

and that is a problem.

That leaves David, Tarzan,
Zach and Jacqui to choose from.


I have to think very carefully about it

and think about my long-term game,

and how it's going to affect that.

That was a tough challenge,

We have three people already
at Exile, AK, Brooke and Mo.

Tonight another three people
are going to Exile,

and I do not want it to be me.

Luckily, I've been working on Zach
that he should go to Exile.

I've been selling it to Zach
as kind of a hero moment for him.

How are you feeling about it?
Like, what are you thinking?

I feel confident that I can beat AK

and probably the girls.
I feel like you've got a pretty good...


We want to send
our strongest team to Exile

and really make it difficult for
Vakama to get back into this game.

So we're sending an Exile hit squad.

I mean, look, I'm great in challenges.

So I'd be killing it.

You reckon?

Yeah. Big dog put his hand up.

Let's get this done.

Go time, baby.

He's really bought into
that whole hero thing.

And I'm so stoked.

I'm just jumping out of my skin
right now. I'm so happy.

But I kind of need to keep it cool.

Be cool, ice-cold. Be cool.

So if we look at it like this,
two are gonna go on Shon.

Two are gonna go on you.

Two are gonna go on Jacqui.


Jacqui's going.

And now I just have to
get Sharn and Tarzan

and convince them
to send Jacqui to Exile.

First, we've got some business
to take care of...

..on this avoiding Exile thing.

When you're considering who to send,

I mean, obviously Shonee's going,
and that's great.


But then, um...


I mean, you're pretty competitive.

I'm pretty competitive.

I was pretty open about going...

..but now I'm like, "I don't know."

I'm, like, not feeling well.
Yeah, I know.

Like, my leg's busted,
I can't feel my arse cheek.


I have been super sick
the last three days.

Which is a convenient excuse, I know.

I don't think he would do that...

So, Sharn, you can't send me to Exile.

And, like, I've shown you
time and time again, Sharn...

I know you have.
..since I came to this beach,

I've always voted
in your best interest.

Yeah, I know that. Mmm.

But I think that goes, basically...

Jac, we're just re-discussing
the plan.


I don't WANT to go.
I don't WANT to go.

So you've got the stamina
and the broader range of abilities.

Like, you're the biggest
challenge threat in our alliance

in terms of the way the challenges
have been going now,

which is why it's important you go.

You know?


Well, let's...
Enough chitchat.

Yeah. Yeah. Well, we'll go and...

I'll go back and chat with Zach

'cause I haven't chatted with him yet.

I am in a very good position right now.

I'm in charge of a majority alliance.

I have two idols in my pocket.

You hungry?

Starvin' like Marvin.

And not only that,
I actually can't believe

I've got this far into the game and
not received one single vote yet.

And people don't seem
to be worried about me.

If I was looking at myself,
I would've voted me out on day one.

I don't know.

Where's Shonee gone?
To the toilet.


I don't want to go, honestly.
I know.

Jacqui's not super keen on the idea
of going to Exile Beach,

and I don't blame her.

I wouldn't be keen either.
It's one foot out the door.

You don't want to be in that position.

I know. I know. I know.

And, uh, honestly...

Well, I mean...

..I'm not sure sending Jacqui to
Exile is the right move for my game.


I've been thinking,
how can I blindside David?

How can I make this happen?

David is such a threat
because he's played an amazing game,

and that will be hard to beat.

..get her out or whatever.

It's a perfect opportunity
to take David out of this game.

I've got an alliance
that I can work with.

Then he'll be thinking he's safe.

He thinks he doesn't need
to use his idol. It's perfect.

Well, I'm down if you're down, Tarzan.

- Yeah, I think it's the plan that's
in the making. - Yep.

You know...



..bad news.

Sharn is trying to blindside me!


Thanks, legend.

Sharn is a naughty, naughty girl.

I've stuck out my neck for Sharn
many times.

And what's that little fieldmouse
doing behind my back?


..oh, maybe we should,
um, maybe we should blindside Dave?

Jacqui, what do you think about that?

That'd be a big move for you, Tarzan.

But Tarzan and I are thick as thieves.

Yeah, fantastic, man.

Definitely not.

Thanks, legend.
Yeah, mate, I got your back.

Uh, look, the irony of this situation

is I would definitely blindside me
if I was Sharn.

So, look, I can't blame her.

The crown prosecution
has put forward a good case, but...

..blindside me?!

I don't think so, Sharn.

I think it is the perfect time
to make a big move right now.

I really want to send
both Dave and Zach

to Exile Beach tonight with Shonee.

But there is a huge risk in this plan.

If David does come back into the game,

his guns are blazing on me

because he knows
I've sent him over there.

So if you're gonna take a shot
at the Golden God... better not miss.

It's really important
for my game

that Jacqui goes to Exile tonight.

And if she doesn't,
then there's gonna be a problem.

But this is my courtroom, Sharn.
I'm the judge right here.

And she's gonna be like,
"Um, objection?"

And I'm gonna be like, "Sustained!

"Order! Order in the court!"

I'll now bring in
the members of our jury.

Locky and Harry.

Alright, so, as you guys already know,

the three people with
the highest number of votes tonight

will be joining AK, Brooke and Moana
at Exile Beach tonight.

Sharn, knowing those stakes tonight,

did that makes things a little
different this afternoon at camp?

Yeah, definitely.

We're used to voting out one person.

But sending three people
to Exile Beach...

..this is a dilemma...

..when there's only six people
in the tribe.

Jacqui, did anyone
put their hand up to volunteer?

I think when you first mentioned it,

people thought it was
gonna be good for their resume.

So it was like,
"Oh, yeah, I'm happy to go."

And then when they had sort of
24 hours to think about it,

it was sort of like,
"Nah, I don't want to go."

David, is that true?
You seemed quite keen about the idea.

Yeah, I do think
that it's a massive move.

I think it's one of the biggest
moves you can make in the game


Have you changed your mind?

I was interested.

But I think there was someone
more well-equipped

that was ready to step up.

Zach, do you know
what he's talking about?

Yeah, I might know
what he's talking about.

The way I see it,
it is a pretty boss move

to throw it all on the line

and head out there to Exile
for a second time.

I mean, it's like a high-stakes game
of Russian roulette.

I don't know,
that psyches me a little bit.

But, Jacqui, on the other hand,

going to Exile
could be the beginning of the end.

Yeah, look, going to Exile,

it's a bit like one foot out the door,

as I see it.

But we don't have
a lot of choice here tonight.

I think sometimes
you've got to take one for the team.

I mean, Jacqui's in a pretty good spot.

I mean, she's already won
one individual immunity.

She came real close to a second.

Shonee's a bit of a bad-ass,
as you know.

She's got two individual immunities.

So, you're saying that it's Shonee
and Jacqui tonight going?

Well, yeah,
that's exactly what I'm saying.


Sharn, is that true?

Ha-ha, well, huh,
um, there's been some discussions.

It may be that they are
the three that are going tonight.

But everyone has their own vote.

And everyone can do
their own thing here at Tribal.

They don't have to necessarily
fall in line.

So, Shonee, is that true,

you're one of the people
that's gonna go tonight?

I'm going there kicking and screaming.

I don't want to go back.
You don't want to go back?

I absolutely do not want to go back.

And then people around camp
this afternoon

are kind of acting like
they don't want to go,

but they're not really
doing much about it.

That might be how it seems it is, but...
It seemed like that.

..I think we have
a bigger plan than that.

I mean, you do you.
I mean, I'm going, as well.

We have a great time together.

So, Jacqui, if it's not how
Shonee's saying it is... is it?

Who have they got to choose from?
We can't vote for Sharn.

Tarzan's gonna stay.

David, that's true?

Tarzan's a valuable number
moving forward.

Uh, I think everyone in this alliance

is a valuable number moving forward.

Yeah, but you don't have a problem
sending Jacqui.

We, um, looked at who
the stronger challenge players were,

and Jacqui's name obviously comes up.

She's very good at stamina.
She's strong mentally.

And, um, she's a massive asset

when you need to send
some heavy hitters in to Exile

to get the job done.

Not today.
Not today.

No, clearly not today.
Got some blisters, though.

Got some blisters.

Zach, that brings me to the point,

is that you don't know
what the challenge is gonna be.

For sure. I mean, none of us know
what the challenge is gonna be.

But, I mean, that's part of
the thrill of this, isn't it?

I mean, I don't know, I'm stoked.

But it comes with the risk
of potentially going home.

It could be
a half-million-dollar mistake.

You're right. Or possibly
a half-million-dollar play.

Massive brownie points for the jury
to go to Exile, not once, but twice,

and come back into the game.

That's massive.

And while we're on that point, let me
explain how Exile's gonna work.

First of all,

the exiled players will have
the chance to get back into the game

by competing
in two different challenges.

Then we're gonna
go to Tribal Council...

..where you are gonna be
deciding who to put on the jury.

The players that didn't win
their spot back in the game

are the only ones
that can receive votes that night.

Ooh, this is good.

So, David... that you know that,
does that change things for you?

No, I think
if you're fighting to survive

after you've stepped up like this,

then there's no way
you're going home on my vote.

But, Jonathan, imagine
if three people from Vakama win,

and then it's the people from Mokuta
up for elimination.

They would need to choose between
the Mokuta people

who they want to send home.

That would be very awkward.

Zach, she makes a good point.

This alliance could break apart
sooner than you thought.

Yeah. We might have to
vote out one of our own.

It's definitely
a precarious position to be put in.

Are you reconsidering
your position tonight?

No, I've made my decision.

I'm gonna roll the dice
and make my move.

What about for you, Jacqui?

What's tonight's vote about for you?

I've come this far with a very
strong alliance that I'm loyal to,

and I hope that they're loyal to me.

And if my number's up tomorrow,

I hope that the people that I've had
their back, I hope they've got mine.

But, um, I don't plan to lose.

Fingers crossed
I come out on top tomorrow.

Well, I think it's time to vote.

Alright, time to vote.

Can't vote for Sharn.
Everyone else is fair game.

Sharn, you're up.

Zach, I didn't want to
have to be writing

your name down this soon, brother,

but I know you can do that
and I'll see you back on the beach.

I'll go count the votes.

If anyone has a hidden immunity idol
and you want to play it,

now would be the time to do so.

OK, once the votes are read,
the decision is final.

The three people with
the highest number of votes

will be going to Exile Beach.

I'll read the votes.

First vote, Shonee.


That's two votes Shonee.


That's two votes Shonee, one vote Zach.


That's two votes Shonee,
one vote Zach, one vote David.


That's two votes Shonee,
one vote Jacqui,

one vote Zach, one vote David.

One vote left.


OK, Jacqui, Shonee,
you've both received two votes.

That means you guys will definitely
be going to Exile tonight.

David and Zach, you are tied
for the third person to go to Exile.

So we're gonna revote.

This is how it's gonna work.

Sharn and Tarzan
are the only people that can vote.

You can only vote for David or Zach.
Is that clear?

It is clear.
Yep. Yep.

Alright. Sharn, come grab the urn.

I'll go count the votes.

OK, I'll read the votes.

First vote, Zach.

Third person to go to
Exile Beach tonight,

Zach, Jacqui, Shonee,
grab your torches,

head on out to Exile.

Bring it in here, brother.

See ya, bro.
See ya, mate.


Get it.

OK, Jacqui, you're in for a real treat,

you're with two
experienced Exile people.


Good luck tomorrow.
See ya on the flip side.

Good luck.

- Thank you.
- Thanks, mate.

Round two, Shonee.

Round two.

Well, congratulations
for avoiding Exile.

It appears you are the lucky ones.

But be careful, because in this game,

appearances can be deceiving.

Grab your torches, head back to camp.

Look out.

Tomorrow night on Australian Survivor...

The fact that they're
willing to send you here

shows who is in their
down-the-line alliance.

..Jacqui's feeling vulnerable

and Shonee is ready to strike.

It's the time now to
make something happen.


Can she pull off the impossible...


..with a massive blindside...

I am sick of fighting from the bottom.

..that will bring the game's
biggest players to their knees?

I'm ready to take control of this tribe.