Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 5, Episode 16 - Episode #5.16 - full transcript

It's an all out Aussie barbeque up for grabs at the reward challenge. At Tribal Council, Jonathan throws a spanner in the works with yet another twist that turns the tribe's plans on its head.

on Australian Survivor...

Just sitting ducks now.

..with Locky gone,

David set his sights on an old nemesis.

I came back to get
the people out of this game

that blindsided me last time,

and Harry's my last target.

He knew he was on David's hit list.

It's very apparent
that the Golden God

is in charge of these people.

But Dirty Harry wasn't lying down.

It's up to me to try and
find a way to survive.

He appealed to Lee and
Zach to flip on Jacqui.

So dangerous in challenges.
I don't hate the idea, hey.

Lee and Zach have the potential
to be Survivor superstars.

This is a huge chance to make a move.

His only guarantee was to win immunity.

It's the final challenge of last season.

But history returned to haunt him...


..he buckled.

Brooke wins individual immunity.

Well done.

At Tribal Council...

This is the big moment.

..Harry pitched like
there was no tomorrow.

Two people have a chance
to shine in this game.

You might not get that
many opportunities

when the numbers whittle down.

Trust me, I've been there.

But he couldn't crack David's alliance.

Second member of our jury, Harry.

Well done, everyone.

10 are left.
Who will be going home tonight?

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Oh, it's food.

What a great time to wake up.

Waking up on day 33,
I am so devvo that Harry's gone.

He was such a good friend to me.

Nuzzle, nuzzle, nuzzle, nuzzle, nuzzle.

And now there are three best friends.

I am now in an alliance of three,

Brooke, myself and AK,

against seven people.

Pick me.

This is looking quite bleak.


I need to find some cracks.

But I have pretty much nothing
in common with these people.


Like Tarzan, a lime farmer.

I'm a personal assistant.

Fear not, I am a social butterfly.

I have worked my magic before,
and I can do it again.

So, where do you live, Tarzan?
Uh, near Toowoomba.

Oh, really?

I was born in Toowoomba.
Were ya?

It turns out
we were both from Toowoomba.

Yeah, so she lives there and then my
son lives on the farm where we are.



I'm gonna make Tarzan my best friend.

80 acres of just scrubland.

Nice view.

No topic is off limits

when I only have nine people
sitting between me

and my title of the Sole Survivor
and half a million dollars.


There was a Daisy.

We're getting to the pointy end
of the game.

And, you know, day 33,

you can just start to
see the finishing line,

it's there, it's close.

Good effort, 33 days.

Yeah. Tripled my digits.

That's a very impressive
second time coming.

The last season I played,

made it all the way to the final two.

In a moment, one of you
will be named Sole Survivor.

But a moment like that
really should be shared...

Oh, my God.
..with people you care about the most.

If I do make that final two again,

hopefully win in front of my family.

That's a really big goal of mine.

So, Lee, I've met your sister.
Yeah, Rachel.

Can you introduce me to everyone else?

This is my mum, Beth.
Hey, Beth.

And this is Jake and this is Sam.

Let's go.

You know, it makes those
long nights, those tough challenges,

you know, when you're dirty,
when you're filthy

and you miss home so much,

just makes that little carrot
at the end,

makes you keep pushing on.

Come on in, guys!


Got the mud.

That looks cool.
We're going to get muddy.


AK, that was quite a heated Tribal
last night.

That was a fun Tribal for me.

It was a fun Tribal for David.

Game respect game.

We hugged it out as soon as we got back

and we move on to the next day.

Jacqui, is that true?
All is good now?

It is. It's, um, best thing
that ever happened.


So, Zach, what kind of reward

would help to bring this tribe
even closer together?

Man, I've been thinking about
burgers for days.


Lee, what are you craving for?


Think I might be hiding family
under there?

I hope so.
Burgers and family.

Alright, you guys ready
to get to today's Reward Challenge?

For today's challenge,

you're gonna be divided
into two teams of five.

On my go, one on one, you're gonna
slide down into a mud pit

and race to get to a ball.

Once you have the ball, you'll
attempt to shoot it into a basket.

First person to get it into the goal,

scores a point for their team.

First team to five, wins reward.

- Want to know what you're playing for?
- Yes.

Yes, sir. Give it to me.

Winning team will enjoy...

..a good old Aussie barbecue.


Oh, I've been waiting for that.

Lots of chicken, snags,

ice-cold Bundaberg brews
to wash it all down.

Ginger beer! Bundy ginger beer!

Worth playing for?
Yeah, man.

OK, we're gonna draw for teams
and get started.

Oh, I want that bad.

That's better than burgers.

Alright, here we go.

So let's see who we got
on the yellow team.

We got Tarzan, Lee, Jacqui,
Shonee and AK.

And on the green team we have Brooke,
Sharn, David, Zach and Moana.

First round is for the boys.
Green, first up?

I'm up.


- Tarzan.
- Go, Tarzy.

What a match-up. Awesome.

Up you go.

Good luck.
Hey, big brother.

Ah, mate.

Kick it off with a bang.

It's high, man.

Yeah, it's high, eh.
You alright with it?

Well, I can only fall.

Here we go.

First round, we have Dave for green
taking on Tarzan for yellow.

Oh, it looks awesome.
Let's get it.

Let's go, Dave. Yow!

- Golden God.
- Feet over.

For reward.

Survivors, ready...


Oh, yes, Dave.
David gets there first.

Tarzan's right on him.

Got him locked up.

Ball is free.
Yes, Dave. Come on, Dave.

Tarzan not letting David get to it.

Go, Tarzan.
Get to it, get to it.

Oh, that's deep mud. Oh.

Tarzan gets it out of his grip.
David's all over him now.

Yeah, Dave.

That's it, Dave. Now take a shot.

Takes a shot.

Oh, no!

Tarzan grabs the ball.
David locks him up.

That's it, Dave.

Work it out.


David trying to pry that ball
from Tarzan's grip.

He gets it.

Oh. Oh.

Taps the ball away.

Go, Dave.
Go, Dave. Go, Dave. Go, Dave.

Yeah, Dave.
Gets to it.

Goes for a shot.

And he gets it...

Nicely done.
..scoring for green.

Green leads one-zip.

This is so good.

Well done, Tarzan.

That was so difficult.

Nicely done, David.

Alright, next round is for the girls.

Yellow? Jacqui.

You go, Sharn.
Oh, really?

Go on, Sharn.
OK, alright.

And Sharn for green.

Come on, Jacqui.

Go, Sharny.

Get this point, Sharn.
Show your kids you that power mum.


Survivors, ready...


Nice hit from both girls.

Sharn disoriented.

Right in front of you, Sharn!
Quickly figures it out.

- Both girls going for the ball.
- Yeah, Jacqui. Go, mate!

Sharn gets it.

Goes for a shot.

And it's a wild one.


Jacqui breaks away.

Trying to dig through that mud.

Go, Jacqui, go!
Sharn right on her.

Jacqui not giving it up.

Think about that barbecue, Sharn.

You hungry, girl!

Yes, Sharn!

Ball is free again.

Get hold of her, Jacqui.

Come on, Sharn.
You've done all this work.

Now make it count.

Sharn gets the ball again.

Over the shoulder.

Yeah, Sharny!


And lands it!


You little ripper!

Wow! Yeah, mummy!

Out of nowhere!
What?! What?!

Green lead two-zip.

You are fierce, Sharn.

Alright, next round,
battle of the big boys.

Good luck, mate.
Good luck, bro.

Make it three, big boy.

We have Zach for green
taking on Lee for yellow.

- Go, Lee.
- Go, Lee. Think of the meat.

Survivors, ready... go!

- Go, Lee!
- Yes, Zach!

Lee's in the water first.
Zach gets to the ball first.

Yeah, yeah, that's it, Zach, go.

Takes a shot.

Oh, no, quick grab him.
Oh, Zach, again, again.

Lee grabs it, takes another shot.

Also short.

Oh, blocked.
Go, Zach.

Beast mode, Zach. Beast mode.

Wow, these boys are really
gettin' into it.

Zach takes another shot.


- Goes nowhere.
- Go, Lee, go!

Lee breaks away.
Go, mate!

Gets the ball.
You got this!

Love to put yellow on the board.

You got it, mate! Yes!

And he does it!


Good job, Lee and Zach.

Green still leads two-one.

Lee's a beast.

Alright, next round,

Brooke for green
taking on Shonee for yellow.

Ooh! This is, like, so scary.

Come on, Shonee.
Come on, Shonee.

Don't want to slip off
the actual thing. Oh, there we go.

Oh, this is fun.

It's like Wet'n'Wild.


Survivors, ready...


Oh, my God!

Shonee squealing down the slide.

Brooke gets there first, takes a shot.

Yes, Brooke. Go again.

- Go, Shonee! Go, Shonee!
- Go, Shonee!

Shonee taps it out of her hand.
Good work, Shon.

Shonee trying to block.
Shonee, get on her.

Brooke gets it back, takes another shot.

Short again.

Get there, B. You got
some time, you got some time.

Brooke has the ball again.

Brooke is all over this.

On the rim.

Go, Shonee! You've got this!

Shonee has the ball now.

Shonee takes a backward shot.

That smile.

- Yeah, Brookey, go.
- Go, go.

Shoot! Shoot!

Brooke takes a shot.

- Yeah!
- Good one, Brookey.

Scores for green.

Green leads three-one.

The slide is so fun.

Alright, next round is for the boys.

- David for green...
- Let's go, Dave.

..taking on AK for yellow.

AK, just sit on him, mate.

You too, brother.

Survivors, ready...


Go, AK!


David gets into the pit first,
grabs that ball.

Lays it up, hits the rim.

Lays it up again.

And in it goes, just like that!

No contest.

Green leads four-one.

No, it's not over yet,
it's not over yet.

Alright, next round's for the girls.

Go, Mo.

Moana versus Jacqui.

- Yeah, Jacqui.
- Yes, Jacqui.

First team to five wins reward.

Green leads four-one.

Moana can win it for them right here.

Jacqui needs to win it
to keep them in it.

Mo, you're done.

Survivors, ready...


- Jacqui, go!
- Yes, Mo!

Go, Jacqui!

Jacqui gets to the pit first.

But Moana scoops up the ball.
Get on her, Jacqui.

Jacqui trying to block
her taking a shot.

Come on, Jacqui. Over.

Ball is free.
Both girls trying to get there.

Go, Mo, go. Get on her back.

You can see the footballer in her now.

- Moana has Jacqui in a bear hug.
- Come on, Jacqui.

Jacqui pinned down.

There you go, Mo.
Moana breaks away.

Massive reward on the line.

Jacqui, go for the ball.
Just go for the ball.

Make the shot count.

Go closer.
Moana takes a shot.

Gets it in!

And that is it!
That's it, we win!

Green wins reward!

Good job, guys. Almost had it.

That's how it's done.
Yeah, buddy.

Well done.
Great work. Great shot.

Alright, Moana, Zach, Brooke,
Sharn, David, congratulations.

Your barbecue is waiting for you.

Head on out. Enjoy.
Thank you.

Well done, guys. Enjoy.
See ya. Enjoy.

Winning this reward
is great for my game.

At the moment,
I am playing from the bottom

and now I'm about to
go spend an afternoon

with David, Sharn, Mo and Zach.

I'm really hoping they're gonna
see me in a different light

and hopefully feel like
we've got a bond.

Oh, my God!

Oh, look at this!


Oh, my goodness.


Oh, it smells amazing.

So much food!

Winning a Reward Challenge today
was epic!

I have been dying in here for protein.

Who wants steak?

Who wants steak?!

Are you serious?


Barbecues bring people together
and this is a doozy.

Chicken drumsticks, chicken skewers,

sausages, chicken burgers.

Chicken burgers!

Oh, that is so good.
Pineapple and coconut.

Oh, my God, yes.

How good is that taste, though?

Oh, dude, it's so good.

Creaming soda.
So much flavour.

This reward is so bloody good.
This is exactly what we needed.

Exactly what we need.

I cooked up a storm.

I made sure Mo's vegan stuff
was staying out of the meat zone.

Come on, big do... Oh! Hello!

Big dog.

Now it's a barbecue.

There was a lot of beef on the barbecue.

But there was a lot of beef in the
surf, too, 'cause Zach got naked.

Big old side of 100% grade-A beef.

That dude is doing
some serious squatting.


..yeah, we didn't need
any more hot dog in our life.

Those chicken skewers are amazing!

I'm a body builder at heart.
Protein is my life.

To walk into a reward like that,
like, it could not be any better.


Ooh, she is cookin'!

Is that too rare for you or it's OK?
Nah, that's perfect, thank you.

We went down the beach,
we had our meal down there.

Jacqui did not look happy.

We turn around, go back for seconds.

Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa,

whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Oh, my God!

- gotta come now.
- What?

There's a stack of letters
with our names on them.

Oh, yes!

- Brookey.
- Thank you.

Big dog.

Go, Sharn.

Should I go first?
Go, go, go, go.

Oh, man.

There's my family!

Aw, what a cute shot.

They're my peeps.

They're amazing.

"Hi, Mum.
I know you're doing amazing.

"Keep working hard and bring
out your inner Survivor."

And then he's done 'S-H-A-R-N',
he always does something.

And it's 'special',
'hilarious', 'amazing',

'running machine' and 'nice'.


When I read my card,

I could just imagine their voices
and hear their voices in my head.

That's so nice to have them.

I can't wait to see everyone else's.

Do it, Mo.
If I can't read it, someone else is.

You got it.

I already know what it is.

Oh, Mo.


Every day I think about family.

But I've been just
trying to block out that emotion.

And as soon as I seen
that picture from Vinny,

my little sister...

She drew our whole family.

Even a little dog paw on there.
So cute. Oh, the paws!

It was just an emotional reminder
as to why I'm here

and why I just got to keep going.

It is the longest
I've ever been away from Vinny.

Been full-time carer of her
for five years now.


She's got a rare disability
called Moebius syndrome.

Doctors never thought she would walk.

And now she's my best friend.

You know if I make it to the end,
you're allowed to come to the island.

What, on the, on, on...
We're gonna go to Fiji.

Four days before starting Survivor,

I got married to my beautiful wife,

I don't think I can read it.

Can you read it...
someone read it for me?

I can read it for you.
Sharn can read it to you.

Sharn is gonna read it for you.

Bella, she's my soul mate

and I miss her so much.

"Momo, my beautiful wife.

"I'm finding it hard to put into words

"how incredibly proud I am of you.

"I'm still pinching myself

"that we have managed
to find ourselves here again.

"You and I never do things in halves

"and we knew that this time
you were gonna go out there to win.

"I feel it in my bones, babe,
you're going all the way."

You are my one true love.

I'm honoured to call you my wife.

I made a vow to her that I'm gonna win,

and I can't...

..I can't break a vow.

And then at the bottom
it tells you to smell the paper.

You have to smell it. So there's...

Oh. It's her perfume.

- Her perfume?
- Aw.


A little bit.

What have you
got for us, big dog?

Oh, wow. That's an essay.
It's an essay.

"To my one and only
Zach, congratulat..."



Katie is the love of my life.

"I am missing you so much.
I hate doing life without you."

We both care for animals. We run
this animal sanctuary together.

"I have decided to

"have Mordecai tested
for beak and feather disease."

That's one of my favourite birds.

Zach's a softie on the inside.

What I love is just this big man
that has a letter about birds.

He's got hundreds of rescue birds
at home.

And he seems to love them a lot.

There you go.

It was just nice to see
that there's more to these people

than, you know, just the game.

"I'm making custom calendars
for Mordecai this week.

"He now has his own Instagram page."

Yeah, like, literally.

That's what he's crying about.

We are all out here
fighting like hell to win this game.

But, deep down, we're all human,

we all miss our families,

and we're doing it for them.

Alright, this is from my mum.

I need a distraction. Give me corn.

Receiving letters from home, that's
exactly what I need right now.

I just need that extra push
from my family

telling me that I can do this.

"All is well at home.

"I know you can do this and win

"because you play the game
with your head and also your heart.

"We miss you so much
and I can't wait to have you home.

"I love you always. Mum."

Yeah. How good's that?

I feel like this reward has given me
a whole new outlook on the game.

I just feel like I can do anything now.


OK, this is my mini boys here.

"Dear Dad. We love it
when you come visit us in Perth.

I hope you'll win
and don't get hurt."

So, look, my kids mean everything to me.

My two sons from my first
relationship live in Perth.

I live in New York with my wife,
our daughter and my stepdaughter.

At the challenges, I always have
my flower in my hair for my daughter

because I know how much my kids love
the challenge portion of the game.

Family's everything to me.

"Dear Dad. I love you.
You're the best dad ever.

"Love Rei."

We would love to be able
to move back to Australia.

It's gonna take a lot of money
to do that.

That's a big part
of why I'm playing this time.

"I'm so proud of you.

"Every day I say thank you
to the universe

"for giving you this opportunity."


One more.

You can do it. Come on.

"Whatever a man thinks, he becomes.

"Stay positive. Believe in yourself.
You are amazing.

"And fill your heart each day with
the joy of being the Sole Survivor.

- "All my love forever, Pearl."
- Aw.

That's beautiful.
That's beautiful.

So nice.

This is the solution for me right here.

I got to play my best game.

And I'm gonna play my best game.
I am playing my best game.

And I'm gonna win Survivor.
I'm gonna win Sole Survivor.

I'm gonna get that title for myself

but I'm getting that money
for my family.


So nice.

What are you doing?

Washing machine.

His own laundry service.

Having lost
the Reward Challenge,

we don't get to partake
of the smorgasbord of meats.

But we keep cheering ourselves up.

Oh, this is getting real intimate,

naked Lee getting his back rubbed.

Oh. Oh!

You know, we're going for a dip.

We're having a wash.
We're pretty grotty.

We even had a couple of laughs.

Can you do a back...
a back, crack and sack sort of scrub?

Lee and myself, we've become
really good friends in the 33 days.

It's very scratchy, isn't it?

Oh, it's good, though.
I know. It's good for your back.


We've put the rice on.
We got the fire going.

Oh, yes!

I've made fire!

It's just another day in camp.

Fantastic portion sizing.


And then, um... changes, just like that,


Where's Leroy?

Lee had to duck
off with somebody.

Don't know why.

- Shon.
- Yep.

Have some more papaya
'cause I'm not gonna eat that.

Yeah, yum.


What's going on, mate?

What's the matter?

What's happened?

What's happened? What's happened?

What's happened?

What's the matter?

Oh, God.

Oh, shit.

Oh, that's not good, brother.

That's not good.


Oh, shit.

Well, you've gotta do
what you've gotta do, mate.

Mum's the most important thing.

Bloody hell, Lee.
Oh, Lee.

Oh, you poor darling. You poor man.



Oh, don't be sorry, mate.

Lee, what's the progno...
how bad, what's the prognosis?

It's real bad.

It's bad.


Well, that's more important
than anything else, mate.

You want that time with your mother.

She's not...

She's... I don't think
she's gonna make it.

Oh, Lee.
Is she unconscious?


I just got to go home, guys.



We don't know what's going on
with our families.

We got no idea.

And, um...

..yeah, the last thing you want
is that kind of a phone call.

I just saw her
just before I came in here.

Do you want to come sit down?

Do you want to sit down?

The man was playing with such
great passion and tenacity and...'s just such a testimony

that he wanted to actually share
the moment with us as a family.

Oh, Lee, ***.

Oh, I'm so sorry, mate.

Such a privilege for us
to be there for him, you know,

for his sake.

Oh, my God.

Lee, I'm so sorry.

Oh, Lee.

Bro, what happened? You alright?

- Um...
- His mother's had a stroke., um...

..uh, Mum had a major stroke.

- Oh.
- Are you serious?

And, um...

..doesn't look like she's gonna make it.

Oh, Lee.


I'm so sorry.
Oh, dude.

Oh, yep.

I'm so sorry, bro.

Man, I'm so sorry.
Big dog.

Insane, man.

Oh, Lee.

Got to get home, be with the family.

Yep, fair enough.

Man, come here.

Oh, Lee.


Just sucks 'cause I was...
Yeah, of course.

- So...
- You still are.

You still are.

Yeah, you still are.
That's true.

I just want you to know, guys,

like, it's been...
it's been a privilege, eh,

to hang out with you
guys for the last...

..33 days.

It's been, yeah...'s been amazing.

So much fun with you, hey.
I'm so sorry.

So much fun.

You go get 'em, eh.

I'm gonna look forward to watching it.

See ya, brother.

It was honestly just brutal.

I think everyone's greatest fear
being on Survivor

is something happening
on the outside world.

He's had an amazing career.
He's been a professional sportsman.

He's mentally tough. He's strong.

He's fun. He's funny.

he's an absolute legend, man.


We'll catch up, mate.

We'll catch up.

I know Lee would be feeling
like his heart's getting ripped out.

He's gonna have to be a champion
for his family when he gets home.

But it's all part of life.

See ya, brother.
Love you, guys. See ya.

See ya.

See ya, Lee.
See ya, mate.


Lee just wanted
to make his mum proud,

and I'm sure he's done that.

I'll be raising my glass
at the end to Lee and his mother,

Elizabeth May.

Come on in, guys!

So, Tarzan,

what was the feeling when you learned

that Lee's mother was in
critical condition in the hospital?

We love Lee so much
it's devastating for all of us.

It's a tragedy.

Devastating for Lee.

And, uh...

..we're just trying
to keep it together for his sake.

Alright, well, it's clear that this
has had a major impact on the tribe.

And while our thoughts
are with Lee and his family...

..the game continues.

Are you guys ready
to get to today's Immunity Challenge?



Thank you.

Once again,
immunity is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge,

while treading water,

you will attempt to balance
a ball in an overhead chute.

If at any point your ball drops,

you're out of the challenge.

Last person
with their ball in the chute,

wins immunity, safe from the vote.

As for the rest of you,
you know the drill,

Tribal Council tonight,
where someone's gonna be voted out.

Let's draw for spots.
Let's get to it.

Alright. Everyone's in position.

Think this is gonna be
a very short challenge.

For immunity, this challenge is now on.

Oh, God.

Not much of a learning curve
to this one.

You're either good at treading water
or you're not.

Of course, it's made more difficult

by having to hold the pole
above your head.

The object is to push up on that pole...

..keep the chute level.

As soon as that angle drops,

the ball will roll out,

you're out of the challenge.

Zach not enjoying himself.

Tarzan breathing heavily.

Shonee, on the other hand,
looking very comfortable, smiling.

I'm trying to stay another night here.

Moana struggling early.

She drops. She's out of the challenge.

Zach is out.

Jacqui, she drops out.

You guys can take a position
on the bench.

Suddenly we're down to six.

David, Shonee, AK,

Sharn, Brooke and Tarzan still in it.

Strong, Tarzan.

Tarzan starting to struggle.

And that's it, AK drops
out after five minutes.

- Good job, AK.
- Great effort, AK.

Oh, bad luck, Tarz.
Good effort, buddy.

After a big effort, Tarzan drops out.

No shot at immunity.

And we're down to four.

Now we have an eerie calm... everyone settles in,

super focused.

Brooke looking pretty solid.

But her ball is on the move.

Nice save.

Sharn leaning back,

making it easier
to get a look at that ball.

Shonee settled in.

Don't distract me, Jonathan.

We know that Shonee has a special bag
of hidden skills.

Maybe treading water
is another one of hers.

David making it look easy.

Keep going, Dave.
Your bucket's not even moving.

Getting lots of waves now.

I know.


Alright, guys,

you've been up there for 30 minutes.

Wind and swell starting to pick up...

..splashing water on people's faces now.

It's gonna make it more difficult.

Sorry, guys.

Keep going, Sharn.
You're doing great.

- Sorry?
- Her ears are under water.

Great work, Sharn.

Thanks, Zach.

"Thanks, Zach."
"Thanks, Zach." It was AK.

- That's it, Sharn drops out.
- Good job, Sharn.

Great effort, Sharn.
Nice effort.

Now we're down to three.

Two to go, Brooke. Two to go.

Shonee and Brooke have both
worn that immunity necklace.

I'm sure they'd love
to walk out of here wearing it again.

Get it up, Brookey. Get it up.

Lots of movement from Brooke's chute.

Struggling with the weight of it.

Come on, Brookey. Keep it up.

That's it.

Her ball's on the run.

- Tries to save it.
- Oh!

- She can't do it.
- Oh, great effort, Brooke.

Oh, my God.

Well done. So good, Brooke.

After 55 minutes,
Brooke is out of the challenge.

And we have a showdown

between Shonee and David.

You got this, Shonee.
Push up, push up.


Keep going, Shon.

If you need that necklace tonight,

you just have to outlast one other.

Ooh, the current's getting strong.

It's coming in, Tarz, that tide.
It could be coming in now.

It is.

Survivor gods are not helping today.

You guys have been at this
for an hour and 30 minutes.


- Well done, guys. Well done, Shon.
- Thanks, guys.

Ball's on the run.

- Nice save.
- Oh!

Ho-ho, nice save!

That was close.

Shonee continues to smile.

Yeah, Dave.
All day, Dave.

Call you 'Bob' after this.

David's fan club
continuing to offer support.

Going good, Dave.

You are. I know.

This has turned into one serious
battle for that necklace.

Oh, good one, Dave. Good save, mate.

Shonee's ball has not moved
in two hours.

Oh, my... oh, my God.

David low in the water now.

- Yeah, Dave.
- Keep going, Dave.

Keep going.

David's really struggling.

After 34 days in the game,

I imagine there's not a lot left
in the tank.

And that's it.

After two hours and five minutes,
David drops out

and Shonee wins her second
individual immunity necklace.

Well done, Shonee.
Good work, Shon.

Great work, Dave.


Shonee, come on over.

Go, Shonee.
Well done.


Once again...

Thank you.
..individual immunity is yours.

Two out of three. How does that feel?
Oh, excellent.


Alright, well, guaranteed
one more day in the game.

Well done.
Thank you. Thanks, guys.

As for the rest of you,
Tribal Council tonight.

Grab your gear, head back to camp.
I'll see you guys tonight.

Yeah, Shon.

Shonee winning a
second immunity today,

she is a true survivor.

But now I think the votes are gonna
get split between me and Brooke.

Survivor's all about timing

and I have no doubt
the smaller that my minority gets,

the more chance that the majority
are gonna cut each other.

Shonee has
the immunity necklace tonight

because I couldn't
beat her in the challenge.


Congratulations, Shonee.

Thank you.
What an epic win.

Thank you. Tough.
That was ridiculous.

- Good job, Dave. That was a hard one.
- Well done, Shonee.

Thanks, guys.

Beating the Golden God is amazing.

This is the second time
I've beat him now.

Mwah. Very well deserved.

Yes, congrats, Shonee.
Thank you.

I learned to tread water like that

because I go to the pool, sauna,
steam room most days.

Doggie paddling
and chatting with my friend.

It's all I do. Just, like,
talk to my friend, just like this.

At the start of this game,

everyone's like, "Oh, we have to get
rid of Shonee, she's not strong."

Well, suck on that, bitches,
because I am strong.


Oh, man. So strong.


For tonight's vote,
their majority is six,

Dave, Mo, Zach,
Sharn, Tarzan and Jacqui.

We have three of us on the bottom,

myself, AK and Brooke.

So, knowing I'm safe from the vote
feels incredible.

It did suck.
Now it's you and me, dog.

And he was really good in challenges.

Lee going home was, like,
a huge blow, for multiple reasons.

The majority alliance of seven,
which used to include Lee,

is now a six.

Keep the six of us strong, you know.

The old Vakama alliance has got three.

We could've had a four-three split.

But now we have to make it
a three-three split,

so it's pretty much a no-brainer.

AK is catching three votes,
Brooke is catching three votes.

Yeah, and then it'll all go to revote

and then it's all on Brooke.

Brooke is always a threat in challenges,

and that's why she's a threat to me.

So Brooke needs to get gone ASAP.

Hey, hey.

Are you just with us, Sharn,
for idol surveillance?

No, I'm just with you guys 'cause
I wanted to come chat with you guys.

Oh, cool.
I would love that.

Right now we have
everything against us,

but that's where I thrive.

When there's a tiny, little ray
of light, I'm gonna expose it.

I don't know your plans within...

..and other people's plans within,

- but now Lee's out of the picture,
obviously changes the mix. - Yep.

My plan is to try
and get somebody on board

and vote as a four
with me, Shonee and Brooke.

I think Sharn's my best bet.

If the three of us vote together...

..what's the one name you can give us
that later, if you want, or...

But do you know what I mean?

If you do decide to make this move...
Yeah. wouldn't need to find
another person if you did it

on the initial vote,
if they're splitting.

Let me think about it.

I mean, obviously I'm gonna
have to decide what's best for me...

Yeah. any stage.

Yeah, exactly, Sharn.
But then, yeah, moving forward

or whatever happens, just know that.


I'm unsure if Sharn's on board with us.

But I'm not going down
in a sinking ship.

I've got backup plans.

I'm here for MY game.

So I'm gonna have chats
with other people

and hopefully get MY name
off the chopping block.

I didn't come on All Stars
to be loyal to anybody.

And if that means
cutting Brooke or Shonee, I'll do so.

How are you feeling, man?


Like, there is...
it's gonna be a split vote.

But I do want you in the game.

I think we would be
the most unlikely alliance...



And that is music to my ears.

Pulling this Vakama alliance to pieces,

finally putting it
through the paper shredder

is having them turn on each other.

And now AK, he is on board
to vote for Brooke.

I mean, what other option
does he have at this point?

The thing is, I think the girls
are gonna flip on ya.

As in Brooke and Shon?


Tonight maybe you have
to vote on Brooke.

I really don't want to turn on AK.

He's been so loyal. Everything
we've done, we've done together.

But maybe that's gonna have to happen.

I came into this game

knowing that I wanted to absolutely
push myself and get to the end.

So I'm gonna do
absolutely everything that I can.

The main person that
I need to plea to is Shonee.

Shonee and I have been friends
since we met.

I looked after her back at Vakama
and I think she really trusts me.


They're definitely not gonna budge.


If the majority alliance
decided to split the votes tonight

and we got two votes on AK...

Will you do that?
Yeah, of course I will.

..AK will go home.

God, this is so hard.

- It's like me going out with one of
my best friends. - I know.

Being in a position of power
tonight is definitely bittersweet.

I don't want to choose either AK
or Brooke to go home, but I have to.

This decision is the
hardest I've ever made.

Tonight I've
got an airtight plan.

Three-three, done deal,
Brooke's going home.

What more could you ask for?

This is the end for the Vakama three.

It's really easy
to get in the mindset now

of being like, "I'm giving up
because I'm on the bottom."

But I think I've really proven

that I'm not the kind
of person to give up.

I mean, I'm still here.
You know, this is not the end.

I'm gonna put everything I have
into Tribal Council tonight.

I know tonight that either AK
or myself will be going home.

But I'm a fighter and
I'm ready to fight.

I'll now bring in the
members of our jury.

Locky, and Harry, voted out
at the last Tribal Council.

OK, so, Locky and Harry, I need
to catch you guys up on something.


Lee had a family emergency last night

and he had to leave the game.


What the hell?

Is everything OK?

He's OK, but he has a family
member at home that's sick.

So it's been a pretty
tough day for everyone.

Our thoughts are with him
and his family at the moment.

Yeah, definitely.

So, Moana...

Jon. guys have had two
Tribal Councils since merge

and both times you decided
to send a Vakama to jury.

Is the same thing gonna happen tonight?

I'll correct you, Jonathan.

Both times we sent two really
big game players to jury.

Are you gonna send another
big game player to jury?

It's All Stars, everyone
here's a big game player.

So, David, is that big game
player also a former Vakama?

Um, I mean, it's merge now,

so lines are blurring a little bit.

The new tribe is a mix of people
who have played Vakama,

people who have played Mokuta,
people who have played both.

Is that true, AK, the lines are blurred?

I wouldn't say that, Jonathan.


We're sitting, uh, kind of ugly
on this end of the bench today,

except Shonee, of course.

She always looks pretty,
regardless of the necklace.

But, uh, yeah, I think tonight

Brooke and I might see our
names come up a few times.

I'm wearing my best outfit
for a reason, Jonathan.

What, that's your jury outfit?
Is that what you're saying?

Yeah, this is my, like,
'might be going home' outfit.

You think you might be going home?

I think it's a split
between AK or myself.


..for us, right now, yeah, 50/50.

Shonee, does that mean the majority
hold all the power tonight?


But what was interesting is, you know,

you think it's one alliance,

but there's a lot of different
agendas on that one alliance.

I think, Jonathan, when you're
working with people that you trust,

you know, we're all cogs in the
wheel, we got to stay together,

and you don't want any to spike out.

AK, who's turning this wheel?

I don't think I've really
had that good of a read

on these guys for the
last two Tribal Councils,

'cause they blindsided
the shit out of me, so...

I look forward to the time
they have to turn on each other.

If I'm over there and I'm enjoying
the shit show that becomes of that,

then sign me up.

You know, everyone here is a threat.

I mean, I'm possibly going home
because I'm a physical threat,

which has come straight
from Dave's mouth...

..who's also a physical threat.

Shonee's a physical threat.

Sharn's an absolute physical threat.

So there's all these
other physical threats

that should be shielding each other,
or could be shielding each other,

but instead they're targeting me.

I haven't won individual
immunity yet. What?

Lift your game. What?

Alright, well, before
we go any further...

Oh, no.

..tonight things are a little different.

This is how it's gonna work.

The three people with the
highest number of votes tonight

will be going to Exile Beach.

And the same thing's gonna
happen at the next Tribal.

Three people going to Exile.

Then those six are gonna compete
in a series of challenges

to earn their spot back in the game.


How many are coming back?
How many come back?

One person's going home.

Oh, out of the six?
Out of the six?


This is how it's gonna work.

The three people with the
highest number of votes tonight

will be going to Exile Beach.

It is time to vote. Sharn, you're up.

Man, you're gonna have
a blast on Exile. It sucks.

I'll go count the votes.

OK, if anyone has a hidden immunity
idol and they want to play it,

now would be the time to do so.

Once the votes are read,
the decision is final.

The three people with the
highest number of votes

will be going to Exile Beach tonight.

I'll read the votes.

First vote, AK.




We're tied.
Two votes AK, two votes Brooke.


Brooke. We're tied again.

Three votes AK, three votes Brooke.


We're tied.

Three votes AK, three votes Brooke,
three votes Moana.

OK, guys. That's it.

You guys are going to Exile right now.

Stand up, grab your torches.

It's alright. Love you, girl.

- Bye, guys.
- Take care.

We will.
Bye, guys.

Look out for each other.
We sure will.

- Bye, guys.
- See ya, guys.

See you.
See three of you soon.

Oh, my Lordy me.


Well, three have been exiled
and three more of you will go.

The question is, will you go willingly,

or will you be pushed?

Grab your torches, head on out.


See ya, guys.

Tomorrow night on Australian Survivor...

..with Moana away from camp...

There's no shelter.
There's no fire.

..David is feeling more
powerful than ever.

I'm in charge
of a majority alliance.


We do have to send
two alliance members to Exile. the strongest alliance in
Australian Survivor history...

And reality is that no-one wants
to sit next to Dave at the end.

I'm down if you're down, Tarzan.

..finally about to crack?

If you're gonna take a shot at the
Golden God, you better not miss.