Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 5, Episode 15 - Episode #5.15 - full transcript

Still on a high from blindsiding another big player, some players are walking on air, while others are rethinking their rankings.

on Australian Survivor...

Drop your buffs. We are merging.

..the day they'd been working
towards finally arrived.

Epic is
understatement of the year.

David wasted no time...

..infiltrating the Vakama five.

The plan is to go deep under cover,

let the Vakama five think that I'm
on the bottom of the Mokuta alliance

and that I want to flip back to Vakama.

I'll take Zach with me

and we are gonna decimate
that old Vakama tribe.

First on their list...

..was Moana's revenge.

Gangster shit.

Locky sent Mat home, my man, Mat.

And now I'm about to give 'em
a taste of their own medicine.

In the dark of night,
David and Zach made their move.

And it worked like a charm.

This plan is basically
like the Trojan horse.

I'm wheeling in on the horse
as a peace offering.

What they don't know
is right on the inside of that

is me and the Mokuta seven.

At Tribal Council...

This is All Stars and people
want to start the merge with a bang.

..cocky Locky was sure
he had the numbers.

I want to see crazy moves,
blindsides. I think we all do.

It just wasn't the
blindside he imagined.

First member of our jury, Locky.

Shit, eh. Good one.

And in that moment,
David and Moana's bond was cemented.

11 are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

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Put your hand out.
Can I just...

It tastes pretty good.
Like, the rice is cooked.

Alright, guys, I reckon
break-a-fast-a is a-ready.

Dave, do you want me to get you some?

Day 31 in Survivor.

Captain's log.

I feel like trash.

I'm sick. My body's shot.

I got a spider bite on
my left butt cheek,

so I can't even sit straight.

And I've felt worse,
but I can't remember when.

Are you hating life right now?


This is, like, the diseased camp.

Yeah, it is.

This is the worst thing that could've
happened to my game right now.

It's merge. I mean, this is
the big show, this is All Stars.

You don't want to be
like a walking corpse.

But one of my favourite
parts of Survivor

is getting to push
myself to the extreme.

You never get to do
this any other place.

So I just take it with a grain of rice.

I've got the black lung, pop.


What a way to start merge.

Locky is written and will not
be erased from my resume.


And that, my friend, is for Mat Rogers.

The entire Mokuta alliance
was so tight-lipped

that nobody has seen
this blindside on Locky coming.

Watch where you're swinging
that machete, girl.

Who you voting for?

Not only was Locky blindsided,

but his entire alliance had no idea.

Dave and I orchestrate this move
like a violin.

Like, that was perfectly played.

Dude, that went so perfectly last night.

It was perfectly executed.
Oh, my God.

For me, in this game,
trust and loyalty is massive.

That's how I play.

And after last night,
I feel like I can trust David.

- Alright, well, back in and see you guys
in a couple days. - OK. OK.

This is super, super good.
It's so much fun, though.

Locky was completely
blindsided and he's gone home,

which, honestly,
is probably the worst thing

that could ever have come
from last night's Tribal Council.

Not small girls.
Not so small.

I'm doing my best
to pretend everything is fine,

but everything is not fine.

I'm not happy at all. You just
sent home my Survivor boyfriend.

That's how much luck
we've got in the game right now.

The plan going into Tribal Council
last night was to send Sharn home,

and we thought we had
brought in Dave and Zach.

But it turns out
they were playing us the whole time.

My alliance is in
a lot of trouble right now.

We're gonna come up, OK?
Resilience is key.

We don't have the numbers,

which pretty much means one of us
will be going home next.

So we needed to come up with a new plan.

Scrub away the bad vibes.

I don't feel as bad
about leaving with both of you

when Harry's there
holding down the fort for us.

Have a win.

We tried to infiltrate
the Mokuta tribe,

to break up the majority.

But even with our best efforts,
our best strategy,

Zach and David lied to us.

We definitely got played.

I fully expected sneakiness from Dave.

I mean, the dude is a great liar.

But Zach, that is a surprise package.

This has put the game
into a spin for me.

We've got this big majority alliance.

It's up to me
to try and find a way to survive.

Dirty Harry has awoken
from hibernation...

..and he is ready to play.

I came back
to right some wrongs... get the people out of this game
that blindsided me last time

and end up being the Sole Survivor.

And Harry's my last target.

And I'm like, "What big moves
did you make in your season?

"I didn't get to watch the whole thing."

"First one," he goes, "Dave."

One other reason I want Harry gone,

I want to cement my place in history.

You can come over, Harry.
We're just doing laundry.

You don't have to hide
behind the tree, big boy.

Harry has got the most
consecutive days in Survivor.

He played 49 days last time.

That gives Harry a total
of 81 consecutive days in Survivor.

I want Harry out on this vote...

..because if I make it to the endgame,

that gives me a consecutive
of 84 days in Survivor.

That would be huge
for my final Tribal speech.

Revenge is sweet.

David is playing an amazing game.
He fooled all of us.

And now it's very apparent to me

that the Golden God
is in charge of these people.

David does not want to work with us.

So I'm going to weaken David.

I need to pull some tricks
to drive a wedge into his alliance.

He's playing it differently.

He's basically trying to hide
and then he might wait

until there's, like, two left of us
and then play.

I want to get rid of Dave.

Problem is he's sitting pretty
in the majority

with a whole lot of buffers before
the danger ever comes towards him.

So we have to get rid of
one of the weaker players

and destroy his alliance one by one.

What are we thinking
our best option is?

We have to put a name to someone
and vote that way.

May as well just do Jacqui.

It's still Jacqui as the best option.

All the Vakama tribe needs is
one crack to start the ball rolling.

I want to get rid of Jacqui.

And I want to use Lee and Zach
to make it happen.

Zach has proven
that he's willing to make moves.

To sweeten the deal,

I give the silverback gorilla
a little banana as well.

There you go.
Thank you.

Oh. Thanks.

I've played from the bottom
most of my Survivor life,

so this is Dirty Harry
going back to his roots.

I just, like, I actually do enjoy

thinking about how I would play if
I was in other people's positions.

And right now you could
do a lot of things.

You could flip to us.

But, yeah.
No, look, I'm open, man.

I'm open to options,
but I want to play smart as well.

I don't want to go make a stupid move.

Here's my only pitch,

'cause I feel like you win regardless,

is, like, give me Jacqui...

..before we do any more.

She's so dangerous.

So dangerous in challenges.

Is it...
She was trying to make a move on me.

I don't hate the idea, hey.

I've previously gotten out of
tough predicaments

with a lot of bravado
and been very pushy.

The nuance in this
is trying to convince them

that it's their own plan,
that it's their own idea.

I'm feeling confident
that I can get Zach on board.

If we can convince Lee to join us,
then we've got a game.

- We're obviously the minority.
- Yeah.

It's like we're just four

and it's like you know
which way we're gonna go.

So it's like,

can only really just ask you.

You just do your thing and...

..get back to me.

This could be an opportunity

to make a couple of, you know,
couple of big moves.

I want to see them play
as their own players.

'Cause I know
they want to make that move happen.

Lee and Zach have the potential
to be Survivor superstars.

This is a huge chance to make a move.

This is your time to shine.

Come on in, guys!

What the hell is that?

Holding up bags.

Ah, scheisse.

So, Brooke,

what's it been like without
your husband around?

Oh, get off it, Jonathan.

It's, yeah, it's been a bit dull for me.

But, you know, it's an
individual game now,

so I guess I've got more
time to focus on myself.

So, Lee, when I last saw you guys,

it was very much us versus them.

Is that still the case,
or are you guys mingling now?

Things are going well, Jon.

Uh, we are obviously one tribe,
but we're also individuals, as well.

So there's a mix of old Mokuta,
old Vakama.

It's a collective mix
of hot mess at the moment.

Harry, I see you keep looking
at the challenge.

Does it look familiar?

Well, it's essentially
the final challenge of last season.

- Oh, wow.
- Oh, my God.

How do you feel about that?

Uh, not good. I didn't win that.

But if it's the same as last time,

they're all gonna have to go about
seven hours if they want to beat me.

That is true.
Six hours and 40 minutes, right?

Alright, you guys ready
to get to today's Immunity Challenge?

Not now.


Once again, immunity
is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge...'re gonna stand on narrow pedestals

while holding onto two ropes
attached to heavy sandbags.

At regular intervals,

you're gonna move to smaller
pedestals, making it more difficult.

If at any point you drop a sandbag
or step off a pedestal,

you're out of the challenge.

Last person standing,
wins immunity, safe from the vote.

Losers, Tribal Council,
where one of you will become

the 14th All Star voted
out of this game.

Alright, let's get on with this.


Everyone take up your positions
on the biggest pegs at the back.

Alright. For immunity.

This challenge is now on.

Pretty simple challenge.

You're gonna start to feel the weight
of those sandbags.

*** sake!

Those pegs are gonna start
grinding into the soles of your feet.

It's gonna be all about pain management.

So, even though it is similar
to last year's challenge,

there are a couple of differences.

The weight in each of the sandbags
is double from last season.

Everyone has 20% of your body weight
in their sandbags.

- Oh, no wonder it's so heavy.
- You can feel it.

Should slow down on those rations.

And we have additional pegs
that progressively get smaller.

This is All Stars.

We've turned it up to 11.

Back here again.

Harry, you are the only person
who's done this challenge before.

Do you think you have an advantage?


I don't think it's really
much of an advantage. Pain is pain.

And there's plenty of All Stars here
that know how to deal with pain.


AK not happy.

AK drops out of the challenge.


Just like that, Moana drops out.
She's out of the challenge.

And out of nowhere, Shonee just drops.

Maybe we turned it up
a little too much for the All Stars.

Way too much.

We are 15 minutes in.
Come on, muscles.

Have three players out of the challenge.

This challenge quickly sorting out
the wheat from the chaff.

Ah, Jesus.

That muscle... Can't get it.

Sharn looking like a hot mess right now.



Oh, no way!

Zach falls off his pedestals.

He is out of the challenge.

Big surprise.

We got seven left.

Someone is going home tonight.

If you're worried
about your safety in this game,

you're gonna want to dig deep.

Shoulders are burning at this stage.

Lots of movement from everyone...

..except Brooke.

In the zone.

Sharn's arms really shaking
as she tries to press down.

Sharn finally drops out.

Stupid bloody grip.

Big effort from Tarzan,
but he drops out.

Good, Tarzan!

Now we're down to five.

Alright. We're gonna move
onto the next peg.


The middle peg.




You guys have been up there
for 45 minutes.

- Wow, that's impressive.
- Well done.

For the first time,
Brooke changing her position.

Oh, I'm hurting.

Jacqui starting to struggle now.


- And that's it.
- Oh, Jacqui!

Jacqui drops out of the challenge.

And we're down to four,

Lee, Brooke, David and Harry.

This is about testing your own limits.

What about you, Harry?
What's keeping you up there?


You guys have been up there for an hour.

It's all mental now.

Just need to push through that pain.

Yo! are you feeling, mate?
I'm sore, Jonathan.

You got a bung shoulder, right?

So, what's keeping you up there, then?

Wouldn't mind a necklace.

What about you, Brooke? Do you think
you need that necklace tonight?

Yeah, I think so.

That's why I'm still up here.

Alright, we're gonna transition
to the final peg.

Here we go.






Everyone's on that final peg.

That is not great.

That's a toothpick.

If you weren't awake before,
you certainly are now.


David drops out.

And we're down to three.

You guys have been up there
for one and a half hours.


Every position just hurts now.

Your arms are completely numb.

Shuffling around on those painful pegs.

Who has enough left in the tank
to crush the others?

Shit. Hee-yah.

Keep going, Lee.

Lee's arms really shaking.


Big movement from Harry.


..boys look like they're struggling...

..but you, not so much.

Oh, just putting on a
happy face, I think.

And Harry continues to dig.

Lee continues to struggle.

- Oh, what?
- Harry's out.

Harry drops out of the challenge.

- Wow.
- Harry's out, Lee.

Good job.

And we're down to two.

We have a showdown.

You guys have been up there
for an hour and 45 minutes.

Oh, my God.

You got this, Lee.

Lee, beast mode.

Brooke proving she is a force
to be reckoned with.

Lee struggling to get a grip
on that handle.

Let's go, Lee.
Use those big arms of yours.


Just at the fingertips now.

And that's it.

Good job, Lee.
Lee drops out.

And after an hour and 50 minutes,

- Brooke wins...
- Well done, Brooke.

..individual immunity.

Oh, my gosh.

Well done. You good?

I'm good.

Thank you.
You did so great.

Brookey, you're a legend.

Great effort, mate.


You did so good.

You did so well.

Brooke, come on over.

Thank you.

Immunity is yours. You are safe
tonight, cannot be voted out.

Guaranteed a one in 10 shot
at winning this game.

As for the rest of you,
Tribal Council tonight,

where one of you will become
the second member of our jury.

Now, because it's late,
you're not going back to camp... you're gonna have to
figure it out on your way to Tribal.

Grab your gear, head on out.

I'll see you guys soon.

It's gonna be an interesting
scramble, to say the least.

We just have to convince
Lee and Zach to flip,

and then we have a shot.

This is creepy.
I don't know what to do.

This is absolute madness.

We just had an Immunity Challenge.
I won, which is amazing.

You still had heaps
left in you, Brooke.

It was painful.
Was it? Yeah.

I was in pain.
But I just put my smile on my face.

But we came straight into a scramble.

What's happening?

We've got hardly any time
before Tribal Council

to figure out what on
earth we're gonna do.

It's obviously a great feeling,
knowing that I'm safe tonight,

but I'm just as nervous.

I'm currently sitting in an alliance
with four people.

The majority is of seven.

So it's really crucial

that someone from my alliance
doesn't go home tonight.

The plan tonight
is for our alliance of seven

to put five votes on Harry and two
votes on AK, just to split the vote.

Harry's name has been mentioned tonight

because I know that Dave
has a score to settle with Harry

and I'm working with
Dave in an alliance.

So it's Shonee, Harry or me.

Well, it has to be.

We're going into
this Tribal Council as underdogs.

We have a seven-four disadvantage.

We are screwed.

Survivor legends are made when
their backs are against the wall

and things are not going their way.

Dirty Harry has been
working with Lee and Zach,

trying to convince them
to vote with us for Jacqui.

We're not going down without a fight.

I mean, I just want to know
what you guys are doing,

and I just want you...

..if you can just be honest
with me this one time.

Do you have any...
quite a few that,

it's like, "Yes, we could do this
tonight," or is it straight up?

You'd still have the majority.

And we're just not going crazy.

Vakama four
have made a pitch to Zach and I

to get rid of Jacqui.

I don't want to fall into
the same trap in season one,

where I didn't make
too many massive moves.

What I've learnt from season one
is you can't play a truthful game.

It's impossible.

I really want to win this.

You know, I'm sick of coming second.

If I make it to the final two,

I can pitch to the jury
I turned on my alliance

and voted out one of my own.

That's a big move.

Is he your boss or something?

Jacqui is a very attractive target.

She's really strong in challenges.

She is a loose cannon

and not easy to trust because
she could flip on us at any stage.

But she's also still a number
in my alliance.

Like, I don't know, for me,

I feel like you could quite easily
get rid of a couple of us next

and have this as, like, a nice one
just skimmed off the top,

or it just puts you one step ahead.

Man, I'm hearing
everything you're saying.

The thing is
if I do go with the Vakama tribe

and I do start taking
out the old Mokuta,

I can be sitting at the top
with the numbers on my side.

What are you thinking, Zachy?

It's a really tough call to make.

We have nothing to lose, so we're
not lying about what we're doing.

100% there's gonna be
four votes on Jacqui.

Everyone's doing all this chattin',

like, up and down...
Yeah, yeah.

..the only important people here
are you and Lee.

You're the ones making the choice.

With Lee and Zach, I've been
trying to make it their choice

to get rid of Jacqui.

It would be a huge move

and I'm quietly confident they will.

I'm Dirty Harry.

I've always played to win.

I'm not just gonna lay down and die.

I am going into Tribal ready
to try everything I possibly can.

Jacqui is a very
attractive target.

But Harry is so dangerous.

This decision here is gonna set
the tone for the rest of my game.

This is crunch time.
This is absolutely critical.

Got one shot. One shot.

Sorry, guys.

We'll now bring in our jury.


..voted out at the last Tribal Council.


So, AK, you've effectively come
straight from challenge to Tribal.

What was the vibe like
on the way over here?

Um, hectic, to say the least.

We were around a few bonfires
and everyone was going crazy.


A lot of people just scrambling and
little groups talking to each other

and crossing roads.

Lot of names getting thrown around.

So, Jacqui, with so much chaos
going on, how do you navigate that?

I just think it's best to stay calm
and stick with what you know.

Do you feel calm about this evening?

Oh, I never feel calm, Jonathan.

I know my name's been thrown around.

So, Moana, when there's that level of
chaos, often that brings nervousness.

Are you nervous about tonight?

I'm gonna give you the same answer I
gave you the other night, Jonathan.

I'm not nervous.
I trust the people around me.

I'm loyal to them and I trust them.

So, Lee, the problem
with a night like tonight

is that there's no time
to come up with a plan.

Is that a concern?

It is.

But if you play it a bit smarter,

you can pre-plan for nights like this.

So, David, is that true,

there was a pre-plan
coming into tonight?

Yeah, always has been.

I didn't find tonight
particularly chaotic at all.

Everyone that's on the
same page with me,

we're all in the same boat.

Everyone's playing their role...

..saying what they're supposed to say.

I said what I was supposed to say.

Everyone's playing their part.

And I think we have a great
plan moving forward tonight.

So, Tarzan, do you know what role
you're playing in this plan?

Yep, I do. I'll just stick to it.

What about you, Zach?

You know exactly what
your role is in this plan?

Yeah, I know what my role's
supposed to be, I think.

Harry, do you know what the plan is?

Likely votes headed towards
someone from Vakama.

And quite a few votes
headed the other way, as well,

to a Mokuta tribe member.

It comes down to a couple of people.

Those couple of people
know all the plans

and they're gonna make
a big decision tonight

on which way they want to go.

This is the big moment.

This is where you have
the potential to make the choice

on behalf of everyone.

Just a couple of people
have the choice for all 11 of us.

So it's a big deal.

So, Lee...

..going along with your own alliance

is a valid way
to move forward in this game.

But does it perhaps restrict
the best game that you can play?

Yes and no.

I've been accused in the past of
season one of just coasting through

and not making big moves.

That is at the forefront of my mind
at the moment.

So I need to make sure that,
whether it's now,

whether it's down the track,

I need to make some sort of move...

..that will form, hopefully,
part of a successful campaign

getting to the end.

It's gonna be a tricky one tonight.

But it all comes down to timing.

- You've got to make the right move at
the right time. - Now's the time.

Now is literally the time to do it.

Tonight is the time to do it.

And I think there's gonna
be a lot of regret

if they don't decide to do it now.

There's pitches out there,

and they're appealing
to certain individuals.

Those individuals have
to make that choice

to further their game
in a particular way.

People have to choose tonight.

It's gonna be an individual decision.

So, Harry, what's the vote
about for you tonight?

For me, it's always
been about two people

that have a chance
to shine in this game.

I think it's just about their choice.

Because you might not get
that many opportunities

when the numbers whittle down.

So you're saying it's a good opportunity

to put something on
your resume right now.


Trust me, I've been there.

The opportunities to really
show off what you've got

start disappearing.

Alright, guys, I think
it is time to vote.

Alright, guys, I
think it is time to vote.

Brooke, you're up.

Harry, uh, can I have your socks?

That's the end of my hit list.

Janine Allis sends her regards.

I'll go count the votes.

If anyone has a hidden immunity
idol and they want to play it,

now would be the time to do so.

Uh, Jonathan...

..I've kept this secret
from a lot of people.

And just before the votes are read...

..I'd like everyone to know
that I had a banana stash

and I'm giving the rest of it
to Brooke for safekeeping.

Sorry, I just thought that
was important information.

Thank you, Harry, for
sharing that with us.

Sorry, you're in the
middle of something.

I got all night. It's OK.

OK, once the votes are
read, the decision is final.

The person voted out will be asked

to leave the Tribal
Council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote, AK.


Two votes AK.


We're tied. Two votes
AK, two votes Harry.


That's three votes Harry, two votes AK.


We're tied again.

Three votes Jacqui...

..three votes Harry, two votes AK.


That's four votes Jacqui, three
votes Harry, two votes AK.


Tied again.

Four votes Jacqui, four
votes Harry, two votes AK.

One vote left.

14th person voted out of
Australian Survivor: All Stars...

..and second member of our jury,


You need to bring me your torch.

Mo, give us a hug.


See ya. Yeah, well played, man.

I like it when you play rough, man.

Mmm. I'll miss you.

Well played, Dirty Harry.


Harry, the tribe has spoken.

Time for you to go.

Well done, everyone.

Play like All Stars.

Have fun.

Well, riding an alliance
is like riding a raging bull,

you better hope you're in control

because if it decides to buck you off,

could be fatal.

Long one. Yeah.

Grab your torches, head back to camp.

Monday night on Australian Survivor...

..with just 10 players left...

You can see he footballer in her now.
..they're one step closer...

- Shonee, go, Shonee!
- Go, Shonee! their goal.


..a shock revelation...

What's happened?

..will rock the entire tribe.

I was basically hoping for a crack,

a crack anywhere in this
old Mokuta alliance,

working with Lee, working with Zach.

I thought my plan had traction.

Obviously I was wrong.

You are a very good player,

but the only way I can go
forward is if you're out.

I hope I still get free ice-cream.

Going through this challenge
that was a blast from the past,

straight to the scramble,
straight to the Tribal,

it was exhilarating, to be honest.

Like, I mean, that's what
I want to be part of.

I'd like to be remembered
purely as a lovable villain,

as an innovator,

as someone who just loved the game
and wanted to take it further.

Definitely don't have to be
lovey-dovey, goody-goody

if you want to win this game.