Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 5, Episode 13 - Episode #5.13 - full transcript

With one Tribe member knowing their name is on the parchment to be eliminated, a scramble ensues. Will friends suddenly become enemies?

on Australian Survivor...

Sharn is a total snake!

..Sharn's loyalties were questioned
after Phoebe's blindside...

Thought she was voting with me
and Mo, she decided not to.

..while Nick was feeling defeated.

My game is in smithereens
at the moment.

I am completely stuffed.

At Vakama, it seemed all fun
and games for the alliance of six.

But Brooke was ready to flip.

I came into this game
with a mission to take out Flick.

I've got a score to settle.

Meanwhile, Harry stumbled across
a massive game-changing advantage.

"The power allows you to stop the votes

"from being read at one Tribal Council.

"You can use the power yourself

"or give it to another player
on either tribe,

"but it must be played at one of
the next two Tribal Councils."

This advantage, used the right way,
is huge.

In the Immunity Challenge...

Yes, come on, Locky!
Yes, come on!

..David fired the winning shot
for Mokuta.

Mokuta wins immunity,

sending Vakama back to Tribal Council!

We'll be fine. Babe...
You wouldn't, I know.

..I'm not.

Flick had no idea
she was in the firing line.

I came here to make big moves
and get revenge.

I want to make sure I get her
before she gets me.

And though Harry
was in on Brooke's plan,

doubts were creeping in.

This is probably
the highest my paranoia's been.



If I have a skerrick of a doubt in
my mind, I'm playing that advantage.

When it came to Tribal Council...


..Harry wasn't taking any chances.

Harry, wait.

But AK intervened...

..and Harry took a leap of faith
and didn't play his advantage.

And in the end, Brooke got her revenge.

The tribe has spoken.
They have.

13 are left.
Who will be going home tonight?

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Well, just remember, if I snore...

I know.
..I don't mind shifting.

So do you.

Tarzan and Jacqui have always acted
like a married couple.

No, I don't get into a deep sleep.
Someone keeps waking me up.

Yeah, bye-bye.

But, legit,
they're like a married couple

who are on the brink
of divorce right now.

*** me. Look at it!

*** laughs at it.

You'd blow up next to that fire.


I'll have to get a gas mask.

Tarzan goes pretty good
as an island husband.

He's like a big grizzly bear.

I'm not getting into bed
until the air clears.

I now know why people get divorced, eh.

Good, I got the whole bed to myself.
Don't come back.

We break up every day.

And then we get back together.

We just pick up where we left off.

It's a bit like being married.

Eats like a bloody troll,
farts like a machine.

But what a catch.

Oh, last night.

How funny.

That went down so well.

I did it!

No more Flick.
I've finally got my revenge.

It did feel good
taking that risk yesterday.

Feels very good.

I feel amazing because
I've gotten out the person

who completely destroyed my game
last time.

Wonder what Flick's doing right now.

I think she's probably
really angry at this stage.

Yeah, she will be, yeah.

She really did not see that coming
at all.

We got her good.

Got her real good.

I feel so elated right now.

But last night we found out
Harry has an advantage.

I don't know what that's gonna be.

And that's making me feel
a bit nervous.


I really want to know
what Harry's advantage is.

There's just no way to find out

because Dirty Harry
is keeping his dirty little secret.

Did you find a clue or did you
straight find the advantage?

Uh, straight found it.


Fear is the most powerful thing
in this game right now.

Pretty far?


Nah, it was in the jungle.

Oh, OK, cool.

And I know that everyone

is terrified
of what I have in my pocket.

And what was it?

Uh, I can't tell you.

So, I'm not sure if I'm going to
tell anyone what my advantage is.

It's up to you
what you do with it, man.

But it's much more fun
giving you surprises.

I was having a heart attack
at the end of Tribal last night.

AK and Locky have told me
not to play this advantage.

In the end, it was just simply
a leap of faith.

It's paid off.

I now have a tribe of five
that trusts in me

and I have an advantage.

However, this advantage can only
be used at the next Tribal Council.

Boss move.
I'm like, "What's happening?"

My number one ally on this beach
is Shonee.

I want to tell her
what this advantage is

to work out how to play it correctly.

Alright, so, basically,
with my advantage,

I can just stop a Tribal Council.

Like, just completely.

So it's like when he asks
for a hidden immunity idol,

I just, like, give him my piece
of paper and then Tribal's done

and then the urn just goes away.

Are you serious?

Oh, my God!

What it does is shut down
the Tribal Council, essentially.

Everyone goes back to camp safely.

Oh, my God,
this is the best thing ever.

I know, it's really good.

But the thing
that makes this complicated is,

what happens if we win the challenge?

Well, that's great.
Yeah, but do I give it to Nick?

What if he goes home?

Nick is an incredibly important figure

in the war that's to come
when merge hits.

He's absolutely 100% an ally
for me and Shonee.

Not only that, he has all the intel
on the other side.

It only works for the next one.

That's why it's complicated.

Well, then we should give it to Nick.

I don't know.

It's just near impossible

to actually tell
exactly how he's doing.

We need him to survive.

Day 27 in Survivor.

Waking up this morning, I am feeling
like my game is on a knife's edge.

We're the hired help now.

We're in our place.

It's so true.

Hired help.

Before the tribe swap,
I was in such a good position,

in a comfortable alliance.

But since then,

I've been in a really, really bad spot.

Phoebe left my game
in absolute tatters.

Myself, Sharn, Lee and Phoebe
targeted Moana,

and she's still in the game.

And it's just totally come back
to bite me.

But I'm never counting myself out.

I've been on the Survivor
roller-coaster before.

I know that you can be right at the top

and down the bottom
and up the top again.

Are you serious?


No way!
Chilli, chilli, chilli!

Oh, my God,
there's 30 or 40 chillies there.

- Made my day.
- Way to go, Nick.

I have to just keep pushing and hope
that this ride is gonna take me up...

Oh, I got chilli in my *** eye.

Do you want some water?

..before it sends me crashing
even further.

Obviously us three are
gonna stick together,

- myself, you and Sharn.
- Yep.


This first people I always
want to speak with are Lee and Sharn.

They're like my closest alliance.

So far, we've had each other's backs.

And I need to make sure
that keeps on happening.

My absolute dream
is to make it to the merge

and get back together
with Shonee and Harry.

And hopefully
I can bring over Lee and Sharn.

OK, so this is what I think.

I think our best bet is to be like,
we are a group.

Yeah, exactly.
I know. 100%. That's good. OK.

You go...
Yeah, yep.

I'll go this way.
We'll head out separately.

Of course.

Nick is possibly the most nervous
person I have ever met

in the history of the world.

Nick looks like he's constantly
on high alert.

His eyes are basically
jammed in this position...

..wide open.

We basically have to start
dripping eye-drops in there

to keep 'em moist.

But, to be honest,
he should be nervous.

Nick has a couple of lifelines
when it gets to merge.

I would like to be the only Vakama
lifeline when it gets to merge.

So Nick needs to get gone.

We just need to make sure we have
the best team for the immunity.

I took my first shot on Nick
in the original vote to get him gone

when Phoebe went to fire.

Um, and I missed.

Last Tribal, he put votes on Mo,

so he's my number one target right now.

And I'd like to get this done.

I do not like leaving loose ends in
this game, and Nick is the loosest.

Crush 'em out.

Go for the jugular.

Yep, go for the jugular.
Vakama, pwooh!

The problem is Nick has
a little bit of power.

He still has a relationship with Sharn.

He still has a relationship with Lee.

If I get voted out, you've
got to keep it going.

We'll just keep you here
just 'cause it's so tidy.

So I want to pull Nick
aside and set a trap

and get Nick out of here.

Brother, you're a smart dude.

I want you to be in
the merge picture, bro.

You and I are the most useful people
at, like, thinking across merge.

There's a very tight
alliance of six over here

that's only getting tighter,

so we're gonna need each other.

It'd be the most unlikely
thing, playing together.

Just keep that in mind.

I want to do that, too, because...

Cool, cool, cool.
Alright, well, look, man, I will...

I feel like I'm in a sketchy
position in this tribe,

and, like, the last thing
that's going to...

Let's think long game here, brother.

There's a lot of stuff that
we could do across tribes.

Yeah, right.

Like, the game is gonna open up
in one more vote.

I don't want you going at
the next vote if we lose immunity.

I'm open. I'm open. I'm... I'm like...

Like I said, I'm floating

because I feel like
I don't have a life raft.

So, I'm down.

Alright. We'll keep this one
between us, yeah?


I am making sure that Nick does
not have any moves, no moves!

I am very interested
in continuing to just lay low.

Yeah, 'cause... Yeah.


You can't play my game, Nick.
A little inside-out dribble.

A little shimmy and a shake
crossover on Phoebe.

Boom, Phoebe's homecoming.

Dunkin' on Nick, pull it back, boom!

Nick is goin' home.

- That's fun.
- Looks like fun.

This is gonna be a good one.
Come on in, guys!

Mokuta getting their first look
at the new Vakama tribe.

Flick voted out
at last night's Tribal Council.

Told ya.
There you go.

Told ya.
Good call, Jac.

On the money.

So, Nick, are you surprised
to see Flick gone?

Yeah, I really am.

But conventional wisdom might suggest

that Brooke got her revenge that's
been four years in the making.

Brooke, is that true?
Oh, all I can say

is that Vakama was definitely
flipped on its head last night.

Harry, Harry, Harry.

What are you looking at me for?

Well, that was kind of a nutty Tribal
in the end.

Oh, I don't know. It was
sort of standard for me, really.

Business as usual for Dirty Harry,

Business as usual.
Whatever it takes to keep me here.

Alright, you guys ready
to get to today's Reward Challenge?


Alright, for today's challenge,

on my go, you're gonna climb
over a wall and down the other side,

then shuffle up a pole
to the top of the tower,

leap off, make your way to a deck.

One of you will then swim out
to unhook a pontoon of puzzle pieces

that the rest of the tribe
will pull back to the deck.

The first piece is in place already.

Two tribemates will then use
the pieces to solve a puzzle.

First tribe gets it right, wins reward.

Want to know what you're playing for?

Yes, we do.
Come on, Jonny.

A delicious brunch
of BLTs and bloody Marys.

Oh, yes!
Bloody Marys!

I know that's worth playing for.

Yeah, it is.

Mokuta, you need to
sit out three today.

Cannot be the same
in back-to-back challenges.

Who are they gonna be?
It's gonna be myself, Mo and Jacqui.

We're gonna take a seat.

Zach, Moana, Jacqui,
you guys are on the bench.

Everyone else, I'll give you a minute
to strategise. Let's get to it.

Alright, here we go.

For reward.

Survivors, ready...

Let's go, green!


Everyone racing through the water.

- Locky gets to the wall first.
- Go, go, go, go, go, go, Nick.

Only two at a time on the wall.

Locky goes up for Vakama.

David for Mokuta.

Brooke close behind.
Shonee's right there now.

Keep coming, come, come.
Brooke first down the wall for Vakama.

Looking very strong.

Keep coming, keep coming,
keep coming, Nick.

Come on, big dog.
Go, go, go, go, go.

Hand, yep.

You're up. Go. Grab that rope.
Come on, guys.

Harry last to go up for Vakama.

Come on, Lee. Now you.

Sharn starting to struggle on the wall.

- Getting my foothold.
- Come on, guys!

- Harry gets to the top.
- Let's go, Haz.

Come on, H.
Vakama have a lead.

Alright, as quick as you can, H.

Quick as you can, quick as you can.
Come on, come on, come on.

Vakama moving on to the pole.

Lee last up for Mokuta.

Vakama trying to extend their lead.

Go, Lee, go!
You're good, Mokuta!

Now you need to shimmy your way up
that pole to the top of the tower.

Green machine!
Locky first on the pole for Vakama.

Brooke right behind Locky.

Everyone needs to be at the top
before you can move on.

Oh, ***.
Yeah, I got ya.

Nick first on the pole for Mokuta
but is struggling.

Lee puts a hand on his arse,
trying to push him up.

Using the feet, using the feet.
Yeah, that's it. Yeah.

- Trying to push his feet up now.
- Go, Nick, go.

Both tribes stuck on the pole.

Grab hold of me if you need.

- Nick gets to the top for Mokuta.
- That's it, Nick, good.

Lee inching his way up.

Ah, shit, eh.

Help him, Nick, help him.
Struggling to get a grip.

This is kind of tragic.

Brooke in a precarious position.

Locky helping her up.

Sorry, sorry.
Nah, all good.

Locky going back down again.

- Let's go, Tarzan!
- Nearly there, Lee!

Tarzan desperately
trying to hold onto Lee's foot.

Nick trying to pull Lee up.
You right?

Lee trying to pull Tarzan up.

Got this.

Truly pathetic.

AK on the pole for Vakama.

AK's got a different approach.

He's gonna try crawl up
from underneath.


No, that's not gonna work.

Bit more, bit more.
You need another...

Nick trying to grab Lee
between the legs.


Looking very awkward.
Come on.

Finally Lee is up.

Go, Tarz. Pull him.

Sharn is on the pole now,
inching her way up.

Go, Tarzan. One hand, Tarzan.

Tarzan struggling the last few feet.

Completely spent
from working his way up that pole.

Keep it steady.

Yes, Tarz.
Grab the edge with your feet.

Finally Tarzan is up.

Harry on the pole now for Vakama.


David's last up for Mokuta.

Here. That's it, guys. That's it.

OK, don't fall off, don't fall off.
Steady your legs.

Drive me up. Drive me up.

Brooke and Locky
dragging AK up the last foot.

Sharn is up now.

Four on the platform for both tribes.

Good work, Dave. That's it.

Vakama had a nice lead,
but it has evaporated

as Harry is struggling on that pole.

David is almost
at the top of the pole for Mokuta.

This is where we take...
This is where we take him.

No, no, don't take me.

- Let go, let go, I'm up.
- Ready?

Mokuta, you're good, go!

Sharn first in for Mokuta.

You need to get out to the deck
before the next person can go.

- Go!
- Go!

You're good!
Lee goes in now for Mokuta.

Harry is still struggling for Vakama.

There's no grip!

Push it, guys.

Tight as you can.

Little more, little more. As soon
as you get Locky's foot, just reach.

Vakama have completely lost their lead.

Mokuta just pulling away.

Go, Dave!
David last in for Mokuta.

Go, Lee, go!
You're good, Mokuta.

Yeah, Lee!
Big dive from Lee,

swimming out to the pontoon.

Harry desperate on that pole,


Yeah, go.

Locky offering his foot.


Mokuta start pulling their pontoon
back to the deck.

Keep going up so I can pull.

Desperate to get back in this.


Mokuta have all their pieces unpacked.

They start working on the puzzle.

Put this one on. Upside down.

Nick and David
working on the puzzle for Mokuta.

Nick loves a good puzzle challenge.

Good. That's good, Nick.

Three pieces in place.
10 pieces in total.

Have a look.

Harry not quite there.

Locky offers him a hand.

Needs to get him back on the tower
before you can move on.

Wait, I'm still going this way.

Brooke trying to help now.
One big drag and he's up.

AK goes in.

Need to be at the deck
before the next person can go.

That one there, boys.
Over there, on the far right.

Mokuta thinks they've figured out
what it is.

Yep, go.

David lifting a piece by himself.

That's it, Dave.

Puts it in place.
Nick puts another piece in place.

It's quickly coming together
for Mokuta.

Locky goes in,

swimming out to the pontoon.

Go, Dave! Yes, Nick!


Three pieces left for Mokuta.

This one.

Locky unhooks the pontoon.

He needs to be back at the deck
before he can start pulling.

Nice, Lock.

David and Nick place another piece.

Yes, yes, quick! Yes, yes!

Finally Locky's back

and they're pulling their pontoon
to the deck.

- And the last one!
- Yes, yes! Yes, that's it!

Mokuta place their last piece,
go for the win...


- And they're good!
- Yeah!

Mokuta win reward!


I'm wearing the same *** shoes
as everyone else.

Bloody Mary and burger, here we come!

Real food, Sharn.
We haven't eaten real food!

It's gonna be so good!


Alright, Mokuta, congratulations.

Your reward will be waiting for you
back at camp.

But it's no fun
going to brunch without a guest.

So, choose one person
to join you from Vakama.

They're not gonna bring me.
They don't want to feed me.

We're deciding that
we would like Brooke to come over.

Alright, Brooke, go ahead, join Mokuta.

Bye, guys.

Thanks, guys.

Alright, guys,
it could be a little overwhelming

for Brooke to hang out with you guys
by herself, so, um...

..go ahead and choose
one more person to join you.

- Oh.
- OK, well...

Choose four more.

- No, not Harry.
- No.

- I wouldn't mind bringing Shonee.
- Yeah, bring Shonee, yeah.

- Happy with that?
- Yeah. You guys pick.

I'm just stoked.
I want to bring Shonee over.

Alright, Shonee.

Go ahead.
Enjoy, Shonee.

- Bye, guys!
- Welcome.

Welcome back.
Alright, guys, congratulations.

The reward will be waiting for you
back at camp. Head on out. Enjoy.

- Enjoy, guys.
- Bye, guys.

Enjoy, guys. Enjoy, mate.

Gonna leave that there.
Enjoy, guys.

Alright, guys, got nothing for ya
except a little male bonding time

back at camp.

Head on out. Enjoy.

Losing today's challenge
but still getting the reward

is the best deal ever.

Not only am I getting a feed
and a bloody Mary,

but I get some very valuable
information about the other tribe.

Minimal effort and maximum return.


- Wow!
- Wow!

How awesome.

"Build your own BLT." Bring it on.

We won the reward today,
BLTs and bloody Marys.

- Look at the bread!
- Oh, my God.

- Oh, my God, the bread.
- Yew!


We chose Brooke and Shonee
to join us for the reward.

Thank you, guys, so much
for inviting us.

Oh, my God!

Oh, so good.

Bacon, bread, tomatoes
and avo and cheese.

Oh, my God, there's pickles!
It's like a dream come true.

Pickles. I love pickles.

Thank you.
Next up.

Thank you.

But then when Jonathan throws in
a bloody curly twist,

"You can pick two people from Vakama
because isn't it nice to share..."


I've been waiting for this moment.

It just means less food for us.

How do you think AK, Harry and Locky
will be feeling?

They'll be devvo.

We're in the bad books, I think,
when we get back.

It was so lovely going away
with Shonee for the afternoon.

We were on a little vacation,
having some bloody Marys.

Cheers, guys. Good win today, hey.

Yeah! Cheers.
Thanks, Dave. Yep, brilliant.

Thanks for inviting us.

You guys go first.

It was just nice to get away

from our, you know, Survivor husbands.

Did you see the look on Locky's face?

- He was, like, going, "Please, please,
please!" - Locky was so defeated.

Like, just for the food.
Oh, for the food.

Oh, tomatoes! Look at these!

Never seen so much colour.

Oh, my God!

The first thing
that I wanted to do was eat.

So, what happened at Tribal last night?

But everybody was drilling
Shonee and I for information.

What was the split?

..well, probably just have to tell
the story all over again,

so I'll wait till...
Yeah, yeah.

- But I really did want a BLT.
- Brooke.

Brooke, come here for a sec.
Want to ask you...

Oh, careful.

Just leave me alone.

Are you and Locky actually making out?

No, we have not made out.

You're lying.

No, we haven't.
'Cause when you lie, you look left.

When I'm nervous, I look left.

I'm still nervous,
but... I'm not lying.

You don't have to worry
about inviting me to the wedding.

Mokuta seem really tight.

And no-one was willing
to give any information to me.

Have they been talking about
anyone over here?

A little bit.

So, Moana is definitely
the queen of Mokuta.

She took a seat on her throne
and I was summoned by her.

Gave me a tap
to come sit over next to her.

Moana has never spoken to me
in this game.

And then she's like,
"How are you, darl?"

I'm like,
"OK, hi, good, yes, thank you."

Yes, definitely.

Maybe she likes me.
Baby steps, baby steps.

I'm not giving much away.

Nick is the only person from Mokuta
I'm willing to work with.

How's Harry going?

He's good. Yep. We miss you.


I want nothing more

than to sit down with a giant
sandwich and an alcoholic beverage

and just chew the fat with Shonee.

Shonee and I have this incredible bond.

But, like,
I'm trying to make it look like

I have no ties on the other side.

And I've got the surveillance crew
with me.

I know that people
are suspicious of me,

and I'm suspicious of other people.


Things are dire for me.


Help me, help me.
I'm the guy who's drowning.

I need you to pull me up
and send me a life raft.


And I think Shonee got the message.

Up for round two.

Oh, man.
I don't know where she puts it.

Took Jacqui's top.

Just left it right at the challenge
in front of us.

She left it right there,
didn't she?

In the midst of Mokuta winning,

Jacqui left her stuff on the pontoon.

And of course we stole it.

We decided to build a scarecrow.

This fits perfectly. It's almost
like you've got the same body type.

The little wins in Survivor.

Jacqui's the sort of person that
definitely wants her stuff back.

I'm probably gonna
give the clothes back.

Just do the nice thing
since we're so close to merge.

That is beautiful.

Use it to get on her good side.

Here they come.

Well, well, well!


Yeah, look at that smile.

Brooke and I definitely
had to do some damage control

with the boys when we got back home.

It wasn't that good.
It was stingy with the bacon.

Stingy with the bacon?

Don't worry,
you didn't miss out on anything.

They missed out on a lot.

So Nick couldn't really talk to us.
Yeah, Nick straight up said,

"I can't talk to you today
or I might be the next one going."

And so he laid really low.

They could get rid of Nick.

To get that confirmation, Nick
is clearly on the bottom,

it's not great news.

Nick is an ally for me and Shonee.

Nick gave me a hug
on the way out and he's like,

"I miss you 100%, OK?
Just know that."

I'm like, "I know, darling."

He has all the information
on the other side.

It's sad 'cause I wanted to talk to
him, but we just couldn't, really.

He's an essential part of our game
when merge hits.

The advantage that I hold right now

is powerful enough
to save myself and Shonee.

It also gives me
the chance to save Nick.

If Vakama wins the next immunity,
I could give away my advantage

and he can simply stop the votes,
go back to camp, safe.

Home, sweet home.

It's much better here, isn't it?
It is actually a lot better.

How nice is it?
So nice.

But, at the same time, I've worked
hard with this new group of people

and I don't want to risk
their place in this game.

We're gonna be good, man.

I really don't know
how I'm gonna play it.

Come on in, guys!

So, Harry, as your tribe just keeps
getting smaller and smaller,

I can only assume you really
want to avoid Tribal tonight.

That's one way to look at it.

The other way to look at it
is I've outlasted a lot of people

and we're down to 13 people left.

Are you bearing gifts today?

I am.

In Survivor,
'finders keepers' is a real thing.

But I'm gonna be nice
and give these back.

Aw. Thanks, Harry.


Alright, you guys ready to get to
today's Immunity Challenge?

First things first...

Big boy.

Here you go, mate.
Thank you, sir.

Once again,
immunity is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge,

you'll each hold a rope
that balances a wobbly table.

On my go, you'll race out
to collect wooden blocks,

bringing 'em back one at a time

and stacking 'em
one on top of each other.

If at any point your table wobbles
and you drop your stack,

you'll have to start over.

First tribe to stack all their blocks

wins immunity, safe from the vote.

Losing tribe, Tribal Council tonight,

where one of you will become
the 12th All Star voted out.

Mokuta, you need to
sit out three today.

Cannot be the same
in back-to-back challenges.

Who are they gonna be?

Uh, alright, we're gonna sit
Sharn, Nick and Tarz.

Alright, Sharn, Nick, Tarzan,
you guys are on the bench.

Everyone else, a minute
to strategise. Let's get it on.

Alright, here we go.

For immunity.

Survivors, ready...


There is definitely
a learning curve to this challenge.

It's all about balance and patience.

Big calm strides, guys.

You each have three blocks.

You need to stack them end on end
on that wobbly table.

Locky places his second for Vakama.

Brooke places hers.

Shonee places the second.

Zach places his second for Mokuta now.

Lee places his second.

Just like that, Lee drops.

You need to pick 'em up,
take 'em back, start again.

Everyone needs to have three
stacked on their table

and back behind the starting line
to win this challenge.

Brooke placing her third block.

Mokuta have three stacks of two.

Vakama have three stacks of two
and one stack of three.

Nice lead for Vakama.

I'm sure they'd like to
stay out of Tribal Council tonight.

Oh, no.

Shonee drops.

Oh, ***.

Just like that, Brooke drops.

That's how quickly
things can change in this challenge.

One minute you have the lead,
next minute, disappears.

Jacqui coming back with her third.

Drops again.

Jacqui, don't throw ropes.
Come on, mate.

Throws her rope down in frustration.

Jacqui, don't throw your rope.

AK drops.

Everyone slowing it down now.

Zach placing his third for Mokuta,

heading back to the start line.

Slow as you like.
There's no lead over the other side.

Jacqui, you can't...

Jacqui, stop!

Jacqui drops again.

Jacqui, don't throw the rope.
It just moved everything else.

And her rope interferes
with Zach's table,

knocks over his stack of three.

Thanks, mate. Awesome.

- Awesome work.
- Refocus, refocus.

- Back in the game.
- Guys, focus, now focus.

Both of them are gonna have to restack.

Throw your rope again, Jac.

OK, let's move this guy.

Mate, you do that one more time...

You got this, Jacqui.
Do you think I meant to do it, Zach?

I'm sorry, OK?

One tribe, here we go, come on.

- Locky places his third.
- Nice work, Lock.

Again, Vakama has a nice lead.

Can they keep it?

With only five of them
left in the game,

it'd be nice to avoid
Tribal Council tonight.

Brooke placing her third again.

And just as she does that,
Locky loses his entire stack.

- David's heading back.
- Great work, Dave.

Brooke slowly inching her way back.

Both feet need to be
behind that start line.

One more step will do it.

And Brooke is good.
She's in position.

Now she needs to wait
for everyone else.

It doesn't matter how good you are
as an individual in this challenge,

it matters how good you are as a tribe.

Oh, no.


Harry placing his third block.

AK places his second.

Locky very close.

Take your time, Locky.

Locky's good.

Vakama have a legitimate lead now.
Can they keep it?

David places his third again
for Mokuta.

He's heading back.

Harry getting close to the start line.

But his blocks are wobbling
all over the place.

One more metre, Harry.


And Shonee dumps her entire stack.

She's gonna have to start over.

And that's it.

Harry's good.
He's back behind the start line.

Locky, Brooke, Harry,

they all have three
stacked on their tables

and they're all behind the start line.

Just need to wait
for AK and Shonee to catch up.

You got this, AK.

AK places his third.

David is getting close
to that start line.

One more step.

And that's it.
David's back in position.

Great work, Shon.

Shonee carefully placing her third
and final block for Vakama.

And as she does,
she loses her entire stack.

She's gonna have to start over...

Nah, we got time. We got time, yeah.

..opening the door for Mokuta.

See? That's out window.

OK, that's our window, guys.
It's all good.

And that's it, AK is across the line.

Locky, Brooke, Harry and AK,

all have three blocks stacked.

Now it's up to Shonee.

Just do you, Shon.
Take your time.

Moana very close for Mokuta.

Super slow, Mo.
Keep it steady.

One more foot will do it.

You got this, Mo.

And that's it, Moana is across the line.

She's in position.

Lee placing his third block.

Shonee placing the final
block for Vakama.

Can she get it to stick?

Her stack is looking good.

Now she needs to get back
to the start line.

If she can do it
and everyone else can hold position,

this could be it for Vakama.

It's all good, guys.
Don't get frustrated.

Lee has his third in position.

Careful back there, brother.
Careful back there. Slow it down.

He starts heading back.
Slow it down, Zachy boy.

Just be careful on that.
Yeah. Careful on that. Ooh.

Shonee methodically
making her way back,

would love to bring it home
for the tribe.

Mokuta not giving up.

Nice, Lee. Another big step over
and you're there.

Lee's good. Lee's in position.

Jacqui placing her third.

Shonee, couple feet away
from victory here.

Can she close it out?

Shonee... more inch, and that's it!

Vakama wins immunity,

sending Mokuta to Tribal Council!

- Guys! Oh, guys!
- Guys!

Sorry, guys.
No, don't be silly. It's all good.

Sorry, bro.
Well done.

That was a hard one.

Oh, yeah. Who's, um...


Well done. Well done.

Yeah, please.
Get in. Alright.

Which means...

Vakama, very well done.

Thank you.
Immunity is yours.

Whoo! Shimmy!

I'm so excited.

You guys are safe. No-one going home.

Grab your gear, head on out.
Enjoy your night off.

- Good luck, everyone.
- Good luck, guys.

Good luck, guys.

See ya.
OK, Mokuta,

Tribal Council for you guys tonight,

where one of you will become the 12th
All Star voted out of this game.

Grab your gear, head on out.
I'll see you guys tonight.

It was very hard not
handing over an advantage to Nick.

I'm pretty certain
Nick is on the bottom.

So unless Nick can find a way
to move around in Mokuta tribe,

I think he will be next
on the chopping block.

That is a huge thing

because it could really come back
to bite me in the arse.

Well, clearly it was Jacqui's
fault we lost that challenge today.

Jacqui would drop the rope,
throw it down,

causing Zach to lose a full stack.

And, man, that was frustrating.

But in a way, it worked out well

because tonight
I am gonna sink my teeth

into a very juicy Nick blindside.

It's gonna be so delicious.
I can taste it already.

Oh, I love a blindside.

I love blindsides
almost as much as I love idols,

and I can't get enough of 'em.

But I also want to
get my tribe's teeth wet.

I want to have fun with this tribe.

Mo and I have been playing
in secret a little bit.

And I know that ever since Nick put
a vote on Moana, she wants Nick gone.

Think we all need to be
on the page for this one vote.

Yeah, cool.

Mo clearly controls Tarzan's vote
and Jacqui's vote.

So tonight the vote
is gonna be all seven on Nick.

So we'll all go solid on Nick.

I just think so.
Nah, I'm down.

He's lied to my face,
like, multiple times.

I know.

And he's lied to you. And he's
written my name down three times.

Three times, I know.

And he's the only one that will flip
out of our whole group.

It'll be nice for our alliance.

If we can all come in strong
and put seven votes on Nick,

it really sets us up
for a good position at merge.

Going to merge with a tribe united
is gonna be much better

than a tribe that is
completely split down the middle.

And merge is happening
sooner rather than later.

Let's get this blindside train rolling

because we're coming to merge
and it's gonna be blindside city!

Shall we go sit on the beach?
Yeah, man.

But one of the key ingredients
in every blindside recipe

is the person not knowing
about that blindside.

Man, we have to think about merge now.

'Cause this'll be navigatable,

like, for us to both get through,
no worries.

And we don't want to mess this up.

What's your goal?

What do you think?


I'd like that. I'd really like that.
Yeah. I'd like that, too.

David and I could very easily
be working together.

But something's...
something's not right.

On paper, like, I'm in a bad position,

but I don't think that's the reality.

I don't think you're in a bad
position. Nah, it's not the case.


You can tell when something's
not right with him

because he's always so sketchy.

I think the Golden God
is coming after me.

But I say bring it.

He pulled out an idol
at the last Tribal Council

when he really didn't have to.

He didn't play it.
And I'm going to flush that idol.

I am the original snake

and snakes aren't afraid to get
in there, be stealthy, be slippery.

Mate, how are ya?

My plan is to ensure
that myself, Lee and Sharn

move as a trio that trusts each other.

I came into this game saying
that I want to leave this game

with, like, an alliance
that never turns on me

and a group of people that I can
move with all the way to the end,

and I have that with you two.

I'm pitching that it's about loyalty,

that the merge is approaching,

eliminate the sketchiness
from this tribe.



If myself, Lee and Sharn work as a trio

with Jacqui and Tarzan,

splitting the vote
between Dave and Zach,

we flush Dave's idol
and take out his puppet, Zach.

And everything is gravy.

I am going to kick down every door,
turn over every stone

and break down every wall

to get myself to the next phase.

I have so many people on the other side

who want to work with me,
and I want to work with them.

I have to get there.


Oh, so now he's throwing
my name out. Alright.

That's not anything
that I plan on doing,

so my suggestion
is that me, Sharn, Lee...

Nick tells me that Dave
has been throwing my name around,

that he wants to write Zach's name down

and break the bromance
that him and Dave have got.

I like Nick's company. I'd rather
have Nick around than Zach.

That challenge that we did today
was extremely frustrating.

I thought Zach
was being disrespectful to me.

I'm not gonna let you push me around.


What do we reckon?

I'm actually feeling pretty good.

I feel pretty secure
with my majority seven alliance.

Yeah, good.

Yeah, of course.

But I don't fully trust Sharn
after the last vote.

And right now Sharn
is in a pretty awkward position.

She's in a very tight alliance
with Nick and Lee.

At the same time, she's in
a secret alliance with me and Mo.

I mean...

..there's not really much to say
on my end of it.

I think the plan is to basically
just do it all on Nick.


So what we really need Sharn to do now

is prove to us she's gonna be loyal
and help me get Nick gone.

I guess I probably
just want to reiterate that...

Well, don't waste it, you know.
I know, I won't, yeah.

Now, I hope you got my back.

- And then we go in, like, super
strong seven. - Of course.

I've been playing both sides,

trying to align with Moana and David.

But since day one, I've had a really
good relationship with Nick.

We've been honest with each other
and I love Nick.

I've had a great game with him so far.

So when everyone starts saying,
"OK, the vote's got to be Nick,"

I don't like the sound of that.

So I'm torn.


This is what
I said I was going to do.

I came out here
to make it as far as possible

and I was not going to leave
any stone unturned.

And right now, this plan,
this has to work.

This is it. This is
the Hail Mary shot right here.

I'm probably a little bit concerned
about Sharn

and I'm a little bit concerned
about Jacqui.

Jacqui has been
a bit of a loose cannon.

And even though I've tried to vote
with Sharn in two consecutive votes,

she hasn't voted with me.

Gives me kind of sketchy vibes.

People can taste merge.
It's right around the corner.

And tonight is a chance
to strengthen our seven alliance.

Nick needs to go home

and I hope he does that
in grand fashion.

So, David,

last time we were here,

you made a pretty bold statement
by wearing an idol.

I think I just kind of wanted to

show the people I have an alliance with

that I want to use it
to better our alliance.

I think it can be a really
handy tool to have in the mix.

So, Nick, what did you make of it?

I think it was like a real boss move.

But then, like, that's what Dave does.

Like, he's really good at this game.

And if anyone
was thinking of voting for him,

which no-one was,

it's like a deterrent kind of thing.

So, Nick, a vote always reveals
information about a tribe.

What did you learn last vote?

I left that vote realising
that I'd made a huge mistake.

Twice in a row.

What do you mean?

Well, I voted for Moana twice.

And it was clearly the wrong decision.

It's part of the game

and we all have to write
each other's name down at one time.

Or a couple of times.

So... that's Survivor.

But you just gotta keep moving forward.

So, Moana, does that mean that old
tribal lines are not gonna matter

when we get to merge?

I don't even have an old
tribal line. This is my tribe.

This is the people
I feel I trust the most.


Like, this is the group
that I want to move forward with.

But, Lee, the truth is
someone's going home tonight.

True. True. Tonight, unfortunately,
we lose one of ours.

But what it does do,

it puts us in a great position
moving forward come merge time.

And if we can use those numbers wisely,

we have the ability
as a group to dominate.

David, you know better than anyone
else that you can't win this game

by just sticking with the majority
the whole time.

I think, in Survivor,
timing is everything.

And there is a time for big moves.

But for us tonight this is
a huge vote that sets up the merge.

We're gonna go in with the majority.

I think the wrong vote tonight
splits this tribe

and makes us vulnerable at merge.

But the right vote tonight
brings us together.

And we really can push forward
as a tight group of seven.

So, is there really an alliance
of seven in this group?

Well, I think, after tonight,

when there is seven,
that will be the alliance.

So, Tarzan, how many names
were thrown around this afternoon?

Oh, I think, in general, there was
probably at least two or three.

Again, you've just got to come back
to what you're trusting in.

What about you, Zach? Did you
hear your name this afternoon?

I've heard my name once or twice.

I mean, that's not unusual
to hear your name.

Can't let that kind of creep you out.

You just stay composed.

Everyone does seem
very composed tonight.


We're a bit windblown.

Maybe the answer's
blowing in the wind, Jon.

It's blowing in the wind.

But, Jacqui, if everyone's so calm,

does that mean we're gonna see
another blindside tonight?

Oh, we might see
a blindside tonight, Jonathan.

You should never be complacent
or feel safe in this game.

So, Moana, there's a lot of talk
about merge coming up.

What kinds of people
do you not want to take to merge?

We want to pick off Vakama
and then go from there.

The last thing you want is somebody
that you're working with

that you cannot trust.

Do you feel like you can trust
everyone in your alliance?

People have made mistakes
and broken my trust, yes.

You just have to forgive 'em
and move forward.

Will I forget? Probably not.

But will I forgive? Yes.

Do you feel the same way, David,

that you can trust everyone
in your alliance?

There's definitely people
that I 100% trust

in this alliance right now,

and I'd love to add to that.

And I think tonight is a great way
for us to get on the same page.

We've been talking about
getting on the same page.

So tonight we do that.

That really will
bring us closer together.

So, by saying there are people
that you trust 100%,

do you mean there are some people
that you don't trust 100%?

Maybe there's some people I trust 92%.


That's so weird.
That's what Shane...

That's what Shane said.
Oh, she did?

Yeah, at the Tribal.

So there's some people
that I trust 92%,

but that's really just a hangover
from some other votes.

We're a great team.
We're a proven team.

And I think tonight's vote

allows us to, you know,
really form a strong alliance.

So, Sharn, do you agree tonight's vote

is a way to prove your allegiance
to the alliance?

Trust develops over time
and through voting,

so I think that's correct.

There is different levels of trust.

Is the vote more difficult
for you tonight?

I think so.

Yes, because you've got
relationships that you've had

for a longer period of time...

..and then other relationships
that are much shorter.

That's always the issue, so... the end of the day, it's
going to be an individual choice,

what people want to do for themselves.

Nick, are you feeling trust
in your alliance?


At 100% or 92%?

Let's go 99% on everyone.

Because I wouldn't be throwing
my lot in with people

if I didn't trust them.

What should the tribe remember
before we go up to vote?

Loyalty can grow and change over time.

And small pockets of people can come
together and make a bigger pocket

that hopefully will carry the day
in the end.

Well, let's find out if that's true.

It is time to vote.

It is time to vote. Sharn, you're up.

We keep talking about
trying to get back on the same page,

but, I think, at this point,

it's probably better that
we just burn the whole damn book.

Nick, I have one
for your poetry book.

Roses are red, violets are blue

I'm sorry, old mate
But we're blindsiding you.

I'll go count the votes.

If anyone has a hidden immunity idol
and they want to play it,

now would be the time to do so.

OK, once the votes are read,
the decision is final.

The person voted out will be asked

to leave
the Tribal Council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote...



That's one vote Zach, one vote Nick.


Two votes Nick, one vote Zach.


Three votes Nick, one vote Zach.


Four votes Nick, one vote Zach.

12th person voted out of
Australian Survivor: All Stars,


You need to bring me your torch.

I can't believe it...

I am sorry.
It's fine.

One of you two go and win it, alright?

It's been an absolute honour, guys.

I got to play my favourite game twice.

Couldn't be happier, so...

Thanks, guys.

See ya, Nick.
See ya, Nick.

Nick, the tribe has spoken.

Yes, it has.

Time for you to go.
For posterity's sake.

Well done, mate.
See ya, Nick.

The snake is signing out.

Bye, everyone.

- See ya, Nick.
- Thanks, Nick.

Well, in this game, a calm
Tribal only means one thing...

..there's a helluva storm coming.

Grab your torches, head back to camp.

Tomorrow night on Australian Survivor...

We are merging.

My God, I'm here!

..the greatest endgame...

Welcome to the jungle, baby. about to take off.

There's game players everywhere,

and I'm ready to throw
them under the bus.

All Star players...

I want to cause chaos.

..with all-star moves...

People are gonna find out

I'm a much bigger threat
than they expected.

..who will do whatever it takes...

I'm bringing my chainsaw. be Sole Survivor.

I'm not here to come second again.
I'm here to win.

I'm gutted.

I'm just so gutted because
if I had made the merge,

I had so many friends in this game.

It's definitely a bitter pill to swallow

that Sharn and Lee
turned on me at the end.

Our alliance ship is sinking

and we can't all go down with the boat.

I am the original Survivor villain.

I am Nick the snake.

I am so proud of myself and
all the moves I got to make.

But I couldn't do it twice,

so I hope some other little
snake can slither along

and take out the title.

It will be sweet, sweet revenge

if I can see Harry, Shonee,
AK rip that tribe apart

and make it all the way to the end

and leave Mokuta in,
like, complete tatters

'cause, although I'm not
being a bitter Betty,

it'll be so fun to watch.