Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 5, Episode 14 - Episode #5.14 - full transcript

It's day 29 in Savusavu and the vibe amongst both Tribes is merge is imminent.

on Australian Survivor...

..the best of the best

playing harder than ever.

- Yeah, Lee!
- Yeah, come on, Locky!

Yep, yep, yep, yep, yep!

At Vakama...

Oh, my God, this is amazing.
It's so good.

..Locky and his majority alliance...

Everything that I wanted happen,
is happening.

..have knocked off their enemies...

I feel like I can definitely
get away with murder out here. by one...

I came into this game
with a mission to take out Flick.

..until just five remain.

I am loyal to the people
I'm loyal to until they come for me.

At Mokuta...

We're gonna work together moving forward.

..tribe swap forced an unlikely
alliance between Moana and David.

This is gonna turn
my whole game around.


One more inch and that's it!

..when Mokuta lost
the last Immunity Challenge,

they led the charge
to get rid of Nick...

I think we all need to be
on the page for this one vote.

Yeah, cool.

..and the rest of the tribe
fell into line.

We have got your back.

I feel pretty secure
with my majority seven alliance.

I am gonna sink my teeth
into a very juicy Nick blindside.

At Tribal Council,
Nick made a last-ditch effort.

Loyalty can grow

and this is the group
that I want to move forward with.



..the vote was unanimous.

The snake is signing out.
Goodbye, everyone.

12 are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

-== [ ] ==-

Day 29.

Pah! Boom.

He took great pleasure
in writing Nicky's name down.

Last night at Tribal Council,
Nick was voted out of the game.

It was incredibly sad.

It was sad to see my ally sent home
and have his torch snuffed.

Unfortunately, I mean,
it had to be done.

I had to vote for Nick

to show my allegiance
to David and Moana.

Yeah. Feel great.
That's good.

Day 29 and I'm feelin' fine!

What I set out to do at Mokuta

was to make myself the only lifeline
to the Vakama tribe,

and I've managed to do that.

Phoebe's gone. Nick has gone.

I have one idol that obviously
my alliance knows about.

But I have a second idol, my
baby, that nobody knows about.

I'm sitting pretty right now.

I mean, I AM pretty
but I'm also sitting pretty.


Right now at Mokuta there's
a very strong seven majority.

There's only five people
left at Vakama.

So there's only 12 people
left in this game.

I've been here before,

and I can feel it, I can sense it.

Merge is comin', baby.

Merge is coming.

I started this journey
on the Vakama tribe,

which means I've got
a great relationship over there.

But at tribe swap, I formed
better bonds, stronger bonds

with the Mokuta tribe.

We need to have our team meeting.

So I'm backing myself 100%
with my Mokuta seven alliance.

Hurry up, guys!

How do I plan to play as an All Star?

Well, I'm gonna play an All Star game.

They obviously already know you,
Mo and Tarzan are working together,

so we could keep saying that
that's like a power three there.

Because they already know that.
They already know that.

Oh, OK.

But if we played it like
that Sharn and Lee are swing votes,

play it like I'm on the bottom
of the alliance,

it'll give me a chance to get back in

with Locky and Brooke and AK there,

figure out
what that power structure is.

We just chop 'em off one at a time.


So, right now, the plan
is to basically go deep under cover,

let the Vakama five think that I'm
on the bottom of the Mokuta alliance

and that I want to flip back to Vakama

and then I'll take Zach with me

and we will scuttle that
Vakama alliance from the inside.

I'm 100% down with this plan.

That's the thing,
if we all just hold tight,

then shouldn't have any issues.

We are gonna charge merge

and we are gonna decimate
that old Vakama tribe.

- Let's do this, let's charge merge.
- Yeah, yeah.

- I'm so excited, man. We'll get them.
- So good.

One, two, three, Mokuta!



That's a hike.

Vakama getting their first look
at the new Mokuta tribe.

Nick voted out
at last night's Tribal Council.

Harry, what do you think
about Nick going home?

I'm pretty sad about it, to be honest.

He was one of my good friends.

He loved Survivor.

But at the same time, he gets to
go home and see his family.

So I guess it's bittersweet.

Alright, David, you're a smart guy.
What's about to happen?

I'm guessing merge, Jonathan.

I think everyone here
has had a bit of a buzz about us,

especially at the last Tribal Council.

Second time I'm making merge
and it feels pretty familiar today.

Well, David... are correct.

Everybody, drop your buffs.

- We are merging.
- Congratulations, everyone.

Well done.
Wow, wow, wow.

How's it look?

- Hi, guys!
- Hey!

- Congratulations.
- Mate, well done.

How good.

So, AK, how does it feel to make merge?

It feels pretty awesome.

There's four other people here
that haven't made merge.

There's five people here
that were that close.

Then there's two runners-up.

So I think it's a pretty cool bunch.

Moana, making merge gets you
one step closer to that half mill.

What would that money do for you?

For me, man, that would change
my family's life, hey.

Like, I would be able to
make my mum's last wish come true

and look after my family
like I always do.

David, you still have to beat
11 others to win.

So, what do you want to say to these
players standing here right now?

I'm just excited
to play against the best.

And I think that's what we've got here.

This is really the proving ground.

This is the big show now, the big 12.

Well, he's right.
Once again, this game has reset.

And now the people you have to beat
are not on the other tribe...

..they're standing right next to you.

With 12 of you left and 21 days to go,

may the best All Star win.


Alright, you guys ready to get to

your first Individual Reward Challenge?


For today's challenge...'re gonna hold onto a clay pot
tethered to a beam.

If at any point, you let it go,
it'll smash on the rail,

you're out of the challenge.

Last person left standing, wins reward.

Want to know what you're playing for?


You are playing for an advantage

in tomorrow's
first Individual Immunity Challenge.

It will be a leg up in the challenge
that could be the difference

between staying in the game
and going home.

- Worth playing for?
- Yes.

Alright, let's get to it.


Here we go.

Everyone's in position.

For reward, this challenge is now on.


Oh, it's hard.

It's not easy
holding that awkward position.

That core is gonna start to burn.

It feels so heavy.

DAVID: I'm being pulled
right off this.

First challenge after merge,

first opportunity
to size up your competition.

But the truth is merge also brings
with it a new level of uncertainty.

I'm about to let go.

Oh, ***.

And just like that,
not even a minute into the challenge,

AK is out.

No shot at that reward.

David quickly out.


Harry's had enough.
He's out of the challenge.

You guys have been up there
for 15 minutes.

This is like torture.

This is not up my alley.

Shonee trying to reposition,

trying to get a grip on that pot.

Shonee really trying to hold on.

Ooh, no!

And that's it.

I was almost there, as well.

You almost won.

Maybe next time.

We're down to eight.

Everything's got to be burning
at this stage.

Arms, shoulders, backs.

You guys have been out there
for 40 minutes.

How much more you got in you, Zach?

Oh, maybe 10, 15, possibly.

I'm just losing my grip.

You're right, Tarz. Hold it.

You got this one, Sharn.

Tarzan, he drops,
he's out of the challenge.

Well done, Brooke.
Brooke drops.

And we're down to six.

Jacqui, Lee, Moana, Locky,
Sharn and Zach

still in it.

Alright, guys, that is one hour.

We're gonna make things
a little more interesting.

Ooh, hang on a second.
Here we go.

In a moment, I'm gonna count you in.

You're gonna go to one hand.

But you need to choose
which hand that's gonna be

'cause you're gonna stay with that
hand for the rest of the challenge.

Alright, guys, here we go.




Now it's a lot more difficult.

My hands are so small.

All that weight going through one arm.

Sharn really starting to struggle

and starting to shake.


Yeah, bye-bye!

And that's it. She loses her pot.
She's out of the challenge.

Locky continues to move around,

trying to find something comfortable.

That's it. Moana drops her pot.
She's out of the challenge.

Started out with 12.
We're down to four.

Jacqui, Lee, Zach,

and Locky, the only one
still in the running for Vakama.

Oh, Locky's done.

Well done, Lock.

Locky's had enough.
He's out of the challenge.

Jacqui, Lee and Zach
battling it out for that reward.

And just like that, Zach drops.
He is out of the challenge.

Well done, Zach.

Now we have a showdown.

Jacqui and Lee.

Big gust of wind.

Little wobble from Jacqui.

One lapse in concentration

and you give up that very nice reward.

- Oh, ooh!
- Well done, Lee.

- Oh!
- Well done.


Jacqui loses focus, drops...

Well done.
..and Lee wins reward.

Well done.

Lee, congratulations.

You'll start favourite
in tomorrow's Immunity Challenge.

You'll find out
what the advantage is then.

And as for the rest of you...

..waiting for you back at camp
will be a merge feast.


Yay, a feast!

And I suggest you savour it

because for one of you,
it's gonna be your last supper.

Love it.

Grab your gear, head on out.

I'd love me some food!

Bye, Jonathan.

I knew merge was coming.
We hit 12.

So I put a really strong game plan
into action.

I'm the only one
with any Vakama connections.

I am in the best merge position
you could possibly be in right now.

It's welcome to the jungle, baby.

Merge! My God, I'm here!

Mate, look at me.

Bloody hillbilly.

I made merge. How exciting!

It's definitely a massive milestone.

It means you're over halfway

and I'm getting closer and closer
to my title of Sole Survivor

and I can smell the Gucci already.

I am so happy.

I have made merge on All Stars

and I've played this game
for the first 29 days

exactly how I planned to,

smarter, not harder.

And now I've gone from a one in 24
shot at half a million dollars

to a one in 12 shot.

And I'm ready to prove that
I'm the best player of them all.


This is something
we, uh, erected on day one.

I arrive at their beach

and it's no wonder Mokuta
keep winning challenges.

This is ridiculous!

It's like Pride Rock.

I've been living at the elephant
graveyard for the last 29 days.

No wonder you guys are so happy.

Beats the shit out of ours.

The shelter is incredible.

The fire pit is amazing.

And then you look out
over this beautiful water.

The only thing that's the same
is the pot.

That's it.

But the best part
about this All Stars merge...

- Oh, it's here!
- Let's eat!

Get in!

I don't think I've seen so much food,

not only in my Survivor life,
in my real life.

- Oh, my God. Oh, my gosh.
- It's amazing!

I mean, there was a whole pig there,
a whole fish, a whole chicken,

Are there beers?

..fruit, salad, olives, potatoes.


This is amazing.

I just wanted to dive in there
and rub it all over my body.

What are you getting?
We only eat vegies, mate.

- Sorry, mind the hands.
- It's alright, go for it.

I think everyone wanted to be polite.

Sorry, I'm in your road.

But that lasted probably a millisecond.


- Oh.
- Just using hands.

- I think everyone's just kind of gone for
it, haven't they? - Yeah.

I am so excited.

Yes, there's suckling pig on the table,

but there's also cutlery.

I haven't used cutlery in 29 days.

I've been using a shell as a spoon.



This is amazing!

Yay! Well done, everyone.
On the merge.

Well done making merge.

Congratulations, everybody.

- Die happy.
- Cheers, guys. Cheers.

'Kalokalo' means 'star' in Fijian.

What do you think?

What's that?

Our new tribe name is Kalokalo,

and that means 'star' in Fijian.

And we all thought it was appropriate

because this is
the season of All Stars.

So, collectively, we're all stars.

Is everyone happy with that?




Oh... man, merge feast!

Epic is understatement of the year.

- Is this crackle?
- Oh, did you say crackle?

Was there some kind of gravy?

People are ravenous.

They're ravenous to eat.
They're ravenous for blindsides.

It's basically like being at
one of those ancient Roman feasts.

Everyone eating with their hands,

kickin' back, drinking red wine,

having good laughs.

But all the while...

..we know there's 11 people that are
about to stab someone in the back.

I'm ready for this merge, man,

and I'm bringing my chainsaw
and it's like...

- Pineapple and pork, man.
- Oh, dude.

Such a good combo.

I just had a pile of bones on my plate.

Dude, that pineapple, though.

The pineapple, that was so good.

I probably ate a kilo of pork.
You'll get hungry again.

Oh, God, it's really gonna
heat up soon, hey.

Oh, yeah, it's gonna get hectic.


The merge tribe
is currently divided into two.

You got the old Vakamas
and the old Mokutas.

We have the upper hand because we
have the numbers. It's seven-five.

I've got loyal people around me,

Tarzan, Jacqui, Zach, Dave,

Sharn and Lee.

I make all the decisions
in my alliance.

Nothing gets said
unless it comes through me.

So I feel good going into merge.

The plan is the original Mokuta tribe

are sticking seven strong.

But we want the original Vakama members

to think that we're a fractured tribe.

Uh, me, Tarz, Jacqui,
and Zach's with us.


Dave's a little bit of an outsider.

Poor old Dave.

He's tried.

Allowing Dave to look like
he's on the outer

means he will literally
just fit right back in

where he left off at Vakama.

That's the key to pulling this off.

And that's how we blindside 'em.

I have unfinished business.

I spent the first 15 days
on Vakama dodging bullets

because Locky's alliance has been
gunning for me since day one.

And then they sent Mat
home, my man, Mat.

And now I'm about to give 'em
a taste of their own medicine.

I'm coming for Locky.

I do want revenge for Mat Rogers.

And getting Locky out
will play a small part in that.

But more importantly, for my endgame,

Locky's a massive player
and he needs to leave.

And Dave knows that, too.

Hey, homeboy.


Mo is out for blood

'cause Mo is a gangster.

And this is a gangster plan.

The biggest threat to my game
in this merge is Locky,

so that's great for me.


Yeah. Gangster shit.

This plan is basically
like the Trojan horse.

Vakama has the gates closed.
They're coming in as a tight five.

But I'm wheeling in on the horse
as a peace offering.

What they don't know
is right on the inside of that

is me and the Mokuta seven.

And when they're sleepin',
we're gonna come stormin' out.

Whose are they?
Whose are they?

They're Abbey's.

Gosh, they look good.

So, looking at
this merge tribe

we have five from Vakama, myself,
Harry, AK, Locky and Brooke,

and seven from Mokuta,

Moana, Sharn, Jacqui,

Tarzan, Dave, Zach and Lee.


..that makes us the minority.


Our best bet
is to bring in two more people,

make a new majority
and flip this game on its head.

And right now
two people stand out to me...

..Zach and Dave.

Dave's... Yeah. No doubt.

We have no issues with Dave.

Brooke said that Dave
is definitely on board.

And she worked with Dave for
two weeks at the start of the game,

so she's got a good relationship there.

Yeah. Once this one is done...
We'll know.

So now all I have to do
is work some magic,

bring Zach in and...

Bob should be our uncle.

Let's hope.

It's a big tide today, hey?
A huge tide today.

I think I have a great relationship
with Zach.

Well, it's a new moon I think.

We both started the game
on the Mokuta tribe.

We went to Exile Beach together.

I think he thinks of me
as like a little sister.

And I'm gonna make him my best friend.

Um... maybe...

Mmm, we could do that.

I have a lot of strengths in this game,

but one of them is my social game.

Zach loves birds.



He has a massive aviary
full of birds that he rescues,

and I know about this because he told
me when we were on a season together.

He's so passionate about birds,

which means
that I am so passionate about birds.

I suggest to Brooke that
if she needs to connect with Zach,

birds are our easy way to fly on in.

Zach, Brooke was telling me
how she used to breed birds.

Oh, really?

We rescue birds.

Oh, do you?
Yeah, we do.


And we've probably got,
I don't know, it varies,

anywhere between, like,
70 and 120 kind of thing.

Whoa, really?
Yeah, yeah.

So we've got like
a couple of massive aviaries

- and I'm sure there's gonna be a new
one there when I get home. - Yeah.

Look, I have not much in common
with most of these people,

but that's not gonna stop me.

What birds did you breed?


Oh, cool.
Oh, really? Oh, they're fun birds.

Yep, I did quails and cockatiels.
Like, I had them for ages.

I used to, like, handfeed them,
hand-rear them.

How long ago was that?

Um, I did it when
I was about maybe 12 to 14.

Oh, really?
And you used to sell them?


But I started with a few
and then I just built it up

and then I ended up
with, like, 27 birds in total.


I'm actually not sure
if Brooke has ever bred birds,

but I told her to chat birds to Zach,
and that's what she's doing.

Good girl.

Crazy bird lady.
Yep, crazy bird lady.

Oh, Zach, you love a crazy bird lady.
I'd love a crazy bird lady.

They're my favourite.

Well, it's very obvious
what Shonee and Brooke are doing.

I had this yellow budgie and I built
a house for it out of books.

Zach is doing really well himself.

I'm like, "Yeah, big dog, do it!"

Is it really noisy and stuff
at your house?

Uh, yeah, I mean, it can be
first thing in the morning.

Everything's going according to plan.

And I've got the Vakama five
eating out of my hand right now.

Yeah, bro.

Now it's time to play the final act
in my Survivor illusion.


Locky is the key to getting
back in with the Vakama five.

He's definitely the alpha dog.

So if I can make inroads with Locky,

I'm in.

Dude, I'm so happy you guys are back.

- I know. - It's been like senior
citizens club over here.

I need to set up the fact
that it makes sense

that Zach and I would like to flip.

It sucks because
I've had two weeks just being like,

"Um, can I please get through now?"

Oh, dude.

I mean, I just didn't get a chance
to play with Nick at all.

So that's where it's at.

So I'm looking at the way
the tribe's sitting now.

Um, you've got Mo, Jacqui, Tarzan,
who are definitely tight.

Tight as, yeah.
Then you've got Lee and Sharn.

Yeah, yeah.
So that's where the numbers are sitting.


..I'm, like,
I'm kind of in the breeze.


But I'm pretty convinced
we could maybe work with Zach.

Shonee reckons she's got him 100%.


Shonee thinks
she's hell tight with Zach.

So this is where I think the key is.

Like, if we can pull Zach,
we can get seven.

Well, 'cause if we can... if we can
have the five of us, you and him,

we've got the numbers,
we've got more than the numbers.

So he's really the key to it.

I'm telling Locky that I'm playing
like a cork in the ocean right now,

I've just been bobbin' through.

"I'm just making it through votes,

"I'm just making it through
on the skin of my teeth."

- Well, let's get back and we'll talk
to Zach... - Yeah.

..and say,
"Hey, I want to work with you.

"Who do you want?
You're the boss, you're the boss."

I've been orchestratin' all them votes,

and they don't even know.

So I'm in a very good position
right here.

Um, sitting pretty happy.

I mean, I hit merge.
This is where I wanted to be.

The five of us that came from Vakama,

we want to start running this place.


Zach and David are on the out,

so they've been pretty easy to pull in.

And this is where
I want to start messing things up.

I don't want anyone to get too relaxed.


Love it.

And no matter, like,
what we hear or whatever,

we know what we're voting from tonight.

Yeah, sweet.


Yeah, we got you if you do this for us.

And plus, we have fun.

I want to work with this seven,
get rid of Sharn.

I want to cause chaos
'cause I work better in chaos.

Come on in, guys!

Can't wait to see the necklace.


Sharn, did you guys
decide on a new tribe name?

I think we have.

I think it's Kalokalo,
which means 'star' in Fijian.

Sounds perfect.
Yeah, that's what we thought.

So, AK, how's everyone settling in
over at Kalokalo?

I think everyone was already
settled in over there.


I'm stoked to be there.

The sun's out, the water's fresh
and I'm happy.

Sounds nice.

It is.

Locky, how important
is that first immunity after merge?

Super important.

I mean, like, we haven't
gone to a Tribal all together,

so we don't really know
where people lie

and you definitely don't want
to be the first boot in merge.

So it's very important.

Alright, you guys ready to get to

your first
Individual Immunity Challenge?

Yes, sir!



Here we go.

Thank you.

It better be good
'cause that sword is awesome.

Tribal immunity is no more.


From now on...

..this is what you're playing for.

Oh, wow!

Very cool.


Individual immunity.

With this around your neck,
you are safe,

you cannot be voted out.

Without it, you're vulnerable.


For today's challenge...

..while balancing on a seesaw,

you're gonna take blocks from one side

and attempt to stack them
on the other side.

If any of your blocks fall,
you'll need to start over.

First person to stack all nine blocks,

wins immunity, safe from the vote.

As for the rest of you,
Tribal Council tonight,

where one of you will become the 13th
All Star voted out of this game.

Lee, you won an advantage yesterday,

which means you only need
to stack eight blocks.

Alright, let's get started.

Good luck, guys.

Alright, here we go.

For first individual immunity.

Survivors, ready...


There is definitely a learning curve
to this challenge.

You're gonna need really good balance
and a steady hand.

Shonee gets right to it.

First Tribal after merge,
potentially the most dangerous.

Everyone's coming together
for the first time

and you don't really know
where everyone stands.

And in a tribe of All Stars,

you are swimming with the sharks.

Be nice to have
that necklace around your neck,

guarantee yourself
another day in the game.

Sharn looks good,

placing her fifth.

Wow, Shonee is a machine
on this challenge,

just stacking block after block
after block.

Placing her sixth.

Nine blocks for the win.

And they need to stay up
for three seconds.

Shonee places her eighth.

Trying to steady that stack.

One wrong move
and she's gonna have to restart.

She drops.

Sharn drops.

Brooke drops.


Everyone's dropping quickly
in this challenge.

Anyone can drop at any moment.

And that's why you need
to keep fighting.

Locky struggling with the seesaw.


It's like I'm surfing at the moment.

Feel like I'm being punked.

Zach has five,

but just wobbling all over the place,

barely holding it together.

Shonee quickly rebuilding,

very steady on that seesaw.

That is impressive.
Placing her fifth.

Harry has five.

Chasing Shonee.

Laser focused.

David has something going.

He drops.

And Locky really struggling.

His blocks are wobbling
all over the place.

Locky drops.

He's getting frustrated.

Sharn drops.

Lee has three.

And because of his advantage yesterday,

he only has to stack eight today.

That could be the difference
in a challenge like this.

Shonee getting very close.

She has eight blocks stacked.

Going for her ninth.

But that ninth is incredibly difficult.

And it drops!

Opening the door for Harry.
He's in the lead now.

He has six blocks.

Harry drops.

Here we go again.

Everyone continues
to drop their stacks.

Brooke has five now.

Had five.

It speaks to the difficulty
of this challenge.

AK struggling,

slipping all over the place.

Shonee quickly rebuilding again,

placing her sixth.

Everyone chasing Shonee.

Shonee places her eighth.

Places her ninth.

Three, two, one.

- Shonee...
- Well done, Shon.

..wins immunity!




Hey, well done, Shonee.

Whoo! Thank you!

Well done, Shon!


- Pilates right there.
- Congratulations.

So good at balance.


..come on over.

Super balance.

First individual immunity win.

And what a win it was.

Safe tonight at Tribal Council,
cannot be voted out.

As for the rest of you,
one of you is gonna become

the 13th All Star voted out
and first member of our jury.


Grab your gear, head on back.
I'll see you guys tonight.

Well done.


Looks great on you.

Very nice accessory. Yep.

Who would've thought? Pilates.

I came over to this tribe
in a minority,

and all of a sudden,

I see some inroads
to cracking this alliance open.

We have a plan to get out Sharn.

It's time to send her packing.


You bloody nailed it, love.
Thank you.

- How good are you.
- Yay, Shonee.

Yay. Thanks, guys. Oooh.

Winning the first individual immunity
and having that necklace

is the best feeling ever.

First individual immunity.

I'm at merge. I'm on a high.

And now I know
that I'm not going home tonight.

- Yay!
- Congrats, Shonee.

Well done.
Thank you, guys.

I have no idea
what even happened.

I just never took my eyes off the pole.

When you were building.

- 'Cause if I did that, then I would
drop 'em all. - You did so well.

I don't actually know
why I'm so great at balance.

I tell everyone that I do Pilates,

but I haven't actually done Pilates
for over a year.

I don't know.


Oh, my God, Shonee won it.
I knew that was gonna be a stitch-up.

I can't believe you won it that quick.

The fact that
she's part of my alliance does help,

but, of course,
I would rather it in my hands.

Luckily enough, we have a plan.

Right now the Vakama five
is myself, AK and Brooke,

Harry, Shonee.

I've brought in Dave
from his old Mokuta tribe,

which is Tarzan, Mo, Jacqui,

Lee and Sharn.

And Shonee's pretty adamant
she did the work to get Zach over.

This draws a big, thick
line in the sand,

the seven of us against five.


David and Zach, they've said,
"Yep, we're keen to take Sharn out."

This makes sense
because Sharn's a massive threat.

I mean, she made it to second.

If we get rid of her,

we take out a big player and then
we can run things from here.

Yeah, everyone's
bringing it back to you.

Locky didn't win
immunity today.

I'm pretty sure Locky
doesn't have an idol.

The plan to blindside Locky
is full steam ahead.

We're going all seven on Locky.

We're gonna go all on Locky.

This is about getting revenge
for Mat Rogers.

And it's gonna be sweet.

Yeah, alright.

Sharn's like the queen's lady.

You need to let it slip once...

..just to keep 'em on their toes.

She's gonna tell the old Vakama
we are going for AK,

pretty much make Vakama paranoid.

Yeah, I might go and do that, then.

Tell that to AK?

For me, setting up this blindside
is nothing short of thrilling.

Locky thinks he's Prince Charming,

but, in reality, he's just the frog.

OK, great.

Yep, no dramas.

And I'm sure you would
do the same for me...

Uh-huh. Of course, of course.
..if that was happening.

Yeah, OK.

But that's the name I just got from them.
OK. Sure.

Thanks, Sharn.

Sharn just pulled me aside and tells me

that that side of the alliance
is voting for me tonight.

Now, I believe her
because Sharn has no reason to lie.

So, like, so it's my name
they're floatin' out.

And she's like,
"I can't be seen talking to you,

"but I need you to know
they want you gone tonight."

What? It's legit.

It always makes you nervous,
hearing your name.

I'm just hoping my alliance keeps
its nerve and votes the right way,


He's feeling the heat.


Yeah, good.
You know?

'Cause that's what I was
kind of saying to him, so...


I'm playing Donnie Brasco, deep cover.

I've got Locky and the Vakama five
eating out of my hand right now.

You know what?

Zach and I, we are two votes
that exist across

two five-member alliances.

I am in a power swing-vote position,
and it feels good, baby!

This is exactly where
I wanted to be at the merge.

I'm pretty much covered
either way right now.

So I think that'll work.


We get one, two, and then
we're in such a good position.

Man, I agree with you 100%. 100%.

I'm feeling a bit nervous

that David's having
a lot of chats with Vakama.

Merge is basically, you know,
it's an individual game.

There's a very good chance David
could've been playing my alliance.

He's very dangerous,

but then again, you know, so is fire.

But if you look after it and you can
control it, it's your best friend.

You're voting for Locky, yeah?
Yeah, yeah, yeah. We all will.

Well, you know, David,
if this one comes over the line,

then that's kind of cemented
the whole deal, hasn't it?

The other night,

we worked well,
the seven of us all went on Nick.

And it happened the way we said.

If this happens tonight,
it's just cementing it.

Tonight we're putting
our trust in David.

And so when the votes come out,
we'll know where we stand.

Dave and I have been
working together for a while now.

If Dave does
what we want him to do tonight,

this could be a massive blindside.

If he doesn't...

..shit's gonna get real.

Me neither.

The first vote in merge,

I mean, this is where
the game really starts.

Pulling a massive blindside
and upsetting the other alliance

when they think they have
the numbers, it's perfect.

Sharn has no idea
her name's coming out.

Best thing about the blindside... seeing that person's face go,
"What the heck just happened?"

And you go, "Catch ya, that was me."

Wow. Here we are.

So, Harry,
that first Tribal after merge

can be notoriously difficult
to navigate.

Why is that?

You've got a lot of varying opinions.

On top of that, you've got a lot of
varying alliances, relationships,

people coming back together.

It's just a lot of nuance to deal with.

AK, you didn't make merge
last time, so...

Thanks, Jonathan.


..this is your
first post-merge Tribal.


So, how do you think tonight's Tribal

is different from all the others
that you've been to?

Well, I thought when we hit merge

that everyone would be
talking to everyone,

but I had about four people here

that didn't say boo to me
after the challenge today.

So I think it's like a lot of
the other Tribals I've been to.

There's a clear, clear line already.

What about you, David?

What's your take on tonight?

There's a lot of complex relationships

coming back into merge.

But, also, this is All Stars,

and I think people want to
start the merge with a bang.

I think we're gonna see
one of our best and brightest

potentially get blindsided tonight.

And everyone's ready to really
get the ball rolling tonight.

Wow. Locky, that's just...

Like, he's just laying it
all out there, right out of the gate.

Yeah, nuh, it's a pretty big statement.

Best and brightest getting
taken out, it's a big statement.

Like, it's what we're here for,
isn't it?

I mean, the most obvious division

is that there's five Vakama
and seven Mokuta.

On the surface, it would seem
that you guys are in the minority.

Yeah, definitely. I mean,
we pretty much got decimated.

We do come in with the lower numbers,

but I definitely think
there's cracks over there.

Hopefully we can come together
and use them.

Or, I don't know, there might
be still cracks over here as well

that they're able to use.

After tonight, we'll find out.

Sharn, is that news to you, that
there are cracks over at Mokuta?

Well, yeah, I mean, in this game,
there are always cracks.

So I think that's always
of concern for everybody...

..because you know that those cracks
can open at any time.

Harry, Locky seems to think

that there are cracks over there
to be exploited.

Everyone's looking at this in terms
of like a Mokuta-Vakama thing.

I'm not looking at it like that.

And I think that we've completely
ignored part of this situation

from the moment we sat down here...

..and that's the fact that

one person here
is going over there tonight.

And every single person here gets a
say in who wins at the end of this.

So this is no longer just, "Oh, I'm
loyal to the people I'm loyal to."

You need to impress everyone here.

You don't just impress
the people that you're loyal to...

..because that's not how you win.

Is that on your mind tonight,
too, David?

Yeah, sure.
But you still have to get there.

And nobody in this
All Star tribe right now

has actually been
a Sole Survivor before.

So there's a time for big moves,
there's a time for craziness,

but there's also a time
to stick together...

..stay with the alliances you've
formed and make smart decisions.

So, is tonight the right night
for a big move?

Well, I think we're seeing
a big move tonight, no matter what.

It's first Tribal at merge, you know.

The Mayans,
when they had human sacrifices,

didn't take up some flunky,

they took the best and sacrificed him

so that the coming harvest
was gonna be bountiful.

Dark, man.

Zach, do you think there's gonna be
a consequence to tonight's vote

when you go back to camp?

Without a doubt.

Someone's gonna be going home

and whoever is on that side with
them is not gonna be happy about it.

So, it is down to old tribal lines?

'Cause you said,
"Someone on that side."

I mean...

..well, on either side, yeah.

But, I mean, which tribal lines?

The original Mokutas,
the original Vakamas?

The tribe swap Mokuta and Vakamas?

- Like...
- There's a lot.

it's so complex.

There's just so many moving parts
to this first vote.

Oh, God.

Well, Harry, I mean, to that point,
you know, this game awards the brave.

Do you think anyone here is brave
enough to make that first move?

I think so.

I think there's some players here

who haven't really
had a chance to shine.

And I think that's something
I'm looking forward to,

is seeing some players
really just embrace this game...

..the way that it should be played.

It's merge. Step up.

So, Mo, Locky's saying, "Hey,

"it's time to step up post-merge,
this is it."

It's what I'm here for, Jonathan.

Step up?

That's what we're all here for.

What about you, Tarzan?

Think you have a handle on where
the loyalties are in this tribe?

That's actually a hard one
to give an answer to in this game.

Yeah, I'd like to think

that I'm still strong
in the alliance that I'm with.

I think my loyalty's still there,

and tonight we'll see
where the others are.

So, Mo, if someone was considering
to flip tonight,

what would you say to them?

I just think that, like David said,

there's big moves
and then there's silly moves.

I think you'd rather be safe
for the first few votes

and make the smart choices.

And, at the same time,

if you can turn those smart choices
into big moves, why not?

But I know if I'm sitting over there...

..and someone's just playing
the safe move the whole time,

I'm not giving them any money.

Moana, he makes a good point.

Yeah, but...

You can play it safe
all the way to the end,

but you'll never get the money.
Eventually you have to vote everyone off,

except your top two or top three,
whatever it is.

If you sit there all the way to
the end just doing the safest stuff,

that's just boring.

And you're not getting my vote.

Like, I want to see big stuff.
Isn't that...

I want to see crazy moves, blindsides.

I think we all do.
Like, and that's...

Isn't that exactly
what you've just done

the last four votes before merge?

But the people that we voted off
aren't sitting over there.

No, but...

So now this is where the game starts.

- The people that get voted off now are
all... - Oh, so we're starting now.

Yeah, you gotta get yourself to merge.
OK. Yeah.

Once you're here,
the people over there are here.


And you need to make them
impressed with your game.

The people that we've sent home
are home for a reason.


Man, if I could just come here
from day 30 and play, that'd be fun.


Unfortunately it doesn't
work that way, right?


But, like, personally,
when I'm over there,

I'm thinking about
someone's full game...

..not just 20 days' worth.

And, you know,

you don't have to play a really
loud game to play a great game.

So, Sharn, what are you considering
with tonight's vote?

Uh, I am considering
the game moving forward

and positioning myself
in the correct way to move forward.

So, Locky, how confident are you

you're gonna end up on the right side
of the numbers tonight?

Um, I feel pretty confident.

Think had enough chats
and talked to enough people

to feel where people are going.

What about you, David?

Um, I'm actually
really confident tonight.

I think there's
a pretty complex plan in play...

..uh, but I think
it's gonna come through.

Well, on that note,
I think it is time to vote.

I think it is time to vote.

Brooke, you're up.

You are super smart, great at the game,

I'm just sorry you got bunched in
with a bunch of loyal dummies.

Sorry, but it's time
to dethrone the king of Vakama.

See ya, Locky.

I'll go count the votes.

If anyone has a hidden immunity idol
and they want to play it,

now would be the time to do so.

OK, once the votes are read,
the decision is final.

The person voted out will be asked

to leave
the Tribal Council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote...


That's five votes Sharn.


That's five votes Locky.

We're tied.
Five votes Locky, five votes Sharn.


That's six votes Locky,
five votes Sharn.

One vote left.

13th person voted out of
Australian Survivor: All Stars,

first member of our jury...

Shit, eh. Good one.

Locky, you need to bring me your torch.

Come here.

Good luck.

Locky, the tribe has spoken.
It has.

Time for you to go.

Have a good one, guys.
Play hard, hey.

Play really hard. Make big moves.

- Love youse. See ya.
- Bye.

Well, Locky wanted to see big moves...

..but in this big game, it pays
to be careful what you wish for.

That's a good one.

Grab your torches, head back to camp.


Tomorrow night
on Australian Survivor...

I want revenge
so bad right now.


I'm ready to break that alliance apart.

..and sheer determination...

I am a dark horse
and I'm not giving up.

..are about to blow this game apart.

I'm Dirty Harry.
I'm not just gonna lay down and die.


It's the final challenge
of last season.

..when the most brutal challenge
in Australian Survivor history

returns to haunt him...

..will Harry buckle
under the pressure?

What the heck?!

I just got blindsided.

That's insane!

Oh, I'm devastated.

There was a lot of talk
about big moves tonight,

especially by me,
and I suppose they pulled off

maybe one of the biggest
of the game so far.

I think that I got voted out
because Mo, Tarzan and Jacqui

were all under the dictatorship of Mat.

I'm the one that got Mat out.

I'm the one that was gunning for Mat.

So, of course I'm gonna be on the out.

So... I mean,
that might've been my undoing.

Good luck to AK and Brooke.
I hope they can make it through.

I hope they can find out what happened.

I had a great time out here
with Brooke.

I mean, yeah, she just kept me sane,
kept me calm.

Hopefully she goes far

and, yeah, maybe I can throw her
a vote at the end of the game.

Man, I'm pretty disappointed.

I did not see that coming.