Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 5, Episode 12 - Episode #5.12 - full transcript

The sun rises on an All Stars milestone - our castaways have hit the halfway mark and are one day closer to merge. One castaway aims to enact long awaited revenge but does everything go to plan?

on Australian Survivor...

I found the clue...


..Phoebe tried to regain David's trust.

This is the stupidest move
Phoebe could've made.

And for the first time
in Australian Survivor history...

Got it, baby!

..David was holding
two hidden immunity idols.

Thank you, Phoebe.
But now you gotta go.


At Vakama,

Locky's alliance of six had no-one
to turn on but each other.

If anyone thinks
that they're gonna strongarm me,

then they got another thing coming.

But at the Immunity Challenge...

You're looking good, guys.

Vakama wins immunity!

..they took home the idol...


..for the first time since tribe swap

and Mokuta was headed to Tribal Council.

We're all going Phoebs. That's it.
No worries.

Moana and David were gathering votes
for a blindside.

When people have a common enemy,

they can come together
and form a very strong alliance.

Sounds good.
I'm down with that.

That's perfect.
Pinkie. Chuck a pinkie in there.

Meanwhile, Nick and Phoebe
were counting on the numbers

to get rid of Moana.

Yep. And you're 100 on Sharn?

No doubt?
100. No doubt.

At Tribal Council,
David revealed his idol.

I plan on following through with exactly

what I said I was gonna do today

and I want to make sure that
everyone is following that plan.

But his tactic spooked Sharn...

I feel like Dave's
doing something weird.

..and she voted against him.

Nick shocked them all
when he used his two-vote advantage.

Five votes Phoebe, five votes Moana.
We're tied.

But in the revote,
Sharn flipped again...

10th person voted out of
Australian Survivor: All Stars,


..and David got his blindside.

The tribe has spoken.

14 are left.
Who will be going home tonight?

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- Yes.
- Heavy Tribal, heavy Tribal.

Tribal just went perfectly tonight.

Phoebe went home.
Thank you. Finally.

I figured out that Sharn
is a total snake.

Thought she was voting with me and Mo.

She decided not to,
and that's a pretty big move.

No, no, no, no, it wasn't that.

The plan going into Tribal tonight
was to vote for Phoebe.

I did deviate from the plan
by voting for Mo in the first round.

The reason I did that, the reason I
voted for Mo in the first instance,

was to protect myself from Nick and Lee

finding out that
I was working with Dave and Moana.

I have got a bit of work to do
with Mo and David.

I've got to build
that relationship back up,

but I am confident I can do that.

Yeah, we're good.

Come on.
Yes, yes, yes, OK.

Go sort them two out.

I'm not concerned.

Sharn and I are good.

I know she did me wrong at Tribal,
but I genuinely trust Sharn.

I'm on a super high.
Like, I got my blindside on Phoebe.

Got my loyalty sealed with Dave.

My position in the tribe is solid.

Bring on merge.

Day 2-5.
25, guys.

- Halfway.
- Congratulations, guys.

- Halfway.
- Well done.


- Halfway, halfway.
- Awesome.

I know it was
a bit of a crazy one last night.

No, well, obviously
the Pandora's Box thing,

I wanted to try and keep it secret,

but, you know,
Phoebe was there when I opened it.

I think that, plus our relationship,
kind of sealed my fate.

Farewell, Phoebe.

You did me wrong.

Last night was the worst night
I've had in Survivor.

And I've been voted off
twice in a season,

so that's a pretty high bar,

or low bar,
when you actually think about it.

I believed that myself, Sharn and Lee

were going to be voting
with Dave, Zach and Phoebe

to get rid of Mo.

Instead, some players flipped

and voted WITH Mo...

..and they blindsided Phoebe.

So I wasted the extra vote.

And now Dave's sitting pretty
with an idol in a majority alliance

that has pushed myself, Sharn and Lee
all the way to the bottom.

I've got my work
cut out for me on this one.

Why do you say that?

I don't know. I just feel like...
I don't want you to go, Nick.

It's who can you trust the most
here, and who can't you trust.

My game is in smithereens at the moment.

I am completely stuffed.

I have to fix this.

I just don't know how
I'm gonna steady the ship.

Can you pass that Omo, please, Dave?

Oh, my God,
look how dirty your clothes are.

- Oh, my God.
- That's crazy.

Oh, just think...

..the dirt that's in that, you don't
realise how much dirt's in that.

Is that the bottom of the lid?
No, it's the top.

No, that's the bottom.

Yeah. Don't worry. Just...
Oh, sorry.

Don't worry, don't worry.
We'll rinse it.

Trust the criminal barrister
to pick it up.


So, do you want to chat
while we do this or what?

Oh, yeah, I suppose we could chat now.

Obviously Nick doesn't suspect anything

in terms of me
being aligned with you, right?

And he feels in danger now.

Tribal Council, I got the result
I wanted, Phoebe went home.

But there was also one bad thing,

and that's that I'm not sure
Sharn can be trusted now.

So... we're all good, obviously,

um, moving forward.


The next vote counts because it's Nick.

Nick is a snake.

I want Nick gone and I need Sharn
to help me get Nick gone.

We still put Nick out.
Oh, OK.

Me and Mo need to figure out
exactly where Sharn's head is at...

..because I got big plans for this game.

You guys good?

Yeah, sure.
Yep, we're all good.

And if we can't get past
this betrayal...

..Sharn is gonna be in big trouble,
not Nick.

25 days, guys.

- Wow.
- I know, that's so good.

We are so lucky to be here.
So lucky.

So good. Look how pretty it is.

It's day 25
and we've reached halfway

and we're all just having a good time.

It's just, like, such a good day.

It's such a good feeling
that we've all come together

and we are feeling so amazing right now.

We've got six people in our tribe,

and we've got an alliance of six.

The powerful six.

Like, a six in merge, maybe,
but, like, a six in tribe,

like, it's never really been this time.

It's really unheard of.

I feel like
I'm in a good position right now

because we have that trust
in voting together.

And once I make merge,
I know that I can make it to the end.

I'm actually glad
the tribe swap happened...

- Same. - ..the way it did because
I feel like me and you were able to...

Yeah, get solid again.
..get closer, yeah.

For sure.

I'm playing it a lot smarter this time

and I'm focusing a lot more
on the timing of my big moves.

Oh, my God, yeah, we do.
At least we've worked together before.

Do you know what I mean? Like, we...

We know how each other works. I know
what you're like when you lie now.

So I'll get you this time...
Yeah, exactly.

..before you get me.


I came into this game
with a mission to take out Flick.

I know what she's like.

I know that she flips
when she gets paranoid.

Flick's blindsided me before,

and she's the reason why I was
kicked out the last time I played.


You need to bring me your torch.

Oh, that was a surprise.

I was backstabbed by my best friend,
and it hurt.

I've got a score to settle.

It's all about making the right move
at the right time.

When the timing's right,

I'm ready to take them out.

Let's make merge and, like...
Do you know what I mean?

We'll have so much fun together.

I'm a threat in this game because
I have put in the work socially.

Locky and I are definitely
the core of the tribe.

Oh, it's so comfy, this bed.

Locky's great. He's a good shield.

So comfy.

And then we've got AK,
who's our accountant.

Do you want to come for an idol hunt?

Yeah, please, I'd love to.

But I just don't trust Harry.

I don't trust Harry at all.

Harry spends a lot of time
looking for idols.

I don't think anyone has found
an idol since Mat played his.

So I want to make sure that
if there is an idol out here,

that I have it
and people like Harry don't.

I honestly don't think there's one.

Dirty Harry didn't get
that name from nowhere.

He's sneaky.

He's cunning.

That's something that can
really affect my game.

This literally is
exactly what I needed right now.

"You can use the power yourself

"or give it to another player
on either tribe,

"but it must be played at
one of the next two Tribal Councils."

This advantage used the right way
is huge.

We're at a real critical part
of the game.

We have this great group of six,

but part of this six is a four
that started from day one,

which means Shonee and I
are probably the most vulnerable.

I essentially have a safety net now.

I can play
a little bit more aggressively,

a little bit more confidently

and very soon people are gonna see

exactly what Dirty
Harry is capable of...

..because I think
some people have forgotten

what Dirty Harry is capable of.

Come on in, guys!

Vakama getting their first look
at the new Mokuta tribe.

Phoebe voted out
at last night's Tribal Council.

Brooke, are you surprised
to see Phoebe gone?

No, I'm definitely not surprised.

I think Mokuta's been gunning
for her for quite a while,

so I'm not shocked.

But, yeah, I'm disappointed.

Phoebe's a legend
and she's a great player.

I just hope she went down fighting.

So, Locky, Vakama seems to have
finally found its groove.

Are you guys gonna spin
another hit today?


I mean, we got rid of our weakest links

and now we're down to the top six... we're doing really good,
we're ready to keep winning.

You guys ready
to get to today's Immunity Challenge?

Yes, sir.
Yes, we are.


I'll give it back.

Thank you.

Once again,
immunity is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge, on my go,

you will dig your whole tribe
under a log...

..then race over a
series of obstacles...

..and through a rope tunnel.

Once everyone's through,

you'll use a giant slingshot
to shoot coconuts at targets.

First tribe to hit all five targets,

wins immunity, safe from the vote.

Losing tribe, a trip to Tribal Council,

where one of you will become
the 11th All Star voted out.

Mokuta, you need to sit out two today.

Cannot be the same in back-to-back
challenges. Who are they gonna be?

We'll go Tarzan and Sharn.

Alright, Tarzan, Sharn,
you guys are on the bench.

Everyone else, I'll give you
a minute to strategise.

Let's get it on!

Alright, strategy.

So I had this in our season, right...

- Yep. - ..the way we messed
up was digging the hole too wide.

You need to dig a nice, deep hole.

It's you in the middle,
me and AK on either side

and you just *** go for it.

And we'll be digging the sand back.
Nah, yeah, don't.

So we just leave it, right?
Let the boys do their thing.

Alright, here we go.

For immunity...

..survivors, ready...


You need to get everyone under
the log before you can move on,

which means you're gonna
need to dig a hole big enough

to get your biggest player through.

The girls at Vakama just standing
back and watching the boys dig.

- Everyone helping out over at Mokuta.
- Go. Go.

Two very different strategies.

- Nuh.
- Come back up.

Come back.

Keep digging out that hole.
Nick gets through first for Mokuta.

Pull through, pull through,
pull through.

Keep digging it out.
Jacqui through next.

Only half of the tribe
digging for Vakama.

They are literally digging themselves
into a hole in this challenge.

Should I go through?
Yeah, Brooke, you're small. Brooke.

Moana next through for Mokuta.

Lee going now.

Brooke trying to squeeze through
for Vakama.

Go, Brooke.

Can she make it?

No, she's stuck.

Dig below her. Dig below her,
right where her legs are.

- Guys, watch your hand.
- That's alright.

Yes, go, go, go, go.
Zach is through for Mokuta now.

Everyone get ready.
Pull me through.

David's the last through.
You're good!

Go, Mokuta, go!

Go, Mokuta!

Come on, boys and girls!
That's it!

Good work, guys!
Up, one, two, come on.

Mokuta quickly over the net.

Underneath her bum.

David first up on the
A-frame for Mokuta.

Brooke is still stuck
over there for Vakama.

This could be a blow-out.

Good girl.

- OK, now dig.
- Once you get out, Brooke, dig.

Finally, Brooke is through for Vakama.

We need to get this hole bigger.

Everyone scampering
up the A-frame for Mokuta.

- Lee last up.
- Good job, guys.

Good job. We got this, we got this.

Everyone on the mat. You're good.

Don't let it come back down.
Don't let the sand come back down.

Still getting through the hole!

One at a time,
you need to pull yourself up...

Come on, Nick.
..through that window.

Now legs over.
Zach and David hoisting them up.

All the way.

Go, go, go!

Vakama still struggling with their hole.

Keep digging there.

Mokuta have a huge lead
in this challenge.

Watch it.
Oh, oh!

Finally, Shonee's through for Vakama.

Go, Flick.

Come on, Dave. Good, Dave!
David through.

Let's go, let's go.

- Alright, you're good!
- Yes!

Go, go, go!

Everyone weaving their way
through the rope tunnel now.

Half of the tribe
under that log for Vakama.

They're still digging under the log!

They're still in the hole.
Alright, Lee.

- Mokuta on the slingshot now.
- Whoo!

You're good, start shooting
coconuts at the targets now.

Lee, we know he's good
with a cricket ball,

takes a shot.

And connects with the first shot!

Mokuta leads one-zip!

- Vakama still back at the start...
- Harry, come on.

..struggling to get under that log.

You right? Here, give me your arm,
give me your arm.

Guys, we need to help Harry.
Come on.

- Bend your knees.
- Yes.

Now go.
Finally, Vakama are through.

Here they come!

Go, girls, go, go.
Desperately trying to catch up.

They're on the A-frame now.

Lee winds up, takes another shot.

Comes up short.

Come on, guys.

Vakama starting to
come down the A-frame.


Very close, but not close enough.

They've only got one. Keep coming.

Lee quickly connected
with that first target,

but he's struggling now,

opening the door for Vakama
to get back in this.

Come on, boys.
Come on.

Lee gets another one!

Mokuta lead two-zip.

Come on. Quickly!

Help him down, help him down.

Vakama are gonna need to pick it up
if they want to stay in this.

Vakama are in the rope tunnel,

desperately trying to make up time.

Brooke just scampering through.

Whoo! Oh!

Lee gets close but not close enough.

Come on, guys.
Come on, guys. We're still in this.

It's got to be quick.

Vakama desperate
to get on that slingshot.

Come on, we can get this. Locky,
you need to go, you need to go.


Vakama are through. They got
a lot of ground to make up now.

Mokuta leads two-zip.

Do you want me in, Lee? I'm in?
Yep. Go.

Lee switches out with Zach for Mokuta.

- Locky on the slingshot.
- Come on, Locky.

Pulls it right back. Takes a shot.

Too high.

Go, Locky.

Locky takes another shot.
Little bit lower.

Too high.
Definitely a learning curve here.

Yes, Locky!

Locky gets one,
putting them on the board.

This is your challenge, Locky.
Mokuta lead two-one.

Go, Zach. This is power now.

And Zach gets another one.

Mokuta leads three-one.

Come on, Locky.
You've got this.

Little bit lower. Come on, Locky,
this is it, this is it.

Locky winds it up.

Too high.

Oh, so close.
Just a little bit lower.

Both boys smashing nut after nut
but not connecting.

When you're gassed, Zach,
step out.

You know your body, brother.

Yeah, whenever you're ready, mate.

Well done, mate.
That was good.

Lee's back in for Mokuta.

- Oh!
- Little bit more power.

Exactly the same shot, Lee.

Locky struggling to connect again

but refusing to switch out
with anyone else.

- Pulls it right back, fires.
- That was close, Lock.

Bit lower.

- Come on, Lee, you've got this.
- It's all you, mate.


Come on!
Lee gets another one.

Mokuta lead four-one.

They have one target left.

Lee winds it up.
He could win it for them right here.

Oh, my God!
Take your time, Lee.

That was so close.
Locky shoots again.

Yes, come on, Locky!
And Locky gets another one.

You're gonna get this.
This is all yours.

Vakama catching up.

Mokuta still leads four-two.

You've got this, Locky.

Locky very close.

Yep, yep, yep, yep, yep.
Lee struggling with that last target.

David steps up for Mokuta
for the first time.

Come on, Dave!
Go, Dave!

Yes, Locky! Yes, Locky!

They're only one ahead of us.
Locky gets another one.

Mokuta lead four-three.

David winds it up.
He could win it for them right here.

And just like that...

..David takes it out for Mokuta!

Mokuta wins immunity, sending Vakama
back to Tribal Council!

Locky, you did so good.
Good job, brother. Well done.

You did so good.
I'm sorry, guys.

No, you tried. You did amazing.
I'm so sorry.

You did amazing.
Huge effort.

Mokuta, congratulations.

Immunity is yours.

Come on!

You guys are safe, no-one going home.

Grab your gear, head on out.
Enjoy your night off.

Vakama, different story for you guys.

Tribal Council tonight,

where one of you will become
the 11th All Star voted out.

Grab your gear, head on out.
I'll see you guys tonight.

See you tonight.

See you soon.

This is All Stars and
I did come here to play big moves.

I really need to kick it up a notch

and take out someone who's
a threat to my game.

And I feel like tonight is
the night to make it happen.

No-one says anything.
- I know.

That was just shit. That challenge
was built for us. Like, that was...

Straight up.
It was just the sand that got us.

We lost the challenge today
and I'm not feeling the best

because there's six of us left.

We actually came really
close in the end.

I just wish we bloody won.
How good would it be if we had?

That would've been the biggest
comeback in Survivor history. Yeah.

Since the tribe swap, we've picked off

everyone that wasn't in
our core alliance of the six.

And now we're left with the six.

And that means that we're going
to have to attack one of our own.

Yum. Thank you.

That's alright.
That's a good one.

We now need to keep our numbers strong

- because we need to get rid of
Mokuta people. - Uh-huh.

Otherwise one of us isn't gonna win.

Tonight it is about the old Vakama
verse the old Mokuta...

..because there's four Vakama
members left in our tribe,

myself, Brooke, Locky and AK,

and there's two Mokuta,
Harry and Shonee,

so one of them has got to go.

Honestly, like, I love our four.

But I honestly think, like, besides
the other side coming for us,

like, we, us four, can make it far.


I am really torn between whether
I vote out Harry or Flick tonight.

I'm trying my best
to make Flick feel like

she is still my best friend
in this game, all is forgiven,

but I came here knowing
that I wanted to make sure

she goes home before I do.

And I do think now is the right time.

I'm ready for it.

We'll be fine. Babe...
You wouldn't, I know.

..I'm not.

Trust me.

No way.

The last time I played,
Flick told me to my face

she was with me 100% to the end

probably the day she voted me out.

So, ah, I don't quite
believe you this time, darl.

I really want her out of the game.

I just want to make sure I do have
the numbers to get her out now.

There's AK, Locky and myself,

and then Harry and Shonee,
who are on the outside.

So, what are we gonna do?

Do you think we're sweet
to just do all on Flick

- and not cause any dramas?
- There's no way.

And there's no way she's got it,
if there is.

Right now my best option

is to essentially go with
the plan I've been given,

to blindside Flick.

It breaks up their four

and it keeps myself and Shonee safe
hopefully till merge.

Yep, and not stress about it.

But just in case of any shenanigans,
I do have a secret weapon.

This is simple.
This is what we're used to.

And you just get a plan

- and you don't have to make it about
paranoia... - Anything.

..and, like, craziness.

I have an advantage that can simply
stop the votes at Tribal Council

and no-one would go home.

This has the potential
to be a massive game changer.

I can use that to save Shonee and myself

and make it another few days
in this game.

Brooke and Locky
want to get rid of Flick tonight.

But I'm not here
to couple up with anyone.

I'm here playing the solo game.
It's what I do best.


Harry's a big player in this game.

And voting him out tonight
might be smart for me.

Harry and Shonee could team up
with Brooke and Locky,

they could team up with Flick.

I could be seen as the easy boot.

The safest way for me to get to merge

is to stay with Flick, Locky and Brooke.

If the four of us stay together,

we can split the votes
on Harry and Shonee,

we go to a revote,
and then Harry will be going home.

AK is trying to pitch tonight
that we get Harry out next,

and that isn't such a bad idea.

I haven't trusted Harry
since he got here

and I do know
he's such a serious, sneaky player.

But I didn't come here
to take safe options.

I came here to make big moves

and get revenge on someone
who completely destroyed my game.

I want to make sure
I get her before she gets me,

and now's the right time.

No, no, no.

As far as Shonee knows,
everybody's voting for Flick.

But I need to pull her aside
and let her know

that Harry's getting votes tonight.


It's not you, it's Harry.


I'm not even gonna lie and be like,

"They were gonna vote for you
but I changed it."

It's always just been going on Harry.

That way, when we get back to camp,

she trusts me because I'm being
the one that's telling her the truth

and not the bogy name of Flick.

It's definitely alarming
for AK to tell me

that Harry might be a target tonight.

We need to get out Flick.

But whether AK's lying or not,
it's still not good news.

Harry and I need to make a plan asap.


Um, but don't tell them
that I told you this.

I'm a little worried that
it could be me going home tonight.

If there's only six people
up on the chopping block,

you've got a very high chance
that it's you.

Or they are actually gonna vote for me.

In which case,
what can we actually do about it?


This is probably the highest my
paranoia's been through this game.

We've gone through a lot of votes,

me and Shonee, all the way together.

But this is the one
where I really feel like

it is me on the chopping block.




OK. 'Cause, like,
I'm hearing my name come up.

Who's saying it?

Well, it's like I got it through Shonee.

And Shonee got it through someone else.

Like, ever since I've been talking,
it's been Flick.

I seriously just don't think
it's a smart choice

to take Flick over me.


But it's like me and Shonee
are calm, chilled, reliable votes

that won't flip out on you,

won't go, like,
seek out all these other options.


We're getting very close
to leaving for Tribal

and I'm still not feeling the vibes.

Locky's just deflecting
left, right and centre

and it doesn't make me feel comfortable.


Tonight we do have a solid plan.

We're gonna split the vote
between Shonee and Harry

in case one of them does have an idol.

And then when we do the revote,
we can just vote out Harry.

Heading into
Tribal Council tonight,

I really want to get rid of Flick.

That's my revenge.
I really want that.

Hopefully, I have enough people
on board to do that.

I don't care
if I'm the 11th person voted out

or the fifth person voted out.

I need to play
what's best for my long game.

And I truly think that tonight
voting out Harry is that.

I don't want to go home
and I don't want Shonee to go home.

If I have a skerrick of a doubt in
my mind, I'm playing that advantage.

It is far better
to live to fight another day

than to ever leave
with something in your pocket.

Oh, we're back!
That you are.

Should have a loyalty card soon.

So, Brooke, last time
you guys were here, Mat went home.

Mat was obviously the common enemy,

but now that he's gone, now what?

Now we've got to
turn on our own, unfortunately.

We have been dreading this.

You know, we didn't want
this to happen at all.

But now that we're here, we've just
go to think about moving forward

and what's best for our own game.

We were hoping to do this
at final six, not final 14.

So, Harry, I mean,
last time we talked about,

you know,
when's the right time to make a move.

Do you think some people on this tribe

have potentially
missed their opportunity?

Yes and no.

I mean, there was an opportunity
for myself and Shonee

to make some terrible things happen
for the rest of this group.

And we didn't take it.

Was that the wrong move?

I'd like to think
it was the right move...

..because I wanted this to be a six.

But it feels like
some of the people in this six

are leaning back
into something that existed

maybe before me and Shonee came along.

So, Brooke, one of the obvious
divisions I see in this tribe

is four old Vakama and two old Mokuta.

Is that what's going on tonight?

Are loyalties
dictated by old tribal lines?

I wouldn't say so, Jonathan.

It's definitely an option,

but I think now everyone
is thinking further into the game.

We're so close to merge

and we've got to think about
who's good to take with us,

and old Vakama
might not necessarily be it.

So, Shonee,
as one of the two old Mokutas,

are you worried tonight?

Yeah, I feel like we are the main plan.

I mean, especially when
people are actually quite honest

about targeting us.

Is that true, AK?

It's one of the plans
I've heard today, yes.

Well, Harry says it's the main plan.

I don't think you can ever
be certain what the main plan is...

..because there wouldn't be
a thing called a blindside

if every time you came into Tribal,
the main plan happened.

It seems to me like an illogical plan...

..because while you have

this sense of loyalty,

and I'm sure they do,

they've been four people that have
played together from the start,

it is not loyalty
that is gonna get you to the end.

You need diversity

because these are four people

that have basically
played the exact same game.

They've met the exact same people,
they've voted the same way,

and when we're looking at
this Mokuta tribe on the other side,

there's four people that haven't
played with a whole bunch of them.

So, AK, I mean,
even if you're in the majority,

is there still a potential upside
to working with the minority?

Oh, totally.

As Harry mentioned,

if anyone's gonna get information
from the other side,

it's probably gonna be one of these two.

Harry and Shonee
might be our golden ticket.

So, Flick,
playing along old tribal lines

is a valid way to move forward.

But, potentially,
could that restrict your best game?

Yeah, I think in the game of Survivor,

it's all about the people
that you can work with best.

But I feel like the six of us
have come together really well

and it doesn't matter
what our old tribes were.

My vote is going to be based on

what I think is best
for my game moving forward.

Harry, they keep saying
it's not about old tribal lines.

Well, I mean, what's it about, then?

And don't say "what's best for my game".

I need something more specific
than that.

I need something more specific.

- I'm tired of hearing "what's best for
my game". - Exactly.

I think the reason Harry
would be paranoid,

he's a great player,
like, we've all seen him play.

He made, like, top three.
He's a big threat.

And he's always looking.

And he has connections
on the other side.

Yes, the connections
can be great for you,

but they can also be great for him.

Brooke, do you agree with that?

Yeah, I do, actually.

I think I've got two options tonight
that can completely change my game.

One is possibly gonna
secure me a spot at the merge

but not necessarily give me
the numbers to go far in that game.

Whereas the other one
puts me at risk of not making merge

but would give me good numbers
if I did hit that point.

So it's a gamble for me at the moment.

I'm the kind of person

that I don't care if I finish
11th, 12th, fifth, sixth,

it means all the same to me.

I'm here to win.

So I want to do what plan
is gonna get me further in the game.

Making merge, making jury, whoop-de-doo.

If you're not first, you're last.

I feel like I'm having flashbacks
here, 'cause that was me,

that was me last season sitting there...

..saying play to win,
don't play to just not lose.

I love everyone here,

but at the same time,
we have been cruising.

We've just been
knocking off player after player.

So, Harry, do you know
what the boss move is tonight?


Yeah, I do.

And I think I'm gonna do something
pretty ballsy tonight

and we'll see how it rolls.

Locky, I saw that you had
a reaction to that.

Yeah, you never want to hear
something like,

"I've got big plans, make it roll,
like, do all this stuff,"

and then you're like,
"Oh, God, what's happening?"

Man, if you're on the same page
as me, you should be happy.

We did have a reasonable chat.

We did, we did.

You seem to have put the fear of god
into that and the tribe.

I don't know if it's fear, like...

I think they're enjoying it.
Yeah, nah, I'm lovin' it.

Like, this is why we came back.

Like, you want to have this.
Yes, we have coasted.

Like, yes, we have came together,
made some easy vote-outs.

But maybe it is time to play.

It's All Stars.
We're here to make big moves.

Gets the heart goin', doesn't it?

OK, well, everyone's excited
to see how this is gonna play out,

so I think it is time to vote.

OK, well, everyone's excited to see
how this is gonna play out,

so I think it is time to vote.

Brooke, you're up.

It's time for big moves, girl.
I really hope it's you and not me.

Like, I just...
I'm just praying right now.

I'll go count the votes.

If anyone has a hidden immunity idol
and they want to play it,

now would be the time to do so.


I do not want to play an idol.


..I'm gonna play something else instead.

Harry, wait.

I'm not sure this has
ever happened before.

People trying to stop me midway.

What are you gonna do?


I guess the ballsiest play today... gonna be me putting my faith
in some of these people here.

Are we good?


OK, once the votes are read,
the decision is final.

The person voted out will be asked

to leave
the Tribal Council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote...



One vote Shonee, one vote Flick.


That's two votes Flick, one vote Shonee.


Three votes Flick, one vote Shonee.

11th person voted out of
Australian Survivor: All Stars,


That's four votes. That's enough.

Good work, guys. You got me.

Good work.
Oh, babe.

- That's OK. Good work.
- Sorry, Flick.

Don't be sorry. Good job, guys.

You need to bring me your torch.

Good luck, everyone.

Bye, Flick.
Well played, Flick.


..the tribe has spoken.
They have.

Good luck, guys. I hope one
of you guys win it, OK?

Well, my heart's going crazy.

Oh, my God.
I'm gonna save this for later.

No, you're gonna tell us
exactly what that is.

Nuh, I'm not telling any
of you exactly what it is.

You didn't even tell me.
We just saved your arse.

Well, in this game, you
have to make big moves.

But sometimes the biggest move
is to make no move at all.

Grab your torches, head back to camp.


This is so exciting!

Alright. Let's go.
Oh, God, I feel so...


I got you.

Oh, my God,
guys, I love you all.

Monday night on Australian Survivor...

..with merge in sight...

I'm feeling like my
game is on a knife's edge.

..alliances have never
been more important.

I've got loyal people around me.

I'm ready for this.


Fear is the most powerful thing

in the war that's to
come when merge hits.

..the danger of looking forward...

Everyone is terrified of
what I have in my pocket. can't see what's happening...

Dirty Harry is keeping
his dirty little secret.

..behind your back.

It's gonna be blindside city!

Wow. Uh, yeah, I just got
completely blindsided.

If I was to say one thing to Brooke,
I would probably say good job.

I mean, I blindsided her in season one

and she's just blindsided
me in All Stars,

so I guess we're even now.

I am kicking myself a little bit
that I didn't get in there first.

I think I was just
playing it a little bit safe

and hoping that I was going
to make it to merge.

I think they've made a huge mistake.

I don't think that they're
going to get the numbers

to be able to make it to the end now.

So, look, they blindsided me tonight,

but I think that they've actually
just probably ruined their own game.