Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 4, Episode 12 - Episode #4.12 - full transcript

With the first challenge involving heights and blindfolds and the second requiring all their strength, everyone is pushed to the edge - except one Survivor who appears to be throwing the game.

Oh, wow.

..the game's shifting sands
have seen both tribes

form and re-form alliances.

Did you get the idol today
at challenge?

At Samatau,
AK has risen from the bottom

to control an alliance so strong,

not even the game's toughest player
can break it.

It's killing me.

AK's alliance voted out
Tara and Anneliese.

But they've managed to form
strong bonds at Asaga.

At least they're not Samatau.

In a huge twist,

the immunity challenge sent
the winning team to Tribal Council.

Samatau wins!

And instead of voting someone out,
they faced a test of trust.

You're here to choose
one of your tribemates to compete

for the ultimate reward.

AK's alliance chose Ziggy
for the job.

"Congratulations. You have a chance
at finding the Super Idol..."

Far out.

The Olympian winning gold.

Finding the most powerful idol
the game has seen.

Ah-ha. This is SO powerful -
and it's around my neck.

One half protects the owner
from votes.

The other half cancels out
another player's idol.

This is gonna change my game.

15 are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

Last night I slept so well.

I think with the pillows and blanket

and even like the bedding
that I was sleeping in,

it's so much more comfy than
the bamboo buckets at our camp.


Jam on toast. Yes.

Last night was crazy.

I ended up in the mangroves,

trying to find a Super Idol.

And that can eliminate
someone else's idol.

It's a power like
I've never seen before.

This Super Idol has given me
a lot of confidence moving forward.

It's really made me believe
that I can actually win this.

You know, like, I thought I could,
but with this around my neck,

I have no doubt that
if I play this right,

I can...I can win, and be,
like, the ultimate survivor.

So I'm really looking forward
to the second half of my game.

Walking back to camp I was going
over and over and over again,

what I was gonna tell my tribe.

At the moment, I'm in a strong
alliance of five with AK,

Jarrad, Tessa and Petey.

But, honestly, things change,
alliances move.

And before you know it,

you're, like, kicked out of here
because you've got an advantage.

So I was gonna lie to my tribe.

But I don't want to get caught out.


Guys...Zig's back.

Gather round.

Alright, everyone gather.

I've got, like...

So, as I tell, we shall eat.

I have the power to give someone
an advantage.

So this is where
you guy have to trust me. OK?


..I'm not allowed to tell you
exactly what it is,

because, if I say it,
then it's void.

What I can tell you,
is that I can't use it myself.

You give it to the person.

I can give it any time I want

and it expires when
there's five people left.

Five contestants left.

So, I can give it to someone
at any stage

and I can choose
not to give it to anyone.

But, they...I've got to give it
to the right person,

'cause they could use it against me,
or use it against anyone.

But it also could be used for me,
or for people.

I actually think that when I was
telling the story, people bought it.


I was looking people in the eye,
they were looking me in the eye.

I feel like I didn't really stumble
over any words.

And...the story, to me, added up.

And I think that the story
to other people added up.


That's so cool.
Well done, Ziggy.

And thank you for the fruit.
Oh, no, no.

I'm really glad we sent you, Zig.

I believe every word she's saying.

It's exciting and scary that she has
this power to give somebody

an advantage in the game.

It's exciting because there's a high
chance she'll be giving that to me.

That does make the reward
worth winning.


At this point in the game for
somebody to have some sort of power,

I'm just happy that it's
within my alliance.

I can't wait to find out what it is.

I know.

Well, I'm gonna use it
at some point, probably.


Just know that I am definitely
giving it to one of you guys,

because, I'm...

When you give it to someone,

do you have to tell the others
who you've given it to?

No, no, no. No, no, no.

So the person that I give it to

isn't allowed to reveal
that they have it,

and isn't allowed to reveal
what it is, either.

Ooh, mystery.
I know.

Only myself
and that person will know.

I don't think Ziggy's
telling us everything.

I feel like I've got
such a tough decision to make.

Ziggy's playing the game

a lot harder than people
give her credit for.

And I think she's lying.

That makes me nervous.

Because she's someone
that is vital for my future game.

And if you want a back massage today
or a head massage,

just let me know.

I'm gonna keep an eye on her.

I need to find out
everything that happened.


Yeah, day 27. Halfway.

I am just stoked.

I never thought I'd get,
you know, even this far.

I mean, you've got to remember,
I'm just a stay-at-home mum.

And, I don't go out and run,
I definitely don't swim.

So you can't really say I've had an
easy run through this first 27 days.

Welcome, everyone.
This is Tara, by the way.

I don't think I'm gonna cry
any more.

I noticed you are...

You're not completely different,

but you've got that spring back
this morning, yeah.

I've been to hell and back, I feel.

You know, I got voted out from
Samatau, my original tribe.

My feelings got hurt.

Samatau, sorry, my old tribe...

They are all, like, strategists.

You know, I'm quite bitter
towards Samatau.

Especially, AK.

Oh, so, if I was to walk there now,
AK would be following me.

Like, I was just having a moment to
myself and AK came round the corner

and he's just like this.

And I'm like, "What are you doing?"

"If you think I'm looking
for an idol, I'm not."

There was no people around.
Like, we had a whole beach.

AK, the biggest player.

He's playing the game hard,
you know.

But I've had control since day one.

They just don't know it.

You happy with the fire?

I'll leave it in your hands.

And if it goes out, I'll be like,

you know the joobies
are on the chopping block.

I've played my own game.

Funny, unpredictable, cheeky game.

Look where I'm sitting now,
you know.

I put all the big logs on top.

I'm the king of the jungle, baby.

Come on in, guys.

- How are we today?
- Good.

Before we get started,
I want to congratulate everyone.

Guys, it is day 27.

Which means...'ve made it halfway through
the game.

You guys have managed to survive
the crazy weather out here.

The rain, the heat,
me at Tribal Council.

And everything else this game
has thrown at you.

Which is why I think it's
the perfect day for me... throw another curve ball.

Everybody, drop your buffs.

We are switching things up.


We are switching things up.


There's gonna be two type of buffs.

There'll be pink buffs
and blue buffs.

But it doesn't necessarily mean that

you're gonna get the same tribe
that you were on before.

This is a random pick.

You guys ready to get to this?


Oh, lucky first.

Don't unwrap it. Alright?

Keep it concealed.
We'll get to that.

Who's gonna be lucky enough
to get me on their tribe?

Alright, let's see 'em.

Let's hold 'em up. Let's see 'em.

I could not believe
what I saw.

The one person I didn't want
to come over -

and that's AK.

I was like,
"Crap! Here we go again."

If you have a pink buff,
make your way over to the pink mat.

Hello. Welcome.

You guys are the new Samatau.

Welcome back. Oh, my God.

If you have a blue buff,
you guys are the new Asaga.

Heeeeey. What's up, baby?!

You can cook me dinner now.

Alright. Let's see what we got here.

The new Samatau is Henry, Ziggy,
Locky, Michelle, Anneliese,

Jarrad, Ben, Tessa.

Anneliese, back where you started.

So, that means, Michelle,
you're the new kid on the block.

I sure am.

How's that make you feel?
Nervous. Very nervous.

But, it's the hand I was dealt with, beginnings, I guess.


The new Asaga has Odette, Sarah,
Peter, Tara, Luke, Jericho and AK.

Most of the tribe is the old
Asaga except for Peter and AK.

What do you think about that, AK?

I have come out here to experience
all assets of this game,

and being switched up with new
people, I'm actually pumped for it.

So I can't wait to build
some relationships.

AK, traditionally that puts you
on the wrong side of the numbers.

Is that a concern for you?

I think it's no secret
I've had my name voted

at pretty much every Tribal Council.

Been on the wrong side of
almost each number,

so hopefully I can start fresh
and go from there.

You're also back with
an old tribemate.

How do you feel about that?

Tara wrote my name that night,
I wrote Tara's.

I hope that we can understand this
is a game and we can move forward.

Who knows?
We might be the unlikely duo.

How do you feel about it, Tara?

I feel we did leave on wrong terms,
AK and I.

But I'm so glad to have
my Petey back.

So, yeah. I feel good.

You guys ready to get to your first
reward challenge as new tribes?


For today's challenge,
you will face-off one-on-one.

You will each hold an idol.

Your job - knock off their idol
before they knock off yours.

Every time you do so,
you score a point for your tribe.

First tribe to seven wins reward.

- Wanna know what you're playing for?
- Yes, we do.

The winning tribe will have
waiting for them back at camp...

..a taste of home.

Some of the things that you
personally love to eat,

like Turkish delight,
salt and vinegar chips,

beef jerky, chocolate chip cookies.

In addition,
the wining tribe will also get...

..everything that the old Samatau
gave up yesterday for their flint.

Alright, Samatau,
you've got an extra player.

Who are you gonna sit out today?

You're gonna sit out?
Yeah, I'll sit out.

Alright, Tessa, you're on the bench.

Everyone else, we'll get to it.

Samatau, who you putting up first?



I'm not scared.

Not scared of Ziggy.


Round one.

First idol hits the ground
loses the points.

Survivors ready?


Put your body between it.
Use your reach.

Quick move. Quick move.
Make that quick move.



Well done, Zig. Well done.

Samatau leads, 1-zip.

She grabbed my boob.

Alright, next round.

We have Sarah for Asaga.

Taking on Anneliese from Samatau.


These guys have battled before.

It should be interesting.

Survivors ready?


Sizing each other up.

Who's gonna make the first move?



Sarah wins for Asaga.

Great work, Sarah.
It's a tie. One each.

And there was no violence?

That was not violent.

Seemed good to me.

Wait, they're putting
their person up first, Odette.

I'm gonna take it.

Old rivals, right here.

Locky for Samatau...

..against AK for Asaga.

Looking forward to this.

Survivors ready?


Highly anticipated battle.

Keep it up. Keep it up, AK.

Locky coming in.
Oh, AK trying to get underneath...

Oh! And he does it!

Knocks over Locky's idol,
taking a point for Asaga.

Shit! Sorry, guys.
Don't worry.

Asaga leads, 2-1.

Alright, next round.

Odette for Asaga.

Taking on Henry for Samatau.

Survivors ready? Go!

Henry's going straight in.
He's got long arms.

Watch it. Watch the balance.

Odette is not gonna let him get it.

Couple little fakies there.

- Oh! He reaches in!
- Yeah!

And he knocks it out of
Odette's hand.

Ties it up.

Wow, you have to get a boy
just to go against me.

We're tied. 2-2.

Unlucky, Odette.

Wait to see who they put up.

Come on, quickly.

I reckon Luke.

No, no, Luke, Luke.
'Cause Pete will beat Ben.


Alright, next round.

Survivors ready?

Ooh, Luke is coming straight into
the middle. He's not messing around.

Don't, don't.
Don't give in to that.

Wait for him. He's gonna drop it.

Luke, keep it steady.

Keep yours nice and stable.

Jarrad's a scrapper.

Jarrad trying to fake him out.

There you go, Jarrad. There you go.

Oh! Luke reaches in
and knocks it out of Jarrad's hand,

scoring a point for Asaga.

Asaga leads 3-2.

I might go this one.
Yeah, you go.

I can't believe I lost.
Alright, next round.

We have Peter for Asaga,

versus Ben for Samatau.

Survivors ready? Go!

Just your thing.
Watch your idol.

Ben, you're losing it already.
Your shoelace is untied, Ben!

Don't listen to them.
Don't listen to them.

Don't let him grab you.


Asaga leads, 4-2. Alright.

We have Michelle of Samatau
taking on Jericho for Asaga.

Survivors ready? Go.

Michelle has the hand out

Michelle, you got no chance.

Pull her towards you.

Oh! Jericho pulls her over.

Scoring another point for Asaga.

Asaga leads 5-2.

Good job! Whoo!

So we start again. We start again.

Alright, next round.

We have Tara for Asaga
taking on Ziggy for Samatau.

Survivors ready? Go!

Asaga leads 5-2.
We're playing to 7.

Sizing each other up. Oh!

Damn it!

I tried!

Asaga still leads, 5-3.
We're playing to 7.

Anneliese for Samatau going up
against Sarah for Asaga yet again.

Survivors ready? Go.

Yeah, look at the eyes.

Sarah inching her way in.

Don't go too close.
She's gonna grab your arm.

Anneliese being very cautious.

Both girls being quite cagey here.

Who's gonna make the first move?

Anneliese goes... Whoa!

Sarah reaches in,
but she doesn't connect.

That's it! Anneliese reaches in

and scores another point
for Samatau.

Closing the gap.

Asaga still leads, 5-4.

You know this is lose-lose for you,
'cause you're already one-zip down.

That makes absolutely no sense.

I gotta get into him somehow.

The highly anticipated rematch.

AK for Asaga taking on Locky
for Samatau.

Survivors ready? Go!

AK comes into the middle.
Locky coming into the middle.

AK taking his time.

Ooh, no, he's coming in.

What's he gonna do?
Is he gonna try and grab his hand?

Locky's got long arms.

AK's getting personal in this one.

AK...stalking him.

27 days on the same tribe,
now they're head-to-head.

Trying to reach in underneath him,
but it doesn't work out.

Locky gets the point this time.

We are tied again. 5-5.

Sorry, guys.

Next round - Odette from Asaga
taking on Henry for Samatau.

Survivors ready? Go!

Carefully circling around.
Sizing each other up.

Who's gonna make the first move?

Play smart.

Trying to get in there, Odette.

But not letting him
get near the idol.

Henry's trying to reach in,
and he does!

And he taps it out of her hand.

Samatau leads 6-5.

We got this, guys.

Next round we have Jarrad for
Samatau taking on Luke for Asaga.

Go, Jarrad.

Samatau leads 6-5.

They could win it right here.

Luke needs to win this one if he
wants to keep Asaga on the board.

No pressure.

No pressure at all, mate.

Survivors ready? Go!

Samatau could win back all their
rewards that they gave up yesterday.

Use it against him.

Jarrad trying to go in
for the kill...

Oh, he reaches...and it
doesn't work!

That's leg two, baby.

We are tied again. 6-6.

You got this, Dan.
You can do it, Ben.

This is the winning point.
This is the winning point.

Come on, Ben.
You got the reach.

We are tied, 6-6.
That means this is match point.

We have Peter for Asaga
taking on Ben for Samatau.

Whoever wins this,
takes it for their tribe.

Survivors ready?


Let him come to you.
Peter is a new Asaga member.

Could win it for them right here.

Slow, Ben, slow.

Whoever wins this,
takes it for their tribe.

Yeah, there it is.

Who's gonna do it?

Ben reaches in...

He can't do it!

And that's it!
Peter wins it for Asaga.

Asaga wins reward.

Oh, just, just...yeah.

I'm just annoyed. I'm just annoyed.

Just annoyed. Let me have my moment.

Oh, yes!
Great days! Happy days, babe.

Asaga, congratulations.

You've won all of
Samatau's old gear.

It should make your life on the
island a bit easier. Come grab it.

Still in good shape?


Oh, AK pisses me off.
At least I can say it now.

Your taste of home will be
waiting for you back at camp.

Thank you.

Locky, is it painful seeing
all that gear disappear again?

It is painful.
It's more painful losing.

I would just, yeah.

I would love something just other
than rice and beans, you know.

I'd love to help out, but,
unfortunately, got nothing for you.

Grab your gear, head on out.

I'm not a good loser, but seeing AK
walk off with Asaga, it was great.

I hope Tara's got AK roasting
like a pig over the fire.

Hopefully, he's going home.

Pete and I have just swapped
tribes, so I'm now a clear target.

I've come over to Asaga

with the full reputation
that I'm a game player,

thanks to Tara.

So I'm gonna try and show this tribe

that everything she's said about me
was complete, utter BS.

Welcome to Asaga!

What have we got here?
What do we have?

Oh, my gosh!

Are you joking?

We get back and we get a little
bit of something from home.

Our little reward. Oh, a Mars Bar!

Oh, guys!

Do youse want to swap and mix?


I reckon we put it all in the middle
and share it, eh?

I don't want to share these
with anyone.

I'm not too keen on beef jerky
or bullets.

I just want my Maltesers.

But I know I've got to make favour
with the tribe,

so I'm more than happy to share,
to hopefully win them over.

Has everyone got,
like, set seats or...?

Just go wherever?

Welcome to Asaga, brother!
Thank you, man.

I'm so excited. I really am.
Are you?

And this is amazing, this beach,
compared to what we had.

Oh, this is exciting.

AK's pretty much come to
Asaga on full charm.

Today he's being a great bloke,

polite as.

How many kids do you have?
Two boys, man.

Oh, you've got little lads.
That's so cool.

He's sitting at the king's feet.

That's awesome.
You're a crack-up.

Thanks for coming, AK.

Do you want to swap
a couple of almonds for Maltesers?

That way you get both.
Just take 'em.

I'm not bothered.

Totally same old AK.

Like, I know his game.

He gets everyone, you know,
feeling that he's this nice fella.

Then he'll start talking about
his girlfriend and get emotional,

so then people will be like,
"Oh, my gosh. He has a heart."

And then he does the twist.

How was the family...
getting the gifts?

Yeah, I received, um...

..a jar from my girlfriend.

Uh, funny...
A jar?

I love this girl.

What's that?

So she cut out these little hearts -

52 of them
for every week of the year.


And she wrote in every heart
something from that week

that she loved about me.

Oh, wow.
Far out!



I don't even want to be near AK.

He annoys me.
Everything he does annoys me.

I just want AK out.

But he is a very smart player.

He can manipulate anyone and he can
turn this Asaga tribe against me.

We had a drop the buff
situation happen today

and we gained Anneliese back

and also Michelle,

who had never
been at Samatau before.

So there's only really one
true newcomer who has joined us.

Your palm fronds are dying.
True that.

So today was amazing.

AK's gone.
I mean, I'm on top of the world.

Nah, well,
this is a whole change up.

Yeah, this is a whole change.

AK's been running the show
for a while now.

With him gone,
I think people can really flourish

and play their own game.

That's great for us.

He is the smartest
Survivor player I know.

And youse didn't see anything.

Everyone just seems happier,

especially me.

It's like everyone
was just set free.

I have actually
walked into a full-blown nightmare.

I am back at Samatau beach,

back with everyone who voted
against me and voted me out.


Thank you so much.

But I'm here. I'm gonna have to
try and work with it.

Welcome back, Anneliese.

I'm smiling.

"I'm so happy to be back here, guys.

"No hard feelings. That's fine.
Everything's fine."

Everything is not fine!

I'm so cool to be here, though.
It's like being home again.

At least I have an idol.

What do you think about over here?

Oh, yeah?
Yeah, the mozzies are worse here.

So, yeah. Wasp nests.

I want to be back at Asaga!

I mean, I'm devastated.

I was on the top at Asaga
and now here I am in the bottom.

I've got to focus on the people here

because if there's one thing
I know how to do in this game,

I've got the social bit down pat.

And you're a photographer,
I've heard?

I feel like I know about people.

Oh, really?
That's a cool job.

I'm a nanny from the beach
of the eastern suburbs of Sydney.

I know how to talk the talk.

And you're a doctor - is that right?
Yeah, yeah.

I'm so chatty
and the more chatty the better.

Where are you from?

Oh, yeah, yeah.

Oh, I know Jono!

I used to work with him!
Did you really?

Yeah! Yeah!
No way!


I used to work with Jono
and his sister Naomi.


Oh, my God!

Connections, connections,

That's all that matters
in this game.

If you're in with someone,
you're in with someone.

They're really into water polo too.


He'd remember me.

Michelle would have to be
the biggest gossip that I know.

I mean, any word that she thinks
in her head, she just says.

So, um, it was kind of annoying.

Do we need to do a water run?

I can show you where the well is.


Easy vote at the moment is Michelle.

She was the last one in,
first one out.

I guess silence is good sometimes.

Welcome. Love ya.

Oh, my God!

It's a good change up.

Oh, my God.

It's so different.

Asaga is like Pride Rock
from The Lion King.

All the lions live there
because they're all happy

and getting well fed.

Is it good, Petey?
Yeah, it's nice.

I feel so hydrated.
Those coconuts are so good to drink.

Here, have some.

And we had none of that
over at Samatau.

Oh, my God. That's actually amazing.

It is, right?
Petey, this is great.

My focus right now is to show,
over the next couple of days,

that I'm worthy around camp
and that I can be a good bloke.

That's so cool.


Much better than Samatau?

My strength is the social game.

But Tara is a huge threat.

The fact that Tara
is still in this game

pisses me off more than anything.

She got voted at Tribal Council
and she should be home.

At my first Tribal,
I want to see her gone.

I'll cook you
some first-class meals.

Of course.

You've got to
work for your position here.

My back's against the wall right now

and I believe that I'm gonna be
the next easy vote.

But this is Survivor.

When you're on the bottom, you
should be fighting your arse off

to stay in the game.

Yeah, sure.

I'm scheming and I'm scheming hard.

I'm trying to get a read on

who's actually vulnerable
within this tribe

and hopefully find some cracks.

In terms of the biggest threats,
what's your thoughts?

So...well, like,
so what we need to look at,

rather than how
we get through one vote,

is how we're gonna get through
this tribe to make the merge.

And that's what I thought.

The main thing is that
we need to stay strong.

Right now I trust AK, simply
because it's mutually beneficial

if us both get through.

We need to pounce
before they pounce on us.

The thing is,
if we go to Tribal Council first

and we can get rid of Tara,
that would be the ideal.

Cool. Cool.

I want to get Sarah
involved somehow,

because she's someone that
I want to get to know as a player.

And Odette's such a floater.

I feel like Luke has the control
in the camp right now

because he has a say
over what Jericho does.

But I think that both Odette
and Sarah aren't as close with Luke,

so I need to talk to them
and just win them over

and for them to think
I'm a good person

and someone that they can
work forward with.

I've just got to draw them in

and make them realise
if they stick by me,

I can get the numbers
going their way.

AK is so dangerous at this game.

He's good at reading the situation

and very good
at manipulating people.

I think people won't see it coming.

Yeah, nice.
Thank you.

I teach Pilates at night.

I just do so many different things,
'cause I have my son. He's 12.

Wow! You look amazing!

AK is great.

He was so charming.

The first thing he said was,
"Oh, you've got beautiful eyes."

"Oh, you're a mum.
Oh, you look so young."

Yeah, alright. Cool. Thanks.
I'll take that.

What's your sister's name?


She's a babe.
I know! That's what Tara said.

She was like, "Your family's hot!"

Even, like, your old man
and your mum are...


But, um,
can I tell you something quickly?

Yeah, yeah.

'Cause I know my name's
been dragged through.

Yep, yep.

And I want to explain everything.

Because it's not what
you've probably been told.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

AK is a mastermind player
in this game.

He's very intelligent.

Talking to him, you can definitely
see that strategic side.

I came out in this game,
like, playing so hard

and I put them totally
off straightaway...

I heard.
..and I honestly own that.

But, um, hearing your game play
really excites me.

You actually seem like
a really awesome guy too. Yeah.

When Sarah tells me

that she gets excited by the fact
that I'm a strategic player,

that's music to my ears.

I know you're
a massive threat but...

..that's how I'd like to...
Yeah, yeah. Oh, yeah.

I think I'm sitting alright
over at Asaga.

I've had some good conversations

and I feel like I'm building
relationships already.

Cool. Um...

Yeah, so that's...
So what's his name, sorry?

AK, I feel,
is just like a shark.

Looking, hunting, forming alliances.

There's lots of sucking up.

"Odette, you're flawless.
You look amazing."

"Sarah, I think you're fantastic."

You know, and I'm just like,
"Oh, here we go again."

So I wanted Luke and Jericho
to know straight up.

Don't trust him.

And he's already sussed out
the weak.

He says the right things.

He says stuff like,
"If you come over with me,

"you're on the top of my alliance."

But you might not be.

But he mentally...

But he sounds so confident,
so people are like,

"He knows what he's talking about."

Tara and AK have been battling out
since the day she was voted out.

She looked like
she wanted vengeance.

Back at Samatau,
I sat everyone down and said,

"We can all get AK out for good."

And they all went,
"Oh, I don't think we should."

So he got the weak players
that want to, like, follow someone.

Tara was stressed as.
She was worried.

"Oh, my God. AK does it again."

Let's see if he does.

Let's get some fireworks going,
some drama.

I like drama.
The more drama the better.

So I'm gonna try to create it.

Trust me, bro.
I'm keen to work the game.


The thing is,
I know for a fact, like...



'Cause obviously, like,
Tara's just been like,

"Oh, AK is the biggest game player.
Blah, blah, blah."

Tara wants revenge, boy.

She'll be coming after you.
Yeah, I know that. I know that.


I'd prefer youse over them
'cause what I actually think

that me and you could be an absolute
cracker if we got together.

We could just do some
hell crazy moves, bro.

Jerry might be keen
because me and Jerry are good.


And then all of a sudden, it kind of
like, then the guys are in control.

I'm down, bro.
Do you know what I mean? So...

I'm so down.

Luke's telling me
that the boys wanted to bring

Pete and myself onboard
to form an all-boys alliance.

Whether I believe it or not,
I'm not sure yet.

But the one thing I know, if you
feel like you're on the bottom,

you need options.

I promise, man,
I'm not going nowhere yet.

Yeah, AK, the biggest player,
has landed in my lap.

He didn't realise there was a bigger
shark and that's right here.

AK gonna be voted out next.

And there's gonna be
a trophy on my wall.

I'm gonna stuff him.

Put him on a plaque, put him up
in front of the fireplace at home -

biggest trophy of the game.


Stuff's gonna get exciting now!

Come on in, guys.


A swap is never easy.
How have you found it?

Um, well, I think the best thing
for Michelle, Peter and myself,

being the ones that have really made
the biggest swap,

is that we get to
show these guys who we are

versus our perceived reputations.

So Pete and I have been embraced
and we're loving life over there.

It's fantastic.

So the rest of the tribe
is happy to have you and Peter?

Yeah, I think they're stoked,
to be honest.


Is AK correct?
Are you guys happy to have him?

Yeah, nah,
it's definitely good, you know?

Um, you get to meet 'em
and find out their story.

And, obviously, you know,

you hear a lot about AK being
a bit of a...conniving, I'd say.

But, you know, you get to
make your own opinion on him, so...

Yeah, nah, it's good.

Alright. Good.

You guys ready to get to today's
immunity challenge?


Alright, for today's challenge,

one man and one woman from both
tribes will each hold up a barrel

while members of the other tribe
fill the barrels with water.

The more water that goes into
the barrel, the heavier it gets,

until you can no longer hold on.

Last person holding up their barrel
wins immunity for their tribe.

The losing tribe
will see me at Tribal Council

where somebody will become the 10th
person voted out from this game.

Samatau, you have an extra player.

You're gonna need to sit
someone out.

Can't be the same person
in back-to-back challenges.

Who's it gonna be?
I'll sit out.

Alright, Michelle's on the bench.

Everyone else
needs to talk about it. Get to it.

It'll be Odette and Luke.

So we need to fill up Odette's
a little bit so she starts fatiguing

and then work on Luke.

I can outlast both no problem, so...

The thing for this is how quickly
we can fill up their buckets

versus how quickly
they can fill up ours.

Yeah, true.

And I feel like Tara and myself
will gas out a lot quicker

running backwards and forwards.

So you're a holder?
I'm a holder for sure, yeah.

You can hold it down, no problem.
I can hold.

Alright, guys.

Decided who's gonna
be on the barrels?

Locky and Ziggy for Samatau.

AK and Tara for Asaga.

Good choices.

Alright, here we go.

Holding up the barrel for Asaga,
we have AK and Tara.

For Samatau,
we have Locky and Ziggy,

with Michelle on the bench.

For immunity, survivors, ready?


Everyone racing out
to grab a bucket of water.

The goal is to fill up those barrels
with as much water as you can

and as quickly as you can.

Odette's back first.

Asaga's strategy is to target Locky.

They're putting
all the water into one barrel.

Samatau's strategy is to target
both AK and Tara.

Yeah, baby!
Which strategy will pay off?

Locky's starting to fill up.

Jericho gets a nice amount in.

Good one!

Really working on Locky here.

Well done, Petey.

Ziggy has nothing in her barrel.

They're leaving Ziggy alone
at this point.

They're gonna take out the big dog.


Really working on Locky.

You're the only one
that's getting it, man.

Oh, a nice amount goes in for Henry.

Nice amount for Jarrad.

They're really working on AK.

Here's the surprise package.

AK, new to Asaga,
desperate to prove his worth.

Gonna make him suffer.
Come on, man!

Locky's barrel really filling up.

Stay strong, Locky. Stay strong.

Luke taunting Locky,
telling him to stay strong.

Locky closing his eyes,
trying to focus.

Ziggy, not a drop in her barrel.

You need to fill these barrels up
as quickly as possible.

Asaga desperately
trying to knock out Locky.

Immunity on the line today, guys.
Someone going home.

Samatau working on AK.

Asaga working on Locky.

Locky starting to feel it.

AK starting to struggle over there.

Tara has a medium amount
in her barrel.

She's still holding in.

Everyone working on Locky's barrel.

It's just relentless.

Jericho gives him a wink
as he tips in more water.

AK really struggling for Asaga now.

Really trying to dig deep.

He's about halfway full.

Tara's looking solid.

Ziggy is still waiting
to get in this.

Locky trying to readjust.
He's digging deep.

Henry has a good hit on AK.

Really struggling now.

Who's going to be the first to drop?

Is it gonna be AK
or is it gonna be Locky?

Someone's gonna be the 10th person
voted out tonight.

You don't want it to be you.


AK readjusting.
Can he hold onto it?

Locky really struggling.

Who's gonna be
the first one to drop out?

Locky's three-quarters full.
He's really struggling.

He's trying to readjust,
trying to get a better grip on it.


AK's close.

Trying everything.

And that's it! AK drops!
He's out of the challenge.


Tara is Asaga's only hope now,

if Asaga wants to
stay out of Tribal Council.

Now they're working on Ziggy.
They think they've got Locky.

Locky is a beast in this game.

That is a lot of weight there.


Tara starting to feel it now.
She's digging deep.

Ziggy has about a quarter
in her barrel.

What an incredible job from Locky.

He seems to be unbeatable
in this challenge.


With AK out, it's all on Tara now.

Bucket carriers now getting tired.

You need to pick it up if you want
to help those on the barrels.

Locky's grunting,
trying to stay in there.

Oh, a big hit on Tara!

Is she gonna lose it?

Oh, and she does!

And that's it!

Samatau wins immunity,

sending Asaga
back to Tribal Council.


Ziggy and Locky,
that was a tremendous effort.

Congratulations, Samatau -
immunity is yours.

Thank you, Jonathan.
Well done.

You guys are safe tonight.
No-one going home.

You can grab your gear
and head on out.

See you, guys. Good luck.

Good luck, guys.

Asaga, also great effort today,

but you will be seeing me
tonight at Tribal Council,

where someone
will be the 10th person

voted out from Australian Survivor.

Grab your gear, head on out.

My focus right now

is for whatever it takes
to get me further in the game.

I've got to work my arse off
back at camp.

I'm not giving up
and I'll continue swinging

until that torch is snuffed.

We lost the immunity challenge,

so Asaga's heading to
Tribal Council tonight.

Good try, everyone.
Good job, everyone. Good job, AK.

We did well, considering.
Yeah, they're a strong team.

Every vote apart from one
at Samatau, I voted for AK.

I'll be writing his name down again.

If we were to get AK out, I think
that would be the move of the game.

To think that we're going into a
Tribal Council situation right now

where I could be going home before
Tara annoys the shit out of me.

Luke has told me that he wants to
create an all boys alliance.

There's three girls
and four guys now -

Luke, Jericho, Pete and myself.

I don't trust Luke,
but what can I do?

I don't have many options right now

and it would be silly for me
not to work with him.


Before I could even say anything
this morning, Pete's like,

"I don't know what you're thinking,

"but I want to go ahead
with the boys."

And that was just like, "Yes."

Oh, so, I promise you, tonight I'll
write Tara. Man, she's going home.

I've wanted her gone
from day one, brother.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. No worries.
Oh, sweet as. Alright.

I'm lying through my teeth.

I'm acting out here.

The Bold and the Beautiful.

You know, get me something on there.


Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
That's good.


There's nothing gonna happen.

That's the best play, I reckon, eh?

Everyone's on board.

I've told everyone who to vote next,
so, yeah, you're going home, AK.

Yes! Don't be stupid.


You can say that.

I think AK truly believes
Tara's going home tonight

and that he's safe.

We are more dangerous than anyone
that he has faced in Samatau,

but he doesn't see that.

Are you ready?

I'm not, I promise. I trust you.


This is one of my
hardest votes

because I've got to pull off
this great blind side.

I know all I need to do is sit
tight, don't start anything.

I have to keep calm
until that name gets read out.

Because I've tried with
a big alliance to get him out,

I've tried with the small alliance
from Samatau.

The guy seems to know who to go to

just before we head to
a Tribal Council.

He can't be suspicious in any way.

Whenever Luke's at the fire,
Tara is with him.

So, they're obviously
having conversations.

I'm nervous that Luke is playing me
and working alongside Tara.

He's a wild card
and I can't trust him.

I think this tribe,

like, we haven't got a complete read
on them just yet.

If we can just find out
who they're voting for.

They'll vote for me.

That's making me nervous.

I don't have many options
to work with on this tribe.

There's seven people,

which means we'd only need
four votes to get rid of Tara.

I need to have a chat with Sarah.

Yep. OK.

Sarah is a really good player
and she thinks things through.

And hopefully
we can get her on board.

Yeah, obviously nervous.

But, yeah.

Yeah. Oh, yeah.

And I know she acts on emotions,

so that's gonna be
her number one thing.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

I wanna play with rational people
that don't act on emotion.

And my name's been thrown around.
So, I've been scrapping it.

I've been on the bottom.
I love how much you're a scrapper.

I love how much you fight.

Mate, far out.
I love it.

I know AK is a major player
in this game.

That's the last four.

He's very, very smart,

so you always wanna be in the know
of what his plans are.

Moving forward into a merge,
we know we need numbers,

but you need to trust someone.

He could be playing me.

But sometimes you can flip things

and actually work that
to your own advantage.

Trust has been broken
every which way.

Yeah, yeah.

How I see it happening is
the winners will be a new alliance

that comes from...

All the flippers are gonna
come together, new alliance,

so I need to stick with
bottom people

that everyone thinks
they have the numbers against.

We need to make something strong.

I think we could work
really well together.

Whereas Luke's game play
is very erratic.

He's a crazy player.
You never know what he's gonna do.

I wanted to vote Luke.

If we could get him.

But I'd be happy to get rid of Tara.

I'm happier that it's me
trusting you.

No, no.
Well, I've got no other options.

Yeah. No, and that's why I know.

I'm, like, you need me
and I need you.

I'm actually feeling quite positive

compared to how I was
when I first got to Asaga.

Sarah's the one person that
can think the game clearly

and logically.

She's my vital piece of moving
forward further in this game.

Oh, my God.
Yeah, I know.

You're our saving grace,

and we want to be
your golden ticket.

Thank you so much.

If Sarah, Pete and myself
can vote together

we would only need one more person
to vote Tara, and she goes home.

All good?

Obviously just hoping what
people are telling me is true.

It's all I can go off right now.

If there was any chance
of someone flipping

I think that Odette could be
that person.

If I go tonight, that leaves Odette
back on the bottom,

and she's likely to be
the next one voted out.

What I was gonna say, um...

So, like, I had one person
I could trust back there at Samatau,

it was Jarrad.

And I was thinking all night I need
one person over here I can trust.

I want that to be you.

What are we gonna do together?

AK, mate, he's nothing like
everyone said he was.

I actually, you know, think
he's got a great personality,

does wanna play the game,

does know HOW to play the game,
so that's awesome.

Especially for me.

Because I've just been going
with majority.

Yeah, yeah.
That's my game.

But, um...

I know I am the swing vote at this
point, which is kinda great.

I wanna go with the best vote
in the end.

I feel like I'm at actually
one of the best positions

in the game at the moment.

I think my intuition will now let me
know which moves I need to make.

Tonight will be crazy.

With a new tribe,
there's new lines drawn,

there's new alliances and everyone's
been scrambling all day.

So, I have no clue
what's gonna happen.

This could be my night.

This could be the night
I've been waiting for,

and that's to get AK gone.

Survivor is
the greatest game on earth

because the mouse can eat the cat.

The power changes all the time, and
all it takes is one conversation.

If I can get thorough this situation

I think that puts me
at the top of the best cases

of why I should win Survivor.

Well, Asaga, it's been
a pretty big couple of days.

we're halfway through the game

and then I decide
to switch things up.

I mean,
what was going through your head

when you heard those words,

"Everyone, drop your buffs"?

I thought we were gonna
all merge together.

I was sort of excited to meet
some of the people on Samatau

that I hadn't met before.

But then when I knew it would be
still Asaga and Samatau,

I was just thinking,
"Oh, please stay Asaga."

Well, for most of you,
that was true.


Not for you, AK.

No, not for me. Not for Pete either.

So, AK, what are the dangers
stepping into an established tribe?

Yeah, well, obviously you feel
like you're automatically on the out

and, you know, you're
a chance of being the next vote.

And obviously Tara and Anneliese
went over to Asaga

after being voted out,

so I was on the good end
of that vote, as was Pete.

I'm sure that things
were said about both of us.

I...I did come over
to Asaga quite bitter

because obviously I got voted out,

and, you know, the heat
of the moment, you do say things.

Me and AK haven't had
the best friendship

so obviously I did let things out

that I feel the tribe
needed to know.

But saying that, now that he's here,
he might have proved them different.

And so I could be on the bottom.
You just don't know.

Do you think he's come to Asaga
with you in his sights?

To vote me out?

Er...yeah, I do think.

I do, yeah.

But I feel confident in Asaga.

But these two
are very powerful players

and it has put a little
doubt in my head, yes.

how do you view their relationship?

Um, it's a little bit tumultuous.

So they haven't always played
well together.

I don't think
they've ever played...

Oh, they've NEVER played
well together?
..very well together.

Tara, is that true?

Yeah, no,
I think from probably day two,

I sort of saw AK as that person
that he was at the start.

AK, a reputation in this game,
can it be hard to shake?

It can be very hard to shake.

I came out guns blazing
in the first five days

and played a really
I think stupid game - I can say it.

I was off talking to everyone

when no-one in our tribe was
actually talking strategy.

So straightaway
I became an early target.

Um, since that point,
I've stayed loyal

and I believe that's
what's got me through.

Tara, do you think there might be
some bad blood there?

Towards AK?

I guess he's always got me
just in that couple of steps ahead.

Unfinished business.

Luke, what do you think
when you hear all that?

Oh, yeah, we just put a ring of fire
around them, you know.

I'm in a very awkward spot here.

So, Luke, after tonight's vote,
you're only gonna be six.

So if you keep losing, what's gonna
happen when you hit merge?

Er, we're gonna be low, you know.

We'll be maybe walking into merge
with four people.

Are you worried about that tonight?

Yeah, we really need to win these
immunity challenges,

you know what I mean?

We really need a strong tribe.

But we've won a couple of rewards
so that gives us hope.

Yeah, rewards are nice, but...
I know.

..they don't keep you
out of Tribal Council.

The other side are clearly stronger

so keeping it on this side
would definitely benefit Asaga.

I'm a bit worried now

because obviously these two would
be maybe stronger than myself,

and if that's the way
they're looking at it

then, yeah, I am in trouble tonight.

Odette, where do you sit on this?

Well, I've always said
that from the beginning

that I would prefer to always
keep the stronger players,

but you hear
a lot of stories about people.

You might have been
a really key player

or you might have been playing
really hard,

and you have to evaluate whether
or not they're true or not,

so I'm changing my mind
a bit as things go along.


Jonathan, I believe you need
to trust people to get further,

so I'm putting my trust
in some people tonight.

Hopefully I can show them
that what I've said is gonna add up,

and then moving down the track,
they're able to trust me further.

Sarah, how difficult is it moving
forward in this game

with dwindling numbers?

Oh, very difficult.

When they're smaller numbers, you
really start to consider,

OK, well, who am I gonna go
to the end with?

For me, tonight's vote is based
on the future of my own game play.

It's who you choose
to align yourself with

for the future of the game,

and whenever merge does come,

how we all stand as a whole

instead of two different tribes,

so you just can't escape that
thought when you're at Tribal.

AK, do you know how this
is gonna play out tonight?

I have no idea.


Obviously everyone
who's been voted out of this game

thought that the votes were going
a certain way,

and they went against them.

I just want to get myself
further in the game

and I'm hoping that the people
that have come to me

and told me
where they see themselves

and how I can benefit them

will hopefully get me
that further in the game.

Tara, are you certain how this
is gonna play out?

I have no idea.

When you came in,
you were a little more certain.

So now where is it?
Um...I don't know.

I'm gonna be quite shocked,
I think, tonight.

I have a feeling.

Jericho, are people going to be
surprised by tonight's vote?

I think so.

Peter, you're covering your ears.

You don't want to hear that?
I'm scared.

But we will find out shortly.

you are shaking your head again.

I just want, like, five more minutes
with these people

just so I can ask, but no...

I... This is it. This is Survivor.

I did come in here quite confident
but I'm not now.

Well, I really want to find out
what the hell's going on

so it is time to vote.

It is time to vote.

Odette, you're up.

Second time lucky.

I'll go count the votes.

If anyone has a hidden Immunity Idol
and they want to play it,

now would be the time to do so.

Alright, once the votes are read,
the decision is final.

Person voted out

will be asked to leave the Tribal
Council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote...




We're tied - two votes AK,
two votes Tara.


That's three votes AK,
two votes Tara.

10th person voted out
from Australian Survivor...


That's enough.
You need to bring me your torch.

See you, brother.

See ya.
Excellent game, AK.

Good work. You did well.

I get to see my girl, Jonathan.

AK, the tribe has spoken.

Time for you to go.

Good job, AK.

You'll always be remembered.


Well, the interesting thing
about big moves

is that they can expose
big players.

Grab your torches,
head on back to camp.


Next time on Australian Survivor...

Having taken out the game's
strongest player...

You've just voted someone out

so you should feel bad,
but I don't.

..Asaga looks to its own.

They're snakes.

While at Samatau...

You've got an idol?

..idol chatter...
No way!

..puts Ziggy in danger.

Oh, my God.

Ziggy, without a doubt, is
the number one threat in the game.

I'm gutted to be out of the game

but full respect to Luke
for playing me the way he did.

I hope my acting has paid off

because you're definitely
going tonight.

To be honest, I wouldn't have played
it any differently.

I come out here to play

and I didn't come out here
just to last another day

or make the merge.

Bec's gonna be proud of me
no matter what.

I told her when I left

I'm not gonna be someone that
just goes along for the journey.

I'm there to win for her
and the family.

No regrets, mate.

I got chosen out of 21,000 people,

I played hard...

..and there's not much more
I could have done, really.

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