Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 4, Episode 13 - Episode #4.13 - full transcript

Things get a bit panicked around the camps with all Survivors feeling their necks on the line, but an unexpected setback at the challenge will turn the whole game on its head.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Oh, I see it.

..there are three Hidden Immunity
Idols in play.

Henry holds one.

Anneliese has another.

I have the idol.

While Ziggy is holding
the Super Idol,

which has two powers.

It can cancel someone else's idol,

and protect her from the vote.

This is going to change
my game.

The twist shook alliances up again.

There's going to be
two types of buffs -

there'll be pink buffs
and blue buffs.

Anneliese and Michelle
sent to Samatau,

while Peter and AK
found themselves at Asaga,

where AK was reunited
with his nemesis, Tara.

I didn't even want to
be near AK.

Everything he does annoys me.
I just want AK out.

AK had blindsided Tara twice,

and was angling for a third.

But he didn't count on
her joining forces with Luke...

We can all get AK out for good.

..who had plans of his own.

AK is going to be
a trophy on my wall.

Put him up in front of the fireplace
at home, biggest trophy of the game.

Come Tribal Council,

the game's biggest player got played.

Tenth person voted out from
Australian Survivor...

Thank God!

AK, the tribe has spoken.

14 are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

Well played, you guys.

I officially can say AK
has left the game.

I will sleep easy tonight,
knowing that,

and we gave him
a good farewell, I feel.

Bring it in.
Bring it in, brother.

Tribal Council went exactly
how I planned.

I made this massive story up,

this big web of lies.

It was so funny.

I didn't land it on anyone that
didn't know the game.

I land it on AK,
the guy who studies the game.

I'm on a high.

What's next?

You get rid of the witnesses.

So Pete's next.

I'm in a lot of shock.

I do feel very on the outer now.

I'm a lone player on Asaga.
I don't have an alliance.

I don't have anything.


I've been here for 29 days,

and some days you think you're going
to go really far in the game,

some days you think your
time's pretty much up,

but I think because I've got
the Super Idol,

and because I feel like our Samatau
tribe is pretty strong,

mentally I'm pretty good right now.

In the past,
I was in an alliance with AK,

but now that AK's left Samatau,

I've got to start
looking at other options.

So far in Survivor,

it's been obvious that myself,
Locky and Henry,

the three of us
have been the strongest,

but at the moment, we are working
with Tessa, Jarrad and Anneliese.

Ben is kind of on the outer,
and Michelle is on the bottom.


I think people with strong physical
assets can have a massive target

on their backs as soon
as a merge comes.

We spoke about how cool it would be

if all three of us
were in the final three.

We've got skills for everything.

We've got the numbers
and we're winning immunities.

They really can't do anything.

There definitely wasn't,
like, a handshake or anything

that nailed down that we would try
and fight each other for top three,

but the was certainly
an understanding.

Yeah, exactly.

Oh, really?
You've got an idol?

I've got an idol, yes.

Oh, no way!

I truly felt that it was
an honest conversation

and I wanted to show Locky and Henry
that I was actually on board with it

and I was going to help them

but kind of spur of the moment,

and that is not
good in the game of Survivor.

So, please,
if anyone is going to vote me out,

please let me know.


I could have just screwed up
my whole game.

I was just like, "Oh, my God."
This is huge news.


I have no idea about Ziggy
at this point.

I want to trust her,

but she's lied to me so many times.

Her lying face and her good face
and her sad face

and her working face are all
exactly the same,

and it's a pretty face,
so you kind of want to believe it.

I'm just going to have
it in my back pocket

and kind of stick with Henry
and Anneliese.

Ziggy, without a doubt, is
the number one threat in the game.

Not only does she have

this power from the ultimate reward
that no-one really knows about,

but now I know she's also got
a Hidden Immunity Idol.

There's no way I want to sit next
to Ziggy at the end.

No-one will beat her.

Finding this information out
makes me need to get her out more

but it's just a matter of when.

What a day!

So, today, I just woke up.
It was just like a normal day.

No, wait a second!

AK has gone!


I love it.

It's just so good here.

And the best thing about it is,

is that I helped this plan.

I helped make this blindside.

And he had not even seen it coming.

The emotions that I've got running
through me right now,

it's crazy because it's a game

and you've just voted someone out

so you should feel bad, but I don't.

As soon as his name got read out

and that torch went out
and everyone's like, "Aw, bye, AK,"

I'm like, "See ya!"

I feel like it hasn't made much
difference to Asaga,

but it will make a huge
difference to the game.

We all don't have to be
looking behind our shoulders

thinking, "Where's that crazy AK?
What's he up to next?"

I've been playing my own game
since day dot.

I haven't ever been told
how to vote,

so public knowledge,
if you want to work with Luke,

it's Luke's way or the highway.

I'm the king of my own game,

the king of this game.

How does the king stop
the peasants from rioting?

How are you going to feed them?

How good's this?

I should be charging $300 a night

because I've got this thing on lock.

We've got fish, crab...

No way!


Look at them.

It's like a supermarket out here,
you know what I mean?

Might as well get a trolley!

Guys, we're, like, eating
five-course meals.

I know. Wow.
Thanks, guys.

No worries.

We're living.

Hmm. Thriving.

Avoiding Tribal Council isn't
even on my top priority list.

I've still got to cull
people on this tribe

that I can get rid of easy.

Obviously, getting rid of Peter
is just a simple vote.

If Peter stays here too long,

he's definitely going to
latch onto someone,

so, yeah, the earlier we get him
out, the better.

We'll have coffee first
and then do crabs after?

Whatever you want to do.


World's your oyster.

Straight after Tribal Council,

Luke basically said,
"Pete needs to go next.

"He knows everything now,
he's a sure-fire vote out."

And I really need
Pete around for my own gameplay.

So I don't want him
going any time soon.


Letting Luke call the shots at votes
last night was crazy.

Luke's gameplay is very erratic.

I need to get rid of Luke

and continue to play both sides.

We need to make sure that Luke
doesn't see us chatting

but basically the whole
tribe wanted AK out.

I wasn't about to go try
and convince people otherwise,

'cause that would have put me
on the out.

But, for me, you really are someone
I want to take further in the game,

so I'm not going to let you go easy.


Peter is a really golden
opportunity to jump ship.

He has connections
on the other side.

All my major connections
are on the other side as well,

so if we could go over together,

that works really
well for my gameplay.

Yeah. OK.

As I see it,
Peter only trusts me now.

Hey, Luke.
How are you going?

So, hopefully,
I can take him under my wing

and we can move forward with
strong numbers.

This is my potential
ticket to the end.

I've come over
to Samatau,

reunited with Locky,
and he is solid with Henry

and says, "Us three,
let's do it together."

I'm keen for this
but I'm sceptical of Henry.

I'm not too sure
what his intentions are.

I firmly believe that Henry has
a Hidden Immunity Idol.

And I'm pretty sure he did hand
a clue to the other side.

What does that
mean about his loyalties?

So I approach Henry and I say,
"We really need to talk."

And it's a test.

It's his chance to come
forward about everything,

or else I'm going to have to find
another pathway in this game.

No, no.

So, Anneliese just asked me
if I had an idol

and if I gave Jericho a clue.
It's 100% true.


I was going to do some meditation.

We sat on the beach,
and I tried to meditate next to him

but I just closed my eyes
and breathed a bit

and acted like I felt peaceful,
but I was panicking on the inside.

That's the main thing.

I've been lying about it
for 24 days.


You know, I'm so used to lying,
I just lied again,

but suddenly I thought,

what am I doing here?

I've got to trust someone.

Henry, thank you for telling me.

That was amazing.

I feel like everything came
together at that moment

and I feel like that was
a token of trust,

and you've got to grab them
when you get them out here,

because you can't trust anyone,

and that was really big for him,
to tell me.

It'll support you guys through
to the end.

So, let's do it. Boom!

We've got this.
We've actually got this.

Straight after me and Anneliese told
each other that we both had idols,

we decided we had to tell Locky... we can move forward in that
three number,

because two of us
isn't strong enough,

and we love Locky.

It's huge right now.

We've got power in the challenges,

we've got power with information,

we've got power with idols.

Right now, I'm in a very good spot.

I'd back me if I was a bookie.

There is now way my friends think
I could last out here.

I quite like getting dressed up
and having my make-up and nails

I don't like sleeping
on the floor or bamboo.

I don't like bugs crawling over me.

I do miss the finer
things from home,

but I'm here for the money.

Half a million dollars -
that's enough, I've worked out,

to achieve what
I want to achieve in life,

and that is to build my own
dream home.

I love this game,
I respect this game,

and I want to be there till the end.

However, I need to just survive
the next Tribal Council.

I've been in the Samatau tribe
now for two days,

so to pick me off would be easy,

and I need to make sure I've
got enough seeds

planted in everyone's mind to vote
any name other than mine.

And Ben's the next best target.

He's the only possible one
that I think

they would consider voting out.

I need something to keep me
in this game.

Ben likes to show off.

He wants to tell everyone, "I know
the gossip, I know the secrets."

And if I act like I'm all impressed,

he might give me
something I can use to save myself.

No, I never believed that.

When Anneliese
and Michelle swapped over to us,

and Ziggy was explaining
the ultimate reward,

she never mentioned the potential
advantage to Michelle.

I don't know for sure what it is.

Ziggy, when she found the tiki,

she said it's something that if she
reveals it,

it becomes null and void.

It must be kept a secret,

but it's meant to be given to
someone else.


So, obviously, I think
there are elements of truth to it.


I think it could be
something like a Super Idol.

Yeah, I spilled the beans on that.

It's a risky play on my part.

I'm trying to get
a bit of Michelle's trust on board.

So, um, who are
you thinking...tomorrow?

I don't know.

Oh, right, OK.



Ben puts his foot in things
all the time.

But I actually didn't think it
could be this easy.

Not only did he give me

all the information
about the ultimate reward,

he then told me
he's gunning for Locky.

He just told me,
who is clearly on the bottom,

key information that can get
you voted out.

I don't need to use this right now.

I'll wait till it's a more
convenient time.

But at least I've got
something to go on.

Thank you, Ben.

I'm pretty sure that you have
just saved me.

Come on in, guys!

take a look at the new Asaga.

AK voted out at the last
Tribal Council.

Holy shit.

Well, that is
the biggest shit-eating grin

I have ever seen, Tara.


You were laughing.

We were all thinking it was
going to be AK but, look,

we all know AK pretty well

and he can pretty much do
anything in the game

but, yeah, finally gone home,
I guess,

so a bit of a smile on my face.

Do you think they made
the right choice?

Definitely. He's a good guy
but he's way too smart in this game.

what was the mood around camp?

It got everybody more relaxed,

because he does give
off a bit of paranoia,

but, you know,
yesterday was a really good day.

We had our bellies full.

We got two fish.

lunch and dinner yesterday.

Wow. Nice.

Luke, Asaga's lost the last three
Immunity Challenges.

Has that made the tribe disheartened
or more determined to win?

we're always more determined to win.

It's immunity, eh?

Don't count us out, you know?

Asaga blood, hey, baby?

Alright. I like the spirit.

You guys ready to get to today's
Immunity Challenge?


First things first. Who has it?

I do, Jon.
Oh, you're hiding back there.

Thanks, mate.

I like looking at it.

I'm sure you do.

Well, win it back
and you can look at it again.

Yep. That'll be good.

Once again,
immunity is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge,

you will each hold above your head

a sandbag tethered to
a trough of water.

If you tire, you can
hand your sandbag to someone else.

But if you drop the sandbag,

the trough tips,

soaking your entire tribe.

Last tribe to stay dry

wins immunity.

Losers, you know the drill.

It's a trip to Tribal Council.

Somebody is going to be the 11th
person voted out of this game.

you need to sit out two people today,

one boy and one girl.

Who are they going to be?

Ben and who else? OK.

Ben and Anneliese,
you guys are on the bench.

Everyone else draw for spots

and get to it.

Alright. Here we go.

For immunity, I'm going
to count you in.

Three, two, one...

This challenge is now on.

You need to keep that
bag above your head.

Swap your arms regularly
if you're holding one hand,

just to get the blood
circulating down to your fingers.

Right out of the gate,
Locky has a plan for Samatau.

Just make sure it's balanced on one.


You might find your arm might burn
out a bit quicker.

Arms will start to tire.

If you get tired, you can
hand your bag to someone else

and step out of the challenge.

That means someone else has
the extra weight.

My arms are a bit tired.

I know it's a bit early but...

One of us will be going home
if we don't push.

Yeah, I know. I'm just saying,
my arms are shaking a little bit.

No-one tap out.
That's how we're going to win.

No cracks in the chain.

The longer we can all go,
the better for everyone.

The bag has to stay above your head
the whole time.

OK. Can I pass to someone?

I don't want to drop it.
I just don't want to drop it.


Is it going to be...?
Let go.

That's it. Have you got it?

Michelle hands her bag off to Henry.

She's out of the challenge.

I just didn't want to drop it.
Is someone out?

Yeah. Michelle.

That's one person already gone.

There's five kilos in each
of those sandbags.

Doesn't sound like much,

but the longer you have it up there,
the heavier it's going to feel.

Come on, guys,
we're not going back to tribal.

Even big boy Locky's
starting to feel it.

It's what happens
when you've got massive biceps.

My arms weigh as much as Jarrad,

Jarrad's struggling.

Jarrad's starting to
wobble a little bit.

Wobble, Jarrad.

No, Jarrad's steady.

Jarrad is steady.


No, I'm OK.

OK for now.

Sarah's starting to struggle.

Are you alright, Sarah?

Who are you talking about, Jonathan?

I'm all good.

Haven't you seen these guns?

I'm impressed.

She's not just a model.


Henry handing off a bag to Locky.

He needs to take a break.

If you bow out of this challenge,

you put a lot of pressure
on the rest of the tribe.

Jarrad, just be open and honest.

Henry, I think...

Sorry, dude.

Good work, Jarrad.

Jarrad's out.

Sorry, guys.

You've just cracked ten minutes,

Good work, guys.

I'm starting to struggle guys.

Locky and Henry both handling two
bags for Samatau.

Immunity on the line tonight, guys.

Locky's got his eyes closed.

He's trying to find his groove.

Asaga just taunting Samatau now.

They can see they're in trouble
and they're liking it.

You're going to have to take two.

Locky hands off to Ziggy,

now taking one from Henry.

Give him a break.

Locky's really starting to struggle.

You need to keep that
above your head.

Oh, Locky really grunting now.

Yes, Locky!

Tara, shut up.

Yeah. He's on their side.

I won't look at him.

Locky hands off to Ziggy again.

Ziggy is a powerhouse.

Tessa's hanging in there, come on!

Tessa's doing great.

Locky takes it back from Henry.

Passing those
bags around like hot potatoes.

Are you getting real tired?

I'm just getting shaky.

That's alright.
Just bring it down a little bit.

You should try to...

Just take a rest, take a rest.

Henry has two bags.
Oh, he passes one on.

Henry almost lost it,
but he recovers.

Great recovery from Samatau.

Locky has three bags now!

Henry trying to shake it out.

Takes that bag back.


That was impressive.


Henry in trouble now.

Hands it off to Locky.

Henry and Locky
dancing all over the platform,

but Ziggy is like a statue.

Give up and surrender.

Never give up.

Never surrender.

Good work, Locks. Good work.

I need one of them doing.

Hold that.

20 minutes in, guys.

Asaga has never looked so strong.

It's amazing what a full belly
can do.

Locky really struggling
with three there.

Henry trying to help out.
Not sure which one to take.

No, no, no!

Oh, no! That's it.

Samatau's out the challenge.

And Asaga wins immunity.

Asaga needed a win today
and you got it.

Thank you so much.

Immunity is yours.
No Tribal Council tonight.

No-one going home.

Well done.
Grab your gear, head back to camp.

Samatau, different story for you.

Despite a massive effort today... of you will be the 11th person
voted out from this game.

Grab your gear.

Head on out.

We'll see you tonight at Tribal.

I'm nervous.

I don't want to go home tonight.

But I don't have any tricks
up my sleeve.

I don't have a hidden idol.

My words
are all I've got at this point.

I feel like
I'm hanging on the edge of a cliff

with my nails.

They were just so well fed.

They all looked so healthy.

They had lots left in the tank,

They weren't even struggling.

I'm shocked.

We lost the challenge, which means
we're going to Tribal Council

and I'm fighting for my life,
harder than anyone on this tribe.

I'm on the bottom.
It's clear I'm the bottom.

I've been here for three days
and I'm the easy target

to keep Samatau strong.

They stay strong and I go home.

I'm not putting up with that.

I'm not going to let them
send me home without a fight.

Tonight, it's either Michelle
or Ben.

Samatau want to be Samatau strong
and that is including me.

The thing for me is
I want to keep Ben over Michelle.

Ben Billy Goat, I call him.

A goat, in this game,
is someone you can drag

all the way to the end of who has
done absolutely nothing apart from,

basically, chewed grass.

But I need to keep bringing him
along because there's more chance

of me winning
with someone like him at the end.

OK. So you think we're more likely
to be able to control Ben.

I reckon this is our best move.

At this point,
I'm all for voting for Michelle.

With Michelle, she's been over
at Asaga pretty much the whole time,

so she's got strong alliances there.

She could flip straight back to them
and, at the moment,

we could get Ben
to stay Samatau strong.

I'd like Ben to stay.

I've been working on him.

I have been trying to mould him
into this wingman

that I can have as an option
going forward.


It doesn't matter if he's thrown.

It's, like, he can't start anything.

He just doesn't have it in him.


I think Ben would be
a good option to keep around

because Jarrad has told me
that he has got Ben

wrapped around his little finger.

So, if I trust Jarrad,
then I should trust that judgement

to keep Ben around.

My advice to Ben is play it cool.

Commit to Samatau. And you're fine.

That's all you have to do.

Ben's problem in this game is that
he is so vague and wishy-washy.

I'm not going to do
anything rash.

If I were to do something rash, I'd
be looking for the idol right now,

instead of looking for firewood.

I don't see the logic
in voting me out over Michelle.

I definitely
don't intend to, like,

ruffle too many feathers,
or anything.

I think it's in my best interest

to let Michelle
shoot herself in the foot.

My plan is the only plan
that I actually think

has a chance of working.

And that is to target Ben.

And convince the tribe that Ben
is the one who needs to go home.

I can talk the talk and good old Ben
released way too much information

to me in the last three days.

I mean, honestly, you've had nine
days with him and two days with me.

But he flip-flops.

I'm not a flip-flopper.

Ben is.

It makes more sense keeping me and
then I am 100% on the pink trail.

I think everybody loves Locky.

Everybody always
loves the good-looking, fun,

successful strong guy.

Locky holds the power.

Locky changes votes around here.

You could pull him over 100% and
you know who the first target is.

Locky. It's 100% Locky.

Oh, yeah?

If Locky knows
that Ben is gunning for him

and there's a chance that he could
actually pull off this move,

Locky's going to want
Ben out in an instant.

He's all, like, "I'm Samatau.
I'm Samatau strong, blah-blah"

And his aim is to get you out
tonight, apparently.

Ben is?
Ben, yeah.

To get me out?

He's getting you out tonight.
I said, "You and what army?"

'Cause I get frustrated.

He just wants to make big moves.

He's a super fan.

I just don't know why
he's trying to get me out.

He'll get you out with Luke.

He'll flip over there.
I know he will.

And you know what, now the numbers
are seven and six,

you only need one person to go
over there and it's screwed.

I'm telling you, right now,
I will not be that person.

I planted a few ideas
in Locky's head this afternoon.

Ben wants to make big moves.

Luke wants Locky out.
Ben wants Locky out.

Locky goes home
because they've got the numbers.

Locky didn't like that.

I'm going to let it lie
and let's see what happens.

A couple of hours ago,
I was, like, keep Ben, keep Ben.

Then it all comes to the surface
that he's been trying to get me out.

I reckon we get rid of Ben.

And I was, like, he needs to go.

Locky has this paranoia
about him.

But, if you hear your name,

it doesn't mean you, straight away
go for whoever said it.

If Ben wants
to make a big strategic move,

will he be able to pull it off?

Probably not.
That's why we should keep him.

Michelle has the wits
to blindside someone like Locky.

I want him gone bad.

He's just painfully awkward
to be around.

It's alright, thank you.
It's not too bad.

Quite small.

Most likely?
Yeah. Absolutely. Yeah. You said it.

That, sort of, just slipped out.

Which probably
wasn't the best thing to say.

Yeah, OK.

I know Jarrad wants me to stick
with him and vote Michelle out.

And I want to be loyal to Jarrad.

So I want to do that.

People are definitely
second guessing themselves

but I hope everyone
sticks to the original plan.

Worst-case scenario for my game?
Ben going home.

Michelle stepped it up a level.

I'm really actually
quite impressed and scared.

Because it shows how
much of a player she really is.

I don't know
if it's going to be enough

but an impressive scrambling effort.

I expect Michelle to
fight for her life tonight.
Why wouldn't she?

I don't have to be seen as the most
trustworthy guy in the world.

I just need to be seen
as more trustworthy than Michelle.

I hope I've convinced everyone,
which is almost impossible,

when they don't even know me.

But never would I ever
just put my hands up and lie down.

I will go down,
I will throw Ben under the bus.

I will expose all the Asaga secrets.

I will let them know every piece
of information they want to hear.

And I'm going to make sure
this is a Tribal Council

that Ben's going to remember.

Alright. Samatau.

It's been awhile since you guys
have been here at Tribal Council.

Haven't had a chance to talk to you
about the switch up.

what was that moment like for you

when you pulled the pink buff?

At the time, I thought, you know,

it was quite possibly
the worst thing ever.

I was the only person who had
no connections with Samatau.

Why wouldn't I be on the bottom?

But I'm actually excited
for it now.

And I do want to let these guys
know that, now that I've been

dealt the hand, that I'm pink,
I don't see myself Asaga anymore.

Well, Ben, you haven't been here
that long either.

Are you finding it difficult?

That's an interesting question.

Initially, I thought
I'd settled in really well.

These people were very welcoming.

You know, everyone was really kind.

He keeps talking about it
like it was past tense.

Yeah. Things have changed
a little bit, because of the swap.

My name has, sort of,
been thrown around.

As well as Michelle's.

It's a gut feeling, like.

You know,
you get the sense with people.

So, Ziggy,
is that a fair assessment

that these
two guys are on the chopping block?

Yeah. It's a fair assessment.

I think loyalty
is everything at this stage

and you need people you can
actually rely on.

Otherwise, we're all going
to be picked off, one by one.

Locky, Henry and Ben, they've only
been here for over a week.

So, how do you really know
where their loyalty lies?

I guess you got to look at it
with what you know.

I mean, I've spent a lot of time
with Henry and we get along great.

I've got a lot of trust in him.

You know what he wants
and what he's going to do.

With Ben, it's...

Ben's different.

That is correct.
I am very different.

You know, sometimes
with the way I talk,

I mean something but it doesn't
always come across as what I mean.

I find myself, you know,
stuttering and stammering,

sort of, backpedalling, trying
to, you know, get my point across.

That can be detrimental to me
in this game.

I'm fully aware of that.

Then, have you had an opportunity
to prove your loyalty?

Tonight will be the first
main opportunity, obviously.


What's going on?

I'm just...

I'm just trying to work out
what's happening.

Before Tribal, there was
a bit of, like, talk, and stuff.

Um, it was a bit hectic,
and stuff but we're just trying to

figure out what's best,
moving forward, I guess.

And we're still trying, I think.

You guys
haven't made up your mind yet?

This is great news for me.

Because I am quite happy to lay out
on the ground why I should stay.

Go ahead.

First of all, Ben,
after working with him for 21 days,

I don't know what Ben was doing.

Ben has changed his votes a lot,

once you were at Tribal Council.

You were going to vote Jacqui,
with Luke and...

No, I was never going to
work with Jacqui.

I was always going
to vote for Mark in that vote.

But you told Luke...

Yes, I told that
because he approached me.

What do you think
he was going to say?

You tell the person
what you want to hear.

That's exactly right.

Are you telling these people
what they want to hear?

Well, what do you mean?

Is that what they want to hear?

You say you're loyal
and then you prove it.

I agree with everything he says.

You say you're loyal
to this group, right?

However, I've come in to Samatau...

..and I wanted to know
what that ultimate reward was.

Not one single person on this tribe
opened their mouth

about what it was,

but I had one old mate
who slipped me a bit of information.

He told me about clues...

He told me that,
potentially, there's a Super Idol,

where, maybe, Ziggy has one.

This was all information
I need to know.

Now, that doesn't sound
like someone who's very loyal

to secrets of Samatau.

Ziggy, what do you think of that?


That, I didn't like that.


Locky, what's your opinion?

Most of the people
seem to know where I'm standing

'cause I know Ben's been
throwing my name out there.

That my other point.

He's trying to get out Locky...

That was when AK
was still around. Truthfully.

And he was gunning for Locky.

Obviously, when I came in here,

I was looking for any available
option I could.

I knew I was on the bottom.
As you should.

Yeah, absolutely.
You get in with the numbers.

You get in with the core.
That's survival 101,
as far as I'm concerned.

But after AK was gone,
you've approached me...

I was still under the impression

that people were still gunning
for Locky at that point.

I genuinely thought that.

'Cause AK
had several members with him.

And, then,
he left and the dynamic changed.

I can tell you right now.

Half of Asaga want Ziggy out.
And Locky.

He's a super fan.

He's going to make massive moves.

You would love
to get someone like Locky out.

And, I think, they could
convince you to do it and, then,

all the little Samataus
get picked off.

Ben, I can see these guys
trying to make up their mind

and they were
some kind of reassurance from you

that you're with them.
Yes, I am.

I am with you guys.

I'm a bit...

..all over the place tonight.

But, you know,
I am loyal to these guys.

When I was on Asaga, I was loyal.

I don't have the bonds at Asaga
that Michelle does.

You know.

Two of my allies have gone home

and she played a part
in voting out both of them.

Michelle, when you find
yourself in this situation,

your back's up against the wall.

Is your pitch, at that point, "Hey,
guys, I'll do whatever you say."

No. Not at all.

I know I want to work with Samatau.

Why would I want to work with Asaga?

I'm tight with Luke, Jericho,
and Sarah.

Three when you've got, one, two,
three, four, five, six, seven.

If they've got a group this strong,
that won't break,

then, I want to work with
these guys.

Asaga means nothing to me now.

Henry, is this a simple
vote for you tonight?

Yep. Simple.

Jarrad, what are you basing
your vote on tonight?

It comes down to a question
of who will be the stronger ally.

On the other hand, who will be
the more dangerous enemy.

Alright. Well,
I think it's time to find out.

It's time to vote.

Well, I think it's time to find out.

Yes, please.

It's time to vote.

Henry, you're up.
Oh, man.

I hope everyone votes in this way.

Fair dinkum, girl.

I definitely underestimated you.

If you survive tonight's vote,

I hope it doesn't come
back to bite you, either.

Going to count the votes.

If anyone has a hidden Immunity Idol
and they want to play it,

now would be the time to do so.

Joking, guys.

I wish I had one right now,
to be honest.


Once the votes are read,
the decision's final.

The person voted out
will be asked to leave

the Tribal Council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote.



Ben. We're tied.

Three votes Ben.
Three votes Michelle.


One vote left.

11th person voted out from
Australian Survivor,


You need to bring me your torch.

Oh, man!

Well played, Michelle.

Did underestimate you,
I'm not going to lie.

However, it's been a lot of fun
and I'm glad I've met you all.

Cheers, Benny boy.

You're amazing, Ben.

Not that good at Survivor, though.

Man, this is kind of surreal.

Jonathan LaPaglia's
snuffing my torch.

Ben, the tribe has spoken.

Time for you to go.

Alright, guys. I'll say
hi to AK on behalf of everyone.

Damn! Damn! Damn!

Well, tonight, everyone was very keen
to prove they are Samatau strong.

In a game where truth
is hard to come by,

perhaps loyalty
is the next best thing.

Grab your torches, head back to camp.

Next time on Australian Survivor...

..Michelle's won the first round.

So happy to have you back.

Ben played a great game
but he just couldn't beat me.

But she's just begun to fight.

I have to create someone else
to be on the chopping block.

Someone else who is untrustworthy.

Her next target is a big one.


I got outfoxed tonight.

Michelle managed to prove to people,
enough people evidently,

that I was untrustworthy.

All you had to do was listen to me.

Stay cool, stay Samatau strong.

You did the opposite.

You know, I'm the youngest
the person on this season.

I don't have the life experience
that people have

and I think that showed tonight.

I don't deal well with confrontation
and that's what tonight was.

You know,
the bullets were coming my way