Australian Survivor (2016–…): Season 4, Episode 11 - Episode #4.11 - full transcript

One of the tribes contemplates a huge move in order to keep an alliance strong, but will they go through with it? There is a dramatic exit at Tribal Council.

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And Ben soon turned
on his old tribemate...

If they're willing to spare me
over Henry, I'm down, you know?

Welcome. I'm your host,
Hen the Fantastic.

..while Henry's charm offensive
was fooling no-one.

He's way too charming.
That is too fun. Henry has to go.

Victory in the reward challenge...

Asaga wins reward!

..gave Asaga all the ice-cream
they could eat

and something more for Anneliese.

An idol clue. I just don't think
this day can get any better.

The idol was hidden
at the Immunity Challenge...

I have the idol.

..while Henry took the chance

to slip his old tribemate, Jericho,
an idol clue.

Having lost the challenge,
Asaga was headed to Tribal Council.

Fight for your lives,
but we've got this in the bag.

Michelle wanted Kent out,
and the feeling was mutual.

I think Michelle's probably
brought a knife to a gunfight.

But Kent was shooting blanks.


Come the vote,
Odette was his only friend.

The tribe has spoken.
They have.

And he became the ninth person
to leave the game.

15 are left.
Who will be voted out tonight?

The Tribal played out
exactly how I wanted. Kent's gone.

Oh, well, he shouldn't have went up
against Michelle.

Odette's obviously pretty sour
Kent went home, you know?

I felt like crying,
seeing Kent go.

I just felt like he was a person
that kind of understood

my, like, ups and downs in the game.

I'm definitely not feeling
very in high spirits at the moment.

We're just picking off that alliance
one by one

and, you know,
there's only one member left.

Odette is 100% on the chopping block
for the next vote.

Yes! Good.

Seagrass. Seagrass. Seagrass.

He got one.

No way! Whoo!


We got fish!

Two sharks, baby. How about that?


Man, this guy can do anything
and I envy the guy.


Can't wait to show Locky.

He's going to be sitting there
with a leaf fanning me,

"How'd you do it, brother?"

Sorry, Locky.

Nuh, it's great.
The tribe's getting fed.

Boy, how you feeling?!

Mate, you're the new shark hunter.


Luke, this morning,
has been like the greengrocer.

He's catching sharks,

he's come with crabs, he's come with
papaya, coconut. This is great.

Oh, wow. Yummy.

Luke's a legend.
It's all happy days at our camp.

Killing it.

So good.

Day 25, I'm withering away.
We still have no fire.

We haven't eaten in almost two days
and the flint has gone.

Here at Samatau
you need fire to eat.

There is nothing on this island
to do or to scavenge or to hunt.

We're mentally wrecked.

I've got no energy.

I'm the most hungry
I've ever been in my life.

Woke up, got up, nearly passed out.

Like, as much as rice and that
fuels you,

but it just...just doesn't.

Hangry would have to be
my worst enemy.

I mean, I don't know
how angry I'm going to be

if we don't get this fire going.


Got a spark.

Locky, I got a spark.
Maybe you should be doing this.

I got a spark.

Oh, alright.
I need to cut magnesium again.

And when Locky's angry it's...
It's not fun, it's not pleasant.

Don't do it.

I can't even get a spark anymore.

I'm not working around camp

because Locky is getting hangry
and I love it.

He's getting so frustrated
that he can't get this fire started.

And he's the provider of our tribe.

And I want to see Locky get angrier
and angrier and angrier

and then explode, having no-one
wanting to work with him.

I need to irritate him,

so I'm sitting back and I'm hoping
that eventually he snaps at me

and that will show my alliance

that he is not someone
you want to move forward with.

Just jump... Jump back.

Hold it at the end there.

You start gassing, Locky.


It sucks and I'm angry.
Oh, I could slap him.

I'm working my arse off, trying to
get a fire going to feed the tribe,

and that's what pisses me off.


So, yesterday
we lost our challenge

but Henry hugged me and he slipped
in this clue to a hidden idol.

I feel like people think that I am
helpless and that I'm struggling

and it works to my advantage
and I'm going to play that way.

I have no loyalty to Henry.

Uh, the clue said
that you go down to the beach

and at the end of the beach
you'll see an old tree

with outstretched branches

and above you
there's one big branch.

That's an old tree.

This is an outstretched arm

and there is a plant

and that's hiding it from view.

But this plant, I don't even know
what plant I'm looking at.

Where is it? Come on.

Grrr! I'm just
really friggin' frustrated.

Jericho is the sweetest guy

but I had to lie to him
about the idol.

I lied to him
by giving him a fake idol clue.

I lied to him that I hadn't found it

and, yeah,
he's probably looking at the tree

that has no idol,
because it's in my bag.

I feel bad.

But by me giving it to Jericho,

it lets him know
that I'm still Asaga true.

I'm still on his side.

And if we get to the merge,
he knows he can still trust me

and let me know everything
that's gone on while I've been away.

I hope he'll forgive me after,

but right now, he's in my pocket
and that's where I need him.

I'm feeling
a bit lost today.

My alliance now
has pretty much disappeared.

It is very hard and very lonely.

I have a 12-year-old boy.

I've never been away from him this
long. I think about him every day.

You know, I don't want to give up.
I don't want to give up, for my son.

I want him to see me succeed.

I think Odette's
feeling a bit flat.

I think she's missing home,
you know.

She's missing her boy,
which is, you know,

as a mother it's a tough...a tough
thing leaving your children behind.

As lonely as it gets, as
hard as it is, I know myself enough

that I can stand alone.

I am here to play the game.
I want to win.

I really want it.



"For 25 days
you've battled the elements,

"you've struggled with hunger.

"You've been bruised and battered
in the toughest challenges ever.

"But what keeps you going are
the people you love back at home.

As soon as family is mentioned,

I just...

I'm not even listening anymore.

The idea that something family
related is just around the corner

and almost touchable

just breaks me down.

"And they want you to know
that they are thinking of you too.

"They've each sent you
a special gift from home,

"something they know you cherish."

It's been 25 days
since I've seen my family

and, you know, 30 days to go.

So, it's crazy out here what...

You know, your emotions
can just go from happy to sad.

Jericho, you're at the end.
Do you want to go first?

Yeah. I'm not as emotional.

It's, like, a family bear,
so it's pretty cool.

Oh, my God.

I've got two boys.
The eldest is diagnosed with autism.

My wife's a good mother.

Little boys.

So, I know they're good.

I don't know.
It's a long time to be out here.

She's beautiful, eh?

She is beautiful.
She's gorgeous.

He is so charming.
Look at his smile.

Can't wait
to just get this game over,

walk back home
with my 500 grand in my pocket,

kiss my missus,
take my kids to the movies.

This is pretty crazy, eh?

And then plan that Disneyland trip,
you know?

She's a good mum. Good kids.


I was raised by my mother,
a single mother.

And unfortunately, at 14,
she was killed in a car accident.

That will give you strength, Odette.

This has been in our family
since the day, you know,

she pretty much passed away.

Yeah. It's nice.

It's a really strong reminder
of my why,

who I am and where I'm going forward
in life.

I see her a lot out here,
so it's...

It's a nice reminder.

It was just perfect timing for me.

It made me feel like I'm going to
try my best to stay here

and make sure I fight for my spot.


So, the rest
of the tribe all got gifts

and everyone reacted to them
so differently.

"I love you.
Happy Mother's Day."

That's my Mum

That's Jen. That's Nashi.
That's the littlest one.


I can't cry. My family will be like,
"What are you crying for?"

Oh, that's...

I'm glad no-one washed it too.

It's so stupid.

Every member of my family
has this shirt.

And it's the stupidest shirt,
but we wear it to dinner.

Oh, how cool.

Oh, that's gold.

This is a reach-out into home.

This is a reminder
that there's a real world out there

and they're existing without you

and you're here, on an island.

Yeah, what is yours?
I don't know.

Oh, man.

Oh, it's my family.

You and your boyfriend.
I've missed him so much.

I can't even, like,
look at their faces.

It's a little upsetting as well,

but I hope everyone can draw
strength from it and move forward.

And I hope it's brought us together
as a tribe and as a team

but it's hard.

It's very difficult.

Whoa! Yay!

Send her to Milan.

So, today we got
probably the best thing

that we've had out here so far,

and that's just a note from home.

This is the jar Bec wrote for me
for my first birthday

and she wrote on little love hearts

every little thing
that she loves about me...

..and put them inside of a jar.

Oh, that's so cute.

It's called a heart attack.

Aww, that is so sweet!

I have no idea
what this is going to be.

When we went to Noosa.
Oh, yeah!
Over Easter.

With my dad and my mum,
my brother and his wife,

my grandma, Jono and I.

We haven't eaten
in almost two days.

It is a massive struggle.

And getting this
just forgets that for a moment.

My family!


It says you still have your family
and loved ones back home.

They're still proud of you,
so keep going.

I have no idea what this is.

My Thomas the Tank Engine.

Oh, man.

Could this be a lighter?

Please be a flint. Come on, Jordan!

Man, we got him.

Got him!

My mum's the biggest motivation
as to why I'm out here.

She's honestly
the greatest woman I know,

most inspiring person.

And she's just everything to me.

Oh, my God, that's cool.

I haven't revealed to anyone
that my mum passed away

six weeks before coming out here...

..after a fight for three years
with pancreatic cancer.

When Mum was in palliative care

we went, as a family,
bought these charms.

This was Mum's, this necklace.
This was mine.

I've wanted to withhold
the last three years of my life

and, you know,
taking care of my mum,

having her pass
six weeks before coming out here,

because my mum didn't need me
to come out here and last 25 days

to be proud of me.

She's always been proud of me.

I made a promise with her
that I'd win this game if I got on.

So...I'm gonna try
and win this game.

Come on in, guys.

Samatau, take a look
at the new Asaga tribe.

Kent voted out
in the last Tribal Council.


What's going on?
You guys moving camp after this?

No. We're doing pretty terrible.

We had the fire going for,
I don't know, what was it?

Like, 23 days and then,
uh, yeah, we kind of lost it.

Been doing it pretty hard
for the last couple of days.

But we're hoping to do
a little deal with you.

A little deal. What do you mean?

If we can get, like, pizza every day
for all this, it would be great,

but also a flint
would be even better.

We're still feeling good.

We've got nothing in the belly, but
nothing's going to bring us down.

So, let me get this straight -

you want to exchange everything that
you've won so far for a flint.

I don't think I can organise
a pizza. I can organise a flint.

We're happy with that.

Alright, guys. Bring it over.

I'll organise that flint for you.

It will be waiting for you
back at camp.

Thank you.
You're welcome.

Alright. Are you guys ready
to get to today's challenge?


Alright. First things first.


For today's challenge,

one at a time,
three members from your tribe

will leap off a platform, grab a key
and swim it back to shore.

Once you have all three keys,

you'll then unlock
a box of puzzle pieces

that you'll to build a block puzzle.

Last two tribemates
will use sandbags

to try and knock the puzzle over.

First tribe to knock their puzzle
off the table wins the challenge.

Now, today's challenge
is a little different.

Today you're not
playing for immunity.

Today, the winning tribe
will go to Tribal Council...

..where you will vote
for a chance at the ultimate reward.



Samatau, you have an extra player.

You're going to need
to sit someone out.

I don't mind sitting out
if everyone else...

Who's it going to be, Samatau?

Jarrad, you're on the bench.

Everyone else,
a minute to talk about it.

Survivors, ready?


Ziggy first in for Samatau.
She has a key.

Luke first in for Asaga.
He has a key.

You need to get
all the way back to the mat

before the next person can go out.

Nice, Ziggy.
Good work, guys.

Ziggy is powering through the water.

Go, Ziggy!

Well done, Ziggy. Good lead.
Yeah, Zigs.

Well done, Ziggy. Nailed it.

Great swim from Ziggy.

Alright. Go, Samatau!

Peter is in now! He has a key!
Let's go, Petey.

Come on, Petey, that's it.

Luke, exhausted, coming up the ramp.

He's on the mat. Go, Asaga!

Oh, Michelle. She tries to jump,
she decides not to.

She jumps again
and she misses the key.

Michelle, you've got to go back up.

That is costing Asaga
some serious time in this challenge.

Needs to just jump
a little bit harder.

Michelle again.
And she misses again.

Michelle has given Samatau
a massive lead.

Could this cost them the challenge?

Come on, Michelle.

And that's it!

Michelle jumps in
and she gets her key finally.


Peter back at shore.
Samatau has a huge lead now.

Go, Locky!

Yes, Locky.
Go, Locky! Superstar.

Asaga still has one key
left out there.

Keep going. Come on!

Everything, Michelle. Everything.

Locky, you've got to
unlock the padlocks.

Work it out, guys.
Work it out together.

Alright. They have all their keys
back. Start working on your locks.

Michelle back at shore.

Go, Odette!


Come on! Good girl.

Samatau really struggling
with their locks.

They had such a huge lead.

Odette swimming in now.

That's it, Odette. Good girl!

She is closing the gap.

Samatau had a huge lead
and it's being squandered.

Finally, they have their chest open.

It took Samatau a long time and
they've allowed Asaga to catch up.

Come on, Asaga!
You're still in this.

Start working on your chests.

Good work, team! What a comeback.

A.K. and Tessa working on the puzzle
for Samatau.

Asaga, they're close behind.
Luke struggling with the keys.


And that's it.

OK, puzzle makers,
start unloading your pieces.

Come on, Asaga,
you're still in this.

Keep going. Keep going.

The puzzle, the great equaliser.

This puzzle is of a logo

that you should all be
very familiar with by now.

Good work, Anneliese.

Good job, Anneliese.

You need to complete
the puzzle correctly

before your throwers can try and
knock it over with the sandbags.

Get the bottom first, A.K.

A.K. trying to get something started
over there.

I need that one that says "Outlast".

Anneliese thinks
she's figured out the bottom part.

Sarah and Anneliese working
very well together on this one.

That's it. You've got it, guys.

A.K. thinks he has
something going now.

Anneliese has a great track record
on puzzles.

Can she do it again for Asaga?

A.K. gets another piece in.

Anneliese gets another piece in.
Asaga speeding ahead here.

They were so far
out of this challenge

and they're actually ahead of
Samatau now.

What a great comeback.

A.K., over here. There's two
corner pieces just there.

A.K. is normally very good
at puzzles,

but he's really struggling today.

What is going on over there?

Maybe it's the lack of food.

Asaga have two pieces left.

Do they have it?

Yes! Asaga has it right.

Go, throwers.

Tara and Jericho throwing.


..cannot quite connect.

Too high, too low.

Have they made the right decision
about who should throw?

Alright. You guys need
to take a breath. We have time.

Jericho connects. One down.

Connects again
but he doesn't push a block off.

And that's it! He connects.

Takes down three blocks.

On the ground, Tessa! On the ground!

Tara connects. Takes down three.

Jericho takes down another three.

That's the high part there.
Quick, guys!

Meanwhile, Samatau are still
struggling on their puzzle.

Jericho takes down
another three.

Samatau finally
has their puzzle done.

This challenge all comes down to
who's got the better arm.

Henry hard out of the gate.

Firing like a madman.

They're catching up.

They're knocking down pieces
with every shot.

Oh, Ben knocks over four pieces
in one hit.

Focus! Focus with the aim!

Jericho takes down
another two pieces.

Focus, Jeri, focus.

Ben knocks over seven pieces.

Come on, everything down!
Everything down!

Jericho gets another one.

Come on. Line it up.

Ben gets another one.

Henry gets another one.

Two blocks for Samatau,
four blocks for Asaga.

This is so close!


Asaga gets another one down.

Oh! They connect,
but not quite enough.

Asaga gets another one down.

Asaga has two left now.
Samatau has two.

Come on. Line it up.

Ben gets another one.

Samatau only has one left.
They can do it right here!

Ben tries.

And he does! And he makes it!

Samatau wins the challenge.

Benny boy!
You're amazing.

Get in.

Good work, guys. Never give up.
We never gave up.

It's all good, guys. It's all good.
We all did the best we could.

It was just so close.

It was a nail-biter.

Samatau, congratulations.

You will vote tonight
at Tribal Council

for a chance at the ultimate reward.

Well done.
Grab your gear, head on out.

Asaga, got nothing for you.

Grab your gear, head on out.

Winning this is huge.
I want the ultimate reward.

At today's challenge, we kind
of came together as a team and said,

"Hey, we're gonna have to give up
all our rewards to get a new flint."

Good work, everyone.
Well done.

Good job, guys.

Oh, let's get
some food in our bellies!

Yeah, magnesium.

We set out, we were getting sparks,
and I was getting quite frustrated.

Everyone was chiming in.

And I was like,
"I know how to do it."

This is bad luck.

Kind of had to sit back
and let everyone have a go and...

..not get frustrated.

It's so hard when I've got
nothing in my belly.

Oh, here we go. Here we go.

Leave it, leave it, leave it,
leave it, leave it.

Oh, God.

Not that I'm complaining.

Whoo! Good job!

Look at that baby BURN!

As soon as the husks caught alight

and I saw flame
and I felt heat on my face,

probably the happiest time out here.

I mean, it was something so little,
but something so huge.

Good one.

It means we can feed the tribe
and get healthy and get energy.

Not bad, is it?

Getting rice into my belly?

I mean, I'm ready to go.

Now we have fire, we might as well
start making decisions.

We don't know what the reward is,

but Jonathan confirmed that
this is not a normal Tribal

and we're voting for someone
to give them the opportunity

to have a chance at winning
the ultimate reward.

Whatever it is, I know I have to
use that to my advantage

and what's best
for our five alliance.

I think the fact that he said,
"One of you get this chance..."

He didn't say one, did he?

Didn't he? I'm pretty sure
he said one.

My alliance at the moment is

Tessa, Pete,
Ziggy, Jarrad and myself.

This reward is better in our hands
than with Locky and Henry.

Ultimate reward?

I'm so lost as to what we just won.

I don't know what's coming up,
but I want any further advantage

to get ahead and
get control in this game.

All I know is I want this...
this ultimate reward for myself.

This is so strange. It's...

I mean, Tribal Council,
for me especially, has just been,

you know, sticking your neck
out there

and waiting to see
if it gets chopped off.

And today, we're told
that we're winning something.

Maybe we get a choice
between some sort of a reward,

like a massive feast

or, I don't know, a spa day,
something incredible.

- Yeah?
- I'd say.

If it comes down to
someone needs to be picked

to go on a reward
and choose something,

I could really use that
to my advantage.

I want it to be me.

Go, Petey.

I'm on the bottom
and I'm on the out,

so I need to convince them
to trust me.

I was thinking, like, I'd be the
best one, just 'cause I'm stronger.

Locky humours me
with his subtle strategic play.

He tells me that if we need to
choose somebody, it should be him.

I know full well he's saying that

because he wants
this reward for himself.

If it's vote one person out
from our tribe to receive a reward

and no-one else does,

I'm gonna write
your name down, obviously.

But I also think we can't be seen
to be dealing this close.


Even though we already are.

How much do you trust Tessa?

I trust Tessa almost as much
as you and Ziggy.

OK. I would also be fine with Ziggy.

'Cause I think, if I do A.K.
and you do Jarrad, that's, like...

At the end of the day,

I don't know what's gonna happen
in this Tribal Council,

but I just hope that it's something
that will be of benefit to me,

because I've already
mentally prepared for that.

There's a number of outcomes
that tonight could hold,

and that's why I'm so nervous
going into Tribal Council.

I hope that the reward
is something to help my game.

I'm here to win.

Well, welcome, Samatau.

Now, as I explained
at the challenge today,

this Tribal is a little different.

Because you're not here tonight
to vote someone out -

you're here to choose
one of your tribemates

to compete for the ultimate reward.


And trust me when I tell you,
you're not gonna be given it.

You're gonna have to earn it.

We won this as a team.

Everybody played their part today.

Surely, not only
one person benefits.

Like, how do we know who to send

if we don't know
what we're sending them to?

It's the ultimate reward.

Does it involve the other tribe?

No. I can tell you that. It doesn't.
Oh. OK.

Are they competing
for a reward individually,

or are they competing
for a reward for all of us?

It could be both.


Will this person be
coming back to our camp?

Not tonight.

But they're still part of our tribe?

Essentially, you're electing
a champion for the tribe.

Henry, what are you basing
your vote on tonight?

You know, we don't know anything
about what it could be.

So, we've just got to
put our best person forward

that's got a bit
of everything in them,

so whatever comes up,
they're the best suited to it.

Jarrad, who do you consider
to be an all-rounder?


I think we've got
a few all-rounders here.

I mean, Ziggy's an all-rounder.

Ziggy's good at a lot of things.

But we're just gonna each
have to take a punt

on what we think
the right criteria should be.


You have a very worried
look on your face.

I...I've been speculating
what this could be.

We all have.

What you think it is?

I'm just...

My head's spinning,
just thinking about it.

It could be, like, an...
I don't know -

like, some sort of game advantage.

Like, an extra vote.

Maybe one of those Super Idols
which can be played after the votes.

I don't know.

A.K., when you don't know
what the reward is,

how hard is tonight's vote gonna be?

Yeah, I think, when we vote,

we should just be considering
an all-rounder,

and that's what I'll be casting
my vote on tonight.

Because I'm gonna put
full trust in the person,

and, hopefully,
they bring it home for us.

Why is trust part of the equation?

Well, if it's an ultimate
reward for all of us,

I want to trust that the person
will give everything they can

and, hopefully, we will get
a reward as a group.

How about you, Tessa?

Yeah, I'll vote for...
someone that I trust.

And we might not even know

exactly what goes on
competing for this reward.

You want someone who stands
a good chance, whatever it is,

and will come back and give us
an honest recounting of it.

In the back of our minds,
we all know that, potentially,

that person will be, you know,
faced with an option,

and you do want to
pick someone that you trust

and that you think
will take the option

that benefits the tribe
over, potentially, themselves.


Can we talk?
Yeah. Go and have a discussion.

I know what it is.

It'll be a night on Exile.

I'm, like, very physical,
so I'm happy to go.

I'm happy with that.

I don't think it would be
so simple as just, like, a...

It's not just gonna be
a brute strength thing.

Do we send our best all-rounder?

I feel, if one of us
gets through it, we all win.

What if it's a puzzle?


I think Ziggy's
such a strong competitor.

She doesn't like losing.

She's a bloody Olympian.

Alright. It's time to vote.

Locky, you're up.

I trust you.

I have no idea what's going on.

I'll go count the votes.

OK, once the votes are read,
the decision is final.

The person with the most votes

will get to compete for
the ultimate reward tonight.

I'll read the votes.

First vote...



Ziggy. That's two votes, Ziggy.


That's four votes, Ziggy.

That's enough.
Congratulations, Ziggy.

Go, Ziggy.

The tribe has chosen you to compete
for the ultimate reward tonight.

Everyone else,
your work is done here.

You can grab your torches
and head on out.

That's full.

Ziggy, you want to grab your torch
and come forward?

Ziggy, well done.

You have an opportunity
at the ultimate reward in this game.

Here's the map to the mangroves.

Grab your torch.

Head on out.

And good luck.
Thank you.

Winning the ultimate reward,

I've got to make sure
that I play it right.

And that's scary, but it's exciting.

It's really exciting.

Oh, my gosh.




"You have a chance at finding
the most powerful tool in this game,

"the Super Idol."

Hoo! OK.

"This Super Idol
splits in two halves.

"The first half is the Super Idol

"and it cancels the power
of one Immunity Idol

"played at that Tribal Council."



"The second half
is a normal Hidden Immunity Idol

"and will provide immunity
from elimination

"when played at Tribal Council."

Oh, my God.

"It is hidden nearby

"and you have until sunrise
to find it.

"It's sealed within a fierce face
deep in the mangroves.

"Good luck.

Oh, my God.

I've got to find this Super Idol.

This could change my game.
I need to find this.

Oh, my gosh.

There are so many trees.

I'm really nervous. It's so dark.


"A fierce face."

What does that even mean?

Come on. Where are you, Super Idol?

Oh, gosh.

I don't know how long
till sunrise.

Wait. We'll look in there.

I am so frustrated.

I have been searching
these mangroves for hours.


"Fierce face".

Come on! Come on, Super Idol.

Oh, my God. The sunrise is coming.


Come on.

Oh, yeah!

How do I get this down?

Come on, baby.

Get down.

Oh, my God.

OK, I gotta smash this.

Come on.

Oh, my God.


OK. Alright. Oh, my gosh.

This gives me a lot of power.

Like, I've never seen
anything like this in Survivor.

This is SO powerful.

And it's, like, around my neck.

Having power in this game
is everything,

so I'm gonna keep it for myself.

With this Super Idol around my neck,

I have no doubt that I can win.

Next time on Australian Survivor...

Oh, hey!

Guys, Zig's back!

..having found
the most powerful tool in the game,

Ziggy must decide
what to tell her tribe.

So, this is where...
you guys have to trust me.

I don't think Ziggy's
telling us everything.

And the game twists again.

Everybody, drop your buffs.
We are switching things up.

Old allies are torn apart.