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Ashes to Ashes (2008–2010): Season 3, Episode 7 - Episode #3.7 - full transcript

The penultimate episode where the investigation of Gene Hunt is almost at an end, with Alex being pulled in two directions. Jim still wants to know whether Gene had anything to do with Sam Tyler's death, and Alex is best placed to find out everything they need to know so he's leaning hard on her to get the information. Gene and his team are called to an ANC illegal drinking den where things are not as they first appear to be. Initially it's a simple case of a public disorder but things soon take a turn for the worse.

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I can see why Sam
needed to come back here.

There is something about this world.
About my place in it.

I know what you did, three years ago.

I know.

- Guv! You need to listen!
- No time for chat, Skip!

He was hallucinating earlier,

said you were in outer space,
saw stars and everything.

- You saw stars?
- 'Course I didn't, he's talking cobblers.

Ever stared at something so long
the rest of your vision goes black?

Find out what you need, Alex,
now, before it's too late.

Viv, are you receiving me, over?

The good ship Fenchurch
is listing, Gene.

That crack in the hull is
only going to get wider.

What now?

"Abide With Me"

# Swift to its close

# Ebbs out life's little day

# Earth's joys grow dim

# Its glories pass away

# Change and decay

# In all around I see

# O Thou who changest not...

...oh, bide with me. #


- For Christ's sake!
# I need Thy presence

# Every passing hour

# What but Thy grace... #

Sorry, Viv.
# ...Can foil the tempter's power? #

# Who, like Thyself

# My guide and stay can be?

# Through cloud and sunshine, Lord,

# Abide with me. #

I remember when we were
evicted from paradise

and sent down to this
southern shit-hole.

Viv came over to me, shook
my hand, and said he was sorry

but all northerners
looked the same to him.

Said he'd look after me.

I've worked with a few
Skippers in my time but...

Viv was the best by a country mile.
I'm gonna miss him.

I can't believe he's gone. I look at
the door expecting him to come through

and bollock me for not doing me
paperwork. - He was a lovely man.

But when it came to it, it
was my turn to look after him.

Guv, it wasn't your fault. It
was nobody's fault but Viv's.

Oh, bollocks.

I just lost one of my finest

and now I'm left with officers like
you, Skelton, you clumsy bastard!

Senor, please!

- Show some respect!
- Guv, it's gonna be all right.

We're all gonna be all right.

Where's Bolly?

Another good officer gone, Alex.


Find a dead police officer
and a penny to a pound,

you'll find Gene Hunt standing over him.

If you don't mind, sir,
I've got things to do.

Still, you're the lucky one.

- Your bullet didn't kill you.
- It was an accident.

Who's this?

It sounds stupid, but you know
the ghost I told you about?

Where did you find it?

- In the Guv's office.
- Another dead copper?


He's slippery.

Even putting this report together,
working right here next to him,

he covers his tracks.
- He's a good copper. - He's a killer.

- And this?
- That was with it.

Can I?
I'm going to get it developed. I...

We've got superior facilities at D&C.

I'll do it.

You know,

you could no more turn your back
on a bent copper as stop breathing.

We're the same, you and me.

Except that I don't want it to be true.

So we're not the same, are we?

The time has come, Alex.

Do what you were put here to do.

Get me Gene Hunt.

My name is Alex Drake.

I was shot and found myself in 1983.

Is it real? Or in my mind?

Either way I have to
solve the mystery of

what all this means
and fight to get home.

Because time... is running out.

How is he?

How do you think he is?

He blames himself.

Have you heard from your friend in
Manchester about the epaulette numbers?

- No.
- Can you ask him again, please?

What's so important about
some plod's epaulette number?

Just a line of enquiry.
I need an ID.

Please, Ray.

All right.


Who is doing that?!

What the hell are you doing?

Chris, you all right?

Luigi's cheapest Chianti
on an empty stomach,

- always a recipe for mental disaster.
- No, I'm not hungover.

Told you, you should've
eaten a vol au vent.

What is happening to us all?

Bugger off, I'm grieving.

How are you doing, Guv?

I miss my pal.

Yeah, I know you do.

What are you doing tonight?

I'm going to a revival of The
Caretaker at the Royal Court.

- Are you?
- No.

You know, we've been through
a lot together, you and I.

Professionally and...

you know, in other ways.

Come on, spit it out, Bols.

Let's have dinner together.

- Tonight.
- Why?

Because I get the feeling that we won't
have many more opportunities, that's why.

What, a date?

Yeah, I suppose so.

All right, you're on. But
I have to warn you, Bolly,

first date, upstairs outside only.

- Guv. Reports of something kicking
off at a shebeen in Dalston. - A what?

It's an illegal drinking den.
That's hardly CID, is it, Ray?

Yeah, but it's an ANC shebeen.

Right then, we better go and
splinter some skulls for Viv.

How touched he would be.


This is nonsense man, nonsense.

What do you mean nonsense?
You are Judas! A Judas!

Are we in Dalston or did just we
take a wrong turn to Bogobogo Land?

- No need for that.
- Can I help you?

We've had reports of a disturbance here.

As you can see, all is well.

Is it true that in your country
the police don't need warrants?

They can hang a man just cos they
don't like the cut of his jib?

If you mean the colour of a
man's skin. Yes, it's true.

- Ray, take this place apart. - Yes, Guv.
- That's a bit extreme, isn't it?

Come on.

- Thank you.
- Why do you do this?

If you don't shut up, I'll
arrest you for obstruction.

- OK, the middle of the room, please.
- What the bloody hell are you doing?

No point in giving 'em a hard time.
We don't know if they've done anything.

When I want your opinion, I'll ask for
it. And I will never ask for it. Prick.

- Guv, I know you're upset but...
- Ray, get on with it.

These people have been fighting
against an abhorrent society...

They're members of a
terrorist organisation

and they're on my patch, Bolly.
- They didn't kill Viv.

Nor did Chris. And nor did I.

Please, don't stop
talking on our account.

Guv. There's some blood.

Hang on, there's more here.

Bloody Nora!



Right, a bit of hush, please.

- Nobody's falling down any stairs here!
- Oh, I don't know about that.

What did the Guv say to you?

- It doesn't matter. - You
need to stand up for yourself, Chris.

Oh, yeah, and police
officers will fly

Right, listen! Get these
people processed now!

Come on!

Can I take your names, please?

Chris. Make copies of these. I'm
a bit busy at the minute, Guv.

- Other Guv.
- Now.

- You look unpleasantly happy.
- My report is almost done.

Good. You'll be sodding off, then.

- What does it say?
- That's for me to know and you to read.

He's got nothing. A couple of unpaid
parking tickets, a few lost forms.

- If you want to think that. - Nothing
a big juicy collar won't override.

Can I please have a bit
of peace and bastard quiet!

There are 13 knife entry
holes to his stomach and torso.

But the wound that killed him

is this little chap.

Cut into the trachea, leading
to massive haemorrhage and death.

- Time of death? - The phone call came
in at nine 'o clock this morning.

That would be about right.

What do we know about him?

His name is Oliver Ndlovu,
he's a member of the ANC.

Fled South Africa six months ago

where he was accused of organising
strikes in township schools.

- Murder weapon?
- A small knife, serrated edge.

My guess would be a
kitchen knife of some sort.

Right, let's go nab
yourselves a terrorist, Bolly.

Let Keats put that in
his pipe and smoke it.

- So, what did you see?
- Nothing.

- Someone got murdered and you saw
nothing? - I was in the bathroom.

- You were in the bathroom, too?
- Yes.

- Must be one helluva big bathroom.
- You were not in the bathroom.

You, my bolshy African
friend, are the head honcho

which means you know who
murdered Oliver Nd... - Ndlovu.

No, I do not know who murdered him.

I might not be able to pull your
fingernails out but I'm not stupid.

- He was murdered on your watch, in
your club. - I was in the bathroom.

- Do you know what I think?
I think you killed him. - No.

Have you ever been inside an
English prison? They'd love you.

Bit of African rough, something
different for the weekend.

- You wouldn't be able to sit down
for a thousand years. - Thousand years.


There's no need to be afraid,
Tsitsi, I give you my word.

Did you know Oliver?

I was in the bathroom.

- I saw nothing.
- That's not what I asked.

I understand he had
quite forthright views

on how the struggle should progress.

We found these in his belongings.

Did he upset someone, Tsitsi?

Is that why he was killed?

You know, we will
find out what happened.

And when we do, they'll be
discussions as to who will be deported.

Please! Don't send me back.

- Well, I... - They will kill me.
Like they killed my father.

How did your father die?

They put wires in his
penis and shocked him.

The shock cracked his spine
and hurt his vocal chords.

He couldn't even say
goodbye to me before he died.

I'm sorry.

I was in the bathroom.

# Men of Harlech
stop your dreaming

# Can't you see their
spearheads gleaming...? #

- Can I be Michael Caine?
- Here they come, chaps!

First rank. FIRE!

- Second rank. FIRE!
- Pathetic, aren't they?



I've come across some stone-wallers
before, but this lot are First Division.

They're doing the civil
disobedience thing,

hoping we won't be able to
separate the killer from the herd.

We need something to shake them up.

- Ray, get yourself back
down that shebong. - Shebeen.

Shebang. Shebeen.
She-waddy-waddy, whatever.

See if we've missed something.
Take the plonk, will you?

- Yeah, about that, Guv, you do remember
saying I could join CID... - Now!

- So, what have you got?
- It's Tsitsi.

- She's seems agitated, I think
she may have something. - Good.

Time she had a little
chat with her Uncle Gene.

Go easy on her, she's
had a hell of a life.

The very thought.

Right, Zitty! You're in with me.

I just wish Chris would
stand up to the Guv.

- Just once.
- It's not in his nature.

You can't ask a Labrador
to become a Rottweiler.

I don't believe that.
People can change.

Not Chris.

Look, if you stabbed somebody here,
what would you do with the knife?

Dunno. Depends if I was hiding what
I'd done from the others or not.

They're all in on it.
Boozy argument gone wrong.

- That drunk in the morning?
- They're Africans.

Stab, stab, he goes down.

Lots of screaming, panic.
What do you do with the knife?

Make a run for it, and lob
it in the canal out back.

Broad daylight, somebody might see ya.

I really think it's holding Chris back.

What if I was... Ray
Carling! What are you doing?

Just getting a sneaky pint.
Must be a blockage.

Anyway, as I was saying, Chris must
take control of his own destiny.

- He's in denial. - Denial?
Isn't that a river in Egypt?

It's the way I tell 'em!

- They're illegal!
- Are they?

Maybe you should tell the police.

Uh-ho! What have we got here?

A one-stop illegal immigration shop.


Tobias, I can only guess
at the experiences you

have been through in South Africa.

I have the profoundest
admiration for your struggle.

This may sound trite, but...

I argued against apartheid at my
school's inter-house debating society.

And I very nearly won.

Does sound a bit trite.

I know what you're doing.

You're creating a conversational vacuum

that you think my white
liberal guilt will fill

with inane chatter and banalities

almost completely without
punctuation or coherent syntax

thus take the heat off what it is
we're meant to be talking about.

Which is murder.

It's not going to happen.

It will all end beautifully, Tobias.

In seven years' time, Nelson Mandela
will be released and he will become

the first democratically-elected
President of South Africa.

I want you to be there
on that wonderful day.

Not rotting away in some London prison.

But you HAVE to help me.

I don't care what happened
to you in South Africa

or what happens to you
when I send you back.

No, please you don't understand.

They'll probably wire
you up like a lightbulb

and then plug you into the mains.

Please, don't send me back.

Who killed Oliver Ndlovu?

Was it Tobias?

Come on. You can tell me,
he can't get you in here.

Quick word, Guv.

You can say what you like in
front of Titty, we're old friends.


Stand up.

Stand up!

- Take your dress off. Dress. Off.
- We should really get, Shaz, Guv...

If you don't take your
dress off, I swear to God

I will put you on the
next plane to Johannesburg.

I was in the bathroom.

This isn't just a drunken murder. This
is a fully-fledged, one-stop ANC cell.

- I'm calling Special Branch.
- No, you won't.

We have to. If we suspect any
link to a potential terrorist...

There's a big fish here and he's ours.

It'll scupper Keats'
report once and for all.

He? I thought it was
the girl who killed him.

She's just a kid, she's not the prize.

Get Tsitsi up from the cells,

tell her the South African
police want to speak to her.

Right, Guv.

What are you up to?

A sprat to catch a mackerel.

Don't touch me.

Right, Chris, let the others go. Shaz,
get this girl a brief. A good one.

Kuhambe kanjani? Bawuphethe
umese. Bayazi ukuthi bekuyimi!

- Bangi thumela emuva!
- Speak English!

Hamba uy' eHarari, namhlanje ebusuku.
Bazoku nakekela. Ngithembise! Ngokuhlwa!

- Right, get her in a cell!
- Ngithembise! Ngiyaku thembisa!

I did it. I killed Oliver Ndlovu.

- Why?
- He was a hothead.

Talking of armed struggle, of bringing
violence to the streets of London.

- I couldn't let that happen.
- I don't believe you.

I was peeling potatoes
when he came at me.

- It was self defence.
- Didn't look like self defence to me.

What about her clothes?
They're covered in blood.

She tried to revive him.
They were lovers.

Ray, get him in my office.


No! I was in the bathroom.

Right, what can you tell me
about this little lot, Tobias?

- What are these? - We run a cleaning
company. It gives our people work.

- Can you explain this?
- You'll let the girl go?

Illegal passports, forged
visas, laundered money.

- I'll tell you about it all.
- Everything? - Everything.

- Full confession.
- Ray.

This isn't right, Guv.

He'll say anything to get Tsitsi off.

Sprat. Mackerel.

So you'd let a potential murderer
go just to get a bigger collar?

This is the final chapter, Bolly.

In case you hadn't noticed,
we're fighting for our lives.

Look, I'm not saying
I agree with apartheid.

But just take a look at the rest
of Africa, set of corrupt murderers.

It's like Liverpool but
with sunshine and elephants.

You're the most intolerant,
prejudiced man I've ever met, Ray.

I bet you say that to all the boys.
Come on, let's get this report typed up.


I'm scared, Ray.

It's OK. I'm here.

- We're all going mad.
- Oi!

What the hell are you doing?

- I'm talking to you two.
What is going on? - Nothing.

How can you say that?

My best mate and my...
I don't believe it.

Something strange is going
on, we've heard noises, Chris!

And we've both been seeing stars.

Tell him, Ray!

- Tell me you've seen it too, Chris.
- I've seen all I need to see.

- You're both nutters, you
deserve each other. - Chris!


A man was killed and another
man owned up to his murder.

- Which means you are free to go.
- Did you kill Oliver, Tsitsi?

- No.
- Give it a rest, Bolly.

- If you've got something to
say, you must say it now. - Chris!

Show this young lady out. And
you tell your terrorist friends

to keep out of my manor or I'll hunt
them down like rats. Understood? Bye-bye.

You can't be sure it wasn't her. And you
certainly can't be sure it was Tobias.

He's giving me an entire ANC illegal
immigrant centre. He's the prize.

- But what about the truth?
- Oh, grow up!

Jimbo! My moods improved.

Murderer apprehended,
international incident avoided

and terrorist leader in the cells.

- And on something of a promise.
- In your dreams.

Glad you're in a good mood, Gene.

So if you need to know how to spell the
word "stupendous" in your DNC report,

just give us a shout.

The dead man, Oliver Ndlovu.

What about him?

He's Special Branch.

His real name is Vincent Sarpong.

He was originally from South Africa
but had lived in London for five years,

worked for Special Branch for three.

Heard rumours that the exiled ANC
was gathering bomb-making materials,

looking to avenge last year's attack
on their Patten Street offices.

I remember that now.

It was the South African Secret Service.

This guy confessed to it all at
the Truth And Reconciliation trials.

The what?

The point is the ANC have been
plotting their revenge ever since.

- Sarpong figured that out.
- Which is was why he was killed?

The President of South Africa
PW Botha is due in London

for secret talks with
the Prime Minister.

You think they're going
to try and off Botha?

Sarpong thought so.
Which is why they executed him.

No. His wounds were the
result of frantic stabbings,

not an execution. I don't buy it.

Well, quite frankly, nobody's very
interested in what you buy, Gene.

Special Branch have
lost one of their own and

they'll be taking the
accused off our hands.

- What will happen to him?
- That's none of our business.

Where's their request form?

Form APR 13, I believe.

- What?
- Alien Prisoner Release.

Do everything by the
book of Fenchurch, Jim.

So if you can get me
APR 13, signed and dated,

I just might consider
Special Branch's request.

Have you any idea how serious this is?

Yes, I do. It's gonna be one
hell of a last chapter, hey, Jim.

We've got their belongings. Now
look through them thoroughly.

The ANC never waged a
terror war outside of Africa.

Yet. Which means a bloody
big feather in our cap if

we foil a terrorist attack
on a visit of a head of state.

Find me a smoking gun!

Oh, I spoke to my mate up in Manchester.

Apparently there's been a
fire in the records department,

so your epaulette records
have all been destroyed.

Forensics on the knife, Guv.
No prints.

There's no explosives in here, Guv.

Well, keep looking. When you're done go
and search Tobias' flat, and be thorough.

He's a crafty bugger. Chris, I
want you to stay in CID tonight.

Tobias Ndbele whatever his
name is, is our prisoner

and he stays in our
cells, understand? - Guv.

They can't take him unless they
get an APR 13 form, can they, Guv?

There is no APR 13 form, you dozy mare.

Right, nobody comes in, nobody
goes out. Is that understood?

- Guv. - I'd trust an estate agent
before I trust Special Branch.

Bra opens at the front or back, Bolly?


You will never ever,

ever know, Guv.

Good night, Chris.

Ma'am. Guv.


- Is everything all right?
- Why wouldn't it be?

Just asking.

Have you ever had the feeling
that things are falling apart?

And the world as you know it

is about to end, and nothing
will ever be the same?

DI Drake. Could I borrow you a moment?

- I'm, I'm just...
- Just a minute. In my office.

We've found no evidence, sir,

to support Special Branch's
allegation that there's...

Do you think this is a game?


Some flirty, silly little game
being played out by me, you and Hunt?

- No, I don't think it's a game.
- Sam Tyler lost his life.

By all accounts an extraordinary
man, his life was taken from him.

- Murdered. - We don't know
that for sure. - Yes, we do!

In our hearts we know
that. Now it's down to you

to take that final step, to find out
from Hunt's own mouth how he did it,

where he did it and why he did it.

- It's not that easy, is it, sir.
- Actually, it is.

It's about being a solution to
a problem, a despicable problem.

Or being part of the problem itself.

I'm having dinner this
evening with DCI Hunt.

- Hopefully I'll find out the truth then.
- Last chance, Alex.

If you don't have the courage to
do it, I'll find someone who has.

Oh, I have the courage, sir.

Get. Him.

# If you kissed the sun
right out the sky for me

# If you told me all
the lies I might deserve

# If you lay all night
in the rain for me

# Well, I couldn't love you more

# Just couldn't love you more

# I couldn't love you more

# If you loved me 'til my
eyes got no more shine for you

# If you walked beside
me all the long way home

# If you wasted all of your time on me

# Well, I couldn't love you more

# Just couldn't love you more

# I couldn't love you more... #

You don't really think anything's
going on between me and Ray, do you?

I don't know what to
think any more, Shaz.

A misogynist with a moustache.

Don't float my boat, baby.

What's happening?

I don't know.

I mean, I hear a police
whistle, I jump out of my skin.

- It scared you?
- I don't know why.

Then we'll be scared together.

Come on, Shaz, let's go and
turn this geezer's flat over.

- Will you be all right?
- I'll be fine.


- Mr Hunt. A pleasure to see you.
- The pleasure is all yours, Luigi.

Senor Hunt is on a date?

I am not on a date.

I am meeting a colleague for
a meal and a professional chat.

I know enough about restaurants and
men to know a date when I see one.

And I know enough about Italians
and vats of boiling cooking oil.

La Bella.

Luigi, a glass of
champagne for the lady.

Si, Senor Hunt.

- Thank you.
- Bellisima.

- Scrub up well, Bolls.
- Thank you.

You don't look so bad yourself.

Why did you do it, Tobias?
Why did you kill him?

I didn't do it. You know that,
I can see it in your eyes.

Are you covering for the girl?

But why would you do that?
If they send you home...

- If they send me home I die.
- So why?

What time is it?

It's ten past nine. Can't see
what you've got to smile about.

Tsitsi is on the evening flight
to Harare. She's safe now.

Have you noticed how strange
the atmosphere is in CID?

- It's a nut house. Always has been.
- No, it's more than that.

"Things fall apart;
the centre cannot hold.

"Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world".

- Pam Ayers?
- WB Yeats.

It's Viv.

They're all missing Viv.

You miss him too, don't you?

He was the quiet centre of things.
The middle of the wheel.

And now the spokes are coming off.

Blimey, it's like going on
a date with Leonard Cohen!


You know, we've had our
differences in the past.


All we are is difference, Bolly.

- Like Tom And Jerry. - Eric And
Ernie. - Abelard And Heloise.

The Saint And Greavsie.

Come on then, say it.

Say what?

Alex, there's an elephant in the room.

Let's get it out of the way, eh.

Did you or did you not

kill Sam Tyler?

I was a teacher.

I didn't have much but
I had more than most.

I kept my head down,
did what I was told.

- Why are you telling me this?
- There was a school strike,

all my students were
at the demonstration.

They fired into them.

- They must have had a reason.
- They were black, that was their reason.

Or Communists. I mean, I don't know
much about what goes on down there...

They were children.

Look, if this is about you
trying to justify a murder.

One of my students got shot in the head.

Through the eye.

I held her in my arms and as she died,
I swore that I would not live

my life like a dog, shivering in
fear of what its master might do.

Better a dead lion than
a live rat, my friend.

Right, you lazy buggers.
Let's get this done and

we might just get home
in time for Sportsnight.

# Men of Harlech stop your dreaming... #

He hasn't got much, has he?

# Can't you see the
spearheads gleaming? #

Ray. You're a disgrace.

Sam Tyler was a friend of mine.

Bloody irritating friend most
of the time, it has to be said.

But I learnt more from him

than I've ever learnt
from anybody I've ever met.

He was strong, decent,
a brilliant copper.

What happened?

He'd been acting
strange for a few weeks.

And Sam Tyler strange was
very bloody strange indeed.

He was happy here, everybody said so.

He had a girlfriend, Annie, he had you.

I asked him what was wrong, he wouldn't
tell me. Said he couldn't tell me.

What did you do?

He said he wanted to leave.

He only asked me to help
him fake his own death.

That's why we set fire to the
car and pushed it in the river.

So Sam asked you to commit an
illegal act and you just did it?

Well, I wasn't happy for him to go.

I wanted him to stay, I
didn't want to lose him.

- What happened next?
- I never saw him again.

Oh, come on!
What, he just vanished?

Sam was like me. He wasn't
quite as annoying, as it happens.

Whatever happened to him, might
happen to me, Gene. I have to know.

I asked him why.

He said it would be better
for me that I didn't know.

You see this is about respect, Alex.

About trust, about faith.

Something you haven't learned yet.

- Senor Hunt, do you want a drink?
Some coffee? Brandy? - Brandy.

Just the bill, please, Luigi.

You're the feminist.

You can pay half.

Get your coat.

You've pulled.

- Guv! I've got something for you.
- So has DI Drake, but I think hers is

going to be a lot more
interesting. - Wanna bet?

Start talking, Tobias, or it's a
one-way ticket to Robben Island.

- My patience is growing thin.
- I don't understand. A hole in MY wall?

Where is the dynamite,
who is it meant for?

There's clearly some missing, Tobias.

- Where is it?
- I don't know where it is.

- Liar!
- We don't know if he's lying.

He said himself there
were lots of factions.

- He could be being set-up.
- Shut up!

Listen, I want answers.
And I want them now.

Or I'll hand you over
to your Afrikaner chums

who'll make Biltong out of you.
- I told you,

the movement was starting to split.

There were elements who wanted to bring
the struggle to the streets of London.

- What, Oliver? - I don't
believe in violence. - Bollocks.

You stabbed a Special
Branch Officer to death!

- Now where's bloody dynamite?
- I don't know!

Do you mind, I'm working
here! Who the hell are you?

My name is Anders De Villiers.

You've got something I want.

Running around London with a
box of dynamite. Bloody amateurs.

- A little bit more than a murder
now, Gene. - I'll take him now.

- You're coming with us.
- I don't think so.

He's our suspect, he stays here.

Got you wrapped around his
little finger, hasn't he?

He does that.

Howzit, Joshua?

How are you doing, my friend?

Been a long time.

Will somebody please explain
what the hell is going on here?

He likes police officers, does Joshua.

These guys were just coming
off duty when the bomb went off.

Murdered. In cold blood.

When was this, Joshua?

- Ten years ago. - Enough talk.
He belongs to Special Branch now.

Guv, he won't stand a chance.

We need to find that explosive.
Botha's due in two hours!

Guv, a bomb's just gone off
at the South African Embassy.


- You people did this! YOU!
- Where's Botha?

- Still at Heathrow. He's flown straight
back to South Africa. - Any fatalities?

One. Think she was a cleaner.

The bomb went off before the timer was
set, otherwise it would've been worse.

Bit amateurish for
international terrorists, eh?

They were never
international terrorists.

Now you bastards know what it is we're
fighting for you! To stop the Communists.

- Oh, shut your face, you racist git!
- I suggest we all try and keep calm.

This never gets out. Never!

If people back home thought
the ANC had the power,

the gall to attack the President.

I give you my word. We'll leak the
papers a story about a gas explosion.

I want no publicity for these bastards!

- I want your prisoner. Now.
- No.

It's out of our league now, Bolly.

He took it out of our
league when he did this.

- Tell Chris to get him ready.
- Guv.



Is this down to you, Joshua?

Are you behind this?

They found the explosives in your room.

I'd confiscated them.
Tsitsi knew where they were.

Why didn't she go back to Africa?

- You gave her the chance.
- She wasn't in her right mind.

All I can think is she saw an
opportunity to hit back and she took it.

She was in love with Oliver and
then she found out he was a traitor.

A British police officer!

She killed him, didn't she?

Why did you cover for her?

Because I'd had my life, Chris,
and hers was ahead of her.

Why did you kill those police officers?

I was younger.

I was angry that my people
were degraded. I'm still angry.

But now I want to persuade
them out of their wrongness,

not to kill them out of it.

What's going to happen to
you when they send you back?

- You know what will happen.
- Are you frightened?

Of course I'm frightened!

But I'm weary, too.

The struggle makes you very weary.

You had nothing to do with the bomb?

I give you my word.

I don't like it any more than you but
this is now an international incident.

- Not something Fenchurch East needs.
- I don't care about your report.

Oh, yes, you do. That's what all
this posturing has been about.

Guv, this is bigger than
a spat with Special Branch,

this is another state, another country.

Gene Hunt versus another
country. I like the sound of that.

You make my job so easy.

- Why haven't you gone home?
- I did but I couldn't sleep, Ma'am.

I don't know why.
Thought I'd see how Chris was.

Where's the Caped Crusader? Go
and bring Tobias up from the cell.

I can't do that.

- Why not?
- He's not there.

- What do you mean, he's not there?
- Where is he, Chris?

I don't know.

I realise it's been a long night

and you're not the brightest
button on the planet...

I let him go.

You let him go?!

Yes, sir.

You idiot! You have released a murderer.

A terrorist.

Hang on, you let him go. Although I
expressly gave orders to the contrary?

Guv. He was never going to get
a fair trial in South Africa,

probably no trial at all. So...

This is the ship you run, Hunt.

- No discipline, no loyalty. No clue.
- What were you thinking of?

- Maybe Chris shouldn't have done it
but... - You dared to disobey me?

I didn't join the police force,
Guv, to be a party to state murder.

You joined to wipe my arse!

You joined the police force because
nobody else would bloody have you!

You released Tsitsi, cos
you wanted a big score.

She killed the Special
Branch guy, set the bomb.

Don't you talk back to me!
You useless piece of shit!

- Come on now. That's enough.
- You don't make decisions.

Do you understand me?

I understand you, but I
don't happen to agree with it.

- We can get in touch with uniform.
- What do you mean you don't agree

with it?
- I don't agree with you, sir.

You can phone the Commissioner.

You can explain why you let a terrorist
loose on the streets of London.

- For God's sake.
- Stop it!


Ray, just leave it. Just let
them get it out of their systems.

Come on.

Get out.

Chris, Chris, are you all right?


Very impressive. I think
I'll go and finish my report.


This place is a disgrace. A mockery.

We're better than this, sir.
It's just that Chris...

What do you want? I'm busy.

I don't believe that Gene
Hunt killed Sam Tyler.

And how did you come to that conclusion?

I asked him.


You asked him?

Yes. And I believe him.

And what about the evidence?

The falsified murder scene,
the falsified police reports,

the destroyed evidence, the photographs,

the grave.
- We don't have a grave.

Close the door on your way out.

I work with him.

- I have to believe him.
- He's polluted you.

- Just like the others.
- No, no, he hasn't.

You disappoint me, Alex.

Now get out.


You should be in bed!


Senorina. Try to cheer him up, my
other guests are slitting their throats.

Every police officer in London
has got Tobias' description,

every port and airport
have been alerted.

Pam Ayers was right, things
fall apart. They'll be OK.

If I can't look after my own,

then I'm nothing. Viv. Now Chris.


You know Keats, Keats
thinks you murdered him.

He's never going to give up.

I don't care what Jim Keats thinks,

I care what you think.

And if you don't believe
me then what's the point?

- Why were you following me?
- I wanted to thank you.

I was weary and you gave me life.

You shouldn't be here.

Every copper in London
is looking for you.

They won't find me.

What happened, man?

The rat became a lion, Tobias.

- Does it feel good?
- Not especially.

Thank you, Chris.

So what are you going to do?

Return to the struggle.

You should go.

- The woman you work with,
the tall one. - DI Drake.

Something she said about Mandela
being free in seven years' time.

How would she know a thing like that?

Well, she knows all sorts
of things, does Alex Drake.

Sometimes I think she
can see into the...


What's in that glass, Shaz?


Good God, woman. And
you want to be in CID.

I'm not sure that I do any more.

- He went against orders. - You've been
riding him for months, humiliating him.

- You have been tough on him, Guv.
- It won't happen again.

You're the best DCI I've ever met
and I've been proud to work under you.

But I'm not going to be
your doormat any more, Guv.

Those days have gone.

Are they now?

Buy me a drink,

and we'll say no more about it.

- Luigi, get Mr Skelton a drink.
- Si, Senor Hunt.

Senor Chris.

I'm so proud of you, Chris.


'What you having?'

I heard music.

- Did ya? - All right, mate,
keep it to yourself, eh.


I left the children playing.

You did well. With Chris.

I think we have
unfinished business, Bolly.

Yeah, yeah we do.

- What did it mean? The music.
- It probably doesn't mean anything.

Of course it does. We've all heard it.

I hate all this weird stuff,
it makes me feel uncomfortable.

Mine sounded like a pub.

And ours.

Grazie, senor!

Amazing news!

My cousin in Battipaglia is dead.

- I couldn't be happier for you, Luigi.
- He leave me money.

I can go home!

Get off!

Even Luigi's going mad.

Did you hear the voice?

- Lots of voices, couldn't make
any out in particular. - I could.

- What was it saying?
- What'll you have?

- You're probably just imagining it
all, mate. - I'm not imagining it.

And I'll tell you something
else about that voice.

You're frightening me, Chris.

Remember that black bloke who
was landlord of The Railway Arms?

Nelson. Of course I do.

It was him.

So Fenchurch East lives
to fight another day.

Everyone's rattled.

Viv's funeral.

Chris stepped up to the mark.

I wasn't sure he had it in him.

We'll be all right.

We'll all be all right.

Will we, Bols?

Let's have a dance.

No. Gene Hunt does not dance.

No. He doesn't hug Christopher
Skelton either, does he?

"True" by Spandau Ballet

Ah-ha-ha-ha-ha... #

OK, let's get the
dancing out of the way.


# So true, funny how it seems

# Always in time...

You got any Herb Alpert?


# Head over heels when toe to toe

# This is the sound of my soul

# This is the sound

# I've bought a ticket to the world

# But now I've come back again

# Why do I find it hard
to write the next line?

# Oh, I want the truth to be said


# I know this much is true

Ah-ha-ha-ha-ha... #


# This much is true. #

Go on, wait in the bedroom,
I'll get rid of them.

# With a thrill in my head

# And a pill on my tongue

# Dissolve the nerves that just begun

# Listening to Marvin
All night long... #


- This is not a good time.
- Is that right?

I love this song.

I got your photos developed.

I think we found our grave.

'Police in Lancashire say that
a body found in a shallow grave

'on farmland may be that
of a police officer. '

Farringfield Green, Lancashire.

Be very careful.

- Look, I've got no truck
with apartheid. - Liar.

But if it's so bad, why is Geoff Boycott
playing cricket there? Answer me that.

- You're a racist, Ray.
- I am not a racist.

You don't like Welsh people.

Yeah, well I wouldn't like them no
matter what colour they were, would I?

Good point.

It's like 1953 in your heads, innit?

- Oh, my God. - It's all right,
Chris, I'm here. We're all here.

# Victims we know so well

# They shine in your eyes
When they kiss and tell

# Strange places we never see

# But you're always there

# Like a ghost in my
dream and I keep on... #


# Please don't do the things you do

# When you do those things
Pull my puppet strings

# I have the strangest void for you

# We love and we never tell

# What places our hearts
in the wishing well

# Love leads us into the stream

# And it's sink or swim
Like it's always been

# And I keep on... #

'Be careful, Alex. Be very... careful. '

Corrected by Lauta

You've done so much to help
everybody around you, Alex.

Now you have to help yourself.
That means trusting me.

- Here's the OS map of Lancashire
you asked for. - Thanks, Shaz.

Why did Shaz give you that map?

- This is about bloody Tyler again.
- Oh, God, give me strength.

I don't think I can be in the
same room as you any more, Alex.

Why? Cos you're so angry
you might do something?

Take a look at these
when you get a moment.

Trust me, they're in
your best interests.

Hunt will try and twist you
around his finger one last time.

I promise you, before this is
over, he will try and trick you.

And when that moment comes

you will know. GUN CLICKS

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