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Ashes to Ashes (2008–2010): Season 3, Episode 6 - Episode #3.6 - full transcript

Hunt heads a team sent in to quell a prison riot during which station officer Viv James is taken captive by scary lifer Jason Sacks. Sacks' cell-mate Paul Thordy escaped during the riot but is caught. He tells Alex he is Sam Tyler,though he was Sam's last arrest before he died.Ray and Chris pose as journalists going in to interview Sacks and are also taken prisoner by him.Alex does a deal with Thordy,allowing a successful storming of the jail though there is a surprise and a fatality. Jim Keats is useless throughout,his main concern being to get Alex to find out if Hunt killed Tyler. The disfigured man makes another appearance.

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This is your past, Gene.

All your grubby little secrets in
malpractice is waiting to be uncovered.

The closer you get to
him the less you know.

Whatever you think it is
you're looking for, forget it.

I won't stand by and have
him drag this place down.

I think I'm being haunted.

- Metaphorically or...?
- No, literally.

If ever the police offer you
the chance to move on from here

and be your own man, don't baulk at it.

Turning them all
against me, how exciting.

Oh, I don't have to mate, the
scales are falling from their eyes.


What did you say to him?

I told him the truth that City are
going to cane United next season.

Do we need to talk?

I'm not asking, I'm telling!
All leave is cancelled.

Why?! Turn on your bloody television!

'Bricks and ordinance have been
raining down for the past three hours. '

'We've seen inmates on the roof and
peering out of broken windows... '

The monkeys have taken over the zoo.

Took our roofer a fortnight to
clear the same amount of tiles.

Is that Strangeways? That wasn't '83.

How dare you cast aspersions
over decent Salford lags?

This is Her Majesty's Fenchurch.

Feral, Cockney scum rampaging
in their own backyard.

Uniform have got their tails up for
this one. Spot of convict whacking.

- Happy days, eh, Gene?
- Oh, I'm misty-eyed, Jimbo!

Oh, I bet you are, shame you
can't get out there and join 'em.

Our concerns are for the
whereabouts of a prisoner

who legged it during
all this bloody chaos.

- How did the riot start?
- They took jellied eels off the menu.

Ten of them jumped a patrol at exercise.

The guards reacted with the
speed of a spastic tortoise.

By which time the whole
of D wing was let loose.

D wing doesn't house
juveniles, I take it?

No. The scum de la scum.

You name it, they've raped it,
robbed it, killed it.

Guv, can I have a word?

Viv, how many units
going into the prison?

Six from Fenchurch, Sir.

- Good luck with that. - I really
need to have a word with you, Guv.

See, there's something...

that, um...

Come on spit it out, Skip.

Only just remember when you're
stood there with your bat in hand,

think of us poor buggers
stuck in this bloody office.

If I had my way, every
single turd in that prison

would be flushed down the toilet
never to re-surface.

- Look I just...
- What can you do?

Anyway, back to your escaped prisoner.

Sorry, Viv, missed your chance.

You got a description, Chris?

- Yeah, he was white, five
foot seven, slim build. - Slim?

Sounds like a ponce. Right, well, you
won't be needing me for this one, eh?

- Well, where are you going?
- Met refresher course, Bolly.

It's the noble art of
scumbag suppression.

You can't just go walking in there.

It's not a free for all, is it?
There are rules, regulations.

It's next door. I'll be back in five.

I wouldn't bother, Ma'am. Once
he's got the taste for blood.

Come on, Skip.
See you later, girls.

There he goes.

Braveheart in Paco Robanne.

Go, go, go! Move!


- Guv, you need to listen!
- No time for chat, Skip!

It's playtime.

Yeah, come on!

Lend us your radio, sounds like fun.

It's not entertainment, Chris.

- No. No. Of course not.
- 'Moving in. '

'Hunt's leading the charge, over. '

Moving forward approaching stairs, over.

'We're surrounded, over. '

'They're overpowering
us, retreat, all back! '

I need medical assistance. We
just walked into a bloody ambush!

Enjoy that, did ya? Feel good, did it?

Do you feel free now?

Where's Viv? Viv?

Viv, are you receiving, over?

Skip, where are ya?!

- We've been left a present.
Let's have him up. - Come here.

- Strip him down. - There's a man still
in there. Now whose covering for him?

Rule number one, you
never leave a man behind.

- I'm going in there!
- You can't do that!

Get off me, you bastards!

Get off me!


My name is Alex Drake.

I was shot and found myself in 1983.

Is it real? Or in my mind?

Either way, I have to
solve the mystery of

what all this means
and fight to get home.

Because time... is running out.

OK, this is now a hostage situation.

We need to find out
everything we possibly can

about the prisoners holding Viv.

- These are the D wing files, Ma'am.
- Thank you, Shaz.

- Right, let's identify the ring leader.
- His name's Jason Sacks.

Bloody hell, Guv, are you all right?

Police Constable Michael Stirling
disturbed him trying to rob a garage.

Sacks cut the tendons in his
legs and burnt the place down.

He was 23 years old.

Jason Sacks. 54. Electrician.

Currently serving the 19th
year of a life sentence.

This tattoo he has on his face, he
had that done just before his trial.

As his tribute to the family.
He's a nice man.

That's who Viv's in with?
Oh, God.

It's all right, Shaz,
we're going to get him out.

Perhaps it wasn't a wise call
to take charge of the attack?

Are you saying this is my fault?

There was an existing
unit leader who had been

fully briefed and you
deposed him because, what,

you fancied a punch-up?

Right, we're going to set an
incident room up in the prison.

Governors have made a
wardens office available.

We'll split operations between
here and there. Viv is one of us.

We won't let him down. Not on my watch.

We're going to get him out of there.

This is no time for
a kick-around, Bolly.

It's Viv's. His beloved West Ham.

So you're playing the
old straight bat now?

Might be a bit late for that, mate.

I'm not playing, Jim.
Not any more.


We have this office while the prison
wardens try and secure other wings

so we need to establish
contact as soon as possible.

- Did they make any demands
while you were in there? - No.

They were too busy heaving
half the prison into our faces.

Shaz, how many functioning
lines are going into D wing?

Three, Ma'am.
I've been calling, but nothing.

Any word on that escaped prisoner?

- I'll put a call in.
- What about kitchens or laundry?

Try them. Maybe there's a
prisoner who doesn't want to play.

The CCTV is up and running, Guv.
You'll want to see this.

- Can they hear us? - Oi, Scrote. You are
being watched by Mr DI Ray Carling.

You might wanna do this.

Come here.

Listen to me, you shit-stick.

This is DCI Gene Hunt
and I am now taking

charge of D wing at
her Majesty's pleasure.

You so much as lay a finger
on my colleague I swear

to God I will come in there and rip
your heart out. Do you understand me?

That kind of talk is just going
to agitate and encourage them.

- I'm negotiating!
- What, like Hiroshima was negotiated?

What's he doing now?

What's that?

Oh, shit, he's got a gun.

Who gave him a gun?

Is one copper enough to be a
legend, Viv? What do you reckon?

Cos I gotta be a legend.

Have to leave something for
people to remember you by.

Is he out? Did he get away?

I think hand on heart people think,
"Yeah, one copper's good, but lucky. "

Three coppers?

Or even four.

That's historic!

Oh, God! No!

Just tell me, please.

Change of plan, Viv.

- Right, listen, we need to regroup and
get straight back in there now. - No.

No. He's show-boating. Just let me
talk to him. I can calm things down.

You don't talk to vermin like
that, Drake. You put them down!

Jason? My name is Alex Drake.

'I'm a police officer and I'm
trained in conflict negotiation. '

'This goes at your own
speed, in your own time. '

'If there's anything that you'd
like to say, this is your forum. '

Do you understand?

'Thank you for listening,' Jason.

If there is anything you
need, please just let us know.

Do you know what, I think he means it.

Do you understand?

I think Gene blames himself for this.

Wouldn't be the first time he's been
cavalier with an officer's safety.

Guv, had a tip-off about this
escaped prisoner, Paul Thordy.

Who's Paul Thordy?

Right. Yes? Hello? What?

Who's Paul Thordy?


And you had to come out here
to discuss that, did you?

Do you have a location for him?

- He's been spotted near a B&B
in Croydon. - Go and pull him in.

- Right, Guv. - Shouldn't uniform be
doing that? We've got a siege here.

We've got a stand off,
we need all our resources.

Shouldn't we have told her?

If she finds out who he is,
she'll go nuts.

Here we go.

So you thought you could run
away from the old team, did you?

Well, when the sheet hits the man.

Something's not right, Ma'am. I've
been through all Jason Sacks' reports.

His behaviour's been excellent.
No fights, no solitary.

Maybe he's been biding his time.

I'm forever blowing bubbles.

- What?
- West Ham's anthem.

That's Viv's ball.

What's going through his head?

He'll know he can rely
on us, his friends.

- Like you?
- Now isn't the right time for this.

Now is exactly the right time.

Look at you...
In here, isolated.

What's Gene done?
What do you know?

He's covered things up.

What things?

Tell me.

You ever stared at something so long
the rest of your vision goes black?

- What? - It's how nuns see
the Virgin Mary move.

Is it real? Or a trick of the
mind brought on by blind devotion?

Stop avoiding the
inevitable and tell me.

Make it real.

I need evidence. I can't rely...

This man... this man is relying
on us to do the right thing.

Our escaped prisoner, Paul Thordy, turns
out he shared a cell with Jason Sacks.

Somebody seems to have
tried to cover it up.

You think his escape and
the riots are connected?

No, I just spent an age scouring those
files for my own mindless entertainment.

'Guv, we've got Thordy. Over. '

Right, I'll meet you back at base, Ray.

- I'll come with you. - No, no, you're
going to stay here and watch those.

And him.

Head back to the station.
Find out what you need, Alex.


Before it's too late.

What about Viv?

I'll let you know if
anything happens here.

Get him up, we've got
unfinished business.

Bring him.

What you doing here?

Where's DCI Hunt?

Guv, what are you doing?
Guv, stop!

Planned this together,
didn't you, Thordy?

I know you shared a cell with him.
Now I've got a good man in there.

What does Sacks want?

I want to float amongst the stars.

The only thing you're going to
be floating in is your own shit.

Stop him!

Guv, he won't give you anything. He's
a bullshitter. He always has been.

You're gonna talk, Thordy,
you're gonna bloody talk!

Chris, get the doctor.

Let me die.

- Let me go.
- It's all right.

You know, three years I've known you.

And not once in those three years
have I come this close to hating you.

You made a bloody good show of it.

What you did to that man in
there was akin to torture.

- That was just a tickle.
- You've done worse, have you?

You know what, don't answer that.
Because I know that you have.

You are becoming a stranger.

Is that right?
What are you doing here then?

Didn't your mother warn
you about strangers?

I know things, things about you.
Things about Sam Tyler.

Viv is being held
hostage in there by some

nutter and you keep
banging on about Tyler?

What are you trying to prove, Bolly?

I'm not sorry that I beat that
bastard up in there, he's a convict.

He should be in prison
and not on the run.

And Viv should be in front of that desk.

There is something wrong
with the world when he's not.

Now there's a hell of a
lot at stake tonight, Bolly.

- Well, I hope you've got a
heart in there. - I've got two.

Mine and some toerag's I ate earlier.

You still got that football?


I hate West Ham. But tonight
we're all Hammers fans, right?

Ray, I need to talk to you.

Now is not the time, Shaz.

- Tell me. I heard Chris teasing you
about seeing stars. - It were nothing.

Just say it.

Yeah, all right, I saw something.


Stars and blackness? Like space?


Or like...

dots of light, you know,

like just before you blackout.

Look, I'd probably just had one too
many at Luigi's. It's no big deal.

- Ma'am.
- Is everything all right?


What's going on?

Kinnock and Wurzel Gummidge.

Who'd win in a
break-dancing competition?

Is Wurzel allowed to put
his break-dancing head on?

The Guv said you should all
get off home, get some rest.

- Night, Ma'am.
- Night.

I might just make a few more calls.

I'll just get an update from the
prison services. Then I'll be off.

'Guv, what are you doing?'

'Guv, stop!'


What are you trying to tell me?

I don't want to be here any more.

Please just show me
what I'm supposed to do!

Just thought I had to check.

Didn't want him getting any more
"energetic" visits from the police.

No. I just wanted to spend a bit
of time with him. Is that all right?

Be my guest.

I knew you'd come.
You've got to help me.

No, no, you've got to help me.
Our friend is in danger.

- Is there anything you could
tell me that could help? - Yes.

Well, tell me.

It's not funny.

It's hard not to laugh
when you know the truth.

None of this is real.

Sacks isn't relevant.

The riot isn't relevant.

It's only us that matters, Alex.

Who are you? My name is Sam Tyler.

- I had an accident and I
woke up in 1973. - No, no!

Am I mad, in a coma, or back in...?

Wake up, Sergeant.

Today's the day I become immortal

and the day you die.

'You're going to talk, Thordy.

'Find out what you need,
Alex, before it's too late. '

- What are you trying to tell me?
- My name is Sam Tyler.

Ma'am. Ma'am. Ma'am!

Oh shit! Sorry, I'm
putting the kettle on.

Do you get the dizzy spells a lot?

They happened more and more
to me too. As I got closer.

What about the visions?
Do they disturb you?

I'm Sam Tyler, Alex.

So you've had a face
transplant, have you?

Well, you'll know that you
can do that in the future.

- All things are possible.
- Bullshit!

You are a fantasist!

"Delusions. Borderline
personality disorder.

"Schizophrenic episodes. "
It's all here in your file.

And of course you're a
con-man, aren't you, by trade.

Talk about chuck the
kitchen sink in, eh?

Doesn't that strike you as
Gene Hunt fit-up overkill?

I don't think he wants
you to believe me.

You talking about me, Thordy?
Thought I felt my ears burning.

There's been a development.
I'm addressing the troops.

Do you want to get out of here?

I know the answer!

I know, Alex!

I know the answers, Alex!

I had a call earlier
from the evening paper.

Sacks wants to talk to the press.

- Paul Thordy was Sam's last arrest.
- What?

Any word on Viv, Guv?

He's been moved.

- We can no longer see him on CCTV.
- Please feel free to butt in, Jim.

A week before the accident, he was Sam's
last collar. Why did nobody tell me this?

DI Drake? Anything else you
want to share with the class?

Requesting the press represents a
desire to legitimise their actions.

It's the Hangover Syndrome.

Answer, yes, it bloody is. Course
they're going to get the press.

But I'm going to go
in there amongst them.

Don't be ridiculous, they've seen you.

They've not seen me. Or Chris.

- They might've clocked me a while back.
- An undercover operation is risky.

And it's not a risk we should
take at the moment.

Bollocks, they're going for the sympathy
vote, like the bloody Paddies in the Maze.

The place is chocka.

It was built to hold 500.
There's nearly 2,000 in there.

Four to a cell, 23 hour
lock-ups, a bucket for a toilet.

If you don't like prison,

don't go around beating up old
men nicking their war medals!

If somebody is angry,
mocking them doesn't help.

Do you know I've got more important
things to do than argue with you.

- Excuse me, I haven't finished.
- Really? Well, I have.

We've updates from prison services.

If anyone else isn't
interested in hearing them,

feel free to accompany your DCI.

That's the cell alarm.

Sit him up, come on,
head between the legs.

- What happened?
- Jesus wanted him for a sunbeam.

- What are you doing here?
- I work here.

- No, here, now. In this cell?
- I was helping him.

Once he's been seen get him up
to interview room three, please.

I need to talk to him.

You're coming back to
the prison with us, Bolly.

He was Sack's cellmate.
He might have information.

I know you're still obsessed,
but that man is not Sam Tyler.

He's a confidence trickster.

You don't listen to him,
you don't talk to him.

Viv is our focus, our colleague.

Do you hear me, Bolly?

The good ship Fenchurch
is listing, Gene.

That crack in the hull
is only gonna get wider.

What now?

I'm going to show you something.

What's this, your memoirs?

A list of visitors to the
prison over the past year.

Good solid police work.
Have a sticker.

Your name's in there.

You chaired a number of meetings between
prisoners reps and the authorities.

I sat in on some sessions.

- Make any friends? - I can't say I
did. My reputation precedes me.

- Come on, Jim. - They wanted
an independent point of view.

I was happy to make myself available.
This isn't helping the situation.

But negotiations broke down after a week.

You're suggesting I had
something to do with this?

You had background information
that you chose not to tell me.

Do you want me to take over?

Look at you.

- Lost at sea. - Well, I'm either on a
leaky ship or floating in the ocean.

- Make up your bloody mind! - I think
I'll go for the drowning analogy.

Flailing at the passing
flotsam, any paranoid notion,

just to give yourself
a few more moments.

I've got a man stuck in there.

Let yourself go under, Hunt.

The thing you gotta
know about me, Jimbo...

...I float.

Yesterday you said you had information

that could help save our
colleague. Was that true, Paul?

I'm not Paul. I'm Sam.

You cannot be Sam Tyler.
Sam Tyler arrested you.

- They let Thordy off and
put me in his place. - Why?

Because I discovered the truth.

I'm rotting away for
someone else's crime.

It's not the first time I've
heard a convict say that.

Do you have my tooth?

False. They all are.

Rules out dental record
identification. And see these?

Obliterated fingerprints.
Crude, but effective.

I'm unidentifiable.

There's nothing to
prove I'm Paul Thordy.

- Do you have information on the
riot? Yes or no? - I know everything.

Right, well let's start with the
motives, shall we? Think back.

My thoughts don't go back. They go
forward to 2005, the year I died.

Really? Well, can you tell me East
17's Christmas number one in 1994?

I know the secret, and
you're playing parlour games?

I'd hoped you'd be better than that.

I'll make it easy for you.
A, Gangsta's Paradise,

B, Stay Another Day, or C,
Ooh Ah Just a Little Bit?

A, B or C?

No? Well, there we are, that blows your
little game out of the water, doesn't it?

Don't mock me.

You forget, Alex!

That's what happens to
you here, you forget.

Ray, Chris.

Right, listen up. I propose we
bury you in amongst the journalists.

Have a listen, take pictures,
judge the mood, you in?

- I'm in.
- I'm in.

There you go. Right, let's
get you changed, come on.

You shared a cell with
Sacks for eight months.

How did he seem to you during that time?

If you let me out, I'll show it
to you. I'll share the secret.

Did he ever discuss any
plans to cause a disturbance?

- Why aren't you listening to me?
- Did he have any visitors?

Any special relationships
with any of the guards?

Don't you want to know the secret?

I'll tell you!

Well, you tell me and I
will let you out of here.

- I can't.
- Why?

Because when you know,
everything you thought you knew

will evaporate in a heartbeat.

I found the answer, Alex,

and I was taken out of the game.

We have an officer in that prison!

He's not real! Let him die!

Give me something on Sacks,
prove to me that you are not

one big bullshitter,
and I swear I will help you.


The hostage is not a hostage.


Your man, Viv, he's in on it.

He brought the gun in.

- That is a lie.
- He has a cousin in C wing.

Viv adores his cousin.

Carl tried to hang himself... twice.

Carl told Sacks he could get him
what he wanted if he helped him out.

- Helped him out? - Sacks promised
to get one of his lifer mates

to put his hands up to Carl's
crime if Uncle Viv brought in a gun.

The riot isn't political.

It's a cover.

- For what?
- All I'll say is,

do not let any more of
your men go in there.

A very bad thing will happen.

You, over there.

You and you.

Over there.

It's not a protest. It's a set up!

What are you talking about now?

Viv's in on it. He's bait.

What? Guv!

Where are Chris and Ray?

What's your name?

Ray Dunstable, chief photographer.

Chris Sawyer, Evening Echo.

Sure you're not old bill?

- No. - Cos I got a distinct whiff of
pig shit when you walked in here.

Look, I hate the police.

- You would say that.
- They always stop you

getting a good story.
Keeping you back, you know.

Old Spice.


And loneliness.

I suppose you could be
a journalist. Over there.



And spunk?

You and your bum-chum have some
fun on the way here, did you?

- No.
- What's that smell then?

Could be brie. I had a
ploughman's before we came in.

Over there.

Check him out, Lucas.

- No, Viv is not a wrong 'un.
I won't have it. - He didn't want to go in.

He wanted to talk to you.
Maybe he was going to confess.

This is all on the say so of Thordy.

I told you not to listen
to that lying bastard!

How does he know so much about us?

- Why's he pretending to be Sam
Tyler? I don't get it. - Just leave it!

- I want to know. - You two have
serious communication issues.

Would you give me a minute
with my inspector please, Jimbo?


Thordy is playing games with us, Bolly,
he's trying to get inside our heads.

They kill coppers because
it gives them kudos.

We need to get this
into perspective, Bolly.

Viv is one of us. He's down the line.

- What's that?
- Viv conducted an audit yesterday.

One gun was signed out in
the name of Chris Skelton.

That is not Chris's signature?

The other lads have demands.
I don't. I just have a job of work.

Do you know what that job is? Seeing
as many coppers die as possible.

Now, I know there's pigs amongst you.

They ain't going to send you lot
in here without one or two spies.

All I got to do...

is work out who.

You know what I've got in here?

I've got me a pig detecting machine.

Go on, have a look.

Knock yourself out.


'You lot have
taken the piss one too many times

'and now we are fighting back. '

'We have three of your
men. Say your names. '

'DI Ray Carling. DC Chris Skelton. '

'Sergeant Viv James. '

You sent these men in to
attack us and to con us.

So let the record show that
whatever happens from now on

is in your hands, Fenchurch.

'Our demands are as follows.
Number one,

immunity from prosecution for all
inmates involved in the protest. '

'Number two, an assurance of no
reprisals from screws when this is over. '

I need to step in now, Gene.

This is Commander Grey, Special Forces.

We've had authorisation from the
Home Office to prepare a raid.

We'll need your desk.

You don't mind, do you?

You sent them in there!

That bastard's right.
It's on your hands!

Oh, DCI Hunt? Do you have a... an
acceptable level of collateral damage?

We can't guarantee everybody's safety.

Not a hair on their heads.

- Shall we have another go at them?
- No. Let's just wait.

The Guv will be working on something.

What if they can't get to us? We can't
just sit here waiting to be offed.

Look, his gun's there in his pocket.

- If you distract him...
- I know that gun.

Look, the chip in the handle.

That's the gun I always sign out!

How's he got my bloody gun?

Oh dear, Viv. Looks
like the secret's out.

My mucker Viv brought it
in for me during the raid.

Only I decided not to hold
up my end of the bargain.

- Never trust a villain, Viv.
- What about Carl? - Still in C wing.

Once we're finished
here, I'm going to smash

my way in there and
tell him all about it.

Sacks said he'd get him out.

He'd never have made it to trial.

I had his mum on the phone for hours,

all night, breaking her heart.
He was a good kid.

Cracking little footballer.

West Ham were interested...

...until he got nicked.

- I can't believe this. - Not you,
Skip. Not you. - Why not me?!

Uncle Viv! I made everything
right from the day he was born!

If not me, then who?

Say something.

We put our lives on the line for you.

Well, you know what,

I hope he shoots you first.

- Ray!
- I mean it. You're dead to me.

You're a disgrace to the uniform.


Go to hell.

Are you just going to let
Keats get on with it, Guv?

No. I can get more
done without him, Bols.

Jim's playing soldiers.

As far as I'm concerned let him.
We've got a case to crack.

Sacks is issuing political
demands on behalf of his brethren.

Tell me, as a boffin of the
noggin, is that what psychos do?

No. Altruistic traits are
anathema to sociopaths.

Blimey, try saying that
with a mouthful of Bakewell.

So his aim is still the same, to
kill as many of my men as possible.

And become a legend.

You know something
else is going on here.

Thordy's not telling us the whole story.

- I think we need to
have a little word. - Guv.


It has to be played right with Thordy.

You need to do as I tell you.

Is that an order?

Anybody would think you
didn't trust me, Drake.

I want a whole cage rigged,
all the way round, all right?

Stay there.


If I don't make it out of here...

...can you give Shaz a message?

Can you tell her...

Can you tell her I love her?

You've been a good pal to me.

I don't know how to say this
without sounding like a twat.

Go on.

If you don't get out of here...

...can I have your mug?
Cos mine's knackered.

You asked me for something.

I gave it to you.
Now you're back asking for more.

- What do I get? - What do
you want? - Let me walk out.

- I can't do that. I'll be arrested.
- You're not letting yourself fly.

When Sacks was hurting you,
did you float amongst the stars?

I looked at the walls
and I saw them separating,

fracturing, moving away like a jigsaw.

They're coping techniques.

I'm Sam Tyler!

Agh! Skip!

Come here!

Look at him.
He still loves him.

He's gonna bleed to death if
you don't get him any help!

Don't worry about your friends. It
will all evaporate, if you let me free.

What about me, Thordy?
I doubt I evaporate that easily.

Gene! Here we are. Look at this.

The Three Musketeers.
Gene, Alex and Sam. Who's got a camera?

Guv! What did I say to you?

You'd better start
telling us the whole story.

- Kill me. I want to die.
- Do you?

Or do you just want to be
somebody for five seconds?

You're a fake and I'm
growing tired of this act.

Now you've been tugging on my
mighty manhood too long, Thordy.

You start talking or I swear
to God I will snap your neck.

Your men are going to die, Gene,

- but Sacks will still walk free in
a few years. - How is that possible?

He won't be carrying
out their executions.

- Who will?
- The good guys. It's all very clever.

- All set.
- Yeah.

- You tell me!
- Get off him!

I'm trying to get my men out of there.
I never said I was perfect.

You are far from
perfect, you are rotten.

It's true those closest to the
rot are last to smell the stench.

I'm not the one making the stench.
I bathe in Matey!

The stench is coming from
this little toerag here!

You swear to me you're
who you say you are.

- I swear.
- And if I let you go,

- all the answers will become apparent?
- The answers. Yes.

Capital punishment
returns to our shores.

And it will be your own men
throwing the switch that fries ya!

- Paul Thordy's possessions, please.
- Ma'am.

Right, there's a blue Dolomite outside.

There should be enough money
in it to get you out of here.

Right. You have to sign there.

What is it? What's the answer?


There's a tin box.

The answer's in there.

Good luck, Alex.

We all done?

Sights I've always dreamt of seeing.


Do you really think DI Drake
would fall for your old fanny?

You see the thing is, Thordy,

good coppers stick together.

You should know that by now.

Guv, the prison, now!

You can't trust him, Alex.

Sacks has electrified the place.
He knows it's going to be stormed.

He's set up trip wires.

If anyone goes in, Chris, Ray
and Viv will be electrocuted.

Thordy was right. The good
guys are going to kill them.

Sounds like the execution squad.

- Jim, don't go in!
- Ready to go, sir.

The cavalry is coming, boys.

Let's go and get ready for 'em!
Come on!

- Where's Viv? - Sacks took him.
Sorry, Ma'am. - It's all right, Chris.


Where are you, Skip?

Skip, is that you?

Don't tell her.

Don't tell my mum.

- Don't tell her what?
- Don't tell her that I was scared.

You're not scared, Viv.
You're a brave man.

Don't tell Mum... that I was scared.

You've got the heart of a lion.
Do you hear me?

- Where is he?
- My place has been assured.

I am a legend.


# And like my dreams
they fade and die... #





- Viv!
- I just got here.

- I think he's gone.
- I'll take him.

- It's too late, Gene.
- I'll take him!

Come on, Skip, stay with me!

- What are you trying to achieve?
- Shut it!


He was defending this wing.
Alone. To the death.

So we put aside past
mistakes, you understand.

He's a hero.

How many more must die before
you put the truth out, Alex?

How do I help you?


Corrected by Lauta

The time has come, Alex. Do
what you were put here to do.

- Get me Gene Hunt.
- It's not that easy is it, sir?

- Actually, it is.
- I've just lost one of my finest.

Now I'm left with
officers like you, Skelton.

I'm having dinner this
evening with DCI Hunt.

Hopefully, I'll find out the truth then.

I didn't join the police force,
Guv, to be party to state murder.

Don't talk back to me,
you useless piece of shit!

You don't make decisions,
you don't have an opinion.

Do you understand me?

I do understand you, Guv,
but I don't happen to agree with you.

This is the ship you run, Hunt.
No discipline, no loyalty, no clue!

- My report is almost done. - You'll be
sodding off then. - What does it say?

That's for me to know and you to read.

He's got nothing, couple
of unpaid parking tickets.

There's an elephant in the room.

- Let's get it out of the way, eh?
- Did you or did you not kill Sam Tyler?

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