Ash vs Evil Dead (2015–2018): Season 1, Episode 10 - The Dark One - full transcript

A last ditch effort to rid the world of Evil could leave Ash a changed man, as well as changing mankind forever.

Hey, what's the ink?

Blessed is he
who bestows pain.

Try this piece of poetry.

It'll blow your mind.
( laughing )

What the hell is this doing here?

You have to bury it deep,

deep below the place
where your journey began.

Let's go back there
and end it all.

- Aah!
- No!

- ( Screaming )
- Hello, pussies!


- ( Grunting )
- That didn't work.

Ruby: You have to use
the Kandarian dagger

- to deface the book.
- Please!

- ...kumaarizma...
- ( book cover growls )

- Aah! Oh!
- Pablo!


You have no idea
what you're doing!

- Kelly: Help!
" ( book growls )

- ( Heather screams )
- Kelly: Do something!

Of course I know
what I'm doing.

I wrote this book.



( Thunder crashing )

( both grunting )

- You wrote it?
- Kelly: Come on!

- ( Pablo grunting )
- Pablo, stay calm.

- We're going to get it off!
- You mean, like, the whole thing?

Yes, and now that
you've returned it to me,

everything in here will be
let loose upon the world.

Well, aren't we
the tricky little bitch?

Please. Help. Get it off...

( rasping, growls )

- ( screams )
-( roars )

- Aah!
- ( rasps )

Baby! I've missed ya!

Wow. I dumped you
at just the right time.

- ( Growls)
" ( grunts)

Ha ha, ha ha!

( Engine revving )


Ah-ha ha ha!

- ( grunting)

( Pablo sobbing, groaning )

Pucker up and give me a kiss!

Fat fucking chance!

Oh! Oh, shit!


Kelly, please. Help.

Get it off of my face.

( Growls )
Stay back!

He's mine.

- ( Grunts)
- No!

- No!
- Kelly! Kelly!

- ( Chainsaw revving )
- Come on!

(grunting )

I'm going to swallow your soul.


( Chainsaw revving )

( roars )

- Aah!
- ( Amanda laughs )

( continues laughing )

whenever you think about us,

you might want
to forget this part!

- ( grunts )
- Aah!

( Chainsaw idles )

( whimpers )

( thunder crashes )

( whimpering )



Aww, crap.

( Music playing )

( whooshing )


That lady has my book
and she has my Pablo.

I got to save him.

I'm not losing
anybody else I care about.

That includes me, right?

- Of course.
- And-- and me.

Uh, yeah. Yeah, sure.

Just, you know,
stay close to her.

( Ghostly whispering )

What the hell
is happening down there?

I have no idea.

Guy at the bookstore
said the Necronomicon

was written by the Dark Ones,

so that's what we're dealing with.

The Dark Ones?

That's a rough nickname.

Yeah, well,
at least they're honest.

We know she's not down there
starting a charity.

She's going to take that book
and summon who knows what.

What, like--
like, more demons?

Yeah. Demons, devils,

things that go bump
in the night.

All right,
I'm going down there.

Kelly, other girl,
you stay here and guard this door.

Make sure it stays open.

I've been stuck down there before
and it's not exactly Mardi Gras.

Oh, I'm coming with you.
No, you're not.

- That's a bad idea.
- No, it's a bad idea to go alone.

Come on!
She can walk fine.


That's my Pablo down there, too.

- ( Thunder crashes )
- Ash.

I'm going to pop that tall bitch
right in the face.

Let's end this.

Oh, maybe it was just a rat.
Who knows?

( Ghostly wail )

( ghostly roar)

- ( crash )
- Voice: Come in!

- Oh, Oh, Oh!
- Ash!

( groaning )

( rock music
playing on stereo )

What the fuck?

The fuck what?

Oh. Heh, heh. Hi.

Lily-- Lilith--

Mana-- May--

- Lucy.
- Oh, yeah.

Never would have got that.

Come on.

Are you going to read
your poetry to me or what?

( gasps )

- You mean this?
- You said you would.

- Please?
- Oh, yeah.

I don't know.

I think I already read this
to you, didn't I?

- No.
- No?

I think I'd remember that.

Wait a minute.

You think this could all
just be a dream then?

All what?

Reading from the book,
people getting possessed,

bringing out the chainsaw,
the boomstick,

- chopping people up?
- I don't know about any of that.

- ( Ghostly whispers )
- Doesn't sound like fun.

Yeah, no shit, dollface.
I was doing the chopping.

So, then you don't want to read
that book to me.

- Oh, hell, no.
Ruby: Then don't.

Shit on a biscuit.


Colorful language.

You've always
been good with words.

- Don't act like you know me.
- Oh, but I do.

You see, one day long ago,
you appeared in my book.

( Chainsaw revving )

El Jefe.

That's Mr. Jefe to you.

And I knew
that you were the one

who was destined
to stand against me.

But the end of your story
is not yet written.

Now, Ash, do you really think

that I want you
and your little friends to die?



I just want things to go back
to the way they were

when the Dark Ones ruled
over the evil forces on Earth.

Yeah, well, I just want to bang
Mary Ann from "Gilligan's Island,"

but that ain't going to happen.

The world is in chaos
and I want order,

to consolidate the dark forces
under one ruler-- me.

Oh, so you're
the good guy now?

What, you want to control
all these demons like the Godfather?

- Exactly.
- Yeah, well, I hated that movie.

Too long and boring
and not enough boobies.

I'm more of a "Death Wish"
kind of guy.

You are the one obstacle
in my way,

so what's your price?

What do you really want?

What do I want?
I want this to be done.

I want the last
40 years of my life--

10 years.

I want the last years of my life
to be worth living.

I want a 20-ounce steak
every night for dinner--

a little pad of butter right there.

I want cable TV
with all the premium channels.

And Jacksonville.

(sighing )

- ( ding )
- Oh.

Take it.

I can give you all of that.

Oh, okay. No, no, no.

You're just trying to beguile me

with those radar eyes of yours.

I call bullshit.

What you should be
calling is a truce.

Lay down your weapons
and go back to your life.

I am offering you
the undo button you wanted.

- Take it.
- A truce?

I could get into that.

- Or...
- ( springs click)

I could kill you now!

- ( Hammer clicks )
- Oh.

( Shrieks )

( shouting )

Oh, Oh, Oh! Oh!

( coughs )

Oh, shit.
( grunts )

( eerie whispering )

Kelly, open up!

(grunting )
Help me pull.

Aw, shit!

( Electricity fizzles )

God damn it.

( Slithering )

( electricity crackles )

- ( electricity crackles )
- Oh!

Aah! Oh!

Maybe I should have
taken that deal.

- ( Pablo screams )
- ( squelching )

( squelching
and screams continue )

Don't worry, Pedro.
I'm coming for you.

Uh, Pablo!
I meant Pablo.

Jesus. Must have really
whacked my beaner.

( Shouts )

It's never going to open.

Not if I have something
to say about it.

Get out of the way.

( Screaming )

- ( gun jams )
- Aw, fuck! Fuck!

Is that the old guy's blood?

No, it's the cabin
fucking with us.

( Dr. Knowby's voice
on tape starting )

Dr. Knowby: ...began excavating
the ruins of Kandar

when a group of my colleagues...

- ( clatter)
- wife and l...

We need to get
out of here, Kelly.

Okay? We need to leave,
like, now.

Aah! I hate this place!

- Well, then let's just go!
- Are you high?

Those are my friends
trapped down there.

Yes, but we don't have to be, okay?

I didn't even want to be here.
I didn't even want to go hiking.

I hate hiking! And now
we're going to die in here!

You realize that, don't you?

Dr. Knowby: ...a volume of ancient
Sumerian burial practices...

( tape slows )
...and funerary incan...

- ( squelching )
- ( Kelly grunts, ax thuds )

What? Oh, my God.
What is--

( ax thuds )

( panting )

Aah! Aah!

Aah! My God!

Get ahold of yourself, woman!

Hey, you know,
I've always wanted to do that.

- Real talk time, okay?
- Yeah?

You stick here with me,
we can help Ash and Pablo

and maybe have a chance
to see tomorrow.

We walk out now,

and there won't be
a tomorrow.

But you know what?

You will make
a really pretty corpse.

Don't talk down to me,
all right?

I'm studying to be a dental hygienist,
and I don't need--

- ( grunts )
- ( gasps )

( thud, chains rattle )

( both screaming )


( groaning )

- Heather!
- Heather: Kelly!


Kelly! Help!

( Grunting )

( Heather screams )

Kelly! Kelly!


( Growls )

Aah! Help me!

( Low voices chanting )

( Ruby chanting )

( chanting continues )

Ash! Somebody!

( Pablo gasping )

Kelly! Help me, please!

Please, no.
I can't do this.

You have to do this.

You are the
Ore Magnus Necronomicon.

( Pablo whimpering )

Pablo: Please.
Please, kill me now.

You will be dead

as soon as all
my children are free.

( Both chanting )

( both continue chanting )

( Pablo chanting )

( whispers )
The fuck are you doing, Ruby?

( Both chanting )


- ( Gagging )
' ( Chanting )

( gasping )

( shrieking )


Yes. Yes.

Oh, God.

And that's
why I didn't have kids.

( Chanting )

( chanting )

The fuck was that?

- ( Grunting )
- ( Heather screams )


Aah! Help me!
It's attacking me!

Heather, you got to get
to that door right now!

No. I'm going to die in here.

No, you're not.
You listen to me, okay?

You are going to go on

and be the best dental hygienist

that ever lived in the history
of England--

or wherever it is you're from.

- ( Creature growls )
- Aah!

- Oh, shit. Heather!
- ( growling continues )

( growling continues )



- ( Music box playing )
- ♪ They're gonna get you ♪

♪ They're gonna get you ♪

♪ Not another peep ♪

♪ Time to go to sleep... ♪


(clock chiming )

- ( door creaks )
- ( ghostly shrieking )

( creature growls )

( shrieking and growls intensify )


- ( Heather screams )
- ( thud )

- Get back!
- Ow!

- Ow.
- ( babbling )

- ( Heather screams )
- ( thudding )



( growling )


( Gasping )

( whooshing )

( laughing )

Ash has failed!

The world belongs to us now.

Mankind is doomed.

And as for your boyfriend Pablo--

( laughs )

He's not my boyfriend!

( growling )

It's just you and me now.

Okay, Ash, let's do this.

"I'm Ruby.
I'm the Dark One.

I wrote the Necronomicon."
Yeah? I don't give a shit.

You fucked things up worse
than I ever fucked things up, lady.

So fuck you and
the horse you rode in on.

Guess what.
There's a new sheriff in town.

( Low growling )

( groans )
You creepy kid.

( Squelching )

All right, look,
I'm going to count to three.

You better be gone,
you got that?




That's a fucking shotgun, kid!

Last chance.


- ( Groans )
- ( shrieks )

Aah! Get off me!

- ( Ash screaming )
- ( creature shrieking )

- ( shrieking )
- Get off me, you little shit!

- ( Crash )
- ( scuttling )

( Ash gasps )


( Shrieking )

Oh! Ha ha.

Now I got you.

( Groans )

- ( screaming )
- ( shrieking )

- ( Crunch )
- ( screaming )

Someone needs to wash
your mouth out, kid.


And that someone is me.

( Groans )


Oh, fuck.

What are you going to do now?

Homemade flamethrower.

Pablo would be proud.



How does it feel?

- Okay, kids...
- ( Pablo panting )

the birthday party is over.

( rasps, growls )

( roars )

( chanting, rasping )

Well, that was easy.

Okay, let's close the show
with a little neck music.

( Chainsaw revving )

( laughing )

Whoo! Yes!

Burn, baby!

(growling )

( chimes )

Okay, okay.

( roars )

- ( shrieks )
- ( screams )

( revs engine )

( chanting )

( continues chanting )

( roars )

Pablo, what the hell you doing?
It's me!


I have no choice.



You're a dead man, Ash.

Don't, Pablo.
I'm not going to fight you.

I don't want to lose anybody else.

Ash? Ash?

Ash, I--

I-- I--

( chanting )

Ash, I'm--
still going to kill you.



( Shrieks )

( gasping )

( creature grunts )

- ( Ash grunting)
- ( blows landing )

( both grunting )

Pablo, don't! Don't!

- I don't want to hurt you.
- It's over.

- ( Grunting )
- Just do it, jefe!

No! Let go of my blade!

Kill me, please!

- Kill me!
- No!

- ( Grunting )
- Kill me!

( Groans )

( engine sputters )

You forgot to remind me
to gas her up.

Pablo, you beautiful idiot!

( Chanting )

- Now it's your turn.
- ( growls )

( grunts, sighs )

In your next life,
learn to read.

( Kelly screams )

(growling )

( gagging )

What the hell?

Your stupid mortal toys
mean nothing to me.


But before I kill you,

my book needs a new cover.

What? What?

Oh, no! No, no!
Not me!

Oh, no! Not the face!
Not the face!

Wait! Wait, wait, wait!

( Kelly grunting )

I just got to know,
have you lost weight?



( Chuckles )
Well, I guess this doesn't count

as one of my stupid mortal toys.

Oh, I'm going to enjoy this, Ruby,

because I dislike you a lot.

You get that fucking book
off my friend's face.

- Stop!
- Or what?

You going to kill me?

Do it and they're both dead.

Pablo, please!

Ash! Ash, help!
I'm killing her!

And after the book
has killed her,

it'll kill him, too.

- Nothing you can do about it.
- Except kill you.

Or... you could take the deal.

Think about it, Ash.
You are old and fat and weak.

You cannot keep this up forever.

Lay down your weapons
and go back to your life.

You know that deep down
we both want the same thing.

No, I'm pretty sure I don't
want to destroy humanity.

I don't want to destroy anything.

I want humanity to flourish.

Without good,
there is no evil.

I just want evil under control.
Same as you.

The difference is you never
signed up for any of this.

Ash, your entire life

has been marked by tragedy
and desperation

and a woeful inadequacy.

I get the idea.

- ( Rasping )
- Ow.

Just take the deal.

It's what you've always wanted.


It's not just about
my life anymore.

I want their lives back, too.
They're coming with me.

- I can do that.
- Prove it.

- ( gagging )
- ( ghostly whispers )

( chanting )

( coughing )

Okay. We're halfway there.
Pablo, too.

Do we have a deal?

Ash! No!

What I let out there,
it's terrible.

- You can't just do this.
- Hey!

I'm doing this for you, buddy,
so a little thanks might be nice.

Look, she's just going to Godfather
all the demons together,

make the world a better place.

That logic seems wrong.

Look, you're just going to
have to trust me on this one.

Let her be the gatekeeper.
It's better for all of us.


Normal life in Jacksonville,
the three of us,

and $10,000 in cash.

I'm not a bank.

Gas money?
You got that?

Oh, sure.
But gas money...

Huh? Huh?

- ( Sighs )
- Oh. What?


But I'm keeping this
just for insurance.

- Truce.
- No!


You have no idea
what's out there!

Ah, good fishing.
That's what's out there.

( Chuckles )

( radio playing )
♪ No more Mr. Nice Guy ♪

♪ No more Mr. Clean... ♪

- I can't believe you did that.
- I can.

After a lifetime of getting
the short end of the stick,

I finally got the big end.

And I grabbed that big old stick
by the balls, baby.


That's one way to look at it.

The other, correct way,

is that evil's going to
take over the world.

You seen the world lately?
Same diff.

Plus, Ruby said
she'd keep a lid on all this,

- so we are all good.
- ( alarm on radio )

Nothing to do but eat, sleep,
and live off the fat of the land.

Woman on radio:
This is an emergency alert.

Wait, wait, wait.
Turn that up.

Woman on radio: All residents of Antrim
County should stay in your homes.

I repeat, stay in your homes.

Massive sinkholes have been
opening all over the city--

- ( turns radio off )
- Ah, you know the news.

It's always so depressing.

Hey! Who's hungry?

Time for some road trip burgers.
Your treat.

Jacksonville, here we come.

( Rock music playing )

- ♪ Back in black... ♪
- Yeah! Ha ha ha!

♪ I've been too long,
I'm glad to be back ♪

♪ Yes, I'm let loose
from the noose ♪

♪ That's kept me hanging about ♪

♪ I've been looking at the sky,
'cause it's getting me high... ♪



♪ I got nine lives,
cat's eyes ♪

♪ Abusing every one of them
and running wild ♪

♪ 'Cause I'm back ♪

♪ Yes, I'm back ♪

♪ Well, I'm back ♪

♪ Yes, I'm back ♪

♪ Yes, I'm back in black ♪

♪ Oh, back in the back
of a Cadillac ♪

♪ Number one with the bullet,
I'm a power pack ♪

♪ Yes, I'm in a bang,
with a gang ♪

♪ They've got to catch me
if they want me to hang ♪

♪ Because I'm back on the track
and I'm beating the flak ♪

♪ Nobody's going to get me
on another rap ♪

♪ So look at me now,
I'm just making my play ♪

♪ Don't try to push your luck,
just get out of my way ♪

♪ 'Cause I'm back ♪

♪ Yes, I'm back ♪

♪ Well, I'm back ♪

♪ Yes, I'm back ♪

♪ Well, I'm back ♪

♪ Back ♪

♪ Well, I'm back in black ♪

♪ Yes, I'm back in black ♪

♪ Well... ♪